Asian Cherry Popper IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  This story is being written in collaboration with The Samurai Stud, who will be providing a spinoff
sequel to this entitled 'Vile Vengeance'! This story is also a direct continuation of the
earlier stories entitled:  Asian Cherry Popper I, II and III
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Getting off the short commuter flight and entering the terminal to make his way out to the parking lot, always taking in his surroundings, Marcus’ eyes perked up when he observed the sweetest little Asian beauty walking out of an adjoining jetway with her fellow crew members.  Eyeing up the succulent little beauty, his mouth beginning to water as it had been a bit of a drought for him, a couple of months in fact since his last exploit.  ‘Ain’t this is my fuck’n lucky day!’ Marcus said to himself as his eyes took in the sparkling diamond ring that she was sporting on her finger.

A lucky day indeed for the devious and vile Marcus, a man who always was on the lookout for a lovely Asian beauty, and this sweet and innocent flight attendant certainly did fit the bill.  ‘Yes, indeed …………………..perfect!’ Marcus told himself as he eyed the beauty up and down from head to toe, then ending with his eyes focused at the sparkling diamond on her finger.  ‘No wedding band as yet ………………..perfect, just perfect!’ he thought, licking his lips in anticipation.

But it was quite the opposite as to luck for 23 year old Gwen Nishiyama, having graduated from college a year ago and a flight attendant with TransPacific Air since then, and now engaged to be married.  She was engaged to be married, as signified by the large sparkling diamond on her ring finger, a ring that had placed there not even twenty-four hours ago.  Unbeknownst to Gwen, the combination of her innocent beauty and that especially that engagement ring on her finger had just made her the target of the lusting man walking off to her side.

So innocent and unassuming, having been brought up in a typical middle class home of second generaton Asian parents who were quite conservative with their main value in life was seeing that their children got good educations, Gwen Nishiyama’s values reflected that of how she had been raised.  And one thing that she firmly believed in from her strict upbringing, was that of remaining chaste until the day she got married.  Now, fingering the engagement ring to feel the newness of being the woman betrothed to the man of her life, Gwen looked so forward to becoming Mrs. Dwight Conners.

That sparkling engagement ring, placed on her finger just the night before, was the catalyst that now placed Gwen in a whole lot of danger.  The tall muscular black man following her from a safe distance so as not to be noticed by her or the fellow crew members she was walking with, was not just admiring her beauty, for he had a far more sinister background.  This stalker, a vile man crazed with lust, was indeed one to worry about for he had already committed unspeakable sex acts by forcing himself upon unsuspecting and unwilling women.  This vile man was a serial rapist, having already sated his lust four prior times, and now she was the target being stalked.

With just having a carryon bag and no luggage to claim, this allowed Marcus to continue stalking this lovely unsuspecting flight attendant, with his one hope being that this was her home base.  Still, a lot of luck on his part was needed in achieving the difficult task that he had in mind.  Her based in another city would have meant that his prey and her crewmates would be taking a shuttle to some hotel, making it next to impossible for him to pull of his dastardly deed.  Then, if she was based here and parked in the employee or long-term parking lot, he’d need to get his car out of the parking structure and make it over there in time to get on her tail.

But unfortunately for the young and unsuspecting Gwen Nishiyama, with last night being the evening she considered her luckiest ever in having Dwight down on one knee proposing to her, this day would be of the opposite extreme in terms of her luck as she was now being stalked by a relentless animal intent on ravishing her of her innocence.  Also, with this being her home base, Gwen was headed on home from the airport aby catching a ride with a crewmember who had parked in the nearby lot since she had just a short flying stint for the day.

Everyone getting to know Gwen, meeting with or just seeing her in person, was quite impressed and amazed at how genuine she was in her honesty and sincerity to others.  Even her innocence or maybe naivety was quite obvious, and with her being unmarried as yet, a guy would probably bet his last buck on the fact that she was still pure and untouched ………………a pure virgin!  Unfortunately for Gwen, the vile man now stalking her had that same vision of her, the main reason that he was stalking her.

For Marcus, seeing that look of innocence on the face of this lovely beauty, her cute sexy bod, he took in the sweet young thing from head to toe.  ‘Nice …………….nice body, trim sexy legs, face like an angel!  Damn, I’s jist gotta git me a fuck’n piece of that little sweetie!’ Marcus told himself, his cock giving a twitch in agreement.  ‘Four for fuck’n four so far!  And if’n everything fall into place, this little sweetie promises to be number 5!’ he concluded.

That current record of four for four was Marcus referring to the personal scorecard that he kept, that of singling out sweet innocent young Asian beauties, plotting out a scheme and successful raping each while taking each of their virginity with him.  It had all started when Marcus had been stationed overseas in the Far East, where his lust for an untouched Asian beauty just had to be sated, and from then he only could think with his other head ………………….the thick bloated one between his legs!  Four innocent Asian beauties thus far, each sporting a diamond engagement ring on her finger, each raped and deflowered by Marcus’ big black cherry popper!

Gazing at this succulent little beauty, there was one thing that he knew with absolute certainty, that this sweet Asian honey had never before in her life ever had a man’s cock between her pink lips.  Even though engaged to be married, Marcus surmised ‘No way ……………now way in fuck’n hell would that sweet little bitch go down on a guy, not even if’n they’s gonna git hitched!’  ‘Damn, I’s sure as hell would give anything to fuck that beautiful face of hers!  Godddd ……………….bet she’d gag and puke her guts up, heh, heh!’ he cuckled to himself at the image of her getting sick to her stomach.

Licking his lips as he pictured the beauty on her knees, her beautiful brown eyes filled with absolute terror as he pushed his bloated cockhead down into her throat, making hiim wonder if she'd be able to breathe or die with his big black cock in her mouth.  ‘Damn, jist the thought of it had gotten hard as a fuck’n rock!’ he mused.  Then, as an after thought, he wondered ‘Cherry??  Never know once they git themselves engaged!  But there’s only one sure-fired way to find on out!  I’s jist hope to God she’s based here and I’s can git on her tail before she makes it outta here!’

For innocent and naïve young Gwen, there was not much leeway afforded to her handsome fiancé in regards to liberties beyond that of a mere kiss.  In fact, once after a date, the passionate kiss that he had given her along with his cupping of her breast through her dress had nearly ended things between them.  Dwight Connors then learned as to the pure and wholesome wife that he’d be marrying, and that it was hands off till they were husband and wife.  Though he certainly wanted more, Gwen was the perfect and beautiful woman that he could ever imagine to make his wife, thus making the wait all much more worth the while.

Very much in love with her handsome fiancé, Gwen longed to be in his strong arms and be able to let herself go and allow him to disrobe her, to be able to make passionate love with him.  Gwen certainly looked forward to her handsome groom-to-be taking her on their wedding night once they became man and wife, giving him the honor of taking her virginity, but she would never entertain the thought of taking his penis into her mouth.  In college, some of her rather loose sorority sisters would joke about such things that their boyfriends always liked them to do, but Gwen would just blush with embarrassment.  Such a perverted act was just incomprehensible to her, causing Gwen to wonder how any man would want a woman to degrade herself in such a vile manner or how any woman could think of doing such a filthy thing..

The night before, getting engaged to become the future Mrs. Dwight Connors, had been what Gwen felt to be the luckiest day in her young life.  Now, all her luck had run out as a vile serial rapist had set his eyes upon her.  This being her home base while seated in the front passenger seat of her friend’s car, they were unaware of the car pulling out of its stall when they proceeded down from the fifth level of the parking structure.  A brief stop at the toll booth had the black sedan stopping immediately behind of them, soon to be following them out of the airport.

Dropped off in front of the townhouse that she rented, Gwen thanked her friend for the ride home and waved goodbye as the car pulled away, unaware of the pair of eyes watching from the car parked across the street.  Walking up the steps to the front door, an eerie feeling made her shiver, causing Gwen to look immediately about her, first off to her right and then the left before entering her townhouse.  As she entered, Gwen attached the security chain to the door, then went to the nearby window to peer out through the corner as that eerie feeling still bothered her somewhat.

Gwen then observed a well-dressed black man standing at the driver’s side door of a black sports car and noticed that he was looking in the direction of her townhouse, but seconds later he was getting into his car and pulling out from the curb.  Due to her unassuming and trusting nature, Gwen just shook her head and chided herself for thinking being out of the ordinary and merely dismissed the thought that someone would be stalking her.  Then she was distracted by the ringing of her home phone, and looking at the time, she knew when Dwight said he’d be call from the seminar he had left for that morning.

Licking his lips, Marcus made a left turn at the corner, driving slowly as looked out the window to case the townhouse complex.  He took in the wooden fence surrounding the backside of the entire complex of about fourteen or fifteen townhouses, noting the little ravine that had a small steam crossing through it, then followed by another fenced complex of more townhouses in another development.  Another spin around the block, making note of the exact location of the beauty’s townhouse to the corner one, Marcus again eyed up the ravine behind the complex.

With her fiancé Dwight telling her that the seminar was rather boring, that he would much rather be with her, each cooed their ‘I love you's!’ to one another.  Gwen then excitedly told Dwight how all the gals on the flight had noticed her sparkling new diamond ring and the congratulations she had received from all of them.  It was about a thirty minute conversation as Dwight indicated that he soon had to meet his coworkers down in the lobby before heading out to dinner together.  But during their conversation, the security and safety of her townhouse was being intruded upon.

Having spun around the block twice more and not seeing a soul passing the back of the complex, Marcus began thinking with that other head of his, causing him to throw caution to the wind as he turned around and parked adjacent to the small shallow ravine.  Getting his carryon bag that he had gotten off the plane with, he then got out more appropriate clothing for his hastily planned caper.  Looking about, seeing no one around or approaching, he quickly changed in the car.

Making his way through the ravine, Marcus got to the back of the first floor townhouse that his succulent prey had entered, then he easily scaled the fence with his athletic ability.  And using his expertise in breaking and entering, Marcus was slipping in through the bedroom window.  Going to the edge of the hallway, he could hear the beauty’s sweet little voice as she talked to her honey on the phone.  ‘Damn, she sounds so fuck’n sweet!’ Marcus thought as he made his way back into the bedroom to find a hiding place before she got off the phone.

In the bedroom once again, Marcus gazed at the propped photo atop of the dresser that depicted the punk whiteboy down on one knee and obviously proposing to her.  Then he noticed the small orange imprint down at the bottom right of the photo, indicating the time of 9:30 p.m. and the date being 06/07/2007 ……………..yesterday’s date!  ‘Last night ……………..damn, she just got engaged last night!  Fuck'n unreal!’ Marcus smiled to himself.  ‘Yeah, it was no fuck’n accident that I’s bumped into her today!  This sweet little honey belongs to me!  Yeahhhhhhh, it was all meant to be!’ Marcus told himself, for had he not seen that diamond ring on her finger, she might have escaped being selected by him.

Smiling, playing back Dwight’s “I love you!” in her mind while waling down the hallway to her bedroom, happiness turned to sheer panic when Gwen was seized from behind when entering her walk-in closet.  Struggling against this powerful intruder, falling back against some clothing in the closet, Gwen was frightened out of her mind when a strong hand was pulling hard at her uniformed skirt.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffffffffffff ………………….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmffffffffffffffffffffffff!” were all that could be heard of her muffled screams from around the hand clamped tightly over her mouth.

‘Pop!’ was the sound of the button popping off her skirt, followed by a loud ‘Zzzzzzzz!’ as the zipper sound when the garment tore and then it was falling to floor around her navy blue heels.  “Shhhhhhhhh ………………………shhhhhhhh …………………now ya’s gotta be quiet if’n ya’s don’t wanna git hurt bad, sweetie!” Marcus whispered into the beauty’s ear as she struggled against him.  Feeling her tremble and shake with fear, Marcus again warned her “Ya scream and ya’ll make me real mad, honey!  And when I’s git mad …………………ya’ll git yerself hurt!  Understand!”

And when asked gruffly again “Ya understand, bitch!” only louder against her ear this time, a frightened Gwen nodded against the hand clamped over her mouth.  Hand slowly removed from her mouth, Gwen trembled in fear and stammered out “Pl ………….please ………………please don’t hurt me …………….……….please, I have some money ………………..there’s some money in my purse!  Please ………………….please …………………..please don’t hurt me!”

“Shhhhh ……………….shhhhh …………………shhhhh!  Now ya’s jist be real quiet now, sweetie!  No more talking with those purty pink lips of yers!” Marcus advised the frightened beauty.  “Ya know, ya’ve got real purty lips honey!  When I’s first seen ya at the airport, I’s jist had to git a kiss from ya!” Marcus told her just before planting his thick lips upon hers, causing the trembling beauty to cringe and try to turn her face away from him.  Grabbing her jaw, preventing her from turning away from him, Marcus enjoyed feeling her shudder as he forced his thick tongue into her mouth.

With the vile and unwanted kiss over, Gwen turned away from the intruder and spat out the saliva that created such a foul taste in her mouth.  “What’s the matter, bitch?  Don’t like my kiss?” her intruder asked before telling her “Well, dontcha worry …………….cause I’s got something ya’ll jist love kissing!”  Suddenly pushed down to her knees on the floor of the walk-in closet, Gwen shuddered and began sobbing as the intruder was undoing the zipper of his pants.

Grinning widely as he viewed the tears running down the beauty’s cheeks, Marcus took great pleasure in pulling out his big black cock and then arching his hips up towards her terrified face.  His thick fingers entwined in her silky black hair, keeping her from turning away, Marcus then grasped his thick cock and guided it up to her lovely face.  “C’mon, sweetie ……………………give it a kiss ……………………..ya’ll jist love the taste of it!” Marcus taunted as he proceeded to rub his bloated cockhead up against her beautiful face, wetting his cock with her tears.

Trying to turn her face away from the foul smelling penis, Gwen sobbed out “Please ……………….please no …………………please, I just got engaged ………………I can’t do such a foul thing ……………………..I can’tttttttt!”  Then to her horror, Gwen heard her assailant advise “Yeah, and jist last night I see!  Saw the photo of that weenie little punk down on one knee to propose!  A ‘real’ man don’t git down on his knees!  A bitch should git down on her knees, like ya are right now, show a man how ya’s can please him with yer purty lips so he’s take ya as his wife!”

Gwen just could not believe what she had just heard, could not contempt doing such a horrid act, wondering ‘How can I ever face Dwight again if I did such a disgusting thing?’  Stomach churning, mouth watering, Gwen felt nauseous at the thought of it all and clenched her teeth tightly while shaking her head ‘No’.   But that hard yank upon her hair had Gwen yelping in pain, but only to be silenced by the intruder’s thick fleshy plug being pushing between her lips and the unthinkable was now happening to her..

“Blurrrr …………………blurrrrrp …………………………quaccccccpp!” Gwen gurgled around the fleshy intrusion, her body shuddering in sheer revulsion at the foul and disgusting taste that it carried.  Her outspread hands pushing at the pant covered thighs as she desperately tried to push away from her attacker and not allow any more of the filthy black penis into her mouth.  Gwen felt so sick, so violated, her body trembling as she inhaled the awful stench emanating out of the open zipper of her assailant’s trousers.

‘Oh, God ……………….oh, God …………………..what will Dwight think ………………….he’ll never be able to respect me again ………………….ever!’ Gwen thought, feeling so distraught at that point if her fiancé ever learned of her disgrace in having been forced to take the black assailant’s filthy penis into her mouth.  ‘Slurkkk ………………slurkkk ……………slurkkkk!’ came the awful sounds filling her ears as the thick fleshy prong pushed and withdrew from her lips, over and over, time and time again only to begin speeding up faster and faster.

“Ahhhhhhhhh ……………………..ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the loud groan from above when she was pulled tightly to him, with her nose up against the metal zipper of his pants.  Suddenly, the most horrid and vile thing imaginable happened …………………….hot filthy slime flooded her throat and began to ooze its way down into her belly!  Up from her throat came the backwash of the hot explosion, every crevice in her mouth and between her teeth were flood with this slick sickening salty slime.

Eyes rolling, barely able to breathe at this point, Gwen was nearly out of it and would soon black out from the lack of oxygen.  And then her head was being pulled back by the fingers entwined in her hair, allowing her to get some much needed oxygen.  Then her stomach rebelled and heaved, sending the vile substance back up her throat.  “Blurrrpppp ………………………blurrrrrrpppppp …………………………grwakkkkkkkkkkkk!” sounded the rejection as white gooey jizz poured out over her bottom lip, down her chin to saturate the front of her navy blue uniform top.

Kneeling there in the walk-in closet in a total daze, arms drooped down to hers sides in total defeat at this point, Gwen’s head slumped with her lips partially parted with cum oozing out from the corner of her mouth.  With the vile sex act that she had been forced to perform, Gwen felt soiled forever and that she was unworthy of Dwight’s love at this point as she looked down at all the filthy white splotches covering the front of her flight attendant’s uniform.

Soiled beyond redemption, helpless against her far stronger and overpowering assailant, Gwen could only struggle to her feet when a strong hand grab the top of her uniform jacket at the back of neck to pull her up from the floor.  Arms now retrained by the uniform coat being pulled down as she was forced out of the closet, Gwen felt her assailant tugging her coat down while telling her “Damn, ya sure made a fuck’n mess on yer uniform!  C’mon, git it off and git up on the bed!”

The top of her uniform now strewn upon the bedroom carpet, Gwen sobbed as she placed a knee upon her queen-sized bed, her petite body shaking with fear as she moved up upon the top of the bed as ordered.  “Pleaseeeeeeeeeee ……………………….please …………………..I beg you ………………..please don’t hurt me!” Gwen sobbed for mercy.  She then trembled as her right thigh, bared from the loss of her uniform, was being intimately caressed by a calloused hand.

‘So fuck’n soft and creamy!’ went the thought through Marcus’ mind as he enjoyed feel the beauty shuddering under his touch and caresses.  “Oh, baby ………….we’s gonna make some beautiful music together!” he taunted the trembling beauty.  Now Marcus learned of his good fortune as the beauty sobbed “Please …………….please …………I ………………….I’ve never been with ……………………..with a man before!”  His sweaty palm clamped upon her inner thigh, Marcus moved his thumb to touch and poke at her most intimate part, chuckling “Ah, huh …………………..yessiree ……………I’s got me’s a cherry to pluck!”

“Oh, Godddddddd ……………………….please ……………………please don’t rape me ………………..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Gwen pleaded as the vile man continued to touch and fondle her.  Ordered to take her heels off, afraid to disobey and wanting to stall things as much as possible in hopes of making a dash to safety, Gwen slowly moved her right knee back to draw her right heel up.  Slowly, ever so slowly, she proceeded to do as she was told in the hopes of finding a means of escape.  “Nice ……….nice ……… the other one!” she was told after peeling off her right heel.

Both heels now removed as ordered, Gwen toyed with the top button of her white blouse following the order to “Take that top off now, sweetie!”  At this point, Gwen made her mind up to make a dash to safety before long, knowing that she had to before having to take her blouse off for this animal.  First button undone, the second, the third, then when at the fourth button and the animal not grasping her inner thigh but tracing his index finger on her outer thigh Gwen made her move.

But his was exactly what Marcus had anticipated and actually wanted out of the virginal beauty who had just gotten engaged the night before, knowing full well that she was not about to surrender her prized possession with out a fight.  After her immediately, grabbing the collar of her white blouse when she had taken her second running step from the bed, the partially stripped garment helped capture her arms and the force of this yanked her backwards upon the bed.  Immediately upon her, straddling her hips, Marcus had her arms stretched out above her head with both wrists held captive by his large left hand.

“No ………… …………!  Please ………………please ……………..pleaseeee!” came the beauty’s cries as Marcus tore at the bottom of her blouse to shred the remaining buttons, then grasped the middle of her lacy white bra.  As the sobbing beauty tossed her head from side to side, Marcus bent over to tongue at her twin titties, licking and then biting at her tender brown nipples.  Biting down into her tender breasts and surely to leave telltale bruises, Marcus used his free hand to pull and tear at her wispy black panties that he easily tore from her.

Having disrobed all but his jockeys while hiding in the closet, Marcus proceeded to get the final garment off, then used his free hand to shuck and prime himself.  Pushing her legs apart, he insinuated himself between her thighs to keep her in position, then reached over to grasp a decorative white pillow to stuff it under the petite beauty.   Next, Marcus clamped his hand tightly upon her mouth.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffffffffffff ………………………..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffffffffffffffffhhhhhhhh!” came the muffled scream when Marcus had thrust himself forward with all of his might, plowing right through the tight virginal defenses that she had been naturally afforded.

Cock now feeling extra hot and wet, Marcus withdrew some from the gripping tightness, then looked down between their bodies and smiled widely.  Observing his blood saturated cock, as well as the blood dropping onto the white pillow covering, his cock swelled with pride as he shoved himself back into the whimpering beauty.  Pumping in and out of the raped young woman, Marcus then taunted “Aw, sweetie, shame on ya!  Ya only been engaged fer a frick'n day and ya already went and lost yer fuck'n cherry!  Now’s the man ya’s gonna marry ain’t gonna have the honor of pop’n it himself!”

For Gwen, the pain was just awful, so agonizing as it felt as if she was being torn in two by the thick spike being driven into her body.  And the taunting by her rapist added so much insult to injury as her defilement continued.  Gritting her teeth to stem the pain, unable to scream with the hand covering her mouth, it was made even more hideous at the sounds of ‘Slisssshhhh …………………slisssshhhh …………………slisssshhhh!’ as she was continuously violated.  Crying through it all, Gwen’s worry now was that of ‘Will Dwight ever be able to love me now?  Will he even want to touch me at all?’

With the whimpering beauty no longer struggling against him, the fight over as he continued fucking in and out of her bloody slit, Marcus let go of her wrists and reached back to lift her legs.  Holding her trim ankles before him, Marcus was in her right up to his balls, thrusting in and out now had his black balls bumping up against her soft white asscheeks.  Pushing her legs back, keeping his balls up against her ass with his cock buried deep, Marcus then grunted “Ahhhh …………….ahhhh ……….cummmmingg ……………….cummingggggggggggggggggg!”

Pulsating cock belching out its hot potent goodies deep into the raped beauty’s fertile womb again and again, with him filling every little crevice, Marcus sucked in his breath as he let his now throbbing fuckstick soak itself in the bloody cum filled slit.  Looking down the sobbing beauty, he then reached down to turn her face towards the dresser, then asked “Think yer white boy would get down on one knee tonight and ask fer yer hand again ………………..knowing ya got yerself ‘ruined’ by a big black nigger cock?”  As she wept in response, Marcus felt his cock twitch out the remnants of the cum remaining.

A bit later, with the lovely beauty sniffling while curled up in the fetal position, Marcus reached over to caress her soft creamy ass, then pushed her over a bit to view the blood stained cover of the cushion he had placed under her.  ‘Damn, she sure as hell bled a lot!’ he thought upon seeing all the blood on the cushion.  Cock ready for more action, he then pushed her up onto all fours, finding that the fight was gone from her as the damage had already been done.  Only a plea of “No more ……………..pleaseeeeeeee!” was uttered before he proceeded to take her doggie style.

Many agonizing hours later, her rapist finally having departed, Gwen sat on the floor of the shower stall for an hour hoping that the hot water beading down upon her aching body would cleanse her once again.  All the despicable events that took place over the past few hours could not be erased from her memory as each agonizing ordeal replayed itself in her mind, the filthy thing she had to perform in the closet, losing her virginity to the rapist and then being repeatedly raped by him.

But even after he had her up on all fours and took her like an animal, fucking her doggie style, Gwen's humiliation had not ended.  Pulled up from the bed, forced to walk naked into the kitchen with her thighs smeared with blood and cum, Gwen recalled how she had been forced to cook him a meal since he was hungry.  Her attempt in making a grab for a kitchen knife had been futile as he had anticipated such an attempt and had grasped her wrist before she get to it.  It felt so demoralizing to be sitting naked upon his thigh, blood and cum oozing out off her onto his thight as he fondled her while eating the food that she had been forced to prepare for him.

And then, when he was finished eating, her captor said “It’s time fer some dessert!  C’mon, I’s wanna have my dessert on the sofa!”  Pulled over to the leather sofa, Gwen then learned that she was to be his dessert when she was pushed down upon it and he was forcing her to spread her legs for him.  Gwen expected to be raped and ravished once again but was shocked by what happened next, for the man who had raped her of her virginity now had his face between her thighs and was lapping up the blood smears on her thighs as if to savior his accomplishment.

Gwen was shocked when she felt his face nuzzling up against her matted fleece, then his tongue was diddling at her slit, inserting itself into her body.  She shivered upon recalling how she had panted out “Ahhhhhhhhhh ………………………...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ahhhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” as she was eaten out by the black bastard, even with her sex filled with blood and sperm.  And when the thick tongue expertly found and teased at her ultra-sensitive clit, her dignity and everything else was lost as an unwanted climax had her quivering uncontrollably.  And when she came out of her stupor, her rapist was holding her feet and pushing her legs back, folding her up in two before he dropped to his knees upon the sofa to spear her deep.

Feigning a bad headache to Dwight the next day, that she need rest in order to make her flight out the next morning, Gwen promised to email and call him while away and certainly see him immediately once she returned from the overseas flight.  Having seen herself looking so disarrayed in the mirror the next morning, Gwen couldn’t let him see her in the condition she was in and felt that the overseas flight the following day would buy her time to compose herself as there was a two day layoff on this trip to Japan.

Not being able to make the call to the police to report the rape, nor that of confiding in anyone about it, Gwen wondered is she should call an end to her engagement to Dwight.  ‘Can I not tell him?  Can I go through with marrying him?  Deceiving him into thinking that I’m pure and innocent yet?’ Gwen asked herself, though desperately not wanting to lose the man she loved.  She needed time, time to get away and think it out, and the long flight and layover would provide that.  She only hoped that she could perform her duties on the flight, for she could barely walk at that time as her thigh muscles were so badly strained.

On the flight (Spinoff sequel: ‘Vile Vengeance’ posted in The Samurai Stud section), upon serving some tea to a Buddhist monk sitting in the back of the plane, Gwen realized that her mind must have been on her recent ordeal for she was asked by the concerned monk “Are you feeling alright, my child?  You look very disturbed!”  “Yes …………..yes ……………I’m so sorry, I’m fine!” she replied, surprised that the elderly monk spoke so fluent English.  Going to the back of the plane to compose herself and get her mind back to the job, Gwen then observed the monk get out of his seat to come back to where she was.

Gwen thanked the monk for his concern when he asked if he could be of some help to her as he could tell that she was very troubled.  She then learned of the monk belonging to the Zuten Temple, a place that she had heard about from her grandparents.  Gwen advised the monk that she had heard of the Zuten Temple as her grandparents had originated from the nearby countryside.  Gwen recalled a little about it, a temple where one went to have the spirits helped cleanse one’s body and soul.

It seemed as if the elderly fellow could read all her thoughts, telling her that she must come to the temple so she can be relieved of the agony she was now going through, that he and his fellow monks would pray for her as well as to cure her of the dread that she was now feeling to ‘man’.  When that was said, Gwen trembled as she wondered ‘Does he know I was violated and raped?  How does he know exactly what I’m feeling?’  It was cemented when the monk advised her “Do not be hasty in your decision regarding the man you love because of what a bad man had done to you!”

Shuttle bus dropping the crew off at the hotel, Gwen passed on joining the girls for dinner, telling them that she had an invitation to visit a special temple and wanted to take that in.  Just dropping off her suitcase and flight bag in her room, not bothering to change out of her uniform, she took a taxi up the mountainside where the Zuten Temple was located.  As she got out of the taxi, the friendly monk was there to greet her “Welcome, my dear child, I am happy that you have come!  Come inside!  Some hot tea is ready and will help to soothe you!  Then you must tell me your troubles so we can pray and prepare a cure for what ails you!”

Three days later, Dwight Conners was so happy to see his beautiful fiancée once again and was quite surprised in the way she flew into his arms and gave him a passionate kiss when he came to pick her up for dinner.  She looked so radiant, so vibrant, and was quite passionate as Gwen pressed her sexy body up against his.  In fact, never before had Gwen been this passionate before, not even pushing his hands away when her cupped her pert little ass in his hands as she would normally do.

After a nice cozy dinner, Gwen told him of her meeting 'Sensei Moto' on the flight to Japan, visiting his temple and who that visit had made her feel so refreshed and alive (Sequel: ‘Vile Vengeance’ posted in The Samurai Stud section).  And during the dinner, Gwen surprisingly allowed him to kiss her passionately several times, making Dwight horny as hell and sporting a stiff boner in his pants.  Then his jaw dropped right down in total disbelief, his entire body stiffening so as to keep control of himself as Gwen’s petite hand moved under the tablecloth to rest itself down over his hardon.  It had not been a mere accident as Gwen did not jerk her hand away but instead began to trace the outline of his hardon with her fingers.

Never before had Gwen ever dreamt of doing such a thing for Dwight, not until they were married anyway, and she just could not understand what had gotten into her as she gave him a squeeze through his pantleg.  It seemed as something in her subconscious was guiding her, telling her that she was meant to please a man, and something just seemed to have made her move her hand over to him automatically.  Feeling his manhood, Gwen shivered nervously as her mouth began to water, causing her to swallow and tremble as she licked her lips.

On the drive to take his lovely fiancée back to her townhouse, Dwight panted and squirmed about in the driver’s seat of his car, then sucked in his breath as Gwen stroked his throbbing cock through his trousers once again.  Turning into the parking lot of the townhouse complex, Dwight pulled into one of the two stalls assigned to her that was located in a darkened corner next to a wall.  Then to Dwight’s astonishment, Gwen was grasping the tab of his zipper and pulling it down, then her free hand was slipping into the opening.

Before he knew it, his bared cock was poking out of the opening with Gwen’s petite hand clasped around the stem and she was actually going down upon him.  “Ohhhh, God ………………………oh, Godddddddddddd …………………………..ohhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddd!” Dwight gasped, his hands clasped around the back of Gwen’s bobbing head as he arched up and ejaculated into her vacuuming mouth.  With her fisting him as she sucked the life out of him, Dwight emptied himself into her expertly sucking mouth

As Dwight sat there dumbfounded with his jaw slacked, Gwen lifted her head up with a thread of cum still connected from the tip of his cockhead to her lips, and then Dwight observed the look of shock come across her beautiful face.  He saw Gwen’s eyes widen in horror as she brought her hand up to cover her cum laden lips before exclaiming “Oh, my God, what have I done?”  Then, a split second later, Gwen was out of the passenger door and running up to her townhouse while Dwight struggled to get himself zipped up before exiting the car.

Knocking on the door, calling out softly to Gwen so as not to disturb the neighbors, Dwight could not get her to open the door for him.  Then he heard her voice through the door telling him “I …………….I’m sorry ………………..I love you ………………I don’t know what happened!  I …………….I …………………please call me tomorrow!  No, the next day as I have a one day layover and will be getting back then!”  “Okay, honey!  I understand!  Let’s get together then, let’s go out for some of your favorite pizza!  I'll see you then!” he spoke through the door.

Back at his place, Dwight tried to relive the memories of that absolutely fantastic blowjob Gwen had given him that night.  Being a typical jock in his high school years before settling down during his college years and upon meeting Gwen becoming dedicated to her, Dwight was certain of one thing for sure, that his was not the first cock that Gwen had sucked off before.  Having paid for and been blown by a couple of experienced hookers in his high school years, then teaching a couple teenyboppers how to blow him, Gwen had certainly put them all to shame and in no way could claim now that she’d never sucked a guy off before.

Having recently proposed, getting down on one knee to ask for Gwen’s hand in marriage just last week, Dwight had to wonder if he had just been duped into it as Gwen had always acted the naïve and innocent young beauty.  Although it wasn't essential that he find and marry a woman who’d never before had sex with another guy, just the way she had portrayed her innocence up until tonight’s wanton display, Dwight always thought that she was indeed a virgin.

Now Dwight just had to wonder if he had been completely fooled and whether it was just a pefectly played out charade of prim and proper innocence that had fooled him completely!  As he lay in bed, Dwight’s confused mind ended up telling him that ‘The way in which she sucked you, licking her lips of your cum before playing Miss Innocent again, she’ll probably fuck like a minx once you get past that prim and proper façade!  Ain’t no fuck’n way she’s still cherry like she’s been leading on to be!  And she had told him 'You can be the ‘first’ once we’re married'!  Yeahhhhhhhh, right!’  Now Dwight was determined that he was not going to be put off the next time he saw her.

Meanwhile at the townhouse, Gwen lay in bed while licking at her slippery lips, wondering just what had come over her to degrade herself in such an awful manner.  She did know for certain that she had pleased Dwight immensely, as evidenced by his essence that still coated her mouth and lips, with a hot lake of it filling her belly.  ‘My, God, what happened?  Once I touched his manhood, it was as if something had come over me, making me do what I did!  What’s happening to me?  It’s as if I wanted to ………………… have him spurt into my mouth the way he did!’ Gwen’s jumbled mind thought as she slipped her hand into her panties to frig herself.

End of Story.  (Spinoff sequel: ‘Vile Vengeance’ posted in The Samurai Stud section)