Church of Evil – III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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    Lovely Kristin Johnson, was recently married to her loving husband David, whom she had met in college.  David was six years older than she, having first gone on a missionary stint and then returning to finish college.  Kristin fell in love with this matured man, who was dedicated to helping others in unfortunate countries.  Kristin understood David’s ambition, for she came from a conservative church family and her father was a church elder.  Kristin just wanted to be with her loving husband wherever he served, wanting to be a good wife to him and assisting him whenever possible.

    David Johnson could not believe his good fortune in having such a lovely young bride, a woman who was totally in love with him.  He was older than she and met her in a class they had together.  Kristin had long blonde hair and green eyes that David had to take a deep breath each time he gazed upon her beauty.  And she had recently won a beauty contest.  David did not suspect that he had a chance with such a beautiful girl and was shocked when she accepted his first date.  All the males were after her and he turned out to be the fortunate one.

    They had graduated together and married shortly after.  Although they were dedicated to the church and its beliefs, David was quite shocked to find his lovely young bride had come to him as a virgin on their wedding night.  Never had he contemplated to have the good fortune of deflowering this lovely beauty.  They were totally in love and would absolutely remain faithful to each other.  David was scheduled to go into the far depths of mainland China.  David was to aid the ailing farmers and to spread the word of the gospel, assisting the elderly priest at the run down church in the province.  Kristin had readily agreed to accompany him on this long journey and would help him in getting the church tidied up.

    It was indeed a long journey, the Chinese government frowned upon foreigners trying to be do-gooders but reluctantly let them through, not wanting to create any type of international incidents.  It took nearly a week for the young couple to make it to their destination.  First by boat, then train, and by mules to get to the old run down church.

    David was excited at his new challenge.  But this being Kristin’s first venture into such a foreign country, she was shocked at the primitive setting, having been accustomed to only the finer things in life.  Thus, even having mentally preparing herself for this trip, Kristin was still in shock but they were warmly greeted by the aging priest and the old Chinese caretaker of the church.  Kristin shuddered when the old caretaker shook her hand, seeing his beady eyes look up and down over her body, as if he was stripping her naked with his eyes.

    Indeed, never had such a lovely white beauty been in this province before.  Never had Wang Fu laid his eyes on such a beautiful woman with golden blonde hair.   He wondered if the hair nestled between her sleek white legs matched the lovely hair on her head.  He licked his lips, determined to find out for himself.  He prayed to the almighty Gods that he be allowed the good fortune of sampling such a beauty one time in his live.  Never in his 75 years of life had he ever sampled a white woman.  No woman came close to matching the beauty of this lovely woman that had come from America to him.

    Wang smiled, thanking the Gods for bringing this lovely creature to him, far in this wasteland deep in China.  As the priest led the couple around the grounds for a quick tour of the church, Wang got his son, Han Fu to help with the bags.  Wang was ashamed of his only son, a giant among the Chinese of 6’5”, but obviously a deformed and a blubbering idiot.  He assisted in carrying the couple’s belongings into their room in the church, setting their belongings onto the dirt floor.

    The elderly priest was also a foreigner of the same faith.  Father Jose, a pudgy black priest, had been born and raised in Brazil.  He joined the church in his teens and was educated by the church, learning to speak fluently in Spanish, English and various dialects of Chinese.  Father Jose was now 60 years of age, portly in stature, and had been at this church for the past ten years.  Being a black, it would have been impossible to make any headway in China had he not been a priest.  Father Jose had swallowed hard as he greeted his expected guests, but never had he expected to see a lovely white beauty like Mrs. Kristin Johnson.

    Among the modern devices that the church had David bring for the good Father were a camcorder and video recorder.  As the church had a generator, the video recorder could be played and the battery for the camcorder recharged.  Father was so thrilled, anxious to do away with the use of the old polaroid that he had to take pictures, of the church and the farmers, to send to the diocese.  Now he could send back quality videotapes to his superiors.

    Each day Wang watched the couple closely, especially the lovely white wife.  How he wanted to be close to her, for she looked so pure and clean but he noticed her shuddering disgust of him whenever he approached her.  He knew it was his decrepit appearance and fat old body that disgusted her.  He knew the elderly priest had been awaiting David Johnson’s arrival so he could take him to meet the farmers in the countryside.  He was anxious for that to finally take place.  Then the lovely Kristin Johnson would be left all alone in the holy church.  Alone except for Wang and his idiot son.

    At the end of the first week, Wang’s lust for the beautiful young bride grew each time he viewed or dreamt of the lovely white beauty.  Many times he had viewed the young bride as she walked about the church. Once from his room, he watched her and had begun stoking his wrinkled but hardened old cock till his seed spurted onto the dirt floor.  Such relief it had brought him, not only physically but mentally for it was the first time in many long years that his wrinkled old cock had even been able to rise to the occasion.  He was so happy knowing that he could generate so much hot seed from his old balls.

    In the second week, Wang watched the priest escorting the young couple on the cart pulled by the mule.  The priest advised him that they would be back in the afternoon, as he would take the couple to the open market of the nearby village and show them around the village.  Wang stood watching as the cart moved slowly out of sight.  Then Wang made a beeline to the small room where the loving couple slept.

    Scanning the small room, Wang saw a stuffed pillowcase in a corner. Licking his lips, Wang slowly approached the bag.  His pudgy hands slowly opened the bag.  He took a deep breath, his heart pounding, as he observed what he was after.  On the top of the clothing bag, that served as a hamper, lay a pair of lacy baby blue panties.  Wang swallowed hard and began to perspire, his heart pounding in his chest, as he observed his treasured prize.  He reached for the soft garment, so different from what the rags worn by the local women.  Lifting it to his face, he inhaled the intoxicating fragrance of the lovely white bride.  Holding it to his face, Wang’s body shook as he buried his nose into the crotch of the panties.

    Panting, Wang felt the stirring deep in his loins, a feeling never before felt in such a magnitude.  It was a feeling that he had not experienced for many years prior to the arrival of this lovely white woman.  Freeing his old wrinkled cock from his baggy pants, Wang watched it grow in pride.  Seeing another frilly pair of panties stuffed in the bag, Wang retrieved the yellow wisp of clothing.  He wrapped the soft yellow pair on his hardening and drooling old cock, as he inhaled again the fragrance of the light blue pair.

    Picturing the lovely Kristin Johnson in his mind, it took just a few moments of stoking his pulsing cock before unleashing a torrent of his seed onto the dirt floor.  He panted, still sniffing at the crotch of the blue panties, amazed that he could still generate such a load from his old worn out balls.  Not as thick as in his prime but still a large load.  Not having a woman in ages, he had even wondered if he could get it up in the past years.  With a smile, knowing that he could still be a man, he pondered the thought of whether he just might be able to lay a slant eyed baby deep in the womb of this young American bride.  His cock gave a twitch at the thought, oozing out more of his smelly cream, which he wiped onto the crotch of the yellow panties.

    Wang returned the well used garments into the bag for fear of having a missing pair discovered.  How he wished he could take a pair with him.  Going to the tiny dresser in the room he observed the fresh undergarments in a drawer.  He grasped a clean pair of light green panties that lay on the top.  He smiled as he opened it up and used the clean crotch area to clean his still oozing cock, soiling the once clean garment.  Folding it neatly, Wang placed it back on top of the others, smiling as he thought of the lovely bride later wearing the pair of green panties that were soiled with his filth. Before leaving the room, he used his foot to brush fresh dirt over the wet spots he generated when his wet seed hit the ground, hiding the evidence of his visit.

    That evening, while the young couple dined with the priest, Wang slipped into the room of the young couple.  Opening the dresser drawer, Wang smiled as he observed that the green panties were no longer there.  He then went to the kitchen to pour some hot tea for the priest and his guests.

    Bringing the tea cups and pot tea out to the table, Wang served the tea to each of them.  “Missee like cream, yes?” Wang asked, knowing from the prior nights that she liked a little cream to mellow the harsh taste of the Chinese tea.  “Thank you, Wang!” Kristin replied as she poured some of the cream into her cup of tea.  Wang smiled as he watched the cream being poured, for it was a special cream he had prepared.  A mixture of the regular cream and a generous spurt of the cream he managed to shuck from his wrinkled old cock.  His smile widened when the love woman commented how good the tea tasted tonight.  Soon, he would have her taste the rich cream in its raw state, fresh from his churning old balls and up his wrinkled old cock.

    Over the next week, Wang paid a visit to the couple’s bedroom every chance he had.  Finally, he overheard the priest tell them that he and the Mr. would be leaving the following day for a journey deep into the mountains and countryside.  Kristin understood and advised the priest that she would use to opportunity of their absence to start on her project of tiding up the old church.  Wang smiled, for finally the lovely newlywed would be left alone with only Wang and his idiot son.  But Wang had no intention of leaving the lovely white woman alone, for he would keep her company on the bed she shared with her husband.

    Two days later, Kristin had seen her husband off with the elderly priest, off on a two day trip into the far countryside.  Then she had a productive day in cleaning a room of the dusty old church.  She had made herself a simple meal for dinner.  She felt a bit uncomfortable with the leering old Wang and his blubbering son.  But she chastised herself for such negative thoughts.  She thanked the ‘kindly’ old man, who brought her a warm cup of tea and the cream to go with it.  She couldn’t help the funny feeling she had as the old man watched her drink her tea, nodding and smiling all the time.

    Wang smiled as he watched the lovely Mrs. consume her cup of tea, with a dose of his specially prepared cream.  Only this cup of tea contained a powerful Asian herb, found in the countryside, that would soon have her in a very deep sleep.  ‘Such a white beauty, skin so white and flawless, so soft and tender!  Oh, how he would love lying on her perfect body!  To sink his wrinkled old cock into her sweet young body!  To maybe have the beautiful Mrs. Kristin Johnson’s belly puffed with his slant-eyed yellow baby!’ he thought to himself.

    Right after dinner, Kristin retired to the small bedroom.  She would take the opportunity to read a bit, though the lighting was a bit dim.  She locked the door, with the small hook that was attached to the door.  She shivered thinking how flimsy a lock it was but it was the only thing available.  The horrid thought of the old man or his blubbering son trying to take advantage of her went through her mind, but she quickly scolded herself for being so paranoid and for having such horrid thoughts.

    In the privacy of her room, Kristin took off her tennis shoes and white socks that she wore around the church.  Then she began to disrobe, unbuttoning her blouse.  In her thin bra and shorts, she made a beautiful sight to the lusting old Wang, who had crept into the adjoining storage room where he had earlier drilled a peephole that allowed him a view into the entire room.

   As Kristin removed her thin light yellow bra to uncase her perfect pink capped breasts, she thought she heard a noise.   Turning, she saw nothing unusual, she scolded herself for being so paranoid at being alone for the first time, then began to unpin her hair to let it fall to her shoulders.  But her turning about presented the lurking Wang with a beautiful view of her perfectly shaped breasts, capped by perfect pink buds.

    Wang watched quietly from his hiding place, stroking his drooling cock as he watched the beauty slip off her shorts.  Now clad only in a matching pair of yellow panties, she presented a delectable sight to her peeking admirer.  Wang licked his lips, imagining what it would be like to suck upon such a perfect white breast.  He wanted to bite at the perfectly shaped nipple, thinking what it would be like to suck warm milk from her beautiful breasts.  Wang was nervously anxious to get between her long white legs and to fuck his little baby in her.  His mind began to race ahead ‘Yes, that was what he had to do!  Fuck his baby into her little white belly and then he would share her milk with the little one!’

    After putting on her nightgown, Kristin began to read her book.  But after only two pages, she began to feel sleepy and drowsy.   The effects of the potent herbs were taking hold of her entire body.  In a few moments, the book fell from her hands and onto the bed.  Wang knew the drug would soon have the lovely young woman in a very deep sleep.  He would continue to watch the drugged beauty till it was time.  Time to sate his lust upon her lovely white body.  Never before had he had the joy of possessing such a pure innocent white beauty, a joy none of the males in this part of the country ever had.  And Wang Fu would be the first to have such joy of defiling such an angel.

    Fifteen minutes later, Wang left the storage room and went to the door of the sleeping beauty.  Pushing the door in, as far as the hook lock would allow, he slipped a thin wire into he crack and easily lifted the hook up.  The door was now open.  The lovely young bride was now in a deep sleep and being gazed upon by a pair of beady eyes.  Those eyes belonged to this 75 year old pervert, an evil old man who was in fact older than her living grandfather.   An old man who was intent on seeding this young beauty, one younger than his own granddaughters that now lived in the city.  Realizing that this sleeping beauty was even younger than his granddaughters, Wang’s wrinkled old cock twitched at the lewd thought of impregnating her with his child.

    Quickly, Wang shucked off his old baggy clothes and watched as his old cock began to grow in size.  Never had his cock pulsed so hard, as it began to leak its slimy filling.  He stroked his now growing cock as he moved to the side of the bed.  His cock was now oozing out a slow river of still thick filth.  He looked at the beautiful soft pink lips of the lovely Mrs. Kristin Johnson.  How he wanted to see her lips on his old cock, to see her throat swallow his hot seed.  But that would have to wait for he was intent on filling her womb with his hopefully still potent seed.  Yet, he just had to see and feel those soft pink lips on his cock.

    Kneeling upon the bed, Wang panted in anticipation as he leaned forward, placing his slimy old cock onto her innocent lips.  Wang wondered if these soft lips had ever touched a man’s cock, for even though she was married such puritan missionary types were so conservative.  And how right Wang was, for the lovely bride had never even contemplated doing such an obscene act.  Wang gasped aloud at the pleasure of feeling his cock upon the warm soft lips along with the air from her breathing.  He had to hold his drooling cock still for fear of losing his hot load prematurely.

    As he lifted his pulsing old cock, Wang smiled to see the lovely face of the young white bride, her pink lips glistening with a film of shiny gloss.  Another second and he would have exploded all over her lovely white face.  Then he grasped the bottom of the nightgown and drew it up on off the lovely young wife, baring her beautiful white body.  Wang immediately began to suckle at the soft white breasts and bite at the tender pink nipples, wishing they would feed him some warm sweet milk.

    Then Wang could wait no longer.  Getting up, he stood and moved to the foot of the bed.  He leaned forward and grasped the waistband of the peach panties, slowly drawing them over the trim white hips and down the tapered ivory legs. His breathing nearly stopped as he viewed the golden treasure, knowing that just below the golden fleece lay the entrance to the beauty’s protected treasure.   He crawled up to inhale the intoxicating fragrance of her sweet womanhood, then roughly buried his face into the soft golden fleece, his thick tongue darting out to taste the sweet nectar.

    Spreading the long ivory legs apart, Wang shuffled up between the trim legs.  Grasping the trim white hips, Wang placed his wrinkled and drooping cock into the soft golden nest, searching for the forbidden entrance.  “Oh, pretty little missee!  Wang Fu make you beautiful little baby!” he announced proudly, as he thrust forward.  The lovely white wife was so tight, even for his wrinkled old cock.  Wang couldn’t believe how tight a vise grip this woman had, obviously her husband’s cock was the size of a twig.  Then he began to fuck back and forth into the hot slick tunnel.  Not having possessed a woman in many years, and never having a lovely white woman ever, Wang came after only a dozen or so rapid strokes.  But his load was never so hot and plentiful!  His old body collapsed onto the soft petite body of the lovely bride, squeezing out his hot creamy baby juice into her fertile womb.

    Lying exhausted upon the soiled body of the lovely Mrs. Kristin Johnson, Wang sucked a soft pink nipple into his mouth.  A nipple that he and the baby would later suckle upon, sucking the nourishing warm milk it would provide.  Then, a movement from the doorway caught his eye.  It was his idiot son watching him rape the lovely white woman.  “Come Han ………come Han!” he called to his frightened son.  Slowly the door opened wide as the bumbling idiot shuffled into the room.  Wang smiled, thinking what a delight it would be for this lovely white bride to initiate his retarded son into the joys of fucking, something even the local peasant girls would not do for Han.  Wang grinned, thinking that if his own thin sperm had lost its potency, perhaps Han’s younger sperm would impregnate the lovely woman.  He only hoped that the retarded traits were not hereditary.

    Wang got off Kristin’s soiled body, which glistened from his sweat and sperm.  He turned the drugged body over.  Then he pulled Kristin up by the hips, to a kneeling position, her face on the mattress.  “Take off clothes, Han!  Take off clothes!” he instructed his son.  Wang watched his deranged son take off his clothes.  The normal oriental male stood just over 5’5”, but Han was obviously a physical mistake for he stood as a giant of 6’5”.  Even Wang wished he was fortunate to have the proud weapon that had been bestowed upon his idiot son, the 12” cock would make any man proud to have.  He wondered how the woman, even in her drugged state, would accommodate such a large cock.  Especially since his own wrinkled cock was hard to get into the lovely young wife.  As his idiot son had been deprived by the Gods in his mental capacity, Wang felt it only fitting that this golden angel bring him some physical comfort.

    “Come, Han! Come!” he instructed.  He pointed at Kristin’s drugged body and spoke “LinLin!  LinLin!” the name of Han’s other dog , the female dog that had mated with FuFu and produced a litter of puppies.  Then Wang pointed directly at this son and said “FuFu!  FuFu!”  The smile that came across his idiot son’s face showed that he now understood.  Just like how he explained what was happening as they had watched the mating of FuFu and LinLin.  “Puppy? ……….Puppy?” came the inquiring question from Han.  “Yes, my son, you and pretty missee make puppy!” he laughed.

    After Han and his father exchanged places, Wang quickly ran out to where the priest kept the polaroid camera.  The priest had taught him how to take pictures and had taken some of the priest and scenery before.  He would now use it take some of this most memorable occasion.  He returned to the room to find his son drooling as he rubbed his hands all over the lily white body, not knowing exactly what to do with his reward.  Thus, Wang had to give him some encouragement “FuFu, LinLin ……..FuFu, LinLin …..make puppy!”  Then he walked to the bed and shifted the placement of Han’s menacing cockhead, rubbing it so it parted the slick lips.

      “Make puppy!  Make puppy!” he yelled to his son.  Not wanting to disobey his father, Han hunched forward and groaned as the soft pussy lips yielded to the invading instrument of destruction.  Han remembered his pet doggie and began to imitate what he had observed.  “Prettee missee make Han puppy?  Papa, prettee misse make Han puppy?” he quizzed.  “Yes, Han, pretty missee make you puppy!” he smiled in reply.  Then Wang stepped back to watch his idiot son have the ultimate fuck of his poor wretched life.  Grabbing the polaroid, Wang began to take the photos of the hideous rape.

      Wang watched his son fuck the petite young beauty, just as his son had watched his dogs mate.  He watched the 12” cock plunge in and out the little beauty, wondering just how she could take the deformed cock.  And then he heard his son begin his chant “Puppy …….puppy ……..puppy ………………..puppyyyyyy!”  Then his son’s body shook and swayed, his hands holding on to the Kristin’s trim white hips.  Wang smiled as he watched a river of thick white goo backwash from the flooded entrance to the golden treasure and flow down the ivory thighs and soak into the bed.

      “Make puppy?  Yes, Papa?” Han smiled as he looked up at his father for approval and confirmation.  “Yes, my son, you make puppy with pretty missee!” he congratulated his son, then added “Go get FuFu.  Go get FuFu, Han.”   Wang watched his son pull his shrinking, but still long and hard cock from the violated young wife, cock shiny from the love juices.

    Minutes later, Han returned with his pet, a filthy old mongrel.  Han smiled, realizing just why his papa wanted him to get FuFu.  “FuFu, up …….up, FuFu makee puppy!” Han ordered his dog.  Seeing the naked beauty on all fours, the mongrel quickly obeyed and jumped onto the bed and mounted the beautiful white body.  FuFu needed no further commands, it was pure animal instinct from this point on.  Meanwhile, Wang smiled as he took photos of the mongrel been to fuck away at the poor woman.

    Hours later, Wang got a wet rag to wipe the sloppy mess between the ivory thighs and golden fleece.  The amount of the potent herb consumed by the young wife was enough to keep her out cold for over a day or so.  He would merely tell her she had been ill for a couple days when she awoke.  Being far in the countryside, not much attention was paid to time and dates, thus it would be easy to deceive this young innocent woman.

    It was the morning of the second day that Kristin awoke with a massive headache.  Her entire body ached badly, but more so her thighs as she tried to take a step.  Then Wang greeted her “Pretty missee feel betta ………...pretty missee sick two days …….Wang make missee hot tea!”  In a few moments, after Kristin staggered to the sofa, Wang brought her a cup of the warm brew along with fresh cream.  Wang smiled as he watched the cream, his personal mixture, was poured into her cup to tea.  He watched her drain the entire cup, the fluid warming her body, and wondered just how many millions of sperm now swam in her precious belly.

    By late afternoon, Kristin felt much better, but her thighs still ached with the feeling that she had stretched some unused muscles in her upper thighs.  She eagerly awaited the return of her loving husband and the elderly priest, from their first overnight journey away from the church.

    Following the return of David and the priest, dinner was served and then they all retired for the evening.  The young couple retired to the privacy of their bedroom, but sleep was not on their minds.  This being the first separation, they showed their love for each other.  From his hiding place, Wang watched as Mr. Johnson was about to make love to his lovely wife.  He smiled as he heard the pretty wife say “David, don’t forget the condom!  We don’t want to start a family this far away from civilization!”  He wanted to laugh, wondering if the lovely wife was already in the family way.  She would make a wonderful mother to his baby.  He grinned at the thought that just maybe his bumbling idiot of a son had fathered a baby with such a beauty.

    It would not be for another week before the priest and young husband would leave again for an overnight trip.  Kristin advised the priest that she would take the opportunity to clean the alter and front of the church while it was not in use by him.

    As she went about her task of cleaning the alter, it was then that old man Wang approached her.  She saw the evil gleam in his eye and backed away, bumping into the alter.  “Pretty missee ………….fuckie Wang ……………….suckie Wang’s cockie!” Wang smiled as he approached the frightened young wife.  “Get away from me, you filthy pervert!” Kristin screamed.  Then Wang held up a polaroid photo “Pretty missee ………………suckie Wang’s cockie!  No suckie ……………..give picture to Mr!” Kristin gave a loud gasp as she viewed the photo of her being mounted by the idiot Han.  Then she gasped again when a second photo was shown, depicting FuFu in the act of fucking her.

    Tears flowed from her innocent green eyes, horrified at what she had seen.  The photo showed just how monstrous a cock Han possessed.  Then she realized she must have been drugged and brutally raped the prior week.  It was no wonder she could barely walk when she had awoken from the drugged state, she couldn’t believe a cock that big was possible.  She gasped aloud realizing that the photo showed the cock bare of any condom, realizing right then that she might have been impregnated by the retard.  Kristin began sobbing and crying uncontrollably at this point, her knees weakening as she sank to the floor.

    In her distressed state of mind, now holding the photos in her hands, she was unaware of Wang disrobing before her.  As the photos were snatched from her hands, she gasped seeing the ugly naked body approaching her, eyes glued to the wrinkled old cock of the 75 year old man.  “Pretty missee suckie cockie!” Wang commanded, stepping forward and entwining his wrinkled old hands into Kristin’s soft blonde hair.

    Kristin couldn’t believe what was being demanded of her.  ‘This old man expects me to put this filthy penis into my mouth!’ she thought to herself, shuddering in utter disgust of putting that filthy thing in her mouth.  She closed her eyes shut and clenched her lips tightly as Wang shuffled forward.  Kristin shuddered again at the stench of emanating from the crotch of this filthy old man.  ‘Oh, God, let me die!’ Kristin silently prayed.  She shuddered again as the rubbery cockhead made contact with her lips.

    Kristin’s stomach began to churn as her lips were being painted with a slimy film of gloss.  “Give picture to Mr. if pretty missee no suckie!” Wang threatened.  ‘Oh, God, I can’t let David set those horrible photos!’ she thought.  Slowly her innocent pink lips parted to allow the slimy old cock to dip into her mouth.  Not realizing what she was doing, it was more of instinct as her pointed tongue darted forward to swipe at the leaking cockhead.  “Oh, yes, yes …………….pretty missee suckie!” Wang exclaimed excitedly.

    As Kristin ministered to the growing fleshy instrument in her mouth, she tasted its salty tang, as the saliva in her mouth began to thicken from the mixture with the oozing goo.  Then she froze, feeling hands fondling her ass as she was leaning forward.  Large hands that belong the Wang’s retarded son.  Hands that now moved to her shoulders to peel her loose housedress off her shoulders to puddle at the knees.  Then the fumbling hands were at her bra, which snapped under the pressure, baring her breasts.  Her shoes were then removed and she was being lifted by both men and placed kneeling upon the low alter of the church.  Then the thin lavender panties were being drawn down over her hips and stripped from her, leaving her totally exposed to these sexual perverts.

    Kristin’s mind was in shambles.  Here she lay kneeling on the holy alter, being taken advantage of by these perverts, who were intent on desecrating the holy alter by raping her on it.  “FuFu ………...LinLin!” Wang yelled out to Han.  It was then that Kristin realized the retarded giant was going to mount her like a dog, to fuck her like a bitch in heat.  Then she felt Han’s monster cockhead probing for her pussylips, she tried to clench her thighs shut to prevent the hideous rape.  Remembering the photo, she realized she was going to be raped by a cock similar to that of the church’s donkey, causing her to now shiver in absolute fear.

    “Papa, Han makee puppy with prettee missee!” he happily exclaimed to his father, wanting to make him proud.  As Wang watched his son rear back, he quickly withdrew his pulsing cock from the pleasure giving mouth, afraid she would bite down hard when she felt the mighty cock plunge deep into her womb.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………….argggggggggggggggghhhhhh!” came the screeching wail as the monster cock stretched the tight slit of Kristin’s womanhood.

     She was fucked hard, like a bitch in heat by the giant retard.  The retard had reached forward to grasp a perfect titty in each hand, using them as handles as humped away at her devastated body.  She sobbed as her body betrayed her, her body was actually responding to this brutal rape.  She groaned around the filthy cock in her mouth as her body shook in a mind shattering orgasm.  Then the hands in her hair tightened as the wrinkled old cock twitched in an uncontrolled manner, exploding its filthy mucous in her mouth.  Then the retard planted his cock in to its roots, exploding his baby making jism directly in her unprotected womb.

     As the wrinkled old cock popped from her mouth, Kristin’s mind registered just what she had been forced to eat.  Her stomach churned at the thought and she began to gag, trying to cough up as much of the filthy mucous as possible.  She was definitely not used to the taste of such raw protein.

    For over a day, the once innocent young wife lay upon the alter, totally displaying her beautiful charms.  Her body soiled from head to toe in dried cum.  Old Wang had forced her to bring him off as he fucked her beautiful sexy white feet, erupting his slimy goo onto he soles and between her tiny toes.  She cried as she recalled the horror of being held by father and son, while furry paws suddenly grasped her hips.  The filthy mongrel dog had fucked her.  What made it worst was the betrayal of her innocent body, for the orgasm she reached from the dog fuck far surpassed any orgasm she had ever achieved with her loving husband.  The only thing she ate that day was the thick cum fed to her by father and son.

    Late the next day, David and Father Jose returned exhausted from their trip.  As the three of them dined at the table, FuFu had gotten in and went straight to Kristin.  FuFu began whining and grasped Kristin’s left leg and it was obvious what it wanted.  David was shocked for when he left other day, the mutt would not come within ten feet of he or his wife.  Kristin blushed, telling her husband that she had finally made friends with the dog while he was away.

    But the animal's actions had stirred that now familiar itch between her thighs, causing her put her hands down beneath the table to scratch that nagging itch. Pushing the dog off her leg, Kristin stood “Come FuFu, come with me to the barn and I’ll give you a treat!”  David smiled as he watched his wife walked out the door, followed obediently by the normally distant mutt.

    Entering the barn, Kristin went behind the small stack of hay and knelt down.  She pushed her shorts and panties down in one motion.  In a few seconds, she was quickly mounted by the anxious FuFu.  Five minutes later, Kristin returned to the dining table to have dessert with her husband and the priest, telling them she had given FuFu a treat that would quiet him.  As she sat, sipping her tea, Kristin clenched her thighs together to stem the flow of doggie cum.

    Four months later, David was hesitant to go on his first trip alone into the countryside.  He knew the countryside and the farmers now, but it was the concern of leaving his pregnant wife for three weeks that he regretted having to do.  Though they had planned to wait till they returned to the city or to the U.S. to start a family, David was happy at the thought of being a father.  As Kristin was allergic to the pill, they had resorted to the use of condoms, though it was not foolproof.  Thus, apparently one had obviously been faulty, leading to Kristin’s pregnancy.  He kissed his loving wife goodbye, patting her puffed up tummy, as he went on his journey.

    Just over two weeks later, David Johnson happily made his way back to the church, anxious to see his loving wife again.  He was returning five days earlier than planned, his journey had been accomplished much sooner than anticipated and had been quite successful.

    Arriving back at the church, no one was in sight in the living area nor the court.  David thought it strange that no one was around.  Perhaps they were in the church itself.  But the doors were locked.  Strange he thought, for the priest had told him once that he liked to keep the church open at all times should the villagers or farmers want to pray at anytime.  Perhaps they had gone to the nearby rice paddy and locked the church, but someone had to be around to assist any villager or farmer.

    Going around the church to the rice paddy, David happened to glance through a small window of the church.  Why was the tripod and camcorder, that he had brought for the priest, set up in the church?  Curious, David approached the window that was covered with a slight film of dust.  Peering in, David gasped aloud at the sight before him.  There on the alter was his beautiful wife.  But she was not there for prayer.  The camcorder was recording the entire event.  There on the alter knelt Kristin, totally naked, baring her beautiful white body to the naked men in the church.

    David witnessed his lovely wife sucking at the monster cock of the retarded idiot, as old man Wang knelt behind her, shagging her lovely white ass.  Wiping the glass more for a better view, David gasped again, realizing that his lovely wife was straddling someone.  That man being straddled by his wife was humping up at her, lifting her body up slightly with each humping motion, obviously her cunt was filled by that man.  And that man was none other than the portly old priest from Brazil, the black priest whom he had come all this way to assist.

     For over an hour, David stood at the window, watching his wife take all the filthy loads that exploded in her body.  Right before his very eyes, he watched his lovely bride debauched in every conceivable way.  He could see the swaying of her perfect white titties, swaying to the motion of the hump.  Then be witnessed all four of them about to climax at the same time.  He saw his wife shudder in her climax, her now swaying sideways rather than the prior back and forth motion.  Then the giant retard fell back after cumming, his slimy load now dribbling over Kristin’s pink lips.  As Kristin fell over onto her side, David could see her well stretched holes with rivers of goo pouring out of her ass and pussy.

    He watched as Kristin was later mounted from behind by the retarded Han, while the old father and elderly priest lay recuperating.  What he then heard astounded him.  “Makee puppy?  Prettee missee make Han puppy?” the idiot asked.  David’s heart sank when he heard his wife “I make you puppy, Han!  Good boy!  Put cock in!  Fuck like FuFu!  Ohhhhhhhhh, yesssssssss …………ohhhhhhh, yesssssss ……..Han so good to me ………………ohhhhhhhhh, make puppyyyyyyyyyyyyy ………..ohhhhh ………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    David couldn’t stand it any more.  He had to get away.  Going to the bedroom that he shared with his wife, he got his backpack from under the bed. He then packed his clothing, from the drawer, leaving a note for his wife in his now empty drawer.

    It was over a week later that Kristin discovered the note.  She had been worried about her husband’s overdue return.  But the note told her that David had not been overdue but in fact had returned earlier than anticipated.  She cried reading the note, which explained what David had returned home to.  David wrote that he was too ashamed to return to the U.S. and have to explain anything to their parents and friends.  Instead, he was moving on to the next province and would write their parents and friends telling them of his moving on to the next province.  But that she would be staying back at this church for she had found her true calling in servicing the people of this church.  And such was so totally true!

    Four years later, David bumped into the guide that had initially escorted he and Kristin to the church.  The guide was surprised to see him so far from the church, especially with his lovely wife and four children so far away.  David was stunned.  He learned that the guide had been to the church a few weeks earlier, escorting another missionary along with a lovely young wife, to also help at the church.  He watched as the guide dug through his pack, looking for a photo he had taken of the church.  There in the photo was Katherine, Wang, Han, Father Jose, and the four children.  All four children had light brown hair, but the dark eyes betrayed their genes.

    If tests were done on the young ones, it would show that two were fathered by the retarded Han and two by old man Wang.  The guide congratulated him on his happy family, saying how the men at the church loved the children and even Han liked to play with them.  The guide expressed his amazement at how David could accomplish so much and what a stud he was, congratulating him on the addition to the family that was expected in another three months.  No test on this unborn child would be needed to determine the father.  The kinky black hair would reveal that the portly old priest did more that just pray at the church.  Looking at the photo, David had to admit that Kristin was even more beautiful then ever.

    Memories of his lovely young wife came back to him as he gazed upon the photo.  ‘Perhaps, I can go back and be with her again!’ he thought.  But it would be wishful thinking on his part.  Had he gone back to claim his beautiful wife, he would have been further shocked at what he would find.  For shortly after the discovery of the note and the fact that he had left, his deserted spot on the bed was taken over by his wife’s favorite lover.  At that very moment, far away in the other province, the lovely Kristin was totally naked and kneeling upon the very bed, about to sate her lust with her favorite lover.  David’s heart would have sunk if he could hear his wife at this very moment “Come, Han!  Come, Han! Make Missee puppy!”

End of Story.