Air Force Wife in Trouble – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

With the recent alert on terrorism in the United States, all military bases were on full alert and undergoing many changes and deployment of personnel.  The air force base in southern Indiana was of no exception in this matter as various squadrons were being sent across the nation to relieve the over-taxed units flying guard over the coastlines.

Although military families knew that sudden deployments are a part of life in the service, some disruptions were to be expected with the sudden changes on base.  Lt. John Armstrong and his family were no exception to the rule, especially not knowing how long this emergency deployment would last.  Joining the air force after college with ROTC training under his belt, John automatically received his commission as a 2nd lieutenant in the air force.  A year after graduating and entering the service, he married his beautiful fiancee once she graduated from college.

At the age of 33, Lt. John Armstrong had received one promotion and was on the verge of being promoted to the rank of captain.  Now married for eleven years to his beautiful wife, the former Dawn Tinsberry, they had three well-behaved youngsters (two boys ages 10 and 9, along with an 8 year old girl).  John truly enjoyed flying whenever possible, whether for a mission or pleasure.  But there were the boring and frustrating aspects of the job, especially that of his assignment to oversee young enlisted personnel who were considered as slackers and best being drummed out of the service.  In his mind, many of the troubled enlisted personnel were low-lifes and not worth the bother, coming out of the ghettos with no ambition to succeed in the military.

His lifestyle and upbringing had been so different than the enlisted men that he oversaw.  Both John and Dawn had been brought up in upper suburban communities with their respective parents taking care of all their college tuition and expenses.  This was John's second assignment but first in regards to handling young enlisted personnel.  He was just not used to these socially inept young men, the majority of them black and from poor communities with no more than a high school education.   He hoped to get that promotion to captain and turn over the low-lifes to his unfortunate replacement.

Dawn Armstrong, age 32, was so happy with her life with John and their three lovely children.  She had graduated with a degree in education and worked as a guidance counselor at the nearby middle school, located just outside of the base.  With her blonde shoulder length hair and shapely figure of 125 lbs., she had men's heads turning on a swivel whenever she passed by.  But her natural beauty made her feel uncomfortable at times, especially when men's eyes were focused upon her.

Having dealt with many underprivileged children at the school, along with their parents, Dawn was quite sympathetic to the enlisted personnel and their families.  She just wished that her husband would be a bit more tolerant with the enlisted men, knowing that he had no compassion whatsoever for their problems by the way he complained about them at home.  She tried often to explain to her husband that he should be caring for the enlisted personnel whom he had charge of, it being his job for one but he might just be able to help them by caring.

Dawn actually took on an active role with the base community, volunteering with the women's league on base to do various fundraisers to help the families of the enlisted personnel.  The women's league mainly consisted of the officers' wives, though it was open to all the women on base.  Dawn had tried to get wives of the enlisted men to join but it was became obvious that they felt very uncomfortable, especially with some officers' wives having the same attitude as her husband and looking down upon the enlisted personnel and families.

Dawn Armstrong's assessment of the situation was right on point as her husband was looked upon as a snob by the enlisted men and women that he was overseeing.  They could easily sense that he had no compassion for them, that whatever he did was because he had to.  It had gotten to a point where the enlisted men and women really hated Lt. Armstrong and wanted to put him in his place.  They hated the way he looked down upon them and especially the manner in which he shook his head in disgust when something was not of his pleasing.

Prior to the sudden deployment of squadron, Dawn was head of the committee in charge of the upcoming two-day rummage sale.  It was an event held once each year where the proceeds would go to help out the families of the enlisted men and women on base.  A temporary tent was to be set up in the Armstrong's backyard by several of the husbands in their cul-de-sac.  Some of the other husbands were to help moving the heavier items that were to be brought in for the sale and also to help deliver those items after purchased.

When Dawn mulled over the problem, she mentioned to her husband that she'd probably have to cancel the project.  Her husband advised "Only the essential combat forces are headed out immediately on this deployment and some of the enlisted personnel are being kept back to keep up the maintenance of the base facilities!  Thank God those low-lifes are staying back, all brawn and no brains!  I'll just put it in their orders to help out with whatever physical labor you'll need for the rummage sale!  I'll just note it on the orders that you'll be calling in to the unit and they're to follow your instructions!"

The following week, Airmen Coby Johnson and Billy Aaron got the orders from the unit clerk that Lt. Armstong's wife had called in for help on the rummage sale that was to take place behind their commander's house.  Hating Lt. Armstrong with a passion, Coby advised the fellow airman "Hey, maybe we can 'rummage' through that prick's things and swipe some goodies!  He won't have any proof that we're the ones who copped anything, even though he might suspect us!"

Having loaded up the truck with the tent poles and canvas top, the two airmen headed on out to the where the officers' quarters were located.  Finding the address, Billy knocked on the front door to inquire just where the tent was to be set up.  When the door opened, both Billy and Coby took a sharp intake of breath as they focused their eyes upon the beautiful wife of Lt. Armstrong.  Politely, Coby advised "Ma'am, I'm Airman Johnson and this is Airman Billy Aaron.  We're here to set up the tent and to assist you in anyway possible for the rummage sale!  Could you show us where you'd like the tent to be set up?"

With Lt. Armstrong's wife coming outside to lead the way around the house to the backyard, Coby nudged his companion as he gazed upon the long trim legs walking ahead of them.  So lily white and flawless to perfection, so fucking sexy as Mrs. Armstrong walked barefoot in the grass.  Coby smiled and gave a silent chuckle as he saw Billy grab his crotch and squeezed at his thick bulge.

As they unloaded the truck and began to set up the tent, Billy advised "The only thing I want to rummage through of Lt. Armstrong's belongings is his beautiful wife's tight little pussy!  God, I almost fuck'n came just looking at the long sexy white legs!  Christ, I'd give anything to have those sexy legs wrapped tightly around my ass!  Bet she'd scream her pretty little head off when she gets a feel of 'ol Billy's hard pecker!"

"Yeah, man!  I'm with ya, Billy!  Fuck, I almost busted my nuts following her around the house!  Man, I'd crawl on my hands and knees around the base, barking like a dog just to get at her sweet little ass!" Coby responded.  "Ya know, this is one fuck'n assignment from that asshole that I'm really gonna enjoy!  Didn't Lt. Armstrong say be sure to please his wife?  Well, that's one order that gonna be only too happy to obey to the hilt!  Yeah, all the way to the hilt of my big black cock!" he added.

Being a sunny day, both men were perspiring a lot as they set up the tent.  Once they were done, they were surprised to see the lovely Mrs. Armstrong reappear with a tray of sandwiches and cold drinks for them.  They thanked her and watched intently as she told them how much she appreciated their help.  Both men were rubbing at their crotches as they ogled her sexy legs when she walked back into the house.

In the afternoon, items were being dropped off for the rummage sale and the two airmen assisted in carrying the heavier items into the backyard.  Then they were to pick up heavy furniture items from various homes to transport back in their truck.  With their shift over, Mrs. Armstrong advised that she'd somehow manage alone and thanked them for all their help.  But Colby advised her "There's still a lot of heavy items to rearrange, Mrs. Armstrong!  We're going to take a break and grab a quick dinner at the mess hall, then we'll be back to help till its all set up!  It’s the least we can do, Mrs. Armstrong, especially since we owe Lt. Armstrong so much!"

"Well, if you insist!  I guess I really could use your help!  I'll go and get started in getting the kids their dinner and help them with their homework so they won't be a bother later.  If you don't mind, take your time in getting back, that'll give me time to get the kids squared away!  That will also give the other women and I time to finish pricing all the items before you return!" Dawn advised the two airmen.

After getting a meal at the mess hall, Coby and Billy headed on back to the barracks, where Billy opened up his footlocker for his hidden stash.  Taking what was needed, they then proceeded on back to Lt. Armstrong's home where his beautiful wife awaited for them.  Darkness was now setting in as they neared the home and saw that no visiting cars remained in front of the home, indicating that there was a good chance that Mrs. Armstrong was alone with her children.

Seeing that the light in the backyard was on, the two airmen proceed around the house and saw that the other women had left, indicating that Mrs. Armstrong must now be in the house with her children.  "I'll be right out!" they heard the soft and sexy voice say from inside the home.  Then they heard her give instructions to the children, telling them that they could watch the two shows on television that they wanted but they were to go right to bed at 8:30 when the last show was done with.

As they were nearing completion of getting everything set up, Mrs. Armstrong excused herself saying that she'd be right back as she wanted to check to see that the children had followed her instructions and gone to bed.  A few minutes later, Mrs. Armstrong returned outside carrying a bag of chips and an ice chest.  Opening the ice chest, the airmen were surprised as she handed each of them a beer, telling them that she really appreciated their help.

Sipping at their beer while the sexy beauty looked over the pricing of the items, Billy advised "Thank you for the beer, ma'am!  But we really shouldn't be drinking here at an officer's home …………….wouldn't be right ……………….unless of course you had one with us!"  Obtaining another beer from the ice chest, he opened it and held it out to the lovely beauty.
"Well, I certainly don't want to have you men feeling ill at ease!" Dawn replied as she took the can of beer from the airman.  Not wanting to show herself being ill at ease with these two black airmen, she sat down on the sofa across from them.  Felling how comfortable the sofa was, she felt the material and found it to be in excellent shape.  "I wonder who donated this sofa?  Gosh, this would be good to replace the one we have since the kids did a number on it over the years!  Do you recall where you picked this sofa up from?" she asked.

"I believe it was from Major Hawthorn's, ma'am!  Believe Mrs. Hawthorn indicted that it’s a sofa bed and that they needed more room in their home!" Coby replied.  "It sure looks to be in excellent condition!" he added as he watched her sipping at her beer.  Having guzzled down the first beer, he then reached down for another, passing it to Billy.  Then he grabbed two more, opening one and held it out to the sexy beauty.

Billy knew that Mrs. Armstrong was only half done with her first beer and watched as she hesitantly reached out for the other, meanwhile taking a big gulf from her first can.  'Yes, sweetie …………drink up that can of beer!  Soon, baby, real soon!' he said to himself.  Having slipped in that pill into the can of beer upon opening it, he knew it would be just a matter of time once she finished up her first can of beer.

Blinking her eyes rapidly, things were beginning to get a bit fuzzy for Dawn.  'It must be sheer exhaustion after a full day of physical labor that has me all pooped out!' she told herself.  She shivered as a tingle of excitement coursed throughout her body as wicked thoughts crossed her mind.  'Gosh, what would all the uptight officers' wives say if they could see me now?  All alone out in my backyard with two muscular black airmen, drinking beer with them!  What would it feel like to have them put their big black hands on me?' she wondered.

Never before had such wicked thoughts entered Dawn's mind, nor would she have even entertained such thoughts had it not been for the pill that had been slipped into her beer.  She had only been intimate with her husband from when they were engaged in college and had been quite true to him, not even thinking of being with another man.  Yet here she was wondering what it would feel like to have another man's hands upon her body, the hands of these black airmen.

Billy could see the pill having its effect on the lovely beauty, seeing her rubbing her thighs together as he knew that unbearable itch was getting to her.  'Oh, baby!  Ya gonna be squirming on that beautiful little ass very soon!  Yeah, baby, 'ol Billy's got just the thing that ya need to put out that itch between your soft tender thighs!' he mused.

Coby stood up and moved to the side of the sofa, advising "This sofa is a great shape, Mrs. Armstrong!  As you're interested in it, you should first check out the bed first and make sure it's comfortable!  Here, stand up for a moment and we'll open it up for you!"  He gently lifted the beauty's elbow in assisting her to stand on her now unsteady feet, signaling for Billy to open up the sofa bed.

Arm firmly on her elbow, Coby guided the hazy woman to step back and to sit upon the unfolded sofa bed.  He watched as Billy got two pillows that were brought to the rummage sale and placed behind the sexy beauty, then saw Billy's hands on her shoulders to ease her back, advising her "Here, lie back on the pillows, Mrs. Armstrong!  Get comfortable!"  With that, Coby reached down to grasp her trim ankles in his hands and swung her legs over so that she was now lying fully upon the bed.

The two airmen watched as Lt. Armstrong's beautiful wife squirmed about on the bed, her eyes fluttering about to regain her senses.  "Mmmmm!  Mmmmm, that feels so gooood!" she moaned as Billy began massaging her shoulders.  She was now oblivious to the other pair hands that were now at the front of her white blouse, slowly undoing the tp button.  Then the hands on her shoulders slipped forward, making their way under her now unbuttoned blouse.

"Ohhhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhhhhh!" she cooed as the caressing fingers were now thumbing her sensitive nipples through her lacy white bra.  Eyes now closed, silky blonde hair tossing from side to side on the sofa bed, Dawn was unaware of her blouse being eased down over her shoulders.  Her bra straps were to follow, then the lacy cups of her were being pushed over her more than ample breasts, thick thumbs now flicking at her pink nipples.  "Ohhhhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhh, yessssssssss!" she moaned.

Panting from the stimulating touch on her breasts and that nagging itch between her thighs, Dawn's eyes fluttered open to see the top of the canvas tent.  "Where ……..where am I?  What ………….what's happening to me???" she stammered.  Looking about, she shuddered in fright upon seeing the leering faces of the two black airmen.  Then she realized that one of the men was touching her in a most inappropriate manner while the other man was undoing the button of her shorts.

"Stop ………..stop ……………..this is wrong!" Dawn cried out.  "Stop!  I'll have you two arrested!  You'll go to jail for the rest of your lives!" she threatened.  She wanted to fight and kick but the muscles in her arms and legs seemed so weak that she was unable to put up any type of resistance.  "Oh, please ……………please, stop ……………….oh, please …………….stop touching meeeeeee!" she sobbed.  "Stop ………..or ………….or I'll scream!  Then you'll be arrested!  Stop and ……….I ……………..I won't tell anyone!" she pleaded.

"Go ahead and scream, Mrs. Armstrong!  Scream nice and loud so yer children can hear ya!  They'll be in for a real treat when they all come running out here so see their pretty mommy naked and fuck'n around with two lowly enlisted men!  Go ahead and scream, sweetie!  Scream at the top of yer lungs, bitch!" Billy laughed.

'Oh, God ……………..oh, God …………….what can I do?  I ………………..I can't let my children see me …………….not …………..not like this!  Oh, God ……………his touch is driving me crazy ……………..ohhhhhhhhhh!' she shivered.  "No ……………no …………..don't ………………don'tttttttt!" she pleaded as her shorts were being pulled over her trim hips along with her lacy white panties.

Arms held tightly overhead by one airman, Dawn sobbed as the other drew her shorts and panties down her legs and off her feet, seeing the garments being tossed into the air across the lawn.  Tears in her eyes, she shook in terror with her legs now being caressed by stroking hands of the airman kneeling before her.  Her eyes bulged in her sockets as she watched the airman before her begin to strip off his fatigues, first his shirt and now he was sliding his pants down after kicking off his boots.

"My God!  No …………….no …………….please ………………please don't rape me!  Please ………….you …………'ll kill me with that!" Dawn panted in fear as she gazed upon the enormous monstrosity that the airman was now handling.  "No ………no ………………..pleaseeeeeee!" she sobbed as his hands were now on her knees, prying her legs apart.

"No …………… ……………………..oh, God ……………….nooooooo!" she whimpered as the airman was spreading her thighs further apart with his knees as he fisted his throbbing cock.  "Oh, don't ……………….don't …………….please!  Please …………….I ……………..I don't want to get pregnant!  Please ……………..please put on a condom ……………please!" she begged.

"Oh, Mrs. Armstrong, you sweet beautiful bitch!  This is pay back time for the way that asshole of a husband treats all of us!  Gonna pay him back for the way he steps all over us!  Can't think of a better way than to 'ruin' his precious little wife of his!  But me and Billy here are certainly gonna leave Lt. Armstrong with something to remember us by …………………..yeah, a little bastard baby for him to take care of!"

With his hands firmly grasping her trim hips, Cody positioned his throbbing cock, nuzzling his thick cockhead up into her soft golden nest.  In position, he reared his ass back and slammed forward with all of his might.  "Gotcha, baby!  Oh, baby, yer tight as a fuck'n virgin!" he exclaimed.

"Nnnnnnnnn ……………nnnnnnnnn ohhhhhhhhhhhh …………arrrrrrrgggghhhh!” Dawn grimaced through her tightly clenched teeth, wanting desperately to scream at the top of her lungs but afraid to have her children witness her defilement.  “Noooooo ……….nooooooo ……………..ohhhhhhhhhh …......please!” she moaned through her clenched teeth as more of the thick shaft was thrust brutally into her agonized body.

First with small expert stroking motions, then with longer strokes, Cody fucked into the weeping blonde wife.  Then, when the weeping turned to mewling sounds, he knew that the unwanted pleasure was beginning to overtake her sexy body.  Seeing this change, Billy released his grip on the struggling beauty to see her trim arms as well as her milky-white legs lift up to encircle the airman raping her.

"Ohhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhh ………………..ohhhh, Godddd!" Dawn moaned, her mind now in another world with the unwanted fuck pleasure she was receiving from the long lengthy strokes of her rapist's thick cock.   Dawn had always enjoyed lovemaking with her husband but never had she been taken to the heights of pleasure that she was now experiencing.  The nagging itch deep between her thighs desperately needed to be scratched and the long thick shaft was now more than adequately scratching that terrible itch.  Her arms and legs tightened around the muscular black airman as she moaned “Ohhhhhhhhhh, God ……….nooooo ………please ………..oh, nooooo ……….I ………….I ………………..I’m cumminggggggg!”

Never had Cody ever experienced such a fantastic fuck.  This sure was a beautiful little bitch and best of all she was the wife of asshole Lt. Armstrong.  He wished the fuck'n lieutenant was here at this moment, seeing his beautiful and precious little wife being 'ruined'.  Reaching down, he gripped her soft asscheeks in his hands and pulled her towards him as he began to shag away “Oh, sweetie …………..wish Lt. Armstrong was here to see this!  Ohhhhhhhhh …………here it cums …… cums, bitch!  Take it …………………take my hot nigga jism, baby!  Gonna give Lt. Armstrong another little mouth to feed!”

Dawn squirmed desperately, trying to push the airman away “Please ...……oh, please ………..please pull it out!  Please ……………please, you're not wearing a condom!  You'll ………………….you’ll get me pregnant!” she pleaded.  “No … ………..oh …..oh ….oh ….oh …….ohhhhhhhhh!” she panted as the cock jackhammered in her body.

“Ah, baby ……………, here it is!” Cody groaned, burying his cock as deeply as possible into her raped slit.  “Oh, Mrs. Armstrong, I'm thereeeee …………….here I
cummmmm ........…..sweeite!” he groaned as his cock twitched and exploded his boiling jizz deep in her fertile womb.  “What a fuck, you classy little bitch!  Oh, sweetie, gonna breed you good!  Gonna give you and Lt. Armstrong a little black baby!” he laughed as his cock spurted out its potent seed time and time again.  Cody finally pulled himself out of the weeping beauty with a loud 'pop', then rolled over to the side of the bed.

Billy looked at the sobbing beauty as she lay on the sofa bed with cum oozing out of her well-fucked cunt and her soft golden fleece matted in a mess of slimy goo.  With the raped beauty curled up into a fetal position, he reached over to caress her beautiful soft ass and turned her over onto her belly.  He grasped her hips and got the sexy beauty onto all fours, then edged and wiggled his butt to insert his cock into the soft gooey nest.

His long curving cock speared the sobbing beauty as he thrust up hard into her as inch after inch of his lengthy cock slowly disappear into her shuddering body.  Faster and faster Billy fucked at the sexy little blonde wife and mother, fucking her like a bitch in heat.  Faster and faster, harder and harder he rammed up into the softly moaning beauty.  He smiled as she began to thrust back at him, meeting him thrust for thrust, her arms outstretched as her hands clawed at the top of the mattress for support.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………..oh, God …………..ohh ……ohhh ………..ohhhhhhhh!” Dawn panted from the unbelievable sensations of being fucked by a long curved cock.  Plus, he was fucking her doggie style, a position that she had only witnessed animals doing it in.  The fuck was fantastic, the curved cock scratching perfectly at that terrible itch between her thighs.  It was driving her out of her mind as it felt like the plum-sized cockhead was right up in the middle of her tummy.  “Oh, Godddd …………….oh, my God …………..yesss ………..yessssssssss!” she groaned as the long curved cock sliced in and out of her.  “Ohhhh…….ohhhhhh, God …………….yessssssssss ……….fuck me …………..fuck me!” she moaned as her body convulsed in a mind-shattering orgasm.

"Oh, Mrs. Armstrong, baby!  Does Lt. Armstrong know what a hot little minx he's got here at home?  Yeah, baby ………………….squeeze me with yer sexy fuck'n legs!  Squeeze all the cum outta me!  Milk my my nigger cock dry!  Oh, baby, sure as hell hope my little buggers get to yer egg before Cody's!  It'd sure be my pleasure to be the one to knock up Lt. Armstrong beautiful wife!" Billy gloated as he gave his cock a stab of vengeance at the thought of her asshole of a husband.  "Uuuhhhh ……..ahhhhh …………..ohhhhhhhh …………..yeahhhhhhhh!" he groaned upon feeling her cunt muscles snapping at his cock.

Soon, after collapsing on the bed, Dawn lay on her right side with Airman Billy Aaron immediately behind her, still joined to her as only a husband and wife should be joined.  She was now facing Airman Coby Johnson, who was caressing her body as she reached forward to grasp his dwindled but still lengthy cock in her manicured hands, stroking it back to its rigid state.  In a moment, Dawn was on all fours again only with Airman Billy being replaced by Airman Coby.  It would be a bit different with Airman Billy kneeling before her face, holding her chin up so she could learn how to go about sucking a cock for the very first time.

For the next several hours, lovely Mrs. Dawn Armstrong got to test out the sofa bed that she was interested in buying.  It certainly proved to be quite comfortable and sturdy as the three had a marathon of a fuck session upon it.  Fucking and sucking was definitely the order of the night with the drugged beauty going out of her gourd as she begged her companions to fuck the hell out of her.  Lt. Armstrong would definitely have had a hemorrhage had he heard his lovely wife beg continuously throughout the night "Fuck me ………oh, yes …………fuck me!  Shoot your cum in me!  Fill me with your nigger cum!  Knock me up!  Knock me up with your black baby!"
With it now in the wee morning hours, the two airmen got off the bed and gazed down at the fucked out beauty, seeing that she was fast asleep following that last wild fuck session.  Billy still had a throbbing sensation in his cock and knelt down upon the bed.  Then he began to shuck at his throbbing hardon, moaning "Oh, baby!  Oh, Mrs. Armstrong, you're so fuck'n beautiful!  Uhh-uhhhhhh, gonna give ya a creamy facial to keep your skin soft ………….ahhhhhhhhh!"  He laughed as he zipped up and observed his creamy cum dripping down her lovely face.

Before leaving and turning off the outside lights, Coby shut off the camcorder that had found as one of the items left there for the rummage sale.  It had been set up from before Mrs. Armstrong had come outside with the ice chest of beer.  He then took out the videotape that had recorded the events of that evening.  He watched as Billy grabbed one of the blankets stacked in a pile for the sale to cover the raped beauty.  Then they gathered up her clothing and undergarments as souvenirs of their most exciting escapade.

Feeling a hand pushing at her upper arm, Dawn awoke to her daughter's voice "Mommy, mommy!  Wake up, mommy!  Why are you sleeping out here?  I was scared!  I looked for you all over the house and couldn't find you!"  Looking up, staring at the top of the tent, Dawn shuddered as bits and pieces of flashback ran through her mind.  'Oh, God!  It wasn't a nightmare!  I ……..I was drugged and raped by the two airmen in John's unit!' she realized.

"Mommy, mommy ………..did you drink milk last night and spill it all over you?  You've got milk all over your face!" came her daughter's next question and remark.  Reaching up in nervousness, Dawn touched her cheek and felt the crusty remnants on her fingers.  Bringing her hand down and looking at her fingers, she shuddered as a flashback went through her mind as to what obviously created the crusty flakes on her face.  She knew it was not milk stains as her young daughter had indicated but cum stains on her face.

"I …………I was busy working on the rummage sale last night and feel asleep out here!  Honey, go in and brush up!  I………….I'll be right in to make you breakfast!" Dawn advised her daughter after realizing that she was totally naked under the blanket.  With her daughter back in the house, Dawn looked about for her clothing but they were nowhere in sight.  Desperately, she reached for some women's clothing in the rummage sale stack and put them on.  Pushing herself up from the bed, she groaned from the pain in her thighs that hurt badly from being stretched wider than ever before.  Then she rushed into the house and into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Looking in the mirror above the sink, Dawn gasped loudly at the reflection that she was staring at.  The milk that her young daughter was referring to was certainly not milk at all, not unless you considered the thick hot cum from a male's balls as milk.  In the reflection of the mirror, Dawn saw blotches of dried flaky white crust covering her entire face, evidence that one of the airmen had jacked himself off right into her face and left her to be found in such a defiled state.

Dawn shuddered in horror as she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror.  Closing her eyes, spotty flashback of the previous night shot through her mind.  She shivered in disgust, realizing that she had actually allowed a cock to be inserted between her lips, something that John had often tried to get her to do for him.  It was something she had absolutely refused to do, telling John that he was a pervert in thinking that she would suck a man's filthy penis.

Her body shook in revulsion as flashbacks told Dawn that she had sucked on the two airmen's cocks time and time again, swallowing their filthy emissions that they had injected into her mouth.  Collapsing to her knees, she leaned over the toilet as she broke out into dry heaves, tears flowing from her eyes, wishing that she could throw up all the filthy goo that she had swallowed during the night.

Stripping off the clothing from the rummage sale, Dawn then examined her breasts and observed all the hickey marks upon them. Touching her breasts, she shivered from pain as the airmen had suckled continuously upon her tender pink nipples.  Then her gaze went down to her matted and crust covered curls that were glued down with dried cum.  Her heart thumped madly in her chest as she saw her thighs glazed with dried fuck juices.  Shivering, Dawn touched herself, dipping her middle finger into her raped slit.  Upon withdrawing her finger, she sobbed in despair in seeing her finger covered in the thick potent mucous that threatened to put her in the family way again.

Hearing all of her children up and about, Dawn opened the door just a bit so she could call out to her oldest son, telling him she'd be out soon and for him to get the cereal and pour it out into bowls for all of them.  She desperately needed a shower to cleanse herself of the filth but most of all she needed a potent douche to prevent having a fourth child, one that would look so different from the other three young Armstrongs.

Rushing to quickly prepare breakfast for the children, then seeing them off to school, Dawn had no time to think as women began arriving to help out with the rummage sale.  She knew that two men from her husband's unit were to be present at the rummage sale to help deliver the items to the respective purchasers.  She prayed that it would be men other than the two men who had raped her.  'God, they wouldn't dare show up here again, would they?  What ………….what do I do if they show up?' she pondered.

At 10 a.m. when the rummage sale was to commence, people on base began to arrive and go through the items for sale.  Dawn and the committee members were surprised at the large turnout so early in the morning, knowing that the base community would be supportive of the project but did not expect to see quite so many people that early.  When  a truck pulled up in front of the house, Dawn shuddered as she saw that indeed her rapists had returned to the scene of the crime.

Dawn felt so awkward as she worked about the rummage sale, talking to people, knowing that the two airmen were nearby.  Yet, the two airmen were so polite and helpful, assisting her and the buyers in loading up the heavy items into their cars and delivering the extra large items with the unit's truck.  Each time she passed the sofa bed, Dawn felt a tingling feeling, feeling to wicked in recalling the events that took place on it the night before.

When she saw a prospective buyer examining the sofa bed, Dawn went up and advised "Oh, I'm sorry but this sofa bed was just sold!  I was just coming to put the 'sold' sign on it!"  Getting her checkbook from her purse, Dawn wrote out a check and gave it to the woman handling the cash box.  Her thigh muscles contracted at the wicked thought of having the sofa bed that she had been raped upon, right in her own home.

Rearranging the clothing rack in the afternoon, Dawn turned when one of the wives called to her.  She was situated in an aisle with a table in front of her and the clothing rack at her back.   At that moment, the two airmen were behind the clothing rack, setting aside some of the sold furniture for a later delivery.  With her back to the clothing rack, the woman Dawn was chatting with could not see was taking place behind her.  The woman did not see Dawn tense and stiffen her body when hands snuck through the hanging clothing to caress her bare legs.

Glancing down, Dawn saw the table was at the height of her waist and realized that the woman she was talking to could not see what was taking place at that moment.  She did not know how she managed to keep up the conversation, especially with the hands caressing her inner thighs.  When the conversation ended and the woman turned to looked at some items for sale, Dawn stood there pretending to look about the crowd.  She shivered as fingers slipped under a leg opening of her shorts, then a finger was caressing her tingling slit through her lacy panties.

Reaching forward, Dawn grasped the edge of the table, her knuckles turning white as she clenched the table tightly.  She shuddered, her knees going weak and threatening to buckle as a finger sipped under a legband of her lacy panties.  She shuddered, teeth chattering as the thick finger began to finger fuck her right in public.  Squeezing her thighs together, cunt muscles contracting, Dawn felt her love juices begin to ooze from her slit.  A moment later, she shuddered as an orgasm coursed through her body.

Wandering about the crowd to assist the buyers, Dawn felt so wicked as she walked about in her sopping wet panties and shorts.  She felt so nervous when the two airmen told her that they'd be headed out for a break and dinner at the mess hall, then return to assist her in setting up for the next day.  With other women in the committee still there around her, Dawn could only nod in response, unable to say anything.

With the rummage sale spit up into two days, to have the people returning, the second day was to be the sale of entertainment items such as cameras, video recorders, televisions along with some office equipment.  Thus, the two men would be needed to set up all those items but Dawn knew the real reason why there were anxious to return to her home.

Nervously, Dawn prepared dinner for her children and ate with them.  As she washed the dishes with the children watching television, she heard the arrival of the two airmen as they entered her backyard.  A chill went through her body as she heard one of them call out "Oh, Mrs. Armstrong ……………….we're baaaaaack!"  Not wanting to be alone with the men again, she replied from her kitchen window "You ………….you can set it up anywhere that you see fit!"  With her back to the sink, Dawn took a deep breath to calm herself, then went to join her children.

With her children tucked in bed, Dawn heard a tapping at the back door and steeled herself as she slowly made her way to the kitchen.  She had taken the precaution to lock the back door, not wanting the devious men from entering her home.  As she entered the kitchen, she heard "Oh, Mrs. Armstrong ……………why don't you bring out some beer again and come and watch this entertaining flick with us.

Looking out into her back yard at the television screen that had been hooked up to a VCR, Dawn gasped in horror at what she saw.  There she was drinking beer with the two men, then the next scene showed her standing up from the sofa as it was being pulled out and converted into a bed.  Then the airman on the outside advised "Maybe we should turn up the volume and your kids can come out and watch more television out here!"  Panting in horror, Dawn softly spoke "I …………..I'll be right out with beer for you!"

As she opened the back door and stepped out with the ice chest of beer, Dawn noticed that the sofa had been pulled out and converted into a bed.  She felt her thigh muscles clench tightly and felt the juices begin to leak out of her and into the crotch of her panties.  With the two airmen sprawled out on the bed, she saw them pat the open space between them to indicate where they wanted her to sit.  As the beer was being opened, she took the can being handed to her and took a large gulp.

Heart pounding, Dawn shivered as she stared up at the obscene video playing on the television set.  The volume was loud enough for her to hear her own voice, her moans and squeals as she was obviously being fucked out of her mind.  She felt herself juicing again, stimulated by the scenes unfolding on the television as well as by the hands now caressing her thighs.  She wished that she was under the influence of the potent drug again, not wanting to give in to these men on her own free will, although it had been this video that had forced her out of her home to sit between these men.

Shivering as her breasts were being cupped through her blouse, Dawn felt the exploring fingers searching for her sensitive nipples as they pinched and wrinkled her blouse in the process.  Next, her blouse was being pulled from her shorts and the hands were crawling up under her clothing.  "Ohhhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as her lacy bra cups were pushed up over her breasts and her sensitive nipples were rising to the stimulating caresses.

Without the potent drug clouding her mind and memory, Dawn would certainly remember this night in its entirety and how she sky rocketed out of this world with the fantastic fucking that she received.  Stripped of her clothing, lying next to the two muscular black airmen and shucking at their lengthy cocks, she panted in anticipation.  It would been an unbelievable sight had any of the young Armstrong children gotten up and looked for their mother, finding her in bed with two lowly black airmen from their father's unit.

Lt. Armstrong would have been speechless had he witnessed his men at work on this particular evening.  With the energy and stamina that his men were expending in the task at hand, he would no longer be able to call them 'lazy' or 'unable to use their heads'.  The airmen were certainly using their heads on this night, only it was the pulsating heads between their legs that they were using on this occasioni, burying their heads deep into the fertile womb Lt. Armstrong's wife.

Never had Lt. Armstrong heard any obscene language from the lips of his prim and proper wife.  He would have been in total shock had he heard his lovely wife on this night chanting "Fuck me …………….fuck me ………………fuck the hell out of me!  Fuck your little white whore!  Screw me ………………screw my brains out!  Stick your big black dick in me ………………oh, yessssssssssss!  Cum …………..cum in meeeeee ……….knock me up with a little black bastarddddddd!"

The next morning, Dawn was again awakened by her young daughter shaking her, telling her "Mommy, mommy …………time to wake up!  You slept out in the backyard again!  Ohhh, mommy …………you've got milk stains all over your lips this morning!"  Using her tongue, Dawn licked at her lips and at the corners of her mouth, then smacked her lips as she swallowed all the tell-tale remnants.

Once her daughter went back inside to brush her teeth, Dawn slipped on her clothing and went inside to cook breakfast for her children.  Only this time she did not rush to douche out her overflowing cunt.  With the rummage sale to conclude at 1 p.m., Dawn realized that she would need the two airmen to help her carry in the sofa bed into her home.

With all of her children going to soccer practice at the field across from their school, they would not be returning home till after 5 in the afternoon, enough time to be certain that the sofa bed was placed in the right setting.  Then a wicked thought entered her mind as she thought 'Perhaps the airmen would like to try out the comforts of the very bed that their unit commander sleeps in!'

Once her children were off to school, Dawn showered and put on a clean blouse and pair of shorts before women arrived for the rummage sale.  But she did nothing to douche out her cum choked cunt, wondering naughtily whether the men were as potent as they had boasted.  As she walked out to greet the first committee member who arrived to help, Dawn felt her slick cuntlips rubbing together from the thick lubrication that continued to slowly ooze into the crotch of her panties.

When the rummage sale was over and the women's committee had departed from the Armstrong's home, Lt. Armstrong's unit was on hand to help out and put things back into shape.  First, Airman Coby Johnson and Airman Billy Aaron carried the sofa bed into the Armstrong's residence and placed it as instructed.  Placing it down where Mrs. Armstrong had pointed to, they were surprised to find the sexy beauty gone when they turned back around.  Looking at each other, they then slowly made their way down the small hallway to where the bedrooms were located.

Looking in the master bedroom, they saw the lovely Mrs. Armstrong lying upon the bed that she shared with Lt. Armstrong.  They saw her panting with her eyes closed, watched as her hands came up to cup her breasts through her thin blouse and bra.  Seeing her knees rise up and spread wide, the two airmen stepped into the bedroom and closed the door behind them.  After an hour, the men could see that they had unleashed a wild streak in this once prim and proper young wife.  They had turned the sexy Mrs. Dawn Armstrong into a fuck'n nymph who couldn't get enough of a big cock, preferably a big black cock.

Thus, the decision was made to bring in reinforcements, making a call to the unit.  Coby told his cohort on the phone that reinforcements were needed at Lt. Armstrong's place but that it was strictly on a voluntary basis and for only those who had a hundred bucks on them. Also, Coby advised his cohort on the other line to bring two cases of beer and an ice chest full of ice as Lt. Armstrong's wife invited them to party under the tent.

Under the tent, Lt. Armstrong's unit sat around and guzzled down the beer, enjoying the opportunity to party at the Lt.'s home - especially without their unit commander there.  As a deck of cards was spread out wide on a card table, each member of the unit drew a card with the high card being the first man in line.  With Billy calling out who had the next highest card, Coby collected one hundred from the man entering the back door of the Armstrong's home to make his way to the master bedroom.

On this memorable occasion, Lt. Armstrong's unit was present in force, as all the other ten men and two women were quite anxious to contribute their $100 and meet the lieutenant's beautiful wife.  Indeed, each member of the unit got to meet the lovely Mrs. Armstrong personally, getting to know her quite intimately in the bed that she shared with her loving husband.

Six weeks later, the air base was buzzing with activity as the squadron was returning home for a bit of R&R.  Lt. Armstrong was so happy to see his children, hugging them one after the other, then to hold his lovely wife up close as they kissed passionately.  After six long weeks, he couldn't wait to get his sexy wife into bed for some passionate lovemaking.

That night behind closed doors, John embraced his lovely wife intimately.  But being without sex for six weeks had him coming so quickly in the embrace of his hot sexy wife.  Her aggressiveness, the way she wrapped her sexy legs around him, John could not last very long as all.  Spurt after spurt, he was totally spent as all of his strength flowed out of his body.  Quickly asleep, John did not hear his lovely wife's voice of disappointment "John ……….John ………….no …………….no ……………don't go to sleep …………not yetttttttt!"

Dawn was concerned with her husband moodiness, wondering just what was bothering him.  Finally she got him to tell her what was bothering him and inquired if she could help in anyway.  John advised her that he was concerned whether or not his commanding officer would put in his recommendation for John's promotion.  "Without his recommendation, there's no way I'll be considered for captain!  The major expressed his concern over my has-been unit of misfits, saying I haven't made any headway in gaining their respect!  Sure wish you could help, honey, but what can you do to get the major to put in the recommendation?" he advised her.

Major Thaddeus Green, an educated black at the age 40, was determined to see that his units were operating efficiently.  He had come from the other side of the tracks like many of the enlisted men but was fortunate to get a good education when he was given a football scholarship.  He felt pity for the status of the common enlisted man, knowing many just were not given the right breaks nor had the fortune of a good education as he had.  He had heard gripes and seen how Lt. Armstrong treated the men, looking down upon them.

Wanting to help her husband's career along, knowing his troubles in getting along with the enlisted personnel in his unit, Dawn wondered just how she could be of help.  It seemed that things were a bit different in John's unit since he returned, especially after he commented to her "The guys sure seem a bit strange since the squadron returned!  Before those guys were always looking glum and despondent.  Now even if I'm chew them out, they just give me a big smirking smile with a 'Yes sir!'"

At the spouses' luncheon the next Saturday, Major Green was the guest speaker and he complimented the women's group for the terrific job they had done in raising funds to help out the families of the enlisted personnel.  He did not care much for the younger lieutenant under command but had to admit that he sure did have a good taste in women, especially that sexy beauty he had for a wife.  Seeing the lovely Mrs. Dawn Armstrong across the room, he thought to himself 'God, what I'd give to get that sweet little beauty in bed!'

Making his way across the room, Major Green approached the sexy blonde beauty.  "Oh, Mrs. Green, I must thank you so much for the superb job that you did in the rummage sale!  I received several letters from the families that benefited from the proceeds that I just had to come over to personally express my thanks!" he advised.  He could see that the lovely beauty was tense, seeming as if she wanted to ask him something but just couldn't bring herself to do it.

Purposely, Dawn gave a sight movement of her head, wanting the tall muscular black officer to follow her.  Maneuvering herself further away from the crowd, she told the major "My husband seems to be a bit on edge since the squadron's return.  I think he's stressed over possibly being passed over on the promotion to captain!" she advised.  Letting her pointed tongue lick teasingly across her upper lip, she asked "Is there anything I can do to help John get that promotion, Major Green?  Anything at all?"

Major Green was taken completely by surprise as this lovely blonde beauty certainly appeared to be giving him the c'mon, that she would do anything at all if he was to promote her bastard of a husband.  He certainly did not want to jeopardize his 20 year military career, especially with him also looking for a promotion in the near future.  But if he could get into this beautiful little bitch's panties, it would certainly be worth the risk.

He had met her several times before and he had heard from others how prim and proper she always was, thus her change in behavior was certainly a welcome surprise, giving him a massive hardon at that very moment.  Looking at his watch, he advised "Gosh, that basketball game is about to be brought in on satellite at the bar just outside of the base!  Are you into basketball, Mrs. Armstrong?  Perhaps we could continue our conversation over there?  I'm going to head out over there to catch the tipoff!"

Twenty minutes later, Dawn licked at her dry lips as she nervously walked across the parking lot to the entrance of the bar.  This bar was not frequented by many of the military personnel on base as the officer's club and enlisted men's mess provided satellite broadcasts of the games plus the cost of the drinks were half the price.

Entering the bar, she saw the bartender waving to her, calling out "Are you Mrs. Armstrong?"  Nodding her head in the affirmative, she was advised "Phone call for you!"  "Hel ………hello!" she answered.  She swallowed upon hearing "I'm in Room 12 at the motel next door!"

The following Friday, Dawn was swept off her feet when her husband returned home.  After a deep passionate kiss, her husband told her "Order some pizza to be delivered for the kids!  You and I are going out to celebrate at the Officers Club!"  Then her husband held her back at arms length so she could take in the sight of his shiny new captain's bars.

End of Story.