Church of Evil – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Hakim was hungry, his appetite now insatiable as it had been awhile since he satisfied his craving.  But he was picky.  Only one thing would satisfy his hunger, his craving would only be satisfied was a tender piece of ‘white meat’!  Only this time, he wanted a nice fresh piece of white meat!  Only how would he find such a piece to satisfy his hunger.

This was easier than he thought it would be when he happened to scan the Sunday  morning newspaper.  There before him was a large selection just waiting for him to pick the ‘unfortunate beauty’.  This was the section of engagement announcements with a picture of each bride-to-be.  He scanned the photos, looking for the qualities that he had established, that being the most beautiful yet naïve and innocent looking young bride-to-be.

Not only was Hakim out for a fresh piece of tender white meat, he was out for sport.  A nice sporting event, a race with the unsuspecting groom, a race to claim the beautiful untouched prize. The goal was to snatch the coveted prize from the bridegroom, right before the scheduled wedding day.  Hakim was intent on claiming the beautiful and innocent young bride-to-be, to the leave the happy groom with his now ‘ruined’ prize.  Once he found his unfortunate victim, it was easy to trace her home address and scout out the beauty.

He was most interested in one particular photo.  The beautiful bride-to-be, who's wedding was indicated to be in three months, was the lovely Ms. Julie Anderson.  As the announcement gave Julie's employment, it would be easy to find out the address where she worked.  Her parents names were listed and if the phone book would possibly have the address.  If not, or if she lived elsewhere, the city directory would be the next step.  If all that failed, Hakim would merely follow the young beauty from her work place back to her home.

  The news clipping gave the information as to where the wedding would take place and enough details for Hakim to get started on his quest for this beautiful piece of ‘white meat’.  Checking the phone book and looking up her employer, he quickly had its phone number and address.

Wanting to get up close to his succulent prize, Hakim had watched his prey’s routine and knew approximately when she left for lunch and for home.  He licked his lips as he eyed the lovely woman, 23 years of age, about 115 lbs, 5’4”, with long blonde hair.  She was immaculately dressed in pastel colored dresses and trim 3” heels, with long beautiful white legs.

He made a point of 'accidentally' bumping into the bride-to-be, knowing how frightened the petite young beauty would be of his size and how repulsed she would be of his muscular black features.  As Julie was about to fall, she desperately reached out with her left hand to grab onto something. Hakim’s left hand grasp her left wrist and his right hand went to her right shoulder to steady her.  In that one brief instant, Julie’s trim hand had grasped onto Hakim’s massive weapon hidden behind his dark trousers.

Hakim saw how the innocent young beauty shivered in disgust and fear when his black paws touched her lily-white body to keep her from falling, and how embarrassed she was at having touched his massive tool.  Hakim knew that later, the old myth would be going through her head, ‘wonder if all black men were well endowed’ where it counted, or had she felt an unusually well endowed black man.  He knew she’d rather die than be raped by a black man like him, as the whites who have classified it as being ‘ruined’ by a nigger, but that only served to build up his craving to have such an innocent white beauty.

 Watching Julie stammer her ‘thank you’ for catching her, smiled at her as she quickly made her escape.  Hakim laughed to himself, seeing the innocent young bride-to-be shiver in fear and disgust for touch a horrid thing, even by accident. Julie was shaking with fear not understanding what made keep thinking of the myth of a black’s cock, the forbidden feel she had gotten through the black stranger’s pants.

 Over the next six weeks, Julie kept thinking of the horrid event.  She could not get it out of her mind what she had done, even if by accident, and to make matters worst she began to wonder just what the big black's cock would look like.  She wondered if her tiny fist could encircle the monster.  She doubted it from the brief feel of what felt like a steel bar.  She prayed such a debasing act would not happen ever again.

 Julie could not gather her thoughts, for she had become obsessed in only one thought ‘What would it be like to touch that massive black cock in the raw!  Would it fit in her tiny white hand?’  Julie shivered at the thought, knowing full well that what she felt over a month ago, her little hand would never encircle that black monster.  What frightened her was seeing this muscular black man near her working place several times as she went to lunch or left work.  She purposely did not look at him directly, but out of the corner of her she swore to herself that he was stoking his cock through his pants.

 Julie would be going to the church a few days before the wedding to see how she would decorate the church that weekend.  The church would be empty on this particular night.  However she was given the key to the church, as she was a well-known member. Julie arrived at the church as she had planned, unknown to her that her every movement was being followed closely by the very black man that had occupied her thoughts since that eventful day.  The happy thoughts of the upcoming wedding occupied her thoughts, allowing her normally cautious guard to let down this evening.

 At the darkened doorway to the side entrance, Julie inserted the key and opened the door.  Just as she was entering the door to the holy place of worship, a zap to her neck by a stun gun sent her body into uncontrolled spasmd.  The petite young bride-to-be was easily lifted up into a set of muscular black arms and carried into the church.

 The lovely Julie Anderson would not be alone in the church for this evening, an unwelcome guest was going to help her decorate the church.  Only Julie was going to be the lovely decoration.  Hakim was going to expose the young bride-to-be’s pretty charms, right on the church alter, where she was to give her wedding vows that weekend.

 Hakim carried to quivering young beauty to the alter and laid her upon it.  Lifting the stunned beauty’s shoulders, the light summer dress was easily unhooked and the zipper drawn down.  From that point it was easy to slip the dress over her shoulders, down over her slim hips, and down over her trim white legs and heels.  Now the innocent young beauty was dressed in only her lacy white bra, panties, and heels.

Stepping up to the alter, Hakim took great delight in pulling the bra straps off her white shoulders, then pulling the soft lacy bra down to bare her beautiful breasts.  He leaned forward and began to suck at her lovely pink capped breasts.  Julie moaned as her perfect pink nipples rose to attention, never having been sucked before.

Then his lips moved down to Julie’s soft white belly, burying his face in her lacy white panties, inhaling the fragrance of her innocence.  Julie groaned and arched up to the thick tongue that tried to burrow into her protected treasure, right through the thin layer of her protective panties.   Hakim slowly made his way down the stunned beauty’s trim thighs and lovely white legs.  Removing her white heels, Hakim paid homage to her sexy white feet, lapping at her soft soles and inserting his tongue between her tiny toes.

Reaching up, the lacy white panties were slowly peeled down Julie’s trim ivory legs.  Hakim’s then traveled up her the ivory path till he got to the golden treasure.  Julie began to moan.  Suddenly she groaned as a thick tongue darted out to part her soft golden fleece and burrow into her now moist groove.  Julie arched her mound up and her hands grabbed at Hakim’s head, wanting the pleasure giving tongue to continue its work between her virgin thighs.  "Ohhhhhh ......ohhhhhhhhhhhh …….ohhhhhhhh!" she moaned as she experienced an orgasm for the first time in her young life.

 Hakim disrobed and climbed onto the alter, descending upon the beautiful bride-to-be, like a spider on a fly.  He was going to anoint this pretty little white beauty right on the very alter where she would soon say her wedding vows, anoint her with his long black shaft.  Twelve long inches of his thick black shaft, right up her precious virgin cunt.  He would relieve the groom of the trouble of breaking the bride’s precious little cherry, he was going to ‘ruin’ this little beauty and leave the groom with soiled goods.  He smiled, anticipating the results of his next move, wanting to hear the beautiful bride-to-be scream as he plundered her precious little cherry.

 Julie's body was now relaxing from the aftermath of her very first orgasm.  Hakim’s large black hands on her white ass cheeks, his seething anointing rod at its ready, nuzzling at the very entrance of Julie’s treasured jewel.  Hakim reared back his large frame, then slammed forward with all his weight.  "Aieeeeeeeeeee ......nnnoooo ………………….awwwwwwwooooooooooohhhhhhh …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the piercing scream of agony as the thick black did its damage.  The screams of the beautiful bride-to-be echoed from against the walls of the holy church, as her precious cherry was brutally torn from her.  The beautiful bride-to-be would not go to her husband as a virgin on her wedding night.

 Hakim gave no mercy, as he slammed at the beautiful bride-to-be, burying his cock fully up her womb.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh …………..pleaseeeeeeee ………nooooooo ……………….nooooooooo …………aggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!" Julie moaned as the black rapist humped repeatedly into her aching body.  The once virgin bride-to-be lost control of her petite body as the thick cock rubbed and agitated her never sensitive clit, never touched much less stimulated before this vicious rape.  Julie unconsciously responded by wrapping her trim white arms around the black shoulders and her trim white legs wrapping around the pumping black ass, her feet locked on each other as she thrust her mound up at the raping cock.  "Ohhhhhhh ………Goddddddd ……..ohhhhhh ………..what’s ……….happpingggggggg ……….ohhhhhhhh ……. I'm …………….comingggggggggg!" she screamed.

Hearing that beautiful scream of pleasure and feeling her legs squeezing at him, Hakim buried his thick black cock into the womb of the bride-to-be.  With all his might, Hakim kept his body totally still, for any movement on his part would have sent him over the edge.  He allowed the lovely bride-to-be shudder in her in orgasm around his thick cock.  It was moments later before the lovely beauty had her body muscles relax to allow her legs to untie herself from her black rapist.  Allowing her cunt muscles to ease and ease herself down the long black pole to rest her buttocks onto the cold alter.
               Julie began to come to her senses.  Her eyes fearful, her mind anguished at the thought of what she had done, reaching an orgasm brought on by a black rapist.  She managed to raise her hands to push Hakim at his shoulders "Noooo …….pleaseeeeee ……… noooooooooo ...............!"  Hakim smiled at her, hands under her hips "I'm going to give the beautiful bride-to-be the fuck of her life!”, as he withdrew his cock till only the tip remained captured.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .........arrgghhhhhhh!" screamed Julie, as she was stabbed the by the long thick cock back, hands pushing against her rapist.

Hakim loved raping this young beauty, her fight only served to goad him on.  He slammed forward again and again, burying his might 12" cock into her tight little twat.  "Ohhhhhh ..........nooooooooooo ..............!" Julie moaned, unable to fight anymore.  Pumping up and down, Hakim slammed forward again "I'm going to give you a black bastard baby, my sweet white bitch!  Tell your loving husband I did him a favor by plucking the little bride’s precious cherry!  Is the beautiful little bride going to tell her husband he’s getting ‘soiled’ goods, that his precious little wife was ‘ruined’ by a black nigger?”

 Julie's body betrayed her, her torn womanhood hurting but strange sensations stirred between her loins, as her trim white legs crossed over the muscular black ass.  Her feet were locked upon one another, as she bucked up to meet Hakim brutal thrust after thrust.  "Ohhhhhh ……….pleasseeeeeeee ………..noooooooooo ………ohhhhhh comingggggggg ……..agaggainnnnnn!" she yelled, as her body she began to convulse.  Hakim gasped for air as his body went rigid "Ohhhhhh, here's my hot black baby seed for the bride-to-be!"  Hakim groaned as his cock expanded and exploded again and again, deep into bride’s fertile womb.  Puddling onto the alter was the dripping spend, mixed with the bride’s bright red evidence of her shattered cherry.  The exhausted Hakim collapsed on the beautiful bride-to-be, laying on her lovely white body.  Hakim and Julie were still joined, as only a husband and wife should be joined, on the very alter where she would soon be joined in holy matrimony.

 Finally Hakim's dwindling cock slithered from the bloody treasure cove of the lovely bride-to-be.  He stood by the alter, gazing down at the virginal sacrifice to the gods.  Julie's beautiful trim body lay spread-eagled on the alter, thighs bloodied from the brutal rape of her innocence, tears flowing from her eyes from the terrible disgrace she had just suffered.

Twice more the alter rocked and threatened to topple over that evening, each time  Julie received the thick creamy juice from the puffing black rapist.  Each time the bride-to-be had her arms and legs wrapped tightly around her black assailant, as she received his potent black baby seed.  Finally, Hakim had to satisfy one last devishish desire.  He placed his throbbing black cock between the soft soles of the bride-to-be and began fucking between them, unleashing a torrent of slimy cream all over her sexy feet and toes.

 Hakim stepped back from the alter to view the most precious sight of the lovely bride-to-be, ‘ruined’ at the very spot where she would soon say her wedding vows.  There on the church's alter lay the bride-to-be, completely naked as the day she was born.  Only now, the beautiful bride-to-be had her lovely white body smeared with blood and slimy filth.

 Totally exhausted from this exciting night, Hakim dressed.  Looking one last time at the sobbing young beauty, now curled in a fetal position on the marble alter, Hakim turned off the lights in the church and slipped out of the church and into the darkness of the night. Not wanting anyone to see him in the vicinity of the church, Hakim quickly made his way from the scene of the crime.

 But Hakim’s crime had not gone unwitnessed.  In fact, from his very first step into the holy church, he had been observed.  His vicious crime observed in every detail.  Unknown to Hakim, up in the balcony the vicious rape of the lovely bride-to-be had been witnessed by Father Downly, who he himself had wanted to observe the lovely Julie.  But he had planned only to observe her when she came to look at the church.  On this fateful evening, the blessed Father had viewed more of the lovely young beauty than ever anticipated nor ever dreamt of.  When Julie was accosted at the front door, Father Downly was about to yell at the assailant, but fell silent as his cock told him to be silent and enjoy watching the lovely white beauty with this black beast.

 The ‘Holy Father’ had counseled the bride-to-be along with her groom on the upcoming marriage.  Having the lovely Julie in his parish, he had seen her weekly and secretly wished he could be the very groom that would have the honor of deflowering this beautiful young woman.  His thoughts at night were of the lovely Julie, ‘sinful’ thoughts of what joy it would be to have this beauty all to himself.  And Father Downly had ‘sinned’ by resorting to masturbating while picturing the beauty stripped of her clothing and he was to have the pleasure of making love to the young beauty.

 In the pitch darkness of he church, Julie lay sobbing, her thighs hurt so badly from the vicious rape of her innocence.  Unknown to her, the Holy Father had witnessed her defilement and in fact was now shedding his holy robe.  Moments later, Julie groaned as she felt her thighs again spread “Oh, please, please ………..I beg you …………please don’t rape me again!”  As she felt a thick cockhead spread her golden fleece and nudge the entrance of her slick womanhood, her trim legs acted on its own, encircling the buttocks of her assailant.  Her hands encircling the head of the assailant as he tongued and stimulated her pink nipples.

 “Ohhhhh ……..pleaseeeee ………..ohhhhhh!” Julie groaned as the thick cock began to sink into her slick and stimulated gash.  Now desiring another orgasm, Julie hunched up at her rapist, matching him thrust for thrust.  Squeezing her legs tightly, she screamed “Ohhhhh …………….I’mmmmmm …………..commminnnnng!”  She arched up with all her might and felt the thick cock explode in her, filling her to the brim with its hot slimy eruption of filth.   Unknown to the lovely beauty, it was the Holy Father that had just brought her to this mind-shattering peak.

 Later, Father Downly crawled up and knelt above Julie’s frightened face.  Time to give the lovely bride-to-be holy communion.  Julie's soft lips were glossed with the creamy communion wine, fed to her by the loins of the Holy Father.  Her lips softly parted to admit the throbbing shaft that began to pump in and out her mouth, at times forcing her to gag as she could not breathe when the shaft was deep down her throat.  Just as the wheezing priest was about to cum, he withdrew till only his cockhead remained in the tiny soft mouth.  He wanted her to fully 'taste' his thick white wine.  Julie's was unable to see in the pitch darkness but her eyes widened in horror as her mind cleared a bit.  Suddenly Julie’s mouth was overflowing with the holy fluid, she choked and gagged but was forced to swallow the filthy fluid generated from the balls of the Holy Father.  Finally, the dwindling cock slithered from her soft mouth.  Julie was horrified at swallowing the filthy slime and gagged trying to throw up the gooey contents in her innocent belly.

 Father Downly had finally sated his lustful desires and retreated from the sobbing young bride.  He turned on the lights behind the alter, then opened and closed the door to the church, giving the impression that he had left the church.  Only, he softly made his way back to the balcony from where he had watched the black rapist have his way with the young beauty.  Now he watched Julie as she lay on her side sobbing in her shame.

 Finally he watched her slide her aching white thighs off the alter and step onto the carpeted floor.  He saw her sob as she looked at the evidence of her cherry juice on the  middle of the alter, mixed with the slimy filth.  Julie could not leave the evidence of her shame on the sacred alter and used her clean skirt to wipe the alter.  He watched the shattered beauty dress and search for her lacy white panties, sobbing as she realized that apparently her black rapist had snatched it on the way out.

That weekend, the wedding march played on the church organ.  Down the aisle came the beautiful bride, dressed in her long pure white wedding gown.  Everyone knew Julie well and would swear this church going young woman was as pure as the wedding gown she was wearing.  That she was an untouched VIRGIN.  Only the bride-to-be and the Holy Father knew the real truth.  That just three days ago, this beautiful bride had in fact been deflowered right there on the very alter where the wedding ceremony was taking place.  Little did they know that an evil seed planted, by either the lecherous black or the Holy Father, had already fertilized the womb of this beautiful bride.

The wedding couple looked like a perfect match.  The bride so beautiful to all, her soft voice repeating the wedding vows.  The honored guests would have been shocked three days ago when her shrieks of agony echoed throughout the church.  Her pleas and shrieks had gone unanswered as the huge black rapist plowed his massive cock through the never before touched jewel – Julie’s long cherished cherry.  Then the shrieks and pleas had changed to moans of pleasure, her body climaxing in orgasm after orgasm.  Such a difference from the bride in her snow white wedding gown verses three days ago with her snow white body being raped by a brutal nigger.  And, if the guests had only known how this very priest conducting the ceremony, had sampled the bride’s lovely charms and given her a communion so different from today.

 As the bridal couple knelt before the alter to receive communion, Julie prayed that the brutal rape did not leave her pregnant.  She also prayed that her loving husband would celebrate a lot at the reception and be too excited in the honeymoon suite, to notice that his promised treasure had already been stolen from him.  At that very moment, Father Downly looked at the sweet pink lips of the lovely bride, as he was to give her communion.  How he desperately wanted to step forward, open his sacred robe, and again give her communion from his holy shaft.

 Father Downly took a deep breath, his cock throbbing and drooling at the sinful thought. His cock drooling at that very moment, right onto the bride’s lacy white panties, snatched from the floor of the church three nights ago.  He silently prayed that his holy seed would take root in the bride’s fertile womb.  So much better it be his holy seed than that of the brutal black devil.
End of Story.