Blackmailed Beauty - IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

It was the night before the wedding, after the wedding rehearsal and dinner, the bride-to-be was to join her close friends who were having a bachelorette party for her.  The bride, her attendants, and several of her close friends had rooms reserved at a hotel just down the street from the church.  Once the rehearsal dinner was over, the girls shooed the bridegroom out with his buddies so they could take his fiancée out to party the night away.

After nearly an entire year of planning, Brandi Weston now looked forward to tomorrow, when she would be exchanging her wedding vows with Mark Phillips.  Mark was her true love, ever since they had begun dating during their freshman year of college.  At the age of 25, 5'4" and 114 lbs with long blonde hair, Brandi had been working as a buyer for a retail store and helped save up for the big event.  She was so happy to have her close friends with her, staying over at the hotel so they could party the night away.  With the hotel having a nice bar and a live band for dancing, it was the perfect place for their get together, allowing all the girls to party and not worry about driving.

The bride-to-be, with her girlfriends, settled in at the hotel bar for drinks as Brandi began to open the gag gifts from her friends.  With the gag gifts flavored with a dildo, sheer lace negligee and a few skimpy bikini panties, the laughter and giggling that came from their table naturally attracted the men in the bar.  Needless to say, the girls were feeling no pain after a few drinks, especially the blushing bride-to-be who was letting herself go on her last night of freedom.

Some guys couldn't resist the temptation to steal a dance from the lovely bride-to-be.  The party was in full swing!  The bride-to-be was always being asked to dance first, although it seemed that the guys would then hit on the rest of us girls at the table.  It was really wishful thinking but guys always wanted to be that one guy to turn on a lovely bride-to-be on the eve of her wedding.  Each hoped to give her that wicked thrill and of course always the hope of being the last to bed the beauty before her marriage.  Drinks were flowing like water, especially with many of the guys buying a round for the women's table.

Sitting at the far end of the bar, facing the table of giddy women, J.J. Thomas had watched the bride-to-be open her gifts.  He had seen the beauty blush when she had opened up the gift containing the large dildo, which served to give his dick a twitch in his confining pants.  'God, I'd sure like to give it to that sweet little bitch!  Yeah, baby, what I got in my pants here is exactly the size of that plastic one in your tiny hands!' he muttered to himself.  He then watched as the girls on the table chatted with Mindy, the cocktail waitress, as they apparently knew each other.

J.J. was a muscular black man, 6'4" tall and 260 lbs of pure muscle.  He dressed well, making a substantial income as a drug dealer.  He had stopped in at the bar on business, to make a drug sale to Mindy, the cocktail waitress serving the group of women.  When Mindy came to the bar to place the orders, J.J. smiled as Mindy made no secret that there was no love loss between her and the uppity, goody-goody bride-to-be and her friends.  When he asked what was up at the table with the partying women, J.J. learned that the pretty blonde bride-to-be had been a cheerleader in high school and very popular while Mindy had been the school slut.  Mindy relayed how she had always hated the bride-to-be and her clique of friends, telling him "God, one of these days that fucking little bitch is going to get knocked down a peg or two!  When it does, I just hope I'm there to see her sniveling in the dirt!"

Mindy thought back into the past, remembering her former schoolmate and how she and her friends had snubbed her during high school.  The bride-to-be definitely ran in a different circle than she had and remembered how she was always the prim and proper girl.  Having dropped out of high school, she had hoped never to run into any of her old schoolmates on the job.  Needless to say, she wasn't too thrilled having to wait on the bride-to-be and her inner circle of friends on the eve of the wedding.  "Fuck, J.J., of all the fucking places for them to come to celebrate!  I hope she chokes on her fucking drink!" she advised.

J.J. was an opportunist and readily saw the potential taking advantage of this adversarial relationship between the cocktail waitress and her old schoolmate.  He was supposed to be on his way to make a few more sales but he just couldn't pass up on this situation.  Sitting at the bar as he eyed the beautiful little bitch, a devious plan began to unfold in his mind.  But first he wanted to have a dance with the pretty little bride-to-be, then he'd put his plan into action.  He enjoyed seeing how hesitant she was when he went up and asked her to dance, seeing her swallow deeply and about to refuse.  He knew her reaction was because he was big and black, knowing that he repulsed her.  He smiled at the egging on she got from her girlfriends, wanting to see their petite blonde friend dancing in the arms with the likes of a muscular black like him.  His cock gave a twitch as he held her soft petite hand in his as he helped her up from her chair.

Brandi felt a bit wicked, dancing with a muscular black man on the eve of her wedding.  But she did enjoy the wickedness.  She had never danced with a black man before and she just couldn't help but to ponder the thought of whether the old myth about black men were true.  She wanted to be a bit more wicked with the opportunity a hand, wanting to tease this big black thug as she snuggled up to him during the slow dance, rubbing up against him.

When the dance had ended and J.J. returned to the bar, he called Mindy over and asked if she'd like to have her wish come true.  Seeing her smile, J.J. knew this druggie had been serious in what she had told him and quite anxious to see the little bitch knocked down a notch.  They both laughed aloud when he told her "I know you want to see the bitch knocked down a peg or two!  But would it be okay with you if I just knocked her up instead!"

Mindy was all for the plan that J.J. had laid out for her.  The way the girls were drinking, it'd be easy enough to get the bride-to-be drunk as a skunk without any problem. She just told the bartender that the pretty blonde was a 'good' friend of hers and to make her drinks strong.  Also, when she placed the order, she made sure to have Brandi's ordered as a double.  Now she was much happier in having to serve drinks to ex-schoolmates.  In placing the next drink down in front of Brandi, Mindy smiled and told her "This one's on me Brandi!  I'm sure you're going to be the picture perfect bride tomorrow!"  As she walked back with her tray of empty glasses, she muttered under her breath 'But tonight, you little bitch, you're going to be doing something no white girl should be doing on the eve of her wedding day!  You bitch, I just can't wait to see J.J. deliver the wedding present I ordered for you!  Yeah, you'll be the picture perfect bride tomorrow, walking down the aisle with in your flowing white gown with your belly filled with a nigger's nasty seed!'

On her next trip to the table for more drink orders, Mindy agreed to take pictures of the group with the various cameras brought by the girls.  She was also asked by Brandi to use the video camera that she had brought to get in a shot of she and her friends waiving to the camera.  Mindy smiled, having seen her friends using the camera to videotape Brandi as she had danced with J.J., rubbing herself up close to him.  'This camera is going to come in mighty handy before this night is over with.  We've got you dancing with the big black stud!  That'll be the perfect introduction showing you partying with your friends, dancing up close to J.J., going so far as to spread your legs open for him!  Shame on you, you naughty little bride!'

When time permitted, Mindy slipped off to the check-in desk holding her tray as if still busy working.  She knew the desk clerk well, having worked in the same hotel and serving him drinks at the bar, even cozying up to him at times.  She walked up to the desk and laid a line on him "That gal who's getting married tomorrow is a fucking blonde bimbo!  Went to high school with her and she was always forgetting things.  Can you believe she forgot her purse in her fiancé's car?  Lucky thing her friends are paying for the drinks!  But her fucking room key was in her damn purse!  Man, if her head wasn't attached to her body, she'd forget that there too!  She's too wasted to come up here. Can you go to the bar or would you like me to deliver it to her?" she asked, knowing one of the rules of the hotel was to always have the check-in desk manned at all times.  A moment later, she was at the bar with J.J., dangling the extra key in front of him.

At 2 a.m., the hotel bar was closing up as Mindy and J.J. watched the group of young women begin to stagger out of the bar.  The lovely bride-to-be was definitely in the worst condition as she was being helped by her friends, unable to walk on her own.  They watched as the group made their way through the lobby to where the elevators were located.  At that point, Mindy led J.J. to the employees' elevator next to the bar and headed up to the 7th floor.  A moment later, they peered from around the corner to see the blonde beauty and two of her friends assisting her into her room.  "Now all we have to do is to wait till the 'bitch' is alone!" whispered Mindy.

Ten minutes later, having observed Brandi's two friends close the door behind them and go to their own rooms, the coast was now clear for Mindy and J.J.  They waited a few moments extra, to assure that Brandi was fast asleep before they slipped into the room with the spare key.  Mindy softly called out Brandi's name just to assure she was not awake, then J.J. turned on the bathroom light so they could see.  Tucked safely in bed was the pretty little bride-to-be, only she would not be very 'safe' in the next moment.

Slowly, more lights were turned on so it'd provide good lighting for the upcoming video.  Walking up next to the sleeping beauty, Mindy looked down at Brandi and sneered "You uppity little bitch!  I know you and your snooty friends were laughing at me after I served you drinks!  You're going to get your due now, bitch!  Look what I got you for your wedding present!"  "Okay, big boy!  Give it to the fucking bitch!  Give her a wedding present she'll always remember!  Knock the fucking bitch up!" she encouraged J.J.

With the lights on, Mindy got the video camera that was on the counter, then got it rolling.  She smiled as J.J. was putting a performance for the camera as he slowly got out of his clothing, flexing his muscles, and especially continuing to flex that big muscle between his legs till it was rigid.  Then J.J. slowly drew down the covers to reveal the beautiful bride-to-be clad only in an oversized t-shirt and panties.  Slowly the t-shirt was pulled up and over the beauty's head and off her arms.  Her precious golden jewel was being revealed for the very first time, something that had been saving for her loving fiancé, something that she would present him on their wedding night.  Certainly not on the eve of her wedding day!

J.J. was ready to bust his nuts.  He'd fucked some white bitches before, but most were druggies like Mindy who would put out for him when she didn't have enough money to pay for the drugs.  But this precious little babe was so fucking naive and innocent looking, something he'd never been able to sample before.  "Man, she's so fuck'n innocent, I just gotta hear her scream when I tear into her!" he muttered loudly.  First he just had to taste her, bending forward he rubbed his face into her soft golden fur, then stuck his tongue out to taste her.  "Mmmm, so fuck'n sweet!  Just like honey!" he moaned.

Crawling up upon the bed, spreading the soft white thighs as he knelt between them, J.J. smiled as he gazed upon the lovely white bitch.  "Oh, yeah, sweetie!  J.J.'s gonna really enjoy this!  Gonna enjoy ‘ruining’ ya, honey, on the night before you tie the knot!  I'm gonna give you a wedding present!  Gonna lay a little black baby in your sweet white belly, bitch!” he sneered as he positioned himself between her widespread legs. Seeing her sparkling diamond ring on her hand, he smiled as he placed it on his big cock, wishing her fiancé could see his bride-to-be at this very moment.

J.J. put his arms under the back of her knees, shuffled up on the bed so her legs were waving up in the air.  Straightening up a bit, Brandi's trim legs slid along his upper arms and he placed her heels up onto his shoulders.  He placed a hand just above her throat, then with his other hand he slapped her face.  He enjoyed seeing the stupefied look on her startled face, followed by that of horror as the hazy cleared and she realized that this was no dream at all.  Just as she was about to emit a loud piercing scream, J.J. had been prepared, stifling that scream with his large hand upon her throat to choke it back.

Brandi looked about her, trying to figure out what was happening to her.  The last memory she had was laughing and dancing at the hotel bar with her good friends.  Now she was painfully bent in two with a leering black face between her legs, the familiar black face of the man she had played up to on the dance floor.  She could hardly breathe with the hand tightly around her throat, then she heard the threat of death if she screamed when he let go of her throat.  "Oh, God!  Oh, God!  Please ………..please ………..what's happening ………………please …………please don't hurt me ………………..please!" she begged.

"Oh, Godddddd!  Ohhhhhh, God ………………..ohhhhhhhhhh, pleaseeeee …………..pleaseeee!" Brandi groaned as she struggled but to no avail.  Her mind was still floating in a haze but she knew this horror was actually taking place, pinned to the bed in such a humiliating way.   She sobbed and pleaded "Please ………..please stop ……….please, I ……..I'm a virgin!  Please …….please don't rape me!  I ……….I'm getting married tomorrow!  Please ………..I've saved myself for my wedding day!  Please …………..please don't rape me …………please!"

J.J. laughed "A fucking virgin!  I fuck'n don't believe it!  God, a real fuck'n virgin in this day and age!  Baby, I'm gonna make ya fuck'n scream when I bust your precious little cherry!  Ready, honey?  Time for me to make a real woman outta you, sweetie!  Tried to get me all excited by sliding your sexy bod all over me on the dance floor, huh, bitch?  Bet you were wondering about the myth on black guys, huh, bitch?  I'm gonna show ya just how true that myth is, honey!"  He just loved seeing the tears in her eyes and hearing her anguished sobs, he taunted her further " Ohhhh, you pretty little bitch, saving yourself for some puny little white boy!  Think any decent white boy's gonna come close to ya once he knows you got 'ruined' by a nigger cock!"

The reality of her predicament sank into Brandi's still fuzzy mind, realizing that this evil man intended on raping her, taking what she had guarded so carefully for all these years.  She began to kick at him, trying to get her feet on his shoulders to push him away but she was nearly bent in two and barely able to move her legs further.  "Please ………please   ………..stop ………stop!  Don't ………don't ………….please!  Please don't hurt me ……………..please!" she sobbed.

Lifting his body up a bit, nuzzling his cockhead into her tight slit, J.J. pushed his throbbing cock into position.  His hand clasping her throat tightly, he stabbed forward with all of his weight behind him, fully enjoying the squeal of pain and fright from the terrified young beauty.   “Mmmmfffffff ………no … … ……noooooooo ………..ohhhhhhhhhhh ……….arghhhhhhhhhh!  Noooooo………….nooooooooo ……………ugghhhhhhhhhhhh!" came the anguished gurgle around his hand clutching her throat as he pumped at his throbbing cock up and down her tight dry slit.

J.J. laughed "Oh, baby!  God, gonna bust your fuck'n cherry, you goody-goody bitch!  Think your loving hubby' going to give you the fuck'n time of day if he learns that a nigger stole his precious little gem?  On the pill, bitch?  You better be, otherwise say your fuck'n prayers!"  With that, J.J. pushed forward, the painful stretching of Brandi's virginal entrance brought about hysterical pleas and sobs, sweet music to J.J.'s ears.  Grasping her trim hips firmly, he then dropped his full weight upon her as he brutally lunged forward, sending his thick shaft deep into her.  He had copped his first cherry, rupturing the precious jewel that she had been protecting for her wedding day.

"Aarghhhhhhhhhh!  Noooooo………….nooooooooo ……………ohhh, nooooooo ………….ugghhhhhhhhhhhh!" Brandi sobbed.  "Oh, stop ……….stop ……….please ………..please stop ……… hurts ……… hurts …………oh, you're tearing me!  Please ………..please ……..take it out …………take it out!" she cried.

J.J. was so excited that there would be no mercy as he fucked into her, plunging in and out of her raped slit, enjoying her painful cries of anguish.  Raising up a bit, J.J. then lunged forward again, bringing music to his ears as the lovely bride-to-be whimpered and sobbed in her defeat.  After withdrawing the length of his cock, J.J. looked down and laughed in triumph "Yes!  Oh, yes, sweetie! Busted your fuck'n cherry!  You beautiful little bitch, I love ya bleeding all over my nigger cock!”  Then he began to fuck her without mercy, slamming into her again and again, burying his cock into her womb.

Her long blonde hair whipped from side to side as Brandi sobbed in agony, her rapist showing no mercy as he plunged his monstrous cock deep into her womb.  She groaned in shame as her body quivered suddenly and then began to convulse, her cunt muscles beginning to contract around the invading cock.  “Oh, oh, ……….what's happening ………….no…………nooooooooo ……….!  Oh, Godddddd ………oh, God ………..ohhhhhhhhh, noooooo………… noooooooooo……………..!  Ahhhhhhhhhh ………oh, Godddddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Brandi groaned as her body tensed and shook uncontrollably as her very first orgasm racked her body.

As J.J.'s  cock sliced between her slick folds, he groaned “Ah, baby, you sweet little bitch ……..gonna cummmm in ya bitch ……gonna fill ya up with some nigger cum!  Gonna knock you up good!  Oh, baby, gonna fuck my little nigger baby in you ……………right nowwwwww, ahhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhh …….awww, babyyy ………baby ……… it issssss, bitch!”  He grasped her trim white hips and buried his cock all the way in, squirting out his hot searing jism.  Holding her tightly to him, his quivering black body spurted its potent seed directly into her womb.

Getting up from the bed, J.J. gazed down upon the widespread beauty, observing the blood stained sheet between her thighs.  He smiled as he watched his thick spunk ooze from her raped slit, the thick jism streaked with her blood as it drooled down her asscheeks and onto the bed.  He just wished her white boy fiancé could see his precious little gem right now, sobbing uncontrollably with her raped cuntlips drooling nigger spunk.  "Well, baby, sure hope you can explain to hubby why you ain't cherry no more!" he laughed.

The constant ringing of the phone finally got through Brandi's pounding head as she tried to move her aching body.  It was exactly the time her friends had asked the front desk to ring the room.  She was barely able to reach the phone and then dropped it to the floor upon hearing a recording come on to announce that it was her wake up call.  She tried to move again but her thighs hurt so badly.  As she lay there, flashbacks of the awful nightmare entered her mind.  'Oh, God!  No!  No ……….it couldn't have happened!  It was just a nightmare!' she told herself.  But the sharp pain between her legs told her otherwise.

She again told herself that it had just been a nightmare but the haze in her head began to clear.  In the nightmare, she had been brutally raped by the muscular black man who she had purposely teased on the dance floor, wanting to entice him with something he could never obtain.  Apparently she had passed out for awhile after the rape for the next thing she recalled was being manhandled until she was on her hands and knees with her rapist about to take her like a dog would.  Brandi remembered closing her eyes to block out the horrible ordeal, then was suddenly startled by another person being in the room.  She remembered feeling the bed sink in front of her with the weight of that person, never able to see that person as fingers were wound tightly in her hair and she was not able to look up.

'It was a woman!' Brandi realized, remembering how her head was pulled down, the awful smell that had hit her nostrils.  She now remembered those hands in her hair, forcing her head to rub up against that awful smelling pit.  She remembered being ordered to open her mouth and she had refused to do so.  Tears formed in her eyes as she sobbed, recalling that she continued to refuse until that brutal thrust from behind had her opening her mouth to scream.  But her scream was muffled, stifled by the smelly pit that was pushed up into her open mouth.  'Oh, God …………it was Mindy!' she realized, remembering now that familiar voice telling her "Bitch!  Call me the school's slut, huh!  Shit, at least I never stooped so low as to eat out a smelly cunt!  Look who's the fucking slut now!"

Brandi pushed herself up onto her elbows to look down at her body, groaning in anguish as she observed her golden fur matted with dried blood.  Bending her legs up a bit, she sobbed as she saw the streaks of blood coating her thighs.   She then recalled Mindy's menacing threat as her nightmare had come to an end, remembering those words "Call me the school's slut, huh, bitch!  You're going to pay, cunt!  We'll see who's the real slut!  You're gonna pay unless you want that videotape going to everyone in our high school class!"

'Oh, my God!  A videotape!' she worried, then grabbed the video camera that was next to the nightstand.  Opening the camera, her fears came true as the tape had been removed.  Lying back, Brandi sobbed at the humiliation she had suffered, wondering what could she do.  Then she recalled the last horrible event after passing out from the second rape.  This hazy ordeal came back to her in piecemeal, remembering a hand putting her bridal veil onto her head.  'Oh, God!  I couldn't have done that ………….I couldn't have done that!' she prayed, but it was indeed true as she recalled the veil being lifted and a black bloodstained shaft pushed and prodded her lips open.

Brandi pulled herself together as best she could, wanting to block the nightmare from her mind, knowing she had to put on a good front for all the people that she would be seeing on this eventful day.  Although she wore white lace as she walked down the aisle, with all eyes upon her, she was far from pure and virginal.  The pain was excruciating as she took that long walk, her stretched and aching cunt a humiliating reminder to her that she was now damaged goods.  Beautiful from the outside but totally soiled within as she walked up the aisle to marry the unsuspecting groom.

As she was making that long walk down the aisle, Mindy and J.J. sat a block away at the hotel bar, raising their glasses to toast the bride and groom.  J.J. slipped her the supply of drugs she had ordered, inquiring what she had in mind to do with the videotape.  He knew he could merely take the tape from her for his own use but he liked to see the underdog get the better of a superior opponent.  He listened as Mindy began to conjure up plans for her once uppity schoolmate.  J.J. felt a bit sorry for the beauty he had raped, especially knowing what lay next in store for her.

Brandi knew that the disappointing honeymoon was all her fault.  She froze up each time her husband touched her, afraid to respond to him.  When she did make love to Mark, she closed her eyes each time as she made believe it was again the eve of their wedding night, wrapping her legs around her rapist as he lunged into her.  But that only sent Mark spurting prematurely into her, leaving her high and dry in desperate need of an orgasm.  She was so thankful that they both had too much to drink on their wedding night, causing Mark to pass out before he entered her.  It was then easy to use the ploy the next day, when they did make love that he had taken her virginity the night before.

Two weeks after returning from her honeymoon, Brandi was just coming to grips with things when her hopes were doused with a distressing late-night phone call.  She immediately recognized the voice inquiring how her honeymoon turned out, whether it could compare to the eve of her wedding.  She pleaded, wanting to get that incriminating videotape, begging that it not be shown to anyone.

The next day, Brandi bid her husband goodbye as they each left for work at the same time.  They each took their own car as their places of employment were in opposite directions.  Using her cell phone, Brandi called in ill.  If Mark wanted to reach her, it would be on her cell phone so she wasn't worried about him calling her workplace and learning that she had not shown up for work.  She turned into the parking structure, parked her car, then took the elevator down to the lobby.  At the hotel bar, Mindy brought her a drink, a potent one like what she had consumed on that memorable night.  Then she listened as Mindy slid a tape along with a room key over to her, telling her "This is just a copy!  You can view it up in Room 815!  That's the honeymoon suite ………..this is going to be your real honeymoon!  If you don't want copies being distributed, you'll do as I say, you fucking slut!  You stay in that room till I come up and tell you that you can leave!  Got that?  Now get your ass up there!"

In the room, Brandi put that tape into the video recorder and turned on the television set.  On the tape, she remembered the scenes of the girls partying, then the dancing.  But what followed was a replay of the nightmare that had plagued her since awakening the morning of her wedding day.  Tears flowed down her face, ruining the makeup that she had so carefully applied that morning.  Hearing the knock on the door, she breathed a sigh of relief as now Mindy had come to the room and would allow her to leave, but she wondered how much she would have to pay for the original tape along with any other copies made.

Wiping away the tears, Brandi went to answer the door.  Opening the door, her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open as she saw the unkempt but familiar male standing at the entrance.  She had not seen Stan since high school, not since she had broken up with him during their senior year.  She had dumped him and Stan became deeply depressed because of it, his grades slipped and then his plans for college fell apart.  That led Stan to even more hard times, dealing a bit in dope, and illegal gambling.  When they had dated, he always had his hands roving over her body and Brandi had always refused to let him get anywhere.  Finally, she refused to have anything more to do with him.

Stan's face broke out into a wide grin, seeing the bitch that had given him the heave ho in their senior year.  She had broken up with him after that time he had parked the car on the hillside and tried to make out with her.  She had slapped him and yelled at him, telling him that she was no slut that he could just grab and paw.  He took a step toward the nicely dressed woman before him, enjoying her frightened look as she backed away from him.  'God!  She's really matured into a lovely lady!  But she can't be no 'lady', not if she's here in this fucking room!' he mused.

Approaching the woman who had dumped him years ago, Stan was going to pay her back good!  "Mindy said she had a big surprise for me!  Told me she had lined up a real high class 'hooker'!  Said she owed it to me for loaning her a couple hundred bucks when she was down and out a few months ago!  Fuck, I'd never dream you'd be that fucking 'hooker'!  C'mon babe, Mindy told me I only had an hour's worth of your time before the next customer got here!"

An hour later, Brandi was being pulled out of the bed and led to the shower.  "Hurry up, bitch!  You only got 20 minutes to shower and get your clothes back on!  Be dressed, or else!  Got to run, need to get back to the bar to collect from your next customer!" Mindy advised.

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When 4:30 p.m. came around, Mindy looked down at the sobbing Brandi, snickering "You fucking slut!  Time for you to shower and go home to make dinner for your loving husband!  Do you satisfy him as well as you did with all the guys you fucked today?  Shit, they're so fucking happy that they all told me to let them know when you're available again and to count on them paying the $200 bucks an hour!  You've already got a regular clientele!"

On the drive home, Brandi's heart was beating hard as she recalled her exhausting day.  Mindy had scheduled a full day for her, a new customer showing up every hour and a half.  Mindy had made her shower after each customer, putting back on her nice dress, nylons and heels so she could entice the next customer as she disrobed again.  She blinked back the tears as she pictured each of the men who had paid to satisfy their lust on her body, men who wanted or lusted after her during her high school years.  Mindy had seen to it that her disgrace would be complete, degraded by those who had wanted to get their hands on her back during her high school days.  Days when she had helped label Mindy as the school's slut.

After her old boyfriend came Mr. Gaston, the old teacher who had inappropriately touched her in her sophomore year, the teacher who was dismissed after she reported him to the principal.  He had been so violent with her, getting even for being forced out of his teaching profession because of her.  She remembered how painful it was when he turned her over on all fours.  She thought he was going to fuck her doggie style but she cringed in remembering the pain as she screamed when he rammed his cock up her virgin ass.

Her third customer was a boy that she knew to be a nerd back in high school.  She only remembered his first name being Ralph, how nerdy he was, how she had turned him down cold when he had finally gotten the nerve to approach her for a date.  How she had laughed at him as she dismissed him in front of some of her friends.  She closed her eyes briefly, remembering his skinny body humping up and down upon her, taunting her "Guess who's got the last laugh now, you fucking bitch!"

Following Ralph was a man she'd never have expected to be paying for her services.  She had been a cheerleader and being on the student council, this man had led her to believe that her input on the students' perception of the school was of great benefit. This was a man she had held on a pedestal, thinking so highly of him, but now she knew why she had been summoned to his office so often.  He was in his early fifties back then, a robust jolly man who she respected enormously, his retirement already announced for the end of the current school year.

Now she knew that Principal Gordon had merely summoned her to his office for another reason.  As he was fucking her, he told her how he often jacked off under his desk, shooting his load into a hanky as he spoke to her.  "Ohhh, Mindy knew I had a hard on for you!  She caught me watching your sweet ass sway back and forth when you left my office just as she was to report to me for detention.  That day as I was fucking her on the couch, as I had been doing for a year, she had me cumming so much when she kept telling me to make believe I was fucking you!" he muttered.  "Oh, you beautiful bitch!  Fuck, you had me fooled as the naïve innocent little bitch!  In my wildest dreams, I never would figure you'd be on the cunt market!" he laughed as he rammed into her again.

Principal Gordon's fat, bloated and sweaty body upon her made her sick to her stomach.  Worst of all was the way he squealed like a pig as he snorted and grunted "Nrrrrrrrrtttt ........................nrrrrrrrttttt ......................nrrrrrrrrtttttt .....................nrrrrrrrrrtttt!"  And then the now baldheaded bastard ejaculated his vile semen deep in her cunny, all the while laughing "Ahhhhhhhh, yeah fucking little whore!  Little Miss Prissy is nothing but a fucking little whore!  Ahhhhhhh ........................yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Brandi had always thought of him as a friend, getting short notes inquiring how she was doing in college and updates from him on the school.  And to think that she had invited he and his wife to her wedding just weeks ago, how she had danced with him at the reception.  Now she knew exactly why he had been so friendly to her, how friendly he really wanted to be as evidenced by his cock twitching and dwindling in her sopping wet slit.

Then that last customer of the day had her repulsed as she was forced again to strip.  Forced to bare her body before the deviant man, a man she had teased and insulted along with her friends.  Her friends had told her how he always looked up and watched her every movement whenever she passed by.  Once she had learned that, whenever she passed the old black janitor, she purposely wiggled her hips in front of him.  Only this time she was forced to wiggle her butt before him without any clothing on.  He was like an animal, satisfying himself upon her body three times in that final hour.  She swallowed and licked her dry lips, remembering that last time as she was forced to kneel before him.  Then she had to mouth and suck off his withered black cock, which he pulled out after the first spurt of his filthy cum, then shot the rest of his cum off into her face.

Blinking back the tears as Brandi drove, her tortured mind re-running the degrading acts that she had been forced to perform along with the brutal way each of the men had fucked her.  It had been so horrifying when she opened the door to see who had paid for the opportunity to sate his pent-up lust for her, a lust that had been held in check for so many years, and now their chance to sate that lust had arrived.

What troubled Brandi most was the way in which she had responded to each of the men as they fucked and degraded her in whatever perverted manner they desired.  She chastised herself, ashamed at the way her body betrayed her, achieving wild orgasms from each of the lusting men.  Orgasms that far surpassed whatever she had felt in making love with Mark.  It seemed that the more brutal the fuck or the more perverted the act, the more convulsions of pleasure that coursed through her body.  'Why ………oh, why did I act so shamefully?  Why did I have to wrap my arms and legs around each of them ………humping back at them like a true slut?  And to beg them the way I did …….begging them to fuck me like a fucking whore!' she pondered.

End of Story.