Conniving Asian Boss - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
The Samurai Stud

Ichiro Sato
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Conniving Asian Boss 1'
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Ichiro Sato, headman for Fuji Construction’s U.S. subsidiary, beamed at his achievement accomplished in such a short time and his receiving the honor of the coveted title of ‘President’ of the company’s most prized unit.  The power he wielded was second only to that of Mr. Yadao Yamada, head of the parent unit located in Osaka, but the distance made much interference from the top man rather remote.  As Mr. Yamada was still in his early 50’s and not likely to relinquish his position any time soon, Ichiro was quite happy where he was and quite satisfied with the amount of pay he was receiving.  Thinking of this aspect, Ichiro chuckled ‘Besides salary, the perks here in the US just can’t be beaten ………………for where else could I go with the company ………………and have lovely American beauties working for me ………………… treated to such lovely tender white meat!”

Thinking of the meaning of his first name, which meant number ‘1’, Ichiro was proud to live up to its meaning.  Not only was he the number one man here in the US, he would bow to honor any other man who could boast bettering what he considered to be the most cherished accomplishment ………………………….that of bedding beautiful American bitches ……………………..prim and proper ones …………….those that were married or engaged to be married, to be specific!  Eyes closed with a smile on his face, Ichiro reflected back on all those pleasurable occasions …………………………especially at how those beautiful bitches cringed and shuddered under his touch ………………… they would sob and weep when he refused to put on a protective condom and screwed them ‘bareback!

‘Heh, heh ……………………..these young Americans always looking to get ahead in life …………………….always getting themselves into debt and eventually over-extended in the process!’ Ichiro surmised as he shook his head in disbelief.  But in reality, he was very pleased with such over-indulgence by these young Americans, as such would lead one naïve and faithful woman after another to spread her sexy legs for him in bed.  He chuckled at the thought of ‘What material things they have come to value over what is morally right to keep those things bought, even at the expense of a wife sacrificing hr marital vows of being faithful in life to her husband!’

After coming to the US to run the subsidiary, it had taken Ichiro some time to learn the culture and thinking of these foolish Americans, especially what it would take to have a beautiful and supposedly faithful wife let him get into her panties.  After a bit of trial and error, with several women quitting their jobs rather than going to bed with the likes of him, Ichiro learned that he had to be a bit wiser as to which beautiful bitch he choose to take on the out of town ‘business trip’!  With private investigative companies and credit bureau checks at this disposal, Ichiro came to learn that his knowing of a beauty’s personal life and debts played was the key to the timing as when he could get into her tight little panties.

Personally interviewing those who applied for one of a number of the well-paying ‘executive secretary’ or ‘executive assistant’ jobs advertised by the company, such assured Ichiro that each and every hire was to his satisfaction.  And as he explained to each beauty hired, appearance was an important factor in retaining her job, telling her to just look about how the women dressed in the office explained it all, for each wore a very nice dress and high heels.  Also, the job at times would require her to accompany him on out of town ‘business’ trips, for which she would earn a nice little bonus for her time away from home.  All it had taken was for one ‘executive secretary or assistant’ to receive a notice that she was not properly dressed that day, sent home and pay docked, to assure there would no repeat occurrence by any other employee, for a second such notice to that employee meant permanent dismissal from her job.     

Once learning of a beauty’s current financial situation, how much her hubby made along with the monthly mortgage the couple owed, Ichiro then knew how important her job meant to her.  Viewing the current financial crisis, home values going down with most mortgages issued within the past few years having variable rates, both spouses had to work in order to keep paying the bills and prevent falling behind on their mortgage payments.  A beauty could not find another secretarial nor similar executive assistant’s job paying nearly what she was currently making anywhere in the city, putting her in dire straits in making the decision whether to accompany him on the out of town business trip or to keep her precious martial vows intact.  A few would rather quit than allow him to paw their bodies, but so many were in dire straits at the prospect of losing her job and precious home and would thereby accompany him on that business trip.  

Ms. Diane Mills

Many would have second thoughts when they checked in at the hotel, quickly coming to realize that the truth of the so-called rumors of what an executive secretary’s duties were when traveling out of town.  The first such indication would come when she found that the reservation she had placed for two hotel rooms had been altered to them sharing a penthouse suite.  Some hearing the rumors of what the job entailed would get panicky even before checking in, which made Ichiro reflect back on the time young Diane Mills accompanied him on such a trip, just a month before her wedding date.  He loved seeing the shock on her beautiful face when he parked at the far end of the hotel’s guest parking lot instead of pulling up to the valet, especially how her eyes widened in horror when he unzipped his pants and pulled out his boner right there in the parking lot.   

Reaching over, he boldly put his clammy hand on her bare thigh, caressing her leg and moving his hand up towards her panties.  Then, grabbing her by the neck and pulling her head down to his lap, Ichiro had taken great delight in forcing the blonde bitch to give him head.  The pretty Ms. Mills had obviously never sucked a cock before, as evidenced by the way the bitch choked and gagged, made even better when she couldn’t handle her first taste of cum in her virgin mouth.  Scowling when the bitch coughed up the cum he had ejaculated into her mouth, soiling the black trousers that he wore, Ichiro taught her a lesson for not swallowing his precious cum by rubbing her face in the mess.  Then, he would only allow her to adjust her smeared makeup as they made their way across the parking lot to the hotel lobby.

Ichiro’s mind then reflected back on another such blonde beauty, managing to get into her tight little panties after she had been married just over a year and a half.  At the age 27, Mrs. Erica Zane faced the dilemma of losing her well-paying job as an executive assistant at Fuji Construction or sacrificing the vow she had given less than two years earlier, that of being faithful to her loving husband in marriage.  But losing the good salary she was earning would probably deplete their savings account rather quickly to make the monthly mortgage, of which the bank had just sent them a notice of the monthly amount due would be increasing as the first eighteen months of low payments was coming to an end.  If she managed to get a similar job, it still would result in about a 40% cut in pay, meaning that the precious home that she and her husband recently purchased might very soon be lost in foreclosure.        

Mrs. Erica Zane

“Can ………….can I let you know tomorrow, Mr. Sato?  I ……………I …………………..I need to check with my husband as to ……………to see if we have any plans scheduled!” the trembling Mrs. Zane had responded when he had called her in to advise her that he had selected her for the business trip that coming week.  “Sure, Mrs. Zane …………….you think about it tonight and let me know tomorrow morning!  I sure would hate to have to ‘replace’ you for this scheduled trip!” he advised, with an emphasis on ‘replace’.  The last one who had come up with an excuse of being unable to make the business trip with him had soon found herself unemployed and out looking for a new job.  Ichiro smiled, knowing that the blonde beauty would not get much sleep that night, for she’d be tossing and turning while trying to decide what avenue to take.

That next morning, when the nervous young wife came into his office to advise him that “I found there’s nothing scheduled for next week, so I’ll be able to make the business trip with you, Mr. Sato!”  Beaming with delight upon hearing that, Ichiro gave the trembling beauty a wide knowing smile while gazing up and down at her trim sexy body, commenting that “I am very delighted with your decision to accompany me on this upcoming trip, Mrs. Zane!  Please make the hotel reservations for us at the Concord Hotel there, it’s very nice there and has a terrific restaurant!”  Once she had gone back to her desk, and when word got out as to her accompanying him out of town, he knew very well she’d be very self-conscious of the way the other employees would be gazing over at her, for those who had accompanied him before knew what she’d be in for! 

As she sat at her desk, Erica Zane could not stop her hands from shaking, knowing full well what her decision would entail.  Never been touched by a man, other than her husband, Erica shuddered at the thought of having the pudgy body of the old Asian bastard crawling up over her naked body ………………sticking his filthy penis up into her!  She felt nauseous at the thought and had to shake off the desire to throw up right then and there.  And then of course, a couple of her fellow employees came to her desk making such comments to one another the likes of “Well, Mary ………I just heard from the grapevine that our prim and proper Erica, who told us that she would never go on an out of town business trip, will be accompanying Mr. Sato next week!  Y’know, I hear that Mr. Sato just loves to have a tasty appetizer before going out to dinner …………..with a tender golden beaver being his favorite snack to munch on!” 

Everything had been looking so bright and rosy for their future, with their combined incomes allowing them to save some monthly, allowing Erica and her husband to contemplate starting their family.  To give all that up now, their home and dreams, was just something she could not give up so easily.  ‘But to let him put his hands on me …………touch me intimately ………………….have intercourse with me …………..urggghhhh!’ she shuddered.  Not on the pill, the thought of the bastard possibly impregnating her now came to mind, with Erica foolishly thinking that her devious boss would willingly put on a condom to keep that from happening.

Riding up the elevator with the beautiful young wife, standing right next to her, Ichiro could sense her petite body trembling as she had come to hear from the desk clerk “Your two card keys to the penthouse suite!”  Standing alongside her at the check-in desk, her “But ………….!” was silenced as Ichiro caressed her butt through her dress.  Then he leaned over to the nervous young wife and whispered that “I thought we’d be more comfortable up in the penthouse suite, Mrs. Zane, so I took the liberty of changing the reservations you had made!”  The young male black bellhop led the way up into the penthouse suite, then opened the drapes and showed them how to use the remote.  Giving the bellhop a generous tip, Ichiro quietly whispered to the fellow “Please instruct the front desk to hold all calls till I advise them otherwise!  It’s not everyday I get to go to bed with a beautiful gorgeous blonde like this!”  The bellhop smiled widely after glancing towards the the blonde beauty, then whispered his reply "You lucky bastard!  Give it to her good!"  

With the bellhop gone, Ichiro moved up behind the trembling beauty to give her a kiss on the neck as his hands moved up to caress her soft milky white skin.  This, to Ichiro was the ultimate pleasure ……………that of having a lovely American beauty trembling under his touch and not daring to stop him, afraid of offending him and ultimately losing her high paying job!  As he unzipped the back of her blue dress and began pushing the garment over her creamy white shoulders, he heard the young wife suck in her breath as her petite body began to shake in nervousness.  Then, upon his unhooking the clip of her bra, the beauty began nervously panting for breath. 

Enjoying the young wife’s nervousness, Ichiro knew that she’d be fighting her emotions throughout it all, but that made it even more fun as the dress fell from her shoulders to puddle around her heels.  “Oh, Mrs. Zane, you are so desirable!  Did you choose this sexy blue bra and matching panties for me?” he taunted while slipping his arms around her trim body and began fingering her budding nipples through her lacy blue bra.  “Your husband is a very lucky man to be able to play with these lovely beauties in bed each night!  Is he upset of having to share them?” he tauntingly asked.   Continuing to flick at the stiffened buds, he inquired “Does your husband know that your business trip involved me playing with your beautiful titties, Mrs. Zane?”  Ichiro’s cock hardened when the young wife shook her head ‘no’. 

Her cringing and shuddering under his touch just made it so much more enjoyable for Ichiro, for this lovely American wife could not claim ‘rape’ in this instance, even if she did not want him touching her so intimately.  And so, for Ichiro, this was far better than raping the beautiful American bitch as there would be no consequences forthcoming from this ‘business’ trip.  Even if her mind was racked with guilt, there was no way in which a claim of ‘rape’ would hold up against him.  The desk clerk would certainly remember giving them the two cards for the penthouse suite and the bellhop would testify that he personally showed them up to the penthouse suite, remembering the generous tip to hold all calls as he was going to bed the beautiful blonde bitch and didn’t want to be disturbed.

Pushing up the loose bra that had been unclipped, there now was nothing between his thick thumbs and her swollen pink nipples.  As Ichiro flicked at her sensitive buds, he whispered in her ear “Oooh, you have such long nipples, Mrs. Zane!  This excites you doesn’t it?”  As she shook her head ‘no’, Ichiro chuckled “That’s not really true now, my pretty one …………not the way your nipples are sticking out so!  Oh, I bet Mr. Zane just loves sucking on your beautiful titties …………..but he won’t mind sharing, especially with the bonus you’ll be taking home from this out of town trip!”  Seconds later, the lacy blue bra lay upon her dress as Ichiro began working her lacy blue panties over her trim hips.

Ichiro then whispered to the young wife “Now you go and get the bed ready for us while I get out of my clothes!”  As she was about to do as ordered, Ichiro advised “Better take your heels off before you fall!”  Stepping out of her black heels, she then slipped her right foot out of her panties to leave the garment tangled around her left ankle.  “Lift your leg back to me, Mrs. Zane ……………..and I’ll help you get your panties off!”  He heard a sniffle from the shamed beauty as he took the lacy blue panties and held them up to his face.  As he stripped off his clothing, Ichiro watched as the young wife pulled the bedspread down and climbed upon it.  As the petite wife got to the center of the king-sized bed, she then turned away from him and curled up in a fetal position.

Moments later, Ichiro was up on the bed caressing the soft trim sexy legs of the cringing young wife.  Turning the bitch onto her back and pushing her knees apart, Ichiro noted that her arms were stiff at her sides with fists clenched, and her eyes shut tightly in an attempt to block everything out of her mind.  Running his pudgy hands over her soft creamy legs, he slowly pushed them further apart, then tormented the beauty further by telling her “Oh, that husband of yours is a real lucky man ……….getting a lovely beauty like you to spread her sexy leg for him each night!  Too bad he doesn’t know how lucky he is ……………….having a beautiful wife like you who’s also willing to spread her lovely legs to keep making that good money to help pay for the new home!”

For Erica, upon feeling her boss’s hot breath on her most private part, she then recalled the teasing she had received at her desk the day word got out of her going on the business trip with Mr. Sato.  She had known what the gals had meant ‘eating tender beaver for appetizers’ but hadn’t thought they were serious and goading her on.  Feeling his clammy face now pressing up against her inner thighs, Erica panted for breath as she was in a panic, thinking ‘He can’t …………he wouldn’t …………no man would think of doing such a vile thing!’  But seconds later, her hopes were dashed as the bastard’s hot mouth clamped down on her sensitive slit and his tongue was wiggle right up in her.  “Nnnnnnn ………….no ………………nooooooo ………..oh, nooooooooooooooooo ……………oh, God …………….stop …………….stop ………….stopppppppp!” she whimpered as her cunny began to gush out its love juices.    
Lapping up her juicy cunny, enjoying the way she whimpered and pleaded with him to stop, but even more so when she arched up off the bed and orgasmed right in his mouth.  The way she was wheezing through clenched teeth and seeing the knuckles of her fists turn white, he knew that the bitch was trying to stifle out the scream of pleasure that she wanted to cut loose.  Slurping loudly, wanting to get to the bitch, he continued lapping at her still juicing cunt.  Finally, when she collapsed back down on the bed, Ichiro lifted his body up and moved up some to taunt her with “Oh, Mrs. Zane, you sure are the juiciest bitch I’ve ever eaten out!”  Her sniffling and flinging an arm over her eyes in shame brought the results Ichiro was after.   

Aching to get some much need relief, Ichiro ordered the sniffling beauty to sit up on the bed.  And as she complied, Ichiro then stood up and balanced himself on the mattress while shucking at his already rigid boner.  As he made a step forward, aiming his boner at the succulent pink lips of the young wife, Ichiro was pleased to see her eyes widen in horror and the disgust registering on her face.  Then she was shaking her head from side to side, exclaiming “No …………… ………………..I can’t ………………I’ve never …………I can’t do that ………………it’s filthy!”  It was quite obvious that the prurient little bitch had never before taken cock into her mouth before but Ichiro felt honored to be the one to introduce into the art of cocksucking.  As the bitch scooted back up the bed, Ichiro quickly followed till her back was up against the backboard when he grabbed her by the back of her head and forced his fat cock between her lovely pink lips.

Keeping one hand at the back of her head to prevent her from taking her mouth off his cock, Ichiro grabbed the top of the headboard in order to keep from toppling over.  “Oh, Mrs. Zane ……………………oh, you beautiful little bitch …………………how I’ve dreamt about this since you interviewed for the job!   Oooooh, its far better that I could have imagined ……………………oh, suck it ………………..suck it like that!  Ohhhhh ……………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………oh, yeahhhhhh ……………………..ahhhhhh ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………….arggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned out, rubbing her nose in his wiry crotch hair as he ejaculated down her gagging throat.                                          

Forty-five minutes later, they were being served dinner in the hotel’s top restaurant.  As Ichiro sipped on is cocktail, he watched as his lovely companion gulped down her vodka tonic.  ‘Was that to wash away the taste of my cum or to dull her senses of what she had done?’ he wondered.  ‘Both would be my guess!’ Ichiro concluded as he smiled widely at his blonde companion while caressing her bare thigh under the tablecloth.  Feeling her shudder under his touch, seeing her obviously feeling guilty as she just picked at her food, Ichiro ate heartily as he needed the protein to build up stamina for energy as what was soon to take place up in the penthouse suite.

At his age, some time was needed to get his cock re-energized and Ichiro was now anxious to get the beautiful bitch back into bed and this time he planned on fucking her good.  Thus, once dinner was over, they were riding the elevator back up to the penthouse.  Alone in the elevator together, he was sure the nervous beauty knew exactly why he had told the waiter “No coffee for us tonight!  Just the check, please!”  It was now 8:30 as he observed the beauty checking her watch for the second time, then she was  stammering out “Please …………later ………………..we don’t have enough time ……… husband’s going to be calling my cellphone at nine …………………..let me call him first when we get upstairs!”  Ichiro smiled at her before replying “Nonsense, my dear …………..we have a full thirty minutes before its 9 o’clock!”

Back up in the penthouse suite, the nervous young wife’s mind obviously was in the mode of ‘getting it over as quickly as possible’.  As she stood next to the rumpled bed fumbling through her purse, Ichiro was not surprised when she turned to him with her right arm outstretched and foil packet held between her manicured fingers, then she was stammering out that “You ………….you’ll need to use this!”  Smiling, Ichiro inquired “Is it one of your husband’s or did you go out and buy it especially for tonight?”  “I …………….I bought it yesterday!” the blushing beauty replied.  “Well, in that case ………………we’ll have to put it to use since you bought it for me!” Ichiro advised without making a move to take the condom from her, then told her “You bought ………….you put it on Ichiro, my dear!”  

As her boss was taking off his coat and tie, Erica sighed with relief that he had agreed to the use of a condom as she certainly did not want to get knocked up by the damned bastard.  Erica realized that she had better put it on him before he changed his mind and thus forced herself to drop to her knees before the bastard and work at getting his fly down and sticky dick out of his pants.  Zipper down, she reached in, cringing as her fingers grasped his filthy dick and pulled it out.  Then it was to be a first for her as she had never sheathed a cock before, having always left that task to her husband to do.  It took her a bit to figure out what to do and then she was shucking it down over the bastard’s fat cock. 

Wanting the undesired copulation to be over quickly, certainly before her cellphone rang, Erica saw that there was twenty minutes to get the fucker off.   Kicking off her heels, she quickly began disrobing and then got up onto the bed.  As he had already seen her naked, there wasn’t anything left to hide and time was of the essence at this point.  Closing her eyes, arms at her side and fists clenched once again, Erica spread her legs wide and bent her knees some to accommodate the pudgy bastard.  Then she felt the foot of the bed sag from the bastard’s weight, felt him shuffling up between her legs, then heard him say “Put it in for me, Mrs. Zane!”  Eyes still closed, she reached down between their bodies to grasp the sheathed cock and guided it to her tight slit.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” was the only sound the she emitted when the bastard speared his sheathed cock into her.  Gritting her teeth, she was resolved to show no emotion at all nor to participate in this vile copulation.  As the fat fucker humped at her, she heard him say “Ain’t gonna get off with a rubber on and you just laying there like a dead fish, Mrs. Zane!  There’s only got ten minutes before that hubby of yours calls, so you had better help me get off!”  Needless to say, Erica found that she had no choice now but to arch up and participate in the fuck, as well as using her arms to embrace and caress his pudgy body to get him to ejaculate into the condom soon.  She frantically tried to get him off, then got some relief when he told her “Don’t think I’ll ever be able to get off with this damned condom on!  But don’t you worry none, Mrs. Zane ………..since you tried your best, I’ll pull out of you when the phone rings!”

Erica was frozen still when her cellphone rang, for her husband was always very punctual and it was now exactly 9 o’clock.  To her relief, Mr. Sato pulled out of her as promised and allowed her to turn and scramble up the bed to reach over to get her purse on the nightstand.  Retrieving her cellphone from her purse, she quickly answered with “Hi, honey, I was anxiously waiting for your call!”  Then, she could be heard talking intermittently: “Oh, it was such a tiring flight!”  “Yes, I had dinner downstairs with Mr. Sato earlier!”  “Oh, need to rest up before the business meeting tomorrow!”  But Erica didn’t realize that she was positioned on all fours on the bed while talking to her husband, giving her devious boss a wicked idea.      

Her heart was thumping in a panic upon feeling the bed sag behind of her, then felt Mr. Sato’s clammy hands on her hips, getting her to push her knees out further.  As she listened to her husband over the home, Erica realized that “He’s going to fuck me while I’m talking to my husband on the phone!”  But what could she do at this point, especially in the position she was in and while her husband was on the line with her.  The she felt it, felt the fat dome of the bastard’s blunt cockhead pushing up into her already juicy and slick slit.  Then she felt his bulging belly bump up against her ass, felt his fat cock sliding in and out of her cunny.  She was being fucked doggie style and there was nothing she could do about as his strong hands on her hips kept her from getting away. 

Nearly ten minutes into the conversation, with it about to come to an end, Erica could feel the bastard humping her from behind would soon be coming to an end too.  For over a minute, she had been trying to end the conversation with her husband but he began telling her of the idea he had just come up with to extend an extra bedroom to the house.  With Mr. Sato still doing it to her doggie style, she felt his right hand being removed from her hip, then she nearly gasped aloud as she stared ahead in total disbelief.  Inches in front of her face dangled the limp condom that the bastard had obviously removed before screwing her from behind and now taunting her with.  And that meant only one thing, that the fucking fat bastard was planning on ejaculating his vile seed up into her unprotected womb ……………………..while she was on the phone with her husband!

Dropping the slick condom onto the bed in front of the stunned young beauty, Ichiro then grasped her trim hips with both hands an it was just in the nick of time.  As he had expected, the bitch was now frantically trying desperately to buck him off before he ejaculated in her, and it was just like a wild filly getting broken in by a rider as tossed about on the king-sized bed.  Now for Ichiro, with his cock primed and ready to pop, it was a matter of holding off till the timing was right.  And then the timing became perfect to seed the blonde beauty, right when her conversation on the phone was “Yes …………….I’ll talk to you tomorrow night!  I love you too, honey!”  Cellphone closed, conversation over, a loud ‘plop’ could be heard amid the beauty’s sobs as Ichiro unceremoniously pulled his spent dick out of her well-fucked and seeded twat.

Needless to say, Ichiro had broken the sprits of the once prim and proper young wife with the stunt he had just pulled.  Not only had she been unable to keep him from ejaculating deep up in her fertile womb, possibly impregnating her with his seed, Ichiro had cut loose his vicious hot cum at the ultimate timing ………….right when she was telling her hubby “I love you too!”  He planned on getting a little rest, needing to replenish his empty balls, then planned on fucking her missionary style next so that he could take those long pink nipples into his mouth, nipping them with his sharp teeth, while shagging her.          

That next morning, Erica was glad that they had an early morning business appointment to go to and that the entire day was booked solid with stops to make.  She just could not believe the number of times the old bastard had taken her during the night.  Four other times she recounted, for it seemed that the bastard had his fat dick up and ready to go every two hours.  When he had positioned her on all fours once again, Erica thought that he wanted a repeat performance of when she had been talking to her husband on the phone.  But to her horror, needing to bite down into the pillow to keep from screaming, the bastard brutally sodomized her virgin ass.

With the business day soon to come to an end with a meeting with Mr. Brown, to take place at the same restaurant at the hotel where they had dined the night before, Erica wished that it would last forever.  That way, she only needed to stomach the bastard pawing at her thigh under the tablecloth and prolong what she dreaded ………..going to bed with him again!  Using the ploy of going to the ladies room, Erica used her cellphone to call home and talk to her husband, telling him she was calling as the dinner meeting appeared to be going to last far past 9 p.m.  Returning to the table, knowing that Mr. Sato might try to hurry the dinner so he could have a repeat performance like last night, Erica announced that “Sorry to take so long!  I thought I’d call home as we going to be awhile and my husband normally calls at 9 o’clock!” 

Ichiro had seen the bitch pull her cellphone out of her purse just before turning the corner to the restrooms and easily figured out what the young wife was up to when she left to go to the ladies room.  But in her doing so, depriving him of that ultimate pleasure of again cumming up in her when she talked to her loving husband, Ichiro decided on the consequences she would have to pay for her deception.  While she was on the phone calling her husband, Ichiro had sealed the deal with Mr. Brown by promising the client the entire night in bed with her.  “Won’t she object?  Think she’s willing to put out for me?  She doesn’t look like the type to put out ……………….especially for a big black buck like me!” the client had asked. 

The client was reassured as Ichiro then advised “We’ll go up to the suite and I’ll have champagne brought up to toast our deal!  She won’t put up a fight at all when the pill I slip into her drink takes effect!  I hope you don’t mind fucking a dead piece of ass!”  “Damn, I don’t mind at all …………..not with this sweet little thing!” Mr. Brown told him.  Then he added “I’ll get it all on video, then should we come to terms on that upcoming condo on the boards, I’ll send her alone to close the deal with you!  Imagine the prospects there …………………..she’d be too afraid refuse going to bed with you once you show her the video…………………….and if you decide to have some fun and rape the bitch, she won’t dare report it!”  A hand shake sealed the current deal and more than likely the future condo project.  

Up in the penthouse suite, Erica was organizing her notes from the day while Mr. Sato and the client were going over the details of the contract that they had come to agreement on over dinner.  Just when the contract was signed by both men, the doorbell rang as it was obviously room service bringing up the bottle of champagne, and Mr. Sato told her “Just sit and continue what you’re doing!  I’ll get the door!”  In came the cart with the bottle of champagne on ice.  “I’ll do the honors!” Mr. Sato told the waiter as he was given a tip for his services.  Then, a glass of champagne was handed to Mr. Brown and another placed on the table for her with Mr. Sato telling her “Come and join us in this celebration, Erica!”  Handed the glass of champagne that was on the table, Mr. Sato announced “A toast to our new project together!  Now you must drink it all …………..its bad luck otherwise!”

After consuming the glass of champagne, Erica politely refused a refill, leaving to the men to finish as she wanted to get back to finish organizing her notes.  Fifteen minutes later, Erica blinked her eyes rapidly, feeling so tired all of a sudden.  She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to compose herself, but the potent drug in her system had her in a very deep sleep.  She did not hear her boss tell Mr. Brown that “That ‘roofie’ drug sure works wonders!  Fifteen to twenty minutes is all it takes with one little pill!”  Nor did she hear Mr. Sato tell their new client “Now let me get out my new digital camcorder from by briefcase while you go and the little bonus I promised you!  And when we negotiate the condo project, I’ll send my lovely assistant to get your signature ………………but she might put up more of a fight .......................though that might more fun, huh!  Heh, heh!”    

As Ichiro manned the camcorder, Mr. Brown stripped off his shirt and sat down on the sofa next to the drugged beauty, who appeared to merely be sleeping as the big black customer put an arm around her.  Then the blonde beauty was pulled to lean up against the big black stud as he began caressing her creamy white skin.  The video show the ebony hand slipping down into the opening of her black dress, and it would be quite obvious where the male hand was beneath that dress.  As drugged wife was being undress, the audio of the video would pick up the bantering between the two men.  Ichiro: “My friend, this young beauty had a bit too much to drink!  She’s married and might not be on the pill!  Perhaps you should use a rubber!”  Mr. Brown:  “Hell, no!  She’s been teasing me all night long!  I’m gonna knock up this purty little bitch ……………give her a little black bastard to take home to hubby!”   

Then the lovely blonde, down to her matching black panties and bra was being scooped up into the thick ebony arms of the muscular Mr. Brown.  Ichiro smiled to himself, wishing the young wife was awake to see the predicament she had gotten herself into by making that phone call to hubby and thereby spoiling all the fun he had been looking forward to.  But seeing as how things were going, with signed contact in hand, Ichiro watched and filmed as the muscular black stud began to strip the blonde beauty of her clothing.   He then chuckled to himself “Damn, the black and white contrast of Mr. Brown and that ‘sweet thing’ as he had referred to her is just fantastic!’  ‘Gosh, I can’t wait to see his big black body covering her milky white body, seeing his big black cock fucking her!  Geez, if I don’t knock her up, I hope as hell he does!’ Ichiro mused. 


 “Ichi ………………set the camcorder down on the dresser and aim it over here!  I gotta git this on film, my man ………………you holding her by her long blonde hair while I’s git my licorice schlong between her purty pink lips and all the way down her fucking throat!” the client asked of him.  Ready and willing to accommodate his client, it was certainly a pleasure to participate in the beautiful bitch’s defilement.  ‘Maybe after he gets the edge off, we can double team her, fuck her with one cock up her asshole and the other up her cunny!’ Ichiro mused.  Seeing the impressive manhood of his black client, Ichiro could only wish that he too was so well-endowed. 

With Mr. Brown’s cock growing even longer from the obvious pleasure derived from having his cock fucking in and out of the beautiful blonde’s mouth and all the way down her throat, Ichiro eased the young wife back onto her back after his customer had eased his now glistening cock from her pink lips.   Getting of the bed as Mr. Brown was getting into position to rape the drugged wife, Ichiro told him to “Hold up a bit, let me get the camcorder and get a good shot of you sticking it to her!”  Before getting the camcorder, Ichiro opened up his briefcase and got out one of the company’s promotional rulers.  Camcorder in hand, handing to ruler over to Mr. Brown, Ichiro then told him to “Hold it next to that big salami of yours!” 
Zooming in as Mr. Brown the Fuji Construction ruler next to his big black cock, Ichiro had to look twice at what he was seeing through the 3” square view finder.  The bottom of the ruler was at the base of the cock while the bloated cockhead stuck out beyond the top of it, causing Ichiro to realize in amazement that ‘Holy Buddha, it has to be over 13” long!  Lucky thing I drugged the bitch, otherwise she’d be screaming her pretty head off if she got a look at that monster of a cock!’  Then Ichiro advised his happy customer to “Put the two pillows under her head!  That will give me a good angle so I can capture her pretty face on the screen as you rape with that monster cock of yours!”

‘This is going to be an amazing video!’ Ichiro mused as he watched through the screen as the tip of the big bloated cockhead was being rubbed up and down the blonde bitch’s pink slit.  ‘My goodness, she felt so tight when I fucked her last night, but this monster cock is far thicker than mine ………………and far longer!’ he surmised.  Then he thought and hoped ‘If he has the stamina to rape her over and over again throughout the night, I might be able to get enough footage to sell a video of this through the underground network in Japan!  It should be a big seller back home!  Yes, they’ll pay a lot to see a beautiful American blonde bitch being raped by a big black cock ……………seeing all the spunk oozing out of her raped slit when the deed is done!  They’ll all be wondering and even hoping that it ends up with the pretty bitch getting knocked up!’                   

That next morning, Erica’s body ached so badly and her head pounded from what she thought was a hangover as she raised her hand up to rub the base of her very sore throat.   Blinking her eyes, Erica tried to think back but had no recollection other than last seeing Mr. Brown get up from the table and shaking Mr. Sato’s hand as they consummated the deal.  It had appeared to her that Mr. Brown was about to take his leave from the penthouse suite but that was all that she could remember since waking up naked on the king-sized bed.  Nipples sore and swollen, she then examined them, thinking ‘What a horrible pig that Mr. Sato is!  He sucked on them so much that I can see bruises!’  Reaching down between her thighs, Erica felt the matted curls of her pubic hair, then cringed upon dipping her middle finger into her sloppy hole and bringing it out to show her finger covered with a thick layer of filthy cum.  Turning to her side, she then winced from the pain up her ass.  Getting up finally, she gingerly made her way to the bathroom as her thighs ached so badly, Erica gasped at the sight of herself in the mirror’s reflection as her face was splotched with what was obviously dried semen.   

Upon getting back on the return flight, Erica got into the back of the limo that had come to pick them up and transport them back to the home office.  She was so glad to be given the rest of the day off by Mr. Sato as she felt too worn out and self-conscious to accompany the bastard back into the office.  She felt so worn physically and mentally that she couldn’t wait to get home and soak under a hot shower, at least in hopes of washing away the sins she had committed against her marital vows.  But on the ride back, with the darkened window drawn up between them and the driver, Erica was forced to get onto her knees one last time, taking Mr. Sato’s fat cock between her lips once again to give him another header.            
With three hours before her husband’s arrival home, Erica got the hot shower she had been looking forward to, along with using the potent douche that she had purchased on the way home.  She could only pray that it wasn’t too late, that she hadn’t got caught, for the timing of the month certainly was not on her side.  Examining herself in the mirror, Erica knew that she would have to keep her breasts covered at all times for the next week, as those bruises make it quite obvious as to what caused such bruises and how they got there.  Getting the tube of hydrocortisone cream from the medicine cabinet, she dabbed some on her finger, then used her finger to rub the cream onto the skin nips around her sensitive nipples to ease the pain.  Another dab on cream was put onto her middle finger, a larger dab this time, so she could apply it to where her ass was torn from the brutal fucking she had gotten back there that last night, unaware that Mr. Brown was to blame for it.   

Feeling so guilty, Erica was determined to cook her husband’s favorite dinner, thinking that it was the least she could do for him.  Though not much of a drinker, she poured herself a shot of vodka and downed it, feeling the warmth of it coursing through her body and steeling her resolve to not show any of the guilt that seemed to pouring out from her pores.   Then she told herself ‘Don’t feel guilty!  Think of it as a means of preserving your high paying job, saving your home in the process, as well as saving all the dreams of starting a family soon!’  She prayed that her husband would not be feisty in bed this evening, but she suspected otherwise in view of her being away.  More so, she prayed that her bruises would not be discovered and that her husband would not notice any difference ………that her cunny hole was obviously bigger than the last time they made love!

‘Was it all worth it?’ Erica asked of herself.  She had the misguided hope that she would not have to endure the filthy bastard’s clammy touch till the next time a business trip came up for her.  But that ride back in the limo, immediately following the vile act demanded of her, Erica had come to learn otherwise.  While on her knees and looking up at the fucking bastard, with her mouth full of his gooey cum, Mr. Sato had told her that “From tomorrow, when I call into my office for some dick-tation, you won’t need a notepad!”  ‘I ………..I can still quit ……………..find another job first ………..leaving it at what I’ve done ………………..and get away from the bastard!’ she thought.  But little did Erica know that Mr. Sato’s briefcase was equipped with a hidden spycam, operated by the remote in his pants pocket, that all her sexual encounters had been recorded.  Nor, of course, was she aware of the video taken of her being raped by Mr. Brown up in the penthouse suite.  

End of Story.