A Tormented Wife
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Star Player - VI
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"Hello, library, Jessica Holt speaking!" she said into the telephone.  Then she froze and was speechless upon hearing the all too familiar voice say "Hello, Mrs. Holt!  Ohhhh, I want to touch that soft sexy body of yours again!  Ya want it again, don't ya, Mrs. Holt?"  Heart pounding and panting for breath, Jessica couldn't think straight nor respond to the question.  "Don't ya, Mrs. Holt?" came the question again over the phone.  "Y …….yes!" she stammered finally in response.

Closing her eyes in defeat, she listened to the male voice on the phone say "Take off early from work and rent a room for us at the Twilight Motel!  Leave the room number on you windshield so I know where to go!  I'll be there at three right after school gets out!"  Then Jessica heard the click of the phone being hung up on the other end followed by a dialtone.

Hanging up the phone, Jessica tried to regain control of herself as she stared blankly down upon her desk.  She couldn't understand how this young teen could have such a dominant control over her.  She thought back to that night in her home when he life had changed so drastically.  Closing her eyes, memories of her son's teammate on the football team had entered her room and raped her.

Ashamed of the violation, Jessica had not reported the attack to the police.  But ever since that eventful night, it seemed that Ronnie Collins had her under his willpower and she was mere putty in his hands.  Then the shameful memories came back to her of the day that her son invited Ronnie to stay over for lunch.  She thought that it would be safe with her family at home.  But she was proven wrong when she was doing the dishes in the kitchen.

Her daughter rushing off right after lunch, her son getting a phone call from his girlfriend and her husband was cleaning the grill, the devious teen used the pretense of helping to clean up.  When he had approached from behind, Jessica was powerless to struggle upon feeling his hands exploring under her skirt.  The arrogant teen had simply pushed her up against the sink and took hr right there.  Then he had zipped himself up and went back outside, leave her with her pink panties upon her white heels with cum drooling down her thighs.

Jessica had to admit that the teen's cock was so much bigger and better than that of her loving husband's.  It was as if she was now addicted to it, craving it in fact, thinking about it every night while lying in bed next to her husband.  Now he had called her at work and she was powerless to refuse.  Squeezing her thigh muscles together, she shivered at the prospect of soon having the teen's big black cock within her again.  Looking at the time, it was nearing 1:30 p.m. and she decided that she would need to leave work in another hour's time.

At the age of 38, Jessica stood at 5'5 and weighed 118 lbs. with a sexy bod of 34-23-34.  Her long brown hair, milk white body and long trim legs had men's heads turning as she passed by in her nice dress or tailored suits with 3" heels.  Her youthful features had her looking no older than 30 with the sophisticated aura about her.

Unable to concentrate on her work, continuously look at the clock on the wall, Jessica decided that she would advise her coworkers that she was feeling ill and would take the rest of the day off.  Her distress and frazzled look was apparently quite visible as one coworker advised that she should take head off and take something to calm her nervous.  Jessica merely nodded in agreement, knowing that soon she would be getting exactly what was needed to calm her frazzled nerves.

Arriving at the Twilight Motel just before 3 p.m., Jessica nervously checked in with the front desk and obtained the key to Room 14.  On a sheet of paper, she wrote down the room number and slipped it between the wiper blade and windshield of her car.  Then she proceeded to the room and entered, leaving the door unlocked.  Going into the bathroom, she took out a brush from her purse and brushed her silky brown hair into place.  Applying a fresh coat of lipstick, she then wet her lips in anticipation of what was to come.

Fidgeting, Jessica looked at herself in the mirror, stared at her reflection and then whispered to herself 'Look at yourself!  Everyone in the community and at work look upon you as the pillar of society!  Yet, here you are in a cheap sleazy motel, waiting for your teenage son's best friend and teammate to come and fuck your brains out!  How can you face your loving husband and family everyday, knowing you can thing of nothing but being fucked again by this big black stud!'

Making her way out of the bathroom, she looked at the queen-sized bed in the small room and then looked about the cheap décor of the motel's interior.  'Well, its quite appropriate for what you came for, you cheap little slut!  You don't need a nice fancy place like what you've become accustomed to!  All you need is a cheap motel room with a bed in it to put out that nagging itch between your legs!  Besides this is exactly the type of place that a hooker would take the 'john' to earn her money!' Jessica chastised herself.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, Jessica again reflected back on the horrid events that had transformed her from a loving and faithful wife into a cheap slut who craved to be taken roughly by a young teenage stud possessing a big black cock.  Knowing that her son's teenage friend road around on a motorcycle, hearing the familiar roar that she had often heard as it pulled up to her home, Jessica knew that she would very soon be having that itch between her legs scratched.

With the rumbling of the motorcycle ceasing, Jessica nervously stood up from the bed and bit her bottom lip in anticipation.  Staring intently at the door, hearing heavy footsteps approaching, Jessica felt a shudder of fear course throughout her entire body.  Trembling with anticipation, she saw the slow turning of the doorknob.  Seconds later, she was staring ahead of her son's friend, the teen who had brutally raped her earlier and who now seemed to control her body by his mere touch or voice.

Eyes closed shut, biting nervously at her bottom lip, Jessica trembled as she heard footsteps approaching her on the carpet.  Then she shook and shuddered as rough hands were now upon her bare arms and began to caress her.  As the hands moved up over the sleeves of her pink dress, she felt the large hands then move up onto her shoulders.  Feeling the strong teen's hands pushing her shoulders down, her knees buckled as she was pushed to the carpeted flooring.

Ronnie Collins smirked as his friend's beautiful mother knelt before him in her nice pink dress and heels.  Now he wanted to taunt the lovely woman, asking her "Why is a beautiful married woman like you in this cheap motel, Mrs. Holt? Alone in a motel room with your teenage son's best friend on top of that!  What would Mr. Holt say if he could see you right now, Mrs. Holt?"  He knew the words spoken had sunk in as he observed the beautiful woman trying to blink back the tears of shame.

Seeing the large bulge growing in the jeans right before her eyes, Jessica panted for breathe in awaiting to see the instrument of pleasure that had sent her out of this world.  Unconsciously, she reached up with both hands as her manicured fingers touched and traced the outline of the lengthy bulge.  Feeling the throbbing bulge in her hands, she then squeezed at the rock had cock.

"Go ahead, Mrs. Holt, go and get what you been dream'n of!" she was advised. Reaching up, she undid the top button of the jeans, then slowly began to pull down the zipper.  Pulling the loosened pants down, Jessica gasped as the long black cock made its appearance at it sprang right out at her.  With out the encumbrance of any jockey shorts, Jessica stared at the pulsating cockhead that appeared to be ready lurch out at her.

Ronnie smiled as the once prim and proper wife wrapped her soft beautiful white fingers around his throbbing hardon.  Pumping it with her fists, she saw the flange flare out, causing her to swallow hard in nervousness.  She shivered in fear when she heard the teen say "Remember the last time you had my cock in your mouth, Mrs. Holt?"  How could she forget her very first experience of having a male cock in her mouth.  Jessica's thoughts drifted back to the night he had raped her, when he had forced his filthy cock into her mouth.  She had never done such a thing, always having refused to perform such a filthy act for her husband, then the devious teen had forced her under threat of harming her young daughter if she didn't suck him.
Holding the throbbing cock in both fists, Jessica licked her lips as she gazed upon the pulsating cockhead.  Parting her lips slowly, her pointed tongue gingerly made its way out to approach the thick monster.  Jessica shivered as her tongue made contact with the slick rubbery like cockhead, then withdrew her tongue back into her mouth to sample the taste of the slick salty fluid.  Then her tongue came back out to take a longer and more daring swipe at the now oozing cock.  She licked up the goo oozing from the tip then ran her tongue teasingly around the sensitive head as she continued to at the pulsating organ.

"Ah, yeahhh, Mrs. Holt!  Oh, baby, lick me ..........lick me up good!  Get a good taste of some prime nigga spunk!" he taunted.  Reaching forward to wrap his fingers into her silky brown hair, he pulled her foward a bit closer and advised "Open your sweet little mouth wide, Mrs. Holt!"  Feeling her freeze and try to pull back, Ronnie laughed at her reluctance, knowing that she was still apprehensive of performing this lewd act.  The last time she had done it because he had threatened harm to her daughter but now this was a far different case as she was here on her own free will.  "C'mon, bitch, I ain't got all fuck'n day!" he ordered.

With the hands tightly securing her head, Jessica could not move her head back away from the throbbing black cock.  She was glad that she was being held firmly, telling herself that she would never do such a thing had it not been for the teen forcing her to do so.  Opening her lips wide, her tongue flicked out at the thick cockhead as it pierced between her open lips. The flange of the cockhead met her open lips, then popped through into her mouth as she ran her tongue around the thick head, then teasing his pisshole.

Now Jessica began to get into the swing of things, avidly tonguing the thick cockhead and running her tongue up the length of the cock's underside.  She just couldn't wait for him to slide his monstrous cock up between her legs to quell that nagging itch.  She wanted it so badly that she was determined to get him ready.   Then she shuddered in fear as the gloating teen held her head tightly and advised "This time, I'm gonna cum in your sweet mouth, bitch!"  Jessica hadn't expected this as she thought it would be like the last time, causing her to shudder as her stomach churned in rebellion of the thought of having all that filth filling her belly.
Afraid at the thought of what lay ahead, the wickedness of it all had Jessica creaming in her panties.  It seemed that the more despicable the act, that fact that this young teen had so much control over her, the more excited she got.  It was as if she wanted this muscular black teen to make her a total slut, a whore for his big black cock.  Opening her mouth wide, she engulfed the thick cockhead along with several inches of his dark meat as she pumped it with her fists.

Ronnie was amazed at the sudden transformation of this beautiful woman.  A moment ago she was reluctant at the thought of him shooting his load into her mouth and now she was gobbling up his cock as if she hadn't eaten in days.  He laughed and said to himself 'Well, sweetie, I got a big load stored up for ya!  Gonna fill that belly of yers up with hot nigga cum first!  Then I sure as hell am gonna making that belly of hers swell up in a very different way over the next nine months!"

As she gammed him, Ronnie had to steel himself to keep from losing his load prematurely.  He wanted this pleasure sight of the beautiful Mrs. Jessica Holt on her knees before him as she avidly sucked at his cock.  "Oh, sweetie, I sure wish Mr. Holt was here to see what he's been missing!  If he only knew what a cocksucker of a wife he has!  Ahhhhh, yeah ……………….oh, baby …………….you're getting to be a fucking pro at this!" he exclaimed.

Ronnie groaned with pleasure, wanting desperately to shoot his load into her sweet sucking mouth as he held her hair tightly so she wouldn't pull away.  "Oh, Mrs. Holt, I'm gonna to cum in your sweet mouth!"  Instead of trying to pull away, Ronnie was amazed as the transformed beauty pumped her hands his cock faster and faster, apparently wanting him to shoot his load into her mouth.  "Ahhh, baby ……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned, shuddering as spasm after spasm rocked his body.  Clutching tightly on her hair, to keep from slumping down to the floor, Ronnie tried to steady himself on his weakened legs.  It seemed that the sexy beauty had literally sucked the strength out of him.

Still on her knees, cum began escaping from the corners of her mouth as the cock started to deflate in size.  Jessica felt her stomach churn from the vile slimy goo she had swallowed, feeling queasy as she took a hand off the cock to form a cup with her palm to keep the cum from soiling her pink dress.   Slow the lengthy cock was pulled out of her lips as Ronnie feel over to the side onto the bed as she knelt there on the floor, catching the cum that her stomach had rejected.

What a sight it made for Ronnie as he watched the sophisticate bitch kneeling on the motel room floor, trying to keep his cum from soiling her beautiful dress.  He knew she could not let her dress get soiled as she would never be able to enter her home in such a state with cum stains on the front of her dress.  He saw her quiver and knew she was trying desperately to keep from losing her cookies.  Finally, he observed her body settle down as she cradle a handful of jizz in the palm of her hand.

"Eat it, bitch!" he commanded.  He saw the look of disdain in her eyes, like she hated him for thinking she would do such a filthy thing.  But seconds later, he just laughed as she dipped her pink tongue into the slimy puddle in her hand.  He knew that she would do anything he asked at this point in time.  When she was done with her liquid meal, he gruffly said "Okay, bitch!  Stand up and give me a striptease!  Show me how a white married bitch acts when she wants some black meat!"

He watched as she stood up and began her performance, slowly disrobing.  First her pink dress was removed and laid upon the chair behind her.  Then her lacy white bra an dpanties.  "Leave your heels on, Mrs. Holt!  You look sexy like that!" he commented as he lay back onto the bed.  Then she was climbing on the bed with him, spreading her legs wide to straddle him.  With her hand on his cock, he watched as she guided his cockhead to her opening.

Ronniee groaned with pleasure as she let go of his cock and dropped her full weight onto him, impaling herself on his stiff muscle, causing her to moan loudly "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………ohhhhhhhhhh ……..ahhh ………ahhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, God …………….oh, God …………..it's so thick …………..oh, yes ……….oh, it feels so goodddddddd!"  As she reached up to cup her breasts, thumbs flicking at her stiff nipples while she rode his cock, Ronnie knew she was now hooked on his black cock.

 “Owwwwwww ………ohhhh, God ………..ohhhhh, it hurtsssss ………..oh, so good ……ohhhhhh, yess ……….yesssssssssss!”  Jessica screamed.  "Ohhhh, God ………..yes ………………yes …………….fuck me …………….fuck me!" she chanted over and over.  "Oh, yes ……………oh, yessssss ……………..yesssss ……………oh, yessssss ……………..yesssss!" she chanted as her body convulsed as the thick cock erupted deep in her womb.

As they showered before Jessica had to go, they embraced in the shower and Ronnie lifted the petite wife.  It was another fantastic fuck as she wrapped her trim white legs around his waist as he literally nailed her to the shower stall.  Finally, finishing dressing and check her make-up after hearing the motorcycle start up and leave, Jessica then departed from the motel room.

On the drive home, Jessica wondered just how she could be going home to her loving family and husband after having fucked a teenager in a sleazy motel room.  But she knew deep down that she would do it again whenever Ronnie Collins called her.

Miles away, Ronnie Collins was also on that recent fuck session that had taken place.  'Man, she's some piece of ass!  Bet the guys on the football team would part with their money for a crack at her beautiful white ass!  All the guys can't keep their eyes off her when she's around, even Coach Evers!  Hell, with Coach helping me out in getting a college scholarship at his alma mater, guess I owe him a big favor!  Guess I'll give him a free shot at her crack!  Bet he's been dying to put his black cock into her like I have!"

End of Story.