Asian Delight – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

 The beautiful Asian bank teller cringed as the huge black customer appeared before her to make a deposit. Being a minority herself, Cindy believed all people should be treated equally and had no hatred towards blacks, but this giant black man gave her the shivers.  She cringed at this coal black monster who grinned at her, felling as if his cold dark eyes were stripping the clothes right off her body.

 Cindy Matsukawa shook nervously when she gave Mr. Billy Campbell his money.  She stood at a mere 5’2”, 112 lbs, very fair complexion with long flowing black hair.  She froze with fear as a large black hand made contact with her tiny hand.  Cindy gasped and was speechless as the grinning customer began caressing her soft tiny hand.  Cindy was powerless to jerk her hand away but merely shook in revulsion.  Just before another customer got in line, Billy leaned over to whisper to her "Imagine your lovely hand jerking off my long black cock!  Bet you can’t get your fingers to go around it?  See you soon, honey!"  Then he disappeared, leaving Cindy shaking with fear.

 Born and raised in the United States, Cindy was brought up with the oriental customs by her loving and caring parents, who had immigrated from Japan.  True to the conservative oriental upbringing, much of her dating was limited to very safe type of dates and more in groups during high school.  She had never engaged in any type of intimate relationships, just mere kisses on the cheek with some of her dates.  To gain more independence and with the approval of her parents, she and two high school girl friends rented an apartment.

 At the age of 19, Cindy had completed her first year of college and now was working as a summer intern at a local bank.  On her second week of work, driving her VW into the bank, she was unfortunate to draw the gaze of Billy Campbell, who was sitting in the coffee house next to the bank.  Her pastel colored skirt and blouse, trim white legs and white heels, had the devious Billy Campbell licking his thick lips.

 Billy Campbell rubbed the crotch of his jeans as he watched the lovely young beauty walk to the front door of the bank and was allowed in by another bank employee.  Billy had a ‘thing’ for petite young Asians, knowing they were so naïve and innocent, with many preserving their virtues till marriage.  Even in this day and age, he knew the best chance of popping a cherry was with a young Asian.  And seeing this lovely beauty, he’d bet his last buck that this little bitch was ‘cherry’.
 Cindy blushed a deep red at the comment made by the black customer, embarrassed and frightened.  The thought of her petite body being crushed by that big black nigger made her cringe in horror, a thought that she could not shake from her mind.  She had naturally heard of the old myth of black men and wondered if it was in fact true.  She cringed at the thought of handling such a large filthy object.

 At the current time, Cindy was dating a boy she’d known from high school and was attending the same college.  Her parents were happy to learn she was dating Ben, as he was of the same nationality and also knew his parents.  She and Ben dated often but it was not an exclusive ‘steady’ as yet, though Ben wanted it so.  Cindy did not want to have things too fast, wanting the relationship to build first.  Ben had often tried to kiss her or his hands crept up to her breasts constantly but she quickly put a stop to any of his intimate advances.

 The next week Billy appeared at her teller cage again. Frozen to the spot as she counted the money out for him, large black hands touching hers again, Cindy’s heart pounded in anxiety.  Billy whispered “I’ll be waiting outside after you get off work.  Follow me in your car and I'll make a woman out of you tonight.  Gonna give you some black meat to chew on.  Gonna pop your little cherry and fuck the hell out of you all night.  I’m gonna make you my bitch tonight.  Gonna let you feel a real man’s cock.”

 It was as if Cindy was under Billy Campbell's spell.  She had watched this abrasive black man leave the bank and enter a black Camaro.  Cindy nervously bit her bottom lip thinking back at the crude remarks he had made to her.  She closed up her teller cage, telling her supervisor that she wasn’t feeling well and needed to take a short break.  In the employee lounge, Cindy picked up the telephone.  Calling one of her roommates, Cindy told her she had to cancel out on her friends that night, saying she would be out with workers of the bank and that she would probably be out late.  That if it got too late, she’d been offer a place to sleep at another teller’s apartment.  After hanging up, Cindy pondered just why she had done something crazy like that and that she should call her friend back.

 Breathing hard, Cindy did the final count of her drawer to balance out for the day.  She glanced up to see the black Camaro still in the parking lot.  It was too late to call her girlfriend but she knew where there were to meet and she’d just meet them there, telling them she managed to skip out on the bank employees.  Then, as the fellow tellers were headed to the door, she nervously followed them to the employees portion of the lot.

 As the other tellers pulled out of the parking lot, Cindy saw the Camaro start up and exit via a left hand turn.  Biting her lip nervously, she started her car up and approached the exit.  The place her girl friends would be at were a couple miles down the road to the right.  She would turn right to join them.  Stopping at the exit for a few seconds, there were no cars approaching.  Unconsciously, she steered her car to the left, stepped on the gas and was about a block behind the black Camaro.

 The black Camaro was not going at a slow speed where it would be easy for one to follow.  Cutting in and out of traffic, the Camaro sped up to its destination.  Behind the Camaro, a silver VW sped up to weave in and out of traffic also.  Going about five miles, the cars crossed the tracks to the ‘other’ side of town, the seedy side of town.  The Camaro turned into the parking lot of an old run down apartment building.  The silver VW pulled into the stall to the right of the Camaro.

 The engine of her car still running, Cindy put her car into reserve gear and was about to get herself out of there.  Then she was shocked when the occupant of the Camaro got out of the car and paid her no attention.  She watched the large black figure nonchalantly walked up a flight of stairs and enter an apartment.  A minute went by and Cindy kept starring at the apartment door where the black figure had disappeared into, then she turned off the ignition.

 Getting out and locking her car, Cindy looked about the rundown complex and the eyes of some young black teenagers starring at her from across the lot.  She slowly made her way up the flight of stairs and knocked at the door.  The door opened with the familiar black face grinning at her plight.  She nervously stepped into the dirty apartment unit as her greeter walked to refrigerator, leaving her standing alone at the open front door.  Perspiring from her fear, Cindy closed the door behind her and walked about the litter strewn apartment.

 As she gazed about the apartment, Cindy felt a large body behind her.  A large black hand came around from the side holding a cold bottle of beer for her.  She accepted the beer and coughed at the bitter taste of the beverage, not having had any type of alcohol before.  Her conservative upbringing, plus the fact she was not of legal age to drink, Cindy had always obeyed the rules and laws.  But on this night, she took a large swallow of the bitter brew, then another to calm her nerves.

 From behind the young beauty, Billy reached around her and the beer was set down.  Billy smiled as he stood behind the frightened young beauty, who’s shoulders showed her panting in both fear and anticipation.  He loved the way this petite beauty had dressed, like a sophisticated young lady.  Cindy had dressed in a crisp white blouse, yellow skirt, and white heels.  Her creamy white skin, without nylons, made her trim legs ever the more sexier.

 Billy stood nearly a foot and half taller than this beautiful little bitch, who had fallen to the mystique of the need to see if the black man myth was really true.  He looked down at the lovely beauty shaking in fear and anticipation of his first touch.  His light caressing of her trim arms sent an obvious shiver through her entire body.  He heard her gasp as his large black hands moved onto her trim hips.  Then a soft moan arose as his hands moved up to encompass the small but nicely proportioned breasts of this Asian beauty.  His rough fingering and grasping turned the once crisp white blouse into a wrinkled mess.  But his manipulations did serve to find the hardening little buds under the thin blouse and lacy bra.

 Cindy closed her eyes, her lips parted as she gasped for breath, shaking as she felt tremors of pleasure going throughout her body as her breasts were fondled for the very first time. She sighed and leaned back into the big muscular body behind her, her body shivering from the flicking of her sensitive nipples. She groaned loudly as her blouse was pulled from her skirt.  Suddenly, large coarse hands were on her bare skin, moving up her belly, finger sneaking under her lacy white bra.  She gasped and groaned as her bra was pushed up on over her breasts, replaced by large hot hands.  Thick thumbs began flicking her tender nipples again.

 “Ohhhhhhhhhh ………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Cindy moaned when her blouse was ripped open by the strong black hands.  Her bra was grasped and easily snapped in two.  Cindy groaned as she looked down at the large black hands upon her creamy white skin, black thumbs flicking her brownish/pink nipples.  She gasped as a slithering wet tongue probed her earlobe.  Then the humiliating taunting began and tears flowed from her eyes in shame.

 Billy knew he had this bitch now, wanting to humiliate her by taunting her.  He knew the sexual cravings stirring in her body would not allow her to leave without experiencing the sexual pleasures she had dreamt of.  “Gonna make you a woman tonight, my little Cindy!  Gonna make ya my woman!  Gonna take that precious cherry that you’ve been saving for your wedding day!  You want me to pluck your precious cherry, Cindy?” he taunted.  He laughed as he saw tears dripping down onto her lovely breasts but also the nod of her head.  A hard pull and the button of her skirt snapped, with the force of the yank succeeded in pulling down the zipper, allowing the skirt to fall to the floor.  Her lovely innocent body was being exposed to a male’s eyes for the very first time.

“Oh, please ……I ………I must leave!  I ………………I don’t know what made me come here!  Please don’t touch me any more!  I must leave now!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhhh!” Cindy swooned as a thick finger delved into her tight moist slit.  Leaning against the broad body behind her, Cindy continued to moan and thrust her hips forward, fucking herself onto the pleasure giving finger.  “Ohhhhhhhh …..ohhhhhh ……..Goddddddddddddd!” she groaned loudly, body convulsing in a mind shattering orgasm as the exploring finger made contact with her sensitive clit.

Billy lifted the shivering little beauty up into his arms, her lovely body naked except for her trim white heels and lacy undergarments.  He carried her into his well lit bedroom and laid this young maiden upon the middle of his king size bed, slowly removing her white heels, leaving her only in her white lacy bra and panties.  Stripping off his clothing, he stroked his long black shaft that would soon have the honor of deflowering the young beauty.  He wondered how she’d ever explain away the loss of her virginity that her future husband would expect to find from this little Asian beauty.  He knew she’d be hooked on black cock once she got a sample of it and would never be satisfied by some little Asian cock.

 Hearing the sound of the pants being unzipped, Cindy opened her eyes and reality set in.  ‘Oh, God!  What have I done?  Why did I come here, following this black stranger to his apartment?’ she thought fearfully, gulping when she saw the menacing instrument that was intent on plucking the jewel from her womanhood, a jewel she had always intended to preserve till her wedding night.  “Oh, please, I .................I must leave ……..please I need to go!” she pleaded as the black stranger knelt onto the bed, grasping her hand and bringing it to the pulsing black cock.  She turn to crawl off the far side of the bed but strong hands clasped around her trim ankles, pulling her back to the center of the bed.
 Cindy trembled as her hand was pulled down to the hard black cock.  She hesitated and tried to pull away, stammering "Oh, no ……….I ……….I can't ……..please ……….don't please ……I…………..I’m afraid!"  Billy forced her hand over his cock, which drooled slimy pre-cum juice onto Cindy’s trim fingers.  Cindy cringed and pleaded "No, no …………..please …………….I ………I'm afraid!”  But her fist began to move up and down upon the hard cock.  A moment later, Cindy’s pumping began to speed up as slimy pre-cum lubricated her pumping motions.

 "Oh, no ……………please!" Cindy moaned but continued her strokes on his pulsing cock.  Looking at her beautiful lips, Billy forced her hand off his cock and slid up her body, dragging his wet cock over each of her but beautiful breasts, up to her chin to smear it with thick slime.  Cindy's beautiful round eyes are now wide open with fear as she realizes his intentions.  "No, please ………….no ………..noooooooo!"  "Take ……..take it away! It ………it’s too ………..dirty!"  Cindy clenched her lips tightly together, shaking her head and whipping her silky black hair from side to side.  Her movements caused her lips to brush against the wet black cockhead that now glossed her lips.  Billy moved up further until the wet tip of his black cock was now at the tip of her nose, providing her with the rich aroma of his sexual weapon.

 Placing the blunt tip of his black cock at her lips, Billy forced himself between her soft tender lips.  Cindy’s eyes widen again as she realized what was happening.  Cindy started to twist and shake her head to dislodge his cock.  Entwining his fingers in her long black hair, holding her head still, he rammed his cock into her sweet hot mouth.  Cindy sputtered and gagged as she choked on the first eight inches of solid meat.  Still holding her hair tight, Billy now began to fuck her virgin mouth, teaching her how was to give good head, “When you get married bitch, tell your hubby how you first learned how to suck cock.

 Cindy struggled, putting her hands at his waist to push him out of her mouth.  Her eyes widen with fear as he continued to fuck her face.  She tried to twist and dislodge him, but to no avail.  The cock in her mouth was so hot and hard.  Cindy closed her eyes to block out what was happening.  Yanking her hair, Billy ordered her to open her eyes telling her "I want to look into your eyes when I cum in your sweet virgin mouth!"  Cindy obeyed, opening her eyes and attempted to shake her head.

Seeing her fearful eyes, Billy couldn’t hold back any longer "Here it cums you beautiful little bitch!"  His cock twitched and shot once, twice, three times into her mouth causing Cindy to gag.  Billy pulled his cock out and sprayed cum all over her eyes and used his cock to rub the cum all over her beautiful face.  Cindy continued to gag.  Each time she tried to swallow, more gooey cum bubbled up from her throat.  Cindy moaned "I'll never be clean again!"  But deep down, she knew she wanted this black brute to degrade her, to defy her conservative traditional ways all in one night.

After a while, Billy slid back down Cindy's petite body and mounted her, rubbing his thick cockhead into her moist slit. “Baby, the myth about black men is so true! You’ve got the proof right here.  You’ll think of my long black cock every time some Asian punk tries to please you with his little toy.  I’m the one who’s going to pluck your precious little cherry!” Billy shot his hips forward into Cindy's pussy, so tight and snug that his first thrust managed only allowed the entrance of his plum size cockhead.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………..arggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Cindy gasped and screamed the pain was unbearable.  Billy let out a grunt, grasped her slim hips with both hands, and slammed forward to plow ahead a mere three inches. “Ohhhhhhhh .......aeiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the shrill scream as the thick black cock bumped at the tight resistance of Cindy’s prized cherry.


Billy lifted his face for now he wanted to fully hear Cindy’s scream as he busted her precious jewel.  “Arrgghhhhh ........aiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the shrill pitched cry as he drew back and slammed forward again and again, brutally breaking through the prized maidenhead.  Cindy's screams and sobs turned to loud bawling as Billy hammered her without mercy.  He knew his big cock hurt her badly and he rode her very hard, rocking her back and forth with the force of his lengthy strokes.  The loud screams were music to his ears, adding to the fact that he knew the entire apartment complex could hear the screams of the beautiful little bitch.  He chuckled as he knew his neighbors were amazed at his gift in luring young beauties to their destruction.   He had given the all knowing nod to the teenagers in the lot that the little beauty in the VW would be getting the fucking of her life.  He knew those very teenagers were right outside of his apartment listening intently and hoping for a chance at this innocent little bitch.

 Billy licked Cindy's face relentlessly as he fucked her.  “Ohhhh, baby, the little innocent bitch just got ‘ruined’ by a nigger cock” he tormented her.  She was helpless, mewling in pain and humiliation, twisting about as she desperately tried to get away from the impaling black prong that caused her unbearable pain.  Billy slowly withdrew his pulsing black cock till only the plum like head remained captured.  He held the beauty’s arms over her head as he lifted up some to gaze at his cock.  He smiled with triumph as he saw his long black cock coated with virgin blood. With one hand behind the sobbing beauty’s head, he lifted her head up so see could also see the black cock coated in her virgin blood.  Her precious cherry was popped for good.

 After about ten minutes of being brutally fucked, Cindy felt Billy's body tense and she wondered what was happening.  Then she recalled her sex education classes and what her girl friends talked about, this black man was on the verge of spurting his seed.  The black body suddenly jerked wildly on top of her.  Fear showed in Cindy’s eyes “No, no, please don’t ………….I ……………I’ll get pregnant!  No, no, please ………pull it out!” she pleaded.  With a loud moan, Billy came.  Cindy felt the long black cock twitch madly then explode inside her, pouring hot lava into her womb.  Billy spurted again and again.  His cum mixing with the cherry juice, the mixture spilling out of her cunt and down her ass, finally pooling onto the bed between Cindy’s creamy legs.
 Cindy sobbed heavily as the heavy black body lay upon her.  Remorse set in and she felt so ashamed, first for losing her virginity to a black stranger and the way in which her body had responded on its own.  As she was being blasted by his hot baby making goo, Cindy screamed loudly while wrapping her trim white arms around his black shoulders and her long white legs around the pumping black ass.  She had also arched up in response to meet the long spearing thrusts as the black stranger spurted his hot baby-making goo deep into her fertile womb.  She was ashamed of herself for having responded in such a manner, not believing she had let her life long goal of being a pure woman till marriage disappear in one weak moment, ‘ruined’ by a black man.

 Billy eased his dwindling cock out of the tight quim, looking down and smiled as he gazed upon his long black cock streaked with rivers of blood.  He chuckled as he saw the pool of blood between the widespread legs and mused ‘Boy this little bitch sure as hell bled a lot!’  He looked at the little bitch laying on his bed out cold from her physical and mental exhaustion.

That next morning, Cindy groaned as she turned on the bed and tried to get up.  Her thighs hurt so badly as she tried to move.  Then she froze, wondering if it was a horrible nightmare or did she really follow that horrible black stranger home to his apartment.  Blinking her eyes, the strange surroundings indicated that it was no nightmare causing her to groan in despair.  She looked down as sobbed as she observed her bloody and soiled thighs.  Splotches of thick drying slime covered her entire body.  She couldn’t believe one man could produce so much filthy mucous as she looked at her soiled body and felt her mushy nest.

Cindy was so right that no one man could produce so much spunk.  While she was out cold, Billy had put some chloroform on a rag and placed it under her nose to assure she remained sleeping for a long while.  Then Billy had gone to the front door to allow in the three teenagers and the janitor of the complex, collecting a $100 from each as they entered.  They could each satisfy their lust on the unconscious beauty in any way they wanted without hurting her.  But her cherry ass was to left alone.  Cindy would also have been shocked to learn that prior to her entering the apartment, Billy had turned on his video camera in the living room and the two in the bedroom.  Her fall from grace was all caught on tape and would be a big hit in the adult film market.

 The old black janitor was first as he kept any eye on Billy’s apartment during the day.  Billy and the teenagers watched the old man remove the trim white heels and paid homage to the sexy feet of the lovely beauty.  Then the old man opened his pants and wrapped the soft sexy feet around his wrinkled old cock.  Watching the old man fucking between her soft soles in earnest, they chuckled as the old man wheezed and erupted, spurting his hot bubbling cum onto the lovely soles.
Cindy looked about and saw she was alone in the apartment.  She couldn’t leave in the mess she was in.  Going to the bathroom, she took a quick hot show to wash away the slime and evidence of her defilement.  As she tried to cleanse her mushy quim, there appeared to be an endless flow of the slimy goo.  She prayed that her one indiscretion did not leave her pregnant with a black baby.

After arriving back to the apartment she shared with her girlfriends, Cindy was happy her friends were still asleep and she could got to her room without them seeing her torn clothing.  She again took a long shower and cleansed herself with a potent douche.  Laying down on her own bed, she thought back as to how she had allowed a total stranger to possess her body, a black stranger at that.  Her fingers slipped under her panties and she gasped as she fingered her clit, remembering just how she had climaxed the night before.

Three weeks later on a Sunday, Cindy was on a date with Ben, surprised at the elegant and expensive restaurant Ben had chosen.  Then she was surprised by Ben’s proposal of marriage.  Tears formed in her eyes at the young man who expressed his love for her.  She hesitated, thinking of how she had just given away her most prized possession to a black man, then said ‘yes’ as the sparkling diamond ring was slipped onto her finger.  Ben was beaming with delight, for he had landed the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, so intelligence and innocent.  If Ben only knew the truth that he was getting soiled goods.

The very next day, just before closing, Cindy looked up at her last customer and gasped.  As she counted out the money, Cindy shivered as a black hand touched her left hand, fingering her sparkling engagement ring.  “Well, well, what have we here, my little precious!  This calls for a celebration!  Meet me in the parking lot of the motel across the street in a half hour!” her customer demanded.

An hour later, the newly engaged Cindy was knelling stark naked upon the motel bed, her diamond ring sparkled in the light as her hand shucked up and down upon the long black stalk.  Shucking the quivering black cock till it erupted in her beautiful face, the thick goo cascading over her fingers and covering the diamond, extinguishing its once gleaming sparkle.

Billy gave it to her hard, slamming into the little bitch, wanting to hurt her “Bitch!  Got engaged huh?  Here’s an engagement present for you, bitch!  See if that punk can compare with this!  Gonna knock you up bitch!  Explain that to the punk you’re gonna marry!  Explain your black baby to him!”  Then Billy unleashed a pint of his thick jism directly into her womb.

Six months later, the beautiful bride and groom made their way from the wedding reception to head out to the resort.  The wedding had been beautiful with all in awe at the lovely bride in her long white wedding gown.  Everyone gazed at the beautiful bride thinking how appropriate the white wedding gown signified her innocence and purity.  Little did they know the smoldering sexpot hidden beneath, with a craving for black meat.

In the honeymoon suite, lovely Cindy feigned a sharp pain and cry when her husband entered her, begging him to stop as it hurt so bad.  Cindy’s mind raced in fear as she could barely feel her husband’s penis.  She was totally disappointed when Ben, in his excitement withdrew too far and ejaculated in mid-air, spurting his spunk onto her soft bush and entrance to her snatch as he tried desperately to get it back in.  Then Ben fell asleep snoring, exhausted and definitely feeling all the booze from the reception.  Getting up, she went to her purse and got the vile of liquid.  Opening the vile, she poured the red liquid onto her fingers, then used her fingers to her husband’s wilted penis with the liquid.  On the towel she had been laying on, she poured the remaining liquid into the center of the towel.

Writing a note to her husband, she let him know that she was going to make use of the resort’s 24 hr spa and massage.  Taking the elevator, she got off three floors below the honeymoon suite.  But the spa and massage center was not to be found on this floor.  This was another floor, with rooms for guests and there was one guest's room that Cindy was in search for.  Knocking on the door, Cindy closed her eyes in shame as it opened for her.

Moments later, Cindy was again in bed only not with her new husband.  She was straddling the familiar black hips, fucking herself up and down upon the massive black shaft.  The taunting she received made it that much more shameful “Oh, what’s the lovely bride doing here in bed with another man while her husband’s asleep upstairs?  Haven’t got you knocked up yet bitch!  Ain’t it the shits getting knocked up on your wedding night, huh bitch!  Aw, yeah bitch, here cums my hot nigga load for the beautiful bride on her wedding night!”

Getting back upstairs, her husband greeted her with a kiss and apologized for hurting her, telling her she must hurt badly seeing all the blood that was on him and towel and by the way she was gingerly walking.  Cindy sighed a breath of relief, her well thought out plan had worked.  She had purchased a steak yesterday, gathering the drained blood into the vile that she had emptied tonight.  She had successfully feigned the lost of her virginity to Ben, leaving the trail of blood as evidence.  But she wasn’t faking the pain she felt with every step she took.  She hurt so badly, but it was a good ache, having given her black lover her cherry ass on her wedding night.

She allowed her husband to take off her clothing and lead her back to bed.  She moaned loudly as her husband moved downward, intent on eating out his lovely wife, to taste the juices of their lovemaking.  As Ben slurped up the salty juices, he couldn’t believe he had cum so much in his lovely wife.  Each time his lovely wife clenched her cunt muscles, Ben was treated to a flow of thick hot cum that she stored in her womb.

End of Story.