Blackmailed for Her Bootie
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

At the age of 28, John Martin Jr. or better known as J.J. for John Jr., was riding on the coattails of the company in which his father was the Chief Executive Officer.  Being the son of the CEO, J.J. was naturally working his way up the corporate ladder quite quickly.  And with his father's help, J.J. knew that he would hopefully be ready to assume the role as top dog once his father decided to retire.  Even though J.J. obviously lacked his dad's ambition, drive and cunning, no one believed that he had what it took to be the CEO of Alliance Inc.
Billy Ray Carver, the same age as J.J. was also an employee at Alliance, having started with the company two years before the CEO's son and saw how quickly the young punk was rising up in the company.  Thus, he went out of his way to befriend J.J. when the punk was assigned in the same department to learn the ropes of the entire company.  Billy Ray figured that it was a good hedge to improve his own lot in life as an employee of the company.

Billy Ray really disliked the punk whiteboy, considering him to be weak and rather self-absorbed.   With J.J. having the good life pretty much handed to him on a silver platter, not having to apply himself nor worry where his buck was coming from, Billy Ray had to scratch and claw his way through life, getting by solely on grit and guile.  He knew that his job security at Alliance was tenuous at best, thus his latching on to J.J. turned out to be an absolute stroke of genius on his part.

As for John Martin Sr., he wasn't thrilled that J.J. hung around with the likes of Billy Ray Carver as didn't approve of his work ethic or lifestyle.  He couldn't for the life of him understand why on earth his son doted on a man like Billy Ray Carver, a muscular black whom Big John considered nothing more than a thug.  The thoughts of doing away with the thug's job position would had been a simple way of disposing of him without any job discrimination lawsuit.  But he did not want to risk losing favor with his son by doing that or pressuring him to sever their friendship.

Firing Billy Ray Carver or disposing of his job position, that would most assuredly result in his losing favor with his only son.  So Big John resigned himself to waiting for the situation to simply play itself out even though it irked him to have to continue to carry the black thug on the payroll.  And Big John did correctly assess the situation, that Billy Ray had merely befriended J.J. as a safety valve, the black's ace in the hole and meal ticket.

For Billy Ray, the biggest threat to his friendship with J.J. was the whiteboy's pretty fiancee, the stunning young beauty Michelle Erickson.  Personally, Billy Ray could not understand what the young beauty saw in J.J. Martin, except of course, that she would be marrying into a lot of wealth and assured of a life of leisure.  But, it had become obvious to Billy Ray that the gal's interest in J.J. was not motivated by those items.  For whatever reason, the pretty bitch was genuine and completely head over heels in love with J.J.  He knew that the bitch merely tolerated J.J.'s friendship with him, anticipating that the status quo would shift they tied the knot.

Sizing up the lovely Michelle Erickson, Billy Ray correctly assessed that she was as naive and innocent as she was lovely, obviously raised to be a very prim and proper lady.  Billy Ray could already see the handwriting on the wall, certain that she was not likely to approve of J.J.'s continued association with the likes of him.  Though J.J.'s fiancee was turned off by his swagger and brashness, Billy Ray figured that he being 'Black' played a bit part of her feelings towards him.

Pretty sure that Michelle Erickson had lived a sheltered and privileged life as well, Billy Ray also assessed correctly that she had very little if any exposure to blacks while growing up.  If there was one thing Billy Ray prided himself in, it was his sexual prowess.  And ol' Billy Ray would bet his last dollar that he could turn her on to black meat, if only he could finagle his way into her tight little panties.  One thing for certain, he knew that she would never give in to him, not willingly anyway!  One thing he had learn in confidence from J.J., they had never slept together, causing Billy Ray to suspect that the young beauty was still 'cherry'.
At the young age of 24, Michelle Erickson had gone to a private girl's school and then off to a prestigious college on the east coast, graduating with a degree in English.  But Michelle was quite down to earth, cherishing all the close friends that she had made through middle school and the private girl's high school that she had attended.  Taking a job offered by a close friend of her parents, Michelle looked forward to the day she would be a prim and proper wife to her husband, and become a mother.

Wondering just how he could scheme his way into the panties of J.J.'s pretty fiancee, Billy Ray knew that the young punk was the weak link that he'd have to somehow get the goods on.  As far as Billy Ray knew, J.J. was rather nerdy and not much of a ladies' man.  'How in the hell did a purty little bitch like that fall for such a punk ass?' he wondered over and over again.  They'd joke about how hot a certain gal would look when they were drinking but it was merely all talk on J.J.'s part.

Having gone out drinking many a time with J.J., Billy Ray knew that the nerdy punk couldn't keep his eyes off pretty young blondes - not that he could either.  But the punk was too shy to approach any of them, much less asking them for a dance.  'Well now, with me being yer best man at the wedding, it's my duty to make certain ya git a fantastic bachelor party as well as a night out to sow yer wild oats!' he thought.

For Billy Ray, he was having his lust for white meat sated by one fine little blonde number.  Pretty Mrs. Jenny Brisco, the pretty wife of one of his whiteboy fraternity brothers in college, whom Billy Ray had caught in a rather compromising position when on an out of town trip with her boss.  By sheer chance, Billy Ray was attending an electronics convention and had been hitting the town with a cousin of his when he spotted his frat brother beautiful blonde wife in the same restaurant.

Having been an usher at the wedding, sporting a hardon for the lovely bride from the time he was introduced to her at the wedding rehearsal, Billy Ray had been forced to keep his hands to himself and sate his lust with the use of his fist.  With a wedding photo adoring the mantel in the living room of his apartment, he would often take the photo into the bathroom to wank off to the beautiful bride in the picture.

Months after the wedding, while traveling a couple hundred miles away from home, Billy Ray couldn't believe his eyes when he was at a fancy restaurant.  Spotting the familiar beauty seated off in the distance, he kept a low profile, leaning back to peer between the leaves of the plant to watch the lovely wife of his frat brother.  Having seen his old frat buddy the prior week at a tailgate party before the football game, Billy Ray had learned that the beautiful wife had recently gotten a full time job for some top dog, an old black guy who owned his own firm.  And that pretty Jenny Brisco had to pass on the game due to having to an out of town business trip.

Looking carefully across the dimly lit room, Billy Ray suspected that the old fellow was the black boss of his frat brother's young wife.  Seeing the way the guy was touching Jenny Brisco's hand, caressing her forearm, Billy Ray suspected that both business and monkey-business was been attended to on this out of town business trip as the blonde beauty did not seem upset by the old guy's advances.  When the couple got up from the booth, seeing the black arm around the waist of the lovely Mrs. Brisco, Billy Ray told his cousin that he needed to go to the 'john'.

Keeping a safe distance, he watched them enter an elevator together, then ran over when the doors closed.  Watching the top light, he observed the light stop at the tenth floor.  With the hotel rooms in a circular fashion, with a large courtyard in the center, Billy Ray quickly ran to the other end in hopes of seeing the lovely Mrs. Brisco and her boss.  He lucked out and observed them entering the same hotel suite.

At the tailgate party the next week, Billy Ray smiled upon seeing the lovely Jenny Brisco in attendance with her husband.  "Hi, Jenny!  Good to see ya again!  Missed ya at the last tailgate!" he greeted her with.  Grabbing a spot next to where and her husband were seating, he merely chatted small talk, mentioning "Heard ya got a full-time job with the company now!  A lot of out of town business trips?"  Seeing her merely nod a 'yes', Billy Ray waited to spring the little surprise.

Billy Ray then mentioned "I managed to git out on a trip myself the other week!  Got to see my close cousin in Springdale!  He took me to a real fine restaurant at the Plaza Hotel!  Real swank with good food and drink!  People all dressed up at that place!"  Seeing Jenny Brisco's petite body stiffen at the mention of Springdale and the Plaza Hotel, Billy Ray knew he had hit upon a nerve.

When Jenny's husband stood up to get them some drinks, Billy Ray whispered "Think I's go and git some turkey that they's jist put out on the table!  Lemme git ya some, Jenny!  Now lemme guess ……………….ya's like dark meat ……………nice and juicy dark meat!"  With Jenny blushing and declining his offer, Billy Ray went on "Saw some interesting goings on at that place …………….real interesting ……………..even took some photos ………………….of the 10th floor!"  Though he lied about the photos, the way in which pretty Mrs. Brisco was panting for breath confirmed it all.

When her husband came back with the drinks, Billy Ray advised "Hey, I's gonna be making a trip out to yer part of the state next week!  Can I's take ya two out for dinner when I'm there?"  As expected, his 'ol buddy said 'Nonsense, Jenny will rustle up some good 'ol home cooking and we can relax at our place!  You haven't been out to our new place yet ……………..don't make hotel reservations cause you're spending the night with us!"

For young and pretty Jenny Brisco, the fun and happy tailgate party was now a nightmare for her as her husband's fraternity brother had all but told her of seeing her and her boss together at the restaurant.  Jenny also remembered the tenth floor, where the hotel room was located, the hotel room that she and her boss had taken together for the night …………..the entire night and on the same king-sized bed.

Jenny had hoped and prayed that her deep dark secret on how she had landed the executive secretary position would be discovered.  She dearly loved her husband Ted and had done it to help out with the finances, as well as to earn herself a full time job.  Though she detested committing infidelity for such gains, Jenny had not anticipated the pleasures to be derived from being taken by such a virile man like her boss, who later commented to her 'Honey, when ya go black, ya can't go back!'

The thought of Ted's fraternity brother revealing her secret would result in the dissolution of her marriage to Ted.  With Billy Ray not saying anything about it in front of Ted, Jenny suspected that he was really fishing for an invite over to their new home by announcing that he'd be in their area the next week.  And Ted had bit at it, inviting Billy Ray over for dinner as well as to spend the night there.

With the game soon to start, the tailgate party came to a conclusion, with of course it recommencing following the end of the football game.  As the group made their way to the stadium, the usual bottleneck of fans began to form at each entrance.  Hand in hand with her husband, Jenny was quite aware of Billy Ray standing in line directly in back of her.  And as the bottleneck got even tighter with people merely able to shuffle along, Jenny shivered as she definitely felt a hand caressing her ass.

At that point, Jenny knew that her husband's black fraternity brother was like any other man, wanting to get a sample of her goodies now that he had something over her.  She  also knew that Billy Ray's staying over the next week would not be for just social reasons but that of sexual ones.  'Oh, God ………………….he's going to want me to put out for him ……………….right in our new home!' she realized.  Performing sexual favors while out of town on business trips was one thing, but now Jenny realized that she would soon be violating the sanctity of their new home.

That next Friday, Jenny was preparing a salad of fresh greens while Ted and Billy Ray were out in the backyard putting steaks on the grill.  Jittery throughout the week, her heart was now pounding with nervousness. With Billy Ray meeting up with Ted at his office following his supposed meeting with clients, they had then come to the house for dinner.  She wondered how long it would take for Billy Ray to proposition her, get her to trade sexual favors for his silence.

With Billy Ray making his way to greet her with open arms while Ted got them drinks from the bar.  Her husband's frat brother then gave her a polite peck on the cheek he embraced her.  But then the embracing arms slid down, the hands on her back were now cupping her ass as he whispered "Yer little secret is safe with me, sweetie!"  Though unspoken, the squeeze of her asscheeks told Jenny that her ass was going to be his soon, very soon indeed!

During dinner, Jenny dared not move leg away when it was obvious Billy Ray had was deliberately made contact with hers, pressing up against her.  Dinner over and dishes cleared, Jenny then brought out some coffee while Ted went to the bathroom.  It as then that place a pill on the tray as Billy Ray advised "That's a little 'roofie', sweetie!  Drop that into Teddie's coffee and he'll be out the entire night!  Then we can negotiate a little deal …………….to keep my lips sealed on what I observed at the Plaza Hotel!"

Hearing the bathroom door opening, signaling Ted's return, Jenny picked the pill and dropped it into her husband's cup of coffee.  In the living room, Billy Ray sat in a chair while Ted and Jenny were sitting together on the sofa.  Chatting a bit as they drank their coffee, Jenny nervously watched as her husband finished his drug laced cup and then had asked her for a refill.  By the time she went to get the coffee pot from the kitchen and back to the living room, Ted's head was to keep awake.

Making sure that his frat brother was dead to the world, Billy Ray gave a wide grin to the lovely Jenny Brisco, telling her "Ya always dress to nice!  I's jist love women in a dress and heels!"  Moving to the back of the sofa, he caressed her soft skin, tracing her shoulder down to her fingertips.  Then grasping her hand, he pulled her up confidently and led the way down the hall in search of the master bedroom.

"Let's ……………..let's go in the guest room …………… …………to talk!" Jenny stammered out as the confident black stud pulled her down the hallway.  But to her dismay, though it was not unexpected at this point, she heard Billy Ray advise "C'mon, sweetie …………………..ya gonna be using yer lips that's fer sure ……………….and it ain't gonna be fer talking!  I's want ya ………………….right on the bed that ya and Teddie boy share together ……………………makes it all that much sweeter, sugar!"  And then the light was turned on in the master bedroom as they entered, with Billy Ray ordering her to "Okay, Jenny, baby ………………..git down on yer knees and start using those purty pink lips of yers!"

Kneeling before Billy Ray as he anxiously unzipped himself and pulled out his big black hardon, Jenny stared at the awesome size of his manhood that made her husband's seem like a little boy's.  'My God, this certainly confirms that myth about black men!' she thought as she reached up to take him in her hand.  With Billy Ray's hands reaching out to grasp the back of her head and pull her towards him, Jenny parted her pink lips to take him into her mouth.

Had he not had the fortune to spot her in the Plaza Hotel, Billy Ray would never have attempted to make a pass upon his frat brother's beautiful young wife.  "Oh, damn yer good ……………………who'd have ever believed it ………………..Ted Brisco's beautiful wife with her mouth full of black cock!  Oh, yeah, baby ……………….ahhh ……………..yeahhhhhhhhhh ………………..tongue me …………………….tongue me just like that!" he moaned, body shivering with sheer pleasure.

Though she had never done this for her husband, always claiming that no decent girl would do such a filthy thing, Jenny had come to love seeing just how her lips and tongue could blow a man down.  Fists pumping at the base of his stem, her head bobbed up and down on his juicy meat, purposely dragging her teeth on the pullbacks.  Then she heard the loud groan from above as she slid her hands from his stem base to grasp his nutbag in her petite hands, trim fingers squeezing and rolling his walnut sized balls.

"Oooooooohhhhh, yeah ………………………..oh, Jennyyyyyy, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy …………………..yeah ………………….yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Billy Ray groaned as the blonde bitch had gobbled him whole, taking it all the way down her throat.  'My God, the little bitch is unreal ………………took me all the way down her fuck'n throat …………………….even the fuck'n pros can't do that!' he thought as she gazed down to see his frat brother's beautiful blonde wife with her nose rubbing up against his short kinky hairs.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………ahhhhh ……………………cumming …………………cummingggggggggggggggggggg!" Jenny heard Billy Ray announce just a second before he began blowing his wad down her swallowing throat.  She felt his nuts contract time and time again, followed by his spurt after spurt of this thick cream right down into her gullet.  As his hot jizz filled her belly, Jenny was glad that she had just a small piece of dessert earlier as this creamy hot pudding filled her to the brim.

Finally, Jenny felt Billy Ray pushing her back, trying to get his now over-sensitive out from her throat and much.  Having giving him the blowjob of a lifetime, Jenny was now into it, feeling so naughty and wicked of entertain her husband's frat brother right here in their home.  As Billy Ray stumbled back a few steps to rest his exhausted body against the wall, Jenny stood up to do a seductive striptease before him, smiling as his cock lurched up in appreciation.  Stepping out of her dress, letting her bra fall to the floor, she then stepped up to Billy and rubbed herself against him.

Undoing his belt buckle, she helped him out of his pants, then unbuttoned his shirt.  Grabbing him by his now aroused cock, Jenny pulled him over towards the king-sized bed.  Pulling down the bedspread, she then climbed up onto the middle of it.  Arms outstretched, Jenny welcomed her husband's black frat brother up onto the marital bed that she shared with Ted, telling him "C'mon, stud ………………….come and fuck your frat brother's wife …………………right on his bed!"
The Brisco's marital bed was now occupied, not by husband and wife, but instead by husband's black frat brother and his beautiful blonde wife.  After a deep passionate kiss, the black stud moved down to kiss and tongue her pink nipples, then proceeded down further to her soft golden curls.  Hands caressing her legs and spreading them apart, Jenny gasped as Billy Ray nuzzled his nose into her sugar bush.  "Oooooooooooooohhhh ……………..ahhhh …………………….ohhhhhhhh ………………..yesssssssss!" she moaned as Billy Ray clamped his hot wet mouth over her juicing slit.

Withering upon the bed, Jenny reached down to grasp Billy Ray's kinky hair, moaning "Oh, God …………………yessssssssss ……………..…..yessssssssssssss ………..oh, yes ………… meeeeeeeeeeeee …………………… me Billy Ray!" she screamed, arching up to feed him more of her love nectar.  As the now flicking and exploring tongue along her slick groove, Jenny gasped "Billy ………………..Billy Ray ……………..oh, eat me …………………… meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………I ……………….I'm cummminggggggg ……………….oh, Godddddddddd ……………….I'm cumminggg!" Orgasm rocking her body, climaxing in Billy Ray's slurping mouth, Jenny groaned as her body convulsed uncontrollably.

Licking at his slick lips, Billy Ray maneuvered up into position, greasing his throbbing cockhead up against the wet slit.  He leaned forward and pushed his thick cockhead forward, not meeting too much resistance as he sliced into her slick cunt.  For Billy Ray, he knew it was because her hanky-panky business trips and sampling black cock had her loosened up like this, but his cuckold frat brother must obviously kept in the dark.  As her trim arms and legs embraced him as he slid into her, Billy Ray chuckled "Ya like it nice and big, don't ya, sweetie?"

"Ohhhhhhhh, good ………….… nice and big ……………………fuck me …………………..slam it to me!" Jenny panted as she arched up onto his black prong.  "Don't Teddie boy realize yer gitting it on the side ………………….especially with his tiny tool!" she was asked as Billy Ray slid in and out of her clenching slit.  "No ………….no ………………he has no idea!  Ted cums to quickly ………………as soon as he puts it in!  Please ………………please, Billy Ray …………………..fuck me ……………………fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she panted out.
"Ohhhhhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhh ……………….yesssssssssss ………………….yes ………………fuck me …………………fuck meeeeeeee!" Jenny swooned as Billy Ray pounded in and out of her fuck slit.  "Oh, God, yesssssssssss ……………fuck me ……………..….fuck me, Billy Ray ……….…………fuck my brains out ……...………….yes …………..yesssssss ………..I ………………….I'm there ………………………….I'm cummingggggg!" she groaned as the long thick cock lurched deep in her womb.

"Oh, God!  Oh, God!  Yesssssssss …………….……….yesssssssss!" Jenny screamed as the thick cockhead flared, then began spewing its hot potent cream directly into her fertile womb.  "Ahhhhhhhhh …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………oh, Godddd!" she groaned.  Then Billy Ray collapsed upon her, his heavy body crushing her, his dwindling cock still embedded within her milking cunt.  Panting, unable to push the heavy body off from her, Jenny could not help but to imagine what a sight it'd be for Ted if he managed to awake from his drug-induced sleep and come to bed.

Dosing a bit herself, Jenny awoke some fifteen minutes later with Billy Ray still atop and in her.  Unable to budge or awaken him, Jenny tried another way to get Billy Ray to respond ……………….that by clenching her cunt muscles around his dwindled but still thick cock.  Feeling him stir, she squeezed again and again, harder and faster till Billy Ray was instinctively humping her.

Twice more they fucked like rabbits and Billy Ray was totally spent and exhausted.  As it was three in the morning, with Jenny going into the shower, Billy Ray then went out to the living room to gather up his whiteboy frat brother to take him to his bed.  Dumping him onto the soiled sheets, he then helped undress Ted, leaving him in his jockeys and t-shirt.

The next morning, as Billy Ray had a cup of coffee with his frat brother while Jenny prepared some bacon and eggs for breakfast.  When Ted wondered what happened last night, Billy just chuckled and told Ted that he really tied one on.  With breakfast to take some time, Ted advised that he grab a quick shower.  Once the water in the shower cjould be heard, Jenny took a bite of her breakfast ………………….some juicy black sausage!
Following the wedding rehearsal, Billy Ray took J.J. and the other young men in the wedding party to a popular local nightspot to toast J.J.'s last night of freedom.  It was do or die for Billy Ray, who had arranged to have pretty Jenny Brisco be there waiting with a girl friend of hers.  He told Jenny to take her wedding band off but to keep her diamond ring on, for she was to play the part of a young bride-to-be who also was out partying during her last week before tying the knot herself.

As planned, Jenny Brisco was already there at the club, having brought her friend Doreen Hastings along with her.  Since Jenny had never been introduced to J.J. or any of the others at J.J.'s little group, it was simply a matter of pretending that she and Billy Ray had never met either.  Using the excuse of being on an out of town business trip once again, her husband did not suspect that she was to meet up with his frat brother and comply with his request to seduce some nerdy groom-to-be.

Blackmailed by Billy Ray for sexual favors, Jenny had been surprised upon getting the phone call and of hearing just what she was to do.  Putting two and two together, Jenny knew that Billy Ray was up to no good and not just getting her to lay the groom to give him some experience.  'He could have done that with any hooker!' she thought.  But with the hold he had upon her, also wanting to please him in any way, Jenny was not about to argue.  As for friend Doreen, Jenny never really briefed her on the full extent of Billy Ray's plan, figuring that the less she knew, the better.

During the night, Jenny circulated, pointing out J.J. to unattached women at the club, explaining that tonight was his last night out before tying the knot, and asking if they'd help make J.J.'s night memorable by asking him to dance and to make a big deal over
him.  Almost without exception, the girls were more than happy to comply.  After all, it was all in good fun.
J.J. never knew what hit him.  With Billy Ray and the guys cheering him on, J.J. danced up a storm as the gals kept coming to give the groom-to-be the night of his life.  Each time he was asked, enjoying being in the limelight, J.J. couldn't refuse.  And each time he returned, a toast was offered up to J.J. on his incredible popularity with the girls on his last night of freedom.
As per the plan, Jenny and Doreen surreptitiously joined into the rotation, taking turns asking J.J. to dance any time there was a lull in the festivities, if more than a couple songs played without a gal asking J.J. to dance.  Dancing with the groom-to-be, Jenny made a lasting impression on the nerd when she advised him that she too was out partying before tying the knot the following week.
After almost two hours of revelry, the party finally began to wind down.  As the party began to break up, Big John offered J.J. a ride home but J.J. begged off, choosing instead to stick with Billy Ray.  J.J assured his father that he and Billy would just finish their last drink and then be on their way, or so he thought.
As soon as the coast was clear, Billy Ray flashed Jenny the cue to make her move.  A few moments later, Jenny and Doreen stepped up to the table, coaxing J.J. into granting them one last dance before calling it a night.  Each took turns on the dance with J.J and then joined Billy Ray and the unsuspecting groom-to-be at their table.  It was while J.J. was on the dance floor with Doreen that Billy Ray slipped the drug into J.J.'s drink.

Jenny waited until J.J. had drained his drink and then made her move, snuggling up close to him, pulling him to the dance floor.  By now, J.J. was almost out on his feet but he was certainly enjoying her company as Jenny took his hand in his on put it on her ass.  She then nuzzled his ear and ran her hand up his leg to give his crotch a loving squeeze, whispering "Do you think that fate brought us together?  When both of us are about to tie the knot!  Maybe fate brought us her tonight ……………….for each of us to have a final fling ………………..together!"

Hearing that, J.J. blushed and fidgeted.  But hell, with a cute little blonde letting him feel her ass up and basically giving him the green light, he figure there was no risk or catch with her about to get married also.  Or so he thought that ws the case, not realizing that he had been setup.  Touching Jenny lithe and soft body, feeling her ass up, J.J. got brave and pushed his hardon up against her.
Meanwhile, with J.J. having unwitting downed the drug, time was now of the essence.  Billy Ray flagged down the waitress and quickly paid the tab.  Then the four of them headed out to the parking lot.  Jenny caught J.J. off guard, leaning in and giving the drugged and woozy groom-to-be a passionate goodnight kiss before Billy Ray had to helped him into the car.  With Jenny and Doreen getting into their own cars, they all headed out the parking lot, supposedly off on their own.

But the plan called for Jenny to meet up with Billy Ray at a seedy no-tell motel dive across town.  Once there, assured that J.J. was dead to the world, Billy Ray removed J.J.'s wallet, pulled out $50 and told Jenny to go in and register under the name of J. Martin Smith.  If anyone checked, it would appear to be a pathetically unimaginative and transparent attempt by J.J. to register at the motel for an illicit one-night fling before marrying Michelle Erickson the next day.
Billy Ray turned to the drugged J.J. and laughed, "Sorry, ol' buddy, but it's dog eat dog, and I can't just sit back and wait for your lovely little wife-to-be to pressure you into kicking me to the curb!  Yer asshole of a dad is just chomping at the bit for ya to distance yerself from me so he can shitcan me!  I can't depend on ya not to let that happen, not with that smart and wiley bitch yer marrying!  So's I'm dealing myself a fresh hand and you're my ace buddy boy!"
A few minutes later Billy Ray and Jenny were helping the passed out J.J. into room 126, placing him on the bed.  Jenny quickly stripped down and then undressed J.J., joining him on the bed.  Meanwhile, Billy Ray checked his camera and set up to snap some very incriminating photos, just as a hedge.  Billy Ray had entirely too much riding on the outcome of this night to leave anything to chance, so whether or not the photos would prove useful later on, he was far too cunning and resourceful to pass up such a golden opportunity.

With J.J.'s father was a very wealthy man and J.J. moving up in line to ascend to corporate ladder and possibly the CEO position, Billy Ray was betting that J.J. would pay through the nose.  He knew J.J. would do anything to prevent his prim and proper wife from seeing snapshots of what he was up to the night before their wedding.  'Hmmm, what would he do if Jenny gives him a call in a couple of months to tell J.J. that she's pregnant ……………….with his baby!  That he knocked her up the night before his wedding!'
As per the plan, each photo was meticulously posed, effectively using Jenny's long hair and occasionally adding just a slight turn of the head to ensure that her face was not identifiable in any of the snapshots.  On the other hand, except for a few snapshots with J.J.'s face buried in Jenny's snatch, the groom-to-be was clearly identifiable in each and every photo.  Some were of J.J. thrown in the saddle, with Jenny wrapping her legs around his ass to make it look good, as well as to keep him atop of her.

Billy Ray choked back a laugh as Jenny couldn't help but sigh in disgust as she needed her horny pussy scratched.  Getting the groom's hardon in hand, she got up to straddle him, commenting loudly "My goodness, he's so skinny ……………….smaller than Ted's …………………shit, I can hardly feet it!  What a pathetic excuse for a cock!  He'll be lucky his doesn't file for an annulment before they can even officially consummate the marriage on their wedding night!"
Although Jenny's sarcastic remark was made in jest, it gave Billy Ray food for thought as a cruel but ingenious idea quickly formulated in his mind.  He then figured that it be best he hedged his bet by putting J.J. out of commission, physically unable to consummate the marriage on his wedding night.  He noted that J.J.'s neck, chest and stomach were covered with telltale love bites that the groom would not like his precious bride to see on her wedding day.  "Okay, git off of him and git into a '69'er with him so's I's can give ya what ya really need!" he ordered.
With Jenny getting off J.J.'s pathetic cock and into position, she began licking and tonguing the groom, eliciting mewls and moans of pleasure as she rubbed her itching mound over his face.  Stripping off his clothing in the meantime, Billy Ray climbed up onto the bed right over J.J.'s face and lifted Jenny's soft trim hips up.  Then he slid his black meat up into the bitch's slick slit, hearing her lift up from the cock to moan "Oh, fuck me ………………fuck me, Billy Ray!"

But Billy Ray had other things in mind rather than giving the blonde bitch the hump pleasure she needed.  Put the meat up her twat was just to grease and lube-up his tube before butt-fucking the little bitch.  A quick withdrawal after a few strokes, Billy Ray then slammed forward with expert precision, forcing his boner up into the blonde's tight ass chute.  As Billy Ray had expected, the bitch had not expected it and the pain had her gritting her teeth in response, right down onto J.J. cock.

J.J.'s mewls and moans of pleasure suddenly turned to grunts and groans of pain as Jenny's sharp teeth sank down into his manhood.  "There that oughta put him out of commission but good!" Billy Ray laughed as he began to butt-fuck the blonde wife of his fraternity brother.  Mission accomplished, he then slipped his cock out of her ass and then back into her horny twat to give her the shagging that she was begging for.
As far as Jenny was concerned, she'd fulfilled her part in the scam, and whatever Billy Ray had in store for J.J. after that was his own business.  If the cops came looking for her, asking questions about her little motel romp with J.J., she'd just claim she met J.J. at a bar and they hit it off.  She'd then go on that they both got a little drunk and got it on.  As for the photos, Jenny would simply allege that she had allowed their romp to be photographed as it was the groom's weird request.  She'd allege that the groom wanted an intimate little keepsake gift in order to remember his last night as a bachelor.
Reaching over to answer his cellphone that was on the nightstand, J.J. fumbled with the key pad and looked about the run-down room that he was in, at a loss to understand where he was or how he had gotten there.  Answering the cellphone, it was an excited Billy Ray saying "Yo, dude!  Ya gotta git yer fuck'n ass outta bed and meet up with all the guys to get dressed!  Ya know the saying ……………….'Gotta git to the church on time'!"

Stumbling out of bed, J.J. saw a note on the nightstand, next to where his cellphone had been.  It was from Billy Ray advising 'I'm in Room 315!  Call me when you get up in the morning so we can head off to the church!'  A cheap plastic calendar holder indicated that he was in the Starlight Motel in the sleazy part of town.  Needing a shower and use the 'john', J.J. stumbled into the bathroom.  "Owwwwwwwwww!" J.J. cried out as he began to pee as acidity from his urine was burning him alive.

Taking a quick shower, J.J.'s cocked ached something bad.  Then he saw all the hickeys on his body in the mirror.  Hearing the pounding on his door with Billy Ray calling out to him, J.J. put on his jockeys before going to open the door and let his friend in.  "What happened ……………..what happened to me ………………….how'd I get here?" he asked as Billy Ray stepped into the room.

"Shit, ya don't remember nothing?  That cute little blondie ya picked up at the bar!  Telling me to find ya a place where ya could git it on with the bitch!  From what ya told me, she's getting married next week and you two figured it was fate that ya guys spend yer last fling together!  Damn, ya two were going at it in the backseat before I's could even git here!  Ya were kinda wasted when ya and the blonde went in and I made sure to give you a note with my room number!" Billy Ray responded.

J.J. did remembered dancing with a cute little blonde named Jenny, remembered her nuzzling at his ear and squeezing his cock when they danced and at the table.  Then he recalled the passionate kiss she had given him in the parking lot.  But after that, it was all a total blank.  When asking Billy Ray as to what happened to the blonde, he saw Billy Ray shrug his shoulders and advise "I went to bed in my room and left you two alone!  She must have slipped out during the night!"
Billy Ray had one last card to play, however, pretending to notice a note lying on the small dinette table.  "What's this?" he muttered, retrieving the note and then reading it aloud "J.J., you were just incredible!  Michelle is a very lucky lady!  Best to you on your wedding day and I hope we can do this again sometime soon!  Your Lovergirl"  Billy Ray handed J.J. the note, choking back a laugh.
"No time to worry about it now, loverboy," Billy Ray teased.  "Shake a leg, we are already supposed to be at the church.  Hell, we're supposed to meet the other guys at your place as all the tuxedos are there!  Shit, yer getting married in couple of hours!"  Looking at the hickeys covering J.J.'s body, he advised "Damn, that little must be some hot number!  Ya better not let Michelle see those hickeys or yer in a hell of a lot of trouble!"

J.J. glanced at the clock and groaned in despair, then dropped the note and staggered to the bathroom to splash some cold water on his face.  Billy Ray reached down to pick up the note, folding it and put it in his pocket as it might just come in handy one day.  He then heard a loud groan coming from the bathroom.

Moments later J.J. stumbled out of the bathroom, holding his groin.  "Damn, it hurts!  What did that bitch do to me?  Damn, I can't even pee without it burning like hell!"
J.J. groaned in pain.  J.J. then stumbled into his clothing as Billy Ray prodded him to hurry or they'd never make it in time.  Getting into the car, J.J. had his head in his hands as Billy Ray started up the engine.

As Billy Ray drove the agonized and befuddled groom-to-be, J.J. pleaded his case, professing his love for Michelle.  J.J. was at a loss, mumbling as to 'How in the world could I ever cheat on her, especially not on the night before their wedding!'  As J.J. tried to blame it on the booze, claiming he must have been out of his head and delirious, Billy Ray then played the part of being his best buddy.  He told J.J. "Hell, yer a man!  Who wouldn't turn down a chance to bed that cute little blondie?  Damn, she was a hot one!"
J.J. pleaded with Billy Ray that whatever else happened, no one could ever know what happened, especially Michelle.  He told his buddy that it was a terrible mistake on his part, muttering that he needed to put it behind him and move on as it was his wedding day.  "All that matters is that I love Michelle!" he exclaimed.  But then J.J. began to back-peddle, lamenting that tonight was his wedding night and wondered aloud "How the hell am I ever going to get through the night!  My balls are so sore and swollen!  I can't even take a pee with it stinging like hell!"
Playing the part of a good buddy, Billy Ray sought to reassure J.J., telling him not to worry about it and that he'd think of something.  "Leave it up to me!  I'll figure a way out fer ya!  Gotta think up a way in which Michelle won't expect ya to perform tonight!" he advised.  "Hey, J.J. ……………aren't there gonna be a lotta guys from yer frat at the wedding and reception?" he asked.  Hearing the confirmation from J.J., he then exclaimed "That's it!  That's it!  That's the answer to yer problem!"

With J.J. pleading for him to go into detail, Billy Ray advised "Ya've seen it before ………… some of yer buddies' weddings!  Ya know how frat brothers are …………trying their best to git ya soused and too drunk to consummate the marriage on the wedding night!  Only tonight, ya don't beg off on the toasts, drink up on every one!  Git yerself a bit wasted!  Don't ya worry ………….I'll be there to take care of ya …………..git ya up to the honeymoon suite when ya need my assistance!"

Billy Ray then heard J.J. muttering "Yeah ………..yeah, good idea!  That'll work!  After all, it's a big night to celebrate!  Michelle can't get mad at me for partying and having a good time with my frat brothers!  I've got the whole week on the honeymoon to make it up to her!"  Holding back a chuckle at his cunning ploy, Billy Ray thought 'I's only doing my duty as the 'best man' to help the groom up to the honeymoon suite when he's too soused to make it up there on his own!  And I's gonna be the 'best man' yer purty little bride's ever gonna git up between her sexy white legs!'

End of Story.