Classroom Conquest - IV
(m/f, n/c)
Black Demon

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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
From east coast all the way across to the west coast of the U.S., along with those thousands of cities in between, the young attractive female teachers at middle or junior high schools were the subject to all the lusting young budding teens with those raging hormones.  Many a young teenage stud longed to be able to put a notch on is bedpost at having fucked a young beautiful school teacher, preferably by seduction, but any devious means of getting inside her tight little panties would suffice. 

In recent years, women in college majoring in the field of education were often counseled as to the many pitfalls a teacher could run into by mere appearance in being all alone with a student, especially one of the opposite sex.  But often such precautionary measures taken by a teacher might go unheeded, especially when not in the classroom or on the school grounds, making her vulnerable to any devious pre-planned traps set up for her by a vile lusting student.  Below are examples of what could happen by just one little slip-up, whether that being not refusing a student's request so as not to offend the teen or that of giving the teen some money to have him get her a can of pop.

Mrs. Meredith Ryan, age 27, married 2 years, 7th grade teacher at Stonebrook Middle School:

From her days in college and choosing teaching as a profession, specifically hoping to land a job teaching in the middle school age group, Meredith knew that a big challenge with that age was the raging hormones of youngsters becoming teenagers.  It had been drilled into all potential future teachers to always avoid being alone with a student with the classroom doors closed, for such was only was a recipe for trouble, even if nothing took place should a student made a wild accusation.  And upon getting a good paying teaching job at Stonebrook Middle School, other teachers would remind her of 'safety' precautions to take at this upper end of the scale middle school that was serving a rather affluent community.  A female colleague at Stonebrook had quipped to Meredith that "Be careful where you're dealing with these spoiled brats at Stonebrook, especially the boys as their raging hormones knows no boundaries, especially as they'll try to finagle something in order to notch a pretty thing like you up on their bedpost!"  

Mrs. Meredith Ryan at Stonebrook Middle School

From the first day of school and upon entering his homeroom class, 14 year old Mike Tanner thought he had just stepped into heaven when he saw the beautiful blond angel that would be his homeroom as well as math teacher.  His initial thought of 'My, God ........................she so fuck'n beautiful ......................that's the woman I'm going to marry!', was quickly dashed upon learning that she was a 'Mrs.' and thus already had herself a husband.  While in Mrs. Ryan's math class, when she had her back to the class while writing on the blackboard, Mike licked his lips as he took in her long sexy legs and thought 'The only figure I want to see up there is Mrs. Ryan's ...................stripped naked!'  He then fantasized of being alone with her in the classroom, helping her off with the black pullover sweater that she was wearing, stripping off her skirt and heels, then helping her up onto the top of her desk!  As he began stripping off his clothes, Mrs. Ryan would  be welcoming him with open arms and her long sexy legs spread wide, wrapping them around him when he was upon and especially inside her!    

From the questions poised to their new homeroom teacher by the inquisitive teenage girls in class, Mrs. Ryan had relayed that she would often accompany her husband to Cameron Bay where their small sailboat was docked.  She had relayed to them that her husband had been in a sailing club in high school and on a sailing team in college, thus telling them that "My husband just loves being out on the ocean but for me an hour is more than enough!  So I'll keep him company that first hour and then he'll drop me off at the dock!  I'll then go about browsing the antique shops in the cute little town there while my husband goes back out to sea, staying out there till dusk when he'll get back in time for us to have a nice dinner!"  Being from a very affluent family in Stonebrook, anything that Mike wanted was basically handed to him on a silver platter.  Having sailed with his family on extended vacations when they went off on one of their sailboats, one of which was docked in Cameron Bay, Mike's devious mind began putting an intricate plot together.

With his birthday coming up, after checking things out on the internet, Mike put his plan into action over a dinner one night that next week.  "You asked what I wanted for my birthday that's coming up!  Well, I found a sailboat that's undergoing some repairs and up for sale, and it's docked right there in Cameron Bay!  It'd be perfect as I always wanted to fix up a boat to my specs, putting in what you can't find in the basic ones, making it feel really mine as it'd be different from all the rest out there!" he had told his parents.  With the repair shop given the carte blanche by his father to take care of anything he wanted on the repairs to the boat just purchased for him, Mike gave them the rough specs desired and needed for his unscrupulous  motives.  Once he got the sailboat done and on the water to test it out, Mike got all the kinks out and felt that it was time to give his pretty teacher a surprise the next time she came to Cameron Bay with her husband.

Those few weeks after first hinting of what he wanted for a birthday present from his parents and having it tested out on the water, Mike did get to learn a bit more about his beautiful teacher while attending his classes.  With the teenage gals in his class wanting to learn even more about their teacher, many of the gals just idolized her and wanting to be just like her when growing up to be and adult, Mike was all ears and listened like he did in no other class.  As to starting a family, Mrs. Ryan had told the girls that she indeed wanted to become a mother, and in fact hoped that would happen within the next year.  That being said, it meant that his beautiful teacher needed to get sexed by her husband to get herself pregnant, but Mike wanted her all to himself .............that she be the first woman whom he had sex with .................that he be the one to get her pregnant! 

During a weekend of sailing with her husband, Meredith is surprised by her student!

Meredith was quite impressed upon learning that her handsome young student also had acquired the sailing skills for someone normally much older than he.  "That's a beautiful boat that you've got there, Mike!  And from the looks of it, you're quite a pro at sailing, young man!" Meredith advised as the young man pulled his neat sailboat up along the side of the dock.  With him tossing her a line and asking "Can you help tie me up, Mrs. Ryan?", there was not much she could do to refuse her student's request, not with the rope lying just feet away from the dock and Mike needing to secure his boat up.  But as she was tying up the boat, knowing how as she often did it for her husband, little did Meredith suspect that her student was watching her and thinking 'In a little bit from now, I'll be using those ropes I just installed in my boat to tie you up!  And if things work out as I've planned, you'll be 'knocked out' with the drugged can of pop I prepared for you and then you'll get 'knocked up' after I's fuck you good!  'Knocked out' and knocked up' by the end of the day, Mrs. Ryan!'     

Startled awake from the unusual movement created from the wake of a passing boat, Meredith did not know where she was due to the unfamiliar surroundings, but it the low ceiling had her thinking that it resembled the inside of a sailboat below deck.  With a stirring on the bed next to her, Meredith turned to see that it was her student Mike, who was buck naked and his sexual organs were fully on display for her.  Meredith realized that she too was absolutely naked on the bed with the young teenage boy, then as she moved to scramble off the bed, she felt the gooey mess down there between her legs.  Looking down in horror, her eyes took in the matted mess on her pubic hairs, and then Meredith realized that sexual intercourse must have taken place but she had no recollection of it happening.  'Oh, God .......................oh, my God .......................the little bastard raped me!  He raped me!' Meredith shuddered in horror. 

Having drawn up the sheet to cover her nakedness, Meredith looked over to her sleeping student, first at the face of the dozing teen but she could not prevent her eyes from drifting lower the spent penis that was fully on display!  Comparing the teen's limp penis to the only other adult male's penis that she had seen up close in its limp state, that of her husband's when he was asleep in bed after they had made love, Meredith could easily see that the young teen's was twice the size of her husband's.  Closing her eyes and trying to recollect what had just happened, Meredith remembered the teen inviting her to check out his sailboat, to which she only accepted so as not to offend the young teen.  The last thing she remembered was accepting the can of soda pop while he showed her down below deck, then she realized that her deviant student must have .............drugged and raped her!

What had taken place after hesitantly having boarded the teen's boat, Meredith saw Mike bend down to get two cans of pop from the mini-refrigerator, heard two cans being opened before her student stood up and turned to hand her one of the cans.  But Meredith had not seen the devious teen peel off the plastic lid of an already opened can, one that was opened some ten minutes earlier and drugged with a potent sleeping pill, the lid put back on one of the newly opened cans and being slid into the back of the refrigerator.  Not wanting to offend her young student, Meredith thought it best to finish the can of pop quickly in order to make a quick departure in telling him that she planned on doing some shopping.  But her ploy worked against her, for the potent drug had her feeling its effect very quickly, and in some ten minutes time she was out like a light with her teenage student's hands roaming about her body. 

With the bed pulled out from the wall adjacent to the padded bench on which she had passed out on, the vile student merely lifted Meredith under her arms to swing the upper half of her body over onto the bed.  Lifting her calves up, her legs were swung on over so that she was now lying fully upon the mattress.  The straps of her wedge shoes peeled on down, then they were tossed aside, but her vile student still held onto the back of her ankles while his now bared penis was sliding up along her soft soles and toes to sate the young bastard's foot fetish.  The tie around her waist pulled and undone, then her hot and horny student was undoing the buttons to the denim frock that she wore, and soon her denim dress was being opened to reveal her sexy body and her lacy undergarments to his viewing.

Turning his pretty teacher's limp body onto her side, he got her arm out of the denim dress, then Mike followed up with getting her onto her other side on the bed.  Job completed in getting the dress off her body, rolling her over a bit, Mike pulled the remainder of the denim dress out from under her, then flung the garment off onto the nearby bench.  Turning her over onto one side, Mike then unhooked the back of her bra before setting her back down, then he was peeling off her bra straps and was viewing her beautiful twin pink peaks.  Bending over his lovely teacher, Mike opened his mouth to allow his extended tongue to flick over a pink nipple, getting it to harden before clamping his mouth over half her breast with his sharp teeth surely to leave some bruising marks.  After suckling on both breasts and biting upon both her tender nipples, Mike leaned on back to view her pink nipples glistening from the wetness of his saliva, then began peeling her lacy white panties down over her trim waist.

Panties pulled down her long trim legs and off her feet, then they were up to his face so he could inhale the intoxicating scent of his beautiful teacher.  Mike getting a scent of the sweet aroma, he was then wanting to get an actual up close whiff of the sweet scent and to get to taste it as well.  But first to get his meal properly prepared before serving it up to him, Mike pushed in the two parallel panels located above the bed, then out dropped a heavy duty looped rope from each panel.  With the edge of each loop end just touching the mattress, Mike then lifted her right foot to insert it into the loop before tightening the rope around her ankle, then performed the same task to her other leg.  'Ah, now to test out my special contraption that I had built into the boat!' Mike told himself while getting the remote down from inside one of the panel compartments from above.  Pressing one button, the ropes were being wound upwards, raising his teacher's sexy legs high upwards towards the ceiling. 

Pressing another button on the remote, the ropes were moving away from one another, with Mike pressing the 'stop' button when Mrs. Ryan's sexy legs were spread wide apart in a 'V'!  A third button pressed by Mike had his contraption pulling his teacher's smooth sexy legs back till her feet was above her head, with her sweet pussy being served right on up for his eating pleasure.  Using his other remote, the hidden camcorder recording from directly above the bed was zoomed on in for a close up view of his teacher's hot pussy.  Moving up slowing to her upturned ass, making sure to not block the view of the overhead camera, Mike stuck his tongue out to lick at the flanges of her pink slit where he could get a good taste of her sweet pussy.  A moment later, after pressing the button for the camera overhead to resume normal recording, he then leaned over to clamp his whole mouth over her upturned pussy.    

With eight camcorders recording from all angles inside the cabin, it was a certainty that he'd be able to splice in the complete action taking place in the defiling and rape of his beautiful teacher.  Having started recording earlier with the outside port cameras before even pulling up to his teacher as she strolled along the walkway, capturing her tying up his boat and stepping on board at her own free will, it would be a very difficult task for her to claim that he took her against her will.  As teachers were always cautioned not to put themselves in an awkward position, especially of being all alone with a student, this would clearly be a no-no for Mrs. Ryan and screaming 'rape' would bring be questioned immediately and her wisdom put into question. 

With Mike having gotten what he had hoped for on tape, he lifted his head up to lick up her sweet honey, smiling as he looked down at the drugged beauty and thinking 'The next time you're on my boat and in this position, I won't be needing the ropes as you'll be planting your feet up on the ceiling, screaming for me to eat out that sweet pussy of yours!'  Mike figured that his last thought would actually be taking place some three weeks from now, when there was a three day weekend and her hubby would surely want to go sailing again, that the incriminating tape he'd be using as blackmail would have his beautiful teacher meeting his demand to come and meet up with him once again.  Although she'd be reluctant to do so, Mike knew that Mrs. Ryan certainly could not nor would she allow the tape to be made public, to have the school faculty and also her husband know that she had sex with a student ..................that claiming 'rape' after boarding his boat at her own free will would not go over well!

A bit later as he came up for air, Mike licked at his glistening lips to savor the delicious taste of his teacher's sweet pussy, then reached on over to grab the remote controlling the overhead ropes.  Pressing the button to lowering her down some, till her hips were just a foot off the bed, it was then the perfect position for Mike to shuffle on forward as his teacher's pussy was now right in line with his jutting cock.  Taking his boner of a cock in hand, bringing it down straight forward to a 180 degrees, Mike then lunged on forward to spear himself into her.  "Oh, Mrs. Ryan ....................yer so fuck'n tight ................tighter that I ever dreamed!  Damn, when was the last time yer fuck'n husband fucked ya?  Ohhhhhh, so good fuck'n gooddddddddd!" Mike groaned out loud due to her tight pussy skinning his cock as he skewered it deeper into her. 

Cocked drilled into his raped teacher as far as it'd go, Mike savored the feel of his entire cock being enveloped in her tight little pussy, then proceeded to grind his crotch up against hers.  Leaning back some, Mike slowly pulled his raping spear out of his beautiful teacher, stopping when only the bloated head of his cock remained enveloped in her cunny.  Leaning forward now, Mike slid right on back in, all the way till his short curly hairs were once again mingling with hers.  And then it was like a train pulling out of a station, with Mike picking up steam as he proceed to energetically fuck his beautiful teacher, getting himself up to jackhammer speed as he groaned out "Oh, teach .......................teachhhhhhhh ..................................I'm gonna cum .....................gonna cum in ya, Mrs. Ryan ...........................gonna give ya the little baby you've been trying to git!   Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..............................ohhhhh, jeeezzzzzzzzzzzz ...........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...........................cumming ............................I'm cummingggggggggg!"

Nearly dozing atop of the raped beauty, while still fully embedded up in her, Mike twitched out the last drop of his hot potent sperm into his teacher in hopes that he would be the one to impregnate her with his baby.  Still a foot up above the mattress, Mike took some weight off his raped teacher, then reached over for the remote to raise her legs back up.  Once her cunny had an upright tilt to it, Mike slowly pulled on out .................completely this time, as the upward tilt of her pussy would assure that none of his baby batter would escape from her raped slit!  To assure there'd be no leakage out of his raped teacher, Mike pressed the remote to raise her legs even further on back, then hit the camera remote to zoom on in to capture the sight of his pearly jizz capping the opening to her cunny.  There'd be nothing left to the imagination that her cunny was filled to the brim with his hot gooey jizz.

Not leaving anything to chance, that his youthfulness would enable him to regain boner status quickly, Mike had popped one of the famous blue pills that he had on hand prior to Mrs. Ryan stepping on board his boat.  Just fifteen minutes after having popped his gigantic load in his beautiful teacher, Mike was feeling his cock stirring on back to life, and such was aided by running his hand on down over teach's smooth sexy leg.  Remote in hand, he lowered her legs all the way down to the bed, then zoomed in with one of the cameras to capture the cum oozing out of her raped slit to be soaked up into the bed sheet.  Removing the ropes from around her ankles, getting the ropes back up into the ceiling and closing up the panels, Mike then turned the drugged beauty on over onto her belly. 

Lifting her head up, he turned her face to one side and placed a pillow pillow under her head, pulled her back at her tim hips and raised her arms up some to where her hands were at the edge of the bed.  Caressing her beautiful upturned ass, rubbing both asscheeks with his hands before sliding them over onto her trim hips, Mike shuffled forward a bit to let his jutting boner go on its own way home into the tight and warm fitting nest.  As if guided by a beacon, his sensitive cockhead found and was nuzzling at her pink folds, then Mike thrust forward to once again to skewer his cock up into the married beauty ....................commencing his second rape session of his pretty teacher!  A bit later, after another jackhammer fuck session, Mike wheezed out "Ohhhhhhh, teach .....................gonna cum in you again ........................gonna fuck my baby up in your tummy!"

Panting for breath after ejaculating out all that cum from his swollen balls, Mike once again caressed his teacher's beautiful creamy white ass, then reached over for the remote to zoom in on the outpouring of action about to take place.  Lens zoomed on in at their illicit union, Mike pulled out swiftly this time, and after a three second delay out poured a river of cum from his teacher's flooded pussy.  There was a brief pause of cum oozing out of her raped slit, but another gusher soon came pouring out to make a lumpy puddle beneath her.  Mike pulled her over towards him to a dry spot on the bed, then turned her over onto her back once again.  Moving on up to her head, zooming in two cameras this time, Mike placed his thumb on chin, pushing down to part her lips so he could then insert his cum covered cock into her succulent mouth.

Cock aroused once again, Mike wrapped his fingers in her long blond hair, then proceeded to face fuck his beautiful teacher.  After a bit, the temptation was there to pop on off right in his teacher's mouth, but Mike thought 'I'm gonna wait till later ......................when she's consciously aware of sucking on my cock .......................then teach will get a nice taste of my cum!'  So that pleasure was going to have to wait until she caved into to his blackmailing threats!  Easing his cock out of her warm mouth, shivering as he almost lost it then, Mike moved back down the bed to push her knees up till her feet was flat on the mattress.  Spreading her sexy legs wide at the knees, Mike shuffled on up and proceeded to rape his beautiful teacher one more time.  Already on the edge, it took a mere six strokes and he was once again seeding her with his slick hot semen.

Meredith .............drugged and raped three times by her vile student!

All alone when he woke after dozing from the exhaustive fucking his had given Mrs. Ryan, Mike smiled and chuckled to himself at picturing his teacher's horried face when she had gotten up out of her drugged induced sleep where she discovered that he had obviously raped her.  He had known that the drug in her system was about to wear off, but he didn't care as he was just so exhausted, and in fact wanted Mrs. Ryan to discover both of them naked in bed together.  Rewinding camera #4 that would have captured her waking up from her, he then hit 'play' and fast forwarded the disc to where there was some movement on the bed.  Mike smiled at the anguish look on his beautiful teacher's face, saw her gazing over at him and taking in the sight of his bare penis, then he observed her inspecting her vagina to bring her fingers up with evidence of his semen on them.

For weeks prior to this fabulous day, Mike had spent every spare second contemplating how to get his beautiful teacher into bed with him, and if successful how he planned on blackmailing her for even more sexual trysts on his boat whenever her husband went sailing.  More so, he planned on starting off with the blackmail threat of "When I act up in class tomorrow, you'll announce that as punishment I'm to stay after school is over to wash the blackboards!"  As that would obviously put them alone in the classroom together when school was over, Mrs. Ryan would know that he would want her to put out for him .................blackmailed into giving him sex without having first being drugged!  So to temporarily buy him off on the blackmail threat on that day, Mike planned on giving his beautiful teacher the option of: Either she let him sit in her chair while she got down on her knees to suck him off; or clean off the top of her desk so he could fuck her atop of it!      

Mrs. Kaori Kawamoto, age 26, married 15 months, 8th grade teacher at Lincoln Middle School:

For Mrs. Kaori Kawamoto, becoming a teacher had been a dream come true for her, something that she had first thought about at the age of 5 when she had attended kindergarten.  Born and raised up on the west coast, Kaori attended State U. and majored in education, meeting Ralph during her junior year and they got married two years after graduation when they had gotten settled down in each of their respective jobs.  Raised up in a conservative environment, following the religious beliefs of her parents, Kaori had dated during her high school days but she never allowed her emotions get too carried away.  On their wedding night, her husband got something that was seemed rather rare in this day and age ...................her virginity!  And as for the marital vows that Kaori had given to the man she married, those were solemn vows that she never ever intended on violating.

There was only one aspect of her teaching career that Kaori wished would soon happen, that an opening in a nearby elementary school would soon become available for her.  Accepting the position at Lincoln Middle School had been due to the fact of there being no available positions at any of the elementary schools within driving distance without having relocate to another city.  Teaching at this level was not what she had hoped for as her heart was that of molding and shaping young adolescent children, those in their young growing age during their elementary school years.  To Kaori, the teenage girls entering her 8th grade class seemed just too promiscuous, while the boys just couldn't seem to keep their hormones in check. 

Several courses that she had taken in college covered what could be expected of students at varies ages or grade levels, so Kaori knew basically what to expect of young teens entering the 8th grade level, and her findings were that the courses taken merely covered the surface of what she was experiencing with these young teenagers.  The aspect that she despised at this age of teens were the many teenage crushes that young boys developed, especially for their teacher, of which a psychologist would refer to merely as 'puppy love'.  In just the first three months of this new school year, Kaori had often found love letters or notes in the top drawer of her desk, a locked drawer but where one would be able to slide a sheet of paper in from the small gap on top. 

From the various notes and letters, all of which were typed on a computer and unsigned, but Kaori could tell from the writing styles that there were from at least two or three different students.  Some seemed quite thoughtful of a young man professing his true love for her, some telling her how they'd like to be with her every minute of the day and to want to be married to her, while others seemed so crude and despicable with comments like 'Oh, Mrs. K ............I want to fuck you so bad!'  Referred to as 'Mrs. K' by the students at Lincoln Middle School, Kaori made no mention of these awkward and unwanted love letters to the class nor to anyone else, not even to her husband.  In view of the young age of the teens, Kaori saw no threat in the love notes to her, just considering them as a part of growing up for her students and thus just laughed it off at it was all harmless with being adored by the lusting teens.     

Mrs. Kaori Kawamoto

'Oh, Mrs. K ...........................why did you marry your husband?  I wish you waited for me ..................waited for me to get older ...................when I can get a job and take care of you!  I'd take good care of you .................and we could spend everyday together!  I LOVE YOU!  I love you so much!  I love you so much that it hurtsssssssssss so bad!' was what went through Ryan Moore's fourteen year old mind as he pictured his beautiful 8th grade homeroom and math teacher at Lincoln Middle School.  Nearly double his age at twenty-six, the teenage hormones had kicked on in with young Ryan thinking in his delusional mind that if his beautiful teacher hadn't gotten married before him coming into her class, that she would have fallen in love with him instead.  Having discovered the ability to view porn flicks on the internet for free, he thought 'I know how to please a woman like you  ....................I know just what to do!'  In his mind, playing back his favorite porn with the star being a young Asian beauty, Ryan would have his beautiful teacher lying upon the bed as he reached up under her skirt to pulled her lacy panties down over her trim hips and down her creamy legs. 

He'd then shuffle on up to nuzzle his face into her soft curly muff, inhaling her sweet scent, then clamping his mouth over her pussy and wiggle his tongue up into her snatch to drive her out of her mind.  He would make her cream in his mouth, then with his throbbing cock in hand he'd shuffle up between her legs and put his boner up where his tongue had been as her creamy juice would be the lubrication needed so he could slide his manhood all the way up into her.  'Oh, Mrs. K, wait till you see how much sperm I can spurt out when I's cum ......................there's always so much when I jack off over the toilet .......................I just know I's can make us a baby up in your tummy!  With the aid of the blue pill the other night, I was hard for hours, managing to pop off three times .........................and it went over the half cup line of the measuring cup!  If'n I's cum in you three times like that, filling your cunt up with a half cup of my sperm, that should surely make us a little baby!' Ryan fantasized while continuing to wank off his aching boner at the image of the true love of his young life.                    

Looking up towards the front of the classroom as Mrs. K wrote on the blackboard, as usual Ryan's eyes were on her shapely figure rather than the figures that she was writing up on the board.  Looking at the woman of his dreams, Ryan wondered what it'd be like to be all alone with her in the privacy of her home, where he could reach out and touch her, to pull her petite body in towards him and then kiss her intimately on the lips.  Through the use of the internet, Ryan had been able to obtain his teacher's address that was just a few blocks away from where the school was located, had waited at the far corner where there was a small playground and from where he could see her coming home from school before turning into her driveway. 

Scouting out her home a number of times, also staying after school to see when she'd get to her car in the parking lot, Ryan found that she kept to a regular schedule of leaving school at 3:30 p.m. and getting home just five minutes or so later.  One scouting expedition that he had made to her home paid off dividends for Ryan, for shortly after her return home, his beautiful teacher had come back outside in a pair of shorts and blouse to do some watering of her plants.  The payoff came when she was about to re-enter her home, only to find that she had accidentally locked herself out, but then Ryan got to see where a spare key had been hidden for such an emergency.  Knowing where that spare key was hidden gave Ryan the confidence needed in being able to gain entrance into the beauty's home when she least expected such an intrusion.

'Oh, if I can only hold her close and get to touch her get to undo the buttons of her blouse, then to slide my hands inside and to touch her beautiful bod!  Goddddd, I want to make 'love' to her so badly .........................but how can I ever get to be alone with her?' he wondered.  'Let me do it for you ........................don't let your husband ...........................let me be the one to fuck a baby up in your tummy!  I know how to do it .................................I've watched a couple hundred porn flicks .............................watched it close up ............................and I've been practicing by hand!  I love you Mrs. K ......................I love you so much ......................I know you want to have a baby ................................I want us to have a little baby together!' Ryan thought as his cock grew rock hard in his pants, hoping like hell that the bell would ring so he could get to the 'john' and jack off to relieve his swollen balls. 

Having retrieved the key from its hiding place and entering the home, Ryan quietly made his way across the living room and peering first into the empty kitchen before making his way down the hallway to where the master bedroom was located.  Not hearing anything from the master bedroom as he leaned up against the wall in the hallway, Ryan then leaned his head over slowly to peek into the bedroom, hoping that his beautiful teacher had passed on out from the roofie that he had slipped into her can of pop he had gotten for her after cleaning the blackboards.  In seeing one of the black heels that she had worn to school that day on its side on the bedroom floor, he stuck his head out a bit further and saw the matching pair farther on, then Ryan sucked in his breath upon seeing his teacher's sexy bare legs lying on the bed.  Never had he seen his beautiful teacher minus her heels, thus in now getting to view her pretty feet and toes for the first time, Ryan pulled his zipper on down to relieve the pressure and reached on in to pull his throbbing manhood on out.  Hand stroking his throbbing cock, feeling it more rigid and stiffer than ever before, Ryan was trembling nervously as he slowly approached the bed on which his beautiful teach lay.

Seeing her can of pop on the top of the dresser, Ryan picked it up to find it empty, smiling at the knowledge that Mrs. K had consumed the potent drug that he had slipped into it prior to handing it to her.  From seeing the pair of heels strewn about and Mrs. K lying on the bed in the clothing she had taught school with that day, Ryan felt confident that the potent knockout drug had indeed done the desired job, but still he wasn't certain with this being his first use of it.  Cellphone 'video' still recording, he set it on the window sill so that it'd capture all the action that would soon be taking place on the bed.  Reaching over slowly with his left hand to touch the soft smooth creamy skin of her right calf, he slowly slid his hand up over her knee to upper thigh, then Ryan boldly slid his hand beneath her black skirt.  Meanwhile, the tip of his cock held by his other hand throbbed and expanded at that very instant, about to unleash his pent up cum that would web the soft pretty toes his cockhead had been rubbing up against.  This being Ryan's first view of his pretty teacher minus her heels had him quite excited, loving the feel of her soft pink sole and pretty toes up against his sensitive cockhead, forcing him to suck in his breath and hold still or else he'd pop his load right then and there.

There had been no movement by his drugged out teacher, even after Ryan shook her a bit, and such gave him the confidence needed in carrying out the devious plan he had mapped out in his mind.  Having overheard the girls in his class gossiping during a lunch break the other week, he had learned that they had talked about the 'birds and the bees' with Mrs. K during a recess and their beautiful teacher didn't have any children as yet but that she and her husband were hoping to start a family soon, merely by 'letting nature take its course'.   'Yes, Mrs. K .....................'let nature take its course' after I's shoot my hot baby batter up in your tight little pussy!' he mentally told her.  Having no experience in undressing a woman, although he desperately wanted to have her totally naked, Ryan dared not chance it as he figured that he'd never be able to get her dressed properly afterwards.  Turning the lovely beauty over on to her back, pushing her black skirt on up to her hips, he then got to view the lacy white panties that his teacher had on, the sight of it with the hint of what was hiding beneath made his hardon throb even more. 

Having watched XXX rated videos that were readily available on the internet, doing so on a nightly basis, his favorite was the one where an Asian beauty had her legs spread wide while panting out "Oh, yesssss me meeeeeeeeeeeee!"  The flick showed the nose and top of the guy's head going up and down a bit, then the film showed the POV of what the lucky bastard was doing between her sexy legs, showing his thick tongue wiggling on up into the moan beauty's pink folds.  With Mrs. K always so prim and proper, Ryan wondered if she had ever allowed her husband to to something like that to her, to which he'd be willing to put money down that her hubby had never gotten to eat out her sweet little pussy.  Ryan's first goal was to get himself a taste of teach's hot little cunt, lapping it up till he was ready to bust a nut, then have her become his very 'first' woman ................and hopefully in the process becomes the mother of his baby!  Having had to clean up his messy cum many a time at home, Ryan knew that he had to be careful and not jizz all over her bed as that would be quite a cleanup chore and certainly leave telltale evidence of his being there, and that he'd have to get her panties back into place before departing the scene of the crime.

Panties appearing from under her black skirt, Ryan got them down over her knees, off his teacher's bare feet and then brought them up to his nose!  Pressing the flimsy wisp of the panties' crotch band against his nose, Ryan then inhaled deeply to take in the intoxicating fragrance, then he licked at the tasty fabric.  Licking his lips after that tasty sample, Ryan then looked at the lovely beauty lying there before him, then quickly shed off his clothing.  Kneeling up on the bed, moving up some so he could pull up the hem of her skirt so he could peer at her short black curls between her sexy thighs, then he pushed her knees apart so he could get between her creamy legs.  Leaning forward to nuzzle his face up in the soft furry fleece, Ryan closed his eyes in triumph as he inhaled his beautiful teacher's sweet fragrance, then he stuck his long tongue out to lick the length of her sex groove. 

Inserting his rolled tongue up into his beautiful teacher's sex, Ryan proceeded to lick and explore in search of what he heard the guys referring to as her 'clit', wondering if what had been said about it was true at all or whether he'd even know what he was looking for.  Licking all about inside her sex groove, opening his mouth wider to press up further against her crotch, Ryan was able to wiggle his extended tongue in even further as he slurped up her sweetness. Then the tip of his extended tongue flicked up against a small fleshy nub, causing his beautiful teacher's prone body to flinch up against his pressing face, letting Ryan know that he had indeed been successful in finding Mrs. K's ultra-sensitive spot.  Settling in and concentrating his efforts on that fleshy nub with his tongue flicking over and about it, Ryan was then rewarded with his teacher's sweet honey secretion that coated his tongue, along with the triumphant knowledge that he indeed was most probably the very first 'man' to achieve this special feat with the beautiful woman that he loved. 

Up on his knees, grabbing his cellphone as he shuffled on forward while shucking at his rigid boner, Ryan looked at the screen of his cellphone to see that it was focused right on his bloated cockhead being rubbed up and down his pretty teacher's tight little pink slit as he set it down on a firm surface.  "Oooooooh, Mrs. K .........................ohhhhhhh, yessssssssss ..................ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" he moaned out loud as his cockhead pushed between her resisting slit, then Mike groaned out "Oh, teach ....................ohhhh, yeahhhhhhh ..........................oh, we're gonna make us a nice and cute little baby together!"  Hands up under the black skirt that was bunched up around her trim waist, Ryan grasped her trim hips to hold her in place, then thrust himself forward and all the way up into her tight little snatch.  Leaving his cock buried up in her all the way, afraid to move for fear of popping his load right then and there, Ryan then reached up to undo the buttons of her white blouse. 

Blouse pulled up some out of her blouse, lacy white bra pulled on down to reveal her beautiful breasts, Ryan bent on over to take a tender nipple into his mouth while he raised a hand up to pinch and play with its twin.  Taking his mouth off her breast, he reached down to grab her tender asscheeks, then pressed down on the mattress with the balls of his feet so he could thrust his boner all the way up into his beautiful teacher.  "Ohhhh .....................ohhhhh ....................ohhhhhh ....................ahhhhhh .....................gonna cum .......................gonna cum in you, teach ...............................arggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Ryan bellowed out as his cock spewed out his hot gooey cum, flooding her fertile womb his potent seedlings.  "Oh, yeahhhhh good fuck'n good ........................oh, Mrs. K ..................gonna knock you up good, teach!" Ryan panted out as his cock twitched out the last of its goodies.

"Honey, wake up!  Are you feeling okay?" Kaori heard her husband's voice as he shook her awake.  Looking about to find herself lying in bed with the clothes she had worn to teach school, Kaori responded "Oh, wow ...................I must have dozed off!  I was feeling so tired when I got home!  What time is it?  Have you had dinner yet ...................I order a pizza to be delivered?"  Then to her surprise, her husband told her "Honey, it's Saturday morning!  I couldn't get you up when I got home last night and you were just passed out on the bed!  I figured I'd just let you get some rest as you were just dead tired, so I slept in the guest room as you were sprawled out on the bed!"  Staggering out of bed, grabbing some clothes and heading to the shower, Kaori shivered as her nipples tingled and she felt a bit wet down below.  Kaori came to the conclusion that she must be coming down with something, then went to ask her husband "Honey, as to all our plans for this weekend, is it okay if we postpone it till next month?  I'm feeling a bit funny body's tingling a bit!"

The moment before being blackmailed!

It was two weeks later that Ryan presented his horrified teacher with the blackmailing photos.  With Mrs. K absolutely refusing to have sex with him in the classroom while pleading with him "Please ...............please ...............we need to talk ..............but not here ....................not here in the classroom!  Please .................I beg of you!", Ryan relented by telling her "Okay ................we'll talk leave at 3:30 like you always do ...................go to your home and we'll talk there!  I'll be there waiting ................don't be later that 3:45 or I'll post it up on a social media site!"  As his beautiful but frightened teacher breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing him agreeing to talk, Ryan then demanded "Look straight ahead and watch it all on my laptop, then anyone peeking in will see you looking at the laptop and merely thinking you're helping me with something!  And you will be helping me out .................cause I need to get this raging hardon down!  My back and the desk will keep them from seeing anything!"

As she watched the video play on, Kaori saw the potent drug being dropped into the can of pop after it was opened, the vile teen walking towards her classroom to hand it to her, then she could be seen walking to her car and getting into it.  Then the moving camera was headed quickly down the roadway, filming from atop the skateboard her student was riding, then her driveway appeared.  Key obtained from the hiding place, door opening and then a cautious entrance into her home, moving past the kitchen and down the hallway to where the master bedroom was located.  Black heels scattered on the carpet, then her bare legs came into sight as she lay upon her bed, the potent drug evidently had her totally dazed and fast asleep while the teen's hands were seen caressing her legs.   

Her eyes captivated to what was taking place on the screen, Kaori could not bring herself to look at what was actually taking place in her classroom.  Her hand taken and placed atop of the bulging jeans, Kaori heard the teen's zipper being undone, then she sucked in her breath when her hand was once again grasped by the deviant teen, only this time her hand came into contact with the bared penis.  Stroking the thick fleshy bar of the teen's lengthy penis, Kaori could not help but to compare it to her husband's, thinking 'How can a fourteen year old teenager be endowed with a 'thing' that's thicker and longer than that of my husband's adult male penis?'  Whether instinct had anything to do with this situation, Kaori's fingers had automatically encircled the thick penis and began fisting at it, and she was totally amazed the way it pulsated in her fist and expanded even further. 

Horrified at the sight on the screen, that of her student putting his face between her widespread legs and 'eating' her out, Kaori didn't realize that she had been stroking her fist at a much faster pace while her student was fucking his boner into her fisting hand at the same time.  Seeing her limp body convulse in spams one time and then a longer one seconds later, with the slurping sounds suddenly getting louder, it became evident to Kaori that her body had responded unconsciously to the unwanted stimulation it was receiving and that she had orgasmed right into her student's foul mouth.  But her attention was suddenly drawn from the screen when her right hand was being grasped and pulled over by the frantic teen, who then panted out "Oh, teach ..............I'm gonna cum ........................put your hand over it or I'll cum all over you!"

Moments later, sitting dumbfounded at her desk with her vile student having zipped up and taking his laptop with him, Kaori looked down at her right hand that was cupped and filled to the brim with the vile sticky semen that the bastard had ejaculated.  Reaching down with her let hand, Kaori opened up her bottom let drawer to grab a wad of tissues from the box and transferred them over to soak up the messy goo.  Fingers of her right hand closing down upon the wad of tissues, she pressed the absorbing sheets down a bit so the gummy goo would be soaked up quicker, all while replaying Ryan's departing comment of "I'll see you in an hour, right after 3:30, teach .................'in' your house!"  Playing it back in her mind, Kaori focused on what her vile student had said, that he'd be meeting her 'in' her house and not 'at', and that told her he'd certainly be demanding some type of sexual blackmail from her.

Having obtained Mrs. K's personal cell number and email address weeks ago from her cellphone during an intermission between rapes that day in her home, Mike began texting her a message with a 4 second video that he had prepared days in advance, and his message to her was 'Mrs. K ........we can talk all you want after you get home and take care of me like in this attached short video!'  That attachment was a snippet taken from that day he had snuck into her home, this video portion came from between his 2nd and 3rd rape session, showing just how he got himself up good and hard for the third session .........................that being by his straddling her upper body and pulling her head up some ..........................when he forced her lips apart to put his slimy penis in mouth, then fucked her beautiful face till his cock was back up to boner status before withdrawing it to rape her that third time.

In the master bedroom, having gotten out of all his clothing, Ryan held up the pair of panties that had been on top of the clothing found in the clothes hamper.  His face now in his teacher's panties, Ryan inhaled her sweet fragrance, then closed his eyes to picture the woman of his dreams.  Seeing her in his mind, Mrs. K in the pair of white heels, green skirt, and white blouse that she had been wearing at school earlier that day.  Looking at the time, now at 3:29, his beautiful must now be nearing her car in the parking lot, and soon she'd be arriving home to discover him sitting there naked on the foot of her bed.  If things worked out as planned, his beautiful teacher would be there kneeling before him, bobbing her head up and down as she reluctantly sucked his cock.  Knowing that she'd pull back when he was about to cum, Ryan planned on wrapping his fingers in her long silky black hair to prevent her from pulling away, for he was intent on cumming in her warm succulent mouth and making her swallow all his sticky jizz.

Blinking back the tears as she turned at the end of the hallway to where the master bedroom was located, Kaori's worst nightmare was looming right there in front of her, her deviant student was sitting at the foot of the bed that she shared with her husband.  He was naked and worst of all fisting a cock that was longer and thicker than her husband's, and according to the text she had received, the bastard was wanting her to take his filthy 'thing' into her mouth.  Feet away from the lusting teen, Kaori trembled and sputtered out "We .............we need to talk, Ryan!  Please ................please don't make me do this!"  Told that "We'll talk after, Mrs. K!  I'm so hard and hurting that I can't even think straight!  You can tell me all you want after ...................after you suck me off!" 

With the threat of the sex tape going viral, something that she could not allow to happen, Kaori blinked back the tears as she reluctantly dropped down to her knees on the carpeting, then reached out to once again encircle her fingers around her vile student's throbbing penis.  Although she had a male's thick cock in her mouth before, such being the time when that vile video had been taken of her, Kaori had never consciously allowed that pleasure being enjoyed by any man ...............not even her husband as she looked at such a sex act to be so humiliating and degrading for any woman to perform.  Closing her eyes as she did not want to see the despicable thing that she was about to do, Kaori shuddered as her bottom lip came into contact with the rubbery feel of the bloated cockhead, then when her upper lip made contact she instinctively stuck out the tip of her tongue to lick at the sticky flesh.

It was just so hideous for Kaori, for there she was right there in her own home and master bedroom, on her knees on the bedroom carpeting with one of her own student's filthy penis in her mouth.  Unable to pull back at all due to the teen's strong fingers being wound tightly in her hair, Kaori realized that her plan of pulling her mouth off when he was about spew his filth could not be achieved at this point.  And she also came to realize that in no way would the foul bastard stop this absurdity so they could talk this out, at least not until he shot his filthy 'thing' off into her sucking mouth, causing Kaori to want to throw up right then and there.  With the teen's strong hands pulling and pushing their strong grip in her hair, timed with the trusting and withdrawal of his cock in her mouth, Kaori sensed that the end was nearing from the load groans of pleasure coming from above.              

Suddenly the teen student's body went rigid, his hands preventing her from moving back as the tip of his bloated cock was poking at the back of her throat, and then it happened as his 'thing' exploded and began gushing out streams and streams of filthy mucous into her mouth.  Mouth filled to the brim with no where for the slimy semen to go, Kaori trembled with nervousness in the hope that her vile student would relent and take his cock out of her mouth, allowing her to spit out the foul filth.  But to her dismay, Kaori heard her student's voice from above telling her "Swallow it, teach .............swallow all my cum ....................then we can talk all you want!"  Left with no other option, Kaori trembled with fear as she forced herself to swallow that first time, shuddering as the filthy bile began sliding down her throat and making its way to her belly. 

Cock finally slipping out of her mouth, Kaori quickly got up from her knees to run to the bathroom, and then her head was bent over the toilet bowl as she began to puke her guts out.  "Akkkkkkkkkkk ..........................akkkkkkkkk ...........................akkkkkkkkkkk!" she shuddered as her stomach refused to accept the filthy goo that had slithered its way there.  As Kaori had made the rush towards the bathroom, she had heard the vile bastard telling her "We'll talk when you come back, Mrs. K!  You can tell me all that you want to say to me and I'll listen to everything without saying anything to interrupt you!"  After washing her mouth clean, Kaori made her way back into the bedroom, hesitantly sitting on the edge of the bed to talk some sense into Ryan. 

She had been told by Ryan that he would listen to whatever she had to say, that he wouldn't interrupt her, but Kaori found that she'd be lying on her back trying desperately to tell what she had to say while he listened with his face between her legs and licking at her sex.  Shortly after sitting on the bed next to him, the deviant student had forced her to lie back on the bed as he drew her panties down her legs and off her white heels, sex bared as her navy blue skirt was bunched up at her waist.   Knees bent and spread wide with the spikes of her heels digging into the edge of her mattress, Kaori found it very hard to talk other than in short spurts, for the young bastard was driving her crazy with his tongue wiggling up in her sex.  "Ryan ..................Ryan .............please ..................please stop .................this is so wrong wrong're my student ............ohhhhh ..................ohhhhhhhhh ..........................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

So little of what Kaori had wanted to say had been conveyed to her devious student, sputtering out just a bit of what she wanted to say to him, for she just couldn't think of what was needed to be said while being 'eaten' on out by the hungry young teen.  Instead, Kaori had ended up screaming in ecstasy while arching up into the slurping mouth, her trim fingers clutching the back of his head to keep him eating out her juicing pussy.  Swooning from the mind-shattering orgasm that the teen had eaten her to, Kaori made no attempt at that point in dissuading the deviant teen from unbuttoning her blouse and pulling her lacy bra cups down, merely lying there as her young student licked at her budding nipples, then a moment later he was turn her onto her side to undo the hook of her bra.  Unable and afraid to fight off the lusty young teen, Kaori felt him slipping off her white heels and heard their thumping on the carpeted floor.  Button and zipper to her navy blue skirt undone, the garment was soon being pulled off her legs and feet, leaving her totally naked on the bed.  She could only watch in awe as her devious student discarded all his clothing to hold and fist his manhood, making it grow in size that was thicker and longer than her own husband's, then he shuffling forward to thrust his thick spear right up into her.     
As she changed the soiled bedding immediately following the departure of the young deviant, Kaori felt relief in getting Ryan to agree not to demand any sexual favors from her in the classroom, that he agreed to behave in class normally so as not to arouse any suspicions.  But there was no way that she could talk herself free and clear of the blackmail threat of the video going viral on a posting, so Kaori reluctantly agreed to seeing her blackmailing student every Friday afternoon after 3:30 when she got home from school.  Crumpled bedsheets in her arms, cringing as the feel of cum now leaking out and running down the inside of her thighs, Kaori stopped in her tracks to quickly grab the end corner of a one of the sheets to to wipe her thighs clean.  Under the hot shower to remove the aroma of sex on her body, there was no deny to Kaori that she had experienced the most mind-shattering climax ever when the had 'eaten' her out.  As to having sex with her young middle school student, there was no denying the fact that he was so much better in bed than her husband!  

A half mile or so away, in the privacy of his bedroom Ryan was reliving that fantastic afternoon with the beautiful Mrs. K.  After that unbelievable first fuck session with his teacher and having let his dwindling penis slip out of her gripping sleeve before getting up and off of petite body, she had turned over to her side away from, curling up into a fetal position as she began to sob in shame for what had taken place and apparently for the way her sexy bod had betrayed her at the end.  Unbuttoning her skirt, Ryan pulled the garment down, then went to work at unbuttoning her blouse and getting her lacy white bra off.  When she was totally naked, he whispered into her ear "Turn over, Mrs. K!  Get up on your knees so I can fuck that beautiful ass of yours!"  But she immediately began shaking her head 'NO', then pleaded "No, Ryan .............please ...............not that!  I've never had it back there!  Please, Ryan ...............I beg you!  Make 'love' to me!  Make love to me instead ....................I want you to make love to me instead!"

Seeing the tears flowing from the corner of her eyes, along with the horrified look on her face, Ryan then relented.   Turning her over onto her back once again, he slid up over her petite body to gently rub himself up against her totally naked body for the first time, enjoying the feel her her stiff nipples rubbing against his chest.  Her body was so soft and creamy that his cock was jutting out rock hard as he grabbed her beautiful ass in his hands, then thrust on forward for a perfect bulls eye without having to fit his cock into place.  Ryan smiled widely in triumph upon hearing his beautiful teacher moan out "Oooooooohhhhh .........................ohhhhh, Ryan .........................ohhhh, you're so biggggggggg biggggggggg!"  After a half dozen strokes up into her tight little cunny, he felt her soft hands caressing his shoulders and then slide over his back.  Next he felt her crossing her trim sexy legs over his ass, locking her feet together as she met him thrust for thrust.  "Ohhhhhhhh .........................noooo .........................nnnnnnnnnnnnnn .........................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he heard his teacher moan out as her petite body went into spasms as he spurted his hot roe deep up in her fertile womb.  


She again had turned away from him afterward the second fuck session was over, curling up in the fetal position and was unaware of his gathering up the two mini-cameras that he had brought in his backpack to school that day, setting one up on the dresser and the other on the window sill, both had been focused to capture all the events taking place on the king-sized bed in the master bedroom.  Playing back the finale, Ryan smiled in seeing how her arms were wrapped around his shoulders as her fingernails dug into his back.  Moans of pleasure could be heard from the well-fucked woman, as evidenced as her sexy legs encircled his pumping ass, along with her heels being locked upon one another as she had pulled him deeper into her.  Having cum twice before, once in her hand at school and the other in her succulent mouth, the aid of the pill he had taken had Ryan able to give her a long fantastic fuck session to drive her out of her gourd.  Seeing her sexy legs locked around his ass as they fucked during their first fuck session that afternoon, the video would be one fantastic souvenir for him, as well as the pair of lacy white panties the he had stripped from under her navy blue skirt that day and taken home with him.         

Lying in bed that night, Kaori shuddered at the realization of the full gravity of the situation that she now began some weeks ago.  Thinking back some, recalling that weekend when her husband had to shake her awake and she then learned that it was Saturday morning already, having passed out on the bed immediately after getting home from school the afternoon before.  She was still dressed in her white blouse and black skirt, the very same outfit that she had seen of herself in the video that day.  'Oh God .....................oh, my Godddddddd .........................that's when I told Ralph that I must be coming down with something as my body was tingling!  And he agreed that we should postpone our plans that weekend to next month!' Kaori realized.  Those plans were to have sex Friday night, then morning and at night for the weekend as that timing was to be the ideal time for her to conceive.  'Oh, my God ..................what if I got inseminated that day ...................made pregnant ................after being raped?  Impregnated by my own middle school student?' she shuddered in horror.

A few weeks later on a Sunday, after several days of feeling under the weather upon getting up and then throwing up yesterday morning , Kaori feared the worst.  Having gone to the drug store and purchasing several brands of home pregnancy tests, there was no denying the fact that she was in fact pregnant, not with all three tests taken showing positive.  It all pointed back to that day she had crashed on her bed, still as she had dressed that day, then being awoken by her husband the next morning.  Violated and raped that day by her vile middle school student, as had been evidenced by the video she had been shown drugging the can of pop before handing it to her.  The video also showed of his breaking into her home, using the hidden key, and then entering her bedroom to rape her.  Kaori wondered as to what should she do, not believing in abortion, even having stated that women should carry the baby full term and then put it up for adoption in the case of a pregnancy due to rape. 

Could she tell Ralph that she had been raped and that's what she intended to do?  Unable to consider an abortion for herself, Kaori wondered whether she dared dupe her husband into believing that the baby was actually his, that she apparently had gotten impregnated by him just prior to that planned weekend that had gotten nixed due to her 'coming down with something'.  For Kaori, that last option seemed to be the most easiest to take, then she would not need to reveal all the horrid details to her loving husband.  With the baby's father having light brown hair and eyes, though much fairer in complexion compared to an Asian teen, the scam might still work.  She also realized that by taking that last option, she'd have to continue buying off her vile student with sex in exchange for his not putting the video out on a social media site. 

Convinced that silence of her rape was the way to proceed, Kaori closed her eyes as her mind began drifting back to all the unwanted pleasure she had derived that past Friday afternoon, when she squealed out loudly with her body shuddering in a mind-shattering orgasm from being 'eaten' out!  With her vile student intent on 'eating' her out on each of his visits, making her skyrocket to see the stars bursting each time with a mind-blowing orgasm, Kaori had to wonder for herself whether this could be a reason for the decision she had come to.  And although she kept tell herself he was a young teen and a student of hers, there was no denying that he was far better in bed than her own husband.  But Kaori feared next week's rendezvous with her student, knowing that he was hellbent on accomplishing what he had planned on doing this last time, having given in to her pleas to "Make 'love' to me!  Make love to me instead!" and thus dissuading him from .............................sodomizing her by shoving his thick cock up her virgin ass!          

End of Story.