CaughtTurning Tricks - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Forced in Foreclosure 3’
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Turning tricks, whether at one’s choosing or by being forced into it by one’s circumstances, always posed the dreaded possibility of being discovered unexpectedly by someone known.  Such was true for those turning tricks in going to a hotel room to meet up with her paying ‘John’ but more so if the prospective customer got to go through a folder filled with beautiful women from which he could choose from.  Such was the case in the high-end call girl services that Rufus Johnson ran, where the lovely beauties had been caught between a rock and a hard place as to keeping their homes from being foreclosed upon.  It was indeed a risk that each and every woman in inherently took on by working at the exclusive Executive Club, although she was initially unaware of the folder’s existence but merely thought it was mere coincidence as to who showed up at the door to the penthouse suite.

Rufus Johnson wanted to have his exclusive men’s club maintain a high reputation where one could indulge in extracurricular activities safely, without the fear of being caught unsuspectingly by a ‘hostess’ that he happened to know.  Thus, the folder with pictures of all the hostesses from which a member of the club could select from would alleviate such a problem.  But as to the hostess being discovered by a prospective customer who knew her personally, well ……..that was her problem as far as Rufus was concerned.  The prospective customer could indeed select her as the hostess, using that knowledge as blackmail, but so long as his operation made money of the bitch, Rufus could care less.

The thought of setting aside just one night out of an entire month made it seem such a small sacrifice for a couple in financial trouble, a night of the Mrs. working as a ‘hostess’ for a high-end private men’s club to keep the bank from foreclosing upon them, made it seem like the wife had merely taken on a part-time job to make ends meet.  Of course, some of those fools married to a lovely hostess were foolish enough to think that his beautiful wife merely served drinks and provided some small talk and conversation to the members of the club, just as his wife might have advised him.  But most of the men knew exactly what their spouse’s job entailed on her once a month stint, that of sucking and fucking men paying for her services.

It was really like any other kind of job where one would not bring work home with them and not discuss what a hard stint one had put in a day or night’s work.  In fact, many husbands found themselves a bit tongue-tied in even trying to ask ‘How was the job tonight, honey?’  Instead, many would be waiting for his lovely wife to fall asleep after coming home exhausted from her part-time job, locking himself in the master bathroom so he could open up the hamper and looking at his wife’s clothing that had been deposited there after taking a hot shower.  The search was then on for tell-tale signs, first for cum stains on her dress, and then her pantyhose.
t had been deposited there after taking a hot shower.  The search was then on for tell-tale signs, first for cum stains on her dress, and then her pantyhose.

Of course, her undergarments, especially her panties would provide the evidence of what his wife’s job had entailed that night.  Some husbands liked to put his face to the front crotch to smell his wife’s sex and the male cum that had leaked into it, some preferred putting his facing on the inside of the crotchband so he could lick up some ‘John’s’ cum.  And then there were those who would wrap his wife’s soiled panties of his boner to wank himself so he could add his cum onto them.  At times, a husband would come across his wife’s balled up pantyhose that had been taken out of his wife’s purse and put into the hamper, for it had to be pulled apart at where the feet were as they showed the evidence of the expert footjob she had provided that evening.

Chapter 1

In the case of beautiful Mrs. Cindy Wilmore, her worst fear had come to reality just after her sixth month on the job, when opening to door to admit her next ‘John’ had her jaw dropping wide open as she stared at who had paid for her services ----------- her former high school principal, whom she had respected so much when she had been a class officer and on the student council in her senior year!  “Prin ……….Principal Groves ……………!” Cindy stammered as her voice trailed off.

“Hello, Cindy ………………’s been a long time since we’ve last seen each other!  I’ve hesitated for months, contemplating about it but not wanting you to learn of me being a member of this gentlemen’s club!  However, I figured that we could keep mum on each other’s little secret, can’t we?” Principal Groves advised.  Heart thumping in her chest, Cindy trembled at her predicament with her former principal having discovered her becoming a ‘hostess’ at this exclusive club.  ‘Hostess’?  Put more correctly ………….a prostitute ……………………a fuck'n ‘whore’!  Her services could be bought and Principal Groves had obviously paid for them in advance.

Mrs. Cindy Wilmore
(see Forced in Forclosure 1)

Not only had her former principal discovered her becoming a ‘hooker’ but he was there as her next ‘John’, having paid for her services!  ‘Principal Groves paid to have sex with me!’ Cindy came to realize as tears welled up in her eyes.  Then she learned from Principal Groves that “You are the last young lady that I’d ever have expected to find working in an establishment such as this!  I hesitated a bit, not wanting you to find out I was a member here, but I’ve been nursing a hardon for you since your senior year in high school!  Now you’re a young woman, married and all grown up, looking even more beautiful!   And now Cindy, you can make my fantasy come true ………………..that of seeing you kneeling before me ………………unzipping my pants ………………slipping your soft hand inside to find my throbbing hard on ……………….pulling it out so that …………………you can suck on it!”

Stunned at what she had just heard, lips parted in awe, Cindy was rendered speechless in having learned that Principal Groves had been fantasizing about her perform a deviant sex act with her from way back when she was a student in high school.  Shuddering as her stomach churned in having this man, whom she looked up to as her principal back in high school, Cindy wanted to throw up when the old bastard put his hand on her shoulder.  With pressure added upon her shoulder by his hand, Principal Groves was signaling that she was to make his fantasy come true right then and there.  She wanted to run and hide, escape from this penthouse suite, but then Cindy realized that ‘He already knows what I do on the side?  There’s no escape!  I’ve got to go through with it …………….suck the old bastard off!’

‘Oh, this is even so much better that in my dreams!’ Herb Groves thought as he gazed down at the lovely beauty, dressed so nicely in her beige dress and dark brown heels, kneeling on the floor before him as she pulled down the zipper at the front of his pants.  “Oh, God, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!   Oh, Cindyyyyyyyyyy …………………your hand feels so damn good!” he panted out as her delicate hand moved over the mound of his jockeys.  “Oh, damnnnnnnnnnnn!” he panted as her hand encircled his bared cock.  He looked down and watched excitedly as the beautiful bitch had his cock out of his pants and was staring at it while beginning to fist him with her encircling fingers.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….oh …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” he shivered, nearly losing it right then as the beautiful bitch took him in her mouth.

Cindy saw her former principal reaching out with both arms, felt his hands clasping at the back of her head, then could feel his fingers being entwined in her long silky blonde hair.  ‘Well, you’re a pro ………………paid for by the bastard …………………’ve got to give the fucking bastard his money’s worth!’ Cindy told herself as she flicked the tip of her pointed tongue over his bloated cockhead, then began teasing at his flaring pisshold.  That length of the old bastard’s cock did not pose a problem, but his big bloated cockhead sure did as the bastard was push it down into her throat.  She wondered if the old bastard would have a heart attack the way he was huffing and puffing as he commenced sawing his fat dick in and out of her mouth.  Suddenly, the bastard stiffened as the clenching of his fingers tightening in her hair, then he popped his load and filled her mouth a flood of his sticky goo.  Though she wanted desperately to spit out his filth, with his cock plugging her lips and hands holding her firm, Cindy was forced to swallow the hot cum of her former high school principal.

Stomach churning, wanting to reject the hot slimy lake in her belly, Cindy remained on her knees as her  petite body visibly shuddered while fighting the urge to retch her guts out.  Clenched fingers entwined in her hair began to loosen their grip, then were pulling the long blond strands forward in front of her face, then Cindy watched in horror as the old bastard proceed to use her hair to wipe and clean off his wet dick.   She watched her former principal's old cock began to wrinkle and deflate rapidly, soon becoming was just a two inch limp dick, far from the fat thing she had been forced to suck upon.

Assisted up to her feet, Cindy breathed hard as Principal Groves was behind of her rubbing his limp dick on ass as he began nuzzling as the back of her neck and licking her with his fat wet tongue.  With the bastard nibbling at her earlobe, she heard him whisper “Oh, Cindy …................I've been dreaming of doing this for years!”  “Oh, sweetie …....................I've been wanting to do this from the day you were in my office to relay the student council's recommendations!  Oh, yeahhhhhhh!” she heard Principal Groves gloat as the hook at the back of her dress was undone and the zipper pulled down.  Cindy shivered upon feeling his pudgy hand caress her bare back as the old bastard pushed her dress on down over her shoulders.

Bra unclipped and straps pushed over her shoulders, her dress was now bunched around her waist with her bra having fallen to the floor, Cindy closed her eyes in shame as Principal Groves manhandled her pert titties with his calloused hands.  Wishing that her body wouldn't react to his groping touch, she shivered once again as the bastard began thumbing her sensitive pink nipples.  As her nipples budded from his touching, Cindy cringed as the bastard gloated “Oh, baby …...........ya like me touching you like this, huh!  Damn, you've got some real long nippies, heh, heh!  C'mon, now turn on around so I can suck on them pretty titties!”  Seconds later, her former principal was slobbering all over her titties and capturing her elongated nipples between his sharp teeth.

Placed on her back upon the bed, Cindy looked up at the excited old man who had been her high school principal and a man whom she had looked upon as a father back then.  Now that father figure had his fat fingers grabbing at her bunched up dress and waistband of her panties.  And as the garments were pulled down over her trim hips to bare her golden jewel, Cindy observed Principal Groves licking at his lips with his tongue as her dress and panties were pulled down her legs and off her brown heels.  Garments now on the floor, leaving her only with her heels on, she felt his hands caress her left leg as it was drawn upwards.

From the bed, Cindy watched in awe as Principal Groves panted while staring down at the toes of her left foot.  Soon, the pedicure job that she had recently had was being lavished upon by her former principal and it became obvious to Cindy that the old bastard had a foot fetish as he licked at her toes and soon was sucking upon them.  Toes and sole of her left foot wet with his saliva, then the back of her ankle was resting upon his shoulder as Principal Groves was in the process of taking off her right heel.  Soon, the same treatment was being given to her toes and sole of her right foot as the bastard panted out “Oh, Cindy …...................every time I saw you in your cheerleader's uniform and kick up those sexy legs of yours …...................I've been wanting to do this!”

Panting with excitement, the old bastard then grabbed and ankle in each hand, spread Cindy wide and dropped on down to nuzzle his face in her golden fleece.  Then, opening his mouth wide, Principal Groves began munching on her snatch.  He felt her wiggle wildly under him when his tongue slid on up into her juicy slit.  Very slick and juicy, obviously some cum remaining from the prior 'John's' along with the strawberry flavor of the douch she had used.  Having been a regular client and member of the club for quite some time, he knew that the gals showered and douched after each 'John' as each were married to some punk and didn't want to get knocked on up by some 'John'.  But he didn't care if as this was another dream come true for him …......................that of eating out the former little Ms. Cindy Benson's twat!

“Ohhhhhhhh ….....................ooooooooooooooh ….......................Principal Groves …..............ohhhhh ….................ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …......................ahhhhhhhhhhhh ….....................ohhhh, nooooooooo …..............not this way ….....................not with you!” Cindy panted out, not wanting to achieve the orgasm that he was in the process of eating her to.  But she could not help pressing the balls of her feet down into the mattress to arch her hips up to offer him her juicy snatch for him to eat.  “Ohhhhhhhh ….....................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ….............................arggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out as her petite body shook uncontrollably in a mind-shattering orgasm.

Coming back down to earth and reality as she lay upon the bed, Cindy then realized that Principal Groves had stripped off his clothing as she felt the pudgy naked body settling down between her widespread legs.  She sucked in her breath upon feeling the bastard guiding his domed cock up and down the length of her slit.  Then the old fucker that she had respected so much in the past was pushing his fat fucking dick up into her twat and pumping himself in and out to sate his vile lust in her body.  Having serviced a number 'John's' since becoming a hostess, taking his dick was no problem other than the emotional effect he was having upon her.

A couple of months later, Darvin Wilmore picked up the phone and heard the male voice introduce himself as Principal Groves of Claremont High, telling him how much he appreciated the time that Cindy had put in after work to help out at the school that past month and was hoping that she could call him back as he needed her help on another matter.  When Cindy got home, Darvin relayed the message and expressed that “I didn't know you've been helping out at your high school!”  Darvin was fine with his wife helping out anytime at her high school if she wanted, especially if it'd help her get over the obvious shame she felt each time she came back from working her hostess job.

Little did Darvin Wilmore realize just how his beautiful wife was helping out Principal Groves of her former high school.  The blinds in the principal's office were closed shut most of the time, preventing the scene of Cindy lying naked on desk being sucked and then fucked by the old bastard.  Once, with the principal sitting in his office behind his desk, the janitor was emptying the trash next to the desk but unaware that just behind the wooden side was Cindy kneeling and sucking off the old bastard.  At times, Darvin's lovely wife would be only in her high heels and pushed forward upon the desk as the old geezer shuffled up to bugger her pretty round ass.

Chapter 2

For 25 year old Mrs. Julie Ling, her inevitable discovery came after five stints at her part-time job as a hostess for the exclusive men's club.  Opening the door upon hearing ring of the doorbell to the penthouse suite announcing the arrival of her first 'John' to be serviced that day, she observed the wide smile on the face of a man named Miguel Aquino.  She had seen Mr. Aquino only recently, just the other week in fact, when he was pruning the shrubbery in front of her parents’ home.  From when she was in college, Mr. Aquino began doing the yard work for her parents and serviced it twice each month.  She had seen him on the weekends that she would go home but had never really talked to the man, but she was certainly aware of him eying her up each time she walked out in the yard.  In fact, once she had purposely gone out to the tease the guy, barefoot with skimpy shorts and a white blouse with no bra on underneath that obvious gave him an eyeful.

Mrs. Julie Ling

Secret at risk, she would be at his mercy and there would be no denying whatever he desired her, no matter how sick and deviated it might be.  And it certainly wasn't going to be easy when Julie heard his gruff voice advise that “Ya were a real bitch coming out in the yard to tease me that day, in that skimpy outfit with no bra on!  You knew I's could make out the brown outline of yer nipples, didn't ya?  That you weren't wearing a bra on!
And the white blouse was on purpose, wasn't it … I could see through it!  Yer gonna pay bitch!  Now, git them clothes off!”

Forced to do a seductive striptease for the gloating bastard, told to take her time in undoing her bra, then was told “Toss that bra over here to me!”  After doing so, Julie watched as the bastard caressed and fingered the black lacy garment, then brought it up to his face to suddenly open his mouth and snap his teeth down onto the outside of a bra cup.  “That's what I's gonna do soon to them titties that ya went and teased me with that morning, bitch!” she was advised, causing Julie to shudder in fear.  A moment later, naked except for her heels, she watched as the gloating bastard put her panties up to his face and inhale deeply before telling her that “I's take it that I'll be getting a lot of free nookie from now on if'n someone doesn't want mommy and daddy to find out what their precious little girl is doing for a living!”

Moments later, with her knees resting upon the armrests and hands bracing herself upon the back of the armchair, Julie winced in pain as the bastard proceeded to follow through with his ominous threat by biting down hard upon a nipple.  Bitten and ravaged, the saliva wet nipple got a reprieve but it was just the beginning of its twin to be put through a similar agony.  Then the bastard was pushing her widespread legs in closer, off the armrest onto the seat, right onto his jutting prong.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeee!” came Julie's cry as she was suddenly speared as her dry cunt was not expecting the impalement at this time.  “Ha … ya, bitch …......................ain't so high and might now, huh!    Don't ya worry, Miguel knows how to treat a fuck'n little 'puta' like you!” Miguel advise as he arched up to thrust his jutting cock up into her dry chute to cause her more pain as she whimpered out “Oooooooh …....................ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Having gone to bed each night thinking of the teasing bitch once again, since seeing her picture in the folder and booking his appointment, Miguel thrust upwards time and time again.  He synchronized each thrust upwards with his pulling her down at the waist to gain the deepest penetration.  In turn, not giving the beautiful bitch time to adjust her cunny to his slicing cock, it was obviously painful for the young wife each time he sliced up through her dry channel, giving Miguel the satisfaction of a lifetime as he gloated out loudly “Take that ya fuck'n little bitch!”  “Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” came the screech of pain from the agonized beauty and that sent sound was music to Miguel's ears, sending him right over the edge as he gave her the needed lubricant in her cunny
…..............filling her with his hot slimy spunk!  “Heh, heh ……………..take that ya fuck’n little tease!  Ain’t so uppity now, huh?” he taunted.

Deflated cock still embedded in the now spunk filled cunny, Miguel pushed the sniffling bitch to a more upright straddling position so that would allow him to bite at her already ravaged titties, intent on causing the bitch as much pain as he could for payback for her teasing.  Soon, cock getting its second wind, Miguel twitched his rather limp boner in her mushy twat, giving her grief as she grimaced in her despair.  Seeing the anguish on her face, plus feeling her pussy instinctively give a return squeeze upon his twitching cock, Miguel felt his cock at the half staff stage.  Humping up into the bitch a bit more, he was soon back to performance stage.  Then, with his hands placed on her inner thighs, he lifted her right off his impaling boner and shoved the bitch upwards above his head so her belly was testing atop the backrest of the armchair.

Sliding out from under the widespread legs of the well-fucked bitch, Miguel proceeded to slide himself out from under the sniffling beauty.  Head right under her pussyhole, Miguel had to duck to the right in order to avoid the dollop of cum that had just oozed out of her widely stretched slit.  It was just in time as the cum missed him to splatter upon the seat of the armchair.  Out of the armchair and standing up, Miguel grabbed the back of the bitch's ankles and lifted her till she was parallel to the floor.  Then he moved behind the armchair, in turn spinning her atop her belly for a full 180 degree turn.  Pulling her down backwards a bit from the top, her round little ass was then  right in line to be buggered.  Shucking his dick to make sure it was ramrod hard, he then spread her legs wide apart.

Moving forward and grasping her trim hips, he then shoved it up into her tight little ass without warning.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the piercing scream from agonized bitch as he brutalized her tender rear end.  Miguel laughed aloud at the plight of the little bitch as he sodomized her good, chuckling as he taunted her with “Taught yer prettee little ass was too good fer the likes of old Miguel, huh, my sweet little puta?  Well, yer prettee ass is Miguel's now unless you want your proud parents to learn that their precious daughter is nothing but a fuck'n little ‘puta’!  A little whore!  Let's say that from now on, it would be nice for Miguel to have an incentive not to tell your proud parents the truth about their daughter before each time I'm scheduled to maintain their yard, huh!”

Brutally ramming his cock up into the bitch's tight little ass to cause her pain was Miguel's intent as he hammered her without mercy, loving the sounds of her whimpering in pain.  He laughed at her plight, asking “What's the matter, little ‘puta’?  Did Miguel tear you a new asshole?  Ha, ha, ha!  They say that a bitch like you think that her shit don't stink!  Well, you shall see if that is true soon, my prettee one!”  With that, Miguel began jackhammering the whimpering beauty, then buried his cock to the as he proceeded to give the bitch an enema.  “That out to teach you from flaunting that pretty ass around and trying to tease old men like Miguel, bitch!” he sneered out as his cock jetted out the remnants of his hot gooey jizz.

Pulling his cock out of her ass with a ‘pop’, Miguel then helped the limp beauty down from the back of the armchair to the floor.  As her legs buckled under her, he then eased her to a sitting position on the floor, spun the armchair around so he could sit.  Then without mercy, he grabbed her long silky black hair and gave it a yank backwards.   As she was about to yelp in pain, he then stifled that scream by plugging his mouth with his shitty cock, laughing as he tauntingly asked “Your friends would have a good laugh if they could see you now …............getting a taste of your own shit, don't you think?”  Miguel just loved the disgusted look on the bitch's cringing face as he ordered “Now you lick Miguel's cock clean and use your panties to wipe me dry!”

For Julie Ling, her little teasing game years ago had come back to haunt her and she had paid dearly for it.  And Julie knew that she would continue to be paying dearly for her indiscretion in having teased this vengeful bastard as he intended on making her his own little bitch in exchange for keeping her secret from getting back to her unknowing parents.  Blackmailed by the devious bastard but what could she do about it ……………nothing except to meet his demands ……………… submit to his demented lust for her body!

Chapter 3

For innocent and na´ve 28 year old Caitlin McIntosh, the ultimate shock came when she opened the door to admit her next ‘John’ into the penthouse suite.  The widely smiling man with graying hair was in his early sixties, a man whom she had known from a year before her wedding day ………………her husband’s father ……………..her father-in-law!  “Aaaaaaaah ……………….Pop!” Caitlin stammered out just before breaking down and sobbing in utter despair at having been discovered by her own father-in-law.  Although she was in the penthouse suite of the exclusive men’s club and expecting her next ‘John’, it still did not register in Caitlin’s mind that the next ‘John’ was actually Pop McIntosh, who was now caressing the back of her shoulders to calm her down ………or so it seemed to her at the moment.

Mrs. Caitlin McIntosh

But for Pop McIntosh, getting to touch his lovely daughter-in-law was turning him on, even if he was caressing her through the fabric of her dress.  “There, there, Caitlin …….don’t you fret none of having me find you here …………..discovering what you’ve been doing!” Pop tried to reassure the sniffling and trembling beauty.  Pulling her to him with the arm around her, as if to console his daughter-in-law, that hand then went right on back to caressing her petite body.  A slight stop of his hand at the back of her neck, seemingly to massage her neck, such act was so his expert fingers could deftly unhook the back of her dress. Zipper of her dress slowly worked down a bit as he caressed her, Pop was soon caressing the soft smooth skin of his son’s beautiful wife bare back.

The soothing caresses did indeed comfort her, but in Caitlin’s distraught state, she did not realize that the back of her dress had been unhooked and parted to allow Pop McIntosh to caress her bared back and shoulders.  “Oh, Pop ………….I ……………..I feel so ashamed ……………..having you finding me here like this!” he was asked.  Then, after a bit of silence his daughter-in-law asked “What ……………..what are you doing up here, Pop?  Do ……………… you know why …………..what I do here?”  As she leaned up to look at him in wonder, that allowed her dress to part and allow his hand to slip down to her mid-back area.

“Yes, Caitlin …………………I know why you’re here ………………..and what naughty things you do here!” Pop advised while still caressing his beautiful daughter-in-law, his cock now a solid log in his pants.  “You let strange men take your clothes off …………let them touch your sexy body …………………letting them have sex with you!” Pop advised.  Then he quizzed his son’s sniffling wife “Tell me, Caitlin …………….do you suck their cocks too?”  Louder came her sniffling as his pretty daughter-in-law nodded a ‘yes’ that she indeed had sucked other men’s cocks.  “Do you let them shoot their filthy cum in your mouth?” he asked.  More sniffling came as Caitlin nodded a ‘yes’!  “And do you swallow their filth?” he asked.  Again, more sniffling came as another ‘yes’ nod followed.

Guiding his sobbing daughter-in-law over to sit with him on the sofa, Pop then guided her hand over to the bulge in his pants and heard her gasp when her hand came to rest upon his hardon.  Mind befuddled, Caitlin could not believe that her own father-in-law was wanting for her to touch him ………….like she did to the men who paid for her services.  “Show me, Caitlin ……………… me what you do …………………..take it out of my pants for me!” Pop advised authoritatively.  Pop breathed hard as Caitlin reached over with her other hand to the tab of his zipper, then she was pulling it on down.  “Oh, sweetie …………………..oh, yeahhhhhhh!” he panted out as her pedicured fingers slid into the opening of his pants and that of his jockeys.  “Oh, Goddddddddddddddddd!” he shivered at the exquisite feel of her soft warm fingers grasping his hardon and worked to get it out into the fresh air.

In a daze, like all the times Caitlin tried to block things out of her mind when with strange ‘Johns’, she merely did what came instinctively to her as she began to shuck at the pulsating flesh.  Staring down for her first look at this particular cock, she saw the pisshole flaring widely like a fish gasping for air, a telltale sign that this man was quite excited at her handling of his manhood.  Pumping faster with her fist, she heard the male behind her moan “Ohhhhhhhhh ……………….oh, honey ………………ohhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Knowing what men wanted most, that of her leaning over to take his throbbing penis between her pink lips, Caitlin slid off the sofa onto her knees.  Bending over, she took the excited penis into her mouth and heard the male groan “Oh, my Godddddddddddddddddddd!”

“Ohhhhhh ……………ohhhhhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhhhh!” Caitlin heard the elderly fellow pant out as she flicked her talented tongue lavishly over the pulsating cockhead.  Then she felt hands upon her head, wiry fingers being entwined in her long blonde hair.  Now the old fellow was arching forward, trying to get her to take the entire length of his penis into her mouth.  To please her new ‘John’, she did what it took to please him, felt his bloated cock slide down into her throat as her nose rubbed up against his short curly hair.  Seconds later, her ‘John’ was pushing and pulling on her hair, while in turn sawing his excited cock in and out of her hot sucking mouth.

Suddenly Caitlin found herself being held firmly, with cock fully embedded and her nose being rubbed in the John’s crotch, she heard the old boy wheeze out “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Bloated cockhead swelling up even more in her throat as she tried to pull back some to get some much needed air in order to breathe.  Succeeding in doing so, as she breathed in through her nostrils, her mouth was suddenly flooded with hot slimy goo.  Swallowing some, Caitlin’s petite body shuddered from the saltiness of the ‘John’s’ roe, one that was much saltier than she had ever tasted before.  Mouth filled to the brim and lips plugged by the circumference of the ‘John’s’ fat cock, Caitlin was forced to swallow time and time again as the continuous ejaculation continued to replace what she had just swallowed.

Having blanked her mind out, as Caitlin would always do whenever servicing a ‘John’ in this manner, it served as a means of blocking out the shame and to retain her sanity.  As she lolled the now shrinking cock about in her cum filled mouth, Caitlin made mental notes to herself in putting this ‘John’ into a category where she would know who she was giving ‘head’ to the next time even if had not seen who she was servicing.  For this particular ‘John’, she noted that his cum was: acidity – very, very salty; quite watery; and quite plentiful!  From her experience gained over the past few months, having now serviced a number of ‘Johns’, Caitlin knew how it thrilled a man to see a woman in a subservient position with his cock in her mouth.  To identify this new ‘John’, Caitlin then looked up into the eyes of the man that she had just sucked off …………….then froze in horror as she looked at the face of …………………..Pop McIntosh!

Trying to pull her mouth off his spent dick, Caitlin found herself prevented from doing so as the old boy had his fingers tightly entwined in her long blonde hair as he wanted her to remain there on her knees before him.  She saw her father-in-law give her a loving satisfied smile, felt his limp cock pulsate in her mouth, then heard him tell of how “I’ve been dreaming of this since my son first introduced you to me!  Oh, Caitlin, you don’t know how many times I’ve had to lock myself in the bathroom and wank off dreaming of this to happen!  And that time snapshot I took of you in the kitchen last year, that’s what I place on the bathroom counter to look at when I wank off into the toilet!”

A bit later, Pop McIntosh and his beautiful daughter-in-law both lay naked atop of the king-sized bed while caressing one another.  An embrace, then a kiss ensued ……….a kiss that was quite inappropriate between a young wife and her husband’s father ……….her father-in-law!  As Pop rolled upon the soft sexy body of his son’s beautiful wife, his cock twitched upon feeling her trim fingers encircling his revived hardon and guiding him to her juicy pink slit.  “Oh, Pop …………… me ……………..don’t hate me ……………….make love to me!” he heard her say and he did just that as h aimed to please his son’s beautiful young wife.

One thing Caitlin came away with, after Pop had given her the shagging of a lifetime, was that his son could sure use a few pointers from his old man.  With her ankles locked together around his still twitching ass, she squeezed him tightly to her to get him to twitch out the final remnants of his hot watery roe into her gripping snatch.  “Ohhhhhhh …………….nooooo!” she sighed in disappointment as Pop’s shrinking dick slipped out of her cavity.  Releasing her leg lock, Caitlin rested the sides of her feet upon the back of Pop’s thighs as she lovingly caressed his back as he lay exhausted upon her body.

“Pop, you have to go now!  I …………..I need to wash up!  I …………..I’m expecting someone in half an hour!” Caitlin advised her father-in-law.  As Pop didn’t want to leave as yet, Caitlin pulled him out of bed and into the shower with her.  After Pop soaped her down and washed her back, licking her dry with his tongue, they embraced for another deep inappropriate kiss as Pop told her how much he loved her and didn’t want to leave.  “But Pop, another man’s coming up here soon!” he was told.  And then Pop confessed his desire that “I want to watch!  I want to watch you with other men!  I want to watch other men with you ………….making you suck them ……………..watching them fuck you!”

The motto of ‘Ask and you shall receive’ sure worked in this case as Pop got the exciting thrill of watching his beautiful daughter-in-law entertain an old Asian chink as her final ‘John’ for the evening.  He watched the old fellow, who was even shorter than Caitlin, get down onto his knees as Caitlin spread her sexy legs apart for him.  Then the old chink got his pleasure of eating out a young married wife, getting her to orgasm right into his slurping mouth.  After the old chink took his pleasure in slowing disrobing Caitlin, Pop watched from the louvered closet doors as his beautiful daughter-in-law was placed on all fours upon the king-sized bed.  Then the old chink rode her doggie style, cumming what must have been a whole pint load up Caitlin’s cock as the gooey stuff continued oozing out of her well-fucked twat once the old man dismounted, got himself dressed and departed.

Exiting out of the closet when the chink was gone, Pop helped his still panting daughter-in-law off the bed, watching as she had to cup her hand under her twat to catch all the spunk still oozing out of her.  Under the hot shower, Pop hand slid down from her trim belly over her soft golden fleece, then he slid his middle finger up into her cum filled twat.  Expertly fingering his daughter-in-law, Pop found her ultra-sensitive clit and rubbed, then watched as blobs of the old chink’s cum oozed out to plop down onto the tiled floor of the shower stall to then be carried by the water into the drain.

A week later, Caitlin listened as her husband Miles broached her with “Pop mentioned that the rent on his apartment is going up next month!  Having sold his house after Mom’s bout with cancer before passing on, he’s having just as tough time as we are!  What do you say we propose he move in with us say for half the amount he’s paying for rent?  That’ll be beneficial to both of us, his rent reduced and the extra money will help us catch up on the mortgage!”  Caitlin then asked if he had discussed it with Pop and if his father wanted to move in with them.  To that question, her husband responded with “Yeah, but Pop wanted to make sure that it was okay with you first!”

Pop McIntosh moved in with them two Saturdays from then, the last day of the month.  The next morning, her husband left home at 7 a.m. to meet up with a few buddies to golf at the inexpensive public course.  Once the car was out of the driveway, the bed that hubby vacated from to leave his lovely wife to sleep was once again fully occupied.  With the golf course just a couple miles away, when tee off time came, a full round had just been completed on the king-sized bed, with Pop having scored a hole in one with his woodie!  Everyone in the McIntosh household was quite happy at the new arrangement, and when the financial situation got straightened out to where starting a family could be considered, Caitlin knew who would be the one to father her child, the only man for her ……………………Pop McIntosh!

Then came the evening when his lovely wife was to work as a hostess, the first time since Pop had moved in with them, causing Miles to wonder if his father would question as the why Caitlin had to go to work at a part-time job.  Miles had prepared a phony reason should his father inquire, but Pop didn’t seem to give it a second thought when Caitlin advised she had taken on a part-time job and had to go to work that night.  As it happened, Pop had advised of his plans to meet up with some old buddies of his that night and as the timing was perfect, he offered Caitlin a ride to and from her job.  Miles knew of what his wife’s job duties required of her, but little did he know that Pop also knew and would in fact be watching six different ‘Johns’ bed Caitlin that evening.

Nor did Miles know that Pop would be in the shower with Caitlin after each ‘John’ departed, frigging her to watch all the cum plop out onto the tiled shower floor and into the drain before his wife douched the rest of the scum out of her.  But when his wife did return home for the night, her fertile womb would be filled with spunk from the last man she had gone to bed with.  She had not bothered to wash out her cunny after swooning with a mind-shattering orgasm as hot cum was injected far up into her …………squirted up there by Pop McIntosh, the man who bedded her last up in the penthouse suite!

End of Story – until Chapter 4 cums!