Asian Beauty Defiled – I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Asian Delight - II
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'The former Cindy Matsukawa and now Mrs. Ben Yamaguchi, the thought went through her mind as she sat in the airplane next to her husband.  Just a week ago, she had still been single and now she wondered if she had not been too hasty when Ben had proposed to her.  She knew that Ben was a fine catch for any gal but it was not Ben that worried her.  It was her weakness that dismayed her, a weakness that she only discovered in the past year.  'God, if Ben only knew, he would get the marriage annulled or divorce me on the spot!' she worried.

Looking out of the small window of the first class section, she looked out at the sky and her thoughts drifted as she gazed upon the clouds.  Her thoughts took her back to that eventful night about seven months earlier.  Closing her eyes, Cindy thought back to that day in the bank when Billy Campbell had appeared in front of her teller's cage, how she had shivered when his large black hand made deliberate contact with hers.  At the time she had been dating Ben on a rather steady basis but they were not promised to each other at the time. Still, both she and Ben knew it was just a matter of time before they committed themselves to one another.

Cindy could not understand why it had happened or how it could ever happen.  From her conservative upbringing and determination, she had made a vow to remain chaste and pure until her wedding day - then it all fell apart!  She had not been forced in the least, not pressured at all, yet she had let it all flutter away.  She felt so depraved and shameless in having deceived Ben, making him believe that he had actually taken her virginity on their wedding night.

'Oh, Ben, if you only knew the truth!  You thought you were getting a sweet conservative girl but you've married nothing but a slut for your wife!  God, it's unforgivable - I even cheated on you on our wedding night!' she muttered to herself.  Determined to right her ways and to get her back on the right track, Cindy vowed to herself that she would never again cheat on her loving husband.

As the economy passengers were held back for the first class passengers to depart, Cindy was making her way to the exit when she momentarily froze in her tracks.  At the front of the economy section, waiting to depart, stood a widely grinning Billy Campbell.  Having boarded first, Cindy had been unaware of Billy secretly watching them.  As they had boarded first, she was unaware of him boarding the flight when she and Ben had already been seated up front.

Nervously walking hand in hand with her husband, they neared the escalator that would take them down to the baggage level. Throughout the long walk, Cindy was well aware of the muscular black figure just off to her left, that of Billy Campbell.  Breathing hard, she nervously let go of Ben's hand, telling him that she needed to use the restroom and would find him down at the baggage claim.

At the edge of the entrance to the Ladies Room, Cindy swallowed hard as she watched her husband descend down the escalator.  Then she looked across the walkway at the tall figure standing at the entrance to the stairwell.  As the doorway to the stairwell opened and the figure disappear behind the door, she quickly walked across the walkway.  Looking about, making sure Ben had not come back up, she pulled open the door to the stairwell.

Cindy suddenly found herself swooped up in the arms the muscular Billy Campbell and a passionate kiss commenced.  Her lips parted at Billy's probing tongue and she darted hers out to meet his.  "You want it ………..don't you, honey?" Billy quizzed the newlywed wife of one week.  "Oh, God ………I can't ………not any more!" Cindy panted.  "Then why are you here with me now?  Why did you just leave your husband?" Billy asked, knowing she would be unable to refuse him anytime he wanted her.  To prove it, he told her "Reach up under your skirt and drop your panties for me!"  Moments later, Billy opened the door and escorted her back out onto the walkway, tucking her lacy pink panties into his pocket as he followed her.

Ten minutes later, Ben Yamaguchi placed one of their suitcases down next to his lovely wife.  Bending over, he gave her a tender kiss as they embraced once another.  'Gosh, I can't believe I've married the sweetest and most beautiful girl in the world!' he concluded.  'To think, I was the lucky one to claim her virginity!  She sure bled a lot that night!' he said to himself as he thought back onto their wedding night.  Little did he realize that it was blood kept in a vial, blood from a defrosted steak.  He had been duped into thinking that sweet little Cindy was a virgin on her wedding night.  If he only knew that it was the muscular black fellow, standing just a few feet away from him, who had really copped Cindy's precious cherry and at that very moment had his wife's pink panties in his pants pocket.

On the drive to their rented townhouse, Cindy dwelled on what she had vowed on the plane and what took place no more than ten minutes after the plane had landed.  Then her thoughts drifted back to that very first night of her wicked indiscretion, going to Billy Campbell's apartment and surrendering her virginity to him.  'God, so much for my resolve to be true to Ben!' she realized.  She shook her head slightly, knowing that if Billy had asked her to sit on the railing so he could fuck her in the stairwell, she would have done so.  Her hands in her lap, she crossed her trim legs, she squeezed her thighs together to quell the itch.  Grabbing her sweater, she placed it over hr hands and across her lap, using it to prevent Ben seeing her moving fingers as she rubbed her slick gash.

It was now two weeks since the return from the honeymoon trip and Cindy had not seen Billy Campbell ever since she left the baggage claim area.  Each night Ben was anxious for bedtime, wanting to make love to her.  She was anxious to please her loving husband but whenever she embraced him for intercourse, all she could do was picture Billy's muscular body pumping into her.  But before she could even get excited, she felt her husband's body shiver as he began to squirt his love juice into her.  When Ben soon fell asleep, Cindy would retreat to the bathroom and finger herself to a climax, picturing Billy shagging her with his big black cock.

Another two weeks went by and still no sign of him.  Cindy was anxious, even thinking of going over to his apartment and throwing herself at him.  At times she had picked up the phone to call him, telling him of her need for him, yet she managed to control herself and slam the phone down before he answered.  She worried herself at work and at home, wondering if Billy had tired of her or if she just wasn't good enough in bed to satisfy him.

Little did Cindy know that this had all been in Billy's devious plan.  He had figured on her getting uppity on him, trying to break off their relationship now that she was married.  Well, he thought, the best cure was to leave her high and dry for awhile.  Then she'd be crawling on her knees, begging him to scratch that itch between her sexy fucking legs.  He knew that the oriental custom had brought her up very conservatively and it would be some doing to get her to disregard the principles she had lived with all her young life.  He knew of her phone calls she and made yet hung up before she answered, as it was all recorded on his caller I.D.

With an additional two weeks lapsing by and still no contact from Billy, Cindy felt a bit depressed and rejected.  She tried to rationalize to herself that it was indeed for the best and now she and Ben could get on with their married life.  With the time nearing 6 p.m., she picked up the phone call for her and listened as Ben told her he would be going out with his friends.  He had opted out for a night out on the town instead of taking her to the new restaurant that he had promised her.  Upset at the sudden change of plans with Ben leaving her alone to be with the guys, she responded with a lie "Well, the girls here were planning a big night out on the town and I'll go out with them!  I'll probably be out till early morning like you!"

Cindy returned to her teller's cage, fuming a bit, upset with Ben for canceling their dinner plans just because he wanted to go out on the town with the boys.  As she began to balance up her drawer to close up, she was advised of having another phone call.  Cindy perked up, thinking that Ben had realized he had upset her with the change of plans and had called to tell her he'd changed his mind.  Excitedly, Cindy rushed to the phone, then calmed herself as she did not want to appear too excited when she took her husband's call.  With a false calm, Cindy answered the phone with a simple "Hello!"

A shudder coursed through her entire body when Cindy heard the familiar voice on the other end "Hello, Cindy!  Miss me, babe?  Ready for some black luving, again!  I'm at the same motel room where we celebrated your engagement!  I sure enjoyed you on your wedding night, sweetie! My big black cock is standing straight up now, just waiting to blast you to the moon!"  Then she heard the click of the phone hanging up, leaving her with her mouth open, unable to say anything.

Heart pounding in nervousness, Cindy was finally able to balance her cash drawer, then gathered up her sweater and purse.  She was so nervous that she dropped her purse on he way out, causing it to open when it hit the floor and spill out a few items.  As she bent down to retrieve her purse, Mr. Wilson reached down to assist her.

"Are you okay, Cindy?  You look a little flushed!" asked Ramsy Wilson, the concerned bank manager.  At the age of 55, Ramsy Wilson had been the manager of the Wilsonville State Bank for the past eight years and planned to retire in two years.  He was the first black to attain this position with the bank.  Holding her soft petite hand while assisting her up, he felt a twitch in his now throbbing cock.  Since Cindy had started working at the bank a year ago, while still attending college, Ramsy had secretly lusted after the petite young beauty.  But in view of his position, he forced himself to be nothing but respectful and tried to act like the fatherly type.  After all, he even had a daughter a year older than sweet little Cindy.

Ramsy thought back to just over a month ago when he and his wife, along with the other employees, had attended Cindy's beautiful wedding.  He recalled how sweet and innocent she looked in her wedding gown and how he envied young Ben Yamaguchi.  That night, after returning home after the wedding reception, he had laid awake in bed pretending that it was he with the beautiful bride on her wedding night.  He'd have given anything to bed this sweet beauty but he knew it was all but impossible.

In her car, Cindy nervously fumbled with her keys, then finally managed to start it up.  It was just a short drive to the motel, but it seemed like an hour to get there, all the while she kept telling herself to go straight home. 'Go home and wait for your loving husband to return from his night out with the boys' she told herself.  Thinking of her husband going out with the boys, breaking their dinner plans, only made her fume.  "Ben, you've got to take care of your wife!  Otherwise, someone will do it for you!" she said angrily as she turned into the parking lot of the motel.

Seeing the familiar Camaro, Cindy parked alongside of it, then looked in the mirror to adjust her makeup.  Walking up to the door in front of the Camaro, Cindy nervously knocked.  There was no response, just as she had expected, then reached for the doorknob.  Turning the doorknob, it opened as expected and Cindy stepped in to the familiar room.  Shutting the door behind her, she looked at the king-sized bed towards the far end of the room.  As she had pictured on the drive over, the muscular black body of Billy Campbell was upon it, his right hand stroking his stiff black muscle.

Recalling what Billy had told her over the phone, no further instructions were needed.  Reaching behind her neck, Cindy unhooked the top of her dress and got the zipper started down.  Reaching behind her back, she then completed unzipping her dress.  Crossing her arms, she pulled the lavender dress from her shoulders, then allowed the dress to fall to the floor surrounding her white heels.  Then she reached around her back again and unhooked her bra.  Seconds later the lacy bra lay upon the motel floor as the lovely young wife began stepping out of her lacy white panties.

Clad only in her white heels, Cindy crawled up upon the large bed to straddle the thighs of the muscular Billy Campbell.  No words had been exchanged at all as Cindy's petite hands replaced Billy's, stroking the long black muscle and positioning it into its proper place.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Cindy squealed loudly as she sat herself down a bit, impaling herself on the thick black cock.

"Owwwwwwwww …………….ahh ……ahhh!" Cindy panted as her slit obviously had contracted some from the long absence of such a thick lengthy manhood.  With her eyes closed, head tossed back, her hands moved up to her breasts.  Cindy began to thumb her sensitive nipples as she rode his cock as if she were bouncing up and down a galloping horse.  "Ohhhhhhh …………..oh, Godddd …………..I ………I'm cummingggg!" she moaned loudly as her body began shaking in uncontrollable spasms.

Billy Campbell smirked at the wanton display of the beautiful young wife, who had returned from her honeymoon just a month earlier.  He wished her stupid husband could see his lovely wife at this very moment, to watch her get filled up with a load of nigger seed.  With that, he grasped Cindy's trim hips and thrust up into her quivering body and uncorked his mighty weapon.  "Oh, baby ……………..ohhhh, you sweet little thing ……..take it all!  Oh, yeah, Billy's gonna fill you up with his hot baby juice!" he groaned as he began spurting out his hot thick seed.

At midnight, after royally being fucked three additional times, Cindy slipped her dress over her head.  She looked at her bra and panties that remained on the floor, unable to disobey Billy's desire to send her home without her undergarments and reeking of sex.  She clenched her pussy lips tightly, feeling the wet trickling ooze that had just escaped and was now slithering down her thighs.

Arriving home to her rented townhouse, Cindy observed that Ben's car was already parked in its stall.  Nervously she made her way up the stairs to the front door.  Upon entering, she breathed a sigh of relief as Ben had fallen asleep in front of the television while awaiting her return.  Showering away all the evidence of her infidelity, Cindy put on a negligee before awakening Ben to get him to bed.

It was two weeks later, in the mid-afternoon that Cindy got her next call from Billy Campbell.  Quickly she placed a call to her husband.  This time it was she who would cancel their plans for dinner, telling him that she was going out with the girls again, but guiltily encouraging Ben to go out with the guys while she had a good time.

An hour before the bank closed, Mr. Wilson advised her that he would be leaving early to get spruced up for an important occasion, telling her that if there was any questions to see the assistant manager.  Cindy smiled at the nice branch manager who had always gone out of his way to make her feel comfortable at the bank.  'Gosh, he really treats me like a daughter!' she thought to herself.  As he was leaving, Cindy called out to him with a wave, telling him "Enjoy yourself tonight, Mr. Wilson!"  She smiled as Mr. Wilson turned to give her a wave and replied "I sure will, Cindy!  I sure will!"

Twenty minutes after the bank closed, Cindy was pulling into the familiar motel, parking next to Billy Campbell's Camaro.  This time as she entered, she was drawn into a deep kiss by the familiar black stud of a man.  In the center of the room, Billy turned her so her back was against his chest.  She was surprised but did not argue as Billy brought up a blindfold in front of her face and drew it closer to her face.  With the blindfold in place, Billy's hands roved over her excited young body as he tongued her ear, whispering "Just be still and I'm gonna make you feel good all over!"


Taking a deep breath, Cindy enjoyed the feel of the masculine hands on her waist as they moved up to cup her breasts.  "Ohhhhh ……!" she moaned as the stroking thumbs searched for and found her sensitive nipples, flicking them to hardness.  Then the hands were at the back of her light blue dress, unhooking the top and drawing down the long zipper.  She next felt her dress fall at her heels, the wandering hands caressing her upper thighs then up her waist to cup her breasts through her thin lacy bra.

The teasing hands left her breasts, then she felt them move behind her, feeling the sudden release of the garment that covered her breasts.  Then she felt her bra straps being pushed off her shoulders and then fell from her breasts.  "Ohhhhhh …………..ohhhhhh!" she cooed as her naked breasts were now being cupped by large warm hands, her nipples gently rolled and teased by the large thumbs.

After several minutes of being felt up this way, Cindy then felt the hands leave her swollen breasts to travel slowly to her panties.  "Ohhh ……..ohh ………ahhhhhh!" she moaned in excitement as a hand slipped over her lacy panties to rub a finger over her sensitive cuntlips, her body shaking with a tremor.  Then she felt the hands at the waistband of her panties, pushing them slowly over her trim hips.  She felt the small silky garment slither down her thighs to then fall at her heels.

With a hand on hers to guide her, Cindy stepped forward to where the bed was positioned.  Blindfolded, she stepped ahead in her white heels, dragging along her lacy blue panties that was caught upon her left heel.  She felt the soft bed, then was guided down upon it.  She trembled in anticipation as she felt hands now caressing her legs and upper thighs.

Next, Cindy felt hands stroking and caressing her calves.  One hand was then grasping her left ankle, with the other slowly removing her white heel along with the entangled panties.  She felt her foot being lifted, then she gasped as a wet flicking tongue began teasing her pedicure toes.  Then her toes were enveloped and worshipped one at a time in a hot wet mouth, tongue teasing each one.  Next, her soft soles where being worshipped and lathered in the same manner.  Moments later, her other foot was being given the same personal attention.

Cindy lay back and enjoyed the pampering her feet were getting, feeling chills run up her spine and causing her to squeeze her cuntlips together.  She had never realized that Billy had a foot fetish and realized how exciting it was to really have a man groveling at her feet.  She then moved her free foot up along side the other and began to caress him, rubbing her soft soles on the worshipping face.

All of Cindy's assessments of Billy had been correct, as Billy just couldn't get enough pussy to satisfy himself.  But it was not Billy who was now rubbing his face up against her soft pretty feet.  Instead it was a man who had admired her body and especially her trim sexy legs each day.  When she was at her teller's cage, stretching her tired legs while letting a heel slip off to dangle at her toes, it was all being taken in by her boss sitting in his office situated directly behind her.  Indeed, Ramsy Wilson was thoroughly enjoying himself as she had told him to do before leaving the bank.

Two weeks earlier, Ramsy was about to proceed through an intersection as the green light came on, only to see Cindy's car pass by to his left.  As she had seemed flustered that day, dropping her purse, he was concerned if all was well with her.  He had hoped that she was not having marital problems so soon after the wedding and thought that she and Ben and made a nice looking couple.  Seeing her turn into the motel parking lot caught him completely by surprise.  He turned around at the next block and doubled back to where she had turned in.

Parking at the far end of the lot in a darkened area, Ramsy had waited and waited for the lovely young wife to reappear.  His thoughts were running rampant, telling himself that it just couldn't be so.  'Shit, its probably her husband that she's meeting here, just to put some spice into things!' he rationalized.  He had waited for hours but he was determined to stay overnight if need be.  When she had appeared alone, exiting the motel room, he wondered who she had been with.  Then he was shocked when she stopped and turned as another figure appeared.  His heart was fluttering as he watched the once shy demure young wife engage in a deep passionate kiss the tall muscular black man.  With the well lit room in the background, he realized that the black stud was making a public display of her unfaithfulness.

The fellow she was with looked familiar, quite possibly a banking customer.  With only that one car parked near Cindy's, he surmised that it must be her lover's.  After Cindy drove off, he observed the fellow go into his car for a pack of cigarettes before going back into the room.  Driving pass the car, Ramsy jotted down the license plate number, which he knew would be easy to get info on the registered owner.

After that weekend had passed, Ramsy had been able to obtain the name of the Camaro's owner.  Then he pulled up the bank's customer records of Billy Campbell.  He noted that earlier, the assistant manager had turned down a loan application for Mr. Campbell.  Going to the old application folders, it seemed that the loan was not approved due several late payments on the Camaro.  Reading the loan application, it appeared that Mr. Campbell wanted to purchase a tow wagon to use with his small repair shop that he had.

With his power to grant loans without question, Ramsy had smiled and thought 'Well, Mr. Campbell, you're about to get that loan after all!  But you're first going to have to put up some collateral to qualify for that loan!  I think Mrs. Cindy Yamaguchi's sweet sexy body will do just fine, fine indeed!'  From there it was merely making a personal call to Mr. Campbell at his little repair shop.

Cindy now felt the hands on her ankles begin to spread her legs apart, feeling the lips nuzzling its way up to her now slick pussy lips.  "Ohhhhh, Godddd ………..yessssssss!" she panted as the searching lips clamped over her womanhood.  She closed her thighs around the slurping head and planted her feet on his back.  Reaching down, she grasped his kinky hair and held him down to her.  "Oh, God ………..yes ……..yes ……… me ………… me, lover!" she chanted.  "Oh, Goddddd ………..yesssssss ……..I ……….I'm cominggggg!" she screamed, arching her hips up to feed him her honey nectar.

Coming out of her stupor from the stunning orgasm, Cindy now found herself being bent in two, her ankles upon the broad shoulders that allowed her lover the opportunity of nuzzling his face in her soft soles as he fucked away at her tight pussy.  She was surprised at how gentle he was being to her, taking her to peak after peak as he slowly pumped in and out of her.  'Oh, how I wish Ben had this much stamina!' she thought.  As she was building to a tremendous orgasm, she clutched tightly at his shoulders as she pleaded "Oh, yes, lover ……………..oh, yes ……………….fuck me …………fuck me …………….oh, God ……….I'm cumming!  Cum …………cum with me ………..yes, yes …………that's it ……………fill me up!  Fill me up with your hot spunk!"

Twenty minutes later, still blindfolded, Cindy lay comfortably in her lover's embrace.  Her legs had been released and now lay on the sides of her lover's wide body.  They were still joined together, that way in which only a husband and wife should be joined together.  Squeezing her cunt muscles together, she felt a twitch in response.  Another squeeze was followed by another twitching response, only stronger this time.  Again and again, a squeeze then a twitch, till the long thick muscle was rigid as a bone as he cunt muscles squeezed tightly upon it.

The two lovers began to shag each other with Cindy wrapping her trim sexy legs around the waist of her thrusting and energetic lover.  Orgasm after orgasm coursed through Cindy's delicate body again.  When she couldn't stand it any more, she begged "Ohhhh, fuck me ………….fuck me hard ………….cum ………cum in me!  Shoot it …………fill me with your cum ………………knock me up!  Ohhhh, I want your little black baby!  Arrrrrrrgghhhhh ……….I'm cummminggggg!" she screamed, when suddenly her blindfold was pulled off.  Blinking twice, her eyes widened as her body continued to convulse, she groaned "Nooooo ……….noooooo …………………Mr. Wilsonnnn …………noooooooo!"

It was now that Ramsy Wilson let his voice be heard "Oh, Cindy ………..ohhh, sweetie ………………you've been driving me crazy every fucking day!"  Humping faster and faster into the convulsing young wife, feeling her sexy legs squeeze his ass to her, Ramsy slammed forward and let his cock burst deep in her fertile womb.  "Oh, God ………oh, God ………………I'm cumingggggg ………….I'm cuminggggg …………..I'm going to knock you up, sweet Cindy!" he groaned, body quivering as he emptied his lust into her.
Nearing midnight, Cindy felt so debased and humiliated.  She sobbed in total disgrace as her boss had discovered her secret and had taken advantage of her.  'God, this old man who treated me like a daughter at the bank is nothing more that a fucking pervert!  He had shown so much respect at the bank but that was all obviously faked in view of the way he fucked me and rammed his cock up my ass!' she realized.  But now it would be more humiliating than ever as she knelt before her lecherous old boss, watching him shuck his cock back to life just inches away from her lips.

The next two weeks, Cindy felt as if she was in a trance.  With the job market tight, there was no way she could conceivably tell Ben she was quitting her job.  Not with their need to make ends meet, plus the fact that she had constantly told her husband how much she enjoyed working at the bank.  She refused to speak to Mr. Wilson, unless others were around and it was absolutely necessary of her to do so, doing it in a curt manner.

But lovemaking with Ben left Cindy for some sexual satisfaction.  It now seemed that she could only derive satisfaction by being humiliated and shamed when having sex.  At night, her thoughts went back to the night she was blindfolded and how exciting it had been to have her boss groveling as he paid homage to her sexy feet.  'Gosh, I can't believe how many times he made me cum on his cock!  She didn't know why but a thrill of excitement shot through her, causing her to clench her cunt muscles together.  She realized that although it had been humiliating, it had been wickedly thrilling when he had forced her to her knees and made her suck him off till she choked on his copious load.

When Monday came along, Cindy greeted her boss with a cheery "Good morning, Mr. Wilson!"  As she worked in her teller's cage, she knew his eyes were glued to her.  Knowing his fetish, she deliberately dropped a heel from time to time, dangling it from her toes to drive him crazy.  She continued this sexy display through Thursday, deciding that Friday would be the big day.

On Friday afternoon, when her fifteen minute break came, Cindy knocked on Mr. Wilson's door to inquire "May I speak to you for a few moments, Mr. Wilson!"  Seeing him swallow deeply as he waved her in, Cindy closed the door and locked it.  Seeing everyone busy at their jobs, she gave a twist of the rod to close the blinds completely.

She could see her boss perspire and breathe heavily as she entered.  Instead of sitting in a chair across the desk from him, she walked past the desk, then scooted up to sit upon it.  She saw his eyes slip down her body to her swaying leg, to the heel that was dangling from her toes.  Then she moved that foot, with the dangling heel and placed it right on her boss's lap.  Her other heeled foot followed to rest in his quivering hands. "Oh, Mr. Wilson!  My feet ache from standing all day!  Could you massage my feet for a bit!" she cooed.

Cindy smiled in knowing that she had her boss right where she wanted him.  With both heels removed on her boss's lap, she could see her boss enjoy the task that she had asked of him.  She could see his disappointment when she told him that he could now stop with the massage.  Then to put her little plan into action, she told her boss "Mr. Wilson, I'm sure you know how difficult it is for newlyweds get enough saved for a downpayment on a house along with qualifying for a mortgage!  But I'm sure that a bank manager like you could make a few exceptions in approving such a loan request!"

Slowly Cindy moved her right foot a bit, right atop the bulge in his trousers.  Then she slowly moved her foot about, caressing the now throbbing mound.  "I know it'll take some convincing but I so want to get away from a rental unit.  What would it take for me to convince you how determined qualified I am?  What kind of collateral would you like to see in considering it?" she coyly asked as she raised her other foot up to caress the side of his face.  As she expected, her captivated boss turned his face and rubbed it up against the sole of her foot.  She knew she had him as he began to lick the sole of her foot, then each of her toes.  As he opened his mouth, she pointed her toes and pushed all of her tiny toes into his slurping mouth.

"You will give it some serious thought, won't you, Mr. Wilson" Cindy shyly asked as her right foot moved about faster and faster.  As she pressed down on the throbbing she saw as well as felt him shiver.  A moment later, she felt a damp wetness on the sole of her right foot.  Once her boss's breathing returned near normal, she smiled "Thank you for massaging my aching feet, Mr. Wilson!  Could you place my heels back on for me?  My break time is over and I must get back to work!" Standing up once again, Cindy then told her boss "Perhaps we could meet at a more familiar place to discuss this loan tonight?  At least then I could show you all the collateral I have to convince you in approving the loan!  In the meantime, let me leave my application with you to review!"

Ramsy was trying desperately to catch his breath from the most erotic adventure he'd ever experienced.  It was a rather uncomfortable feeling of having cum a load in his pants. He watched as Cindy reached up under her skirt and then left him with her special 'peachy' application to review.  He picked it up and held it close to his face.  Looking at it, he knew he would not be able to turn it down, then bent forward to examine the lacy peach panties even closer and burying his face in it.  He couldn't wait till the bank closed so he could see the collateral that his young employee had to offer.

Swallowing deeply, Ramsy thought back to just before she left his office, when she had reached under her skirt to push down her lacy peach panties.  Then she bent over to kiss him on the cheek, slithering her tongue in his ear, whispering "I want to wrap my tiny feet around your big black cock!  I want you to fuck my feet with your big cock till it cums all over me!  I want you to treat me like your little sex slave!"

End of Story.