Classroom Conquest - III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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Sitting in the second row of the honor's class in math, Dwight Nelson looked towards the blackboard as his teacher explained how to achieve the solution to the problem.  Now in his junior year, this was the second class that he was fortunate to get with the beautiful teacher that was always so nicely dressed.  The only problem he was trying to solve at the moment was 'How to get into the beautiful teacher's tight little panties!'  But he knew deep down that she would not have anything to do with him, not in any sexual way.  Still, he liked to dream of the possibility that the lovely woman would find him sexually attractive.

At Wilson High School, everyone looked upon Dwight Nelson as a total nerd who had no social graces nor any smarts outside of book work.  Dwight was now a junior with a cumulative 3.98, having gotten his only 'B' in the required freshman P.E. class.  In the P.E. class, he was such a klutz that he was fortunate that the teacher gave 'B's' as his lowest grade as he did not want to flunk anyone in physical education, which Dwight would easily have qualified for.

Nearly everyone made fun of him from the seniors down to the freshmen in the school.  When school began for this year, one arrogant white freshman jock made the unfortunate mistake of harassing Dwight to impress the freshman girls.  The jock had purposely knocked Dwight's books from his hands and thrown them into the trash, forcing Dwight to stoop into the container to retrieve his belongings.

Being new to the school, that freshman jock was unaware that Dwight had a friend that would always come to his aid.  That friend was Nate Thompson, the 6'3" muscular brute of a junior who played on the football team.  Weighing in at 250 lbs, Nate was a candidate for a football scholarship when or if he managed to graduate.   Not being very bright, opposite in every way from Dwight, the two had somehow formed a tight bond from when they were in grade school together.  Dwight helping Nate out with his studies while Nate took care of any kid picking on Dwight.

In their freshman year at Wilson High, a senior jock on the baseball team made the unfortunate mistake of picking on Dwight, embarrassing him in front of the other freshmen.  That senior was expecting to get a scholarship offer to a college if he pitched as well as he did the past season.  Unfortunately, that senior could not perform in his senior season and got no scholarship offers in view of his broken arm not mending properly.

As for the unfortunate freshman jock that had thrown Dwight's books in the trash, he never saw what hit him.  The next thing he knew, he was lying on the ground, lips a bloody mess and missing three front teeth.  Then he heard a mean growl "You ever mess with Dwight Nelson again, you'll be eating out of your ass permanently!"  Seconds later he began puking his guts out after receiving a swift kick to the nuts.  With his jaw wired shut for months, followed by braces, the jock would be unable to turn out for the basketball team.

Still, with the two teens so opposite in every way, it was amazing how well they got along together.  With Dwight only interested in reading books, they got together mainly when Nate needed help in his homework, which was nearly every other day at Nate's place.  With the two living just blocks apart and Dwight getting nearly all 'A's', his parents were only too happy to see Dwight have a friend.  Strangely, each could joke around with each other from the long relationship they had together.  Dwight would teasingly refer to his friend as 'You dumb black jock!' while Nate would counter with 'You pimply face white nerd!'

Being a talented jock on the football team, Nate naturally got to date a lot of the black chicks at school.  As for Dwight, he had never been on a date with a girl and the prospects of him ever getting a date in high school was rather bleak.  Nate kept trying to convince his friend to make an attempt and not worry if a girl turned him down.

One night, as Nate tried again to get his buddy to go out on a date with a girl, he asked "Is there any female in the entire school that give you a hardon?"  Seeing his friend nod in the affirmative, Nate's curiosity piqued and he just had to find out who his friend had a hardon for.  As Dwight helped him out on his math homework, Nate kept nudging him to inquire as to the name of the babe.  He could see that he was really bugging his pal and added "C'mon, Dwight ………… know it's only between you and me!  Tell me who you got the hots for!"

Gritting his teeth, having wanted for so long to express his love for his lovely teacher, Dwight just had to tell his one and only friend.  "Okay, Nate!  But you gotta swear it's just between you and me and no one will ever learn of this!" he told his friend.  Seeing him nod in the affirmative, he hesitantly advised "I …………the only one I get the hots for is Ms. Emerson!"

Totally stunned at what he had heard, Nate looked wide-eyed at his friend and asked to confirm "Ms. Emerson ………….the teacher?  Your math teacher?"  Seeing Dwight nod a 'yes', Nate fell back into his chair and sighed deeply.  He had seen the lovely Ms. Jennifer Emerson while in the hallways of the school but had never been up close to her, getting an immediate hardon each time he saw.  He never had been in any of her classes and never would be as she was a teacher in the advanced classes.

Nate didn't blame Dwight as one time he had been called into the principal's office and stopped dead in his tracks when he passed Ms. Emerson's classroom.  Seeing her sitting on the desk with her sexy white legs crossed, he had wished no one was around so he could rush in there and spread her out right on the desk.  She had spotted him peeking in through the classroom and had come out to see why he was loitering in the hallway but Nate hustled his ass into the principal's office just as she came out.


"Fuck, Dwight!  She's a fuck'n …..woman!  Not some fuck'n stupid teeny-bopper that you can try to get a fuck'n date with!  Shit, I've got as much of a chance of her going out on a date with me as you do!  You ever see the fuck'n diamond ring on her finger?  Shit, she's gonna be getting married soon to some white dude!  And you want to date her ……………fuckkkkkk!" Nate cussed as his head slumped in total disbelief.

Now that he had spilled his secret to his one and only friend, Dwight now had to tell his friend every thing.  "I've dreamed of her every night since I first saw her last year in the math class I took from her!  She …………she's all I can think about when I'm in her class …….and ………….every night when I'm in bed!" he admitted to his friend.  "I ……….I wish she would see me as a man ……………not as a student ………..or some nerd!" he told his friend.

"Aw, man!  You fuckn' shithead!  Ain't no way's she gonna go out with you, much less put out for ya!  You're a fuck'n student of hers!  You fuck'n dumb ass!  Shit, every male dick has gotten a hardon when she passes by!   Fuck, I'd like to get into her panties too but I fuck'n know it ain't gonna happen unless I just grab her and rape the fuck'n bitch!  Forget her, man!" he counseled his friend.

Jennifer Emerson was now in her second year of teaching at the high school and enjoyed the challenge of teaching in the honors program.  Now at the age of 25, she looked ahead to the excitement of marriage with her handsome fiance Tim Harrington, whom she had been going with since her junior year of college.  Having obtained her teaching certificate followed by her master's degree in education, she had been surprised to get a call from the principal of the high school to interview for a job position.

At first, the thought of teaching at the high school level, straight out of college, was a frightening thought for Jennifer.  The high school level paid the most for competent teachers but Jennifer thought she should get some teaching experience at the middle school level first.  But the high school principal was a good friend of her college counselor and her counselor had put in an excellent recommendation to his friend.  That had prompted the call inviting her to an interview.

Her reluctance to go straight into the high school level was eased when the principal told her she'd only be teaching in the honors program and those in the program were serious students.  The junkies and roughnecks would not be in the honors program, nor any student classified as a troublemaker.  Hearing this assurance from the principal himself made Jennifer feel at ease and had excepted the position just before graduating with her master's degree.

Jennifer had made it a point to dress nicely, wanting to look professional in her job but not overdo it in any way.  In her high school and college days, she knew that men were attracted to her and she was a bit apprehensive at times to dress up.  Everyone told her how beautiful she was, skin so flawless, but such compliments made her feel self conscious and embarrassed.

Her natural beauty with her long light brown hair had men's heads turning whenever she passed.  Many thought she was a professional model the way she carried herself.  At her teaching job, she dressing nicely but tried to be a bit on the conservative side with skirts and blouses with 3" heels.  At 5'4" in height and a trim 115 lbs., she had all the male students drooling in the hallways and classrooms whenever she was near.  So engrossed in preparations for the honors class, she just presumed any leering male student just had an infatuation for his teacher.

With school coming to a conclusion in mid-June, she and her fiance were looking ahead to there wedding at the end of the month of June.  For the past two years, with Tim working off in a distant city, their relationship was confined to the telephone and getting together for the weekends.  Now that Tim had obtained his transfer to the office in the city she taught at, the wedding date finalized, they had saved up to put a downpayment on a modest new home in the suburbs.

As this was the third week of May, Jennifer wanted to get as many items moved from the apartment over to the new home as soon as possible.  Having just taken possession of the home a week ago, she and her fiance had done some shopping for furniture and requested that delivery be made in mid-June when school would be over.  With the holiday coming up, Jennifer thought it'd be the perfect time to get as much of her belongings moved to the new home.

Scanning about her apartment, Jennifer wished Tim would be making the drive back but realized he had to pack up his apartment and get prepared to make his move.  In fact, some furniture Tim had accumulated over the two years there had to be crated and shipped with a moving company.  With Tim making the final move in mid-June, they had decided to skip their normal weekend get together so each could finalize their packing during that three day weekend.  Jennifer was excited, looking at all the items already boxed and ready to move, happy that she had managed to hire a student to help carry the items and load them in her car.

Back at Nate's bedroom, Nate continued to razz his friend after learning of his secret lust.  Seeing that his friend had a bad case of the 'hots' for the beautiful teacher, Nate figured he had better make Dwight face reality in that he would never be able to pull it off.  "Face it buddy, you're just going to have to dream of her at night as you wank on your pud!  Fuck, face it man, you ain't ever going to get the fucking chance to be alone with the beautiful Ms. Emerson much less get a date with her?"

Dwight looked up excitedly as he bragged "Well, yesterday in class, Ms. Emerson asked if anyone wanted to earn a few bucks next weekend!  Appear she's moving from her apartment to a house she bought with the guy she's about to marry.  I jumped at the chance and I'm to help her move next weekend."  Then he sighed, admitting to his friend "You're right though, there's no way she'll even notice me!  I know that I really don't have a chance with her but I'm excited just knowing I'll be all alone with her for a day!"

"No, shit, you gonna be all alone with that beautiful teach all day?"  Nate asked in astonishment.  He had never expected to hear that his nerdy friend had taken the initiative to pull it off and be alone with the beauty.  Shaking his head in total disbelief, Nate couldn't believe it and had to give his buddy credit.  "You going to try and make a play for her when you're in her apartment?" he asked his friend.

Dwight gave a shrug of his shoulders in response, then asked "You ……… think she'll slap me if I try to kiss her?"  Sighing in despair, knowing his friend was so right about not having a prayer with his beautiful teacher, he advised "I keep dreaming of her letting me kiss her beautiful pink lips and then letting me slip my hands under her blouse so I can play with her beautiful tits!  Then, once I touch her nipples, she lets me suck on'em and then she lets me make love to her!"

"You try to kiss her and she'll fuck'n tear your eyes out, Dwight!" Nate advised.  Nate couldn't help but feel his cock twitch at what Dwight had just said about making it with the beautiful teacher.  His friend obviously had a bad case of the 'hots' for her and he really couldn't blame him, especially since he'd also like to make it with that fuck'n babe.  Knowing that Dwight would be all alone with the beautiful teacher next week, his mind began racing and wondered just how far his friend would be willing to go.  'Just maybe we both can have the time of our lives with the beautiful teach!' he pondered.

"Hey, buddy!  If you're really serious on putting the make on Ms. Emerson, I know a sure-fire way that'll guarantee you getting into her panties!" Nate advised.  Looking at Dwight look up at him, his mouth open in awe as he nodded, Nate added "With you doing physical labor to help her move, she'll eventually offer you a cold drink when you two take a break.  When she's not looking, you slip a pill into her drink that'll knock her out or make her too drowsy to resist!"

"You …………you mean rape her?" Dwight asked in amazement of his friend's suggestion.  "I ……..I want to make love to her but I ………….I don't know if I could rape her!" he added.  "Besides ……….even if I wanted to spike her drink, I don't know where I can get the drugs!  Can I buy what I need at the drugstore?" he inquired.

Nate shook his head "Fuck, for somebody with almost a 4.0 you sure are a fuck'n moron!  Shit, drugs are all over the fuck'n school!  You can get anything you fuck'n want in any hallway!  But knowing you, you fuck'n nerd, you'll go up to the wrong guy and get yourself busted!  Buddy, I'll get the drugs for you but you gotta let me have second dibs on her!  I'll get you a drug that won't put her out completely, you'll have a hell of a lot of fun with her awake and fighting you a bit!  Imagine having her squirming about the bed when ya stick your meat in her!  Don't worry buddy, I'll pin her down so she don't scratch your out eyes, then you can get first crack at her little 'crack'!"

On that holiday break, Dwight showed up right on time at Ms. Emerson's apartment and politely greeted the beautiful teacher.  Getting started, Dwight followed the instructions of moving the labeled boxes from the bedroom to the right side of the front door.  Once that was done, the bathroom boxes were to be taken to another area before they began to load up the car.  Then he was to breakdown some shelving which would have to be reassembled later at the new home.

As Dwight took his time doing the jobs as requested, Jennifer was busy trying to pack up as many boxes as possible, trying to determine just what she could do without for a few weeks.  Then the phone rang and Jennifer answered it.  It was the store from where she and Tim had purchased the king-sized bed and bedroom furniture.  'Yes, that's correct, delivery on Wednesday June 18th!  About 10 a.m.?  Fine, I'll be there when the delivery truck arrives!  That'll be perfect as the 21st is when our final move takes place!  Address?  Yes, that's correct - 355 Harbor Lane!  Tell your delivery men the house is beige in color with dark brown trim!"

Being a typical nerd, Dwight always carried a pen and pad to write things down.  Ms. Emerson had taken the call in her bedroom while he was stacking boxes up in the living room.  Grabbing his pen and pad, he wrote down the date of the delivery, date of the final move, and especially the address of her new home.  Dwight was so anxious, seeing his lovely teacher dressed more casually than he had ever seen her at the high school.  The sight of her barefoot in her apartment, along with her flawless long trim legs, had Dwight's cock throbbing madly in anticipation of what lay ahead.

With Ms. Emerson dressed in a light pullover sweater with a simple blue skirt and blouse, a style that was so much more casual as compared to the skirts and blouses she wore to school, Dwight couldn't take his eyes from her long sleek flawless legs and bare feet.  An hour into the project, he nearly melted when she put a hand on his shoulder telling him that he should take a break as she handed him a can of coke.

Sitting on the carpeted floor, leaning against the wall, Dwight sipped at his cold drink.  He was so surprised when Ms. Emerson got her coke can and came to sit on the floor near him.  He noticed her being careful as she sat, tucking her skirt against her legs so as not to reveal any indecent shot.  Soon she was leaning against the adjacent wall to him, with her sexy legs stretched out so close to him.  If he moved his foot a bit, he would be able to touch her and was contemplating such a move.  In his mind, Dwight still had hopes that his teacher would fall for him and that he should tell Nate that everything was off.

For a few minutes, Ms. Emerson chatted with him, asking about his personal interests outside of schoolwork.  She seemed genuinely interested in him and just as Dwight had his mind about set to call off the devious plan, the phone rang.  He watched as Ms. Emerson got up from the floor and rush into her bedroom to answer the phone, leaving her can of coke sitting on the floor.

"Hi, honey!  I miss you so much!  I wish we could be together this weekend!" Dwight heard his teacher say into the phone.  At that instant, all thoughts of telling Nate that he was calling off the plan disappeared from his mind.  Hearing her cooing love talk on the phone with her fiance convinced him that he had no chance of scoring with her unless he proceeded with the plan.  Reaching into his pocket, he got out the pill that Nate handed him earlier and dropped it into Ms. Emerson's can of coke.

Swishing the can of coke a bit, wanting the pill to dissolve and dilute into the coke, Dwight then carried it into the bedroom where Ms. Emerson sat on the bed talking to her fiance.  Taking a swig of his coke, he handed Ms. Emerson her can of coke.  He saw her smile at him and mouth a 'thank you' to him as he headed back to do more packing.

Seeing Ms. Emerson's location in her bedroom, Dwight went into the bathroom which was out of her view.  Heart pounding, he made a beeline to the clothes hamper that he had observed earlier.  Opening the lid, he gazed down and observed the prize he was after, a lacy pair of pink panties and matching bra lay atop of other clothing.  He first picked up the lacy bra and cupped the outsides of the bra cups in his palms to imagine the size of her breasts.

Draping the bra over the hamper, Dwight then reached in to retrieve the silky pink panties.  Heart pounding, panting for breath, he touched the soft silky garment and slowly drew it up to his face.  Balling the panties up, he pressed it up to his nose and inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet fragrance of his lovely teacher.  Then, opening it up and turning it inside out, his tongue began licking at the crotch of the panties.

Jennifer listened as Tim relayed how the movers had come to crate the breakable items and pack up some of his personal belongings.  "Yes, the student that I hired is here helping me dismantle some of the shelving in the living room and bathroom.  I'm hoping to get as many boxes taken over to the house as I can this weekend.  I'm glad I hired the boy, he's a big help in moving the boxes!  He's quite reserved but a nice boy!" she advised.  Little did Jennifer know that the 'reserved nice boy', whom she was referring to, at that very moment had her pink panties wrapped around his cock and about to shoot off into them.

Having taken the edge off his surging lust by shooting his load into his teacher's sexy panties, Dwight went back into the living room where he could peer into the bedroom.  His cock immediately began twitching again as he gazed upon her long sexy legs as she had her back to him while sitting on the bed and talking to her fiance.  He watched as she took a drink of her coke while listening to her fiance on the phone.  The way she held the can up to drink, he could see that most of the drink had been consumed.

Ten minutes later, just as the phone conversation was coming to and end, Dwight observed his teacher taking a final drink from her can of coke then dropping the empty can in the nearby trash.  As Nate had informed him that the drug took about fifteen minutes after it was consumed to have the full effects felt.  Glancing again into the bedroom, Dwight's cock lurched in his pants as he leered at the long sexy legs.  'Oh, God!  I gotta fuck her!' he moaned as he reached for his jacket that he had taken off upon getting to the apartment.  He punched in the number to the pager that Nate was carrying, giving him the signal that the drug had been consumed.

Moments later, Dwight heard his teacher coo into the telephone "I miss you so much, Tim!  I can't wait till I walk down the aisle and become Mrs. Tim Harrington!  I love you honey!  Okay, I understand, call me Sunday night when you get back from visiting your grandmother!  Bye, honey!"  Peering into the bedroom, he watched as Ms. Emerson stood up slowly from her bed.

Dwight could see her body sway a bit as Ms. Emerson walked to the door and closed it till it was nearly shut.  Then a moment later, she appeared again wearing a smoky color hose as she stepped into a pair of black heels.  "Oh, Dwight, I'm going to drive down to the deli and pick up some pizza for our lunch!" he heard her call out to him.

As Ms. Emerson appeared at the doorway, Dwight smiled inwardly as it was obvious the spiked coke was having its effect upon her sexy body.  Seeing her stumble forward, her hand grabbing onto the doorway, Dwight was quickly at her side asking "Are you okay, Ms. Emerson?"  Holding his lovely teacher around her trim waist, Dwight felt a quiver of anticipation course through his body as well as the throbbing in his growing cock.  'God, I've finally got my hands on her!  Ohhhh, she's so soft and sexy!' he said to himself.

With one hand on her upper arm and the other around her waist, he steadied her and advised "You need to lie down for a bit, Ms. Emerson!  Here, let me help you to your bed!"  As he assisted his beautiful teacher back into her bedroom, Dwight wanted desperately to caress her soft skin as well as feeling up her soft curves.  But inexperience and fear held him in check as he guided her to the bed.  Guiding her so she could sit on the bed, then suggested she lay her head down as he continued to keep a hold of her sexy body.


Reaching down to touch her sexy legs encased in the sheer nylons, Dwight put his trembling hands under her calves and placed her legs onto the bed, enjoying the touch of her soft legs.  His cock throbbed madly, wanting to slide his hand up her nylon covered legs and under her skirt.  Just the touch of her soft sexy legs forced Dwight to grit his teeth, fighting back the urge to cum right at that moment.  But he certainly did not want to fill his jockeys with his hot seed, not with the opportunity of a lifetime lying right before him.

Carefully listening, Dwight heard the soft turning of the front doorknob and the door opening.  He listened carefully, hearing the soft footsteps slowly approach the entrance to the bedroom.  He knew that Nate was now aiming the video camera that Dwight had provided him with before coming up to the apartment.  Seeing that Ms. Emerson was now delirious, head slowly turning from side to side, Dwight now let his hands begin to caress her sexy legs, his hands now disappearing under her skirt.

Blinking her eyes repeatedly, trying to regain focus, she could see her student sitting on the bed beside her.  'What …………..what's he doing?' she asked herself, feeling his hand caressing her legs.  'Oh, my God!  He ………….he has his hands up under my skirt!' she realized. "No ………….no!  Dwight  …………what …………..what are you doing?" she stammered out in panic.  "Stop ………..stop!" she yelled out, trying to find the strength to push the teen away from her.

From the doorway, Nate watched his nerdy friend feeling up the beautiful high school teacher.  Focusing the camera, he found a nice spot to place it in the bedroom where it would capture the activity taking place on the bed.  Seeing the lovely teacher's hands trying to push Dwight away, Nate rushed to the bed.  Seeing that the teacher was about to scream, Nate clamped one hand over her mouth just in time to muffle her scream for help.

With his free hand, Nate grasped one of her hands and pulled it over her head to pin under his knee.  Then the same procedure with her other arm.  Flicking open his switchblade that he had placed on the bed next to him, he waved it in front of the teacher's frightened face.  "You scream, teach, and you'll get hurt real baddddd!" he threatened the now sobbing beauty who's eyes were fixed upon the glistening blade.

Then with his large hand, Nate easily captured both of her wrists in his hand, preventing her from putting up a fight.  He then told Dwight "Okay, I got her for ya!"  Seeing her head slowly toss about, the potent drug making things quite hazy, Nate saw her beautiful manicured hands clasping and unclasping in his hand, Nate shuffled forward till his bulging crotch was in place and said "Here teach, grab a feel of this!"

Totally under the influence of the potent drug, Jennifer hazily looked up over her head to see the face of the leering black teen who looked a bit familiar to her.  Hands suddenly able to clutch at something, Jennifer squeezed at the thick bulge and was momentarily unaware of what she was feeling.  Her fingers then began tracing the curled up tube that threatened to tear through the material holding it back.  In her dazed mind, she believed that she must surely be feeling a large snake in captivity.

Totally inexperienced, with his hands under his teacher's skirt Dwight grasped he waistband of her panty hose and slowly dragged them down to expose her soft creamy legs, Dwight was now beside himself.  Rolling her pantyhose down over her thights, down her calves, he then removed her black heels to finish stripping the pantyhose from her legs.  His hands now on her soft creamy legs, Dwight was in awe at the softness of her skin.

Then Dwight was snapped out of his stupor when Nate yelled at him "Slip her heels back on!  She looks so fuck'n sexy with her black heels on!"  Seeing Dwight slip her heels back on and again caressing her legs as if he was in a stupor, Nate yelled out "C'mon, ya fuck'n nerd!  What are ya waiting for!  Get her fuck'n skirt off!"   His heart pounding madly in his chest, cock throbbing in his pants, he sat up on the bed to unfasten her skirt.  Anxious and inexperienced in undressing a woman, he gave a tug and snapped the top button, then the skirt tore as he pulled upon it.

The amateurish fumbling at her waist and the sudden tearing of her skirt snapped Jennifer's mind back out of the hazy cloud that had overtaken her.  Weakened from the potent drug, eyes glazing, she tried desperately to lift her head.  Then the hand over her mouth was removed and now it was placed under her head, lifting her head up a bit.  Now she was able to see that her skirt had been stripped from her body and her student running his hands up the insides of her thighs. "No …………no ………stop!  Dwight ………..Dwight ………….stop this madness immediately!" she tried to say with some authority in her voice.

From above her, she heard a deep voice "Okay, nerd!  She's all yours now!  Hope ya know where your fuck'n pecker goes!"  Jennifer could not believe what was happening to her, seeing the scrawny teenage boy's hands reaching up to grasp the waistband of her panties.  She wanted to kick the awful boy away from her but her legs wouldn't cooperate as her body felt so weak.  Eyes tearing as she saw her lacy garment being peeled over her hips, she sobbed and pleaded "Please …………no, please ……………please stop!"

Nervously, Dwight slowly drew down the lacy garment and sucked in his breath as her soft brown curls were exposed to his view.  He could see her legs trembling in her attempt to escape her degrading situation as he drew the silky protection down over her thighs and knees.  Backing off the bed, Dwight drew the lacy white panties down her legs and off her black heels.  Putting the silky garment up to his face and taking a deep breath, Dwight then tossed the panties over to his buddy so he could take a drag of the intoxicating fragrance.

Pulling off his sneakers and tossing them aside, Dwight excitedly pulled off his t-shirt and then unbuttoned his jeans.  Seconds later, he stood at the foot of the bed stroking his stiff cock as he gazed upon the body of his lovely teacher.  Never having been with a girl before, he just stood there stroking his cock until he heard Nate say "Look at that soft clean beaver!  Man, that's prime eating stuff!  C'mon, nerd, here's ya chance to get yer first taste of some beaver!  Show teach what kind of man ya are!  Eat her out!"

'Eat her??' Dwight asked himself, not wanting to ask Nate as to what he meant and show his obvious ignorance in sexual matters.  Crawling back onto the bed, he held Ms. Emerson's knees to spread her thighs and to prevent her from turning away from him.  Then he pressed his face into her soft creamy thighs, rubbing his face against her soft skin.  Edging his way up between her thighs, Dwight really got excited in feeling Ms. Emerson trying desperately to get and then hearing her whimpers "Please ………..stop ………stop, Dwight …………please …………don't ………'s so dirty!"

Dwight's nose was now being tickled by Ms. Emerson's soft curls as he edged up even further.  Inhaling deeply, he took in the fragrance of the woman of his dreams.  Then he literally attacked her with his mouth, burying his face in her womanhood, his tongue desperately licking up and down her tight slit.  "Ohhhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhh …………….stop ………….stop you nasty pervert!" he heard his beautiful teach sob.  But that only served to excite him further as his tongue now penetrated into her slit.

"Oh, God!  Oh, God …………..ahhhhh …………ahhhhh ………….oh, pleaseeeeee!  Oh ………ohhh ……………ohhh ………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Jennifer groaned aloud, her body squirming about the bed as her devious student licked at her sex.  "Stop ………stop …………….oh, please stoppppp!" she pleaded as she body shivered as a tingle of unwanted pleasure coursed throughout her innocent body.

The unexpected stimulation caused her leg muscles to jerk and her heels dug into the bed, her knees edging up as her heels pushed into the mattress.  "Ohhhhh ………….ahhhhhhh ……………ohhhhhhhhh!" she moaned from the flicking tongue in her slit.  Now she pushed down with her heels, arching her hips up into her student's face, her body quivering as her student ate her out.

Dwight felt so proud of himself, hearing Ms. Emerson moan loudly "Ohhhhhhhhh ……….ohhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddddd!"  He was tonguing his beautiful teacher, lapping up her slick juices.  Then his tongue found her magic button, teasing her clit, causing her body to convulse in spasms as she moaned "Ohhhhhhhh …………..God, yes …………..yeesssssssssssssssssss!"  Burying his face into her soft curls as her hips arched up into his face, Dwight could not believe that he had actually been cause for Ms. Emerson's cry of ecstasy.

"Oh, you fucker, you made her cum! You really ate Ms. Emerson out and made her cum!" he heard Nate exclaim.  Proudly, he lifted his face and smiled at his friend, showing him his face that was smeared and glistened with Ms. Emerson's love juices.  Looking down at his swooning teacher, Dwight stared at her soft curls that now glistened with his saliva.  He was tempted to grasp his cock in his hand and jerk off right then, especially since he could gaze upon his teacher's body as he did so.  But he was embarrassed when his friend taunted "What's the matter, nerd?  Don't know where to put your fuck'n pecker?"

Nervously, Dwight shuffled up further onto the bed, hoping his nervousness was not too obvious to his well-experienced friend.  He then positioned himself between Ms. Emerson's soft thighs and with a guiding hand on his cock, he nuzzled his throbbing cockhead up against her now wet slit.  Pushing forward, his cockhead dipped into the soft curls and parted the slick pussy lips, causing Dwight to groan with pleasure.  His body shook with pleasure as he tried to stem the urge to let his cock spew its seed right then and there.  Unable to hold back, Dwight grasped the back of his teacher's trim hips and lunged forward.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeee ……………owwwwwwwwww ……………….nooooooooo ………….oh, noooooooo!" came the anguished sobs for the raped teacher as she struggled on the bed.  It was just too much as the tight slit gripped Dwight's cock like a velvet glove, causing him to lose his load right then.  His body shook and quivered as he emptied himself into his beautiful teacher.  He had cum with just one plunge of his cock and now heard the laughter of his friend "Fuck'n nerd!  You're a fuck'n one stroke wonder!  Not even a minuteman!"

Feeling his now dwindling cock soaking in warm fluid, Dwight lifted his body up from between the thighs of his sobbing teacher.  Looking down between their joined bodies, Dwight gasped as what he observed then sputtered "Nate …………Nate ……….she ……..she's bleeding!"

'No ………….no ……………this can't be real!  This can't be happening to me!' she told herself.  Tossing her head from side to side, her long silky hair tussled about her face, Jennifer's hazy mind kept telling her 'Wake up …………wake up from this awful nightmare!  How can you dream of such a nightmarish absurdity!'

"Holy shit!  You mother-fucker!  I don't fuck'n believe it!  You copped Ms. Emerson's cherry!  Holy fuck'n shit!  Who'd have ever believed she was still cherry?  Fuck, I've nailed over a dozen bitches in high school and none of'em had their fuck'n cherries!  Damn, you fuck'n lucky nerd!  Your first fuck and you bust a fuck'n cherry!  Holy shit, imagine the poor guy who's expecting to bust her cherry next month!" exclaimed Nate.  Hearing the beautiful teacher scream when Dwight slammed himself into her, feeling her soft hands suddenly squeezing tightly at his cock, he himself nearly came at that instant.

Feeling the sharp pain between her thighs and hearing the youth's announcement of her deflowering, she realized that this was real, not just a terrible nightmare.  Jennifer sobbed, not believing that after all these years of fending Tim off so they could begin their marriage the proper way, her virginity had been stolen.  Taken forcibly from her by one of her own students!  She felt so ashamed and humiliated, wondering just how could she now marry the man she loved.  Then she felt her fingers being pried open, forcing her to release the thick round bar that she had been clutching in her fists.

As Dwight backed off the bed, he looked over at Nate who was now going to take his place.  Dwight's mouth dropped wide open as he gazed down to see what Nate was shucking in his hand.  It was the very first time that he had seen Nate's cock and realized that it must be at least twice as long as his and more than double the thickness.  "You ………Nate ………… …………'re going to kill her if you put that in her!" he stammered.

Nate laughed at Dwight's comments, knowing that even the sluts and whores that experienced his big wang had a tough time getting it to fit.  "Naw ……………I ain't gonna kill her!  Just gonna 'ruin' her for the punk she's marrying next month!  Gonna bust her open real good, my man!" Nate said as he now knelt between Ms. Emerson's widespread and aching thighs.

Rubbing his thick cockhead up against her bloody slit, Nate lubricated his thick cock with the teacher's cherry juice.  Pressing up against the raped slit, looking at her anguished face, he grinned as the lovely teacher's eyes widened in horror as she came to realize just what was in store for her.  Just as the horrified beauty was about to emit a scream, Nate quickly moved to clamp his hand over her mouth.

"Oh, teach, ya feel so fuck'n soft and sexy!  You're lucky it was Dwight who busted your cherry with his little cock!   Gonna 'ruin' ya, Ms. Emerson!  Gonna break ya in for your wedding night!  Hope ya on the fuck'n pill or your tummy's gonna be a little puffy when ya walk down the aisle!" Nate laughed.  With a hard shove of his hips, Nate forced his blunt cockhead forward and felt the resisting slit suddenly give way, enveloping his thick cockhead.

"Mmmphhhhhhh ………………………mmmphhhhhhhhfffff!" came the muffled scream from the beautiful teacher as she squirmed about the bed in a desperate attempt to escape his thick raping shaft.  Nate smiled with delight in seeing the anguished look on her face, skewered from the pain he was inflicting, seeing her eyes roll back as he leaned into her.  "Oh, Ms. Emerson!  You're so fuck'n tight!  Ohhhh, baby, your blood on my cock feels so fuck'n goooooo!  So fuck'n tight!  God, if I hadn't seen ya bleed when Dwight nailed ya, I'd swear I copped your cherry!"

Her hands reached up to push this muscular youth away from her, trying desperately to escape the awful pain this black teen was causing her.  "Mmmmmpffffffffff …………nnnnnnnnn ………nnnnnnnnnnn!" were all that escape around the hand over her mouth as she tried to scream again!  She dug her fingers into the muscular shoulders and dragged her nails down his arms, trying desperately to get him off her body.

"Ohhhhh, baby …………..yeah, baby ……………fight me ………..fight me!" Nate groaned.  He felt her sharp nails digging into his shoulders, scratching him as he pushed further into her tight slit.  Seeing Dwight come to the bed and grab her wrists, Nate shook his head "No ……let go of her hands ……………..let her fight me, Dwight!  God, it feels good!  Makes it so much more fun this way!  Get the camera and get a close up of my big black boner 'ruining' teach here!" he advised.

Seeing the teacher's petite body shuddering, wracked with sobs, Nate removed his hand from her mouth and clamped his lips over hers.  As she groaned, he used the opportunity to lick her lips and slip his thick tongue into her mouth, giving her a deep French kiss.  He knew he was getting to the beautiful teacher, feeling her tongue move up to touch his then quickly withdraw away from his flicking search.  Then another touch of her tongue followed by a quick withdrawal again.

With the teen's mouth clamped over hers, his thick tongue exploring her mouth,  Jennifer felt her body shudder in revulsion.  'Oh, God …………oh, God ……………please ……………make him stop please ………… hurt ……… hurts so bad!' Jennifer desperately prayed.  Weeping as more and more of the thick meaty cudgel was forced between her aching thighs, Jennifer felt the awful pain as her body was being split in two.  Feeling the teen's thick cock expand within her aching body as he purposely throbbed his manhood, Jennifer clenched her teeth tightly together as her body shuddered.  'Oh, God ……………..oh, God ……………no man …….no man ………….much less a teenager could …………it ……………it ………..its just not possible!' her mind raced.

'Ow ……owwwww ………….nooooo ………..noooo ……….it ……hurtssssss!  Please …………please ……… hurtssssssss! she sobbed to herself.  'No ……no ……nooo ………oh, God …………….noooooooooo ………I ……….I can't take anymore of it in me!' she thought as inch after inch was forcibly thrust into her body, feeling the teen's tongue continue to explore her mouth.  'Aieeeeeeeee ……………….ahhhhhh! she groaned into the mouth covering hers as the black teen brutally rammed the length of his thick cock into her.

Eyes closed, the thick shaft pumping within her raped cunt and the flicking tongue teasing her mouth, Jennifer shivered as a feeling of unwanted pleasure suddenly coursed through her body.  The full effects of the drug had Jennifer's mind drifting back into dreamland, her tongue now reaching up to dally with the thicker one flicking about in her mouth.  But the experienced teen rapist could tell that she was drifting far off in a haze, slamming reality back into her mind as he purposely lunged into with all of his might.

Nate felt her suddenly jerk back to reality, her tongue retreating again as he fucked in and out of her.  He didn't want her dreaming of her fiance as he fucked her but wanted her to know it was 'Nate' giving her the fuck of her life.  "Getting to ya, huh teach?  Ya gonna cream all over my nigga cock, teach!  Nate's gonna take ya to the moon and back, Ms. Emerson!  Ya ain't ever gonna want nothing but a big black cock from now on, teach!"

Trying to still her body, not wanting the pleasure coursing through her body, she unconsciously clenched her cunt muscles around the thick raping cock.  But that thick shaft lancing in and out of her body rubbed her sensitive clit with each stroke, causing Jennifer to go crazy as she clenched her cunt muscles tightly.  'Oh, God …………..don't ………….don't let me feel pleasure from this vile rape ………………..nooooooooo ………..oh, noooooo!' she shuddered quietly as a wave of pleasure swept over her.

Nate smiled as he felt the soft sexy body shudder and quiver in a climax, the beautiful teacher now clutching at his shoulders and her legs rose up to embrace him.  Feeling her tongue playing with his, Nate knew she would never forget this fuck.  He stilled his body, feeling the raped beauty arch up to him in her climax.  Then, very slowly he felt her body begin to relax and come back to earth.

Just as Ms. Emerson's arms and legs fell back to the bed in exhaustion, Nate slammed himself forward again, jolting her out of her stupor.   Then he sped up the fuck as she again clutched his body to hers, his cock sliding in and out of her bloody cunt.  Lifting his mouth from hers, he taunted "Ya gonna tell the man you're going to marry that ya got yerself raped and 'ruined' by a big black stud?  Gonna tell him ya creamed all over a nigger cock, huh teach?  Tell'em how a nigger filled ya up with his baby cream!"

Somehow the horror of what was just said filtered through her hazy mind, bringing some rationalization back to her mind.  'Oh, no ……………..he …………….he's going to shoot his filth in me!  Pregnant with a white baby is one thing ……………..but …….how can I ever explain giving birth to a black baby!' her mind raced.  Jennifer pushed at his shoulders, trying desperately to push him from her body before he did his thing.  "No …….noooooo ……………pull it out ………….please!" she moaned.

Humping like a jackhammer, Nate was beyond any further ability to control himself.  It would be just a matter of seconds before he bred the beautiful teacher.  He enjoyed feeling her attempts to push him off, knowing she was about to be the recipient of his baby-making cream.  "Gonna cum, teach!  Gonna fill ya up with my hot jizz!  You gonna be walking down the aisle with my baby in yer little white belly!  Here it is, teach ………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………..yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!  Ohhhh, Godddd, yeah!" he groaned as his cock jerked in the tight confines and unleashed his hot copious load.

The hot hosing deep in her womb sent Jennifer over the edge again, seeing stars burst in front of her eyes as she wrapped her legs around her rapist, locking her black heels together as her arms clutched his shoulders to her.  The hot explosion deep in her womb sent gushes of cum pouring out of the area she was joined to her rapist, oozing down the back of her thighs onto her bed.

Moments later, Nate backed out from between the bloodied thighs of the raped beauty.  As he did so, he smiled as the beautiful teacher curled up into the fetal position as she wept and sobbed in her shame.  Grabbing the loose top sheet, Nate laughed as he used the white sheet to wipe the bloody mess off his cock.  Then he observed the large puddle of the blood and cum mixture lay in the center of the bed.  Holding his hand up high, Nate and his buddy exchanged high-fives to celebrate their unbelievable accomplishment.

With the beautiful teacher now asleep after her humiliating ordeal, Nate went to pull the sweater up and over her head.  Then he unhooked her lacy white bra to bare her beautiful breasts.  As he bent over to tease and suck upon her pink nipples, he saw Dwight at her feet, removing her black heels.  Nate began suckling upon one tender breast then the other while his friend paid worship to the beautiful teacher's sexy legs and feet.

Throughout the day and night, Nate and Dwight took their turns with the beautiful teacher.  Whenever Ms. Emerson showed some sign of coming out of her drugged stupor, she was force-fed more coke doctored with the potent drug.  Over and over again, she was forced to spread her long trim legs to give her student and his friend the pleasures they craved.  Time and time again, her fertile womb was assaulted by a bombardment of potent male semen.

Unable to keep count of the number of times she had skyrocketed to the moon and back, nor the amount of time each horny teen had spent between her legs to satisfy his lust, Jennifer lay spread-eagled upon her bed when finally the two exhausted teens departed from her apartment.  As sunlight broke into her apartment window to shine directly on her face, Jennifer stirred and moaned from the terrible ache in her head and an even worst one emanating from between her thighs.

Unable to face her students, especially Dwight Nelson who was in her class, Jennifer called in sick for that entire week.  Being raped by students in the high school that she taught at, Jennifer felt that she would never be able to return to a classroom there so long as one of her rapists walked the halls.  But after a week had passed, Jennifer realized that she could not let the other students down as they were all depending on her.  Though still reluctant, she braved herself and returned for the final week of school.

With an open seating arrangement in her classroom, Jennifer was so glad that Dwight Nelson chose to sit in the back of the class when she returned versus the first or second row where he had sat throughout the year.  Still, she felt quite nervous in conducting her classes.  Once she saw Nate peering in from the door's glass window, his gleaming smile sent shudders throughout her body, causing her to become speechless in mid-sentence.  She was so glad that she only had to endure a week of school before it was the summer break.

Looking at the time as she finished her cup of coffee, Jennifer hurried to get started to be certain to arrive at the home she would be sharing with Tim.  She did not want to miss the van that was to deliver the king-sized bed and bedroom set that she and Tim had selected a month ago.  Packing up a few boxes from her apartment to leave at the house, Jennifer then headed on out.

Since that vicious rape the previous week, Jennifer had contemplated calling off the wedding and that thought still continued to linger in her mind.  But at this point in time, with some arrangements having been made a year in advance, she'd have to do a lot of explaining if she did call off the wedding.  She could not bring herself to do any explaining whatsoever and thus decided to proceed on with the wedding plans.

Shortly after she arrived at her new home, the delivery van arrived.  Showing the delivery men to the master bedroom, she watched as the men expertly assembled the king-sized bed and placed it in the desired spot in the room.  When the delivery men departed, Jennifer got the bed sheets that she had bought and washed the other day, then spread it out to fix the bed.  Next, Jennifer opened up the pillows she had bought and put on the pillowcases.  Fluffing up the pillows, she gazed upon the bed that she would soon be sharing with Tim for the rest of their lives.

Unknown to Jennifer, the house had been broken into the night before.  Hiding in the guest bedroom's closet were the two teens who had raped her in her apartment.  Her student had made notes of the delivery date and thought it only fitting that the bed be tested immediately.

Quietly, the two teens slowly made their way from the room they were in to the master bedroom.  Having stripped off in the room, the two teens were ready for action.  Quickly they pounced with Nate grabbing the teacher from behind, a hand covering her mouth, with Dwight appearing in front of her.  Reaching up, Dwight grabbed the front of her blouse and with a yank tore the front.  Next, came her bra.  Dwight then moved forward to undo the shorts his sobbing teacher had on.

On all fours on the new king-sized bed, Jennifer opened her mouth to scream as her evil student was trying to force himself into her.  She was totally petrified as he was not trying to force himself into her the normal way but instead was trying to penetrate her ass.  "Nooooooo ………………..mpffffffhhhhhhhhh!" came her strangled cry as it was cut off by the thick fleshy black cock being forced into her mouth.

A bit later, Jennifer lay on her belly upon the bed that she and Tim had chosen to be their marital bed.  Her body shuddered as her torn ass hurt so badly as she choked and tried to cough up the slimy goo that she had been forced to swallow when the thick black cock had erupted in her mouth.   She groaned as she felt large hands on her hips, pulling her up onto all fours again as the two teen were switching places.

Over and over, Jennifer's ordeal continued at the hands of the demented teens.  Any way or manner in which they could dream up to satisfy their lust, Jennifer served as their play toy.  To Jennifer, the worst was being sandwiched by the two teens, straddling Nate's big black cock while Dwight buggered her ass.

Finally, hours later, the students allowed the beautiful teacher to clothe her cum smeared body.  From the master bedroom's closet, which Dwight explored while his friend took a turn shagging Ms. Emerson, came the items that she had brought over that morning from her apartment.

Sitting at the edge of the new bed, Jennifer shivered as she drew the sheer white stockings up each leg as the two lusting students leered at her every movement.  Then she took the next item handed to her by Dwight, the student she taught in the classroom.  Standing as she was finally done dressing, Jennifer nervously stepped into the new pair of white heels that she had brought from her apartment that morning.

Minus bra and panties, her body was now fully clothed as she stood before the evil teens.  Earlier, she had felt so embarrassed and humiliated being naked before the two students.  Now she felt even worse dressed before them in this state of dress.  She cringed as the nerdy Dwight approached her and said "Kneel down and give me a kiss, Ms. Emerson!"

With Dwight's muscular black friend's strong arm on her shoulder, pushing her down to comply with Dwight's request, tears flowed from her eyes at this debasement.  Now kneeling on the carpeted floor in front of her student, Jennifer shuddered in humiliation at what was taking place in the bedroom she would be sharing with Tim.

Kneeling on the carpeted floor, dressed in her wedding gown, Jennifer sobbed as her student lifted her bridal veil.  With his friend's strong hands on her shoulders to keep her on her knees, she was forced to part her lips to her student's prodding manhood.  As always, her nerdy student was quick to cum, dribbling his cum into her mouth after just a moment of sucking.

Once his buddy fell back against the bedroom wall, Nate stepped into place and raised the thin bridal veil again.  He smiled as he looked down at the weeping teacher, placing his hands at the back of her head and bridal veil, then taunted her "Time for some hot chocolate milk, teach!"  Nate leaned forward and moaned "Oh, yeah!  Suck teach ……..oh, baby ……………suck it …………..suck it!"

Nose pressed up into the kinky black hair, Jennifer could not breath at all, not with the teen's thick black cock all the way down her throat.  Her hands on his broad hips, she desperately tried to push him away so she could breathe.  As the evil teen began fucking in and out of her face, Jennifer shuddered in revulsion at the despicable act being forced upon her.

Nate looked down at the lovely teacher in her wedding gown, kneeling before him as he fucked into her tight mouth.  He laughed at seeing her gag around his thick cock, trying desperately to breathe.  Withdrawing his lengthy cock from deep down her gulping throat, he fucked the first six inches in and out of her hot mouth.  Faster and faster he fucked her face, building up the tension where he would soon be spewing his hot load into her sucking mouth.

He could feel her hands pushing at his hips, trying to push him away.  Nate wished that the man she'd be marrying was here to see his lovely bride kneeling before him as she sucked his black cock.  Looking down at the beautiful teacher, he snickered "Too bad that white boy of yers ain't here right now!  Then he can see what kind of whore he'll be marrying!  Why ya trying to push me away, teach?  Don't want more of my nigga cum in yer belly?"

Holding her firmly as he fucked her beautiful face, Nate felt his cock throb madly and even swell further in her mouth.  "Oh ………..Ms. Emerson ………..gonna cum ………gonna cum real soon!" he moaned.  Feeling her pushing harder at his hips, he asked "What's the matter, Ms. Emerson?  Don't wanna eat more of the hot goodies I got for ya!"  He laughed as he saw her shake her head with his cock lodged firmly in her mouth.  Then, about to cum, Nate let her succeed in pushing him away from her.

Jennifer took a deep breath as she managed to push the thick black cock from her lips.  Then she gasped in disbelief as she saw the thick cockhead expand, then suddenly explode, spurting stream after stream of its filth.  "No …………no ……………oh, nooooooooo ………………..noooooooooooooo!" she sobbed, trying desperately to grab at the spurting cock and direct its spurts elsewhere.  But her black tormentor laughed at the plight as he directed his spurting cock, unleashing his entire load onto the front of her wedding gown.

Sobbing in disgrace, Jennifer tried to brush the slimy goo off her white satin bridal gown, her fingers now also covered with the sticky mess.  Looking down at the mess covering her hands and gown, she turned toward her student as she heard Dwight's voice "Over here, teach!  Look over here, teach!"  She groaned as she saw him aiming the camcorder at her plight, realizing her debasement in her wedding gown was all captured on tape.

The nerdy and previously immature Dwight Nelson now approached her with a swagger of confidence, telling her "Get up on the bed so I can fuck you with your wedding gown on, Ms. Emerson!  Otherwise, when school starts in the fall, all the students might just get a beautiful photo of you in your wedding gown - on your knees and all covered with spunk!"  Continuing to film his beautiful teacher, Dwight was delighted in the anguish look on her face, knowing also that what he had just told her was being picked up by the microphone of the camcorder.  "Yeah, teach, up on the bed like that!  Now lift you your wedding gown and show me your beaver!"

Handing the camcorder over to Nate, Dwight climbed up onto the bed to join his beautiful teacher.  "Oh, teach, you look so beautiful in your wedding gown!  Yeah, teach, that's it, spread'em!   Ohhhh, I'm in ……………..oh, God ………………..yeah!  Oh, yeah ……..oh, Ms. Emerson ……………..oh, yyyyeahhhhhh!"  This time Dwight lasted a full two minutes before spending his load, groaning "Oh, Ms. Emerson ………….ohhhh, I'm cumming in you!"

Dwight was just too inexperienced and too horny to realize that his beautiful teacher was just lying there without showing any emotion or any reaction as he humped himself to a climax between her thighs.  But his lovely teacher could not refrain from displaying her emotions when Nate got between her legs.  Nate's deliberate long and slow strokes had Ms. Emerson climbing the walls.  He saw his beautiful teacher trying to steel herself and not show any response but eventually Nate's experience broke down her will power.

Watching through the screen of the camcorder, Dwight saw his lovely teacher wrapping her trim legs around his friend's black butt, locking her white heels together as she hunched up to him.  He heard her moaning, something she did not do with him inside her, then chanting "Ohhh ………ohhhh ……….ohhhhh ………yessss ………yessss ……ohhh ………deeper …………deeper ……….yessss ………….yessss!"

"Tell me what you want, teach!  Tell me or I'm going to stop right now!" he heard Nate say.  Dwight saw Ms. Emerson clutch at his friend, something she had not done to him, begging "Oh, God …………no ………no ………don't  ……….don't stop!  Fuck me …………….fuck me …………….ohhhh ………ohhhh ………..yesss ……..yes!"  It was such an exciting contrast, causing Dwight's cock to rise again, seeing his muscular black friend fucking the beautiful teacher with her trim white legs and arms wrapped around his body.  Most exciting was the fact that she was being fucked in her well-starched wedding gown, starched with male cum.

Dwight was amazed at his friend's staying power as the fucking was now over ten full minutes.  Then he heard Nate "Ohhhh …………….gonna cum, teach!  Want me to pull out?"  Then came the frantic reply "Noooo ………nooooo ……….don't ………….don't pull out ………..shoot it …………….shoot it in meeeee!   Yesss ……….yessss ……'s so hottttt …………..oh, Goddddd ……………I ……..I'm cumming …………………I'm cummingggggggg!"

That night, alone in the master bedroom of the house she was to share with Tim, Jennifer stripped off her soiled wedding gown and dropped it to the floor.  Going into the master bath, she turned on a hot shower and got under it to cleanse her cum crusted body.  She washed her outer body, then douched out her flooded cunt, wondering to herself 'How ……………how in the world could I have begged that teen to shoot his filth in me?  God, Tim certainly doesn't deserve to be saddled with a whore like me!  And …………and it's all on tape!  I just know they'll want more from me!'

Throughout the night, Jennifer tossed and turned, unable to get much sleep.  When morning came, she got up with a resolve that the wedding would be called off!  She didn't know how she'd tell Tim that she couldn't marry him, not wanting to hurt him in any way but she just did not feel worthy enough to be his wife.  Still, she knew that she could not bring herself to tell him that she had been raped and maybe impregnated by one of her students or his black friend.

Then her eyes focused on the videotape that had been left on the dresser by her student before he had departed.  Picking it up, she gave a depressed sigh as she read the typed label 'Popping Ms. Emerson's cherry!'  She had not realized that the evil teens had videotaped the rape in her apartment when they had drugged her.  The last words from her student now played back in her mind, recalling him tell her "Here's a copy for you, teach!  I've got the original right here in my bag!  I'll be sure to make a copy of you fucking in your wedding gown too!"

Sitting by the phone the next day, Jennifer picked up the phone to call Tim but always hung it back up before he answered.  She didn't want to tell of her decision over the phone, yet she couldn't tell him in person that she was calling off the wedding without telling him the true reason.  She felt at a lost at this point, not knowing how to handle the situation.

Suddenly, startled by the ringing of the telephone, Jennifer gingerly reached for the phone to answer it.  She had forwarded her calls from the apartment to this new number at the house and it was one of her fellow teachers in the advanced classes calling her apartment number and asking excitedly "Did you see the news on television?"  "No, I haven't!  What happened?" Jennifer replied.

When the conversation ended, Jennifer sat on the bed in total shock, trying to think and sort things out.  The phone rang again.  This time she first check the caller I.D. and saw that it was Tim calling from his cell phone.  Heart pounding, she just sat there and let it ring, realizing she needed time to think further before talking to him.  She then turned on the television, going to the local news channel to gather all the information she could on what her fellow teacher had called her on.

There it was on the television, just as her friend had said.  She sat in awe and listened to every word being said.  The accident occurred within a half-hour of her student and his friend having left her home.  The announcer advised "Two cars were drag racing on the freeway when one veered off into the ravine and burst into flames.  The two Wilson High student were killed instantly as their automobile fell 80' and burst into flames.  The students killed have been identified as Dwight Nelson and Nate Thompson!"

Having seen a picture of the burnt car, it showed the shell of the car totally charred and it was obvious that everything in it was also in the same condition.  Then Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief in knowing that the original videotape was in Dwight's backpack along with the video camera that was used to record everything.  With those items destroyed and the boys gone forever, her fears of further blackmail had now disappeared in the accident.

Two weeks later, Tim Harrington beamed with pride as he watched his lovely bride walking down the aisle towards him.  She looked so beautiful in her satin white bridal gown and so innocent.  He couldn't believe how lucky he was, anxiously looking forward to making love to his beautiful bride for the very first time.  Little did he now how well used were both the wedding gown and bride herself.

Peering through her veil, seeing Tim near the alter, tears welled up in Jennifer's eyes.  This had been a moment she had dreamt of for years.  So much had happened recently and following the accident, she decided to marry the man she loved as there were no further blackmail threats hanging over her head.  Now she had second thoughts of following through with the marriage but what could she do now with everyone seated in the church.

Having always been on a regular cycle for her period, it had not come when expected.  Jennifer was too afraid to buy and use a home testing kit.  Deep down she knew that she was pregnant.  Looking at Tim as she proceeded down the aisle, she thought 'How can I do this to you Tim?  Present myself to you as an innocent bride but in reality I've been soiled and 'ruined', walking down the aisle to you with a baby growing in my stomach!  I just hope its Dwight's baby!'

Five weeks later, in early August, Jennifer attended the usual meeting of the teachers and staff at the high school cafeteria.  All the new teachers, staff, and custodial workers were introduced at this meeting so everyone could associate a face with a name before the school year began.  Classrooms had to be prepared as well as all the school facilities before the students showed up for classes.

The principal made the introductions of all the new members of the staff.  Returning to the high school this year, after being at the middle school the prior two years was Mr. Leon Smith, who would be the head custodian for the high school.  Having been at the high school a couple years ago, Leon knew most of the teachers but one new one caught his eye and wonder who she was.  He made a note to meet her later.  Then his question was answered as the principal announced "As you all know, we have one change taking place over the summer as Ms. Emerson is now Mrs. Harrington!  C'mon, Jennifer, don't be shy and stand up!"

Getting the lockers prepared for the school year was the agenda for Leon on this day.  All the summer school students were instructed that the lockers were to be cleaned out on the day summer school ended.  Leon was checking all the lockers and found one with a lock on it.  Going to the school's office, he gave the secretary the number of the locker so she could contact the student.

Upon checking the locker assignment, the secretary called the principal over to see what should be done.  The principal advised the secretary that he'd take care of it and had Leon come into his office, shutting the door.  There, Leon learned that the locker was assigned to Nate Thompson, one of the boys killed in the fiery accident over the summer.  The principal advised him to break the lock and then give the contents to the secretary, who would then contact the deceased's parents and have the contents turned over to them.

The principal wanted Leon to first go through the contents, throw out any illegal items before giving it to the secretary.  Leon listened as the principal advised "Leon, in my position, I don't want to go through the contents and find any illegal stuff!  The secretaries wouldn't know what about drugs and stuff like that if they saw it.  The parents have gone through a lot already with the loss of their son so we don't want to give them their son's belongings if any illegal items are in it, making their grief even worst!"

With bolt cutters, Leon set about to cut the lock on Nate Thompson's locker.  Then he observed the lovely teacher walking towards him in the hallway.  Exchanging pleasantries, Leon turned as the beauty walked down the hallway to her classroom.  He felt his cock twitching in his pants and muttered to himself "Oh, baby, I'd sure like to get into your tight little panties!  Just married this summer!  God, those long white legs must be making some white boy happy!"

Opening the locker, Leon saw a school jacket and realized that student killed had lettered in football.  He then took the jacket and the backpack with him to the maintenance room where he could go through the contents as the principal had asked.  Opening the zipper to the small compartment of the bag, he laughed and realized how smart the principal was in having him go through the bag before turning in to the school's secretary.

Leon tossed the two foiled packets of condoms onto the desk along with the small bag of marijuana.  Next was a small bag containing 'roofies' and other drugs.  Leon shook his head as more items where thrown out than left in the small compartment of the bag.  Next opening the larger compartment, what looked like books turned out to be 'girlie' magazines.  Tossing the magazines onto the desk, there was virtually nothing to turn over to the boy's parents.

Feeling something at the bottom of the bag, he reached in and pulled out a videotape and read the label "Popping Ms. Emerson's cherry!"  'Ms. Emerson?  Could that be the one and same Ms. Emerson?  The new Mrs. Harrington?' Leon wondered.  He smiled and set it aside, planning to view the tape when he went home that night.  His cock gave a twitch of excitement of the prospects that potentially lay ahead.

End of Story.