Blackmailed Beauty – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Bride-to-Be Ms. Debbie Tillman
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Naïve Newlywed - III
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It was such a pleasant surprise that young Debbie Tillman just could not believe her good fortune.  With the wedding coming up in a couple of months and her teaching job not to begin till September, she had been pondering just what kind of summer job she could find to keep her busy and to bring in some income.  Her visit to the posh shoe store where her sister-in-law worked had led to her getting a job for the summer.

Engaged to handsome, Randy Fisher, Debbie looked forward to the big day.  She just wished they were at the same university so they could spend more time together.  But soon they’d both be getting out of school and begin their married life together.  Her handsome hunk stood at 5’11” and weight 180 lbs, but he needed to find time between his studies to work out and buff up a bit.  With Debbie’s long flowing dark brown hair, and her sexy figure in her trim 5’4” frame, everyone thought they made a great looking couple.

Debbie thought back to when they first met.  It had been a chance meeting when she had gone to visit some of her high school friends that went to the U.  As the annual State vs. U. football game was at hand, it was a great excuse to visit her friends.  It was then that she was introduced to Randy and they couldn’t take their eyes off each other.  From there it was true love for both of them.  Debbie even gave a brief thought of transferring to the U. but did not want to leave the girls in the sorority.  Thus, their relationship was one of many phone calls and visits to one another whenever a school break allowed.

Being a typical college student, Debbie looked forward to some home cooking and was happy to get frequent invites over to her Ray and Wanda’s place.  As she and her sister-in-law were about the same age and had the same interests, they became fast friends.  They’d often spend the day together and go out shopping.  She was so happy for Wanda and Ray, especially with Wanda expecting their first baby.  Debbie looked forward to being an ‘aunt’ for the first time.

Mrs. Wanda Tillman

When Wanda had first taken her job at the posh shoe store, it was fun for her and she had told Debbie all about it.  When Debbie had asked about her boss, she was filled in on the number of children he had told Wanda about.  In addition, Wanda had spoken highly of her boss, even joking to Debbie about his comment that, after fathering four children, he'd had a vasectomy so he could ‘quit populating the city’, as he'd put it.   Knowing some about the job from Wanda, Debbie thought it’d be fun to replace Wanda while she took time off for her pregnancy.

However, Debbie was a bit concerned over the change in Wanda over the past couple of months as Wanda’s mind seemed preoccupied and concerned about something.  But Debbie merely dismissed it as due to Wanda's pregnancy.  Little did she suspect that Wanda’s concern was actually over her own safety.

Wanda Tillman was desperate yet helpless to intercede on Debbie’s behalf.  She and her husband’s younger sister had become very good friends since they came to know one another.  Somehow she had to find a way to prevent innocent Debbie from accepting the job offered to her by the devious, lustful store manager.  She shuddered at the very thought of her sister-in-law doing the photo shoot for that vile, sinister man.  She knew that Debbie’s photo shoot, with her dressed in her white lace wedding gown, was a mere pretext to disguise her boss's true intent.

With her boss still holding those incriminating photos over her head, blackmailing her to have sex with him, Wanda was just counting the days till she was rid of Davis Wells once and for all.  She felt certain that he wouldn't continue to exploit her after the baby was born, although he hadn't seemed to have lost interest in using her body to sate his lust so far, even though she was now five months pregnant and her belly was starting to swell.  In fact, the deviant bastard seemed to take even greater pleasure in fucking her almost on a daily basis, usually right there in the stock room, while she was in the midst of waiting on a customer.

Davis Wells held all the aces, so Wanda had no choice but to submit to her sadistic boss.  She shivered in disgust to think of how many times Davis sent her back out into the store to wait on a customer, revolted and shamed to have the foul aftertaste of his filthy semen in her mouth.  At times he forced her to bend over doggie style so he could satisfy his lust, then sent her back out onto the floor without her panties, with his sperm oozing out of her freshly-fucked cunt or asshole.

Wanda learned why Davis enjoyed working in the posh shoe store, how he had a fetish for beautiful sexy feet.  She felt so humiliated when he removed her sexy heels and would rub his face into the soles of her feet, making her cringe as he tongued her soles and toes.  Then she was forced to wrap her feet around his long thick cock, letting him fuck between her soft soles till he spurted his mess onto her feet.  She felt so humiliated being forced to walk about the store and serve the customers with the squishy mess in her shoes.

Wanda was utterly disgusted to have to subject herself to such degradation and humiliation.  The very thought that her innocent young sister-in-law had just stumbled headlong into the very same trap that she had fallen into, made her sick to her stomach.  She had no doubt that her lecherous boss would be just as cruel and selfish in exploiting Debbie as he had been in exploiting her.  She had considered warning Debbie, but she just couldn't run the risk that Debbie might tell Ray, betraying her confidence.  Wanda was sure her loving husband would never understand or be able to forgive her for allowing herself to be used time and time again by the selfish, ugly man.  She couldn't forgive herself, so how could she possibly expect her husband to forgive her.

Still, she had to do something to try to avert the certain disaster that would befall Debbie the night of the agreed-upon photo shoot.  If she couldn't warn Debbie, perhaps she could convince Davis to change his mind about exploiting her sister-in-law.  But how?  If Wanda knew one thing for certain, it was that Davis Wells had no conscience at all.  In fact, he seemed to enjoy humiliating and degrading her, taunting her as he used her body to sate his lust.

Wanda realized that somehow she would have to seduce her boss into losing interest in Debbie, make him think she was in love with him, wanting him all to herself.  Just the very thought of seducing this vile, ugly man made her nauseous.  She was realistic enough to know that being five months pregnant, Debbie's firm young body and incredible good looks would make it difficult indeed to seduce him, to make him fall in love with her and lose interest in the prospect of defiling young, innocent Debbie.  Still, she had to attempt to sway Davis from his plan to ravage and defile the young bride-to-be.  With the evil Davis Wells having fucked her so many times already, Wanda knew it would be difficult to spice things up enough for her boss to take renewed interest in her and leave Debbie alone.

Even so, Wanda knew she had to try and save innocent Debbie.  She started taking extra care with her clothes, had her hair and make-up done to look sexier for her boss.  She bought tighter, shorter and sexier outfits to wear for Davis, adding an extra spritz of perfume just for him.  She even made it a point to wear her sexiest high heels each day to entice him.  But at five months pregnant, her feet tended to swell and ache in the 3-inch heels.  She made her mind up and take the initiative, even begging him to fuck her.

Wanda was relieved to see her plan working as Davis began to want more and more sexual activity from her.  It seemed that now her tummy was beginning to get bigger and bigger each day.  It made her feel more and more unattractive the way she was ballooning up, praying she could still manage to keep Davis interested in her and off of Debbie’s beautiful body.

Shuddering in humiliation, Wanda thought back to the other day when Jim had showed up at the store and Davis had called her into the office.  Upon entering the office, she observed the cameras set up and knew she would be in for an ordeal.  Tears came to her eyes as she remembered how she had been forced to strip and sit on her boss’ lap, then pictures were taken of his large black hands cupping her swollen breasts followed by the large hands rubbing her belly.

Wanda knew these were more incriminating photos of her, photos she could never let Randy see.  But she did not know that Davis especially wanted photos of him rubbing the swollen white belly that would produce his next offspring.  Davis had wanted to humiliate her, making her pose for the camera with his large hands cupping her swollen belly, the length of his cock clearly visible to the camera as it stood straight up with his cockhead nuzzled between her the lips of her slit.  As Davis had smiled for the camera, he could help but be amazed ‘Can’t believe this dumb fucking broad bit that line about me having a vasectomy!  Baby, that’s my fucking kid you got swelling up your belly!’

  With Davis now fucking her every day, sometimes two and three times a day, Wanda believed that her plan to save Debbie was working.  Her feet were aching, her breasts were aching, her cunt and asshole were aching but Wanda convinced herself it was all worth it.  She desperately wanted to spare her beloved sister-in-law from the nightmare of being drugged, raped and blackmailed like she had been.  But she felt so filthy and dirty that she just could not let her husband touch her in bed, not wanting to soil himself in her filthy body.

Wanda wasn't sure if Ray could ever forgive her for willingly having sex with this nasty man, should he ever find out.  She wasn't sure she could ever forgive herself either but she kept reminding herself she was only doing this to save Ray's sister.  She thought that perhaps it was true what they said about ‘The end justifying the means’.

What the naive mother-to-be failed to realize, however, was that her opportunistic and cunning boss had never lost sight of his objective of nailing Debbie Tillman.  Davis enjoyed fucking the new, sexier Wanda Tillman, but even as he fucked her he was fantasizing about nailing the young, naive redhead.  He had not been fooled for a second by Wanda's attempts to seduce him, taking full advantage of her and of the opportunity.  He let the naive bitch go right on thinking she was seducing him into losing interest in her beautiful sister-in-law, laughing to himself at how gullible she was.

“Oh, Davis!  I changed my mind about wanting to take off from work.  I won’t be able to stand being away from you.  I’m sure Debbie will understand and can find another summer job!” Wanda lied.  She would make the ultimate sacrifice of her body to save innocent young Debbie.

“You’re not telling me that just to save little Debbie, are you?” Davis quizzed, pushing Wanda forward onto the desk as he began to take her doggie style.  He knew that Wanda was making the ultimate sacrifice, knew how repulsed she was in having to submit to him.  “Well, just maybe it’ll all work out.  Jim’s trying to expand his business and needs someone to work as his assistant and also do some modeling.  That way he won’t need to pay outrageous prices to hire a model.  I’m sure Debbie would be perfect and Jim would jump at the chance to hire her.

Wanda was happy that she had been convincing enough in her lies.  Now she had saved Debbie from falling into Davis’ evil clutches and with the photographer being a fag, there was nothing further to worry about.  Once the summer was over and Debbie had gone to her teaching job, Wanda felt her ordeal would be over as she’d be giving birth and Davis would probably go on to seducing another young girl.

The next day, Wanda contacted Debbie and she came down to the store to meet Jim and hear out the offer of the new job proposal.  Wanda was so relieved that all went well as she watched Debbie eagerly sign the separate modeling contract that may give Debbie additional money if any ad or photo produced brought in subsidies.  Debbie regular hourly wages would be slightly higher than that of the posh shoe store and she was so excited at the prospect of the chance of doing a bit of modeling.

Davis and Wanda were behind the counter as they watched the young bride-to-be sign the contract.  Davis expressed his regret at having ‘lost’ the chance of having such a beautiful girl working for him, as his hidden hand patted Wanda’s tight ass, causing Wanda’s body to shudder in disgust.

Wanda breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that she had just saved Debbie of the agony she was going through at this very moment.  She felt so proud of herself, knowing the sacrifice she was making, yet it would save Ray’s sister.  But her proud moment was quickly dashed, at Davis’ next announcement “Well, Jim, don’t forget what we discussed!  Since you’re stolen my employee away, you’re going to do that photo shoot free and take care of the $200 fee I promised Debbie for the use of her wedding gown!”

Wanda realized then that Davis still had every intention of going ahead with the photo shoot, as he had already made the arrangements with his gay friend.  Her heart sank, feeling even more used and degraded than before.  When Jim and Debbie left, she pleaded with Davis not to go through with his plan but he just reminded her of the blackmail photos.  He told her that she'd be smart to keep her mouth shut and stay out of it altogether, otherwise Ray would be getting a large envelope in the mail.

With the turn of events, Wanda was depressed that her plan had not worked at all.  All the sacrifices she had made went for naught.  She knew that Davis was intent on defiling young Debbie, ‘ruining’ her as she wore her wedding gown.  She pondered what else would be in store for Debbie once that occurred.

If Wanda and Debbie had taken care to carefully read the fine print of the contract, they would have seen the explanation of Debbie’s modeling would be for adult audiences and in particular she would be ‘modeling’ in adult films.  Debbie would receive $200 for each photo shoot and be entitled to a percentage of any royalties.

The night of the photo shoot, Debbie excitedly wanted Wanda to accompany her to the shoe store.  But Wanda just couldn't bring herself to witness her sister-in-law being ruthlessly defiled and raped, especially knowing that Davis was intent on soiling her as she wore her white lace wedding gown.  Prior to leaving the store that day, Davis had her in tears, telling her just what was in store for beautiful Debbie that night.  The bastard even had pulled her hand to his crotch, forcing her to rub his thick member as he told her how he was going to ‘ruin’ the beautiful bride that night.

Wanda feigned nausea that night, blaming it on her pregnancy and begged off going.  What made it so horrifying was that Debbie had asked if she could get prepared at Wanda’s home, wanting her assistance in getting the gown on.  At one point, Wanda began crying as she helped Debbie get dressed, taking Debbie by complete surprise.  The thought of preparing her beautiful sister-in-law and best of friends for the lecherous rapist was just too much to bear.  But Wanda lied to cover her tears, saying it was tears of joy as she saw how radiant Debbie looked in her wedding gown.

As it would be difficult for Debbie to drive in her wedding gown, she had heard Davis tell Debbie that he’d see to it that she got safely home to her apartment.  In fact her boss was looking straight at her with that gleam in his eye and the smirk on his face, when he added that “Jim, the photographer, and I will be handling it the way we did in escorting Wanda home from her photo shoot!”  When asked if Debbie needed a ride to the store, she had told them that part was already taken care of.

Wanda thought that one of Debbie’s girlfriends would be giving her a ride to the mall, as Debbie had not asked Ray or her.  She didn’t want to ask if she needed a ride, didn’t want to be the one to drive her to the dreadful fate that awaited her.  Wanda closed her eyes and sighed at what she heard next. “Oh, Wanda, I’m so excited in getting dressed up in my wedding gown!  I know the groom isn’t supposed to see his bride but this isn’t on our wedding day.  I’ve told you so much about my fiance Randy and you’re finally going to meet him today.  He arranged with his professors to skip the last two classes today so he could make the drive up here for his buddy’s bachelor party.  He’s picking me up here so at least we’ll see each other for a little while!”

Hearing the doorbell, Wanda opened the door to admit the handsome Randy Fisher.  As the introductions were made, Randy advised her that he would be getting his medical degree in June, just before the wedding and was all set to start his internship at the local hospital.  Both he and Debbie were all set to begin their lives together.  As he was neatly dressed in a suit, Randy told her that the group of guys was having the dinner at a posh restaurant.  They had a late dinner planned as several guys were driving up from out of town but the party would be an all-nighter.  But he smiled and laughed, telling her that ‘after dinner, then the coat and ties definitely come off’ and they’d be at a lakeside retreat for that night and the next day.

When Debbie made her appearance from the bedroom, everyone stared at the radiant beauty.  “Oh, gosh, you’re so beautiful, Debbie!  I wish this was our wedding day!” Randy commented.  The timing was perfect as the mall was on the way to the where the dinner would be held, with some time to spare. Randy was filled with pride as he escorted his stunning bride-to-be out to his car.  At least they could spend some time together tonight, then they’d spend some time Sunday together when Randy recovered from partying and before he had to make the long drive back to medical school.

From the front steps, Wanda watched as the two lovebirds embraced for a kiss before Debbie got into the car.  As the car backed out of the driveway, tears flowed down Wanda’s cheeks.  Wanda had not wanted to be the one to drive Debbie to her ‘ruin’.  How ironic it was that it would be her handsome fiancé to be the one to deliver his lovely bride-to-be right into the hands of the sadistic rapist.  She could only wave goodbye to the innocent young beauty as she went off to slaughter.

Davis opened the backdoor of the store to admit the lovely young bride-to-be.  He was disappointed as he saw that she was being escorted.  He shook the young man’s hand as Debbie made the introductions.  He was relieved when Debbie added that Randy needed to head off to his friend’s bachelor party.  Seeing how nicely dressed the young man was, Davis’ devious mind was now churning.

“Randy, let me introduce you to my friend Jim, who’s getting his commercial photography business going.  Since he stole your lovely bride away from me, he’s taking care of whatever I want for the photo shoot tonight.  I’ll tell him to include a couple of you lovebirds.  It’ll be good for him also as those photos could promote his business in attracting couples getting married.  I’ll see that you two get a copy of the photos at no charge, it’s the least I can do!  We’ll just take a few of you two together so Randy can be on his way to the party!” Davis told the young couple.

Debbie and Randy were only too happy to do a couple of quick poses, both wanting to have a commercially done set of photos done at no cost to them.  They saw Debbie’s boss go over off into the corner with the photographer to explain what he wanted to capture in the shoot.  They looked into each other’s eyes and leaned toward each other for a kiss on the lips, happy to be together and for the chance of capturing their obvious love for each other in a professional done setting.

But the young couple would not have been so happy if they’d overheard what Davis was telling his photographer friend in the corner “Get a close-up of them about to kiss, with their lips just touching each other.  I’m gonna put that photo side-by-side with the photo you’ll take later with those beautiful pink lips just touching my drooling cockhead!”  Also, he had instructed Jim to get the camcorder going right away, telling him to set the camcorder farther back as the film would capture the plot that the bride-to-be was drugged and defiled in a photo shoot.  Thus, any flashes for still shots would give realism to the flick.

As Davis eagerly watched the photo shoot, he watched as one shot was snapped with the handsome fiancé lifting the bridal veil.  Another was the close up of the two lovers’ lips just touching in a kiss.  All of this was also being captured by the camcorder that had earlier been set up on a tripod.  Then he knew he’d have to give Jim a bonus for the pose he set up next for the beautiful bride-to-be.  Jim had the bride sit on the chair, telling them the shot would also serve to promote the line of the beautiful white heels she was wearing.  In doing so, the young man was to get onto a knee and act as if he was going to draw down the garter.  Jim was behind the hood of the camera, giving instructions to the young man as to how high to draw up the wedding gown “Just about it ………keep looking straight at the camera ……..draw the gown up a little higher …….a little higher!”

Davis knew that the instructions Jim was giving were done to give his leering eyes a gander up the beautiful trim legs of the bride-to-be.  Leaning on the counter as he watched the photo shoot, Davis felt the bulge in his pants growing.  Seeing the beauty’s lovely legs encased in her sheer white nylons, he reached down to stroke his aching cock.  Davis laughed and chuckled to himself  “You stupid fuckhead!  Yeah, raise that wedding gown up some more, sonny!  Show me the prize that I’m gonna claim once you leave, sonny boy!  Yeah, buddy, spread your honey’s legs for me!  Ohhhhh, those beautiful legs will soon be wrapped around my black ass!”

As Randy was about to depart, he gave his lovely fiancee a kiss, who kidded him about behaving himself at the bachelor’s party.  Davis went over to shake the young man’s hand, thanking him for dropping Debbie off for the photo shoot, telling him to pose with his lovely bride-to-be for a couple more intimate shots of the bridal couple together. For the final shots, Randy was asked to remove his shirt to make it seem that he and the bride were now alone together in the privacy of their honeymoon suite.  Davis smiled as the photos were being taken, knowing that it would be he who would have the honor of disrobing the beautiful bride.

Done with the photo shoot, Davis told Randy “You’re a real lucky man to have landed such a beautiful gal like Debbie!  Don’t worry I’ll take ‘real’ good care of her for you!  I’ll personally drive her home!”  As Randy drove off, Davis gave him a wave ‘Bye, sucker!  I’ll take real good care of your precious bride-to-be!  Yeah, I’m gonna make her a real woman for ya tonight!

With Randy gone, Davis told Debbie to sit and take a short break, as he got them some cokes for refreshment.  When Davis returned with cokes, he passed the open cans to Debbie and Jim.  Only Debbie’s can of coke contained the drug that Jim had obtained for him earlier.  This time the drug wasn't one that would knock her completely out.  The devious Davis wanted her woozy and helpless but lucid enough to know that he was fucking her.

After posing a bit, Debbie tried to get through the shoot but everything was spinning out of control.  She could hear the photographer telling her which way to turn, telling her to lift her dress higher and higher but it all just seemed like a strange, surreal dream.  She heard Davis and Jim making lewd, suggestive comments, then felt her dress being lifted.

Debbie seemed so far away, unable to put a stop to what was happening to her.   She vaguely remembered being led to a long padded bench and being seated.  Then she felt someone begin to fondle her, touching her lewdly under her dress.  She tried to protest, knowing these kinds of intimate improprieties shouldn't be happening, but she couldn't collect her thoughts, couldn't make them understand her pleas to stop.

The horrid black store manager was touching her intimately, his hands moving up under her wedding gown.  Flash after flash of the camera was going off around her as she tried again to collect her thoughts, begging for them to stop, sobbed as her gown was being pushed up above her thighs.  “Please ……please ………, please ………stop ……..please!” she sobbed, feeling her lacy white panties being grasped at the waistband and being drawn down over her hips.  Flash after flash captured her panties being drawn down her legs and over her heels.

  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Goddddd!” Debbie moaned loudly, throwing her head back as she suddenly felt her clit being fingered.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhhhhhh ………yesssssss!” she groaned as a wet slithering tongue touched and teased at her sensitive clit, a pleasure she had never experienced with her inexperienced fiancé.  It felt so wonderful but it was so wrong!  She need for them to stop but she couldn’t find the strength to push the pleasure giving head away from her.  All she could do was moan and beg them to stop, but all her incoherent pleas fell on deaf ears.

Unable to move in her drugged state, she looked up at the grinning black hulk that began to disrobe before her.  She shuddered as she gazed upon the throbbing black cock as it was bared before her widened eyes.  She couldn’t help but to compare it with Randy’s, noticing how much longer and thicker it was.  She groaned “Ohhhhhhhhh ………..arggggggggghhh ………….it’s too biggg!” as felt him upon her, entering her brutally without any concern for her.  She tried to push him away but he was just too strong, as more and more of the long thick cudgel was brutally pushed between her aching thighs.  The continuous flashing of the camera seemed to be all around her, as the cock inside her seemed to fill her entire body.  She needed to push him away, pleaded with him to stop but Davis responded by instead by pumping his cock in and out of her aching hole.

“Ahhhhhh, bitch …….your little white boy sure must by tiny!  God, you’re so fucking tight!  It was so nice of that white boy of yours to hand you over to me.  I almost creamed by pants when he lifted your wedding gown to show me the prize I’d be getting!  Gonna keep my promise to him ……………told him I was gonna take good care of ya!” Davis snickered, thrusting hard again into the sobbing beauty.  “Oh, baby, you’re so fucking tight!  Gonna make ya my fucking whore, bitch!  Your sweet white ass is gonna make us all some money!  Gonna make you famous with that contract you signed!  Aww, baby, here comes your first dose of nigger juice!  Gonna have your belly puffed up like your sister-in-law!”

Debbie was now lost in her drug-induced haze, her legs spread wide to accommodate the big black bulk thrusting between her thighs.  Unconsciously, she began thrusting back at her rapist, unwanted sensations between her thighs causing her body to react.  Suddenly she was jolted back to reality at the sound of her rapist grunting and then shuddering as he filled her womb with his seed, as her white nylon legs crossed around him and pulling him with her white heels.

Vaguely, Debbie remembered her rapist taunting her, telling her he was going to fill her womb with his seed and knock her up.  But it didn't register until she heard and felt his pudgy black body shudder atop of hers, the long thick cock within her beginning to throb madly, then the hot burning cum exploded deep inside of her.  Then she was quickly swept back into her drug-induced haze, only vaguely aware that her rapist had finally stopped and had staggered back to leave her lying upon the padded cushions.  She heard a conversation, a few more flashes of the camera and then lost consciousness.

Having nailed the beautiful bride-to-be, Davis smiled for the camera as he climbed off the raped beauty, letting the camera zoom in between the bride’s widespread thighs.  Then the camcorder was being manually operated by Jim to continue on with the first x-rated film that the lovely beauty had signed the contract with D/J Productions, Inc.  Jim was happy to have gone into this business venture with the devious Davis, surprised to have been approached by Davis in the past week with the proposal that they’d be equal partners with Davis’ putting up all the funds and Jim putting up his expertise in handling the cameras.

Jim smiled as he focused in on the camcorder, getting the black rapist to gently lift up the raped beauty into his arms.  Then he filmed the unconscious beauty being carried out the back door and into the van.  Then they were off to Davis’ home, where the filming would continue with the young beauty being carried into the secluded home.  The adult flick would consist of Davis again having his way with the drugged beauty in her wedding gown, this time on Davis spacious king-sized bed.  This time, three camcorders would be getting the action covered from all angles.

The next morning, once Debbie began to stir, the camcorders began to roll again.  ‘What a nightmare!  Dreaming of Davis’ big black body on me, shoving his black cock in me!’ Debbie shuddered, truly as if it was all a dream as she was unable to recall the conversations that had taken place in that dream.  She tried to move her arms but found that her wrists were bound securely to the headboard.  She was also unable to move her legs, as she was bound at the ankles to the bottom bedposts.  In squeezing her legs together, she shuddered as she felt a cold wet oozing trickling out of her raped slit and down her asscheeks, puddling onto her wedding gown.

Sobbing at the shame and humiliation of being raped, Debbie saw the devious Davis grinning widely at her predicament.  “You …...........……you raped me ……......………you bastard ………...........…’ll go to jail!” she hissed at him.  She groaned as Davis, clad only in a robe, sat onto the edge of the bed next to her.  She shuddered as he began rubbing his hand up her inner thigh.

“Go ahead and report me, honey!  Tell’em how I tricked you into letting me into your panties!” Davis laughed.  Unfolding a piece of paper that he held before her face, he snickered “Recognize this, honey?  Recognize your signature on this contract?  Should have read the fine print, little lady!  Just look at the second to last paragraph!” he advised.  He laughed as the stunned beauty now read and comprehended what that paragraph contained.  “Yeah, sweetie, you signed a contract to make $200 plus royalties for each adult flick you star in!  And you sure were a star for our first flick!”

“Oh, please …..............………pleaseeee stopppp ………..........……ohhhhhhh!” Debbie sobbed as the exploring hand had made its way up to her bare mound.  The thick finger was rubbing at he sensitive slit, then delved between her raw slit, rubbing around her well stretched hole.  She was panting for breath when the finger was finally withdrawn.  She groaned as her devious rapist held up his finger before her face.  She shuddered at the thick slimy coat of goo covering the finger, indicating just how much filth had been deposited into her womb.  Then some relief coursed through her body, remembering that Wanda had told her this vile man had a vasectomy so ‘he could quit populating the city’!  ‘At least I can’t get pregnant by this vile man’ she said to herself.

Getting up from the bed, Davis leered at the frightened young beauty.  His grin widened from cheek to cheek as he observed her look of horror when he undid the sash to his robe.  Her beautiful light green eyes were filled with terror as she stared at his growing black shaft.  Grasping the base of his cock, he slowly shucked it up and down, letting it grow in size as he edged forward closer to the innocent beauty.  “Honey, this time you’re gonna feel all of me in ya!”

“Oh, God ……....………no …….....……please ……........…no!  Please ….......……please don’t rape me again……...............oh, please, noooooo!” Debbie sobbed as she watched him shed his robe. She gasped loudly as gazed down again to see the long black cock full erect, a cock that was so much longer and thinker than Randy’s.  “Nooooooooooo …......…………….God ……………….noooooooooooooo!  Oh, Goddddddd ……’ll hurt me …........…..please ……........……please don’t!” she panted in fear.

“No …… ……….get off ………..........oh, please ….............……nooooooooooooo!” Debbie screamed as Davis got onto the bed with her, pushing her gown up further then leaned forward onto her, dipping his cockhead into her raw slit.  “Oh ……..oh……..oh ………oh ……...............oh, Goddddddd!” she chanted as her rapist began to pump his thick shaft deeper and deeper into her.   “Ohhhh, pleaseeeee ……..........…..stop ….........…..stopppppppppp!” she moaned from the stretching pain deep within her body.

Unable to stop the vicious rape, Debbie clenched her eyes tightly shut, trying to block out what was happening to her.  ‘Oh, God!  Please ……….please don’t let me feel anything ……….........…..don’t let me respond in any way!’ she prayed to herself, wanting to be true to Randy, at least in mind.  She could not help the fact that this vile man was forcing himself onto her body but at least she would not enjoy it in any way.

Debbie tried desperately to put her mind far away but the unwanted warmth and sensations kept building between her thighs.  She felt a hot itch burning deep inside of her loins, getting hotter and hotter with each second.  Unconsciously, she arched up a bit and her juicing slit rode up higher onto the raping cock, causing a shivering sensation to shoot throughout her body.  The unwanted sensation seemed to quench the fire between her burning thighs.  Desperately wanting to put out the fire completely, she began to hunch up and down against the plunging shaft.

Now oblivious to anything about her, other than the thick cock plunging deep into the core of her being, Debbie was unaware of the bindings being undone at the ankles.  On film, it was all captured as her legs and heels encircled her rapist’s pumping black ass.  Then the film captured her arms, once released, encircle the thick neck of her black rapist as she hugged him to her.

“Ohhhhhh ..............……..Godddddd …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ….......………’s ……........…soooooooo bigggggg!” Debbie screamed, gasping for air as the thick black prong plunged in and out of her tight slit.  “Oh, yes, yesssssssssss …......……..hump me …........…..shag me ….......…………oh, yessssss ……........…..yesssssss!  Ohhhh, fuckkkkk me …......…..rape me ……........….rape me hard ………...............…split me wide open …........………yesssss!”  Oh, Goddddd …..........………ahhhh …..........……I’m cumingggggg …............…..yessssssssssss!” she screamed, clasping her ugly black rapist tightly with her trim arms and legs.

Never had young Debbie ever reached such a climax, making her lovemaking with her fiancé seem like mere petting.  It was truly a mind-shattering orgasm that shook her body in uncontrolled spasms.  Just as she was about to come back down to earth, the hot explosion deep in her womb sent her over the edge, with blackness setting in as she fell into unconsciousness.

An hour later, the filming resumed, this time with the bridal gown strewn onto the floor.  It was certainly going to be a real hot x-rated flick, showing the young bride being stripped of her bridal gown by her black tormentor.  It was truly a sight that would have the male audience jerking off in their seats, as the screen had the young beauty clad only in her sheer white stocking, heels, white gloves, and her bridal veil.  The film would show the petite white bride being fucked senseless by the big bruising black cock would have the male audience come back for a rerun.

Debbie was being fucked out of her mind, her only thoughts were to quench the relentless itch between her legs.  When Davis purposely stopped and began to pull out of her, about to leave her high and dry, she clutched desperately at him.  “Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, noooooooooo ………….don’t stop ………don’tttt pull it out …..............…ohhhhhhh ……...........…make me cum!  Shoot it in me ………............let me have your cum ……....…….cum ….........…….cum in me ……...........…..shoot your cum in me!  Oh, Godddddd ….......……yesssss ……............oohhhhhh …….........………yesssssssssssssss ………..ahhhhhhhhhhh ……........…its so hotttttttt!” she groaned, clasping her rapist tightly to her.

When Davis finally pulled his shrinking cock out of the raped beauty, he looked down at the innocent bride-to-be lying sprawled upon the soiled bed.  “Oh, baby, what a fuck!  Think your little white boy can make you cum like that?  You ain’t even gonna feel your little white boy’s weenie!” he laughed out loud.  He laughed as his comments sent the raped beauty into sobs as she curled up protectively into the fetal position.  “Ah, bitch, you’re lucky I got ‘snipped’!  With all that cum I dumped in ya, it’d surely would’ve knocked ya up!” he purposely lied, wondering if this bimbo would fall for that lie, just as her gullible sister-in-law had done.

Finally being driven home to her apartment, Debbie struggled up the stairs, the pain between her thighs hurting so badly.  At last she was in the safety of her apartment.  Quickly she washed the filth from her soiled body, then stayed under the hot shower to cleanse herself from the sweaty pig that raped her so viciously.  She sniffled and sobbed, ashamed and humiliated at the way she had responded to the brutal assault.  ‘Why?  Why did I have to respond in such a shameful way?’ she sobbed.

After a long exhausted sleep, Debbie awoke to the ringing of the phone, feeling so happy to hear Randy’s voice again.  She wished he were there at that very moment so he could comfort her.  Ashamed at what had happened to her, she felt that she had actually betrayed his love in the way she had responded to the rape.  Although she had cleansed herself of her rapist’s scum, she wanted Randy to feel clean again, wanted to feel his love flowing through her body instead of the awful reminder of her rape.  Hanging up the phone, she anxiously dressed and brushed her hair to await Randy’s arrival.

Randy stepped on the gas, hurrying so he could be with his beautiful fiancee as soon as possible.  He was so horny after that bachelor’s party, especially the way that beautiful stripper had teased all of the guys.  Many of his buddies had been tempted to sample the charms of the beautiful tease in the spare room but he refrained from giving in to the temptation.  He had not wanted to betray his beautiful fiancee and he continued thinking of her the entire night.

Arriving at Debbie’s apartment, as the door opened Debbie flew into his arms and they kissed passionately.  The two lovebirds eagerly made their way into the bedroom, fondling each other as they fell entwined onto the soft bed.  Randy was surprised at how passionate Debbie was for normally it took him quite awhile to break down her defenses.  Eagerly, he pushed up her blouse and bra and teased her twin nipples with his wet tongue, then began to ease down her shorts and panties.

Desperately, Debbie wanted to feel her lover deep within her, wanting him to cleanse her body of the filth that soiled her.  When Randy began to tear open the foil packet, she put her hand on his “Honey, we’ll be getting married soon!  I ….........…I want to feel the ‘real’ you in me!”  That was the only encouragement that Randy needed to do away with the normal safety precaution, happy that this would be the very first time he made love to her without a condom.

Ten minutes later, Debbie lay stunned on her bed with Randy’s heavy body upon her.  The taunting that she had endured from the devious Davis began to play back in her mind “Think your little white boy can make you cum like that?  You ain’t even gonna feel your little white boy’s weenie!”

Closing her eyes, realization struck that what he had taunted her had become so true!  So stretched from her rape, she had barely felt Randy penetrate her.  Without the desensitizing rubber condom, Randy could not endure the exquisite pleasure he felt at his first lovemaking without the condom.  It had been but a few strokes before Randy’s body convulsed in spasms as he unleashed his cum.

Feeling the leaking wetness between her thighs, Debbie reached down to feel the warm fluid.  Raising her fingers up, she was astonished to how thin and watery Randy’s cum was, so different from the thick gooey spunk that had been deposited by her rapist.  The feel of it was so different from the gooey mush that she had douched out of her flooded womb.

Once Randy awoke, he was still physically exhausted and unable to get it up again, even with Debbie stroking him to revive his limp prick.  Disappointedly, Debbie watched him get into his clothes, telling her he had to get on the move or it’d be dark before he got back to medical school.  When Randy was gone, she sat worriedly sat about, hearing what Davis had said about showing up on time for her job on Monday.

That night, Debbie tossed and turned in her bed, unable to sleep as she continuously rubbed her thighs together.  Reaching down, her fingers crept into the waistband of her thin panties.  She shivered and moaned as her finger slid between her slick slit, touching her sensitive clit.  She told herself to make believe it was Randy touching her but all that came to mind was the long black cock slicing deeply into her.  Moments later she was arching up in an orgasm while pretending it was Davis touching her again.

Throughout the weekend, Wanda was worried about Debbie, fearing the worst.  She felt so guilty for not having warned her of Davis’ evil intent.  She just could not bring herself to make the phone call to Debbie’s apartment.  On Sunday, she had Ray call his sister to invite her over for a cookout.  When Ray told her that Debbie wasn’t feeling well, Wanda sighed, knowing that Debbie had suffered the same fate as she.  Wanda vowed to keep Davis away from Debbie in the future and resolved to herself that she would perform any deed he wanted, no matter how gross it was.

Over the next few weeks, Wanda acted the part of a wanton slut, begging Davis to ‘stick’ it to her and defile her in any way he desired.  She sucked and fucked her deviant boss in anyway to drain him and keep him away from Debbie.  Each day she left the store feeling she had saved innocent Debbie another ordeal.  Little did she know Davis’ endurance and continuous hardon, for once she left the store, Davis was on his way to pay a visit to D/J Productions.

As the wedding was just days away, Debbie couldn’t help but reflect on the past two months.  She felt so guilty in having to submit to the whims of her blackmailer, whenever he showed up at the photo studio, which was nearly daily.  She couldn’t understand why she always responded the way she did to her blackmailer, reacting in a way that she never did with Randy.  And when her blackmailer did not show, she would masturbate at night to put out that burning itch.  Since that initial rape, she sought as much loving as she could entice from Randy whenever they were together, searching for that elusive orgasm that only Davis could bring out of her.

On Saturday, Debbie was in her wedding gown and about to put on her bridal veil.  Naturally, Debbie could not refuse the services of D/J Productions from handling the wedding photos and videos.  Jim had announced that he wanted to videotape the bride alone in the room as she put on her bridal veil and then make her exit from her parents home and into the limousine.  For this special occasion, Jim’s assistant was none other than Davis.  While alone in the room, with Jim videotaping everything, Davis gave the bride a kiss and enjoyed feeling her shudder in disgust as his thick tongue delved between her pink lips.

Debbie cringed and shivered, panting as the kiss was finally broken.  Then she shuddered as Davis tongued her earlobe and whispered “Today we’re shooting flick #3!  Guess who’s the ‘star’ of this film!”  Then stepping back, pulling out a videotape and, for the purpose of the film, Davis spoke loudly “Bitch!  Cooperate or your hubby will be getting a copy of this hot little flick!  Think he’ll believe you were raped the way you moaned and fucked me?  On the way back from the reception, when you get in the limo, drop these two pills in his drink!  Do it, or else, bitch!”

Though all the wedding plans went according to plan, it was a total blur for Debbie.  She was so worried about what was in store for her and her loving husband after the reception was over.  She often touched the glove on her left arm, feeling the two tablets that she had been given that morning.  She knew she was in no position to rebel and disobey, fearing that the horrible tapes would be sent to Randy.

Randy didn’t understand why her bosses were taking care of the wedding photos and video, along with furnishing the limo.  Debbie had told him that Davis and Jim were partners in the new photo/film company and that Davis had a friend who owned a limousine company.  Thus, it did not bring about any questions as to why Davis was the driver of the limo.

As the bride and groom got into the limo, surrounded by the many well-wishers, Wanda grasped her husband’s arm tightly.  Her eyes began tearing as she saw who was chauffeuring the limo.  Her heart sank and she sobbed, knowing that the bride and groom were in store for Davis’ devious lust.  Ray comforted her, telling her to quit crying as she shouldn’t be so sentimental.

Jim was in the back of the limo videotaping the bride and groom kissing and hugging.  Then the groom opened the bottle of champagne that was on ice for them.  Debbie took the bottle and put it back into the ice bucket, moving the bucket over to her side.  Then they toasted each other.  As the glasses were drained, Debbie took her husband’s glass and put it on the console next to her.  She turned a bit so her back shielded the two pills as she slipped them into his glass, knowing that Jim was zooming in with the camcorder at that very instant.  She watched as the tablets quickly dissolved in the bubbling champagne.

It was only another ten minutes before they pulled up to the front of the hotel and parked in the stall reserved for limos.  Jim moved ahead to videotape the bride and groom entering the hotel.  Then Davis followed with one bag of luggage and a bag of camera equipment, telling the bellhop his services weren’t needed.

At the check-in desk, the drugs were really kicking in.  Randy could barely see the line on which to sign and could barely scribble out his signature.  Getting to the elevator, Randy would have fallen had not his lovely wife and Davis held him.  He just had to lay down and rest a bit.

With the groom stretched out unconscious on the bed in his drug induced state, Debbie pleaded with Davis “Please ………………please …………..not here, not tonight!  Not with my husband here!”  She was not prepared for the brutal shove that Davis gave her, pushing her across her unconscious husband.  She gasped loudly as her wedding gown was pushed up over her hips, then her white lace panties were pulled down to puddle at her heels.

Debbie sobbed, ashamed at what the devious blackmailer intended to do to her in this position.  To be forced to submit to his blackmail was one thing but this was so humiliating, she bit her bottom lip trying to will herself to just let him fuck her and get it over.  She felt that she could endure this humiliation without showing any emotion.

She gritted her teeth as she felt rough hands on her hips, gasping as she felt his cockhead moving up and down her buttocks.  “Oh, God!  No! No ………no ……. please, no ……………..I’ve never had it there before!” Debbie pleaded.  She knew she would not receive any mercy when Davis replied “Oh, baby, I just knew this beautiful white ass was cherry!”  “Aiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee……………… nooooo ……..nooooooooooooo!” Debbie screeched as the Davis reared back, then slammed forward with all his might.

Hours later, Davis finally had sated his lust for the young bride.  He had stripped off her beautiful wedding gown and gave her the best fuck she’d ever get in her new wedded bliss.  He left the bride wide spread on the honeymoon bed with only her white bridal veil, gloves and nylons on.

With the camcorder off, Davis breathed in exhaustion and told Jim “The groom’s going to know he never got to his beautiful bride if he’s fully dressed like that.  Guess I’d better make it look more believable!”

“You take a break, Davis!  You look exhausted!  Still can’t see what you see in that little bitch!  I’ve been taking so much film of you so now let me have a shot at what I want!  I’ve got it turned on and here’s how to focus and do the zoom of me in action!” Jim smiled at his partner.

Davis smiled as he looked into the camcorder to focus the zoom as his gay buddy began to strip the groom of his clothing.  He shuddered as he watched his friend enjoy himself with the groom, feeling sorry for the poor groom as Jim went down on him.  A bit later, as Jim drained Randy’s balls, then licked his lips after swallowing the groom’s load, Davis groaned inwardly ‘Oh, God!  That’s fucking gross!  Glad I’m not in the poor guy’s position!’, as he watched Jim slide his cock into the groom’s mouth.

The next morning, Randy awoke with a bad hangover, his head right next to Debbie’s widespread thighs.  His cock ached as never before, feeling as if it had been chewed raw.  As a favor to Davis, Jim had purposely chewed the groom’s cock so raw that it would be much too sore for Randy to consummate his marriage to Debbie for at least the next several days.  He looked down to his aching cock, seeing the teeth marks as the base of his cock ‘Wow!  Debbie would never go down on me before, always telling me to wait till we’re married!  God, she must have gone wild last night!  Feels like she tried to bite my cock off!’

The taste in his mouth was salty with an awful slimy feel.  ‘Oh, God, it must be my own cum I’m tasting!  I must have ate my cum out of Debbie snatch!’ Randy realized as he stared at Debbie’s red fleece matted down in a thick layer of dried cum.  He smacked his lips and bent forward to spread the soft white thighs further to bury his face between them. Sticking his tongue out, he began to lap up the thick salty nectar that oozed from her slick hole.

End of Story.