Con’s Revenge - X
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a
direct continuation of the earlier story entitled: ‘Con’s Revenge – 9’
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Bound and gagged to the chair, Dan Redman tried to shake out the cobwebs as he began to regain consciousness.  Blinking once, then again, shaking his aching head Dan could not believe his eyes.  Then it came back to him, that he had arrived home to find ………………….to find his beautiful wife in bed ……………………..with a vile convict whom he had earlier put behind bars.

‘It can’t be ………………….it can’t be …………………it can’t be Vanessa!’ he told himself as he gazed at his beautiful young wife kneeling on the bed and sucking Braxton Brown's huge black cock like a wanton slut.  But it was Vanessa his wife …………going down on the ex-con, something she had always refused to do for him.  Bound and gagged, dazed and woozy, all he could do was sit and watch the lewd disgusting scene play out before his very eyes.
As Dan struggled to make sense of it all, he watched his loving wife atop their marital bed, dressed nicely in a black and white plaid dress and 3" black heels.  It was incomprehensible that Vanessa was actually sucking the black ex-con's cock for all she was worth.  Dan then noted that he had been stripped naked and his cock was rock hard.

‘How can this be?’ Dan wondered as his stomach lurched in disgust in seeing Vanessa so wantonly servicing Braxton Brown's cock.  Yet his own cock was rock hard and sporting quite an erection.  Unbeknownst to him, while knocked out Braxton Brown had stripped him naked and lashed his unconscious body to the chair, the cunning ex-con's accomplice, had slipped a dose of Viagra into his mouth and down his throat.  By the time he had regained consciousness, the potent drug was coursing through his bloodstream and his cock was at full attention.

"Well, well, well, what have we here?" Dan heard as his reverie was interrupted.  He looked in the direction of the voice, shocked to see a woman he momentarily mistook to be his wife.  Dan recognized the outfit she was wearing as one of Vanessa's, and her hair color and style was almost identical to that of his wife's.  But it only took a second for Dan to see through the disguise and then he remembered her to be the same woman he'd met at the airport, and that he'd momentarily mistook her to be Vanessa then, too.

Then Dan blushed as he realized the woman's taunting comment was in reference to his obvious state of full sexual arousal.  However, the way Braxton Brown had tied his legs to the chair, there was nothing he could do to hide the fact that his cock was in fact in a state of full sexual arousal.  Then he recalled an earlier event, just when he had observed Braxton and his wife in bed, the ex-con had gloated “Hey, Danny boy ……………still think a sophisticated white woman wouldn’t fall fer the likes of someone like me?”

Hearing Lila Turner's comment had momentarily drawn Vanessa's attention away from the business at hand, sucking Braxton Brown's cock.  She blushed, realizing that her husband had regained consciousness and caught her in the midst of performing such a lewd and wanton sexual act, a sex act she had steadfastly refused to perform on her own husband.  But the expression on her face soon shifted from that of shame and remorse to that of the proverbial ‘cat that swallowed the canary’!

Vanessa sat up and looked pleadingly into her husband's eyes, the look of ‘Oh honey, please …………………...this isn't what you think!’ quickly gave way to a sinister sneer as the meaning of Lila's taunting comment sank in and Vanessa realized that Lila wasn't referring to the lewd, wanton sexual act that she had been performing.  Instead, Lila's comment was actually directed to Dan for his shameless state of sexual arousal.
With Vanessa now believing that her husband’s erection was a sign of his approval, she now thought that Dan in fact wanted to see her engage in unbridled sex with the likes of big black Braxton Brown.  Her initial shame and humiliation in having been caught in the act was quickly replaced with her own increase in sexual arousal as she went back to servicing her black lover with renewed vigor.  Tightening her grip on his fantastic cock, she went down on him, fucking her face onto his thick black pole.

Lila and Braxton continued to taunt Dan for his state of sexual arousal in watching his wife going down on her lover's black cock.  “Damn, Dan …………………..ya got yerself one helleva cocksucker here!  Jezz, she’s better’n the fuck’n pros!” Braxton Brown taunted.  And then they cheered as Vanessa shuffled up into position and squatted over the muscular ex-con and fitted his huge black cock into her cunt.  After dropping her weight down upon Braxton’s hips, impaling herself in the process, Vanessa then began to fuck him with wild abandon.
A moment later, Lila excused herself, taunting Dan that as much as she'd enjoy staying and watching the show, she was off on another shopping spree.  Dan, of course, did not yet know about Lila's involvement in the scam, and how she had drained the bank accounts and had run up credit card bills while posing as Vanessa.  For the moment, everything was just a blur to Dan Redman, just a bad dream.  He was still trying to piece it all together but that would have to come later on.  In the meantime, his attention was drawn back to the scene taking place on his marital bed.

Two hours later, Vanessa and Braxton were still at it, for the third time in that two-hour span of time.  Vanessa seemed insatiable as her body shook and quivered uncontrollably as she succumbed to a mind-numbing orgasm.  Then, after resting a short time to catch her breath, she was after Braxton again, spurring him on to another go-round like a cock-hungry nymphomaniac.  It was certainly a side of his beautiful wife that Dan had never before seen.
“Well, well, well, still at it like a couple of minks, I see!” Dan heard as Lila returned from her brief shopping spree.  With the bank accounts drained and credit cards maxed out, it was only the money she'd swiped from Dan's wallet when they'd stripped him down and tied him to the chair left to spend.  And for Lila, it didn't take long for her to blow right through that.  Lila then flashed a sardonic smile at him as he was still bound and gagged to the chair with his cock still rock hard and aching.  And there was the unmistakable look of distress and resignation in his eyes.

“Here, lover boy, let me help you out here!” Lila taunted as she reached over and took his cock in her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.  After two hours of watching his wife and her black lover fucking like newlyweds on their wedding night, Dan couldn't help but be sexually aroused.  It only took a few strokes for Dan to shudder and erupt in Lila's expert hand.

Lila had first coaxed him to cum, fisting him so expertly, and now he was in for an embarrassing taunting.  “Danny boy!  My goodness ……………..shame, shame …………………….and only after four quick stokes!” Lila laughed out loud.  “Eeeeck …………………….you came all over my hand ………………….and look at the mess you made all over yourself and on the carpeting!” he was scolded.  Dan then realized that his wife’s eyes were directed at him.  She had watched his pathetic performance from their marital bed while in the throes of sexual ecstasy with a ‘real’ man.
By the time Braxton untied Dan Redman, the young attorney was a beaten man, resigned to his fate and whatever terms and conditions Braxton Brown dictated.  It was a complete success for Braxton as the fuck’n wimp unconditionally agreed to all of his terms and conditions for the punk was just too shamed and humiliated to offer any resistance.  The young pup was fearful that if word of Vanessa's having become a wanton slave for black cock became known to the higher ups at Dan's law firm, his reputation and career would be destroyed.
Meanwhile, Vanessa had lost any respect for her wimpy husband or interest in him sexually for that matter.  She now preferred her well-hung black lover who possessed the size, stamina and technique to satisfy her sexually.  She had been a witness to Dan's pathetic performance while bound and gagged while being forced to watch her indulge in an unchaste, wanton two-hour fuckfest with the black ex-con.

After all, her wimpy husband had just passively sat there watching her having sex with Braxton Brown for more than two hours, never losing his erection as he watched.  Then, with just a gentle squeeze and a few quick strokes by Lila, her husband had pathetically shot his pent-up load.  Of course, neither Vanessa nor Dan knew that the whole thing had been an ingenious set up and that drugs had been surreptitiously administered to ensure that both husband and wife unwittingly played right into the scam.
But Braxton's cunning plan couldn't have played out any better as he was in hog heaven, reaping the benefits.  However, fate was about to deal Braxton Brown an unexpected dividend.  Six weeks after nailing Vanessa for the first time, lying in the Redman’s marital bed after an afternoon fuck, the young wife meekly begged off on seeing him during the upcoming weekend, explaining that Dan's 24 year old kid sister would be in town for the weekend and staying with them during her visit.  The naive young wife went on to confide that Dan's sister Stephanie was an airline fight attendant and was dead-heading in for the weekend to visit.

Braxton Brown had always had a thing for sexy stews.  Hearing about Stephanie Redman's impending visit, his interest was certainly piqued.  In the process of finessing additional information out of Vanessa, she produced a snapshot of the young flight attendant that got the cunning ex-con's cock immediately hard and the wheels turning as to how to nail the young beauty.  Vanessa Redman unwittingly revealed that Stephanie and Dan had always been very close as well as the fact that Stephanie was engaged to be married.
It was all too perfect, if only Braxton could come up with a plan to pull it off.  He decided the smart play was to agree with Vanessa's request to pass on seeing her during the upcoming weekend.  Instead, he would pressure Stephanie's brother to throw in with him on his plan to nail the gorgeous young stew.  Besides, rather than waste his sperm on Vanessa who announced her pregnancy to him that afternoon, Brax’s intention was to now store up a hefty reserve of potent black semen for Stephanie instead.  And according to Vanessa Redman, there was no doubt that it was he who had done the honors.
Braxton set up a face to face with Dan, telling him they had to meet after work the next day.  He then laid out his plan to nail Stephanie Redman and delivered his ultimatum to the badgered young pup of an attorney.  Dan refused but Braxton was quite prepared for his refusal and quickly reminded the cuckold husband who was in charge and who was calling the shots.

Dan Redman then changed gears and tried instead to reason with Braxton, explaining that Stephanie was not part of the sordid arrangement and that she shouldn't be included in the deal.  The cuckold husband pleaded that Braxton had already put himself and his wife through enough, also to make matters worse, Vanessa had just told him of her pregnancy.  Braxton just smiled, then put it in such a way that Dan had no other choice but throw in with him on the scam or face the consequences.  However, Braxton did offer to spare the attorney's young sister the indignities Vanessa endured if he agreed to the arrangement.

It had been satisfying for Braxton Brown to prove to the upstart young attorney that a prim and proper white woman could in fact be transformed into a wanton slave for black cock.  In the process, he had transformed and reduced Dan Redman to a cuckold husband.  But Braxton Brown was not the type of man to be satisfied, especially if a ripe opportunity arose such as this.  Almost any other man would have been satisfied with such a windfall, and to have a woman as lovely, stylish and classy as Vanessa Redman at his beck and call, but Braxton Brown was not like almost any other man.
Braxton spelled out the details of his plan, ordering Dan to insist that Vanessa accompany Lila on a ‘girls’ night out’ so that Dan could have a little one on one time with his sister.  Lila would ensure that she kept Vanessa out all night, clearing the deck for Braxton to have a long and uninterrupted evening of sex with the innocent young sexy stewardess.  Phase two of Braxton's plan was for Dan to insist that he and Stephanie go out on the town for a nice dinner and Braxton would arrange to meet them while they were out for after-dinner drinks.  Dan would then introduce Braxton to Stephanie, claiming they were old friends and then insist that Braxton join them for drinks.

Following Stephanie Redman’s arrival early that evening, the night was one of exhilaration for Braxton upon seeing the lovely young woman accompany her brother to dinner and drinks while still decked out in her uniform.  Brax enjoyed the look of sadness and resignation on Dan's face as the scam played out, enjoyed the look of disgust and revulsion in Stephanie’s eyes in having to politely accept Braxton's invitation to dance with him.  Even more, Brax enjoyed feeling her squirm and try to demurely pull away as he held her close on the dance floor and sensing her obvious shock and discomfort as his huge cock ground suggestively against her crotch.

Then, on Braxton's subtle cue, Dan announced that it was getting late and time for he and Stephanie to head for home.  Braxton bid them goodnight, telling Stephanie how much he enjoyed the dances and wishing her well in her upcoming marriage.  Breathing a sigh of relief in thinking her ordeal with Braxton Brown was over, Stephanie never suspected that the cunning black stud was in fact following them home.  However, in spite of herself, Stephanie couldn't help but notice that she felt a sensuous tingle between her legs as she reminisced about the feel of being in Braxton Brown's strong arms on the dance and the feel of his thick cock grinding against her as they glided as one to the music.  She chided herself and then dismissed the thought.
Once home, Dan poured them each a nightcap and, as per Braxton's instructions, slipped the potent drug into his sister's drink.  By the time Stephanie finished her drink, she was all but out on her feet and everything seemed to be moving in slow motion.  She was lost in a delicious, hypnotic and dreamlike state, only vaguely aware that Braxton Brown had suddenly appeared and that he and Dan were helping her to bed.  She could hear that the black man and her brother were talking, but the meaning of their words was unintelligible in her drugged condition.  She just surrendered herself to the dreamlike haze that engulfed her.
Meanwhile, to hedge his bet, Braxton took a moment to pour himself and his unwilling accomplice a drink, adding a dose of Viagra to Dan's.  It had worked once, so why not try it a second time?  While Dan gulped down his drink, Braxton went about setting up the tripod and camcorder, then went to the bed and got down to business with the drugged out stewardess.  “Ya think yer purty little sister is cherry, Dan?” Braxton asked.  As Dan swallowed nervously, then shaking his head “No …………….I don’t think so!  She and Jim ……………..her fiancé …………are living together ……………….for the past four months!”

Dan prayed that the drugs would effectively washed away all but a very sketchy memory what occurred in his home, hoping that Stephanie would dismiss everything from after the drinks at the club as being a very intense and erotic dream.  With his beautiful sister now lying upon the bed, still dressed in her flight attendant’s uniform, Dan wanted to step in and protect her as he had always done while growing up.  He shuddered, racked with guilt and remorse for his part in the setting up his sister, watching as Braxton Brown’s large black paws began to caress Stephanie’s trim white legs.

“Ah, yer sister’s so fuck’n beautiful …………… purty, Danny boy!  Yeah ………………so fuck’n soft and sexy!  Ya know, Danny boy ………………………ya gotta try this sometime ………………….……………nothing beats raping a beautiful little bitch …………………………………always gits my boner up harder than hell!  Heh, heh ……………………and I’s gonna rape yer purty little sister right now ……………….and jist think ……………………….she might jist be walking down the aisle with a little black bastard in her tummy!” he laughed.

Dan shuddered as he watched Stephanie’s uniform skirt being pushed up, revealing her long trim legs and then her white panties, causing Dan’s cock to twitch in excitement.  Then, thick black fingers were tugging at the waistband and slowly dragging the silky garment down over his baby sister’s trim hips to reveal her soft golden curls.  Panties dragged down Stephanie’s legs, only to be left dangling from one heel.

As Brax’s kinky head disappeared between Stephanie's trim wide-splayed legs, Dan felt his cock twitch with excitement upon hearing the slurping sounds commence.  “Nnnnnn ……………….nnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………………nnnnnnnnn!” came moans as Stephanie tossed her head about on the bed, her long silky hair whipping back and forth.  “Nnnnnn ……………….nnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned loudly, her body tensing and going rigid from the results of a mind-shattering orgasm.

 Up between he widespread legs, Braxton then pushed her uniform jacket apart and proceeded to undo the buttons of her white blouse.  Blouse unbuttoned, Dan watched as Stephanie’s thin lacy white bra being pushed up to reveal her perfect and beautiful breasts, each capped by a pink aureole.  ‘Oh, Stephanie’s got such beautiful breasts!’ Dan thought.  Then Braxton Brown was hungrily suckling upon her left breast, soon following with the right twin as Stephanie withered about in a dreamlike state.  And when Braxton lifted his kinky head up, Stephanie’s pink nipples were standing erect from the mouthing they had received.

After shucking off his clothing, Brax climbed up onto the bed as the camcorder rolled, getting into position to rape the beautiful flight attendant while her ‘protective’ big brother looked on in horror.  First the white boy’s pretty wife, and now his beautiful younger sister had Brax sporting quite an aching boner that cried for relief.
“C’mon, Danny boy ……………………get into the spirit of it ………………get outta yer clothes!”  Brax insists.

As the punk reluctantly complied, Brax smiled as it was just as he had anticipated, the Viagra had taken effect on the whiteboy.   Beat red in humiliation and shame,
Dan Redman was sporting quite a boner.   But now, Brax wanted to add insult to injury as he called out “Hey, Danny boy ……………….comes on over here and helps me git my cock into ya sweet little baby sister!”  As the punk sheepishly came over reached between them, Brax gloatingly chuckled “Ahhhh, that’s it, Danny boy …………….rub it up and down her tight little gash …………………git it greased up some!”

Not wanting Stephanie to get pregnant from this vile rape, Dan meekly offered “Please, let me get you a condom first!  She might get pregnant!  I ………………..I bought you a box of Magnums!”  Though that size was a rather snug fit, it was usable but when the punk opened up the box, Brax advised “Shit, that Magnums but …………………..I’s need the X-Large size!  Ain’t gonna be able to git it on …………………but don’t ya worry …………………I’s be real careful and pull out in time!”  Of course, Brax has no intention of pulling out, intent on planting his seed deep in her fertile womb.

“Argghhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..ah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the groan from above as Braxton Brown forced his oversized cock up into Stephanie’s way too tight cunny.  And brother Dan was then forced to pull his hand from between the two bodies, allowing Braxton to get his lengthy foot-long black cock fully embedded up into Stephanie’s petite ivory white body.  Dan shuddered at the thought of having his younger sister unexpectedly see a little black bastard come up from between her legs nine months from now.  Then he was being ordered to “Git yer ass above her head and hold her sexy legs up fer me, Danny boy!”

Obeying and getting onto the bed above Stephanie’s head, Dan held her legs high in a wife ‘V’ as Braxton Brown proceeded to rape his baby sister.  He didn’t want to look but could not turn away from the erotic sight of seeing the lengthy black tube of flesh disappearing entirely into Stephanie’s petite body and then reappearing once again, only to disappear a few seconds later.  He was embarrassed when Braxton commented “See ya sporting quite a boner there, Danny boy!”  Dan had tried to get his cock to go down, tried to will it down, feeling so depraved to have a rigid boner above his younger sister’s lovely face while he held her legs apart in order as Braxton Brown proceeded to rape her.

Not only had he set his beautiful sister up for the rape, he had helped her rapist to get into her, and now he had his penis bared above her face while holding her legs wide open.
Then Brax was taunting him about the boner he was sporting above his pretty sister’s face, chuckling “Go on, Dan ………………….rub your hardon over her pretty face!  C’mon, ya know ya wanna do it!”  Blinking back the tears in his eyes, Dan shook his head ‘no’ in defiance.  “How about between her purty pink lips …………………want yer beautiful sister to suck ya?” he was taunted.

If Brax read Danny boy right, this was as far as the punk would go in despoiling his beautiful sister whom he had always served as her protector.  Seeing the punk’s  cockhead throbbing and fully floated as it was now turning a shade of purple, Brax knew that the drug slipped into his drink was giving him a raging hardon.  Hunching in and out of the raped beauty, now a jackhammer speed, Brax taunted “Now don’t ya go and shoot off all over me, Danny boy!”

Never before had the drugged out bride-to-be been given such a fucking.  By now, her fiancé would have been finished, having pulled out in time so that she could grasp him in hand and jerk him off onto her belly.  Never had she had her cunny split so wide open, nor ever been fucked at jackhammer speed.  Wanting it to continue, Stephanie mewled incoherently in orgasm as she succumbed to Brax's fuck in her dreamlike state, mewling “Yessssssssssssssssss …………………………….yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………God ………………….dammmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Brax grunted, his entire body quivering and shuddering as he spewed a pint-load of hot jizz up into the fertile womb of the raped beauty.  “Ahhhhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he moaned as his cock spasmed time and time again, spurting more and more cum into prone beauty.

Reaching out, Brax caught Danny boy fully unexpected.  Two quick jerks on the whiteboy’s throbbing pecker had the punk gasping “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………ah ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhh!”  Danny boy was spewing his own seed all over his sister’s breasts and then began to drip the remnants down onto her pink lips and chin.  Brax laughed in seeing the whiteboy turn pale from the embarrassment of having creamed his own sister.

Getting off the bed, Dan was then asked “Where ya going, Danny boy?”  “I …………I need to get a washcloth ……………… clean her up!” he replied.  “Uh-uh ………..ya wanna clean up yer sweet little baby sister ………………………..ya gotta lick it up!  C’mon, git yer ass over here and git to work!” he was advised by the sneering Braxton Brown, who now getting off the bed.  Then Dan was taking his place, leaning up over Stephanie’s prone body, using his tongue to first touch her pink lips and lick away the drops of cum he had deposited upon them.

Tongue lapping up his goodies off Stephanie’s chin, down her neck, all while Braxton Brown was getting the camcorder zoomed in on his work.  It would all be captured on tape, how he lapped the cum off his sister’s beautiful breasts, even taking much longer than necessary as he took each nipple into his mouth.  Nipples reappearing quite stiff versus that of when he had started, it would be quite apparent that he had not just licked the sticky mess off.  He had obviously taken pleasure in suckling her pink nipples.

Dan had finally cleaned up the mess he had made upon Stephanie’s beautiful body, but now came the coup de grace.  He was not going to be allowed to get a washcloth to clean up Stephanie’s glazed thighs and raped slit that was oozing out Brax sticky goo, being told “Ya wanna clean my cum outta yer sweet baby sister ……………………don’t want her to git knock up with a little black bastard ……………………….well, ya’s gotta suck it out, Danny boy!”  Turning a beet red in the face, Dan then spread Stephanie’s thighs wide and put his face between her legs and commenced to eat her out.

Going through Stephanie’s overnight bag, Dan found the oversized shirt that he had seen her in the last time she had come over for a visit.  Now able to use a wet washcloth, he did a through cleanup of her soiled body and removed her clothing to redress her in the oversized shirt along with her panties.  He then hung her uniform up on hangars in the closet before going back into the den where Braxton Brown was having himself a drink.

Downing a stiff drink to calm his nerves, Dan then heard his wife’s car returning as the garage door opened.  Dan watched as Lila came into the kitchen from the garage entrance but Vanessa was still absent.  “Where’s Vanessa?  Where’s my wife?” he asked Lila.  Told that his wife had apparently tied on one too many, that she was passed out in the front passenger seat, Dan then went to help get her into the house.

After helping his dazed and disoriented wife to the sofa, Dan looked up at Lila as she defiantly flashed a wad of bills.  The bitch then taunted him with “Used that same drug you gave to your pretty sister on you pretty wife!  Needed some bucks for a new dress so I figured I’d cut myself in for yet another payday!”  “Yep, while you boys were busy with Danny boy’s sister and I had to play babysitter for the night, figured I make myself a little dough on the side!  Actually, your wife was the one doing all the work for me, Danny boy ………………………..I just collected the cash from the skid row bums before they climbed in the back seat for a bit of humping!” she laughed.

After all, Lila had drained the bank accounts and maxed out the credit cards but she couldn't pass up a golden opportunity to cash in on an extra payday for herself.  Having to baby-sit Vanessa to clear the deck for Brax to nail the gorgeous young stew, she had then figured why not turn the chore into some cold, hard cash.  Grabbing the front of Vanessa’s dress, Lila whipped it up to show Dan and Brax the matted curls of the raped beauty, telling them “Even got ten buck for her panties from one of the bums!”

Then, in defiantly flashing the wad of bills in front of Dan’s face, Lila taunted him with “Man, your beautiful wife really got those old bums turned on!  In exchange for this wad of bills, those smelly bastards sure dumped a wad of cum in Vanessa, heh, heh!  Yep, what a bundle ……………………………….let’s hope it ain’t gonna turn out to be a little bundle of joy next spring, huh!  But I’m going to use some of this to buy Vanessa a fantastic gift …………………for the baby, that is! ”

Dan was now in a real funk, both his wife and his beloved kid sister had been drugged and raped on the same night.  Even worse, he heard Braxton Brown’s chuckle in telling Lila “Damn, what a fuck’n mess!  Jezz, they came all over her!  But don’t fret, cause Danny boy here is good at clean up a mess like that!  Ain’t ya, Danny boy?”  To add insult to injury, the taunting continued as Braxton laughingly relayed to Lila “Danny boy’s practiced that type of cleanup just a few minutes ago!  Ya should have seen him, Lila …………………………..what a lousy bastard ……………….eating out his own kid sister!”

Hand in hand, Brax and Lila exited the Redmans’ home laughing as Dan Redman sat back on the floor with his face smear with the smelly fuck juice of twenty winos on his face.  In addition, with the videotape as blackmail evidence, Braxton's plan was to visit the young beauty again, a carefully edited copy of the videotape in hand to blackmail the beauty before her wedding.  Who would believe she wasn't a willing lover, after watching the videotape of her writhing, mewling and moaning as Braxton nailed her.  This time the bitch would be wide awake and a willing lover, even though forced to spread her sexy legs while under duress due to the blackmail tape.

End of Story.