Asian Cherry Popper III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Asian Cherry Popper I and II
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"Three for fuck'n three!  Marcus, my man …………ya sure as hell can pick'em!  Damn, yer good ……………damn fuck'n good!" Marcus Turner congratulated himself on his fantastic scorecard.  It was quite a scorecard, a very unusual one indeed, for it was not one of successful seductions but that of successful rapes of lovely innocent Asian beauties.  Having initiated his lust while stationed in Japan, getting away with a vicious rape, Marcus could not refrain from continuing to seek out more unfortunate victims that crossed his path.

Closing his eyes as he stroked his lengthy boner, Marcus replayed the exciting events of the three rapes that he had committed.  What excited him most was the fact that each of his chosen victims were engaged to be married and that he had popped each of the beauty's precious little cherry when he forced himself into them.  'Damn, that was so fuck'n great …………feeling them squirm and fight me every step of the way …………..hearing each of them scream bloody murder when I popped her fuck'n cherry!' he gloated.

As it had been two weeks since he had raped the beautiful nurse in the new hospital wing under construction, Marcus was horny as hell and once again needed to sate his vile pent-up lust.  Having kept his eyes open, even following several innocent beauties around, none had met the stringent criteria that he had set.  Once he discovered that the lovely beauty was not sporting an engagement ring, Marcus immediately lost interest and curtailed his pursuit of that lucky beauty.

Drinking a cup of coffee while reading the Sunday morning paper, to Marcus' surprise, there she was ……………………the next lovely Asian beauty that he intended on fucking before her wedding date.  The picture that caught his attention was in the section of marriages and engagements, that of the lovely Ms. Jennifer Yamaguchi, who's wedding to a Bert Sanders would be taking place at the end of June.

Licking his lips as he took in her loveliness, Marcus uttered "Damn, so innocent looking!  Fuck, I'd give 5 to 1 odds that this little sweetie's got her precious little cherry in tack.  God, can't wait to hear her scream when I get between her sexy legs and pop her cherry!"  Licking his lips as he continued to gaze at the beauty's photo, Marcus chuckled as he added "But I's gonna give ya a nice wedding present, honey ……………… that'll jist bigger and bigger in that little tummy of yers!"

For Jennifer Yamaguchi, at the young age of 23, she was so exciting upon announcing her engagement to handsome Bert Sanders.  Wanting all her sorority sisters across the state to see that she and Bert would be getting married, especially since they all knew Bert since they had been dating from her junior year in college.  But Jennifer would not have placed the announcement in the newspaper if it had dawned upon her would also draw the attention of a perverted rapist.

Now, with a red circle being placed around her picture, Jennifer was a woman marked for doom and destruction by the sadistic Marcus Turner.  Unwittingly, Jennifer had included information that would make it quite easy for Marcus to begin following her as the article contained the fact that she was an interior decorator with Galaxy Interiors.  From there, all Marcus had to do was to open the phone book for the address of the company she worked at.

Across the street from the employees' parking lot of Galaxy Interiors, peering through a pair of binoculars, it was easy for Marcus to spot the lovely beauty with long black hair as she exited the building with several of her co-workers.  Cock hardening in his pants, Marcus anxiously waited for her to get in and start up her car so he could follow her on home.  Seeing her up close through the aid of his binoculars, Marcus wished that somehow he could get into her panties right at that moment.

Following the unsuspecting beauty for several miles, leaving the populated downtown area for the suburbs, Marcus wondered if she'd be traveling through any desolate areas that he could force her off the side of the road and drag her into the bushes.  Taking a deep breath, knowing that such a move would be the worst thing he could possibly do in regards to avoiding capture of the vicious crime intended, Marcus told himself 'Be patient!  Be patient!  Otherwise, you could be put in the slammer for the next 20 fuck'n years, fool!'

Fortunately for Marcus, he was forced to keep his lust in check even though a couple of heavily brushed areas were passed with no houses in sight.  At each of the potential spots, a lot of cars were approaching in the opposite direction and he could not enact any attempt to force the unsuspecting beauty's car off the road.  Dropping back a bit, he held himself in check, telling himself to bide his time in pursuing this sexy little beauty.

Observing a left blinker on the rear of the car he was following, Marcus slowed down a bit so as not to get too close to the unsuspecting beauty.  As the car turned, Marcus proceeded ahead and sighed in disappointment as he observed a security gate being lowered after the car entered.  Seeing that it was a gated apartment complex, with a security post out front, he realized that it would be very risky to attempt anything at the apartment complex.

Returning to his apartment, it was back to the drawing board for Marcus as there would be no way to break into the beauty's secured apartment building, not without assuming too much of a risk.  'There's got to be a fuck'n way …………………where I's can git the purty little bitch all alone with me!  Jist gotta think this out carefully!' he told himself.  Then, recalling that she was an interior decorator, his mind began churning out a devious plan to accomplish his vile intentions.

Anxious to pull off his plan, having scouted the beauty for the past week, Marcus was now about to initiate it.  Having taken the edge off his lust by paying a hooker to service him over the past weekend, he worked out a deal with the bimbo bitch where she'd get thirty bucks by just talking on the phone to the unsuspecting beauty for a few minutes.  So as not having the bimbo know anything about the unsuspecting beauty, other than her last name, Marcus would place the call and ask the reception for Miss Yamaguchi, preventing the hooker from knowing what firm she worked for.

Dialing the number and hearing the receptionist answer "Galaxy Interiors!  How may I help you?"  "Miss Yamaguchi, please!" Marcus advised.  As the connection was being made, Marcus handed the phone over to Gladys, the bimbo who he had rehearsed the script with several times.  He then listened intently as the conversation commenced "Hi!  My name is Gladys Gordon!  My husband works with your fiancé Bert Sanders and I was told to give you a call for help in decorating my new home!  Any chance of you taking a look at my home today ………..I'm so anxious to get started!"

Seeing Gladys look towards him and give a wink, Marcus smiled and his cock lurched in his pants as he heard the meeting was set for 2:30 that afternoon.  He watched as Gladys read off the address he had earlier provided her with.  The address was for a rental home that Marcus had found while driving about, a perfect location that did not have homes immediately next to it, for it would be all the more exciting to have the lovely bride-to-be squirming and squealing beneath him.  A house that the owner indicated he was able to show on weekends only.

With Bert often referring customers to her, Jennifer did not think to ask any further questions as to the woman's husband.  She was anxious to increase her sales productivity with Galaxy Interiors, wanting to prove herself in the industry.  Checking the time, Jennifer figured that she would check out for the remainder of the day once she left to meet with Gladys Gordon and her husband at 2:30 that afternoon.

Getting into her car, double-checking the map, Jennifer proceeded out of the parking lot and headed off into the direction of the address provided to her.  Driving out of the city and toward the suburban area, Jennifer found the cross-street and shortly found the subdivision she was looking for.  Looking at her watch, Jennifer then realized that it had taken much longer than expected to get here.  The fender-bender holding up traffic certainly had not helped the situation.

Trying to look at the small address numbers on the mailboxes, Jennifer was startled when her cellphone rang in her purse.  Retrieving the phone from her purse, Jennifer smiled in seeing that it was Bert calling for her.  Excitedly answering the phone, she only allowed Bert to say "Hi, babe!  How are you?"  "Hi, honey!  Thanks for referring the Gordons' to me!  I can't really talk right now!  I'm running a bit late and trying to find your friend's house!  Oh, there it is …………… to run, honey!  I'll call you later tonight!  Wish me luck on the sale!"

"Gordons?  I ………………….Jenny?" Bert spoke into the dead phone as Jennifer had hung up the phone on him.  He knew of no Gordons nor had he referred anyone to Jennifer recently as he had been tied up in a major project.  Something just did not seem right for some reason.  Dialing Jennifer's cell number, he then sighed as he got her voicemail which indicated that the phone had been turned off.  Shrugging, Bert hung up the phone and dismissed it, figuring that he could inquire about the Gordons later.

Seeing a car parked in the driveway, Jennifer grabbed her purse and samples as she trotted up the walkway in her heels.  Straightening up her dress and brushing back her long black hair, wanting to look presentable, Jennifer then rang the doorbell.  Putting on a bright smile as the door opened, a shiver of fear coursed throughout her petite body upon seeing a tall grinning black man on the other side of the door.

Looking up in awe, Jennifer could only nod when the man greeted her "Hi, ya must be Miss Yamaguchi, the interior decorator that Gladys mentioned!  Come right on in!"  Finally finding her voice, stepping inside as the man held the door open for her, Jennifer replied "Hi ………….you …………… must be Mr. Gordon!"  She shivered in nervousness in seeing the large black hand being extended to greet her.  Not wanting to offend the man, she extended her right hand, then shuddered as her petite manicured hand was engulfed in a much larger and callused one.

Looking around nervously as the front door was closed behind her, Jennifer stammered "Where ………………..where's Mrs. …………..Mrs. Gordon!"  Upon hearing the reply of "Oh, she should be here any minute now!" Jennifer's heart began pounding in her chest as she realized that she was now all alone in the house with this muscular black man who towered more than a foot over her.  Jennifer wanted to tell the man that she'd go outside and wait for his wife to get home but knew that it would make it quite impolite and give the obvious signal that she was afraid to be alone with him in the house.

Marcus could see the fear register on the beauty's face, giving him a raging hardon that began tenting the front of his pants.  Having done away with his jockeys in anticipation of the big event, only the thin baggy pair of trousers was keeping his boner from pointing straight up towards the young woman's face.  But the tenting of his pants was quite obvious as it drew the scared beauty's eyes down toward the pulsating movement in his pants.  "I ……………I think I'll go outside ………….and wait for Mrs. Gordon!" the frightened beauty announced as she turned to head out the front door.

Just as the petite beauty turned the door handle to pull the door open, Marcus pushed his hand against the solid wooden door to slam it shut, then chuckled "Aw, Miss Yamaguchi ………………….can I call you Jennifer?  Now, ya don't need to go and wait fer Mrs. Gordon ……………………cause there ain't no Mrs. Gordon!  There's only one room here that needs some decorating …………………and I's think ya'll be the only purty thing that's needed!  Yessiree, ya'll be jist what's needed ……………..right on the middle of the king-sized bed!"

"Let me out!  Let me out!  Please ………………I'll scream ……………..I'll scream!" Jennifer threatened as she began to shake with fear.  Then a strong black arm closed over her chest and she was pulled back again the evil man as he nuzzled his face down into her hair and began nibbling at her right ear.  Jennifer was frozen with fear as a thick wet tongue traced her inner earlobe, then began crying upon hearing her assailant chuckle "C'mon, sweetie ……………..let's ya and me go and decorate the bedroom!  And ya won't need all that clothing when I's spread ya out right on the middle of the bed!"

Far away, Bert Sanders sat at his desk and looked at the framed photo of his lovely fiancee on his credenza and wondered how her sale was coming.  Again he wondered just who this Gordon customer was as Jennifer had indicated that it was one of his referrals.  Due to the big project he was working on, he hadn't seen his lovely bride-to-be since the past weekend and as he was working late again tonight, it would be another two days before Friday came.

Gazing at the picture, Bert recalled the fantastic feeling of her soft lips on his during the past weekend.  With Jennifer being brought up in a very conservative household, Bert loved the trembling of her soft lips the first time they kissed with their tongues touching briefly, recalling how she had told him that he was the first man to kiss her in such an intimate way.  As any red-blooded male would, he had tried to see if he could advance any further but then all of Jenny's defenses rose up.  She chided him for putting his hand on her breast, making him stop immediately, telling him that he'd just have to wait till the wedding night.

Closing his eyes, Bert wished that he could be holding Jennifer's soft sexy body up against him right at that moment.  The thought of being the very first man to touch and soon to possess her entirely had him getting aroused in his chair.  Thinking of being the first man to have her, Bert wondered how she would react when he penetrated her body with his aching hardon.  Little did he know that at that very instant, his lovely bride-to-be was being manhandled and being dragged across the living room of a house miles away and into the master bedroom.

Had Bert been a fly on the wall miles away in the rental home, would he have fought with his live to save his love bride-to-be or would his stiff pecker harden even more in excitement upon seeing Jennifer being accosted by a muscular black assailant.  Legs flailing about, he would have seen his petite fiancee lose her white heels as they got caught in the carpeting while being dragged backwards.  Dress torn from her, Jennifer would then be pushed down onto the bed while barely clad in her skimpy bra an panties.

On all fours, Jennifer tried desperately to scramble away, only to be grasped by the hips and dragged back down the bed where she now lay prone.  Hearing a zipper being undone, Jennifer was even more in a panic at this point, realizing that this devious man intended on raping her as she got up on all fours once again to scramble away.  Sobbing, Jennifer then felt hands grasping the waistband of her flimsy pair of panties, feeling the wisp of a garment being pulled down over her trim hips.  Pulled back by the hips till she was at the edge of the bed, Jennifer shuddered in revulsion upon feeling a thick fleshy instrument pushing up against her womanhood.

Clutching at the bedspread in knowing the most horrendous thing that could happen to her was about to take place.  It was so big, like a baby's fist that was probing at her and seeking entrance to her most private parts.  "Please ………………please …………no ……………, please ………………………..pleseeeeeeeee …………………..I …………………..I'm a ……………virginnnnnn!" she pleaded, hoping that it would end this horror by admitting she had never been penetrated before.  But her admittance only brought a wide smile on her assailant's face and anxiety to claim her virginity.


"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………………..nooooooooooooooooo ………………….oh, nooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Pleaseeeeeee ……………….no, no ……………………..stopppppppppppp!" Jennifer cried and sobbed as she was brutally penetrated.  A sheer knifing pain shot throughout her young inexperienced body and Jennifer thought she'd die from the agonizing pain.  Sobbing in pain, she shuddered as her rapist began taunting her.

 "Oh, baby ……………….there went that precious little cherry of yers!  Poor little Bertie boy sure's gonna be disappointed when he finds his innocent little bride ain't so innocent after all!  Oh, yeah ……………hear all that squishing ………………that's all yer cherry juice!" Marcus gloated with pleasure as he fucked inches more of his raping cock into the sobbing beauty.  Pumping in and out, he looked down between her cute little asscheeks to observe his bloodied cock slicing into the innocent little bitch.

"Don't ya worry, little lady, I's gonna give Bertie boy something in return for sampling his purty prize ……………………..yessiree …………………..I's gonna have his purty bride walking down the aisle with a little black bastard in her tummy!" he laughed.  "No ……………….no ……………….no ………………..nooooooooooo!" came the anguished reply as he grabbed her trim hips and slammed himself into her.  At this point, his pent-up lust could no longer be controlled as Marcus kept his cock buried deep in her womb as he shuddered "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….cummingggggggg, sweetie ………………….gonna knock ya up real goodddddddddd!"

Clutching the bedspread tightly in her fists, pain emanating throughout her body, Jennifer shuddered as the hot explosion burst deep within her body.  The hot liquid balm of male seed oozed into every crevice of her fertile womb and Jennifer quivered at the horrid thought of the awful consequences that could result from this brutal rape.  'Oh, God ……………..oh, my God ………………..please ………………….please don't let me get impregnated with this man's black baby!' she prayed.

His now overly sensitive cock beginning to dwindle in the raped beauty's tight sleeve, Marcus pushed her forward a bit and slid out entirely, giving her another push as she fell atop the rumpled bed.  Grabbing her sheer white panties on the bed, he then wrapped it around his bloody cock and wiped the bloody mess off with it.  Sliding off the bed, he went to the refrigerator and popped open a beer from the six pack he had put in there earlier.

Sitting in the armchair next to the bed, Marcus looked over at the still sobbing beauty, waiting for his cock to revive itself.  Finishing his beer, Marcus stood up and grabbed the sobbing beauty by the wrist and pulled her to the edge of the bed, then advised "Git yer ass off the bed and come over here!"  Holding the wobbly beauty by the elbow, he walked her over to the chair he had been sitting on.  Taking a seat once again, he grasped her trim hips and pulled her down towards him, instructing her "Get in the saddle and ride me, baby!  C'mon, grab onto my cock and put it in!"

With the strong hands on her hips, Jennifer was too afraid to disobey his instructions as she reached down to grasp his manhood.  Never having touched a man before, she shuddered upon realizing just how big it was as she was unable to encircle it with her fingers.  Cock in hand, Jennifer obeyed and placed the weapon upright beneath her as her rapist pulled her down right onto it.  Already split wide open by it, Jennifer quivered as the bloated cockhead once again parted her womanhood and became enveloped within her pulsating slit.

Lifted up and pulled back down by the strong black hands, sliding on and off the big black prong, Jennifer bit her bottom lip as an unwanted sensation of pleasure suddenly coursed through her body.  Up and down, time and again, the pleasurable sensations intensified as the speed of the fuck picked up steam.  Eyes closed as she bit down on her bottom lip, Jennifer was oblivious to the fact that her rapist no longer had his hands on her hips.  All the up and down movements were now of her own doing.

Marcus smiled widely in seeing that he had unleashed the wildcat in this once innocent beauty as she was fucking herself up and down on his joystick.  Reaching up, he thumbed her pinkish-brown buds, feeling them harden under his touch as she continued to ride him.  "Hmmmmmmm ……………………hmmmmmmm ………….hmmmmmmmm!" came the mewling sounds of pleasure from the beauty's succulent lips as she continued to jog up and down on his black spear.

"Ahhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came the beauty's moans of sheer pleasure as she plopped her butt down onto him as she squirmed about in her first ever mind-shattering orgasm.  "Argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried out above him as he uncorked his eruption of hot cum far up in her now horny twat.

Later that night, once her rapist had departed, Jennifer was glad to find that the heater was on and the water running in the house.  Standing under a hot shower for nearly forty minutes, she prayed that the vile rapist had not left her with his baby in her tummy.  She knew that she was supposed to call Bert tonight but just couldn't find the nerve to talk to him with breaking down in shame and humiliation.  Blinking back the tears of shame, she decided to merely use her cellphone and leave him a text message, saying that she was tied up with the customer and would call him tomorrow.

Driving back home, Jennifer realized that it had been over a six hour ordeal with the insatiable rapist who had taken her time and time again.  She felt so dirty, unclean, and wondered just how she could go into her marriage in such a soiled condition.  She loved Bret but now felt that he deserved better, someone who hadn't been 'raped and ruined' as her vile rapist had taunted her …………………..when she orgasmed time and time again on his thick, sturdy and spurting manhood.


Picturing the events at the end of the ordeal, Jennifer chided herself 'How could you have done such a shameful thing?  Begging him not to stop ………………..wrapping your arms and legs around him like he was the man you loved …………………..wanting him to continue …………..FUCKING ………….you!  How many times did he take to an orgasm ………………send you into outer space ……………..….can you remember?'

On her wedding day, one that should have been filled with joy and happiness, Jennifer's was one of horror and mixed emotions of going through with the wedding.  With her parents, friends and guests all in attendance, how could she now back out of it.  Sure, she was deeply in love with Bret but how could she marry him at this point, especially with the home test taken earlier that morning showing that she was indeed pregnant with her rapist's black baby.

Walking down the aisle on her father's arm, she gazed down at the front pew where Bret stood along with the best man and ushers.  Worried about Bret discovering the lack of her virginity, Jennifer decided that she would encourage his frat brothers to give him toast after toast till Bret would not be able to think clearly.  With the firm employing Bret having several black men and women there, Jennifer did not think anything of it, until she observed a widely smiling face that she recognized off in the distance.

End of Story.