Army Bride Assaulted - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Army Bride Assaulted I
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Cheryl cringed as she recalled how awful it was in making the sacrifice, the agonizing pain, the lack of mercy from the evil sergeant who took pleasure in her suffering.  It first started with her asking the evil sergeant to be certain to put on the protective condom, then was told by the man that "Uh ………..uh, sweetie!  Ya wanna keep from gett'n yerself knocked up, ya's gotta put the raincoat on me!"  Swallowing nervously, she had torn open the foil packet and looked at the unfamiliar object, wondering just how to go about it.  Then came the horrid and painful way in which she was to lose her virginity to the vile man.

Mind clearing from the foggy haze, more and more of the events for the night began coming back to her.  Bits and pieces, recalling the numerous times she had briefly opened her eyes during the night, each when the lust first sergeant was demanding more sex from her.  Forced to spread legs to admit him each time, Cheryl blinked and swallowed in nervousness as there was no recollection of putting a condom on the man each time.

Pushing herself up on her elbows, she grasped the box of condoms on the bed, then sobbed and fell back onto the bed in finding that only one packet was missing.  Cheryl groaned as more memories of the night flashed through her mind, the way she had embraced him in subsequent sex sessions, along with the feel of him bursting deep within her body.  Indeed, Cheryl now knew exactly what that bursting feeling had indicated, that no protective condom had been worn.  She shuddered in revulsion, knowing now that she could very well be impregnated at that moment.

Finally able to sit her aching body on the edge of the bed, Cheryl looked down at her blood-smeared thighs.  Feeling so soiled and dirty, recalling that man's big sweaty body on her, she desperately needed a shower to cleanse the filth off her body.  But at this point, one thing was far more important than that of a shower to wash herself off ……………………..that being a potent douche to clean out the mushy goo from her fertile womb …………….if it was not too late already.

Gaining the much needed strength back in her aching legs, Cheryl was then able to step off the bed to get to the shower.  But in taking her first step with her left foot, Cheryl cringed upon stepping into a slightly damp puddle of sticky fluid, causing her to look down to the floor.  The color in her face drained as Cheryl saw the large red stain that had spread in a large circular pattern in the cheap carpeting.  Though dried on the outside portions, the center still remained damp, indication it was the location where the fluid had dripped and puddled.

There was no mistaking where all that red fluid had come from as Cheryl recalled how she was made to straddle the devilish sergeant right over that exact spot.  Looking at how wide the stain had spread, Cheryl could not believe how much she had bled from the brutal rupturing of her hymen.  Off to the side of the bloody puddle, Cheryl observed the crumpled rubber sheath, covered with dried streaks of her blood.   She shivered in recalling the words of Sgt. Carter just after he had claimed her innocence, words that she would always remember as evil man had chuckled "Bleed, baby ………………..bleed!"

Under a hot shower to wash the sweat and muck from her body, Cheryl wrapped herself in a towel as she made her way out of the bathroom.  Unable to find her undergarments, she realized that her lacy white bra and panties must now be adorning the sergeant's trophy case in the barracks.  She wouldn't be surprised that the evil man would take Mark into his confidence and brag how he'd scored with a beautiful white woman, even openly displaying his soft lacy trophies.  Picking up her dress, Cheryl cringed in seeing the white splotches soiling the front of it.  Recalling how much semen had fallen onto her pantyhose, she bundled that garment up and stuffed it in her purse.

Donning the soiled dress and zipping up, Cheryl then stepped into her heels so she could leave the rundown motel unit that had served as the place for her humiliating disgrace and loss of innocence.  Just as she picked her purse, Cheryl was startled by the ringing of her cellphone.  Glancing at the digital alarm clock on the nightstand, she knew it was Mark calling as he had said he would, right before she would normally be leaving her apartment to go to church.

Scrambling, pulling out her crumpled pantyhose, Cheryl searched around the bottom of her purse for the ringing cellphone.  Sure enough, with the caller ID indicating that it was Mark calling from his own cellphone, she flipped the lip open to answer the call.  Panting for breath as she answered "Hi, honey!" it was a feeling of both joy and depression for Cheryl as she heard Mark's voice once again.

"Hi, babe ……………are you all dressed and ready to go to church?" she heard Mark ask.  "Yes ………………yes, I'm all dressed ………………just about ready to head out the door!" she replied, purposely omitting any comment as to where she was headed off to.  When Mark advised "You looked so beautiful …………………..all I could do was think of you all night ……………..seeing you in that blue dress you were wearing yesterday!", Cheryl could only blink back the tears as she looked down at the dress he was referring to, only now it was cover with dried splotches of another man's cum stains.

"Honey, you must have made some impression on Sgt. Carter yesterday!  I couldn't believe it when he stopped over at morning chow and told me that I should stick close to him once we get into the war zone!  He said that you seemed so worried about the deployment that he personally gave you a promise to take care of me and that he intended on keeping that promise!  Boy, I'm sure lucky he took a shine to you, babe!  I feel so relieved now that I know I've got someone with a lot of experience personally looking after me!" Mark advised.

Mark was quite excited in talking to his beautiful fiancee once again, feeling so high after hearing that Sgt. Carter was going to personally look after him in the war zone.  He then exclaimed "Honey, this is to be an eight month deployment before we're replaced, so why don't you go ahead and set the wedding plans for about a month after I return.  After Sarge talked to me this morning, my worries about being wounded and bleeding all over there are now gone!  I just know I'll be coming back in one piece!"

Hearing that, looking at the bloody mess on the carpet, Cheryl broke down and began sobbing loudly.  When a concerned Mark asked what was wrong, Cheryl could only stammer out in replying "It ……………'s just that I'm so happy that you ………you now feel so confident on coming back alive!"  'At least Sgt. Carter will see to it that you don't bleed any over there …………………….but he sure made me bleed all over last night!' Cheryl thought as she looked at the bloody mess on the carpet.

Feeling so depressed at this point, then hearing Mark say how much he was now looking forward to the day they got married, Cheryl could only stare at the remnants of her shattered virginity ……………………..that Mark was supposed to claim for himself on the night of their wedding.  Feeling so ashamed at this point, Cheryl sniffled "Mark ……………….I ………………….I've got to get going now …………………..or ………………or I'll be late for church!"

For the next six weeks, it was total sheer non-stop worry for Cheryl, worrying beyond belief as she wondered if in fact she had indeed been impregnated by the evil Sgt. Carter.  The worries, that of the pregnancy itself and then that of contemplating an abortion if she was, Cheryl was literally a nervous wreck.  The fears and worries apparently during that period were evidently reflected in her conversations with Mark as he kept asking if everything was okay, but she assured him that it was merely her concerns over his upcoming deployment.

Then, with the on-set of her period, Cheryl was finally assured of the fact that her night with Mark's devious sergeant had not resulted in her pregnancy.  So happy, ecstatic in fact, Cheryl finally felt that everything would turn out for the best ……………….with Mark coming back to her after the deployment and then they'd be married and live happily ever after!

With the infantry battalion under rigorous training everyday, the usual week-long furlough before deployment was highly in question at this point in time.  Though the government indicated that it was the need to keep up with the daily training in order to be sharp on the battlefield, the real reason for the government's hesitancy was the fear of the AWOL's at the time the troops were to return to base for deployment.  With the validity of going to war seriously being questioned by the American public, it was felt that granting a week-long furlough would be sheer disastrous.

Several months later, a week before the scheduled deployment, Cheryl received a phone call from her very excited fiancé.  With the disappointing news earlier of the normal week-long furlough not granted before the troop deployment, Mark announced that he would be getting a day's pass the day before deployment.  As she got excited at the prospect of seeing Mark once again before being shipped out, Cheryl then sighed in disappointment as Mark advised "I was trying to reserve a room for you but everything was gobbled up so quickly in this small town!"

With the two and a half-hour drive to and from the base, it would mean that they would be together just hours rather than the entire day.  But then, Cheryl listened Mark joyfully exclaim "But fortunately Sgt. Carter heard me calling around and told me he had a friend who owned a motel in town!  I told him you would probably leave right after school let out that Friday so you could make it here before dark and then head back Sunday morning!  He's made the reservations for you …………….in fact, let me put him on so he can give you directions!"

Hearing the familiar gruff voice over the phone, Cheryl could only shudder in revulsion as the horrid memories came flooding back into her mind.  "Hi, Miss Miller ………..this is Sgt. Carter ……………….I's had the extreme pleasure of meeting ya when ya visited the base earlier!  I's so glad that I's could help Mark out in getting ya a place to stay!  It's not a nice classy place but it’s the only opening in town!  I's went and booked ya in fer both Friday and Saturday nights …………….had to tell them it was fer me ……… just ask for a room under my name and they'll give ya the key to the room!" she was advised.
"Mark says yer leaving right after school so's they'll be expecting ya to check in about 6'ish!" the sergeant advised over the phone, making it obvious that there was a double meaning to that statement.  'Oh, God …………………he's telling me to meet him at 6!' Cheryl realized.  She continued to listen as the devious sergeant continued "It's called the Fantasy Inn!  When you drive in towards the base, it'll be on your right hand side ………….right in back of a place called the Footloose Bar!  Jist ya don't go into that bar though …………….it ain't no place fer a purty lady like ya!"

The next day, a Monday, Cheryl just could not concentrate teaching all the little ones as her mind was filled with worry.  Having earlier gone through an agonizing six weeks of absolute worry, Cheryl knew that she could not go through another period like that and not go completely out of her mind.  Having made a call during recess, she set up an appointment with her gynecologist for that afternoon shortly after school let out …………………………to get a much needed prescription of birth control pills.

The ringing of the school bell that Friday afternoon had Cheryl's heart sinking in dismay as she began to clear the top of her desk.  Looking at the time, trying to stall the inevitable, it then came to the point that Cheryl knew that if she didn't leave right then that she would not be able to check in by 6 p.m.  Having packed a small overnight bag, along with an outfit to go out with Mark, Cheryl wished that she had also packed a set of more homely clothing before making the drive.

Out in the hallway, Cheryl bumped into one of her fellow female teachers in the hallway, one whom she had earlier mentioned that she was off right after school let out to see Mark that weekend.  After exchanging pleasantries, Cheryl cringed when her friend advised "After so long in not seeing you, Mark's going to be drooling when he gets to see you again!"  Swallowing nervously, Cheryl could only wish that it would be Mark welcoming her upon her arrival …………………not his lusting sergeant!
Turning into the parking lot that housed the Footloose Bar and Fantasy Inn, Cheryl trembled in fear as she opened the car door and stepped out.  Still dressed in the outfit worn to school that day, Cheryl walked to the motel's office in the nice outfit consisting of a white blouse, black skirt and black heels.  Going up to the clerk on duty, Cheryl then asked "I ………………I'm supposed to have a room here …………..…………..Sgt. ………….Sgt. Carter made the reservation for me!"

Praying that just maybe she was totally wrong in reading the double meaning into Mark's evil sergeant's words, Cheryl bit her lip as her trembling fingers inserted the key into the motel room door.  Stepping in nervously, Cheryl's heart sank in despair upon seeing the wide grinning Sgt. Carter facing her as he lay upon the bed with his head propped up on a bent elbow.  And the brazen man's muscular body glistened as he lay there totally naked while stroking his manhood.

For Reggie, seeing the reluctant beauty once again gave him a raging hardon, as he greeted her "Hiya, teach ………………….right on time!  Ya looking beautiful as ever …………………I'm sure Mark is anxiously waiting fer tomorrow to see ya again!"  Seeing the lovely beauty tremble with fear, enjoying the fact that he was the cause for her discomfort, Reggie asked "Room look familiar to ya, sweetie?"  Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he then pointed down to the stained carpet and asked "Wonder how this stain got here?  Sure looks to me like dried blood!"

Having been too intoxicated to notice the room number the last time, quite anxious to leave afterwards, Cheryl now realized that the evil sergeant had reserved the very same room where she had been savagely deflowered.  Then to her dismay, Cheryl heard what the man was wanting of her as he advised "Remember the last time ya were here, in this very same room?  Remember doing that seductive striptease ya did fer me?  I's been dreaming about that everyday since then!  C'mon closer, sweetie ……………….so's ya's can gimme a repeat performance ……..right now!"

Slowly moving forward on trembling legs, having lived through daily nightmares of that day not so long ago, Cheryl indeed recalled every single detail of having to disrobe before Mark's evil sergeant.  Using her left heel to step on the back of her right, Cheryl then stepped out of it, just like the last time.  Toes of her right foot on the back of her left heel, she then stepped out of that shoe …………………just like the last time!

Cheryl now wished that she had again worn a pair of pantyhose, at least it would serve to prolong the inevitable somewhat.  Pulling her blouse out from skirt, she then squared her body up, wanting to brave herself and not show her fear of this evil man and that she was no longer ashamed at displaying her sexy body.  Though she told herself that, Cheryl was merely fooling herself as she was trembling within, filled with fear and shame.  Blouse unbuttoned and allowed to drop to the floor, she then proceeded to undo her skirt.

Bra unhooked and allowed to fall alongside her puddled skirt, Cheryl bravely stood upright and did not cower with the lusting eyes ogling at her nakedness, then proceeded to peel down the matching lacy panties.  Totally naked before the devious man who had earlier forced her to make the awful decision to sacrifice her virginity or have her fiancé certainly be maimed or killed in the war zone, Cheryl looked at the big black stem that was responsible for the destruction of her innocence.

Standing there bravely, acting as if she was no longer afraid of this evil man, Cheryl broke apart as the crude man ordered "Bring that sweet little pussy of yers over here!  I's can hear it purring all's the way over here!  C'mon, sweetie ………………….jist like when's I went and busted that bloody cherry of yers ……………………..comes over here and sit right down on me!"  Breaking down into sobs, tears flowing down her cheeks as she buried her face into her hands, Cheryl forced herself to comply.

With Sgt. Carter's knees were brought together as she approached, Cheryl was about to sit herself down upon his knees like the first time.  But as she was about to do so, the man let go of his upright cock and clasped the back of her thighs to pull her forward towards him.  "Go on, put it in that tight little twat of yers!" she was advised.  Reaching down shamefully, grasping his manhood, Cheryl guided it up to her now juicing slit.

Large hands on her hips holding her steady, legs being spread apart by that of the man's spreading of his, Cheryl found herself now on the tips of her toes.  Another inch and she would not be able to keep herself balanced, Cheryl knew that she would soon be pronged atop of the thick black spigot.  "Ooooooooooooooo ………………….oooooooooooooo ……………….ahhh ………………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Cheryl moaned as she began to fall upon the man's spear.

Beautiful manicured hands resting on his broad shoulders for support, Reggie continued to slowly move his thighs apart, causing the panting beauty to absorb more and more of his throbbing cock up into her.  The way in which the little beauty was clutching at his shoulders, pushing herself up some and letting herself fall back onto his boner, Reggie just smiled in triumph as the haughty little bitch was actually fucking herself up on down on his cock.

Assisting her to rise up even higher, Reggie helped by lifting her up by the bottom of her thighs whenever she pushed up where her petite hands, then let her slide back down upon his throbbing pole.  "Ooooooooooooooooooooo …………………………..ohhhhhhhh, God …………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..Goddddddddddddd!  Ahhhhhhhhhh …………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………oh, God ……………….I ……………..I …………….I'm cummingggggggggggggggggggg!" the young beauty cried out as her sexy body shuddered and convulsed in uncontrollable spasms.  "Ugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!" was the groan Reggie gave as he popped his load deep in the beauty's belly.

There was no blood oozing out of their union to drip and puddle upon the cheap carpeting.  This time, only the plentiful mixture of their commingled fuck juices began to seep out from the fleshy joint.  Belly filled with hot slimy spunk, Cheryl collapsed forward onto the sergeant's muscular black chest, pressing her pointed pink nipples into him as she wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder.  Reggie knew for certain that he had unleashed a deeply hidden wild streak in this once innocent young beauty but now she was hooked on black cock …………..his in particular!

A couple hours later, after another wild fuck session with the raging black bull, Cheryl looked at her purse on the floor from where the cellphone ringing came from.  Hand on her ass moving up to cup her tittie and flick her sensitive nipple, she heard Sgt. Carter advise "Better get that sweetie, bet it's Markie boy calling to make sure ya's got in okay!"  "Yep, looking at the time, they're done with chow and's got some free time to make some phone calls!" he added.

"I …………..I can't …………….I feel so ashamed!  I ………… I just ……….can't talk to Mark right now ……………now with you still here ………………and what we just did!" Cheryl responded, blinking back the tears.  But at the insistence of Sgt. Carter, she reached over and pulled the purse over to retrieve her cellphone.  Cheryl saw that it was indeed Mark calling and she was forced to answer, trying desperately to sound cheerful, she answered "Hi, honey ……………..I've been hoping you'd get a chance to call!"

Listening to Mark ask if she got in okay and settled in, Cheryl responded while Sgt. Carter cupped his hand over her well-fucked sex and inserted his middle finger.  Blinking back the tears as the obscene finger fucking began, Cheryl told the love of her life "Oh, honey ……………..I ……………….I miss you so much!"  With the experienced finger finding her ultra-sensitive clit, Cheryl found herself rubbing up against the pleasure giving finger as she continued her phone conversation with Mark.

Glad that Mark was excited at the prospect of being with her the next day, Cheryl was glad to have him do most of the talking.  As Mark went on, about what he had read about on the surrounding area of the base and things that they could take in the next day, Cheryl closed her eyes as the slicing finger had her creaming once again.  Finger suddenly removed as the hand caressed her thigh and leg, Cheryl panted as her ankle was grasped and being pulled up an over the man lying immediately behind her.

Covering the mouthpiece as she gasped loudly, Cheryl shivered as the evil sergeant proceeded to enter her from behind, feeling the bulblike cockhead pop into her widened and mushy slit.  The scene was so vile and wicked with Cheryl taking the big black cock from behind while attempting to maintain the conversation with her loving fiancé.  Allowing Mark to go on, Cheryl gritted her teeth as the thick shaft began fucking faster and faster, slicing in and out of her juicing slit.  Then, when Mark indicated that it was lights out and that he had to go, Cheryl advised "Bye honey ………………I love you!" just as Sgt. Carter's cock burst within her.

A short bit later, Cheryl was told "C'mon, sweetie ………………..git some clothes on so's we's can git something to eat next door!"  But the manner in which she was to dress had Cheryl feeling quite self-conscious, having donned her skirt and blouse along with her heels but minus her bra and panties.  Her top three buttons open, front of her blouse with two crinkled spots, Cheryl's shivered as her nipples poked out stiffly as from Sgt. Carter's pinching them through her blouse so they'd be very noticeable to all the bar customers.

Following an all night fuck session, Cheryl had a nice hot shower, then put on a light summer dress and white heels for her outing with Mark.  With Sgt. Carter now dressed in his fatigues and about to head back to the base, Cheryl thought that her ordeal was over ………… least till Mark's day pass expired.  But then she found that the evil sergeant was not fully sated as yet when he advised "Ya look so nice and purty, Miss Miller!  Ya knows I's always like having a pretty little lady down on her knees sucking me off!"

"You ……………… can't be serious!  I ……………I just showered ……………put on clean clothing ………………'ll get dirty ………………..I …………………I've got to pick Mark up …………………….he's expecting me in fifteen minutes!" Cheryl stammered.  But seeing the man unzip his pants and whip out his tool, Cheryl knew that she had better get a move on it when he advised "Well, then ya had better be real careful not to let any of my jizz mess up yer purty outfit, honey!"

Needing to hurry or she'd be late meeting Mark at the gate fronting the base, Cheryl hurriedly dropped down to her knees and wrapped her manicured fingers around the pulsating black cock.  Opening wide, she then wrapped her lips around the bloated cockhead, smearing the recent coat of lipstick as she slid her lips down the lengthy shaft.  Pumping with her fists, head bobbing up and down with tongue flicking at his pisshole, Cheryl felt his first blast strike the back of her throat.

"My, my, my ………………….ya sure learn quickly, sweetie!  Gotta admit ……… fuck'n blowjob I's ever had ………………..damn yer good!" Reggie complimented the beauty as she swallowed all his hot roe.  Seeing her lick her lips of his spend, then move to go to the bathroom for mouthwash, Reggie grasped her by the elbow "Uh ……….uh ……………I's be right behind ya when ya's pick yer boy up at the base …………..and I's wanna see ya give him a deep passionate kiss!"

Pulling into a clear spot near the gate, Cheryl got out of her car an saw Mark running towards her.  Picked up in his masculine arms, Cheryl then parted her lips to admit his tongue for a deep passionate kiss.  Eyes open, she was the smiling face of Sgt. Carter who had pulled up nearby, feeling humiliated yet rather wicked in kissing her fiancé so soon after sucking another man off and with her mouth still coated with his male essence.

The day went rather quickly as they toured the area, had lunch and then a nice dinner together.  With an hour remaining of his pass, Mark wanted some privacy for some kissing and hugging.  Going to the motel room, Cheryl cringed when Mark commented "Boy, Sarge was right about it being rather run down!  Look at that large brown stain on the carpet!"  That tingling in her body ……………..was it of shame or a wicked thrilling sensation?

Shortly thereafter, Cheryl was driving him back to the base where they kissed and embraced before he had to depart.  Professing her love for him, telling him that he was the only man for her, Cheryl kissed him goodbye and told him to be careful in the war zone.  Watching Mark bid her goodbye as he entered the base, she then got in her car to had back to the motel room ……………………….where she'd again spend the night ………………..with Sgt. Carter before heading back home the next morning.

With the wonders of email, being able to send messages around the world, Cheryl was able to keep in touch with Mark on a regular basis.  So to was Mark able to email her also.  Having bought a digital camera, Cheryl was then able to send pics of herself to Mark all the way around the world.  But with Mark having showed Sgt. Carter an email pic of her, the evil sergeant was mentally taking note of her email address.

One day, retrieving her incoming messages, Cheryl cringed upon seeing the sender being that of 'Sgt. Carter'.  The next day, she emailed Mark a couple attachments consisting of pictures of herself in an elegant black dress and heels, taken with the aid of a timer and tripod.  She also sent pictures of herself to Sgt. Carter's email address, only without the black dress and heels, nor anything else for that matter.  Looking at the photos sent to Sgt. Carter, Cheryl shivered at the sight of herself displayed out on the bed with legs spread and hands spreading her pink slit wide open.

With the deployment about to come to an end and Mark to return home, Cheryl had to feel good about the sacrifice she had made to keep him alive in the war zone.  In several emails from Mark, he did indicate that he owed his life to his 1st Sergeant.  Once was when Mark had been stopped by Sgt. Carter from stepping right into an ambush, another was when he was about to step on a trip-wire.  Mark also made mention of several members in his unit getting killed while taking the point for the patrol, something that he dreadfully feared would be the end of him also.

With his friends from high school and college away in different branches of the service, Mark asked Sgt. Carter to be his best man at the wedding.  After all, the man had saved his ass many a time and Mark was certain that he would not be alive if not for him.  So what if it would shock Cheryl, her parents as well as his, the fact that he was the only black man in the wedding party should be no one's concern.  He would had preferred finding a justice of the peace and just have a quickie wedding, just he and Cheryl, but had made all the arrangements while he was away and he just resigned to going along with it all.

Shocked that Mark had asked Sgt. Carter to be his best man, Cheryl felt that she could bear with it till the wedding was over.  Then, when Mark got out of the army and went back to his civilian job, she'd hopefully never have to see the evil sergeant ever again.  True, there were still the rather explicit pics sent with various emails but she had been certain that all had her face obscured in the shot.

Seeing the lovely bride-to-be, Reggie could see the revulsion in her eyes as she looked at him.  He knew that she felt that with Mark back home from the war zone, that she would not have to make any more sacrifices to keep her man alive.  But being a lifer in the army, Reggie got all the scuttlebutt coming down from the big brass and knew that the pretty bride would soon find that her very same problem had arisen once again.

It was at the rehearsal dinner, following the dry-run at the church that the crowd at the restaurant turned to taking in the rather startling news.  This joyous crowd had now turned absolutely silent as Mark sank his head in his hands.  The announcement had just been made that no one from the infantry unit would be discharged as what would customarily been done.  Instead, after a two-month R&R, the unit would go back into combat training once again as they were to soon head back off for another deployment in the same hostile region.

Getting a chance to chat alone with the lovely bride, Reggie just smiled and politely asked if she wanted him to personally look after Mark once again.  For Cheryl, there was no alternative but to say 'yes', however she soon learned of the high price she'd have to pay for Sgt. Carter's services.  The sacrifice she had already made was quite a high price but what the devious man wanted seemed so deplorable and out of the question.  Was it too high a price to make sure her husband came home alive?
That Saturday, Cheryl looked radiant in her white-laced wedding gown and heels as she walked down the aisle on the arm of her aging father.  At the wedding reception, she and Mark toasted the guests and both consumed a lot to drink.  Mark also made a public announcement to all of the guest, wanting them all to know how much he owed to his best man, telling them of how Sgt. Carter had saved his live several times while under hostile fire.  Mark was quite anxious for them to make their way up to the honeymoon suite, telling Cheryl that his dream was finally about to come true.

Cheryl stalled a bit, telling Mark that they'd soon be alone together up in the honeymoon suite of the hotel but first they needed to thank all the guests.  "Oh, Sgt. Carter ………..would you be so kind as to get us both a glass of champagne so we can go around toasting the guests!" she asked of the best man.  It was the cue that it was about time for them to head up to the honeymoon suite and for him to collect the proposed prepayment for his future services.

For Mark, he got quite woozy while moving about to thank the guests for coming, obviously feeling the effects of the roofie that the best man had put into his drink.  Soon he found himself being assisted by his best man up to the honeymoon suite.  But once there, he immediately fell asleep as Sgt. Carter dumped him onto the sofa.  His loving and caring bride rubbed at his forehead, tapping his cheek, not to see that he was okay but to make sure he was out cold.  As he lay there out cold, his lovely bride on her wedding night was about to consummate her marriage ………………but it was the best man about to do the honors!

Still in her white wedding gown, panties dangling from her right heel, Cheryl could only moan and mewl as the best man proceeded to eat out his tasty prize.  "Ooooooooooooooo ……………………ooooooooooooo ……………………….oh, eat me …………….eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she wailed as Sgt. Carter licked up her sweet honey.  "Aaahhhhhh ……………….aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………….oh, God ……………….I'm cummingggggggggggggggg!" Cheryl squealed out in her climax.

The next morning, Mark awoke to find himself naked in bed with his lovely bride.  Seeing his tux on the floor next to Cheryl's wedding gown, Mark assumed that they must have consummated their marriage.  He certainly hoped so and that he had not passed out and failed to complete the task.  With Cheryl sleeping on her side, back to him, Mark slid over towards her.  Knee touching a wet spot, he reached down to touch it, bringing his finger up to look at the blotch of cum on his finger.

For Cheryl, dead tired from the all night fuck session, the feel of a caressing hand on her thigh merely told her that more sex was being demanded of her.  Too tired to respond or even make an attempt to stop the caressing hand that was now touching her matted curls and tip of a thick finger dipping into her mushy pit.  Deeper and deeper it sank into her but Cheryl could only give a soft moan to indicate that she wanted to go back to sleep.

For Mark, having used his middle finger as a dipstick to gauge how filled his bride's well-fucked twat was, the thick coating of slimy mucous over his entire finger told it all.  Bringing his finger closer up to his nose, Mark quivered at the strong musky odor of the commingled fuck juices.  'Do I dare?' he asked himself.  'Hell, its mine and Cheryl's so what the hell!' Mark told himself as he stuck his finger into his mouth and sucked it clean.

Being turned over a bit further, Cheryl moaned in frustration as she desperately wanted to go to sleep at this point.  'Damn, doesn't he ever get enough sex?' Cheryl wondered as she felt a mouth clamp over her sex.  Resigning herself to the fact that she was about to be eaten out, Cheryl figured that she might just as well try to get some sleep lying on her stomach.  Adjusting her position, as well as her pillow, she responded to the tongue up in her by squeezing her cunt muscles and letting the thick juices flow straight down into his slurping mouth.

A week-long honeymoon, a terrible one as far as Cheryl was concerned, she could not believe what a pathetic lover her husband made.  Not only was he much smaller than what she had now become accustomed to, but he was only out to please himself, not even getting her close the feeling the pleasures of lovemaking.  'Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!' seemed to be Mark's MO whenever it came to sex, leaving Cheryl high and dry.

Before the second deployment, another installment payment had become due that Cheryl needed to meet.  But this time, it was not met with fear and apprehension.  Cheryl was about to make the prepayment for Sgt. Carter's service with a sense of excitement and anticipation.  Now there was no sense of shame or humiliation in having to bare her body for the lecherous black sergeant.  Cheryl was actually look forward to getting naked in the buff and having the big black stud shoving his gigantic cock up into her horny twat.

A year later, with the return of the infantry battalion, Mark and Cheryl hoped to finally get their lives organized with Mark about to get his discharge in six months and then resume his banking career.  But soon after her husband's return, after all that anticipation and excitement in getting to see him once again, Cheryl found herself always being left high and dry by 'Minuteman Mark' as she began to think of him.

With the war going south and there being a shortage of troops, things quickly changed and all upcoming discharges were put on hold.  Regardless of the time of one's planned discharge date, it was considered a time of war and thus an experienced soldier was a necessity, thus it was term as a 'backdoor draft' in retaining those that should be discharged.  Now, with the recent announcement of yet another deployment, all hopes were dashed for everyone.

The night before the troops' one-day pass before the scheduled third deployment to the war zone, Cheryl checked into the Fantasy Motel, once again getting the very same room.  And of course, Cheryl knew that she would have a warm reception upon her arrival.  This time, she had purchased a lovely lavender dress to wear along with a pair of 3" white heels.  She eliminated the need for pantyhose but had on the sexy see-through purple set of lacy bra and panties.

Reminding the lovely woman of what was needed to have her inept soldier of a husband to return home again, Reggie licked at his lips in seeing the elegantly dressed beauty.  "Ya's want it ……………….ya want my big black cock ……………don't ya, Mrs. McCoy?" he asked, then smiled as she nodded a 'yes'.  "Ya know's what ya's gotta do …………….if'n ya wanna have Markie boy coming back alive, don't ya?" Reggie asked.

With the lovely wife standing there in her lavender dress and while heels, looking defiant at his demands, Reggie was surprised when she advised "I won't do it!  I won't do it this time!"  "Ya better git yer ass over here if'n ya want ya hubby to come back alive, bitch!  I kept my promise to ya the last two times ……………bringing him back alive!  Ya heard him tell everyone at yer wedding how I's went and save his ass so many times!" he advised the now defiant beauty.  "Ya should know's that I's always keep my promise!" he reminded her.

Reggie was then in for a big surprise as the beauty then smiled at him and began to undo the back of her dress and letting it fall to her heels.  He watched as she stepped over towards him in her lacy undergarments and white heels, then she undid her bra and was cupping the undersides of her bared breasts in an offering up to him.  Then the beautiful young wife advised "I know you've always kept your promise!"  Then, feeding him a tender pink nipple, she asked "Will you make me another promise on this deployment?"

Slobbering and nipping at the pink bud, then doing the same to the other, Reggie advised "Ya got it babe ………………….ya know I's always come true with my promises!  Oh, baby …………………….its been so long since I've tasted these little beauties!"  Sucking at a stiffening nipple in his mouth, Reggie stopped dead in his tracks upon hear her advise "The promise I want you to make to me ………………………is that on this deployment, you'll see that Mark …………………… assigned to take the point in combat!"

Nipple falling out of his mouth, Reggie looked up stunned as the lovely beauty reached down to unzip his pants and fish out his pulsating cock.  With the beauty getting down onto her knees, shucking at his cock, he heard her say "It's all you fault, Sgt. Carter ……………………you've got me hooked on your big black cock!  It certainly wouldn't look good to my family and friends if I divorced Mark and moved in with you!  But ………………….things would be quite different ………………….if I was a war widow ………………especially with everyone knowing your good deeds from what they were told at the wedding!"

End of Story.