Asian Beauty Defiled – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Living in this upper class neighborhood for a couple of years now, Rex Johnson wondered who had recently purchased the home next to them.  He and his wife made a great team together, living a rather carefree type of lifestyle, with red hot sex being a mutual craving.  Wife-swapping and open affairs were all part of the game and made their marriage fun.

They had met five years ago when Rex owned a used car lot and Rachel was a stripper at one of the hot spots in the city.  Rex had come into his money by fortunate circumstances of having his car lot right in the middle of the redevelopment section of the city, getting a nice profitable sum for the sale of the property.

In fact, they had met at the club where Rachel danced at and from there they had hit it off with their hot sexual adventures.  Rex, now at age 43, stood at 6'5" and his muscular frame carried a solid 285 lbs.  Rachel, at the age of 37, was still quite a stunning blonde standing at 5'5" with her sexy body having a well-proportioned 126 lbs.  She had a mad craving for Rex's big black cock, the only one that could satisfy her sexual cravings.

"God, Rachel, look at that sweet little thing!  Shit, I ain't seen nothing like that in a hell of a long time!  Damn, I ain't ever had no Asian nookie before!  I just gotta get into that sweet honey's tight little panties!  Gonna do it, Rachel …………….I swear I'm gonna do it ………or my name ain't Rex Johnson!" he muttered with the binoculars glued to his eyes.

"Well, how about ……….Rex 'Dingleberry'?  Cause one thing I'm sure of is that you ain't gonna sweet talk that innocent little bitch into dropping her panties for the likes of you!  Hell, when I met her yesterday, she's so fuck'n in love with that husband of hers!  Plus she's basically a newlywed, married less than a year!  Her husband is really nice and good- looking too.  She just seems really naïve and innocent when it comes sex!" Rachel responded.

"You met them?  Why didn't tell me what a beautiful piece of ass was moving in right next door?  Fuck, I'd have hopped right on over to give them a helping hand!  Oh, God, she's bending over …………….fuck, what a beautiful little ass!" Rex panted.

"Right, you'd sure as hell would've been a big fuck'n help with that hardon trying to bust outta your pants!  'Dingleberry', the only way you're gonna get into innocent Mrs. Sherri Kim's panties is by tearing it off her!  Let me tell ya, she'll be screaming rape all the way!" Rachel added as she padded over to where her husband stood.  Reaching around his waist, she caressed the tented shorts and heard him groan loudly.

Looking out the window to where her husband's eyes were glued, Rachel had to admit that her next door neighbor was definitely a beauty.  Seeing Jeffrey Kim near the delivery truck, a wicked thought came through her mind as she stroked the tented shorts.  Then she unzipped her husband's shorts and reached in.  Struggling to get the hardened manhood out of the shorts and jockeys, she teased her husband "You want me to help you get into that sweet bitch's little panties, stud?"

"Oh, baby ………….yeah ………..yeah, you just gotta help me get into that sweet little thing!" came her husband's panting reply.  "Her hubby's a nice looking stud, honey!  I wouldn't mind getting it on with him!  I'll tell you my plan later!  You just keep your eyes on little Ms. Innocent and pretend you're creeping right behind her now as she's bending down!  And now you're about to grab that beautiful little bitch!" Rachel advised, feeling her husband's cock throb in the palm of her hand.

With her hand around her husband's thick pulsating shaft, Rachel shucked it up and down in a tight gripping fist.  Then, in a high pitched voice, Rachel feigned playfully "No ……………, Mr. Johnson …………….don't touch me!  No, no ………….don't …………..leave my skirt alone!  No ……………nooooo …………don’t tear my panties!  Please …………..please ………………don't ………..don't rape me!  Please …………Mr. Johnson …………….you …………….you're too big!  Please ……….I ………….I've only been with my husband!  Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………ahhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..oh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Rex groaned as his body shuddered.  His throbbing cock being fisted by his sexy wife, along with her role playing, had sent him over the edge as his cockhead expanded and exploded.  Squirt after squirt of his thick hot jizz shot out to rain down onto the inside of the bedroom window.  Through his binoculars, Rex's eyes were still focused on the petite little beauty across the way.  He was more determined than ever that his thick seed would soon be coating the insides of that sweet little Asian beauty and not on his bedroom window.

In contrast to the horny lusting couple that was behind the Johnson's bedroom window, on the front lawn of the neighboring yard were the young newlyweds happily unloading their belongings into their first home.  Jeffrey Kim, age 27 stood at 5'8", who's wealthy parents owned an import/export business had recently graduated from dental school.  His parents had assisted him in funding the purchase of a dental practice from a retiring dentist, thus giving him a ready made practice.  Married to the former Sherilyn Cho, whom he had met in college, they were madly in love with one another.

Sherilyn Cho, now Mrs. Sherilyn Kim, stood at a mere 5'1" and weighed a trim 112 lbs.  She was an outstanding beauty from when she was a youngster and really blossomed in her junior high days.  In fact, she had won a beauty pageant in her senior year of high school, winning a four year college scholarship.  Sheri, as she liked to be called, did not flaunt her beauty and entered the beauty pageant only at the urging of her classmates and the chance of getting some type of scholarship should she place in the top three of the pageant.  Her parents were not wealthy and could not assist her much with the college tuition, thus the chance of winning a partial scholarship certainly beat working part-time while going to school.

Both Jeffrey and Sheri grew up in the Bay area, going to different high schools and meeting in college.  Jeffrey had been a senior when Sheri was a sophomore but it was love at first sight.  With Jeffrey planning to continue on in the School of Dentistry, they would become inseparable during their remaining years in college, getting married the summer that Jeffrey got his dental degree and Sheri got her B.S. in Computer Sciences.

The Asian culture in California was still quite conservative, even with Jeff and Sheri now a part of the third generation borne in the U.S.  Deeply in love with one another, they enjoyed being in each other's arms, especially kissing and cuddling up together.  Lovemaking was just the capping of their love for one another, extremely satisfying and pleasurable.  However, lovemaking was more of a secondary show of their love, physical pleasure derived only from the missionary position.  It seemed that both Jeff and Sheri were afraid to let themselves go, more so in experimenting in other positions.

Jeff and Sheri had met Rachel Johnson the day before and were happy to be living next to such a friendly neighbor.  They had not met Rachel's husband yet as he had been out golfing at the prestigious country club.  Though deeply in love with his lovely wife, Jeff could not but help in letting his eyes wander over his sexy neighbor's curvy body.

They had been busy unpacking their cars, taking the boxes into the house in preparation for having the furniture arriving the next day.  When Rachel Johnson showed up to welcome them to the neighborhood with a pitcher of lemonade and cookies, they were pleased to take a break and chat with their new neighbor.  Jeff felt a twitch in his loins at the thought of being with such a sexy woman, especially when he learned that she had been an erotic dancer in her younger days.

After zipping up his shorts and cleaning up the messy windows, Rex told his wife "C'mon, honey, let's wander over there and give that young couple a helping hand!  Since you've already met them, it'll be a perfect opportunity to meet them now!"  Glancing out of the bedroom window once again, Rex rubbed at his crotch as he spied upon the lovely beauty with the long dark hair in the next yard.  "Hey, unbutton your blouse some and give the young man an eyeful!" he added.

Unbuttoning her blouse and loosening her bra a bit, Rachel smiled at her husband, then chided her husband "You just be sure to keep your hands to yourself and your shorts zipped up!  Knowing you, you'd just as soon take that innocent little bitch into the delivery truck and throw her right down on the sofa in there!  I'm telling you, that sweet little thing will scream her head off if you lay a hand on her now!"

Looking out of the window, Rex licked his lips in anticipation, telling his wife "Hmmm, I'm gonna just love hearing that little beauty scream her head off when I stick it to her!  Oh, yeah ………….she's gonna scream like crazy when she gets a feel of me!  Bet her hubby ain't got anything near what I got fer his pretty little wife of his!  Think she'll fight and scratch me to save her honor?  Hmmm, I sure hope so!  Nothing better than raping a sexy beauty like that and have her try to fight me off!  Last thing I want is a dead piece of ass!"

Walking over to shake the hands of his new neighbors, Rex could see the shock register on their faces as Rachel introduced him as her husband.  With Rachel a fair-haired blonde beauty, he guessed they never suspected that she would be married to anyone the likes of him.  Holding the soft petite hand of his neighbor's beautiful wife, he could feel the twitch in his loins at the thought of having her soft manicured hand wrapped around his big black bone.

After the task was done, Rex joined young Jeff on the patio for a beer while the women went about opening some of the boxes to put the kitchen utensils away.  Rex learned of young Jeff's new practice and that his lovely wife was now in the process of applying for a job in her line of work.  He had certainly picked the right seat on the patio, the one that looked right into the kitchen where he could ogle the sexy bod of the young man's beautiful young wife.

With Rex's connections about the town, he knew of several employers that had such positions but whether they were in need of hiring someone was a question.  Rex volunteered to make some inquires, telling Jeff "Let me make a few calls!  You never know what might turn up!"  Rex knew he could twist some arms as many around town owed him a favor or two.  He certainly was going to make every effort to get close to his new neighbors, actually wanting to get very close to one of them.

Back in their own home, Rachel scolded her husband "Damn, Rex!  I swear your fuck'n tongue was hanging out and you were drooling all over the place!  Shit, at one point I thought you were going to throw her down and rip her clothes off with her husband right there!"  Rachel laughed, then taunted her husband "You ain't ever going to get that goody-goody little bitch to drop her panties for you, nor would other man sweet talk her for that matter!  Shit, she's so fuck'n in love with that hubby of hers!  She didn't come right out and say it but when I hinted that screwing around with a lot of men is good for the marriage, she was so stunned and blushed from head to toe!"

As her husband sat back in his chair, sipping another beer, Rachel walked over to him and said "Close you eyes and think of that innocent little bitch next door, cause I've got a surprise for ya!"  With her husband's eyes closed, she then reached into her pocket and withdrew the tiny pink wisp of silky panties that she had taken from the Kim's hamper.  Reaching down, Rachel unzipped Rex's shorts and fished out his throbbing cock, fisting it slowly in her left hand.  "Okay, honey, now breathe deeply!" she advised as her hand cupped the silky pair of panties over his nose.

"I took the hamper into the master bathroom and got this little treasure for you, honey!  Yeah, get a good whiff of that sweet little honey next door!  Cause that just might be the closest you'll ever get to her precious little pussy!" Rachel laughed.  Then wrapping the pair of panties around her husband's throbbing cock, she wanked fiercely at him.

"Ahhhh ……………ohhhhhhhhh, shittttttttttttttt!" Rex groaned loudly, arching up into his wife's panty gloved hand.  "Ahhhhhhhh ……….ahhhhhhhhh …………ahhhhhhhh ………ohhhhhhhh, God!" he groaned as a geyser erupted, sending streams of hot cum exploding up into the air.  Lying back, exhausted on his chair, he breathed in the sweet aroma of the young beauty from the panties that his wife had now draped over his face.  He could hear his wife laughing and could feel the splotches of spent cum now drying on his legs.

"I tell you, honey, that sweet little thing will never drop her panties for you!  Not willingly, anyway!  She's such a goody-goody little bitch that it makes me fuck'n sick!  You know, I feel so wicked in playing such an important part in you 'ruining' that sweet little thing!" Rachel advised.  "C'mon, I need a good screwing too!  C'mon, stud, show me what you're going to give that sweet little thing next door and I'll tell you how I plan to put the screws to Jeffy boy!" she told her husband.

A half-hour later, after getting the sexual satisfaction she needed, Rachel turned to her husband and laughed "Its going to be fun seducing that hunk of a husband she has!  I want to see the look on his face when he realizes that he's been set up and there ain't a thing he can do but watch as you screw his pretty little wife out of her fuck'n mind!  God, bet she'll start screaming her head off once she gets a glimpse at that meatpole between your legs!"

The next day, Rachel was puzzled as her normally loud husband was unusually quiet and not in the master bedroom nor in the den watching television.  Wandering about the house in search of him, she found him in the guest room peering out from behind the curtains with his binoculars glued to his eyes.  She knew exactly what he was looking at, especially since the guest room looked out toward the new neighbor's backyard.

Walking up next to her husband and seeing his tented shorts, Rachel chuckled and peered out through the side of the curtain.  Seeing the young wife next door sunning herself, dressed in a pink top and blue bikini bottom, she could understand why Rex had such hardon.  "Honey, I swear you're gonna get a case of blue balls over that little bitch!" she teased as she reached out to squeeze his rock hard cock.

"Oh, God!  Look at that fuck'n little bitch!  Look at those creamy legs!  Man, I just gotta get between those fuck'n sexy legs of hers!  She's got me so fuck'n hot that I'm tempted on going right over there and throwing the meat to her!  Damn, I'd sure like to hear her scream when stretch out her tight little pussy!" Rex moaned.

Two weeks later, sitting on the patio and sipping on a beer, Jeff heard the splash in the Johnson's swimming pool.  Looking over, he saw his sexy blonde neighbor climbing out, clad in a skimpy blue bikini.  Giving a low whistle, he thought 'Wow, what a sexy bod!  She must be something else in bed!  God, I'm getting a boner just looking at her!'  Then he froze as Rachel looked up in his direction, waving and yelling to him "Hi, Jeff!  Put on a pair of shorts and join me!  I hate swimming alone!"

Unable to resist the temptation, Jeff went into the house to change.  Once he had his swimming shorts on, he grabbed a towel and made his way out the patio door and over to his neighbor's swimming pool.  "Where's Rex?" he asked, then licked his lips in learning that Rachel's husband was out all day to hear a business proposal.

For Rachel, it was going to be quite a challenge, not in getting the young stud to bed her but getting him into the basement and fucking her all within 30 minutes after he was in the pool with her.  It was the side bet that she had made with her husband that made it all the more challenging.  The winner of the bet got the choice of restaurants for their next night out on the town.

A half-hour later, exhausted and panting in the arms of his sexy neighbor, Jeff could not believe what a fantastic fuck he just had.  'Damn, even better than I had ever dreamt of!' he told himself.  Suddenly he was startled at the sounds of chuckling from the doorway.  He attempted to get off the bed but suddenly Rachel's arms and legs tightened around him, keeping him on the bed.  Turning to the doorway, he observed Rachel's grinning husband sipping a beer.  He had definitely been caught with his pants down and his hand in the cookie jar, rather his dick in the man's honeypot.

Rex loved the horrified expression on the young man's face in knowing that he had just been caught in bed with another man's wife.  "Hey, stud!  Quite a performance you put on there!  Don't be shy, go for another round!  Here, you two must be thirsty after that hump session!" he advised as he handed Jeff and Rachel a cold can of beer.  "I know, I know, two's a party and three's a crowd!  So, I'll just leave you two lovebirds alone!" he chuckled as he made his way up the stairway.

Dumbfounded and scared shitless, his cock quick having shrunk in fear, Jeff felt his cock slip from the confines that had given him so much pleasure just moments ago.  He didn't know what to think nor what to do at this point.  Then he stammered "I ………….I thought you said your husband was out for the day!"

Rachel just chuckled in response, telling him "Oh, don't worry about Rex, he's seen me with other men before!  He doesn't get upset when someone else gets between my legs!  We even belong to a swap club!  C'mon, stud ………….fuck me again!  Ohhhh, what's the matter …………..poor baby can't get it up again?"

With Rachel's hand on his cock, squeezing and jerking on him, Jeff shuddered as he found himself responding to her now unwanted manipulations.  Knowing that her husband was upstairs, he just was not in the mood after being caught with his pants down.  "Don't worry, Jeff!  Rex won't bother us!  Don't look so glum, honey ……………..Rex don't mind a bit!" he was advised.

"He ……….he really doesn't mind?" Jeff swallowed.  Then he was puzzled upon hearing Rachel's response "Hell, no!  Now that you've given him the green light to get into Sheri's tight little panties!  Tell ya, he's had the hots for her bod from the day he first saw her from the bedroom window!"  "You …………… mean …………he …………he wants to take Sheri to bed?  She ………….she'll never allow another man to touch her!  She'll never go to bed with another man willingly!"

Rachel just laughed, responding "Well, if rape is what it takes, then rape it is!  Rex just loves it when a woman fights and resists his advances!  He loves it when they scream and holler when he rams it to them!  Ever hear a woman scream when a little beauty gets 'ruined' by a big black cock?  Bet Sheri will really scream when she gets a feel of Rex's boner!  Mmmm, honey …………..I can tell its getting you excited …………..just by what growing in my hand!"

Rachel enjoyed taunting the young husband, asking "Wonder how you compare with my husband?  Well, let's just say that old adage about black men is true when it comes to Rex!  Seeing how naïve and innocent your wife is, we figured Rex would have to rape her to get in her panties!  Rex don't like no complications, especially an irate husband!  So a little swapping always takes care of things!  Now don't you go putting up a fuss, Jeffy!  You don't want innocent little Sheri getting a copy of the tape showing us together, huh, sweetie?"

Answering the phone the next week, Jeff listened and then nervously did as he had been instructed.  It was his regular day off with the office closed and thus he advised Sheri that he had to go into the office for an emergency appointment.  Going upstairs to change as if going to the office, he first obtained the remote camera that Rex had given him the other day.  Placing it on the dresser, he put it at an angle that would capture the king-sized bed and much of the bedroom.  Then he turned the camera on.

Saying goodbye to his lovely wife, Jeff blinked back the tears as he turned back to gaze at Sheri as she sat on the patio.  He swallowed deeply, knowing what his lustful neighbor had in mind for his unsuspecting wife but what could he do without her discovering his infidelity.  Picturing her soft petite body being covered by Rex's muscular black frame, Jeff felt so guilty in feeling a twitch in his cock from that horrid thought.

With Jeff being called in for an emergency dental appointment, Sheri relaxed out on her patio in a pair of pink shorts and white blouse.  Eyes closed as she took in the rays of the sun, she was suddenly drawn back to reality as she heard  "Hi, neighbor!"  Looking over to her right, she saw the smile on Rex Johnson's face as he made his way over.  She felt a shudder go through her body as her muscular black neighbor approached the patio.  "H ……Hi, Rex!" she responded.

Rex could see that she was quite nervous as this was the first time they were alone together without either of their spouses present.  To put her at ease, he advised "Oh, Sheri I got hold of my friend and mentioned that you had a degree in computer sciences and he says that he just might have an opening.  I'll be seeing him tonight at a card game and wondered if you had a resume available?"

"Really?  A job opening?  Gosh, I've hit only deadends at every place I've gone to!  A resume?  Oh, yeah tons more to pass out!  Let me run to my bedroom and get my briefcase!  Be right back!" Sheri excitedly advised.  Getting up from her chair, she went in through the patio door and headed to the master bedroom.

When the young beauty had gotten up from her chair to go into the house, Rex licked his lips as he gazed upon her tight saucy ass, creamy legs and lovely bare feet.  Quietly he moved up along the deck a few feet.  Seeing her enter the house and turn down the hallway, he moved quickly to enter the unlocked patio door and made his way down the hallway.

Getting her briefcase that was next to her dresser, Sheri opened it up to obtain a copy of her resume.  "Uhhh!" came the startled gasp as she suddenly felt hands upon her hips.  Fear shot throughout her body and she was frozen to the spot, unable to move, voice caught in her throat.  Only her loud gasps for breath could now be heard.

Panting in absolute fear and unable to scream, Sheri looked down to see a large pair of black hands slowly pull the front of her blouse from her shorts. “Please ……..ohhhhhhh …………..pleaseeeeeee ……………….Rex ………….noooooooo!” she stammered.  "Please …………please!" she sobbed as the roving black hands slipped under her blouse and began to caress her soft belly.  "Noooooooo ……………….oh, Godddddd, nooooooooooo …………………ohhhhhhhhhh!” she sobbed, as her thin bra was pushed up and her sensitive nipples were now being pinched and teased by her neighbor's thick fingers.  Then large hands easily cupped her breasts, fingers flicking and teasing her stiff nipples to further hardness.

Suddenly the realization of what was happening snapped Sheri out of her daze as she began to struggled with all of her might.  She turned and struck out with her fists, trying desperately to get out of her attacker's strong grip, sobbing "Stop …………stop …………get out of here ……………..get out of my bedroom!"  Turning to run, Sheri felt the collar of her blouse being grasped and she was dragged back a bit.  "Nooooooo!" she yelled as her blouse sudden tore from her body, causing her to fall forward onto the king-sized bed.

Using the heels of her feet to push against the mattress, trying to back away from her approaching neighbor, fearing the worst in seeing the look of lust on his leering face.  "God, nooooooo ………..noooooooo!" she sobbed as Rex reached out to grab the middle of her thin lacy bra and ripped it from her body, baring her breasts.  Crossing her arms over her naked breasts, she sobbed and cried in fear, feeling so ashamed at having her naked body viewed by another man.

Sheri shook with fright as she sobbed in fear, shuddering as her neighbor reached out with both hands towards the top of her shorts.   "Please …………….please ……….no ……………please …………….nooooooooooo …………stopppppp!" she sobbed as she felt the thick fingers grip the top of her shorts.  "Please ……………please, Rex …………..please don't rape me!  You …………'ll go to jail for this!" she cried.

Rex laughed at the plight of the young beauty, thoroughly enjoying the fear on her face as well as the sobs and pleas coming from her lips.  With a good yank, the button of the shorts popped free.  Expertly grabbing the shorts along with the lacy panties beneath it, he quickly pulled them off the sobbing beauty and tossed the clothing to the floor.  This little beauty was now cowering before him on her marital bed without a stitch of clothing on.

Seeing her curled up in a ball to hide herself from him, Rex placed both hands on her knees and pried her resisting legs apart.  Forcing her legs wide apart, he bent forward and rubbed his nose into her soft furry bush.  "“Ohhhhhh …………….Goddddd ……….my Goddddddd!” came the shuddering groan from his victim.   Nuzzling his face into her soft curls, Rex darted his exploring tongue out to trace the opening of her tight slit.  His wet tongue licked at her slick folds, dipping in to tease her stiff clit.  “Ohhhhhh …….Godddd ………..ahhhhhhhhhhh!” came the muffled groan as the body beneath him shook uncontrollably in a convulsive orgasm.

Across the way, in the Johnson's bedroom, Rachel smiled as she tried to console the distraught young Jeff Kim as they watched the unfolding events.  Blinking back the tears from his eyes, Jeff watched helplessly as his devious neighbor was about to devour his lovely wife.  'If only I had kept my damn pants zipped!' he muttered to himself.  'How could I allow this to take place?' he asked himself as he watched the television screen showing Rex burying his face between Sheri's legs.

Rachel wanted to laugh at the young man's plight, enjoying seeing him squirm as her husband was about to rape his lovely wife on their marital bed.  She could just imagine the torment going through Jeff's mind as his weakness had allowed his beautiful young wife to be set up for this momentous occasion.  She smiled as she reached over to the tented front of his trousers, wanting to laugh at seeing the young husband with a hardon as his wife was being literally eaten alive by another man.


It was an awesome display on the Johnson's television set, the fantastic scene with the loud moaning “Ohhhhhhhhh ……………please …………..noooooooooo!”   The television showed the young wife arching her hips up into her neighbor's hot sucking mouth that was now clamped down on her soft muff.  Rex's head lifted up to show his withering tongue teasing at Sheri's sensitive clit, causing her to plant her feet on the mattress and arch up high.  With Sheri's hands grasping Rex's kinky black hair, she arched up in response to the unwanted pleasure, moaning “Ohhhhhhhhh ………yessss …………I.………I’mmmm …… I’mmmm cummmminggggg!”

As Jeff sat in awe before the television screen, watching his lovely young wife in the throes of a mind-shattering orgasm, he watched as her body finally settled back down onto the bed.  Then he watched as Sheri's trim creamy legs crossed over the broad muscular back as she squeezed his nuzzling face between her thighs.  Then Jeff froze upon hearing his wife's voice again "Oh, God …………… meeeeeeee!  Ohhhhh, I never dreamt anything could feel so goodddddd!"

Head captured between the soft squeezing thighs, Rex eagerly lapped up the oozing honey that the young beauty was feeding him.  'God, this fuck'n little bitch really hit the roof getting her pussy eaten for the first time!  Just wait'll she gets a sample of what 'ol Rex's got for ya, sweetie!  Gonna make ya scream, Sheri baby!  Ya gonna scream yer fuck'n head off when I ram it to ya!' he laughed to himself.  Unbuttoning his shirt, he quickly stripped it off while continuing his tasty feast.  He kicked off his slip-ons, then he pushed down the elastic of his running pants that he wore, having prepared ahead by omitting his jockeys.

Laying in a stupor upon her bed, Sheri was helpless as her muscular neighbor crawled up to lay his massive black body upon hers.  Still pinned to the bed, her ravisher lifted up which caused her to look down between their bodies, enabling her to see what he possessed between his legs.  Sheri panted in total fear, shuddering at the sight of the largest cock she had ever seen or could ever imagine.   "Please …………please, Rex ……………please don't rape me!" she sobbed.

Across the way, Jeff also was panting in fear, his eyes focused upon the monstrous cock that his neighbor possessed.  "We …………we've got to stop him!  He …………..he'll kill her with that!" he stammered, seeing his neighbor fisting his lengthy cock in preparation for his evil deed.  Meanwhile, Jeff could not help but shiver as his neighbor's sexy blonde wife was shucking at his cock while he watched his lovely wife being defiled.

Rachel took great pleasure in stroking the pulsating cock in her hand, enjoying every second of the young husband's distress as he watched his lovely wife being raped.  The cock in her hand was not nearly half the size nor girth of what her husband possessed, making it obvious why the young man was so distressed for his beautiful wife.  "Look what my husband's got you’re your precious little wife!" she advised.

Continuing to fist the cock in her hand, Rachel taunted "Rex's been aching to get into your wife's tight little panties the second he laid his eyes on her!   He's been telling me every night how he's gonna boff her brains out!  Bet ya she'll scream bloody murder when he sticks it to her!  Watch closely and see yer wife get 'ruined'!" she taunted.

Sheri's eyes gazed down at the monstrous black cock that was being shucked, seeing the glistening shine of fluid oozing from the thick cockhead.  'My, God!  It …………it's not humanly possible!  It …………'ll kill me if he tries to force that thing into me!  No ……………no woman could possibly accommodate such a monstrosity!' she shuddered.  Then she realized that there was no condom on it, a time when protection was a necessity as she was ovulating.  “Oh, please ………….please, Rex …………no …….no ……you can’t ………you’ll get me pregnant!” she pleadingly stammered.

Shivering in panic and fear as the bulblike cockhead dipped down into her soft curls to part her moist slit, Sheri pleaded "Pleaseee ………pleaseee, Rex ………….Jeff has condoms in the drawer!  Please …………please put one on …………… ……….you’ll get me pregnant!  I …………..I can't have a baby from you!”  She tried to struggle, to squirm from under her assailant, by she was now being held firmly in his grasp.

Feeling the thick cockhead rubbing up and down, now with pressure being placed to split her wide open, Sheri sobbed in fear "Noooooooo ………………ohhhhhhhh ……………owwwwwwww …………….it ………… won’t fit!  Pleaseee, oh, nooooooo ……….stopppp ……..stopppp …………it’s too biggggg!” Her hands tried to push at the advancing black hips, kicking her bare heels at him, trying desperately to prevent the violation of her body.

"Oh, Goddddd ……………………nooooooooooooooo!" Sheri screamed as she felt the opening of her moist slit being stretched as never before.  “Noooooooooooo …………..aieeeeeeeeeeee …………………..ohhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddd!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as Rex grasped her trim hips and brutally forced the full length of his thick cock into her without mercy.  "Stop ………….stop …………..please ……… hurts ………………it hurts so badddddddddddd!" she cried.

This was exactly what Rex had dreamt of since seeing this innocent little beauty when she was moving into her home.  Having her squirming and fighting him as he raped her on her marital bed was the exquisite pleasure that he had been dreaming of.  Making it even more pleasurable was the fact of knowing that her punk of a husband was witnessing his precious wife's destruction.  He then repeatedly withdrew his long black shaft, till only his cockhead remained, then he viciously plunged back down into the sobbing beauty.

The Kim's bed creaked and rocked as never before, swaying madly as the headboard banged loudly against the wall as the young beauty sobbed uncontrollably.   Rex's long deep thrusts and withdrawals began to have an effect on the young wife's resisting body as her cunt muscles began to contract upon his raping shaft.  Sheri could no longer control her body's reactions as her trim legs raised up off the mattress to now wrap around her rapist.

“Ohhh ………..ohhhh ………....ohhhh ………....ohhh!” Jeff heard his wife moan as Rex continued to thrust his thick cock into her raped slit.  Then Jeff saw Rex deliberately slow down his strokes, letting every inch of his black cock to be felt by his lovely wife.  Jeff shuddered when he heard Sheri's voice moan “Ohhhhhhhhh ………….Goddddddd ……………it's so bigggggggggg!”  Then Jeff saw his wife respond as her trim legs
squeezed down on Rex's black ass, locking her ankles to draw him closer to her, to fuck her even deeper.  Never had Jeff seen his lovely conservative wife respond so avidly to a fuck.

Rex laughed as the innocent little beauty arched up to keep his cock deep within her slit, knowing he’d turned this prim and proper little wife on to his style of fucking.  He smiled as he felt the soft tender body tense, then shudder in convulsions as she cried out “Oh, Godddddd …………….oh, my Goddddd ………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………I ……………….I’m cumminnggggg!”  He held her trembling ass tightly, burying his long
black cock in to the hilt as the naïve beauty shuddered in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

Rex held the convulsing young wife skewered to his lengthy cock and laughed as her trim arms and legs slowly fell to the mattress about him.  As he began the withdrawal of his lengthy cock, he was pleasantly surprised as the raped beauty brought her arms and legs up quickly to clutch at him, now not wanting him to remove his raping shaft.  He smiled as he heard her desperate plea “Ohhhhhhh ……….ohhhhh, noooooo …………noooooo ………..please ……………….please …………..don’t take it out!”

Rex had no intention of pulling out, not until he had satisfied his lust for this lovely beauty and seeded her fertile womb with his potent seed.  He then lunged forward with all his might, determined to spew his pent up load.  As his long deep thrusts began to speed up, it became apparent that the raped beauty realized that he was intent of spewing his hot potent seed deep into her womb.  Rex smiled as he heard her plead “Please, oh, please …………please ……………nooooooooo!  Please don’t cum in me!  I’ll get pregnant, please!  Please, pull it out!”

Her distressed pleas brought a smile to Rex's face, then he taunted her “Oh, baby!  Sheri, baby!  You’re so fuck'n tight!  Gonna fill you full of my nigga seed!  Gonna fuck a black baby in you, sweetie!  Oh, sweetie, here it cums  ………………….here cums my hot nigga jizz ………………argggggggghhhhhh!  Oh, yeah ………………fill'n ya up to the brim!” Rex groaned as his body emptied his vile lust into the young wife.

“Oh, nooooooooo ………………….God, noooooooooooo!” Sheri groaned as the throbbing cock exploded deep in her womb.  The hot explosion deep in her womb caused her to convulse in yet another mind-shattering orgasm.  Never had she experienced a cock so spewing its hot load so deep within her.  Never had she felt anything so hot, as her insides were now burning.  Never had so much manly sperm been deposited in her womb as now.  Her trim body hunched up to get the entire length of cock into her as she again wrapped her trim legs around her rapist.

Fifteen minutes later, Rex remained on the petite body of the naive young wife, his cock deflated but still oozing out more of its potent seed.  “Filled ya up to the brim, sweetie!  Gonna make that little belly of yours swell up soon!” he taunted, bring tears and sobs from the young beauty as she tried to push him off.   Rex laughed at the sobbing beauty as she pleadingly sobbed "Please ……………please ……………please let me douche ……..before its too late!"  Pulling his cock out with a loud pop, bringing a groan of shame from the ‘ruined’ beauty, he laughed as she stumbled to the bathroom with her hand cupped over her dripping mound.

Sheri had never felt so humiliated in her life as her vile rapist had followed immediately behind, preventing her from locking the bathroom door.  She prepared a potent douche and tearfully went about flushing out the dangerous seed while her rapist stood smirking at the doorway.  Accomplishing the task at hand, Sheri could not believe the amount of grayish spunk she had flushed out of her womb.  She wondered just how much more remained and prayed that the douche was timely and had done the job.

Tears flowing down her face, Sheri realized that her ordeal was far from over as her neighbor's firm grip on her elbow pushed her back into her bedroom.  Glancing down to her side, she shuddered as she observed her rapist's cock beginning to rise and grow again.  She could not get out of her head the mind-shattering orgasms that had rocked her body from being 'eaten' and fucked royally.  Sheri shivered in fear as the firm grip on her arm stopped her, then she was being pushed to her knees onto the carpeted floor.

Having seen where the remote camera had been placed, Rex positioned the naïve beauty as she knelt before him.  He wanted her punk husband to get of good view of him feeding his thick black sausage between her sweet lips and down her throat.  He was surprised that he did not have to order her what to do next as her soft manicured hands reached up to wrap around his pulsing cock, then watched as Sheri slowly pumped at his growing stem.

Being brought up in such a conservative and religious surrounding, Sheri had always tried to block out any forbidden thoughts, letting them enter her mind only in the darkness of the night.  Once she had seen a nasty magazine showing the horrid scene of a woman putting her mouth on a man's penis.  It had been a fantasy that crept into her mind each night in bed, feeling wicked in wondering just what it would feel like to have a man's penis in her mouth.  But she kept her fantasy to herself, feeling too ashamed to even display a willingness to even put Jeff's penis in he mouth.

Jeff leaned forward in his chair as he watched his lovely wife handling his neighbor's cock and seeing an apparent change coming over her.  'Did ………….did I just see Sheri lick her lips?' he asked himself.  "Oh, God!  She …………she's going to suck his cock!" he muttered loudly as he saw her pointed tongue again lick at her upper lip.  "She ………..she's never wanted to suck me!  She even got upset when I tried to put my cock on her lips!" he groaned.

Rex smiled as he could see how hesitant the young beauty was as she gingerly handled his cock.  He suspected that she had no experience in cocksucking by the way she handled him as well as the way she nervously licked her lips.  "Ever suck cock before, sweetie?" he asked.  Seeing her bite down on her bottom lip as she slowly shook her head 'no', his cock lurched in her stroking hands at the prospect of introducing the naïve beauty into the art of cocksucking.

Fingers unable to encircle the thick fleshy shaft, Sheri stared at the throbbing cockhead as it pulsed before her eyes.  Then she was mesmerized by the forming of a thick pearly drop of cum at the tip of the cockhead.  She squeezed harder with her hands, trying to milk out more of the pearly fluid.  Licking her lips, Sheri watched as the pearly fluid built itself up and was about to drip onto the carpet.  Just as it was about drip to the carpet, Sheri's tongue darted out to capture the pearly drop on the tip of her tongue.

Seeing the naïve young wife suck at the cum coating her tongue, Rex could now sense her previously deep hidden desire to feel a cock in her mouth, that wild streak that was well masked in her innocent beauty.  "You want to taste a cock, don't you, sweetie?  You want to know what it feels like to have a cock pushed down your throat, don't ya?" he asked.  His cock twitched in her gripping hands as he saw her head nod a 'yes'.  "C'mon, baby!  Wrap your sweet lips around my cock!  It's all yours, sweetie!" he advised.

Jeff could not believe what he was seeing, not believing that his lovely wife was actually wanting to suck the cock in her hands.  Never had he ever dreamt of his innocent young wife desiring or even wondering what it would be like to have a cock between her lips.  He gasped loudly as he watched Sheri open her lips wide, bending her head forward to wrap her lips around the bulblike cockhead.  "Ohhhhhhh, Godddddddd!" he groaned as Rachel was kneeling before him and had sucked his cockhead into her mouth at the same instant.

Getting his cock sucked for the very first time, Jeff shuddered with pleasure and could imagine the exquisite pleasure Rex was deriving in introducing an innocent young beauty like Sheri to the art of cocksucking.   He watched in amazement as his beautiful wife was holding the black shaft at it's base, like one would a baseball bat, while her head inched forward to gobble up the meaty pole.  'God, it must be all the way down her throat!' he told himself as inch after inch of black cock disappeared between the wide stretched lips.

Rex groaned loudly as the sexy young wife enveloped his plum-sized cockhead and began to devour the length of his cock.  This inexperienced beauty was eating him with enthusiasm, literally eating him alive.  Looking down at the innocent little beauty, Rex couldn't believe what he was seeing as even the pros had difficulty in getting as much as this naïve wife already had down her throat.  He wondered just how she was able to breathe as she continued her quest to swallow it all.

Sheri was now delirious from the lack of air as she deep-throated the lengthy cock, unable to breathe when it was fully down her throat.  She had now released her hands from the base of his cock and grasped Rex's hips as she moved forward to gobble the remaining inches of his thick cock.  It now felt as if his cockhead was exploring the bottom of her belly.  She was lightheaded from the lack of oxygen, feeling like a true whore for taking a man's cock into her mouth.

Keeping the entire length of the thick cock down her throat as long as she could, Sheri then she had to come up for air.  She pulled her head back till only the cockhead remained in her mouth, then grasped it with both hands to shuck up and down the black stalk.  She began to tease the cockhead with her flicking tongue and playfully teased the cock slit with the tip of her tongue, speeding up her fisting.

Rex was groaning from the fantastic sensation of this innocent beauty sucking at his cock, reaching out he grasped her silky black hair and moaned “Oh, sweetie!  Oh, baby, I swear you’re a fuck'n pro!  Even the sluts on the street can't al that you've had down your throat!  Ohhhhh, baby, your lips are so soft ……………….I ……………I gotta cum soon!  Gotta cum in your sweet sucking mouth!"  Looking down, he saw her light brown eyes staring up at him as he shuddered and moaned “Oh, baby, baby ……………..gonna cum ……..gonna cum!  Yes, baby, ………..yes ………..keep on sucking!  Oh, baby, here it cummmsssssssss ……………argggggghhhhhh!”

Jeff's eyes bulged as he stared at the television screen, seeing Sheri's hands release the base of Rex's cock and move to grasp his waist.  He could not believe that his wife was now trying to get all of the lengthy cock down her throat as her mouth slowly began to move over the area where her fists were.  'God, she's eating the whole fucking thing!' he muttered in amazement.  "Oh, God ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jeff groaned as he exploded into the mouth sucking upon his cock.

Panting to regain his breath from his first blowjob, Jeff saw the cock in his wife's mouth slowly being withdrawn from her lips.  When the cockhead finally popped out of her lips, Jeff watched as Sheri licked her lips of the slimy remnants that remained, then smacked her lips.  He realized that she had eaten Rex's copious load without spilling a drop and wonder how much cum had now settled in her belly.

Seeing Rex sitting on the bed as his lovely wife remained on her knees, Jeff wondered what was next to come as Rex began to handle his cock once again.  Then he watched as Rex stood up and walked behind Sheri, pushing her shoulders forward so she was on hands and knees as Rex then knelt on the carpet behind her.  He shivered and felt his cock twitch when hearing Rex say "Gonna fuck ya like a bitch in heat!  Gonna make ya my bitch, sweetie!"

Sheri was beside herself, wanting desperately to be taken to the heights of orgasm that had only been achieved by her brutal neighbor.  Never had she been taken in this position before but she knew that if Rex wanted to fuck her in such a manner, it would promise to be something out of this world.  On all fours, she wiggled her tail and shivered as she felt the thick probing cockhead searching for its home.  Reaching under her, she guided the thick cock into her now juicing slit.

Jeff watched spellbound as he witnessed his wife guiding Rex's thick cock into her.  He saw Rex grasp Sheri's hips and shuffle forward, pushing himself into her.  He saw his wife's mouth drop open as Rex fed her his length, then heard her moan "Ohhhhh, yesssss …………….fuck me ………….fuck me like a bitch in heat ………………..make me your fucking bitch!"

An hour later, drinking his beer in solace, Jeff looked up as his grinning neighbor had returned home and was approaching him.  He looked at the lacy pink panties that were being held wide by the man who had just 'ruined' his innocent wife.  He shuddered as Rex taunted him "Your sexy little wife is really a hot number once she gets going!  Did you hear her beg me to fuck it harder to her when she was on her hands and knees!  Man, she just loves it doggie style!  Hear her beg me to cum in her at the end ………telling me to knock her up?"

Getting into the front passenger seat, Jeff crouched low as the garage door opened and Rachel backed out of the driveway.  All was quiet on the short drive to where his car was parked.  Getting out, he then leaned against his car and reflected what had taken place over the past few hours.  Once in his car, he decided to drive to his office to allow his wife to compose herself and straighten up the bedroom.  He wondered just how she would appear when he arrived home.

Feeling so bad that it was due to his weakness that got Sheri set up for the vicious rape, Jeff still could not believe how she had seemed to change once she was on her knees handling Rex's black cock.  He couldn't believe how she begged Rex to fuck her doggie style like a bitch in heat.  Such a change from rushing to douche herself after the first rape to begging him to cum in her as he fucked her doggie style.  Then he thought in horror 'Oh, my God ………….after Rex pulled out of her and left their home, she had put on her clothing then began to change the sheets!  But she didn't douche out the spunk deposited in the last fuck!'

After an hour at the office, Jeff decided to call home on the pretense of seeing if Sheri needed anything from the market.  He could sense no distress nor nervousness in Sheri's voice, surprised that she even seemed rather happy as she told him that she was preparing his favorite meal for dinner.  Then he shuddered upon hearing Sherri say "Honey, remember that green box I bought at store last month and you asked what it was?  You asked what it was for and I told you it was the douche I used?  Can you pick one up for me on your way home?"  He wondered if he could go through with what Rex told him ………… leave the bedroom lights on and fuck his wife doggie style in front of the hidden remote.

End of Story.