Air Force Wife in Trouble – I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Blackmailed Beauty - I
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It was now a month since the reassignment of Capt. Bruce O'brien and his entire squadron, a standard rotation of various units around the globe.   Colonel Bruce Simpson hoped that the new squadron assigned to the base would be as productive as the one it was replacing.  It was not that Capt. O'brien would be difficult to replace.  However, Capt. O'brien's beautiful wife, the lovely Mrs. Lauren O'brien certainly would be with the  families of military personnel naturally making the move along with them.

Thinking back over the past eight months or so, Col. Simpson thought of the many hot times that he had with the captain's beautiful young wife.  'She was so pure and innocent until she fell into the clutches of Raheem, the white slave trader!' he reflected.  'God, I can still hear her screaming when I raped her cherry white ass!  Sure glad the captain's plane was right overhead when coming in for a landing.  Otherwise, she would have been heard a block away!' he mused.

Anyway, he rationalized 'It's for the best that she's leaving at this point, especially the way she's showing at five months pregnant!'  Col. Simpson laughed, wishing he could see Capt. Obrien's face when he sees his newborn, realizing that his 'faithful' young wife was obviously knocked up, and it would be obvious that the captain was not the father of her baby.  He wondered if he or Raheem had done the nasty deed.  He laughed, thinking that just perhaps it had been one of Raheem's lowly workers that had done the honor.

The colonel made it a point to greet each and every one of the arriving personnel to the base, along with their families.  But such action had an underlying motive, as the devious colonel was on the prowl for some fresh white meat.  Had there been any indication of the devious colonel's intention, along with the hushed-hushed white slavery trade in the region, the incoming personnel would definitely have left their spouses at home in the states.

Meeting the first dozen or so pilots and their families, Col. Simpson was rather disappointed in what he saw.  'Fuck, those bitches that arrived with them all had a ton of kids and looked well worn!' he cussed under his breath.  'Shit, couldn't get a twitch outta my dick in looking at those hags!  Guess I'm just going to need to use my leave and go to a place with a decent whore house!' he silently cursed.

Driving down the street where most of the new squadron members would be housed, Col. Simpson observed a van being unloaded at one house.  Looking at the address, he checked his logbook and found that it would be the residence of Lt. Miles Hanson and his wife, Ann.  The log indicated the Hanson's had no children.  Apparently it was the van loaded with household goods from the first cargo plane that had arrived a day ago.  He got out of his car to introduce himself and welcome them to the base.

As he got out of his car and passed the back of the van, he observed someone struggling with a rather awkwardly shaped box.  Grabbing the box to steady it, he then heard a beautiful voice say "Ohhh, thank you so much!"  As he helped set the box on the ground, the woman on the other side of the box lifted her head up after setting her end of the box down.  He thought he had died and gone to heaven at the sight of the beautiful blonde that now looked up at him.  'God, she looks like an fucking angel!' he thought.

Mrs. Ann Hanson gasped as she thought it was one of the movers that had come to assist her.  She had learned to recognize the various symbols of the officers on a rather crash course basis, having just married her college sweetheart.  She realized that this officer before her was at the rank of colonel and she began to stammer a bit.  "Th ….thank you!  I……I didn't mean for you to dirty yourself ………!" she sputtered, turning flush in her embarrassment.

Col. Simpson grinned widely and extended his hand to her, commenting "Don't be silly!  It was my pleasure!"  His cock twitched in his pants as she extended her soft petite hand in response.  'God, I just got to get into this sweetie's tight little panties!' he told himself.  "Greetings!  I'm Col. Simpson, the acting base commander!  I just wanted to welcome you to the base!" he said charmingly.  He finally forced himself to let go of her lovely manicured hand, though wishing he could have drawn that lovely hand down to his throbbing bulge.

"Pl …….please excuse the way I'm dressed, Col. Simpson!" she stammered, referring to the blouse and shorts that she had on along with a pair of tennis shoes.  He just laughed and responded "Nonsense!  You're quite appropriately dressed for the chore of moving into your new home on base!"  He really wanted to tell her what was going on in his mind, to tell her 'The only way I want to see you dressed from here now is without a stitch at all!'  Then he advised her that if she had anything she was interested in, both on and off the base, he'd be happy to fill her in as to where she could find it.

Just then, Lt. Hanson came out of the house to assist in getting the van unloaded.  The colonel would rather have continued talking to the lovely young wife instead but he had to show his professionalism.  With the introductions made, the lovely Mrs. Hanson excused herself to take a box into the house.  As he talked to the young officer, he could not take his eyes off the sweet little thing as she walked in the background towards the house.  He chatted with the young officer, trying to put him at ease, telling him it was not an official call and to relax.

Col. Simpson got the young officer to relax and converse freely and in doing so, the devious colonel learned some very interesting things, facts that made him want to possess the innocent Mrs. Ann Hanson even more.  The colonel learned that Lt. Hanson was fresh from the academy, where he had earned his wings, assigned to the squadron just six months ago.  He also learned that the young couple had been married just under a year and that the young officer had convinced his lovely wife to leave her job as a stewardess on a national airline for a bit, anyway, at least until they returned to the states.  He listened as the young officer relaxed further and let him in on his intentions "Well, sir, now that we're here for the next nine months, I'm going to do my best to convince Ann that we should start our family right away!  When we leave here, I'm hoping that Ann will be in the family way!  Then she may change her mind of going back to flying!"

As Col. Simpson waved goodbye to the busy young couple, he sat in his car pretending to look at his log.  But his eyes were glued to the long sexy legs of the lovely beauty as she walked to and from the van.  With her looks and beauty, he surmised that the other stewardesses of the airline felt relieved at her departure.  'So the lieutenant wants his lovely wife to knocked-up when they head on back to the states, huh!' he mused.  "Well, Lt. Hanson, when you're scheduled to rotate back in nine months, your pretty little wife will definitely be pregnant!  I assure you of that!  Yes, sir, Lt. Hanson!  I'm personally going to see to it that your beautiful little wife goes back to the states with her tiny belly bulging with a little black baby!" he muttered aloud.

At the end of the day, having completed meeting with all the incoming personnel and their families, Col. Simpson could only focus his mind on the lovely Mrs. Ann Hanson.  Closing his eyes and rubbing his aching cock, he pictured the long legged beauty in his mind.  It was now a matter of finding out her habits, where she frequented and what type of things she was interested in.  With Raheem's business flourishing at the locations inside the non-restricted area, he knew that Raheem would gladly do his bidding in exchange for a safe haven rather than facing the prospect of his business being shut down.

Over the next two weeks, the lecherous colonel did not get to see much of the lovely wife of Lt. Hanson.  Apparently she was busy getting the home set up to her liking.  He did see her twice on her way to the commissary and followed her at a distance.  But then she happened to meet up with another officer's wife and all he could do was to bid them a friendly 'hello'.  The second time didn't pan out much better due to the crowd that happened to be there at the time, making it inappropriate to talk very much with her.

The next week, the horny colonel got the chance that he had been looking for, an opportunity to talk a bit with the lovely young wife. She had been on her way to the officers club to meet her husband after he returned from a training flight.  As the flight had a slight delay due to the weather out at sea, he managed to chat with her a bit.  Inquiring if could direct her to any type of merchandise within the non-restricted area, he'd be more than happy to direct her.  When she told him that she was interested in the fabulous Persian rugs that this region was noted for.  He smiled, got out one of his cards, then wrote the name of a shop on the back of it along with a diagram on getting there.  He told her "Show the shop owner my card and he'll give you and your husband a hefty discounted without you having to bargain for it!  Also he'll deliver it to the base for you!"

"Thank you so much!  This will really help since I'm not much on bargaining with merchants!  Maybe I'll get better at it with time.  My husband's not one to do much shopping and more of a hindrance, if you know what I mean.  I think I'll sneak out there on Friday, when he goes out on the three day training mission.  Upon hearing her response, Col. Simpson swallowed in anticipation, his cock throbbing in the tight confines of his pants.  With this valuable information, he could now put a plan into action.

From the privacy of his office, Col. Simpson smiled widely as he watched the squadron of planes take off from the air base.  "Have a nice flight, Lt. Hanson!  Don't worry about your pretty little wife, I'll personally see to it that she's well taken care of!  Your sweet little honey will soon be spreading her long sexy legs for a 'real man'!" he muttered loudly.  With his high powered binoculars, he kept a look out for the Hanson's car, waiting for her arrival to park near the front gate.  Due to the crowded streets, all cars had to remain on base at all times, with parking available near the gate.  From there, the base personnel were allowed to walk about outside the base or ride the rundown taxis in the city.  Everyone venturing out into the city was given a map to keep them from going into the restricted area.

Making the phone call to Raheem, he advised him to be on the alert and that he'd call back as soon as his prey was about to exit the main gate.  Raheem assured him that everything was in order and just as he had instructed in his call the other day.  Then Col. Simpson advised the major assisting him that he'd be taking off a bit, leaving the major in charge of the base for the day.  Seeing a vehicle approaching from far off, he got his binoculars up to confirm it indeed was the Hanson's blue SUV.

Getting back on the phone to Raheem, binoculars in hand, he began to relay the information.  Col. Simpson licked his lips at the sight of the sexy little beauty, telling Raheem "She's got long golden hair!  She's wearing a white blouse, light orange skirt, and white heels!  Get your guy ready to follow her - she's just leaving the gate now!  Okay, I'll see you soon!"

Ann had come out to the non-restricted area once with her husband but he was so boring to go shopping with.  She really wanted to surprise him with an elegant Persian rug fur their living room floor, to show him how good she was at housekeeping and decorating a home.  'Thank goodness the base commander was so nice and helpful!  Sure hope his card works to give me a good discount off the price, along with the rug being delivered to the base!' she thought to herself.  Having been out only once, she was glad that the colonel had drawn a diagram on how to get there.

Almost to the destination, as indicted on the diagram, Ann looked about at some items that were openly displayed on makeshift tables.  Looking at the diagram, she told herself  'Just down this alley, then it should be off to he left!'  She expected the stares she was getting from the native population, knowing that they did not see too many white visitors, especially women.  She began making her way between the many merchants and their goods, trying to find the Persian rug shop.

Nearing the end of the alley, Ann glanced over at a woven basket, then everything went totally black.  Opening her eyes again, she was unaware of what had taken place.  All she could remember last was walking down the alley.  Frightened, she wondered how much time had lapsed since then.  Panic set in when she realized that her arms and legs were tied securely.  Struggling against her binding, she found it would not budge.  From the softness beneath her, she could only surmise that she was being held captive on a bed.
"Help!  Help!" she screamed constantly but it everything remained totally quiet.  Her breathing was quite labored as fear set in.

Five minutes later, Ann saw a dimly flickering light growing larger as it neared her.  "Help!  Help me, please!" she cried out.  Still there was no response at all.  Then, from the dim lighting, she could see that it was a veiled woman who had entered the room.  Then another dim light appeared from the same direction and it was a similarly dressed woman.  She watched as the women placed their lanterns on both sides of the bed.  Looking down, she realized that her blouse had been removed, her breasts now only covered by her lacy white bra.  She gasped loudly upon seeing a giant of a man appear out of the darkness, a huge black giant.  Mrs. Ann Hanson was now starring at Mimba, a 6'8" 300 pound giant made of pure black muscle.

One of the veiled women pointed at the African giant, then spoke "No move ………Mimba ………Mimba hurt you ……….no move!"  Hearing the black giant grunt unintelligibly, Ann got the message that she'd be hurt badly if she tried to get away.  But she was bound tightly and escape was out of the question at the moment.  She could only lay on the bed and pant in fear as the women began to undo the ropes binding her legs.  Still bound at her wrists, she dared not move or feel the wrath of the lurking black giant.  Then the woman to her left was placing a blindfold over her eyes.  She tried to turn her head away but the blindfold was securely fastened.  She was then unaware of a light switch being turned on, illuminating the entire room.

Ann became frightened upon heard loud shuffling about the room, indicating that more people had entered the room.  She was unfamiliar with the language being spoken in this country, but it was obvious from the tone of the voices, a number of men were now in the room with her.  "Please ……….please ………please help me …………..I'm being held captive!" she sobbed.  She cringed when all she heard was laughter in response to her pleas.

She froze to the bed and gasped upon feeling a heavy body sit upon the bed near her feet.  Ann sobbed "Oh, please ………….pleaseeeee!" upon feeling large callused hands upon her ankles.  Her body trembled in fear as those callused hands begin to caress her legs.  Then the hands moved back down to her ankles again, only to move lower to slowly peel off her heels.  She cringed as she felt him begin to caress the soles of her feet.

Arms spread wide with her wrists tied to the bedposts, blindfolded, young innocent Mrs. Ann Hanson was in total fear and unsure of what was taking place.  Ann was at a puzzle at what was happening next, feeling something running against the soles of her feet.  She next felt a wet probing between her toes, then realized that this pervert was rubbing his face up against the soles of her feet and was actually licking her toes at this moment.  She sniffled and began sobbing in fear.

Trying to tell herself this wasn't and couldn't be happening to her, Ann tried to take her mind far away, to make believe this was not happening.  But once the licking and sucking of her toes ceased, she was totally puzzled at what was now taking place.  Now her feet were being clasped together, clasped around what felt like a little baby's arm.  Now that baby's arm was pumping between her clasped feet around it, puzzling her as to what and why.  Then an obscene thought went through her innocent mind but she tried to tell herself otherwise 'No ……….no ……… ………it's not possible …………it can't be ……….it's impossible!  No man can be built that big!'

Her body shook in despair, feeling the long fleshy shaft pumping faster and faster, fucking itself between the soft soles of her feet.  She couldn't believe it was humanly possible, her mind raced 'It …… can't be possible ………….oh, God ………….please ………..please tell me it isn't so!' she prayed.  Then she felt her left foot come to the end of the foot-long length, feeling it rub it's slippery mucous onto the sole of her foot, making her cringe with disgust, telling her that her worst fear was indeed true.

'Oh ……….oh, my God!  It's more than twice the length of Miles'!  It ………it's as thick as a baby's arm!' she shuddered.  'Oh, God ……………oh, God …………….please ……………….please don't let him rape me with ….that!' she sobbed to herself.  'Oh, God ……….if ………if he puts that into me ……..he'll kill me!' she thought as she whimpered in fear.  'Please ………….Miles …….Miles, help me ……….. where are you?  Please ……..please ……….save me, Miles!' she prayed.

The dark-skinned women who stood observing alongside the bed, watched the very important man enjoy himself with his new plaything.  As they watched the colonel begin to fuck his long black cock between the captive woman's beautiful white feet, they could see his obvious display of his fetish for the woman's sexy feet.  Faster and faster the colonel began to fuck into the woman's beautiful feet that the woman began to chant in encouragement "Kono ………….Kono ……….Kono ………….Kono……!"

How the deviant colonel wanted to squirt his pent-up cum all over her soft sexy soles, to web her tiny toes with his sticky load.  The women were chanting for him to cum, encouraging him to uncork his lusty load of hot juice.  But it took all his will power to keep himself in check, stopping the pumping into the beauty's sexy feet, keep her feet still on his throbbing cock to let the urge pass.  "Ah ……..ah ……ohhhh!" Col. Simpson moaned in the agony of trying desperately to hold off the urge.

Col. Simpson grasped  the ankles tightly, holding the soft sexy feet still against his pulsating cock.  He desperately fought the urge to cum, the feel of her sexy feet felt so exquisite, but he wanted to save his first load for a more important task.  His first pent up load was to be reserved for the 'ruin' of the beautiful Mrs. Ann Hanson, wanting to shoot his most potent load of cum into her fertile womb.

Ann meanwhile tried her best to move her feet in the tightly held grip.  It was so shameful in having to touch another man's penis, no matter in which manner.  But she could tell that this pervert was about to lose control.  She was desperately trying to caress his cock with her slime covered feet, wanting him to lose control.  'Better to have the pervert shoot his filth on my legs rather than to let him rape me and shoot it …………in me!' she rationalized, as she cringed in disgust.  'Oh God, please don't let him rape me!  I ……I can't have someone else's baby ………………..please, not ……..not a foreigner's filthy baby!' she prayed, knowing this was her most dangerous time of the month.

Hearing movement to both sides of the bed, she felt smaller hands, those of a woman reaching behind her back.  Ann gasped as she felt her breasts being bared, then tried to stifle her sob of shame.  Feeling the woman on other side of the bed touch her waist and fiddle with her skirt, she tried to squirm her buttocks onto the bed to prevent the woman from stripping her of her dignity, baring her totally before the deviant men in the room.  She felt her skirt loosen, then felt her skirt being dragged down over her hips and down to her feet.  'Oh, God, let me die!' she sobbed to herself as she realized that only her lacy peach panties remained.

Suddenly, Ann felt rougher hands upon her legs as her skirt was stripped from her.  Breathing hard, she tried to keep her legs taunt, trying to keep her body frozen to the spot.  She clenched her teeth, trying to steel herself, then broke out into sobs as her legs were being pried wide apart.  She felt so degraded, exposed as never before, to these strange people in the room.  And she knew the man before her wanted to do terrible, unspeakable things to her.  She could only imagine the lewd sight that she now presented to her captors, her legs obscenely widespread.

Sobbing in shame, Ann's head slumped in total defeat, knowing that she was at the mercy of these evil kidnappers.  She shivered as she felt the man at the foot of the bed scoot up further, not knowing just what to anticipate next.  "No …………….noooooooo!" she yelled as she felt her lacy peach panties grasped and drawn down over her legs, then left at her ankles widely stretched apart.  "Oh, God ………….oh, God ………….help me ……… meeeeee!" she sobbed.  "Please …….please …………..please let me go!" she whimpered.

"Argggggggghhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..!"she groaned, feeling a sudden weight pressing on her lower belly.  Then that weight began to move from side to side, then moving down to nuzzle in her soft golden curls.  'No ………no …… …….it can't be!  No …… man would do such a thing!  No man would put his face there!' she told herself.  "Ohhhhh, God …………….nooooooooooooo!" Ann screamed at the sudden wet flickering burrowing between the slit of her womanhood, making contact with her sensitive slit.

"Arrrrruggggghhhh ……………oh ……….oh ……….oh ………..ahhhhhhhhhh!" Ann screamed as the hot mouth now clamped over her womanhood and was literally eating her out.  "Stop ……………..stop …………oh, pleaseeeee ……………….please, stoppppp!" she sobbed pleadingly.  "Oh, God …………oh, God …………please ……………..pleaseeeeeee!  Please …………..please …………..please, I beg you ………….please … can you do something so filthy!" she whimpered.  She struggled desperately against the bonds securing her wrists and tried to kick her legs free of the hands holding her legs firmly.  But she was so firmly secured that she could not escape the devouring mouth and tongue that wormed itself into her now slick slit.

Ann could only toss her head from side to side in disbelief as she was now unconsciously arching herself up into the wet slurping mouth.  "Ohhhhh …………ohhhhhhhhh …………..ahhhhhhh!" she moaned as jolts of unwanted pleasure now coursed throughout her petite and innocent body.  "Ohhhhhh, God …………….what's happeningggggg ………… meeeee!" she shuddered, arching up once again into the slurping mouth.  "Oh, God ……………Miles ………….Miles …………please forgive meeeeeeeeee ………..I ……I can't help myself ………ah. …………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as her body convulsed in an orgasm never before experienced in her life, feeding her sweet honey nectar into the hungry slurping mouth.

Lying limply upon the bed, Ann was now in a stupor, feel a heavy body begin to cover her, sliding up and rubbing itself upon her.  She was helpless beneath the heavy body, hands firmly secured above her, shivering as a sensitive was capture in a hot wet mouth, tongue teasing the nipple to stiffness.  “Oh, please …….. please ………………please, don’t do this to me …… I beg you, please!  Please ………………please don’t rape me ………………please let me go!" she sobbed in fear.

Then Ann shuddered in fright, feeling a hot fleshy bulb rubbing against her, first against her pubic hair and then lower.  'No ………….no man can be that biggggg!' she shivered as it continued rubbing against her.  Grimacing at the feel of the pressure of the bulb sized cockhead, she sobbed in terror “Oh God!  Please ………….please ………… ………, it's too big!  It's too biggggggg!"

"No ……….nooooooo ……………………ahhhhhhhhh …………owwwwwwww!  Please …………oh, please ………….please stop!  It hurtssssss …………it hurtsssss!  It hurts so baddddddddd!  Stop, please ……….pleaseeeeeeee!” came her screamed for mercy.  She heard laughter from around her as the witnesses to her rape were enjoying her plight.

The veiled women began their chant again "Kono ………….Kono ……….Kono ………….Kono……!"  With the colonel's legs having slipped under the lacy panties, the women lifted Ann's knees up her legs were bent, the peach panties stretched across the colonel's broad black ass.  They could see that only two inches had penetrated the beautiful American wife and there was much more to go.  Continuing their chant of encouragment, they then saw the muscular officer rear back a bit, then slammed himself down with all of his might and force.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………mmmfffffff ………...arrrrrrrrrragggggggggghhhh!” came a piercing shriek of pain from the young American beauty, all to the delight of those in the room.  They watched intently as the golden haired woman tried kicking her legs about, trying desperately to kick her attacker away but she was just no match for her attacker, who now began to pump slowly in and out of her tortured body.

The long slow fucking strokes sent shivers of unwanted pleasure coursing through her young innocent body, causing Ann to sob and groan in despair.  Involuntarily, against her willpower, her muscles squeezed upon the thick cock that was deeply embedded in her.  Ann did not want to feel any sort of pleasure from this assault upon her body, however her body instinctively reacted to the long slow fucking strokes, causing her to arch up onto the thick prong.

Ann did not know what was happening to her, this vicious man was raping, yet her body ached for some sort of release.  She sobbed, feeling the cock slicing into her, faster and faster every second.  She tried to steel herself, trying to hold herself in check, then lost her willpower as she raised her trim legs raise up encircle her rapist and pull her further into her body.  Locking her ankles lock upon one another, she squeezed her legs to pull him even deeper into her.  Her sobs had ceased and now she could only utter soft mewling sounds as she humped back to meet her rapist's thrusts into her.  Unknown to her, with her ankles locked, a veiled woman reached for the limp panties and wrapped around her feet to essentially tie her feet together.

“Ahhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhh ………….………..ahhhhh …………..ohhhhhhh, God!  Oh, God ……………..oh, my God ……………….I ………. I …………..I’m going to …………….to cummmmmm!” Ann screamed.  Body shuddering and convulsing uncontrollably, she literally saw stars as mind-shattering orgasm rocked her young body, the muscles in her clenching legs going stiffly taunt.

Muscles finally beginning to ease after the convulsing orgasm that she had experienced, Ann's body suddenly shivered again, then her legs went taunt as she again gripped her ankles tightly around the now convulsing rapist.  "Ahhhhhhh ………….ahhhhhhhh ………ahhhhhh!" she moaned loudly, feeling the hot explosion deep in her fertile womb.  The hot explosion was now burning her like acid, causing her to begin sobbing again, realizing that her rapist had just spewed his hot filthy seed into her.  She cried, ashamed of the manner in which her body had betrayed her, worried now of the horrid consequences of this forced mating.

Some time later, dazed from the aftermath of the rape, Ann groaned as she felt her the bindings being released to free her arms.  Her lacy peach panties were unwound, allowing her legs to be free as the feel to the sides of her rapist's bulky body.  Her thighs ached badly from been stretched so widely, her crotch felt wet and messy, covered with the thick spend of her rapist.  Then she felt hands turning her aching body over, holding her still as she was on her hands and knees.  She felt stronger hands pulling her waist up, feeling the heavy body shuffle up behind her.  'What …………..what's going on?' she asked herself.

To her horror, Ann felt the fleshy bulb, pushing at her but not in the normal place.  'Oh, my God ………..he can't …… …… one would do such a thing!' she told herself, realizing what this evil man's intent was and she struggled against the hands holding her in an attempt to crawl away.  "No!  No ……… …………you can't ……………not there ………..please!  Please ……it's too …………too filthy ………..I've never ……..!" she sobbed.  “Aieeeeeeeeee………………..argghhhhhhhhh ………..owwwwwwwww!” came the loud shriek as her virgin ass was ravaged brutally.

Over and over again, throughout the night, Ann felt her aching body ravished by her brutal rapist time and time again.  It seemed that this horrid man had an endless amount of stamina, resting only briefly between fucks.  Each time the rape recommenced, she willed her body not to respond in any manner whatsoever, telling herself to just lay there and let him satisfy his lust upon her body.  But each time she ended up with her legs wrapped around her rapist, ankles locked together to bring him deeper into her.   She was so ashamed of herself, chastising herself for her behavior, especially having swooned in the numerous mind-shattering orgasms that had rocked her body.

Ann thought she would never be released to the outside world at this point, captive to vile rapists in a foreign land.  She prayed that Miles would immediately find her car in the parking lot and check with the guard to see that she had not returned in a day.  'How …………how are they ever going to find me in this God forsaken place!' she wondered.  Then she recalled an article she had once read about foreign lands, though she had not been warned of such a thing before coming to this country, that of women being sold to brothels and never seen again.

To Ann's surprise, her blindfold was suddenly removed, her rapist now gone and she found herself alone with the veiled women.  Standing with the assistance of the women, Ann could barely walk, legs hurting from the brutal rape.  She looked down and sobbed, seeing her soft blonde curls and inner thighs thickly matted with her rapist's filth.  'Oh, God …………….please don't let me get pregnant!' she prayed, knowing so much more of her rapist's seed could not be seen, having been deposited directly into her fertile womb.

Taken to a natural warm water spring, the women bathed her, cleansing the outside of her body.  Squeezing her thighs together, Ann shivered as she felt the slick wetness between her thighs.  She was surprised that they had dressed her in the clothing she had arrived in, minus her lacy panties.  She tried to make a hand signal to the women, trying to tell them she needed her panties.  The only response from them was "Kono"!  She then realized it was taken by 'Kono' as his trophy to remember her by.

Blinking to adjust her eyesight from the bright sunlight, Ann was surprised to find that she had been released.  She turned to look behind her and saw a heavy wooden door that had been shut behind her.  Panting, she realized this was her opportunity to escape this horrid place and get back to the safety of the base.  Hearing the roar of jets approaching, she realized that she still had time to get back to the base and to her home before Miles was done with his debriefing.

Running through the narrow alleyways, dodging the many tables, Ann was relieved to see the base off in a distance.  Seeing the jets circling about, preparing for a landing, she breathed a sigh of relief, knowing she'd at least make it back onto base before her husband arrived home.  Still she had many more rows of vendors to bypass and so many people to dodge just to get to the base entrance.

Entering the security gate, Ann rushed towards her car, determined to get home before her husband.  She wanted to get out of her soiled clothing and change, but first she desperately wanted to prepare a potent douche and flush out her rapist wicked seed that still filled her to the brim.  Just as she was about to open her car door, she heard someone calling out to her.  Sighing in dismay, Ann put on a brave face and smiled as she turned to see who it was.

"Hi Mrs. Hanson!  How are you today?  Did you get a chance to check out the carpet shop?" asked Colonel Simpson.  He enjoyed seeing her face flush as she stammered "Good ………good morning, Colonel Simpson!  I ………I've been meaning to go but just haven't been able to make it there yet!  I ……I was just rushing home to meet my husband!"  "Oh, I understand entirely!  Please don't let me keep you!" he replied.

Colonel Simpson knew she desperately wanted to make her way home, seeing the way she had been shifting her legs a bit and knew exactly why she wanted to get home quickly.  After all, he had shot load after load of his thick hot cum into her womb throughout the night and knew her pussy lips were slick with cum at that very moment.  With one hand, he opened the car door for her.  Meanwhile, his other hand was in his back pocket fingering his prized trophy, a pair of lacy peach panties.

Rushing home, she was relieved to see that Miles had not beaten her.  Making her way quickly into the house, she made a beeline to the master bedroom, kick her heels off into the closet.  From her drawer, she grabbed a clean pair of panties and bra, then made her way into the bathroom.  Panting in exhaustion, she stripped off her clothing and threw them into the hamper. Then she prepared herself a potent douche, praying it wasn't too late to prevent the horrid unthinkable consequence should she be too late.

As she sat upon the toilet douching out the thick slime, she heard the front door slam shut.  Then there was a knock on the bathroom door and her husband's voice telling her "Hi honey, I'm home!  I love you, sweetie!"  Cringing as she flushed out another man's thick sperm, Ann stammered out to her husband "I ………..I love you too, honey!"  She could not help but to clench her thighs together as a wicked feeling when through her, feeling the slick ooze dripping from her raped slit as she told her husband that she loved him.

That evening, Ann felt so guilty when her husband embraced her, feeling his hands roving over her reluctant body.  She knew he wanted to make love to her but she felt so unworthy of him, feeling cheap and degraded, not wanting Miles to dirty himself in her soiled body.  Still, she wanted to please him sexually, wanted to take care of all his sexual urges.

As they gently caressed each other's bodies as they normally did, Ann began to pant in her breathing, wishing that Miles would take her hard.  She wished he would take her like a caveman would, haul his prey off into his cave and satisfy his lust in any way he saw fit.  As Miles gently pumped into her, she desperately tried to refrain herself, telling herself to do everything as they did in lovemaking since they were married.  But when she felt him tremble, ready to cum, she could not help but to wrap her legs around him.  Locking her ankles tightly, she then arched up, fucking herself up against him.  But this unusual response on her part sent her husband immediately into spasms, spewing his load right then, leaving her totally unsatisfied.

By the end of the next week, Ann's nerves finally settled down a bit and she resolved never to leave the base again.  Still, she could not get that name out of her head, remembering how the veiled women had chanted his name like he was a God, chanting the name 'Kono'!  She could not believe any man could have such an insatiable sexual appetite, nor be so well endowed.

In her rape, Ann had been forced to experience sexual positions and mind-shattering orgasms she had never dreamt possible.  Picking up a True Romance magazine that she liked to read in passing the time, she flipped to an ad she recalled seeing before.  It was an ad for a book explain the various positions of lovemaking and indicated it provided frank explanations as well as why men and women enjoyed such positions.  'Do I dare order this through the mail?' she asked herself.

 Ten days later, Ann eagerly returned home from the base's post office, opening the package that had arrived.  Heart pounding, she flipped through the book which had many graphically drawn pictures of men and women in various sexual positions.   She stopped at a picture that caught her attention, heart pounding as she read the chapter explained exactly her feeling when she had experienced what it was like to be eaten out by a man.  Another picture caught her attention, one depicting a woman on her knees before a man, with the man's hands pulling the woman's head onto his groin.  Next was the chapter on '69'.

Several weeks had passed since that eventful journey alone into the non-restricted area of the local community.  Ann had felt so degraded and ashamed at being snatched from the alley, being raped and defiled by that unseen 'Kono'.  In the past week, her mind was flooded with the memories of the mind-shattering orgasms that her rapist had taken her to.  It troubled her to no end that every time she engaged in lovemaking with Miles, she ended up comparing his lovemaking with that of the insatiable 'Kono'.  It was no comparison, with Ann being left in a desperate need of sexual relief while her exhausted husband lay fast asleep beside her.

With the squadron now on a training mission and deployed for a day at another base, Ann put on a nice dress and heels as she was about to go outside of the base.  As she parked her car, she happened to bump into a few of the pilots' wives as they were also headed out into the non-restricted area of the local community.  Ann was nervous, trying to think of an excuse for it was natural for the women to invite her along with them.  When the invitation was extended to Ann, she graciously declined, saying that she had only to find a specific Persian rug shop and had to return to the base right after for an appointment at the clinic.

As the other wives headed off in a different direction, Ann secured the diagram that was drawn on the back of Col. Simpson's card.  She felt her thigh muscles clench in anticipation of what she was about to do, biting her lip in wondering if she was in her right mind.  Ann then retraced her steps with the aid of the diagram, looking for familiar shops to get her bearings.  Finally, she discovered that familiar alley and her heart began pumping harder.  Slowly she made her way down the alley, trying to find that doorway of depravity.

Then she found that doorway, noting the solid wooden door that she had stared at upon leaving on her last trek into this alley, something that the other openings in the alley lacked.  Ann sighed and a shiver went through her body, telling herself to turn away and go back to the base - before it was too late!  She stood there nervously for a moment, then left caution to the wind as she knocked upon the door.  As the door squeaked open, a shudder when through her body as she stared up at the giant 'Mimba', who she knew had witnessed her defilement.  She remembered that he did not or could not speak, then she tried to communicate to him with "Kono!  Kono!"  With that, the African giant turned to lead her into another room.

There in the room were the two veiled women who she had seen on that day she was abducted.  Then, a man appeared from another doorway, a local man who introduced himself as 'Raheem'.  She wondered if he had been an unseen male in the room on that eventful day.  She felt a bit more at ease when this man spoke to her in broken English "Yes, missee!  How can Raheem be of help to you!"  Ann did not know how to explain her need, biting her bottom lip as she lowered her head in embarrassment, she could only mutter out "Kono!"  Raheem indeed remembered this beautiful woman, as he had been the one to arrange her abduction her and handled the videotaping of her defilement, aside from the fact that he would never forget such a lovely white beauty.

"Ahhhh, pretty missee wants 'Kono' to pleasure her again!" said a gleaming Raheem.  "Pretty missee want fuckie again with 'Kono'!" he said to deliberately embarrass the beautiful white woman from the air base.  Then Raheem told her "Raheem summon 'Kono' for you!  They take you  ……… get ready for 'Kono'!"   From the time that he had seen to her abduction, Raheem had wanted to take this lovely beauty for himself.  But he knew he had better keep his lust in check, afraid to rile the powerful Col. Simpson should he learn that Raheem had helped himself to his prize.  With his drug and white slave trade business flourishing, riling the colonel at this time was not a good idea.  'But perhaps he will get the chance to sample this white beauty when the colonel is in need of replenishing his supply of cocaine!' he thought.

 One of the veiled women led the way while the other took her by the hand, leading her through a set of dark curtains and down a long hallway.  She recalled the large natural setting that she had been led to, dark like an underground cavern with the natural warm water spring in the middle.  This setting was so opposite of the outside alley that was dirty and dusty.  Then the women were assisting her to undress, pointing for her to enter the natural spring water.  Entering the water, Ann surprisingly found it to be warm and soothing.  She relaxed as the women began to bathe her with soft sponges.

A half-hour later, Ann was signaled that her bathing in the spring was over as the women held a large towel open for her.  With the towel wrapped around her, she was led into the dimly lit room that brought back the memories of that fateful day.  As she was led to the familiar bed, the towel was removed from her as she lay her sexy white body lay upon the bed.  Today the bed was covered in a black satin sheet, making it more erotic with her beautiful white body upon it.  Then the women left her alone in the room, not bothering to bind her to the bed nor blindfold her as before.  She licked her lips, knowing that she would now get to view 'Kono', the man who had raped her yet had taken her to so many orgasms.

Hearing a movement behind the drawn curtains, Ann bit at her bottom lip in anticipation, squeezing her thighs in need.  Then came the rustling of the curtains, followed by the appearance of the man who had raped her weeks ago.  She gasped upon seeing the muscular black body that appeared in the room, naked in its glory.  But she could not see the face of the man as it was covered by a mask that covered all his facial features.

In a different room, one filled with modern technology, Raheem smiled as he watched the television monitor that was clearly showing the events taking place in the other room.  All of the action was being videotaped as the sale of such a tape would bring a fortune in the world market.  He watched as the once innocent young wife had her arms extended to welcome the man into bed with her.  He watched as the colonel's body descended upon the body of his subordinate's beautiful young wife, then watched as her trim white arms embraced the colonel and her long sexy white legs encircled his ebony ass.

Raheem licked his lips, knowing he needed to sample this lovely beauty, to get a sample of this choice piece of white meat.  He couldn't believe the change of this beautiful woman from just a few weeks ago.  This beautiful married woman was welcoming this wild illicit mating with a black man that she thought she did not know.  She was desperately arching up and down, begging for her ravisher to "Fuck me, 'Kono'  ……….fuck me ………….oh, please ………….I need …………..I need ittttttt!"  Watching the wild coupling, Raheem heard the lovely beauty scream out as her orgasm shook her body, begging her lover to "Fuck me, 'Kono' ……….fuck me!  Shoot it …………….shoot it in me ………………….fuck your black baby in me!"

A while later, after the two lovers had sated their lust temporarily, Raheem watched through his monitor as the man got out of bed and turned back to the bed as the young white beauty called to him.  He watched as the woman crawled on the bed towards the man, slip out of the bed to kneel on the dirt floor before him, hands reaching up to grasp the thick black prong.  His mouth dropped in amazement as the prim and proper wife spoke "Kono ……….Kono …………I ……….I've never …………!"  Then he watched her pointed tongue protrude from her beautiful pink lips to lick at the fleshy bulb.  He was totally amazed as this inexperienced young woman opened her mouth wide to please her lover.  With the entire black length disappearing from sight, he knew his young woman had all the whores beat in this aspect.

On the base, Mrs. Ann Hanson was the envy of all the other wives.  Her beauty, innocence, and intelligence put her on the forefront of the Women's League on the base.  Although she tried to decline the nomination, Ann was voted unanimously as president of the league.  She tried to tell her good friend that she didn't want the position, that she really wasn't worthy of it.  Her friend laughed, telling her "Shoot, Ann, you're the only one that can get things done out here!  None of the other women can get much approved through the budget conscious Colonel!  But he sure goes out of his way for you, as it was pretty obvious when you handled the rummage sale to help the enlisted men!"

Having arrived on base just months ago as a fresh, recently married woman, Ann had only engaged in wild girl talk in the sorority at college.  But being far off in this foreign land, the women were basically confined to the base and the small non-restricted area just outside the front gate.  Thus, it became like an extension of her college sorority, only the women liked to indulge themselves in more sexual teasing and fantasies.  Many of the wives wished that they had Ann's qualities, so pure and wholesome with beauty that had men's heads turning whenever she passed.

At first, Ann was rather taken back at how explicit the talk had become but she eventually got used to it and even played along, aided along with her recent experiences.  Then her friend whispered "I swear that horny colonel would do anything to get into your tight little panties!  Bet he'd like nothing more than to 'ruin' a pretty little white girl like you!"  Ann blushed and teased back "If that myth about black men is true, I'll be screaming like a banshee if he tries to stick his big black cock into me!"

It was about two months after having first satisfied his lust for the lovely young wife that Col. Simpson observed her leaving the base's medical clinic.  As the acting commander, he could look at all the medical records for all military personnel and their families.  He just needed to do it discretely so as not to draw any suspicions.  To do so, he'd just ask for the files by squadron but there was only one file he was interested in.  Pulling the file of Mrs. Ann Hanson, he smiled as seeing what her chart said.  'Two months pregnant!  Hmmm, fits right in to that special time of her journey in search for the carpet shop!' he mused.

Having accomplished his goals with the lovely white beauty, that of possessing her and having knocked her up, he decided that now was the time to put her cunt on the market.  'Hmmm, Raheem's busting at the seams to get a piece of her ass!  And I do need a new supply of cocaine!  God, it'll be a thrill to have her groveling in the dirt begging to be fucked!  Yeah, even better to see that little bitch spreading her sexy white legs for the low-lifes that work for Raheem!' mused Col. Simpson.

Lt. Hanson enjoyed flying, as did the other members of his squadron.  But it seemed that for some reason or other, his squad got all the assignments where they had to be away or 2 or 3 days missions.  He accepted being away as part of the job being in the military but just wished the Colonel was better in evening out the away missions.  He was so glad that his wife was quite understanding about it all, telling him not to complain and that he should be happy to get that much more flying time.

Ann had initially hated being left all alone to fend for herself on base, hoping that her husband's squadron would not have too many away missions.  Now, whenever Miles told her of any upcoming 'away' mission, she had to squeeze her thighs together in order to quell the nagging itch that had started.  It would be her next opportunity to spend the night off the base, the chance to have 'Kono' put out the nagging fire between her legs.

She wondered why he always liked to wear that black hood of his, wondered what he looked like without it.  'Gosh, I wonder if he knows English?  He's never said a word at all, only uses hand gestures to tell me what he wants.  But who cares, so long as he takes care of me with that big cock of his!  I just wish he wouldn't make he take care of those other horrid men and do all those degrading things!' Ann wondered.

Her thoughts went back to the last time she managed to spend a night off the base.  Ann had wanted to spend the evening alone with 'Kono' but she wasn't allowed to touch him until she had done as she was told.  She had been afraid when a line of old men came into the room, when Raheem relayed to her what 'Kono' was demanding of her.  It was either obey or go back to the base unsatisfied, as Raheem had put it "Kono say ……..take clothes off……..get on hand and knees ……..or go to back base!"  The dozen or so men were elderly, at least in their 60's but she could have sworn one was nearing eighty.

Humiliating or not, Ann wanted to please 'Kono' in any way he demanded, even if it meant degrading herself in front of these decrepit old men.  She realized that these ebony skinned foreigners would give their life savings to get their grubby paws on a pretty white woman, causing her to swallow hard and close her eyes as she began to unbutton her blouse.  If 'Kono' wanted her to put on a show for these men, she was determined to please both he and his friends.

When she had bared herself fully in front of the leering old men, Ann then looked over to  the watching 'Kono' who had appeared in the room to watch her performance.  Seeing him point to the ground, Ann nervously dropped down to her knees and got onto all fours right on the dirt floor.  Looking up, Ann saw an ugly old man step forward and begin to take off the robe covering his body, the man who apparently had been awarded the honor of being the first to possess her.

With the robe removed from the old man's bony frame, Ann shuddered at the thought of this filthy old man putting his wrinkled old cock into her.  She watched as the old man shucked at his slowly growing cock, hearing the other men obviously cheering him on in their foreign tongue.  Closing her eyes in shame, she shivered upon feeling the man behind her, then cringed as she felt his callused bony hands upon her hips.

"Ohhh …………ohhhhh ……………ahhhh ……………ahhhhhh!" she moaned as the old man fitted himself into her and pushed himself in without any preliminaries.  Right away, the old man began to pump into like crazy, obviously overwhelmed at the opportunity of a lifetime.  Sinking his cock into and the rapid-fire strokes of the old man, Ann was certain he'd be expended in no more than a minute.

The skinny old man fucking her was determined to put on a show for his fellow cohorts, not wanting to be one who spurted his load as soon as he got into his first prime piece of white meat.  He certain proved his male prowess to his fellow men as he continued to hump the most beautiful white woman they had ever laid their eyes upon.  He took great pride in making the beauty toss her silky golden hair from side to side as he took her like a bitch in heat.  He had proven himself as the golden beauty began to moan with pleasure "Ohhhhhhh ……..ohhhh ………..ohhh …………..yes ……….yes!  Ohhhhh ……..……ohhhhh ………..yesssss ………..deeper …………deeper!  I ……..I ………I ………….I'm cuminggggggggggg!"  It was obvious that he had taken her to their Allah, seeing the stars as he spewed his hot load into her womb.

When the skinny old man had pulled himself from her clenching sheath, Ann fell face forward onto the dirt floor.  Her body dripping with perspiration from the exhilarating fuck, her fall causing the front of her entire body to now be caked with a layer of dirt.  A moment later, hands on her hips indicated another man, who then pulled her back up till she was again on her hands and knees.  She could tell that her audience was even more excited following her loud squeal of pain as the man behind her forced himself into her tight ass.

An hour later, Ann continued to service the lineup of men, often two men at once.  It seemed they enjoyed having one taking her like a bitch in heat while she gammed at a wrinkled old cock till it dribbled its load into her sucking mouth.  Later, she ended up with her back on the dirt as they coupled with her in a more normal position, rubbing their sweaty body on her dirt covered one.  Needless to say, when the lineup of old men left, she was covered in dirt and semen.  No one on base would ever recognize her as the prim and proper Mrs. Ann Hanson!

Although she had degraded herself like a filthy two-dollar whore, Ann knew she would do it again if it pleased 'Kono'!  Even if she had to go down on a hundred year old man!  She had to admit though that she had numerous mind-shattering orgasms during that demeaning ordeal, even wickedly wanting it to continue.  Lying on her back in the dirt, covered in filth, she looked up to see both Raheem and 'Kono' standing above her.

Both men had their cocks in their hands, jerking themselves, faster and faster.  Moments later, both men's cocks began to belch out streams and streams of hot jism, aiming themselves onto her dirty body and face.  After the men had expended themselves onto her body, two veiled women came to assist her up, taking her to where she could cleanse herself of all the filth.  The women had helped her wash her body, then douched her twice with a potent solution to cleanse her womanhood as the women advised in broken English "Clean ……..for 'Kono' ……….clean!"  Once done, she was led into a lavish bedroom where both Raheem and 'Kono' awaited her.  She would not leave this room till it was time for her to return to the base, but she would leave well sated and satisfied.

The dark streak smoldering within the lovely Mrs. Ann Hanson was well hidden.  All the women, and men for that matter, would never have suspected that the innocent young wife of Lt. Hanson had a secret craving, the need to be ravished and taken for pure sexual pleasure.  The degradation of being taken in the dingy dirt surroundings of this foreign country just seemed to make it that much more exciting for her.  The wicked excitement of having been ravished by the well endowed 'Kono' or that of a lecherous local crawling upon her clean white body, defiling and degrading her, sent a shiver coursing throughout her body.

Her thoughts reflected back to some of the humiliating, yet wickedly, arousing acts that she had been forced to perform in order to obtained the ultimate release that only 'Kono' could take her to.  Each time Ann had showed up in this establishment, it was never to same, never did she know what to expect next.  After her first voluntary visit to the establishment, it seemed as if Raheem and Kono always knew when she would be arriving, ready for her to perform some deviant act for their pleasure.

Normally the veiled women would come to her upon her arrival, take her to the natural spring where she would be undressed and bathed before the festivities began.  On this visit, it had been so humiliating as Mimba, the silent giant led her to a room where Raheem greeted her with a smile.  Nervously Ann surveyed the dimly lit room, seeing six elderly unkempt men standing along a wall.  Then Raheem spoke to her "Kono come soon!  First, Kono say ………… pretty missee ……….please men!  Down on knees ……suckie ……..suckie!"

Holding her hand, Raheem led the nervous woman over to the first man in line.  Putting a hand on her shoulder, he pushed her to her knees.  It was quite a fantastic sight, one being preserved on tape, with the beautiful blonde woman on her knees before these decrepit old men.  As the young beauty was still fully dressed in her crisp white blouse, navy blue skirt and matching heels, it made the scene that much more erotic.  Raheem then told her of the potential consequences that she now faced "Missee ……..suckie ……….no spill ………….go back base dirty!"

Ann reached into the robe of the first man, finding his old wrinkled genitals with her soft manicured hands, hearing the man moan loudly as she made contact.  Bending forward, wrapping her pink lips upon the slowly rising cock, she felt the old man quiver and a tiny thin spurt of foul tasting jism coated her tongue.  Shuddering in disgust, Ann forced herself to swallow the slippery fluid.  Shuffling sideways on her knees, time and again, Ann serviced the next four men in the same manner and not a drop had escaped her lips.  Each of the decrepit old men wrapped their wiry fingers into he silky blonde hair, shuddering in their climax almost immediately upon feeling her soft pink lips on their hardened cocks.  Ann certainly did not want to go back to the base with her clothing streaked with the filthy cum of these old men, making certain her lips were tightly wrapped around each spurting cock.

As Ann shuffled over to the final man, she parted the opening of his robe and reached in, finding his old cock rigid and throbbing with excitement.  She felt it throb madly in her fist, threatening to explode right at that second.  She opened her mouth, bending her head forward to envelope the throbbing cockhead between her lips, meanwhile squeezing the shaft tightly to prevent it from spurting prematurely.  But just before she could get her lips around it, she felt it spasm in her hand and a hot stream of cum struck her directly in her face.

Ann recalled how she had instinctively turned her face away, then the next spurt being a much weaker one, sent a thin stream of cum downward to soil her skirt and blouse.  Quickly, she then covered the still spurting cockhead with her lips, not wanting more of the filthy jism to spurt onto her clothing.  As she had sucked the cock into her mouth, she remembered feeling so depraved at what she had done and knowing she would be sent back to the base with dried cum on her clothing.

Closing her eyes, Ann shuddered in shame as she recalled making her way back to the base the next day, feeling so conspicuous in her soiled skirt and blouse.  She had brushed off the crusty remnants from her skirt and blouse before dressing in the dimly lit room.  Her skirt being dark, the stain would not be visible.  However, her white blouse show evidence of a streak of a yellowish stain going from just above her left her breast down to her waist.  Although she tried to cover herself up upon entering the gate, she recalled how the young sentry eyed her up as if he knew all that she had done.  Once she had arrived home, she stripped off her soiled clothing and in looking at her blouse, she could see how stained it really was and just why the young sentry couldn't help but stare at her.

When the lovely Mrs. Ann Hanson's belly began to swell, obviously with a little baby growing in there, no one would have ever doubted that Lt. Miles Hanson had succeeded in getting his wife in the family way.  Little did they expect what the truth really was, that Mrs. Hanson's had been knocked-up by a black with a monstrous cock, one that she now craved for and could not do without.

As the pilots in the squadron were lined up in formation before their respective fighter jets, Col. Simpson did the final inspection, taking time out to shake each officer's hand and to wish him well on his next assignment.  Receiving a salute from Lt. Hanson, he smiled and returned the young officer's salute.  "Good luck on your next assignment, lieutenant!  I see your wife won't be going back to work for the airlines for awhile, huh!  I remember what you told me when we first met. You sure did the job that you said you would!" Col. Simpson advised.  "I know the baby's not born yet but let me be the first to congratulate you!  I happened to be talking to the medical staff and they tell me you and the Mrs. are expecting a baby boy!  You have a very beautiful wife and you must be a proud father-to-be!  Bet he'll be the spitting image of his old man!" he kidded the young officer.

Standing at the grandstand, Col. Simpson and the families watched as the pilots manned their planes.  Then, one after the other, they were taking off for their new assignment.  Several transports were also standing by, ready to get the families onboard as they too would be making the move to the new base where their spouses were being sent.  He looked over to where the lovely Mrs. Hanson sat, still looking radiant, even in her eight month of pregnancy.  'Yep!  I hope I was right in telling your husband that I was betting your little boy will be the spitting image of his old man!  Always wanted a son of my own!' he mused.

Looking about the base and the countryside beyond, Ann had mixed feelings about boarding the plane to take her to the new deployment.  But she had no choice, unable to remain behind as military dependents had to proceed as had been instructed.  She wondered if she could find a way back here, and resolved herself to do so.

She remembered what Raheem had told her on her last visit there, before she was too bloated with the baby.  It was still fresh in her mind as Raheem advised her "Kono say …….you stay ………stay here with him …….raise child!"  How she had wanted to say 'yes' but instead replied "Tell 'Kono' I love him but I must leave with all the other families!"  Then Raheem advised  "Kono says you come back here …………you stay with him ……………he take care of you and baby ……..he make you his wife!"

As the families filed out onto the carpeted walkway to board the transports, Col. Simpson shook their hands and bid them a goodbye.  Ann Hanson shook the friendly colonel's had as he bid her goodbye, telling her "It's been an absolute pleasure having you here, Mrs. Hanson!  Your husband is certainly a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife like you!  I understand you'll soon be giving birth a little baby boy!  I certainly hope the young man has the good looks of his father!"

Ann blushed upon that last comment by the nice colonel, ashamed that she did not even know what the baby's father looked like.  She had enjoyed working with the nice colonel, for everything she had requested in relation to the Women's League or any project she was working on, the colonel had approved them all.  Following the formal goodbye with the colonel, she proceeded along and was about to step into the plane.   Then, in a distance behind her, she heard a native woman's voice calling "Kono!  Kono!  I have message!  Important message!"

She had seen this woman on base over the past month or so, a local woman that had been cleared through security to be on base, one of the few locals to have that privilege.  Ann recalled having learned that this woman was to act as an interpreter between the base personnel and the surrounding local community.  She continued to watch as the woman rushed over to the colonel.  Then Ann's heart sank upon hearing the woman say "Kono!  Kono Simpson!  I have important message for you!"

Totally shocked, Ann stepped into the plane, now knowing exactly what the baby's father now looked like.  'Kono' was the local pronunciation for 'Colonel'!  Finding a window seat, facing the grandstand, she watched as Colonel Simpson said goodbye to the other dependants.  With the plane loaded and the engines started, she saw Colonel Simpson turn towards the plane.   She saw him look and smile at her, then wave.  She smiled and returned the wave, mouthing through the window "Bye, 'Kono'!  I'll be back!"

End of Story.