Classroom Conquest - II
(m/f, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!  This story is not intended
for minors nor are any any minors included in the story pictures.

Teaching an advanced math class in the high school was quite challenging for Diane Wilson, yet quite rewarding to see the young teenagers progress and move on to the college level.  At the age of 30, Diane had been teaching at the high school for the past five years and was very popular among the students, while respected by the other teachers.  She was happily married to her husband Dan and they had a joyful little 6 year boy, John who was in elementary school.

The teens these days seemed so matured as compared to when she had attended high school.  Thus, Diane enjoyed dealing with them on an adult level and was so glad she had chosen this level to teach versus the younger kids in middle school.  She had always felt at ease in teaching her classes, enjoying the way the students responded to her manner of teaching and their willingness to learn.  At ease in her classes up until her last class that she had this year.

Diane didn't know why she felt so queasy and nervous whenever she spoke to the brash and rough looking teenager, especially since he was always polite and respectful to her.  Perhaps it was the way in which he commanded the respect among his peers, appearing older and much more matured than those in his peer group.   The teenage girls were head over heels for him, while the guys didn't dare question or stand up to him.  Whenever she spoke to the young man, Diane felt as if she was one of the teenage girls and felt her heart flutter when she looked upon his handsome features.

Perhaps Diane's queasiness stemmed from the other week when she happened to overhear a conversation of a few girls comparing their exhilarating dates with the handsome teenage stud.  One fact that the girls all agreed about as the giggled was that the matured teen was far better built that any of his peers.  All the girls had commented what a stud the teen idol was, sticking it to them hard, fucking them with all his might till they had screamed in climax.  Each girl admitted or bragged that the handsome stud been the best ever and each of them just loved how he took them like a caveman would.

Many a time, Diane wished that her husband Dan would not be mild mannered man that he was, putting up with her deliberate excuses at times to see if she could frustrate him.  But Dan never complained with her feeble 'headache' excuse nor the 'not in the mood' one.  How she wished that he would just grab her when she gave him a feeble excuse, throw her onto the bed and satisfy his lust on her body.  The last two love sessions with Dan in the standard missionary position, Diane had closed her eyes and pretended that the handsome teenage stud in her class was lying heavily upon her, forcing himself deep into her, causing her to shudder and reach a forbidden climax.

Cory Scott, having just turned 18, stood at 6'3" and was a solid 210 lbs., with long wavy black hair.  He had always towered over his peer group from his early teens and had always been looked up to due to his self-confidence in whatever he did.  He loved the attention that the girls gave him, knowing he could date any of the girls he chose and best of all knew that the girl would put out for him.  What the girls loved was the fact that he never did 'kiss and tell', thus letting them keep their reputations if they desired.  But he was amazed at how many of the girls did let it be known that he had bopped them good, flaunting the fact like a badge of honor.

Ever since Cory had nailed his first piece of ass at the age of thirteen, he looked at every pretty girl with the thought of bedding her.  He thought back to when he was fourteen and a freshman at the high school.  It was then that he realized that the beautiful blonde living a few doors down from him was the head cheerleader.  He had often seen Jennifer Sanders with her long blonde hair in the neighborhood but with her being three years older, he had always felt like a kid to her.  With his physical stature and self-confidence now growing and the young girls beginning to flock around him, even lovely Jennifer would stop to chat.

It was that fall of his freshman year when the high school football team had won its first league championship.  Jennifer had been dating the captain of the team, who was the team's star running back.  Just prior to the end of the game, Jennifer's boyfriend got hit pretty hard and it looked like a possible broken leg, thus he was carted off by ambulance to the hospital.  After the game, Jennifer drove to the hospital to visit her boyfriend and then returned to campus to meet up with rest of the cheerleaders and players to celebrate the championship.  Naturally some students smuggled in some wine and beer for the big celebration.

Depressed that her boyfriend was in the hospital recuperating, Jennifer drank a few beers, way more than what she had ever consumed before.  She was feeling a bit tipsy and in a far happier mood as midnight approached.  She then saw her young handsome neighbor, a boy she had looked upon as just a little kid now was in high school with her and the dream of all the girls.  And when Cory Sanders had greeted her and hugged her, she had melted right into his arms.  All thoughts of her boyfriend lying in the hospital bed went from her mind as she laughed with Cory and rested her head on his broad shoulder.

Being woozy from the drinks, Jennifer offered a ride home in her car but that he had to drive.  Jennifer had seeing Cory driving about in his brother's car but was not aware that he didn't even have a license.  On the drive home, Cory put his arm around the lovely Jennifer, drawing her to him so her head rested upon his shoulder.  As they approached the street where they lived, Cory turned off on the street that led to the small neighborhood park where he often hung out.

Jennifer was the first older girl that had fallen under Cory's charm but she certainly would not be the last.  When he had parked her car in a nice deserted area, he nuzzled up to the young beauty, who eagerly began responding to his passionate kisses.  Soon they were exchanging kisses in the back seat.  In no time at all, Cory had Jennifer's green cheerleading outfit lying on the floor of the backseat.  It was certainly a night to remember for Cory, hearing the head cheerleader squeal as he stuck his long thick cock into her tight pussy that had never experienced anything like it before.  Jennifer would certainly remember the night that the freshman stud stuck it her, especially when she would discover six weeks later that she had been 'knocked up' by the young stud.

Whenever Cory saw the high school's star running back limping about campus, he couldn't help but to chuckle.  With the bad break of his leg, his football days were over and now he had learned that he had fathered a baby with his beautiful girlfriend.  With Jennifer due in mid-summer, they were to be married once they graduated from high school.  Instead of running around with a football in hand, he'd be running around to keep up with a little one.  Thinking back to that year, Cory smiled as he remembered that Jennifer could not get enough of his cock and continued fucking him even after she had convinced her boyfriend that he had been the one to do the deed.  Even after Jennifer's wedding, Cory still managed to slip his trusty tool into her whenever the mood struck.  A few months after baby Jon was borne, Jennifer was pregnant again with her second child.

That year was quite a memorable one.  Being neighbors with Jennifer, though the three year age difference, he was now always at her home visiting.  Her parents thought it was because they attended the same high school and had become close friends since they lived a few doors away.  Cory had admired the beautiful Mrs. Eileen Sanders ever since he could remember seeing her the first time.  He had to admit that Mrs. Eileen Sanders and her daughter Jennifer could pass as sisters if they dressed alike.  Of course, Mrs. Sanders was always dressed eloquently and appeared quite the sophisticated woman she was.

Many a time, Cory sneaked over to the Sanders' home to give Jennifer a quick but satisfying fuck.  On a several occasions, he had surprised Jennifer when she was alone in the house with the baby, taking her to satisfy his lust.  Each time Jennifer had feigned her struggles, acting as if she was being raped and fought him all the way, bringing each of them to a mind-shattering climax.  It was a sexual game they enjoyed immensely, always kissing and hugging afterwards when then would then engage in a more slow and natural coupling.

Cory knew that Jennifer's teenage husband was working a summer job to help pay the bills while they lived at the home of Jennifer's parents.  Seeing the Sanders' car pull out, he watched as the car with two occupants drive on by.  As the summer was rather boring, Cory was horny as ever and needed a quick fuck.  Slipping through the back yards of the adjoining homes, he smiled as he observed the beautiful figure with her back toward him, dressed in a pair of shorts and a blouse, with her silky blonde hair flowing to her shoulders as she reached up to hang up some baby clothes.   He was getting a stiff hardon as he gazed upon her flawless milky white legs, so trim and perfect.

Smiling, Cory crept up next to the unsuspecting beauty.  As his prey bent forward to get more clothing to hand up from the basket, he reached forward to cover her mouth with one hand and pushed her onto her knees.  With his other hand, he easily snapped the button to the front of her shorts off and swiftly pushed down her shorts and lacy white panties.  Then his hand slipped under her blouse and pushed her loose bra up and began to caress her stiffening nipples.

He just loved the fight she was putting up this time, as if she really wanted to get away, to save herself from his sexual attack.  Her struggles and her muffled protests seemed so real that his cock was primed and rock hard.  "Ah, Jenny …………….yeah, baby …………..gonna ream you out good …………..gonna fuck you real good …………….oh, baby …………….gonna make us another baby!" Cory groaned as he fitted his cockhead between her tight cunt lips.  Pushing his cockhead in a bit, it was such a tight fit that caused him to groan out "Oh, baby ………………you're so fucking tight …………………….thought I reamed you out good last week ……………baby, feels like you haven't had a cock in you for ages ……………yeah, baby ……….gonna stretch you out good again!"

"Yeah, baby ………….fight me!  Fight me …………………I love it!  Yeah, I know you like it rough and hard!" Cory challenged.  He just loved the way that Jennifer got into it, struggling with all her might against him, her moans and groans muffled by his clamped palm.  "Here it is, bitch!" he yelled as he shoved his thick cock into her resisting love slit.

"Mmmmmmmmphhhhhhhhh ………………..mmfffffffff ……………ahhhhhhhh ………..mfffffffff!" came the muffled scream in response to the brutal plunge.  Then the once resisting cuntlips relaxed and began clenching and unclenching around Cory's plunging shaft.  Now the blonde beauty began to move back as the cock lunged into her, trying to get it in as deeply as possible.  Faster and faster, up to jackhammer speed the fucking became, each one desperate to reach their climax.

Cory was getting ready to cum and he could feel the lovely beauty beneath him shudder as she neared her orgasm.  Feeling the soft trim body shiver and shudder as the orgasm approached, he released his hand covering her mouth.  "Oh, Godddddd …………………oh, Goddddddddd ……………….oh, yesssss ……………yessssssssssss ………………fuck me …………..fuck me ………………..yes ……yes ……….cum ………….cum in me!" came the desperate plea from the well fucked beauty as she shuddered in her climax.

"Oh, baby ……………..yeah, gonna fuck another baby in your little tummy!  Let that jerk of a husband think its his again!  Oh, baby …………………..gonna cum ………………….gonna fill you up!  Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Cory yelled as his cock exploded and spurt after spurt of his thick jism filled her fertile womb.  Then they both collapsed to the ground with Cory still atop her and his cock still embedded in her tight snatch.

Moments later, in the aftermath of that fantastic fuck, Cory teased her earlobe with a probing tongue.  He was taken aback when he heard her sobbing softly.  "What's the matter, Jenny?  Did I hurt you?" he inquired, as his shrinking cock slipped out with a slight 'pop'.  He lifted up a bit and turned her over to see if she was hurt.  He looked down at the her pained and sobbing face, then groaned "Oh, my God!  Mrs. Sanders!  Mrs. Sanders!"  A cold shiver of fear coursed throughout his body as he realized what he had just done.  He had just raped the beautiful Mrs. Eileen Sanders.  His life just flashed through his mind, figuring that was going to jail for a hell of a long time.

Looking down at the sobbing woman, his heart sank at the pain he had caused her.   "I ………I'm so sorry, Mrs. Sanders ……………..I ……..I ……..didn't know it was you!" he apologized, then shuddered at the thought that he had told her all she needed to know that he was really the father of her daughter's baby.  Seeing the beautiful Mrs. Sanders curled up in the fetal position, sobbing, Cory felt so fucking bad at what he had just done to her by force.

Reaching down, Cory pulled up her panties and torn shorts to cover her, then lifted her up into his arms and carried her into her home.  He told the weeping woman "I'm so sorry, Mrs. Sanders!  Don't worry, I'll turn myself in to the police for what I've done to you!  I'll call for the police and have them come here to arrest me!"  Making his way to the master bedroom, Cory gently lay the sobbing Mrs. Sanders down upon her bed.  With his concern only for her, Cory did not realize that he was without any clothing as he went to the master bath to get a wet towel.  Returning to the bedside, he began to wipe of the dirt that had gotten onto her face and arms when she had collapsed onto the ground.

Once he had wiped the dirt from her, Cory sadly told her that he'd make the phone call to the police and tell them of his raping her.  As he stood to reach over to the phone on the night stand, he was suddenly stopped by a soft tender hand upon his thigh.  "Cor ………..Cory ……….!  Don't …….don't ……….don't call the police!" Mrs. Sanders whispered.

Cory was stunned and replied "But ………..but, Mrs. Sanders ……….I ……..I raped you!  It's all my fault!  Don't worry, I'll tell the police the truth …………..that I grabbed you from behind and forced myself upon you!"  He then gasped when the tender hand on his thigh moved to grasp his dwindled cock and began jerking upon him, causing him to moan "Oh, God, Mrs. Sanders!  Stop, please!  Oh, God ………stop or I won't be able to control myself!"  "Ohhh ………ahhhhhh!" he moaned as his cock began to swell as the petite fist began to jerk upon his manhood.

"Cory …………Cory, you've got a whole life to look forward to ……….you're too young to go to jail!  It was wrong what you did ………..but …………..but I …………I've never had an orgasm like that before!  Cory ………….make love to me again …………..make me feel like …… a real woman!" she stammered as she gripped him tighter and pulled him to her.  Turning to her side, she told Cory "I ….I've never ………….never done this before ………!"  Then her pink lips opened to engulf his pulsing cockhead.

Throughout the remainder of that day, the lovely Mrs. Eileen Sanders and her young teenage stud fucked and sucked each other till both were physically drained.  As the day came to a close, with the trim naked body of the young wife tightly entwined around her teen lover, she begged him "Oh, yes ………..yes ………deeper …….deeper ……..oh, lover ………'re so long  ……..and ……..bigggggggg!  Fuck me, Cory ………oh, fuck meeeeee ………….give me your baby …………give me a cute baby like Jennifer's ………..knock me up, Cory!"  Never had the Sanders' marital bed rocked and rolled to such a feverish pitch, with the headboard constantly pounding against the bedroom wall.  Never had the beautiful wife ever received such a pounding and never so many orgasms in just one day alone, let alone the amount of potent spunk that flooded her womb.

From that eventful day, the women in the Sanders' residence were at Cory's beck and call, dropping everything for a chance to be with their young teen stud.  In the same week that Jennifer Sanders gave birth to her second child, cute little Jenny, Mrs. Eileen Sanders also gave birth to a cutie named Cori Sanders.  Both little girls would be like sisters, brought up in the same home and especially since each little one sharing genes from the same father.  Cory was now on a roll and he just loved little babies, especially making them, and he was determined make as many little ones as possible.

Over the next three years, many beautiful young teenage girls fell under the charms of the young Cory Scott.   It was a good thing that a new gynecologist moved into the area, as the baby boom was quite noticeable.  Not only among the high school teens did the pregnancy rate rise, but it seemed that many mothers with teenage daughters seemed to be starting a new round of child bearing.  Several times both mother and daughter had back to back appointments with their gynecologist to be certain that the babies they were carrying were doing well.

It seemed that whenever Cory dated a beautiful young teen, that beautiful girl was not the only one's virtue at state.  If she had an attractive mother, Cory would make it a point to drop on by when the young girl was out on an event.  Once he got the lovely young mother alone, his irresistible charm had her defenses down completely and she too was his for the taking.  It just seemed that taking a beautiful and faithful wife on her marital bed just added that much more spice to the conquest.  On various occasions, he had bedded both the beautiful mother and daughter on the very same day.

Everyday, Cory looked forward to being in the math class taught by the beautiful Mrs. Wilson.  Sitting in the back of the room, he took in her beauty, her milky white features even more highlighted by her long flowing silky black hair.  How he wished he could somehow get to be alone with his beautiful teacher, betting he could sure teach her a thing or two in bed.  Seeing how she became nervous around him, he could see that he had the same effect upon her as he did with all the other women.   'God, how I'd like to grab her and stick it to her, make her scream when I stretch out her tight little pussy! ' he thought.

With all the students gone with the final bell, Diane went about correcting papers and preparing her lesson plan for the following day.  Then she heard a tapping on the locked door.  She ignored it, as she had repeatedly told students that once the doors were locked a half-hour after the last class, she would not be answering the door otherwise she'd never complete her work.

At the insistent tapping at the door, Diane looked up and a shiver went through her body as she saw the handsome Cory Scott smiling and waving at her.  She knew that she should not get up and let this young man in, not let him be alone with her in the classroom.  Swallowing hard, she hesitantly stood up against her better judgment walked to the locked door, knowing that if it was any other student she would not be doing so.  'God, why are you letting this young man in?  You know he makes you go weak in the knees!' she told herself.

Opening the door a bit, Diane inquired as to what Cory wanted and was advised that he had forgotten a book in his desk.  Nervously, Diane walked to the chalkboard and began to clean it.  "Please turn the lock on the door as you leave, Cory!" she advised the young teen as he walked to his desk.  Her breathing was labored from the excitement of being alone with this handsome young man.  But she could not let her emotions show, concentrating on the task at hand to calm her nerves.

Cory had walked to his desk and retrieved the book that he had 'purposely' forgotten so he had an excuse to return to the classroom.  He let his gaze travel up and down the sexy body of his beautiful teacher, taking in her trim body clad in a neat brown dress, sexy white legs as she stood in her 3" beige heels.  He took in her small petite frame of 5'3" and 114 lbs.  "Thanks, Mrs. Wilson!" he called out as he opened the door, turning the lock and closing the door loudly.

Breathing a deep sigh of relief, Diane felt so relieved that the handsome young man had left the classroom.  She had felt so giddy, just like one of the teeney boppers who had a crush on the young stud rather than the young man's high school teacher who should show her sophisticated upbringing and stature.  More so, she should be far above the giddy schoolgirl stage, especially being married and having a young son.

A moment later she was done with erasing the chalkboard, Diane took a deep breath as she could now return to completing her lesson plans.  Turning about, she gasped as she looked at the large figure looming above her.  So oblivious in her concentration on cleaning the chalkboard and trying to keep her emotions in check, she had heard Cory's 'Thank you!' and the closing of the door.  She had not realized that he had remained in the classroom, had not heard his deft movements as he had circled around her to where he now stood.

"Co …….Cory!  Wh ………what are you still doing here?  I ……….I thought you left already!" Diane stammered.  Shocked by the tall muscular teen, she stepped back and she then had her back up against the chalkboard.  "You …… must leave, Cory …………….now!" Diane breathed, her nervousness obviously apparent, her hands held up in front of her.

Brazenly, showing all the self-confidence in the world, Cory looked into her beautiful hazel eyes then spoke "You're so beautiful, Mrs. Wilson!  I dream of you every night, Mrs. Wilson!"  Reaching up with one hand, he caressed one of her soft outstretched arms and stepped forward till his muscular chest met the palms of her hands.  Reaching forward, Cory slowly unbuckled the thin black belt around the waist of the nervous teacher, pulling the belt off and letting it fall to the floor.

Speechless, hands upon the chest of the young stud, she looked at he handsome teen as she felt his hands moving around her waist, pulling her to his muscular body.  Diane shivered feeling his hands moving up her back to the top of her zipper, feeling his fingers fumbling  a bit, then heard the unzipping of her dress.  Melting in the arms of this handsome young man, her hands no longer attempted to push him away but now embraced his broad shoulders as the teen's lips descended upon hers, his tongue forcing its way between her pink lips in search for hers.  She felt so wicked, unable to push the youth away as she gave in and let her pointed tongue play with his.

Without resistance, she let the brazen youth push her outstretched arms down to her sides.  Then the strong hands were upon her shoulders, her dress being pushed off over her shoulders to puddle in a heap upon her black heels.  She tried desperately to find her voice, she pleaded "Please ………please, Cory …………….please stop!  I ......................I'm married're my student!  Oh, Cory ......................please ................I ..............I can't let this happen!  It .........................its so wrong!  Please stop!"

Her breasts in a thin lacy black bra was the only item that separated her sensitive breasts from the teenage hands that cupped and fondled them.  This bra had a clasp in the front but Cory knew gentle loving touches were not what his beautiful teacher desired.  He knew she wanted a 'real' man to take her.  Gripping the thin connecting strap in both hands, he pulled and snapped the metal hooks that held the lacy bra cups together.

Diane gasped loudly as her bra snapped in the teen's strong hands, a shiver coursing through her as his masculine hands her upon her bared breasts, her sensitive nipples being caressed and flicked to rigid attention.  "Oh, God, Cory ……...….noooooooooooo!" she moaned as he bent down to capture a sensitive bud into his hot wet mouth.  Her hands went up to clutch at his long wavy hair, her back arched up to let him suckle at her stiff nipples.  She panted for breath as her nipples were tongued, feeling the hands at her waist rolling her silky panties down over her trim hips.

Then Cory was planting a passionate kiss on his teacher's sweet tender lips, his tongue dipping between her lips and feeling her tongue move up to play with his, with his free hands unbuckling his pants to let it fall to the floor.  When the kiss finally broke, he began to tease her ear with his hot tongue then nipped at her earlobe, whispering "I'm going to show how a 'real' man makes love to a woman like you!"  Then he felt her soft hands pulling his t-shirt up and pressed her naked body up against him.  Quickly, Cory shed his shirt, then he reached down to grasp his beautiful teacher's soft asscheeks in his hands.

Lifting the petite beauty up, he felt her cross her legs over his hips and lock her heels around him.  He had lifted her up a foot in the air, right in line with his throbbing cock, her lacy black panties dangling from a heel.  He felt her arms encircle his neck as they again engaged in another passionate kiss.  Holding her firmly in one hand, he adjusted his pulsing cockhead into position.  His cockhead was now rubbing up and down the slick groove of her womanhood, then he whispered to her "Gonna fuck you good, teach!  Gonna nail you to the wall, teach!"

Teacher and student were intimately entwined, standing a few inches from the chalkboard.  Fortunately, no one peering in from the glass in the doors could see them where they were standing.  In one motion, Cory pushed his beautiful teacher up against the chalkboard and speared her deeply in one thrusting motion.  "Ohhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….oh, Cory ……………you're toooooo biggggggggg!" came the cry in response to his thrust.  He withdrew till only an inch remained, then slammed forward again with all his might, burying his cock deep into her womb.  It was a wild fuck, banging teen stud banging his beautiful teacher against the blackboard on which she gave her lessons, only now she was being taught what fucking was all about.  Fortunately the walls of the school were of concrete, muffling the noise of student nailing his beautiful teacher to the wall.

  "Ah ….....ah ….....ah ….....ah …...…ah … …...…please …………............…..ohhhhhhhhhhh, God!" Diane stammered as she was being fucked out of her mind, fucked by the muscular teen stud who was literally nailing her to the classroom wall.  "Oh, Cory …....………Cory …….....………oh, fuck me ……….fuck me harder, Cory …….…..……..yes ……….....….yes ………....…..oh, I ….......…I'm cumminggggggg …..................….I'm cummingggggg!" she panted as her butt banged continuously against the chalkboard that was solidly attached to the concrete wall.  Then she was pinned up against the wall, held there firmly by the long thick prong that was embedded deep in her womb, filling her with its hot liquid glue.

Moments later the two illicit lovers were still entwined upon the classroom floor, lying upon the strewn clothing, still joined as no teacher and student should be.  Then it appeared the reality of what had just taken place set in with the shamed teacher as she tried to push the muscular teen from her.  "Oh, Cory ..........………I'm so ashamed …..........…….how could I do such a thing with you!" she  began to sob.  Then panic set in "Oh, my God!  You …… came in me!  Oh, gosh ……..this is my worst time!"

Cory smiled at the horror of his beautiful teacher's face, realizing she had committed adultery on her husband by fucking her high school student and worst yet she might just have gotten herself knocked up.  Clutching her asscheeks firmly in both hands, he lunged forward and began fucking her hard, pounding her ass onto the classroom floor.  "Oh, teach, baby!  I'm going to fill ya up ……..gonna knock you up with my baby, honey!" he told her as he pump deeply into her love slit.  Feeling her legs tighten around him again, her petite body shuddering in orgasm, he unleashed another load of his baby making juice deep in her fertile womb.

It was just an hour ago that Diane Wilson had been a young faithful wife, innocent and a bit naive.  If her husband or anyone in the school could see her now, it would be obvious that she was no longer the faithful wife and no longer naïve nor innocent.  Not with her being totally naked except for her black heels and her lacy black panties dangling from one ankle as she knelt upon her black dress lying upon the classroom floor.

In a daze from being so well-fucked, shaken by the numerous mind-shattering orgasms, Diane had been pulled up into a kneeling position by the handsome teen.  Then he had stepped in front of her and wound his fingers in he long silky black hair.  She gasped as she realized what his intent was 'Oh, my God!  He .........….he wants to put his thing in my mouth!'  She began panting for breath as she gazed upon the throbbing shaft that had given her so much pleasure in the past hour, watching it pump itself back up to its manly size.  Never before had she done such a thing, always having refused her husband's pleas for such a pleasure from her lips, telling him it was a 'filthy' thing to do.  "No …........…..Cory, no …….........……please …........….I've never done ……, please!" she stammered pleadingly.

Diane's eyes widened as she stared as the teen's cock throbbed before her astonished face, watching as it grew in length and became as thick as her wrist.  This was her first up close view of her teen lover's manhood, her hands instinctively reaching up to warp her trim fingers around the shaft although it was too thick for her fingers to encircle it.  Her fingers tightened around his manhood as she breathed in the rich aroma of their combined fuck juices, then she moved her head about to brush her nose against the pulsing cockhead.  She became intoxicated by the aroma wafting up from the teen's manhood, then her soft pink lips parted as she bent forward to taste her very first 'man'.

Cory groaned as his lovely teacher engulfed his throbbing cockhead between her sweet lips.  "Oh, teach ….......……oh, baby …........……..yeah!" he groaned loudly as she began to take in more and more of his long sensitive shaft.  He had experienced the pleasure of being blown off but this suck-off felt so pleasurable, knowing that his cock was the very first cock that was his beautiful teacher ever had between her sweet lips.  His hands held her tightly to him as he began to fuck in and out of her tight lips.  The thought of being the first 'man' that she tasted had him building to a quick climax, thrusting forward he buried his cock deeply down her throat as he gripped her tightly to him, groaning "Ahhhh ……….......……ahhhhhh ……...........…….ohhhhh, teach ….................……..oohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddd!"

Twenty minutes later, Diane was sitting on the classroom floor, her crumpled dress under her as she leaned over the trash can.  Her stomach felt queasy, threatening to rebel against the cupful of the hot slimy liquid that now filled her belly.  Her body shivered and shuddered as she panted to breathe deeply in order to compose herself.  Over the next ten minutes, Diane sat with her leaning into the trash can feeling so ashamed at what she had done, betraying her husband and then doing the unthinkable.  Yet, as the queasiness subsided, she wickedly felt proud of herself for not throwing up her teen lover's essence.  She felt proud that her teen lover had taken her like a caveman would for his pleasure.  She had finally taken a 'man's' cock between her lips and let him empty his balls down her throat, eating his manhood and proud that she had managed to keep it all down.

Finally Diane gathered enough strength to get up from the floor.  She looked down at her badly crumpled dress, groaning as she saw a large dark and damp spot from the overflow of fuck-spend, with a puddle of thick white jism in the middle.  Getting some paper towels, she wiped her dress as best as she could.  Then she wiped the thick spend drooling down her inner thighs, leaking from her widely stretched love slit.

Putting her dress back on, Diane was glad that the damp discolored spot was on the front of her dress near her waist, an area she could cover with her books.  She hoped that she didn't bump into any of the teachers or students that she knew as she made her way down the hallway and out to the school's parking lot.  She needed to get home right away, desperately needed to cleanse out her fertile womb or she might just have to take maternity leave when the next school year began.

Just as she was about to exit the school, she heard the principal calling out to her to 'hold up a second'.  The principal caught up to her and asked if she was feeling okay since she appeared a bit flushed, then added "I hope none of the students are gotten to you already!"  Diane flushed even more at that remark, as one of her students had certainly gotten to her, gotten right into her panties.  She felt so uncomfortable, hoping that the principal did not notice her stained dress and the fact that she was not wearing her bra.  Nervously, her cunt muscles contracted, thoroughly drenching the paper towel she had crumpled and stuffed into her stretched slit, hoping that the smell of her recent lustful mating would not be detected.  Not only had Cory taken her as he desired, he had taken her bra and panties with him as trophies, putting her in this uncomfortable predicament.

Over the next week, Diane felt so guilty and ashamed for what she had done, betraying her loving husband with a forbidden affair with her student.  She tried so hard to please her husband in every way, wanting to make up for her unfaithfulness.  She had surprised Dan when she took the initiative and clasped his cock in her fist and began to jerk him.  Then she had bent down to trace her tongue all over his throbbing cockhead, wanting to please him with the blowjob that he had constantly begged her for.  She would please him with her lips and mouth for the very first time, wanting to make up her infidelity to him.  Just as she was about to capture his cockhead into her mouth, she was stunned when she felt his cock jerk in her hand and then watched as it spurted its juices high into the air.

Diane had vowed never again to let herself succumb to the charms of the handsome young teen.  She knew that he wanted to get her alone in the classroom again but Diane quickly left at the end of each day for the office to visit the other teachers, packing up her work to do it at home.  She knew that if she were left alone with the handsome teen, she would again melt in his arms and would be unable to resist his advances.  The image of her student constantly crept into her mind but she was determined not to give in to her weakness for him.

It had now been two weeks since she had that sordid affair with the handsome teen.  On this Friday evening, Dan had come home and borrowed her station wagon as he needed to pickup some large items from the hardware store.  Then Diane got a call from her husband inquiring if she was going to be home on Sunday when he was out golfing.  She indicated that she was and inquired why.  Dan explained to her that her car was sputtering quite a bit, stalling several times when he was leaving the store and fortunately a nice teen happened along to assist him.  "Honey, this boy knows a lot about cars and repairs cars as a hobby!  He's available to work on it on Sunday and he just needs access to the car.  If it's okay and you'll be home, I'll set it up with him!  With the regular mechanics off on weekends, it won't be safe for you to drive it until its fixed!" Dan advised.  Diane agreed, not wanting to drive to school unless it was working properly.

When Dan arrived home, he told her how fortunate he had been that the young teenager happened along just at the right time.  "I know you don't like strangers coming when you're alone but you can just leave the garage door open for him.  He'll just ring the doorbell to let you know he's here.  All you need to do is to open the garage door and he won't need to come inside!  That boy knew so much about cars and he told me the parts would be under $30.00 and he'd do it for $20.00 in labor!  I was amazed how quickly he had the car running and more so that a teenager would spend the time to help!" Dan advised.

On Sunday morning Diane tried to entice Dan into lovemaking, especially since their son was spending the night at the grandparents and there was no need to get up early to make breakfast.  But Dan was too anxious to get an early start out to the golf course in order to hit a couple buckets of practice balls.  As Dan hurried to dress, Diane was under the covers, with her eyes closed.  Her fingers slipped under her lacy panties as she pictured the handsome teen lover.  As Dan came by the bed to kiss her goodbye, he felt her body shiver and drew the covers up higher for her.  He thought his lovely wife was merely cold from the morning chill, certainly not due to an orgasm with the image of her teen lover in her mind.

Diane looked at the clock when Dan left at 7 a.m., thinking she'd stay in bed for a while longer as the fellow coming to fix her station wagon was not scheduled till 9:30 a.m.  It was just five minutes after the garage door closed that the doorbell rang.  She thought it must be Dan forgetting something and with the morning chill Diane put on her robe over her nightgown.  Opening the door, her body shuddered as she gazed up onto the face of her handsome teen lover.

"I'm here to tune-up your car, Mrs. Wilson!  But first, I think there's something else that needs a tune-up!  I believe I've brought all the right tools, Mrs. Wilson!  See if this is the perfect tool!" Cory advised, grasping her hand and drawing it to him.  "That's it, Mrs. Wilson!  Adjust it till it's the right size!" he moaned as her fingers rubbed up and down the bulge in his jeans.  Cory reached for the sash of her robe and a moment later, the robe lay on the floor of the foyer.  Atop the robe lay the sheer baby blue negligee.  On the floor, a foot away lay his teacher's lacy white panties that he had rolled off her trim hips.  Picking up his beautiful teacher in his arms, kissing her passionately with her arms tightly around his neck, he carried her back to her marital bed.

Cory knew a lot about cars, having tinkered with automobiles from his early teenage years and having worked for his uncle's garage during the summers.  It had just been by chance that he had been out to the automotive supply shop that was next to the hardware store on Friday night when he had recognized Mrs. Wilson's station wagon.  He had watched the man in the car get out and go into the hardware store, assuming that it must be Mrs. Wilson's husband.  With the car doors open, Cory opened the hood and quickly had a couple of wires loosened.  Once that was done, everything thing worked out perfectly.

On the Wilson's marital bed, teacher and student lay entwined about each other the entire day.  Only on this day, the young teenager was the 'teacher', teaching the lovely Mrs. Diane Wilson the joys of unbridled passion and lust.  The beautiful young wife was quite a willing student, learning so much in just one day.  She learned what it was like to have orgasm after orgasm, one fuck session after the other without the pleasure giving cock ever leaving her love slit.  She learned what it like to be 'eaten' by her young lover, then she showed her young lover how much she loved the lesson he gave her the other week in the classroom.  She teased his thick cockhead with her tongue, then sucked in his long thick cock into her mouth, a pleasure her own husband was yet to feel.

In college, Diane had specialized in mathematics for her teaching specialty but it was her high school student that taught her the most important math lesson ever.  Her final lesson of the day combined two lessons she had been taught into one, learning something she had never learned in all the math classes she had taken.  It was her young student who taught her the true significance of the number '69', the number that immediately became her favorite.

When Dan Wilson drove up into the garage, he got out of his car and went to start up the station wagon.  It started up quickly and the engine was purring.  Going into the house, he greeted his beautiful wife who seemed to glow with happiness.  Diane told him she was so happy the car was fixed and she wouldn't have to worry about driving to school with it.  When he inquired if the $50.00 he had left was enough for the car repairs or if she had to write a check, she told him that the boy wasn't going to charge them anything since the part wasn't needed.  "Honey, that young man was so nice and he worked for hours tuning-up everything that needed it.  I insisted that he take the $50.00 you left for him, especially with all that physical labor he exerted!" Diane advised.

"Honey, do you know what a lube job is?" Diane inquired of her husband.  When her husband acknowledged that he did, she advised him "The young man said to tell you that's his specialty!"  Diane could certainly attest to lube jobs being that young teen's specialty, especially seeing how well he had performed the needed lube job in her love slit, feeling his slick lubricant as she walked about.

On Thursday evening, as Dan sat down to dinner, he was first greeted by a kiss from his lovely wife.  Diane had prepared his favorite dish for dinner and he looked forward to watching the professional basketball game on television that evening.  Then his wife told him "Honey, that young man that worked on the station wagon is actually a student at the high school.  I bumped into him today at school and he was telling me what a hard time he had preparing for the SAT exam that's coming up.  Since he was so nice in helping us last week, I told him to stop on by after John goes to bed and I would help tutor him for an hour!"  Dan told her that was fine as the teen was a nice young man and if she could help him out it'd be great.

Once John was off to bed, Dan was enjoying watching the game in the den when the doorbell rang.  Diane told Dan "I'll get it!  It's probably that young man Cory.  I'll tutor him in the study so the game won't distract him and we won't disturb you.

As Dan took a gulp from his cold can of beer in the den, his lovely wife was in the study gulping down the hot nourishment that her young lover began spurting into her sucking mouth.  The tutoring session was entirely on math, concentration solely on all the joys and wonders of the number '69'.

End of Story.