Church of Evil – I
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Black Demon
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     She was a stunning beauty untouched by anyone, so pure and innocent, skin so creamy and white.  So trusting and loving with perfect breasts for her size, along with beautiful long trim legs.  Slim manicured fingers and delicate hands.  Sweet soft looking lips.  Many a man would be willing to give up an arm and leg to be the one to defile her lucious body.

     This pure innocent had all the males, young and old, flocking around for her attention.  But she wanted to wait till the proper time.  Wanted to marry the man of her dreams and to let her husband be the one to deflower her.  She would protect her precious jewel from all the lechers.  A little petting here and there but nothing serious.  She would not trust any man other than her future husband to be, who treated her as his little princess.

     At age 21, Kristin Gilbert was a beautiful woman.  She and her fiancé, Tim Burton, had discovered by accident a rather medieval looking church hidden in the countryside.  They stopped and ventured into the courtyard.  Kristin squeezed her fiancé’s arm, “Oh Ralph, do you think we can get married here?  It’s so beautiful and unusual!  Just what I dreamed of for our wedding?”  The young couple was marveled by the structure of the church, like the pictures in Europe, never expecting to see something like this right near home.  Little did they know of the evil lurking behind the façade of this holy church.

     “Honey, it’s unbelievable to find a church like this.  I thought they only existed in Europe!  It’s a long drive for the guests but those not wishing to make the long trip back at night, there’s a hotel a couple hours away!” Kristin pleadingly looked up at her loving husband.  Tim was eager to please his precious bride-to-be, in any way possible, readily complying with her requests.  And now, if they could get the consent from the church and make the reservations.  Little did the loving couple know that the people in the nearest town would never venture out to this old church, avoiding it like the plague.

    The young couple were welcomed by an elderly priest, who agreed to allow them to marry there.  Seeing the beautiful bride, the lustful priest could only offer a prayer of thanks to his Lord.  He advised the young couple that there was a strict requirement to be able to marry inn this medieval church.  That was the custom of the bride getting ready early, fully dressed in her wedding gown, and to meet with the priest for 'private' and 'personal' counseling for the upcoming marriage.  Also, a customary mass was to be performed for her alone, one that is special and performed only for the bride-to-be. Kristin thought this was to be a meeting for guidance and preparation for married life, along with a prayer service to bless the marriage.  How wrong she would be!  Perhaps a clue would have entered her mind, had she learned that the special mass was called the “Black” mass.

     The young couple excited left the church, upon getting the church reserved for the date of the wedding.  The empty church hall would be used for the reception.  They waved at the elderly priest as they bid goodbye.  The priest smiled and waved with his right hand, hidden under his dark was his left hand wanking at his throbbing cock as he stared at the beautiful Kristin Gilbert.

     Four months later, beautifully dressed in her pure white wedding gown and veil, Kristin was dropped off by the wedding limousine.  Kristin was greeted by the housekeeper and led down an old stairway below the wedding chapel.  Kristin, along with the general public, had no idea of its existence.  The incense was quite strong.  The elderly fat priest greeted Kristin with open arms and hugged her.  It was a hug that was a bit too long for a pleasant gesture, especially from a priest.  Already prepared for her was a glass of red wine.  The priest, a rather old and horrid looking fellow, was quite easy going in his lecture on virtues and married life.  He joined her in a glass of wine, refilling hers from time to time.

     Little did she know that the wine was heavily doctored with a drug that would make her drowsy yet simulate her sexually.  Her mind easing, she felt the need to confess her sins to this elderly priest, after all he was a man of the holy order.  'Unholy Order' would have been a better description.  The lusting priest encouraged her to be at ease and to confess any sins she had.  The priest learned she was pure as newly fallen snow.  He gleamed with delight upon learning that the bride-to-be was in fact a virgin.

     The priest hid his smile.  This tender piece was a gift from heaven.  He assured her that she would be cleansed of all her sins prior to the wedding, which was only six hours away.  He led her into a black draped room and instructed her to lay on the alter, which was covered with black satin.  Kristin looked so pure and innocent, in her unsoiled white wedding gown and veil, with the black satin background.

     The priest looked down at Kristin's now glassy eyes, a result of the potent drug.  She is fully awake but paralyzed from coordinated movement.  "Let the 'Black' Mass commence!" came the announcement from the priest.  Through her hazy eyes, his face was nearing, and then his lips were pressing against hers.  Unseen by Kristin, into the room came six huge black robed monks as them moved to surround the alter.  With the dim candle lights and Kristin's glassy eyes, she could not make out any of the facial features of the surrounding monks.  Each of the robed monks were huge in build, far bigger men than the elderly priest, then the nearest monk sought out her pink lips.

     "You are the celebrated object of this 'Black' Mass'!" the priest announced to Kristin.  “Only young brides in their pure white wedding gowns are allowed to participate!  You are our chosen one this day, for our Master has sent you to us!” continued the priest.  Kristin looked puzzled at this.  The priest understood her puzzled look.  "Yes, Ms. Kristin Gilbert!  Our Master has sent you to us, for preparation of the future Mrs. Kristin Burton.  No, Ms. Gilbert, not the Master of Above but the Master Below!  Yes, the DEVIL himself!" chuckled the priest.  "You are to be the bride of Satan!  We will plant the devil's seed in your womb!  My disciples and I will be of service to you, to puff the bride’s tummy with the son of Satan!”  The evil priest and his disciples had been anxious for this day to come, to make this virgin bride pregnant on her wedding day.

     "Kristin Gilbert, these monks and I shall make you a part of us!" said the priest,  “We are here to possess you!”  With that, all six monks dropped their black robes.  It was no wonder Kristin could not make out the facial features beneath the black robes, all were huge elderly black disciples.  Kristin could not respond but only let out a gasp.  Six huge black demons surrounding this innocent bride to be, dressed in her unsoiled wedding gown.

     Each of the huge black monks possessed a massive black holy shaft, to which  Kristin's eyes were captivated upon.  Solid black holy shafts, yet they twitched and began oozing slime from their small mouths.  More like hissing black snakes ready to strike its victim.  Kristin tried to gather her strength by clenching and unclenching her trim manicured fingers, encased in long white gloves.  A black monk on each side of her step forward to give her something to pull herself up with - a foot long black snake in each gloved hand.  However she would not get much leverage, not with all the venom being emitted to soak and slick her gloves.

     One monk crawled under her wedding gown and rolled her silky white panties down over her trim legs and high heels.  The priest took the panties and held it to his face, inhaling the fragrance.  Kristin's panties were to be her offering at the 'Black' Mass.  The monk returned under her wedding gown, this time to lick at bride's tiny curls moist slit.  “Ohhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhhhh!” came the pleading groan from the innocent young bride.

     Now the other monks moved to their places at the alter.  One straddled her face, placing his oozing black snake at her lips.  The last two monks held onto a leg, beginning to let their respective cocks give a shiny gloss to her white heels.

     A mad sexual frenzy began to take place with all the evil men anxious and excited at the opportunity to defile such a pure innocent bride-to-be.  They all hoped they would be the one responsible for creating the fruit of the womb at this celebrated 'Black' Mass, the fruit that would ripen in nine months.  A bouncing holy black baby, from this pure untouched naïve young bride!  The Son of Satan was to be conceived in this evil church, the making of life, from the loins of his black followers.

     Kristen was now being fed the offering from a long holy black shaft.  She continued to milk the black snakes in her tiny fists, neither of which she could encircle with her gloved fingers.  Her heels had been removed and to the lovely bride it was like two long black snakes venting their venom along the soft tender soles and tiny toes.  The monk at her mound now has his lengthy manhood crawling through her soft curls in search for the secret warm cavern.

     The priest began to recite the vows.  The black disciples continued slowly, waiting to bestow the final blessing for the bride-to-be.  The priest looked at Kristen and told her that he spoke for one and all of the holy men in the room.  Looking at her pleading eyes, the priest announced loudly "We bestow upon you all our worldly goods.........!"   With that, the monk's thick manhood slithered at her moist cavern and darted forward as the priest gave a mighty heave.  “Arrrrrghhhhhhhhh ………………….noooooooooooooo …….………..nooooooooooooo ………………… ………………….it hurtsssssss!” Kristin screamed loudly around the thick rubbery cockhead that had darted into her mouth.

     Then the evil monk forced his way deep into her tender cunt until it was fully embedded and Kristin was then allowed to scream all she wanted, as her screams merely served to excite the monks into a lusting frenzy.  Her well-protected cherry had now been ripped asunder.  All six monks now set out to totally defile the bride-to-be.

     What seemed like hours to Kristen, the monks finally reached the point of blessing her.  She gulped down the special communion wine of the 'Black' Mass, a cup full of slimy venom spit out by the pulsing foot long black snake of a cock.  The thick snakelike cocks in her milking fists approached her lovely face.  First one struck and spit out its poisonous venom into her eyes.  Then the other struck, spitting its venom across her forehead into her silky hair and bridal veil.  Other snakelike cocks slither across the soles of her feet and struck out at her - venom covering her nylon sheathed feet and toes.

     The final snakelike cock squirmed about in her warm moist cavern, looking for a spot to mark as its breeding ground.  Finally, buried as deeply as possible, 12" up the cavern the snake makes its mark by spitting its venom out.  When it did strike, the warm moist cavern was filled beyond capacity, overflowing the joined area.  Now only time would tell if it indeed was a fertile ground for its offspring.  A healthy black offspring could very well be on its way.

     Finally the initial ceremony was concluded.  Kristin was helped up onto all fours.  She is sopping wet with her wedding gown and veil hiding the white venom.  She thought that she could now cleanse herself but she forgot about the fat elderly priest.  The monks held her steady while the priest approached from her rear.  Lifting the wedding gown, the priest shuffles forward.

     The priest chanted to the bride-to-be "I now pronounce you to be the bride of Satan!"  With that, he lunged forward, his huge cock ripping Kristin's tender ass apart.  Kristin's screams could be heard throughout the church above "Aieeeeee …….……aieeeeeeeeeeee ..............……….nooo ……………nooooooooo!" she wailed.  But to no avail, the depraved priest was far beyond control.  Kristin struggled with all her might but she was held steady by the six monks standing off to the side.  Having watched the monks defile this tender bride and hearing her screams was just too much for the evil priest.  She could only shake her head from side to side, continuing to emit her agonizing screams of pain.  Three solid strokes and he was embedded fully, all 10" of holy prick.  He held her hips tightly and finally gave her an enema.

     It’s not over for the bride-to-be as Kristin was then stripped of all her clothing.  There was four hours remaining before she would need to redress in preparation for the wedding.  For the remaining time, the lovely bride was taken to a bedroom where the evil priest and his followers could bed the bride in comfort.  The monks and priest all were to sate their lustful desires upon the lovely bride, giving their blessings both individually or in a group blessing.  The priest allows the monks to go first as he enjoyed watching the lovely bride being defiled by Satan's followers.  Like a spider attacking a fly, that's what it appeared like when each of the huge black monks covered the lily white body of the innocent young bride-to-be.  What a contrast it made with the lovely white sexy body of the bride, sandwiched by the black monks.

     The housekeeper helped the defiled bride to get on her wedding gown. The veil was refitted to her hair.  The slimy nylons were rolled up again over her sexy feet and up her trim thighs.  The glossy white heels were slipped onto her cum soaked feet.  She was then led to the alter for a final blessing before the wedding ceremony where Kristin knelt before the fat priest.  The evil priest parted his holy robe for her to begin her worshipping.

     Worship the priest's thick cock to be exact.  "Suck the body of Satan and you will be rewarded with the wine of life!" the priest told her.  Beneath the veil, Kristin dutifully opened her pink lips and stuck her tongue out to begin worshipping the fleshy instrument.  As the priest was about to let his thick white wine flow into her mouth, he took her right hand and placed a beautiful golden ring onto her right ring finger, signifying her wedding to the devil himself.  A beautiful gold ring tipped with a curl of black at the tip.

     A close look at the tip would reveal the true meaning for the black curl was the replica of a black snake.  The communion commenced and Kristin was forced to swallow continuously in order to get all the thick white wine fed to her from the loins of the fat priest.  She could not allow the thick juice to overflow her lips this time, not with time so near to the wedding ceremony.  The white cum on her wedding gown and veil from the earlier events had already dried and blended into the fabric's natural color.  As the wedding march was soon to begin, an overflow of cum now would leave wet stains on her wedding gown.

     Soon, Kristin walked down the aisle, looking radiant in her pure white wedding gown.  Fortunately, the wedding gown had many underlying layers to fill the gown, layers of white cloth that had absorb the red stains of the bride’s cherry juice.  Skin so white and pure, 'an absolutely untouched pure virgin', thought everyone as they watch the lovely beauty at the end of the wedding procession.  Little were they aware of the truth regarding all the young brides that took this walk down the holy aisle of this isolated medieval church.  'Evil' would be a better description.  Like the young beautiful brides before her, Kristin couldn't be more despoiled than at this very moment.

    Kristin had no panties on, stripped from her hours ago by the aging black monks right below this very chapel.  Her lacy white panties had been her offering to the celebration of the 'Black' Mass.  Her cunt was filled to the brim with eight loads of creamy spunk - deposited there by the black monks and the very priest that would be performing the wedding ceremony.  She walked gracefully down the aisle in her sheer white stockings covered by her glossy white heels - clean and pure, glossy white on the outside.  The inside of her heels were also pure white, however, white and wet from the loads of cum deposited on the soles and toes of her sexy feet by the horrid black monks.  White sperm soaked her stockings and oozed between her toes.  Her husband would not be marrying a pure lily white virgin, as she appeared, but a well-fucked little bitch that now craved long Black snakes.

     Kristin tightened her cunt muscles as she took each step down the aisle, trying the keep the load of slithering cum from dripping on the red carpet.  She looked down to the end of the aisle to see her handsome husband-to-be, standing alongside the fat elderly priest who would conduct the wedding vows.  Following her initiation into the ‘Black Mass’, Kristin had been placed under a hypnotic spell that made her act in a normal manner.  She came to stand in front of the same fat elderly priest that had fucked her only hours ago and had her screaming in the chapel below.

    Exchanging vows to be true to each other, both looked at each other and her husband thought that no one could be so beautiful and true to him without a question.  Little did he know that that very moment, her cum filled cunt oozed sperm trails down both of her trim lily white thighs and saturated her sheer white stockings.  Cum from the priest next to him and the huge black monks living below this very church.  His wife stood next to him, in pure white heels soaked with slimy white jism.  He kissed her to seal the vows.  So soft and creamy are her pink lips.  So creamy from the loads of the slimy white cum that she drained from the cocks of the priest and monks.

     The groom could only think of getting his beautiful bride alone after the wedding and reception.  His cock twitched with long awaited anticipation.  How he dreamt of this day when he would be able to possess this beauty.  He closed his eyes kissing her soft and creamy lips, wanting the evening to come when he could strip her of her gown and claim his prize - her well-protected cherry.  He and Kristin had planned this for a year, with the thought of planting his fertile seed in her womb.

     The groom would be in total shock if he slipped his finger in this bride's tight box.  He'd be surprised with the gooey flow of nigger cum.  That she was no longer an innocent virgin, but now a sex-crazed young woman craving for big black cocks.  His private garden had already been fertilized by loads of slimy black cum.

    A month after returning from their honeymoon, the young couple opened a bottle of champagne in celebration.  They were celebrating the confirmation of Kristin’s pregnancy.  Their plan to have the wedding at her most fertile period had worked perfectly and now they were expectant young parents.

End of story.