Conniving Asian Boss
(m/f, i/r, cons)
The Samurai Stud
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YF 202 Conniving Asian Boss

At the age of 26, Diane Mills couldn’t have been any happier with her long-time boyfriend and now fiancé were about to tie the knot.  She had worked as a legal secretary for a few years and then her fiancé, Jack Hamilton, had mentioned about a new firm from Japan about to open a plant in the city and was paying quite well to obtain quality help.

It was four months ago when the large ad in the classified came out announcing that Fuji Construction was looking to hire experienced secretaries, particularly those that had worked with law firms and with the preparation of contracts.  Diane couldn’t believe the salary range being offered to those qualified.

As Diane and Jack had wanted to save as much as possible so they could afford to buy a home as soon as possible, Diane felt that such an increase in pay would definitely speed their way to home ownership and happiness together.  Thus, she had taken a day off from her regular job to interview with this new company.

At the interview, Diane had learned from the human resources manager that most of the secretarial jobs in the executive offices were filled with personnel transferring in from a plant closure in a different city.  However, there were a few slots open there with the majority in the plant section, but pay at the plant was only slightly higher than what she was making now.

Diane was straightforward saying that she would be interested only in the positions in the executive offices.  She was made aware of the need for secretaries in the executive branch to travel at times but normally it would be a year after being with the firm.  Diane had no qualms with that upon hearing the higher pay that came with travel requirements.

That afternoon, Diane was ushered into the office of Mr. Ichiro Sato, a vice-president of Fuji Construction.  She learned that he was looking for a secretary, preferably a legal secretary from a law firm, as he basically dealt with contracts.  She had worn a nice pink dress and white heels for this interview, all of which were taken in by Mr. Sato.

In his mid-fifties, Ichiro Sato had jumped at the chance of going to the United States to set up the new plant.  When volunteers were sought to leave their homeland of Japan, the other managers had hesitated to make such a move, giving Ichiro the inside shot upon his eagerness in volunteering.  It was a dream come true for him, especially as it would be the key opportunity of making his life-long fantasy come true.

Only through magazines and American movies had Ichiro gotten the opportunity to view beautiful white women.  They looked so sexy to him versus the more conservative women in his homeland.  Fantasizing in his dreams, Ichiro loved nothing better than to bed a beautiful white gal, especially one who loathed his touch.  That would make the conquest that much more pleasurable to him!  He was especially attracted to beautiful young women with long blonde hair, thinking that the conquest would be that much more challenging if she was married to an American male.

With the amount of salary being offered, there had been a lot of women applying for the coveted positions and Mr. Sato had already interviewed over a dozen thus far.  However, none were as beautiful as Ms. Diane Mills, and Mr. Sato’s head told him so.  It was the throbbing head between his legs that had him convinced that the lovely Diane Mills would fit the bill perfectly.

Offered the high paying job that day, Diane readily accepted the position and began her employment at Fuji Construction three weeks later.  She loved the lush setting of the corporate office and was working directly under Mr. Sato, whom she had interviewed with.  Diane did feel a bit self-conscious whenever she was in Mr. Sato’s office, feeling rather awkward, as if his eyes were stripping her naked.

With her new high paying job along with Jack’s recent promotion and raise, they had gone house hunting one day and found their dream home.  With their new income level, they had managed to qualify for the mortgage and ended up signing for the purchase of their new home.  It was like a dream come true and now all they had to do was to save a bit more for the furnishing.  She and Jack decided that they would take possession of the new home upon their return from their honeymoon and start life in their dream home.

Upon hiring the lovely Ms. Mills, Ichiro had noticed the shiny diamond ring on her finger.  But she appeared a bit too innocent and Ichiro did not want any type of sexual harassment claim that he learned was rampant in the United States, deciding to merely enjoy the sight of her beauty in the office.  However, his desire to conquer the lovely beauty became overwhelming when he had received the wedding invitation in the mail, causing him to contemplate the exciting possibility of nailing the beauty just before she gave her wedding vows.  'Yes, it would be exciting to bed her just before the wedding!  Hmmm ……to have her walking down the aisle with my baby growing in her tummy!' he chuckled.

Making fast friends with the other secretaries in the executive suite, Diane began to feel a bit nervous at the rumors and innuendoes of what was required when a secretary went off on a so-called ‘business’ trip with her Japanese boss.  In fact, one secretary laughed at her rather naïve inquiries, telling her ‘Honey, you ain’t being paid the high salary you’re getting to just sit there and look pretty!”

As the executive offices totaled only about people and everyone got along well, Diane had decided to send wedding invitations to everyone, of course Mr. Sato had to be invited, especially as she was working directly for him.  Diane did not realize that by sending the wedding invitation out to Mr. Sato, he then became determined that she would be working for directly under him physically, in a way she would never have imagined.

In her bedroom, nervously packing her suitcase for the overnight trip, Diane could not help but contemplate her dilemma.   'I've been at Fuji Construction's executive offices for only three months!  When I started there, they told me that I had to be there for over a year before I'd be traveling on business trips!  Since I've started working, there's been awful rumors of what's expected of the secretaries that travel!  The insinuations that Mr. Sato made when he called me in to advise me of this trip made it so clear what he wants of me!  God, is it worth it?  Going on this trip just to keep my job?  'How can I do this to Jack?  We're getting married next Saturday!' she told herself.

Sighing in resignation that she had to keep her job or the dream home that she and Jack had just purchased would fade away, Diane closed up her overnighter bag and proceeded to change out of the blouse and shorts she was wearing.  Changing into her nightie, She got under the covers and turned off the lights, hoping to quit thinking of her upcoming trip and get some needed sleep.

The next day, following the business meeting that she had attended with Mr. Sato, Diane sat in the passenger seat as her boss headed back to their hotel.  Mr. Sato had made it all to clear what he was expecting from her and even taunted her about it.  Diane cringed as the bold man reached over to touch her thigh upon her dress.  She shivered in disgust as his hand moved to her bare thigh, caressing her bare skin and then slipped under her dress.

Ichiro loved the cringing of the lovely beauty as she clamped her thighs tightly together.  He taunted "I received your wedding invitation last month!"  Hearing the beauty sniffle and shudder, he continued taunting as he now rubbed her through her silky panties, then bodly commented "Such a sweet pussy!  Loosen up ……… know that's why you got the job in the executive offices!  Ahhh, Ms. Mills ………………you're going to be the perfect wife for Jack!"

Parked in the hotel parking lot, Ichiro couldn't not wait even a moment longer, enjoying the lovely blonde beauty's response as she looked away from him, trying to shut out the fact that he was touching her through her panties.  He just had to get some relief and used his left hand to slowly unzip his pants, then pulled his throbbing cock out into the open.  Then, quickly taking his hand from her panties, he grasped her long blonde hair and pulled it toward him.

To her horror, Diane observed what her devilish boss had done, stammering "Wh ………what is that doing out?"  With her boss's fingers tightly entwined in her long blonde hair, Diane found herself being pulled down ………..right onto his jutting penis.  She shuddered in revulsion as the thick cock pushed up between her lips, realizing the indignity of what he want her to do right out in the hotel parking lot where people could be passing by.  "C'mon, suck it!  Suck my cock!  You want to get ahead in this company ………….you got to make with the head!" she heard him say.

"Ummm ………….arghhhh!" came the sputtering from the struggling beauty in his lap as her right hand grasped the steering wheel tightly in order to push herself up from his oozing cock.  Now, with both hands on top of her head, Ichiro forced her to suck him off.  Somehow the bitch managed to spit his cock out and he yanked her hair hard, yelling at her "What's it doing out, Miss Mills?  Get it back in your mouth, bitch!"

Stroking to soft golden hair, pumping his hips up into her face, Ichiro fucked in and out of the bride-to-be's tight little mouth.  "I'm glad I'm teaching you how to please a man with you beautiful mouth!  Just think, when you get married next week, you can show him just what you've learned on the job!" he taunted.  "Ahhhh, yeah!  Ahhhhh, yeahhhhh!" he groaned.

"Hmmm…………hmmmmm ………hmmm!" came the mewling around his cock as he fucked her succulent mouth.  "Ahhhhhhhhh ………….yeah, that feels goodddd!  Ah, Miss Mills ………….I'm gonna cum …………….I'm gonna cum in your mouth!  Eat it ………….eat it all!" he moaned.  Reaching over with his right hand, Ichiro lifted the hem of her dress and felt her soft white ass, then began fingering her through her panties.  Then, slipping his fingers under her panties, he began finger fucking her.

Ichiro couldn't hold back any longer "Swallow it …………..swallow it, Miss Mills!  Ughhhhh ………..ahhhhhhhhh …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm cumming in your mouth, Miss Mills!  Swallow it all!"  He loved the sound of the innocent beauty gagging on his load, loved to hear her mewling in horror of the degrading act being forced upon her.  Shuddering from head to toe from the fantastic blowjob, Ichiro had just reaped a big bonus for coming to America.

As the blonde beauty sputtered in revulsion and lifted her head from his spent cock, Ichiro felt his pants become sopping wet and discovered that she could not handle his jizz but instead had gagged and spit it all out, right onto his black pants.  "Stupid little bitch!  Look what you did ……………you dumb bitch!  Bitch ………… you're going to pay, bitch!  Wait till I get your fucking ass in the room, bitch!" he growled.
"Let's go, bitch!" her boss ordered as she got out of the car.  Headed to the hotel entrance, Diane quivered as her lecherous boss let his hand drop from her waist to caress her ass.  With other hotel guests walking a bit behind them, she could only wonder what thoughts were going through their minds.  She knew her boss was pissed for her staining his black pants, and that was confirmed when he pushed her into the hotel room, snarling "Get your ass in there, bitch!  Now I can give you the real wedding present!"

Diane nervously sat on the edge of the bed as her boss plopped himself down upon the top of the dresser.  "Take off your clothes!" came the demand.  Standing up in resignation, she began to undo the top of her gray business outfit.  "Slowly!" her boss added.  Taking off her gray top, she turned and blinked back the tears as Mr. Sato tauntingly asked "You gonna promise Jack you're going to be a loving and faithful wife?  You know that's not going to last very long, don't you?  You know you're going to have to keep spreading your long sexy legs for me, don't you?"

Diane tried to think of other things, thinking of her new home, her loving fiancé in order to put this ordeal she was going through out of her mind.  Removing the matching gray skirt, she shuddered as she heard her boss's evil voice advise "Now the bra!"  Undoing her pink bra, Diane blinked back the tears as Mr. Sato demanded "Now let me see that pussy!"  Peeling down her panties, Diane stepped out of them as Mr. Sato next ordered "Now get your ass up on the bed Miss Mills!"  Dressed only in her black heels, she scooted up on the bed in compliance, quivering up in the fetal position.

Ichiro couldn't believe how much power and control he wielded in running the plant.  Here was a lovely bride-to-be that needed her job to help with the household finances.  He could not believe that she would be willing to sell her virtue but he certainly enjoyed humiliating the young beauty.  To humiliate her further, he advised "Now, you know what I want you to do for me, Ms. Mills …………… with yourself!  Show me what I'll be sampling today!"

As the shamed bride-to-be opened her legs and began to finger herself, Ichiro taunted "Play with that pussy, Ms. Mills!  Why don't you show me what the beautiful bride is giving her husband next week?  Yeah, Jack's getting himself a real prize next week, isn't he?"  He smiled as he watched her blink back the tears and turn her head away from him in shame.  "Ahh, you look so pretty playing with yourself, Miss Mills!" he added.

"Why do you keep watching me?" the beauty sniffled.  "Would you like a hand?" Ichiro laughed.  "Yeah, baby …………..rub that horny pussy of yours!  Hmmm, you look really good, Miss Mills!  Your husband's gonna be a real lucky man!" he added.  Then a thought struck him and he told the sexy beauty "I have an idea!  Save me a dance at the wedding reception!  Pick out a nice dark corner for our dance, sweetie!  Be sure it’s a real dark corner …………..cause we don't want anyone seeing the bride with her hand down her boss's pants …………..whacking him off ……… we?"

"I bet you've never let anyone see you do this!  Not even the man you're going to marry!  It's your dirty little secret, isn't it Miss Mills?" Ichiro advised.  Then he heard the beauty whimper "I wish you wouldn't watch me!  I wish you'd just get it over with!"  "Get it all hot and juicy for me!  I'm going to make you feel so good, Miss Mills!" he countered.

Moving up to the bed, Ichiro reached out to caress the soft flesh of her sexy leg, moving his hand up to her cuntlips, taunting "You look so scared but I know you must love this!"  He loved it as the young beauty visibly shivered as he touched her pussy, then he inserted his finger between her slushy folds and said "Your pussy's so wet, Miss Mills!"

Lying on the bed, Diane forced herself to remain there, knowing that she would be out of the much needed job if she refused her demented boss.  "I can't believe you're making me do this?  Is this the only way you can get yourself a woman ………….by holding her job over her head!" she commented, hoping that by demeaning him it would change his mind.

But Ichiro was prepared and really didn't give a damn how he got to bed a sweet little beauty like this.  "You mean you're ashamed, Miss Mills!  But I've only got my finger in you!  Just wait till I get my cock in that horny pussy of yours!  Jack's getting himself a true faithful wife, isn't he?  I'll be sure to set up another business trip when you get back from your honeymoon, sweetie!" he retorted.

"How's that finger feel in your pretty pussy?" Ichiro asked as he finger-fucked the shamed beauty.  "Bitch ………….you going to lie to Jack next week at the alter?  Just think, you'll be getting in some practice just an hour before you go up to the bridal suite!  Jack will be so proud to learn what his little bitch is doing to help out with the finances!  Yeah ………….getting married next week ……………and here you are playing with yourself in front of another man!  Yeah, Jack's getting himself a real prize next week!" he added.

"I'm so ashamed!" the young beauty sobbed as he continued to taunt her while finger-fucking her juicing cunt.  It was just what Ichiro had hoped for, having a young blonde beauty at his mercy like this, taunting her further "Think Jack is man enough to take care of a hot little bitch like you?  You'll be begging to come on another business trip soon, you little bitch!  He's getting himself a beautiful cocksucker of a wife, isn't he?"  He knew he was getting to her with his fingers fucking in and out, for now her own fingers had returned to rub at her sensitive slit.

"Now, are you ready to see what this business meeting is all about?" Ichiro asked.  "This is wrong!  This is so wrong!" the bride-to-be sobbed in response.  "What don't you tell him I'll be teaching you how to swallow it all on your next business trip!  Ahhh, you're one hot little number, Miss Mills!  He'll be so proud of you when you learn how to eat it all!  I can't wait till next week and attend your wedding, Miss Mills!" Ichiro added.

Wanting to degrade the bride-to-be even further, Ichiro pulled his drenched and slimy finger out of her pussy, then placed it before her stunned faced.  "Smell your pussy!  Taste it!  C'mon, put it in your mouth!  Suck it!  Suck it!" he ordered at the shocked beauty, rubbing his finger against her tightly clenched lips.  Forcing his juicy finger into her mouth, he made her taste herself by licking his finger clean.

As her boss had her get back down to a sitting position at the edge of the bed, Diane was then forced to spread her legs as her evil boss stunned her by putting his face between her widespread thighs.  Horrified, Diane stammered out "No ……….no one's ever done that to me before!  Wh …………what if I don't like it?"  Then she realized that her awful boss didn't give a damn whether she like it or not and he was doing as he damned pleased.  Shivering from the unwanted sensations coursing through her body, Diane lay back upon the bed, crossing her arms over her face to block out the slurping taking place between her legs.

Diane could feel the juices flowing as her boss's tongue flicked and lapped at the slick cuntlips.  She did not want to respond to this evil man but the sensations between her thighs forced her to cross her legs around his head, squeezing her juices out to feed the man as she locked her heels across his back.  Biting her lips, Diane grabbed the nearby pillow and covered her face with it.  She covered her mouth with her hand so as not to moan out loud and giving her boss the pleasure that he had gotten her all hot and horny.

As she lay there, Diane felt her boss move back some.  Then she felt him caressing her legs and removing her heels and shuddered as he began lapping and slurping upon her tiny toes.  "Such pretty feet, Miss Mills!" she heard him comment, then felt and heard the wet slurping as he sucked her tiny toes.  'Think of something else!  Put your mind far …….far away!  Don't let yourself respond to him!' she told herself as her demented boss once again began feasting between her thighs.

Clasping a hand tightly over her mouth, Diane kept herself from moaning and screaming out in pleasure as her deviant boss literally ate her out.  She couldn't believe the pleasure that she was deriving from this deviant sexual act being forced upon her, her body betraying her as she shivered from the exquisite pleasure.  Then she arched up as a mind-shattering orgasm shook her petite body, feeding her sweet honey into her boss's hungry mouth.

Having momentarily passed out from pleasure, Diane reopened her eyes to see that her smirking boss and stripped off his clothing.  She shuddered as she viewed his paunchy body, one so different from her fiance's athletic one.  Viewing his bared cock in hand, she feared that he would go back on his word, telling him flatly "You promised!  We're not going to do this without a condom!"  Suddenly, her boss tossed a foil packet to her.  Stunned, looking at the packet in her hand, she stammered "What ……….what am I supposed to do with this?  Jack always take of this!"

Ichiro just laughed at the innocent beauty's plight and responded "Well, bitch ……….if you want some protection, you had better learn how to put it on my cock!"  He chuckled as he viewed her horrified face as she fumbled with the condom, trying to figure out just how to put it on.  "Hurry up, I want you to give your wedding present now!" he ordered.  Once she got it on, Ichiro pushed the pretty blonde back and spread her legs wide as he got into position.

Diane resigned to her fate as Mr. Sato shuffled up between her legs.  She closed her eyes and cringed, knowing that in a week she would be marrying the man she loved but yet she was about to allow another man to have sex with her.  Gripping the bedspread tightly, heart pounding madly, she felt she probing between her legs.

Hearing the sexy blonde whimper as he got his cock in position, Ichiro wished that her fiance could see her at this very moment.  "Ahhhh, you little bitch ………….yeah!" he moaned as he shoved his rubber-coated cock into her tight little snatch.  "Oh, if Jack could only see his precious little bride-to-be right now!  Stuffed with another man's cock!" he taunted the distressed beauty.

Having felt the thickness of the cock that was now probing at her, she realized how much thicker it was in comparison to Jack’s.  Diane willed herself to just lay there, trying to think of other things and not respond to this awful man.  She gritted her teeth in pain as the thick cock was forced into the tight opening, shivering as it slid deep into her.

Sawing in and out of the lovely beauty, he loved her moans and whimpers.  "A week from your wedding and you've got another man's cock in ya!  Think Jack would marry you now?" Ichiro asked.  Then the lovely beauty's moans became louder as he continued pumping into her, a clear indication that the fuck pleasure was getting to her.  "Tell me you love it!  Tell me you love my big cock in ya!" he taunted.

"Oh, baby ……………..Jack must have a real tiny little pecker!  You're so fucking tight!" Diane heard her boss gloat as he pumped in and out of her tight slit.  Moaning out loud pleasure, Diane refused to give her evil boss the pleasure of hearing her beg for it, thus she gritted her teeth as silently thought 'Yes ………….yes ……….deeper ……….deeper!  Fuck your big cock deeper!'

As the thick lengthy cock slid in and out of her, rubbing against her sensitive clit, Diane could not help but feel the unwanted pleasure course throughout her body.  Her body began to undulate under her heavy boss, arching up now to meet each of his thrusts into her.  Finally, lacking all control and willpower, Diane wrapped her arms and legs around Mr. Sato and clutched at him while now fucking back eagerly.

Diane was nearing an orgasm and sensed that Mr. Sato would soon be cumming in the safety of the condom.  She was so relieved in having insisted that he brought along a condom, fearing the dreaded consequences that would lie ahead without the protection.  At least here would be no horrid repercussions from this indiscretion a week from her wedding day.

Caught up in the fuck act, Diane could only feel the pleasure building within her young body and sought that ultimate release, even though it was not with her loving Jack.  Abruptly, Mr. Sato stopped suddenly and the pleasure giving cock was being withdrawn from her.  Diane did not know what was taking place, then realized that Mr. Sato was pulling off the protective condom.  "What …………what are you doing?  Please ……………no ………. put it back on ………you must wear a condom!  Please ………..please ………’ll get me pregnant!” she pleaded desperately.

Struggling against the older and stronger man, Diane sobbed as Mr. Sato ordered "Turn around, cunt!  I'm going to fuck you like the bitch you really are!"  Turned over onto all fours, Diane winced as her pudgy boss forced his now bared cock back into her.  As the bared cock sliced in and out of her, it rekindled Diane’s desire for the ultimate orgasm that lay ahead.  Regardless of the unthinkable consequences from this horrid mating, she could only gasp and groan as the pleasure-giving shaft pumped faster and faster in her juicing slit.

Already so near to the ultimate climax, her boss's cock once again began to have her soaring to the heights.  'Oh, God …………….it feels so good!  Oh, yes ………..yes ……………fuck me …………..fuck me like a bitch! Make me your little bitch!' she secretly prayed in seeking that mind-shattering climax.

"Ahhh, Miss Mills ………….I'm going to make that belly swell up with a little baby!   You're going to be walking down the aisle with my baby growing in your belly!  You're a bitch, aren't you ……………letting another man fuck you a week before your wedding!  I'm going to enjoy seeing you walk down the aisle in your wedding gown!" Ichiro taunted.

"Ahhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhh ………..ahhhh ………….ahhhhhhh ………ahhhh!  Ummmm ……………ummmmmm ………….ahhhhhhhh ………….ohhhhhh!" Diane moaned.  "Ahhhhhh …………….yessss ………..ohhhhhhh ………..mmmmm ……….oh, God …………..yes …………………….I'm cumminggggggggg!" she screamed.

"Yeah, bitch ………………I'm gonna fill ya up with cum!  I'm going to help you and Jack get started on the family you're planning on!  Ahhhhhh …………..ahhhhhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhh, yeah …………..babyyyyyyy!" Ichiro groaned as he dumped his thick load of cum into the bride-to-be's fertile womb.

With the young beauty in a fucked out daze, Mr. Sato slowly let his now dwindling cock ease out of her ravaged slit.  He looked down and smiled as a thick river of his potent cum began oozing out of the young bride-to-be, drooling down onto the bed.  He wished that her fiancé were present at this very moment to see his beautiful bride-to-be in her glory.

Having rested up a bit from that most satisfying fuck, Ichiro was ready for more as he turned the dazed beauty over onto her side as he slipped his cock into her.  “You love it, don't you, Miss Mills?  You're a little whore aren't you?" he asked.  Pumping in and out of the lovely beauty, Ichiro told her "When you're married, Miss Mills …………'re going to invite me over for dinner one night!  Then you're going to slip some sleeping pills into Jack's coffee!  And we're going to fuck all night long, right in the bed that you and Jack share together!"

"Oh, you're going to be wicked on your wedding night aren't you?  You're going to be jerking me off right on the dance floor, aren't you?  You're going to have me creaming in your hand just before you go up to the honeymoon suite, aren't you?" Diane heard her boss taunting.  All she could do was to moan in pleasure, wanting more of the fabulous fucking that she was getting.  She cringed as her boss continued taunting her with "You're so fucking tight!  I've got to stretch your pussy out for your wedding next week!"

"You're just a little slut, aren't you, Miss Mills!  Letting me fuck you a week before the wedding!  And you're going to jerk me off a few hours after you say your vows, aren't you, sweetie?  You're going to practice taking dicktation …………..gotta swallow it all the next time!  You little slut!" Ichiro added tauntingly as he fucked the little blonde beauty.  'Ahhhh, this is the American dream cum true!' he chuckled to himself.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Diane moaned as the thick cock once again sliced into her and became a part of her.  “Ahhhhhh ………….ahhhhhh ………..ahhhhhh …………ahhhhhhh!” she groaned as Mr. Sato began to fuck in and out of her clenching lips.  She felt his hands grasping her hips, then felt him begin to fuck into her faster and faster.  Diane shivered with pleasure, wanting that thick cock within her to once again take her to the heights never before reached with her loving fiancé.

“Hmmm ……hmmm ………hmmm ……………yes …………..yes ………….fuck me ………….fuck me like the real bitch I am!  I’m a bitch ………….I'm a bitch …….letting you fuck me a week before marrying Jack ……………..fuck me ………………..shoot your hot cum in me again!” she moaned.  “Oh, yesssss ……………..cum …………cum in me!  Fuck your baby in me!  Oh, God ……………….I’m cumminggggggggg!”

Lying behind the sexy beauty, still joined to her as only a man and wife should be, Ichiro's cock twitched his now dwindling cock in the well-filled slit.  He smiled upon feeling the squeezing of her cunt muscles in response to his twitch.  He caressed her soft creamy white ass, enjoying the sight of this lovely woman who would soon be married, wondering if her honeymoon would bring her as much physical pleasure as she had received today.  How he wished that the man she would soon be marrying were there to see another man’s cum drooling out of her cunt and onto the bed.

Caressing her soft white ass, the devious boss began thinking about making plans to have this beauty accompany him on another business trip.  He had learned that following the wedding, the bride and her husband would be on a cruise and would be returning a week later to set up their new home together.  Once she returned to work, he would give her a week before springing the next business trip upon her.

Sitting alone in her apartment the next Friday night, Diane could not think of what else was needed wedding the next day.  In fact, she had trouble through out the entire week on concentrating, thinking only of that recent business trip and having another man possess her body.  As she continued sitting, Diane pondered her future 'Oh, God …..tomorrow's the wedding day!  How can I wear my white wedding gown, knowing I've already been unfaithful to Jack!  It'll be so awful knowing Mr. Sato will be there smirking as I walk down the aisle! Before I left work the other day, Mr. Sato called me aside and reminded me to save him a dance at the reception!  God, he wants me to jerk him off right on the dance floor ………………to make him cum right in my hand!'

But Diane could not stem the wicked thoughts that filled her mind.  'He's twice as big as Jack!  God, it felt so wicked to have a man force his cock and in mouth and satisfy himself that way!  Why didn't I put up any resistance at all?  Damn, it felt so good to have a man just take me for his own pleasure ……………fucking me any way he pleased!  I hope Jack won't be as gentle as he always has been thus far in bed ……………….I hope he just grabs me and throws me down on the bed …………..take me and satisfy himself in me!' Diane thought silently as she looked down at her diamond ring.

End of Story.