Banging Beautiful Bonnie - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Banging Beautiful Bonnie 1’
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Blinking her eyes and trying to focus them as she stared up into the bright bedroom light, Bonnie shivered as more of the delicious pink drink was being placed at her lips by Nasha Jones, the hostess of the party who had a hand a the back of her head so she could drink down the intoxicating liqueur.  Looking up at the face of the smiling hostess, Bonnie asked of her “Jack ………………where’s Jack ……………….where’s my husband?”  The smiling hostess merely smiled and did not answer as Bonnie felt calloused hands caressing at her inner thighs, trembled upon feeling a man’s penis rubbing at her sex, fitting its rubbery head up against her.  “Ahhhh!” Bonnie gasped as the man then entered her.

Then Nasha Jones was bending over her face, telling Bonnie “Don’t you fret, my dear!  I told Jack that you were apparently allergic to the drink I gave you and it really affect you so I had you sleep it off in the guest room!  I told your husband that you’d be fine and in good hands …………….like you are right now!  I told him that I’d see that you got a ride home this afternoon!”  “This ……………this afternoon?” asked Bonnie, puzzled as to the day and time it currently was.  “He ………….does he ………………..does he knows …………what ………….what I’ve done?” she asked nervously of Nasha.

Thought she wanted to see the innocent bitch’s horror in knowing that her hubby had seen it all, Nasha replied “No, he has no clue whatsoever!  He didn’t see how you took all of big black Mort’s twelve incher all the way up your cunny!  Jack has no clue what a horny slut he’s married to!  No clue as to his supposedly innocent and faithful wife’s night of debauchery!  He’s got no clue that his pretty wife had over sixty horny bastard’s cumming in and all over you!  Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Thai ……………… name it, you sure got a smorgasbord of Asian goodies tonight!”

“Ohhhhhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhh ……………..oh, Goddddddddddd!” Bonnie trembled as the man standing between her widespread legs was thrusting in and out of her pulsating snatch.  Cunny clasping and unclasping upon the pleasure giving fuckstick slicing in and out of her pussy, Bonnie felt the man suddenly tense as began to ejaculate his seed in her.  Bonnie never felt so deep in the gutter as the man with an Asian accent muttered out “Oh, my prettee American beauty, Jin Tseu would be so honored to be the one to plant a little slant-eyed baby in your tummy!”  What had felt so pleasurable just moments ago now sickened Bonnie as it twitched out the last of its slimy entrails into her already filled cunny.

Panting for breath as she now squeezed her cunt muscles to push Jin Tseu’s shriveling cock out of her, Bonnie tried to clear her mind and think rationally.  ‘Thank, God!  Jack doesn’t know that I’ve been unfaithful …………..……..had sex with another man …………………….men, countless of them!’ she shuddered.  “Hurry Jin Tseu, hurry you asshole, it’s my turn now!  It shall be me …………….Dao Pang who will be the one to …………as they say ……………knock this prettee American bitch up!” she heard another Asian say.  Then Bonnie felt the shriveled cock of Jin Tseu’s her slip from her squeezing pussy lips, followed by a dollop of slimy goo oozing out of her before a hardened cock slipped into her to fill the void.

Seconds later however, the man named Dao Pang was thrusting to and fro in her with his skinnier but longer penis, not caring if he gave her any pleasure or not, but to get himself off in her body.  “Ahhhh …………………ahhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhh!” she heard him groan, then felt the hot splashes of his semen spurting in her.  Once Dao Pang was done squirting his filth in her and had pulled his dwindling pecker out of her, Bonnie felt another man step forward and thrust himself up into her well-fucked cunny.  Then thick fingers were being entwined and wound in her long blonde hair, pulling her head to the side, then a fat smelly cock was being pushed between her lips.

Bonnie recognized the voice above her as that belonging to the head of the Chinese delegation, that of the man named Wo Fat telling her “Yes, time to suckee suckee again, my lovely Mrs. Speers!  Remember how Wo creamed all over yer talented American tongue earlier, huh!  This time Wo shall give you a hot and creamy Asian facial, my lovely one!”  One Asian after another followed, with each man seemingly taking pride in making a rather formal introduction, giving her his name and telling her how much he would be honored to be the one to impregnate her with his offspring.  The line was apparently getting too long for the anxious men and Bonnie found herself turned over to straddle on man, buttfucked by another, then admitting one between her lips.  Wrists grasped and pulled to her sides, her fingers were then wrapped around throbbing flesh.  One of them was so fat and unsightly that Bonnie had become nauseated at the big overhanging belly that drooped over the top of his jockeys.

She was now only able to rest upon her knees, for her ankles had both been grasped and foot lifted as cocks were began sliding on her soft soles, and soon she could feel hot slimy cream oozing between her toes.  With the majority of Asians never having the pleasure of sampling an American woman before, much less a very beautiful blonde one, each sought to sate the deviant sexual desires pent up for many a year.  A couple of them just could not get over her long silky blonde hair, loving to see the American beauty cringing in disgust as they wrapped her hair around their yellow meat while the ball sac rubbed against her closed eyes, then proceeded to coat her silky hair with male conditioner.  And when the grand finale came, Bonnie cringed and turned away as a dozen cock showered her with male goodies.  Two dry face towels were then tossed her way to clean herself up with.

It was three in the afternoon, with Jack passed out on the sofa from too much scotch, when a feather tickled his nose to awaken him.  Blinking his eyes, Jack gasped in seeing Sasha Jones smiling at him while twirling a feather in her fingers.  “My wife ………….where is she?  Where’s Bonnie?” he stammered out.  “Oh, she’s upstairs freshening up!  Getting a much needed douche ……………..if it’s not too late already!  You know that she was afraid to come back home with Wo Fat and his entourage, afraid that you’d be upset and mad at her, especially with her dress all streaked with cum!  So, she begged us to bring her home, inviting us to stay for dinner to help smooth things over!  You’re not mad at your lovely wife, are you?  After all, she was really what helped getting you that promotion!”  Seconds later, Abner Jones appeared and handed him a fresh scotch on the rocks.

Two scotches later, Jack sucked in his breathe as his beautiful wife appeared on downstairs, looking so elegant in the black dress and heels that she had donned.  A shiver of excitement coursed through his body as Bonnie came over and leaned up to give him a kiss on the lips, telling him “Why don’t you go and take a quick shower to freshen up some!  I’ll entertain your boss and his wife until you get back!”  Nodding in agreement, he then went upstairs to freshen up and get his head in order.  Grabbing a clean pair of jockeys from his dresser drawer, he then headed to the master bath.

Stripping off his shirt as he entered the bathroom, he opened the hamper to dispose of his dirty clothing.  Jack then stopped in his tracks upon seeing the familiar beige dress lying crumpled up in the hamper.  And lying atop of the beige dress was the pair of lacy white panties the he had seen stripped from Bonnie’s heels and being breathed into by Wo Fat.  Picking up the pair of panties with his thumb and index finger, the flimsy garment felt rather stiff and heavy.  Heavy indeed, for his wife’s panties for crusted all about and slightly discolored by all the jizz that had dried upon it.  Holding them up to his nose, Jack shuddered at the overwhelming stench of male semen, some from the men using it as a rag to wipe their cocks while a lot came out of Bonnie’s well-fucked and overflowing pussy.

Having showered and shaved before dressing to go back down stairs, Jack gulped down another scotch as Bonnie handed him a tray of steaks that he was to chill in the refrigerator outside and put on the grill when he got it ready.  With Nasha hanging onto him as he proceeded outside, he heard his wife advise “Honey, while you get the grill started, I’ll give Abner a tour of the house!”  Jack turned to see his beautiful wife leading his black boss on the tour.  As he closed the patio door, Jack saw Bonnie leading his boss upstairs for the tour.  Leaning to the left, trying to see beyond the staircase that now blocked his view, Jack swore that Abner’s hand had caressed Bonnie’s sexy ass before they disappeared from sight.  Then Nasha was beside him, whispering “You know that my husband’s got the hots for your beautiful wife, don’t you?”

Out at the grill, Jack proceeded to get the small pieces of firewood and coals going.  Looking up to where the master bedroom was located, Jack observed his wife’s silky blonde hair and back at the window.  He blinked once then again, swearing that he had first observed the back of her black dress but was now seeing Bonnie’s creamy white back at the window.  His jaw dropped in seeing the back of his boss’s large hand caressing Bonnie’s smooth white skin.  Startled when Nasha grabbed his rising hardon through his pants, he panted as Abner’s wife advised “On the way over, he told me that he was planning on nailing her right on the bed that you two share every night!”

Seconds after the window scene evaporated from sight, Jack looked over towards Nasha as she reached into her purse to get the ringing cellphone.  As she opened it up and turned it on, he observed the smile on her face as she looked at what was being transmitted.  Then she was turning the phone towards him and asking “Look familiar to you, Jack?”  Leaning forward for a closer look, Jack observed that it was a couple in a bedroom scene.  Leaning closer, that bedroom scene was ever so familiar to Jack as it was that of the master bedroom upstairs.  Unbeknownst to his unsuspecting wife, after pressing the quick dial button to call his wife’s number, Abner had set his active cellphone down atop of the armchair next to his clothing.

Visible on the small screen was the elegant black pulled down from Bonnie’s shoulders as she pleaded with his boss “Mr. Jones ……………..Abner ……………..please, my husband must be waiting for us to return!  He ……………….he’ll wonder where we are!”  But with Abner pulling her dress further down, baring her breast from the lacy black bra, Bonnie could be heard swooning as Jack’s boss mouthed her tender pink nipple.  “Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh ……………………….oh, Mr. Jonesssssssss ……………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Bonnie moaned as her dress and lacy black panties were pushed down her trim sexy legs.

Now flat on the bed was his beautiful wife, void of all clothing along with her black heels, her sexy white body making such a fantastic contrast to his muscular boss’s ebony one!  With the volume of the cellphone turned up, Jack heard Bonnie squeal “Ohhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssssss!  Fuck me ……………fuck me with your big black cock!”  And as Abner went to town on his bed, Jack heard wife moan “Ohhhhhhhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….oh, Goddddddddddddd …………………..oh, God ……………………yesssssssssssssssss!”  Jack couldn’t help but think ‘How can things be so different in just a day’s time!’

In this short period of time, less than a day in fact, Jack had seen his once innocent and faithful wife had gotten herself fucked by countless others.  Panting with excitement as he watched his wife and boss fuck like rabbits upstairs, Jack shivered at the feel of Nasha fisting him once again.  In seeing Bonnie’s trim arms in contrast to Abner’s ebony body, her fingers grasping his big black ass while her sexy white legs were crossed with ankles locked over his butt, Jack observed his boss lean into her, burying his cock fully just as the muscular black body began convulsing.  Seconds later, Jack blew his wad upon hearing his wife’s voice yelling out “Yes ………………yes ……………….cum in meeeeeeeeee!”  Jack’s explosion of spurting wet cum nearly extinguished the fire that he had just gotten started.

That night, after their guests had departed, Bonnie was still a bit nervous that her husband would be upset at what had taken place at the party the night before.  From what Nasha had told her, Jack had not seen nor was aware of her being unfaithful to him, and Bonnie blamed the consumption of too much alcohol for her night of depravity.  She was unaware of the potent drugs lacing her drinks that night, causing her to lose control of her inhibitions and become highly aroused sexually.  She also had been unaware of her husband getting to view the shagging that his boss gave her on their marital bed that afternoon.  Squeezing her thighs together, Bonnie shivered at the feel of wetness as Abner’s spunk continued to ooze out of her well-fucked cunt.

Going to bed that night, Bonnie trembled as she wondered if her husband would even touch her again, must less kiss her if he knew of her infidelity.  When he did kiss her, Frenching her, Bonnie thought ‘What would Jack do if he had witnessed Wo Fat ejaculating his sticky semen onto my tongue?’  And then Jack was nibbling at her neck, mouthing her breasts, and then going even lower.  ‘Oh, my God …………..he’s going to do it!’ Bonnie shivered as her husband nuzzled at the soft muff.  This was a bit of a shock as Jack had never before attempt to eat her.  As her thighs were being spread and she felt his hot breath on her sex, Bonnie shuddered upon realizing that her cunny was still filled with his boss’s creamy cum.  “Oh, Jack ……………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………… ittttttttttttttt!” she screamed as her husband lapped up the creamy sauce in earnest.

Throughout the next week, Bonnie was plagued with guilt, wondering as to where all her morals had disappeared to.  She blamed herself as to all that had happened, chided herself for being nothing but a slutty whore, yet she still not able to come to grips at having allowed her husband’s black boss to have sex with her in the sanctity of master bedroom that she shared with Jack.  Was it due to her?  Or were all men in general just hot and horny bastards?  ‘Do I just come cross just as a sex object to men?  ‘When a man looks at me, is he thinking of how he can get me into bed with him?  Is he wondering what I look like without my clothes on?  Is he wondering if I’m easy?’ Bonnie wondered.

Sitting at her desk, mind drifting in thought, she then snapped back to reality and realized that she was at her place of employemnt.   Bonnie blushed upon seeing Mr. Bently, the seventy-two year old senior partner of the law firm looking her way, then she returned his smile.  As she turned to compose a letter on the computer, noticing a bit of movement from the corner of her eye, Bonnie swore that Mr. Bently was still looking her way and in fact eyeing her up and down at that very moment.  Pretending to be typing at the computer, Bonnie trembled with excitement and debated for a second, then crossed her left leg over the right.

Bonnie bit at her bottom lip as she daringly let her heel dangle from her toes, then could swear that could hear old man Bently panting all the way from his office.  ‘Is he wondering if he can entice me into bed with him?  Is he wondering what it be like to fuck a woman less than half his age?  Is he fantasizing me naked in bed with him, wrapping my legs around him as he screws his wrinkled old cock into me?  Could he be fantasizing about having me walk into his office, drop to my knees and suck him off?’ she wondered.  ‘My God, what am I thinking?  The man’s older than my own father and I’m wondering how long it’d take for his wrinkled old cock to get hard if I was to wrap my fingers around him!’ she scolded herself.

Two weeks later, on a warm Saturday afternoon, Jack comforted his tearful wife at the funeral for Phil Bently.  As they paid their respect to the immediate family, Mr. Bently’s widow thanked Bonnie for all she had done for Mr. Bently on the out of town deposition after he had called her room to get him some medical help as he was having chest pains.  “Apparently he had a second heart attack, a massive one, when he got to the hospital!  Even being right there at the hospital they still couldn’t do anything to save him!” Mrs. Bently advised.  “As Bonnie sobbed, the widow embraced her, telling her “There, there, you did all you could to help him!  And I thank you for that, my dear!”

Bonnie’s tears were not only that of deep sorrow for Mr. Bently’s passing, but more so they were that of guilt.  Mr. Bently’s calling her room for medical help had not taken place at all, just merely a story fabricated to appease everyone involved.  The fact was that Mr. Bently did not have to make a phone call to Bonnie as she had been right there in the room with him.  Witnessing Mr. Bently’s heart attack would certainly not be erased from her memory, never in fact, for the image of her elderly boss at that instant would forever be etched in her mind.  The stress on his heart had been caused by excessive excitement at quite an inappropriate time ……………………just as he had begun ejaculating in her womb as she squeezed her legs tightly around his humping ass!

The life had literally been drained out of the elderly man, but what a way for an old guy to go, cumming in a lovely blonde beauty less than half his age.  And Bonnie had not become immediately aware of Mr. Bently’s problem as it had been disguised when he had announced “Oh, Bonnie ………………..Bonnie …………………I’m cummingggggggg …………………….ahhhhh ……………..ahhhhh …………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddd!”  With Mr. Bently collapsing down upon her, Bonnie had caressed the old fellow’s convulsing body, squeezing at his dwindling cock to drain him completely.  Only after he had slipped out of her gripping cunny and she tried to push him off to his side did Bonnie become aware of the problem.

Upon the discovery of Mr. Bentley’s grave physical problem, Bonnie had immediately called down to the desk to have an ambulance called, advising that her boss had suffered a heart attack.  But once that had been done, Bonnie realized that it would certainly not be good for have it become known that Mr. Bently suffered the attack while having sex with a woman, that he was fucking her at the time of his heart attack.  A wet washcloth was quickly obtained from the bathroom to wash her boss’s genitals, cleaning off the cum remnants and her juices, then she had pulled his pair of jockeys on and managed to dress him back into the pants he had worn earlier.

Before taking a cab to the hospital to follow, Bonnie had gone down to the front desk to obtain a separate room for herself, just for appearances sake.  Quickly taking her belongings and transferring them to the newly obtain room, she then went off to the hospital and made the necessary calls back to the law firm to advise them of Mr. Bently’s heart attack.  Bonnie’s quick thinking certainly had served well to set the stage that the old fellow simply had a heart attack when alone in his room.  At least when his adult son and a partner from the firm packed up Mr. Bently’s personal belongings from the room, none of hers remained to give away what really had taken place.

With the funeral over, Bonnie was in deep thought as she recalled her boss’s excitement when they had checked in at the hotel and Bonnie advised the desk clerk for the suite reserved from Mr. Bently.  The old fellow had looked at her in surprise in hearing that and she had felt him tremble with excitement when she placed her hands in his as they proceeded off to the elevator.  With a bottle of Mr. Bently’s favorite white wine to be on ice in the hotel upon their arrival, the old guy quickly had the bottle opened and two glasses poured in no time.  The old geezer certainly wasted no time as his hand was caressing her nylon covered legs, then down to remove her 3” navy blue heels to caress her feet.

Soon, his hands were up under the front of her dress and pulling down her navy blue pantyhose.  As he continued to relish caressing her, it was then that Bonnie realized the fetish the old guy had for pair of sexy feet and legs as Mr. Bentley started with the baby toe on her left foot, sucking and licking the pedicured toe in his mouth, then licked at the crevice between the next toe before taking that one into his mouth.  One toe after the other he worshipped them, then all of her pointed toes of one foot in his mouth at once to be followed by the those of the other foot before he began tonguing her soft pink soles.  Then inch by inch the old guy worked his way up, ankles, inner calves and thighs till he got to the golden treasure located between her trim sexy legs.

As the old geezer rubbed his wrinkled face in her golden fleece, Bonnie was sliding her saliva wet soles down his back to encourage him as she stroked the back of his head.  Around the law office, she had heard how Mr. Bently was ‘glib of tongue’ when in the courtroom, but now learned that the phrase would also apply to the old guy in cuntlapping.  “Oh, Mr. Bently ……………………oh, yes …………………..yesssss ……………ohhhhhh, eat me …………………………eat me ………………ahhhh!” she had panted out while arching up into his face.  And when the old guy’s talented flicked rapidly against her ultra-sensitive clit, it sent Bonnie skyrocketing into outer space as she screamed out “I’m cumming ………………..I’m cummmmingggggggggggggggggg …………………..yes …………………yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!”

Swooning in ecstasy on the sofa, Bonnie felt the old guy struggle a bit in being so gallant in lifting her to carry over to the king-sized bed.  With Mr. Bently stripping her dress and bra, she lay there in all her glory as the old fella proceeded to strip off his own clothing.  With open arms, Bonnie welcomed the old guy as he got up onto the bed and shuffled forward into the saddle.  Expecting Mr. Bently to have trouble getting it in due to his age, much less give her a good fucking, Bonnie was quite surprised as the old fella stuck it to her and went at it like a young stud in his prime.  Fifteen full minutes, the horny old guy jack-hammered her, giving her the fuck of his lifetime and one to certainly be remembered.

Hammered to a mind-shattering orgasm, Bonnie wrapped her trim arms around his back and squeezed her locked legs around his quivering ass as he ejaculated deep in her before collapsing forward upon her in exhaustion.  Squeezing at his shriveling cock with her cunny, Bonnie felt his life-giving fluid continue to ooze out into her.  Dozing a bit as she basked in the aftermath of the unbelievable orgasm that had rocked her petite body, Bonnie blinked her eyes awake when Mr. Bently slipped out of her.  And that was when she discovered the problem the old fella had encountered when between her sexy legs, suffering a heart attack when he had cummed in her.

Two weeks later, still blaming herself for Mr. Bently’s demise, Bonnie felt so guilty when she had looked over at her father-in-law moments ago and wondered if he too dreamt of having sex with her.  It had been the usual visit that ‘Pop’ made annually to visit and spend a week with them, puttering around the house and performing a lot of handyman work for them.  Looking over at Pop as he sat in the living room and sipping on a soft drink that she had handed him, Bonnie chastised herself for such thinking, as she told herself “How can you think of such a thing?  He’s sixty-six!  Look what happened with Mr. Bently!  You basically are responsible for killing him!”

That next morning, with Jack off golfing with his buddies, Bonnie was getting out of her nightgown to slip on a summer dress before going out to the kitchen to make some coffee and breakfast for Pop.  Biting her bottom lip, she then did something naughty before donning the dress.  Coffee brewing while she was mixing some pancake batter, Pop entered the kitchen and she greeted “Good morning, Pop!  If you don’t mind pouring yourself a cup, coffee’s in the pot!  My hands are a bit messy with the pancake batter!” Once Pop had poured himself a cup and was about to sit down, Bonnie asked “Oh Pop, before you sit, would you mind getting my sweater!  It’s a bit nippy!  It’s in my bedroom on the armchair next to the door!”  Heart thumping, ashamed yet excited at what she had just done, Bonnie waited and wondered, and would continue doing so till breakfast was done.

In the master bedroom to where Pop had gone to retrieve his sweet daughter-in-law’s sweater, the pair of embroidered tangerine flower decorated panties strewn atop of the recently made bed would surely catch his attention.  Their appearance, partially turned inside out, made it seem that they had just been stepped out of and tossed onto the foot of the bed.  And if he inspected the crotchband, he’d discover it still wet and rather slick with juices as his naughty daughter-in-law had finger fucked herself through the sheer pair of panties prior to getting out of bed to prepare breakfast.  All this had been a perfect setup of his daughter-in-law’s diabolic plan to see if he too, her own father-in-law, was desirous of his son’s attractive wife.

The pair of panties that looked to have been merely tossed upon the bed following its removal had instead been carefully arranged upon the patterned bedspread.  Just a slight movement of the flimsy garment and if not studied in detail prior to being touched, Pop would unwittingly fall into the devious trap.  Pop did look and put into memory how the panties appeared before reaching out for them, but failed to carefully study which of the lined patterns were completely or partially obscured from the strewn panties.  With his touching of the slick crotchband, even bending over to put his face in them, the slight movement of the garment would give away his naughtiness.

Hearing Pop’s hurried footsteps coming back into the kitchen, Bonnie made sure her hands still had some pancake batter on them, then asked if her father-in-law would mind draping the sweater over her shoulders.  And as he behind her draping the sweater over her shoulders, Bonnie could hear the shortness of breath, caused by the excitement of handling her slick panties and that of hurrying back to the kitchen to keep her from wondering what else he had been doing in the master bedroom besides retrieving her sweater from the armchair.

Breakfast consumed, Bonnie told Pop that “While you’re drawing that design for the shoe rack that you’re planning to build in the closet today, I’ll make a quick trip to the market for more coffee and cold cuts for our lunch today!”  Juices flowing, Bonnie squeezed her thighs together, not wanting to get the back of her light blue dress wet from it as she was not wearing any panties.  Going back into the master bedroom, she glanced down upon the bed and smiled in seeing that her panties had indeed shifted from the way she had arranged them.  Brushing her hair and putting on her watched, leaving her panties there on the bed, she then got her purse to head off to the store.  “Be back in about forty-five minutes, Pop!” she advised her father-in-law who appeared to be blushing some as he drew on a paper.

Being sure to not get back before the 45 minute time frame given her father-in-law, upon entering the kitchen from the garage, Bonnie called out “Hi, Pop!  I’m back!”  She then heard him respond and saw him sitting at the same spot while doodling on the sheet of paper that he had been working on earlier, but detected that he was perspiring some.  In the master bedroom, Bonnie smiled in seeing that although her panties were basically in the same condition as when she had left, they had been moved slightly once again.  Going into the master bath, Bonnie lifted the toilet seat and smiled as it had been flushed after she had departed the house, knowing so as the small staple deliberately dropped into it prior to her departure had disappeared.

Panties in hand, padding barefoot quietly down the hallway, Bonnie edged her way up behind of where Pop was seated.  She knew that she’d certainly startle him with the announcement of her discovery, but after having witnessed one heart attack, Bonnie did not want to give Pop too much to worry about.  Thus, instead of the initial plan of acting raged, Bonnie quickly contrived up a Plan B as she neared her father-in-law.  Reaching out and putting a hand on Pop’s shoulder, she felt his body tense and heard his sharp intake of breath as she softly told him “Pop, can I talked to you about something very personal?”

A moment prior to his beautiful daughter-in-law approaching him, Pop Speers had been sitting looking at the blank sheet of paper praying that his violation into her privacy had not been discovered.  Heart thumping in his chest, Pop played back what he had considered important in covering his tracks, namely:  ‘I studied how her panties were partially turned inside out and put it back on the bed that way!  I didn’t get any cum on her panties when I used it to jack off with!  I wiped up the drop of cum that fell on the top of toilet bowl!  And I checked the tile floor to be certain it was clean of any cum drop!’

Gently rubbing his shoulder, letting her fingertips caressed his neck, Bonnie whispered “You were naughty when I went to the store, weren’t you?”  As Pop stammered and body trembled, Bonnie then held the pair of tangerine colored panties in front of his face, “You used my panties to get yourself off, didn’t you, Pop?”  Meeting silence, Bonnie insisted “Answer me, Pop!”  Her hand felt her father-in-law’s body tremble as he admittedly nodded a ‘yes’ that he had in fact used her panties to masturbate himself with.  Hearing him pant from a shortness of breath at this point, Bonnie then rubbed her hand over his back, used her fingers to massage the back of his neck as she advised “There, there, Pop ………….it’s all right, I understand ……………….being a widower and all!”

Bonnie could see and feel a sense of relief come over her father-in-law, thus felt that she could now continue on with her newly devised plan, telling him that “You behaved just like a naughty little boy when I was gone!  And little boys need to be punished when they’re naughty!  Isn’t that right, Pop?”  “Isn’t that right, Pop?  Answer me or I’ll have to tell Jack how naughty you were today!” Bonnie asked once again after there was a bit of silence.  A nod of ‘yes’ came as it was obvious that the threat of her telling his son of his masturbating with her panties worried him.  “Unless you answer me each time from now on, and answering me truthfully, I’m going to have your son ask you the questions when he comes home!” she sternly advised.

“Now, did you put my panties up to your face to smell them, Pop?” she asked.  A ‘yes’ nod came from the elderly man.  “Did you rub your face in them?” was the next question asked.  Another nod ‘yes’ provided the answer.  “Were you naughty and licked the crotchband of my panties?” was then asked.  A nod ‘yes’ then came.  “Did you use your daughter-in-law’s panties to wrap around your prick to shuck it off with?” he was questioned.  ‘Yes’ came the answering nod.  “Now, with you being such a naughty little boy, unless you want me to tell Jack what you’ve done then I’m going to have to punish you!  Understand me?” Bonnie asked, to which Pop nodded ‘yes’!

“Okay, now I think it best that we find a way to keep you from taking and smelling a your daughter-in-law’s panties!” Bonnie announced, just before clamping the crotchband of her panties over Pop’s nose.  “Is that what you wanted to smell?  The panties that your daughter-in-law wore the night before!  Breathe deeply, get your fill of the crotch of my used panties, you naughty boy!” Bonnie teased as she put her other hand at the back of his head to keep him from pulling away.  Then easing the panties away from his face but keep just inches away, Bonnie ordered him “Now lick them!  Lick the crotch area that was next to my cunny!”  Next, she order him to “Now suck it!”

Once the crotchband was wet and saturated with Pop’s saliva, Bonnie instructed him to hold them open with the front of the panties facing him.  “Hold them like that!  Keep them in front of you!” she advised, then slowly walked around the chair to face him.  As Pop looked up at her while still holding the panties open, Bonnie then lifted her right foot, letting her panting father-in-law to have a close-up view of her pedicured toes as she stepped into the garment.  Then, reaching out to put a hand on his shoulder to steady herself, Bonnie then lifted her left leg to step into her panties.  Panties at knee level, she ordered “Now pull them up into place, Pop!”

Walking over to the kitchen sink, Bonnie started washing the breakfast dishes, then looked over to Pop and told him “Your punishment is still not over yet, Pop!  I want you to come over here and sit on the floor next to me while I wash the dishes!”  With Pop nervously obeying, sitting on the floor at the spot she was pointing to on her right, Bonnie continued soaping the dishes in the left side of the sink and putting them in the right for rinsing.  As she washed some glasses, she advised “I guess I’m going to have to keep an eye on you at all times from now, Pop!  What would you be doing if I didn’t have you sitting next me while I’m washing the dishes …………………….going through the hamper in the master bath to look for another pair of my panties?”

Dishes all soaped as Pop sat cringing like a scared little boy, Bonnie moved to her right, stepping wide to straddle her stunned father-in-law.  Lifting the front of her light blue dress, she flipped it over Pop’s head and heard him gasp loudly, knowing that it both stunned and pleased him at the same time.  “Now you’re going to have to learn to stop handling my panties and putting them next to your face ………………………..unless ………….I’m in them!” she advised.  Hearing his hard breathing, feeling his hot breath on her inner thighs, Bonnie advised “What’s the matter, Pop?  You don’t like my panties when I’m wearing them?  Lick them!  Lick them while I’m wearing them, you naughty boy!”

For Pop, he thought he had just died and gone to heaven as there could be no better place on earth as this.  He now realized that Bonnie must have set him up for all of this, staging her panties on the bed, wanting him to fall into her trap and go for them when she went off to the market.  Nervously reaching up, he touched and caressed her soft outer thighs, then leaned up to nuzzle his face into the crotch of her panties and was delighted that thre was no objection to his doing this.  Then he began licking at the crotchband, flick his tongue at it, pushing his tongue against it and pushing slight into her hidden gash.  Becoming braver at this point, putting a finger into the legband of her panties, he pulled the crotchband aside to bare her slit.

“Oh, Pop ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..oh, Popppppppppppp …………………oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh!” he head his beautiful daughter-in-law coo as he inserted his thick tongue up into her slick snatch.  As her knees buckled, Pop assisted in keeping her propped up against the sink as he continued to eat her out.  “Ahhhh ……………………ahhhhhh ……………………ahhhhh ……………ohhhhhhh ………………..Popppppppppppppppppppp!” came the panting from above.  And then he found it with the tip of his tongue, pushing teased at it, then began flicking at her ultra-sensitive clit.  “Oh, Godddddddddddddddd …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the moans from above as his petite daughter-in-law orgasmed in his mouth.

Out from under his daughter-in-law’s dress, Pop put his around her trim waist and began guiding her towards the stairway that led up to the master bedroom.  Helping the weak-kneed beauty up the stairs and into the bedroom, he turned her to face him, then they embraced for a deep passionate kiss.  Expertly getting her zipper down the back of her dress, undoing the clasp of her lacy bra, Pop bent down to suckle upon a beautiful breast capped by a perfectly shaped pink bud.  And he soon had his beautiful daughter-in-law down to her tangerine panties.  As he eased her panties down over her trim hips, Pop was then getting some help as Bonnie’s slim manicured fingers were pulling at his belt buckle to undo it.

Never one to lie, up until that fateful party night anyway, Bonnie trembled as her aged father-in-law climbed up onto the bed and into her open arms as she told him “I’m sorry what I did to you …………………purposely enticing you by leaving my panties on the bed ………………………seducing you in the way that I did!  It’s just that ……………..we found out that Jack’s sperm count is low …………………..that he might not be able to father a baby!  That’s why I did it ………………….thinking that if I couldn’t have a baby from Jack …………………………….I wanted one from you!”

The last portion that she had blurted out was not true, as Jack had never taken a sperm test, but what old guy would not be delighted in being selected to father a baby with his young and sexy daughter-in-law.  Pop Speers was certainly delighted and excited upon hearing that as his old cock was living testimony to that in the way it rose up to the occasion, especially in the manner that he used it to spear right into her.  “Oh, Pop …………………..oh, yes ………………….fuck me, Pop ………………………..fuck me!  Give it to me, give it to me ……………………….fuck me …………………..sperm in me ……………..knock me up with your baby!  Oh, yes …………yessssssssssssssss ……………………….yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” Bonnie panted out.

One thing that Bonnie had come to learn from experience, that old guys like Mr. Bently and now Pop Speers, they certainly put way more effort into it when getting the opportunity and especially in jackhammering a young sexy bitch.  And the manner in which Pop was now shagging away at her, hoping to achieve the honor of putting a baby in her tummy, Bonnie certainly would not rule out any old guy from being her lover in the future.  Embracing her father-in-law, wrapping her shapely legs around him, Bonnie locked her heels together and arched up into his humping body.  It was absolutely a fantastic fuck session, with Bonnie soaring to a mind-shattering orgasm as Pop ejaculated a load like never before, deep in her unprotected womb.

End of Story (for now, anyway!)