Army Bride Assaulted - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

At the age of 24, Mark McCoy fully regretted having joined the National Guard unit in his hometown, having thought that it would be merely for assisting with local disasters or for national emergencies within the country.  It had also meant some easy extra bucks to put away for an elegant wedding the girl of his dreams, that being the lovely Cheryl Martin whom he had fallen in love with the freshman year of high school.

Graduating from college, working in the management training program with the bank, things were all going as Mark had planned.  That is, until the sudden call up of the National Guard unit to head off to the Middle East.  This had been so unexpected, especially with he and Cheryl having just started their wedding plans.  Thus, with just a short notice to report for active duty, Mark told his lovely fiancee that they'd tie the knot as soon as he returned home.

Attending the briefing at his unit, the members of the guard learned that they would become a part of the infantry division that had returned a few months earlier from the war zone for a bit of R&R.  They all were given some unofficial advice, basically saying to each of them that 'you need to get to know some experienced soldier who just returned so that he can get you through unscathed and most of all come back alive'!  The guard unit had been given a month to get personal items in order then they were to report for duty for training with the infantry unit they'd be a part of.

For Mark, this was certainly not what he had signed up for.  Having read the newspapers daily, seeing the body counts of those killed in action, Mark was definitely fearful that he would not return alive.  That if he did make it back home, it certainly would not be in one piece but with the loss of one or more limbs.  How Mark wished that he had not signed up with the guard, for he would be living in safety and marrying his beautiful fiancee.

For Cheryl Miller, also 24 years of age, the sudden call up of the guard to active duty seemed to turn her entire life upside down.  At 5'3" 114 lbs., with long silky dark brown hair, Cheryl had guys wanting dates throughout high school and college but she only had eyes for Mark McCoy.  Having obtained both a bachelor's and master's degree in elementary education, she was now in her first year of teaching.

After Mark had returned from the briefing, Cheryl detected how afraid he was of going off to war with the definite prospect of the loss of life or limb.  Cheryl was distraught herself, fearing that Mark would be maimed or killed, especially knowing that he was really not the macho soldering type of guy.  All she and Mark could do was to hold each other close and pray for the best, with Mark telling her "Don't worry, honey …………I'll be doing as they suggested and making good friends with one of the regulars in the infantry to make sure I make it back alive!"

Having recently returned from a long deployment, Sgt. Reggie Carter got the much needed R&R after the numerous fire-fights the battalion had endured.  With the battalion suffering a lot of casualties, the call up of the National Guard to active duty and its placement within the infantry was obviously the most natural and expected decision made to bring the battalion up to full staff.

For Reggie Carter, at age 42 and a lifer with the army, he was a soldier's soldier who lived to fight in every war.  Getting into a battle of fire-fight was really something that Reggie enjoyed, that of fighting and killing the enemy, especially loving hand-to-hand combat which was his specialty.  But of course, there would also be the casualties suffered in his own unit, mainly to the scared inexperienced college boys who were better suited reading books than fighting a war.

Looking at the troops when they were returning from the last deployment, Reggie recalled seeing the excitement in the faces of his unit.  But for him, it'd be the mundane task of training new troops and seeing that the equipment got back to perfect fighting status.  With all the young guys excited to get back home to their little sweeties, Reggie could only smile to himself, remembering his younger days and his own impressive track record when it came to shagging pussy.

But for Reggie, those days were in the past and now pussy was few and far between.  He would merely observe and listen as the younger guys were abuzz with chatter about wives, fiancees and girlfriends.  The thought of the young studs getting home to see their ladies, that first night at home just made Reggie horny as hell.  Deployed for an eight month stint, it had been that long since any of these guys had gotten laid, unless they had paid for a prostitute on a weekend pass.  Thus, it was obvious from the bragging that the ladies were in for quite a reunion when their stud got home.

Seeing the arrival of the activated guard members, Reggie let out a sigh of frustration in seeing all the young pansy ass guys who had signed up with the guard to play soldier once a month.  Looking them over once again as they got into formation, Reggie cussed 'Shit, they're sending this fuck'n bunch of nerds over there to fight a fuck'n war?  Damn, these inexperienced play-soldiers are only gonna git themselves killed over there!  Fuck, I'd better double the number of body bags fer this group!'

Reggie knew what had been told to the inexperienced troops and knew that was really what was needed if they expected to come back alive.  He even preached it, especially to the weak ones, looking them in the eye and gruffly telling them "You wanna come back in one piece, sonny boy?  Well ya's better make damn sure ya buddy up with an experienced soldier in the unit cause he's the one that's gonna save that ass of yers!  Cause if ya's think ya gonna make it on yer own, pansy ass ……………….I's making sure we's bring a body bag with yer name on it!"

With next four months set aside for urban warfare and just the first week completed, Reggie had pulled countless of the newbies aside to give them the body bag speech.  Many of the guard members had never undergone such intense live-fire training and Reggie could see that they were scared shitless.  There was no doubt in his mind that many of these play-soldiers would not be coming back to their loved ones.  To make his 'body bag' speech that much more effective, he'd pull that soldier alive and ask if he had a photo of the loved one he planned on returning to.  If so, he would tell that soldier to look at the photo as the 'body bag' lecture was given while Reggie paced around and yelled in his ear to get the message across.

That night, in his room, Reggie lay back in bed wondering how many of the troops outside in the barracks would not be returning when the eight-month deployment was over.  One fellow he'd bet against making it back was the scared shitless Mark McCoy, who he found literally having the shakes as he cowered down in his foxhole.  'But I have to admit, that asshole has one big incentive to make it back alive …………………that little cutie who's picture he was looking at when I's gave my 'body bag' lecture!' he thought.

Having made Pvt. McCoy look at the picture of the loved one he planned on returning it to, Reggie got a good look at the sexy beauty and had gotten a hardon looking at it.  Questioning who the little beauty was as he commence his spiel, Reggie learned that they had recently gotten engaged and were planning on setting a wedding date when the guard was called up for active duty.  With his eyes also on Mark McCoy's lovely fiancee, Reggie couldn't help but think 'Damn, yer one lucky son-of-a-bitch to have a sexy bitch like that waiting fer ya to return!  God, she's giving me a fuck'n stiff hardon!'

Closing his eyes, picturing the succulent in his mind, Reggie reached into the opening of his jockeys to give breathing room to his growing manhood.  'Damn, some guys are so fuck'n lucky!  What a fuck'n beautiful little bitch!  Man, if I's could only get a bitch like that!' he thought while stroking his boner.  'God, what I'd do to git into her tight little panties!  Man, that's fuck'n prime eat'n stuff!  Shit, I's jist gotta find me a way into her panties!' he told himself.

Often going through the barracks to keep an eye on what was going on, Reggie noticed that Pvt. McCoy was pretty much a loner, always off to himself reading or writing letters to his fiancee.  Whenever he was able to take a breather, with the other sergeant taking the troops out for training, Reggie would go through the private's footlocker so he could gaze at the larger photo of his stunning fiancee.

As he perused the letters, finding them filled with the usual mushy proclamations as well as the proposed plans for their upcoming wedding, Reggie read an especially tantalizing nugget was a comment from her in one of the letters.  It indicated about how happy she was that they had decided to wait for their wedding night to make love and just how difficult for her, as it was for him, to hold off till then.  'She's still a fuck'n virgin!' Reggie realized.

With everyone showering in the same room, Reggie remembered seeing the size of Pvt. McCoy's undersized cock once.  Reggie choked back a laugh, recalling the incident as he remembered because he had caught himself doing a double take, having never seen a grown man with such a noticeably undersized cock.  He chuckled, thinking that it was just as well that the young sexy babe was still a virgin, viewing the size of her man's penis.  'Sweetie, yer gonna be in fer a major disappointment on yer wedding night!' Reggie chuckled.

One day, seeing Pvt. McCoy looking a bit down in the mouth as he sat off on his bunk as he looked at his fiancee's picture, Reggie went over on the pretext of cheering him up.  At first he just wanted to know a bit more about this, and He then smoothly and casually befriended the young soldier, then subtly pumped him for information on the sexy young beauty in the snapshot and about his plans after returning from the upcoming deployment.

Mark McCoy naively confided in his first sergeant, advising that he had proposed to his girlfriend just before his unit was activated for active duty.  That Cheryl Miller was his true love from high school and then college, who was in her first year teaching kindergarten.  Glad to have Sgt. Carter's pep talk and asked if his sweetheart was going to make it to the open house the next month, he advised "She planning to!  I sure hope she can me it, I really miss seeing her!"  "Well, ya's be sure to introduce me to that sweet little thing, ya hear!" his sergeant responded as he departed.

Nearly six weeks had gone by since Cheryl had seen Mike when he reported for active duty.  Letters and phone calls certainly helped ease the pain of separation, with emails being rather infrequent due to the lack of lines into the barracks, which the military base was now in the process of rectifying.  Reading Mike's letters and hearing him on the phone, Cheryl detected how fearful he was of not making it back from the war.  She too was fearful of him getting hurt or killed but tried to put on a good front for his sake.

Eager to attend the open house on base, wanting desperately to see Mike again, Cheryl wanted him to see her well-dressed so he take the memory with him through the remainder of his training, hoping that she would get to see him again before the scheduled deployment.  Cheryl could only pray that nothing happened to Mike in the dangerous deployment, hoping that he'd make it back in one piece.  She felt so helpless, wishing that she young beauty in the snapshot could do something to help the man she loved.

Roaming about on the base's 'open house', Sgt. Carter smiled and greeted all the guests, welcoming them to the base.  There was one guest in particular that he was looking forward to meeting and welcoming to the base, that being the lovely Ms. Cheryl Miller.  Then he spotted her, there being no mistaken that she was the most beautiful of all the guests, running into the arms of her nerdy play-soldier.  Slowly making his way over to the young couple, taking her soft petite and manicured hand in his, Reggie felt his cock stiffen at the thought of feeling her trim fingers wrapped around his boner.

All planned ahead of time in his devious mind, Reggie would create the opportunity to talk to the succulent beauty alone, without the stupid punk hovering over her.  Making Pvt. McCoy feel good by telling his fiancee how terrific he was doing in training, Reggie added in "I very confident now that Mark can take care of himself in any adverse situation and that he'll make it back in one piece!  Skill he has, but of course, luck plays an important factor too!"

With planned demonstrations of various weapons scheduled, it was announced that the various sergeants would pick those troops who demonstrated the needed skill and also those most improved from day one of the training to perform the demonstrations.  For Pvt. McCoy, he not nearly as skilled in any of the weapons compared to others, nor was he the most improved to say the least.

Thus, when his name was called out by Sgt. Carter and the man coming over to congratulate him on being the most improved, Mark was flabbergasted.  As he proudly hurried off to the field for the demonstration, leaving Sgt. Carter next to Cheryl, Mark had no idea that his life was now in his fiancee's hands ………………or more precisely between long sexy legs!

Cheryl looked up puzzled to Sgt. Carter, saying "I'm so surprised!  Mark has always expressed how ……………….how unsure he was doing in training!  I've been so worried about him …………………worrying that he won't come back alive!  This is really a relief to hear you say he's the most improved, Sgt. Carter!"

Seeing the rather devious smile on the black sergeant's face, a shudder of fear coursed throughout Cheryl's petite body.  As he leaned over to whisper something to her, Cheryl wanted to step back and move away from this lecherous man but did not want to offend him, especially since he was in charge of Mark's training.  Then she was presented with an odd question, as Sgt. Carter asked her "Do you remember me saying that besides skill, one needed luck on his side?  Well, Mark has luck on his side, Ms. Miller!  But what do you want …………..Good Luck ………….or Bad?"  "Good, of course!" she responded.

Reggie now had his planning working to perfection as he advised the trembling beauty "Well, Miss Miller …………………the type of luck that's in store for yer Mark lies right in yer purty little hands!  Do ya know that the 1st Sergeant creates much of the type of luck a soldier gets?  Fer example, could ya believe how much Bad luck comes to those assigned to be on point, the first one leading the way!  Believe me, Mark is far from being the most improved ……………….it was just a means to git myself close to ya!"

With demonstration about to start and the crowd craning their necks in that direction, Cheryl shivered in revulsion as the back of Sgt. Carter's hand moved down her arm, caressing her.  Frightened out of her wits, yet not wanting to offend Mark's sergeant, Cheryl forced herself to remain still as the bold man was taking her left hand in his and toying with her engagement ring.

Frozen to the spot as Sgt. Carter continued to caress her, Cheryl heard him advise "I's can gives ya a guarantee that yer Mark will never be sent out on point!  Ya be nice to me and I's take the boy under my wing and make sure he comes back to ya ……………….alive ……………and not in a body bag!  It's all up to ya, sweetie!  Otherwise, I's can guarantee ya one thing ……………………………..ya can cancel them wedding plans permanently ……………………cause he ain't coming back alive!  Make up yer mind before he gits back here ………………'s all up to you, baby!"

Frightened out of her mind, Cheryl swallowed deeply in trying to comprehend it all, wondering if or even who she could go to and report what was just proposed to her.  Should she or could she go to a higher up in the military?  But Cheryl realized that it would just be countered by allegations that she and Mark had conjured up such a ploy in order to get him out of the service.  'Oh, God …………………what does he want of me?' she wondered, but deep down Cheryl knew very well it was not just to talk story.  'If I don't …………………..I'll have only myself to blame …………….for Mark's death!' she told herself.

Demonstration over and Mark headed on back, Cheryl's heart was thumping madly in her chest.  Looking up pleadingly at the evil Sgt. Carter who was grinning from cheek to cheek, Cheryl blinked back the tears and stammered "I ………………I ……………okay, I'll do it!"  Then she heard the sergeant respond "Open house gits over at three!  Meet me at the 'Footloose Bar' at 4!  Turn right at the gate and go west for a mile and it's off to the left!"

With Mark returning from a successful demonstration firing three mortar rounds and hitting the targets, Cheryl found herself sobbing in his embrace.  "Why are you crying, Cheryl?" Mark asked.  "It ……………….its just that I'm ……………….I'm so proud of you, honey!" she responded. Her arms wrapped around Mark's neck, Cheryl then heard Sgt. Carter's gruff voice "Very good work, Pvt. McCoy!  Very good!"  She heard the evil sergeant pat Mark on the back but she then cringed when the patting hand moved to caress hers.

At 3 o'clock approached, all the loved ones had tears in their eyes as they embraced the soldiers in training.  For Cheryl, her tears were that of absolute fear as well as for bidding a fond goodbye to Mark.  Sobbing as she hugged Mark tightly, enjoying the feel of his arms around her, Cheryl silently said 'Forgive me, Mark ………………..please forgive me!  What I'm about to do …………………is for your safety …………………to make sure you come back home alive!'

To make matters worst, just as the passionate kiss broke between she and Mark, up came the devious Sgt. Carter who advised "Now don't ya fret none, Ms. Miller!  As I's went and promised ya, I'll see that yer man comes home to ya all in one piece!"  "And Private, yer a real lucky man to have such a sweetheart like this praying every night fer yer safe return home!" he addressed to Mark.  As she was about to depart, Mark called out to her "Drive safely, honey!  I'll give you a call just after breakfast ………before you head off for church!"

Having passed the sleazy looking 'Footloose Bar', Cheryl drove further on and bided her time at the nearby coffee shop, pondering if she dared not showing up.  But with Mark's life depending upon her, Cheryl knew that she would have to do whatever necessary to assure his safe return from the war zone.  Resigning to her fate, as 4 o'clock neared, she got into her car and headed over to the dive.

Heart fluttering in nervousness, Cheryl pushed the door to enter the darkened establishment as loud blaring music suddenly hit her ears.  Blinking her eyes to get them acclimated to the darkness, Cheryl shivered in realizing that there was not a white face in the crowd.  Feeling self-conscious with all eyes upon her, Cheryl gazed about in hopes of locating the man she was to meet.  Finally, seeing the wide grinning face of the familiar sergeant, she nervously made her way over to the booth he was in.

Seated in the booth, ordering a vodka tonic, Cheryl didn't dare object when the devious man seated next to her told the waitress "Make it a double!"  She could only nod to that and also when Sgt. Carter advised "Right on the dot, Miss Miller!  I like that ……… all my ……………women!"  Glad that the drink came quickly, though normally only one to sip at her drink, Cheryl took a large gulp and then another.

Too nervous and scared to even attempt a conversation with the man, Cheryl could only tremble in fear as she finished her first drink.  As the waitress passed, she called out to her, saying "I'll have another ……………a double!"  Unaccustomed to drinking alcohol so fast, nor in such quantity, Cheryl felt a bit relieved that her senses were numbed.  At least it allowed her to bear with the sergeant's hand pawing at her nyloned thigh under the table and beginning to slide up the hem of her dress.

Fear and nervousness filling her body, Cheryl basically could not comprehend all the things the man was telling her ……………..being so pretty ……………so nicely dressed ……………..etc, etc.  But the one thing that registered was when Sgt. Carter advised "Snuck and read yer luv letter to yer boy ……………telling him how's difficult it is but ya's glad ya two's gonna wait till yer wedding night!  Now sweetie, I's jist can't believe ya's 24 years old and still cherry!"  Then it got even worse when he added "Ya know, I's ain't ever had the honor bestowed on me to pop a purty white girl's cherry!"

Up until this point in time, Cheryl had held out a hope and prayer that Mark's evil 1st Sergeant would be satisfied with just some talk and companionship over a drink.  But that hope and prayer had all dissipated with the man's last remark, making it all too clear that he was expecting to have sex with her.  'Oh, God ………………..I was saving ……….it ……….myself ……………….for Mark!' she told herself.  'But ………………but if I don't sacrifice it ………..myself ……………….Mark won't be alive to claim it …….me!' she realized.

Woozy after downing half of her third drink, having made the decision that she would make the sacrifice to save Mark's life, Cheryl blinked back the tears and stammered in asking "You …………………you will put on a ……………a condom, aren't you?  I ………………..I can't take that kind of chance!"  Shuddering from the caressing hand under the hem of her dress, Cheryl cringed as Sgt. Carter chuckled in advising "Don't normally wear one, honey!  Takes forever to git my rocks off!"

Seeing the beauty's frightened eyes, Reggie added "But if ya's insist, sweetie ………it's up to ya to go an buy'em!"  Viewing her now puzzled look, he told her "They's sell'em right here ……………ya can jist order'em from the waitress!"  As the trembling beauty fumbled with her wallet and taking out a twenty dollar bill and sliding it over to him to make the purchase, Reggie just smiled as slid the money back to her, advising "Ya want the protection ……………….ya purchase'm!"  Seeing the way the sexy beauty flushed with embarrassment, Reggie's hardon was ready to bust right through his khakis.

When the waitress stopped at their table to ask "Another double, sugar?", Cheryl nodded a 'yes' then softly stammered "And ……………and ……………I ……………..I'd like to buy a …………..a condom!"  Cheryl wanted to sink right through the floor when the waitress responded loudly "A condom?  Sure ………………what size and brand, sugar?"  Having never made such a purchase, only seeing various rack displays in passing while at the drugstore, Cheryl swallowed and gave a blank look at the evil sergeant.

"Honey, if its for this big black bull you're with, it's gotta be the Magnums!" the waitress advised.  "How many do you want, honey?" came the next question from the waitress.  With her blank look continuing, Sgt. Carter chirped in "One sure ain't gonna do it, sweetie!"  With the waitress laughing as she picked up the twenty, "This should be enough to supply you for the night!"

With her fourth drink delivered to the table, Cheryl swallowed at the box of condoms lying atop of the table.  Gulping down a swallow of the potent drink, she tried to steel herself, trying not to show any reaction to the hand rubbing at her sex through her panties and pantyhose.  Finger pushing into her indentation, she felt so embarrassed as a gush of juice began to seep out of her most private part.

Drink downed, assisted up to her feet by the anxious sergeant, she was advised "Ain't ya fergitting something, honey?"  Looking back, Cheryl shivered in shame and embarrassment as she reached out to pick up the box of condoms.  "Where ……….where are we going?" she questioned, as the man was leading her out the back door.  "Don't ya worry, sweetie …………….there's a motel next door and I's already got us a room fer the night!" she was told.

Alone in the motel room with the evil sergeant, Cheryl staggered over to the bed and sat on it to clear her head.  Seeing the man kick off his shoes and then pull his shirt over his head to bare his muscular black chest, Cheryl frantically fumbled with the box of condoms.  As Sgt. Carter approached, dressed only in his pants, she nervously held up a condom to him.  Condom packet taken from her and tossed back onto the bed, she was advised "Not quite ready fer that yet, sweetie!"

Reggie couldn't believe how fuck'n innocent this little bitch was, apparently thinking that it would be a wham, bam, thank you ma'am kind of fuck.  He wanted to test just how innocent she really was, figuring he'd enjoy some fun in making her think she still got a chance to save her virginity.  "Tell ya what, Miss Miller …………………ya git me off with yer soft purty hands and jist maybe 'ol Reggie won't be able to git it up again to pop that precious cherry of yers!"

Anxious for the chance to save her purity, having heard some sorority sisters in college comment on their boyfriends being too pooped for after being jerked off by hand, Cheryl had some hope remaining.  With the man standing a foot from the bed, Cheryl closed her eyes and blindly reached out with her hands.  Shuddering as she made contact with the rough fabric of the khaki pants, fumbled with the top button of the pants.  Next Cheryl felt the unmistakable feel of the metal zipper as her trembling fingers grasped the tab and slowly began pulling it down.

That task done, left hand pulling the opening wide, Cheryl then reached in with her now shaking right hand.  Expecting to feel the material of a softer jockey shorts, she gasped as her fingers immediately came into contact with sticky male flesh and a pad of short kinky hairs.  Fingers tracing down the length of what felt like a baby's leg, she trembled 'Oh, God ……………….it ……………….it can't be ………………no man could be this …………………this big!'  Struggling with the opening of the pants, pulling with all her might, Cheryl finally managed to get it out.

Unable to believe what she was now grasping with two hands, one on top of the other, Cheryl couldn't resist the temptation to actually see it in the flesh.  Opening her eyes, Cheryl gave a loud gasp of astonishment and fear in seeing just how immense a penis this man possessed.  'God, I'd never be able to take anything like that!  It'd kill me!  I've got to make him feel good with my hands ……………..whatever it takes to keep him from putting it in me!' she realized.

'Soft purty white hands stroking my boner, an innocent white chick trying to preserve her honor, what more can I's ask fer?' Reggie smiled, enjoying watching the dumb broad trying to jerk him off.  "Ah, sweetie ………………..that sure feels good!  Yer boy Mark got anything like that?" he tauntingly asked.  Seeing her shake her head 'no', he then continued "Ya's got a 'real man's' cock in yer purty hands now, sugar!  Yeah, baby ……………stroke it ………….stroke it!"

A bit over five minutes of stroking, Reggie saw the beauty cringe as her hands became slick from the leakage of his pre-cum oozing out of his pisshole, lubricating the pistoning motions.  Seeing the pretty trim white manicured fingers now greasy with is lubrication, Reggie twitched his cock some to provide more lube.  Hands pumping up and down, wringing at his cock in an attempt to make him shoot, seeing the sparkling glint of her diamond nearly had him blowing in excitement.

Being the experienced cocksman that he was, Reggie stemmed the urge and regained control of the situation.  He could see that the innocent young beauty was astonished that he had not cum as yet, especially as she had been feverishly jerking on him for over ten minutes at this point.  As her stared ahead at his flaring cockhead, Reggie could see that the alcohol and sexual act being performed had the little beauty mesmerized.  Reaching forward slowly, placing his hands at the back of her head, he gently pulled he a bit towards him.

Bloated cockhead just inches away from her staring eyes, pre-cum about to drip from his pisshole, Reggie advised "Lick me, sweetie!  Lick my cock!"  His words snapping her back to her senses, he felt her try to pull her head back but his hands held her firmly in place.  Edging forward, Reggie grinned as the beauty cringed in disgust, then pulled her head forward.  Beautiful lips clenched tightly, he guided her head from side to side, giving her a thick coat of lip gloss.  "C'mon, baby …………….open those purty lips fer me!" he ordered.

As the reluctant beauty refused to comply, Reggie growled "Open up bitch ……….or ya can kiss that boy of yer goodbye fer good!  What's it gonna be, bitch?"  "Ahhhhhhhhhh …………………..oh, yeahhhhhh ……………………….yeah, tongue me babe …………………tongue me!" he groaned as the innocent beauty complied, parting her lips to admit his bloated and leaking cockhead.  Sawing in and out, fingers entwined in her long silky brown hair, Reggie savored the feel of this fantastic face fuck.

Hands on the man's thighs, trying to push him away, Cheryl desperately tried to stop him from pushing more of his filthy penis into her mouth as it was now about to go down into her throat.  "Gaaaaaa ………………gaaaaaa ………………gaaaaaaa!" Cheryl gurgled as the thick piece of meat forced its way down her throat.  Swallowing time and again, throat muscles constricting around the invading cock, Cheryl wanted to be sick from this act of degradation.  She felt so ashamed, so degraded, not believing how anyone could want such perverse sexual gratification.

Hearing her gurgle, seeing the whites of her eyes as she looked up at him for mercy, Reggie eased his cock back out to allow her to breathe once again.  As the color came back into her cheeks once she got the much needed air, her saw her eyes blinking once again as if saying 'thank you', Reggie then resumed sawing in and out of her sweet mouth.  "Oh, baby …………………oh, yeah ……………………..suck it baby ……………..oooooooooooohhhh ……………………….gonna cum soonnnnn!" he announced.

With that announcement, Cheryl's eyes widened in horror as she realized 'Oh, my God ……………….he ………..he's planning to …………to do it right in my mouth!  Oh, God ………………..he's sick ………………he's out of his mind!'  Struggling with all of her might, trying desperately to unmouth the filthy animal, Cheryl found herself being held firm and unable to escape his evil clutches.  Suddenly Cheryl felt the cock expand in her mouth, heard the man grunt loudly, then hot sticky mucous began pouring into her mouth in spurts.

Cheeks bloated with her mouth filled the brim, unable to spit out the filthy goo, Cheryl was forced to swallow or die.  Survival instinct taking over, Cheryl swallowed, allowing the slimy bile to ooze its way down her throat and then slowly course down to form a hot lake in her belly.  Still her mouth was filled to the brim as the cock twitched once and again, spurting out more and more of the vile fluid.

Drained and dwindling cock finally pulled from her parted lips, Cheryl could only sit there dumbfounded, clutching at her queasy belly.  Mouth partially open, about to throw up the foreign substance in her belly, Cheryl quivered and shook as some of the vile spend clogging her throat made its way back up to pour out over her lips and chin.  Clutching desperately at her belly, thick stringy white cum dripped from her chin to fall upon the skirt of her blue dress as well as to puddle on her nylon covered thigh.  Panting hard, body shuddering as she tried desperately to quell her belly, her breathing finally began to settle back down.

With Sgt. Carter having stripped off his pants and sliding up onto the bed behind her, Cheryl shivered as the man ran his large hand up along the spine of her back, stopping to caress the back of her neck where her dress ended.  "Stand on up and gives me a striptease, sweetie!" she heard him order.  Glad to be able to move away from his rough caressing hand, she stood up and moved ahead several yards.

Seeing the beauty tremble with fear as she fidgeted about, slowly turning to face him, Reggie could see that she was trying to stall the inevitable.  Smiling as he gazed upon the frightened and hesitant prey, he then gave her a suggestion "Why don't ya start with yer heels, sweetie!"  Petite foot slipping out of right heel as she used her left to step on the back of her spike.  Then toes placed on the of her left heel, the beauty stepped out of it to stand barefoot before him.

As the beauty hesitated once again, Reggie just said "Next!" as the scared young woman sniffled back the tears while reaching up under the hem of her dress.  Slowly, the ivory white flesh of the beauty's flawless legs began to appear with the peeling down her dark pantyhose, causing Reggie's cock to twitch with excitement.  Long beautiful legs bared, stocking pulled to reveal her cute toes and petite feet, Reggie could only lick his lips in hunger.

With the beauty shuffling about nervously, obviously stalling once again, Reggie snarled "Do I need to tell ya what's next?  Or do ya want me to come over there and tear it offa ya?"  His threat to go over had the frightened beauty responding quickly as she reached up behind her neck to unhook the clasp of her dress and pull the zipper down.  Seconds later, front of her shoulders bared as she held the dress up for protection, then the dress dropped to the floor as the beauty sighed in resignation.

Dress puddled around her feet, Cheryl put her head down in shame and humiliation, knowing that any other garment removed would reveal private parts never seen by anyone other than her gynecologist.  "C'mon, sweetie …………….lemme see them purty titties of yers!" came the gross demand, causing Cheryl to shudder in revulsion.  Hand reaching behind her back, her trembling fingers unclasped the hook to her lacy white bra.  Closing her eyes, Cheryl felt the shoulder straps slide down her arms as her bra cups fell from her breasts.

Air being cooled only by the revolving fan, the sudden exposure of her breasts to the blowing fan resulted in the stiffening of her pink nipples.  Feeling her nipples respond to the cold air, Cheryl felt so embarrassed at having the evil man think she was actually getting excited from being forced to bare herself before him.  Trying to cover herself, she brought her arms inward to cover her budding nipples from the lusting eyes.

"Um ……um …….um ………………..not much left, is there, Miss Miller?  Must be true luv fer a purty little lady like ya to offer up yer precious little cherry to save that boy of yers!  Now for the unveiling of that purty little pussy that's come to save the day fer lucky Mark McCoy!" Reggie taunted the sobbing beauty.  As the match pair of panties was tugged down to bare her most private part, wanting to humiliate her even more, Reggie hollered out "Damn, that there is one beautiful little beaver!  And clean too!"

Crossing her arms once again to cover her stiff nipples, Cheryl used her hands to cover her sex as she let her panties slip from her fingers to fall atop her puddled dress.  Eyes widening as she observed her tormentor swing his legs over the side of the bed to face her, his manhood sticking straight up like a flagpole, Cheryl watched as the evil man stroked himself.

Ordered to "C'mere, bitch!" Cheryl nervously stepped out of her fallen panties and dress, now buck naked, she padded her way over to the bed with arms trying desperately to cover her privates.  Cheryl swallowed in fear as the demented man announce "Time, baby!  It's time!  Time ya became a 'woman'!"  Standing between the widespread legs of her blackmailer, looking down at the weapon he planned on plundering her virginity with, Cheryl advised "You ……… need to put on a condom!"

"Uh ………..uh, sweetie!  Ya wanna keep from gett'n yerself knocked up, ya's gotta put the raincoat on me!" Reggie advised, reaching over to grab the foil packet lying on top the bed.  Tossing up to the nervous beauty, watching her catch it, he went back to stroking himself and snickered "Gonna make ya bleed now, baby ……………….but ya can still change yer mind …………………..and let yer boy bleed all over the ground over there ……………..that's a fuck'n guarantee!"

Fumbling with the foil packet, managing to tear it open, Cheryl got her very first look at the thin object that was to provide her with the protection needed.  Fingering the rolled up condom, trying to determine how to put it to use, then bent forward to unravel it upon the jutting bone.  Unsuccessful from that angle, Cheryl realized that she'd have to get down on her knees between the widespread legs of the devious man in order to get it accomplished.

On her knees, the cock was now throbbing and waving as a smiling Sgt. Carter let go of himself, thereby forcing Cheryl to hold the man's penis steady in order to sheath it with the protective coating.  Never having performed this task, Cheryl swallowed as she tried to hold the thick stem steady while getting the condom rolled down upon it.  Unsuccessful on her initial attempt due to the moving object getting away, then finding she had the condom upside down, Cheryl finally was able to breathe a sigh of relief in making some headway as the bloated head was covered.

Thumb and forefinger unable to fully encircle the pulsating penis, Cheryl stroked at it in order to unravel the protective sheath.  Job done, she then got up off her knees and took a step back from her tormentor as he now partially closed his obscenely widespread legs.  "Come and straddle on my knees, sweetie!" she was told and Cheryl nervously moved forward to comply.  Shivering as she straddle the man's legs, planting her feet flat on the ground, Cheryl suddenly placed her outstretched arms out as the man reached out to drag her forward upon his knees.

Dragged forward till the upright cock was now pressing straight up against her belly, the sight of her ivory white tummy serving as background for coal black babymaker had Cheryl shuddering in fear and revulsion.  Her agony was made even worst as the man taunted "Lookit, sweetie ………………..when's I's git it all the way up ya …………'ll be all the way up yer gut!"

Forced to stretch her arms out and place her hands on his shoulders for balance, Cheryl was finding it impossible to keep her feet planted on the floor as the man's thighs were stretching our wide once again.  Then just the tips of her toes brushed the carpeting and Cheryl had to wonder what the evil man planned next.  Large hands inserted under her buttocks, Cheryl was then told to push herself up with her hands as the man assisted in lifting her.

Feeling the fumbling beneath her, Cheryl quivered in fear as the thick rubber coated cock was fitted up against her slit.  'Oh, my God ……………….my, God ……………..what's he doing?  Not like this ……………….not like this!' Cheryl trembled in realizing the deplorable way she was to lose her virginity.  All the romance novels, pictures, and movie scenes had depicted a woman lying in bed where intercourse would take place.  But with her body being balanced upon the man's rockhard shaft, poking up at her never before penetrated slit, Cheryl's fears were obviously well-founded.

Indeed, Cheryl's worst fears were about to come true as the large muscular arms now were tightly encircled around her trim waist.  Reggie was savoring the moment of truth, enjoying the panting fear expressed by the lovely beauty as was about to destroy her innocence once and for all.  He was going to 'ruin' her precious little body in a most devastating way, by using the pretty thing as a pile-driver onto his cherry buster.

Pulling the petite body down with all of his might while thrusting up at the waist, it was a quick and sudden end of her innocence.  Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" came the painful shrieks that signaled the sudden rupturing of Miss Cheryl Miller's previously well-guarded hymen.  Those high-pitched screams were heard throughout the entire motel but Reggie knew no one would be investigating it as they knew better in this locale.

Another lunge upwards while slamming the petite beauty down upon him brought similar shrieks of pain as her buried another few inches into her tight virginal slit.  Then Reggie felt the thick fluid escaping their union, feeling the fluid flow over the sac of his testicles to build at the bottom and drip to the ground.  He knew what that fluid was, the evidence of the sobbing woman's busted cherry!  "Bleed, baby ………………..bleed!" he chuckled loudly as more and more of the fluid escaped when he pumped up into her time and again till his footlong dong was in to the hilt.

It was sheer pain and agony for Cheryl as she sobbed in disgrace.  Gone was her innocence, the virginity she had planned to save for the man she married, but she knew that she had sacrificed it for a good cause …………….to help keep her future alive on his dangerous mission.  But the painful tearing of her hymen was so immense that she felt like she was about to die.  "Please ……………….please, Sgt. Carter ……………please stop for awhile ……………….just a bit …………………it hurts ……………….it hurtsssssssssssssss so bad!" she pleaded.

Hearing the beauty cry for mercy, Reggie would not have taken pity normally.  But with his devious mind still at work, he advised "Okay, sweetie ……………………push up on my shoulders and I'll lift yer purty little ass up!"  As she slowly came off his skewering prong, Reggie deftly began shucking at the ribbed end of the protective condom, rolling it upwards in the process.

With the panting beauty catching her breath, recuperating from the stabbing pain, Reggie then eased her hips back into position as he fitted himself to her once again.  The only difference this time, unknown to the delirious young beauty, was that fuck was going to recommence 'bareback'!  With her cunt slit in pain, aided by the bloody lube, Reggie had correctly surmised that the unsheathed cock would go unnoticed.

Glad that she had so many drinks, feeling quite intoxicated, Cheryl managed to survive the horrendous ordeal.  The loss of her virginity to the man who promised to look after her future husband in the war zone seemed a willing price to pay.  As the pain eased a bit, Cheryl closed her eyes and wished the intoxicating liquor would put her too sleep.  Then came that hot soothing balm that flooded her as she shuddered and went limp as darkness suddenly overcame her.

Sunlight creeping through the thin curtains, Cheryl blinked her eyes in an attempt to focus them.  Not in the familiar bedroom of her apartment, a shudder coursed through her body as she glanced about the cheap motel room.  Splitting headache as a resulting hangover, body aching badly, she then felt the wet sticky mess between her legs.  Grimacing as she tried to move her legs, Cheryl reached down to touch her matted wet curls, then brought her hand up.  Shuddering as her fingertips were coated in a slick mixture of blood and slime, the rather hazy memory of event began to clear.

Sniffling as she felt that she had been unfaithful to Mark, Cheryl told herself that she had only done it to save the life of the man she loved.  Sacrificing her precious virginity, that was meant for Mark to claim on their wedding night, seemed a worthwhile price if it meant Mark would be still be alive to get married to her.  Cheryl kept telling herself that she had done it for Mark, that although he wouldn't be able to claim her virginity, she had assured him added protection in the war zone and that he definitely had a better chance of coming back to her.


Cheryl could not believe she had survived the night, getting up nearly every hour as Mark's evil sergeant demanded more and more sexual favors from her.  She had meekly submitted to his demands, telling herself that she was doing it to save Mark.  'But why did I have to embrace the bastard like I did, climaxing each time he did it to me?  God, he was like an animal!' she shuddered.

End of Story.