Church of Evil – V
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclosure!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Three months ago, the lovely Pamela Wilson stood at the alter in the exchange of wedding vows with her now loving husband, Richard Moore.  She beamed proudly as she left arm in arm with her loving husband, now the new Mrs. Pamela Wilson.  Standing at 5’7” tall, with long blonde hair and weighing 120 lbs, the lovely bride was the envy of all.  At age 26, and beautiful baby blue eyes, she had somehow fended off all the lusting males.  She was truly a wonder, so beautiful and a virgin at such an age, having saved it for her precious wedding day.

Now, the lovely bride accompanied her husband on a missionary journey to Nepal.  Pamela was thrilled at the thought of being with her husband on this trip, considering it their honeymoon, though she knew she would have to assist him with his many tasks in this rather primitive country.  But, she looked forward to it, having been brought up in a church going family of the same faith and even her father had gone on such a mission with her mother.

In the city of Kathmandu, the newlyweds lived in a cottage built on the church compound. The church had been established by Father Felipe Marcos, who originated from the Philippines.  Now the aging priest had found he need assistance, as his 65 year old body was too frail to make many of the long trips into the jungle and countryside.  From this church, which served as their base, Richard and Pamela would be making frequent trips to visit the many smaller congregations of believers, who lived in the mountainous regions of Patan.  They became fast friends of the Sherpa population and a Sherpa guide would lead them on their various journeys.

The young couple enjoyed their frequent backpacking journeys and now had a regular guide along with his two teenage helpers.  Thus, they could carry whatever they needed to help the villagers with medical supplies and a bit of food for them.  They normally hiked along in single file, the guide and one boy ahead of Richard, then Pamela and followed by the youngest boy.  This young Sherpa boy, Timbo, loved these trips.  He was not only paid well for someone his age, but he got to follow the lovely white woman wherever she went.

Little did Pamela know the lusting eyes that followed her every movement.  At night, as they made camp, Timbo watched as the lovely beauty readied her sleeping bag next to her husband.  As there were no facilities to change, the group slept in the clothes they were wearing.  But he loved to watch the matured white woman remove her shoes and socks just prior to slipping into the sleeping bag.  How her long white legs got him breathing hard.  Never had he seen anything so exquisite, so sexy.  How he lusted to have those long white legs spread apart just for him.

At the age of 18, in this primitive country, Timbo had the pleasure of fucking quite a few younger girls.  But he found that the most pleasure he had with girls were the one who didn’t want him to possess them.  He had found great pleasure in taking them by force, raping them as they screamed in horror.  But those girls were no comparison to the lovely white woman.  The Sherpa girls were dark skinned and no where as attractive as Mrs. Moore.  How he would love to make the lovely Mrs. Moore scream as he had done to the girls he had raped.  But, he knew such an opportunity would not be available to him, with her husband and the guide always in her presence.

On each trip, a dog of mixed breed named Patu accompanied the group to warn them of any wild animals nearby.  Also, Simba, a chimp that Timbo had cared from when it was abandoned by its mother swung along the trees aside of the group.  Pamela loved the play with the dog and to tickle the little chimp, playfully hugging it.
On one backpacking trip, Richard and Pamela had the guides lead the way to visit a remote village and stay for a week to help them build a makeshift chapel.  This being their first trip to the remote village, Father Marcos accompanied them to introduce them to the villagers.  As much needed to be done in building the makeshift chapel, it was anticipated that they would take a full two weeks to complete the task.   The weather had finally cleared and they decided to make the trip just after lunch and arrive at the village before nightfall.  Just over one hour into the hike, Pamela slipped and rolled down a ravine to end up in a shallow stream.  In the fall, Pamela suffered a severe sprain to her left ankle.

Resting for a half-hour and testing Pamela’s sprained foot, it was obvious she would not be able to walk much on it.  They were only one fourth of the way so it was an easy conclusion that Pamela return home.  Father Marcos advised the guide that they would all turn back but Pamela advised him that he and Richard should continue on, that she’d go back to the church.  The villagers were expecting them and it would not be good to let them down.  Thus, they would continue on with the guide and older boy who could help him once he got to the village.  Pamela would return to the church with Timbo to assist her.

Prior to the group splitting up, the guide spoke to Timbo in his native tongue, advising him to gather a certain herb on the way back.  He was to make her a strong cup of the brew to ease the pain in her ankle.  Then the guide explained in his broken English what he had instructed Timbo to do.  He explained that it was a native type herb that would ease the pain and heal the sprain quickly.

Timbo swallowed hard, not believing his good fortune.  He looked to the sky and thanked the Almighty Buddha for making his dream a reality.  He would soon have the lovely Mrs. Pamela Moore at his mercy, the mercy of his thick pulsing cock.  And no one would be around to come to her assistance.  With her sprained ankle, she would not be able to run very far.  He wondered how much of a fight she would put up.  How she would scream when he put his dark olive skinned cock into her precious little pussy.  Perhaps the Gods would look upon him and let him become the proud father a child with this golden hair goddess.  His cock was thick and hard, already drooling in anticipation.

Knowing all the mountain trails, Timbo purposely took a wrong turn that would instead lead along the mountain rather than towards the church.   Accompanying Timbo and Pamela back was the dog and chimp.  It would normally take the same amount of time getting back to the church but Pamela’s injured ankle kept the pace very slow.  Seeing the lovely woman struggling, Timbo quickly went to her side to have her lean on him.  Pamela was so thankful for his kindness and thoughtfulness.  If she only knew it was not his kindness nor thoughtfulness, but his lust to touch her soft white body, she would not have been so eager to accept his help.

Timbo had Mrs. Moore drape her left arm over his shoulder and he held her petite hand in his.  He then put his right arm around her slender waist to assist her.  How he wish he could put his hand under her thin clothing, to feel her soft white flesh.  Then the thunderstorm struck, drenching them both.  But Timbo enjoyed it, feeling the thin clothing stick to the lovely woman’s flesh and he could see the outline of her thin bra.  As Pamela stumbled from the pain, she slipped down and Timbo got the feel of his life, as he got to cup her full right breast.  Pamela gasped from the touch and pulled away, muttering an apology for stumbling.  Pamela felt uncomfortable as Timbo merely smiled in return, the normally shy Sherpa boy now seemed rather lecherous in his behavior.  She shivered recalling how he had squeezed her breast when she had slipped, knowing now he had intentional felt her up.

With the darkness setting in and the outbreak of the storm, Pamela realized that they would not be getting back to the church this evening.  And now she felt uncomfortable with Timbo, the boy who she had previously thought of as a young innocent boy.  But the way in which he that purposely grasped her breast, she was nervous.  However, she had no choice in the matter with her husband and the guide party far in the opposite direction.  She was at the mercy of this lecherous boy who she depended upon to get out of the jungle.

Then Timbo pointed to a cave, where they could get out of the thunderstorm and rest.  Once in the cave, Timbo gathered whatever dry twigs and branches he could find to start a fire.  He would keep the fire small, merely for light, not for warmth for then the lovely young woman would have to change into a dry set of clothing.  The moisture and coldness would not allow the clothing on her to dry in this climate.

Opening he backpack, Pamela gave a sigh of despair.  The backpack had allowed in a lot of water when she had fallen into the stream.  Everything she had was drenched.  Everything but a thin summer dress that had been wrapped in a plastic bag and did not wet at all.  But she hesitated to change in front of this lusting young boy as she had no underwear to put on beneath it and the dress was quite thin..

Pamela made hand motions for Timbo to turn around.  Finally, he understood and grinned widely as he turned around.  Embarrassed, Pamela also turned her back to the young boy.  She took off her soggy blouse quickly, letting it drop to the ground.  Then she quickly slipped the thin housedress over her.  She was unaware of Timbo turning his head so he could observe this most exciting show, watching her kick off her hiking shoes and peel of her soggy white socks to reveal her beautiful sexy white feet.  His mouth dropped as the soaked shorts and panties slithered down her ivory legs.  He watched as Pamela reached behind her back, under her robe and her wet white bra fell onto the pile of clothing.  Just under the thin dress, the beautiful golden hair goddess was naked, and Timbo had so see her stiffened nipples and the outline of her golden fleece.

With the small fire going, Timbo made hand gestures and spoke in broken English to Pamela “Make …..........leg..................betta!”  Pamela then recalled what the guide had instructed before they had split up.  That Timbo was to prepare an herb drink that would ease the pain and swelling of her ankle.  With the throbbing getting worst, Pamela hoped that Timbo could find the special herb for she could barely walk at this point.  Looking out of the cave, darkness was setting in and it would be too dangerous to travel in a short while.  She shuddered at the thought of spending the night in this cave, alone with this lusting Sherpa boy.

From the age of 16, Sherpa boys were considered men.  Many began working in the fields or helping guides from their early youth.  And so did Timbo have his many years of experience in this mountainous jungle.  He had learned much from the guide and other elders.  He knew the trails leading in and out of this area like the back of his hand.  As to the jungle herbs, he knew the majority of the herbs, having assisted in gathering the many wild herbs that grew in this region.

As the rain diminished, Timbo signaled and advised Pamela of his intentions “Me ........…..find …......….for!”  Then he disappeared into the jungle.  Pamela took this opportunity to lay her wet clothing on a rocky ledge, hoping they would dry for her to use in the morning.  The humidity in this region made it difficult for things to dry once wet.  She did not want Timbo to see her bras and panties, thus lay a thin blouse over them.

A half-hour later, Timbo returned with two hands filled with various jungle herbs.  Timbo was busy shredding leaves, bark off branches and whatever necessary to make the potent brew.  She was amazed at how this boy knew exactly what each plant was and how it was to be prepared for the medication.  Little did she realize that Timbo had been very devious in selecting the jungle plants for his special brew.  Not only did he gather the herbs that the guide had instructed, he gather herbs that would have a very desirable effect on this beautiful goddess.

Timbo smiled as he went about the task of preparing the special brew.  He prepared the herbs that the guide advised would help ease the pain and to reduce the swelling of the ankle.  Then he took the bark of the tree that would produce an aphrodisiac effect on the lovely white body.  The roots of another shrub were pounded to release its potent effect of making the unsuspecting woman very drowsy.  Also, he prepared a small paste with water and sap off a tree bark to apply to the lovely white ankle.

Using the tin cup that they carried, Timbo prepared his special brew for the unsuspecting Pamela.  Then the brew was heated over the small fire.  Handing the warm brew to Pamela, she hesitantly took a sip of the strange concoction.  Pamela was quite surprised that the taste was sweet and not unpleasant at all.  She could feel the warmth and power of the special brew as it made its way throughout her petite body.  Meanwhile, Timbo sat off to the side watching the lovely goddess consume the potent brew, as he finalized the making of the ointment for her swollen ankle.

Consuming the entire cup of the potent brew, Pamela felt warm throughout her body and leaned back again the wall of the cave.  Her eyes began to glaze a bit and her head spinning a bit, as she notice Timbo shuffling over with his ointment to apply to her swollen ankle.  She closed her eyes a few seconds and felt Timbo gentle hands applying the ointment to her ankle.  The ointment seemed to be a creating a hot sensation to her ankle, almost immediately taking the sharp pain away.  She was amazed at just how fast and effective these jungle herbs were on the human body.

Timbo took a deep breath as he touched the trim white ankle, gently rubbing the soothing ointment on to ease the pain.  He licked his lips as he watched the lovely goddess beginning to feel the full effects of the special brew, her eyes closed and head beginning to sway.  With that his gentle hands began to move, with one now caressing Pamela’s soft white foot and the other moving up to her tender calf.  Now, both his hands crept up above the knee, Timbo could not believe her white flesh being so soft and tender.

Next, Timbo turned a bit crouched between the long ivory legs.  Placing a hand on each knee, he slowly spread the legs of the dazed young woman, parting the thin robe to reveal her lovely thighs.  Timbo’s cock was growing to its full 12” and began to pulse in anticipation.  He thanked the Gods again for bestowing this good fortune upon him.  How he was going to love viewing the precious jewel of this golden goddess, to taste her sweet nectar and to hopefully give this lovely woman a Sherpa baby.

His hands slowly massaged both of Pamela’s soft white thighs, inching their way up to her precious jewel.  He grasped the hem of her thin dress between his fingers, lifting it higher and higher as his hands began to slowly creep upwards.  Then he gasped as he got the first glimpse of the goddess’ golden nest.  It was truly as golden as the hair on her head.  Pulling the dress higher, Timbo observed the soft golden nest and then he lowered this face to nuzzle his nose and darted this tongue out to taste the sweet nectar.

  “Ohhhhhhhhh, honey …….....……..oh, Richard …….....……nooooooooo, ohhhhhhhh …….............……pleaseeeeeeeee!” Pamela moaned, her body withering under the teasing tongue of the young boy.  Timbo continued to delve his thick tongue into the slick gash, realizing the drugged beauty thought he was her loving husband, enjoying how the lovely woman began to thrust her honey oozing gash up into his face.  Rubbing and nuzzling his face between the innocent white thighs, Timbo again thanked the Gods for giving him this lovely goddess.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………................………..ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh” Pamela moaned loudly, thrusting up her hips as she reached a mind-shattering climax, her madly pulsing vagina lips oozing out a gush of its sweet nectar.  “Ahhhhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned, her long blonde hair whipping about as her lovely body thrashed from side to side.

As Timbo continued his exquisite feast, he pulled the thin dress up to reveal the lovely white body of this beautiful woman.  Never had he seen anything so perfect and so beautiful, and he would soon possess this lovely white woman.  He would be the envy of all the men of this mountain region, knowing any Sherpa man would sell his soul to have such a beauty, a beautiful white woman that was at his mercy.  He smiled at the thought of soon planting his wicked Sherpa seed in this lovely young woman, to have her belly swell with his child.

As Pamela’s petite body began to come down from the heights of ecstasy, Timbo licked his way up her soft white tummy to begin feasting on her beautiful white breasts, sucking and tonguing the perfectly matched pink nipples.  Scooting up further, Timbo’s throbbing cock nuzzled into the soft golden nest, desperately searching out the entrance to goddess’ treasured womb.  Timbo groaned loudly as his mighty weapon found the forbidden entrance, so warm and wet that with a bit of pressure his cockhead forced its way in.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Richard ……………ohhhhhhhh, honey ………………….it hurttsssssssss ……………!” Pamela pleadingly moaned.  Timbo smiled at he looked at the moaning drugged beauty, who obviously still thought she was in the intimacy with her loving husband.  He knew he could have her now and have her still thinking she was making love with her Richard.  But Timbo had a sadistic streak, wanting to take her by force, to have her know that she was being ‘fucked’ by Timbo the Sherpa boy.  Several slight taps to the beautiful face brought a look of fright, as Pamela took in the situation that it was not her loving husband upon her.  She was not in an intimate embrace with Richard but was being deviously raped by this Sherpa boy.

“Timbo …….Timbo ………..Timbo……..!” the devious boy kept chanting, smiling as he watch the expression of horror form on the lovely woman’s frightened face, twitching the bulb of his pulsing cock in her snug entrance.  “Nooooooooooo …..ohhhhhhhhh …………………..noooooooooo ……………….noooooooooo!” the terrified scream echoed in narrow cave.  “Oh, nooooo ……….Timbo, nooooooooo!” Pamela sobbed, her arms weakly striking at the boy’s muscular shoulders, tear flowing from her beautiful blue eyes.  All this to the delight of the Timbo, as he grasped on the trim white hips and stabbed forward as hard as he could, stretching Pamela wider than ever before.

“Arggggggghhhhhhhhhh ………………….owwwwwwwww!” Pamela screamed as the pain shot through her body.  Her body quivered in agony, much to the delight of her young rapist.  She breathed a sigh of relief as the invading cudgel was slowly withdrawn.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeee …………………!” she screamed again as it was brutally thrust back into her body, seeming to tear her flesh far beyond where her loving husband had ever touched with his manhood.  “Argghhhhhhh ……………arggghhhhhh ………..argghhhhhhhh!” she groaned repeated with each vicious thrust into her pain racked body.

The heat and itch between her thighs made Pamela begin to hunch up at her young rapist, trying to put out the fire building in her loins.  The potent herbs were fully engulfing her quivering body, making her need for sexual satisfaction her only need.  And now the circling motion of the thick cock seemed to be determined to drive her crazy with the agitation it caused.

Timbo knew the heat burning in the center of her loins, a heat that would get hotter and hotter unless she received the soothing stroke of his cock deep in her slick sleeve.  Holding himself still, with only his cockhead entrapped, Timbo got the anticipated reaction.   His lovely victim began thrusting her trim white hips up and down, actually fucking herself onto his long pulsing cock.  Timbo smiled, wishing her loving husband was here to see his bride so desperate to have his long cock and this being only months since she had become his faithful wife.

Grasping the trim white hips, he awaited her next attempt to hunch up at him.  As Pamela desperately tried extinguish the fire between her thighs, Timbo slammed forward with all of his might, burying his cock fully into her.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ….…………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed, pain tearing through her body.  The pain was sharp like a knife, even the powerful herbs she had consumed.  The echoing of her screams excited Timbo as never before, as he began to fuck the lovely white beauty with fast powerful strokes.

Pamela twisted about madly, trying now to dislodge the long thick spike that had been thrust so deeply in her.  “Awwwwwww …………………..ohhhhhhhh, pleasssssssseeeeee ……….ohhhhhhhh, it hurtssssss ……….pleaseeeeee!” she pleaded to the devious young boy.  Timbo was so excited from this fabulous fuck.  Never had he possessed such a lovely woman.  If only her husband could see his lovely beauty now, being fucked by a lowly Sherpa boy.  Timbo groaned as he felt the long white legs lift up and squeeze his pumping ass deeper into her womanhood.  He began to jackhammer the lovely bride “Oh ….oh …..oh ……..ohhhhhhhhhhh…………….Timbo make pretty miseeee babyyyyyyyyyy………….ahhhhhhhhh!” he groaned as he unleashed a torrent of his hot baby making cum, deep in her fertile womb.

Timbo looked down at the lovely white woman, her thighs smeared with his drying cum.  He watched as her thighs twisted from side to side, obviously the long lasting effects of the potent stimulant.  He knew she was delirious from the drug and craved for anything to quench the burning itch between her loins.

Smiling, Timbo waved for Simba to come to him.  The chimp sat Timbo instructed, its cock sticking out in excitement.  Then Timbo turned the delirious woman over.  Never had Pamela sucked on a cock before but in her drugged state of mind, she was beyond caring.  With her eyes closed, Pamela did not realize it was the chimp’s hands entwined in her hair and not the young boy’s, as she feverishly began sucking at the swollen flesh.   Pamela moaned around the swollen cock as she was suddenly mounted, she twisted her hips to have the itch between her thighs taken care of.

Timbo laughed as he obtained the polaroid camera.  He had to have a snapshot of this moment.  What a sight this lovely woman made as she sucked Simba’s cock and being doggie fuck by the humping Patu.  With no one missing them, Timbo had thought it out in the journey back.  He would keep the beauty well drugged and in constant need of sex.   And he was sure she would be well satisfied between Simba, Patu and himself.

Over the next week, Pamela begged to have the heat and itch quenched between her thighs.  And at one point, the dog, chimp and boy were totally exhausted at the same time.  Pamela desperately sucked and played with all the cocks, hoping that one would rise up to the occasion.

In the middle of the week, Timbo did not give her a dose of the potent herbs, letting her come down in withdrawal from the potent drug.   Timbo wanted Pamela to know what it was like to not have the herb, as the heat and itch between her thighs increased tenfold.  Her squirming about could only be satisfied by a long thick cock between her legs.

Returning to the church, Pamela had a week before her husband returned.  But she eagerly took more of the potent herbs that Timbo made for her.  She greeted the priest and her husband upon their return, telling her husband how much she missed him.  Richard was amazed at how Simba and Patu stayed closely next to Pamela, each leaning upon her at every opportunity.   He’d have been shocked out of his mind if he knew that his lovely wife had not been alone in their room that entire week, for these two animals and Timbo and been her constant companions.
That first night back, Richard was so surprised how hot and horny his lovely timid wife was.  He groaned when Pamela licked his cock for the first time ever.  He looked down to see her lovely pink lips encircle his cock and the teasing tongue had his cock quivering.  He groaned loudly when Pamela lifted her mouth off his cock, as Pamela desperately wanted his cock to quench the itch between her thighs.  As Pamela was about to place her slick cunt onto his quivering cock, holding it in her soft hand, Richard groaned “Ohhhhh …………Godddddddddd…………!”  Pamela’s mouth dropped open in disbelief as she watched her husband cum prematurely, his cum spurting upward and landing on his chest.
Pamela stared at her husband in disbelief, looking down at the dwindling cock that was of no use to her at this point.  She groaned at the sound of snoring coming from her exhausted but satisfied husband.  Putting on the sheer nightie that she had worn to bed that night, Pamela got up and left her snoring husband.

Frustrated, Pamela began to wander about the courtyard of the church.  The interior of the church was dark, except for the small light above the alter.  Entering the church, Pamela knelt before the low alter, resting her arms and head onto the alter itself.  Tears flowed from her eyes as she prayed aloud “Oh, God, please help me!  I can’t seem to help myself since Timbo drugged me with the herbs and raped me!  Oh, please help me, I can’t put out the itch and fire between my thighs!”

Unknown to Pamela, Father Marcos happened to look out of his window to see her wandering about the courtyard.  The Good Father had resisted all prior temptations of the flesh throughout his priesthood.  But the sight of the lovely woman in a sheer nighie, her long white legs exposed as she walked about barefooted, had the Good Father’s robe being tented by his aroused cock.  He slipped out of his room and entered the church from a different door.  His robe tented as he learned of the innocent young woman being raped by the Sherpa boy.  Father Marcos had heard of such a powerful herb and had seen the results on girls raped, knew that anyone taking that herb could not control their drive for sex and it became worst when withdrawal set in.

Weeping at the alter, Pamela could not stem the sexual desires, the itch growing between her hot thighs.  Suddenly, Pamela gasped loudly as she felt hands upon her thighs where the nightie ended.  Then the hands began to move upward on her body, under her protective nightie.  She gasped again, as she recognized the voice whispering in her ear “I am here to help you my child!  I am here to answer your prayers!”  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh …………………Father!” Pamela moaned, as the bony old fingers began to tweak at her hardened pink nipples.  “Ohhhh …….ohhhhh ……….Father!” she continued to moan under the stimulation, her body swaying in surrender.

Her head tilted back, eyes closed, Pamela could make no attempt to stop this unholy act.  “Take off your nightie and climb onto the alter Mrs. Moore.  I shall give you my holy blessing upon the alter Mrs. Moore!” Father Marcos whispered to her.  Desperate to satisfy her need, Pamela readily obeyed the horny priest.

A moment later, the holy robe lay upon the white nightie on the floor of the church.  Had Richard Moore entered the church at that moment, he’d have been in for a shock.  There on the low alter lay his lovely young bride, who had been so innocent upon her arrival to this remote area.  His lovely wife’s long white legs were tightly wrapped around the dark brown ass of the Filipino priest, as he shagged her with all his might.  And to hear is lovely wife plead “Oh, Father ………yes, Father …………….oh, fuck me Father!  Oh, give me your holy cum!  Fuck a holy baby in me!”

It was getting near daylight, when Father Marcos helped the lovely wife put on with her nightie and escorted her back to her cottage.  He kissed her deeply before, caressing her hardened nipples through her nightie, then let her enter the cottage to join her husband.

As Pamela tried to lay upon the bed without making any noise, the movement stirred her husband.  Richard’s arm encircled her and he began to kiss her, then he pushed her nightie up and suck at her pink nipples.  Moving down, Richard kissed her thighs and moved toward her precious jewel.  Richard was intent on kissing her and sucking her for the first time, “I’m going to return the favor of you sucking me for the first time, honey!”   Pamela saw a shadow through the thin window curtain, then a movement, revealing that the priest was right outside listening to their lovemaking.

Deviously, Pamela smiled as her husband was about to kiss her between her legs.  She had always thought that a prim and proper woman would never allow a man to do this.  But that was all before her arrival to this far remote countryside.  Loudly, enough for the listening priest to hear, Pamela encouraged her loving husband “Oh, yes, Richard ……….darling, yes ……….kiss me there, suck me, honey!  Ohhhhh ……yes, Richard ………………that’s it, suck me!”  Then, Pamela closed her soft white thighs upon her husband’s head as he lapped at her moist slit, the thighs covering Richard’s ears so he could not hear her loud moans.  Father Marcos smiled as he heard Pamela moan loudly “Oh, Richard, yes ……………………ohhhhhhh, honey, suck all that holy cum out of me!”

That morning, Father Marcos sat at the same rectangular table as he had breakfast with Richard and Pamela.  Richard was at one end of the table, while Pamela and Father Marcos sat across of each other.  Richard listened as the Holy Father told him of the need to get some equipment to a village that took two days to travel.  Father Marcos told him of their immediate need and that the trip and if Pamela could remain back at the church, she could assist him with some important church functions.  Richard readily agreed, anxious to help the Holy Father, telling him that he would get started the next morning.

If Richard knew what was happening under the table at that very moment, he would not have been so anxious to please this Holy Father.  For under the table, his lovely wife had her long white legs stretched out and resting on the priest’s lap, her sexy white feet playing with the holy prick.  All this covered by the holy black robe of the priest.  Father Marcos was speaking to Richard when he coughed, trying to hide the shivering of his body as his cock erupted under his robe, as Pamela’s feet captured the holy instrument and rubbed the hot fluid all about his holy balls.

The next morning, Richard waved goodbye to his wife and the priest as he set off on his journey.  He would be gone for about five days and anxious to return.  He was anxious to have his lovely wife suck him again, perhaps she would let him cum in her mouth for the first time.  And the first time his wife had ever allowed him to kiss and suck her juicy twat was like heaven.  He couldn’t believe how wet she had been, how much thick juice he was able to suck out of her sopping wet cunt.

Five minutes after Richard was out of sight, Pamela was assisting Father Marcos on the important church function that he had need of, that of satisfying his holy lust.  But this important church function was taking place on the bed the Richard Moore shared with his lovely bride.  At that moment, Richard’s lovely bride knelt naked upon their bed, bending over to pay worship to the holy instrument of pleasure, tonguing it and sucking it till the young wife received the communion of the thick holy fluid.  Throughout the entire day, the lovely white wife was fucked in every which way by the horny Filipino priest, especially doggie style as he treated like a bitch in heat.  Pamela would be kept busy, assisting the priest with the important church functions, until the return of her husband.

 Two months later, Pamela could barely get out of bed each morning.  The fact that she had missed her recent period and the daily bouts of morning sickness clearly indicated her worst fears.  As Richard was always careful to put on a condom for their lovemaking, Pamela knew her loving husband was not the cause of her condition.  If only Pamela knew that the baby she was carrying was conceived on the very first time she fucked by the horny old priest, conceived right on the very alter of the church.

End of Story.