Asian Boss's Lust for White Meat
(m/f, i/r, cons)
The Samurai Stud
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YF 203 Asian Boss's Lust for White Meat

At the young age of 24 and married less than a year, the beautiful Mrs. Laurie Baxter was in a dilemma over her job at Fuji Construction.  Married to Bill Baxter, her high school sweetheart, she and Bill had embarked on married life with all the zest and passion one would expect from newlyweds madly in love with one another.

Laurie had gone to a business school, with her secretarial skills and office organization really stood out.  When Fuji Construction set up a branch office in the city, the firm had managers sent from the home office in Japan to get it established.  However, as the customer base was in the U.S., the firm wisely sought to have as many of its supporting staff and secretaries from within the country it did business in.  The firm had contacted the business school where Laurie was enrolled in, seeking to employ its top candidates and Laurie was immediately offered a job once she met with the recruiter.

Bill Baxter had gone on to college and had received a bachelor’s degree in business administration.  Working a year with a large bank and progressing rapidly, Bill had then proposed to Laurie and they soon tied the knot, though both families had expected them to marry eventually.  With Bill’s rising income and Laurie’s above average income that Fuji Construction offered to retain good employees, they had jumped at the opportunity to purchase a dream house that they happened upon one day.

With the purchase of the new home that required new furnishings, Bill and Laurie had stretched their finances as much as possible.  They naturally thought that things would ease up once they got accustomed to the monthly bills along with the steady increase in pay that they had been getting with their jobs.  Then Laurie had heard of an opening in the executive offices where a vice president of the company was in search of a new secretary.   The pay scale for secretarial positions was nearly 30% higher than the level she was currently at and Laurie felt she at least had to apply for it.

Dressing up nicely for her interview with a Mr. Sato, the vice president from the Home Office, Laurie was naturally nervous in meeting the important man for Fuji Construction.  Her nervousness caused her to stumble on some questions posed by the powerful man and upon leaving the interview, Laurie felt that she no chance of getting the job that offered a lucrative 30% increase over her current salary.

Laurie, however, had made quite an impression on Mr. Sato as he had gazed upon the succulent beauty before him.  Her innocence and beautiful white skin had Mr. Sato’s head throbbing and he was unable to think clearly.  Thus, Laurie’s minor stumbles went unnoticed as Mr. Sato’s head throbbed madly.  However, unfortunately for Laurie, what throbbed madly was Mr. Sato’s head located between his legs.
After having applied for the lucrative position as an executive secretary, Laurie then got wind of the rumors circulating about as to why the prior secretary had suddenly left her job.  It appeared that Mr. Sato, the new Vice-President in from the home office had a fancy for young American beauties and was determined to sample their charms.  Rumor had it that the prior secretary had refused to comply with his demands and she was soon out of a job.
The day of reckoning had come as Laurie sat before the mirror in her hotel room, looking at herself for a long while contemplating the horror of what lay ahead for her.  Her thoughts were jumbled as she told herself “Why did I take this new promotion at Fuji Construction?  It pays well but it’s just not worth it!  Mr. Sato makes my skin crawl!  What a lecherous man!”

Burying her face in her hands, Laurie sniffled back the tears that filled her eyes.  She wished she had not made this awful trip but then she knew she would be out looking for a new job if she hadn’t.  “Oh, God!  The thought of another man touching me makes me sick!  I don’t think I can go through with this!  No one but Bill has ever touched me!  We’ve been married less than a year!  Now Mr. Sato expects to have sex with me on the trip!” she trembled as the awful reality set in.

Contemplating, Laurie realized “ If I don’t submit to his advances, I don’t think Bill and I can continue making the mortgage payments!  We might end up losing the beautiful house we just bought!”   She looked at herself in the mirror and stared blankly at her reflection, then her body visibly shivered in total disgust.  “I just can’t let Bill down and have us defaulting on the mortgage!  There’s just no other choice!  God, I’ve only have a half-hour to get ready for him!  At least I got him to agree to use a condom!  I don’t want to end up having a baby by that bastard!”

Resigned to sacrifice herself in order to keep her job and her home as a result, Laurie got up slowly and began to unbutton the white blouse that she had on.  Going to the dresser drawer, she looked at the sexy negligees that she had brought with her.  Unconsciously, she selected the lavender outfit with matching panties, her husband’s favorite.  Moving slowly towards the bathroom, Laurie began to strip out of her blouse and shorts.

Putting the sexy negligee and panties down, Laurie stripped out of her bra and panties, then went about to turn on the shower and adjust the water temperature to her liking.  Mind full of worry, Laurie went about the mechanics of lathering herself down her petite body as she dreaded each passing moment, knowing that the moment of truth was soon approaching.  She felt so horrid, cleansing and preparing for the arrival of a lecherous old man into her room.  Married less than a year, deeply in love with her husband, yet she was now about to allow another man to possess her, a man more than twice her young age.

In front of the large mirror, as Laurie brushed her silky blonde hair, she froze upon hearing the loud knock on her door.  She turned to look at the hotel room door and bit down at her bottom lip, telling herself ‘Oh, God, I don’t think I can go through with this!’  Then, a moment later, another loud knock was heard.  “I ……………I’m coming, Mr. Sato!” she stammered as she made her way to the door.  Unlocking the door and turning the doorknob, Laurie shuddered as the door was slowly pushed open.

Laurie turned nervously to move away from the door, towards the middle of the room as she shivered in nervousness.  She desperately wanted to change her mind but knew that in doing so, it was the end of her career with Fuji Construction and the end of keeping that beautiful home that she and her husband had recently purchased.

Closing her eyes from the horror, Laurie shivered and cringed as she felt the strange rough hands upon her shoulders, caressing her soft body.  She shuddered as she felt his wet lips and tongue upon as he nuzzled his face into the back of her neck.  Laurie gasped loudly as her body visibly shook with fear amid his repulsive touch.  Frozen to the spot, Laurie trembled as she felt Mr. Sato begin to ease the straps of her sheer negligee off her shoulders.

Shuddering as she choked back the sobs, Laurie closed her eyes shut as the silky negligee slipped from her body and fell to the carpet at her feet.   She shivered as rough hands moved around her arms to cup her breasts and thick thumbs flicked at her hardening nipples.  Then the exploring hands were moving to her waist, with Mr. Sato fingers at the waistband of her panties, easing them over her hips.

Then Mr. Sato was again nuzzling at her neck as she shivered and panted in nervousness.  A loud gasp of unwanted pleasure escaped her lips as her body trembled in response to the unwanted touch.  Then she heard the gruff voice order her to  “Get on the bed, Mrs. Baxter!” Laurie blinked back the tears as she moved to get up onto the middle of the bed and lay upon it.  She closed her eyes tightly, trying desperately to block out the horror as she crossed her arms to cover her breasts.

Laurie had resigned herself to her dreaded faith as she lay unmoving upon the center of the bed.  As the devious man touched her legs, she willed herself to remain absolutely and not show any emotion, resolved to not allow herself to feel any pleasure whatsoever.  She tried desperately to think of Bill, telling herself that she was doing this horrid thing for the sake of her husband.

Feeling her being forced apart, Laurie gasped and her eyes shot wide open as realized what this evil man intended on doing.  Leaning up and looking down between her legs, she stammered “What ……….what are you doing?  Oh, God that’s so filthy!  Please …….please ……………I don’ t even let my husband do that!  Oh, God ………ohhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhh!”  Her young body trembled as Mr. Sato buried his head between her legs, flicking his withering tongue into her slick groove.

"Ahhhh ………….ahhhhh ……………ohhhhh ………..ohhhhhh!  Ahhhhh ……….ahhhhhhh ………..ahhhhhh!" she moaned as the flicking tongue began to drive her crazy.   "Ahhhhhh …………..ahhhhhhh!" she moaned, clutching his black hair and pushing his face into her horny pit, now wanting him to eat her out.

Desperately trying to steel herself, Laurie tried to fight the pleasurable sensations that began to course through her body.  Unconsciously, she began to moan as she clutched at the bedspread in an attempt to keep showing her emotions.  Shivering from the unwanted pleasure, Laurie’s body betrayed her willpower as she arched up into Mr. Sato’s face and flicking tongue, her hands reaching down to grasp his hair as she moaned loudly as a mind-shattering climax racked her young and inexperienced body.

As Laurie came back down to earth and reality set in, she felt so ashamed at the pleasure she had derived for such a despicable act as she turned to her side and sobbed in despair.  She felt so awful, feeling that she had not only betrayed herself but her husband for responding to the touch of another man.  Burying her face in her hands, Laurie turned to her side and sobbed uncontrollably in her shame.  ‘Ohhh, Goddddd ………………….how could I let myself go like that!  How could I get an orgasm with a man’s mouth on my sex?  God ……….I’m no better than those sluts that walk the streets!’ she chided herself.

As hands on her hips turned her onto her back again, Laurie realized that her devious boss was now about to possess her in only a way her husband should.  She was bout to allow this man to have sex with her but she was at least relieved to know that there would be a layer of protection between her and the man's filthy penis.  Looking up at the advancing man, she stammered “Please don’t forget, Mr. Sato!  You promised to wear a condom if I allowed you to have sex with me!”

When Mr. Sato laughed and tossed her the foil packet, Laurie looked at it with apprehension, not knowing exactly what to do with it as Bill had always taken care of such matters.  Nervously tearing open the packet, Laurie withdrew the lubricated rubber, then tried to fit it over the thick purplish bulb.  She shivered in realizing that this man's penis was far thicker than Bill's.  She heard Mr. Sato's chuckle as her inexperience caused her to fumble with the condom, trying desperately to roll it upon the thick shaft.

Finally accomplishing the task, Laurie lay back upon the bed and closed her eyes, determined not to respond to the touch of this awful man.  She shuddered and groaned in agony as the thick rubber coated cocked pushed itself into her slick entrance.  Gritting her teeth, Laurie bit back the pain of being stretched wider than ever before.  Gripping the bed, she wanted to scream out but did not want to give his man the pleasure of knowing that he was far thicker than her husband.

Trying desperately to refrain from showing any emotion, Laurie had not been prepared for the unwanted feeling created by this man's longer and thicker cock that slid in and out of her now juicing entrance.  She couldn’t help but to respond as her arms and legs rose up to embrace her devious boss.  Laurie then began to arch up, now wanting to be fucked, taken to the heights never reached before.

Suddenly Mr. Sato stopped as he lifted himself up and slowly began to withdraw his sheathed shaft.  Frantically Laurie clutched at his paunchy body and begged “What ………….what are you doing?  I ……………I was so near!  Please ……….put it back in!”  Clutching at him with her arms and legs, Laurie arched up in an attempt to have the pleasure giving cock slide deeply into her again.

“Can’t feel a damned thing with this rubber on!” she heard Mr. Sato respond.  “No ……………no ……… can’t take it off!  You’ll get me pregnant!” Laurie pleaded.  The horror of facing the consequences of having sex with this foreign man was too much to contemplate.  She breathed a sigh of relief when she heard him respond “Don’t worry, Mrs. Baxter, I won’ t take it off!”

Laurie's sigh of relief lasted but for a few seconds when Mr. Sato advised “Mrs. Baxter, if you want it, take it off yourself!”  Closing her eyes as she bit her lip, Laurie weighed the alternatives that faced her.  It was either take off the protective condom so she could again have that long thick cock within her or refuse the demand of this evil man who obviously wanted to plant his filthy seed in her fertile womb.

Against her better judgment, Laurie reached down between their bodies and slowly rolled the protective condom down the long thick cock, finally pulling off the bulb-like tip.  She cringed as the once protective sheath now lay uselessly on the bed beside her as the bared manhood was once again at the entrance of her slick cuntlips.  But once imbedded in her now horny slit, Laurie arched up to get it even deeper in her.  She clutched at her pudgy boss with her arms, then wrapped her trim white legs around him, meeting him thrust for thrust in a manner in which she had never behaved with her own husband.

"Ohhhh ………….ahhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhh ……………ahhhhhhh!" she chanted as the thick shaft slid in and out of her, giving  her so much more pleasure than she had ever experienced with her husband.  As he knelt up and continued to shag at her, Laurie looked down at their union, seeing her breasts roll about like on a wave.  Then he was upon her body again as she locked her legs around his ass, embracing him with her arms as they fucked one another.

Passed out from the sensational fuck, Laurie lay upon the middle of the bed with her legs wide spread as her evil boss pulled his dwindle but still thick cock out of her ravaged slit.  Thick potent cum poured out of her widened cuntlips but much more of the dangerous goo remained in her fertile womb, something for which she had not bargained for.  Having fallen asleep from the aftermath of the fuck did not help as time was of the essence in ridding herself of the potent seed.

Awakening from her sleep, Laurie found herself lying next to her pudgy boss.  Realizing her dilemma, she then eased herself off the bed as she hoped to cleanse herself of the thick seed flooding her womb.  As she stepped off the bed, her arm was suddenly pulled back "Please ………..please …….don't!  You already came in me without a condom …………….I don't want to get pregnant!  Please ………..I …………..I need to wash up!”

Pulled back onto the bed, Laurie cringed as Mr. Sato advised “Now be a good wife and suck my cock, Mrs. Baxter!”  Laurie shook nervously as she was forced to comply to his demands, bending over towards his cock.  "Pleaseeeeeee ………………don’t make me do this!  I ………………I've never done it before!  It ………….it’s such a filthy thing to do!” she pleaded for mercy.

“Open those pretty pink lips, Mrs.Baxter!” came the demand.  Looking up in horror, Laurie slowly parted her lips as she was being pulled towards the throbbing cock.  Her stomach churned as she admitted the filthy cock into her virginal mouth, getting the taste of a man for the very first time.  She thought she would die from the indignity being forced upon her.  Her mouth watered as the thick cockhead threatened to gag her as it pushed into her throat.  She thought it would serve her evil boss right if she was to throw up all over him.

Feeling the hands gripping her hair, she knew that he intended on spewing his sticky load into her mouth.  She tried to place her mind far away from what was taking place at the moment, trying will herself away from the fact that she had a man's cock in her mouth for the very first time.  To ease the horror of what she was doing, Laurie instead pretended that it was Bill she was going down upon, that it was her husband that she was please with her mouth.

Getting into the act, caught up in the pretense that it was her husband's cock in her mouth, Laurie did not realize that the hands upon her head had been removed and she could now take her mouth off the cock if she wanted to.  Mechanically continuing her ministrations on the throbbing cock in her mouth, Laurie felt it expand even further, then it suddenly erupted without warning filling her mouth with hot sticky goo.

Realizing what had just taken place, that her demented boss and cum in her mouth, Laurie was sick to her stomach.  Reaching up with her left hand, she spewed the slimy filth into her palm.  She wanted desperately to throw up as she scrambled to the side of the bed and spit out the sticky remnants into the trash can.  Sobbing in shame, she then fell back onto the bed and wept.

The next night, greeting her husband upon her return home, Laurie cringed as Bill hugged her tightly and gave her a passionate kiss.  She felt so awful, yet felt a wicked thrill course through her body, wondering if Bill would kiss her so passionately knowing that she had her mouth and lips soiled with another man's cum.

End of Story.