CaughtTurning Tricks - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘Forced in Foreclosure 3’ & 'Caught Turning Tricks 1'
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And so the dilemma of getting caught turning tricks eventually unraveled for the na´ve and rather innocent wives caught up in joining the world’s oldest profession, even if the thought that it be for just a short stint to save their homes from foreclosure.  It was inevitable, just a matter of time, due to the manner in which the devious Rufus Johnson had set up his high-class ‘hostesses’ to entertain at the exclusive men’s club!


Victim #4:
Mrs. Erica Mills
It had been six months of having to put out for strange men for Erica Mills, with a couple of them turning out to be regular customers just itching to get into her panties the next time she was ‘hostess’ at the exclusive men’s club.  As always, Erica feared that the next time she opened the door for a new paying customer might just be someone whom she knew.  It was the only fear that still remained for her, for now her mind had finally overcome the guilt and shame associated with having sex with other men.  With hubby Mike resigned to her sideline job in order to save their home from foreclosure, Erica now secretly looked forward to her one night a month stint in being with men who had paid good money to sate his lust in and/or on her body.  Although Erica told herself that she was merely doing what was necessary to save their home, there was no denying the thrill and excitement felt when a strange man spurted out his pent-up lust into her quivering body.

Now having been bedded by over thirty different men, Erica had come to realize that a few of her customers had some really weird sort of hang-up or fantasies of some sort.  One elderly fellow, whom she knew as Mr. Williams, had become a regular customer from her second month, when he had sat down upon a chair and had made her lean over his lap like a child about to be paddled.  Then she was made to plead “Oh, daddy ……………pleaseeeeeeee!  I’m sorry I was naughty!  I’ll be good!  I won’t do it again!”  With her dress pulled up, the old gent then pulled down her panties to bare her ass before he paddled her three times with his open bare hand, causing her to whimper out from the stinging paddle and the shock of it all.  That first time, Erica wondered if the old fart was relieving the past, figuring that the bastard had been turned on when punishing his daughter when she was young.  She couldn’t suppress the gasp of surprise that escaped her lips when the bastard slipped his pudgy hand down between her legs and slid his fat middle finger up into her twat.

Then, with tears flowing from his eyes, the old fellow gently had picked her up and carried her to the bed, repeated telling her “There, there …………..daddy still loves you, sweetie!  You go on to bed now, honey!”  But the bastard sure didn’t act like a good caring daddy when he slipped under the covers with her and began touching her up as he kept repeating how “Daddy still loves you!”  Erica came to realize that his daughter must be grown up now and that she reminded him of her, otherwise why had he chosen her!  She had to wonder if the bastard had actually gone this far with his own daughter or was he just acting out a fantasy.  With the bastard continuing to profess his love for his daughter named ‘Suzie’, even after sticking his filthy cock into her, Erica realized that her job as a pro was to please the bastard no matter what she thought of him and thus wrapped her legs around his and panted out “Fuck me, daddy …………………….fuck me …………………fuck me ……………………. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”fuck

On their third get-together, with her legs wrapped around the old fucker, Erica was shocked when he panted out “I’m so sorry I let your mother send you away to grandma’s to finish the last two years of high school!  I know how much you wanted to finish school with all of your friends but things would have been difficult here once your belly showed …………………..with our little baby!”  Curious, Erica asked the bastard “How long ago was that, Daddy?  I can’t remember!” while squeezing her legs around his humping ass and arching up to him.  “Ohhhh ……………..Timmy’s just made five ……………….so it’s been six years now!” the bastard replied.  “Does Mommy or Grandma know ……………….that Timmy’s your baby?” Erica inquired.  “No ………………… ………………they still believed what you told them ………………….that it could be any one of several boys from high school!  It’s still our little secret, sweetie!” she was told.

It was just a couple of weeks ago, at a get-together luncheon held by her younger sister Jessie and her fiancÚ Ben Michaels at his parents’ mansion of a home, that Erica had gotten into a run in with her soon to be brother-in-law.  Both Jessie and Ben were 22 years of age, having met in college and just graduated a year earlier, and Erica was honored to be her sister’s Matron of Honor.  She had met Ben several times, mostly at her parents’ home, and she thought of her sister’s fiancÚ as handsome and courteous but something just didn’t sit right with Erica as the courteous part seemed a bit fake.  The way in which Ben looked at her certainly turned Erica off, as if he was sizing her up and wanting to make a move on her, apparently thinking of himself as God’s gift to women!

With the luncheon held outside on the garden patio, needing to use the restroom, the groom’s sister had pointed the way and given her instructions as to hot to get there.  Unbeknownst to Erica, Ben had gone inside the house a few minutes earlier and had observed his sister providing her with directions to the restroom inside the house.  Having used the bathroom and exiting it, Erica had been caught by surprised by Ben as he pulled her into the bedroom across the hall, pinned her up against the fall and French kissed her.  Finally managing to break free, she had slapped the young punk, chillingly telling him “Bastard!  How dare you?”  “Aw, c’mon ‘Sis’, I know a hot little bitch when I see one!” she was told.  Storming out of the room, Erica was furious but she loved her younger sister too much to make a scene and to spoil what was supposed to be the big event in two weeks.

Riding home in the car with her mom and sister, Erica had to listen to Jessie as she spouted how lucky she was to have such a terrific fiancÚ and how they were so compatible together.  Erica wondered how her sister and mother would take to the truth if she blurted out what had taken place after she had gone to the bathroom.  But she dared not say a word and spoil things for her sister, thus she merely sat back as Jessie went on to say how Ben’s fraternity brothers were having a bachelor’s party that night while she and some of her sorority sisters planned on getting together for a party of their own.  She desperately thought that she should say something, no matter how much it hurt, for the sake of saving her sister from making a bad mistake in marrying the scoundrel, but she kept quiet.  At the thought of Jessie’s fiancÚ calling her ‘Sis’, Erica felt sick at the thought of becoming related to the damn bastard.

Little did Erica know that one of Ben’s well-to-do friends had booked the entire evening at exclusive men’s club at where she worked as a ‘hostess’, that the groom-to-be would treated to sating his horny lust with a lovely young blonde housewife that happened to be in the same dire situation as she.  And to make matters worst, his friend had money and had managed to get the book of all the hostesses available by telling the head man that his buddies were all well-off with rich parents and they might just become steady customers in the near future.  Ben had been shown the picture of the ‘hostess’ that would be servicing him and all the guys for that evening and he was ready for action as he guzzled down a brew.

With the book being passed around, Ben finally got a turn and his boner rose immediately when he turned to the page featuring Erica’s picture.  Inquiring, he learned that it was the fourth of the mouth for her night on as ‘hostess’, a day before the wedding, causing Ben to recall the events of the other day when Jessie was on the phone with talking to her Erica “Any events planned for the night before the wedding?  No, I’ve been keeping from scheduling anything as I know I’ll need to get some rest for the next day!  Don’t worry, you go ahead with your plans, Sis, it’ll be fine!”  Getting his buddy to get him an introduction with the headman of the operation, Ben then booked himself for the 4th of June, it being so appropriately being the night before the wedding!

On that Friday, the night of her being ‘hostess’ and a day before Jessie’s wedding, Erica spent most of the day at her parents' place to help out on any last minute things that required some attention.  As she was cleaning up the dishes following punch and dessert for those who had come over to assist, Erica turned to glare at her soon to be brother-in-law who had come to stand at the sink next to her.  With dish in hand, Erica swore to herself that she would hit him with it if he made another pass at her, regardless of the wedding to take place the next day.  But then she was taken by surprise when he advised that “I’m really sorry about the other week at my parents’ place!  How about joining Jessie and me for dinner tonight?  Let me make amends for being such a jerk!”

Knowing that she needed to get going to be on time, needing to freshen up for the arrival of her first ‘john’, Erica naturally had to give the excuse that “Apology accepted but I’ll have to pass on dinner as I’ve got a prior engagement tonight!  And I need to get home right after for some needed rest for tomorrow!”  Hours later, after having freshened up once again, Erica sighed as she hoped that ‘I hope this next ‘john’ will be a quickie!  Hopefully he’ll be a one and done kind of guy!  I need to get home right away so I can get some much needed sleep for tomorrow!’  Hearing the buzzer, Erica went to the door to admit her final customer for the night.  But upon opening the door, she gasped loudly as her eyes widened in horror, backing in fear as her sister’s smirking fiancÚ stepped in and closed the door behind of him.  “Remember slapping me when I kissed the other week, huh ‘Sis’?   Do I get a kiss from you or would you like Jessie to learn how the big sister she looks up to makes a living on the side?  And the mother that’s so proud of her two daughters would certainly freak out in learning that her precious Erica is nothing but a  fuck’n whore!  Now gimme a nice little kiss!” came the threat if she refused to put out for him.

Realizing the dire predicament that she was in by refusing his request, Erica forced herself to step forward towards the smirking bastard.  Trembling nervously as she nearby her sister’s fiancÚ, Erica swallowed deeply and licked at her dry lips to give him the kiss demanded from her.  But as she leaned up to kiss him on the lips, his hands were up on her shoulders preventing her from doing so as the bastard advised that “That’s not the kind of kiss that I had in mind, ‘Sis’!  You had your chance for that the other week!”  Pressure from the strong hands on her shoulders was forcing her down as she was told that “I want you down on your fuck’n knees for this kiss, bitch!  Now, do I need to go into detail as to the kind of kiss I’m wanting?”  Erica closed her eyes, feeling absolutely sick to her stomach, knowing exactly what kind of kiss the sick bastard was demanding of her as her knees made contact with the tiled foyer.  The bastard was obviously quite anxious as he unzipped himself in front of her and reached in to pull out his bloated penis.

To Erica’s horror, Ben stepped forward to close the gap remaining between them with throbbing cock in hand.  “You slapped me on the face the other week, bitch!  Now’s payback time!” she heard him growl in anger.  Then the sick bastard slapped her across the face with his foul smelling penis, in obvious payback for the slap on the face she had given him the other week, before pushing his ‘thing’ up against her nose and began to rub it all over her face.  Erica cringed in disgust as his cock stunk badly, the stench so much more pungent than any of the men she had service since taking on the ‘hostess’ job.  She then learned why as the sick bastard, who was to become her brother-in-law that next day, advised “You like my smelly cock, bitch?  Just for you ……………I haven’t washed my crotch for the past few days!  Now suck it, you fuck’n high and mighty bitch!”

With thick fingers wound in tightly in her long silky hair, Erica couldn’t refuse to perform the task being demanded of her even if she dared.  Her stomach churned as she was forced to part her lips to admit the foul smelling dick.  The tangy taste was worst than she could have imagined, making Erica want to puke her guts out right then and there.  Then, as the gloating bastard began to face fuck her, Erica had to endure his taunting of “Ah, bitch, you don’t know how long I’ve dreamt of seeing you down on your fuck’n knees and sucking me off like a two-bit whore!  Well, we both know that ya sure ain’t no two-bit whore ………………especially in seeing the bundle I had to lay down for some time with you tonight, huh!  Ah, damn …………’re good ……………ah, damn, suck it bitch!”

Even though the bulk of her ‘johns’ loved having her down on her knees and blowing them, this was the most disgusting blowjob that Erica had ever experienced.  ‘God, his cock smells so bad!  And the taste of it ………………so awful ………………uckkkkk!’ she thought as her stomach churned in rebellion.  Having raised her hands up and placing them on his hips, Erica tried desperately to keep him somewhat at bay as the bastard seemed determined to shove his fat pulsating ten-incher all the down into her throat, all while the chuckling bastard gloated “Ahhhh, ya fuck’n cock sucking little bitch!  Always acting so prim and proper out there in public, everyone looking up to ya …………….but lookit ya now, bitch ……………………yer looking up at me with yer mouth full of my cock, you fuck’n little whore!”

Unable to hold him at bay, the bastard was all the way down her throat and rubbing his pubic hair against her nose and cheeks as he then announced that “You’re gonna eat it, bitch!  All of it ……………’re gonna eat all my cum ……………..cause I’m about to pop my nuts right in your mouth, whore!”  Feeling the fingers tighten their grip in her hair, Erica then felt the throbbing meat in her throat expand even more.  “Gonna cum ……………..gonna cum ……………….right in your mouth, bitch!” came the announcement.  Then the hands were pulling her head back and the cock was eased out from her throat.  And just when only bloated cockhead remained enveloped between her lips, the bastard unleashed a hot torrent of his sticky jizz.  “Taste it, bitch!  Taste my hot jizz ………………………….and don’t you dare lose a fuck’n drop, whore!” she was advised.  Mouth flooded with his hot sticky cum, this vile sex act was made even more demeaning as she heard her future brother-in-law tell her that “From here on out, you’re gonna be sucking my dick a lot and spreading those legs for me ……………………all at no charge, bitch!  Let’s just say that’ll keep me from spilling the beans to Jessie and your mom about side-line job!”

It wasn’t until 4 a.m. that morning before Erica pulled into the garage of her home, her face all sticky with the bastard’s cum and the front of her dress all soiled wet.  Not only had the bastard fucked her doggie style on the bed following the blowjob, but when he revived again the bastard stuck it up her ass.  When it was all over finally and she was allowed to shower, with the bastard accompanying her, Erica then learned that he had a buddy drop him off and that she was to drop him off on her way home.  But upon reaching his place, the bastard made her blow him again, right in the front seat of her car.  This time, the vile bastard pulled her head back till she was fully off his cock and he then popped his load all over her face and down the front of her dress before telling her “See you tomorrow, ‘Sis’!  Get a good night’s sleep!”

Victim #5
Mrs. Natalie Gorman

For 26 year old Natalie Gorman, the nightmare of having someone she knew caught her turning tricks, worried her constantly.  Natalie was unaware of how things worked, how her customers made arrangement for her services, much less of the existence of the folder showing pictures of all the ‘hostesses’ that a customer could make his choice from.  After seven months on the job, Natalie still could not fathom the depths of depravity that she had sunk to, especially in having to cater to some customers that were a bit weird in their requests.  One such customer was Mr. Atwater, a fellow in his mid-fifties, who always called her ‘Katie’ when having sex with her.

Once, when wiggling under his pudgy body as she pulled his cock to her snatch, she had told him “Oh, you’re so big, Mr. Atwater!”  That’s when he had told her to “Call me Pop, honey!”  Curious, she played along, rubbing his throbbing cockhead up against her slick slit, she asked him “When was it, Pop?  When was the first time you wanted to have sex with me?”  That’s when Natalie learned, that the old bastard was hot and horny for his daughter-in-law, when he blurted out “From that first time Jim brought you home from college to introduce you to meet us, to announce that you two had gotten engaged!”  And then the old boy confessed that “I couldn’t help it that week!  I made it a point to work at home as much as I could, hoping to be there alone when Jim took you around to see the city sights!  As soon as you two would leave, I would then sneak into your room and look for the panties you had worn the day before!”

As the old boy panted and sawed in and out of her gripping cunt, Natalie then inquired “Did you find them, Pop?”  “Yes, in the laundry bag that your broutht!” Pop wheezed out in response.  “And what did you do with them, Pop?  What did you do with my panties, you naughty old man?” Natalie probed.  “I ………………I held them up against my face …..……..inhaled your sweet scent ……………………..licked them ……………licked the crotchband clean!” she was told.  “Did you masturbate with my panties?  Cum on my panties?  Tell me, you naughty man!” she demanded in knowing.  “Yes ……………..yes …………but I didn’t mean to shoot it on them!  I …………….I was afraid that you’d discover them covered with cum!  But ……….that one time …………….I couldn’t hold back and came all over them!  There was so much cum that time ……………making it so sticky …………….I was so worried you’d find them that way!” he confessed.

After the old boy and come a cupful of still potent jizz up in her squeezing twat and lay exhausted upon her body, Natalie stroked the back of his head and asked “Have you done it yet, Pop?  Have you had sex with Katie?  Have you had sex with your daughter-in-law?”  Out came a rather sheepish response “No!”  “But you obviously want to and fantasize about it each night, don’t you, Pop?” she plied.  “Yes!” came the response.  What began going through Natalie’s mind was not that of the prim and proper upbringing that she had growing up, but even Natalie couldn’t say for sure if it was just being naughty or a deviously mean thing to do!  ‘No, you can’t do such a thing!  Imagine if the old boy takes it to heart!  Think of the young woman who’s married to his son!’ she scolded herself.

But a bit later during the old boy’s allotted timeframe, when he managed to get it up again for a second run at her, Natalie panted out “Oh, Pop ………………..oh, Pop ……………… I’ve wanted you to do this for so long!”  Wrapping her trim legs around his plump ass as he fucked her, she then squealed “Fuck me, Pop ………….fuck me ……………….fuck your daughter-in-law …………………fuck me ……….……get me knocked up with your baby!  Oh, Pop ………………oh, Pop …………………I’ve been dreaming of this for so long ……………………..dreaming of you not being so polite and courtesy around me …………………..I’ve been wanting you to just pull me into an empty bedroom ………………….kiss me ………………rip my clothes off ……………….throw me down on the bed ………………………..and rape meeeeee!”

Then came that day of reckoning eventually came for Natalie, taking place roughly seven months after her start of turning tricks in order to keep her beautiful home from being foreclosed upon.  With her husband David in the securities industry, there were still many company sales functions to attend with her husband, as sponsors would throw fabulous outings in order to promote their products.  Thus, there was the need to put up a good front and not let on as to their financial straits even with everyone seemingly having problems too with the downturn in the stock market.  And of course Natalie would make her appearance as David’s prim and proper wife, being polite and courteous to all of her husband’s higher ups, greeting them and putting up a good front.

With her husband on commissions, one bad month of low commissions was frowned upon by his brokerage firm, but two months in a row was definitely disastrous.  And especially now with this current economy, as David relayed the recent departure of two of his buddies that had started with the firm at the same time as him.  And according to David, the only way a non-producer would survive was in ‘who you know’, like the broker who was related to some well-known politician or the gay asshole who had been hired by the head man.  ‘It’s not just who you know, but who you blow!’ her husband would often comment, saying that’s the motto with all the young brokers in his shoes.  Natalie hated him talking like that, wishing that David wouldn’t be so crude in his comments to her.  But on this particular night, Natalie would come to find out just how true that statement could be.

To get the much needed part-time ‘hostess’ job to keep their home from being foreclosed upon, Natalie had interviewed for it in the master bedroom of her home while husband David was to complete the some financial forms required for the necessary extension.  And having secured the job after interviewing with Mr. Johnson, there had been no discussion between David and her as to what had taken place during her ‘interview’.  But there wasn’t much to be explained to her husband, especially when the ‘interview’ took place behind closed doors ……………….in the master bedroom of their home!  After her first night at her job as ‘hostess’, when asked by her husband as to what the job entailed, Natalie had lied by telling him that “It’s a very exclusive men’s club and my job was just to look pretty and smile while serving them drinks!”  She kept the fact to herself as to having had sex with six different men throughout the night.

And so Natalie’s gig was uncovered when she opened the door to see Nick Irwin standing there, the 50 year old black VP in charge of the retail brokers at the firm where David worked.  Just the past week, she and David had sat next to Nick Irwin and his wife Sasha at just such a function since her husband worked directly under the supervision of the black fellow.  Her hands went to her gaping mouth when she saw the fellow and gasped out “Oh, God ………………oh, my God, no ……………….oh noooooooooooo!” Sniffling and sobbing, Natalie turned away from the man, not seeing his wide grin forming on his face as he closed the door behind him.  Feeling Mr. Irwin’s large hand on her shoulder, Natalie sobbed out “Please ………………..Mr. Irwin ……………don’t tell David ……………he only knows I work here ……………….he doesn’t know what my job entails!”

“There, there ………………..don’t you fret none, Natalie!  I suspected that when he told me over lunch earlier this week, that you took on a part-time hostess job at this club, although he didn’t know that I’ve been a member from the first month it opened!  Your secret is safe with me, honey!” she was told.  But upon feeling Mr. Irwin’s hand caressing her back, then slipping under her dress to caress her bare skin, Natalie knew that her husband’s boss was not there to just talk!  Swallowing nervously, she trembled upon feeling the zipper at the back of her dress being pulled down, then felt his thumb and forefinger expertly undo the clasp of her bra.  “You ……………you won’t tell David ………….or anyone at the brokerage?” she asked in desperation.

Then, hearing the next phrase explained it all to Natalie as Mr. Irwin advised “There’s a saying out on the floor among all those young brokers like David that’s so true, my dear!  Maybe you’ve heard it from David …………………..‘It’s not just who you know, but who you blow!’  And Natalie, you not only know me, so just imagine what I can do when you blow me, heh, heh!”  Feeling Mr. Irwin’s hand stroking the back of her head while reaching down he slowly lifted her arm up, sliding his hand till he was grasping her by the wrist, there was no denying as to what he had in mind when he placed her hand atop the bulge of his trousers.

For Nick Irwin, this was a dream cum true, something he had fantasized about upon first meeting his red haired little beauty.  “Ohhhhhh, shittttttttttttttt!” he exclaimed while looking down as the young wife closed her lips just over the crown of his bloated hardon.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddddddddd damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” he panted out at the exquisite sensation of feeling her hot wet tongue lapping at his sensitive cockhead.  “Ohhhhh, Jezzzzzzzzzzzzus ……………….izzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!” he panted out while trying to hold back the floodgates, determined to enjoy this fabulous blowjob and not pop his nuts prematurely.  ‘Damn, this hot little bitch is really talented with that tongue of hers!  She sure has learned all the tricks in her seven months of turning tricks!  I gotta keep check the book for any new talent coming in and not be contented with the three I’ve been seeing all along!’ he concluded.

Finally, after enjoying several minutes of getting to deep throat the lovely young wife, he grunted out “Oh, Mrs. Gorman ……………….yer hubby’s job is quite secure ………………..I’ll even help him make his production quota …………………so long as ya and me can get together sometime during the week!  Oh, yeah …………………oh baby ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh …………….ah, shittttttttttttttttttttt, cummingggggggggggggg!”  Fingers wound tightly in her silky red hair, Nick arched up into her beautiful face, holding her too him as he popped his nuts right in her mouth.  He saw her light green eyes widen in horror as he had quickly filled her mouth to the brim, then observed her petite body shudder as she was forced to swallow his hot gooey cum.

Natalie would soon come to find that her husband’s boss was also quite glib with the tongue, especially the way in which he used it to glide up into her slit snatch as he proceeded to eat her out.  With her husband’s boss lying upon the bed, signaling for her climb up on the bed and to straddle his face, then felt his large hands on her asscheeks pulling her to him.  Rubbing her soft red curls up against his face, it was like having a starving animal getting some much needed food in the way he ate her snatch.  “Nnnnn …………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she had moaned out, feeing her husband’s hungry boss with sweet honey as he ate her to an unbelievable orgasm, then she screamed “Oh, Godddddd ………………….I’m cumming ………….ah …………….ahhhhhhhhhh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  

Dazed from the mind-shattering orgasm, Natalie felt her body being lifted a bit as Mr. Irwin slid out from under her quivering body.  Now she was bent forward while kneeling upon the bed with the top of her head resting on the mattress as she felt her husband’s boss caressing her asscheeks.  She then trembled upon feeling the big knob of his swollen cockhead pressing up against her cunny.  “Oh, Mr. Irwin …………………’s so biggggggg!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Natalie crooned as the big man skewered his lengthy boner right up into pulsating snatch.  As the bastard screwed her good, feeling his big nuts bouncing up against her ass, Natalie heard him gloat “If’n that hubby of yers could talk as fast as yer pussy’s snapping at me, he’d be making sales left and right!  Damn, ya outta be doing this fer a living, Mrs. Gorman!  Ya’s be taking in twice what that hubby of yer is making selling stocks and bonds!”  Natalie would have given odds in betting that the bastard would be making it a point to stop in at her husband’s office the next day, wanting to secretly gloat in triumph over David in having fucked his wife and had carnal knowledge of her.

That next Monday, Natalie was happy in seeing her husband smile and looking a bit relieved as he exclaimed that “Things are really looking up, honey!  Mr. Irwin stopped on by my office and told me that he was impressed with my sales technique and asked if I was interested in teaming up with him at times where anything earned during that period would have the commissions split between us!  He’s the one with the big clientele that needs servicing and basically I’d help cover any calls coming in for him!  If I pitch a stock and take an order, we’ll split the commission on the sale!  That’ll sure help me out in my sales quota!  This Wednesday will start it when I cover for Mr. Irwin as he had a long luncheon that day!”

At 1:30 p.m. that Wednesday afternoon, after covering for his boss since 11:30 that morning, David got a call at the brokerage and advised “No problem at all, Mr. Irwin!  Placed six orders for your clients thus far, two of them for 1,000 shares of stock selling over $50 a share!”  David suspected that his boss really wasn’t at a business luncheon but probably out humping some broad as the guy was really a Casanova of sorts, thought ‘Yeah, probably right across the way in that condo he has there!  A client?  A client’s wife?  Wonder who he’s banging!’  Little did David suspect that it was his own beautiful wife getting banged by his black boss right at that moment!  Nor did David know that during the telephone conversation, the black bastard had one hand holding the phone while his other was pushing Natalie’s head down on his big black boner.

Victim #6:
Mrs. Kelli Kinsley

For lovely 27 year old Kelli Kinsley, she too had chosen to lie to her husband as to what her night working as ‘hostess’ for the exclusive men’s club entailed.  Having seen how depressed and withdrawn Bill had gotten, after giving Mr. Johnson a tour of their home’s interior while her husband filled out the extension forms, it was quite obvious that her husband knew how she had managed to convince Mr. Johnson to giving them the needed extension on their mortgage payments.  Just the amount of time alone in the master bedroom had made it quite obvious that the black bastard was demanding more than just a simple tour of the house.

Kelli had known right away what the bastard was wanting of her as soon as he told Bill to fill out the forms while she was to give him a tour of the interior.  Determined to preserve their beautiful home from foreclosure, believing that they were merely in a temporary setback due to the current economy, Kelli felt compelled to do whatever was necessary to help secure the needed extension.  Closing her eyes tightly shut, forcing her self to not pull away from the bastard horrid touch, she felt absolutely sick but had somehow found the willpower to not pull away when his muscular black body covered hers right atop the middle of the bed that she and Bill shared together.  Marital vows having disintegrated the second her slit enveloped the bastard’s big black cock, Kelli’s determination to not show any emotion quickly dissolved as her cunny began squeezing itself around the bastard's thick fleshy bone.

Feeling so guilty at having wrapped her trim white legs around the black bastard when he gave her absolutely the best fuck ever, Kelli prayed that her husband would not later try to ply any information from her as to giving Mr. Johnson the interior tour of their lovely home.  But what Kelli did not know was that her curious husband had snuck around the outside of their home in order to peer into the window of the master bedroom and watch her having sex with the black bastard who wielded their fate in his hands.  Nor had Kelli been aware of how Bill had gotten so excited, in seeing the contrast of the entwined black and white bodies upon the king-sized bed, that he had pulled out his cock and jerked at his puny cock while one twice his size fucked her cunny.  With the outside of the house white in color, Kelli would fail to take notice of the spunk stains when watering the plants the next day.

Unaware of her husband having spied upon her having sex with Mr. Johnson, Kelli was certainly glad when Bill asked no questions following his departure from their home.  Having douched and showered herself clean, Kelli had to wonder if her husband would even want to touch her ever again.  That night in bed, to her surprise, Kelli found that her husband indeed wanted to touch her and make love to her.  But in the way in which Bill had cum so quickly, just seconds of his much smaller pecker sliding up in her, Kelli had surmised that her husband had gotten himself overly excited in having sex with her shortly after she had been with another man.  Sex that night was far too quick and far from satisfying for Kelli, even though Bill had apologized for having enjoyed himself so quickly.  ‘Please don’t ask for a comparison grade versus the unbelievable fucking Mr. Johnson gave me this afternoon!’ she had thought as her husband began to doze, adding that ‘I’d hate to have to add another lie …………………that you got a failing grade!’

That first night on the job as a ‘hostess’, Kelli found that all six of her customers were above the age of fifty, that each of his older gents just loved getting between the legs of a blonde beauty just half his age.  Though far older than Bill, each of them had sure put her younger husband to shame, showing far more stamina and way more enthusiasm than that of her hubby.  Then Kelli had to wonder ‘Was it me just acting and wanting to please each of them in the way I panted and humped back at them?’  She then shivered in recalling the oldest guy, a Mr. Stanford who had to be in his early sixties, and how she had panted out for him to “Fuck me, Mr. Stanford ……………..fuck me ………..fuck me ………………fuck me good ………………oh, yes ………………yessssssssssssssss!”  Afraid that her husband would eventually ask for details if he learned that her job did entail having sex with strange men, Kelli decided to lie and say that the job was purely smiling at all times an serving the customers drinks at the exclusive men’s club, describing it as a well decorated lounge rather than the plush penthouse suite with a large king-sized bed.

It was a week before her sixth stint as a ‘hostess’ when things caved in for Kelli, at a place and time that had her guard totally down and the least at when she expected to have her most intimate secret to be revealed.  It was at the wedding reception for her best friend Tracy Merton, where Tracy’s sister Ellen was the maid of honor while Kelli was a bridal attendant to her good friend.  Growing up near the Merton’s, Kelli had spent a lot of sleepovers and was treated like a daughter by their parents, being extremely close throughout her young teenage years till going away for college.

The wedding and reception were done so elegantly, which Kelli obviously that Tracy’s parents had sprung for as her good friend had just gotten her master’s degree the year before and the groom had just completed his doctorate’s just a few months ago.  While standing next to her husband, after having come off the dance floor with him, it was then that Mr. Merton came up to them and asked “Bill, may I have the honor of asking your beautiful wife for a dance!  I’ve danced already with the bride, her older sister and now to complete the cycle!  After all these years of Kelli coming over to our home, those many sleepovers, she’s just like a daughter to my wife and I!”  Indeed, that was so true as Kelli smiled and slipped her hand into Mr. Merton’s arm as he led her across the dance floor.

“Wow, everything turned out so beautiful and elegant, Mr. Merton!  This must have cost you a fortune!” Kelli commented as she turned to face her dance partner on the dimly lit floor.  “Indeed it did, but there was no sparing the expense to take care of my youngest daughter!  The same will hold true for her sister when she gets married!” she was advised as the dance music started and Mr. Merton took her into his arms.  Kelli audibly let out a slight gasp when they began to dance to the music as Mr. Merton’s hand slipped down from the small of her back to her buttocks, then there was no mistaking about it as the man whom she looked upon as a father began intimately caressing her ass.  Her eyes widened in horror as she pulled back some to stare into the robust man’s face, all while he continued to feel her up.

Shocked beyond belief, Kelli tried to move away but was held firm by the man she respected smiled at her with a wily grin on his face.  “Mr. Merton …………………I …………………I thought you respected me ……………………….like you earlier said that you considered me like one of your daughters!” Kelli stammered out.  “Oh, but I do Kelli!  I’d be doing the same to Tracy and Ellen if I found out that either one was a ‘hostess’ to an exclusive men’s club like you ………………………..selling sexual favors to strange men for money!” she was told.  The shock had obviously been quite visible on her face as Mr. Merton then advised “Don’t you worry none, Kelli, your little secret is safe with me!”

Her right hand had been in his left, that being the normal position for the slow dance music being played, then Kelli felt him clasping her hand tightly as Mr. Merton guided it downward.  Downwards her hand went as her dance partner waltzed her further towards the darkened corner of the dance floor.  With her back was to the wall and no one behind of her, Kelli looked out above Mr. Merton’s shoulder as the vile bastard guided her hand to the bulge in his pants.  With this man having knowledge of her deepest secret, Kelli closed her eyes to blink back the tears of shame as she closed her fingers over his throbbing hardon.  Kellie heard her best friend’s father suck in his breath as she squeezed his fucking hardon, then learned from him that “I took care of things for next weekend,  Kelli ………………… won’t have to spread your beautiful legs for six strange men …………………….because I paid the guy off ……………………so I can have you all to myself that night!”

Talking to some of Kelli’s friends, while his beautiful wife danced with Mr. Merton, Bill glanced towards the dance floor once the song came to an end.  In seeing the bride’s father guiding Kelli out the side door onto the garden patio, Bill saw them walk to the edge of the railing where the stood looking out moonlit waves of the ocean.  With his wife treated like a daughter by the Mertons, and because it was a bit warm inside, Bill merely assumed that they were out on the patio to get some fresh air while reminiscing about the past and all that had taken place to lead up to this night in Tracy’s life.  But due to the darkness out on the patio, the back of Mr. Merton shielding the view of what was taking place, Bill did not get to see his wife’s right arm hanging over the railing angled off a bit to the right as her trim manicured fingers clutched at the fat throbbing dick as the bride’s father wheezed in delight.

Moments later, Bill observed his lovely wife re-enter through the glass patio doors as she clutched at a handkerchief apparently given to her by Mr. Merton.  Bill had merely assumed that white handkerchief had been given to Kelli to keep from having her makeup run due to the heat and warmness in the reception hall, especially now as his wife raised up her hand to dab the edges of her succulent pink lips with the white hanky.  Unbeknownst to husband Bill, the old boy had unzipped the front of his pant, then had made his young wife insert her hand in his open fly to fish out his throbbing hardon.  Next, the bastard had Kelli jerking him off as they leaned forward up against the railing, telling her “Oh, how I’ve dreamt of you doing this from way back when you were in high school!  This is just a dream come true, Kelli!”

To Kelli’s horror, just as the old geezer was about to spray his hot jizz onto the flowers below, the bastard had grabbed her hand and made her cup his bloated dickhead as he proceeded to web her manicured fingers with his gooey load.  With his hand gripping hers tightly, preventing Kelli from pulling her hand away, her fingers were just dripping cum from her fingertips when he was done.  But the demented old boy had not furnished Kelli with his handkerchief right at that instant, only doing so after she had done what he had next demanded of her ……………………..that of licking her cummy fingers clean!  That was just the primer for their ‘date’ up in the plush penthouse that next weekend.

That next Saturday, having learned that Mr. Merton had purchased her services for the entire evening, Kelli sat before the mirror as she prepared herself for the man whom she had looked upon for so long as a ‘father’ image.  Having redone her hair, just as pictured in the photo before her ………………… when she had been a cheerleader back in high school!  As Mr. Merton had expressed his desire that past weekend out on the garden patio, Kelli had spent the week getting things prepared for her playing ‘hostess’ this evening.  Finding her cheerleading outfit in the attic, she had made the necessary adjustments to get it to fit again, then had it dry cleaned.  Now, she donned the maroon and gold on once again, after having stepped into the matching maroon panty bottom.  Putting on her white tennis shoes, she now looked exactly like that in the photo on the dresser.

Before stepping into the maroon panty bottom, Kelli had looked at it and shuddered in disgust, especially after Mr. Merton had admitted out on the garden patio that “One weekend that you were over following a football game, going out with Tracy the next morning, I snuck into your room and snatched your maroon panties from your bag!  What a turn on …………………..……they smelled so good that I went and ate out the tasty crotch ……………….then wrapped it around my cock ………………………made me cum like never before ………………………had to wipe up the crotch to keep you from finding them cum stained!”  ‘And for all these years I looked at Mr. Merton as a father figure!  How disgusting!  He’s been wanting to get into my panties from over ten years ago …………………from when I was a teenager!’ Kelli shuddered.

When the doorbell rang, Kelli greeted Mr. Merton dressed in her old high school cheerleader’s uniform with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, just like back then.  After he pulled her into his arms and planted a passionate kiss on her like, far from what any father/daughter type of relationship entailed, Kelli then tried desperately to talk him out of having sex with her.  “Please, Mr. Merton ……………….think of your wife ………………..Mrs. Merton ……………….she ……….she’s like a mother to me!  I …………………I’d be betraying her ………………….and Tracy being my best friend ……………………….what would they think of me if  ………………..if they learned that I had sex with you!” Kelli advised.  “But it’ll be just a secret between the two of us, sweetie ……………………and what would they think of you if they learn you’re a high-class prostitute …………spreading your sex legs for other men?” came the rebuttal.     

“Oh, Kelli ……………….Kelli ………………….oh, I’ve dreamt of this for so long ……………… your cheerleader’s uniform …………………….down on your knees ………………..sucking me like this!  Oh, honey ………………….oh, yes ………….oh, yeah ………………..ah …….ah ………..ah ………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, Kelli ……………….eat it ……………… it ……………………..suck me dry ………………….oh, yeahhhhhhh …………….oh, yeah ……………….that’s it ………………….that’s it ……………..oh, even so much than in my dreams ………………….oh, yeah ………………squeeze my balls like that …………….just like that …………………..ah, Godddddddddddddddd!” Kelli heard her best friend’s father pant out as spurt after gooey spurt of hot cum filled her mouth time and time again.

Needless to say, the old boy was hot and randy for her as he stripped the maroon panty bottom of her uniform off her legs, then had her clutching at his hair to keep from falling as he knelt on the floor before her returning the favor and eating out her juicing snatch till she orgasmed right in his slurping mouth.  Her limp body carried over to the bed, Kelli could only lay there as her best friend’s father began stripping her of the cheerleader’s outfit.  Then he was disrobing, baring his robust body to her, crawling up onto the bed to cover her petite body with his heavier one.  And from the way in which he energetically went at her, it was quite obvious that he had fantasized of this moment for many a year, nearly cumming the second that he stuck his cock into her.  With him frozen upon her, his fat dick twitching in her, Kelli felt his heart thumping as he fought to keep from cumming prematurely.  And when he got control of himself and began to fuck his pulsating dick in and out of her, Kelli realized what a great fucker the old boy really was as he fucked her to a mind-shattering orgasm before unleashing his still potent jizz in her fertile womb.

Early that next week, shortly after Bill had departed for work, Kelli sucked in her breath upon seeing Mr. Merton at the front door looking down and depressed as he told her “I’m sorry made you have sex with me, Kelli!  It’s just that …………………..I’ve dreamt and fantasized about you for so long!  I won’t bother you ever again!  Your secret is and always will be safe with me!  But I’ll always treasure the night we had together!”  Blinking back the tears as Mr. Merton turned to leave, Kelli stepped forward to grasp him by the hand, then pulled him back towards the entrance.  Door closed and locked behind them, Kelli then took her best friend’s father by the hand and guided him down the hallway to the master bedroom.  Arms around Mr. Merton’s neck, she told him “I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since then …………………..because no other man has even come close to making love to me the way you do!”

As Mr. Merton could not stand the thought of strangers touching his precious Kelli, he used his wealth of money to purchase each and every slot of when she nights being ‘hostess’, though it would have been far cheaper to just buy out the mortgage contract directly.  For the old boy, the guilt was seemingly removed in having sex with young Kelli by paying for the rights.  As for Kelli, having sex with her best friend’s father during the week was eased at the thought that she was doing it to keep her secret quiet, even though he had promised her so.  With their one night together each month up in the penthouse, along with his visiting her at home M-W-F mornings, only husband Bill had to be duped months later into thinking that the baby growing in Kelli’s tummy was his.

End of Story.