Asian Cherry Popper II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a
direct continuation of the earlier story entitled: Asian Cherry Popper I
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Having now gotten away with committing two vicious assaults, Marcus Turner's lust for lovely innocent Asian beauties was on a rampage.  His thoughts were now totally consumed in the scouting out of such beauties, following their every movement, then creating a devious plan to possess her.  'Damn, can't get any better than the record I'm setting!  Two for two thus far - two sweet Asian beauties - both engaged to be married - and I got to pop their precious little cherries!' Marcus chuckled in delight.

His last conquest had been by chance when he was walking in front of the parking lot to the nearby hospital.  Marcus had spotted her getting out of her car, then followed closely behind as she proceeded to visit someone in the hospital.  Seeing the sparkling diamond ring on her finger had peaked Marcus' interest in the beauty and he was then determined to physically possess her.  With security guards patrolling the parking lot from time to time, grabbing the unsuspecting beauty appeared to be out of the question.

Working at an automotive repair shop, Marcus had ready access to the opener bar that slide down along a car's window and then simply opened the door in no time at all.   Having done this to gain entry into the beauty's car, he obtained her address from the vehicle's registration, then relocked the door and departed.  Only his departure from the parking lot was to the destination of the beauty's home, when he accosted her and raped her of the precious virginity being saved for the man she was soon to marry.

Walking near the hospital once again, he hoped to spot a little beauty that fit his needs as Marcus was now horny as hell.  It had been weeks he had pulled off his last caper and now needed to sate his lust once again.  But not any Asian beauty would do, as Marcus set some high goals in the beauties that he pursued.  In addition to being beautiful, the lovely Asian gal had to be innocent looking and above all sporting a sparkling diamond ring on her finger.  With the Asian culture quite conservative, Marcus had learned that there was a better than average chance that by finding an unmarried Asian beauty, her cherry might just still be intact.

At the age of 24, Kaori Fujino R.N. loved her job as a nurse at Memorial Hospital.  She enjoyed caring for people and it was a dream being fulfilled from as far back as she could remember.  A year ago, she had fallen in love with Rick Miller, a handsome intern that had been captivated by her charm and beauty.  Just two months ago, Rick had proposed to her and presented her with a sparkling diamond for the celebration of their engagement.  Kaori readily accepted the proposal from her handsome suitor.

Driving up into the employees' parking lot, Kaori had not paid any attention to the man that had been walking on the sidewalk and approaching towards her care as she turned onto onramp that led to the employees' area on the second floor.  And that man had made a note of the car she was driving and had run up the stairway.  As she locked the car door and headed to the walkway taking her to the entrance of the hospital, Kaori was totally oblivious to the man moving rapidly and about to catch up with her.

With the lovely nurse being greeted by a coworker as she entered the lobby, Marcus milled around the directory while pretending to look at it.  Then his prey and her friend walked into the nearby cafeteria, standing in line to get a cold drink.  As the two gals sat down at a table, Marcus got into line behind an elderly couple, then got a cup of coffee.  With the table behind the Asian beauty empty, he hoped the elderly couple wouldn't take it so he could sit there.

Marcus sighed in relief as the elderly couple was slow in getting their utensils, allowing him to rush over and grab the desired table from himself.  Having carried the afternoon paper with him, Marcus opened it up and pretended to read it as he sipped on his cup of coffee.  But he was all ears, trying to eavesdrop on the conversation behind him.  Apparently the two gals had worked together before but now were on different shifts or floors, as the other gal asked "How have you been, Kaori?  It's been so long since we got together!"

"Oh, it's been wonderful!  I really enjoy working in the maternity ward!  And with Rick interning in gynecology, I get to see him when he makes his rounds on the floor.  I'm just hoping the new adjoining wing gets completed soon so we can make the move there!  It's supposed to have all the state of the art equipment in caring for the infants!" Kaori advised her friend.

"From that sparkle of the rock on your finger, I see that you've landed the handsome young doctor!" Marcus heard her friend say.  Then he heard the young beauty giggle and reply "Yes, it's been two months now!  I was so shocked when he actually got down on his knees and proposed to me when we were at my parents home for dinner!"  Marcus got a hardon when her friend teased "Bet that intern's been trying to practice up on his examination techniques a lot, huh, Kaori?"  "Uh, uh ……………no way!  He's tried, that's for sure!  But I told him the first examination will only take place on the night we're married!"

With the two gals rushing off to get to their respective floors before the new shift began, Marcus felt his throbbing hardon threaten to break through his pants as he sat and watched the petite beauty leave the coffee shop.  He did not want to draw any attention to himself by getting up and following them, especially he knew where she worked.  'Damn what a sexy little beauty!  She must only be about 5'2" and about 110 lbs!  I'd sure as hell would luv to feel that bitch squirming under me!  It'd sure be fun ………….having a bitch less than half my weight screaming and wiggling under me!  And it sure sounds like there's a cherry just waiting fer me to pop!' he mused.

Going back out into the lobby, Marcus once again went to the directory, only this time to check out where the maternity ward was located.  Then he looked for the elevators and proceeded toward the direction of the sign.  Going up to the third floor, several nurses were waiting for the elevator as they had just gotten done with their shift.  Milling around behind some onlookers into the nursery, Marcus swallowed as the lovely Asian beauty was holding up a baby for a jubilant father who waved from behind the glass.

Marcus let another fellow in front of him shield his face from the lovely beauty as he did not want to draw her attention.  As the nurse was busy holding the baby up, he then peered around the fellow shielding him from view to read her nametag of 'Kaori Fujino, R.N.'   Cock hard as a rock, Marcus couldn't help but to think 'Oh, sweetie ……………how'd ya like to be holding yer own little baby in yer arms!  O'l Marcus here is certainly able and willing to make that belly of yers bulge out like a big watermelon!'

As the crowd thinned out, Marcus wandered back towards the elevator so as not to attract anyone's attention, especially that of the lovely nurse.  He saw a thick plastic covering the opening of the wing under construction and could make out some faint pounding going on.  A few minutes later, he then saw a bunch of workers with hardhats exit from the new wing, hearing one fellow remark "Glad the day's over!  I'm pooped!"  Marcus then inquired if this was the new maternity wing they were working on and got an affirmative response.

Milling around the 3rd floor lobby a bit, with no other workers exiting the new wing nor any noise coming from there, Marcus looked about as he stepped under the taped off area that merely had a sign saying 'Construction Zone - Do Not Enter!'  He scouted out the new wing, finding most of the rooms ready for use, with even the new hospital beds in the rooms.  It appeared that basically only the nurses' station and hallway to the lobby remained to be completed.

Before leaving the hospital, Marcus inquired as the visiting hours and learned that it ended at 9 p.m.  Going out to the employee's parking lot, he observed the car in which the lovely nurse had arrived.  Thinking only with his aching head between his legs, Marcus was now obsessed with the innocent beauty and had to stake his claim upon her.  'Yeah, I's gonna stake my claim all right!  Shove my stake right up that tight little cunt of hers!  Damn, I's jist gotta her ………….my swollen balls are fuck'n aching!' he panted.

Just as Marcus was thinking of later using the door bar to get in and hide on the floor of the backseat, he heard the familiar puttering sound of the patrol carts that the security personnel used.  Continuing on his way, not wanting the guard to stop him, Marcus concluded that attacking the beauty in her car was just not feasible with so many employees coming to their cars at the same time and the patrols of the parking lots by the guards.

He had previous told himself to take his time and be cautious before seizing a prey or he'd be behind bars for a hell of a long time.  A thought went through his mind of waiting in his car outside of the exit to the parking lot, then follow her home.  But that left a lot to chance, that of losing her in traffic, with there also being the possibility of her living with parents or having roommates along with the chance of her residing in a secured building.

Just before visiting hours was over, Marcus took the elevator up to the 3rd floor.  Looking about as others in the elevator disappeared into the maternity ward, Marcus checked out the vantage points and saw the curved mirror that would allow him to see people at the elevator if he hid out behind the dark plastic sheeting.  With the wing under construction closed off and no lights on, he could also peer out from the sides and get a view partially down the hallway of the current maternity ward.  But it was still so iffy with a number of things going wrong and he'd have to abandon his conquest for the night.  Quite determined though, Marcus figured if the innocent beauty left with others, he'd run down the stairs and see if he could then surprise her in the parking lot.

When the new shift came on, Marcus' heart sank in seeing his lovely prey with three other nurses standing at the elevator.  But luck was on his side as the sexy nurse suddenly stopped and told her coworkers "I just remembered ………….I need to brief Connie on Mr. Atkins' medication!  You girls go ahead!  I'll be fine!  In fact, I'll pay Rick a visit later!"  Marcus watched as the elevator door closed and the sexy nurse was about to return to the ward.  Thinking quickly, Marcus moaned loudly "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………………anybody out there?  Please …………..can somebody help me!"

With her nursing instincts at the forefront, Kaori merely thought that a construction worker was lying injured in the ward being built.  Rushing over to the dark plastic sheeting, she called out "Are you injured?  Hold on, I'll find the lights!  Where are you?  Call out to me!"  Then a shudder of fear and terror coursed throughout her body as a hand was suddenly clamped over her mouth and Kaori found herself being dragged down the long hallway towards a dim light shining under a doorway.

Having been earlier briefed in a staff meeting, Kaori realized that once a hospital room's door was closed, the room was basically soundproof since the new up-to-date equipment at the nurses' station was to alert them of any unusual noise or problem in a patient's room.  Now she was being dragged into such a hospital room and the door was been closed behind them.  Her assailant was very strong, much stronger and bigger as Kaori realized that she was nearly helpless in his grasp.  The light blinded her for a second, then she saw the reflection of a small mirror that her assailant was a big muscular black man.

Kaori heard the man's gruff voice telling her "Can't hear a thing once ya close the door to these rooms!  Could barely hear them working on the wing from the elevator area!  Ya can scream all ya want when's I's let go of ya!  Ya go ahead and scream ……………I's jist love to hear a purty little thing like ya scream!"  Kaori shuddered as the arm around her waist now started to move upwards and the big black hand was cupping her left breast through her uniform and bra, fingers pinching at her now budding nipple.

'Oh, God ………….nooooooo!  No!  Please, no!' Kaori prayed.  Frozen to the spot, she sobbed out as the hand over her mouth was removed "Please ……………..please ……………no, please …………………please let me go!"  But now, her strong assailant had both of his hands cupping her breasts, squeezing them and then pinching at her nipples.  Tears in her eyes, this was what she had only allowed her fiancé to do, but merely just light petting from when they had gotten engaged.  And she knew that this horrible nightmare was just beginning, though she hoped that her assailant would be satisfied with just this amount of touching.

Suddenly released from her captor's grip, Kaori moved quickly out of his reach and backed away from her smirking attacker.  "Please …………….please don't hurt me …………..please ………………I beg you!  Please leave ……………….I won't tell anyone you were here!" Kaori pleaded.  But to her dismay, she heard his daunting reply "Don't ya worry, sweetie, I ain't gonna hurt ya!  And I don't think ya gonna tell anyone about me!  Not after ya and me make some beautiful music together!"  Tears flowed from Kaori's eyes for there was no mistaken what this man meant by making beautiful music together.  'Oh, God ………………he's planning to rape me!' she realized in horror.

"Now, sweetie …………………ya can either start taking off that uniform of yers …………….unless ya want me to do it fer ya!" Kaori heard her assailant advise.  Holding her arms up across her breasts, she shuddered in fear to see her sneering assailant reaching into his pocket and then flicking open a long switchblade.  Seeing the glisten from the shining silver blade, Kaori choked back a sob, afraid now that she would be killed or scarred for life.  As her assailant took a step towards her with the menacing knife held out before him, Kaori stammered out "Please …………….no, pleaseeeeee ………………..I ………………I'll do it!"

Marcus smiled upon seeing the innocent beauty steeling herself with courage to go through with the ordeal he was putting her through.  Taking a short step back to ease the tension, Marcus leaned against the cabinet and instructed the frightened beauty "Okay, sweetie!  Lemme get a peek at the purty panties yer wearing!  Lift up the bottom of that there uniform ya got on!  Gimme a thrill!"  Marcus enjoyed the show tremendously as the scared beauty reached down to slowly lift the hem of her uniform up to show him her wares.

Kaori tried desperately to think, trying to remember anything from her psychology classes that would help her to talk her way out of this dilemma.  Complying with his demands, Kaori slowly lifted the hem of her uniform to bare herself as she had to no one else, not even for the man she was engaged to be married to.  She shivered upon looking at the man's leering black face and white teeth showing from his salacious grin.  Then upon hearing his next demand, Kaori complied as she began to unbutton the front of her uniform.

Uniform unbuttoned down the front with her assailant's devious eyes taking in her sexy body, Kaori felt so vulnerable and helpless, praying that she could somehow talk this evil man out of doing her harm.  Afraid of what was to be demanded of her next, Kaori stepped back a bit and bumped into the nearby hospital bed.  Trying to reason with this sexual deviant, she pleaded "Please ……………..I ……………….I'm not the type of girl you want ………………..I don't have any experience!"  But this plea was quickly dashed as she heard him respond "Oh, baby ………………..just what I like best ………………a totally innocent beauty like you!"

Ordered to take off her white nursing shoes, Kaori stepped on the back of her left heel to allow her foot to slip out of it.  Then using her toes, she stepped on the back of her right heel to remove it.  Next she was instructed to hop up onto the bed, then to tantalizingly remove the sheer white pantyhose and bare her sexy legs to her vile admirer.  In complying with his request, Kaori observed him rubbing the hard lump in his pants, then shivered in fear as she prayed 'Oh, God ………………….please don't let this animal …………..rape me!'

Praying that this would all come to an end, Kaori obeyed her next command as she slid down onto her knees.  With her captor approaching and now just a foot away, Kaori shuddered in fear as she was being instructed to pull down the zipper of his pants, with the taunting remark of "C'mon, sweetie …………..just like how you take care of a patient!"  Pulling down the zipper to the man's pants, Kaori nervously reached in, shuddering as her fingers came into contact with his large fleshy penis.

Sure, she had washed many male patients in her care, but only when they weren’t capable of doing so themselves.  And those that she did wash did not have any type of erection, making this the hardest muscle of a male’s manhood Kaori had ever touched.  Though repulsed at the thought of touching a lusting male in this manner, perhaps it was her nursing instinct or keen interest in biology/physiology that had her fingers trying to encircle the width of the throbbing piece of meat.

“C’mon, sweetie!  Pull it on out!” Kaori heard her captor demand.  Holding onto the other side of his pants with her free hand, she struggled to pull out the lengthy manhood from out of its hiding place.  Heart pounding, Kaori swallowed and panted for breath in anticipation of what she would soon be facing with.  Having read and learned about male erections through her nursing courses, Kaori had been led to believe that the average size of an erection would lead to a man’s penis growing to a length of 6 to 8 inches.  But what she was trying to get out of the opening had to be much longer than 8”.

Kaori's eyes widened in total disbelief as the curved penis that she held in her hand twitched and began to straighten out in hardness.  Having never touched a man's aroused manhood before, it was her woman's instinct that had Kaori shucking at the thick piece of meat, watching in amazement as it continued to grow in her hand.  Then she heard her assailant from above say "Oh, purty nurse, tell me what's in yer hand!"  Kaori swallowed hard, then stammered out in response "Your ………………….your penis!"

"PENIS!  PENIS??" Marcus laughed out loud.  "Is that what they's taught ya in nursing school?  What ya's got in yer purty hand is a big black COCK, sweetie!" he added with emphasis.  "Ohhhh ……………..its all big and swollen, nursie!  Please make the swelling go down!  Ya know how to make the swelling go down, dontcha, sweetie?" he mockingly asked.  Seeing her shake her head 'no' as she continued stroking his meat, Marcus advised "It's just like treating a snakebite, honey!  Ya's gotta suck the venom outta it!"

Not believing what she had just heard, Kaori couldn't believe that his evil man expected her to put his penis …………….his cock ……..into her mouth!  Shuddering in revulsion, she realized 'Oh, God …………………he's going to put his filthy 'thing' in my mouth ………………….and do …………….and then do it!'  Feeling her stomach churn, wanting to throw up, Kaori was about to pull away.  But large hands grasped the back of her head and prevented her to do so, forcing her head forward, right up against the thick bony shaft.

The sharp tug on her hair caused her to yelp in pain, causing her lips to part as the thick shaft wedged its way between her teeth.  Jaw forced wide open, Kaori quivered as the fleshy meat slid along her tongue and then bumped up against the back of her throat.  Mouth filled to the brim, with the hands pulling her closer to him as his hips pushed forward, Kaori realized that the evil man intended on pushing it right down her throat.

In her nursing course, Kaori and her fellow students had to practice upon one another in inserting tubes into one another, where swallowing constantly allowed the admittance of a foreign object to be swallowed whole down one's throat.  Using that learned experience, Kaori gagged at first, then swallowed as the bloated cockhead pushed into the entrance of her throat.  Swallowing again and again, Kaori had managed to accomplish the daunting task but began gagging around it as she gurgled "Gggggggg …………gggggggggghhh!"

"Yeahhhh, baby ………………….yer fuck'n amazing!  Ya's gone and ate the w-h-o-l-e damned thing!" Marcus laughingly taunted the innocent and now gurgling young beauty.  Fingers tightly entwined in her silky dark brown hair, just behind her nurse cap, the sound of her gurgling was music to Marcus' ears.  "Oh, sweetie, the man yer gonna marry is one lucky SOB!  He's getting himself one fantastic little cocksucker, that's fer sure!  Ya oughta be proud of yerself ……………….ain't many whores out there can handle my big dong like ya's doing!" Marcus panted out as he face fucked the beautiful young nurse.

Seeing the whites of her eyes as she desperately struggled for life-giving air, Marcus eased his cock out of her throat and mouth till just his bloated cockhead remained enveloped.  Holding himself still till her breathing returned to normal and the color came back into her cheeks, Marcus then resumed face-fucking the young beauty as the fabulous feeling was about to send him over the edge.  Faster and faster his cock slid in and out of her wet mouth, then as his body stiffened, he pulled her head back a bit till only his cockhead remained in her mouth.

"Oh, baby …………………yer doing it ……………………jist about there ……………. …………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Marcus groaned, keeping just a few inches of cock in her hot mouth as his bursting nuts began to fill her mouth.  Seeing her cheeks bloat out as he continued to emptying himself, Marcus knew the inevitable was near as she would be forced to swallow his jizz or choke to death as the building supply of goo had no where to go.  Marcus saw her tilt her head up to him, in a plea for him to pull his cock out of her mouth, but he grinned and advised "Ya gotta swallow it, bitch!"

As she gulped and gagged on his slimy jizz, Marcus chuckled out "Atta, girl!  Swallow it!  Swallow it all down!"   Then Marcus once again pushed his still rigid and lengthy cock back down her throat, pushing even more jizz down into her gullet.  Finally, he slowly pulled out his now dwindling dong out from the beauty's lips, observing her petite body shudder as it was evident that she was not going to be able to hold his lumpy jizz down.

Frantically looking about, Kaori reached out to grab the nearby trashcan, dragging it over to her.  Humiliated beyond belief, Kaori leaned forward to put her head down into the empty trashcan, then her stomach turned and she began belching out the slimy pool of jizz along with whatever she had for dinner that night.  Panting for breath, literally sick to her stomach, Kaori then found her sadistic captor handing her a paper cup full of water as he chuckled "Here, sweetie ……………..I'll play nurse for now …………..ya can rinse yer mouth out with that!"  Grateful for the cup of water, Kaori took a mouthful of water and swished it around, then spat out the remnants of the awful slime and foul matter.

Seeing his lovely prey's breathing getting back to normal as she remained kneeling over the trashcan, Marcus then grasped her elbow and assisted her up to her feet.  "Okay, sweetie, take off yer shoes and then strip off yer neat uniform!  Hop up on that bed so ya can peel off those nylons and show me those sexy legs of yers!" he advised.  Afraid to anger this man, Kaori stepped on the back of her right shoe and stepped out of her tied nursing shoe.  Using her toes, she did the same to her left shoe to step out of it. Bracing her hands upon the mattress and slid herself up onto it.  Biting her bottom lip, Kaori blinked back the tears as she thought of her fiancé and how he loved to caress her legs while commenting on her sexy legs.


Looking at the young nurse baring her sexy legs for him, Marcus licked his lips as the while nylons were being rolled down.  'Damn …………………can't wait to get between those sweet fuck'n legs!  Fuck'n prime eating stuff!' he thought as the sniffling beauty had now rolled down both nylons and letting them fall to the floor at the foot of the bed.  As she held her legs tightly together, trying to cover herself with her arms and hands, Marcus ordered "Okay, sweetie!  Time fer ya to take that bra off and show me those cute little beauties yer hiding!"

Trying to blink back the tears, Kaori reached behind her back to unhook the catch to her bra.  Closing her eyes, she then let the bra cups fall and reveal her bared breasts to the evil man.  Slowly removing the straps, Kaori peeled the strip of garment from her and let it fall to the floor atop of her nylons.  Crossing her arms across of her bared breasts, she tried to cover herself as tears flowed down her cheeks in shame.  Then, upon hearing her captor's command, Kaori then lay back across the width of the bed with her legs dangling down the side of the bed.

With only her nursing cap and panties on, Kaori sobbed in humiliation as she heard the heavy footsteps approaching the bed.  'Oh, God!  Oh, God!' she prayed as rough callused hands touched the outside of her knees and were sliding up along her outer thighs.  'Oh, Godddddddd!' Kaori shuddered as thick fingers were grasping the waistband of her panties and her last protective garment was being pulled down over her hips, baring her sex to this hideous man.  Sobbing, she felt her panties down at her knees and then slithering down the length of her dangling legs and feet.

'Oh, God ……………nooooooooooooo!' Kaori shuddered as a thick finger traced itself up along the slit of her womanhood.  Then it was beginning to insert itself into her.  She sobbed in both shame and fear as her captor taunted "Gonna play doctor now, sweetie ……………just like the man yer gonna marry!  He must luv his job ……………..yeah, getting to touch and finger pussies all day long!  Only I's gonna get the pleasure of fingering his beautiful little bride before he does, huh!  Oh, babyyyy ………………yer so fuck'n tight …………..can't hardly get my middle finger up in ya!"

Fucking the sobbing beauty with his middle finger, her tight dry hole now began to get slick with her juices that began secreting from the unwanted stimulation.  Marcus enjoyed hearing her sob even louder after he had taunted her with "Oh, yeah, baby!  I's getting ya all excited, huh?  Can feel ya juicing all over my finger!"  Faster and faster he finger-fucked the sobbing beauty as loud wet squishing sounds could now be heard emanating at the juncture of her thighs.

Then that invading digit in her sex was suddenly withdrawn, just as the unwanted pleasure was getting the best of her.  Panting for breath, trying to calm her rapidly beating heart, Kaori opened her eyes and blinked to focus them.  She swallowed at the sight of the evil black man's face could be seen smiling as he held up his glistening middle finger to her.  Then her body shivered with disgust as her captor leaned forward to capture his entire middle finger in his mouth, then slowly pulled his pursed lips back as he sucked all the juices off.  Kaori couldn't believe anyone could do such a disgusting thing, more so when the man commented "Man ………………that's pure sweet honey!"

Kaori eyes popped wide open as the evil man ran his long tongue up along his upper lip, then she cringed in horror as he announced "Oh, sweetie ………………I'm gonna luv eating ya out!"  Then hands were pushing at her knees, forcing her legs wide apart.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Kaori screamed out as the man delved down to clamp his wide open mouth upon her sex, her desperately clutching at the sides of the hospital bed.  "Oh, Goddddddddddd ………………………noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" she shuddered as the long wet tongue snake into her slick slit.

Never in her young life had Kaori experienced such a feeling, the unwanted feeling of sheer pleasure coursing throughout her entire body as this evil man's mouth devoured her most private parts.  'Oh, God!  Oh, God!  How can I dare feel any pleasure from thisssssss!' Kaori thought as her body shivered from the unwanted pleasure.  Withering her hips about, trying desperately to buck the slurping mouth off her mound as she clutched the mattress in desperation.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed out as a mind shattering climax rocked her petite body.

Having eating out the sexy young nurse to a wild orgasm, Marcus licked at his slick lips as he quickly began shedding his clothes.  Cock now revived, he was anxious to possess the succulent little beauty.  Arms hooked under her knees, Marcus shuffled up between her widespread legs as he rubbed his thick cockhead up and down the still juicing slit of then now delirious beauty.  Seeing that she was pretty much out of it from the climax he had taken her to, Marcus gave her a couple of light pats on her cheek.

Seeing her eyes open and the expression that reality and sunk back in, Marcus smiled widely as he now grasped her tender asscheeks.  He wanted her to fully be aware of what was taking place and to always remember how her cherry got popped.  "Ready, sweetie!" he asked.  Then, "Banzaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Marcus yelled out as he slammed his entire weight down into her, spearing his lengthy cock right into her tight slit and through her hymen.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Kaori screamed out as a knifing pain coursed throughout her body.  Her precious virginity, that she had preserved for the man she would marry, had been brutally torn and destroyed by this black rapist as he took her without mercy.  There was a loud squishing sound now coming from between there bodies, and Kaori sobbed upon hearing her rapist chuckle "Oh, yeah, baby!  Popped yer precious little cherry ……………………..oh, baby …………………….ya's bleeding all's over me!  Oh, yeah ……………………oh, yeah ………………………..nothing better than popping a bloody cherry!"

Slicing his lengthy cock in and out of the raped beauty, Marcus looked down between their bodies and smiled as he observed the bright red coating on his ebony cock.  Pumping faster and faster, he saw more and more blood gushing out from between their union joint.  He knew that the raped bride-to-be was feeling no pleasure at the moment but he didn't give a damn as he needed to get his rocks off soon, figuring that he'd break her down to wanting it on the next go round.

As the beauty sobbed and pleaded for him to stop, Marcus sped up the fuck and laughingly taunted "Yeah, baby ………………..ya gonna report this to the cops?  Ya gonna tell'em how ya got yerself raped and 'ruined'!  Ya gonna tell the man yer gonna marry that ya ain't got yer cherry no more?"  In and out he pumped into the sobbing beauty, taunting her all the while, telling her "Gonna knock ya up real good, sweetie! Jest think sweetie ……………..ya can squeeze the little brat out from between yer legs right into the hands of yer doctor hubby!  Jest ya think …………… nine months, ya might jest be lying in dis here bed nursing the little bastard I'm gonna fuck into ya!"

From what seemed so far away, the taunting of her rapist seeped into Kaori mind and began to register just what he was saying.  'Oh, God ………………….what if he does get me pregnant?  What am I going to do?  I …………I can't tell Rick that I was raped ………that another man had sex with me!  But what happens if I get pregnant?' she wondered.  Never before believing in abortions, Kaori realized that her attitude on the matter had suddenly changed at this point, something she'd have to seriously consider if this vile mating left her with child.

Then Kaori froze as her rapist slammed himself down upon her, his manhood buried fully in her raped slit as it vibrated and suddenly burst within her.  Her rapist was now grunting next to her ear as he unleashed his vile semen in her fertile womb.  Spurt after spurt, Kaori felt the thick seed filling her to the brim, the hot scum burning her like acid.  Her mind was screaming at her as the thought of the millions and millions of this rapist's spermatozoa attacking her fertile egg would surely leave her impregnated.  This horrifying result was just too much for her fragile mind as everything suddenly went completely dark for her.

The sound of hammers pounding and a buzzing saw startled Kaori awake.  Blinking her eyes as sunlight shone through the open windows, Kaori sobbed upon realizing that her night of terror was not just a ghoulish nightmare but in fact a reality.  'Oh, God …………………..I can't let anyone find me like this!' she realized upon looking down at her raped and ravished body.  She tried to move but the pain wracking her entire body was so intense that Kaori had to slowly ease herself off the edge of the bed.  As she got to the door and locked it, Kaori was thankful that this portion of the new wing was completed and that the construction workers were working at the nurses' station.

Going into the connecting bathroom, Kaori got under a hot shower as she tried to get all the dried blood and scum off her body.  She just wished that there was a bar of soap available to get herself clean, on the exterior anyway.  Fortunately there was a stack of towels available as she could then dry herself.  Making her way back into the hospital room, she began to get back into her uniform so she could leave for home without anyone noticing her distraught state.  Looking about, Kaori found that her pair of white panties had disappeared and realized that her rapist must have taken them with him as his trophy.

Then Kaori realized that she couldn't leave the room in the condition it was in.  Taking the smelly trashcan into the bathroom, she washed it out and flushed the messy waste down the toilet.  Returning to the room, Kaori stripped the blood stained sheets from the bed and bundled them up.  Gathering her things, Kaori hoped to slip out of the wing unnoticed.

As she quietly moved pass the nurses' station, one of the construction workers asked "Are you okay, Miss?  Are you lost?"  Kaori gulped and blushed as she stammered out "I ……………..I work in the maternity ward and just wanted to get a peek on the new wing!"  Out in the 3rd floor lobby, with no one around the front of the maternity ward where she worked, Kaori slipped in and placed the soiled sheets into laundry cart.  With that done, she quickly exited the wing and made her way out to the parking lot.

On the way home, Kaori felt so soiled and defiled, wondering if she should now call off her upcoming marriage to the man she loved so dearly.  'I just can't tell Rick that I was raped!  That a black man put his 'thing' in me ……………..taking my virginity!  That I might end up pregnant with his black baby!' she concluded.  Then her thoughts went back to the times when her exhausted sleep was interrupted with her rapist inserting his big bloated penis into her once again.

'My God …………………how could I?  How could I get an orgasm …………….each time …………………….while being brutally raped?' Kaori asked herself.  'Did I have to respond that way …………………….embracing him like that …………….with him doing it to me like that ………………….raping me with his big black penis?' she chastised herself, recalling just  how she had wrapped her arms around his neck and thrown her legs around his buttocks to lock her ankles together in order to pull him even deeper into her.

Stretching as best as he could in the cramped position of the car, Marcus smiled and thought 'Damn, that was a great fucking lay!  Heh, heh ……………………….she sure screamed bloody murder when I got her up on all fours and shoved it up her tight little cherry butt!  Can't wait till she gets home so I can bugger her again!'  Closing his eyes, Marcus played back that episode, especially when she screamed out "Noooooooooooooooooo ………………………stopppppppp ……………it hurtsssssssssssssssssss …………………………………stopppppppppppppp ……………..noooooooooooooooo ………………………….oh, Godddddddddd ……………….stoppppp …………….stop ……………………….stoppppppppppppp!"

End of Story.