Betrayed Bride-To-Be
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Blackmailed Beauty - IV
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It had been eight months since Mindy Penning had been put down by her old high school acquaintances that had happened upon the bar where she worked.  She had never been accepted, by the snooty bitches, before and now they still were snickering behind her back.  The girls' parents had money and the bitches acted as if they were better then everyone else.  But Mindy got her revenge on one of the snooty bunch and it was not only enjoyable but quite profitable for her.

The other day, Mindy had been reading the newspaper and the announced engagement of Amanda Hastings caught her eye.  Amanda was indeed one of the snooty bitches that she never got along with and a part of the group that always made fun of the way she dressed and carried herself.  Now, with the hold that she had on one of Amanda's friends, it would be her turn to extract a pound of flesh in retribution.

J.J. Thomas, her cohort in obtaining her revenge on the first of the group, was currently in jail following a drug bust.  Her thoughts now went to Rodney Thompson, the black bartender at the bar where she worked.  She knew of Rodney's weakness and lust for young attractive white gals that came into the bar.  As Mindy loved a big black cock, she had sex with Rodney a few times, when he was feeling horny and in-between lovers.  She had a 'thing' for Rodney's big black cock but knew it was just a casual relationship between them, where she served as a 'sure thing' when he needed someone to fuck.  She knew she did not fit the bill for Rodney's desire to bed attractive white gals and she merely was a fill in when he was horny.

Putting in a phone call to the recently wed Mrs. Brandi Phillips, Mindy inquired about the wedding plans of Amanda Hastings, Brandi's close friend.  Mindy was pleased to learn that Amanda would be getting married at the church where Brandi had gotten married in.  Also, Mindy learned that the gals would be staying overnight in the area and having the bachorette party.  At the end of the conversation, Mindy could hear the reluctance in Brandi's voice as she agreed to send a set of pictures taken of the group when they celebrated Brandi's party at the bar.

Three days later, Mindy smiled as she opened the envelope that contained several photos taken at Brandi's party.  Putting the photos in the scanner, Mindy then cropped the photos and blew-up the section containing Amanda Hastings.  She smiled at the photos of the beautiful bride-to-be, chuckling to herself  'Put me down all those years in high school and still making fun of me!  Bitch, its time someone taught you a fucking lesson!  What I've got planned for you, it'll certainly bring you down a peg or two!'

Eagerly going to work that night, Mindy teased Rodney as she inquired if had gotten any white pussy lately.  She smiled as she could see he was quite horny and obviously hadn't gotten laid in awhile.  Then Mindy slid a blowup of the photo onto the bar for Rodney to gaze at, then smiled as she heard him suck in his breath and give a loud whistle.  Then she slid the clipping of the announcement of Amanda's engagement for Rodney to read.

Mindy then inquired "How'd you like the honor of getting into the bride-to-be's tight little panties a few days before the big event, you big black stud?"  "Wow, ya got me all hot and horny, Mindy!  How much ya want to set up the deal?" Rodney inquired with great interest.  Mindy just laughed at how easily her plan had worked, responding "You just 'ruin' the pretty little bride real good and get everything on tape!  You get the pretty bride-to-be and I get the tape!"

When Rodney inquired about her beef with the beautiful girl in the picture, Mindy sighed and told him that the girl was a former classmate of hers in high school before she dropped out.  The girl in the picture and her friends were the upper crust of her class and always popular, the center of attention.  Rodney dug a little deeper and Mindy confessed that they tended to snub her in high school, calling her 'Mindy the Floozie' behind her back.  The snooty girls had given that name to her because she tended to dress sexier, wore her make-up a bit heavier than the other girls in school and had a reputation as being an easy lay.   Rodney agreed that Mindy's reputation as a slut was both accurate and deserved, but he certainly wasn't going to admit that to her.

Rodney had resorted to rape more than once, and sometimes actually preferred, enjoying his sense of power & control over a white gal who thought it beneath her dignity to let his black cock and black seed into her uppity white cunt.  He'd pulled off the scam before, nailing an unwitting bar patron a time or two without them blowing the whistle on him.  He was excited at the prospects of getting his rocks off with a beautiful white chick just before her wedding day, all with the help of a woman scorned.
Two weeks later, Brandi Phillips led the group of girls to place where Mindy worked for some drinks and dancing.  It was the same place that had led to her demise when she was to be married.  She hated to be the one to lead her friend down the path of destruction but kept telling herself that she was doing nothing more than choosing the place for where the girls would party.  Fortunately, that was all that the evil Mindy had demanded of her for she would have refused to participate any further.

When the group of young women arrived, they asked to be seated in Mindy's section of the bar area.  It was obvious to Rodney that the girls were treating Mindy with contempt but knew Mindy was holding back her smile, knowing what was to come later.  When Mindy came back with the orders, she advised him that the bride-to-be was having a rum and coke.  He purposely mixed all the girls' drinks a bit stronger than usual, wanting them good and drunk, especially that of the pretty bride-to-be.

The girls occasionally got up to dance together as a group, shunning any offers to dance with the male bar patrons who occasionally wandered up to their booth and asked for a dance.   Having seen the photo of the pretty bride-to-be, he made her out in the group of young beauties.  His cock hardened at the thought of getting between her long trim white legs.  Now his mind was racing, thrilled by the fantasy of knocking up the gorgeous young beauty with his baby, bestowing his own personal wedding gift on the happy couple.

As the night of celebration continued, Rodney then added a little something to the rum and coke for the unwitting bride-to-be.  He had been preparing things for this moment, having dissolved a sedative into a bit of coke, waiting for the next round of orders to be placed.  He watched excitedly as the unsuspecting beauty downed the drugged drink as part of a celebration toast.  Rodney laughed knowing that it wouldn't be much longer before he would be the one who was celebrating!

Sure enough, a short time later the bride-to-be was just sitting there like a zombie, all alone at the table while other girls were enjoying themselves out on the dance floor.  Having scheduled the relief bartender to work for him ahead of time, telling him had a big date, things were right on schedule.  Rodney gave the nod that told Mindy to proceed with the next step of their plan, where Mindy went over to tell the bride-to-be that she had an urgent phone call.  He watched as Mindy pointed out to the payphone located down the hall near the restrooms.

Rodney had phoned the pay-phone from his phone behind the bar and had taken the pay phone receiver off the hook, making it look like there really was a call for her, but, of course, there was no one on the other end of the line.  He saw Mindy give him a wide grin as he left the bar, letting the substitute take over, to slip on down the hall.

While the drugged girl mumbled incoherently into the phone, not yet aware there was no one on the other end of the phone Rodney made his move, slipping down the hall to the drugged girl.  Rodney knew time was of the essence, and he'd have to move quickly.  After taking the phone from her, pretending to be trying to assist her, he quickly explained that whoever it was must've hung up.  Then told her she looked ill and asked if she was okay.

Amanda was pretty incoherent, disoriented and woozy, admitting that she didn't feel well at all.  She recognized him as the bartender as he had gone over to tell the young ladies that one round was on the house as he understood from Mindy that one of them was to be getting married that weekend.  When she had been the one pointed out as the bride-to-be, she had nervously extended her hand out to shake the bartender's extended hand in congratulations.   As he was an employee, the bartender, she merely assumed he was trying to be of help to her.

Rodney took her by the arm and told her she just needed a bit of fresh air.  Amanda indeed was too woozy to think clearly enough to argue or resist as he led her out the back door and into the employees' parking lot.  He quickly helped her into his car, helping himself to a brief fondle as he worked himself up for what he had planned for her.

When the other girls returned to the table, no one was concerned that the bride-to-be was missing.  They just assumed she was in the restroom 'freshening up' for a bit.  When they did become worried, they asked Mindy if she had seen Amanda.  Mindy advised "Oh, I thought you knew!  I think she got a call from the groom cause I overheard her on the phone telling him how much she missed him, that she was sick to her stomach wanted him to come get her!  I guess she must've either been too embarrassed or too drunk to wait for them to return from the dance floor before leaving!"

Not wanting to take a chance of anyone happening to see him struggling with the beautiful babe, Rodney left her all alone, knowing the drug would soon have her out cold.  Meanwhile, he returned to the bar and saw Mindy talking to the girls.  Going up to the group, he advised "This gal named Amanda just called, saying she forgot her purse here and wants one of you to bring it back with you.  Wants whoever brings her purse back to call her tomorrow and she'll pick it up from you!"

With that done, Rodney hurried out to his car and as he had hoped, the pretty little bride-to-be was sleeping it off.  Quickly, he slipped in behind the steering wheel and made the short drive that was just across the parking lot to the adjoining one of the motel next door.  The corner unit on the ground floor had been picked out purposely by Mindy and rented for the night.  Going to the door, he opened it and braced the door so it would remain open.  Inside, he pressed the 'record' button on the camcorder that he had set up ahead of time, turning off the light so no one could see him bringing in the unconscious beauty.  Going back to the car, looking about to see that no was around, he eased the pretty bride-to-be out of the car and carried her into the motel room.

The drug he had given the bride-to-be was not very potent but mixed with the consumption of alcohol, it had the desired effect.  Before bringing the young beauty out of her stupor with the smelling salt, Rodney pushed her up into a sitting position so he could unzip the back of her dress.  With her lying prone on the bed, he pulled the hem of her dress, pulling the dress right down and off her sexy body.

Turning her to the side, Rodney unclipped her bra and that item was soon history.  He gazed down at her perfect breasts and bed over to suck at the tender pink nipples.  One by one, he had the pink nipple between his teeth and bit down a bit, knowing he was bruising the tender flesh.  Next he slowly peeled off each heel to reveal her sexy feet, tossing the heels to the floor. Rodney licked at his lips in anticipation of removing the last piece of garment that protected her, a pair of lacy lavender panties.  Reaching up, her grasped the waistband of her panties, pulling the lacy garment down her long trim white legs.  Holding the balled up panties to his face, he inhaled deeply and savored the intoxicating fragrance.  Rubbing the soft garment about his face, his cock quickly rose to attention.  Placing the lacy panties onto his cock, it gave a mighty twitch in response as he shucked his cock to rock hardness.

From the nightstand, Rodney grabbed the roll of duct tape and tore off a long piece.  Then he covered the beauty's mouth with the tape and wrapped it around her head to be certain it would not come loose.  Then he reached for the pair of handcuffs that were at the ready on the nightstand.  Locking on side on the beauty's wrist, raising her arms up over her head, he secured both wrists to the wooden headboard.  Then he opened the capsule of smelling salts and waved it under her nose till her head stirred in response.

Another pass of the smelling salts under her nostrils had Amanda blinking her eyes as she slowly came out of her stupor.  'Where am I?  What day is it?  Oh ……… Godddddd!' she shudder as her eyes focused on the leering black face.  "Mmmphhhhhh!" came her muffled words.  She then realized that she had been gagged and couldn't utter anything intelligible nor scream for that matter.  Trying to get up, she tried to move her arms from above her head, then realized that she had been bound to the bed.  Amanda shuddered and her eyes widened in horror as she recognized the man as the black bartender, who now was starting to unbutton his shirt.  She kicked her legs up to try and free herself.  As her legs landed back onto the bed, she realized that she had no shoes on.  Shivering in horror, fearing the worst, she bent her head down and shuddered at the realization that she had been stripped naked.

Her focused went back to the muscular black bartender with the wide leering grin as he let his shirt drop to the floor.  Then she saw him slowly move forward as his hand moved to his belt buckle.  Amanda shivered in fear as the belt buckle was undone and her eyes wandered down to the bulging crotch.  She could swear that the big bulge was pulsating before her very eyes.

Rodney could see the fear in the young beauty's eyes and just loved seeing her cringe in fear, deciding to make a big production of undoing his pants.  He chuckled to himself 'Yeah, baby, ya got a lot to fear!  Gonna 'ruin' ya good, bitch!  That white boy of yers ain't gonna feel a thing when I stretch ya out wide!  Oh, baby, I'm just gonna love doing ya!  Yer ain't ever gonna wanna little white dick when I get ya cream'n all over my big black cock!'

Seeing the zipper slowly sliding down, Amanda broke out in a cold swear, realizing that there was no escape from this horrible nightmare.  Then the bartender was slowly pushing his pants and jockeys down over hips.  Her eyes were glued to the large pulsating bulge that lay immediately below the pair of jockeys.  Slowly the stem of the big black shaft became exposed and Amanda swallowed deeply in fear.

Amanda realized that the bartender's manhood was not fully erect and yet it was far thicker than her fiancé's.  She could not understand how she could be in such an awful situation as thing should be quite the opposite, especially since she was to become Mrs. Phil McCormick this weekend.  At the age of 25, Amanda certainly was not a virgin, having surrendered her virginity to Phil two years earlier.

She enjoyed making love with Phil and the copulated quite often, several times a week in fact, up until two months ago.  Up till then, Amanda had taken the precaution of an unwanted pregnancy by taking the pill.  She had forced the abstention of their intimate relationship, wanting their wedding night to be that much more special.  It would take about two months for her body to adjust to going off the pill.  As she and Phil wanted to start a family right away, it happened that this would be her most fertile time of the month, thus she had been hoping to have a honeymoon baby.

Amanda shuddered at the thought of being raped by this evil man and the horrid consequences that could result.  Six inches had already been exposed to her, yet the throbbing continued under the pair jockeys.  'Surely ………surely no one could be so well endowed?  It ……..It's just not possible!' she wondered.  Seeing yet another inch exposed, she fought against her restraints in an attempt to break free.  Her eyes bulged wide open as the bartender fully exposed himself to her, causing to shake with fear.  'It ……………can't be ………'s not human ……………it must be over a foot long!' she worried.

She watched as the leering man reached down to pick up something from the floor, then wrap it around his monstrous manhood.  Staring at the growing and flaring cockhead, obviously being stimulated by the hand fisting it with the lavender garment.  Groaning inwardly, Amanda realized then that it was her silky lavender panties that were being used to stroke that monstrosity.  The hand was removed and her lavender panties waved about the air on its black stick, then as the shaft gave a jerking twitch, her lavender panties fluttered uselessly to the floor.

Going to the foot of the bed, Rodney looked at the horrified eyes of the pretty bride-to-be.  As he knelt upon the bed, first one leg kicked up to strike at him followed by the other.  He had been quite prepared for such a fight and avoided each kick, capturing each ankle in his hands.  Spreading the soft sexy white legs apart, he leaned forward to taste the sweet honey nectar, causing the lovely blonde to whip her hair from side to side in disbelief of what was taking place.  “Mmmmmphffffffff ……………mmmmpffffhhhh!" came the muffled cry from the beautiful captive.

Slurping and tonguing the soft tender muff, Rodney could taste the sweet nectar that the beauty was trying to hold back.  As she squirmed about the bed, handcuffs rattling against the bed frame, he then felt the trim white thighs closing around his head as he continued to tongue her sweet honey pot.  The trim sexy legs lifted one after the other and crossed around his head, squeezing his head tightly between her thighs.  Then the blonde beauty suddenly arched her back, burying her golden curls against his face, groaning through her gag “Ohhhhhhhh ………..ohhhhhhhhhhh …….……ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”  He knew that the lovely bride-to-be had reached an orgasm from this expert tonguing.
Coming back down to earth from that mind-shattering orgasm, guilt set in Amanda's mind at the realization that another man had caused her to achieve a climax.  Blinking her eyes, she realized that ordeal was not over as the evil bartender was kneeling up upon the bed, shuffling up between her legs and fitting himself the entrance of her womanhood.  'Oh, God ……..please, please don’t let him rape me …………….……pleaseeeeeeeee …………..ohhhh, God!” she prayed.  Feeling the thick cockhead spreading open her tight entrance, she shuddered in revulsion and prayed 'Oh, God ………………….please ……………..nooooo ……..I …………I’ll get pregnant …………..…please, please make him put on a condom ……………...I can’t have a baby from this man!'

“Mmmphhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………….……..mmmmphhhhhhhhhh!” the young bride-to-be screamed into the gag as Rodney stabbed his thick cockhead into her agonized and squirming body.  He had to hold still as his throbbing cock threatened to explode right then and there.  'Oh, man!  This precious little beauty is tight as a fuck'n virgin!  I ain't never had anything this tight other than when copping a cherry.   “Mmmphhh ………. Mmphhh ……….mmphhh ……… mmphhh …. mmphhh !” came the muffled moans each time he twitched his cockhead in the confines of the now well stretched little bitch.

“Awww, baby ………'re so fuck'n tightttt!  Gonna bust ya wide open for that punk white boy ya gonna marry!  Gonna ‘ruin’ you good, sweetie!  No white boy’s puny prick is ever gonna satisfy you, once you’ve 'ol Rodney gets done with ya!” he snickered.  “Think your white boy's gonna make love to you if he learns that a nigger’s cock shot its baby juice in ya?  Ya gonna tell him ya got raped and ‘ruined’ by a big black buck?” he laughed.   Rodney enjoyed the pained and horrified look on the young beauty's face, knowing that his comments were true and registering in her mind.

Rodney loved the fight this pretty little beauty was putting up to save herself, making this that much more enjoyable.  He just loved the feel of her trim sexy legs flailing about,  kicking at him.  Getting a firm grip under her soft asscheeks, he smiled down at the squirming beauty as he twitched his cockhead in her tight slit.  “Mmmmphhhhhhh ………………..mmmmphhhhhhhhhhh!” came the muffled scream as he stabbed forward with all of his might, plunging half the length of his thick cock into her squirming body.  "Ahhh, yeah, baby!  That'a my nigga cock tear'n ya apart!  Gotta stretch that little hole of yers so it'll be easier for ya when ya give birth to my little black baby!" he laughed.

Holding the trim white hips tightly, Rodney reared back and slammed forward with all his might.  “Mmmppphhhhhhhh ………………mmmmpppphhhhhhhh!” came the muffled shrieks of pain that he was causing the raped beauty.  Now he reared back slowly until his cockhead was about to exit, then he slammed forward again lancing her with his pointed shaft.   He grasped the flailing legs and pushed them above her flailing blonde head, determined to bury his manhood as deeply as possible, so he could deposit his potent seed directly into her fertile womb.

He nuzzled and tongued her sensitive ear, teasing her, taunting her “Oh, baby, wish yer white boy was here to see ya take a nigger cock all the way up your tight little twat!  Oh baby, you’re tight as a fucking virgin!  That punk yer gonna marry must have a little pencil dick!”  Rodney then began to fuck the young beauty with long strokes, withdrawing and then plunging back slowly, all the while taunting her "Gonna report this to the police?  Gonna tell'em ya got raped by a nigga?  Hell, ain't no decent white boy's gonna touch ya if he learns ya got 'ruined'!"

For over ten minutes, Amanda tried desperately to squirm from her vile rapist but the long repeated strokes deep into her womb began to have undesired effects.  Her body was betraying her, acting on its own, her cunt muscles were squeezing at the long invading shaft as if to milk it dry.  'Oh, God, noooooooo ……………..don’t let me respond ………why am I responding to this vile rape!' she told herself.  But now she was hunching up to meet his thrusts, wrapping her legs around her rapist.

“Mmmphhhh ……………mmmmmmmppppppppphhhhhhhh!” Amanda moaned loudly through the gag, hunching up hard against the raping black shaft.  Her body shook and convulsed uncontrollable as an orgasm, the likes never before experienced in her young life, rattled her body.  Her rapist held her tight asscheeks, pulling her to him as he sank his thick black cock deep into her womb.  Amanda had literally been fucked into oblivion as she passed out for a brief moment.
Needing to get his rocks off badly, Rodney sped up the fuck with faster and faster strokes of his long black shaft slicing into the helpless beauty.  “Oh, baby!  Baby!  Yer so fuck'n sweet and tight.  Gonna fill ya full of my hot niggaa seed!  Gonna fuck a little black baby in ya, bitch!   Oh, baby, here’s yer wedding present ………………urgggggggghhhhhh1” he groaned, body convulsing madly as he unleashed his hot pent-up load.  Holding the blonde beauty tightly to him, he buried his cock deep into her fertile womb and exploded his hot sticky goo.

The explosion that took place in the center of her being caused Amanda to convulse in yet another unwanted orgasm.  Never had she experienced something like this, a cock exploding so deep within her body, scalding hot cum searing her insides.  Instinctively, her body responded, arching up to get the entire cock into her, legs crossing over her rapist to squeeze all the life-giving seed into her.

Passing out soundly from the most recent orgasm, she awoke in a startle upon hearing her rapist talking to someone.  She struggled against the handcuffs binding her, frightened that it was pitch darkness.  Then she realized that she had been blindfolded on top of still being gagged.  She shivered in fright, recognizing voice of the man who had just raped her telling someone in the room  "She's all yours for the next hour, bud!  Hear that ya fancy her tight little ass, huh!  Here, let's get her ready for ya!"  With that, Amanda shuddered as two sets of hands were upon her, turning her over till she was kneeling upon the bed.

Shivering in fright, she felt the bed sink down way behind her, indicating that this man was much heavier than the bartender.  She shuddered as she felt his soft clammy hands clamp upon her, moving about to caressing her ass and then around her legs to her soft inner thighs.  Then she felt the overhand of his flabby belly brush up against her ass as one arm now crossed under her belly to hold her in place.  'God, let it be over quickly!' Amanda prayed, knowing there was just no escaping from this horrible nightmare.

Feeling the fumbling behind, she then tried desperately to move forward in order to escape this evil man.  Amanda now realized that he was not about to take her doggie style, the position that Phil like so much, but this horrid man was intent of putting himself into her ass.  'Oh, my God!  No one could want to do such a horrid and dirty thing!' she told herself, feeling the bloated cockhead positioned correctly as the pudgy hands now were wrapped around her waist.

Amanda did not know that she had been blindfolded to keep her from recognizing the man who now was about to sodomize her.  A man whom she had known and respected for many years, in fact a man who would be present at the wedding reception, one who she trusted without question.  She had gotten to know this man quite well and he personally had written a letter of recommendation for her to submit to the prestigious college that she had applied to.  This man was the last man she would have believed to be her tormentor at the moment, anyone else but Principal Gordon.

Principal Gordon had kept his lust in check for so many years and now he was able to sate that pent-up lust.  Throughout the four years that pretty Amanda Hastings had attended the high school where he was principal at, Thomas Gordon had always lusted over this pretty little thing.  He let his hands wander up to her perfect titties, flicking at her pink nipples and feeling them harden in his palms, this was a fucking dream come true.  'God, how I used to nearly have a heart attack watching her twitch her cute little butt each time she passed by!' he recalled as he again wrapped his arms tightly around her trim little waist.

"Mmmmmmmmmm …………………………mmmmmmmmmphhhhhhhhhhhh!" was all that was emitted from the struggling beauty beneath him as he pushed between her tightly clenched ass.  'God, she's so fucking tight!  I don't think she's ever had it back here before!' he surmised correctly.  Rearing back, Principal Gordon then slammed forward with all of his might, rupturing her anus as he buried himself into her.  "Mmmphhhhhh!" came the muffled scream as pretty Amanda could only toss her long blonde hair about in disbelief.

'Oh, Godddd!   It hurts ………………it hurts so baddddd!  Its even more painful than when Phil took my virginity!' Amanda groaned inwardly.  'Oh, God ……….oh, God …………let me die in dignity!' she prayed.  Her rapist's body was leaning upon hers as he continued to sodomize her, her body slick and clammy from the sweat of the pudgy man upon her.  When the man upon her began grunting, she surely thought that it was a sweaty pig on her back.

Amanda struggled in the tight grasp, trying to get away from that hand on her muff that was sending a finger out in search for her magic button.  She knew what would happen if he reached his goal and already felt the guilt and shame that faced her should that occur.  She did not want this pig to find and finger her clit, absolutely did not want to find any joy in this crude mating.  She shivered and her body quivered when that searching found its goal, rubbing at her sensitive clit.

"Ugh ………..ugh ……ugh ……ugh …………..ugghhhhh ………..uggggghhhhh!" came the grunting squeal from above as the sweaty pig of a man buffeted up against her asscheeks.  The shivered and her body spasmed as the telltale signs of unwanted pleasure began coursing through her body from the combination of that teasing finger and the pumping of her tortured rearend.  Suddenly her body shuddered from yet another unwanted climax, one that would always be remembered by the thick spunk flushing out her bowels.

Twenty minutes later, Amanda groaned when was turned over onto her back, her body riddled with pain.  Then she felt her legs being roughly pushed wide apart, spread by the fat sweaty body that plopped itself down upon her.  'Oh, God ……… more!' she moaned to herself.  She shuddered as she felt him fitting himself to her, then felt the blunt cockhead pop into the sleeve of her already well-stretched cunt.  The pudgy sweaty palms under her ass, the pig of a man began grunting again as he began to hump his bloated cock into her.

All Amanda could do was sob silently into the bounding tape as her fat pudgy rapist rubbed his sweaty body upon hers.  Then, as the man began to fuck into her, he did something so different and it was driving her crazy.  Her rapist had kept a fist at where they were joined, using his fist to guide himself back into her when he repeated withdrew all the way then stabbed his blunt cockhead forward to re-enter her body.  With each re-entrance, the thick cockhead brushed up against her sensitive clit, making her shiver with unwanted pleasure.

She felt to disgusted, being raped by this sweaty pig of man, but more so because of the way her body was reacting to this unwanted fuck.  Amanda shuddered as her rapist began grunting faster and faster, matching the way he was pumping his cock in and out of her messy slit.  She felt so depraved, trying to raise her legs up over the hips of this grossly overweight man as he grunted "Ugh ………..ugh ……ugh ……ugh ……..ugghhhhh!"  Then her body shook uncontrollably as an orgasm racked her young body.

Feeling Amanda shudder in an orgasm, Thomas Gordon was beside himself, congratulating himself in his ability to bring off such a young beauty.  Removing his hand, he stabbed forward, dropping his entire weight down onto the shuddering beauty, his cock slicing into her slick pit. "Ugh ………..ugh ……ugh ……ugh …..ugghhhhh ………………..ohhhhhh, here it is sweetieeeeeeeee!" he groaned as he spurted his lust into the raped bride-to-be.
Finally, the fat sweaty body that was smothering her lifted up and his blunt cock exited her raped slit with a disgusting 'pop'.  She shuddered as the cold air hit her drenched body, covered by sweat from the pig that had just raped her.  In the throes of her orgasm she realized that she had heard the first words uttered by this fat rapist.  'I …………I've heard that voice before ……………where have I heard that voice before?' she pondered.  'Oh, God, it must be someone I know!  Otherwise, why would I be blindfolded?' she rationalized.

Then Amanda heard the bartender's voice, apparently directing his conversation to the man who had just raped her "She's sure gonna make a fine little wife for that turd she's gonna marry in a couple of days!  We sure did break her in for her wedding night!  Ya'll be getting a copy of this videotape next week!  Ya know who to call if ya want another crack at her sweet little white ass!"  'Videotape ……….another crack at her ………oh, God  …………..noooooooooo!' Amanda quivered as she realized it was all on film and her ordeal was far from over.

The sound of the motel room door opening, then slamming shut again indicated that the fat rapist had just departed.  Amanda shivered as she felt a course hand of the black bartender caressing her belly, moving up to her breasts.  She steeled her body, trying not to obtain any pleasure from his caresses.  She shivered as a sharp metal blade being pressed up against her throat, then heard him say "Gonna take the tape off your mouth now, sweetie!  Gonna mess ya up with this knife if ya holler and try to bring the police!  What would yer punk boyfriend say when he learns his precious little gem got 'ruined' by a big black buck?"

Amanda was too afraid to scream after feeling that sharp blade at her throat, along with the true assessment of what Phil would think if he ever learned of her defilement.  She shivered with fear as the bed sagged again but she realized it was not the bartender.  This was a much smaller person, a much lighter and slimmer one.  Amanda forced herself to remain still as this new person straddled her body, moving up further as her upper arms were now under the knees of this new assailant.

Gritting her teeth, Amanda shuddered in horror, thinking 'Oh, God ………nooooo ……….I haven't even done this to Phil!  I've always put off sucking Phil ………wanting to make it a special occasion on our wedding night!'  Lips closed and teeth clenched tightly, Amanda waited for the assailant's cock to seek entrance between her lips.  Then she felt the sharp tip of the blade slowly tracing its way down her soft curls to her womanhood.  "Open your mouth and stick that tongue of yers out if ya don't want this knife to do any more exploring!" she heard the bartender's gruff instructions.

Fearing for her life, Amanda complied, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out for her new assailant.  She waited for the filthy cock to enter her mouth and was surprised when soft curls touched her nose.  She shuddered as her tongue came into contact with a slick gash of flesh, realizing 'Oh, my God …………….it’s a woman!  These people are depraved!  Oh, God …………………yuck ………..oh, it smells so awful!'

With the sharp knife pressing down into her mound, Amanda complied with the bartender's commands for her to "Lap it up if ya know what's good for ya!"  She felt so depraved at the deviant act that she was being forced to perform.  She shuddered as the woman above her wrapped her fingers into her hair and was actually riding her face as she was forced to tongue her slimy slit.

Faster and faster the woman slid her mound up her face and Amanda desperately wanted this depraved act to come to an end.  Then she felt her mouth getting slicker as the juices of this woman was being emitted and sliding down her licking tongue and into her mouth.  Feeling the woman shudder above her, face being mashed up against the woman's hairy muff, Amanda realized she had just licked the woman to a climax.

Moments later, she felt the woman above her fumbling at the blindfold and suddenly it was ripped off.  The sudden light blinded her and Amanda blinked rapidly to get her eyes focused.  Looking up at the woman above her, she stammered "Mi …………..Mindy …………….oh, my Goddddddd!  How ……………how could you do this to me?  You …………….you're the one responsible for all of this!"

Mindy laughed out loud "Always too good for me ……………looking down at me …………snickering at me behind my back!  Making fun of the boys who would date me in high school so they would shy away from taking me out!  Well, bitch …………..its pay back time!  Bet the fella you're marrying on Saturday wouldn't even kiss you if he knew you ate out another woman!  Remember what kind of bitch you were in high school?  Got someone waiting outside …………..someone who you and your club of bitches teased mercilessly ………………showing your legs ……………giving quick glimpses of your panties to turn him on!"

"I ………….I ………..I've never did such a thing!" Amanda replied, trying desperately to defend herself.  However, Amanda did in fact recall that she and her friends would play games at teasing the boys at school.  But she had no clue as to who would want to extract his revenge upon her, not after so many years had gone by.  She looked up pleadingly to the snickering Mindy, looking for some mercy.  Then she saw the bartender go to the door and admit another male, an old black male.

Expecting to see one of her roughneck boyfriends who she had attended school with, Amanda was totally puzzled at the entrance of this wiry old black man.  "Oh, my Godddddddd ………………noooooooooooooo!" she sobbed, tears flowing from her eyes.  She had now recognized Mr. Harris, the man who had been the janitor at the high school.

Amanda groaned in shame as she recalled how she had been dared by the other girls to flash him one day.  She indeed had called that particular dare, spreading her legs for the janitor to get a good shot of her panties.  She had even gone further on that occasion, slipping her hand under her skirt to rub her slit as Mr. Harris watched.  Then to cap things off before the next class was to begin, she had pulled her panties to the side and gave the drooling janitor a quick glimpse of her pink gash.

With Mindy's weight now off her body, Amanda scooted up into a sitting position at the top of the bed, cowering in fright.  She wanted to close her eyes and shut everything out but the leering old man began to approach the bed while pulling off his shirt.  Her eyes bulged in fear as the wiry old man's hands were now at buckle of his belt.  Then she sobbed in shame at his taunting "I can see your pink little gash again, Miss Amanda Hastings!  But it looks so different this time, especially with all that white gunk drooling out of your cunt, bitch!"

Leon Harris was utterly delighted to see the beautiful little bitch again.  When Mindy had called him and told him she was planning a special party night for her clients, he told her she could count him in, especially after she mentioned that Ms. Amanda Hastings was to be the special entertainment.  Looking down at the cowering bitch, he thought 'That 500 bucks was sure worth the fucking price!  Hell, I would've come up with more just to get at this fuck'n little bitch!'  He made a big show of slowly pulling off his pants and jockeys, enjoying hearing her sobbing as she watched him shuck at his wrinkled old cock.

Stepping up onto the bed, standing on it, Leon moved forward towards the cowering beauty.  Reaching forward, he grabbed her silky blonde hair in both hands and yanked her head backwards "Awww ……………mmmmmpphhh" came the stifled yelp of pain as he fed her his wrinkled old cock.  Leon laughed at the facial expression made as the bitch felt his old cock sliding in between her pick lips.

Pushing his cock further into her open mouth, Leon fucked himself into her tight mouth, taunting her "Suck it, you fuck'n little whore!  Oh, yeah ……………you little bitch ……..yeah, that's the way …………..suck old Leon's cock ………….get a good taste of it!  Oh, baby …………..yeah ……………..oh, I always knew you'd make a good cocksucker!  Oh, baby …………oh, baby ………………ahhhhhhhh …………..oh, God …………………..ahhhhhhhhhh …………………..…yeah, eat my nigger gism, bitch …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh, shittttttttttttttttttttt!"

"Ahhh …………ahhhh ……………eat it bitch!" Leon groaned as he fed her his pent-up load of hot cream.  After his third spurt into the choking beauty's mouth, he yanked her hair back hard with one hand, then grasped his spurting cock in his other hand.  Leon laughed as the prissy little bitch choked on his hot cum while he directed the remaining spurts onto her beautiful face.  "Ahhhh, yeah ……………yeah, you beautiful little bitch!  Always wanted to bring you down a peg off your high-horse!  You don't look much like a high society bitch now!" he laughed.

Ten minutes later, having rested a bit to regain his stamina, Leon then grabbed Amanda by her ankles and pulled her into a prone position.  Tonguing her pink nipples, he shucked at his shriveled cock in order to revive it, placing his cockhead up against the beauty's messy slit.  Then he pushed his cock into her slushy hole, taunting her "Oh, you little whore …………heard you're getting married ………that white boy's gotta be fuck'n dumb if he don't know you've been fuck'n around when he puts his little dick in you!"

Amanda tried her best to remain still and let the old man have his way with her.  The last thing she wanted to do was to show this dirty old man any response.  Gritting her teeth tightly, she tried to put herself far away but the sucking of her tender nipples and the cock pumping like a jackhammer had her body stirring in response.  Unconsciously, her legs raised up to cross over the janitor's pumping ass, squeezing him deeper into her.  "Oh, nooooooooo ………………….nooooooooo …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned loudly as she shuddered in yet another orgasm, feeling the old man empty his hot lust into her womb.

Mindy chuckled as the janitor got up out of bed and began to put on his clothing.  She looked over at the prissy Amanda Hasting who had passed out from that mind-shattering orgasm brought on by the energetic Mr. Harris.  As she opened the door for Mr. Harris, she dangled Amanda's lavender panties from her fingers, telling him "Here's your souvenir for the night!  I promised you a night of entertainment and the night is still young!  Go on back to the hotel room!  You're such a steady customer, that hotel room and all the fringes there are all yours till check out at 10 a.m.!"

Determined to please her clientele and get their return, Mindy was learning rapidly how to succeed in this business.  Indeed, she had come a long way in less than a year when everyone looked down on her and snickered behind her back.  Now, she was making big bucks on the side and put the downpayment on a nifty BMW.  Looking out the doorway, she watched as Mr. Harris broke out into at trot in his haste to get back to the hotel room.

Smiling, Mindy thought back to the events taking place earlier that evening.  An hour after the group had arrived, Mindy had gone to the table, announcing that Brandi Phillips had an emergency phone call at the bar.  Brandi had not wanted to be present with the group and watch her friend meet her demise and Mindy promised her an excuse to leave the party.  But she had not told Brandi that she could leave the hotel entirely, pulling her aside as she exited the bar and escorting her up to the hotel room that had been rented for the night.

With the hold that Mindy had on Brandi Phillips, there was nothing she could do but to comply.  Mindy had a bar fully stocked for her paying clientele and was happy to see the eight men already there for the entertainment.  She led the apprehensive Brandi to the small table, instructing her "Okay, Brandi, time to entertain these paying customers!  Step up on the table and give these horny men a good show!"  Then Mindy went about the men to collect $300 a piece for the evening.

In the group of men were Principal Gordon and Mr. Harris, from whom Mindy collected the agreed upon $500 apiece.  She smiled at them, advising "Now you two naughty men can only look for now!"  Reaching forward, she grasped each man's crotch in her hands, adding "You've got to save yourselves for the little bride-to-be across the parking lot!  Then you can come back here to give Brandi a tumble!"

The sunlight lit up the motel room and Amanda stirred from her exhausted sleep.  Looking about, seeing the surroundings, she realized that it had not been a nightmare after all.  She shuddered at the slimy film coating her mouth and the awful stench about her.  She staggered out of bed and into the bathroom of shower off the filth.  Seeing herself in the mirror, she looked like a filthy whore, face and hair matted with dried spunk.

Finally, having cleansed her outer body, Amanda went about searching for her clothing but found her undergarments missing.  She then realized that she had left her purse at the bar and presumed one of the girls had taken it back with them.  Worried and wondering how she would make it back to her hotel, which was about a mile away, she then saw a note and a $10 bill on the dresser.  She sighed as she read the note 'Here's your earnings for the night!  Should be enough to get you a cab back to your hotel!'

On Saturday, Amanda was relieved that the wedding had gone off without a hitch.  Everything had gone exactly as planned.  Now she was Mrs. Phil McCormick but she could not help but wonder what lay ahead, especially with that videotape made of that awful night.  At the reception, Amanda and Phil greeted all the guests at entrance to the ballroom.  Then Amanda beamed and through her arms around and incoming guest, exclaiming to her husband "Oh, Phil ………I want you to meet someone special from my high school!  I'd like you to meet Principal Gordon!"

The reception commenced with an elegant dinner, then was to be followed by dancing.  Having gone around to the various tables to toast friends and relatives, both bride and groom were feeling the effects of the champagne.  Of course, the first dance went to the bride and groom, then the bridal couple danced with the parents.  Then of course, the bride and groom danced with the various guests when not celebrating with more toasts of champagne.

It was getting late and the crowd had dwindled, with many of the older relatives leaving, allowing the younger crowd to continue dancing in the now dimly lit reception hall.  Amanda enjoyed dancing with the various friends and relatives who wished her well.  Then as her next dance partner came up to her, she exclaimed "Oh, Principal Gordon!  I'm so glad that you stayed to dance with me!"

Principal Gordon led the beautiful bride to the far corner of the dance floor and enjoyed the feel of her soft flesh.  It was a nice slow dance and it began with him holding the bride at a respectable distance.  With the dance floor being filled by other couples, he then pulled the startled bride close up to him, rubbing himself up against her breasts.

Amanda was taken completely by surprise, not expecting such a thing from her former high school principal.  Looking up at him, she saw his wide grin.  She was totally stunned as she heard him say "Oh, Amanda, you feel so soft and sexy!  Tell me, is your tight little ass still tender from the other night?"  She froze and gasped "You!  It was you!  How could you?"  Then the gloved hand that was being held in his was being pulled down.

"Yeah, sweetie!  Its open, so put your hand right in!  Ah, yeah, baby ………..feel the cock that busted your tight little ass open!  Ah, yeah ……………..get me off!  Yeah, cumming …………cumming on your hand!" he moaned softly.  When dance was finally over, Principal Gordon held the bride's gloved fist that was clenched tightly and led her back to her husband.  With her husband wanting to dance with his precious little bride, he wasn't surprised to hear Amanda say "Its getting a bit hot, Phil!  Let me take off my gloves first!"

Just before the bridal couple embraced for the next dance, Principal Gordon stepped up to advise them that he was now leaving and just wanted to bid them goodbye.  He shook the groom's hand to again congratulate him on his beautiful catch.  Then he moved up to the bride and gave her a hug, his tongue dipped into her earlobe and he whispered "I told Mindy to give you a call right after you get back from your honeymoon!  Now with you're officially married, I want to be the first to have the beautiful bride squirming under me!"

End of Story.