Captive Young Wife - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Ms. Terri Harmon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Naïve Newlywed
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Arriving back at the home office after an eventful trip to Chicago, Bubba Grimes sat at his desk enjoying the power of being the boss.  He thought of the lovely young secretary that had accompanied him on the trip.  She had known of what was required of her and had tried to get out of making the trip.  But he knew she was vulnerable, needing the job as she was recently married and the current scarcity of decent jobs played right into his hands.  He laughed at his accomplishment, even though it was put out or be out of a job.  He gloated aloud "Shit, just two weeks back from her honeymoon and I get the innocent Mrs. Laura Wieland to spread her sexy white legs for me!  God, bitch, I sure as hell hope I knocked you up good!  Can't wait to see hubby's face when a little black bastard appears in nine months!"

Given the rest of the day off, Laura was trying to calm her nerves as she sat in the passenger seat while her loving husband Brian drove.  Listening to the traffic station, it was announced that there appeared to be no major traffic problems and thus Brian elected to take the freeway.  Having taken the freeway cut off had turned out to be a mistake as an accident had occurred just moments earlier and cars had come to a standstill just a half mile away.

As they sat in traffic, Laura listened to Ben tell her how he had missed her on their first night apart since being married, she looked up at her loving husband and a tear flowed down her cheek.  Ben looked his lovely wife and used a finger to wipe the tear from her cheek, telling her "I'm not upset set that you had to go out of town, honey!  Like you told me earlier, it's expected that secretaries wanting to get ahead be willing to travel!  The added per diem and overtime pay you're getting for this trip will sure get us caught up on our bills!  What a deal, honey - you even get paid overtime while you're in bed!"

Ms. Laura Wieland

Laura looked out her passenger window so Ben would not see the tears flowing down her face.  'Oh, Ben!  I feel so cheap!  But its important that I keep this job, especially with the amount of bills as you pointed out!  Oh, Ben ………….Ben ……….I had to let him take me to bed ……………I couldn't leave the mountain of bills to fall on your shoulders!  Oh, Ben, I feel so ashamed!' she wanted to blurt out.  Thinking of what he had said about being paid overtime even while in bed, she thought 'Oh, Ben, I got paid overtime while in bed but not for sleeping!  God, Mr. Grimes was insatiable and wouldn't let me sleep at all!'

Looking out of her window, Laura could see the building in which she worked off in the skyline.  She knew that her wicked boss was in his office at this very moment, gloating at his easy conquest of the supposedly innocent wife who was just back from her honeymoon.  She swallowed deeply, shivering at the taste that remained in her throat, still feeling the remnants of her boss's sticky cum.  'Oh, Ben, I'm so ashamed!  But ……I had to …………..I just had to!' she told herself as she thought back to when it was announced that the train would be pulling into the station in ten minutes.

She had just locked her suitcase, anxious to see Ben again, but it was then that she found out that Mr. Grimes was not done yet.  Laura was stunned when her boss placed his large black hands upon her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees.  She then obeyed his orders to unzip him and to fish out his black manhood, then began to pump him.  She had been shocked at what he next expected of her, initially having thought that he merely wanted her to jack him off.  She was totally helpless, unable to move her head away when he wrapped his fingers into her long blonde hair, telling her "Lunch time!  Get your mouth on my cock or I'm gonna spray it all over your pretty dress!  Then I'm going to escort you to meet your husband to see how messy you are when eating your lunch!"

Unable to get away from his tight clutches, Laura obeyed and opened her mouth as wide as possible.  Still, it had been difficult to get her lips over the thick bulb.  She was glad that she did manage to do it or the entire front of her dress would surely have been soaked.  When her widely stretched lips finally managed to engulf the thick cockhead, the train blew its whistle just as Mr. Grimes blew his load.  Mouthful after mouthful, Laura swallowed it all till finally the thick cock only oozed its juices out onto her tongue.  Her stomach felt queasy and she wondered if she'd be able to hold the slippery goo down.  The train came to a complete stop just as the thick cockhead popped from her glistening lips.

Walking to the exit, she had stopped to get a drink from the water fountain, wanting to wash away the sticky evidence before greeting her husband.  Just as Laura was about to do so, she was pushed forward by Mr. Grimes, who instructed her "Uh-uh, sweetie!  I want you to give your loving husband a deep passionate kiss!  Let him get a taste of a 'real' man!"  Laura was hesitant but Ben gave no indication as to the strange taste in her mouth nor how creamy her lips were.

Laura shuddered when Mr. Grimes had stepped up to shake her husband's hand, saying "You must be Ben Wieland!  I'm Laura's boss, Bubba Grimes!  I must congratulate you as I understand that you're the lucky man to have landed this little beauty!  Ben, judging from your beautiful wife's performance on this trip, she's going far with this company.  She's a terrific personal secretary, best I've ever had!  And boy is she good at 'dick-tation'!"  Laura couldn't say a word, knowing all the double means that her boss was giving Ben.

"Did you manage to get lunch on the train, honey?" her husband asked.  Hearing that question, Laura felt her stomach quiver and she nearly lost her 'lunch' right there.  She nodded her head that she did for she was unable to speak at that moment, swallowing deeply to keep her stomach in check.  Finally the traffic began to flow again with Laura anxious to get home and rinse her mouth.  Starring out at the passing city, she thought 'At least I won't get pregnant from him!  Thank goodness that I made him agree to use a condom each time before even agreeing to make the trip!'  Laura was too innocent in assuming that her devious boss was also interested in seeing that she did not get pregnant as a result of their mating.  She would be in a desperate panic if she knew that her boss had deliberately poked the condoms full of holes before taking off the foil wrappers.  At that very moment, her fertile womb was under heavy attack.

For the next three months, Laura was assigned to handle all of Mr. Grimes' meetings, whether it was in the city or out of town.  One thing for certain, Laura knew that she'd definitely have a lot of overtime pay.  Whenever the meeting was being held at a hotel, within a half-hour of the meeting's end, she would be upstairs in the room Mr. Grimes had reserved.  She'd be flat on her back with her boss upon her body.  During the first two months, she made certain that Mr. Grimes used a protective condom for fear of being pregnant by him as she and her husband were trying to start a family.  But at the end of the second month, in the hotel room, she tried to put an end to their illicit mating by telling him "Mr. Grimes …………we must stop ………..I can't ………I just learned I'm pregnant!  I ……I don't want to do anything to hurt Ben's baby!"

Bubba laughed and congratulated the duped beauty.  "Come here, sweetie, let me give the mother-to-be a congratulations kiss!"  He saw her stiffen, knowing she wanted to refuse but didn't have the nerve to do so as she slowly stood and moved towards him.  He started with a peck on her cheek then his lips slid over to cover hers, at that time his probing tongue sought entrance to her sweet lips.  From the way in which she responded each time, once he got past her initial barrier, he knew he would not have any problem in getting into her tight panties.  He correctly suspected that her husband had nothing in comparison to his manhood and that this little sweetie now craved for his loving.  In no time, he had her right where he had planned, flat on her back without a stitch on.

When she reminded him that he needed to put on a condom, he asked what for since such a safety precaution was now no longer necessary.  After all, she was already pregnant.  From here on, Bubba would be able to lay his raw meat into sweet little bitch.  No need to buy anymore condoms and poke holes into the foil packets before their use.  He laughed to himself, picturing the beautiful Laura Wieland thrown out on her sweet ass when she tried to present her loving husband a little black baby to take care of.

Before the lovely Mrs. Wieland began showing, he needed to put her talents to use in order to line up his next victim.  At a recent company party, where spouses were invited, Bubba's eyes was captivated at the sight of an up and coming supervisor's pretty young wife.  The young supervisor had recently been promoted from a branch to the home office and this was his first attendance at such a company function.  At work, Bubba had noticed several times that the young man's eyes followed the walk of a beautiful woman when she passed.  Bubba couldn't fault him for that, especially he was just a healthy young man.

Going up to the young man, Bubba greeted Trent Harmon to welcome him to his first home office party.  But all this was just to get to meet the beautiful Mrs. Terri Harmon.  Holding her soft manicured hand in his, Bubba felt his cock twitch to life at the thought of having her beautiful white hand squeezing his throbbing black cock.  Having seen the paperwork on the employee discount for the mortgage and insurance they had secured, he congratulated them on the recent house purchase.  He kidded them "Well, with a big new home, you've got to get it fill with a lot of little ones!"  His cock twitched when Mrs. Harmon giggled and replied "Well, Mr. Grimes, we are certainly giving it our best shot!"

Bubba chatted with the Harmons for as long as possible, then he had to mingle about to greet the other guests.  However, throughout the night, he couldn't tear his eyes from the beautiful red-haired beauty.  Her ivory white skin was flawless and made it even that much more imperative that he find a way to get into her tight little panties.  He could just hear that little beauty scream when he stuck it to her, hearing her scream as she was being 'ruined'!

Over the next week, Bubba paid special attention to Mr. Trent Harmon.  He called Laura in to work at his office for the day.  Then he had Laura do his bidding, first stripping off her nylons in his office, telling her to leave a couple of the top buttons open on her blouse.  Having written a short not to Trent Harmon, attached to a client folder, he instructed Laura to deliver it to him personally and to see if she could get his personal attention by showing him a lot of tit and leg.  From his large office perched up high, overlooking the entire floor, he had a perfect view from the reflective see-through mirrors of his office.

Watching from his office, Bubba smiled as he watched the lovely Mrs. Laura Wieland put her seductive moves on the horny young man.  With Laura leaning her tight ass on the young man's desk, he saw her grasp his hand and encouragingly place his hand on her bare upper thigh.  He saw Trent Harmon lose all will power as his hand slowly disappeared up under Laura's skirt.  Now that young Harmon was nibbling at the bait, it was just a matter of time before the hook was set.

Trent Harmon couldn't believe his good fortune in having a beautiful woman like Laura Wieland being attracted to him.  'God, Laura's just as beautiful as Terri and here I thought she was a happily married woman!  Man, she sure had me fooled!  I thought she was so innocent and naïve!' he gloated at his good fortune.  'I swear I'll get into her tight little panties in no time!' he promised himself.

Two more days of teasing and Laura reported her progress to the anxious Bubba Grimes.  "Mr. Grimes, I think tomorrow will be the day!  I let him slide his hand all the way to the edge of my panties today!  He tried to get me to go into the storage room with him but I managed to put him off!" she told her devious boss.

Bubba just smiled at what he had learned.  'That horny bastard was going to take her into the storage room for a quickie since only he has the key to that room!  Except that I have the master key to all the storage rooms!' he laughed.  Then he gave Laura instructions to set up the horny Mr. Trent Harmon!  Bubba Grimes rubbed his hands together, eager at the thought of getting into young Harmon's pretty little wife.  And Bubba would equally enjoy seeing Trent Harmon's agony as he would be forced in assisting the downfall of his lovely young wife.  'God, what an idea!' Bubba gleamed.  'Shit yeah!  What better than to have Harmon witness his lovely young wife get 'ruined'!' he laughed.

The next day, just before noon, Laura delivered the file to Trent Harmon as instructed.  When Trent made the move on her, she acted in being hesitant, then accompanied him into the empty storage room.  Ten minutes later, upon hearing the door open, she locked her legs around Trent Harmon's waist, preventing him from pulling out of her and trying to cover up what he was doing.  "God, almighty!" came the shocked expression of Mr. Bubba Grimes as he observed young Trent Harmon trying to pull out of the lovely Laura Wieland.  Laura pretense of crying shamefully was quite convincing and young Harmon turned beet red with his being caught with his pants down.  With an authoritative voice, Bubba advised "Ms. Wieland, please compose yourself and go and wait for me in my office while I have a chat with Mr. Harmon here!"

Once Laura pulled up her panties and buttoned up, she made her way out the door of the storage room.  Instead of meeting her boss at his office, she proceeded out of the home office and across the street to the hotel.  Once in the room reserved by her boss, she ordered up lunch for two.  She held off on ordering dessert for her boss, as she would be his dessert that afternoon.

Meanwhile, in the storage room, an embarrassed Trent Harmon had pulled up his pants and faced the wrath of the top man, Mr. Bubba Grimes.  He had been caught with his pants down and his dick embedded in a married woman, a secretary that also fell under his management.  Things did not look good, Trent realized.  'Oh, shit!  There goes my fucking job!  How will I ever explain to Terri why I got canned?  Jesus, I'll never be able to get a job in management with this on my record!  Fuck, I might as well just shoot myself!'

Bubba tried to keep a straight face, really wanting to laugh at the pathetic white boy caught with his hand in the company's cookie jar.  Gruffly, he laid into the shaking young man "Fuck, Harmon, I can't believe this!  I come for some supplies and what do I find, you dipping your pen into the company inkwell!  You're one of her bosses ……………fuck!  If she even hints that you forced her to have sex with you for a promotion or to keep her job ………………..we'll get sued for millions!  Christ, I just don't know what to do!  Damn, get your clothes straightened out and see me in my office tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., sharp!  Go on home for the rest of the day, Harmon!  I just can't bear to see your fucking face again!  When I talk to Ms. Wieland, if she so much as hints of sexual harassment, you can kiss your fucking ass goodbye, Harmon!"

Watching young Harmon exit the building with his tail between his legs, Bubba laughed at the sight and for what lay ahead with the young executive.  Bubba smiled as he began his walk across the street, looking forward to the lunch on order and especially the tasty dessert that awaited him.  He laughed, knowing sexy Laura Wieland must be climbing the walls by now, knowing young Harmon had his cock in her when he walked in but she was no where near an orgasm.  Plus, from what he had personally observed for himself, young Harmon lacked the necessary equipment that hot little Laura needed to scratch that itch of hers.

That night, Trent Harmon was drinking non-stop, trying to ease the pain of what potentially lay ahead.  His beautiful wife tried her best to comfort him, telling all would work itself out.  'God, how do I tell Terri that I got caught with my pants down!  Shit, she'll have the divorce papers served on me in a day!  Fuck, even if she doesn't find out about it, how do I find a job that'll pay for the mortgage on this new house?' he pondered over and over in his mind.  'God, there's just got to be a way to convince Mr. Grimes to forget about what he saw today!' he prayed.

At 8 a.m., Bubba had to suppress his smile upon seeing the down and out young Harmon come into his office.  Bubba invited the disheveled young man to have a seat in the chair across from his desk.  It was quite apparent that Trent Harmon had not gotten a wink of sleep during the night, rightfully concerned that his career was all but over.  Not wanting to put the young man at ease, Bubba said gruffly "Fuck, Harmon, you couldn't keep your pants zipped up, could you!  I know Laura Wieland is gorgeous but your wife is just as beautiful!  For your sake, I sure hope your lovely wife is as understanding as she is beautiful!"

Bubba sat back in his chair, surveying the young man who appeared ready to have a nervous breakdown.  Playing the part, Bubba sighed deeply, bowing his head, then shaking it from side to side as he muttered loudly "What a shame!  A new home, a promising career and a beautiful young wife!  All thrown away because you couldn't keep your fucking pants zipped!"  At this point, he could see that young Harmon was about to cry like a little baby.  'Now to lay the groundwork and with your help, shithead, I'll soon be getting into your sweet little wife's panties!  Harmon, I'm going to assist you in getting your house filled up, at least with the first crying baby!' he laughed to himself.

Coldly, Bubba stated "I had a long talk with Ms. Wieland yesterday!  Fortunately, I've managed to keep her from claiming sexual harassment against the company or from ever bringing up what took place yesterday!  To do so, I had to raise her up to the highest level of her pay grade along with a substantial raise.  Harmon, I don't know what to say about your further stay with this company!  Tell me what I should do with you!"

"Mr. Grimes ……Mr. Grimes …………please ……….please give me a chance!  I'll do anything ……….anything to keep my job and to keep my wife from finding out!  I can't let my wife find out or I'll surely lose her!" Trent Harmon whimpered.  Bubba shook his head, replying "Yes, I can surely understand your distress!  Losing such a beautiful woman such as your lovely wife would be devastating!"

"Mr. Grimes ……………I know you're quite wealthy and money would be meaningless, but I'd give anything for you to just forget about yesterday!" Trent pleaded in hopes of finding some avenue of escape.  After a long period of silence, Bubba looked at the young man and said "Well, Harmon ………if you're really serious ……………..nah, you'd never consider it!"  With the long pause, Trent interjected "I really am serious ………..I'll give you anything I have!"

Rubbing his chin, shaking his head, Bubba advised "Well ………..just maybe ………….but if you try to tell anyone of this proposition, I'll simply say it’s a concoction you dreamt up to try and escape being fired for forcing a secretary to have sex with you so she could keep her job!  Is that understood, Harmon?"  Trent Harmon swallowed hard, nodding and jumping at the opportunity to avoid being fired "I swear!  Anything you want is yours, sir!"

"Harmon, there's only one thing you have that interests me, my boy!  But believe me, it's not something that I want to take from you!  I just want to borrow it for awhile, sample it and 'use' it a bit!"  Bubba advised as he watched the sign of hope build on Trent Harmon's face.  "Anything!  Anything!  You name it and its yours, sir!" Trent quickly replied.
"Okay, Harmon, it’s a deal!  Terri!" Bubba advised the young man as he pulled out the photograph of Trent's beautiful wife as she strolled along with her white jacket draped over her shoulder.  Bubba had to clench his teeth tightly to keep from laughing at the young man's puzzled look while staring at his wife's photo lying atop of the desk.  "I …………I don't understand!" Trent quizzed in his puzzlement.  Bubba grinned widely "Terri!  I want to sample your beautiful wife, Terri!  In exactly the way you used Ms. Wieland!  Your beautiful wife really give me a fuck'n hardon!  But like I said, I don't want to steal her from ya, just borrow her for awhile!  I just wanna fuck her and use her until I'm done with her!"  Bubba laughed as he observed young Harmon slump in his chair with his head bent in total defeat.

The following Friday, the lovely Mrs. Terri Harmon was enjoying the evening at her favorite restaurant.  Trent had sprung the surprise on her with flowers, something he hadn't done in year.  After last week's state of depression that Trent was in, she was happy to learn that he had managed to resolve all the problems that he had at work.  Although Terri thoroughly enjoyed the elegant atmosphere at his restaurant, she couldn't wait to return to their new home.  According to her calculations, this was the night for her to wear her sexy see-through negligee and entice Trent to bed and have him put her in the family way.

Slowly driving up into their garage, Trent Harmon felt so guilty at what he had done, his stomach churning.  More so, he felt even more guilty as to what was to take place next.  He thought back to that morning in Mr. Grimes' office, recalling the way he had told Mr. Grimes of being willing to give him anything he had in exchange for his silence.  He had never expected Mr. Grimes to respond and was in total shock when he did.  Especially when he learned that there was one particular thing that Mr. Grimes desired - Terri!  Trent cursed his weakness, agreeing to sacrifice his lovely young wife to save himself.

Entering their bedroom, Trent nervously looked at his lovely wife, watching as she sat on the edge of the bed and cross a leg over the other to slip off a white heel.  He swallowed hard, imagining just what a sight it would be for a lusting black man to see a beautiful white woman like Terri in the process of undressing herself.  First one heel fell to the floor, then the other soon followed.  He watched as Terri began to roll down her nylons to bare her trim sexy white legs.  She shivered at the thought of those long sexy white legs spread wide to admit a lusting black male between them.  Trent stammered to his wife "I  ….I'll be in the study for a bit.  Need to check my e.mail at the office."

From the slits in the closet door, Bubba Grimes smiled as he looked at the ivory white legs of the sexy Mrs. Terri Harmon.  Stroking his cock as the lovely wife bared her trim legs, he silently laughed at young Harmon's dilemma in knowing that another man was enjoying watching his lovely wife disrobe.  He watched as the lovely young wife stood up to undo her green dress and finally slipped out of it, laying the dress upon the bed before making her way to the bathroom in a matching pair of lacy white panties and bra.  Once the bathroom door was closed, Bubba stepped out of the closet and into the bedroom where a worried Trent Harmon stood.

"Got everything ready?" Bubba quietly asked the downtrodden young husband, who nodded his reply.  He then followed the young man into the study.  In a box on top of the desk were all the items that Bubba had instructed the young husband to get ready for him.  With young Harmon sitting dejectedly in his office chair, Bubba got a long piece of rope from the box to securely tie the young man's hands behind the chair.  Then, with another piece of rope, he had Trent Harmon's legs securely tied to the chair, where he would be unable to get his feet onto the floor.  With the young husband firmly secured, now unable to change his mind about things, Bubba couldn't resist the temptation to taunt him.

"God, your fucking wife is so damned sexy!  When she dropped her heels and peeled off her nylons, I almost creamed in my fucking pants!  I swear she's got the nicest fucking legs I've ever seen!  Fucking long sexy, milky white legs, flawless to perfection!  God, I can't wait to get between those sweet fucking legs!" Bubba taunted as he finished tying young Harmon to the chair.  Looking in the box, Bubba picked up the hunting knife to look at it, commenting "Perfect!  Nice choice, Harmon!"  As the young husband looked on, Bubba began to get ready for the big event, taking off his clothing but for his pants, under which he wore nothing else.  Reaching into the box for the last item, he donned the back hooded mask that was in there.

"I ………..I put a new box of condoms in the night stand next to the bed!  Remember ………you …….you promised!" Trent Harmon stammered.  A moment later, the young husband could not utter another word, not with the hanky that Bubba obtained from the box to stuff into his mouth.  Next, Bubba obtained a tie from the box to securely tie around the young husband's head to keep him from talking.

Breathing hard, tied firmly to the chair, Trent was glad he would not witness his lovely wife's rape by his devious boss.  He knew that Terri would never willingly agree to submit to another man, especially a black man, not with her conservative and religious upbringing.  Because of this, the scheme was concocted where he would claim that he had been hit over the head and when he awoke he found himself all tied up.  It would serve to explain why he could not come to Terri's aid as she tried to fight off her black rapist.

Bubba gloated as he looked at the young husband, seeing the tears in his eyes, then taunted him further "Harmon, bet I'm going to make your pretty little wife scream when I stick her with my big black dick!  Tonight she's going to learn what it's like to be with a 'real' man!  She'll be begging for black cock when I'm done with her!"  He patted the young man on the shoulder, asking "Comfortable like that?"  Seeing the nod for 'yes', Bubba got behind the chair and began to wheel him out, telling him "Harmon, I think its good for you to see what the consequences are for not keeping your pants zipped!"  Bubba laughed as he saw young Harmon fidget about in the chair, as he realized the sudden change of events.

Having showered and putting on her lacy red panties and matching see-through negligee, Terri was touching up her glossy red lipstick to make this a real special night.  She looked at her reflection in the mirror and gave a sexy pose, one to turn her husband on.  Hearing movement in the bedroom, she surmised that Trent was done with checking his e.mail and was going to join her in bed.  Opening the door, she spoke loudly for her husband to hear "Honey, remember over dinner, I said I had something special to tell you when we got home!  Well, according to my calculations, right now I'm at the most fertile time of my cycle!  Time to start filling up this lovely home with the pitter-patter of little feet!"  With a last check in the mirror, Terri reached up under her negligee with both hands to give a pinch to each nipple, wanting Trent to she her nipples all hard and stimulated for him.

Stepping out into the master bedroom, Terri gave a loud startled gasp as she looked upon her husband tied up next to the bed.  Just as her mouth opened to scream, a large hand came from behind to clamp securely over her mouth, stifling her scream for help.  Terri shuddered as a large hunting knife appeared before her eyes, its sparkle glistening its sharp menacing potential.  Then she noticed the hand wielding the menacing knife, a large black hand, causing her body to again shudder in fright.

Trent had not wanted to witness his beautiful wife's defilement, wanted to be left tied in the office.  But as he was securely bound, Terri would realize that he could not help her.  He would be forced to watch her defilement, forced to watch his lovely wife at the mercy of her captor.  He realized Mr. Grimes could disguise his voice very well when he heard him tell his shaking wife "Ya scream or try to get away, I'll go right over to yer white boy there and cut off his little pecker!  Got that, bitch!"  With Terri nodding her head 'yes', the hand clamped over her mouth was removed.

"Please …………..oh, please …………..I beg you!  Please let us go!  Please ………please don't hurt us!" Terri sobbed in fright.  "Little lady, I ain't gonna hurt ya!  I's jest gonna make ya feel good, sweetie!  You's and me's gonna make some sweet music together!" Bubba advised.  With that, the knife was drawn down and inserted beneath the tie knot of her sheer negligee.  A second later, Terri fearfully kept her eyes ahead of her, seeing her husband starring at her now exposed body.  "Oh, please …………please ………please don't shame me in front of my husband!" she pleaded.

Terri's plea fell on deaf ears as she felt her captor's free hand reach across the front of her body to grasp the leg band of her panties.  She shivered when the sharp knife was inserted and easily sliced away her lacy red panties, which soon lay at her feet upon the bedroom carpet.  Closing her eyes, she felt her captor's arms now up at her shoulders, drawing off her negligee and letting it fall to the floor.  Now she stood totally naked in her bedroom with husband sitting captive in a chair before her and a huge black man behind her, intent on raping her.

"Oh, God ……….why did I ever agree to let Mr. Grimes have Terri ………..allow him into the house to rape her!" Trent wondered as he gazed upon his lovely wife's stiff cherry red nipples.  He realized that he was soon going to get far more than he had bargained for, a front row seat of his beautiful wife being raped and defiled, 'ruined' by the lusting Mr. Grimes.  He had not bargained for this, not wanting to see the actual rape take place before his very eyes.

Terri next felt the large hands on her shoulders, pushing her down.  "Get down on yer knees for yer midnight snack, sweetie!" she heard the gruff command from behind.  Afraid to disobey, Terri closed her eyes and sank to the floor.  Then she felt her captor step from behind her to her right side.  She complied upon hearing the next order to "Turn a bit sweetie so yer hubby can get a good view of ya enjoying your snack!"  She shuddered and forced herself to comply, when she heard "Open yer purty eyes, sweetie!"  Terri shuddered in fear, seeing the muscular black body before her for the first time.  She quickly looked up to see her hooded assailant, who was clad only in a pair of pants.

"Oh, please ……………oh, please …………..please, I beg you ………….please!" Terri sobbed at the realization of what was being expected of her.  "Oh, please ……….I …….I can't ………..I …….I've never ………..please, please ………….nooooooo!" she sobbed uncontrollably.  Terri had never dreamed that anyone could be expected to do such a filthy thing, something she had never even dreamt of doing with Trent and they were married to each other.  The hand at the back of her head pulled her forward and the man stepped forward, rubbing his bulging crotch up against her face.

Trent blinked back tears as he starred at what was taking place before him.  This was something he had not even contemplated.  He had often dreamt of Terri doing just that to him but never had gotten the nerve to ask or attempt it with his lovely young wife, knowing how naïve and conservative she was.  Trent shook at his bindings, wanting to yell out to Mr. Grimes that he wanted to cancel the agreement, that he couldn't bear to have his lovely wife perform such an indignity.

Terri sobbed and shook with fear upon hearing "C'mon, sweetie!  Pull down my pants so can get your first look at a 'real' man!  C'mon, sweetie, I'm waiting!  Pull it down right now or I'm gonna walk over to yer hubby there and pull his jockeyes down!  Then I'm gonna see just how sharp this knife is on his little weenie!"  Sobbing, Terri could not let that happen to her loving husband and reached out to obey her captor.  In undoing the top of his pants and pulling it down, she gasped loudly upon seeing the monstrosity that sprang out at her.

Bubba couldn't believe his ears in learning that young Harmon never had the pleasure of having his beautiful wife's lips on his cock.  'Can't believe my fucking luck!  I get to introduce this sweet innocent little wife in the art of cocksucking!  Wonder if she'll be able to hold down her cookies after I fill her tummy with my hot lumpy load!' he pondered in anticipation.  "C'mon, sweetie!  Put your beautiful hands around a 'real' man's cock!" he ordered the sobbing beauty.

Afraid that this intruder would keep true to his word on using the sharp knife on her husband's manhood, Terri reached forward with her hands towards the pulsating cock before her.  Making her first contact with her fingers on the hot bar of flesh, she jerked her hand away as if she had just handled a hot potato.  Tears flowing down her face, Terri forced herself to grasp the thick black muscles in her hands, feeling the power that pulsated within it. This was the first cock that she had ever touched outside of Trent's and she could not help but to compare his with the one she held in her hands.  'Oh, God!  My ………… fingers won't go around it!  It's ……'s still growing!  Ohhhh …….it ……it's twice as long as Trent's!' her mind raced.

Sitting in his chair, Trent's eyes were glued to the scene before him.  He felt agony in seeing his lovely wife being forced by Mr. Grimes in handling his cock, a cock far larger than his own.  Yet he could not stop the twitching in his pants, excited at seeing his wife's petite white hands now pumping faster and faster upon the thick black cock.  He shivered at seeing the sparkle of her diamond ring as she pumped the thick black cock.  He saw his innocent young wife's face looking mesmerized by the now oozing cockhead that pulsated inches from her face.  He could only watch as her hands, now slick from the oozing cum, began moving faster and faster upon the monstrous black cock.  He wondered if it would soon begin to belch out its filthy cream into Terri's lovely face.

“C'mon, sweetie, get a taste of the juicy snack I've got for ya?" Bubba ordered as he reached forward to entwine his thick fingers into her silky red hair.  His fingers tightened in her long hair as he felt her try to pull her head away from his advancing cock, feeling her shudder in disgust.  He looked over at young Harmon, seeing his eyes bulging in disbelief.  Bubba laughed at the young man, then taunted "I'm gonna feed yer purty little wife fer ya!  Got a big juicy black sausage to feed her for her midnight snack!

With her intruder moving in even closer, the aroma of his crotch rose up to her nostrils, causing her to turn away and sob “Oh, please, ………………….please, nooooo …………it smells so awful!  Please don't make me do this …………….please!”  Shutting her eyes to block out the horror, Terri wept uncontrollably and shuddered at the feel of the hard rubbery bone touching her cheek as it began to move about.  She cringed with disgust at the feel of the slimy wet trail that it left in its wake.  Then the strong hands forced her to turn her head back and the thick cockhead now sought entrance between her tightly clenched lips.

With the hands on her head tightly holding her in place, Terri was forced to part her clenched lips for the prodding rod of flesh.  'How will I ever be able to face Trent again?  How will he ever be able to respect me again, knowing I had a black man's penis in my mouth?  Oh, God, please …………..please let me die!  I'm so ashamed!' she cried to herself as her lips now engulfed the thick pulsating cockhead.  Terri was horrified, stomach turning, yet for some reason she couldn't resist the urge to dart her tongue out to tease the slimy cockhead.  Faster and faster her tongue swirled, her pointed tongue teasing his pisshole, letting the slimy ooze gather on her searching tongue.

"Ohhhh …………ohhhh ……………..oh, yeah, sweetie!  That's it ……..that's the way!  Tongue me, babe!" Bubba groaned.  Looking over at her husband he gloated "Oh, yer purty little wife is a fantastic cocksucker!  I swear ………she better than a fucking pro!  She just loves the taste of nigger cock!  Going to feed her for ya soon!  Gonna feed her my nigga juice!  She's gonna get her first taste of a 'real' man!”  Grasping her head tightly, Bubba leaned forward to feed her more and more of his lengthy black cock.

Trent was amazed as inch after of inch of Mr. Grimes' lengthy manhood began to disappear between Terri's lovely lips.  Never in his wildest dreams did he think that Terri would put her sweet lips around the black cock, much less take the entire length of the thick cock down her throat as she was in the process of doing at this very instant.  The woman that he was gazing upon no longer appeared to be his innocent young wife, not the way in which she was responding to this shameful act.  He saw her hands let go of the cock, placing her petite hands on Mr. Grimes' hips, so she could engulf more of the tasty meat down her swallowing throat, the entire length disappearing as Terri nose was buried in the hairy crotch of her rapist.

“Oh, sweetie………oh, baby ……’ve got such sweet lips …………..ahhhhhhhhhh …………ahhh, that’s it ………….suck me ……………yessss …………….eat my hot nigger cummmmm ………..suck it all out…………ahhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss!” Bubba groaned loudly as his pulsing cock exploded as never before.  To Bubba's disbelief, he looked down at the innocent young wife who had managed to take his entire length, something that some pros were unable to do.  He let go of his clenching grip on her hair and removed his hands entirely, then watched as she continued to bob her head up and down on his now dwindling cock.

Moments later, the beautiful Mrs. Terri Harmon knelt on her knees as the softening black cock finally slipped from her pink lips.  But her pointed tongue continued to dart out from her lips to tease and swipe at the leaky cockhead.  It was as if she now could not get enough of the tasty syrup.  She now returned her hands to the still lengthy black cock, pumping it with her hands as she continued to suck at its cockhead, trying to revive it back to life.  It appeared that she was in a trance, rubbing her face all about the still leaking cockhead, painting her face with its sticky essence.  With the dwindling cock now flaccid in the palm of her hands, Terri released the now soft rubbery piece of meat, remaining on her knees as she licked her lips to savor the taste of her midnight snack.

Bubba was drained from the unbelievable accomplishment that this pretty young wife had achieved, having taken his entire load of hot slimy cum.  He first looked at her shocked husband, who's eyes registered his total disbelief, then at the young wife who remained in a stupor on her knees as she continued to lick her glossy lips.  Grasping his still lengthy but drooping cock in his hand, Bubba stepped forward and slapped his black meat against the face of the stunned young wife.  That brought the lovely wife out of her stupor and Bubba smiled upon seeing her horrified look.

The look on Terri's horrified face told the entire story.  Suddenly snapped out of her stupor, she looked about her familiar surroundings, then realized what a despicable thing she had just done with her loving husband looking on.  She looked up and saw the thick wet bar of black flesh that she had shamelessly sucked the life out of, then she began sobbing in disgrace.  Her body shook at the thought and her stomach began to rebel at its rich contents.  Clutching her stomach, she leaned over and began to belch out the thick protein that she had just consumed, coughing it up right onto the thick bedroom carpet.

Trent saw Mr. Grimes assist his sobbing wife up by the arm and lead her to the bed.  He wished he were dead for having subjected his beautiful wife to this horrible disgrace just to save himself.  He looked at the tears flowing from her eyes, saw her glistening lips covered with spunk that she tried to spit out, along with the foaming cum that covered her entire chin.  He cringed upon the taunting laughter that was directed at him "Guess the protein was just too rich for yer purty little wife!"

“Please ….........…please …….........…..please don’t rape me!  Please …….........…please don't rape me ……............….not in front of my husband, please!” Terri sobbed as she lay stretched out on her marital bed.  Feeling the pressure of the intruder's hands on her thighs, she allowed her legs to be spread wide.   She gave a gasp as she felt her assailant's head at her knees, rubbing his face on her soft upper thighs as he inched up higher and higher.  "Ohhhhhhh …….........……oh, God ……........…… meeeeee!" she moaned as the mouth suddenly clamped down upon her womanhood.  She arched up into the sucking mouth, her body shook as the flickering tongue make contact with her sensitive clit, screaming "Arrrggghhhhhhh ………….........….ohhhhh, I …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  She closed her thighs around the pleasure giving head and crossed her legs over his broad back to keep his head buried in her, her body shaking in an unwanted orgasm.

Recovering from her most powerful orgasm ever experienced, she felt her assailant moving up upon her body, his long black cock being dragged up between her thighs.  The realization struck her as to the potential consequences of being raped by this black intruder, causing her to plead “Oh, please ………..please ……….no ….............……….please ……........…..I’m not on the pill ….………...………….please, noooooooo……………you’ll  get me pregnant ……....…….please …….......…….please use a condom!  Please, my husband has condoms in the drawer!”  Pointing to the night stand, Terri begged "Please ……...........…..please ……............……let me get you a condom!"

Laughing, Bubba lifted himself from the tender young beauty, telling her "Okay, sweetie!  Ya can get one of hubby's rubbers and put it on me!"  He grinned as he watched the young wife scramble over to the edge of the bed and reach over to the small night stand, grabbing the entire box of condoms and placing it on the bed.  He watched as she opened the box and withdrew a foil packet, then saw her tear it open.  He chuckled as he saw her withdraw the protective rubber and fumble with it, making it obvious that she had always left it to young Harmon to do the protective sheathing.  He heard her gasp aloud and saw that in her attempt to figure it out, one of her sharp fingernails had torn through it.

On her second attempt, Terri finally breathed a sigh of relief as she gazed upon the long sheathed weapon, knowing now that the worrisome consequences of such an illicit mating were eliminated.  Sniffling back tears and spreading her legs wide, Terri prepared herself to be penetrated by only the second cock in her life, a cock far superior and so much more powerful than Trent's.  "C'mon, little lady, put it in for me!" she heard the order as she now gazed upon the fat sheathed monster that made her hands looks so small.  Worried that she would be hurt badly by the size of it, Terri swallowed as she rubbed the tip into her now slick gash, trying to get it lubricated as much as possible with her slick juices.

Then she felt the pressure behind the throbbing cock in her hands, trying to push itself into her tight open "Owwwwwww ……..................……ohhhhhhhh, please …............………please ……............………you’re far too big for me ………….........……please, you’re tearing me ……..........….pleaseeeeeeeee!” Terri cried out in pain.  "Owwww ….............….owwww …..........…….it hurts ………...........… hurtssssssssss!" she sobbed, clasping the shaft with one hand above the other, trying to prevent any more of the throbbing length from penetrating her.  Desperately, she tried to maintain her grip on the thick stem but her hands were pried off by her rapist.  “Oh, Goddddddd ……...........……...owwww ……......…….you'reeeee …….........…toooo ….........…tooo …..........……..biggggggggggggg!” she screamed as more of the thick shaft was forced into her tight channel.

Finally, with the entire length of his cock deeply embedded into the sobbing young wife, Bubba held himself still, letting her get accustomed to him.  Twitching his cock in her, he heard her gasp loudly.  Another twitch, another gasp, then a soft moan "Ohhhhhhhh …….!"  Bubba put his thick lips to her soft sweet ones, teasing her tender lips with his tongue.  He was surprised when the young wife's lips opened in response and her warm pointed tongue touched his.  Then they were passionately French kissing as her bewildered husband looked on.

Making slow, tender strokes into the lovely young wife, Bubba felt her cunt muscles contract around him in response.  He then felt her trim white arms slip up and around his broad shoulders as she now embraced him tightly.  Continuing his slow steady fuck into the young wife, he felt her begin to arch up to him with each of his thrust into her.  Then he felt her trim white legs cross over his waist as she locked herself to him.  As he sped up the fuck, the once innocent young wife clung to him tightly, arching her ass off the bed to meet his thrusts as she was now really into the fuck.  It was obvious what the effect of his long black cock was having on this young white beauty as she was going crazy and blatantly showed that she wanted him to take her to the heavens.
“Oh,yesssss …...........………pleaseeeeeeee …….........…….ohhhhhhhh ….........……….ohhhhhhhhh ……….........………I …...........…….I'm ……...........going to………..........……ohhhhh, God ……............… I'm cummmminggggggggggggggggg!” the young wife screamed as an orgasm rocked her lovely body.  An orgasm of such force never felt before by Mrs. Terri Harmon.  With the heavy black body keeping still upon hers, she began her descent back to earth, her tense body relaxing and her legs slowly loosening their tight grip around the man who had raped her.

Terri felt the lifting of the heavy body upon her, feeling the slow withdrawal of the long sheathed cock till only the tip remained enveloped by her pussy lips.  She was expecting her rapist to plunge down into her again but there was no such movement.  Never before had she ever experienced such a shattering experience of pure pleasure and she wanted more.  Trying desperately, she tried to clutch him to her again, to signal to him of her desperate need.  Then she groaned out in frustration and despair as she felt him pulling away from her “Ohhhhhhhhh, …………..nooooooooo ………….no, please ………leave it in!”  In desperation, Terri's trim legs sought to tighten its grip around him, trying to pull him back into her.

Trent Harmon was flabbergasted as he witnessed the total transformation of his naïve and innocent young wife into that of a wanton slut for black cock.  'Christ …………she's actually begging him to fuck her!  She's never responded to me like that!  It was certainly a sight to behold, with his lovely faithful wife's ivory white body entwined with Mr. Grimes's coal black one!  They were now rutting at each other and mating like animals in the wild!  Mating right on the bed that he shared with his lovely wife!  Thank God Mr. Grimes promised to use a condom!  With this being Terri's fertile time of the month, Mr. Grimes would certainly knock her up if he came in her!' he thought.

“Ohhhhhhhhh ……............…ohhhhhhh ………............……..yes ………...........…..yessssssssss!” Terri screamed as the long sheathed cock sank back into her.  Then the humping began to speed up, faster and faster.  Terri responded to the faster pace, arching up higher and higher, trying to get even more of the sheathed black shaft back into her quivering slit.  At this point, all Terri could think of was the aching need to put out the fire between her thighs.  She was now totally oblivious to her husband's presence.  "Fuck me …..........………fuck me ……............oh, please ……...........…….please …….............…...make me cum again!" she panted.

Bubba then slowed his long deliberate strokes, watching for a response from the lovely young wife.  He then felt her frantically clutch at him with her arms and legs while arching up her hips.  Licking her ear lobe, he spoke loudly so her young Harmon would hear "Oh, baby …….............……..I can't cum with a damned rubber on!  I gotta take it off!  I'm gonna get soft with the damned thing on!"

 The panic registered on Terri's face as the potential consequences set in should the condom be removed.  “Please, please, you can’t take it off?  I'll …………I'll get pregnant!  Please, no …no…….nooooooooooo!" she pleaded.  Again, Terri clutched at him with her arms and legs, wanting for him to continue.

'Mr. Grimes, please ……….........……please …….........……you promised ……… promised to wear it!' Trent wanted to yell out through his gag.  He felt some relief when he heard Mr. Grimes tell Terri "Don't worry, little lady …............……..I'll let ya just jack me off with yer hands when I take it off!  No chance of ya getting pregnant that way!"  He took a deep swallow in seeing Terri still clutching at her rapist, then hearing her respond with "No............ ………please …........……..please ……............…..keep it in me!  I need it in me!"

Trent's head bent in defeat when he heard Terri's plea "Please ….................…..keep it in!  I'll …..................……I'll take it off for you!  Here, let me roll it off!"  He watched as her manicured hand left his shoulder as it moved between their bodies in search of the protective rubber that now served to protect her of the potentially horrid results of their illicit mating.  He could see her hand locate the sheathed shaft, then her fingers formed a ring at the top of the rubber as she began to roll it down the black shaft.

Seconds later, Trent observed the limp rubber on his wife's fingers, which was tossed as she returned her arm to again embrace the man upon her.  Looking down in total defeat, Trent starred at the discarded protection that now lay totally useless on the bedroom floor.  Looking up, he saw Mr. Grimes lengthy black cock again disappearing into the body of his lovely wife, only this time it was in its raw state.

Bubba licked at the inside of her sensitive ear, whispering to her “Tell me how you like being fucked by my big black cock!  Tell me how you want it, sweetie!”  He didn't hear a response, only felt her desperate attempts to clutch him to her.  He slowed himself, feeling her more frantic movements.  "Tell me how you want me to fuck you, honey!" he whispered to her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh ……...........……..pleaseeeee …………...............………fuck me ………......…..fuck me with your big black cock!  Ohhhh, yes …......…….it's so ….……soooooooo biggggggggggg!” Terri responded as she felt him pump into her once again.  “Oh, yes, yesssssssssss ..............…........……..shag me …............……..shag me …………................…oh, yessssss ……..........…..yesssssss!  Oh, Goddddd ….......………please ….......………..please …........…I need to cumingggggg ..........................……..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed, clasping him tightly with her trim arms and legs.

Trent was dismayed at his lovely wife’s actions, watching her arch up high to get Mr. Grimes' cock as deep into her as possible.   He watched as Terri was now desperately clawing at Mr. Grimes' back, her nails digging his back as she tried to pull him closer if that was at all possible, her sharp nails drawing long thin lines of blood.  Never had his lovely wife behaved in such a wanton manner in all the years of their marriage.

The last glimmer of hope arose when Trent heard Mr. Grimes tell Terri "I've got to pull out, little lady!  I know ya don't want to have my black baby!  I've got to pull out now or I'm gonna cum!  Oh, baby, I'd sure like to shoot my hot cum in yer little belly and make ya a little black baby!  Let go and I'll pull out now!"

Terri was frantic upon hearing this, she couldn't let it end, she begged “Ohhhhhh, noooo ………..noooooooooo ………….don’t pull out ……nooo!  Cum in me ………let me have your cum ………….cum ……….cum in me ………..shoot your hot cum in me!  Don't pull out!  Shoot it in me ………………..I don't care …………….keep fucking me, please!  Keep fucking me ………shoot it in me ………make me cum!  Knock me up ………I don't care ……..I need to cum! Give me your baby …………..give me your black baby …………..I don't care …………….just keep fucking meeeee!"

Unable to control herself, Terri begged  “Ohaahhhhhhh …………pleaseeee ………please  fucccckkkkk  ………………..meeeeeeeeee!  "Yessss ………….yesssssssss ……………pleasssseeeee ………..ohhhhhhh ………..shoot it …….….in me ………..deep in me ……. give it to meeeeeeeeee!  Yessssss ……….yes ……………..shoot it …………shoot it deep in me!  Oh, God ……….your cum is so hotttttt ………it burnsssssss!  Oh, God, yessssss ……………….I ………..I'm cummingggggg………….!"

As Trent sat just a few feet away, he could see their various muscles quivering with every spasm.  He saw Mr. Grimes' ass quiver time and time again.  From their coupled position, it was obvious that his hot potent sperm was been deposited deep into his wife's fertile womb.  With Terri's sexy white legs clamped tightly around Mr. Grimes' buttocks, it was evident that she had no qualms of it being deposited there.

An hour had now gone by since Mr. Grimes had made his appearance.  Trent felt some relief in knowing that his job was no longer in jeopardy, thanks to the bargain he had struck with Mr. Grimes.  He was a bit upset as Mr. Grimes had promised he'd wear a condom.  But in retrospect, it had not been Mr. Grimes who had rolled the condom off, although he had been instrumental in getting Terri to do it.  He was getting cramped in the position he was in, needing to go to the restroom to relieve himself, thus he hoped Mr. Grimes would soon get up to make his departure.

But Trent was in for a big surprise as it was Terri who had revived first, with Mr. Grimes snoring as he lay upon the bed.  Then a thought of panic flashed into his mind that everything could be blown right then and there.  'Oh, God, Terri's going to untie me and then expect me to take care of her rapist as he sleeps!  She'll call the police to have Mr. Grimes arrested, then it'll all come out that I agreed to the entire thing!' his mind raced.  But as he watched Terri, she didn't even seem to notice him as she looked over to the hooded rapist who had fallen asleep.  He was shocked to see her reach over to fondle the now flaccid black cock of her rapist.  His heart sank as he watched his lovely wife dip her head down to take the flaccid cock back into her mouth, trying desperately to suck it back to life.

Trent remained in that same chair till early Sunday morning, when finally Mr. Grimes took his leave.  He even had to relieve himself in his pants due to the long duration that he had been forced to sit there.  He had lost count the number of times that Mr. Grimes had mated with his lovely wife.  They had remained in bed the entire time, rarely sleeping as they couldn't get enough of each other.  They did take some time off to get a bite, leaving him tied to the chair while they did so.

One event really shocked Trent, seeing Terri's response when Mr. Grimes announced that he wanted to claim her cherry white ass.  He had expected Terri to be totally appalled by that remark and fight him all the way.  What really surprised him was Terri eagerly turning onto all fours on the bed, presenting her virgin ass up to him without any fight at all.  It had been a sight to see, as well as to hear, especially the way Terri screamed when her virgin ass was taken in a brutal manner.  The scene had been so exciting to Trent, causing him to cum in his pants.

On Sunday morning, Mr. Grimes finally made his departure soon after his final mating with Terri.  He watched as Mr. Grimes and Terri engaged in a final passionate French kiss.  Then Mr. Grimes asked her to "Give me fifteen minutes before you untie your husband!  I'll need that to escape the police if the call is made then!"  He watched as Mr. Grimes then departed, leaving Terri lying naked on the bed, facing the clock but with her back to where he was tied.  Seeing the fifteen minutes go by, he tried to get her attention by rocking back and forth so the chair would squeak a bit.  But he assumed she had merely fallen asleep due to the ordeal she had been through.  It was exactly thirty minutes, after Mr. Grimes departure, that Terri moved to untie him.  Needless to say that no call was placed to the police as Terri advised she did not want to go through the ordeal of being questioned.

Trent certainly had gotten far more than he had bargained for.  Six weeks later, it was certain that Terri was carrying her rapist's baby.  With Terri religious upbringing, she had told him that it was meant to be for her to be pregnant, that they should raise the baby as their own.  Feeling so guilty at being the cause for his wife's condition, Trent merely agreed to whatever she desired.  Still, he could not forget his wife begging to be knocked up by her rapist, nor the fact that she hadn't even bothered to douche after Mr. Grimes had departed.

A year later, Trent Harmon looked about the office and sighed, realizing that everyone was being promoted above him but acknowledged that he was lucky to still have a job.  He had hoped that by now he'd be able to get back into the executive fast track since his derailment in the supply room.  "Damn, I dearly paid the price that he wanted - I let him have Terri!  Maybe if I talk to him, I can somehow get back into his good graces and back on the fast track.  After all, I'm now bringing up his little boy, Josh!  I can't believe how attached Terri is to the baby, especially since it's obvious that I'm not the baby's father!  Guess it's that natural bonding of a mother to the baby she gives birth to, even if the baby was conceived in a rape!" he concluded.

Trent finally got up enough courage to approach Mr. Grimes.  In asking if there was any way that he could get back onto the fast track, telling him that he had another mouth to feed.  He was relieved to hear that Mr. Grimes would consider it, especially since he had kept his nose clean for over a year.  But before he had left Mr. Grimes' office, he knew that Mr. Grimes needed more convincing, especially when he was told "Hire a sitter for this weekend and put it on the expense account!  Bring your lovely wife out to my vacation home on the coast.  I heard that you enjoy deep sea fishing so I'll have a boat chartered to take you out for that elusive marlin.  I'll be certain to see that your pretty wife is 'well entertained' while you're out fishing!"  Leaving Mr. Grimes' office, Trent knew exactly just how Mr. Grimes planned on entertaining his beautiful wife.

At home, Trent was hesitant to even mention his discussion with Mr. Grimes about his future with the company.  But he knew that his ability to get ahead with the company rested entirely with his lovely wife and her willingness in allowing Mr. Grimes to bed her at his vacation home.  Bringing up the subject of the coming weekend, he advised Terri about being invited out to Mr. Grimes vacation home, that the baby-sitting expense could be turned in for reimbursement.  He advised that Mr. Grimes had chartered a boat for him to go out for some marlin fishing, telling her "I think he wants to talk to you about how receptive you are to being married to a company manager, our family life and values." Then he stammered out "Honey, it ………….it would be great if you could be 'nice' to Mr. Grimes!"

"He ………he wants to talk to me?  Be 'nice' to him????" Terri asked with a glaring look at her husband.  "You mean he wants to bed me in exchange for you getting ahead!  Is that correct?" she asked angrily.  "I can't believe you'd even consider such a preposterous idea!  You actually want me to go to bed with your black boss!  Wasn't it bad enough for me to be raped and impregnated by that black rapist last year!  Now you want to subject me to this!  You're pathetic!  Shit, I bet you even enjoyed seeing me being raped last year, seeing me forced to eat that filthy black cock!  I should have let him cut your pathetic little weenie off!"

Then Terri blurted out "If you're that anxious to get ahead, I'll do it!  But don't you blame me if I enjoy it and get hooked with black cock from now!"  Then, to purposely hurt his male ego, Terri blurted out "Well, maybe it won't be so bad ……................…..especially since its been over a year since I've had a 'real' man fuck me!  If you find me out at nights from now, that means I'm getting myself laid by someone who can satisfy me!"  With that, Terri threw out his pillow and a blanket outside of the master bedroom, remarking "You can sleep on the couch you pathetic bastard!  I need my beauty rest if I'm expected to perform well on my ass this weekend!"

The next week, Trent shook hands with his fellow workers, as they had come to congratulate him on his promotion.  He was on the fast track again, thanks to his lovely wife.  He thought back to the weekend, remembered how he had sat in the chartered fishing boat while wondering just what was happening at Mr. Grimes' vacation home.  Having just received the promotion, he knew his lovely wife had indeed been very 'nice' to his boss.

But Trent knew that she had been 'nice' to Mr. Grimes during the weekend.  The light blue blouse and navy blue shorts that lay on the bathroom floor were covered with evidence of just how 'nice' Terri had been.  He couldn't resist the temptation to pick up the items, examining the streaks of white crust soiling both shorts and blouse.  He rightfully suspected that Terri had gotten down on her knees to handle Mr. Grimes and in doing so, his boss had cum all over Terri.  Looking about for Terri's panties, they were no where to be found.  He just hoped Terri got over being upset with him as he had not touched her since a week prior to the night she had thrown out his pillow and blanket, which he still used when he went to sleep on the couch each night.

Six weeks later, Trent got home while his wife was in the shower as the baby played in the crib.  He saw that Terri had taken his pillow and blanket from the sofa and placed it back on their bed.  He felt so relieved that Terri had finally forgiven him.  Nearly two months on the couch and not being able to touch his lovely wife had been unbearable.  To say the least, Terri had been rather cold to him even in their sparse conversations with each other.  He was so hot and horny for her, hoping she would now be receptive to letting him make love to her again.

Trent got a big welcome kiss home when Terri got out of the shower.  He was finally enjoying a passionate kiss with his lovely wife again.  'From now on, everything's going to be just perfect!  With this new position, I've got a chance to move on with another company and escape Mr. Grimes!' Trent told himself.  As Terri went to the kitchen to prepare their dinner, Trent hugged her from behind and nuzzled at her neck.  With his hands around her, his wife grasped his right hand and with hers atop of his, she rubbed his hand over her trim belly.

Terri rubbed her hand over her husband's as it rested upon her belly.  "Guess what, honey!  I went to the clinic today and the doctor told me that you're going to be a daddy again!  Isn't that great!  Doctor says I'm six weeks along right now!"  With the numbers not adding up, there was a moment of complete silence, followed by her husband's stammering "But …............…..but ...................…..!"

Then Terri interrupted his stammering "I'm so glad you wanted me to be 'nice' to Mr. Grimes and gave me your blessing!  That weekend was my most fertile time of the month!  Just think honey, now little Josh will feel comfortable when he grows up!  His baby brother or sister will have the same complexion as he does!"  She could see the pain that came across Trent's face, rubbing it in his face in that it was his own fault for asking her to be 'nice' to his boss.  She had taken his pillow and blanket back into their bedroom, wanting Trent to sleep next to her again, all with the knowledge she was carrying another man's baby, his boss's black baby.

What had started out to be a most promising evening, now turned to dismay for Trent.  Prior to their arrival at Mr. Grimes' vacation home, he had supplied Terri with an entire box of condoms to prevent such a thing from happening.  It was obvious that a condom either slipped off, was faulty, or had not been used.  At this stage, seeing how happy and excited Terri was, he decided not to ask which had occurred to put her into such a condition.  As he changed in the bedroom, a thought went through his mind, then he went to the drawer of the night stand.  He groaned and emitted a loud sigh.  There was the box of condoms he had supplied Terri with.  It was still sealed in the shrink wrap that he had purchased it in, making it quite obvious that it had not been opened at all.  'Josh's brother or sister will certainly have the same complexion as he does, especially since they'll both have the same mother and father!' he contemplated.

Hearing a smirking laughter, Trent looked up to see Terri at the doorway chuckling at his discovery.  "Maybe you still can get a refund on that box cause you'll only be using this bed to sleep on!  From now on, only a 'real man's' going to get in my panties!  It was quite interesting what I learned at the vacation home six weeks ago!  Found out that Mr. Grimes really can disguise his voice when he wants to!  But even before learning of his ability to do that, it seems that your boss has a penchant to having his white bitch get on her knees to mouth his cock, and then I got of another close up view of the big black cock that raped me a year ago!  You bastard …….....................…….you set me up to be raped just to save your fucking ass!  And that rapist who fathered Josh is the same father of the little baby growing in my tummy now!"

Stunned into silence, Trent realized that Mr. Grimes had then told her everything and now it was pay back time.  He sat on the bed defeated, listening to Terri sneer at him "Don't even think of leaving me cause Mr. Grimes assures me he'll can your ass and you'll never work in the industry again!  He'll be sending your salary directly to me since I'm raising his kids!  You'll be a laughing stock if word gets out that you got caught with your pants down and what you did to save your sorry ass!" After Terri's laughter subsided, he then heard his wife describe just how 'nice' she had been that week as she relayed "When I realized he was Josh's real father, I wanted Josh to have a real life blood related brother or sister!  So, to hell with the damn condoms that you gave me and I crawled up over Mr. Grimes, grabbed his cock and got it in me!"


"You're so lucky your parents live abroad!  I heard you on the phone last week, telling them that Josh was adopted.  Well, you had better tell them we have plans to adopt another little one soon!" Terri laughed.  Then she sneered "You're pathetic!  They'll see what a little wimp of a son they have if they ever learn you let your wife get knocked up by a nigger and now you're bringing up his kids as your own!  You might even tell them that you'll be adopting two more in the next few years!  Yes, Bill, they'll all be actually brothers and sisters, all borne from the same parents!"

Bill watched as Terri turned to leave, then saw her pause and look back at him, adding "This Friday, I want you home early to feed little Josh and put him to bed cause I'm going out dancing!  You can sleep in the spare room that night since I'll be bringing home a 'real man' to take care of me! On second thought, you can stay and watch, you might just learn something  ……like how a 'real man' takes care of a woman!"

End of Story.