Blackmailed Beauty - III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Mrs. Jaclyn Hart
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Having been a cheerleader back in her high school days, Mrs. Jaclyn Hart (fka Jaclyn Stiles) was considered to be the most popular girl in her senior class and all the guys drooled at the thought of making out with her.  She stood at 5'4" with long black hair and her body was an ivory white complexion.  She had all the guys heads turning whenever she passed by.  Many of the girls were jealous of her popularity and wished they could be so beautiful and popular.

Jaclyn's boyfriend had been Phil Hart, who was on the high school's basketball team, and now to whom she was wedded to.  Thus the sport basketball naturally had become her favorite since she could cheer for him.  However, Phil was then a reserve on the team, being a bit smaller and slower than all the black players on the team.  He was the first reserve and white player off the bench, on a team that had all black starters.  Sitting under the basket with the cheering squad, Jaclyn could not help but noticing how much more athletic the black players were verses Phil.  Also, she could not help but to notice just how much more well endowed the muscular black players were in their tight uniforms.

Jaclyn had been brought up in a conservative household and attended church every Sunday.  Thus, she was determined to keep herself pure and innocent throughout high school and would not surrender her virtue till she was certain it was to the man she would marry.  She and Phil had naturally petted during high school and she had felt his manhood through his pants and jockeys.  When she had felt his manhood swell within her palm, she could not help but wonder just how much larger the black players would be.  Perhaps it was the snickering of all the girls of the myth of black men that had Jaclyn always wondering.  What Phil had grown to in her stroking hand appeared to merely be the size of the black players concealed in their uniforms without any stimulation.

Being on the basketball team, Phil naturally hung out with the other players and that brought Jaclyn into frequent contact with the black players.  At the end of the school year, the players had gone up to a mountain cabin to party and booze it up one last time without getting into trouble.  Soon they would be going their separate ways off to college, thus this in a sense was a farewell party for the group.  The starting five players had all been offered scholarships for their basketball talents and no one wanted to risk it at this point.  The beer was flowing and all the players and their girl friends were having a great time.  They had all brought their sleeping bags so they could stay over and there would be no one getting caught driving under the influence.

Back then, the group would party far into the night and naturally the beer flowed till all had had their fill and feeling the effects of the booze.  All the players and their girlfriends would pair up to find a cozy spot to spread out their sleeping bags to cozy up together.  Although she gotten along with everyone, Jaclyn felt very uncomfortable being alone with any of the tall muscular black players.  In the still darkness of one early morning, she awoke in need of going to the restroom, the result of consuming several glasses of beer.  Turning to the bathroom, she saw the door closed and a light shining through the bottom of the door.  Ten minutes of waiting and her bladder just could not hold it back much longer.  She looked over to Phil as he lay on his side, sound asleep.  Crawling out of her sleeping bag, she got up and tip toed out of the house to relieve herself in the nearby woods.

Deek Hanson

Unknown to Jaclyn, as she slipped out of the door, a watching figure in the opposite side of the room slipped out of his sleeping bag.  Deek Hanson, the captain of the basketball team, played forward for the championship high school team and was being heavily recruited by many colleges and was going to a team that made the Final Four.  Standing at 6'6" and weighing 230 lbs., he was purely solid black muscle and one thing he had a hankering for was beautiful white pussy.  Deek had often eyed the beautiful Jaclyn Stiles as she cheered on the court and he had seen the fascinated look on her face when she got a glimpse of his well-filled crotch.  He sure wanted to give her a good fuck but suspected that the goody-goody little bitch was still cherry.  As he had watched her stagger out of the house, he decided to follow her and get the opportunity to be alone with the bitch at last.

Going behind the nearby trees to avoid being observed, Jaclyn shuddered as she was finally able to relieve herself.  She knew she had consumed too much beer as her head throbbed and spun about.  In her stupor, she had not heard the soft footsteps that had followed her into the woods, unaware of Deek having followed  her and watching her relieve herself.  Pulling up her shorts and panties, she turned to return to the house but bumped into a towering black figure.  Suddenly Jaclyn found herself pushed up against the large tree trunk by the captain of the basketball team.  As she panted in fear, she heard Deek's slurred speech "Ah, baby, I seen how ya keep looking me!  Here, grab a feel of a real 'man'!"

Before she could protest, a thick pair of lips covered hers to prevent her from yelling out in protest.  Then a thick tongue snaked its way between her pink lips, searching and finding hers.  Her body shivered as the large hands gripping hers brought her hands forward onto the bulge in his jeans.  Trembling, her hands acting instinctively, Jaclyn traced the thick lengthy boner through his jeans.  As Deek's thick tongue teased hers, Jaclyn was absolutely amazed at what her fingers were gripping.  With Deek letting go of her exploring hands, Jaclyn then heard a zipper being undone in the darkness.  Hands brushed aside for a few seconds, then Jaclyn's hands were again being guided forward.

What she now held in her hands was something more than twice as long as what Phil possessed and her fingers just could not encircle the throbbing shaft.  And having only touched Phil through his shorts and jockeys thus far, this was the very first cock she had ever touched in its bare state.  As the intimate kiss continued, Jaclyn did what came instinctively, her petite hands shucking up and down what appeared to be a cock that was at least a foot long.  She was amazed at the power her fists contained, feeling the throbbing increase with the squeeze of her gripping fingers as she began to increase the speed of her pumping.  Jaclyn literally had this black giant, who towered over a foot above her, quivering in her tiny hands.  It was power in her hands that simply amazed her.  The intimate kiss had ended moments ago and she had the captain of the basketball team in the palm of her hands.  Deek was now moaning and groaning as her fists squeezed and pumped his throbbing black tool.

Suddenly the thick shaft in her hands gave an unusual twitch and Deek groaned loudly "Ohhh, baby, yeahhhh ……………pump it ………..pump it …….yeah, baby ………….ahhhhhhhhhh, Goddddd!"  Luckily the cock she was handling was angled off to the side as spurt after spurt of hot thick cum leashed out into the darkness of the night.  After six mighty spurts, the cum now bubbled from the flared cocked to oozed down onto Jaclyn's tightly gripping fingers making her hands now slick with the creamy goo.

Reality finally set in and Jaclyn gasped at the horror and humiliating act that she had just committed.  She dropped the thick shaft in her hands like a hot potato.  With a desperate push, the weakened black team captain fell over into a sitting position as Jaclyn ran to the safety of the house.  Once in the safety of the house, she made her way back to her sleeping bag and slipped in and took shelter in it.

Panting to catch her breath, Jaclyn just could not believe what she had just done.  She felt so guilty as it was not with Phil but his black teammate who's cock was the first she had touched in bare state and the first cock that she had jerked off to a climax.  She felt the slippery spend on her hands, then rubbed her fingers together to felt the spunk that soiled them.  In the darkness, she brought her right hand out of the sleeping bag and held the fingers before her face to inhale her first fragrance of a man's cum.  She would later be horrified at what she had done next, sticking her tongue out to taste the essence of the male spend, then licking her fingers clean.

Jaclyn and Phil had dated from their junior year, throughout college, and were married once they had graduated from college. It was not until their senior year in college did she let Phil go all the way with her, surrendering her virginity after he had proposed marriage to her.  Sex with Phil was quite satisfying but Jaclyn could not help but to wonder just how any woman could take anything bigger than the ample 6 inch cock that Phil possessed.  She had often wondered just how a woman of her size could accommodate much more, something like what her husband's black high school friend possessed.  No matter how she tried to erase her memory of what took place on that last party in high school, Jaclyn could not forget what took place in the woods that night.  She was certainly relieved that everyone had gone on their separate ways to colleges across the country.

It was now seven years since Jaclyn and Phil had tied the knot.  Now they were the proud parents of two beautiful little girls, Molly at age 6 and Jenny at age 4.  They were quite happily married with Jaclyn working as a legal assistant for a law firm and Phil a top account executive at a firm distributing sports uniforms.  They lived in nice suburban area located in the upper middle class neighborhood and was the picture of a nice wholesome family.  Jaclyn was quite active in the community, head of the PTA for Molly's elementary school and a Sunday school teacher at their church.

Many of Phil's high school teammates returned home to settle down in the nearby area once they got out of college.  Only Deek had made it to the professional ranks of basketball and had become a celebrity in their city.  In watching him play on television, Jaclyn had recalled how she had shivered and blushed when Phil had commented "Man, Deek sure looks like he's gotten bigger!"  Although she knew very well what Phil had meant, it was the portion of Deek's body hidden by his shorts that Jaclyn had in her mind.  She could not help but to remember just how 'big' he had gotten when her fingers had gripped him tightly that night in the woods.

Bob Howard had bought the firm where Phil worked only about six months ago, with the new owner taking a shining to Phil's work ethics.  In just a few months, Phil had been promoted to an Assistant Vice President position that came with a hefty pay raise.  The new owner believed in promoting the business with parties, using the expense as a business tax deduction, inviting the entire sales staff and their spouses, along with current and potential clients to his palatial home in the countryside.  Bob was a very handsome man, about 10 years older than Phil, robust in size and about 6'3" in height.  His wife Lucy was very attractive but a big flirt with all the men.  Perhaps this was due to the open relationship that they had from the start of their marriage, always checking out the other side of the fence but returning when he or she had their fill.

Jaclyn had always been one who loved parties but once the children came, her maternal instincts had her enjoying being home with her children rather than attending parties.  Once the girls came, both she and Phil had curtailed the party life and had settled down into a very conservative lifestyle.  But with Phil's recent promotion, he was expected to help entertain at the parties, Jaclyn knew she had to accompany her husband and do her best to act the part of a helpful spouse.   She did not particularly care for the way Phil's boss looked at her, feeling as if he was mentally stripping the clothing off her body.  But as for Lucy Howard, Jaclyn especially did not like the older woman who flirted with everyone and cringed at her openness when it came to the topic of sex.

In the Howard residence, Lucy was telling her intently listening husband "Bob, I saw you eyeing that goody-goody little bitch at the party!  Can you believe Phil turning me down flat, telling me he just couldn't cheat on his damned uppity little wife?  Says he knows his goody-goody little wife would never cheat on him and thus he couldn't very well cheat on her.  I just know there's a wild streak in that little bitch!  Just got to turn on the right switch and that bitch would eat you alive, honey!  Yeah, I know you'd just love that little bitch going down on your cock, huh!"

Lucy Howard

Bob laughed at his wife "Honey, you probably scared Phil out of his pants, coming onto him like that!  You're right, I'd sure blow my nuts in that innocent little bitch.  God, I'd sure like to hear that little bitch scream when she takes a big cock up her tight little cunt!  What I'd give to see her freak out with a big black cock spreading her legs!"  Lucy laughed in response "I'd give anything to see little Ms. Goody-Goody taking on some thick black meat.  In fact, I'd give even more to see the look on her hubby's face if he ever got to witness that.  Yeah, but guess all that is just wishful thinking, there's no way that bitch would ever let herself go that far!"

The company just got the distribution rights to a promising sportswear product.  Bob Howard and the staff met in several meetings to determine just how to market the product.  It was the conclusion that a well-known player was needed to endorse the product.  Several stars were mentioned and when Deek Hanson's name was mentioned, Phil let it be known that he personally knew Deek and was a high school teammate of his.  Bob told Phil in private to give it all he had to get Deek Hanson's endorsement and that would make him a full Vice-President of the company, along with a fantastic pay increase and bonus.

Three days later, Bob and Phil were flying off to meet with Deek Hanson and his agent.  Phil's personal friendship with the star had managed to get the meeting set up.  After wining and dining, trying to get the potential deal set up, the group headed out to a swanky strip joint.  They all had been drinking quite a bit and were having a great time.  When Phil and Deek's agent had gone to the restroom, leaving Bob and Deek together, Bob commented "C'mon Deek, tell me what it'd take to get your endorsement on my product!  You tell me what you want and it's yours!"  Bob was stunned, then amused at the response that the star had given him.  "Well, Bob, I only agreed to this meeting for old times sake.  But if you really want to know what it'll take for me to sign on is a chance to lay it that that beautiful Jaclyn Stiles, rather now Jaclyn Hart.  That little bitch had my nuts churning whenever I looked at her!"

When Phil and the agent returned to the table, they were both surprised and shocked to learn that the deal had been agreed upon at the dollar terms mentioned earlier.  What the two didn't know was the handshake agreement between Bob and Phil.  Phil was happy as the deal would be considered as his and the promotion and bonus was his.  However, Phil would not have been happy at all, sacrificing the money and promotion if he knew just what Deek's bonus was for endorsing the product.  That bonus was to be Phil's beautiful wife and this time, Deek was not about to settle for a jerk off in the forest.

Jaclyn had been nervous from the instant Phil had told her of his recent contact with Deek and how he hoped to get Deek's endorsement on the company's product.  But what could she say to discourage him from making the trip with his boss, certainly not tell him that she had jerked him off at the last high school party.  She had to play the part, thus all she could do was to wish him well on the trip and to tell Deek 'Hi' for her.  Although it meant a big bonus and promotion to Phil, Jaclyn wished the attempt to get the endorsement would fail, for otherwise it would mean she would again come into contact with her nemesis.

At that moment in the Howard's residence, Lucy Howard was chuckling with delight as she listened to her husband relay in detail the events that had taken place at the strip club.  Lucy just couldn't wait to see the beautiful little bitch defiled by that big black stud that now stood at 6'8" and was 275 lbs. of solid muscle.  When Bob relayed the story that Deek had told him of that night in the woods, Lucy jumped up with a loud cheer "See, I told you Bob!  That little Ms. Goody-Goody does have a hot streak in her.  That little bitch jerked off a nigger cock while she was dating that wimp of a husband she's got!  I can't wait till Deek makes that little bitch scream when he sticks that black bone up her tight little cunt!  God, just imagine if he knocks up that little bitch!"

The next weekend, with the children spending the night at Phil's parents, Jaclyn and Phil headed out for another gathering at the Howard's estate.  Phil had worn a suit while Jaclyn wore an elegant silvery dress with 3" black heels and the string of white pearls clearly had her beauty highlighted.  They arrived early to help with the final arrangements and to greet the guests.  Once they greeted the Howards, Lucy took Jaclyn's arm and told Phil "I'm going to borrow your wife for a little while.  Help yourself to a drink."

Lucy led the innocent young wife into the a large guest room and went to a mirror to freshen her lipstick, telling Jaclyn "I'm sure Phil told you all about the new line being endorsed by superstar Deek Hanson.  I understand both you and Phil went to the same high school together.  Once the deal is finalized in writing, Phil will get that promotion to Vice President with a huge raise and bonus."  "Oh, yes, Phil told me all about it and I'm so happy for him!" Jaclyn replied.

"Honey, I had to get you alone to tell you that Bob arranged to fly Deek Hanson out for tonight's party where he'll sign the agreement to endorse the product.  Once that's done, the announcement of the endorsement will be made!" Lucy advised, enjoying the stunned look on the innocent beauty's face.  It was obvious that Jaclyn was not prepared to meet the black superstar after that episode in the woods.  With Jaclyn speechless, Lucy continued "Honey, Phil doesn't know it yet but apparently Deek Hanson's endorsement is totally dependent upon you!  At the strip club, when Bob and Deek were alone, he told Bob of that night in the woods and told him the endorsement was a done deal if you gave him a repeat performance.  Did you really jack off that that superstar's big black boner, Jaclyn?"  With that comment, Lucy exited the room, leaving the horrified young wife in a state of panic.

It took a long while for Jaclyn to try and compose herself, wanting to leave the mansion immediately and avoid the fate that lay ahead.  It was only when the maid came in to tell her that her husband was looking for her did she finally force herself to go out and greet the incoming guests.  She was so scared, afraid of what Deek was seeking from her and afraid that if she refused that Phil would learn of that night in the woods.  Also, if she refused Deek's demands, the endorsement would not take place and there would go Phil's promotion that he had counted on.

Just as all the guests had arrived, a long white stretch limousine pulled up at the entrance.  Jaclyn's body shuddered as she observed the door open and the tall muscular black superstar stepped out.  She panted as the Howards greeted Deek first, followed by her husband greeting his old friend.  Then Jaclyn was face to face with a grinning Deek Hanson, his arms wide open to greet her.  With everyone's eyes upon them, Jaclyn had no choice but to open her arms and greet him as an old friend.  She commented loudly "Hi, Deek! It's so good to see you once again!"  As Deek embraced her tightly, he whispered in her ear "I've dreamt of you every night since you jerked me off in the woods, Baby!  If you want Phil to get that promotion, you know what'll you'll have to do tonite!"

As Phil was about to lead Deek over to introduce him to the guests, Bob set up the stage to get Jaclyn alone with the black stud.  Bob told Phil he was needed in buttering up a couple of potential clients and asked if Jaclyn minded introducing Deek around.  Jaclyn knew that Bob had done that deliberately to get Phil out of the way and now she would be side by side with Deek for a good part of the evening.  Going about her assigned task, she shivered when Deek put his large hand upon her waist.  She swallowed hard as his hand moved down at times to caress and paw her asscheeks.

Throughout the night, Bob saw to it that Phil was constantly kept busy entertaining the guests.  The waiters followed the host's instructions to see that Bob's drink was constantly refreshed and made extra strong, doctored with some drugs.  Bob had wanted to be with his lovely wife, knowing that his old friend Deek had wandering hands and knew of his lust for tender white meat.  He certainly hoped that Deek wouldn't try to make a play on his lovely wife.  But he knew that Jaclyn would never put up with hanky-panky, knowing she'd never let another man touch her, especially a black man like Deek.

As the evening wore on, Phil was feeling the effects of the spiked drinks that he had consumed.  He was unaware that Deek had led his innocent and faithful wife out into the darkness of the estate grounds.  Chatting with Bob and Lucy, Phil advised that he should check on Jaclyn.  "Ah, Phil!  You don't want to spoil Deek's fun, do you?  He seemed to be enjoying your lovely wife's company!  You aren't afraid you'll lose her to a big black stud like Deek, are you?  You trust Jaclyn, don't you?" Bob laughed.  "No, of course not!  Jaclyn would never cheat on me!" Bob responded, knowing now he'd have to let his wife fend for herself.

Phil couldn't believe his crude boss and the comments he made.  But the image of his lovely wife and the black superstar could not be erased, especially with Lucy commenting "Can you imaging your beautiful wife giving herself to that big black stud?  Think she'd spread her long sexy white legs for that big black buck, huh Phil?"  "Never!" Phil retorted.  "Well, Phil, let's just see how your Goody-Goody little wife is if given the time, huh!  Bet ya that she ends up spreading her long white legs and begs him to fuck her good before the night is over!" Lucy challenged.

"There's no way Jaclyn would do anything like that!  Besides, I can't take your money!" Phil retorted angrily.  "Chicken!  Think of an extra grand in your pocket tonight!  You lose and I get to sit on you face, lover boy!" came Lucy's reply.  "Sounds like you can't lose with that, my boy!" Bob chuckled.  "Get ready to hand over that thousand bucks!" Phil countered, disgusted at what they were implying.  But he knew Deek to be a womanizer from as far back as he knew him, bragging how he loved to get into a white girl's panties.

Alone in the darkness with Deek's hand on her ass, Jaclyn pleaded with him "Please, Deek!  You took me by surprise that night in the woods when I had too much beer to drink!  I've never cheated on Phil!  Please, you can't be serious about not signing the endorsement unless I …….unless I ……do it again!"  She got her response when Deek took her hands and placed them on his throbbing cock that now tented his trousers.  Jaclyn took a deep breath as she again gripped the mighty shaft that had constantly filled her mind throughout the past twelve or so years.  Then she felt him pulling her along the path, right to the empty maid's cottage that the hosts had advised Deek of.

Pushed to her knees onto the woodenf floor, she nervously shook with fear as she looked up at the muscular black nemesis that towered above her, rubbing the bulging crotch of his pants.   She was mesmerized and totally helpless at this point, all the memories and thoughts of that eventful night came flooding back to her as she literally gripped upon a memory of the past.  Instinctively, she pulled at the zipper, then undid the belt to allow her hands to get to the powerful instrument.  Seconds later, Jaclyn's tiny hands were again gripping the hot black cock without the hindrance of any clothing, as she had once done many years ago.  Her fingers gripped the shaft tightly in her fists as once again then began to shuck at the monstrosity.  'My God, Phil was right about Deek getting bigger!  He certainly feels longer and thicker!' she thought to herself.

Then the reality of what she was doing set in, causing Jaclyn to gasp in horror, but she still did not attempt to remove her hands from the throbbing mass.  She thought of her loving husband Phil and did not want her to be the cause of him losing the promised promotion.  She told herself that she had to jerk off the thick black cock in her hands once again for Phil's sake.  But deep down, she knew it was but a mere excuse that she was giving herself for once again handling Deek's manhood.  She was panting for breath as she sped up her fisting of the throbbing shaft.

Jaclyn suddenly felt Deek's large hands on her shoulders, pushing her down.  "Get down on your knees so you can get a close-up view, Honey!" Deek said firmly.  Reluctantly, with the pressure of his hands upon her, she obeyed.  In the darkness, she could see her grasping fists before her face as she shucked upon his cock.  But his black cock blended in with the darkness of the night.  She could feel the powerful black shaft in her hands but she could barely see the thick manhood, even though it was less than a foot away from her face.  Faster and faster her hands moved upon the monster cock, now wanting to witness its thick seed as it spurted into the cold night air.

"Who'd ever believe that the beautiful Mrs. Jaclyn Hart would be jerking off another man's cock while her loving husband was so nearby!  Remember that time in the woods, huh honey?  Bet good 'ol Phil doesn't know his precious little wife gave me a hand job when he slept in the cabin, huh?" Deek taunted.  “Wanna taste some juicy black meat this time?  C'mon, sweetie, I know you 're dying to get a taste of Deek's black magic!” he laughed as his fingers tightened in her long silky hair to keep her from retreating.

Jaclyn was horrified as his unbelievable demand sank in, unable to move her head that was being held steady while Deek shifted about to position himself.  “Oh please, nooooo …………oh, God …… smells awful!” she cried out as Deek had stepped forward to give her a whiff of his manhood scent.  “Oh, please …….please, Deek ……….don't make me do that …….please, I ……I……I’ve never done such a thing ……please, I haven’t even allowed Phil to do that!” she pleaded frantically.  With that comment, Deek began to rub his drooling cock all over her cringing face and loved the feel of her shuddering response.

“Open those soft beautiful lips for me, Jaclyn!  Get a taste of some nigger cock, baby!” Deek taunted the distressed young wife, laughing at her plight as she tried to struggle out of his gripping hands.  Then he rubbed his slick and leaking cock about her lovely face, loving the fact that her soft hands continued to shuck his cock even as she tried to get her face away from his cock.

“Better open that sweet little mouth of yours, baby!  I'm gonna be cumming soon!  If you don't open your sweet mouth, I'm gonna cover the front of your dress with my hot cum!  Or do you want to see what the reaction of all the guests when they see you covered with cum?” he demanded.  Jaclyn sobbed in despair as she realized the predicament she was in.  "Please, Deek!  Don't ……don't …….I can't …….please!" she pleaded.  The throbbing shaft was oozing its slick juice, making her hands slippery as she ran them up and down the thick stem.  Jaclyn clenched her lips tightly, trying to prevent the pulsing cock from entering her virgin mouth.  But in doing so, the oozing cock began smearing its gooey fluid upon her tightly clenched lips.

"Ah, baby!  Gonna cum soon!  Gonna splatter the front of your lovely dress with my hot cum!  Then I'm gonna escort you right back into the party so everyone can see the slut you are!" Deek threatened.  Jaclyn was in a state of panic as she could feel it in her fingers that he was telling her the truth, his cock was on the verge of unleashing his sticky load.  "No, Deek!  Please!  Everyone's expecting me back there!  Don't dirty my dress!" she pleaded.  "Ah, bitch!  It's your fucking choice!" Deek groaned.

Jaclyn was horrified at the choices she now faced and the throbbing right beneath her fingers told her she needed to make a decision, a very quick decision.  With the thick black fingers wound tightly in her long silky hair, the awful thought of him soiling her dress, she reluctantly opened her pink lips to admit the rubbery cockhead.  Her body shook as she fought the urge to throw up on the foreign object in her mouth, feeling so ashamed at what she was doing.  Her jaws ached at being stretched so widely, her body shuddering at the thought of the filthy act she was performing, her mouth watering to dilute the slimy substance that was oozing into her mouth.  She felt sick at the thought of what she was doing, something that Phil had begged her to do but she had refused to please him in such a manner.  The building fluid in her mouth made her want to gag and spit it out, but the nothing could escape around the protruding black cock.

“Oh, baby………you’ve got such sweet lips …………..ahhhh, if only Phil could see his beautiful little wife right now! Deek groaned.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………that’s it ………….eat it, bitch ……………eat my hot nigger cummmmm …………ahhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss!” Deek groaned loudly as his twitching cock exploded.  He laughed as Jaclyn began to thrash about as she was unable to breathe, know she wanted to spit out his hot jism.  "Swallow it, bitch!  Eat my fucking load!" he ordered.  With his thick cock filling her mouth to the brim, it was swallow or choke for Jaclyn.

Slowly, as the thick black cock dwindled a bit and slowly slipped from her mouth, Jaclyn shuddered at what she had just done.  Horrified at the thought that she had actually sucked off a cock, a black cock at that, swallowing all his filthy slime.   She grasped her stomach and gagged as his slimy spend threatened to make its way back up her quivering throat, her stomach rebelling at the gooey substance.  Then she felt Deek's hand on her elbow, pulling her up and she was being led back into the party.  She held a hand on her queasy stomach that threatened to expel the hot jism that she had just swallowed.

As they entered, a smiling Lucy Howard greeted them and handing them each a glass of champagne.  Lucy  looked at the naïve little bitch, who looked like she wanted to throw up, then snickered "Well, Miss Innocent, better wipe off that nigger jism from your lips before Phil gets here and learns just how he really got his promotion!"

As Phil and Bob joined them, Deek broke out in a wide grin "You've got your man, boys!  Lovely Mrs. Hart here convinced me just how much I'm going to enjoy being associated with your product!"  Bob called the waiter to bring over more glasses and a bottle of champagne to toast the celebration.

Phil hugged his lovely wife, thanking her for swinging the deal.  "God, honey!  If it have been necessary, I'd have gone down on my knees to beg Deek to sign the endorsement deal!" he exclaimed.  But it was not necessary for Phil to do such a thing, not after his beautiful wife had gone to her knees to seal the deal.  He then gave his lovely wife a deep passionate kiss.  It was lucky that Jaclyn has washed down the slimy spend with the glass of champagne Lucy had given her, otherwise Phil must just have detected the tasty slick coating on her pink lips.

Finally the party came to an end and the guests had departed.  Bob went to the headwaiter to tell him to bring them the liqueur.  Prior to the ending of the party, the head waiter had taken care of his job properly, seeing that Phil Hart's drinks were laced with a drug had would soon have him sound asleep.  Meanwhile, the drinks Jaclyn had consumed were laced with a different drug, one that would soon have her in heat, with a fire between her thighs that would need to be extinguished.  Once this last drink was consumed, the heavily laced drinks would put the unsuspecting couple over the brink.

Shortly after the waiter returned with the sweet tasting liqueur, Bob led the way down a wing that Phil and Jaclyn had never entered before, what Bob Howard called his 'Pleasure Wing'.  Having consumed half of his potent drink, Phil's eyes were flickering to stay open as he desperately needed to sit down.  Jaclyn bit down on her bottom lip, walking slowly in a way that her thighs would rub together, needing desperately to quench the terrible itch that was driving her up the wall.

As they entered the plush room, the large circular bed located in the middle of the room caught everyone's attention.  Phil took another gulp of his drink and plopped down onto the sofa located to the side of the entrance.  Jaclyn took Bob's invitation to sit on the bed to feel how comfortable it was, giving her the opportunity to squeeze her thighs tighter together in a sitting position.  By now the itch between her legs were unbearable as she began to rub her thighs together, nearly squirming her butt into the bed.

After several moments, Jaclyn was panting as she continued to sit upon the bed while gripping the edge of it, still rubbing her thighs together.  Her eyes were closed as the grinning audience nodded to one another, her husband nearly passed out on the sofa.  Her head tilted back as she tried to get hold of herself.  Then she felt a weight on the bed next to her, felt Lucy's feminine face next to her, whispering to her "Relax, dearie!  We're all here to help you put out that fire between your long sexy legs!  I know your old friend Deek would be only too happy to help you hose down that fire!"  Jaclyn gave a gasp as she felt the other woman's hands cup and massage her breasts and stiff nipples.

A few moments later, Jaclyn felt Lucy's hands at the back of her dress, unhooking the top and drawing the zipper down.  Then the hooks of her bra were unclasped.  Her dress an bra straps were then pushed over her shoulders and the garments were pulled down her arms, revealing her perfect twin breasts to the ogling male eyes.  She tried to get off the bed but was suddenly pushed forward onto the bed.  Then Jaclyn felt hands grasp her dress and was being pulled down her over her hips, then off her legs.

Her bra snapped and was stripped off her arms, then tossed aside.  Next Jacly felt her heels been removed, feeling hands then grasp her garter belt, snapping it.  The waistband of her lacy black panties and black nylons were then slowly remove, sliding down her long trim legs.  Turned onto her back, she now lay totally exposed to the leering eyes.  Suddenly hands pushed her legs wide apart and a heavy body knelt on the bed between her widespread legs.

From behind her, Jaclyn heard the laughter of the lewd Lucy Howard "Cmon, Deek!  Here's the chance you've been waiting years for.  Make her scream real good!  Stick it good to the innocent little bitch!  Give it to the bitch!  C'mon, superstar, knock the little lady up!"

Lifting her head and glancing down, Jaclyn became frightened when she saw Deek's manhood in the light for the very first time.  Never had she seen anything to large and grotesque, unable to believe that any man could possess that horse-like cock.  “Please, Deek …………….no, I beg you!  Don't, please! You’ll kill me with that thing!  Oh, please!” she sobbed.  She watched in fear as Deek grasped his throbbing black pole and nuzzled it between her thighs, seeking to find the entrance to her womanhood.  She watched as he rubbed it up and down her moist slit, feeling the pressure behind his cock cause began to spear into her tight slit.  Jaclyn was now in a panic, not on the pill and knowing this was the worst time of the month “Oh, please, Deek, don't  ….please don’t rape me …………….I'm not on the pill …………’ll get me pregnant!”

Putting pressure behind his shaft, Deek gave a lunge and managed to get his plum sized cockhead into her slick folds.  “Oh God!  Deek ……………please …………pleaseeeeee!  Oh, God, it hurts so baddddddddd ……………you're tearing me!” Jaclyn screamed.  It was in only two inches but never had Jaclyn encountered anything so thick, thicker than her wrist.  The pain was more than she could stand “Please!  Oh, Deek …………..Deek please ……………..please pull it out!  It’s too big!  It's too ................biggggggggg .....................................Godddddddddddddddd!”

Hearing her pleas and screams were almost too much for Deek, so excited that he almost popped his load right then and there.   With his large hands gripping her slim hips firmly, Deek slammed forward with all his might.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………ohhhhhh …………Godddddddddd ………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Arrrrrrrrrrrraggggggggggggghhhh!” came the piercing shrieks of pain.  Jaclyn’s long white legs flailed about and she tried desperately to squirm away but to no avail.  With several brutal lunges, Deek buried his entire 12” pole into the naïve little beauty.  He knew he had torn some virgin tissue along the way, knowing she never had anything so deep before.

“Oh, baby, you're so fucking tight!  What's Phil over there going to say when he learns I stuck you with my big black bone, huh bitch?  How does it feel to be ‘ruined’ by a nigger cock?  You're gonna be fucked by a 'real man' now and when I'm done, Phil ain't gonna feel a thing with his little pecker!  Gonna make your tiny white belly swell up with my little nigger baby in a few months, bitch!”  Deek taunted with another brutal lunge into her aching body.

Then Deek slowly withdrew his mighty black cock till only captured the plum sized cockhead remained.  Slowly he began to fuck in and out of the pleading beauty.  The lovely young wife groaned in despair, the long slow strokes began to have undesired effects on her body.  Jaclyn’s mind was now in shambles as she did not want to feel any type of pleasure from Deek, especially not with her husband just across the room.  But now her body was betraying her from the long slow fucking strokes, the long black pole slicing through her slick folds again and again.

Unconsciously, Jaclyn arched her hips up, trying to get the entire length in her.  Deek smiled as he felt the trim white legs rise up to encircle his ass, feeling her ankles lock, squeezing him and pulling him deeper into her.   Then he began to speed up his thrusts and withdrawals, began to fuck the lovely wife with loong deep strokes, thrusting faster and faster.  The desperate pleas of the young beauty for him to stop had ceased.  Now the lovely wife's pleas were for him to fuck her.  "Oh, fuck me ............fuck me!  Deeper!  Fuck me deeper!" Jaclyn chanted.

Seeing the change take place within the prim and proper bitch, Lucy released the hold on Jaclyn's wrists and watched her arms raise up to embrace her black lover.  Getting off the bed, Lucy walked over to Phil who was now sprawled out on the sofa.  With two hard slaps to the face, she managed to rouse the attention of the drugged husband.  Grabbing Phil by the hair, she turned him to face the scene on the bed.  "You lost your bet, asshole!  Look at your precious little goody-goody wife now, big man!"

Phil's drugged mind focused in on what was taking place right before his very eyes.  There on the bed was his beautiful wife, a wife that he thought would always be faithful to him.  His mouth dropped open in horror as he watched her trim arms and legs tightly embrace Deek's muscular black body, seeing the long black shaft thrust in and out of her lovely ivory white body.  'Surely, I must be dreaming!' he thought.  Tears formed in his eyes and began flowing down his cheeks as he heard his wife urging on her black lover.  "Oh, Deek, fuck me …………fuck me!  Yes ………..yes ………..oh, deeper …….yes ……..deeper!" he heard his wife plead.

“Oh, fuck me, Deek ………please ……please ……….deeper, deeper!  Oh, I’m so close ……..please, fuck me ……….HARD!” Jaclyn yelled as she fucked back onto his black prong.   “Want my black baby juice, honey?  Thought you didn't want my cum?  Gonna have to stop fucking you or I’m gonna cum in ya, sweetie!” Deek taunted.  “Oh, please ………..please don't stop!  Oh, please …….fuck me, please …….. fuck me with your black cock ……give me your cum …….fuck your  black baby in me!” Jaclyn responded.

"Is this better than Phil's, baby?  Tell me, honey!  Tell me how I measure up to Phil!" Deek asked the frantic young wife as he slid his thick cock deep into her womb.  "Tell me bitch or I'm gonna pull my cock out!" he demanded.  Desperately, Jaclyn tightened her legs around Deek, afraid that he would not let her have the relief she needed so badly.  "Oh, Deek, fuck me!  You're so much longer and thicker that Phil!  He's too small ………..I want a man's cock ………a 'real' man's cock …....I want your big black cock!" she begged.

This was too much for Deek as he grasped her trim white hips and slammed himself all the way home.  “Ohhhhhhhh ………….yes ……………..yesssssssssssss!!!” Jaclyn screamed as her an overwhelming climax shook her petite body.  “Oh, God ….. Oh, God ………. Oh, my God, I’m cuminggggggggggggggg ……… I .........…….I'm cumiiiiingggggg!” she screamed out loudly.  Her body began to quiver and spasm, causing her body to arch up sharply, lifting up the heavy black bulk upon her.  She arched up even higher as the deeply embedded cock exploded directly in her womb.  Never had she experienced the bursting of a cock so deep in her, never had so much cum been deposited directly in her womb.  Never had Jaclyn felt anything so hot as the boiling cum that now flooded her fertile womb.

Phil was desperately trying to get up, wanting to stop the horrible event that was taking place on the bed.  But he was too drugged to even stand up at this point.  Then his boss's wife was pushing him prone onto the sofa.  Suddenly the light was blocked as her dress covered his face.  Above, Lucy smirked "Time for you to pay up on our little bet, lover boy!  Eat me out good!"  With that, his mouth and nose was covered by her slick, smelly cunt.  He began to pay off his bet, sticking his tongue out, lapping up the juice that was being fed to him.

The next morning, Phil awoke on the sofa with a mean hangover.  He looked about him and the bed was neatly made and no one else was in the room.  He wondered if he had dreamt up all the events that had taken place in the room that night.  But that smell about his face and that acrid taste in his mouth told him that the final event of his eating out Lucy definitely occurred.  Staggering out of the room he made his way into the living room where he was greeted by the chatty and happy hosts.

Phil tried to gather his thoughts as he slowly drove home.  On the way home, he stopped to pick up the girls.  When the girls asked where their Mommy was, he had to explain to them that their Mommy was needed on a business project and would be home at the end of the week.  Arriving home, the nanny and chauffeur that his boss had hired were ready and waiting to care for the children.

In his bedroom that he shared with his beautiful wife, Phil looked around the neatly decorated room and blinked back the tears.  His lovely faithful wife that he shared the bedroom with was no more, no more that loving faithful wife.  That nightmare that he had was no nightmare at all, he had watched his beautiful wife scream for Deek to fuck her deeper with his long black cock.  He would be going to bed alone the entire week, but his beautiful wife would not be going to bed alone, not with Deek still in town.

While in the Howard's living room, he sipped the hot cup of coffee that the butler had brought for him.  He asked Lucy and Bob where Jaclyn was sleeping but the only response was a chuckle from both the Howards.  Then his boss told him that Jaclyn had yet to get any rest.  Puzzled by their response, he watched as Bob reached for the remote and turned on the television set.  "It's a direct feed from the guest bedroom!  With the press of a button, we can zoom in and out of any spot in the room.  But I think we can concentrate entirely on the bed for today's events!" Bob laughed.

As the wall opened on the luxurious house to reveal a large screen television, the picture came on and Phil's heart sank.  There on the screen was his lovely wife intimately joined together as only a husband and wife should be.  But his lovely wife instead was joined intimately by her muscular black lover.  "God, they've been fucking non-stop for the past six hours!" his boss commented.  Phil swallowed hard as he watched the occupants move about on the bed, watching was Jaclyn was positioned on all fours.  His mouth dropped when he heard his wife's voice on the television "Oh, Deek ………no …………noooooooooo ……..not there!  I've never had it there before!  Awwwwww …………..ohhhhhh, God ………….it hurtsssss …………hurtssssss baddddddddddddddd!"  Then it was followed by Deek's voice "Oh, baby ……your ass is so fucking tight!  Baby, your ass is now mine!  Ever since you jacked me off in the woods, up at that mountain cabin, I knew I'd get your sweet white ass some day!"

As he sat upon the bed, Phil thought back to that time in high school when they had gone up to the mountain cabin to party at the end of school.  "Fuck, that little bitch refused to touch my bare cock until we were in college.  She was going steady with me and she jerked off Deek before she would even touch my bare cock.  What a fucking cheating slut!" he cussed.  His initial thought was to divorce her but he really loved her, realizing that she had gone to bed with Deek to get him that promotion.

Phil had tried to get his lovely wife out of the Howard's mansion, telling them of the children needing their mother.  But he was counter by his boss having already made the arrangements with a live-in nanny for the week to care for the children and do all the cooking.  On top of that, a chauffeur was to handle all the driving, taking the children wherever need be.  Then he brought up the fact that Jaclyn was expected at work.  But Bob told him that Jaclyn's law firm was the one handling the company's account, that he had called the senior partner and explained that he needed to borrow Jaclyn for a week to take care of the company's VIP.

At the end of the week, Phil was happy to see his lovely wife again.  Jaclyn looked so beautiful, sparkling with a gleam in her eye.  He was surprised that Jaclyn did not show any embarrassment of the fact that she had spent the entire week satisfying another man's sexual needs.  In bed that night, Phil was determined to reclaim his wife, to make her his again.  But he found her so widely stretched out that there was no friction gripping his cock.  Jaclyn had never been so aggressive in bed with him before and when she wrapped her legs around him, arching up at him, he came prematurely.

Six weeks later, Phil saw that Jaclyn was not feeling well and had to go back to bed.  Going into the bathroom, he noticed a box in the trash that indicated it being a home pregnancy test.  He unwrapped the clumped up tissues and that contained the directions along with the test results.  He looked at the color on the test stick and looked at the chart.  His heart sank as his lovely wife was pregnant again.  Only this time, he was not the father of the child.

It was another two days of sickness before Jaclyn told him what he already knew.  They both knew who the father of the baby was.  Phil asked her when she was going to schedule the abortion.  He was surprised at the shocked look on her face.  Then his mouth dropped open, realizing that Jaclyn was intent on having her lover's baby, his black baby!

Months later, Jaclyn had gone in for a check up.  A test was done to determine the sex of the baby.  When she returned home she greeted Phil with the good news, that he was going to be the father of a baby boy.  A week later, Phil came across a book lying on the coffee table, a book that consisted of children's names.  In the book was a small sheet of paper with several names, with one column of just initials.  At the bottom of the sheet, encircled was 'J.D. Hart' but there was no names associated with the initials.  As it appeared Jaclyn had her mind made up, Phil did not ask about it, knowing that he'd find out in time.  When that time did come, Phil shuddered upon learning that the baby would be named 'Junior Deek Hart'!

End of Story!