Asian Cherry Popper - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Having served his tour of duty during his enlistment with the Navy, Marcus Turner was lucky to have gotten an honorable discharge instead of spending the next twenty years in the brig.  He was so captivated by the beautiful Asian beauties around the nearby city and often working on the base itself.  Marcus was so captivated at their soft doll like beauty, the respect they showed to parents and elders, especially brought up being shy and conservative.

On one of his days off in particular, headed off to the PX to buy a few things, Marcus stopped in his tracks upon seeing this petite beauty off to his right near the entrance to the secretarial pool complex.  He saw her stop at the entrance, talking to a female officer who had just exited the complex.  Cock twitching in the crotch of his pants, Marcus checked for traffic and crossed the street on the pretext of his destination being the fast-foods take-out counter.

Passing alongside the beauty and the female officer, Marcus could not believe how well the Asian beauty’s English was.  Leaning against the counter, Marcus ordered a large soft drink, letting his gaze take in the succulent young beauty.  Then as the conversation came to an end, he heard them bidding each other goodbye with the officer saying “Thanks, Darlene!  I’ll stop by tomorrow morning to get a copy of it!”  ‘Darlene’ Marcus thought to himself in learning she had and English name, then his cock twitch once again as the sparkle of her diamond ring caught his eye.

He’d heard of the secretarial pools available at each port, with even the large ships having a guy or gal well-versed in writing/typing letters and forms, there to assist the enlisted personnel.  But Marcus had never utilized such a service that was free, never having the need to as he had his high school diploma and for now the navy was his career.  Inquiring with one of his buddies who had used the secretarial pool earlier, Marcus learned that the fellow had them type up the application to enter college.

Going to the ‘career room’ on board the ship, there displayed were numerous college catalogs along with application forms for the crew.  Taking a couple with him, Marcus went back to his bunk to fill out one of the applications.  He had no intention of going to college but this would be an ideal reason for him to enter the secretarial pool complex and to get close to the lovely beauty that had made his cock rock solid.

The next day, when time permitted, Marcus managed to get to the secretarial pool and picked a number.  A couple guys were ahead of him and when one of the gals got freed up, she’d call the next number to be assisted.  The two fellows ahead of him had their numbers call but Darlene was still assisting the same fellow who had been at her desk from when he had first arrived.  Now, three other guys had come in after him and gotten their numbers.

Then a rather unattractive old broad came up and called out “Number 38”, the number he was holding in his hand.  Swallowing in disappointment but thinking quickly, he said loudly “Who’s got number 39?  I’m not quite ready ………………I’ve got to first review my application one last time!”  He breathed a sigh of relief as the guy with ‘39’ spoke up and Marcus exchanged numbers with him and went with the ugly broad to her desk.

Seeing the fellow at Darlene’s desk picking up his paperwork and getting out of his chair, Marcus felt his cock twitch in anticipation.  Then he clenched his teeth tightly to keep from smiling too widely as the beauty came up to the counter and call out “Number 39!”  ‘Damn, her voice sounds so sweet!’ he said to himself as he held up the winning number up high, like signaling he had hit the jackpot.  Following the beauty back, Marcus licked his lips as he followed the sexy little beauty dressed in a neat beige dress over a white blouse and 3” white heels.  He gazed down at her trim flawless legs in shiny nylons as he followed her back into the office, then sat in the chair that was just off to the side of her desk.

He then took in the nameplate on her desk that read ‘Darlene Amazaki’.  As she asked him questions, inquiring as to how she could be of help to him, Marcus wanted to say ‘Yeah, ya can help me by getting up on that desk and spreading those beautiful fuck’n legs of yers!’  But keeping control of himself, Marcus went on to explain his desire to go to college and the need to have the application typed up neatly.  Handing her a blank copy to be typed on, along with another that was completed in pencil, Marcus acted quite the gentleman and complimented her on how well she spoke English.

Quite naïve and innocent, Darlene smiled and unwittingly revealed that she had gone to a private school that stressed English and then had gone abroad to attend a large university in California.  “Fortunately, my father’s company has an outlet there and he helped me with much of the costs to go to college there!” she advised.  “Ohhh, I want to go back so badly!  I had to come back to Japan as I graduated and my student visa expired!” she let out.  Chatting with the seemingly friendly serviceman, she then inquired as to what he hoped to major in.  As the applicant was a bit uncertain of himself, Darlene did as she was trained and tried to assist by telling him that there was a brochure put out for undecided majors and went to retrieve one.

But in doing so, the innocent beauty had to kneel down to get to the bottom drawer of the file cabinet.  With her dress riding up her thigh, she had carelessly afforded Marcus an eyeful, causing his cock to rise up to attention and nearly bust through the front of his jeans.  If not for the others in the room, he ceratinly would have jumped her right then and there, raping her right on the spot.  When she returned to her desk with the brochure, Marcus inquired “Is someone by chance waiting for ya back there?  That diamond of yers sure does sparkle!"  He saw her bite down on her bottom lip and blink back her sadness, telling him “Yes ……… fiancé, who’s graduating next semester!  Then he’ll be coming to Japan and we’ll get married here!  But, once we’re married, we’ll be moving back to California and living there!”

“So, you’re staying with you parents while you’re back in Japan?” Marcus asked, trying to keep his own English from sounding like he just got out of the ghetto, especially in view of how well she spoke.  As he had hoped, the unsuspecting beauty had no clue that he was prying for more information that one should know, especially with a lusting male like Marcus.  “No, I didn’t want to be too dependent on my parents, though I could have stayed with them!  I want to be independent, earn some money, then get married!” she responded.

Not wanting to rouse any suspicions by getting too personal and asking where she was staying or with who, Marcus merely wished her ‘Good Luck!’ with the upcoming plans on getting married and all the paperwork involved in the move back to California.  When asked how soon he need the application back, he told her to take her time as he’d come back on his next leave.  Bidding her goodbye, Marcus left the office, bought himself a pop next door and waited for the beauty as he began planning ahead to get himself a pass off the base.
Every chance that he got, rushing off the ship when his duty shift was over while in port, Marcus would grab a burger and drink at the take-out counter.  He’d of course peer into the front entrance of secretarial pool for a glimpse at the beautiful Darlene Amazaki.  Finally, on a day off where he didn’t have to be on duty during the late afternoon and when the secretarial pool normally closed up, Marcus got to see the beauty as she left the complex with several co-workers to head for the main gate.

 Keeping a safe distance between himself and the four women ahead of him, Marcus wondered if the lovely Darlene Amazaki was still a virgin or if she had already surrendered her precious treasure to the man she was about to marry.  He watched as they first went into a small clothing store, causing him to pause and pretend he was window shopping nearby.  After they exited the store, he proceeded to follow them as they then sat down to eat at one of the many popular noodle houses.

Eating at another noodle shop nearby, Marcus continued to peer across the way for his beautiful prey to reappear with her friends.  Seeing them getting up to leave, he went up to pay for his meal, continually keeping watch of the women as they chatted just in front of the shop’s entrance.  He smiled in seeing the young beauty wave to her friends as she headed back towards the base.

Maintaining a safe distance so as not to have the unsuspecting beauty notice his presence, Marcus tried to act like a sailor just browsing and window shopping.  Even more so, he knew that he stood out like a sore thumb in this country, being black and not in the normal group of sailors out for a good time.  One thing that eased Marcus’ mind was that everyone seemed to be in a rush to get from one place to another and minded their own business.

Fifteen minutes later, Marcus smiled as he observed the young beauty turn into the entrance of a small apartment type building.  Seeing her turn and proceed up the stairway to the right, Marcus found a vantage point to continue observing his prey as it was not an enclosed building.  Entrances to each unit were visible from the street and thus the beauty would unwittingly be revealing the unit she lived in to her spying stalker.

Going off to a bar in the red light district where many of the visiting servicemen frequented, Marcus began to get himself loaded, biding time to pass as well as to build up his courage to go through with the evil crime his mind was festering.  Though only nabbed in various misdemeanor offenses before entering the service, Marcus was well versed in breaking and entering, having been both fortunate and lucky to escape being caught.

Being in a foreign country, Marcus knew that if he ever got caught doing such a heinous act, the consequences would be far greater than that of his own country.  The last serviceman caught raping a woman in this country nearly got lynched and certainly caused an international incident.  But at this point, with lust pent-up in his aching balls along with the liquor he’d consumed, Marcus was only thinking with the head between his legs.  At the moment, his ‘head’ was throbbing madly and he was determined get some relief …………………….not from any artificial or substitute means but from the sexy young beauty herself.

Having enjoyed eating out with her friends from work, Darlene let herself into the small apartment that she had rented near the base.  Stepping into her apartment, she then stepped out of her heels, bending over to put them away into the small shoe cabinet by the door.  Darlene then made her way to her bedroom to change into something more comfortable while she waited for the pass till her loving fiancé was to call.

Following the much anticipated phone call from Darrin, Darlene took a shower and pictured the handsome man that she had promised herself to.  She had been so lucky as it was a chance meeting when she was coming out of the college library with a girlfriend.  They then crossed paths with the handsome Darrin Sawyer whom her girlfriend knew as a friend.  Her friend introduced her to the charming Darrin and it seemed as if they couldn’t get their eyes off each other.  With Darrin joining them for a snack, from then on they became inseparable, that is until she graduated and her student visa expired.

So happy just an hour ago while talking to Darrin, Darlene was now living out the most dreaded nightmare of all.  There on her bed, in the darkness of the night, a man had broken into her apartment and had clamped a large hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming while his other hand had both her trim wrist pinned together above her head.  And his heavy muscular frame was upon her, preventing her from scrambling away.

Sheer terror coursed throughout her petite body, a terrible fear so awful and such that she had never before experienced in her life.  Trying to struggle for her life, Darlene found that her assailant was so large and heavy that she could not move under his weight at all.  Then she heard a male’s gruff voice, one that she had heard before, say “Gonna take my hand off yer mouth!  Ya scream and that’s it fer ya!”  In a state of sheer panic, afraid that she would be killed if she did not comply, Darlene could only tremble in fear as the hand was slowly lifted from her mouth.

Felling something being looped over her hands, the sash of her robe that the assailant had taken from her robe, Darlene found her hands being secured above her head as the sash was tied to the headboard.  She then felt the heavy weight lifting a bit from her chest but that was merely to allow her assailant the opportunity to grasp the front of her flannel pajamas with his hands, popping the thick buttons from the front as he pulled the material apart in his hands.

A cold chill coursed through her body as the rough calloused hands were now cupping her bared breasts, thick thumbs flicking at her hardening buds.  Shivering from the unwanted pleasure, a similar feeling from long ago when Darrin had caressed her breasts through the outside of her blouse and bra.  Only now, her breasts and nipples had no protective covering from the rough calloused hands and fingers upon them.  Now it was not the loving caresses from the man she loved but the unwanted groping from a man who had broken into her apartment.

Darlene felt so ashamed, having always forcing Darrin to stop short before slipping his hand up under her blouse and now a total stranger was taking those unpermitted liberties with her.  Helpless with her hands tied above her head, Darlene shuddered as her assailant’s thick tongue withered and slobbered along her ear as she tried to turn her head away.  Not knowing what to do at this point, Darlene struggled against her bonds as she desperately tried to think of a means of escaping this horror.

“Please ……………….please ………………….stop ………………pleaseeeeeeeee!” Darlene sobbed.  “You ………………….you won’t like me ……………….I …………….I have no experience!  You ………………you want someone ………………with ……………with experience!  There ………………there’s many ……………girls in …………….in the ………….the red light district …………..who ……………who’ll be happy to be with you!” she added.

Bending down towards her ear, flicking his tongue out to touch the shivering beauty’s ear, Marcus tauntingly whispered “No experience, huh …………….ya mean ya ain’t ever let the man yer gonna married get into yer tight little panties?  Yer cherry?  Ya still got yer fuck’n cherry?  A real fuck’n honest to goodness virgin?  Damn, I’s sure as hell am gonna enjoy gitting to ruin’n ya!  Gonna pop that precious little cherry of yers, sweetie!”

‘That voice ………………he knows I’m engaged to be married!  He knows me!  It ………………’s that black sailor who dropped that off application to be typed for college!  Len …………….Lenny Taylor ………………yes …………………yes, that’s his name!’ Darlene told herself.  ‘Talk him out of this!  Your only chance is to talk him out of this!’ she told herself.

“Mr. Taylor …………………please, Mr. Taylor ……………I don’t want this!  Please ………………please leave ……………and ………….and I won’t tell anyone you were here!” Darlene frantically pleaded.  Then to her shock and dismay, she heard him chuckle out a snickering response “Oh, you sweet little innocent bitch!  Recognized my voice from this afternoon, haven’t ya!  But ya really don’t think I used my real name on the forms, do ya?  Ya’s gonna have to pick me out of a lineup, baby!  Shit, there’s over a couple of thousand of us black boys in port right now!”

“Ohhhhhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Darlene gasped, then sucked in her next breath through clenched teeth as her assailant clamped his hot wet mouth upon her left breast.  She shivered as the thick wet tongue began flicking at her now budding nipple.  Tossing her head from side to side, shuddering as her other breast was now being lapped upon and suckled.  “Ohhhhhhh!” she gasped loudly as her assailant’s teeth closed upon her sensitive nipple tightly, causing her to fear the worst, that he intended on biting it off.  Then, relief was accompanied with the unwanted pleasure generated when the evil man’s tongue flicked upon her rising bud.

Darlene tried to fight the arousal building within her innocent young body, clenching her thighs together to stop the unwanted juices from flowing and making her slit slick.  Feeling the rough hands grasping the elastic waistband of her flannel pajama pants, as well as the waistband of her panties, Darlene pressed her bottom into the mattress, trying to hinder her assailant from achieving his obvious goal.  But she was no match for her assailant’s powerful strength as her pajama pants and panties were easily stripped off her flailing legs and tossed to the floor.

Relief set in as the tonguing of her right breast ended as her assailant’s head moved down a bit and Darlene now felt his tongue delve into her belly button.  Then she froze, clutched at the taunt sash binding her hands as she felt the wet tongue begin to trace its way lower ……….lower ………..down …………..down into ……………her into her most private parts.  Darlene was horrified, not believing anyone would think of doing such a filthy thing, so nasty that it was just too much to contemplate.

“Nnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….nnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Darlene groaned through tightly clenched teeth as she realized that her attacker was now nuzzling his face into her pubic hair.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….noooooooooooooooo!” she moaned as the hot mouth clamped over her sex.  She shuddered in horror and revulsion as the tip of the thick tongue was licking and probing, trying to insert itself ……….in…………into her ………………!  “No …………..nooooooo ……………….arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed and shuddered as her innocent lips were parted and penetrated for the very first time in such a manner.

Holding her thighs down firmly as she tried desperately to buck him off, Marcus clamped his mouth down onto his tasty meal.  The sobbing from the innocent beauty, the arching up of her hips into his slurping mouth, Marcus licked up all the honey being emitted from the young beauty.  Flicking his tongue about, Marcus then went in search of her sensitive clit.  With his expertise, it was just seconds later when the petite beauty trashed about as she body went into uncontrolled spasms, as his tongue flicked at her ultra-sensitive clit.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….………………….aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Darlene shuddered as she experienced the very first orgasm in her innocent life.  All she could do was sob in her shame, so upset at herself for letting her body betray her in such a manner.  Never in her life had she thought a man would perform such a filthy and degrading act upon a woman.  But it had just happened to her and she had literally gone crazy with pleasure from it.  ‘How could you?  How could you get pleasure from such a degrading act?’ she asked herself.

Then her assailant’s heavy body was upon her once again and he began licking at her ear, taunting her “Oh, baby!  Ya liked being ‘eaten’ out, didn’t ya?  Yer sweet honey taste so fuck’n good, baby!  Felt ya cum in my mouth, sweetie!”  Spreading her legs wider, with cock in hand, Marcus rubbed his thick bloated cockhead up against her slick but very tight slit.  “Oh, sweetie!  I’s gonna make a woman of ya right now!” he hissed.

“Ohhh ………………… ………………no ……………please ………………please …………..I beg you!  Please ……………please don’t!  I ……………I’ve never …………pleaseeeeeee ………………….I want my ……………my husband to ……………..on …………………on our wedding night!” Darlene pleadingly sobbed.  “No …………… ………………………nooooooooooooo!” she wailed as the bloated cockhead pushed up against her, crudely demanding entrance.

Worming his cockhead round and round her slick entrance, Marcus wanted it oiled up as much as possible, knowing that this petite beauty would be really tight.  “Oh, baby ……………ya got me fuck’n rock hard!  Ain’t ever had me no cherry!  Ya gonna have the honor of being the very first cherry I’s pop!” he taunted.  Marcus got even harder upon hearing the beauty whimper and plead “Don’t ……………..pleaseeeeeeeeee …………………please don’t rape me!”

Grasping her trim hips, Marcus got himself fitted at her entrance, released his left hand to quickly clamp it tightly over her mouth.  At that same instant, Marcus lunged himself forward, spearing several inches of his thick manhood into the petrified beauty.  “Mmmmmmmmpppppppppppphhhhhhhhh …………………mmmmmmmmmmmmm …………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came the muffled scream from the pierced beauty.  It had been a wise decision for Marcus, for had he not covered her mouth to muffle her scream the entire apartment complex would clearly have heard it.

His thrust would have sent him in even deeper had it not been for the stubborn resistance of her precious hymen.  Withdrawing an inch, he thrust once more, only to be repelled once again.  This time, Marcus reared back till on the verge of popping out of her chute, then thrust forward with all his might and dropping his full weight on to the petite beauty.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the muffled wail from under his clamped hand, signaling the loss of her precious jewel.

Marcus steeled himself, relishing the feel of the hot sticky fluid now engulfing his throbbing cock in the tight confines of the sobbing beauty.  “Ohhh, baby!  Popped that little cherry of yers!  Damn, all that cherry juice sure feels so good around my cock!  Ohhh, yeahhhhh!” he moaned with pleasure, then slowly began sawing in and out of her raped slit.

“Ahhhh …………………yeah, sweetie ………………..I’s saved yer hubby the trouble of popping that cherry of yers!  Damn, it sure was a hard one to pop!  He’ll be happy I’s made a woman out of ya!  But I’s such a good guy that I’s gonna leave him something in return …………… a little black bastard!” he laughingly taunted as he thrust forward to bury the entire length into the sobbing beauty.  Resting a few seconds, giving the raped beauty time to adjust to his invading shaft as well as to keep from exploding too soon, Marcus began to pump slowly in and out of the agonized beauty.

As the painful screaming stopped under his muffling hand, Marcus slowly removed his hand so he could bring it down to cup her other asscheek and slam home the meat even harder.  As the fucking sped up, his lengthy cock slicing in and out of her raped slit, Marcus knew the fuck was now getting to the innocent bitch as her legs raised up to cross over the back of his thighs and he could feel her heels drawing him even deeper into her.  “Ohhh ………….ohhhh ………….ohhhh ………….ohhhh ………….ohhhh ………….ohhhh ………….ohhhh!” came her chanting moan as he continued fucking in and out of her widely stretched slit.

On and on he fucked the raped beauty, then suddenly Marcus felt her legs moved up higher and become locked around his ass as her petite body began to shudder uncontrollably.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the shuddering groan from the now orgasming young woman.  Faster and faster he sliced into her, then grasped her soft asscheeks tightly and buried his cockhead into her fertile womb, just as he blew his hot potent load of sticky jizz.

A bit later, with the heavy body lifted from and out of her agonized body, Darlene turned to the side, drawing up her knees to curl up in a fetal position as she continued to sob uncontrollably.  She felt so ashamed as she was no longer pure and unable to give her loving husband-to-be her innocent chaste body.  ‘Soiled!  Ruined!  Unclean!  Defiled!’ were the descriptions that she could now classify herself as.  Worst of all was the knowledge that her body had betrayed her, obtaining pleasure from the vile touch and rape of this evil black man.

Still sobbing, but now thinking that her dreadful ordeal was over, Darlene was shocked back to reality as her arm was pulled so she was again lying prone on her back.  Then the sagging of the bed told her that her rapist was climbing on once again.  Only this time, he was straddling her chest with his knees on both sides of her.  In total shock, Darlene did not know what to expect nor what was expected of her.  Suddenly she got her answer as she felt a thick fleshy probe pushing up against her clenched lips.

Grasping the beauty’s silky black hair, pushing his blood coated cockhead up against her innocent lips, Marcus gloated “C’mon, sweetie …………open those purty lips fer me!  Ya gotta learn how to please yer man with those purty lips of yers!  Got a sweet chocolate popsicle fer ya to suck on, Miss Kato!  Ya ain’t gonna ever git to taste anything like this again ………………a big black cock maybe ………………but not one that’s coated with cherry juice!”

About to scream from the painful yank upon her hair, Darlene shuddered as the still bloodied cock pushed between her lips, stifling her scream in the process.  She shuddered, stomach churning in revulsion as her mouth was suddenly filled with her rapist’s penis, the penis that had been used to rob her of her virginity and still coated with the blood from her ruptured hymen.  Quivering with revulsion as the evil man tried to push his thing down into her throat, the back of Darlene’s mind asked ‘Oh, God!  Don’t tell me that he wants to do it in my mouth!’

Holding her head tightly as he fucked his cock into her gurgling mouth, Marcus sucked in his breath through clenched teeth, bent on making this pleasurable blowjob last a bit longer.  But the gurgling noise from around his fucking cock excited him to no end, especially knowing that he was introducing this innocent young beauty to the art of cocksucking.  Wanting her to get a good taste of his hot jizz, just as he was about to blow his load, Marcus withdrew till only his cockhead remained captured in her mouth.  Then he gave her a good taste of a man’s hot jizz, exploding to fill her gulping mouth full of his sticky cum.

Knowing the was too afraid to fight him at this point, he untied the sash binding her hands, then Marcus withdrew his cock from the choking beauty and got off the bed.  Eyes accustomed to the darkness, he made out the beauty turning over to her side once again.  Only now, she was edging her way to the side of the bed.  Just as she made it to the side of the bed, Marcus saw her lean over, then observed her sexy body lurch as she tossed her cookies into the nearby trashcan.  He laughed, commenting “Too rich fer ya, huh, sweetie?  Or don’t ya like the cherry flavor?”

Though his cock was depleted, it still remained rigid and it again twitched with excitment.  Seeing her cherry ass up in the air, had to feel the pleasure of being the first up her unused road.  As she conintued to cough up her cookies, Marcus jumped up onto the bed and got into position.  "Ya scream now and people in the apartment will come rush'n and git to see ya with a black cock up yer purty ass!" he threatened.  Then he slammed home the salami, relieved to find that the raped beauty was too ashamed to have anyone witness her violation as she bit down into the sheet and emitted a painful moan "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ............................nggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

About to exit, hand on the doorknob, Marcus told her “Ya gonna report this to the police?  Bet all those cops will get a fuck’n hardon when ya tell’em a big black buck broke in and broke yer precious cherry!  Don’t forget to tell’em how ya got off and came on my cock!  And how I’s made ya suck my bloody cock and make ya eat all my hot cum!”  Exiting the apartment unit, Marcus doubted that the raped beauty would be able to overcome the shame and bring herself to reporting the rape to the police.

Indeed, her rapist’s analysis was correct as Darlene felt so ashamed of the brutal rape.  She could not find the strength to tell anyone about this, not even the police.  She also feared that word would eventually leak out, that her parents would come to learn of their daughter’s shame and also that Darrin would then have to be told of her vile rape.  Though she could recognize her rapist, Darlene shuddered at the thought of having to view over a thousand black men on the base.

Days later, standing atop the deck of the ship as it began to make its way out of the harbor, Marcus knew he was in the clear and that the rape had gone unreported.  Headed back to the states, Marcus looked forward to getting out of the service with his tour of duty coming up.  Having learned some manual skills while in the service, Marcus now hoped to put it to use at some type of job once he got back home.  Of course, having now sampled some sweet Asian cuisine, it would now be a craving that he’d definitely have to satisfy from time to time.

On his way back home at last, his final cruise, Marcus couldn’t wait for it to end.  Four weeks had now passed and Marcus couldn’t wait for the next two to go by before they pulled into port again.  But with four weeks having lapsed from when he’d had the best fuck in his life, though taking it by force, Marcus was horny for more of the same and began making his plans.  Each night in his bunk, all Marcus could think of was getting into another innocent bitch’s tight little panties.  ‘Damn, time for some more tasty Asian cuisine!’ he muttered.

Back into the ship’s home port and getting his discharge papers, Marcus set out to look for a job.  Going through the want-ads and some leads through the personnel office on base for discharged personnel, he went to some interviews that looked promising as an auto mechanic.  He’d done a lot of work with autos, mainly stealing them to strip’em and sell the parts.  But he could also put an entire car together if he had to, doing just that  to have his own car when he was a teen.
One job opening took him to an area that neared Chinatown and the surrounding Asian communities that seemed to crop up near it.  Different Asian ancestries seemed to have their own ethnic sections adjacent to the Chinatown area, comprising of large groupings of Japanese and Korean families.  They all seemed to get along well, mixing in with one another to create one large community.

It seemed that the older generation still followed the old customs and traditions of their culture but the younger generation merely tolerated it.  Yet the younger generation was still very respectful of their elders but moving out on their own once they finished their education or got married.  With his job so near the Asian community, Marcus loved walking around the area during his lunch break and once he got off work, he was always on the lookout for a sexy beauty that fit the bill.  He’d managed to take to edge off his need to get his rocks off by seeking the service of prostitutes several times upon getting back to the states but his real lust continued to build.

Then the day came when taking a walk on his afternoon break, he glanced over into the visitor’s parking lot of the nearby hospital to observe a lovely Asian beauty getting out of her car and locking the driver’s door.  Marcus sized up the cute beauty to be about 5’2”, about 22 or 23 and weighing a mere 105 lbs or so.  Wanting to check out this cute little thing even closer, he walked quickly and closed the gap to within a few feet of the front entrance to the hospital that was being remodeled at the time.  Behind her at the narrowed entrance, Marcus felt his cock twitching as he observed the sparkle of her diamond ring on her left hand.


As the beauty waited for the elevators with some others, Marcus licked his lips in gazing at the trim body dressed in a white blouse, black skirt and 3” black heels.  He turned into the gift shop across the corridor and pretended to look at some magazines but his eyes were focused through the plate glass upon the sexy young beauty.  As she entered the elevator and turned towards the front, Marcus muttered ‘Damn, so beautiful …………… young and innocent looking!’  Headed back out to the street to get back to work, Marcus made note of the details the beauty’s car along with its license plate number.

Hurrying back to the auto repair shop, Marcus told his boss that he had to run a quick errand and would make up the lost time by staying late.  Armed with the handy car door opener that slipped down the outside of door’s glass, it took but a few seconds for Marcus to have the door opened and him sitting in the driver’s seat.  Opening the glove compartment, he then retrieved the packet containing the car registration.  Marcus smiled as he copied the registration that read ‘Cheryl Fukumizu’ ‘314 Forest Ave. Apt. 202’.

Once off work, Marcus made his back to the visitor’s parking lot at the hospital.  He was surprised to see the beauty’s car still parked there.  He wondered when she’d be leaving, but figured it have to be by 8 p.m. when visitor hours ended.  Looking around, the thought entered his mind to wait for the beauty to reappear at her car, then grab her and rape her in her car or drag her off into the nearby shrubbery.  But then a security guard drove into the parking lot with his small three-wheeler to check things out.

Figuring that it’d be to dangerous to pull it off in the parking lot, especially with everyone leaving about the same time and with the security guard patrolling the lot, Marcus then told himself ‘Stupid shit ……………use yer fuck’n head!  Ya got the bitch’s fuck’n address ………….use it!’  Going back to the shop and getting his car, he then checked the map and made it out to Forest Ave.

At the hospital, Cheryl dutifully helped feed her fiancé as he sat rather helplessly in the bed with both arms held upright in casts.  An accidental fall at work had her handsome Merv with two broken arms that were anticipated to heal properly but there would be the inconvenience of the required casts and a week long hospitalization.  Cheryl had been only too happy to help, taking off several hours that afternoon from her job as a legal secretary.

At the age of 23, Cheryl couldn’t be happier, especially after having met Merv in her junior year of college and getting engaged on the night of their graduation.  It had been love at first sight and Cheryl had to thank her sorority sister who insisted that she come along to the dance held by the fraternity across the way.  Once they were introduced to one another, they had spent the entire night together, chatting and dancing in each other’s arms.  From then on, they had become separable, always holding hands and her sorority sisters referred to them as the ‘lovebirds’.

So much in love with her loving fiancé, Cheryl shivered at the thought that she had nearly succumbed to the temptations of the flesh the past weekend before Merv’s injury.  She could recall that night so clearly, snuggling up on the couch with her handsome fiancé when they returned to her apartment after a nice dinner date, Cheryl had melted under his touch and for the very first time allowed Merv to slip his hands under her pullover sweater.

Shivering under the touch of his fingers on her budding nipples that were then covered by only the thin lacy bra that she had worn, Cheryl had closed her eyes as her hands slipped up Merv’s thighs.  Curious, never having been so bold before, Cheryl wanted to or more so needed to touch her fiancé’s manhood.  Thumbs flicking at her sensitive nipples, Cheryl found herself clenching her thighs to stem the flow of her love juices, then gasped as she felt the throbbing and growing manhood under her fingers.

But as quickly as things had gotten out of control, the sudden reality of what was taking place sank in and Cheryl quickly withdrew her hands, pulling Merv’s exploring hands from under her sweater and sent him on his way.  Panting to catch her breath and to        compose herself, Cheryl apologized for making him stop but told her disappointed fiancé that the rest would have to wait till their wedding night.  In bed that night, Cheryl was so thankful that she had found the resolve to stop when she did, otherwise the preservation of her chaste body for her wedding night would certainly had been destroyed.

Arriving at the apartment complex and parking her car in an empty stall, Cheryl got her purse and locked the driver’s door, then proceeded up the flight of stairs to her apartment unit.  With her fiancé always being her protector, Cheryl felt so proud that this time she was the one able to care for him while he was laid up in the hospital and even fed him his supper.  Locking the front door and putting the safety chain to secure it, she then proceeded into her bedroom to undress and get into her home clothing.
Once he had seen the young beauty drive up alone and park her car, Marcus made a beeline to the spot in the closet that he had chosen earlier.  Now knowing that she was indeed alone, he stripped off all his clothing in anticipation.  Hidden away in the far end corner of the bedroom closet, Marcus peered out of the slits of the folding door.  With the lights being turned on, Marcus sucked in his breath upon seeing the petite beauty enter the bedroom.  Then, Marcus watched as the sexy young woman took off her watch and jewelry to place them on top of the dresser.

Marcus watched intently as the beauty moved a bit to stand at the foot of her bed as she began to unbutton the front of her white blouse.  Blouse pulled out of her skirt and removed, Marcuse then watched as the unsuspecting beauty stepped out of her heels.  Marucs stroked his throbbing boner as she unbuttoned her skirt, pulling down the zipper and stepping out of the garment.  With her clothing in hand, Marcus watched as the beauty bent to pick up her heels and walk towards the closet.  Pressing himself back against the wall, he watched the folding door open, heels placed on the floor and a hangar obtained to hang up her clothing.

Cheryl then turned to obtain her shorts and blouse hanging on a hook behind the bedroom door.  "Mmmmmffffffffffff  ……………………..mmmmmmpfffffffff!" she tried to scream against the large hand that was suddenly clamped over her mouth.  A chill of fear coursed throughout her body, knowing that an intruder was in the privacy of her home.  Blinking back the tears of fright and terror, Cheryl found that her sobs and cries for help were muffled by the hand clasped tightly over her mouth.

Rigid with fear, shuddering as the intruder’s wet tongue licked her earlobe, Cheryl heard the man’s gruff voice whisper "Don’t fight me and ya won't get hurt, sweetie!"  Frightened out of her mind, Cheryl found herself frozen with fear, unable to struggle in the grasp of this far stronger assailant.  "Gonna take my hand away from yer mouth now!  Ya scream and ya'll get hurt real bad …………………..ya understand?" she heard him say.  Panting with fear, afraid of being hurt or killed, Cheryl could only nod a ‘yes’ in response.

Panting with absolute fear, Cheryl could only sob out “Please …………………….please ……………please don’t hurt meeeeee!  Please …………..please leave ……………I …………………I won’t tell anyone you were here!”  Cheryl could only close her eyes and shudder in revulsion as her assailant responded by crossing his arms in front of her, serving to both hold her tightly to him as well as to allow his hands to cup and fondle her breasts through her lacy white bra.

The pleasure of having her breasts touched and fondled by her loving fiancé was one thing but this certainly could not be happening to her now.  Not this unwanted pleasure coursing through her innocent body caused by this stranger ……………..this black stranger as his arms and hands indicated …………………..who’s thumbs flicked at her budding nipples through her thin lacy bra in the same way in which her fiancé had done before she had stopped him.

Only now, Cheryl was unable to put a stop to this as the man pinched and flicked at her sensitive budding nipples.  She then shuddered and trembled with fear as the man’s hands were now slipping into the lacy tops of her bra cups, touching her bared nipples with his rough thumbs and fingers.  Cheryl sobbed uncontrollably as tears flowed down her face, feeling so ashamed of having another man touch her in such an intimate manner that she had even refused her handsome fiancé.

Suddenly the hands slipped out of her bra cups and Cheryl felt herself being spun about, her assailant’s strong hands were now upon her shoulders and pushing her down to a kneeling position on the bedroom floor.  Cheryl gasped loudly, eyes widening in sheer horror upon seeing what was waving right before her terrified face.  It seemed as if it came from far away as she heard her assailant say “Reach out and feel a ‘real’ man fer a change, sweetie!”  Hesitating with fear, Cheryl was forced to comply when her hair was pulled hard and the gruff voiced now loudly ordered “Do it, BITCH!”

Afraid for her life, Cheryl reluctantly reached out with both hands, cringing with fear and then with disgust as her hands touched the hot sticky flesh.  Not knowing what to do, Cheryl merely closed her fingers around the fleshy shaft, finding that it was so thick that she was unable to fully encircle it with her fingers.  “Pump it, bitch!  Pump my fuck’n cock!” she was instructed.  Reluctantly complying with the outrageous demand being made upon her, her fingers automatically tightened as she began to fist the throbbing and still expanding manhood.

Shivering with fright, Cheryl could not take her eyes off the opening and closing of what looked like a tiny mouth at the tip.  Then she heard her assailant say “Give me a kiss, sweetie!"  There was no mistaking the meaning of that statement as she knelt on her knees with her face just inches away from the pulsating shaft in her hands.  "Please …………..please ……………..please ………………I ……………I can’t!  It …………it’s ………….oh, please don’t make me do anything so ……….so ………………..filthy!" she pleaded as her stomach churned and body shuddered in revulsion.

Feeling sick at the repulsive thought of putting this man's filthy penis into her mouth, Cheryl closed her eyes and shuddered, her stomach churning in utter revulsion.  'Oh, God …………..this man is sick ……………………depraved ………….…………wanting me something so awful ………………..wanting me to put his filthy ‘thing’ in my mouth!' she shuddered.

"Open yer purty eyes, sweetie!" Cheryl heard the gruff voice command and then felt the sharp painful yank upon her hair, forcing her to comply.  Opening her eyes, Cheryl shuddered upon see the bloated cockhead just inches before her horrified eyes.  Head unable to move due to the tightly gripping hands as the back of her head, Cheryl’s body quivered as the fleshy bulb moved closer to rest on the bridge of her nose, even though she tried desperately to push against the base of the advancing stem.

Cheryl looked up pleadingly to see the sneer of her big black assailant and realized that she would receive no mercy from him.  As the thick cockhead moved down the top of her nose, down to her upper lip, Cheryl then felt the bulblike head pushing up against her lips and tightly clenched teeth.  Unable to utter a word, afraid to open her lips in fear of providing an opening, Cheryl could only shudder in disgust.  ‘Oh, God ……………oh, God ……………..he can’t expect me to do such a filthy thing!  God ………………..I’ll die if he puts his ‘thing’ in my mouth!’ she shuddered.  Sobbing uncontrollably, Cheryl clenched her teeth tightly, determined not to be sullied by such a filthy and depraved act.

“Aieeeeeeeee ………………ahhhmmmmphhhhhhhhhh!” was the yelp and muffling sound that Cheryl emitted as a result of the painful yank upon her hair followed by the fleshy bulb forcing its way into her mouth.  One hand at the base of the cockstem, the other hand immediately above the first, Cheryl grasped upon it tightly in an attempt to prevent her violator from pushing more of it into her mouth.  But still there were several more inches of the thick manhood and the hands wrapped tightly in her hair was forcing her head to bob up and down the remaining third of its length.

Hearing the sobbing and gurgling beauty from beneath his legs, Marcus began to fuck into her innocent young face with earnest, wanting her to always remember the first time she ever took a cock into her mouth.  Holding her struggling head firmly as he pushed his hips forward, Marcus forced the bulblike cock down into her tight constricting throat.  Seeing the whites of her eyes as the beauty was obviously unable to breathe around his invading cock, Marcus withdrew it from deep down her throat to allow her get some air, yet keeping the head of his cock in her mouth.

With just his cockhead along with about four inches, Marcus began face fucking the delirious young woman in earnest.  Tilting her head up to him, wanting to see her reaction when he exploded in her mouth, Marcus chuckled upon seeing her expression and laughed out loud “Damn ………………baby, ya’s always gonna remember yer very first cocksuck ……………………..where ya really got fucked outta yer mind!”

With her petite hands pushing against his thighs to get her mouth off his cock, Marcus held her head firmly as he sawed in and out.  “Ohhhh, baby ………………….ahhhhh ……………….gonna blow ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he shuddered as he blew his load right in her mouth.  With her lips tightly encircling his thick cock, there was no where for his sticky jizz to go but down her reluctant throat to form a lake in her churning belly.

Sated for awhile, cock withdrawn, Marcus could see that the heaving beauty was about to lose her cookies all over the floor. Grasping her at the elbow, he helped the trembling beauty up and let her staggering over into the bathroom where she immediately leaned over the toilet bowl and began barfing out his slimy load along with the contents of her belly.  When she was finally done and trying to get her breath, Marcus pulled her back up and let her get to the basin to rinse her mouth.  Leading the still sobbing beauty back to her bedroom, Marcus then grasped the back of her lacy bra and gave it a yank, breaking the thin metal hook in the process.  Pulling the straps off her shoulders and arms, he then tossed the flimsy garment aside.

Pushing the sobbing beauty onto her bed, he then grasped the waistband of her panties and pulled the silky garment down her trim legs.  “Please …………….……….please ….…………………please don’t rape me!  Please ………….please …………..I ……………I ……………please ………………..noooo ……………please ………………….I …………….I’m a virgin!” came the pleading sob as Marcus spread her thighs apart and got his cockhead up against her tight slit.  Quickly pushing her legs up, his hands grasped the soles of her feet to straighten her legs upright.  Pushing her legs over her head, Marcus then leaned the top of his body forward to place the back of the beauty’s trim legs running up along his muscular chest and her petite feet on each side of his face.

Reaching forward, with one hand over the other, Marcus clamped his hands tightly over her mouth.  Then his feet left the bedroom floor as he dropped his full body weight onto the beauty’s petite body, cock spearing her in the process.  “Aiemmmmmmmmppphhhhh ……………………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmphhhhhhh!” came the muffled scream from the agonized beauty as Marcus’ thick cock penetrated her tight slit and ruptured her precious hymen in the process.  Shivering with excitement, holding himself still so as not to cum too quickly, Marcus sucked in his breath through his teeth as the thick bloody mucous coated his raping cock.  Delighted that he had indeed guessed right, Marcus gloated at the thought of just having stolen another man’s most prized possession, that of breaking in his precious young bride-to-be.  “Ohhh, baby!  I’s jist went and copped yer precious little cherry!  Made a woman outta ya!” he taunted the agonized beauty.

Seeing the tears of pain and shame flowing from the corner of her eyes, Marcus pushed in further and felt her body shudder from the onslaught, then withdrew a bit only to slam himself forward again.  “Nnnnnnnnnnn ……………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came the muffled cries of pain from under his tightly clamped hands.  But that only served to spur Marcus on, causing him to withdraw a bit and then slam forward again, burying himself even deeper into the quivering body beneath him.  Taking his hands from the mouth of the sobbing and delirious beauty, Marcus reached up to grasp her petite soles and pushed her legs back to bend her nearly in two.  He then began to slam in and out of her once innocent body with the entire length of his thick cock.  Slicing into the thick mushy pit, looking down to see the bloody mess between their bodies, Marcus began to speed up the fuck to jack-hammer speed.  Then he felt her body convulse uncontrollably and heard her moan “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Then Marcus felt her petite become rigidly tense as she pressed upwards onto his raping shaft, her legs taunt, feet pushing against his hands and he observed her toes curling as a result of the mind-shattering orgasm rocking her innocent young body.  Bending his head forward, he ran his wet tongue under her tiny toes, taking several of her cute little toes into his mouth.  Continuing to fuck into her, feeling her begin to come down from her mind-shattering orgasm, he took his mouth off her tiny toes and taunted “Shame on ya, sweetie!  Gonna marry yer fiancé and ya cream all over another man’s cock?  Ya gonna tell yer man that ya came on a big black cock?”

“Please ………………..please ………………please stop …………………please ………………..oh, please don’t …………..don’t do it in me ………….pleaseeeeeee!” Cheryl pleaded, looking up pleading to her evil rapist.  But seeing the evil grin form upon his sinsister face, Cheryl knew that her rapist had no intent of not finishing in her, leaving her with the potentially horrid consequences from such a vile mating.  ‘Oh, God ………..he’s robbed me of my virginity …………………and now he’s intent on spewing his filth in me!  Ohhhhhhh …………………what if he gets me ………….PREGNANT!’ she worried.

Speeding up the fuck, plowing through her bloody vagina, Marcus taunted the raped beauty “Da man yer gonna marry outta thank me fer saving him from this bloody mess!  Ya two planning on starting a family right away?  Lemme help ya two out …………oh, baby ………………….gonna cum ……………….gonna cum in ya!   Ohhhh, baby ……………………gonna git up knocked up real good ………………………….ahhh …………………argggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Spurt after spurt erupted from his throbbing cock as Marcus spread her legs wide and then fell atop her petite body, filling her fertile womb to the brim with his hot potent seed.  With the raped beauty sobbing next to him, Marcus took great pleasure in purposely expanding his still throbbing cock in her raped slit, causing her to sob even louder in her shame.  “Oh, sweetie, yer one good fuck!  Ya gonna make yer man real happy!” he taunted.  Another long twitch of his cock, he then laughingly added “And yer gonna make a good mama fer my little black bastard!”

An hour later, after getting the raped beauty up on all fours, Marcus then took her doggie style as he taunted “Yeah, baby ……………fuck’n ya like a bitch in heat!”  After pulling out of the raped beauty, Marcus looked down at the weeping beauty lying next to him curled up in the fetal position.  Looking down at the perfectly shaped ass, he was really tempted to get her up on all fours and bugger her.  Reaching down to caress her soft creamy ass, his middle finger went in search of her tight little asshole.  But the raped beauty then turned over to get her ass away pleading with him “Please ………….please …………….please ………….no …………… more ………….no more please!”

“Ah, baby ……………I’s was getting tempted on busting in that cherry little ass of yers!  But I’s a real nice guy …………..I’s jest gotta get my fuck’n rocks off one more time before I split!  Tell ya what ………………ya jest jerk me off with those soft purty hands of yers and I’s leave yer purty ass alone!” Marcus advised.  Seeing how quickly she took him up on the opportunity of saving her pretty little ass, he laughed as her hands grasped his throbbing hardon and began shucking him off.

Feeling her soft pretty hands jerking on his stem get him to his climax quickly, Marcus just smiled at her desperation, enjoying the sight of her desperation as well as the sparkling diamond ring adoring her ring finger.  Having already cum several times already, his staying power was all the more resilient and Marcus wanted to laugh at her desperate pumping actions.  Finally, as he was getting ready to blow his wad, Marcus reached out with one hand to capture her petite ones upon his cock, then used his other hand to grasp her by the hair and hold her head still.  Seeing her eyes widen in horror as she realized his vile intent, Marcus laughed aloud as his cum burst straight out, right into her cringing face.

Dressed and ready to leave, Marcus turned to gaze upon the lovely Asian doll as she sobbed upon the bed.  Only this pretty Asian doll was now broken, legs widespread with a flow of blood and cum oozing out of her raped slit.  With her pretty face covered in thick streaks of his sticky male cum, Marcus wished that her loving fiancé could see the lovely gal he would soon be marrying at this very moment.  Lust sated for the time being, Marcus exited the apartment and made his departure.

End of Story.