Bitch of a Mother-in-Law - II
(m/f, n/c)
Black Demon

Mrs. Gwen Whitmore
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Sighing after having gotten yet another put down by his future uppity mother-in-law, Milt had never expected for it to take this long to at least gain the acceptance of his fiancee's mother.  'Fuck, every time she opens her fuck'n mouth it's to put me down somehow!  Damn, next time she does that, I oughta grab her by the hair and force her down to her knees ...................make her watch me unzip my pants and then shove my cock into that bitchy mouth of hers!' he fumed.  Picturing the bitch of a mother-in-law-to-be down on her knees, Milt's cock gave a twitch of excitement, for he had to admit to himself that the bitch was quite beautiful.  'Yeah, force her down on her knees and give her something to mull about .................make her wonder just how big my cock would grow in her bitchy mouth ............make her wonder if I really plan on cumming in her fuck'n mouth much cum is stored up in my swollen balls .................if'n I'll force her to swallow and eat it!' Milt silently chuckled to himself.  'Damn, bet that prissy little bitch has never had a cock between her fuck'n lips!  Damn, that'd be a fuck'n sight ..............seeing her choking and gagging on my cum!  Bet she'll toss her cookies when I's cum in her mouth and make her eat it!' he mused.        

Milt Morten had met Julie Whitmore in his sophomore year of high school, sitting next to her in honors English, then they began dating and were going steady through graduation.  Both had graduated with honors at Marshall High, then they had arranged on heading out together to State U., with Julie majoring in education and he in engineering.  During that time, Mrs. Whitmore had been quite cordial towards him and very welcoming when he visited to pick Julie up on a date.  Things changed drastically when his father Benjamin Morten passed away suddenly from a heart attack, his mother was quite distraught over the loss and unable to take control of the business, leaving only one alternative ...........Milt would have to drop out of college to take over the family business.  With the business being a landscaping business, Milt's father had been the main key in meeting potential customers and organizing the work for the employees who were basically laborers doing the manual labor.  But from that point on, the change in Mrs. Whitmore's attitude was quite noticeable, making it obvious that she would not be approving of anyone marrying her daughter without a college education.

In the next three years, Milt had been quite successful in growing the landscaping business, having more than tripled the crew to handle all the projects and now Morgan's Landscaping & Greenery became known as the top in the city and outlying areas.  Meanwhile Julie had gotten her B.S. in Education, interned for a year, and had just landed a full-time position as a second grade teacher at Marshall Elementary School.  Their love relationship had grown, with Julie moving in with him over the objections of her bitchy mother, of which Julie relayed to him that her mother threatened to disown her if she ever married the 'low-life gardener' that she was currently living with.  Needless to say that had made Julie quite distraught over the fact that she might lose her family if she were to marry him, causing Milt a lot of grieve and made him wonder if it be best that they end their relationship.  Milt sure loved Julie but he felt really bad being the one to cause all that friction between the her and her parents.  Needless to say that Mrs. Whitmore had told Julie that she should no longer expect to have that large lavish wedding they had discussed many a time as no one would be invited by her parents to attend, for they would not be present either.  Milt did not know whether to be happy or not when Julie told him that she loved him and couldn't do without him, suggesting that they just elope and get married. 

At the age of 43, still beautiful and looking as if she was still in her early 30's, Mrs. Gwen Whitmore just could not stand the thought of her daughter marrying a man who was not a professional much less one without a college degree.  It had been the way she had been raised and brought up, that she needed to be well-educated and that she had to marry a professional man, one with title and prestige.  'If only all this had happened when Julie was just a young teenager, like when my parents had shipped me off to a boarding school in Europe, then it'd easy for her to get over that fiance gardener of hers!  Sure, it had been unfortunate circumstances that Milt dropped out of college, given up his dream of becoming an engineer in order to take over the family business!' Gwen thought.  She had to admit that Milt was a very handsome young man, that she would have readily accepted him into the family as her son-in-law, but his dropping out of college to run a landscaping company just did not fit the bill.  In the heat of an argument, she had even threatened to disown her daughter if she married Milt, a threat that she really regretted having made as her daughter meant the world to her.

It was that next Thursday when Gwen had called Julie to apologize about the threat to disown her, hoping to talk some sense into her daughter and not have her follow through with what she had told over during their last argument, that she was going to convince Milt that they should elope and get married.  In that conversation with Julie, Gwen had learned that her daughter was headed out after school got out on Friday, taking the train with her colleagues to some educational conference down south in the city of Portsmith for the weekend.  Also, Gwen had learned from her daughter that her gardener fiance had just landed the account to handling the upkeep of grounds to a prestigious multimillion dollar lakeside resort that was soon to be opening up as a tourist attraction.  After learning all this, that her daughter would be out of town and not expecting her fiance home on Friday evening, a devious idea began to formulate in her mind in which she could regain control of her daughter and be rid of potentially having a low-life yardman as her future son-in-law.

Having thought about it throughout the night, Gwen decided that her plan should work, that money would do the talking and would definitely do the trick in breaking up Julie's relationship with Milt.  'Fifty thousand dollars!  That's a lot of money but it'll be well spent to get rid of him!  A yardman for a son-in-law ...................yuckkkkkk .................the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach!' Gwen shuddered in disgust.  'Yes, that's what should do the trick!  I'll meet with him ....................offer him $25,000 as a start exchange for him breaking up with Julie!  If I have to go up even higher, maybe as high as $50,000, that should do it for sure!  The landscaping business he's running is doing fairly well at this point from the articles I've see, but from what I've learned there still a lot of debt that his father had incurred earlier as he had been trying to expand the business!'  she concluded.  Thinking it over thoroughly, Gwen decided to proceed with her plan once her daughter was headed out of town with her co-workers late that Friday afternoon, thinking 'I'll wait for an opportunity to talk to Milt when his employees aren't around, get him to agree to break-up with Julie him off for calling off the engagement and leaving Julie alone!'

Careful to keep his cost under control with an eye on avoiding unnecessary overtime pay, Milt saw that it was now nearing 4:30 p.m. with just a little bit more work to be done, he told all his employees to call it a day so they could start on their weekend as he could do the final clean up on his on.  With the workers all getting into their cars and departing from the property some five minutes prior, Milt turned to see the sight of a nice luxury car coming down the dirt road towards him.  As the car neared, he discovered that it was one that he he had seen before and was familiar with, for that white Lexus approaching belonged to Julie's bitchy mother.  With Julie having gone out of town, she thus couldn't have borrowed her mother's car and be here at the same time, thereby leaving only one remaining option ...........a dreaded one.  In making out the long blond hair on the driver seated behind the wheel, Milt sighed as he exhaled, thinking 'What the fuck brings the frick'n bitch here?  Well ............obviously to put me down one way or another!  She's a fuck'n bitch, that's for sure .......................she just needs a good fuck ........................and I sure as hell wouldn't mind being the one to stick it to that uppity bitch!'

Gwen's prepared presentation and the offering to buy her daughter's fiance certainly had not gone off as she had anticipated, not even a little bit, discovering that the young man would not nor could not be bought off by her for any price as he professed his love for her daughter.  The initial hope of having a rational conversation with her daughter's fiance had quickly disintegrated from that of exchanging pleasantries to basically snarling at one another and the trading of insults soon began.  "Julie deserves the absolute best in life .............married to someone who's a professional .....................not someone without a college degree!" Gwen had yelled at him after the offer she had presented had been flatly turned down.  "I can take good care of Julie and give her all she wants or needs in life!  The best of things in fact!  I took over a struggling company and built it up to be the biggest and best in the city and the outlying areas!  I'm making way more that a lot of the guys that went to school with me, guys who went on to get college degrees!  Heck, a couple of them are flipping burgers looking for a decent job!" came the rebuttal from her daughter's fiance.                       

"I wouldn't even hire you to shine my shoes!" came the final insult that was thrown at Milt by the uppity bitch, causing him to lose him composure and snarl back that "You're just a CUNT ......................just a FUCKING BITCH!"  Milt had still retained his athletic reflexes from playing sports in high school and taking karate lessons when he was young, he caught her swinging arm at the wrist when she tried to slap his face for the last remark made of her.  Not thinking rationally at that point, Milt then gave her a hard shove, sending the elegantly dressed Mrs. Whitmore backwards to land right in the midst of the compost pile.  Stepping into the compost pile, Milt grabbed a long plastic tie from the holder in his work belt, stretched her arms out over her head and then looped the tie around her wrists along with the stump of a thick bush.  With the sophisticated bitch taken totally by surprise and unable to utter out a protest, Milt was down on his knees between her widespread legs, grasping the back of both ankles to push her knees back so her heels were just before his face.

"Not good enough to shine your shoes, huh?  Is this how you wanted to see me .......................down on my knees .........................licking your high heels clean?" Milt snarled out, then turned his head to the right and stuck his tongue out to being licking clean the top of her black heel, then turned to his left side to clean her other pump in the same manner.  Crazed with rage, cock with a hardon in being next to and touching the beautiful sexy bitch that potentially was his future mother-in-law, Milt's hands then slipped up further to peel the pumps off her feet and tossed them aside in compost pile.  "Want me to kiss your feet too, bitch?" he snarled before bringing her left foot over to plant and kiss the ball of her foot before sticking his tongue out to lick the crevices along the base of her toes.  "How's that, bitch?  Good enough?" Milt growled before performing the same task to her right foot, then gruffly asked "What do you want me stooping down to next, huh, bitch?"  With her dress bunched up at the waist, it provided Milt with a view of her flawless ivory legs, of which he had admired many a time before.  The beautiful sight had Milt licking at his lips and confirmation was being given by the now throbbing head of his bloated cock that tented the khakis he was wearing.

Gwen's mind was totally befuddled at that instant, not believing what had just taken place, now struggling to pull her hands down so she could fight off her daughter's demented fiance.  Gwen now realized that it had been a totally wrong approach in trying to dissuade the young man from marrying her daughter, especially in having made that insulting comment that he wasn't good enough to even shine her shoes.  Embarrassed and humiliated at what had just happened, Gwen became frantic when the hands holding her legs let them drop roughly to the ground, followed by feeling rough calloused hands grasping at the waistband of her panties and trying to pull them down over her hips.  "What are you doing?  What are you doing?" she panted out frantically while withering about the compost pile in an attempt to prevent her panties from being stripped from her.  To Gwen's dismay, she then heard her daughter's demented fiance respond with "What else you want me to do, bitch?  Want me to go down on you too?  Want me to eat out that prissy 'cunt' of yours?"  Panties stripped off her legs and off her feet, Gwen shuddered in horror as she felt her fleece being nuzzled at, and her cunny was being mouthed for the very first time in her life.

Upon feeling a thick wet tongue snaking up into her sex for the very first time, her entire body quivered from the unwanted pleasure coursing throughout her being, causing her to scream out "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ....................................noooooooooooooooooooo ...................................ohhhhhhh .........................ohhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!"  Unable to break the bond tying her hands above her head, Gwen first tried to kick at the demented bastard, then tried planting her feet on the ground to wither away from the invading tongue that had just found her ultra-sensitive clit and lapping madly at it.  Going crazy as her body shivered and betrayed her from the unwanted pleasure, a defeated Gwen then pushed down with her feet to arch her hips upwards and right into the wide open mouth that was literally 'eating' her out.  With large strong hands under her butt and pulling her up further, it was as if the demented bastard was pulling the bowl containing sweet nectar up to his mouth to slurp up all the goodies.

Milt felt the sophisticated beauty quiver about in the palm of his hands, enjoying the sweet honey being emitted onto his slurping tongue, then heard the mewling from above "Ooooooooooooooooohhhhh ...........................ahhh .............................ahhhhhhhhh .......................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..................nooooooooooooo ....................................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppffffffffffffffffffff!"  Milt chuckled to himself at the knowledge of having just got the uppity bitch to cream in his mouth, felt her body continue to quiver in his hands before it was suddenly was rocked by an uncontrolled spasm, followed by her going totally limp in his hands.  With the flow of sweet honey ebbing, Milt lifted his head on up from the wet golden curls, then got on up to his feet to gaze down upon the prone beauty in all her glory as he licked at slick lips.  He then snickered out loud to her "Saved ya all that big bucks you were offering me!  Now all you need to do is to call the cops and report me, tell Julie I went and ate your fucking cunt out .....................that'll do the trick and keep her from marrying me!"    
Continuing to look down at uppity bitch who was naked from the waist down, the wet golden curls glistening up at him, Milt felt his head throbbing madly ........................but it was the head between his legs now demanding to be sated!  Licking his lips at the delectable sight laying before him, realizing he'd be jailed for sexual assault anyway at that point, Milt threw caution to the wind and cussed out "Ah, what the fuck!"  With that, he began to unbuckled his belt, then sneered out that "You know, bitch .................this lowly uneducated yardman is quite good at gardening!  From what I can see, that garden of yours sure is in need some watering lemme go and plant some seeds in it first ...........................then let's see what goes and takes root ...............see what blooms in that garden, huh!  Just like planting some gladiolas this time of year when next summer comes, nine months from now, it'll be really blooming!"  Having kicked off his boots and with his khaki pants around his ankles, he saw the look of horror on the bitch's face as she realized what his intent was at that point, causing Milt to smile widely at seeing the anguish and horror on her face that he had caused.

At the realization that his goose was already cooked from the impulsive attack upon the beautiful bitch, that jail was going to await him anyway, why not go all the way even though it'd definitely tack on a lot of jail time along with the fact that Julie would end up dumping him.  Having often dreamed about this scenario, though it had been only mere fantasies of the sort for Milt, but now he was about to throw all caution to the wind and take advantage of the current situation.  Stepping out of his pants, Milt then peeled down his jockeys and let them fall to his feet, enjoying the sight of the bitch's eyes widening in horror as he began shucking at his 10" boner.  It was quite evident that his actions and what he had told her had registered in her mind, and so Milt smiled and confirmed it all by announcing "That's right, bitch ...........................I'm gonna give ya just what you been needing all this time good FUCK!"  Cock rigid and ready to go, Milt let go of his boner to peel off his t-shirt, then knelt down between her trashing legs while stroking his hardon to get it primed.

Staring ahead with wide eyes, Gwen just could not believe what she was seeing, her daughter's fiance was actually shucking at his manhood and intent on raping her with it.  Having experienced only two men in her life, her wild teenage boyfriend when in high school before she was shipped off to boarding school and then her husband being the only other one, what Gwen was now witnessing was that of the biggest penis she had ever seen in her life.  'Oh, my God .................oh, my God ................oh, my God ............................he's going to rape me!' she shuddered in fear.  Seeing the flaring cockhead turning to a reddish-purple in color, it seemed to be winking at her, trying to tell her that there was a lot of filth to be spewing out of it when the time came.  And if he did in fact proceed to 'seed her garden', Gwen worried of the consequences that could result from this illicit mating, especially this being the wrong time of the month for her to have any sexual activity.  "Please ...................oh, please .......................please don't rape me!  You'll go to jail if you do!  Please, no'll get me pregnant with that 'thing'!" she sobbed out.

Pushing down on her widespread legs to keep her from trashing about, Milt shuffled forward on his knees to get himself into the right position, then he guided his bloated cockhead up and down her slick slit to purposely antagonize her.   "You fucking uppity CUNT I'll be out of your daughter's life ........................and out of your life, bitch!  Yeah, you can put me away for good, get me locked up in jail .......................but I'm gonna leave you something to remember me each and everyday ............................cause I'm gonna knock you up good!" Milt sneered before rearing back and lunging forward with all of his might!  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .............................noooooooooooo ...........................eeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" was the sound of music to Milt's ears in hearing the bitch screech out from the pain he was inflicting upon her.  Rearing back, withdrawing six of the eight inches he had speared up into her, Milt then slammed back into her.  "Nooooooooo ............................noooooooooooooooo .......................noooooooooooo!" came the pitiful sobs that only served to goad Milt into giving it to her real good and hard, thrusting even harder as her shrilling cries only made him more excited till all ten solid inches were deeply buried up in her snatch.

Body trembling, Gwen could not believe the awful pain associated with this vile rape, for it felt as if she was losing her virginity once again due to the size and thickness of the male penis that was stretching her vagina like never before.  Gwen could only sob in shame as the back of her body was being rubbed up and down against the dirty contents of the compost pile that she was lying upon, unable to pull her hands down from their binding around the sturdy shrub, being pummeled time and time again as her daughter's vile fiance slammed into her over and over in a timely piston rhythm.  Her body's instinctive reaction was to release her love juices, making it serve as a lubricant to facilitate a faster fucking session between them.  That lubrication also served to turn the fuck session into one of pleasurable sensations, causing Gwen to stop her legs from trashing about, then slowly she was crossing her legs around his humping ass, making her pant out "Oooohhhhh ...........................ohhhhh .........................ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, God ......................................oh, yesssssssssss ...........................ahhhhh .........................ahhhh ......................ahhhh!"

It was like seeing two wild animals rutting about in a filthy compost pile, going at it as if there was no tomorrow, legs and arms trashing to spread the rubbish all about.  It indeed was quite a sight to see, with the darker sun burnt body of the male lying atop of and rutting at the pale whiter body of the smaller female's petite body, seeing the trim white legs of the female lift up from the compost pile to wrap themselves around the ass of the rapidly humping male.  All that action taking place was made all the more intense by the grunts of the male each time he plunged his fat dong up into the squealing female that continued to trash about under the dominant male.  Suddenly the petite female's ivory legs were locked around the male's butt and squeeze, her body suddenly going taut, followed by being rocked in uncontrolled spasms.  Soon the larger more dominant male body tensed up with muscles going taut, then came the loud "Ugh ........................ugh .........................ugh .......................ugh .............ugggghhhhhhh!" grunts that signaled the completion of the breeding session.

Never before had Milt gone so ballistic with a member of the opposite sex, always had been a gentleman and respectful to women, but on this occasion he had become a wild animal and had just gone ahead and ravaged the female beauty.  "Ugggghhhhhhh!" was the loud groan that he had emitted after having expended the last of his pent up lust, giving his pulsating member a squeeze to make sure every last drop of his potent roe had been squeezed on out to do its dastardly job into the cunny that was still clenching at his now dwindling cock.  'Damn, that was the best fuck ever!  Jezzzzz, that was the most cum I've ever shot out in my life!' Milt thought as he continued to rest upon the raped beauty while still being intimately joined to her.  But upon his wilting cock slipping out of the warm confines where it had spent itself, Milt let out a groan of disappointment, then reality set in as he then thought to himself 'Oh, fuck .......................what the fuck did I go and do?  Shitttttttt ..............what's that fuck going to cost me ...............................ten years ................................twenty years in the can?  You fucking stupid idiot!'               

Sobbing as she lay upon the compost pile, Gwen could not believe what had just happened to her, her body shuddering in disappointment as the male penis slipped from the confines of her cunny to be followed by an outflow of his slick slimy semen.  Being raped and ravaged certainly bothered Gwen's mind, but more so was the way in which her body had betrayed her ..........................that of locking her legs around her vile rapist and pulling him deeper into her while loudly panting out "Oooohhhhh ...........................ohhhhh .........................ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, God ......................................yesssssssssss!"  Gwen's mind began replaying just how unwanted pleasure had completely washed over her, how she had squeezed her legs to pull him even deeper into her while arching her body up each time he thrust that long thick cock deep into her.  The feeling of that powerful tool within her body had felt so unbelievably fantastic, so good that she had seen stars and felt as if she had soared into outer space, and that climax rocking her being had certainly been one from out of this world.        

Pushing himself up and getting to his knees, Milt looked down to take in the devastation that he had been the cause of, that of having gone and raped the uppity sophisticated mother of his girlfriend.  At the realization of what he had just done, Milt's head's slumped so his chin was on his chest, figuring now that his life was coming to a quick end as he'd soon end up in the slammer for the crimes of abduction and rape.  'Fuck, maybe I should've taken the fifty grand that she offered to give me in exchange for breaking up with Julie!  Now all I've got is the memory of this one fantastic fuck to take with me for the next ten or twenty years when I'm in the slammer!'  Milt concluded, shaking his head as he could not believe just how stupid he had been in committing the violent crime of rape.  Shaking his head as his gaze took in the beauty's messy golden curls along with the oozing of his cum out of her raped slit, Milt then shuffled up on his knees after retrieving his cutting tool from his work belt, reached up forward to snip the tie binding her arms to the shrubbery root.

With the dress bunched up around her waist, Milt reached down to grab the hem of her dress to pull it down to cover her nudity, but only doing so after he had wrapped it around his cock to wipe it dry.  Standing up, he looked down once again, Milt observed the dress now covering her raped pussy but those long sexy and flawless legs once again made his cock throb in excitement.  But it had been that head, the one between his legs, that had gotten him into the mess he was now in.  Knowing that he was in a world of trouble, Milt was now overwhelmed with guilty as he looked down upon the beautiful but bitch of a woman that he had just raped savagely, Milt knew full well that no apology would be of any use or consolation at that point.  Sighing in resignation of his ultimate fate as he got dressed, now feeling bad for the sobbing beauty, he then told her "You can tell the cops that I'll be sitting at bar in McCormick's!  They can come and get me there!"  Getting in his pickup, Milt then left the scene and headed off to the bar, figuring that he'd order up the most expensive scotch available and drink up till the cops came.

Finally finding the strength to bring her arms down from above her head, Gwen groaned in agony as she pushed herself up into a sitting position.  She could only sigh in defeat and humiliation upon seeing her bare legs outstretched with the front of her dress pulled down into a 'V' to cover her violated sex, with the bastard's filthy semen stain fully in sight.  Blinking back the tears, Gwen reached down to grasp the bottom of her dress to slowly pull it back up so she could inspect herself.  Shivering as she sucked in her breath upon seeing her matted curls, Gwen reached down further, then cringed as she brought her hand back up to show the top of her middle finger coated with a thick layer of mucous .................a blob of semen that her daughter's fiance had ejaculated up into her.  Looking about, Gwen saw her panties nearby, then began to look about for her missing heels.  Getting up from the compost pile, she then gathered up her belongings so she could go on home.  'I'll see that bastard in jail for the rest of his life!' she fumed while holding her panties up against her oozing twat.

Forty five minutes later while standing under the hot shower in her master bathroom, a no-no if Gwen was to report the vile rape in the compost pile, but it had been a conscious decision that she had made on the drive home.  Living in a rather small town played a big part in her decision, especially after having become so established and well known in the community, having served as chairwoman of the Women's League and on the fund raising committee for the proposed new library.  The thought of having to go to the police to report the rape in the messy state that she had been left in, having to undergo a humiliating examination in the hospital, and everyone learning of her defilement served to dissuade her from reporting the vile crime committed upon her.  Turning her face up into the stream of hot water from the shower, Gwen couldn't help but to squeeze her thighs together at the recollection of how her body had gone into uncontrolled spasms as she had rocketed into outer space, shuddering through the mind-shattering orgasm that had rocked her entire body.

With her eyes closed under the shower, Gwen's hands moved up from her sides, gasping when her thumbs moved over her sensitive nipples as they had been totally neglected that day.  "Oooohhhh ......................ooooohhhhh!" she moaned while flicking at her stiffened nipples and began rubbing her thighs together to scratch that nagging itch between her legs.  Now using one hand to touch her breasts, Gwen's free hand slid on down her body to where she slipped her middle finger up into her slick slit.  In her desperation, Gwen reach for the brush that she normally on her back, only this time she held the middle portion of the handle in order to slide the back end of it into her mushy twat.  "Ahhh ...........ahhhh ..............ahhhhh ...........................ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned upon climaxing on the brush handle.  Panting for breath, Gwen looked down as she slowly began to withdraw the brush handle, sucking in her breath upon seeing the thick layer of goo covering the round plastic handle before being washed off by the shower spray.  Then came a loud "Plaaatttt!" upon the floor of the shower stall, to which she made out to obviously be a dollop of cum plopping out from her flooded cunt.

Getting dressed in a skirt and blouse outfit, slipping on a pair of heels, Gwen then got into her car to go to the store where she could buy a bottle of douche to keep from getting pregnant.  It was an item on her shopping list, having used the last bottle over a week ago after having had sex with her husband, but she had not dared to stop and buy one on the way home.  With this being a rather small town, business and shopping areas were concentrated around the center of town, a few miles from where the house was located.  Having driven over the hill and now headed towards town, Gwen could make out the tower of the McCormick Tower, one of the better hotels in the nearby vicinity.  On the ground floor of the hotel's location was the McCormick Bar & Grill, where her daughter's vile fiance was now drinking and awaiting for the police to show up to arrest him.  Breathing hard, fuming at what had taken place on a filthy compost pile, Gwen then observed the shopping mall and the sign of the store where she could purchase the much needed douche.              

Pulling up in the parking lot, Gwen parked her car in a parallel stall, got out from the driver's side and then proceeded on in while pressing the remote to lock the car doors.  Milling about while in deep thought for a few moments, she got her wallet out of her purse, then retrieved the credit card she intended to use before going up to the receptionist at the counter.  Instead of leaving through the door that she had come in from, Gwen turned to the open doorway nearby and entered the adjoining establishment.  Making her way in, Gwen walked to the nearest patron that she observed, then gruffly advised for him to "Pay your tab and come with me, you bastard!"  Seeing the stunned look on the face of her daughter's fiance, Gwen could tell that he had already gone and tied one on since arriving at the bar, then she grabbed his elbow when he wobbled some as he stood up, then she proceed to usher him out with her hold on his elbow.

In seeing that she had obviously showered and changed, Milt's mind began churning as that meant she hadn't gone to the police immediately to make the report and that a rape kit had not been done to preserve evidence of the crime.  'Are the cops waiting for me out there?  Is she expecting or wanting me to confess to committing the rape on my own, maybe hoping that she could then avoid having to undergo the hospital examination?  Or maybe she had some contacts who could provide her a couple thugs with muscles to beat the shit out of me in the parking lot?  I had only been expecting the cops to show up and haul me off to jail for raping her!  Her coming here to the bar sure as hell caught me off guard!  What's the catch?  What's she got in store for me?' he began to worry, fully expecting that she had deviously planned some means at getting back at him.  Proceeding as to where the hand on his elbow was guiding him, Milt suddenly found himself proceeding into the open door of a nearby elevator, then turned about to see a perfectly manicured finger press the button to the 11th floor.  

"Tell me, you lousy bastard that the only way you can have a woman ................tie her down first, then rape her?" Milt was confronted with by the seemingly enraged beauty once they had entered Suite #1111.  But in having already taken in the fact that she had showered and changed, thereby washing away all the needed evidence, Milt concluded that the rape had not been reported and there could only be one reason why she had rented a hotel room and brought him there .......................she was in desperate need of another good fucking, that the one he had given to her atop the compost pile!  He sure hoped he had read things right, but then concluded that 'If I'm wrong, what the hell is there to lose at this point?'  Boldly taking a step forward, Milt's arm darted out to grasp her long blond hair to pull her head back, then he leaned forward to cover her succulent pink lips with his.  Upon feeling her pointed tongue pushing between his covering lips, Milt knew that she was now his for the taking, and when the kiss ended he snarled out "You're gonna be my 'BITCH' from now, aren't you?"      

With her head still tilted by due to the grip he had in her hair, Milt saw the panting beauty nod a 'yes' to his question.  "Was that the first time you got your snatch eaten out on the compost pile?" he quizzed, to which he got another nod of 'yes'.  "Now you can't tell me you didn't like it ......................cause you came right in my mouth, didn't you, bitch?" he plied, to which came another nod for 'yes'.  "And you want me to eat you out again, don't you?" Milt asked, to which there was another nod of 'yes'.  "Tell me, bitch ..................have you ever sucked cock before?" he quizzed, to which Milt saw her eyes widen some before she shook her head 'no'.  "That's perfect ...................but if you want to be my 'BITCH', you're going to have to learn .......................RIGHT NOW!  Get down on your knees, bitch .......................unzip me and start sucking!" he growled with authority.

'What a fucking turn of events!  Jesusssss, I went and hit the jackpot!  One second I'm thinking I'll be in the slammer for raping her, the next I'm having my cock sucked by the beautiful bitch!' Milt thought as the beauty got down on her knees to unzip him, slide her in his pants to take his cock out, then she mouthed him.  "Ohhhh, yeahhhhh!" he shivered with delight as the warm mouth closed around his twitching cock.  "That's it, Mrs. Whitmore, suck on it!  Now run that talented tongue around my cockhead!  Yeah tease my pisshole with the tip of your tongue!" he encouraged before pushing his cock deeper into her hot sucking mouth.  Minutes later, literally face fucking the beautiful bitch, Milt then reached forward with both hands to clasp them around the back of her head to keep her from pulling away with the big moment arrived.  Sure enough, with his swollen balls about to pop, the novice cocksucker was trying to pull her head away and off his cock.  "Oh no, you don't bitch!  Eat my cum it all!  Here it cumsssss ...................ahhhh .................ahhhhhhh .............................arggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Milt groaned as he ejaculated his gooey jizz right into her mouth, keeping her there and forcing her to swallow it all.

Done and depleted, he pulled away out of the warmth of her succulent mouth, leaving her kneeling there on the floor with her body shuddering as she tried to hold down the foreign substance down in her belly.  Not showing any compassion, Milt then snarled "C'mon, bitch ............I didn't eat anything down at the bar and I'm hungry!  Get outta your clothes and up on the bed .........................cause I'm gonna eat that pussy of yours!"  Milt chuckled in seeing how quickly the bitch moved as she was wanting him to do just that once again her cunny out once more!  Moments later, Milt was lying between the bent legs of the naked beauty, her feet planted on the ground with hips up in the air, this time her free hands were clasping at the back of his head to have him continue eating her out.  "Yes .................oh, yesssss me me meeeeeeeeee ...................oh, God .......................oh, God ...................oh, Goddddddddddddd!" he heard her cry out as her body quivered, then shook from spasms from the wild orgasm rocking her petite body.

Lift his face up from her between her now slumping thighs, Milt licked the juices from his lips, then grabbed her limp hand from the bed to wrap her manicured fingers around his hardon.  Although she appeared to be in a stupor, Milt's cock throbbed and hardened in the soft warm fist that instinctively began to shuck at his boner.  "Ah, yeah, that's it Mrs. Whitmore ..........................that's the way to be my bitch's hard enough now it into that hot little cunt of yours!" he panted out.  Cock being held firmly in place by the gripping fist, Milt pushed in slowly at first, then thrust his ten incher fully up into her slick slit, then smiled widely upon hearing the blond beauty squeal out "Ohhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss ............................fuck me .........................fuck me hard ....................fuck me hard with your big cock!  Ohhh, yssssss ................yes .................that's it ..................that's it ...................cock me, stud ...........................cock me good!"

It was just like their fuck session atop of the compost pile, only now she could embrace her lover with arms and legs wrapped tightly around his muscular body.  Humping and rutting like wild animals, causing the bed to rock and sway about, the illicit mating was a sight to behold.  "Oh, yeah ................gonna knock you up good, bitch .....................gonna plant my baby in that tummy of yours!" Milt panted out as he jackhammered his cock in her.  "Ahhhh .................ahhhhh ..................yes .................yesssssssss ................fuck your baby in me .........................knock me up with your baby!" Gwen panted out to her future son-in-law.  "Gonna cum .......................gonna cum it cums, bitch ............................arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he grunted out.  "Yes ......................oh, yessssssss .........................ohhhhh, so hot's so hot much much of itttttttttt!" she panted out as hot semen filled her cunny to overflowing.


It was Sunday afternoon when Milt opened up the text he had just gotten from Julie that read "Just got back, stopped off at my mother's first ...........need to talk to you right away!  Will be there in a half hour! J!"  'Oh, Christ ...............what did the fuck'n bitch tell her ...........the whole story?  Maybe just the rape and how I tied her down in the compost pile before fucking the hell out of her?  Or maybe that I made a play for her and left out the rape?  Ah, FUCK!' Milt swore, figuring that whatever the bitch told her daughter wasn't gonna be good for him.  Then Milt worried 'I better keep my eyes on Julie every second of the time ...............if she flips out, she might just come at me with a knife ..................wanting to cut my balls off!'  'God, one worry after another!  I should have know better more that five hours of leaving the bitch today, thinking everything was under control ................and she goes off on me again!' he worried.

Milt's mind then replayed the last tumultuous 48 hours of his life: first his losing control by raping the bitch on the compost pile; her surprise appearance in the bar; being taken upstairs instead of to the police; his reading it correctly that the bitch was in need of a good fucking; taking control of the situation to make her into his bitch by ordering her to suck off her very first cock; two more wild fuck sessions on Friday night before sleeping in one another's arms; continuing where they left off upon waking early that next morning; listening as she called down to the front desk to extend her stay for an additional day; never getting dressed other than putting on a robe to get the delivery from room service; showering together and fucking while still in the shower; with it all coming to an end just before it was time to check out by noon that day.

Once her daughter had departed, Gwen breathed a sigh of relief after getting everything off her chest as to Gwen marrying the man she was engaged to, hoping now that subject matter would no longer be a matter of conflict between mother and daughter.  At that point, Gwen's mind replayed the past 48 hours that had definitely served to change her life forever, how her feeling of command and respectability had been brushed aside when she was taken down into the pits of a compost pile and humiliated .........................her dress pulled on up, panties pulled on down, then raped by her daughter's handsome but vile fiance!  Humiliated and degraded, treated as a piece of rubbish like the pile in which she lay upon, then being left there used and abused ...................maybe even impregnated by her daughter's fiance.  Gwen knew that she could never report the rape to the police or anyone else as that would unveil her humiliation and being degraded in such a degrading manner, but still she could not explain what had come over her after having made that decision ..................that her going to the bar to confront her rapist ................not to have him charged with the crime but to entice him into giving her another unbelievable fucking!

It had certainly been a weekend of firsts for Gwen, first getting 'eaten out' and raped in the compost pile, followed by so many other firsts in that 48 hour period:  first starting with renting a hotel room in which to spend time with a man other than her husband; stooping down onto her knees to use her mouth to service a male's cock; having a cock ejaculate in her mouth and swallowing all that slimy filth; telling a man that she would be his 'bitch' and be at his beck and call; made to get up on all fours on the bed and then being fucked like a true 'bitch' from behind; showering with a man and then having sex in the stall with him; learning what the meaning of the number '69' meant; straddling and riding a man till he spurted up in her; along with being in the shower once again ................on her knees and getting herself a hot creamy facial!  All of those firsts for Gwen were overshadowed at the end before having to check out of the hotel, to which she was so glad that the room was soundproof .....................when getting up onto all fours as she had been ordered to do, thinking that she'd be fucked again like the bitch she truly was, only to scream out in sheer pain while trying to scramble away from the cock being rammed up into her virgin ass!                        

Fidgeting as Julie arrived home, awaiting for her to go into a tirade after learning what he had done to her mother, Milt carefully watched to make sure she didn't pull out a knife to castrate him.  But upon seeing Julie smiling widely as she entered the doorway, Milt began to wonder if in fact her mother had let out any of the event details of the past 48 hours, making him wait to hear what she had to tell him before uttering out a word.  A shiver went down his spine when Julie began with telling him that "I can't get my head around what my mother just told me!"  Milt swallowed as Julie shook her head in total disbelief before being told that "I got a text from my mother in the afternoon wanting me to stop by the house when I got back home as she had something very important to tell me!"  Milt still did not utter a word as yet, merely watching as Julie once again began shaking her head in disbelief, hearing her then relate that "I thought that she was going to tell me that I was now formally disowned as she had threatened before, but I never ...............never expected to hear what she ended up telling me!"

At that point, Milt was obviously expecting the shoe to drop that Julie had been told what had taken place, namely that past Friday when he had pushed her mother onto the compost pile .....................tying her arms up over her head, tossing up the hem of her dress before stripping off her panties, then going down to eat out her snatch before raping her!  "My mother actually apologized to me for treating both you and me so badly, that she wanted to make things right, that she wants me to have my dream wedding and that all expenses will be taken care of!  Apparently that recent business article on how successfully you had taken over your father's business and transformed it into what it is today!  And she told me that she going to personally apologize to you in hopes that you'll forgive her for the way she's treated you over the past few years!" Milt was told.  Then he was told that "My mom wants to get together with you sometime tomorrow, at your convenience and where ever you say she'll drive there!  She knows you're busy so she'll call your cell around 10 in the morning to set it up ...............I gave her the number to call you on!"

That next morning while on the job and directing his workers as to what was needed on the lakeside resort property that was nearing it's Grand Opening date, Milt heard the ringing of his cell phone, then looked at his watch to see that it was exactly 10 a.m.  After giving out the location where he was at, Milt figured that it'd be at least a forty minute drive before his fiancee's beautiful mother arrived at the property, thus there was time to brief his foreman as to what was be coordinated and done by the workers that day.  He then went to his pickup to double check that he had not forgotten anything, going through the checklist of: comforter; wine on ice; wine glasses; sandwiches; small tray of cut veggies in the ice chest; a clean wash cloth and towel for her to use before making her way on home.  Knowing the property very well, being responsible for all the landscaping needed as well as seeing that the fringe areas around the lake were safe for the guests, Milt planned on taking his beautiful guest to a secluded spot across the lake when she arrived. 

This time it wasn't a compost pile on which the two of them mated like animals in the wild, for this time it was on a clean padded comforter but the setting was quite similar in being surrounded by brush and shrubbery.  With no tourists visiting the property and all the workers on the other side of the lake, it was total privacy for the two lovebirds where they could get naked without fear of being observed.  This day would be the first of many to come where Milt would be having his foreman take charge of the current project while he got to sate his lust for his fiancee's beautiful mother, just as well as to take care of the beauty's wanton sexual desires that had only recently been unveiled.  This first day's episode had the pickup stopping on the small one lane dirt road on the other side of the lake, the naked lover's having a wild fuck session on the air mattress, then after resting a bit they were sipping on white wine and having their lunch.  Following lunch, it was dessert time with a '69'er on the menu for the day, followed by a short time to recuperate before commencing another avid fuck session.

Six months later, on the day that her daughter Julie would be exchanging vows with her husband-to-be, Gwen was applying her lipstick with about forty minutes to go before she was to be escorted down the aisle by Julie's older brother.  After looking at the text message that came in on her cell phone, Gwen told her husband that he should go and wait in the hallway near Julie's room as he might need to calm her jitters before it was time for him to walk the bride down the aisle.  Once her husband left the room to do as she had instructed of him, Gwen turned to her son Brian, telling him "Can you tell Milt to come here as I'd like to have a final word with!  Tell him that I'll be quick about it!"  "Mom, this is not the time to give a lecture to him!  He's nervous enough to be tying the knot in a half hour from now!" was the response from her son, of which she merely insisted that he go and do as he was told.  Breathing hard, swallowing with nervousness as the wedding was to be starting in just over a half hour if they were to keep everything on the outlined schedule for the event.  The reason for what her actions had been due to the text message that she had received, sent to her by her soon to be son-in-law that read 'Figure out a way that we can be alone - right now!  I need to get off - a blowjob would do nicely!'

Standing off to the side near of the entrance to the church, Gwen slipped her hand in her son's arm as he was about to escort her down the aisle to the first pew where her seat was located.  Standing there in the expensive dress that she had recently purchased for this special occasion, Gwen wondered if she had made the right purchase, thinking that a more loose fitting suit outfit might have been better.  With the dress rather form fitting and showing each and every curve, Gwen was having regrets at the decision she had made at this time, but told herself 'Oh, well's too late to worry about it now!'  As she stood there running her tongue along the roof and sides of her mouth, Gwen then got to savor and taste the slick slimy remnants of the bridegroom's semen that had flooded her mouth a bit earlier.  With the time coming for her to be escorted down the aisle as the mother of the bride, Gwen could see the heads turn towards her, and she was sure that each person's gaze would certainly be taking the belly bump that she was now sporting ...............for there was no hiding her pregnancy of some six months ...............the father of the baby being the handsome bridegroom that would soon be marrying her daughter!  Due to her age, testing had been done to assure the health of the baby and the sex had been determined.  As the baby would be a boy, his father wanted him named Ben ..............................after the grandfather he'd never get to meet!

End of Story.