Bookie Collects on Debts
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Gary Patterson sat nervously in front of his bookie's desk, afraid of not being able to get his IOU's extended once again, waiting for Mr. Johnson to return.  He could see what appeared to be an x-rated flick being played to the right from where Mr. Johnson had been seated behind of his desk.  Gary knew that the guy a top bookie in town but that he also delved in some illegal activities, as the guy had even hinted of being able to set him up with some 'entertainment' for the evening or for a weekend if desired.  Having heard that earlier, Gary had wondered if the guy pimped gals out or if he was indicating that he had the contacts to make the set if he had so desired for such entertainment.  From his angle on the other side of the desk, Gary could make out a big black dude on the screen throwing a blonde bitch onto the bed and it appeared that the woman was trying desperately to get away from the approaching black bastard.  With the volume so low, not much could be heard from the set, but he swore he heard a female's voice crying out "No, please .........................please ................................please don't rape me ..............................please don't rape me!"  Leaning forward, trying to get a better angle of the screen to see the flick, Gary saw the woman trying to push at her attacker, then saw the big black bastard tearing at her clothing.    

Hearing the door opening behind him and the heavy steps of Mr. Johnson approaching, Gary sat back while swallowing deeply in hopes that he could finagle another extension for his gambling losses.   Gary had been quite surprised at receiving the invitation to the grand opening of the hotel, compliments of Mr. Johnson, even though he was behind on his IOUs.  The invitation had been addressed to both he and his wife, that included a beautiful suite and complimentary meals, as well as free spa daily for Marcie and several top shows included for entertainment.   He saw Mr. Johnson's eyes turn towards the monitor, saw the bookie smile widely as he chuckled rather loudly "Atta boy, Rex, give it to that beautiful blonde bitch!"  Then, with Mr. Johnson lowering the volume down before turning towards him, advising that "Jist got into a new venture, Gary, my man!  It's a brothel out in Fairmont County that just voted in the legalization of brothels to drum up the economy there!"  Then the big man chuckled "Prostitution is legal here in this state but not all the ways in which one must go to obtain the 'talent' for such places!  I's gonna be naming the place the Kitty Kat Korner!  And I's gonna be sending ya an invitation for 'Opening Night', how's that sound, my man?"   

"Thanks!  Sounds great, Mr. Johnson!" Gary replied.  "Aw, c'mon, call me Lex, my man!  Ya's and I's been doing business for a couple years now!  Don't go fretting about things, even when ya falls a bit in arrears of yer IOU's!" he was advised by the bookie, but Gary sure felt uneasy about the way he mention being late in covering his gambling debts.  "When's it opening up, Lex?" Gary asked to make some conversation before bringing up the need for another extension.  "Oh, as soon as I's can git me enough talent to handle the crowd I'm expecting to frequent the place!  But that's not as easy as ya'd think cause I's jist don't want any two-bit hooker working at the place!  I's want only prime stuff .................the stuff that ya can't jist go and git at any other whorehouse!  I's want them not only looking like prim and proper beauties but actually being prim and proper beauties in their real and everyday life!  They'll be doing this on the side, away from their regular life as as prim and proper life to the community she lives in!  Yeah, I's planning on flying in fer the weekend or jist a few days as her schedule permits ..........................that way, it'll keeps'em prim and proper but in bad need of some cock, making her wanna git here to scratch that itch of hers!  Yeah, them purty prim and proper white gals will sure fetch a purty penny from those big bad black dudes looking fer some fine white pussy!" he was told.  "God, he jist stuck it to the bitch!" he heard the bookie say before adding reaching for the remote to turn up the volume and advising "Listen to the bitch scream!"  "Eeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .........................................stopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!" Gary heard the shriek of pain and plea before the volume was turned back down once again. 

According to Lex Johnson, the guys with money these days were the young blacks who had made a hit in the recent rap movement.  Gary found himself cringing nervously each time the bookie talked about 'dem sorry ass white boys' as he certainly seemed to fall right into that category, especially with him being in debt to Lex Johnson.  Told to put himself in the position of being a young black dude with lots of dough coming in, then Lex was telling him that "They's got more money than what they know what to do with!  But what better way to spend money on getting some fine white pussy, especially if'n ya knows she's quite the prim and proper wife of some sorry ass whiteboy and not some regular whore!"  Then Lex Johnson had once again turned his attention to the television monitor off to his right, then commented "And I's even get bigger bucks from those black dudes wanting to break in the new talent that'll be working at the brothel!  Right now, I's watching Rex Miller introducing a beautiful blond bitch to some dark meat!  Can ya believe he dropped eight grand down without the blink of an eye when I's showed him a picture of her!" 

Mrs. Marcie Patterson    

An envelope was tossed across the desk to him as Lex Johnson advised "That's the picture I's showed Rex this morning and he's couldn't git his money out fast enough fer a chance of being the first to shows that bitch what black lov'n is all about!"  Picking up the envelope that has been tossed his way, Gary wanted to see what kind of new 'talent' Lex Johnson was going to supply his brothel with.  Pulling out the large 10" x 12" photograph, Gary sucked in his breath and his heart nearly stopped that second.  It was a picture of Marcie wearing that very same brown pullover sweater and white slacks that he had last seen her wearing before she had departed off to the resort's spa for a massage and rubdown.  Then Lex Johnson gruffly advised "The eight grand that Rex dropped at the sight of your beautiful wife's picture covers the interest due on yer IOUs!  And that lovely wife of yers will be certainly be a big attraction at the Kitty Kat Korner, don't ya think?  Yes sirree, wait till them black dude finds out she's married to a whiteboy .............with two children ..............a legal secretary by day ..............and weekend prostitute at the Kitty Kat Korner!  They'll be standing in line fer a chance at her sexy bod!  Hell, Gary, with what she oughta bring in, yer IOUs will be taken care of in no time!"

His eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets as Gary viewed the large screen monitor as the camera was being zoomed in upon the couple entangled upon the bed.  At first it didn't look like his wife, not with her face cringing in pain and agony, but he knew it was just wishful thinking on his part.  It was there at the spa that Marcie had gone to, where she had been taken to a special room for the massage and rubdown!  Only it was not the regular massusse there to service her, for there in the soundproof room with a number of cameras providing a live feed, Marcie was to be broken in as new talent for the Kitty Kat Korner by Rex Miller.  Not only was this being received on Lex Johnson's monitor, but also to a private lounge where the big shots and big spenders were invited as special guests to watch this very special viewing.  It had been quite a show for the watching audience, getting to see the scared beauty backing up and away from the big black buck who had entered the room just after she did and had locked the door behind of him, then it was obvious of what his intent was as he slowly began undoing the buttons to his shirt while approaching the frightened blond beauty.

And Gary had indeed heard a female voice crying out "No, please .........................please ................................please don't rape me ..............................please don't rape me!"  With the volume on low, the audio had been barely understood, and he certainly had not been able to associate that female's voice being that of his own beautiful wife's.  Cornered and stripped of her brown pullover sweater, she had fought to get away as her bra was pulled from her, and Marcie had uttered out that desperate cry as her attacker was in the process of stripping her white slacks from her kicking legs.  But with Lex Johnson's return to his desk and subsequently lowering the volume, Gary had missed out on hearing all the action going on, other than that of the painful shriek of pain when, according to Lex, the guy had 'stuck it to her'!  His beautiful and faithful wife had just paid for his neglect in covering his gambling debts in a timely manner, paid for by a pound of flesh, only that pound of flesh was dark black and now hidden ..........................all 12" of it, right up in her raped cunny! 

To make matters worst, it was then that Lex Johnson put it on split screen, with the new portion showing men cheering Rex on as they watched him rape Marcie!  His vile bookie then advised that "That sweet beautiful wife of yers really put on a good show for the VIP's in the High Roller's Lounge!"  Then the bookie advised him that 'Part of your debt will soon get reduced by those high rollers, cause I'm sure they're all hot and horny to sample that beautiful wife of yers!  They's got the dough and ought to be willing to drop five hundred apiece once Rex gits  done with her!  And that ought to be a good introduction to what yer wife can expect at the Kitty Kat Korner!  Guys will be lining up for a chance to nail a prim and proper little bitch like her!"  At that instant, Rex's long black cock began to reappear as he leaned back and pulling his cock out of Marcie's ravaged cunt.  Gary gave an audible gasp in seening the black bastard's thck cum come oozing out of his wife's very reddened and raped slit.         

A day later, Mark and Dawn Minter were at the plush resort hotel, compliments of the devious Lex Johnson.  Unbeknownst to Dawn, her husband Mark was already in over his head when the invitation came, and such an invite couldn't be passed up by any gambler who thought he'd make it all back 'this time'.  It also indicated that there was a fashion show being held, something that Dawn would enjoy as such events intrigued her.  Telling his wife to have a nice time shopping at the fancy stores housed in this resort, Mark had to make a visit to see Mr. Johnson for an extension on his credit limit and to hopefully get a waiver on making this month's payment on his huge IOU note from his losings a month ago.  He turned to wave goodbye to his beautiful wife as she trotted off to another store, before going to the fashion show, after having bought a cashmere sweater.  He was sure lucky to have such a beautiful wife such as Dawn, who always was dressed nicely as she now was in her purple dress and beige heels.  

Mrs. Dawn Minter

As Dawn had just turned 30 the other day, Mark had told her this trip was perfect to help celebrate her birthday and gave her money to spend on herself at those plush shops at the resort.  Working as a buyer for a large department store chain, she made a very decent salary, but Dawn was not aware of the losses her husband had racked up in gambling that even her income couldn't bail them out of the problem that Mark had gotten them into.  She had been introduced to Mr. Johnson on their prior visit and the fellow made it seem that Mark was a well known customer that deserved VIP attention.  Surprised and impressed that Mr. Johnson had recognized her in passing after coming out of a shop and heading to take in the fashion show, Dawn was not alarmed at all when the host called over an associate to "Take Mrs. Minter to the VIP lounge where the fashion show is being held and get her a seat up front!  And be sure to notify the staff that everything's on comp!" 

But there was no fashion show being held there at the resort on this day.  It was something that Lex had learned she was interested in, especially in being a buyer for a large department store chain.  And that associate escorting her to the VIP lounge was not truly an associate, but a VIP named Ahmad Allen who had plunked down eighty-five hundred bucks for the opportunity in breaking in the blond beauty and 'blacken' her good!  He led to to where the VIP lounge was located, but going just beyond it, opening the door that led the the bedroom just adjacent to the lounge that was current filled with high rollers invited to this special event.  Frightened upon seeing that it was just a bedroom that she had been led to, Dawn shuddered as she turned and tried make and exit.  Grabbed by the big black bastard who was now sporting a grin from ear to ear, Dawn found her escape blocked by the big muscular black as slowly approached her.

In the VIP lounge, that was crowded with men and standing room only, Mark Minter had been given a reserved seat front and center next to Lex Johnson.  Mark was trembling nervously as two of Mr. Johnson's collectors were seated just a foot behind of him, and each had a iron-like hand clamped down upon his shoulders, forcing him to remain seated in his chair.  He had thought they were going to beat him to a pulp when then entered Mr. Johnson's office across the way.  But instead, they had escorted him into the VIP lounge and pushed down into he chair in which he sat.  When the large screen was lighted up, it showed a large bed in a room, then was advised by Lex Johnson that the door on the far right of the lounge was an entrance into the room on the screeen.  On the screen, a light from the hallway could be seen when the door opened, and Mark got the shock of his life in seeing that it was wife Dawn walking into the room followed by a big black gent.

The look of fright clearly could be observed on Dawn's face as she sought to leave the room.  But it was quite clear what the big muscular black dude had in mind as he pulled off the black bow tie that he wore, then his coat was removed and tossed aside as Dawn backed away from him.  Mark then learned from Lex Johnson that the fellow in the room had paid the $8,500 interest that he owed, and the bookie chuckled "Don't ya think Ahmad there is entitled to some entertainment from yer beautiful wife in exchange for him covering the interest ya owe, huh?  Hey, better than having yer arms and legs broken, don't ya think?"  Mark wanted to get up out of his chair and run over into the next room to save his wife, or so his mind told him, but those strong hands on his shoulders convinced him otherwise.      

Front of Dawn's purple was suddenly in the grasp of the black bastard's right hand and he went and ripped it right down the front.  Then the bastard was after Dawn's lacy black bra, with it coming away in his hand once he got a grasp on it.  Titties bared as the bastard began groping at them as if he was looking for ripe fruit in a grocery store. Desperately trying to put up a fight and get away from her attacker, Dawn put up a good struggle but she was just no match for her much stronger opponent as he tore the remnants of her dress from her body.  Losing her beige heels in the scuffle, Dawn fought with all of her might to save herself from being violently raped, but she suddenly found herself being flung onto the bed and her attacker was right there upon her and pinning her to it.  Hands grasped at the wrists and arms pinned above her head, Dawn could only sob out "Please ............................please ..........................please don't rape meeeeeeee!"

Men in the room began cheering on the bastard, with one guy yelling out "Fuck her, Ahmad!  Fuck the blonde bitch!"  They watched at the blond bitch tried desperately to squirm up the bed and away from Ahmad.  But then Ahmad  could be seen grasping her trim hips to pull her back down, right to where he was kneeling.  Then he was gripping the lacy black panties in his hands and the material came apart like tissue paper.  'Oooohs and ahhhhhs' could be heard in the room was Ahmad began shucking at this cock, getting it primed to a lengthy 12", then he was aiming and centering it as he held her firmly in his grasp.  "Oh, Jesussssss!" someone yelled in the crowd when Ahmad reared back and lunged forward with all of his might, causing the beautiful blond to scream “Nggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………nnnnnnnnnnggggg ………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhh ..............................stop .............................stoppppp ...................................stopppppppppppppppp!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………dammmmmmmmmmmm!  Jesussssss, yer so fuck’n tightttttttttttt!” Ahmad was heard groaning out after having stuck half of his twelve incher up into her tight box.   Seeing the size of the bastard's cock, and with his own cock half the size and feeling his wife's tightness, Mark was certain that Dawn had never experienced like this before.  All that he could do was to sit there and watch his beautiful wife pay for his gambling debt, the interest portion of it anyway.  He wondered if the other men in the room knew that it was his wife being raped on screen, that such could be their situation in the future should they fall in arrears on their gambling debts, wondered how they would feel in his place with the audience cheering "Rape her ............................rape that beautiful blond bitch ..................................knock her up ....................................knock her up with your little black bastard!"

“Oh God ………..……….oh, God …………….…pleaseeeeeeeee ……………….stop ……………….pleaseeeeeee stop! Please! Oh, Goddddddddddddd ……… hurtsssssssssssssss …………….it hurts so baddddddddd …………...............…oh, Goddddddd!” Dawn  screamed as the thick cock pushed further into her.  It was now a full ten inches that had forced up into her too tight slit and Dawn had never felt anything so big and thick in her life.   Shuddering in pain, she again pleaded “Please ………………please …………....................please stop ………………….. pull it out …………………please’s too bigggggggggg!” But then the bastard  grasped her trim hips with both hands, slamming himself forward with all his might, skewereing her to the hilt and then the bastard was grinding his short kinky curls up against her tender skin.   "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………ohhhhhh, God ……………………oh, God ………………no …………….arrrrrrrrrrrragggghhhh!” Dawn screamed in sheer agony, her trim white legs flailing about, while she desperately pounded on his muscular shoulders in desperation. 

“Ohhhhhh, yeah, baby!  Feel that proud animal I's got in ya, sweetie?  Ya ain’t even gonna feel yer hubby’s little pecker after I’s git done with ya!” the audience heard Ahmad taunting the raped beauty.  On and on the blonde's rape ordeal continued, with Ahmad's battering ram pounding and pounding away at her till.  They could see his big black balls, the size of walnuts, thumping at her white asscheeks.  Finally, Ahmad announceed that the end was near, groaning out loudly “Gonna cum, bitch!  Gonna cum way up in yer cunny, sweetie!  Gonna plant it deep in ya!  Gonna breed ya, bitch!  Gonna knock ya up real good!” And then Ahmad's ebony body shuddered violently, once more and then again, with the entire audience knowin what was taking place on the screen.  And when Ahmad finally pulled on out, a stream of sticky goodies oozed on out of the bitch's raped slit. 

Mark blinked back the tears, for he had not been able to save his beautiful wife from being raped by the black bastard, and he had been the cause of it all by getting so far into debt.  Worst was to come as Lex Johnson stood up to ask if everyone had enjoyed the special show, bringing applause and whistles from the men.  Then had his hand on his shoulder, telling everyone that "Ahmad just covered the interest owed by my man Mark here!  And hubby here graciously allowed Ahmad to be entertained by his beautiful wife as you just saw on the screen!  Anybody willing to help out Mark here on reducing his gambling debt?  Five hundered will get you next up on the screeen with that blonde beauty in the next room!"  "Charlie .....................ya had yer hand up first!  Drop yer money off here to Mark and then ya'll get next dibs!  The rest of ya, come and drop off your money and put your name on the list!  Price goes down fifty bucks after each guy, jist so ya git some discount for gitting sloppy seconds!  And when you come and visit the Kitty Kat Korner when it opens on up, this purty little lady will a hostess there!" Lex Johnson announced.

After Dawn got dicked the guy named Charlie, it was a big black dude turn, only he dropped a full grand so that he could get on the screen as he announced to his buddies "I's gonna show ya dudes how to make a purty bitch like that enjoy eating some dark meat!"  Mark had seen Lex Johnson handing the guy some pills, telling him to "Make her swallow first before ya wash it down with yer hot cum!"  And sure enough, the bastard had Dawn swallowing the pills and then swallowing it all ..............................all twelve long inches of dark meat three inches in diameter!  Another guy dropped a grand so he could be the first to bugger Dawn, causing her to shriek out in utter pain as raped her virgin ass.  Hours later, Mark had enough to reduce his IOUs by fifteen grand.  With some of the guys going back for seconds, Mark had lost count of the number of men Dawn had serviced, but those pills had his beautiful wife acting like a nymph as she readily welcomed each man entering the bedroom with open arms and widespread legs.  Mark had a continuous boner tenting his pants while watching Dawn getting gangbanged quite a few times, and some guys would drop a hundred bucks so he could go into the bedroom to jack off onto Dawn's face or body.    

End of Story.