Auto Accident Abduction
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Maurice "Mo" Jackson was a passenger in a red Pontiac G6 that was stopped at a stop sign on a side street a few blocks from downtown.  He was in the process of completing a drug deal when the car was rear-ended by another automobile.  It was nothing serious but enough to cause a bit of damage to the rear bumper, worst of all was the driver and owner of the car he was riding in for just a couple of blocks to exchange the ‘ice’ for bucks.

Vicki McCandles, the driver of the Pontiac, had a notoriously short fuse anyway and the bimbo blonde immediately flew into a tirade as she stepped out of her car to check the damage.  She was running late as it was, supporting her drug through prostitution, and needed to be on time or her pimp would have her ass.  Having just scored some drugs and with her rap sheet, Vicki didn't want to risk calling in the cops for a simple fender bender. But she was pissed as she didn’t have much, with her sporty red Pontiac her pride and joy.
Abigail (Abby) Firestone had just left a promotion party in her honor at a local bar, a couple of blocks from the scene of the accident.  Having consumed a few drinks and unfamiliar with that section of town, she had inadvertently made a wrong turn.  Momentarily distracted in trying to read the street sign, she hadn't reacted in time to avoid rear-ending the stopped car ahead of her.  The stunning beauty staggered out of her expensive silver Lexus RX to check the damage, noticeably unsteady on her heels, a combination of the effects of the alcohol and dazed from the bump on her forehead as a result of the collision.
Mo might have otherwise opted to simply disappear into the night, not wanting to wait for the cops to arrive for obvious reasons.  Being a drug dealer, having more on him besides what he had just sold to the blonde bimbo, it would be a mere waste his time getting drawn into a hen fight over a measly fender bender.  But one look at the other driver caused him to linger, overruling his own better judgment.
As Vicki quickly noted the damage to her rear bumper and began to verbally assault the other driver, she stopped when she saw the other woman touch her forehead and then brace herself against her own car for balance.  But Mo was Johnny-on-the spot, ever the opportunist as he instinctively caught the young beauty before she fell to the ground.  With the stunned Vicki asking if the woozy woman was okay, Mo quickly reassured her that she was probably just dazed from the collision.
Mo advised that they needed to move on before the cops showed up.  With Vicki having just scored the drugs and in possession of them, she concurred.  Even so, with her rear bumper damaged, Vicki wasn't about to just drive off and let the other woman off the hook so easily and without paying for the damages.  ‘Frick’n bitch owes me for the damage to my beautiful car and I’m gonna hold her to it!’ she fumed.
Trying to think on the fly, Vicki directed Mo to “Put the bitch into my car and drive hers around the corner and out of sight!”  Though Mo had his own agenda working, he decided that throwing in with Vicki McCandles could ultimately pay dividends for him as well, so he did as she asked.  With the young beauty unconscious in his arms, Mo took the opportunity of copping a feel, feeling her ample breast through her white blouse and thin bra while his other hand slipped under the hem of her skirt to feel her soft ivory flesh.  Back of his fingers brushed over the soft lacy garment that hid her lovely feminine charms.
After Mo parked the car and locked it up, he joined Vicki at her car and slid in beside the passed out beauty.  He explained to Vicki that if he was in for a dime, then he was in for a dollar and wanted to be long gone from there if a cop happened by.  But Vicki argued that “I’s just want the bitch to cough up for the damages to my car!  This bitch has got to cough up the bucks
Noting that the young beauty was too woozy to settle up with Vicki at that moment, Mo offered for help by driving the couple of blocks to his place and then she could figure how to collect from the other driver there.  As his suggestion sounded logical and agreed upon by Vicki, a few minutes later they were assisting pretty Abigail Firestone into Mo's cramped and cluttered apartment, merely dumping her on the bed.

Abigail was in the process of coming around, moaning and trying to shake the cobwebs out of her head.  Meanwhile, Vicki was emptying out the contents of Abigail's purse onto the bed, checking her wallet in search of monetary restitution for the damage to her car.  "Eighteen fuck’n dollars!" Vicki shouted in disgust.  As far as Vicki was concerned, time was money, with this whole thing costing her way too much already.

Intent on cutting to the chase and settling this matter as quickly as possible, his bimbo friend hadn't noticed or cared that he had been ogling the young wife since the moment she'd first staggered out of her car.  She was not only a looker but she reflected a caliber of style and breeding that was easily a cut above the kind of women Mo typically dealt with.  Mo had sold Vicki drugs, always for cash and never making a compromise, making it clear that pussy wouldn’t be a bargaining factor.  Though Vicki was indeed attractive, she wasn’t Mo’s type.  Mo much preferred an innocence about his women, something like what was now lying there upon his own bed.
Realizing that Abigail was starting to come around, Vicki immediately lit into her, blaming her for the auto accident.  She then began threatening to call the cops and to sue her for everything she owned.  It was a bluff, of course, but Vicki was banking on taking advantage of the other woman's dazed condition and the fact that she was the driver at fault.  She had hoped to bully the gal into making a quick cash settlement.
Abby was still rather woozy, but remembered running into the back of Vicki's car, recalled also that she'd had a bit too much to drink that night.  Vicki was an intimidating woman and Abigail decided that discretion was the better part of valor, hoping  to persuade her not to report the accident.  She was far too naive and innocent to perceive that Vicki McCandles was even more desperate than she was when it came to settling the dispute without having to call in the police.
The young wife feared that if the police cited her for DUI.  Having told her husband that she’d probably spend the night at Evelyn’s, her good friend and co-worker, she foolishly had made the last minute decision in telling Evelyn she was feeling fine and could drive on home without a problem.  Having seeing Evelyn and Tom hitting it off, Abigail did not want to be the third wheel once the party ended.

Abby was desperately afraid that she would end up going to jail for driving under the influence, possibly losing her license, along with potentially losing her promotion and possibly even her job.  In addition, how would she explain it to her husband as he was out of town on business, well aware that her driving record had less than perfect.  A DUI would just be the icing on the cake -- he'd hit the roof, especially as it make the insurance premiums skyrocket if a claim was made along with it!
Apologizing for the mishap, Abby explained about the promotion party, her unfamiliarity with that section of town.  She went on to explain that her momentary distraction was the reason for the accident.  Also, she readily admitted that the accident was entirely her fault and offered to make full restitution, pleading with Vicki not to call the police and report the accident.  However, she unwittingly admitted that she'd been drinking, and naively admitted also that her husband was away on business.  Worst of all, she expressed her fear of going to jail and being slapped with a DUI charge.
Vicki was not the compassionate type, having every intention of exploiting her advantage to the fullest.  Thus, Vicki decided that Abigail's plea to not call in the cops and her offer to make restitution could possibly be parlayed into a deal to coerce the naïve young wife into paying more than just the cost of damages.  Perhaps the naive young beauty could be convinced to pad the payout to compensate Vicki for her time and inconvenience as a result of the accident ……….. and for agreeing not to involve the police in the matter.
As Vicki pondered her options, Abby noticed for the first time that the contents of her purse had been dumped on the bed.  Even more disconcerting, Abigail noticed for the first time the large imposing black man who was staring at her.  It was then that Vicki read the distress on Abigail's face and offered an explanation, reassuring the young wife that she'd checked her purse to ascertain who Abigail was, since she was too dazed and incoherent to identify herself after the accident.

As for Mo, Vicki reassured Abigail that they'd decided for her safety that it was necessary to move her from the scene of the accident, fearing that the cars may burst into flames as a result of the accident.  Vicki relayed their concern over the extent of Abigail's injuries as well, uncertain if help would arrive as the accident occurred in a rather deserted area.  Vicki added that Mo had witnessed the accident and that he'd been nice enough to lend a hand and to offer up the use of his apartment for Abigail to rest and recover after bumping her head.

Vicki further lied by adding that Abigail's car had been too severely damaged to be driven after the collision, but that it was locked and safe.  The lies made it appear that Abigail had in essence been stranded, without help had it not been for Vicki and Mo.
Although the young wife offered her thanks for his assistance and hospitality, Mo detected the fear and revulsion in her eyes and noticed her modest attempt to adjust her skirt, realizing she was unconsciously flashing much more of her trim, shapely legs than she would have preferred.
For Mo, as lovely and refined as this beautiful young bitch was, it was the glittering wedding ring on her finger that really set his mind racing with wild anticipation of nailing her.  However, Mo held himself in check as Vicki was intent on calling the shots.  He would just play along and deal himself in for a dividend as the scam played out.  ‘Damn, she sure is a looker!  Probably married to some whiteboy who’s going to inherit his daddy’s fortune some day!’ he thought.
When Vicki asked if he had anything in the apartment to drink, suggesting he fix them all a drink so she and Abigail can discuss damages and compensation, Mo complied.  Going to the small bar in his apartment, he got out some glasses.  Ice cubes obtained and placed into the glasses, Mo poured the drinks, grabbing some of his drugs to add a bit of something extra to the young wife’s drink that would set things up nicely for him a bit later on.  ‘There sure are some advantages to being a drug dealer!’ he chuckled to himself.
Abby politely declined the drink that Mo handed to her, advising that she was still a bit tipsy from the alcohol she'd consumed earlier.  But with Vicki insisting she drink it, telling her that the auto accident had been a stressful experience and the drink would steady her nerves and sooth the throbbing pain from that bump on her forehead, Abby did not want to upset the woman any more than necessary.

Vicki's true intent, of course, was to ensure that Abigail's blood alcohol level remained sufficiently high to impair her better judgment as well as to ensure that Abigail wouldn't want to submit to a sobriety test anytime soon, allowing Vicki the advantage of maintaining the threat that she might call the cops and report the accident.  Having seen the young wife’s fear of being arrested for DUI was sufficient leverage to ensure that Vicki held the advantage during negotiations with the naïve bitch over compensation for damages to her car.
 As Abby sipped her stiff drink, blissfully unaware that it was drugged, Vicki spelled out the terms of the settlement.  Obviously, Abby did not have enough cash on hand to pay for the damages to Vicki's car.  When Vicki demanded they draw the money out of her ATM card, Abby explained that she did not have enough money in her ATM account either, having overspent on new outfits and shoes in anticipation of her promotion.  However, Abby tried to reassure the raging woman that she'd be most happy to write her a check, reimbursing her a reasonable sum for damages plus a bit more for any inconvenience to Vicki that the incident may have caused.
 Vicki scoffed at the offer, sneering “A check?  What kink of fool do you take me for, bitch?  Write me a fuck’n check that’ll be cancelled before I can even get to the bank!”  In spite of Abigail's assurances to the contrary, Vicki was convinced that Abigail would simply stop payment on the check.  Without a police report on file to substantiate Vicki's claim that Abigail was at fault, Vicki would be left high and dry to try to collect for damages.
As far as Vicki was concerned, checks weren't worth the paper they were written on.  Life was strictly cash and carry!  To her convoluted way of thinking, the quickest and surest way for a woman to generate cold, hard cash was either on her knees or on her back!  In her line of work, one certainly would not take a check from a ‘John’ for services rendered.  Seeing the bitch being very attractive and married, Vicki resented her for the obvious success and affluence she had attained in life.

Vicki despised the affluent, uppity, corporate-type bitches like such as the woman before her.  Women like Abigail, celebrating her promotion and such, always turning up their noses at the likes of someone in Vicki’s profession and the way she made her living on the streets.  She resented the likes of Abigail because it was husband’s like hers who so often were Vicki's customers, demanding that she get down on her knees to suck their cocks, or take it up the ass because their own prim and proper wives wouldn't degrade themselves by performing such a disgusting sex act.

Hell, for all Vicki knew, Abigail's husband was one of Vicki's customers; maybe even a regular.  Vicki had no intention of taking pity on the likes of Abigail Firestone and she had no intention of letting her off the hook.  She had Abigail by the short and curlies, and she'd see to it that the bitch paid through the nose.  Incensed at that the thought that the little bitch own fucking husband might be one of her customers, Vicki rage was building on its own, fuel fed by her own thoughts.
It was becoming apparent to Mo that the alcohol, in combination with the drugs he'd slipped into her drink were already taking effect as her speech became slurred as mind was obviously muddled and her thoughts were wondering.  Then, when Vicki neared him and whispered “This type of goody-goody little bitch just pisses me off!  Wouldn’t be a surprise me if her fuck’n husband was one of my steady ‘Johns’!  Bet she’s too good to get down on her knees to suck her man off, much less letting him shove his boner up her goody-goody little ass!”
Hearing that, Mo decided the time was right to deal himself into the game, sidling up to Vicki.  Mo first agreed with Vicki’s logic, that the bitch would surely stop payment on the check and leaving her high and dry for the cost of the damages to her car.  He then proudly confided in Vicki that he'd slipped Abigail a Mickey, accounting for her obvious stupor, quick to add that they could exploit the opportunity while the young beauty was too dazed to think clearly.
As Vicki pressed him to reveal his plan, Mo advised her that they'd simply blackmail the bitch into paying her debt right then and there. Mo chuckled “Yer right about this high-fluting bitch being too good to git down on her hands and knees to blow a guy!  Bet her white ass is still cherry!  I’s be only too happy to help ya out here, so’s ya can git the money to pay fer yer car …………….all at no charge!  Then we’ll work on getting ya some interest on top of that!” Mo advised.  Handing Vicki a video camera, he turn it on and had her film him as he began to strip down, explaining that the incriminating tape of the young wife getting 'niggered' would have her doing anything and everything Vicki asked.

Vicki just loved it. After all, with the bitch’s husband out of town, it would be their word against hers that she didn't cheat on him willingly.  And, anyway, whether she cheated on him willingly or not, Vicki bet that hubby wouldn't want any part of her after he got a viewing of the tape.  Just the threat of showing it to hubby would be all the leverage Vicki would need and as Mo suggested, Vicki wanted to 'break the bitch' to ensure her compliance. Thus, Mo's logic made perfect sense to Vicki.  Besides, the sadistic streak in her told her that it’d be would be fun to watch the young wife raped and defiled by her black accomplice, thus yelling out “Mo ………………make the bitch get down on her knees …………………….treat her like a bitch and make her suck you off!”

In her drugged stupor, meanwhile, Abby stared blankly at the scene unfolding before her.  Watching in a stupor as the muscular black man began to undress, she did not comprehend what was in store for her.  Abigail's eyes quickly registered disbelief and then panic as the man proudly dropped his pants to expose the enormous cock that he possessed.  As the obviously aroused cock literally sprung into view, Abby let out a loud gasp in disbelief at what she was seeing.  Abigail's mind was racing but she was at a loss to collect her thoughts or to react decisively to what was happening.
Vicki laughed at the unlikely prospect that the young wife had ever seen a monstrosity as impressive as Mo's oversized cock.  She readied the camera as Mo reached out to grasp the trembling young wife’s hand and pulled down off the bed.  It was quite a sight to see the uppity bitch, still fully clothed was made to kneel before Mo as her beautifully manicured ivory white fingers were then forcibly wrapped around the enormous ebony cock.
Mo knew that this was pushing Vicki’s buttons as she was filming with one hand holding the camcorder and the other giving him the thumbs up signal.  With the young wife drugged out of her mind for the very first time, Mo planned on putting her through her paces and enjoying the privilege of dibs on the beautiful and naïve young wife.  With the way she was holding his cock, Mo knew how inexperienced the little bitch was and correctly suspected that his was the very first black one ………………..or one of this magnificent size!

Vicki was enjoying the show tremendously, urging the big black stud on and capturing it all on film.  Poor Abigail, her mind too numbed by the drugs to fend off her assailant, and could only cringe with disgust and shake her head ‘no’ when asked if she ever had given her hubby the pleasure of sucking him off.  Vicki smiled widely as Mo pulled her head towards him while arching his boner up into her cringing face.  “Come, sweetie ……………ya gotta learn how to please a man with yer purty pink lips sometime!  Too degrading fer ya to put yer soft lips on a man’s cock, huh!  Sweetie ……………….ain’t nothing more pleasurable fer a man to have a purty little bitch like ya down on her knees and sucking him off!” came Mo’s taunting.

Forced her to part her lips and admit the foul smelling tube of flesh into her mouth, Abby thought she’d die of shame right there on the spot.  Nothing could be more disgraceful than this …………………force down to her knees ……………… take a man’s penis into her mouth ……………………worst yet, a black man’s penis!  Pushing her tongue up against the head of his penis, Abby shuddered as she felt the indentation of his flaring pisshole.

Mo moaned in pleasure as he felt her soft wet tongue pushing as his bloated cockhead.  He knew that she was not tonguing him but instead trying to push him out of her mouth.  Fingers entwined in her long silky hair, he gave her a sharp tug, then threatened “Tongue me, baby!  Tongue me if ya know what’s good fer ya!”  “Ahhhh …………………ah, yeah …………………..ahhhhhhhhh …………….that’s it, sweetie ……………that’s the way ………………………….damn, yer a fast learner!” Mo groaned as he began to pump his cock in and out of her hot sucking mouth.

Though it was quite a shameful and degrading task for Abby, it seemed as if her womanly instincts set in as her fingers squeezed at the thick stalk, hands pumping at the base while her head began bobbing up on down the lengthy pole.  She even detected the muscular man beginning to buckle at the knees, all from ministrations of her lips and tongue on his manhood.  Faster and faster she pumped, tongue flicking wildly on the fleshy bulb, with her head bobbing up and down upon the thick stem.

But her determination to bring this man down had consequences that Abby had not prepared herself for.  Only when it bloated up even more within her mouth, with the man moaning loudly that he was “Gonna cum!” did she realize that he intended on finishing himself off right in her mouth.  Trying desperately to pull her head back while using her hands to pull the meaty cock out of her mouth, it was to no avail as her assailant held her firmly in place.

“Oh, Goddddd …………………….cumming ………………….gonna blow my biggest wad ever ……………..right in yer hot little mouth!  Damn, wish hubby was here to see what a hot little cocksucker he’s got fer a wife!  Ahhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhh ………………….arggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the taunts and groans from above as Abby felt a sudden deluge of slimy goo filling her mouth to the brim.  Forced to swallow or choke to death, Abby shuddered as the hot roe slowly coursed its way down into her belly.

Moments later, having withdrawn his dwindling cock from the soft pink lips, Mo staggered over to plop himself down into a nearby chair.  With Vicki still filming the young wife, who now was on all fours with mouth open and a string of cum connecting her bottom lip to the puddle on the floor, Mo picked up his cellphone.  “Hello, Eddie?  Ya man, it’s Mo!  Ya got yerself three hundred buck’s on ya?  What fer ………..well, how does the cherry white ass of a real beauty sound to ya?  Yeah ………….come on up and see fer yaself!” he advised over the phone.

Seeing Vicki look over to him, Mo made her a bargain she couldn’t refuse by advising “Tell ya what Vicki ………………….I’ll round up guys and get ya two grand within the next twelve hours and then that tape is all mine!  I’s gonna become her fuck’n pimp!”  With Vicki agreeing to the deal, Mo figured guys would pay a fortune to get a piece of classy white meat like this Abigail Firestone.  A nice layout, a nice piece of ass, and guys would pay way more an hour than what the ordinary hooker like Vicki could make the entire night.

Eddie Moses, who lived right across the street was over in no time and he liked what he saw kneeling on all fours in Mo’s apartment.  With Mo indicating he should give the three hundred over to Vicki, Eddie began getting out of his duds right away.  “Ya sure she’s got a cherry white ass?  Cause three hundred’s a lot of bucks if it ain’t!” he asked of Mo.  Eddie was all game when Mo advised him of a 50% refund if the bitch wasn’t cherry.

No attempts were made to keep the anticipated shrieks from being heard outside of the apartment.  In fact, Mo even went to open the front door as he wanted the bitch to scream her head off.  In this neighborhood, people might get curious but certainly knew better to get involved unless they knew that person directly.  With Vicki filming it all, Mo watched as his friend Eddie shucked at his jutting black cock while approaching the drugged beauty.  Flipping up her skirt, he watched as Eddie knelt down behind her, peeling down her lacy white panties.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………….nooooooooooooooooooo ......................stop ………………………stoppppppppppppppppppp …………………….stopppppppppp …………………….God, you’re killing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the loud shrieks of pain that could be heard two blocks away as Eddie rammed his aching cock up into the upraised ass of the beautiful young wife.  Blood curdling screams continued to follow as Eddie reared back and shoved his boner up into the obviously virgin ass.

Outside, leaning on the railing, Mo saw quite a few of his neighbors peeking out from their doorway.  Then Antoine Bailey called out to him “What’s going on up there, Mo?”  Mo gave his downstairs neighbor a wave and replied “It’s just Eddie breaking in a classy white bitch’s cherry little ass!  She’s sure a screamer, ain’t she?  I’s gonna get me some clean white nookie as soon as he’s done!  If’n ya want some sloppy seconds, it’ll cost ya a hundred bucks!”

Then another neighbor chimed on in “How’s about me, Mo?  Can I’s git in on the action too fer a hundred bucks?”  “Sure, yer money’s good, Tony!  Bring yer money and stand in line fer some action!” Mo replied.  Then guy’s were swarming up from all the stairwells, determined to be the next guy in line.  With a dozen guys in line, suddenly there was a woman’s voice calling out “Jackson …………………ya git yer ass back here in dis apartment!  Ya ain’t wasting none of my hard earned money on some honky bitch!  I’s gonna cut yer balls off if’n ya ain’t back here in one minute!”  All the guys cracked up laughing as the fifth guy in line sheepishly departed back down the stairwell.

As Eddie rode the white bitch, who continued her whining and attempts to escape by crawling forward, Vicki saw that the lacy white panties were now tangles around her heels.  Moving in for a close-up of the bitch being sodomized by Eddie’s big black cock, Vicki held the camcorder with one hand while using the other to untangle the garment from around her heels.  Then moving back some, she set the camcorder onto the tripod that Mo had just set up.

Going outside, seeing all the men lined up and peering into the apartment through the louvered windows, Vicki announced “Highest bidder get’s the bitch’s panties!”  Handing the lacy garment over, she then counted out the $125 that the highest bidder just got handed over to her in exchange.  Seeing the number of guys lined up with still more to come, she went over to Mo and advised “Looks like that video’s gonna be all yers soon enough!  I wanna see you give it to that little bitch ………….give it to her HARD!”

Agony of the ass fuck over, pain still racked Abby’s ravished body.  Assisted up by the cruel Vicki, Abby could barely stand as the woman helped her over to the side of the bed.  But that was all the help she would receive as the vile woman grasped the front of her blouse and tore it down the front, baring her body to the onlookers gawking outside the apartment unit.  Then came her bra and skirt as Abby was to drugged out to put up much of a fight.  Abby then heard Vicki call out “Come and get it, Mo!  Get your nuts off so I can start collecting from the paying customers!”
Naked except for her heels, Abby was pushed onto the bed by the uncouth woman as she saw her male friend approaching the bed.  The man who she had been forced to suck off was again shucking at growing tool, this time it was evident that he was going to rape her with it.  Looking to Vicki, she pleaded “Please ……………………please don’t let him rape me!  Please ………………..please …………………….I’m not on the pill!  He …………………….he’ll get me pregnant!  Please …………………please …………make him use a condom!”

“Shit, bitch ………………..they cost money ………………and ya ain’t got none!  I ain’t gonna waste the condoms I got in my purse …………………..besides, I’ve only got ten left in the box …………………….and there’s over a dozen guys in line outside ……………………all big black studs as I’s can recall!” Vicki taunted.  “C’mon, Mo ……………….spread that bitch’s legs and give it to her good!  Remember, you got an audience to perform for!” she laughed.

For Mo, he much preferred the privacy of making love to a classy woman, the likes of this Abigail Firestone.  To make her moan with pleasure when he drilled her with his oversized cock, to hear her beg him for more, that was his real pleasure in getting a beautiful white bitch to go black.  Sure, he had enjoyed the suck-off while Vicki was filming it all.  But now, with a dozen pair of male eyes peering through the windows of his apartment unit, his ‘studly’ reputation was certainly on the line.  A premature ejaculation would make him a laughing stock or a poor performance on his part would certainly not be good for his reputation around the neighborhood.

Thinking quickly, Mo knew just how to impress the onlookers as to style and technique in boning a beautiful white bitch.  Shucking at his impressive foot long love muscle, Mo was now primed and ready to go as he approached the foot of the bed.  For the audience sake, knowing it’d give all the guys a hardon with them wishing they were in his place at the very moment, Mo said loudly “It’s breeding time, bitch!  Yessiree …………….Mo got ya something that’ll surely make that purty little belly swell up in no time at all!”

Grabbing her trim ankles in each hand, Mo then spread the young wife wide as he shuffled up into place.  Deliberately bumping his bone hard cock up again her pelvic bone had the desired effect as the drugged beauty then realized that she was about to be raped by a cock far superior in both length and girth than she had ever experienced before, causing her to stammer and plead “Oh, please ………………………no ………………………….no, please …………………….it’s too big …………… won’t fit ………………………..please …………………noooooooooo!”

Then, with the skill of a marksman, Mo thrust forward and lanced the innocent young wife, causing her to shriek loudly “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………….no ……………….nooooooooooooo ……………………you’re killinggggggggggggg meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Stop ……………………stop …………………..please stop …………………………….it hurtsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!”  As the beauty whimpered in pain, Mo could hear the chants from outside cheering him on with “Go, Mo!  Go, Mo!  Go, Mo!”

Sawing in and out of the raped beauty, Mo got into his rhythm as his foot-long dong sliced into the now moaning beauty.  Only now, the moans of pain had turned into that of pleasure as the raped beauty soared up into the heavens.  Mo could sense this, especially by the way in which her tight little squeezed and throbbed around invading cock.  “Mmmmmmmm ………………..mmmmmmmm ……………mmmmmmmmm!” came the mewls from the beauty’s lips.


But Mo wanted to make sure that the onlookers knew exactly how hot she had become and was being turned on by his cock.  With her legs held up high in a ‘V’, Mo then stopped all movement when just his bloated cockhead was captured within her slick sleeve.  Then came the ultimate defeat for the beautiful young wife as her eyes opened and she tried to skewer herself back onto his pleasure giving cock.  “Please ……… ……………… ……………………what are you doing ……………………..don’t stop …………………….don’t stop …………………not yet …………………..I’m so close!”

“Yer wish is my command, Mrs. Firestone!” Mo replied as he commenced to slide his cock into her.  He knew that calling her by her marital name let the onlookers know she belonged to some white punk ass and that Mo had broken her, that she would never again be satisfied with a puny white cock.  Speeding up to jackhammer speed, bed thumping against the wall, then came the beauty’s orgasm as she out her pleasure “Yessssssssss ……………………yesssssssssssss ………………………oh, God yesssssssssssssss ……………………I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!”

Burying his cock in up to his balls, Mo announced “Here it is bitch!  I’s a cumming!  Mo’s gonna breed ya!  Ahhhhhh ………….ahhhhhhhhhh ……………ahhhhhhhhh!  Oh, bitch ……………………… it isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!”  With his asscheeks quivering and tightening, the audience knew just what was taking place at the point of their union.  As the raped beauty’s body suddenly went slack, a result of her mind-shattering orgasm and descent back down to earth, Mo pulled his proud fuck-stick out of the raped beauty.

The onlookers were in total awe as the gazed upon his still jutting black cock that now glistened with their fuck juices.  Reaching down for the beauty’s torn skirt, Mo then proudly used it to clean up the weapon he had just fired, the way in which one would clean a gun that had discharged.  Then the onlookers gave him praise of “Mo’s the man!  Mo’s the man!”  Going over to the bed where the beauty was now sprawled out, he grasped the front of her ankles this time, then pushed her legs back so her heels were flat on the bed.

Next, Mo pulled the raped wife’s knees wide apart for all to see her violated red gash with thick streams of jizz oozing out of her.  “Now wouldn’t that make a tasty meal for that punk husband of hers!” exclaimed to the roar of laughter from his admirers.  “Okay, guys ……………..time fer some sloppy seconds!” he chuckled as the first three guys in line scrambled forward into the apartment and began shedding their clothing.

Mo looked at Vicki at that point, as she smiled and shrugged “Hell, they wanted to gangbang the bitch!  Gav’em a discount of twenty bucks a piece as that’s still more than double the money for the same period of time!”  When it came to money, how much one could take in per hour by giving pussy, Vicki was no bimbo in this category.  “Gonna get my two grand faster than expected, Mo!  Tell you what, we’ll go 50-50 once the two grand is met till we send the bitch on home!  That’ll take care of the new sheets you’ll need and maybe a new mattress as it’s really getting soaked!” she advised.

As Mo looked outside of his apartment unit, the line was all the way down the stairway at this point.  Word had spread quickly over to the neighboring apartments across the way and all wanted a piece of this classy white bitch.  Even the teenaged neighborhood gang of seven, who normally were loners, was lined up for a real club gangbang.  Mo just chuckled, figuring it was time the cops got some time off instead of chancing down these teens for the night.

Glancing back in, he observed Abigail Firestone being placed on all fours as the guy she was straddling tried to thrust up into her widened gash.  Meanwhile, Antoine was caressing her creaming white ass and about to sodomize the bitch.  Tony was enjoying himself with fingers entwined in her long silky hairy while bouncing his black balls over her cringing face before making her blow him.

Upon guys leaving the apartment unit, Vicki who had a good memory of her ‘Johns’ told each guy “If any of you want a second go round with the bitch, I’ll give you a 50% discount!”  That had the guys scrambling back home to come up with needed bucks so they could have another whack at the beautiful white bitch.  When one guy cussed “Shit, I’s only got me another twenty bucks left!”  Vicki smiled, telling the guy “That’ll be good enough for a hand job!”  That guy smiled in return and gladly handed the $20 bill over to Vicki.

With five hours now having lapsed, Abigail Firestone was one fucked out bitch and lying on soggy cum soaked sheets.  She had long ago lost count of how many cocks she had serviced with her mouth, pussy, ass, and hands.  Many had taken their pleasure shooting off in her body while others found their pleasure in shooting out their sticky jizz onto her body, her face and hair especially, making her feel like a filthy common whore.  Still, men were lined up outside and waiting for their turn.

Physically and emotionally drained after enduring her rape and defilement, succumbing to the combined effects of the alcohol and drugs, Abby drifted off to sleep with one guy’s cock in her mouth and another fucking away at her wide-stretched pussy.  Finally, with all the men now broke or too exhausted for more, Abby lay sprawled on the cum splattered bed with globs of semen oozing from her swollen cunt, ass and mouth.  Both Mo and Vicki chuckled as they surveyed the young wife, wondering if she was now impregnated with one of the guy’s potent black seed.
A short time later, Vicki rousted Abigail from her drugged sleep, shoved her in front of the mirror.  Vicki just laughed as the young wife looked at herself through her dazed eyes.  She wanted the woozy bitch to take a good long look at herself, sneering “Now you uppity little bitch, you know exactly how it feels to be a streetwalker like me!  Take a good look at yourself bitch!  But seeing as how you earned nearly three grand to pay me for the damages to my car, we’ll call it even!”

As Abby stared incredulously at her reflection, cringing in disgust, she couldn't believe that the woman in the mirror was actually her.  Her hair was all matted down in white male paste, her make-up gone with her lipstick now smearing a black cock, and her face covered with male semen.  Abby had no idea what time it was nor how long she had been the plaything of the paying ‘Johns’.  Then the floozy woman next to her pushed her into the warm shower that she had prepared and Abby shivered as the slime spunk was finally being washed off her body.  Rubbing her hands over her breasts to cleanse herself, Abby shuddered in revulsion at the feel of just how much of the slimy filth covered her body.

With only a large man-sized football jersey placed on the countertop, Abby donned it while Vicki stood at the doorway snickering at her plight.  “C’mon, sweetie, you must have built up quite an appetite after servicing so many ‘Johns’!  Damn, sweetie ………..for a novice in the game, you’ve already surpassed a lot of what I’ve done ……….and I’ve been whoring around for over ten years now!  Hell, like that last guy …………he’s 81 years old ……………….I’ve haven’t stooped that low to take on a guy older than my grandfather!” Vicki chuckled.

Still drugged out of her mind, unable to put up any resistance, Abby was led to the small dinette table where she sat upon the chair that Vicki escorted her to.  Then, Vicki sat right upon the tabletop before her.  Looking up to Vicki, who’s fingers were entwined in her hair and forcing her to look up at her, Abby was a bit confused when Vicki advised “You must be hungry after all that activity, sweetie!”  Abby didn’t know whether to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at that point, especially knowing how vindictive the woman could be.

Now it was Vicki’s turn to have some fun, being bi-sexual, she especially loved being the one to introduce and teach an innocent and straight bitch like Abigail Firestone into the joys of sex with another woman.  Having already removed her panties in preparation for this, she commanded Abby to lift up her skirt and enjoyed seeing her eyes widen upon seeing her bare from the waist down.  Pulling her head down and arching up her pelvic, Vicki laughed “C’mon, bitch ……………… out my hot little pussy!  Stick that tongue of yours up my snatch!”

Head held down between Vicki’s thighs, Abby then felt an arm going around her waist and lifting her up. The chair pushed aside, she was now on her feet bending over, about to once again be treated to the cock she had enjoyed best of all.  Speared by Mo’s whopper once again, feeling it slice in and out of her hot pussy, Abby flicked the tip of her tongue rapidly over Vicki’s clit.  With Vicki climaxing in her mouth, Abby was sent out of this world once again as Mo blasted her womb full of his hot jizz.
Finally her ordeal was over and Abby wanted to put on her own clothing.  Picking up each garment with her thumb and index finger, she grimaced at seeing each item just covered with cum stains.  The men had followed their idol after sating their vile lust, using her skirt and blouse to clean their cocks with.  Abby was then escorted down the stairwell by Mo and Vicki, gasping with surprise at seeing her car parked there.  The front bumper was dented badly but clearly still drivable.  Then Vicki got into the car that was parked next to hers, turned and smiled with a “Thanks for the three grand, honey!  Hope you enjoyed the breakfast I fed you!”  And with that, Vicki backed her car up and departed the apartment complex.
‘How could things have gotten so far out of hand?  And stupidly duped into it!’ Abby wondered to herself as she made the drive home.  She had drank too much alcohol at her promotion party, driven when she shouldn’t have, then rear-ended a car.  Dazed and temporarily blacking out, she had then been forced to get down onto her knees and perform the degrading task of using her mouth to suck a man off for the very first time ………………….a black man at that ……………..and he had finished himself right in her mouth, making her swallow it all!

Sodomized by another man who had paid for the privilege of being the first to rape her behind, she was then raped by the man she had been forced to suck off.  Next, there was a long line of men …………..all black men ………………..waiting to pay for their turn to have sex with her, wanting to gangbang her.  Held captive in the apartment unit, she was repeatedly raped time and time again.  Even worse was the fact that none of the men had used any protection, all had been unprotected sex, at the time of the month that was most dangerous for her.

‘Oh God, what if one of them gets me pregnant?’ she worried.  ‘Who will I know who the father is?’ Abby sniffled, realizing that there was no way she could convince her husband that the baby was his …………………not with her husband having red hair will the baby’s being kinky black!  ‘Was it really true ………….what that woman Vicki said?  It can’t be ……………it’s not possible!’ she told herself.  Then Vicki’s words rang quite clear in her mind “You took care of at least fifty guys ……………..and that don’t count the twenty-or-so guys who came back for seconds!”

Finally arriving home, Abby entered her home and made her way to the master bedroom wearing the football jersey and her high heels.  ‘God ……………..what a fucking slut!’ was her comment upon seeing herself in the mirror.  Eyes focusing upon the number on the jersey, she wondered what it signified.  She recalled what Mo had said just before she departed, telling her “I’ll pick up my jersey later and show you why that number’s so special to me!”  She had been too afraid to say or ask anything and had just wanted to leave.  Now she was left to wonder what was so special about the number ‘69’!

Taking the jersey off and letting it fall to the floor, Abby shivered upon seeing the name ‘MO’ on the back of it like a regular football uniform.  Looking at her in the bathroom mirror, Abby examined her raw nipples and the numerous bruises on her breasts, seeing quite a few being caused by teeth marks.  Preparing a potent douche, though knowing it would be of little use at this point, she could only wish for the best.  ‘God, please don’t let me get pregnant ………………….and don’t let me catch anything from them!’ she prayed.

Under the hot shower, Abby recalled the ordeal when the seven teenage gang members had a go at it with her, all at one time.  She had overheard them bargaining with Vicki on the price, with Vicki settling upon $500 for all of them to gangbang her.  First forced to sit upon the guy who got onto the bed, taking him up the shitter, she was then pulled back to lie upon him.  Then the leader of the pack shoved his filthy cock up into her cum filled cunt.  The third teen apparently loved titties as he straddled her and was intent of tittie-fucking her.  Both of her hands were then wrapped around other gang members’ cocks.  The sixth was privileged to get a blowjob while the final member of the gang wrapped his cock up in her long silky hair.

The amazing thing of it all was how they had everything so well-synchronized with all seven gang members spurting their loads in or upon her at the very same time.  Mouth, cunt and ass was filled to the brim with hot teenage cum.  The teen tittie-fucking her shot his load up upon her neck as the cocks in her fists spurted out their loads.  Last but not least was the hot hair conditioner being applied to her scalp by the teen who had used her soft hair to get off on.  After clean their cocks with the skirt and blouse and were about to leave, Abby’s tittie-fucker received an award as Vicki draped the lacy white bra around is neck for a souvenir.

Then her thoughts went to the last customer in line, the 81 year old guy who was given a freebie.  Apparently his name was Gus as she recalled Mo yelling down to the guy “Hey, Gus ………….when’d ya git outta the hospital?  Heard ya had a bad ticker!”  “Today, no shit!  C’mon up here, got a welcome home present fer ya!”  Then she had heard Mo tell Vicki that the old guy didn’t have money but was a good guy who looked after the place, to which Vicki had responded “Sure, no problem …………..I got more that enough already!  Give the old geezer a thrill!”

Lying upon the cum soaked bed, Abby had shuddered in seeing how old the man was as he entered.  “Sorry but she’s pretty much fucked out and drenched with cum sauce!  But have a go at her ………….if’n ya think yer ticker can handle it!” Mo advised.  “Oooh, my, my, my ………………..she sure is a purty little thing!” the man Gus had responded as he began unbuttoning his shirt.  “Damn, if’n my ticker can’t handle it ……………I’s can’t think of a better way to go!” he chuckled.  As the old man approached the bed, Abby felt him touch and caress her ankles, then he was removing her heels.

Feet being caressed by the man, she heard him chuckle “She’s sure got purty little feet!  I’s always want a footjob!”  Then the man held her feet up to his face, rubbing the soles of her feet over his whiskered face, moaning “Mmmmmm …………………mmmmmmm ……………soft ………………soft and sexy feet!”  Abby shivered upon feeling man’s mouth sucking upon her toes, his tongue lavishing them.  Finally he was standing upon the bed with her legs lifted up as he began fucking his cock between her soles.  And the old man’s ticker did survive as he spurted out his watery jizz that landed right in her face.

Thoughts now going back to her husband, Abby knew that he was always frisky after a business trip and that they would always have sex.  With her nipples so tender and breasts so badly bruised, she did not want him seeing the condition there were in.  Also, with her cunt muscles stretched so wide, Abby knew or hope it’d be about a week’s time to return somewhat to normalcy.  ‘What can I do to hold him off a bit?’ she wondered.  Then Abby recalled what Mo had said “Sweetie ……………….ain’t nothing more pleasurable fer a man to have a purty little bitch like ya down on her knees and sucking him off!”

End of Story.