Banging Beautiful Bonnie!
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Jack and Bonnie Speer each had both turned thirty recently, happily married now for a bit over five years, having met and falling in love with one another in their senior year of college.  They had been invited a few times to the sprawling estate of Jack’s boss, who owned the architecture firm, but those had been company functions and everything had been very up front and absolutely no hanky panky with spouses present.  It seemed that head man Abner Jones had taken a liking to Jack and had taken him under his wing and Jack’s career had escalated rather quickly, with this party being the first non-company function they were attending.  And just recently, Jack had  gotten a promotion to assistant vice-president of overseas sales.

All that Jack and Bonnie knew was that those invited to the party were the boss’s personal friends and some of the bigwigs of the companies that the firm did business with, along with Mr. Jones various other overseas ventures.  Included in the mix were quite a few foreign dignitaries from Asia, where Abner Jones headed some other businesses there that were rather secretive with his involvement kept under wraps through shell corporations masking the true ownership identities of those involved.  In fact, one such secretive company ownership was quite involved in a rather unsavory business, that of the production and sales of raw and raunchy XXX rated movies.

Upon their arrival, the party was already in full swing and far from being the quiet demure function that they had expected it to be, quite the opposite in fact with the loud music blaring and a lot of waiters covering the floor to make sure no one’s glass went dry in the smoke filled room.  It certainly did seem like a happy carefree atmosphere was being enjoyed by all the guests, something that Jack and Bonnie had never before experienced for themselves, as this party seemed a rather wild one with the room rather hazy with smoke and the music blaring.

If fact, this type of party was what one would normally read about in magazines or tabloids.  Some of the guests were smoking marihuana, appearing to be already spaced out on readily available crack cocaine and ice.  Never had the Spears expected such an atmosphere taking place at the Abner’s mansion nor this type of wild function being thrown by them.  Never having attended such a function, much less having even considered experimenting with such drugs, both Jack and Bonnie felt quite out of place.  Had the Speers known it’d such a wild bash, they might have turned down the invitation, but the fact that the invitation had come personally from Abner Jones would probably have nixed such a refusal.

That past Tuesday, Mr. Jones walked into Jack’s office and personally extended the invitation for Bonnie and him to attend the party that he and his wife were throwing that weekend.  His boss indicated that it was not really a company function but one where his personal friends and some important business people from Asia would be coming to his home, and made mention that it would be a rather liberal and loose type of party.  Jack had thanked him for the invitation and was pretty sure his wife Bonnie was free but would check with her that night to see there was nothing conflicting.  And the next day, Jack advised his boss that they’d be pleased to attend and thanked him for the invitation.

Jack had heard a couple rumors of the Abner Jones' wild parties thrown, where marihuana and crack cocaine was readily available, but had just shrugged them off as being pure gossip.  And there was also a rumor that he had heard, one where an up and coming young executive had turned down the offer and Abner took it as a personal slight and basically that was the highest the fellow had rose in the ranks from that point on.  Two others had left soon after the party started with their wives frowning on the wild behavior of the guests and that soon led to their husbands being transferred out to the twilight zone before departing for other jobs elsewhere.

Bonnie had been brought up in a very conservative and religious upbringing and had fallen head over heels in love with Jack when she had met him in college.  The job market had been tight in her field of fashion design and she had taken on a job as a legal assistant till she found something in her field.  She had seen the nervousness in her husband over dinner and when he advised her of the party invitation from his boss and mentioned the rumors surrounding those parties.  But Bonnie took a positive approach to the matter, wanting Jack to move ahead in the career he seemed to immensely enjoy, telling him that it would certainly not be good for his career to refuse his boss’s invitation to the party at his home.

Bonnie smiled at her concerned husband, telling him “Oh, honey, we've got to attend the party!  Don't you worry about me!  I'm a big girl and can take care of myself!  Besides, it can't be wilder than some of the parties held at the sorority!”  But the sorority that Bonnie had belonged to had been quite a conservative one, with her statement to Jack definitely exaggerated to a large extent as she hoped that it would put him at ease.  There had been a few wild sorority parties, but on each of those occasions involved a fraternity with a rowdy reputation, with Bonnie skipping the parties by telling the girls she had a date with Jack.

On Friday, Bonnie had it in mind to entice Jack with the sexy sheer white negligee that revealed all of her curvy 5' 3" 115 lb. body.  All along they had wanted to start their family but had decided to wait awhile till they were on good financial ground.  With Jack's steady rise in the company and several large raises in that time, and now his big promotion, they had agreed that she would go off the pill on their fifth wedding anniversary.  Now, two months after going off the pill, she was ripe and fertile just about now.  But Jack had been too exhausted from his work and her efforts could not get him to rise to the occasion, causing Bonnie to resign to putting herself into the mommy way till later that weekend.

Not wanting to get there too early, the Speers arrived at the plush estate to see many Mercedes, Jags, BMWs and other expensive cars parked along the area.  Also, several limos were there with the drivers wait in or nearby each vehicle.  They were a bit embarrassed to pull up in their year old car that certainly established themselves to be on a different wealth level from the other guests.  When they entered the spacious home, they could see that the party was obviously already in full swing, with the rather sweet aroma filling the smoky room.  It was just like the movies depicting a brothel far off in the Mediterranean, potent fumes of hashish filling the air.

When they walked in, Abner and his beautiful wife Nasha came over to greet them, with the hostess handing Bonnie a pinkish drink and saying “Here, honey, you’ve got to try this!  It’s my favorite!  Come and let me show you around because I know Abner wants to talk business with Jack and introduce him to some of the important guests from Asia!”  As Nasha took her about the room and introducing her to some guests, Abner was having Jack meet some of the wealthy bigwigs in attendance, telling him that he hoped to seal a big deal with the foreign dignitaries from Asia .  “I’ve been trying to establish a business relationship with these guys from mainland China and it’ll be good for you to meet them!  They're a real cautious bunch, I just can't seem to find their weak spot, but maybe ya can read them better than I can!  I've wined and dined’em but still can't get a commitment!”

Twenty minutes later, after having circled the room in opposite directions, Jack and Bonnie met up once again and were being introduced by their hosts to three Asian guests who bowed as they shook hands.  Abner could not help but to notice the way in with the fat and squat head Chink named Wan Ho hold Bonnie's soft manicured hand and smile widely at her loveliness.  And as they chatted and exchanged pleasantries, it was quite obvious to Abner that the Chinks were a horny bunch as they couldn’t take their eyes off the lovely blonde beauty, not that he could blame them any.  ‘Hmmm, now maybe this sexy blonde bitch is the key to gett’n them signed on!  Yeah, should’a guessed, these Chinks don’t wanna be wined and dined ………………………they’s want some white pussy!’ Abner thought.

A devious thought came to mind and before they departed and moved on to some other guests, Abner leaned over to the headman of the group, whispering “What would you say, Wan, if’n I’s threw this succulent young morsel as a signing bonus if the contract goes through with your company?”  As they were about to move on to greet other guests, the headman of the Asian group asked if Abner could give him just another moment of his time.  At that point, Abner asked his wife to introduce Jack and Bonnie to some guests in the middle of the room so he could talk a bit with Wan Ho.

From his vantage point after being introduced to some other guests in the middle of the room, Jack observed his boss and the Asian chatting and nodding to one another as if in agreement with one another.  Jack then saw the headman of Asian group rush back to his associates and saw them all smiling and nodding as Mr. Jones was signaling for someone in the far corner to come on over to where he was.  Jack then observed a man who he had been introduced, a big black fellow named Mort, go over to Abner and was then being introduced to the group of Asian men.  Each of the Asian men seemed unusually ecstatic to meet the man, each smiling widely and bowing constantly while shaking the big man’s hand.

When Abner returned, he laughed to Jack “This party has done the trick!   Mr. Ho was impressed in meeting with ya and yer purty wife!  He asked if you were going to be assisting me in the China trade with my foreign venture, I assured him that could be arranged and you were a sharp young man!  Guess that means I’ll need ya to switch over to my China venture …………… a full V.P. at double yer current salary!  What’d ya say that, my boy!”  In the back of his mind, Abner thought ‘I should have known it'd take a piece of ass that'd cinch the deal!  This deal is gonna make me a fortune!’  Laughing to himself, Abner couldn’t believe that ‘I thought Wan would want me to arrange it for them to gangbang that sexy wife of yers tonight!  But that horny Chink wants my man ‘Mort’ to first put on a show with the innocent little bitch!’

‘A full V.P. and at double the salary!  Fantastic!  I’ve got to make take care Mr. Ho and his associates for asking for me!  I can’t wait to get Bonnie alone to tell her the good news!’ he thought.  Unbeknown to Jack, Mort had been greeted like a celebrity by the Asians with good cause, for he had been in a number of raw XXX rated flicks produced by Abner Jones’ secretive foreign venture.  For the last two films that had been produced, with Mort as the main man in each flick, over a million copies had been distributed in the underground market and sales were still going strong.  In the last two flicks, the money making theme had Mort stalking young Asian women, then rendering their male companions helpless and having the tied-up male watch in horror as he attacked the terrified beauty.

But before Jack could get his lovely wife alone to break the good news, Abner was steering him off to introduce to more of his important guests, but not before having given Nasha some instructions before she was steering Bonnie off to introduce her to other party guests.  Having heard her husband’s instructions, Nasha Jones was delighted at the role she was to play in the eventual debauchery of this lovely prim and proper young beauty, thinking ‘That handsome hubby of hers is so much in love with his pretty innocent wife!  But that’s soon going to change!  I’m just gonna love jacking him off while he watches his goody-goody wife take on Big Black Mort and the horny Chinks!’

Jack kept glancing over where his lovely wife was, wanting to be sure that Bonnie was comfortable at this party, knowing how conservative and rather naive she was.  Although he knew of the rumors of the others before him who had refused to attend or left abruptly, Bonnie was the most precious thing in his life, and Jack certainly hoped that nothing would offend his innocent young wife and want her to leave the party prematurely and upset Abner or Nasha Jones, especially having just been told of his new job with the foreign venture at double his current salary.  Looking over, Jack was happy to see Bonnie smiling and laughing with Mrs. Jones, hoping that things would not get to be too wild or raunchy for her.

Before long Bonnie and Jack were on opposite sides of the large party room.  Not wanting to look like a wimp or nerd in front of his wealthy boss, Jack sampled pot for the first time and soon the heady feeling began to take its effect.  Meanwhile, far across the room, his lovely wife in the beautiful beige dress that she had just purchased for this occasion was sitting on a plush sofa between two of the horny Asians that they had been introduced to earlier.  And Bonnie was consuming another of the new tasty pink drink that the hostess had just brought back to her, only this new drink contained a potent dose of undetectable aphrodisiac, not until shortly after it was consumed anyway.  Jack had to admit that his lovely wife certainly looked beautiful in that dress, with her long silky blonde hair flowing down to her shoulders.

As the evening wore on, the lights had dimmed and now cushions were lining the floor of the large party room.  On those cushions, most of the guests were splayed or sprawled out on them.  Through his now hazy eyes, Jack could not make out much in the dimly lit room, unable to see where his lovely wife had gone to.  Abner watched as Jack got up, giving the excuse that he needed to use the restroom, then slowly proceeded to make his way across the large room.  Abner chuckled as he knew that the young pup was worried about his lovely wife, especially since there was a closer restroom just off to the left of where they were sitting.

With the room slowly transformed into the dimly lit room that it now was, Abner had seen the shocked look on the young man's face when several couples in various corners of the room actually became entwined and obviously making out, with one couple in the darkened corner actually engaging in sexual intercourse.  Keeping a distance while following the young husband, Abner smiled as he wondered ‘Whaddaya gonna do, Jack my boy …………………….when ya do when ya find yer purty wife in the hands of the horny Chinks?  More so, whaddaya gonna do when they hold her down fer Mort to fuck her with is big black dick?’

Having consumed a number of drinks, Jack was also in need of going to the restroom and made a necessary detour before continuing his search for Bonnie.   He could only hope that she was not too shocked by the lewd displays of sexual activity taking place in the dimly lit room.  Standing at the urinal in the large restroom, he could hear a couple intoxicated guys talking and laughing as they took a whiz further on down.  He heard one of the guys say “I can’t wait for the big special event tonight!  I hear that it’s going to be quite a show!”  Then the guy could be heard responding with “Yeah, wouldn't miss it for anything!  Heard Mort’s become quite a celebrity in the Far East!”  “Shit, yeah!  I got me a copy of one of his underground flicks and it’s real hot!  One scene was so fuck’n hot, with a sweet Asian bitch screaming her head off when Mort stuck to her …………..all with her hubby tied up in the room and forced to watch!” the first guy relayed.

Exiting the restroom, Jack looked about, then walked down a long hallway and peered into several dimly lit rooms, observing a number of couples dancing and feeling each other up while swaying to music.  The strong aroma of incense, mixed with hashish pot filled the room to an intoxicating level and Jack was feeling the effects from breathing it all in.  His eyes began to focus to the darkness of this room, but still he could not find Bonnie and he started to become frantic, wondering if she was desperately searching for him to get her out of this den of depravity.  Sucking in his breath, Jack could not help but to wonder if a horny bastard was trying to force himself upon his wife, knowing full well that Bonnie would not stand for such a thing.

Abner hoped that his beautiful but nasty wife had done her part in seeing that the lovely Mrs. Bonnie Speers had consumed enough of that potent drink to let her inhibitions go and cause her body to become muscles to become weak, knowing that the potent aphrodisiac would get the innocent bitch craving for a big cock between those sexy white legs.  That special drink also contained a potent drug that would have her feeling weak and woozy, unable to coordinate her movement but yet still be fully conscious of what was taking place about her.  Abner followed the foolish husband and watched as he looked about the room, trying to find his lovely wife between the tangle of couples hugging and kissing in various stages of undress.

Slowly edging his way along the side of the room where he found a small area to walk through, Jack got a glimpse of a blonde woman wearing a similar beige dress sitting upon a sofa in the room but couldn't tell for certain that it was Bonnie.  He could not see her face, but ruled out the woman in the room being his wife, not with the Asian guy kissing her and pudgy hand kneading her breast through the dress.  ‘That’s certainly not Bonnie!’ Jack figured as the woman was not putting up any resistance.  Just as he was about to move on, another Asian sat himself down on the sofa and placed his hand on the woman’s left knee, and just seconds lapsed before that fellow’s hand disappeared up under the hem of the woman’s dress.  ‘Man, what a slut!’ Jack thought as continued on.

For Jack Speers, he couldn’t help feeling excited in seeing so many beautiful women so sexually active and unashamedly displaying their bodies, but he was worried at what his innocent and conservative wife would think.  Canvassing the entire room, he had not come across his lovely wife, wondering if he had just missed her or if she had left the room entirely.  He hoped that she had not become upset with the lewd behavior of the guests and had left the party entirely, but ruled that out as Bonnie had agreed to tell me if and when she wanted to head on home.  Then he was startled as Nasha Jones slipped her arm in his and asked “Worried about your lovely wife, are you?  Afraid that she’s like these other women …………………that she’s willing to have sex with other men?”

“N ……….n …………oh, no ………..of course not!  Bonnie’s not that type ………….I mean ……………she’s rather conservative, very much so ……………that she’d never allow another man to touch her!” Jack stammered out in response to the hostess of the party, not wanting to express his concern for his wife.  But Jack was a bit unnerved when Nasha snickered with “I wouldn’t be too sure about that, honey!  Maybe in public, yes …………………..but your lovely wife didn’t seem too conservative or shy when I left her alone with the horny Asians in the private room over there!”  A cold chill coursed through his body in seeing the room that Nasha was nodding towards, the one where he had just looked in on and ruled out the ‘slut’ in there as being his wife.

Staring at the now closed door to the room where Nasha Jones had indicated to him, Jack swallowed nervously as he pondered about rushing over there to extract Bonnie from it.  But in stepping in that direction, Nasha Jones was pulling him back as she told him “Now, don’t do anything foolish, Jack!  Think of what you’d be throwing away if you were to barge on in and spoil their fun ……………………with your lovely wife!”  Frozen to the spot as he contemplated further, Jack was then being pulled along by Nasha as the hostess told him “Come with me!  We can look in from the adjoining room!  There’s a two-way mirror in there!”

Led through a door and down another hallway, Jack observed a number of men peering through peepholes and wearing earphones that were plugged into nearby outlets.  As a couple guys were putting on their earphones, Jack heard one of them comment “Show’s starting!  I hear these Chinks are gonna get the bitch ready for Mort!”  Then the other fellow responded with “Yeah, hear Mort’s a celebrity over there and they’s considering it quite an honor to be a part of the show!”  Then with the first guy now peering through his peephole, he exclaimed “Hot, damn ………………………they’s got a fuck’n beautiful blonde in there!  She looks so fuck’n innocent!  Jeez, they’s got her all hot and bothered ……………………….and one guy’s starting to finger fuck’n her!”

Jack’s eyes widened, his heart thumping in his chest, not believing what he had just heard and trying to decipher it all in his mind.  That big show that the guys in the john had been talking about, the guys here in the hallway talking about the show about to begin, Jack thought that ‘It can’t be in the room behind this wall …………….the room that Bonnie is in!’  Then, realizing that Bonnie was the only female in the room, Jack broke out in a cold sweat as he panted out in fear ‘They can’t be meaning that ……………….Bonnie’s to be a part of the big sex show that all the guys have been talking about!’  Having seen one of the guys putting his hand up the under the beige dress earlier, when not realizing that it was his wife in the room, Jack now realized that Bonnie might indeed have had her cunny fingered by that horny Asian bastard.

In the adjoining room, Jack sucked in his breath when Nasha opened up two cupboard doors that provided a large window-like view into the next room.  There now in the adjoining room were three Asian men, all hovering over or around the single blonde woman who Jack had been led to believe was his innocent young wife.  Still, her face was not visible but now from his vantage point, her legs were visible and the open strapped beige heels worn appeared to be the new pair of heels that he had seen Bonnie take out of the box earlier that evening.  He observed her right hand on the shoulder of the man kissing her, the left one unseen from below her wrist as it was out of sight in the pants’ opening of the man sitting next to her.

Then, with a flick of the switch by the hostess standing next to him, speakers were turned on to fill the room with the audio from the room being viewed into.  “Ahhh, yes my sweet American beauty ……………………use your soft prettee hand to give Ming Wang pleasure!” the man sitting next to her groaned as he threw his head back while panting with excitement as he humped himself back and forth against the hand hidden in his pants.  And then the Asian’s body stiffened, began shuddering as the man wheezed out “Ooooohhhhh, yes, pump it ………………….pump Ming Wang’s wang!  Ahhhhh …………..ahhhhhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhhh!”  A moment later, Ming Wang grasped the trim wrist to pull out the unseen hand from the opening of his pants, then held it up for the audience to see the thick cum dripping from the tips of her manicured fingers while the sparkle of her large diamond ring signified that blonde beauty who had just stroked him off was married to someone.

The man kneeling on the floor, whose right arm movement up under the front of the beige dress made the frigging motions quite obvious to the viewer, then he withdrew his hand to hold up his glistening middle finger high to show it to everyone.  Looking up and smiling to the audience, Jack recognized the man as Wan Ho.  Then he was putting his middle finger into his mouth to lick up the glistening fluid before gloating to the hidden viewers “Ahhhh, American honey is so sweet!”  Then the Asian bastard had both arms up under the beige dress and was soon drawing down a lacy white pair of panties, slipping them off the strapped beige heels to hold them up to his face.  Next, pushing the legs wide at the knees, the Chick’s fat head disappeared up under the front of the beige dress.

The guy swapping spit with her was not idle either as he had maneuvered her petite body over a bit so he could get to the zipper at the back of her dress.  Dress in disarray and now off her left shoulder, the horny Asian could be seen pushing at the bra strap and determined to bare her breast.  Lovely milk-white titty bared for the onlookers, capped by a perfect pink bud, then the bastard was clamping his mouth over it.  And as the guy moved to suckle on her breast, from his vantage point, Jack observed the woman’s face for the first time …………………..leaving no doubt that it was Bonnie ………….his Bonnie!  ‘My, God, it’s really Bonnie!’ Jack realized.

Standing frozen to the spot, Jack shuddered as his hardon was being grasped and fondled through his pants as Nasha Jones softly giggled “Exciting watching your goody-goody wife being naughty, isn’t it, Jack!  Can’t lie to me ……………not with the hardon you’re sporting!  And this is just the preliminaries, Jack!  Press that button to your left and the real show will then begin!  Go on, press it!  Get the show rolling!”  Hand trembling, unable to resist seeing what was next in store for his lovely wife should he press the button, Jack reached forward to press it.  Suddenly, music started blaring out the theme of ‘Rocky’, causing the Asians in the other room to sit up and take notice.

The theme song apparently had meaning to the Asians as they were now hurrying to strip Bonnie of her clothing.  The men on the sofa were getting her dress down and bra undone and pulled from her.  Meanwhile, the head of the man under her dress reappeared and was busy undoing the straps of Bonnie’s heels.  Then, his beautiful wife was being drawn up to her feet, totally stripped of her clothing and naked for the viewing of the hidden onlookers.  Lifted up by the three men, Jack watched as his lovely wife was being carried over to the circular bed in the middle of the large room.  One man held Bonnie’s arms over her head, while other two men were on either side of her bent knees and hold her legs obscenely open and facing the closed door.

In the way his wife’s head swayed from side to side, it was quite apparent to Jack that Bonnie had been drugged, otherwise she would definitely not have willingly participated in such vile sex acts.  And as the theme song blared on, the door to the room swung open and the big black man named Mort appeared grinning from ear to ear.  Mort quickly stripped off his shirt, then was unbuckling his belt and undoing the top of his pants as he looked at Bonnie’s lovely charms being held open for his viewing, held that ways as if she was an offering to the Gods honor that these Asians bestowed upon him!  Jack gasped loudly, also hearing his wife’s frightened voice over the loudspeaker exclaim “Oh, my Goddddd!”  Then, with Mort shucking his foot long dong before stepping out of his pants and moving towards the bed, Bonnie’s could be heard trembling “Oh, no ……….please ……………………….oh, God …………..nooooooooooooooooo!  No, no .........................don't let him!”

The sight of the monstrous black cock snapped Bonnie’s mind back to reality for it was humongous, like that of what only a donkey would or should possess.  And as the big black buck approached while shucking at this donkey-sized cock, Bonnie feared for her life as it just did not seem physically possible to accommodate such a monstrous male penis within her petite body.  Struggling and trying to get away, wanting to scramble off the bed to safety, but Bonnie could not escape the grasp of the Asian men who were chuckling at her plight, enjoying their roles in being a party to this big black man raping her.  “Please ……………….please ……………….let me go!  Please ……………….don’t let him near meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she sobbed out in fear.

With the Asians holding the American blonde beauty firmly in their grasp, their celebrity pornstar hero who was a God to them, was now caressing the lovely woman as she continued to struggle against them.  Then the man named Ming Wang could be heard saying “I want to hear this American beauty scream …………………make her scream just like in your films, Mr. Mort!”  Mort smiled and nodded acknowlegment to the man as he caressed Bonnie’s soft creamy thighs while his jutting prong slid over her golden fleece before pulling back to have its head nudge up against her private sex entrance.  Hands sliding up to her trim hips, Mort got a good grasp, and then he laughed loudly while lunging forward mercilessly.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Stopppppppppppppppppp …………………oh, God ...............................oh God …………………stopppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!” Bonnie screamed as the black pornstar stabbed into her ever too tight slit.  And then she could make out the Asian men laughing, with one chuckling “Break her ………….rip her ……………………rip her open ………………….tear her .................make her useless for that husband of hers, ‘ruin’ her good as they say!”  Then another chuckling Asian could be heard yelling out encouragement for her black rapist to “Breed her ………………..breed the prettee American bitch!  Put a black baby in that little white tummy of hers!”

Once the pain of being stretched as never before had subsided, with the potent dose of aphrodisiac coursing through her petite body, her cunny began clasping and unclasping around the thick shaft as it continued slicing in and out of her.  And to her unseen audience, her mewling told them that the big cock in her cunt was now far from being unpleasant.  The straining of her thigh muscles, with the curling and pointing of her pretty pedicured toes, told them that she was now wanted this obscene fuck session to continue.  And as Mort’s 6’5” 250 lb. frame towered over the bed, his 12” black boner slicing in and out of his panting wife’s cunt, Jack was panting in the other room as the devious Nasha had taken his cock out and in the process of giving him a handjob.

Then the fuck motions suddenly ceased as Mort had his cock buried up to his black balls, his massive frame heaving and convulsing, making it quite obvious that his nuts had just popped and he was spewing his vile semen deep up in Bonnie’s fertile womb.  A minute later, the glistening black shaft began to reappear from the depths he had dived down into, and a gush of semen could be seen overflowing from the ravished red slit.  Then the Asians were slowly turning the circular bed around while still holding onto Bonnie in the same position, allowing the viewers to see voluminous amount of Mort’s slimy semen flowing out of her pussy and puddle on the bed.

As the bed came around to face the see-through mirror, behind of which he was standing, Jack saw the thick drool of semen dripping out of his wife’s well-stretched snatch.  At that instant, a drop of his own semen was being milked out of his spent cock by the devious hostess, with the rest of his load having been splattered out onto the wall before him when Mort had been sperming in his beautiful wife.  Then it dawned on Jack that just maybe his wife might just end up impregnated by the well-hung pornstar.  ‘Does she know that I was watching from behind the mirror?  What will she do if she finds out?  What’ll happen if she gets pregnant from tonight?’ he wondered.  In the background, Mort could be seen picking up Bonnie’s beige dress and using it to wipe his dripping cock clean.

With the black pornstar making his departure, Wan Ho lay down upon the bed as his two cohorts lifted Bonnie’s petite body and settled her down upon his jutting cock.  Pushed over onto all fours, Bonnie then felt her ass being manhandled by the man who had moved up behind of her.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she yelped out loud as the bastard thrust his cock up into her virgin ass.  “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh …………………..ohh ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out as the Chick reamed her ass out.  But her cries and whimpers were soon silenced by the third Asian kneeling before her face, fingers entwined in her silky blonde hair and forcing his cock into her mouth, with Nasha Jones whispering to him “That’s Wo Fat!  Gives a new meaning to ‘eating Chinese, don’t you think!”

Once all three of the Asians had emptied they filthy loads into his beautiful wife, with all four participants now lying on the circular bed recuperating, Jack zipped up his pants proceeded out of the room to collect Bonnie and get her out of there to take her on home.  But as he put his hand on the doorknob to enter the room containing Bonnie and the Asian bastards, Nasha placed her hand over his and advised “Why spoil their fun now?  You don’t want to slight them by taking away their little playtoy at this point!  Go on home, Jack!  They came here in a limo and I’m sure they’ll be happy to drop your wife off sometime tomorrow ………………when they’re done with her!”  Nasha then went off to party with some of the guests calling to her, leaving Jack standing there with his hand still on the doorknob.  Letting go of the doorknob, he eased his way over to a vacated peephole, then looked on into the room.  This time, a skinny Asian bastard was spreading Bonnie's legs open and thrusting his yellow pecker up into her, shagging at her till he began grunting out his lust into her.  With another horny bastard getting into line to give Bonnie another fuck, Jack sighed and went to get himself another drink.


Before departing ................alone, Nasha snuggled up to him as he was downing another scotch, telling him “She doesn’t know that you saw her fucking Mort and all those Asians!  Best you keep it that way!  When she asks why did you leave without her, I’ll tell her that I lied to you ………………..telling you that the drink I gave her was obviously too potent and I had her rest and sleep in the guest room!  And I’ll say that I reassured you that I’d see that she got a ride home safely!  When she does get home, just pretend that you weren't worried about her!  And for Godsake, don't even hint that you know about her fucking around!”  His eyes looked in the direction that Nasha had turned to, absorbing what she was telling him “Besides, it looks like it’ll be some time before that line goes down!  There must be over twenty guys in line to get in the room for a fuck with your beautiful wife!”

That next day, Jack paced back and forth, wondering when the limo would pull up into the driveway and drop his wife off.  He wondered if Bonnie was able to get any sleep during the night.  Downing another scotch, he told himself 'Don't let on that you saw her! Don't let on that you saw her in the room with all those men!'  Then Jack figured that she’d be too exhausted to prepare dinner that night, thinking that he had better plan on ordering some food for dinner.  As to what kind of food he should order, Jack quickly ruled out Chinese.  But then again, having seen her lapping all that creamy sauce that Wo Fat had squirted onto her pointed tongue, Chinese might be the best way to go.

End of Story (Sequel to follow)