Blackmailed Beauty - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Mrs. Lauren O'brien
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However it is also a direct
continuation of the earlier story entitled: Young Wife’s Dilemma - II
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    Throughout the next month, the wife of Captain O’brien stayed on base, not daring to go out into the town.  She had been worried sick that she had been made pregnant from the vile rape.  Pregnant, by the devious Raheem or the giant idiot named Mimba.  Over and over, in her mind, she pictured the obscene black monster cock that Mimba possessed.  It was the size of the donkey that she had once observed at the zoo while just a teenager.  And she had actually taken it in her tight vagina.  ‘God, it hurt so bad when that damned blubbering idiot fucked that giant monstrosity into me!’ she sighed in despair.  ‘But how could I beg for that idiot to fuck me and make me cum?’ she groaned.

    Mrs. Lauren O’brien nervousness had displayed itself whenever she engaged in lovemaking with her husband.  Her eagerness to please him and to achieve sexual gratification from her husband, over the past month, had her frustrated.  Never had the Captain seen his lovely wife so aggressive in bed that he had cum quickly each time, then fell asleep in exhaustion, leaving Lauren high and dry.  She had to resort to finding satisfaction in the privacy of their bathroom, where her hairbrush handle finally eased her tension.  But as she had thrust it in and out of her slick gash, she pictured the long black cock of Raheem.  Then she thought of the monstrosity of Mimba’s donkey like cock, causing her to arch up in an orgasm.  After obtaining this sexual relief, she returned to bed with her loving husband, but remorse set in making her feel so guilty and ashamed for resorting to such tactics for the sexual relief she craved.

    Scolding herself for such vile thoughts, Lauren vowed each night never again to think of the rape to get the stimulation that allowed her to reach an orgasm.  This vow had been made after the sinful thoughts of maybe having a fling with someone who could bring her off, but those were merely wild thoughts during her periods of frustration.  But the constant disappointment in sex with her loving husband had her climbing the walls and the need grew daily to quench her sexual frustration.

    Lauren vowed that she would never venture outside the base so she could avoid future contact with the vile man that raped her, along with his giant idiot friend.  However, Raheem had contacts within the base and one of his very important contacts was a high ranking black officer.  As the base was being built, Raheem had befriended this high ranking officer, a Colonel Bruce Simpson, who looked the other way regarding Raheem’s illegal activities on or near the base.  In exchange, Raheem supplied this high ranking officer with the heroin that he was hooked on and whatever girls had come through Raheem’s hands.  And Raheem noted how much he enjoyed fucking the two white girls that had been available a year ago, fucking them brutally hard.

    When Raheem wanted to expand his drug distribution just outside of the base, he knew he’d have to deal with the colonel.  And Raheem knew just what would have the colonel agreeing to turning the other way when the drugs were distributed.  That prize would be the key to getting into the tight little panties of the lovely Mrs. Lauren O’brien.  He knew the lecherous colonel would give his left nut to get into her sweet little panties.

    Indeed, Raheem’s assessment of Colonel Bruce Simpson was quite accurate.  His lust for beautiful white women was equal to satisfy his need for heroin.  Seeing all the white meat on base only had him drooling and frustrated with a constant hardon.  He had invested 20 years to get up to his rank and he had to keep his cock in his pants or be drummed out of the service without a pension.  At nights, he went to bed jerking his long black cock till it spurted, all the while dreaming of the beautiful women on the base.  And many nights, he dreamt of the most beautiful woman on base, the wife of Captain Patrick O’brien.  How he had dreamt of getting his hands on that innocent little bitch.  How he wanted to make her scream as he pushed his fat cockhead into her tight little cunt.

    The meeting between Raheem and the Colonel went exactly as Raheem had expected.  As there were no white women in Raheem’s encampment at this time, the colonel took one look at the dark African girls and demanded a yearly supply of heroin and a huge sum of money, a sum far more than Raheem would pay.  It was then that Raheem played his trump card, showing a close-up photo of the lovely Mrs. Lauren O’brien.  Raheem smiled as he watched the astonished colonel’s mouth drop wide open as he gazed at the photo.

    The negotiations from this point in time was clearly in Raheem’s hands, for he knew he had the colonel’s weak spot for this lovely woman.  Colonel Simpson could only think of getting the goods on the most beautiful woman on the base.  He knew he just had to have her, just like in his nightly dreams of making her scream when he took her.  He wondered if her lovely white ass was still cherry, for he aimed to fuck the hell out of her beautiful tight ass.   When Raheem told the colonel of the tape he could view of the lovely woman, Colonel Simpson eagerly reached terms with the devious slave-trader.

    Returning to the base, after having viewed the exciting rape of the lovely Mrs. Lauren O’brien, the colonel checked the flight schedule.  He rubbed his aching cock and smiled as he viewed that Captain O’brien and his squadron would be on practice maneuvers the next week, traveling to and from Italy for the maneuvers.  That would leave the captain’s lovely wife all to him.  ‘God, he just couldn’t wait to sock it to that little innocent bitch!  Man, after seeing her take that blubbering idiot’s donkey sized cock, screaming like hell when the monster cock forced its way deep into her tight little cunt!’ I just gotta get my rocks off, as he began to stoke his drooling cock.

    Colonel Simpson smiled as he watched the squadron take off for Italy for the practice maneuvers, to return to the base late that afternoon.  He was to attend the coffee hour for the officer’s wives, being scheduled to give them a speech that morning.  He normally didn’t like to go to these boring events but he knew the lovely Mrs. Lauren O’brien would be there, for he had seen the request the officer’s club the other day.  And she had signed the request, being one of those in charge of the event.

    Arriving at the Officer’s Club, Colonel Simpson’s cock rose to attention as he was greeted by the beautiful Mrs. O’brien.  As he held her petite hand, his cock twitched in anticipation that the soft manicured hand would soon be pumping his long black snake till it spit its vicious venom right in her beautiful face.  ‘God, this innocent bitch is so damned beautiful!’ he thought to himself, viewing how beautifully dressed she was.   As he greeted other officers’ wives, he couldn’t help but glance over to mentally strip the object of his lust.  Lauren and the other wives always took this occasion to dress nicely and the colonel viewed her nicely dressed in a light blue dress with white heels.  He couldn’t wait till he spread those long beautiful white legs apart so he could taste her sweet honeypot.  Looking at the lovely woman, he couldn’t believe her petite body had accommodated that donkey-sized cock of the blubbering Mimba.  But that video had revealed her vicious rape and how she had wrapped her lovely white legs around the bubbling idiot.

    Surveying all the officers’ wives that attended the meeting, the lovely Mrs. O’brien clearly had them outclassed by far.  No other woman there, though many were considered very attractive, came close to her loveliness.  He watched Lauren walk across the room to chat with other wives, licking his lips at the thought of getting his cock up that tight little butt.  In talking to Raheem, neither Raheem nor Mimba had sampled her sweet little ass on that faithful day.  He sure hoped it was cherry!  And boy, was he going to ream her out good.

    When the meeting was over, Colonel Simpson went up to his prey to set up his visit to her home “Oh Mrs. O’brien, I need to have Capt. O’brien review some upcoming procedures.  If you don’t mind, I’ll drop them off this afternoon so can review them tonight, when he gets back from his flight.”  Lauren couldn’t very well say ‘no’ to her this high ranking officer in front of other officer’s wives.  She had once seen the lusting colonel, when she sat parked in the PX parking lot, look over another attractive wife when she had passed him.  And she always felt that she was being stripped naked by his starring eyes.

    From the window of his office, the colonel watched the parking lot of the Officer’s Club, waiting for his beautiful prey to appear.  Finally, she appeared and his cock gave a twitch in response to seeing the petite white body, long milky-white legs looking so damned sexy without any stockings.  Those sexy white legs would soon be spreading wide open for his mighty black cock.  ‘Ohhhh, man I’m gonna knock this innocent bitch up, unless Raheem or that blubbering idiot already got the job done’ he mused.

    With his rank, it was easy for Colonel Simpson to catch a ride with a passing airman and he need not give any explanation as to where he was going.  He got off near the O’brien’s home and checked to see if any other officers or their wives were outside of their homes.  Seeing none, he casually walked up to the front door of the Obrien’s residence.  As this was the officers’ section of the base, his appearance in the area would not draw attention unless another officer was about, but that was unlikely since the officers would be on duty at this time.

      Lauren walked to the front door after hearing the doorbell. She unlocked the screen door to obtain the papers he advised he’d be dropping off for her husband.  She was taken aback when the Colonel stepped in her home as soon as the door opened.  She began to feel uneasy for she was now alone in her home with a man other than her husband, a large black man of rank above her husband’s.  Lauren’s body shook in nervousness as the black Colonel leisurely sat down in the sofa without an invitation.

    Having just returned home, Lauren was still dressed in the outfit she wore to the Officer’s Club.  It was quite out of the ordinary for a senior to make a call at an officer’s residence and to come in without an invitation, especially if that officer was not in.  Lauren had no idea what the Colonel was thinking, but it was obvious she’d soon find out.  She stood in nervousness but saw the Colonel gesture for her to sit on the sofa beside him.

    Then the bombshell hit with what the Colonel next said “My dear Mrs. O’brien, I must say you are quite a ‘Star’ in the film that I watched at the home of my friend Raheem”.  Lauren gasped at what she had just heard, she was in a panic and couldn’t get a breath and the room began to spin.  In shock, Lauren fell back against the sofa and her body froze in fear and panic.  Her body shuddered as she watched the grinning Colonel reach out with his large black hand to place it on her soft white thigh.  She starred and gasped loudly as the black hand moved slowly, disappearing under her skirt.

    Lauren groaned, her head tilted back with eyes closing, as the crawling fingers caressed her most private spot through her thin lace panties.  Her thigh muscles tightened around the groping hand but the moving fingers began to drive her crazy, her cunt muscles emitting a flow of her love juices, to soak the crotch of her panties.  Her body was betraying her instincts as she twisted about on the sofa.

    Colonel Simpson grinned widely as he watched the lovely young bitch going out of her mind, her thighs entrapping his exploring hand as she squirmed about on the sofa.  His fingers then slipped under an elastic leg band of her lace panties.  His middle finger found her sensitive clit and he rubbed the magic button that sent the beautiful bitch arching up in an orgasm.

    With his long middle finger, Colonel Simpson began to finger fuck the innocent young wife, who’s trim white legs had now parted widely to allow full access to her womanhood.  With his free hand, he unzipped her dress quickly had the beauty down to her lacy white bra and panties.  He enjoyed the sight of this lovely beauty in his grasp and control, with her long ivory legs stretched wide and heels of her white pumps digging into the carpet.  He knew this beautiful bitch was his for the taking as she struggled about on the sofa, hunching her mound up the pleasure brought by his fingering.

    A hard tug with his powerful hands and the lacy white panties tore like tissue paper, baring her golden fleece.  “Oh, no, Colonel …………pleaseeeee!” Lauren moaned as she saw the Colonel’s head dip down to her golden mound.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………..!” she groaned loudly as the thick hot lips clamped down on her most private part.  “Ohhh ……ohhhhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she panted as the teasing tongue delved into her slick hole.  “Oh, Goddddddddd ……nooooo …………..ohhhhhhhhhh ………..I’m cummingggggggggggggggggg!” she screamed, arching up into the black face, as the Colonel’s teeth captured her sensitive clit and the massaging wet tongue drove her over the brink.

    Ten minutes later, Lauren opened her eyes and shuddered at the sight of the naked black body hovering above her.  It was no nightmare that had played in her mind, the lusting black colonel had literally eaten her till she passed out.  Glancing down, she saw that she had been stripped bare while in her temporary blackout.  She was now naked in her full glory, all but her sexy white heels.  She was stretched out on the sofa as the colonel stood behind her crouching over to kiss her soft pink lips.  Then the colonel began to lick her tender white skin, making his way to her pink nipples, then down to her belly and again down to her golden fleece.  Lauren was again in need of sexual relief, arching up as the expert tongue delved into her moist slit.  Gasping with pleasure, her tender mouth opened wide due to the stimulation between her thighs.  She then shuddered as her open mouth was suddenly filled with the colonel’s long fleshy tube.

    The devious colonel couldn’t believe how this innocent white bitch just craved a big black cock.  After the vicious rape by Raheem and the giant idiot, it was no wonder she was hot and obviously her puny white husband could no longer satisfy her needs.  The beautiful Mrs. Lauren O’brien was greedily slurping and tonguing his oozing black cock, trying to milk the thick jism into her throat.  If only the good captain could see his goody goody little wife at this very moment.  Soon he had the little bitch squirming and pleading with him to mount her and fuck her but he continued to tease her.

    “Please, please Colonel, I need it so badddddddd ………….!” Lauren sobbed, trying desperately to hunch up to his withdrawing face and tongue.  Lauren was in shock when the colonel lifted himself up from her loins, her petite hands grasping and squeezing desperately at her pulsing black rod.  Colonel Simpson grinned at the shocked young wife “Let’s go to your bedroom where I can properly fuck you.  What better place to knock you up than in your own husband’s bed.”   Lauren shook in horror “Oh, please, not there, please, any where but there!”  Eyes tearing, Lauren could not let him soil the sanctity of the bed she shared with Patrick.  She had already betrayed her wedding vows, but now her husband’s senior officer wanted to breed her on her marital bed.

    “Please, oh please, fuck me here on the sofa!” Lauren tearfully pleaded at the chuckling colonel.  Lauren clutched at the oozing black cock, trying to pull him down to her.  Instead, the colonel slowly stepped back which served to pull her up from her sublime position.  “C’mon Mrs. O’brien, take me to the bed that you share with your husband.  Shaking, Lauren stood, getting up with the help of the black steel bar in her hands.  Eyes filled with tears, bending her head in shame and biting at her bottom lip, Lauren then shamefully led the way to her bedroom with her right hand firmly pulling the colonel along by his manly tool.

      Entering the bedroom, the tears flowed down Lauren’s beautiful face as she gazed upon the bed that she shared with Patrick.  In a moment, she was laying flat on her back on that very bed.  Her long ivory legs spread wide with the black hulk between them.  Reaching down with her soft hand, she grasped the pulsing black cock.  She stroked it up and down, realizing that her fingers could not touch each other.  Then she realized the danger she was playing with “Oh, Colonel, let me get a condom from the nightstand!”

    “No way, sweetie!  If you want it, baby, it’s gonna be same raw meat!” Colonel Simpson responded, rubbing his thick cockhead up and down the moist slit.  “Oh, please Colonel, please ………….you’ll get me pregnant!” Lauren pleaded.  But her body needs betrayed her and she arched up, her golden fleece parted and her cunny lips stretched to envelope the thick black cockhead. “Ohhhhhhhhh …………yesssssssss!” Lauren gasped, her cunt muscles clamping tightly to hold on to the thick black muscle.

    Grasping her trim white hips in his black palms, the devious colonel grinned at the innocent little bitch squirming in on her bed, desperately in need of a good fucking.  Then he slowly punched forward, inch by inch into the tight slick folds of the agonized beauty.  Lauren’s trim white arms clutched around the broad black shoulders and her trim white legs crossed over the pumping black ass, her white heels locking upon one another to pull her lover deeper.  “Oh, Colonel ……Colonel ……..ohhhhhhhh, yes ……yes ……fuck me ………..fuck me ………..yesssss ………..deeper ……..deeper!” Lauren panted, hunch up to get the Colonel long cock fully embedded in her snapping twat.  The once innocent naïve young wife was now a nympho for cock, big black cock in particular.

    With long deep strokes, the lecherous colonel slowed his pumping action to let her feel every inch of his fucking cock.  Then he wanted to humiliate her with taunts “What would the good captain if he could see his precious little wife now, Mrs. O’brien?  With you begging for my long black cock, right in his bed!”  Then he began to speed up his long thrusts “Tell me what you want, Mrs. O’brien!  Want me to shoot my nigger cum deep in your hot little hole?”  Lauren bit down on her lip, not wanting to give him that satisfaction.  Hearing no response, the cock stopped in the middle of a thrust, the colonel deliberately letting his thick cock pulse madly in the snug confines of the slick but snug snatch.

      Kicking off her heels, letting them fall to the floor, she then wrapped her legs around his thick waist.  Blonde hair whipping from side to side in desperation, Lauren squeezed her thighs and locked her ankles around the colonel’s butt, trying desperately to have him resume his pumping motion.  Her arms clutching at the broad black shoulders and petite hands now clawing deeply, drawing some blood.  Lauren gave in to the devious colonel, pleading “Please Colonel, please ……………..please, make me cum, please ………………..Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddd …………….pleassseeeeeeee ………..damn you ……………damn you ………………….fuck me, fuck me …………………shoot it in me ………………give me your cum ………………….shoot your cum in me ……………………….shoot our nigger cum in me ……………..knock me up …………….knock meup with your bastard black baby!”

    Colonel Simpson grinned at the beautiful young wife as he began to fuck her in earnest, giving her his long deep strokes.  Grasping her trim white hips, he reared back slowly till just the tip of his cock remained captured in her snug hole, then slammed forward will all his might, burying his cock deep into her womb.  “Argggggggggggg …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Lauren groaned time and time again, as the vicious colonel fucked her without mercy.

    But Lauren’s sexually starved body betrayed her, even in this hard vicious fuck, as she began to hunch up to meet each thrust.  “Ohhhh ……ohhhhhhh …………. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………. ohhhhhhhhhhhh …….ohhhhhhhhhhhh, my GGGGooodddddddddddd ……………yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!” she screamed, her back arching as an orgasm shook her entire body.

    Holding himself still as he felt the beautiful young wife shudder in orgasm on his cock, he watched her body relax and felt her legs unwind and slip down to the bed.  Lauren was in a mindless stupor from her overpowering orgasm.  Then he again began his long deep strokes.  This began to bring Lauren out of her stupor.  Then he slapped her to bring her back to full consciousness.  He loved seeing the fright on her face knowing that she now was again aware of her plight.  Then rearing back fully, he plunged ahead fully.  The cock that had brought her to a mind-shattering orgasm now made Lauren shiver in utter disgust.

    “Oh, God, please ………………….please, Colonel ………………..please put on a condom ………pleaseeee!  You’ll get me pregnant ……………..ohhhhhhh, pleaseeeeeeee ……….nooooooooo!” she pleaded, trying to push the black body off her.  With long continuous strokes, Lauren’s body again began to respond with her arms and legs hugging the black body to her.  With her arms and white heels tied tightly around the colonel, she groaned “Oh, Godddddddd …………nooooooooo!”  The colonel’s body convulsed repeated as his long black cock began to belch out its hot potent cream, deep into the fertile womb of the innocent young wife.

    The colonel stood near the master bed, gazing down at the lovely wife of the captain, her beautiful petite white body now curled in a fetal position with his thick potent cum drooling from her golden snatch.  He looked at her beautiful white ass, a prize that he was all his to claim.  Knowing that Raheem nor the blubbering idiot had not claimed her ass, he suspected he was about to have his first cherry white ass.

      Lauren was in a daze from the aftermath of the fuck, groggy as the colonel turned her about to have her on all fours.  The colonel licked his lips as he handled the beautiful soft ass of the captain’s naïve little wife, his cock throbbing and rising to the occasion.  Looking out through the thin bedroom curtains, he was a bit hesitant ‘God, how I’d like to hear this little bitch scream when I ream out her tight ass!  Damn, I can’t let her scream with all the officers’ cottages so nearby!  She’ll probably start bawling so loud that everyone in the neighborhood will be over in a minute.’

    The lusting colonel shuffled up into position, holding Lauren’s trim white hips tightly.  Just as he about to clamp a hand over her mouth to muffle the screams, he heard a faint roar of jet engines in the far distance.  Smiling to himself, he remembered that the winds had shifted at noon, meaning the fighters would be taking the alternate approach to the runway.  They’d be flying right over the officers’ quarters.

    Kneeling on all fours, held firmly at her hips, Lauren moaned as thick fingers rubbed her sensitive clit and now mushy snatch, causing her to press down on the pleasure giving fingers.  Still she was oblivious to the evil intent of the colonel.

    A moment later, the colonel removed his wet hand from Lauren’s mushy quim and regained a firm grip on her hip.  Now in the near distance the roar of a jet engine could be heard as it approached just overhead.  The time had come and with his throbbing cock in position, hands firmly gripping the trim white hips, the colonel reared back and slammed forward with all his might.

    Lauren’s head snapped back from the savage rear-ending, eyes bulging, as she screamed at the top of her lungs “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  The excruciating pain and horror of her plight had poor Lauren oblivious of her high pitched screams.  Screams that would carry through the neighborhood had gone unheard outside of her quarters, drowned out by the roar of the jet’s engines overhead.  How ironic it was that Capt. O’brien was the pilot of that jet overhead, drowning out his wife’s painful screams as her cherry ass was ripped apart by his superior officer.

    As it’d be another hour or so before the pilots got debriefed on their mission, the good colonel would allow the lovely Mrs. O’brien time to recover and get herself presentable.  Slipping out the back way and getting back to the main road, it was a snap to hop a ride with a passing airman.  Stopping at the debriefing center, he enjoyed being saluted by Captain O’brien as he stepped into the room.  Nothing more fitting than have fucked the living hell out of the lovely Mrs. Lauren O’brien minutes ago, then to have the beauty’s husband come to attention and salute him.

    Capt. O’brien was pleased how highly regarded this superior officer thought of his lovely wife, learning that she had organized the officers’ wives meeting earlier with such precision.  When the good colonel told him how lucky he was to have such a lovely wife like Lauren, such a loving and beautiful young woman, he had to concur with his good fortune.

    Lauren was in such despair from the ordeal she had suffered that afternoon.  The sharp pain in her backside would attest to that.  It took her quite a while to be able to move and it took all her energy to clean up the telltale evidence that she had company that day.  She had not even begun dinner when her loving husband arrived home.  Her husband told her not to worry about cooking dinner as they’d go out to the nearby Officer’s Club.  She didn’t want to go there on the chance on bumping into the evil colonel.  But her husband was insistent on getting a steak there for dinner.

    Lauren was nervous throughout the dinner.  Far off in the bar area, she saw her tormentor sitting at one corner of the bar.  Through the evening, Lauren felt the colonel’s eyes upon her, stripping her naked again.  Then the band started up for the evening and some couples began dancing.  While she and her husband were having after dinner drinks, Lauren shivered as she observed the Colonel making his way over to their table.

    The Colonel was warmly greeted again by the subordinate Captain O’brien.  Holding his large black hand out to Lauren, the Colonel advised “I just wanted to commend you again of your ‘performance’ today!”  Lauren shivered in disgust but reluctantly held out her hand to be congratulated by her tormentor.  Capt. O’brien was happy with how his lovely wife had handled the meeting for the officers’ wives.  But Lauren knew just which performance the Colonel was referring to, feeling the teasing fingers move under her hidden palm.

    Capt. O’Brien couldn’t refuse the Colonel’s request to dance with his lovely wife.  There was nothing Lauren could do but to let the Colonel escort her to the darkened dance floor.  She shivered in disgust as the Colonel led her to the far corner of the dance floor, the darkest corner in the room.  More so it was a slow dance where she was being held close to the man who had just raped her that day.  Then she had to endure his taunting of  “What would Capt. O’Brien do if he knew of the video and how I just fucked his faithful wife.  Think he’d enjoy the flick of you and that giant retard?”

    Lauren knew that she was in the grips of this evil man.  On the second dance, Lauren had to swallow hard at what had just been demanded of her.  Fortunately there were quite a few people on the dance floor and no one was paying much attention to her dancing with the Colonel.  With her husband across the dance floor, blocked by the other dancers, Lauren swallowed hard as she did as ordered.  She cringed as she let her arm drop from the Colonel’s shoulders and forced her hand down the bulge between them.  She wanted to cry as she began to squeeze the black officer’s throbbing cock through his trousers, with her unsuspecting husband sitting nearby.

    Over the next three weeks, Lauren felt relieved that she did not have another encounter with the devious black officer.  She prayed that the evil colonel had satisfied his lust for her body.  But deep down she knew that her ordeal was not over and feared what lay ahead in the future.  Since that horrid trip into the forbidden parts of the town, Lauren feared to even venture beyond the gates of the base.  She wished her husband would be transferred to a different base and whisk her out of this dreadful situation.

    Lauren got up early this morning to make her husband a good breakfast, since he would be flying off for the next week on maneuvers.  She kissed him goodbye and sadly watched him depart to the base headquarters, dreading being left alone.

    An hour later, Lauren looked out the kitchen window at the roar of the jet engines.  She watched her husband and his squadron quickly depart into the blue skies.  Then the ringing of the phone snapped her back to the present.  Answering the phone, Lauren stood speechless and shivering while listening to the caller on the other end.

    An hour later, in a nice dress and white heels, Lauren was stepping out of the confines of the base.  She recognized the woman waiting for her just outside the entrance to the base.  It was the same woman that had escorted her back to the base on that eventful day.  This African woman was in the employ of the evil Raheem, the drug dealer and white slaver, sent to take her back to the house of evil.  Lauren wanted to turn back and get to the relative safety of the base but she feared the consequences that would result.

    Arriving at the luxury mansion of the drug dealer, Lauren hesitantly took the drink from the servant.  She feared it again contained a potent drug as the her initial visit but she knew she was expected to consume it, for she was being watched intently by the servant and the woman who had brought her.

    A short while later, through hazy eyes, Lauren saw the familiar surroundings of where her debasement had begun.  She shivered in fear but began to squirm on the bed where she lay, desperately trying to quench the hot itch between her thighs.  She gasped as the door opened.  Her hazy vision took in the three large black figures that were approaching her, stripped of all their clothing.  Then she recognized the men.  First to approach her was the devious Colonel Simpson, Raheem the drug dealer, and Mimba the bubbling idiot.

    For the next three days, Lauren was fucked senseless in every which way.  Forced to suck the cum out of each of the men while being fucked by another at the same time destroyed any of the innocence left in her.   She felt so ashamed at the way she had responded, though a lot had to do with the potent drug, reaching mind-shattering orgasms as never before.  Her worst ordeal was being forced to suck the Colonel, while she straddled Raheem’s long black cock, with the blubbering Mimba forcing his gigantic black cock up her tight ass.

    Colonel Simpson and Raheem had just agreed upon their biggest drug deal to date, now as partners.  Such would involve the cooperation of many of Raheem’s contacts, men from just below his status to the lowly trash collector.  To assure their cooperation in this deal and future deals, Raheem and the Colonel decided to treat the men to a special bonus.  Thus, a call was put out and within a short matter of time, the men were lined up in the order of their importance.

    The men were surprised at being called for such a bonus, pledging their complete allegiance to Raheem and the Colonel.  The men were wined and dined for the next three days, with each of the men thrilled at the bonus bestowed upon them.

    Lauren didn’t know how she had survived the terrible ordeal that she had gone through.  Totally exhausted and drained, Lauren looked down at her cum drenched body, cum matting her blonde hair and streaked with cum from head to toe.  She had been the ‘bonus’ that the men had come to collect.  It didn’t matter to the men that she was obviously sloppy seconds for she was their first piece of white meat, and what a beautiful piece of ass she was.  Lauren didn’t know how many filthy men she had been forced to service over the last three days.  Many of the men were the scum of the earth, the lowest of this African society.  They had taken her continuously one after the other.

    Later, they came in groups of seven lusting males, all paying well to 'gangbang the pretty white bitch'!   With Lauren force to lay upon a man with his cock in her ass, one man having the honor of fucking her widely stretched cunt, another hand feeding her his cock, her soft manicured hands tossing two other ebony dongs, and her legs pulled wide as a black cock was rubbing against the soft pink sole each foot.  Only after she was so slick with cum the the men had a hard time grasping her was she allowed to shower, but then it was also in group with the men paying to gangbanging her in there.

    Five weeks later, Lauren was cooking breakfast for her husband when she became quite nauseated.  Coupled with the lateness of her monthly period, Lauren feared the worst.  Going to the bathroom, the results of a home pregnancy test confirmed her worst fears.  She wondered which of the filthy scum had fathered the baby now growing within her belly.  The only fact for certain was that the baby’s father was BLACK!

End of Story.