Captive Young Wife - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Karen Atkinson was worried as she was unable to reach her daughter by phone as a recording kept coming on to advise that the number had been disconnected.  With her husband Bill away on a business trip, she pondered as to what she could or should now do.  She had Bill's cell number and could call him but was hesitant in doing so, knowing how he had been against her going out on her own.  Karen had been the one siding with her daughter, wanting her to gain some independence though deep down she was quite protective of her young daughter.

Realizing how wrong she had been in giving her okay to Julie, especially when her daughter insisted that she could do it alone, saying she wanted to be 'independent'.  When Julie had called to say she found a wonderful place to stay and the rent was reasonable, Karen and her husband were relieved.  They had offered to send her money till she got on her feet but Julie advised that she just had a modeling interview and things were quite promising.  Karen had made her daughter promise to let her know if she needed any funds to help tide her over and Julie agreed to do so.

At the age of 37, Karen could still relate to what Julie was looking for, to be independent and a model in demand.  She in fact had done the exact same thing at that age, though the country was not as radical then as it was nowadays, plus the fact that Julie was going to move to a much bigger city that she had done at that time.  For Karen, her modeling career had been both fun and profitable, even recalling how it had led her to meeting Bill by chance when she had been on a photo shoot.

Thoughts of how she had met Bill flooded her mind, recalling her falling in love with him, then marrying him and starting a family.  Once Julie was born, she had decided to end her modeling career and spend her time raising her child and being a housewife until Julie went on off to school.  With Bill earning a good salary in his job, Karen took on part-time modeling jobs once Julie was six years of age and thus could combine her modeling with family life.

Still, at the age of 37, Karen had heads turning as she passed and even had guys making passes at her during her modeling assignments.  She enjoyed being well dressed and looking nice but never did she flaunt her body purposely to get a man's attention.  She had only one man in her life and the thought of being with another man never entered her mind.  Having concentrated on her modeling career in her younger days, Karen had not dated much and Bill was the only man she had been intimate with.  In actuality, her beautiful looks deceived everyone who thought she was a hot little sexpot whereas she was instead rather shy and naïve.

Sitting herself down, Karen desperately tried to think rationally, her heart beating madly due to the concern over her young daughter.  'What if its really nothing and she's having phone problems?  But I called the operator who confirmed it was disconnected!  Bill's away on an important business meeting and he'll be really upset with me if he has to drop everything at this point, saying its my stupidity for siding with Julie on the move!' she thought to herself.

'Gosh, its only been a few months since she left home!' Karen mulled.  'I even talked to her just over a week ago and asked if she needed some funds!  But she said she was doing fine, that some money was coming in from the part-time modeling jobs she had picked up!' she recalled.  'What could have gone wrong in just over a week!  That girl has been so stubborn, refusing to ask for any help, afraid her dad will lecture in the 'I told you so' spiel!' her mind raced.

'Maybe I can take a quick flight out to check on her without getting Bill involved or upset at my going!  But Bill calls home late each night and would be worried if I didn't answer.  Well, I could leave a message on his voice mail, saying that my sister needed some help with getting a sitter for a few days, telling him I'll call him at his hotel each night on my cell phone.  Ohhh, but that would mean lying to Bill, something I've never done before!  Well, its not like I'm cheating on him and I'm doing it to help our daughter!' she rationalized.

Looking at the phone directory, Karen got the number for the airlines and then make the call to find out when the next available flight was.  In talking to the reservation clerk, Karen booked a flight that would give her adequate time to pack an overnight bag and allow enough time to make it to the airport.  Once she hung up and dialed Bills work number to access his voice mail, leaving him the message of her going to her sister's and that she would call him each night at his hotel.

Hurriedly, Karen put some things together in a small overnight bag that would fit in the overhead compartment on the plane, not wanting to waste precious time in waiting for luggage.  Then she put on a nice dress and heels, wanting to look presentable and not appear to be a distraught mother when she checked on her daughter's whereabouts in a city that she knew little of.

Making the drive to the airport, Karen parked in the long term parking, figuring she may not be getting back for a couple of days or so.  Checking in and paying for her one-way ticket as she was unsure exactly what day she would be returning.  Once through the security checkpoints and finding a seat in the lounge, she took a deep breath and tried to calm her nerves.

Getting on her cell phone, Karen then made a call to her sister, telling her of her problems and advising her what she was up to.  She just wanted her sister to be prepared, should Bill call for her there.  She was thankful that her sister was so understanding and would tell Bill, if he did call, that she was tied up and would call him right back.  Her sister was then to call her on her cell phone so that she could then return Bill's call.

The wait at the airport and the two hour flight seemed to take forever and it was nearly 5 p.m. before Karen got out of the airport and hailed a cab.  The first sign that she got that things weren't right was when the cab driver asked "Ma'am, are you sure you want to go into that district?"  When she advised that her daughter lived at the address she had given him, she had observed the driver give a concerned look and seemed to shake his head.

On the drive through the city, Karen felt a nervous shudder course through her body as the surrounding neighborhood began deteriorating rapidly.  Finally, when the cab pulled up to the location she had given him, she looked up in horror at the dilapidated building before her, shuddering at the thought that Julie lived in such a run-down apartment building.  She asked the driver if he would wait but the driver indicated that he already had gotten another call assignment and had to go.  Paying the driver, Karen then looked about the neighborhood and cringed in disgust, braving herself to find the courage to enter the building.

Going up the two flights of stairs, Karen shivered at the squalid conditions, the awful smell and dirty condition of the building's interior.  Finding the apartment number, she knocked on the door but got no response.  Again, she knocked but still there was no answer.  After five minutes of trying to get a response, breathing hard in nervousness, Karen feared for her daughter's safety.

Making her way back down the stairs, Karen then went to locate the building's directory of tenants.  She saw her daughter's name still on the directory, then looked for the manager's apartment number.  Proceeding down the hallway, Karen looked for apartment #112 and found it to be the last apartment on the first floor.  Then she knocked on the wooden door.  Suddenly the door sprung open and Karen was confronted by "Yeah ……………what da ya ……..!"

Leroy Chandler stopped in mid-sentence as his set upon the lovely beauty standing at this front door.  Immediately, his cock gave a twitch and he swallowed to regain his composure in having this wonderful surprise pay him a visit.  Quickly he recovered himself and then turned on the charm "I'm so sorry, ma'am!  I thought it was those pesky kids coming to bother me again!  I'm Leroy Chandler, how can I be of help to you!"

It took a moment for Karen herself to get over the abrupt initial greeting, then stammered out "My ……….my daughter lives in apartment #312!  My name is Karen Atkinson and I'm trying to find Julie!  Do ………do you know her?  Would …….would you know when she normally gets back to her apartment?"  She was no nervous in talking to this rather unkempt black man in his 50's or early 60's that she could feel a shudder of revulsion course through her.

Leroy could see that his shabby clothing and unkempt features had this lovely woman literally shaking in her sexy 3" heels.  He indeed knew young Julie Atkinson, the little bitch who wouldn't give him the time of day, the bitch who skipped out several days ago when the rent came due.  Thinking quickly, he realized that her beautiful mother would not be here if she knew that her daughter had moved to another location.  'God, I just gotta get me into her tight little panties!  Man, I swear, she's pure fuck'n class!  Jezz, I've never had anything so classy and pure!  Shit, I gotta get her ……………the hell with fuck'n rape charges ……………it'd all be worth it getting between her sexy white legs!' he muttered to himself.

Lying through his teeth while turning on the charm, Leroy advised "You've got such a lovely daughter!  So friendly and always greeting me with a warm smile and a pleasant 'Hello!'  In fact, I've been a bit concerned over her the past couple of days as I haven't seen her at all.  I'm always out in the hallway cleaning up a bit when she leaves to hunt for modeling jobs!  I can see where she gets her beauty from and why she'd do well in that profession!

The now pleasant apartment manager put Karen more at ease in talking to him but she was definitely concerned over her daughter.  She didn't know what to do at this point, wondering if the manager would allow her into Julie's apartment.  "Would ……….would it be possible for you to let me in Julie's apartment?" she asked.  "Please …………please, I need to put my mind at rest!  I've just made a two hour flight to get here!  I need to make sure she's not sick or hurt in her room!"

Leroy knew that the little bitch had packed her clothing up and split, leaving the apartment a fuck'n mess, one that he had not yet gotten in the mood to clean up before renting it out again.  With rent due on the 1st of the month, the bitch had split on the 10th without paying nor giving him the required two weeks notice, making it a full $300 that she owed.  'Hmmm, guess I can get her pretty mother here to pay off her debt!  This pretty thing can pay me for her daughter skipping out on me!  Yeah, payment in full plus interest!  Her sweet panties should be payment enough but my main interest is getting into her tight little cunt!' he chuckled to himself.

"Well, Mrs. Atkinson …………..I really hate to go into a tenant's apartment without giving them advanced notice!  But seeing that you've come such a long way and your daughter's safety may be at stake, I guess it would be warranted to go in.  Let me get the master key and I'll be right with you!  I'll meet you at the foot of the stairway!" Leroy advised.

Going to get the master key, Leroy closed his eyes and pictured the lovely beauty, giving the bulge in his pants a squeeze in anticipation.  Quickly, he stripped off his beer stained shirt and put on a clean one, wanting to at least improve upon the terrible first impression that he had made upon the sexy beauty.  'Fuck, I gotta get into the bitch's pants ………even it it’s the last fucking thing I do!' he muttered.

Seeing the beauty waiting for him at the foot of the stairs, he held his arm up to indicate that he would follow her up the stairs.  Instead of him leading the way, he wanted the sexy babe ahead of him, that way he could ogle her long sexy legs and maybe even get a peek up her skirt.  Seeing the sexy white flawless legs ahead of him, Leroy swallowed deeply, rubbing his crotch in anticipation.  On the second flight of stairs, he bent down and crooked his head, getting a glimpse of the beauty's white panties.

His heart was now pounding as Leroy wondered what he should do.  The only thing certain in his mind was that 'This luscious little bitch is gonna get my fuck'n black meat up her tight little snatch no matter what'!  Fuck, I wanna hear this beautiful little bitch scream her fuck'n head off when I stick it to her!  God, what I'd give to knock this fuck'n beautiful white bitch up!'

As they reached the third floor and got to Julie's apartment, Leroy had outlined a rough plan in his mind and how he would go about his conquest of this innocent beauty.  He was so tempted to just throw this beautiful bitch down onto the empty bed in the apartment and have his way with her, letting her scream her head off for help..

Her screams would be music to his ears but also attract too much attention in the apartment building.  Leroy wasn't concerned about her screams attracting attention where men would come to her aid because any men in the building coming to investigate would want in on the action.  'This is my little prize and I ain't letting anyone else horn in on the action!' he said to himself.

Knowing Julie Atkinson had already split from the apartment, Leroy went through the motions of knocking on the door, calling out "Ms. Atkinson!  Ms. Atkinson!  It's Leroy, the apartment manager!  Your mother is here!  Ms. Atkinson, are you in there?  Are you okay?"  Deliberately waiting a moment for a response that he knew wouldn't come, he then gave a glance of concern to the lovely beauty, then inserted the master key into the lock.

Opening the door to the vacated apartment, Leroy heard the gasp from the shock mother behind him as she got to survey the mess in which the apartment lay.  Then they slowly walked into the apartment, looking about the bare and bleak surroundings.  He watched as the now distraught beauty walked towards the small empty closet and found no clothing in there.  Then the nervous woman went to the dilapidated old dresser, opening each drawer to find it empty of all clothing.

Then Leroy heard the slight sniffling from the lovely Mrs. Atkinson, he saw her trying to hold back the tears and compose herself.  He finally saw the opportunity to touch the soft skin of this lovely beauty, touch her elbow to guide her to the metal chair nearby, telling her "Come and sit down for a moment, Mrs. Atkinson!  Don't you worry about your daughter!  Everything will work out!  I'll see what I can do to help you find her!"

Touching the sexy beauty, even though it was just her elbow, Leroy felt the electric charge shooting throughout his body.  That electric charge went straight to his head, the one throbbing madly in the confines of his pants.  At this point, Leroy gave serious thought to abandoning this contrived plan, wanting to feel the soft sexy body squirming under him  right at this very instant.  It took all of his willpower to release her arm and sit himself down into the chair opposite from her with the small table separating them.  "When was the last time you talked to Julie, Mrs. Atkinson?  Fill me in so maybe we can locate her!" he advised.

"It ….....… was about a week ago!  She ………........she said that everything was just fine ……..........that she was enjoying everything in the city.  I even asked if I could send her some funds to help her out till she got a full time job but she insisted that she had enough and wanted to be independent.  But …..........…….but when I tried to call her earlier today, I couldn't get through, then the operator advised me that the number had been disconnected!" Karen replied.

"Why …….........…..why didn't she ask for some help?  I kept offering but she was so insistent!  How could she live here like this?  What do I tell her father now?  How can I tell him that I flew all the way out here and can't find her?  What should I do now?" she blurted out to the concerned man across from her.

'How could she live here like this?  Shit, bitch, I've lived in this fuck'n neighborhood all my life!' he thought but refrained from saying anything, pissed that this pretty little bitch thought so lowly of anyone living in this hellhole.  Then one thing caught in his mind and he decided to see what else he could learn, asking "You mean your husband doesn't know that you flew all the way out here to find your daughter?"

Sniffing back her tears, Karen unwittingly told this man the truth "No, my husband was off on a business trip when I couldn't reach Julie!  I just didn't want to trouble him, especially since he was not at all in favor of Julie moving here on her own!  My sister's helping cover up for me for the next few days till I get back home before my husband's business trip ends!"

That was all that Leroy wanted to hear, knowing that the sketchy plan that had evolved in his mind earlier would certainly be feasible.  'A few days!  All mine for a few fuck'n days!  Yeah …........……..all mine for a few days …….............…a few days full of fuck'n!  Oh, baby, gonna make ya scream yer fuck'n head off!  Bet ya ain't had anything like what 'ol Leroy has for ya!' he chuckled to himself.
"Gosh, what do I tell the owner of the apartment building?  He's really going to be upset with me for letting another tenant skip out without paying the rent!" Leroy said loudly, acting concerned, shaking his head in disbelief.  "Jezz, I felt sorry for Julie when she indicated that she needed till the middle of the month to come up with the rent!  I never thought she just take off without paying!  The owner's told me he's determined to take any delinquent renters to small claims court and make life miserable for them!" he sighed, continuing to shake his head.

As he had hoped, he heard Julie's beautiful mother say "Oh, how much does Julie owe?  I'll be happy to take care of what ever she owes you!  Here let me get my checkbook out!"  His ploy had worked so easily, realizing that this was indeed going to be quite a profitable day.  Thinking quickly, he lied as to the amount due, advising "Well, with the two weeks required notice and the days now lapsed in the month plus the clean-up costs, the total would be $600!  Make that payable to Markfield Apartments!"

Smiling, Leroy watched the innocent beauty write out the check as he had instructed.  He wanted to laugh for he had already told the owner of the building that tenant of unit #312 had skipped out without paying her rent.  It was always a problem but the two-week advance deposit actually covered the rent for the first half of the month, though technically all that was owed to the owner of the apartment building.  But with the apartment being situated where it was, along with the quality of tenants, the owner didn't bother pursuing anyone figuring they had zero funds to come up with anyway.

Leroy's job was to collect the rent and deposit the funds collected into the bank, using the deposit slips supplied by the owner.  Then Leroy would send the deposit slip, along with a listing of the units that had paid the rent.  In this neighborhood, most of the tenants didn't even have bank accounts, paying their rent in cash.  So long as the deposit amount matched the itemized listing, the owner never questioned who paid in check or cash.  That was up to Leroy in keeping the funds coming balanced with the deposit slip.  With this check for $600, he would make the deposit the funds into the bank account but he'd be pocketing the full $600 from cash paid from other tenants.

As there were no clues left in the apartment as to where Julie had gone to, Karen was at a total loss as to what she should do.  She thought of getting a cab to take her to a hotel downtown but wondered just where she should begin to search the next day.  She wondered if the police would take a missing person's report but realized that they would merely say she left the apartment because she didn't have the rent.  Then she concluded that it would be best to take the next flight back home and hopefully Julie would call home and let her know what was happening.

Picking up the telephone, there as no dial tone with the phone being disconnected.  Getting the cell phone from her purse, she opened the yellow pages up for taxis.  Seeing the lengthy list of taxi companies, she had no clue as to which one she should call.   She looked up at the apartment manager and asked "Could you tell me which cab company services this neighborhood, Mr. Chandler?"

'Mr. Chandler!  Shit, no one's ever called me Mister before!' he mused.  Then he gave out a loud laughter, advising "No cab driver's going to come out to this neighborhood!  Not at this time of night anyway!  Any cab company you call will think they're being set up to get robbed if you give them the location of this neighborhood!"

A sense of panic set in as Karen realized just how true this man's words were.  She then recalled the cab driver who had taken her from the airport, remembering the look he had given her upon learning her destination.  She realized that she was trapped in this filthy run-down apartment building.  Recalling the sight of the adjoining neighborhood as the taxi made its way here, she didn't dare walk even a block, knowing some goon or rapist would accost her on the street.

"Mr. Chandler, would ……...............could I pay you to take me to the greyhound station or somewhere that's safe where I can hail a cab?" Karen asked pleadingly, not knowing what to do next.  "The cab charged me $20 from the airport to here!  I …….............….I'll be happy to pay you double that if you could take me to the airport!" she added.

Leroy's cock twitched madly in his pants, knowing it'd be even easier to get his plan rolling with the sexy bitch even willing to pay him to get her to the airport.  He was wondering just how he was going to get her into the car alone with him in the first place.  Now that problem was solved.  "You've been so kind as to take care of the back rent for your daughter!  The least I can do is to drive you to the airport and see that you get safely out of this neck of the woods!  It'll be my pleasure to take you to the airport and I don't want any payment for it!  Let's go back downstairs and I'll get my car keys the apartment!" he advised.

Going to his apartment while leaving the innocent beauty at the foot of the stairs, Leroy went into his apartment.  He chuckled as he already had his car keys in his pants pocket.  Going to the refrigerator, he obtained two cans of coke and then to the drawer where stashed his supply of various drugs and weed.  Searching about, he smiled as he found what he was looking for.  Putting down the cans of coke, he got the pill out of its foil wrapping.

Leroy put one can under his arm and held the other in his hand.  Gripping the pill, known as a 'roofie', between his third and fourth fingers he then proceed out the door.  Closing his apartment door shut with his foot, he proceeded to where the lovely Mrs. Atkinson was waiting for him.  He knew that women these days were made aware of the dangers of taking an already opened can from a stranger.  Thus, only when he neared the unsuspecting beauty did he pop open the can.

Wanting her to hear and see him pop open the can of coke, knowing that she would be getting a fresh can of coke, Leroy advised "Got some cokes for our drive to the airport!  Here you go, Mrs. Atkinson!"  When he had bent the tab back with his thumb, Leroy let the pill slip from between his fingers into the opening of the can of coke.  With the beauty accepting it with a 'thank you', he then opened the other can for himself, then opened the front door of the apartment complex.

Down the steps to the sidewalk, Leroy then led the unwary beauty to his beat up old car.  He opened the door and leaned in to dust off the seat for the sexy beauty, then held the door open for her.  He was a bit embarrassed that the car wouldn't start immediately, then was relieved as it revved up on the third try.

On the drive towards the airport, he decided to pry even more information.  He added that he recalled seeing her name to call for emergency on the rental agreement, advising the upset beauty that he'd call her if he should hear from Julie.  "So when is Mr. Atkinson scheduled to get back home from his trip?  Are you planning to tell him of your trip out here?" he inquired.

"He won't be getting back home till Wednesday afternoon!  I don't think I can tell him of this trip, he'll only get upset with me not calling him!  Besides, I must confess that I gave a lie on his voice mail, telling him I was going to my sister's to help her babysit!  My sister agreed to help cover up my whereabouts in case he called for me there.  If that occurred, she'd call me on my cell phone and I could then return my husband's call!  So, I'll just call him when I get home and tell him of Julie's phone being disconnected!" she replied, taking a large gulp from her can of coke.

Taking a well lit route through the city, towards the airport, Leroy wanted the beauty to not become alarmed at where he was taking her to.  He held back his wide grin, seeing from the corner of his eye that the beauty had consumed about half of the coke thus far.  He gave her a bit of a tour, pointing out various points of interest while she continued to sip at the can of coke.

Turning towards the naïve woman while chatting to her, he could see her eyelids getting heavy, observed her fighting the urge to keep from nodding off.  To put her at ease even further, he pointed out the airport in a distance, telling her it would be about another fifteen minutes before they got to the airport terminal.  With the airport in sight, Leroy knew that the naïve little bitch would soon be under the full influence of the drug and all his to plunder.

Leroy smiled as he drove past the freeway exit to the airport, seeing the pretty wife and mother slumped off to the side of the car, out cold from her drugged coke, head leaning on her shoulder.  Keeping quiet, not wanting to stir the drugged beauty, Leroy continued driving to the real destination that he had in mind.  Then after a few moments of silence, her reached over to caress and stroke her left arm, letting his fingers move down to touch her pretty manicured fingers.

Her hand felt so soft and delicate, causing Leroy's hardon to twitch and threaten to explode in his pants.  Then a shiver of pleasure coursed through his body as he fingered the diamond ring and wedding band, items that signified her love and belonging to her punk whiteboy husband.  The prospect of defiling this naïve and innocent wife made him even that much more horny, anxious to 'ruin' this whiteboy's most prized possession.

Lifting up his knee up against the steering wheel to free his other hand, he then unzipped his pant to relieve some the tension.  Reaching into his pants with his left hand, he found the opening to his jockeys.  Breathing hard in anticipation, he brought the beauty's limp hand over towards him.  Slipping the soft slim fingers into the openings of his pants and jockeys, he shivered with pleasure, shuddering out loud "Oh, fuck!  Oh, baby!  God your hand is so warm and soft!  Oh, baby ………................…..oh, Goddddddd!"

Switching to the right lane so he could slow down a bit and maintain control of is car, he pumped into the warm soft hand, moving her hand down a bit so his oozing cockhead was capped in her soft palm.  Shuddering, he stilled himself, trying to keep control of his body.  Now the pumping of his cock slipped faster and faster into the soft palm, aided by his slick lubricant and now coated it.  He couldn't believe that just the touch of the soft warm hand of this pretty white wife had him ready to bust a nut.

Now Leroy could barely concentrate enough concentrate on driving without swerving over into the next lane.  Eyes rolling, body shuddering, Leroy had the sense to pull off onto the emergency shoulder of the roadway.  He killed the engine and pressed down on the parking break, then lifted the lever to slide the front seat back.  Panting for breath, he then eased the limp body of the drugged beauty down so that she lay across the front seat, turning her head slightly so she was facing him.

Fumbling at his open zipper, Leroy reached in to pull out his lengthy piece of oozing black meat.  "Ahhhhhh …………....….ohhhhhhhhhh ……….....…….yeah ..........................yeahhhhhhhhh!" he moaned from the pleasure of laying his black stem across the beautiful features of this lovely naive wife.  Body quivering, Leroy knew that he was about to lose it at this point, regardless of how badly he wanted to hold back further.

Putting his thumb at the bottom of the jaw of the unconscious beauty, Leroy saw the soft pink lips part under the pressure of his thumb.  "Ohhhhhh ……….baby!" he moaned as he pushed the slick underside of his throbbing over the parted lips, drawing back some so that he could paint her sweet lips with a coating of lip gloss.  Then with his free hand, Leroy pushed down on his erect shaft, guiding his cockhead between the soft parted lips.

Putting more pressure on her jaw with his thumb, Leroy forced the parted lips to open wider, the pushed forward with this cock to enter the warm confines of her mouth.  Pumping his cockhead in jackhammer fashion, Leroy groaned as the thought of this sexy beauty eating his cum was just too much.  "Ohhhh ………….ohhhhh, fuckkkk ………ahhhhhh ……………yeahhh …………ahhhhh, eat it …………eat it all, you sexy little bitch!" he groaned as he spurted his pent-up lust into the mouth of the unconscious beauty.

Having spurted his hot slimy load into the mouth of the unconscious beauty, he then heard her body respond to the foreign substance in her mouth, causing her to cough and gag around his cock.  Releasing her jaw, Leroy's hand moved down to the soft slender throat, gently massaging the length of her throat.  He smiled as his actions caused the unconscious beauty to begin swallowing the hot protein that filled her mouth to the brim

A great feeling of relief in having expended himself, Leroy's right hand moved down over the crisp blouse to cup a perfectly formed breast.  Suddenly, panic set in as a bright glare of headlights indicated that a car had pulled up immediately behind his car.  'Oh, fuck, that's all I need!  Someone sees me with this unconscious white bitch in my lap, they'll know it ain't on her own free will!' his mind raced.

Seeing the other driver getting out of his car, Leroy quickly lowered his window and stuck his head out, yelling loudly "Everything's okay!  Just had to pull off the road to relieve the tension!"  Sticking his left hand out the window, he gave a wave to thank the other driver for stopping, then breathed a sigh of relief as the other driver waved back and got into his car again.  Adjusting the tilt of his steering wheel higher, he then slid the front seat forward with the head of the lovely woman still lying upon his lap.

Back on the road again, Leroy's heart was pounding from the recent scare of being caught before he got to his destination.  'Fuck, that's what I get from using the wrong fuck'n head!  Yeah, blew my fuck'n head off!' he nervously laughed to himself.  With traffic light at this point, he took his eyes off the road briefly, looking down into his lap.  The overhead street lights gave him glimpses of the lovely woman, looking so beautiful, especially with his dwindling cock giving her a facial with his oozing cum.

Pulling off on the exit he was looking for, Leroy got onto the old country road where he had grown up.  His parents had recently passed away and left their old home and property to his sister, who had assisted them a lot in their aging years.  His sister already had a place with her family in another town and thus the property was up for sale at he current time.  It was vacant with only a bed and bare essentials left in he house for when someone went there to maintain the property.  He smiled as it was the perfect place for what he had in mind, knowing that the nearest neighbor was a half mile away.

Turning off onto the long dirt road, Leroy made his way through the heavily overgrown area, finally pulling up in front of the run down old home.  With no one nearby to observe him, Leroy kept the headlights on so he could see what he was doing.  Opening the driver's door, easing the beauty's head from his lap and onto the seat, he then got out of the car and went up the wooden steps to the house.

Testing the door, it was locked as he had expected.  Reaching up above the sill of the doorway, he smiled as his fingers discovered that the key was still there as usual.  Opening the door, he turned on the switch and two dim lamps came on so he could make his way to the bedroom.  Pulling off the old thin spread, he got the bed ready for the sexy bitch in the car.

Back out at the car, he turned off the headlights and closed the driver's door.  Going around the car, he opened up the passenger door, from which he would extract the drugged beauty.  Reaching in, Leroy placed his hands under the beauty's knees and shivered from the excitement coursing through him.  Lifting her legs and turning her body so that she was now prone across the seat, he let his hands wander up the soft bare thighs.  "Oh, baby ………….so soft ………… fuck'n soft ……………ya gonna be spreading these sexy legs very soon, Mrs. Atkinson!" he crooned.

Kicking the car door shut, Leroy then made his way up into the house with his captive draped in his arms.  Making his way into the bedroom, the lay the beauty onto the bed.  "Oh, you sweet little bitch!  You're all mine now!  Ohhhhh, sweetie!" he moaned as his hands crinkled the once crisp blouse as his hands were molded over the soft mounds, thumbs circling over the tips to feel the budding response.

Having to refrain himself from continuing to feel up the sexy bitch, Leroy forced himself to go back to the car.  Opening the trunk, he got out the bag containing a video camcorder that he had ripped off from a car he had broken into the other day.  'God, perfect timing to have ripped this off that honky punk!  Glad I didn't get a chance to hock it yet!' he told himself.  Taking the bag and tripod back into the house, he got it set up and rolling with the camcorder focused on the sexy beauty.

Anxious to bare his succulent prize, Leroy began unbuttoning the front of her blouse, then pulled out the bottom her blouse that had been tucked into her skirt.  Turning the limp beauty onto her side, he drew her arm out of her blouse.  Then he turned her towards him to remove the blouse entirely, leaving her upper body clad only in her lacy white bra.  Reaching forward, placing his thumbs at the bottom of the lacy bra, he eased the well-filled garment over the soft white mounds that it protected.

"Oh, baby ……………….so fuck'n beautiful!  Fuck'n twin beauties!" Leroy moaned as his thumbs moved to tease the soft pink buds.  With the pink nipples hardening under his thumbs, Leroy bent forward to first tongue one perfect nipple, followed by the other.  Then he clamped his mouth over the mound, slobbering over the tender flesh, then clasped the hardened nipple between his crooked teeth.  Soon, he paid the same homage to its perfect twin.

Opening his mouth wide, Leroy was able to fill his mouth with half of an exquisite breast, then sunk his crooked teeth into the succulent flesh as his tongue continued to tease the hardened nipple in his mouth.  He knew his sharp teeth would leave bruises on her beautiful breasts, in fact he wanted to leave bruises upon her beautiful body, hoping that her loving husband would discover the bite marks upon his innocent and faithful wife.  Leroy chuckled to himself in wondering how this beauty would attempt to explain away the bruises or to tell her loving husband that she had been 'raped and ruined'.

Pulling the soft lacy bra back down over the now bruised and tender breasts, Leroy reached down to the hem of her skirt, pulling it up to bunch at her waist and fully exposing the lacy white panties.  He licked his lips in seeing the sexy body, covered by the lacy white panties that he had earlier managed to get a glimpse of when she ascended the stairway in the apartment building.  Bending his head down, he pressed his face up against the prone beauty's panty covered crotch, snuggling up to it and inhaling deeply.  "Oh, babyyyyy …...............……….hmmmm, smells so fuck'n sweet!" he moaned.

Slowly peeling down the flimsy garment, Leroy took a deep breath at the stunning sight of the soft golden fleece that came into view.  Pushing the panties down to bare her golden mound, he pressed his face up against her sex and rubbed it all over the soft curls.  "Oh, baby …………..this is fuck'n 'fine' dining!" he crooned.  Sticking his tongue out, snaking it through the soft curls, then teasing and parting the slick moist lips.

Now with his mouth clamped onto her furry mound, his tongue snaked into the slick folds and teased the sensitive clit.  Lapping up the sweet juices that the beauty began emitting in response to his teasing tongue, Leroy moaned "Ohhhhh, pure eating stuff!  So fuck'n sweet …………….sweet like honey!  Oh, baby, you're so fuck'n juicy ………..ahhhhh, yeahhhhh!"

Finally, lifting his head up, Leroy licked at his slick tasty lips as he gazed down at his beautiful captive.  Looking down at the soft golden nest, enticing him to crawl between the long white legs and sticking his long black prong into her, wanting to feeling her tight cunt around his throbbing cock.  Instead, Leroy quickly pulled up the lacy white panties to cover up the golden temptation from his eyes.

Looking at the sexy beauty, rubbing his crotch, Leroy muttered "Oh, you sexy little bitch!  Oh, yeah ………….I'm gonna stick it to ya all right!  Soon ………soon enough!  Gonna wait till you're wide awake, sweetie!  'Ol Leroy here wants to hear ya screaming yer fuck'n head off when I 'ruin' ya!  Gonna 'ruin' ya good, bitch!"  He laughed aloud "Ya ain't gonna feel yer hubby's little pecker once ya get a sampling of  'ol Leroy's black whopper!"

"Fuck, ain't no way I'm gonna last till the fuck'n drug wears off!  God, I just gotta get my fuck'n rocks off again!" Leroy groaned.  He looked at the beautiful angel in a deep sleep upon the bed, he began to get out of his clothing.  Once he had stripped off his clothing, he fisted his jutting cock, looked at her pink lips that still glistened from the lipgloss he had applied in the car.  "Oh, yer lips are so fuck'n nice with my cum on it!  Bet ya spend a lotta money on those fancy beauty products to keep you skin so soft and beautiful!  Can save ya a lotta money, sweetie!  All ya gotta do is come see yer friend Leroy here fer a free facial!" he laughed.

Climbing up onto the bed while still fisting his meat, Leroy straddled the drugged beauty, then his hand released his slab of meat, laughing as it slapped the beauty across the face.  Hands at the sides of the beautiful face, he turned her head so she was facing him, then began to fuck his throbbing hardon upon her beautiful features.

"Oh, baby!  Gonna give ya Leroy's special of the day!  It'll keep you skin so soft and pretty, ma'am!  Yeah, ya jest gonna luv Leroy's hot facial!" he mused.  Fucking up onto her beautiful face, he groaned "Oh, baby ……………oh, you beautiful little bitch!  Turn yer nose at the dump I live in, huh, ya uppity little bitch!  Ya don't look so uppity with a nigger cock in yer face, sweetie!"

"Ahh ….ahhh ……..oh, baby ……….gonna cream ya ………..gonna cream ya real good!" Leroy moaned as he grabbed his cock with his fist.  Rocking atop the drugged body, shucking at this his now oozing cock, he spurted his first two blasts upon her lips and then began applying his leaking cum across her soft cheeks.  "Aahhhhh ………….ahhhhhhh ………..of fuckkkkkk …………..yeah!" he groaned loudly as the cock in his hand twitched, then began belching out his hot thick cream.  Spurt after spurt of his hot cum splashed upon the beautiful face, then Leroy aimed his cock higher, letting his cum mat into the silky blonde hair.

Falling off to the side of the bed, Leroy chuckled as he gazed upon the prim and proper wife now with her face covered with his spunk.  He wished that her whiteboy husband could now see his beautiful wife, her face covered with a nigger's spunk.  As he lay there, he realized that he should turn off the camcorder to save the film and then he needed to get one of the plastic ties to bind the beauty's hands above the bed.  Once that was done, he could get some rest and cuddle up to the sexy beauty as he looked forward to an eventful day once the 'roofie' wore off.

Blinking her eyes from the bright sunlight, Karen slowly came out of her drugged stupor, wondering  'Where am I?  What time is it?  What day is this?'   Looking about the old wooden rafters, she had no clue as to where in the world she could be.  As she tried to get up, she shuddered as she came to realize that her arms were bound above her head.  Panic set in, tears formed in her eyes and she sobbed "Oh, God ………….oh, God ………..where am I?  What's happening?"
Suddenly she heard the opening and closing of a door, then looked towards the doorway.  "Oh ……… Godddddd!  HELP!  HELPPPPPP!' she screamed at the top of her lungs as her eyes focused on the naked black man that appeared in the doorway.  Then she recognized the leering man as the apartment manager where "No ……… ………please …………..please ……………please don't hurt me!"

Eyes focused on the elderly apartment manager, still muscular at his age, seeing his leering smile as dropped his white drawers.  In disbelief she watched as he fisted the lengthy manhood that was aimed directly at her.  Karen shuddered in fear as her eyes were now glued to the man's fist as it traveled up and down the lengthy black pole.  She could not believe that any man could be so well endowed, swearing it was as big as a donkey's, like the one she had observed on her grandparents' farm as a youngster.

Leroy grinned upon seeing the fear register on the beauty's face, seeing her eyes glued to his crotch as he fisted his throbbing hardon.  He suspected that she had never seen a cock the size that he possessed, much less ever seeing a black one.   With that thought in mind, he turned a bit to the side so she could not get a good view of the length of his manhood.   He chuckled in hearing her fear from the loud gasp that she emitted as he turned to show her what was in store for her.

Seeing the frightened beauty cringe with fear, Leroy laughed out loud 'Look what I got for ya, Mrs. Atkinson!  Does yer hubby measure up to what I got fer ya?  Turn yer nose up at the place yer daughter lived in, ya classy fuck'n bitch!  I got jest the thing to knock ya off yer high horse, bitch!"  Seeing her pushing her heels into the bed, moving to the top of the bed, Leroy laughed again "Yeah, gonna knock ya off that high horse of yers and knock ya up at the same time, Mrs. Atkinson!  Gonna 'ruin' ya good, bitch!  Gonna send ya home to hubby with a little black bun cooking in the oven!"

Up until the past year, Karen had been on the pill but had gone off it when her husband decided on a vasectomy.  She was quite regular in her monthly period and cringed at the horrid thought of the potential consequences that she faced if this awful man had his way with her.  Thinking back to when her last period was, Karen shuddered 'Oh, God …………….this couldn't take place at a worst possible time!'  "Please ………………please ………..please don't rape me!" she sobbed pleadingly.

Seeing the gloating man fist his lengthy manhood, Karen shuddered with fear, thinking 'My God ……….it ……'s not humanly possible!  It ……………can't be ………'s just not humanly possible ……………it must be over a foot long!'  Sobbing, she pleaded as she saw him slowly approaching the bed "Please ………….please …………..I can't ……………I can't take anything like that!  Please ………….please …………'ll kill me with that!"

At the foot of the bed, Leroy continued fisting his cock, enjoying the horrified look on the bitch's face.  Kneeling on the bed, anticipating that the frightened beauty would lash out at him with her spiked heels, captured one ankle followed by the other.  Holding her ankles together on the bed, he then straddled the struggling woman, moving up to sit upon her thighs.  He loved hearing her sob in anguish "Please ……........…please ……..........…please don't ………….........……please don't hurt me!"  It was pure music to Leroy's ears as he reached forward with both hands to cup her bra encased breasts, then he squeezed and pinched at her nipples.

"Ahhh ……….owwww …………..owwww …………it hurts ……………it hurtsssssss!" Karen screamed in pain.  Never had her breasts hurt so badly and she could not understand why her breasts ached so badly.  Then she felt her lacy bra being pulled up over her mounds, baring her breasts.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned in pain as the evil tormentor again squeezed at the tender breasts.  She looked down and shuddered at the sight of her badly bruised breasts, seeing her badly bruised flesh and what appeared to be teeth marks.

"Oh, God …………….oh, god ………………how could you ………… nothing but a filthy animal!" Karen sobbed.  "Ohhhhhhhhh ………………..stop …………..stop …………it hurts!" she pleaded as she felt the hot mouth clamp over her bruised breast and began suckling upon it, then the other breast soon followed.  "Please ……….please stop ……………it hurts so bad!" she sobbed.

Reaching over the side of the bed, Leroy got the switchblade that he had placed there earlier.  He saw the beauty's eyes widen in fear, the he grabbed the front of her bra and with a quick movement of his hand it was sliced in two followed by the shoulder straps, then he pulled it from her and flung it to the floor.  Next Leroy made a slit in her skirt and then tore the garment apart with his hands, pulling the torn skirt from under the terrified woman and tossing from the bed.  Finally, the sharp knife was used to slice the thin lacy panties at the leg bands and it too was tossed to the floor.

"Please ……………….please don’t rape me …………….……pleaseeeeeeeee!  Take my money ……………….take my jewelry ………..but please ………..please don't rape me!" she sobbed.   'Oh, God …………..ohhhh, God ……………don't let this happen!' she prayed.  Then she felt the strong hands prying her thighs apart and the evil man was now kneeling between her thighs with his hands firmly on her widespread knees so she could not kick at him.  She shuddered at the feel of the thick cockhead searching and prodding at her tight entrance.  "Oh, please ………………….please ……………..nooooo …… …………you’ll get me pregnant …………..…please, please put on a condom!  I ……………...I can’t have a baby from you!" she sobbed.

“Aieeeeeeeeeee …………….……..aieeeeeeeeeeeee …………….……..aieeeeeeeeeeeee …………..noooooooooooo!” came the piercing scream as Leroy brutally stabbed forward with his thick cockhead, piercing the agonized and squirming beauty.  'Oh fucking shit!  This bitch is tight as a fuck'n virgin …………..ain't had anything this fuck'n tight!  Shit, can't believe she's even given birth before!' he thought.  "Help!  Help me …………….someone ………….please help meeeeee!" came the cry of agony as he slamming into the sobbing bitch.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….!" came the piercing scream form the woman beneath Leroy when rammed himself into her with all of his might.  Feeling her go totally limp with her arms and legs falling to the side, Leroy took great pride in having literally fucked the daylights of this innocent little bitch, laughing as he gazed down at the now blacked-out beauty.  He knew he had caused her great pain and was proud of the fact that his thick lengthy cock had her out of her mind.

Slowing his strokes so as not to lose his load prematurely, Leroy then hooked his arms under her knees, getting into position so he could penetrate her as deeply as possible.  But before plunging his lengthy cock all the way into her, he refrained himself, mouthing "C'mon, baby!  Wake up, sweetie!  Want ya to feel me 'ruining' ya!  Yeah, baby, gonna 'ruin' ya good!  No white boy's cock will ever satisfy ya again!"

Stirring, Karen shivered from the sensations stirring from between her thighs.  For a second she thought it was her husband Bill making love to her, giving her the pleasurable sensations, then the horror set back in as she realized that it was the evil apartment manager upon her body.  Tossing her head about, now trying to push her rapist from her, she sobbed "Stop ……………stop …………….stop …………….pleaseeeeeee!"

With his victim revived, Leroy began hammering away at the raped beauty, moaning “Awww, baby ………..yer so fuck'n tightttt!  Gonna ‘ruin’ ya good, sweetie!  No white boy’s ever gonna satisfy you from now on, bitch.  Then he taunted her “Think yer hubby's gonna make love to ya if he learns that a nigger got his cock up yer twat and filled it full of nigger cum?  Bet he'll want to know how he measures up, huh, sweetie!”

Rearing back till just his bulb-like cockhead remained in the sobbing beauty, Leroy slammed forward with all his might time and time again.  “No …...…….no …..............…stop ……...............……..stopppppppppppp ………........………noooooooooo ……..........…… hurts hurtssssssssssssss!” came the sobs of pain that he was causing the raped beauty.  Then Leroy felt a change come over her, feeling her thighs squeezing at his hips, then felt her heels cross over the back of his thighs to lock upon one another.  He reached under her trim hips, grasping her tight asscheeks, then slammed forward burying his entire length into her.  Burying his lengthy manhood as deeply as possible, Leroy was intent on depositing his potent seed directly into her fertile womb, wanting to send her home with something she could later show off to her hubby.

Gritting her teeth, Karen tried to refrain from feeling any pleasure and desperately tried to squirm from her evil rapist.  However, the lengthy strokes deep into her womb began to have undesired effects upon her body, effects that caused her to shiver.  Her body was betraying her, acting on its own, her cunt muscles were squeezing around the long raping shaft.  'Oh, God, please ……………… …………nooooooo ……………..don’t let me respond to this evil man!' she told herself.  But instinctively she began hunching up as his cock descended into her, squeezing her legs tightly around the man raping her

“Nooooooooo ……………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Karen moaned loudly as she hunched up into the spearing black shaft.  Her body suddenly shook and convulsed uncontrollably, racked by an orgasm of a magnitude that she had never reached before.  Panting in disbelief as she began coming back down to earth, Karen then felt the throbbing cock in her cunt sleeve begin to twitch.  "No …………no …………….don't …………pull it out! Don't ……………don't ………………please ………………..don't cum in me ……….pleaseeeeeeeee!" she sobbed in despair.

Now at the point of no return, Leroy hammered at the sobbing beauty, fucking her faster with his lengthy strokes.  “Oh, you beautiful bitch!  Oh, sweetie!  Yer so fuck'n tight!  Gonna give ya all my hot nigga seed!  Gonna fuck a little black baby in ya, bitch!   Oh, baby, gonna give ya a present to take back to yer hubby ………………ahhhhhh ……….arggggghhhhhh!” he groaned, body convulsing as he belched out his hot pent-up load.  Holding her tightly to his body, Leroy buried his cock deep into her fertile womb as he filled her to the brim with his hot sticky seed.

The hot pouring of the hot liquid balm sent Karen over the edge again, body convulsing in another mind-shattering orgasm.  Never had Karen experienced a cock exploding so deep in her body, right in her fertile womb, never had she felt anything so scalding hot. Her body responded instinctively as she arched up to get the entire length of the invading cock into her, her legs squeezing tightly in an attempt to milk out every drop of the hot balm.

Seeing the raped beauty sobbing as she turned on her side, Leroy picked up the knife and cut away the plastic tie that bound her wrists over her head.  He knew that she would not dare scratch out at him.  'God, that was some fuck!  Got her cream'n all over my cock!  Gonna have her scream'n even louder when I get her cherry white ass!' he mused.

Sobbing and weeping, Karen rubbed at her now freed wrists where the binding had left her wrists numb.  She swallowed deeply, shuddering at the salty taste in her mouth then reached her right hand up to her face to rub the corners of her mouth.  Looking down at the crusty flakes that came away on her fingers, she shuddered in revulsion, not wanting to believe the unthinkable.  Touching her face with her other hand to rub her nose and forehead, she looked at her fingers covered in more of the white flakes.  Her tongue licked at her lips, wondering what it was, praying it wasn't what she thought it was.

Watching her looking in disbelief at her fingers, Leroy laughed aloud "Yeah, baby, ya like the taste of the hot protein I gave ya last night?  Ya sure gobbled it all up!  I even saved ya some time and money with the hot facial before ya went to bed!"  The look of disgust as the raped beauty clutched at her stomach made Leroy's day, announcing "Ya want some hot milk now for yer morning breakfast!"

Karen cringed and curled up into a ball as her evil rapist approached the bed, then roughly pushed her over onto her back and was immediately straddling her chest.  Her hands went out to his waist, trying desperately to push him away, turning her head to the side to avoid the monstrosity jutting out into her face.  She shuddered in horror at the smell of his crotch and the fuck juice drying on his cock.

With her rapist's hands grasping her hair tightly, Karen was staring at the bulb-like cockhead that was still covered in their fuck juices.  'Oh, God …………he ……….he wants to put that filthy thing in my mouth!  Oh, God ……………it smells so bad!  How can I ever live this down?  Oh, Bill ………….Bill ……………why didn't I call and tell you to check on Julie?  Oh, Bill ……….you'll never want to touch me again, much less ever  kiss me again if I put that horrid thing in my mouth!' her mind raced.

"Open that pretty mouth of yours, Mrs. Atkinson!  Time or ya morning breakfast!  Got some hot milk for ya!" Leroy laughed as his cockhead prodded at the tightly clenched lips.  With a yank of his hands upon her hair, he heard her yelp with pain, which he stifled as his cock entered her mouth.  Then he began to face fuck the sexy beauty, forcing the length of his cock into her sputtering throat.

Leroy laughed as he felt her body shudder in horror, pulling her silky hair back, he observed the whites of her eyes as she could not breath around his thick cock.  Easing his cock back out of her throat to let her breathe, he laughed at the gagging white bitch.  Taunting his victim, enjoying her shame, he teased "Wish Mr. Atkinson was here to see what a beautiful cocksucker he has for a wife!  Think he'll ever kiss ya again if he knew ya had a nigga's cock in yer mouth?"

About to cum, Leroy pulled back till just his cockhead remained enveloped between her lips, he moaned "Oh, baby ………… some fresh hot cum for ya!  Oh, baby ………eat it ……………eat it …………….get a good taste of hot nigga cum!  Ahhhhh ………………yeahhhhhhhhhhh!"  He could see her cheeks swell up with his hot load, knowing that she did not want to swallow his sticky jism and laughed at her plight.

Seeing her pretty blue eyes look up at him, wondering when he would withdraw his spent cock from her lips, Leroy gave the horrified beauty the bad news "Ya need to keep well nourished, Mrs. Atkinson!  Swallow all that nourishing protein, sweetie!  Otherwise, ya'll keep sucking my cock till it gives ya more hot jizz!"  He smiled, seeing the tears form in her eyes as she realized that she would swallow his goodies.

Moments later, Leroy was looking down as the trim sexy body of the lovely Mrs. Atkinson as she leaned over the bed, holding her stomach as she tried desperately to cough up his hot protein.  'Boy, she's got a fuck'n sexy little ass!  Wonder if she's still cherry there or if that whiteboy ever claimed her sweet little ass?  Bet she'll scream her little head off when I bugger her!' he thought.

As she coughed and tried to spew out his seed, Leroy took the opportunity to grasp her wrists, pulling them back over her head and again bound her to the headboard.  He laughed in seeing that the innocent wife could not handle his hot lumpy load, commenting "Guess I'd better get some solid food for ya, huh, sweetie?  Doesn't look like you're up for a liquid lunch!"  Then he left the sobbing beauty on the bed, getting in his car to make the three mile drive to the nearby country store.

Hearing the car leave, Karen realized that this was her opportunity to escape her evil rapist.  Desperately, she tried to break the plastic tie that bound her wrist to the wooden headboard.  'Oh, God ……………..I have to get free …………..get home ……… Bill!  What do I tell Bill ……………do I dare tell him that I was raped …………..raped by a black man?  No ………… ………….I ………..I can't tell Bill!  He …………..he'll never want to ever touch me again!' she told herself.  To her horror, Karen found that there was no way that she could get loose, the plastic tie just would not budge nor break.

Returning to the old shack, Leroy smiled as he found the cowering beauty trying desperately to free herself from the binding.  "Got ya some southern fried chicken for yer lunch, Mrs. Atkinson!  Let me get this all set up so ya can stay right in bed for ya meal, then I'll cut that binding off!  Got ya a soft drink or ya can have some of the beer that I bought!" he advised, pulling an old coffee table over to the bed.

Once he had cut the binding, seeing that she was refusing to touch the food he had bought, Leroy advised "You need to eat to keep up yer strength cause we got a lot of fuck'n to do!"  Seeing her body shudder in response, he rubbed his crotch and then told her "Either ya eat that healthy lunch I bought for ya or I'm gonna have to force feed ya some hot liquid lunch!"  He laughed aloud in watching her scramble to grab a piece of chicken and begin to eat.

Finishing lunch and his second beer, Leroy was primed and ready now for dessert.  'Yesirree, time for some of that prime piece of white ass!' he told himself as he began to disrobe again, enjoying the sight of tears forming in the beauty's eyes as she saw him approaching the bed.  Wonder if her fool of a husband ever claimed her beautiful little ass, suspecting that he was about to have his very first cherry white ass.

"Please ……………please ……………don't rape me again!" Karen sobbed as her rapist approached her.  Backing up to the middle of the bed, she turned to get away from the approaching danger.  But suddenly, strong hands grasped her hips firmly, holding her captive on all fours.  Shivering in fright, she bowed her head in resignation of the fact that this evil man was again about to possess her.  "Ohhhhhhh ……………!" she whimpered as the thick cockhead probed at the mushy slit and inserted itself into her womanhood.

Leroy licked his lips as he caressed the beautiful soft white ass of his captive, thoroughly enjoying the sounds of her whimpers as he soaked his cock in her mushy cunt.  Looking out of the window and seeing all the trees and shrubs, knowing that no one was nearby, he was happy that he would be able to let her bawl her head off.  He knew that even if her ass wasn't cherry, she certainly would scream like crazy with what he had in store for her.

"Ohhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhhhhh!" Karen moaned as the cockhead pulsed in her slushy cunt, wondering when this evil man would lunge his lengthy manhood into her.  She felt his right hand moving around her hip, then his middle finger began rubbing the top of her slit, teasing her sensitive clit.  "Mmmmm …………..mmmmm ……………ohhhhhhh!" she moaned involuntarily from the stimulation.

"Huh ……………..ahhhhh ……….what?" came Karen's puzzled reaction when the cock was suddenly withdrawn from her cuntlips along with the hand on her crotch.  She felt the fumbling behind her, then her eyes bulged as she felt the blunt prodding at her buttocks.  'No ………….no ………… one would do that!' her mind told her.  With the blunt instrument firmly at the entrance to her ass, both hands firmly holding her hips again, Karen feared the worst.  "Stop …………..stop ………….no ……………no ……………….not there!  Please ………….it's too big …………'ll kill me!  Please …………….please …………I've …………neverrrrrrr!" she sobbed pleadingly.

With his hands firmly gripping the trim sexy hips, Leroy licked his lips in anticipation.  Delighted at hearing that her beautiful little ass was cherry, he taunted her "Oh, baby, yer hubby don't know what the hell he's missing!  I'm gonna rip ya a new asshole!  This'll be the biggest fuck'n turd yev've ever had yer tight little ass!"  Then he reared back and slammed forward with all his might.

Karen’s head snapped back from the horrid invasion of her rectum, eyes bulging in disbelief, screaming “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………aieeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  The excruciating pain and horror of her degrading plight had sobbing for mercy "Please …………….please ………… hurtttssssss!  Oh, God …………….let me dieeeeee!"   "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………..!" she screamed against as her assailant slammed his entire length into her, tearing her open.

The screams were music to Leroy's ears, getting so excited that he was ready to pop his load in her tight chute.  Following that last lunge into the screaming beauty, he felt her body collapse beneath him as she went limp like a rag doll, fainting from the sheer pain and humiliation of her body.  Holding her tightly to him, he groaned "Ohhhhhhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Spurt after spurt of his pent-up jism served as an enema to the unconscious beauty.

Following dinner that night, lying back upon the bed as the apartment manager was eating his dessert, the cell phone rang in her purse.  It was then that Karen realized that Bill was expecting her to call and that it must be her sister relaying the message.  "Please ………….please ………….I …………..I must get that!  My ……….my sister's trying to call me …………she'll know something is wrong if I don't answer!" she pleaded.

Scrambling to get her purse, she picked up the cell phone and answered.  It indeed was her sister, telling her that Bill had just called and she had done as instructed.  Karen spoke into the phone "Thanks, sis!  I'll give Bill a call right now!"  Dialing Bill's cell number and waiting from him to answer, she felt hands on her ankles pulling her back to the center of the bed.  She looked down at her grinning assailant, who quipped "I ain't finished with dessert yet, sweetie!"

"Hi ………..hi, honeyyyy!" Karen spoke, shivering as the vile man again clamped his mouth down on her muff as he was determined to finish his dessert.  "I ………I'm sorry I didn't get to call you sooner!  But taking care of my nephews got me all pooped out!  Yes, yes, it was a good trip out here!" she advised.  Unable to concentrate on what Bill was saying to her, she shivered at the sensations shooting throughout her entire body as the tongue delving into her slit was driving her crazy.  To avoid answering any questions, she asked "How's your business trip coming along?  Are you going to be home on Wednesday?"

Listening to Bill go on about his successful business trip, Karen covered the mouthpiece as she emitted a moan of pleasure.  It was a degrading but quite a wicked sensation to be talking to her husband on the phone while having this black assailant's face buried between her thighs, tongue expertly teasing her sensitive clit.  Hand still clamped over the mouthpiece, Karen tried to stifle her moans as the flicking tongue had her shuddering in a wild orgasm.  Arching her hips up, she fed the hungry man the sweet dessert that he had been craving for.

Held captive for the next three days, Karen had wondered if this evil man would continue to keep her captive or allow her to return home to her husband.  She pleaded with him to let her go, that her husband would be coming back home on Wednesday, that she had to be home to meet him.  She told her captor that she would not call the police, admitting to him that she was too ashamed to tell anyone of the past few days.  She was relieved to hear him tell her "I'll let ya go home on Tuesday, but ya gotta tell me jest how ya want me to send ya home to hubby!"

It was so degrading and humiliating when the evil man took her time and time again.  She knew that she had to do it if she wanted to be released, to tell this horrid man what he wanted to hear when he was raping her.  It was so debasing, bringing tears in her eyes as she felt his lengthy cock fucking her as she forced herself to tell him "Yes ……………yes ………….send me home to my husband ……………….with your black baby in my belly!  Fuck me!  Fuck me!  Fuck your black baby into me!  Knock me up …………knock me up you with your bastard baby!"

Though degrading and humiliating to do such a thing with the man forcing himself upon her, Karen felt so guilty in doing it but more so because of the wicked sensations going through her body when she did so.  She could not understand why she felt that way, realizing that she should be mortified rather than achieve mind-shattering orgasms during those matings.  Once each debasing rape was over, she felt so ashamed of herself for climaxing with a man other than her loving husband.

What made her feel especially guilty was the fact that during last few fucks, Karen unconsciously wrapped her arms and legs around her rapist, then without thinking blurted "Oh, yes ……………..deeper ……………harder ……………fuck me like a whore!  Yes, yes …………..shoot it ……………shoot it deep in me!  Yes ………..yes ……..fuck your baby in me!"  She knew that with the amount of semen constantly filling her womb, its bombarding assault on her fertile womb would leave her impregnated with her rapist's child.

On Tuesday afternoon, the apartment manager took her into the shower with him, letting her shower off all the cum from her body.  Karen was feeling so relieved that he told her they needed to leave soon if she was to get the last plane out.  But she didn't realize that there was still enough time for one last fuck till she felt the hands bending her over.  "Oooohhhhhh ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned as the thick shaft was once again penetrating her tight butt.  Then she was being lifted into the air, getting buggered out of her mind with cock buried deep in her butt and finger rubbing at the sensitive clit.  It brought about a climax that she would never forget.

In the car, the city lights neared, then Karen began to see signs leading to the airport.  With the airport in sight, she heard her captor say "Time for one final kiss, sweetie!"  Seeing him fumbling with his zipper, she knew exactly what kind of kiss he had in mind.  Licking her lips and swallowing, she bent over on the front seat to obtain the throbbing manhood from the open zipper.

As the car moved along in the slow traffic to the airport, Karen opened her mouth to engulf the bulb-like cockhead.  Now with the experience of a pro, she bobbed her head up and down the lengthy pole, tonguing the slit of the cockhead.  Feeling the fingers being wound tightly in her hair and hearing his groans, she knew that he was about to cum.  Not wanting to displease him, especially at the prospect of being released, she captured the entire hot spurting semen in her mouth.  She sucked everything up like a vacuum as the hot roe spurted into her mouth and she did not spill a drop, swallowing it all.

Licking her lips, Karen sat back up and saw they were double-parked at the departure entrance for the airline she was to take.  She also saw two women who had just gotten out of the car nearest the curb with their mouths wide open.  Karen felt the blush of shame redden her face, knowing that the two women had just witnessed her nasty deed.  Getting out of the car, she was handed her overnight bag and heard him say loudly so the women nearby could also hear "Thanks, sweetie!  That's the best blow job I've ever had!"  Though deeply embarrassed, she felt rather wicked in having the women see and hear what a good cocksucker she had become.

On the flight home, she longed to see Bill again, wanting him to make her feel clean after being soiled by the evil rapist.  But she could not get the thoughts of what had taken place over the past few days out of her head.  She chastised herself for those wicked thoughts and feelings that coursed through her, feeling ashamed for deriving any pleasures from being with her captor.  She had been 'raped and ruined', probably impregnated by her rapist, yet she felt so wicked in knowing two women had witnessed her blowjob.

The past two nights, she had called Bill at 9 p.m. as promised, but it was so wicked at what took place while she talked to her husband.  Sunday night's conversation took place while she straddled her captor's waist with his black prong buried deep in her womb.  Then last night, between listening and talking on the phone, she was jerking and mouthing the throbbing tool.  It was so wicked for just as Bill was telling her 'I love you!', she was taking another man's cum in her mouth.  Needing to reply, she took her mouth off the spurting cock.  Mouth full of cum, cock spurting into her face, she managed to blurt out her 'I love you too!'

Finally arriving home, Karen saw the message light flashing on the phone recorder.  Hitting the play button, she took a deep breath upon hearing Julie's voice.  She didn't know whether to feel happy or cry when she heard "Hi, Mom!  I did it!  I got hired by a top modeling agency and had to hurry packing up my belongings!  I'm traveling on photo shoots for the next two months and the agency is putting the five of us models up at swank hotels!  What a change from the dump I was living in!  They gave me a terrific advance once I got here.  It more than covered the rent I owed, so I sent a check in and told them to use the deposit to clean up the apartment since I left it in quite a mess!  Got to run now, I'll call next week!"

When the recorded message was over, the answering machine announced the day and time of the incoming message.  Hearing when the message was left on the machine, tears formed in her eyes and Karen began to sob.  The message had come in just two hours after she had left for the airport to find her daughter!

End of Story.