Boss Ogles the Newlywed
(m/f, i/r, cons)
Black Demon
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BD 102 Boss Ogles the Newlywed

Glancing down at the wedding ring that Frank had placed upon her finger when the wedding vows were exchanged, she realized that she was now Mrs. Megan Philips.  She should be feeling happy now that she had married her true love but instead she shivered in nervousness.  The honeymoon was now over and she would be returning to work at Denton Electronics on Monday.

Having met Frank in high school and having gone steady from their senior year on, they had gone off to junior college together and two years later both had gotten an associate degree.  Frank had gone off to complete his education at the state university while Megan found a job as a secretary at the junior college they had attended.  Then Megan was fortunate to stumble upon a much higher paying job in her line of work at Denton Electronics.

With Frank graduating from the university and getting a good paying job at Mid-Central Bank and Megan's salary, they were doing very well for a couple their age.  Having stumbled upon a new subdivision when they had taken a drive one afternoon, they had fallen in love with one house and found that they could qualify to purchase it.  They were both excited, thinking that although it would drain their monthly income and  that they would hurt initial couple years but that things would ease up with the pay raises they would be getting.

On the last night of their honeymoon, after having returned to the new home they had just purchased, Megan fidgeted as she mentally pictured the evil Artie Gibson whom she worked for.  She shuddered as the image of her big muscular black boss filled her mind, thinking of what he was expecting of her upon her return to work.  'Oh, God, how can I go to work knowing that evil boss of mine expects me to give him all the details of my honeymoon!' she thought, shivering with disgust.

Heart pounding with fear, Megan just didn't know what to do, thinking 'I can’t afford to lose this well paying job, not with Frank and I purchasing the new house three months ago!  Mr. Gibson let me out of going on my first out of town business trip three weeks ago, knowing I was about to marry Frank!  He knew there was no way I was about to take that trip with him, not before the wedding, anyway!  But now, in exchange for getting out of that trip, I’m supposed to tell him all the explicit details about my honeymoon!'

She had wished that she hadn't invited him to the wedding.  It was supposed to be a memorable night with the man she exchanged her vows with, not the awful memories that her deviant boss left with her.  'God, he’s so awful!  At the wedding reception, he danced with me and purposely pushed his hardon up against my wedding gown!  Pushing himself up against my belly!  And the awful things he said he’d do to me when I did make my first business trip out of town with him!' she recalled.

Artie Gibson had been looking forward to this day for quite sometime now.  He wondered if the sexy blonde beauty had enjoyed her honeymoon, especially knowing what he was expecting of her when she returned to work.  He laughed to himself as he wondered if the new Mrs. Megan Philips could enjoy making love to her husband, knowing she was to divulge all the intimate details during the privacy of her honeymoon.

Sitting atop the front of his desk while reading a file, Artie awaited for the young newlywed whom he had just summoned to his office.  Hearing the knock upon his door, he called out “Come in!”  He smiled, feeling his cock throb in his pants as he saw the young innocent blonde beauty nervously enter his office.

This was the moment Megan had dreaded all morning upon returning to work, unable to concentrate on anything else.  Purposely leaving the door open, hoping that Mr. Gibson would have the decency to forget his evil demands that she reveal her intimate moments with her husband while on her honeymoon.  “You …… called for me, Mr. Gibson?” she asked as she stepped into the office.  To her dismay, her ploy failed when Mr. Gibson advised “Come in, Mrs. Philips!  Close the door!  We don’t want any of the office staff to overhear what you’re going to tell me, do we?”

Cringing, Megan nervously turned to close the office door and locked it in fear of being caught in a compromising position by another office worker, though knowing she would be all alone with her evil boss.  Reluctantly, she turned and forced herself to walk towards Mr. Gibson’s desk.

Artie stood and smiled at the newlywed's obvious plight as she approached.  Then he placed his hand behind her neck and pulled her to him and planted a kiss upon her reluctant pink lips.  He could feel the resistance as the young newlywed tried to back away from the kiss.  His cock rose and throbbed in his pants at the thought of the power he had over this young beauty just back from her honeymoon.

Megan had feared and dreaded what was now taking place in Mr. Gibson's office but she had to go through with it or lose her job.  She froze, trying to show no emotion to her boss’s kiss, shuddering with disgust that another man was kissing her like this right after her honeymoon was over.

“Well, Mrs. Philips, how are you?  Remember you promised to give me all the sordid details about your honeymoon!” Artie gloated as the young beauty nervously sat there unable to say anything.  “So, how was it?  Did your husband bust your precious little cherry out on your honeymoon night?” he asked tauntingly.  Artie smiled in seeing the taunted beauty blink back the tears as she bit her ottom lip, then nodded a ‘yes’ in response to his question.  “C'mon, give me the details!  You promised to give me all the details!  You promised!” he added.

Megan fidgeted uncomfortably, clutching at her fingers as her voice came out in a mere whisper, stammering "Ummm ………..ummmm ………….well, Frank took off my clothes and ………….ummmm …………he ……..ahhhhhhh ………..he got on top of me and we made love ………………..then we went to sleep!"

“What, you never gave him a blowjob?” Artie pried of the newlywed.  His cock twitched madly in his pants as he gazed upon the puzzled look upon the beauty's face as she innocently asked “A blowjob?  Wh …..what’s that?”  Grinning, Artie advised "That's when you suck his cock!"   Then, he reached over for her soft petite hand, pulling her hand over to the bulge of his crotch.  "You know what I mean, don't you?  When you put your mouth on his dick!" he advised the wide-eyed beauty.

Megan shuddered with horror as her fingers felt the size of the cock that Mr. Gibson possessed, realizing that it was far bigger than what her fingers held during her honeymoon.  Megan had hoped that she would only have to relay the intimate details of her honeymoon to satisfy her boss.  But after the kiss he had given, along with making her touch his crotch, she now feared the worst.  When asked if she knew what he meant by a blowjob, Megan shook her head both in disgust and horror at what he was eluding to.
Artie chuckled and advised "Well, maybe I should show you what I mean by a blowjob!  Here, get down on your knees and I'll show you what I mean!"  As the reluctant beauty obeyed for fear of losing her job, Artie saw her eyes widen as he began to unzip his pants.  "Oh, yeah, you really don't know how to give a blowjob?" he asked again.

Seeing her boss begin to unzip his pants and reach inside, Megan panted "No, I don't want to do that!  It's too …………it's dirty!  Frank is going to be so mad at me!"  Megan was suddenly staring at his cock, a big black cock that was so much bigger than her husband's.  She cringed at the horrid thought that this evil boss of hers expected her to put his filthy penis into her mouth.

Artie chuckled, telling her "Don't worry about it!  It's nice!  It's good!  Frank is going to be so glad I thought you how to do this!  Now say 'ahhhhhh'!"  As the innocent blonde beauty complied by opening her mouth wide, he slid his thick cock into her cringing face.  He held her at first and as she continued sucking, then Artie released her head and began to shuck off his clothing.

Megan felt sick at the demand to open her mouth but complied with her boss's demand.  Here she was, down on her knees before him with his cock in her mouth on her very first day back to work from her honeymoon.  She knew that she must be giving Mr. Gibson pleasure as she heard him continuously moan "Ahhhhhh …………..ahhhhhh ………ahhhh …………ohhhhhhhh …………ahhhhhhh!  Oh, yeahh ………….oh, yeahhhhhhh ……………so gooddddddd!"

Trying to put her mind far away, Megan began to mechanically bob her head up and down upon the thick tube of meat.  All the while, she could hear Mr. Gibson continue to moan "Ohhh, yeahhhh ………….oh, yeahhhhhh …………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………..oh, yeah …………ohhhhhhhh!"  Megan cringed with disgust, feeling her mouth becoming slick and filled with his leaking juices, shuddering as she felt sick to her stomach.

Artie was thoroughly enjoying the power that he wielded over this young newlywed.  Here she was, just married and back from her honeymoon and she was down on her knees sucking him off.  He sure wished that fool of a husband could now see the woman who had pledged her vows to him just over a week ago.  That thought had his cock pulsating and throbbing as it was ready to burst.  "Ahhhhhhh ……………ohhhhhh ……….you're a  great little cocksucker, Mrs. Philips!  Oh, yeahhhhhhh ……………….I'm going to cum!"

Having placed her mind far away from the despicable act that she was now performing, Megan's mind did not register her boss's comment about cumming until it was too late.  Feeling the cock in her mouth suddenly expand and throb crazily, she shuddered as the hot filth suddenly exploded in her mouth.  As she tried to take her head away, Mr. Gibson had anticipated her next move and held her head firmly in place as he spewed his load of hot goo into her mouth.  Finally the thick cock was pulled from her lips.  Feeling sick, Megan quickly reached for the nearby trash can and spit out what she could of the filthy slime.

Later the next week, Megan was in her bedroom folding her clothes to put into her suitcase.  Deep thought as she packed, she clutched at her stomach and shuddered in nervousness as she thought back to the horrible scene that took place in Mr. Gibson's office on the first day of her return.  ‘God, how could I have done such a filthy thing?  Putting his filthy penis into my mouth and sucking it!' she shuddered.

'Did he really mean the things he said that he’d do to me on this trip?  Is he really going to put his mouth on my sex?  Is that what he meant when he said that he was going to ‘eat’ me?' she wondered.  ‘Frank ……I’m sorry but I must do this or I’ll lose my job and we won’t be able to make the  mortgage payments!’ she silently said to herself.

Continuing to pack her suitcase, she shivered as she thought "God, it felt so wicked to have a man use my mouth to satisfy himself!  It tasted so awful!  He's a sadist!  He said he expects me to swallow it all the next time I suck him!  God, I feel sick just thinking about it!'
Sitting upon the bed in despair, Megan wondered 'What would my husband say if he knew that his once faithful wife had just sucked off another man's cock?  That when he kissed me, my mouth was soiled with another man's cum!  I can't believe I had his thick cock all the way down my throat!  Have I changed any?  Can he tell by look at me that I'm no longer the true and faithful wife?'

That afternoon, entering a rather cheap and bare hotel room, Megan nervously entered as Mr. Gibson carried her suitcase behind her.  As she stood in the center of the room, Mr. Gibson set down the suitcase and sat himself upon the top of the dresser.  She then sat upon the bed, cringing and shuddering when her boss taunted her, saying "Ahhh, Mrs. Philips, you looked so beautiful in your wedding gown a couple of weeks ago!  If Frank could only see his lovely wife now, huh?"  Then her boss added "Why don't you give me a little strip tease show?  Bet Frank has never seen that!"

"But …… should I do a striptease?" Megan asked, hoping that she could get out of it.  She knew that there was no way out of it when Mr. Gibson advised her to do it nice and slow, taking all of her clothing off for him.  Resigning herself to her dreaded fate, rather than losing the new home that she and Frank had just purchased, she stood up to begin disrobing.

First, to comply with his demands, Megan unzipped her dress and stepped out of it, leaving her in her white undergarments and heels.  Then she undid the clasp of her bra and let that fall to the floor.  She desperately tried to cover her now exposed breasts but that was not possible as she was to slip off her panties next.  Sliding up onto the bed as she was ordered, clad only in her pair of white heels, Megan watched as Mr. Gibson took of his coat.

Artie gazed upon the young beauty, a virgin up until just two weeks ago when she got married.  Now he was about to get a taste of her sweet honey.  "Ahhh, Mrs. Philips, I'm going to eat you up now!" he advised tauntingly as he spread her legs apart.  Delving right into her soft blonde bush, he let his flicking tongue burrow between her slick lips.  He knew he was getting to her upon hearing her constant mewls "Ohhhhh ………..ohhhh ………ahhhh ………ahhhh ………ohhhhh ………ohhhh ………ahhhh ………ahhhh ………ohhhhh ………ohhhh!"

With her legs draped over his shoulders and heels locked together, Megan could not help but moan and mewl as the tongue flicked about in her slick sensitive slit.  Then the pleasurable sensations were driving her out of her mind.  'Oh, God ………….noooooo ………..don't let me cum!' she told herself.  But it was just too much to bear as her body thrashed about her boss's head, tonguing slurping up her juices.

Slurping up his tasty treat, knowing he had made the innocent newlywed cum with his mouth, Artie leaned up to taunt her "Ahhhh, Mrs. Philips, you're so sweet!  Your husband doesn't know what he's missing!"

Knowing that her evil boss was determined to have sex with her next, Megan reminded him "Remember, Mr. Gibson!  You promised!"  She had anticipated his response that he had forgotten to buy the condoms that he had promised to use if she agreed to have sex with him. Thus, she proudly advised "Oh, don't worry, I took some from my husband's box!"  Scooting off the bed, she went to her suitcase to retrieve the protective sheaths.  Sitting back upon the bed, she handed her boss a foil packet as he disrobed.  To her dismay, Mr. Gibson then handed the packet back to her, making her put it on if she wanted the protection.  Normally, this was something that Frank did when they were about to make love.

Once she had accomplished the task, Megan lay back upon the bed and told herself 'Think of something else!  Put yourself far, far away!  Don't let your body respond!'  She felt that if she could just lay back and not feel anything, not respond in any manner to her evil boss, that she would have won.  But as Mr. Gibson sliced his long sheathed cock in and out of her, Megan could not help but feel the unwanted pleasure coursing throughout her body.  'Oh, nooooo …………nooooooo …………don't let me respond!' she told herself.

"Nooooo ………..nooooo ……….ahhhhh ……….ahhhhhh ………..ahhhhhh!" Megan cooed, now enjoying the fucking that she was getting.  Legs spread wide, the thick cock slid in and out of her juicing slit.  She shuddered with pleasure, feeling her juices flow to make their union that much slicker.  It was so fantastic, she moaned "Oh, Mr. Gibson, your cock is so biggggg!  So gooooddddddd!" as his cock sliced in and out of her tight gash.

It was a fantastic fuck for Artie, seeing the innocent little bitch trying to cover her breasts and not respond as he sliced his thick cock into her over and over again.  This young bride was hot to trot viewing the way in which she was creaming around his cock.   He knew that it was just a matter of time that his thick black cock would have her begging for more.

Then Mr. Gibson withdrew this thick cock and lay back upon the bed.  Megan was then placed into position with her back to him as she straddled the sheathed prong.  Never had she made love in such a position before.  She rode him, the thick cock slicing in and out of her now horny slit.  "Ahhhh ………ahhhhhhh ………ohhhhhhh ……….ohhhhhh!" she moaned as she bucked up and down upon the thick cock. "Ohhhhh ………..ohhhh ………ahhhh ………ahhhh ………ohhhhh ………ohhhh ………ahhhh ………ahhhh ………ohhhhh ………ohhhh!" came the constant moans of pleasure from the young beauty.

"Ahhhh ………..ahhhhhh, shittttttt!" Artie groaned with pleasure.  Then the beauty turned back to him pleading "Mr. Gibson, this is too hard on my legs!" Artie then showed her what a kind boss he was in getting up to fuck her in the doggie position, to fuck her like a true bitch.  He chuckled and laughed when she innocently asked "Is this how doggies do it?"  He knew she was all his now and anytime he wanted it.  He knew that there was no what that wimpy husband of hers could give her the kind of fucking she was now craving for.

"Ahhhh, yeah …………..ohhhhh ………..ohhhh ………ahhhh ………ahhhh ………ohhhhh ………ohhhh ………ahhhh ………ahhhhh!" Megan moaned over and over again, enjoying the pleasurable fuck that her boss was throwing to her.  Enjoying it so much at this point, she did not make any objections when the cock was removed and the protective condom removed.  All she cared about was that the thick cock be put back into her and take her to the heights of that nearby orgasm.

Once his thick cock was reinserted, bareback this time, the innocent newlywed moaned with pleasure and began to fuck back at him.  Artie wished that Frank Philips was there to witness this sight, seeing his so-called 'faithful' wife getting the fucking of her life.  "Oh, baby ………..oh, baby ……………..I'm going to cummmm!" he moaned as his cock spurted deep into her time and again.  Then he withdrew and spurted his final gush along the crack her ass and pussy, saturating it with his hot thick cream.

Later, with Megan under the covers, her triumphant boss caressed her body and boasted "Ahhh, bet you liked that!  Think about it!  Now you can go home and show Frank all the new tricks you learned!  Bet you can't wait till our next business trip out of town!"  Megan knew just how true his words were, that she indeed had learned so much about lovemaking or better yet 'fucking'!

That next week, back in the privacy of her bedroom, Megan was filled with guilt.  Thoughts filled her mind 'How can I think of cheating on my husband?  How can I be thinking of another man when we're happily married?  Why do I keep thinking of that first business trip whenever Frank makes love to me?  I wish Frank would be more aggressive instead of giving up when I give him a mere 'no'!  I wished he'd be a man and make me please him any way he wants!'

Thinking back to her first business trip, Megan's mind was on her lustful boss who had made her cum time and time again.  Sitting upon the bed she asked herself "Why do I keep thinking about him?"  "He made me shiver and turn to putty when he touched me!  Will I be able to resist his advances the next time?  I only gave the vow to be faithful to my husband a short while ago!  Yet, I've already violated that vow by having sex with another man!  Why wasn't I able to resist his advances?  Gosh, he's so much bigger than my husband!" she thought.

As she thought of her husband Frank, Megan wished 'I don't want a damned wimp asking for my permission to make love each time!  I want him to show me that he's the man of the house and just take me!  Just throw me on the bed and fuck me!  Don't let me talk you out of it!'

Then Megan gave a big sigh of relief as she thought 'Oh, thank goodness my period finally came!  I was so worried that Mr. Gibson might have gotten me pregnant!  Oh, God, why do I keep dreaming about getting fucked like a bitch in heat?'  She just hoped that she would be selected for the next business trip!

End of Story.