Asian Boss's Lust for White Meat - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
The Samurai Stud

Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Asian Boss's Lust for Whhite Meat I'
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With a deep sigh of resignation, Ben Tiller looked down at the floor of the luxury resort’s hotel elevator, then got off and proceeded to make his way along the path towards the outdoor garden bar.  He knew that quite a few of his colleagues were planning to meet up for drinks at the restaurant inside the hotel but Ben want to be alone and grab a couple of stiff drinks.  Heart pounding in his chest, feeling down and depressed, Ben wondered ‘How could I do such a thing?  Is it all worth it just to keep my job?’

Finding a seat at the far end of the bar, Ben ordered himself a double scotch on the rocks and downed half of his drink within a minute of getting it.  His stomach turned as he wondered as to ‘How could I do such a thing?  My god, I need my fucking head examined!’  Feeling sick and depressed, Ben then downed the rest of his drink and signaled for the bartender to bring him another of the same.  He then noticed some coworkers sitting at a table out in the courtyard partying and seemingly having a blast.   

Then Ben noticed that all the coworkers were accompanied by their spouses or significant others.  Swallowing deeply, Ben agonized on the fact that his lovely wife was not sitting there next to him at the moment to enjoy the party atmosphere at this luxurious resort.  It was not that Tess had not accompanied him to company’s weekend celebration for sales accomplishment over the past year, nor that his beautiful wife had nixed the idea of them going downstairs after the fancy company dinner to meet with his coworkers and spouses. 

The reason that Tess had not accompanied him back downstairs had been due to the pill he had slipped into her cup upon refilling it with more coffee.  Not waiting for the waiter to come to the table, he had stood up to get his wife a refill from the coffee pot in the corner, making sure the pill totally dissolve before returning.  When dinner was over and everyone making plans to freshen up in their rooms before coming back down to meet for drinks, that was what Tess Tiller had expected to do also as her husband accompanied her upstairs to their suite.  But exiting the restaurant and making her way to the elevator, the potent drug in her system began taking effect, causing Tess to feel light-headed and as if the surroundings were starting to spin about on her. 

Mrs. Tess Tiller

Assisting his wife up to the plush suite, a much more luxurious one than that of his colleagues at the compliments of Mr. Tanaka, Ben then expressed to his wife that “You should get some rest honey!  You might be reacting so something you ate at dinner!  Don’t worry about accompanying me back downstairs!”   As he held his drowsy wife, Ben’s stomach was knotted as guilt set in.  Still, it was not too late for him to back out of the hideous deal, for all he had to do was to stay there in the suite with his wife, care for Tess and no harm would come to her.  ‘To hell with the damn bastard!  Let the fucker sit and wait by the elevators!  Screw him!’ Ben thought bravely as he cussed out his boss while watching his drowsy wife step out of her heels and unzip the back of her dress. 

His damned Asian boss, Hideki Sato, had called him into his office earlier that week and laid out the dire prognosis on the economic outlook for the construction business in the coming year.  The prior year had been a banner one and the company would be celebrating its good fortune that coming week at a plush resort.  But ‘belt tightening was next on the company’s agenda to prepare for the worst’ due to the deteriorating economy or that was the gist of what the head man had relayed to him.  Losing his job at this time, with many on the breadline and losing their homes, he had asked Mr. Sato if he would reconsider ……………wondering if there was anything that he could do to make him change his mind!

Ben knew that Mr. Sato was waiting near the elevators, right down the hallway some twenty yards or so from their suite, probably sitting there on the white leather sofa next to the elevators.  His boss was not waiting to meet up with him so they could go downstairs and have a beer together.  The bastard was waiting for him by the elevators, that was for certain, but was waiting for him to pass him the keycard to his suite ………………before Ben went downstairs to drown his sorrows while the vile bastard slipped into the suite where Tess lay in bed in her drug induced sleep.

Just over fifteen minutes ago, Ben had been standing at the foot of the king-sized bed in the luxurious suite looking at his beautiful wife as she lay partially on the bed with one foot on the floor after having removed her red bra and pulling the sleeping gown over her head.  She had not even made it under the covers as the potent drug had her falling back upon the bed in a drug-induced sleep.  Turing his wife over some to pull down the bed sheet, he then lifted her leg up to get her fully into bed and then pulled the sheet up over her after pulling her nightgown down over her red panties.  He had contemplated it for a moment, then in defeat exited the suite and walked to towards the elevators.  He could still pictured the grinning bastard as he handed him the  keycard to the suite, then watched as the bastard walked down the hallway just as the elevator doors closed. 

‘Maybe it’s just a test?  Maybe he’s testing me to see how much I want to keep my job?’ Ben thought hopefully.  But then, thinking back to that day in Mr. Sato’s office, Ben realistically told himself ‘Who the hell am I kidding?’  The bastard had made it quite clear as to what he wanted, especially when he had slid a photo of Tess that had been taken at the last company function that she had accompanied him to.  ‘You have a very attractive wife, Ben!  I fancy her, young man!  Let’s just say that she’s quite a bargaining chip in your pocket!’ he had been told.  “Tess ……………….will never agree to it!” Ben had stammered out.  “I don’t expect that she would!  That just makes her even so much more desirable!”

A packet was slid across the desk, and visible through the small clear plastic bag were several pills.   “Think about it, Ben ………………..take this and slip one into her drink right before the dinner reception is over next week!  There’s several pills ……… can even use the others to practice and see how it works!  Just very potent sleeping pills where one would not know what took place when he or she was asleep!  Roofies are what they are refereed to!” he was told.  Seeing the large ‘R’ engraved on the face of the pills, Ben had never come into contact with them before but knew they where the infamous rohypnol drug, the date rape pill.

‘I hope he found the box of condoms that was in the nightstand draw!’ Ben pondered, having made comment about it when handing the bastard the cardkey to his room.  But Ben knew it was wishful thinking on his part that Mr. Sato would use protective condom.  Hell, Ben realized that he himself probably wouldn’t use one had he gained such a devious opportunity to take advantage of a beautiful woman.  Closing his eyes, trying to picture and imagine what was taking place up in his suite at the very moment, his cock twitched in his pants at the thought of the Asian bastard putting is hands on Tess’s soft creamy sexy body.    

‘Is he in bed with Tess?  Touching her?  Running his pudgy hands up her sexy white legs?  Or …………….pushing her knees apart ………….shuffling up between her widespread legs ………………so he can ……………..rape her?’ were the thoughts running through Ben’s mind as he took a gulp of his new drink.  But if Ben could be a fly on the wall up in his luxury suite, he would see that his thoughts were all incorrect, other than that of Tess’s sexy legs being pushed wide apart.  And if Ben could hear in addition to seeing, just the loud slurping sounds would have been enough to telling him what was taking place on the large bed.  The damned bastard was doing what Ben had the nerve to only dream about ……………eating Tess’s juicy cunt out!

For Hideki Sato, he could not believe the stupidity of that young fool, thinking ‘What a foolish American idiot!  Nothing is sacred to these young American fools any more!  Keeping a lousy fucking job, the lust for money and prestige, that’s all these idiot Americans think is important in life!  They are willing to sacrifice everything for such material gains …………..even, as evidenced here, sacrificing one’s beautiful young wife just to save his job!’  Thinking back to that that moment at the elevator, after having been handed over the keycard to the suite where his beautiful wife lay in her drug-induced sleep, the foolish idiot had stammered out that “I ………….I put a box of condoms in the nightstand drawer!”  ‘Heh, heh ,heh!’ And he really thinks I’m going to bother putting that infernal rubber on to keep from ‘knocking-up’ that beautiful wife of his!’ he chuckled to himself.

Upon having entered the suite with the keycard handed over to him by the stupid asshole of a husband, with the living room lap having been left on, Hideki had then made his way to the darkened bedroom where the luscious little beauty awaited him.   Knowing the potency and effects of the ‘roofie’ that her foolish husband had slipped into her drink, Hideki did not fear her awakening for quite some time and boldly turned on the bedroom lights.  Seeing the lovely beauty fast asleep, his cock twitched in his pants as a rapid hardon commenced.  Making his way over to the nightstand, he then opened the drawer and smiled upon seeing the newly opened box of condoms.  With a pen from his shirt pocket, he wrote on one of his business cards “I saved these for you to use, Ben my boy!  Hideki!”    
From his coat pocket, Hideki pulled out the latest of the fancy trim an compact camcorders.  Then he put it down atop the nightstand, being sure to capture all that happened from the middle of the bed on up to the top.  A second mini camcorder was next activated, with the wide screen setting activated, and placed upon the dresser top to capture all the happening upon the king-sized bed.  Moving to the other side of the bed, Hideki licked his parched lips as he gazed down upon the sleeping beauty, thinking ‘Oh, what beautiful pink lips you have, my dear!’  Then he moved a bit to the side for a good angle shot from the camcorder.  He then wound his fingers in the silky blonde hair and unceremoniously lifted her up for the camera.  Then, with his free hand, he unzipped his pants and fished out his throbbing hardon.  Pushing her chin down with thumb, Hideki then stepped forward a bit, aiming his waving cockhead at her parted lips.

For five glorious minutes, Hideki felt the exquisite pleasure of having his cock sawing in and out of her hot wet mouth.  Panting with pleasure, having to still himself with cock embedded in her mouth on two separate occasions, Hideki knew that another such stint would have him ejaculating prematurely into her mouth.   In fact, that second occasion in having to keep himself still, he had almost lost it as he loudly panted out “Oooooooooh ……………..oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..ah ………….ah ………………………whooooooooooooh!”  Another couple of seconds and he’d have filled her mouth full and choking on some hot salty goo, instead of where he intended ……………..far up in her fertile womb!

Having pulled down the covering sheet, Hideki unveiled the sleeping beauty, clad in her short nightgown that exposed her long sexy white legs.  Reaching forward, Hideki put his clammy hands on her soft creamy calves, then caressingly slid his hand up to her knees and then to her inner thighs.  Hands atop her thighs, then off over her trim hips, Hideki’s thick fingers hooked themselves onto the waistband of her lacy red panties.  To his delight, the fluff of soft golden curls were and exact match to that of her blonde hair, causing Hideki to lick his lips in anticipation of what he would soon be ‘eating’ for dessert.  “Ahhh, a true American blonde beauty!” he exclaimed loudly as he peeled the panties down and off her sexy white legs.

Making sure he was in the screen of the camera, standing just behind of the drugged beauty on the bed, the video would nicely have the scene of him undressing before getting into bed with the beautiful blonde bitch.  ‘Yes, perhaps I shall have a copy made for that foolish husband you’re married to!  And if your pretty belly begins to swell in a few months, that young fool will surely regret his decision to sacrifice his lovely wife to me!’ Hideki thought.  Licking his parched lips once again as he crawled up the foot of the bed, Hideki pushed her legs up till her feet was flat on the mattress, then pushed her knees apart as he bent his head down to sample some prime American golden beaver.

“Slurpppp …………………….slurppppp ………………..slurppppp!” came the sounds from between the sexy white legs, make it quite evident to anyone watching the film that the drugged wife was getting her pussy eaten.  And then Hideki lifted up to give a led smile for the camera, showing his glistening lips and chin, licking showed just how delicious it was to eat out a luscious American blonde beauty.  Getting up his knees, shucking as his throbbing hardon, Hideki then shuffled forward to guide his fat cock to the juicy pink slit.  Cockhead in place, he placed his hands on her trim his, then laughingly gave out his victory cry of “BANZAI!”  The rape of the drugged American beauty had commenced.

“Ahhhhhhh ……………..yes, my sweet American beauty, you are so very tight!  That foolish young pup you are married to must have a dickie as thick as the size of a soybean, heh, heh!” Hideki chuckled as he forcibly shoved his short but very fat cock up into the beauty’s tight slit.  In her, Hideki sucked in his breath, held her hips firmly and then thrust himself fully up into the lovely young wife.  Keeping still to enjoy the tightness of the raped beauty, Hideki then began pushing up her nightgown, working it up to bare her beautiful breasts.  “Oh, my …………such lovely American beauties!” he complimented as he cupped with his hands. Pinching both of her soft pink nipples between thumb and forefinger, then pulled at them and pinched them.  With buds now stiff from the agitation, Hideki bent down to suck and bite at them while sliding his fat cock in and out of her tight little slit, capturing the nipples between his sharp teeth.

Although the beauty was dead-to-the world on account of the drug-induced sleep, this was quite an enjoyable rape for Hideki, for how else could he get such a beautiful woman to allow him to fuck her!  “Oh, my sweet little flower, Hideki will be so please to see you at the next company party ………….with you expecting your first little child!” he chuckled loudly while continuing to pump in and out of her raped slit.  “Ohhh, yes ……ohhh ……ohhhhh ……………ohhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he panted, keeping his dick buried to the hilt as he began to ejaculate his thick baby-making jizz up in her fertile womb. 

Continuing to pant as he recuperated from the delightful rape of the beautiful young wife, he reached over to grab the camcorder from the nightstand as he wanted to zoom in on the scene of his spent cock pulling out and then planned on capturing the exquisite sight of the beauty with her knees, bent and widespread, with his cum oozing out of her raped slit.  And with her face clearly visible in the background, between her parted knees, the scene would be priceless.   “Ah, yessss ……………such a beautiful sight ………all that thick nectar oozing out of the lovely golden flower!  Hideki had hopefully done the job of pollinating this beauty!” he laughed.

‘Perhaps I shall later make a print from the video capturing such a shot, then enclose it in the middle of a report sent to that foolish husband of yours!’ he snickered.  ‘I’ll bet he won’t even be able to read that report once he gets a look of the snapshot, especially when he sees all the cum oozing out of your twat, heh, heh!’ he added to his devious thoughts while filming the slow motion action a dollop of his cum oozed out of the young wife’s raped slit.  Getting the scene caught on camera, Hideki then scooted up the side of the bed with camcorder in hand, determined now to give the beauty a tasty treat for when she wakes up in the morning. 

“Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhh!” he wheezed with one hand on the camcorder to capture it all on video, his other being used to squeeze out a few drops of leftover cum into her mouth while fucking her beautiful face in hopes of cumming again.  Cock hardening once again, much to Hideki surprise, his face broke in a wide grin as he wanted to give her a real good taste of him in the morning.  Cock hardening more and growing in length to remain embedded in her hot mouth, Hideki let go of his cock so that he could wrap his thick fingers in her long blonde hair.  Now he could pump his cock in and out of her mouth and not slip out by holding her head steady and pulling her to him as his cock slid between her lips.  Moments later, his pudgy body stiffened, then shuddered as his wish did come true by squirting about a tablespoon of generated by his very spent balls.  Pulling her head as far as possible into his crotch, Hideki kept filming as he proceeded to rub his wiry black hairs into her beautiful face as the final drops of semen dripped onto her tongue. 

It was nearly two hours later, after having belted down six additional drinks, Ben felt  a hand on his shoulder and then heard the familiar voice of Mr. Sato telling him “There you are, Ben my boy!  I’ve been looking all over for you!  Let me buy you another drink!”   Ben saw the cardkey to his suite being slid across the bar to him, indicating that the dirty deed had been done.  Ben was not in the mood to drink with his lousy frick’n boss, not right after the bastard had come down from his suite, after evidently having carnal knowledge of his beautiful wife while in her drug-induced sleep.  But Ben could only chastise himself for letting it happen, drugging Tess with the ‘roofie’ and then giving Mr. Sato the cardkey in which he could then enter their suite. 

Fortunate to have one of the managers stopping by the bar and then joining them, apparently wanting to kiss up to the headman, Ben managed to slip away from the bar as he so badly wanted to check on his wife’s condition.  Entering his suite, the lighting was like that when he had left it, causing him to again wonder if Mr. Sato had merely wanted to see just how far he’d go in wanting to keep his job with the company.  ‘Perhaps Mr. Sato didn’t use the cardkey to come in here!  Perhaps it was just a ploy to see how dedicated I am to the company?’ he thought to himself, but realistically Ben knew no man would pass up such an opportunity if given the chance to fuck a woman as beautiful as Tess. 

But still, there was hope as he peered into the bedroom that was dimly lit from the lamp from the light coming from the living room.  With Tess lying on her side like when he had departed, sheet pulled up to cover like before, Ben’s optimism rose up several notches in that Mr. Sato had not in fact taken advantage of her.  Opening up the nightstand’s drawer, Ben observed that none were missing, giving him even more hope but then saw the fucking card left by his damn boss.  Undressing down to his jockeys, tossing his clothing on the nearby arm chair, then slipped under the sheets next to his lovely wife.

At first Ben was hesitant to touch his wife, afraid he’d waken her, but then realized that the potent drug in her system should have her totally out of it till early morning.  The nightgown still covered her, just like when he had left the suite, so everything seemed appeared in order.  Moving his hand over, Ben touched Tess’s soft creamy thigh, then slid his hand up to find that her panties were also in place.  Now, even more so, Ben’s optimistic outlook soared that Mr. Sato had not touched Tess.  Still, Ben was not certain for sure, and there was one way that he could find out without Tess’s knowledge.  Snuggling up to his wife’s back, drawing his hand up under her nightgown, he then slid his hand down into her silky red panties. 

Hand covering her muff, Ben then slid his middle finger up into her slick slit, then he sighed in defeat “Oh, nooooooo …………………..shittttt!”  Wiggling his finger in her cunny, feeling the slime covering his finger, Ben knew that his wishful thinking was just that ……………………that Mr. Sato had come up to the suite …………….and raped Tess in her drug-induced sleep.  Reaching over to turn on the nightstand’s light, he then wanted to see the evidence that covered his finger.  Grimacing as he looked at the thick layer of goo covering the top of his middle finger, Ben shuddered and the proceeded to wipe his finger clean on the sheet. 

With knowledge that Tess would be out for quite some time, Ben realized that meant he could check his wife out even more closely, far more closer than when she was awake.  Pulling the sheet down to reveal his wife’s sexy body, he then proceeded to strip her of her silky red panties.  Then he began to position his unconscious wife, knees pushed up till her feet were flat on the bed, a position which Ben did not know she had been put into earlier.  Sucking in his breath and emitting an audible gasp, Ben stared as a blob of thick white com began oozing out of his wife’s raped slit. 

Licking his lips, never having dared doing this before, Ben was only hesitant at the thought of getting Mr. Sato’s foul semen in his mouth.  But then, his rational told him that somehow he needed to get the cum out of her cunny to prevent her from getting knocked up, and so such had him going down on his wife.  Tonguing her slit, shuddering at the taste of Mr. Sato’s spunk, Ben opened his mouth wide and sucked hard with a “Sluppppppp!”  And then his tongue was cover with the bastard’s thick goo.  Again and again he sucked hard, trying to get all the nasty seed out of his wife’s fertile womb. 

The next morning, Ben trembled nervously when Tess arose to ask “Did we make love last night, honey?”  “Uh huh!  Don’t you remember, Tess?  You were a bit out of it but wanted to make love!  Why do you ask?” Ben lied and inquired of his wife.  “Everything’s just a blank!  I remembered changing into my nightgown but everything else is a blank!  I just wondered because my nipples are so sore this morning!” his wife advised him while pulling up her nightgown to inspect herself.  Ben was nervous as he hoped that the bastard had not bitten her there.  Her normally pink nipples were chafed and reddened with hickeys visible on her white globes, making it quite evident that Mr. Sato had enjoyed playing with Tess’s titties.

Back at work the next week, Ben could not really concentrate on the job that he had sacrificed so much in order to keep it.  Called into the headman’s office along with the two colleagues he competed with on a headon basis, they were advised that an opening in the company had just come up in the acquisitions department as the manager had just resigned to take over his family business as father/president of the company had a heart attack.  Ben and his colleagues then learned that they were all now safe at their jobs due to one of them would be chosen to take over the acquisitions department.

On Wednesday afternoon, Ben got a call from Tess advising him that her younger sister Kris had called to advised that she’d be coming into town that weekend and spending a few days with them as she had a couple of job interviews early during the week.  It’d been awhile since he’d seen Kris as she had been away in college much of the last four years but he had to admit that she was quite a looker, just like Tess.  In fact, Tess had earlier told him that Kris had confided in her that she was sharing a place with Mike Fuller, that they were secretly engaged and would announce it publicly after graduation as her parents’ would be upset to hear of it before she graduated from college.

Kris Mullen

Then Ben’s mind shifted gears as he pulled out the packet containing the remainder of the ‘roofies’ furnished to him.  ‘If Kris is sharing a place with Mike, you can’t tell me she’s still a virgin!  And if they’re engaged, she’s gotta have let him get into her panties by now!’ Ben surmised.  Fingering one of the pills, he wondered ‘Do I dare?  I sure wouldn’t mind winning out on managing the acquisitions department of the company!’  Picturing her in his mind, he figured that she was 5’3” 115 lbs. with nice flawless and sexy legs.  ‘As she was the maid of honor at our wedding, there should be a nice picture of her in the wedding album!  Damn, Kris could be my bargaining chip for that coveted job!’ Ben surmised. 

‘My, God, what’s become of me?  First, I set Tess up to be drugged and raped!  Now, I’m thinking of doing the same to her younger sister, letting Mr. Sato rape her so I can get ahead in my job!  Shit, gotta be honest with myself, when the coast is clear I wouldn’t mind having a go at her too!  Hell, better her getting knocked up by me than giving birth to a little half-Asian bastard!  They say the last guy in has the best chance of doing the deed!’ he thought.  Then Ben wondered ‘So, knowing that about the saying, that the last guy in is normally the lucky one to knock a bitch up ……………………then why didn’t I make love to Tess that night, with Mr’s Sato’s sperm the only one in her?  Wast it anxiety of wondering if the bastard would get her knocked up?  Did I want it to happen?’

The next day, getting an appontment to meet with Mr. Sato in his office, he boldly announced that “I want that manager’s job in negotiations, Mr. Sato!  I feel that I’m very good in negotiations!  Sometimes it means compromise and sometimes it means giving a little to get what you want in return!”  “Well, Ben my boy, you are certainly one in consideration!  But again, remember that you have the least experience as compared to Charles and Dave!  So, I’ve been trying to think of a way in which each of you could do some sort of negotiations, maybe a contract or deal coming up!  Just something to give me some insight to how each of you can handle the art of negotiations!” Ben was told.

Opening up the folder that he had brought in with him, Ben then made his move by taking out a photograph and sliding it across the desk to Mr. Sato.  It was a photo taken on the day he and Tess had gotten married, a photograph of the bride with her younger sister and mother.  Then Ben advised “On my wife’s right is her younger sister, Kris Mullen!  And she’ll be spending the weekend with us!  She’ll be graduating from college in a few months and just got engaged!  I thought perhaps you’d be interested ………………yu know a little tit for tat ………………like me getting the manager’s job in negotiations for you getting to sample Kris’s lovely charms!”  Seeing the wide smile on Mr. Sato’s face as he gleamed over the photograph, Ben then asked “How’s that for showing my negotiations skill, Mr. Sato?”

Hideki couldn’t believe his good fortune, for Miss Kris Mullen was indeed a very attractive young woman, equally as attractive as her sister Tess.  Hearing that the young beauty was engaged to be married made her even more desirable to Hideki, getting him to respond with “I like your style of negotiations, Ben, my boy!  Quite an intriguing proposition you have given to me!”  But what Hideki did not express to the young pup was his lustful desire to ad even one more notch to his belt ………………the older one in the picture, the mother of Tess and Kris, Ben’s mother-in-law!  Hideki’s goal, as he continued to gaze upon the photograph, was now to mother and daughters with the prospect of possible knocking each up with his little bastard.  And so, Hideki entered the deal and looked forward to that upcoming Saturday night, when the lovely charms of Miss Kris Mullins would be made available to him.

Having called in his secretary, Hideki had a high quality copy of the photograph to keep for himself and to imagine the achievement he accomplished in having raped the elegant mother in the photograph along with her two very beautiful daughters.  After the foolish but very ambitious Ben Tiller left his office, Hideki once again gazed upon the photograph of the three beautiful women.  The bride in the picture had already been sampled and now he would soon sample the lovely charms of her just engaged younger sister.  But with the mother looking so elegant in the photograph, the thought of his getting to rape mother and daughters was so intriguing to him.  ‘Hmmm, I bet if I later dangle a vice president’s title in front of Ben Tiller, he’ll gladly set it up for me to rape his elegant looking mother-in-law too!’ he mused.

Twenty-two year old Kris Mullen was looking forward to spending the weekend and first part of the following week at Tess and her brother-in-laws place.  With grades very good in college and exams done for the quarter, making up what she missed for two days wouldn’t be a problem for her to make up.  With several sorority sisters in each of her classes, she’d be able to get copies of their notes and catch up on reading what she missed out on.  Viewing the poor job market an current economy, Kris figured that any job interview should be a priority so long as there was no exam within a day or two of it.  As she had only seen her sister and brother-in-law once since their wedding, Kris was looking forward to seeing them again. 

Very close to her older sister, like best friends in fact, Kris had confided in Tess as to her getting engaged and sharing an apartment with her fiancé.  She had sworn her sister to secrecy, making her promise not to tell their mom and dad about it as they’d hit the roof as she was still in college and just about to graduate.  Having met Mike Fuller at a fraternity/sorority function, it was like love at first sight the moment he had asked her for a dance.  That last year, they had spent every spare moment together, and they began talking about the future together.  Several months ago, when he had proposed to her and she had accepted, it became and even more memorable night as she surrendered her virginity to him. 

She and Mike had talked about their immediate plans after graduating and finding jobs, getting married, then starting a family together.  Even though overheated with passion the night of the proposal and whenever they made love, Mike had worn a condom to keep from starting their family prematurely.  Little did Kris suspect the evil horror that awaited her that weekend, all because her vile brother-in-law whom she thought respected her, had used her as a bargaining chip to get a promotion at work.  Unbeknownst to Kris, six-weeks after she returned back to college, she would not feel in the mood to make her early morning classes for days.  Going to the on-campus infirmary, Kris would then have the shock of her life in finding that it was not the flu that she was feeling bad but due to morning sickness!  That evening, she’d have to tell Mike that one of the condoms he had used must obviously been faulty as the testing done at the infirmary revealed that she was indeed pregnant with ‘his’ baby.

“Wow, thanks for treating me to this nice restaurant, you two!  This has got to be a 5* restaurant from the looks of it and the food is fabulous!” Kris thanked her sister and brother-in-law.  “Oh, Tess and I remember those college days and the cafeteria food only too well, Kris!” her brother-in-law responded.  And then her sister replied “You can treat us when you get your first paycheck, Kris!”  Finally of age to drink, Kris enjoyed the bottle of red wine that Ben had picked out and was now on her second glass.  Of course, being in a sorority at college, she had wine and beer before but rarely out at a restaurant as it was only a year since making age.

On the way home, Ben’s cell phone rang and upon answering it, the conversation heard by his wife and sister-in-law were:  “Mr. Sato!”  “Is there an emergency?”   “Yes, I’m available to meet with you!”  “My home?”  Well, yes, I’m on my way home right now!  I should be there in about fifteen minutes!”  “A half-hour or so?  That’s fine!  I’ll be expecting you!”  Then to continue pulling off his devious ploy, Ben acted puzzled and loudly expressed it “Mr. Sato’s never called me on my cell phone himself, always having his secretary getting hold of me and having me call into him!  It’s got to be really important ……………him calling me at night and all!”

Back at home, with the headman of Ben’s company stopping over, Ben suggested to the women to not change from what they were wearing so they could meet Mr. Sato when he arrived.  “Man, I’m a bit nervous about this!  I need a drink!” Ben exclaimed as he made himself a gin and tonic while pouring a glass of wine for Tess and Kris without asking if they wanted another drink.  As the sit and chatted while waiting for Mr. Sato’s arrival, Ben took in the sight of his lovely sister-in-law, loving how she looked in the dress she was wearing along with dark hose and heels that she wore.  ‘Damn, Sato’s gonna love getting up between Kris’s trim sexy legs!  Bet he’s gonna ride her like an Asian bull!’ he figured. 

With Ben timely going to the bathroom, Tess answered the door and let Mr. Sato into their home and made the introduction to Kris.  On Ben returning to the living room, Mr. Sato then exclaimed “Ah, Ben, please excuse me interrupting you on the spur of the moment like this!  But things are calling for the negotiations manager position to be filled faster than planned …………..and I have decided that you fit the bill best to assume that position!  Get out some glasses, Ben my boy, I’ve brought a bottle of champagne for all of us to celebrate with.  Handed the champagne bottle from Mr. Sato, Ben went to the bar and popped open the top.  With four glasses at the ready behind the bar, two with crushed ‘roofies’ already in them, Ben was soon returning with a tray in one hand and bottle in the other. 

Sitting around the table, Mr. Sato then inquired from Kris as to her plans for after college and the type of interviews she’d be going to that coming week.  With Kris telling him that she was looking for a job in human resources and had two interviews to attend on Monday and Tuesday, Mr. Sato handed Kris his business card and advised her “I’d like for you to interview with Fuji Construction too!  A young, beautiful, and energetic woman like could certainly be ‘used’ at Fuji!  Call that number and set up an appointment with my secretary!”  With the bottle of champagne consumed, both Tess and Kris could be seen beginning to fell the effects of the potent drug, then each of the women stood and excused themselves for the night to leave the men to talk ‘business’. 

Fifteen minutes later, Ben walked down the hallway and saw the bedroom door to the guest room closed and continued on down to the master bedroom where he found Tess fast asleep in bed.  With each woman having had the same amount of alcohol and the ‘roofie’ Ben knew that his beautiful sister-in-law must also be fast asleep at this time.  Going back, he found that Kris had locked her bedroom door.  As it was an interior door lock, that meant it could be locked from the back and there was no keyhole in the front.  But such an interior door knob had a small hole in the front end, allowing for one to open it with an ice pick.  Having already practiced this just in the event his sister-in-law locked her door, he could gain access in this manner.

Having first knocked on the door and calling out Kris’s name, Ben smiled upon hearing no response, meaning that his wife’s beautiful sister was fast asleep from the ‘roofie’ and alcohol.  Opening to door as he had practiced, he peered into the dark room that was now dimly lit by the light coming in from behind of him.  Ben’s cock swelled up in his pants as he stepped in and made his way to the bed where she lay.  Touching her arm first, shaking her, he got no response.  He then boldly slipped his hand down into her nightie, getting to cup her soft breast, then thumbed a nipple to feel it beginning to harden under his touch.  The time had come to call in to Mr. Sato so he could earn that promotion announced.

With Mr. Sato entering the guest bedroom, Ben watched as his boss placed a taping camcorder on the dresser to capture the events taking place on the bed, then was handed another taping camcorder and told “I’ll prop her up some!  Get a good angle shot where her face is recognizable along with me going in her!”  Looking down at the screen being filmed at the moment, Ben saw Mr. Sato undressing with Kris sleeping in the background.  Not knowing that the camcorders were so small and could easily be kept in one’s coat pocket, Ben had to wonder if the bastard had videotaped Tess’s rape at the resort, but he knew deep down that it was as good a wishful thinking as back to when he had hoped the rape hadn’t taken place.  

Capturing the scene of Mr. Sato pulling down the sheet to reveal Kris’s trim sexy legs, Ben could help but to feel his cock hardening in anticipation of what was to come as his devious Asian boss was reaching up to pull down the lacy yellow panties that Kris wore.  Having harbored the secret thoughts of bedding his beautiful sister-in-law but always having kept himself in check, the sight of her being stripped naked had him now lusting for his wife’s younger sister, and he was determined to nail her tonight even if it was to be sloppy seconds.  Seeing his boss push up Kris’s nightgown, then cupped and began pinching and pulling at her pink nipples, Ben was afraid he’d leave some telltale marks and loudly cautioned “Mr. Sato ……….please don’t leave any marks on her breasts …………or she’ll know that something happened to her during the night!”

After Mr. Sato got his fill at sucking her breasts and mouthing her reddened nipples, Ben filmed the horny bastard propping Kris up by putting two pillows under her head, making it a perfect angle to capture her face in the background while her cunny got stuffed in the foreground.  Then Mr. Sato was holding his fat cock in hand, shuffling forward up the bed towards her, guiding blood filled bulb up to her pink slit.  Cockhead in place, the Asian bastard was then reaching up to get a good grasp on Kris’s trim hips.  A sudden lurch forward had Mr. Sato’s fat cock spearing up into Kris as her petite body lurched from rape of her body.  Young and beautiful Kris was now being raped and Ben had been instrumental in her defilement, with no precaution being taken to keep from her getting impregnated.

It was quite obvious to Ben that his boss was delighted with Kris, as evidenced in the way the horny bastard was humping at her, getting all of his fat stem up into her tight little twat.  And then Mr. Sato stopped suddenly with his cock still embedded in Kris, doing so to push Kris’s bent knees back, stretching her legs out and placing the back of her trim ankles onto his broad shoulders.  It then became obvious to Ben that the pudgy bastard wanted to get as deeply into Kris as possible, perhaps to be able to shoot his vile scum right up into her fertile womb and increase the chances of knocking her up with his little slant-eyed bastard.  With Kris’s trim feet resting upon her rapist’s shoulders, Ben sucked in his breath upon seeing her toes curl each time the bastard lanced into her with his fat cock.

As his horny boss perspired and labored in his rape of the unconscious beauty, thrusting and withdrawing his fat Asian cock repeatedly, it became evident that Mr. Sato would soon be popping his cork as he began jackhammering his lovely victim.  And then the pudgy bastard stilled for a split second before his body began convulsing, making it quite evident that he was spewing his vile seed deep up into Kris’s unprotected womb.  And when Mr. Sato’s body slouched a bit, Ben knew that the dirty deed had been done, that his future brother-in-law’s beautiful bride-to-be was just raped and possibly impregnated by her Asian rapist.  As Mr. Sato pulled the plug and held the trim legs up in a ‘V’, Ben panicked as a huge dollop of cum oozed on out of Kris’s raped slit, causing him to reach into his back pocket and toss his hanky over onto the bed and advising “Put this under her ass!  Don’t let it stain the sheets as she might see it in the morning!”

With Kris’s legs laid flat on the bed, cum oozing down to soak into his hanky, Ben watched as an exhausted Mr. Sato got off the bed.  Camcorder taken from his hand by his boss, Ben was then told “Why don’t you go and get a turn with you pretty sister-in-law, my boy!  A bit of sloppy seconds but she is still rather tight!”  Cock hard and twitching in his pants, Ben stepped forward and began undressing while Mr. Sato proceeded to capture all the events on video. Getting up onto the bed, Ben decided on taking Kris in the very same way that his evil boss had done, raising her legs up and placing her ankles onto his shoulders as he wanked at his cock to spear her deep.  “Ohhhhh, Godddddddd!  Ohhh, yeahhhhh …………….oh, Kris ………………..oh, so tight …………….oh, yeah ……….oh, yeah!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Ben groaned with pleasure as he sank his ccok all the way in.  Knowing that his cock was longer than Mr. Sato’s, Ben hoped that the saying was right, that the last one in had the best chance of knocking up the bitch!

Humping away at Kris, he reached back over his shoulder to touch her tiny toes, then speared up into his lovely sister-in-law.  Sure enough, her toes did curl as he lanced into her, figuring that it was probably some sort of instinctive reaction to being fucked.  Fucking in and out of Kris, faster and faster, Ben got himself up to jackhammer speed as his boss had done.  “Oh, Kris ………….oh, yeah …………..I’m gonna be the one to do it ………………..I’m the one that gonna do it to ya …………………….and you ain’t gonna it …………………ain’t gonna know that I’m the one who’s gonna knock ya up!” Ben chuckled.  Then he silently added ‘Well, you had better hope it’s me, otherwise you might have a little slant-eyed bastard coming out from between those sexy legs of yours!’

Lunging forward, burying his cock deep into her cunt, Ben then grunted out “Ohhhhhh, oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..ahhhhh …………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, Goddddddd, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Body shuddering, then shivering, Ben closed his eyes as spurt after spurt of his love juice flooded his sister-in-law’s fertile womb.  Panting as he tried to catch his breath, Ben felt his cock beginning to shrink in Kris’s flooded pit.  He hoped Mr. Sato had captured it all on video as he wanted a copy for himself.  Easing his cock out of Kris’s raped slit, Ben used the hanky under her ass to wipe the blob of cum that had begun oozing out of her.  Sliding off the bed, he turned but was surprised to see that Mr. Sato was no where in sight.

Here he thought that Mr. Sato was returning the favor by videotaping his raping of Kris as he had done for his boss earlier.  The camcorder was also nowhere that he had used earlier was no where in sight.  Putting on his jockeys and going out of the bedroom, he went to the kitchen thinking that Mr. Sato went to get a beer or something to drink but could not find the man.  Then Ben thought he heard a noise coming down the hallway and went to investigate.  Opening the door to the master bedroom, Ben then sucked in his breath for there was Mr. Sato …………………kneeling up on the king-sized bed, holding tightly onto Tess’s trim hips as he was in the process of raping her doggie style! 

Tess was facing him, her eyes closed as she was totally out of it due to the potent drug.  Then hi boss turned to look at him, chuckling “With you enjoying yourself with your lovely sister-in-law, I thought I’d help myself once again in sampling your beautiful wife’s charms!  Grab the camcorder on the dresser, zoom in with it, get some close-up of me fucking your beautiful wife!”  Complying with his vile boss’s request, Ben picked up the camcorder that was on the record mode, he bent down and zoomed in on Mr. Sato’s fat cock slicing in and out of his wife’s pink slit.  Wondering just how the older gent could go again in short a time span, his thoughts were answered when Mr. Sato commented that “That blue pill really does the trick, my boy!  Gets me up right away and gives me a lot of stamina!  I can go on fucking your beautiful wife here a good half an hour more …………..before I fill her tight little cunt with my hot yellow baby batter!”

As Mr. Sato humped at Tess, the old geezer then bent over some, reaching out with his hands to cup and fondle her titties, pinching hard and pulling at her extended nipples.  “Ahhh, your lovely wife has just nice udders ……………..I just love playing with her titties.  That bastard was obviously quite correct in the potency of the pill he had taken as he kept hammering away at Tess with his jutting boner.  It had to be a good fifteen minutes since his arrival before Mr. Sato kept his bone buried up in Tess’s twat, with his bulging belly resting atop of her ass.  As the bastard body began shuddering, it became quite evident to Ben that his beautiful wife was now having her fertile womb flooded with hot slimy goo that could very well put her in the family way.

Told by Mr. Sato to go out to the living room and bring in the small collapsible ice cooler that he had set on the floor, Ben did as told and left the room with his vile boss sitting on the bed caressing Tess’s naked ass.  Returning with the item and was told to open it up and pour them a drink, Ben found the cooler contained a bottle of sake on ice along with two shot glasses enclosed in a small wooden box.  As Mr. Sato raised his glass to toast the occasion, Ben watched as the bastard popped one of those blue pills in his mouth before downing his sake.  Then the bastard announced that “I shall leave you to tend to your pretty wife while I pay her lovely young sister another visit!  I think I shall do her doggie style too!  It is so nice to be able to play with a bitch’s hanging titties while fucking her tight and tight twat!”

With the bastard out of the room, Ben realized that the asshole had left him to clean up the mess he had made, as well as getting her panties back on.  First to clean his wife up so that the fucking she had received would not be detected, but not just by wiping her pussy and muff clean as Ben worried that she’d get caught by one of the bastard’s little ‘buggars’ if not already knocked up from the resort rape.  Ben locked the bedroom door first, so as not having Mr. Sato come on back and observe him eating the bastard’s cum out of his wife’s raped cunny.  The thought that had crossed his mind before doing Kris, that of the last guy fucking a bitch would have the best chance of knocking her up, had come to mind once again.  Unfortunately for Ben, he was a one and done kind of guy and couldn’t get it up again for quite some time! 

Sliding up on the bed, getting under his wife’s upturned wife, he then pulled her hips down so her cunny was right upon his mouth.  Tongue extended from his mouth, Ben licked at her puffy and reddened slit, then wiggled his tongue up into her.  He then shuddered as a big blob of the bastard’s thick cum oozed right down onto his inserted tongue and then into his mouth.  Eating his beautiful wife for only the second time, each time it being filled with cum, Ben wondered if he’d ever get the chance of Tess allowing him to go down on her while her pussy was clean and she wasn’t drugged unconscious.  Ben told himself that he was not a cum-sucker, that he just loved eating his wife out and thus a pussy eater, that he was only doing it now so as to get as much of the cum out of Tess to hopefully keep her from getting knocked up.

Six months later, long after having gotten settled in his new position in the negotiations department, Ben and ten others were called into Mr. Sato’s office where they learned of a vice presidency position opening up in the planning department and that each of them were under consideration for the job.  Ben was quite hopeful that he would be considered as he had turned out great numbers in his new job but had nothing else to negotiate with  that might turn the nod to his favor.  But upon returning to his office and checking his email, Ben then learned how wrong his thinking had been.  Attached to an email was a copy of the photo that Mr. Sato had made when he had used Kris as his bargaining chip for the promotion in the negotiations department. 

Mr. Sato was quite blunt in his email, telling him that ‘I fancy that elegant woman in the middle of the photograph, between your beautiful wife and lovely sister-in-law!  The vice presidency is yours if you are willing to arrange another little party again, this time with the other lovely beauty in the photograph…………………..the mother of the two lovely sisters!  Have you desired her too?  Perhaps it would be fun for us to make it a threesome!’   That 45 year old beauty in the photo was indeed a beautiful elegant woman ……………….that of Mrs. Elaine Mullen ……………………………his attractive mother-in-law!  Looking at the picture and concentrating on the image in the center, Ben wondered as to what it’d be like to fuck his beautiful mother-in-law.  With Both Tess and Kris both five months alone and bellies showing, Ben chuckled at the thought of mother and daughters all giving birth within that same year.

Mrs. Elaine Mullen

Going to dinner of at his in-laws that weekend, Ben managed to get a good snapshot of his attractive mother-in-law while pretending to be checking his cell phone for messages.  But he had snapped a shot of her with his cell phone just as she descended the staircase while looking so elegant in her black dress and heels.  ‘I’ll send an email to Mr. Sato tonight and attach this snapshot!  That’ll keep his interest piqued and have me as the front runner for the vice presidency.  His wife’s beautiful mother was indeed and elegant woman, so well respected by everyone, thus making it even more sinister as Ben couldn’t get the thought out of his head getting his swollen dick in her mouth!  

Having dreamt of Elaine throughout the week after Mr. Sato had planted that vile proposition in his mind, his attractive mother-in-law was all Ben could think about.  And in seeing her over the weekend, he just could not stop looking at her luscious pink lips, along with the thought of guiding his throbbing cock and parting those beautiful lips with it ……………..and leaving a bit of a taste of him in her mouth!   So much so that he had to excuse himself and go to the bathroom, needing to wank off as he looked at the snapshot he had taken of his mother-in-law.  ‘With Mr. Sato having suggested a threesome, perhaps I’ll get real lucky in that he wants to fuck her first and I’ll then get to have my cock in her mouth first!’ he hoped.  

Although he had been welcomed into the Mullen family, Ben had readily seen the difference between their lifestyle versus that of his upbringing in an upper middle class neighbor.  Thus, getting ahead in his job as well as wealth seemed even that much more important to prove to his in-laws that he was worthy of their beautiful daughter.  And his very elegant mother-in-law was certainly in an elite class, looking so prim and proper at all times, and always so well dressed.  Instead of he being the one to move up to his pretty mother-in-law’s standards, Ben thought ‘Having her mouth my cock would certainly be an equalizer!’

End of Story.