Con’s Revenge - XI
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Excelling in her career and now the leading prosecutor in just five years after starting her job with the county, things just couldn’t get any better for Trish Landers.  At 28 years of age, happily married to husband James and blessed with an adorable little three year old girl.  With her husband two years her senior and doing very well with his investment banker career, their combined incomes allowed them to buy a beautiful home in a very exclusive neighborhood.  With a three year old, a busy job, things for Trish were understandably quite hectic with household chores added into the mix.

Unbeknownst to the beautiful Mrs. Landers, the excellent job performance on her part was what now had her in the sights of a nineteen year old ex-con who had just been released out of the can after spending a year in jail.  A year in the slammer out of a five year sentence, out early due to an overcrowding of the jail, Rashan Jones could not get his mind off the fuck’n beautiful prosecutor who had sent him up river.  The beautiful little bitch on whom he had sworn to get even with, although she had merely done her job.  Oh, he was guilty as hell in committing the break-in, but Rashan just couldn’t stand having a bitch with one over on him, much less a beautiful and brainy one.

With the exclusive neighborhood having security at the entrance, there was virtually absolute safety once one entered the area.  That feeling of security applied to the Landers as well, but that sense of safety often continued on upon leaving the gated community, leaving a gap in being aware of the potential danger lurking about nearby.  And that security gap in awareness had allowed an ex-con like Rashan Jones following her throughout the past week, jotting down her every movement in search of determining a pattern of her daily routine, looking for a vulnerable opening in which he could get to her.

Having followed the bitch that had put him in the slammer, noting some potential times that would provide him the opportunity to accost her, Rashan found that there being one major drawback in that of she picked up her child each day from preschool.  Thus, time would not be on his side if she failed to pick up the child and the care center put a call into her husband or police, whereby a search for her whereabouts would be on immediately.  But Rashan was patient, with no job to go to and prospects slim to none for an ex-con, he figured that he had both the element of time and surprise on his side.

Day after day for over a two week period thus far, it had been basically the same schedule followed once Rashan pick up her tail upon seeing the familiar car exit the gated community.  Seeing her get out to take her child into the preschool grounds, Rashan noted how nicely dressed she was each day in business like attire with 3” heels.  From there, she head into work at the county building where he get a longer and closer view of the beauty getting out of her car and heading into the building.  Licking his lips upon seeing her trim sexy legs each day only served to give Rashan a raging hardon, wishing that he could run his grubby hands up the length of her creamy white legs.

With the county office a public building, Rashan would venture in from time to time, getting some forms from the tax department or some licensing department that was located near the office in which the sexy bitch worked.  Dressing appropriately so as not to attract any unwanted attention, Rashan got a couple of nice close up views of the lovely beauty when she was exiting her office to head off to the courthouse that was situated just across the street.  Pretending to look at the forms obtained or a magazine, the busy prosecutor had not noticed his presence as her mind was obviously preoccupied on her job.

Following her across the street to the courthouse, Rashan got to blend in with visitors to the building as there were a lot of jurors, along with family members of those being tried along with various plaintiffs and some defendants in various cases.  One thing he learned was that a weeklong list of cases was posted at the front of each courtroom, thus allowing him to view the list and most importantly the names of the attorneys representing the parties involved.  Slipping into a courtroom with a large audience would allow him to go unnoticed by the beautiful prosecutor as she concentrated on presenting her case to the jury.

Sitting off in the distance and hiding among others, at times Rashan got to gaze upon the lovely beauty when she was outside of the courtroom, whether waiting for the court to reconvene or for the jury verdict to be forthcoming.  Ogling the trim sexy white sexy of the lovely beauty, Rashan would fantasize of touching them, to burying his face into her creamy soft thighs, then to hear her moan with pleasure once he nuzzled up into her sugar bush and licked up her sweet honey nectar.  And looking at her beautiful pink lips, Rashan would lick at his own in thinking ‘Her eloquent oral arguments was what sent me to the can, but let’s see how well her oral arguments are with my big cock stuffed in her fuck’n mouth!’

Having checked the postings for each of the courtrooms, Rashan knew that the beautiful prosecutor did not have anything in the courthouse from Wednesday on for this week.  With her living in the gated community and her current routine in stopping at the preschool center, he figured he’d just have to hope for a lucky break in catching her headed out on the weekend alone.  But that would involve a lot of wasted time on his part and he just couldn’t be hanging out in one spot the entire day.  Wondering if he should just check back from time to time in hopes of getting lucky one day, Rashan decided to keep on with his surveillance for another week before calling it quits.

On this Wednesday morning, Rashan started up his car that was parked at a side street upon seeing his prey’s car exiting the subdivision.  As she pulled into the child’s preschool parking lot, it appeared to be just another one of those days of following her next to the county building where she worked.   But as she got out of her car to undo the child from her seat in the back, Rashan noticed that she was dressed rather differently on this particular morning.  His prey was not as sharply dressed this particular morning, causing Rashan to wonder ‘Why?’

A light blue skirt, 1” navy blue heels, a blue leather jacket to keep out the chill were the beauty’s attire on this day.  Following her car with interest once she had dropped the child off at preschool, Rashan’s interest peaked for this was not the normal route to her office at the county building.  First a left turn, then on came the right blinker indicating that she would be getting onto Interstate 95.  ‘Hot damn, maybe today’s the day, sweetie!’ Rashan thought to himself, then was wondering ‘Where’s she off to?’  Following in the lane just off to her right and keeping a safe distance of several car lengths back, he looked at the time and saw that it was now nearing 8 a.m.

Just after 8 a.m., Rashan flipped through his note tablet and punched in the numbers on his cellphone.  “Good morning, County Prosecutors’ Office, can I help you?” came the answer after just one ring.  “Yes, Ms. Landers please!” he responded, trying to sound professional.  “I’m sorry but Ms. Landers won’t be in today!  Can I take a message?” he was asked.  “No!  Would you know when she’ll be back in the office?” he then inquired.  “Oh, she won’t be in till Monday morning!  She’s attending a legal conference but will be checking in for her messages!” he learned.  “Oh, I’ll just wait till Monday then, thanks!” Rashan advised before hanging up.

‘Perfect!  Beautiful!  Absolutely, fuck’n beautiful!’ Rashan exclaimed in delight, his cock throbbing in anticipation, moving over another lane to the left after seeing her switch to the third one.  Viewing the direction in which she was headed for this legal conference, Rashan figured that she must be headed for Springdale as it was the biggest city nearby, otherwise they’d be into the next state.  ‘Hell, who gives a shit what city she’s headed for!  I’ll follow her to Mexico if that what it takes!  Cause I’s gonna even the fuck’n score!  Ain’t had me no pussy since ya put me in the fuck’n can so ya’s gonna make up fer all the time I’s lost in there!’ he decided.

Nearly two hours later, with Springdale coming up for the next four exits, Rashan smiled in seeing his prey’s right blinker begin signaling.  Keeping a car between them as she moved into his lane of travel, Rashan saw her signal once again at the third exit and he proceeded to follow her onto the off-ramp.  Seeing her turning left at the end of the off-ramp, he then noticed some directional signs off to the side indicating a couple of classy hotels up ahead further.  ‘Yeah, gotta be one of those two classy places where she headed to for the conference!’ he figured.

As she pulled up into the lobby entrance to the swanky Convex Convention Center, Rashan saw her pulling up for valet service as he detoured to the left and into the visitor’s parking lot.  Grabbing the first stall that he could find, he threw his jacket over his grubby t-shirt and headed up the escalator and into the lobby area, hoping that he looked decent enough where no one would question his presence in this swanky place.  Then, upon seeing her next in line at reception desk, Rashan picked up a hotel brochure and grabbed himself a seat in the lobby facing the check-in desk.

Lobby crowded, apparently due to the outgoing guests and those incoming for the legal convention, Rashan wisely figured that it wasn’t the right time for him to make his move as yet.  With the beautiful prosecutor having checked in and now greeting a gal who appeared to be an acquaintance of hers, Rashan could only sit and watch.  As the acquaintance bid goodbye to stand in the registration line, his prey was then getting on her cellphone while looking down at her registration cardholder as she proceeded to walk towards the elevators.  Rashan surmised that the bitch he was following was calling into her office to check with her secretary for messages and to advise her of the room number she was in for future calls and messages.

Now that the bitch had disappeared into the elevator, Rashan had to figure out a way to learn which one was her room.  With a classy hotel like this, he knew that they would not give out a guest’s room number but to merely connect a caller to her room by phone, thus ruling out this option.  Taking a chance, he then used his cellphone to call the county prosecutor’s office.  When a gal answered the phone, he advised “Hi, this is Judge Randall!  I just checked into the Convex Convention Center here in Springdale and bumped into Trish Landers!  We’re supposed to meet and have coffee but I guess I’m just getting old as I didn’t write it down and now can’t remember her room number!”

“2208!  Great!  Thanks so much for your help!  Bye, now!” Rashan hung up with a wide grin on his face.  Judge Randall was the judge that had conducted the proceedings in his criminal trial and using that old bastard’s name had been instrumental in pulling off his ploy.  Seeing the elevator area empty, he then proceeded into that vicinity and pressed the button on the wall.  Inside the elevator, he then pushed the #22 button and was soon zooming up to the 22nd floor of this swanky hotel.

Elevator door opening, Rashan stepped out at his destination and looked quickly about the waiting area for the 22nd floor.  Fresh flowers decorated in a vase sat right there upon the foyer table, making it just perfect for Rashan as he picked up the vase and proceeded to head in the direction of Suite 2208.  Holding the vase of flowers in front of him to assure that his face was blocked when she looked out of the peephole, Rashan looked about the hallway first to make sure no one was approaching.  Knocking upon the door to the hotel suite, he then announced “Bellhop!  Flower delivery from a Mr. James Landers!”

Having taken off her jacket and slipped out of her heels, Trish then looked at the itinerary fo the day's events.  She was just beginning to take her dresses out of the garment to hang them up in the closet.  Hearing the knock on the door followed by the announcement, Trish smiled as she thought how wonderful her husband was for thinking of her, especially with Friday being their 5th anniversary.  Normally her thoughtful husband would send her flowers at the office on their anniversary but assumed that he was sending it to the hotel now since she’d be driving back on Friday.  A quick peek out the peephole and just seeing lovely flowers on the other end, Trish smiled with joy as she opened the security latch and then turned the door lock before opening the door.

Just seconds later, the flowers that she thought were sent by her loving husband lay scattered on the foyer of her hotel suite while the delivery man had a large hand around her throat and a gleaming switchblade in the other.  “Pleaseeeee ……………I ………..I have some money in my purse!  You can have it!” Trish panted out in sheer terror.  To her dismay, the intruder chuckled “Oh, I’s be sure to take it …………….later!”  Then the young black intruder stuck out his long tongue as he bent over to salaciously lick her face from her chin to begin tonguing at her right ear before whispering “Ya don’t remember me, do ya, bitch!”

Trembling, unable to look at him as he nuzzled at her ear, her mind tried to place him in her memory.  “Give ya a hint, bitch!  Ya sent me up fer five years!  Told ya I’d git ya!” the assailant whispered in her ear.  That last comment sent a chill throughout her entire body as she did in fact recall the time she had convicted an eighteen year old black male but could not recall his name.  She did remember when the sheriff’s deputy was leading him away that the young hoodlum hissed at her with “I’m gonna git ya, bitch!”  But with the deputy pushing the punk along, Trish had just shrugged the threat of as part of the job and had completely forgotten about it.

Now with the upper hand in the situation, Rashan reintroduced himself to her “Rashan Jones!  Sound familiar to ya, bitch?”  “Oh, Godddddd!” came her whisper and Rashan knew right then that the bitch did in fact remember him.  She had no idea that he had been released early due to overcrowding, thus the parole board was not involved where she would have seen his name on the list of early releases.  “Jist got outta the can three weeks ago, bitch!  Ya know, I’s ain’t had me no pussy in over a fuck’n year!  All because of ya sending up the river!  So, ya’s gonna help me make up fer lost time, ain’t ya, Mrs. Landers?” he sneered.

Whimpering in fear, tears now streaming down her cheeks, Trish was so afraid of what this vile criminal had threatened to do to her.  Her body visibly shuddered with fear as he hissed “Gonna fuck ya good, bitch!  Gonna ‘ruin’ ya!”  Unable to fight or resist, not with the strong hand around her throat and the switchblade just inches away from her face, yet Trish knew that had to do something to get away from this evil intruder or she might never see her loving husband and child again.  ‘Pretend!  Pretend you’re going along with his demands till you can run or scream for help!  You need to wait for the right opportunity!’ her mind instructed her.

Her back pressed up against the wall to the entranceway, arms at her side and palms trying to grasp at anything, Trish trembled as her assailant demanded that she “Feel it, bitch!  Git a good feel of a man who’s been thinking of jist ya for the past year!”  But with her hesitation to comply, the hand at her throat slammed her head hard against the wall, dazing her senses as she was once again order to “Do it, bitch!  Feel what I’s got fer ya!  Feel the cock that’s gonna make ya squirm!  The cock that gonna make ya scream!”  As the hand began squeezing at her throat, Trish forced herself to comply as she reached forward between their bodies to feel him through his trousers.

Hand on the bulge hidden beneath the fabric, Trish trembled at the size of him as her fingers slowly went down its length to measure him.  ‘So big!  So thick!’ she realized, then trembled in fear at the realization of ‘It’s over twelve inches long!’  Instinctively, her fingers did what came naturally for a woman, that of squeezing upon a male’s throbbing manhood to test its virility.  ‘My God, he’s nearly twice the size of James!’ she shivered, not believing at what she actually hand in her hands.  Trish trembled with nervousness once again when ordered to “Unzip me, bitch!”  Realizing that she was in no position to attempt her planned attempt to scream or run at the moment, Trish forced her fingers towards the center of him, feeling for the front of his pants and for the zipper.

‘Zippppppppppppppp!’ came the horrid sound that seemed to resonate loudly as Trish’s trembling fingers pulled the tab down.  “C’mon, sweetie, reach in and grab a feel!” she was told.  Knife tip against her cheek, Trish forced herself to comply, using her right hand to make its way into the opening.  The thought of doing the unthinkable had Trish shuddering in disgust and when her fingers came directly into contact with the sticky tube of flesh, she cringed and realized ‘My God, he’s not even wearing any underwear!’  But womanly instincts had her fingers moving on their own, with her trim manicured fingers soon wrapped around the throbbing manhood.

“Pull it out, honey!” Trish was told as her trembling fingers grasped the sticky flesh and pulled at it.  Once out into the open, she was then instructed to “Pull on it!  Pump it, baby!”  Forced to do his bidding, Trish felt so disgusted and demoralized in having to perform this vile act, that of using her hand and fingers to handle this intruder’s filthy penis.  Trish cringed as her fingers became wet and sticky as the bastard’s cock had leaked out pre-cum juices from her handling of it.

Although totally disgusted in what she was forced to do, Trish realized that this vulgar sex act might just help saving her from being raped.  ‘Better to satisfy him this way and maybe he’ll leave!’ Trish thought hopefully, praying that would as she now began to tug on him in earnest.  “Ah, yeah, sweetie!  Ya’s good at everything ya do, ain’t ya!  Oh, yeahhhhhhh!  Feels even better that I’d dreamed it would be!” she was advised, thus giving her hope that her ploy would work and Trish then began fisting him faster and faster.

But Rashan knew exactly what she had been thinking all along and had let her go on with her foolish attempt at trying to get him off by hand.  Having taken the edge off early that morning while looking at one the pictures he had taken of her in the courthouse one day, Rashan was not worried about losing his load prematurely.  Having used his cellphone that capable of taking pictures, had snapped a dozen or so of her and had downloaded them into the computer that he had stolen the week before.  Eventually her frantic fisting of him was having its effect but Rashan certainly did not want to lose his load in such a manner.

Sticking the switchblade into the wall, he used his now free hand to reach down to keep her hand still upon his cock.  Moving his hand from around her throat and sliding it onto her shoulder, Rashan then began to force her onto her knees as he announced “Ya ain’t gitting away with jist a lousy handjob, baby!  Ah, don’t git me wrong, I didn’t mean lousy in that way!  It was damned good in fact, but seeing how good yer oral arguments was in putting me in the can, I’s wanna see how good an oral argument ya can with my cock in yer mouth, bitch!”  Seeing the beauty’s baby blue eyes widen in horror, he chuckled “That’s right, sweetie!  Let’s see how’s ya perform orally now!”

Back sliding down against the wall as the evil ex-con forced her down, Trish felt sick to her stomach at the horrid thought of having to take his filthy ‘thing’ into her mouth.  ‘Oh, God!  He’s sick!’ she thought, unable to contemplate doing such a lewd act.  She had put many a perverted rapist away behind bars during her short but excellent career as a prosecutor, heard victims describe such an awful thing being demanded of them and having performed such a dastardly deed, but now it was not just listening to a victim relay her horror story.  This was real, happening right at this moment, being demanded of her to do such a filthy ‘thing’!

Sharp blade tip at her bottom lip, the threat of being disfigured and maybe never seeing her husband and child ever again, Trish closed her eyes shut and parted her lips.  Shuddering as the thick fleshy bulb brushed up against her lips, Trish thought that she’d throw up right then and there as the slime was then being applied to her lips as if being coated entirely with a stick of lip gloss.  Then, lips and teeth being forward apart, the rolling pin sized penis was sliding into her reluctant mouth.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she shuddered as a coating of slick male juice covered the top of her tongue.

“What’s that, Ms. Landers?  Speak up, I can’t hear you!  And speak clearly for the jury!” Rashan taunted as he forced her to take it down her gurgling throat.  Rearing back, then sliding forward once again, Rashan then commenced to face fuck the beautiful bitch that had convicted him, though rightfully so as he did indeed commit the crime that he had been charged with.  “Grrrggggggglle ……………………..grrrggggggl!” was all that the frantic beauty could utter with his cock sliding in and out of her contracting throat.  “Still can’t make out whatever you’re saying!  You have to articulate better than that, Ms. Landers!” he chuckled tauntingly.

One hand twisted in her long blonde hair, the other holding his switchblade, Rashan fucked in and out of her beautiful lips as the frantic prosecutor desperately pushed at his thighs with all her might.  But he was not about to be denied the pleasure that he had dreamt of for an entire year, that of popping his nuts right down her throat.  “Oh, yeah, baby!  Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Even better than in my wildest dreams!” he exclaimed, especially loving the sight of her beautiful face cringing in absolute disgust and revulsion.

For Trish Landers, it was the very first time for her, having made it very clear to her husband that she wouldn’t do such a filthy thing when he had tried to get her to go down on him during their honeymoon five years ago.  Her throat now rubbed raw from the bastard roughly saw his black cock in and out of her throat, pushing himself fully into her mouth as he would then rub her face into the short kinky hair of his crotch.  “Oh, ohhhhh!  Oh, yeah!  Oh, yeah, baby, gonna give ya a good taste of some nigga spunk soon!” came the announcement.  ‘Oh, no!  Oh, no!  He’s planning on satisfying himself in my mouth!  He’s going to do it in my mouth!’ she shuddered in horror.

Cock fully embedded down in her throat, kinky hair pressing against her nose, the hand in her hair kept her firmly on the cock as Trish heard him wheeze “Ready, bitch?  Here it cumssssssssss!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Cockhead expanding at the bottom of her throat, she then felt a hot blast of gooey slim belch down into her gullet.  A hot burning sensation could be felt slowly moving and coursing its way down to begin forming a lake in her belly.  More and more of the flith kept filling her up as she could only shudder in revulsion, her head spinning as she was getting light headed from the lack of oxygen.  Finally, after many minutes lapsed did the hand in her hair loosen its grip and the lengthy cock began sliding from her parted lips.

For Rashan Jones, that was simply the best blowjob he’d ever had in his life, far better than even what he had gotten from some pros.  Having an innocent white beauty reluctantly perform the task made it so much better, especially seeing her face cringe with utter disgust.  And now, it only got better as she was clutching her belly as her face told it all as she frantically crawled towards the nearby bathroom.  Head bent over the toilet bow, Rashan chuckled in hearing her belch out “Grurpppppp ……………..grruppppppp ……………….gruupppppppppppppp ……………….gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Again and again, her stomach contracted, causing Trish to upchuck everything in her belly.  The filth, the bacon and eggs she had for breakfast, all got tossed into the toilet.  Finally her belly was void of all its contents and Trish reached up to flush away all her shame.  Then crawling over to the bathtub and turning on the water, she proceeded to rinse out her mouth.  A moment later, water turned off by her assailant, Trish sobbed as she was being pulled up at the elbow.  Pushed outside the bathroom, her legs weakened upon seeing the queen-sized bed that he was leading her to, where he intended on raping her.

Already feeling soiled and contaminated from she had been forced to do, the thought of having another man possessing her was intolerable as her loving husband had been the only man in her life.  Although not by her own will, having another man other than her husband sticking his penis into her was unconscionable.  In seeing that her assailant no longer had the knife in his hand, this had to be the opportunity she had been waiting for.  Thus, Trish turned and attempted to make a dash for safety but after three steps she found herself being yanked violently backwards by the hair.

Front of her white blouse grasped in a large hand and it was shredded right down the front.  Remnants of her blouse torn away, then Trish felt that same hand grasping the front of her lacy white bra.  Seconds later that lacy bra came away in her assailant’s hand when he yanked it away, bending the clasp in the back and breaking it.  And now her bared titties were unencumbered from the lacy material as her assailant began to grope at them like he was looking for fruit to purchase in a grocery store.

Desperately trying to put up a fight and get away from her attacker, Trish put up a good struggle but she was no match for her much stronger opponent.  And now her skirt was torn and pulled apart but she had to fight on to save herself from being violently raped.  Suddenly Trish found herself being flung onto the bed and her attacker was right after her and pinning her to it.  Hands grasped at the wrists and arms pinned above her head, Trish then was being tied at the wrists with a pair of pantyhose that her attacker had grabbed from her open suitcase lying at the foot of the bed.

As she started to scream, her attacker grabbed a pair of clean panties from her suitcase and stuffed it into her mouth.  Secured to the bed as she lay there, Trish now watched as the felon stood up from the bed to smile widely as he looked down upon her while getting out of his clothing.  Then her arrogant attacker was flexing his muscles for her, showing her what a man he was.  But there was one muscle in particular that had her eyes drawn to, that of the flexing muscle jutting out from between his loins, the very one that had earlier flexed itself deep down in her mouth and throat.

Trish wondered as to how in the world she had not choked to death on that whopper of a man’s cock, one that even a horse would be proud of, and now the thought of having such a thing possibly impregnating her was just unthinkable.  But coupled with having to look at the instrument that her attacker had promised to ‘ruin’ her with, Trish had to endure the goading and taunting of this fiend, listening to him brag about how he was “Gonna make ya a proud mama with this, bitch!  And when ya’s goes black, ya ain’t ever wanna go back!  After I’s stretch ya out with this puppy, yer fuck’n hubby’s gonna think he’s falling into an open pit, heh, heh!”

Withering about the bed as she struggled against the bindings that secured her to the wooden headboard, Trish tried to kick out at her assailant when he began pulling at her already torn skirt, but that garment was soon being tossed into the air behind of him.  Now she tried to wiggle her butt down into the bed as her panties had become his next target.  But struggle as she might, Trish could only sob in despair as thick strong fingers were grasping the waistband of her panties and working them down over her trim hips.  Down over her thighs they went, down her legs and stripped off her feet, and now Trish was stark naked for his viewing.

Closing her eyes and turning her face towards the wall, Trish felt so humiliated as her knees were push wide apart as the vile bastard began inspecting her private parts, first by inserting his thick middle finger up into her slit and then by working it back and forth.  When the invading finger was removed, Trish turned and opened her eyes to see that bastard with his finger now in his mouth and sucking it clean, causing her to cringe in disgust as she thought ‘Oh, how filthy can he get!’  It wasn’t long before she got to find out as her thighs were forced wide and the bastard was clamping his wide open mouth upon her sex.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………….……nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!’ was all that could be heard from around the panties stuffed in her mouth.  Only those muffled noises and the loud slurping taking place from between her thighs as her assailant was literally eating her alive.  Continuing to struggle against her bonds, Trish tried not to show any reaction to the tongue wiggling about in her vagina.  But try as she might, her body spasmed time and time again, giving the vile bastard the sweet honey nectar that he was after.  And the very instant that the searching tongue pressed against her clit, her petite body went taunt as she arched up and began convulsing, but thankfully her cries of pleasure were also muffled by the panties in her mouth.

It was moments later, as Trish came back down from the clouds, that shame and humiliation began to set in at the realization that she had the most fantastic orgasm ever before experienced.  However, this had not been achieved with her loving husband as her sex partner but with a black felon who was bent of retribution for her part in sending him to prison.  And now her leering assailant was intent on tormenting her even further by rubbing his bloated cockhead up against her slick slit, while taunting her with “Lock me up and I’s gonna knock ya up!”

For Rashan, seeing the fear in her beautiful blue eyes just served to give him a raging hardon.  Having this bitch on his mind for over a year in the slammer, it was pay back time, and he wanted her to feel the pain for there would be no mercy to be shown.  As she tried to use her feet to push herself further up the bed, Rashan grasped her trim hips to pull her back down, right to where he was kneeling.  Cock aimed and centered as he held her firmly in his grasp, he lunged forward with all of his might, just loving the sound of her muffled screams “Nggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………nnnnnnnnnnggggg ………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhh!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………dammmmmmmmmmmm!  Jesussssss, yer so fuck’n tightttttttttttt!” Rashan groaned and muttered, his cock feeling like it had been skinned.  Keeping still, letting her get adjusted to his size as well as to let his cock get lubed, Rashan felt proud in knowing for certain that he was bigger and longer than any other male she had experienced.  Giving his cock a twitch, he chuckled upon hearing her moan in response, then he withdrew some and commenced with his aim of giving her a fuck she’d never forget in her life.  First to start off slowly, in and out to have her really feel his length, then he planned and giving her a jackhammering.

Sheer agonizing pain was the only way to describe this brutal rape of her body, but for Trish Landers, feeling such pain was far better than responding in the manner that she had earlier when he had her climaxing in his mouth.  She shivered as her hips were released and those calloused hands were now groping and squeezing at her breasts, his thumbs caressing her nipples and getting the buds to harden under his touch.  Gritting her teeth through the fabric of her panties, Trish prayed that her vile rape would soon come to an end, but the ramifications of such caused an even greater dilemma ……………that of her rapist impregnating her!

“Ah, yeah, baby!  Feel that proud animal in ya, huh?  Ya ain’t even gonna feel yer hubby’s little pecker when I’s git done with ya!” came the taunting, all while that vicious animal lunged further and further as it sought to bore right through her.  On and on the ordeal continued, the battering ram pounding and pounding till there was no further to go, and now her rapist’s big black balls were thumping at her asscheeks.  Finally, the announcement came that her ordeal was about to come to an end, for her rapist groaned “Gonna cum, sweetie!  Gonna plant my seed deep, baby!  Gonna breed ya, bitch!  Gonna knock ya up real good!”

This caused Trish to frantically make a final attempt in withering about to dislodge him, not wanting his filthy seed to soil her body and very possibly impregnate her with his little black bastard.  But with that twitching animal of his buried a foot deep, such a task was just to formidable for her to achieve.  “Ugh ……………ugh ………….ugh ……….ugh ……………………….ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the bastard’s grunts from above as he proceeded to unleash his hot sticky seed deep in her fertile womb.  So hot, in both heat and acidity, Trish felt as if she was being seared and branded for life.  So much of it, so much of filthy semen, she was now so terrified at the consequences of this horrid mating.

With the beauty passing out from the horror of her brutal rape, Rashan got out of the saddle and off the bed.  Going through her purse to find her cellphone, he smiled upon seeing her cellphone was also capable of taking digital photos.  Using it, he snapped a shot from different angles, pictures that she would be horrified to see later.  Putting her cellphone back into her purse, he then proceeded to use his own cellphone to take more pictures.  As Rashan looked at the scene of his latest crime, the lovely prosecutor looked so beautiful, especially with her raped slit turning now into a large hole from which his semen continuously oozed out of it.

The knock on the door and the announcement of “Room service!” had Trish awakening back into the nightmarish situation.  Arms up above her head and wrist bound to headboard, she tried to cry for help but was only able to get out a muffled “Mmmmm ……………mmmmmphhhh!”  But as she struggled against her bindings and tried to move, Trish found that her leg muscles ached so badly in having been stretched so widely and for such a long duration during the rape.  She shuddered in feeling the wet puddle beneath her as well was the sloppy mess matting down her golden curls.

Now her rapist was returning while pushing the cart of food that he apparently had ordered.  She saw him with a wide grin on his face be for her greeted her with “Ah, yer awake!  Jist in time fer lunch!  Hope ya don’t mind but I’s took five bucks from yer purse for room service!”  Then the bastard was lifting the covers to the two lunch plates ordered, telling her “How does filet mignon and lobster sound for lunch, huh?  And of course I’s got us the best bottle of champagne available!”  Her chin pushed down, the panties were then pull out from her mouth.  She put her head down in defeat but Trish certainly had no intention of eating lunch with his vile bastard.

Refusing to open her mouth when he had cut a small piece of steak and attempt to feed her, she then saw him set the fork back down onto the tray before getting up to go to her purse.  He was getting her cellphone, opening it up and telling her “Guess I’ll jist to call hubby and tell him that yer being naughty and won’t eat yer lunch!”  Then he turned the cellphone and advised “Or should I jist tell him that yer too tied up to eat lunch today!  Think he’ll understand why if I’s send him this photo?”  Seeing the picture on her cellphone, Trish’s eyes widened in horror as her mouth dropped open in seeing herself in such an obscene position, that of being tied to the bed with legs spread wide and her rapist’s semen clearly flowing out of her wide open slit.

And so now Trish parted her lips to accept the piece of steak as she dined with her rapist.  Asking him to untie her so that he wouldn’t have to feed her, she heard him chuckle “No, way, sweetie!  I ain’t that dumb!  Think I’m gonna let ya git yer hands on that knife to stick me with!”  Forced to eat with her rapist, not wanting him to send those horrid photo or photos to her husband, Trish then was advised “Didn’t order any dessert fer us!  After all, I’s didn’t wanna run up too much of room service charges on yer tab!  Besides, ya’s gotta learn how to keep down that rich protein dessert I’s brung ya and not throw it up like ya did before!”  Trish felt her stomach turn at that comment, realizing what was to be served up for dessert once lunch was over.

Sure enough, once lunch was over, Trish got a dark creamy éclair as the bastard reffered to it being served to her for dessert.  Stomach already churning from the thought, she parted her pink lips to lick at the tip of her éclair, then had to open wider as it was being fed to her.  And at the end, after finishing her dessert, there were just a couple of changes for earlier from when she had arrived that morning.  The overall result had been the same though, that of Trish being unable to keep down the rich protein that she had been fed.  And the changes this time were that of tossing her cookies into the trashcan rather than the toilet, losing her expensive lunch rather than the homemade breakfast she had eaten, and rinsing her mouth out with champagne instead of water.

“Jezz, bitch, ya gotta learn to keep that protein down!  That wasn’t very nice of ya, making me rinse out that trashcan in the shower!  But I’s brung it back, jist in case ya need it again next time!” Trish was told, making it quite clear that her ordeal would not end very soon.  “I ………I need to attend the seminar!  People will be wondering where I am!” she used as an excuse.  But her assailant bought none of it, replying “Hell, there’s so many attorneys in that big ballroom, they ain’t gonna miss one person!  They’ll jist think ya couldn’t make it due to a pending case or some emergency!”  Trish knew that what he just said was so very true as that often would often happen, especially with the type and volume of cases that she handled.

Trish cringed and turned away as the bastard sat down upon the bed and reached over to caress her leg, running his hand up and down the length of her trembling right leg.  “Damn, ya’s the fuck’n sexiest legs I’s ever seen!  Beautiful, jist beautiful!  So fuck’n soft and creamy!” she was complimented.  ‘Oh, God, he can’t want more sex!’ Trish thought to herself.  ‘He’s done it three times already!  He can’t want any more sex today, not in such a short time frame!’  From her rather limited experience, that consisting of only her husband as her sex partner following their marriage, even twice in one morning or evening had been quite a rarity.

Enjoying the bitch’s revulsion and disgust of his touch, Rashan began caressing her inner thigh and taunted her with “Ya and I made some beautiful music together, sugar!  Wanna dance some more?”  Picking up the packet that had been given to her at the registration desk, he opened up the envelope and looked at the itinerary that showed the various sessions to be held and breakout sessions.  Dinner and entertainment for the attendees for the next two nights with checkout noted to be 11 a.m. on Friday.  He saw her cringe when he advised “Hmmm, I’s see we’ve got two whole days and nights before checkout on Friday morning at 11!”

Continuing to caress her beautiful legs, Rashan heard her whimper as he bent over to take a soft pink nipple into his mouth and began tonguing it.  Suckling it to hardness, the then went on to tease the other.  With the beauty now sniffling as he continued stroking her inner thigh and sucking her titties, Rashan then picked up the brochure on the nightstand and commented “Hey, they’s even got hardcore shit here!  Jist that ya gotta pay for them!  Hmmm, now how does this work!  Wow, charge it right to the hotel room!  There’s one called ‘Hot Erotic Nights!  Let’s watch that!  Maybe that git ya all hot and bothered, huh?”

A bit over an hour later, Trish was rather shocked after having viewed a totally uncensored movie for the first time in her life, not believing how explicit the raw sex acts had been.  But with the x-rated flick now over, Trish dreaded as to what lay in wait for her as the vile felon was once again sporting hardon.  Forced to open her mouth as another pair of clean panties was stuffed into it, she was then forced to get up onto all fours, then began weeping when told “Felt you cringe and saw that disgusted look on yer face when that guy buggered the little bitch!  Ain’t had it up there yet, huh?  Well, ya’s always gonna remember who got yer sweet cherry ass, huh bitch!”

“Ah, damn, I’s must say, ya’ve the sexiest little ass I’s ever got my hands on!  Ya like putting guys like me away, don’t ya?  Bet ya dream of guys getting down on their knees and kiss’n yer precious white ass, huh?  Okay, I’ll kiss yer beautiful white ass!” Rashan taunted bed bending down to kiss her soft creamy white ass.  And then he got her to begin squirming about, shifting from side to side in order to get away from his wiggling tongue that was right up in the crack of her ass.  Then to taunt her even further as he raised up, giving her a tap on the ass with his hand, Rashan snickered “Sweetie, I’ll eat yer shit anyday!”

Hands grasping at the wooden bar of the headboard, face buried in the fluffy pillow, the panties in her mouth stifled Trish’s scream “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”  Immediately she began perspiring profusely as her vile attacker proceeded to sodomize her virgin ass.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned as the ex-con shoved his manhood several more agonizing inches up into her rectum.  Again and again her cries of pain were muffled by the pair of panties coupled with the aid of the fluffy pillow as her assailant pounded and pounded his pile driver deeper into her.

After twenty minuets of sheer agony, Trish remained in the same position, unable to move a muscle after the brutal rape of her ass.  Wishing at times that she was dead during the ordeal, Trish could not believe that she had survived the agony.  The bastard had brutally sodomized her, but it was even worst when he had slowly withdrawn and slipped out tauntingly asking “Ya like that hot enema, bitch?”  With her head down into the pillow and ass upturned in the air, she could feel the bastard’s hot semen leaking out of her widened rectum and flowing down her inner thighs to end up soaking in the bedspread by her knees.

After collapsing over onto her side in the fetal position, Trish shivered in fright as the bastard lay in bed next to her, draping his arm over her body and cupping her right breast in his hand.  She immediately thought that he wanted another run at her agonized body but seconds later heard him snoring in a deep sleep.  Struggling against her bonds, hoping to get them undo so she could escape this sex maniac, yet not wanting to awaken him from his sleep, Trish tried and tried but found it to be a futile attempt without the assistance of a pair of scissors or a knife.

Hours later, Trish felt her attacker stir beside her, then felt him begin caressing her body once again as well as to nuzzle his face into her hair.  Fortunately, he announced to her that “I’m hungry!  How about you, you must be to after barfing out all yer breakfast and lunch, huh?”  And then he was picking up the menu and browsing through it, telling her “Hey, let’s have rack of lamb for dinner tonight!”  Then he was on the phone ordering dinner for two, starting with “Escargot, Caesar salad, rack of lamb, a bottle of that good champagne on the menu!”  Seeing him give her a knowing wink, Trish then listened as he continued with “……………..oh, yeah and better include some of that chocolate mousse for dessert!”

Glad to have the pair of panties removed from her mouth, Trish knew better than to refuse his spoon feeding her with dinner.  And then it came time for dessert, with the chocolate mousse on the menu, Trish knew from that knowing wink earlier that told her that she was being spared another serving of the other ‘protein dessert’ that had her tossing her cookies immediately afterwards.  Thankfully it was a long and leisurely dinner, for Trish feared that more sex would be demanded of her shortly thereafter.  But now with dinner and dessert consumed, the bastard was caressing her legs once again.

Pushed over onto all fours, Trish hung her head down in total despair, waiting for the bed to sink down once he got onto the bed and into position to rape her once again.  Then she looked back to see him fussing with her cellphone, then heard him chuckle “Hey, ain’t it time fer ya to call home!  Talk to that beautiful child of yers ………….and hubby too, huh?  Ah, yes, ‘home’ is number 2 on the speed dial, right after hubby’s cellphone number!”  “No ………….no please!  I don’t want to talk to them, please!  Just ……..just do it to me and get it over with!” she pleaded.

Hand on her waist holding her steady, cellphone held up against her ear, Trish’s heart sank upon hearing her daughter’s voice say “Hi Mommy!  Mommy are you there?”  With her daughter answering the phone, something that she did not normally do, Trish then realized that her father must have been right there and told her to pick up the phone after seeing the Caller I.D. indicate that it was coming from her cellphone.  “Hi, sweetie, how was your day!” Trish replied as she blinked back the tears.  And now her titties were being fondled as she spoke to her daughter.

When her daughter advised “Here comes daddy!” Trish cringed upon hearing James’ voice on the phone, telling him “Hi, honey, how was your day?  Are you managing okay alone with Jennifer?”  And in hearing her husband tell her that all was fine and asking how her drive down was along with her day, Trish cringed upon realizing what was about to happen next, because the bastard behind of her was now rubbing his bloated cockhead along her slit and about to rape her as she talked to her husband on the phone.  It was so sick and depraved but Trish could only try to continue on with a normal type of conversation with her loving husband while the bastard raped her doggie style.

A long, long fifteen minutes of conversation with her loving husband, all taking place as the sex maniac worked his big black schlong in and out of her raped slit.  Stifling back the sniffles as the conversation was coming to an end, the bastard was fucking faster and faster at this point, Trish realized in horror that this sick animal was intent on spewing his filthy seed in her before the conversation ended.  ‘My God, he’s sick!  He’s planning on finishing in me while I’m talking to my husband!’ she realized.  But in trying to maintain that normal conversation, that of telling her husband ‘I love you too!’ before hanging up the phone, the bastard went and did it!

Sobbing and weeping in total disgrace, totally exhausted from her ordeal, Trish found the darkness of sleep overcoming her.  But her sleep was so very different than ever before, not with the large black hand cupping a breast and her rapist’s still long but now softened cock still embedded up her slit.  A troubled sleep it was as the cock within her would harden throughout the night, making it an endless fuck throughout the entire night as that cock would spurt more of its seed into her fertile womb but never fully slip out of her raped slit.

The next day, with the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign out on the door, her rapist stepped out of the room when housekeeping was next door to tell the maid that there was no need for her services that day.  And so, the only knocks upon the door to the hotel suite came after food had been ordered up to the room.  Needless to say, it was ‘fuck and suck’ for Trish throughout the entire day, with a very big change taking place ………………….that being of Trish finally being able to keep down the rich protein from the chocolate éclair served to her as dessert after each meal!

That evening, Trish was again faced with more torment when it neared 8 o’clock and the bastard reminded her of it being time to call home once again.  On all fours once again, but this time the bastard had her straddling him as he held the phone up to her ear as she talked with her young daughter.  Afraid of his threat to make his presence known if she did not comply with his demands, Trish forced herself to comply to every detail demanded of her.  Instructed that when her daughter put her daddy on the phone, Trish was then to set herself done ………right onto the upright cock of her demented rapist!

“Hi, honey!  Did you have a good day today?” she asked, hoping that her husband would take the conversation from there since he was supposed to have a meeting with a potential new account.  It was good James had a good day and excited to talk about it, for Trish was clenching her teeth as squirmed while spreading wider to accommodate the thick cock as it slid up into her.  But now was the hardest part, that of working the bastard’s cock till it spewed into her at the right timing, that being when she told her husband that she loved him and before hanging up.  Failure was not an option, not with the threat hanging over her head by the vile bastard in that he’d then call her husband back and transmit those horrid photos.

That next morning, a fuck session before breakfast and even more ‘dessert’ after, Trish had thought that her ordeal would finally come to an end as check out time was nearing.  ‘What a way to celebrate my 5th Anniversary!  I’ll be set free soon ……..I hope!  Surely the bastard can’t expect to accompany me out of this hotel room!’ she had concluded.  She listened to his laughter as he played around with the television set, remarking “Hey, lookit!  Ya’s can even check out from here and they’ll mail ya a copy of the bill later!  Well, let’s see now, make sure they ain’t ripping ya off on the charges!”

As she looked at the screen displaying the charges, Trish cringed as he read it out aloud “Let’s see now:  two steaks and lobsters for lunch that first day; two rack of lambs for dinner; breakfast looks okay; lunch – good; dinner – yep; they even got the breakfast we ordered this morning!  Yeah, that looks good so far!  Champagne – 6 bottles, right!  Plus the room charges and tax!  Just over twelve hundred bucks for the two nights!  So that’s how the rich and famous do it!  Now let’s see, click this button to accept the charges and it’s all done!  And it says to just leave the cardkeys in the room for the maid!  Wow, fuck’n fantastic!”

“Hey, sweetie, I’s knows ya wanna take a shower and be nice and fresh on yer drive home before ya shows me yer fabulous home!  So while’s I run an errand and meet up with ya, go and shower!” she was told.  Then he was holding up the black dress that she had brought for the conference and the 3” black heels, with the instructions for her to dress into those items.  And from the suitcase came the pair of lacy black panties and matching bra, with those items laid atop of her black dress.  As he was cutting the nylon bindings that secured her wrists to the wooden rail of the headboard, her rapist advised “Meet me at the corner of Lambert and Sunset Blvd., right across the secured entrance to your subdivision, then I’ll ride in there with ya!  1:30 ought to be enough time fer ya to git there!”

Moments later, Trish was all alone in the hotel suite as she pulled off the partial bindings still around her wrists.  She just sat there for ten minutes, then got up and grabbed her lacy black bra and panties before heading into the bathroom for a much needed shower.  Although that bastard had departed, the hold that he had upon her at the moment was overwhelming, giving her no alternative but to comply.  He had taken her cellphone that had the incriminating pictures on it, with her husband’s number on speed dial, and to be used if she didn’t show.  She did want her husband to see the awful pictures and she couldn’t report the rape without the photos being displayed.  Not meeting him at the location, allowing him to slip into the back to hide behind the driver’s seat, with her garment bag covering him, also meant not getting back the diamond ring and wedding band that he had removed from her finger before leaving.

That night at dinner, Trish was just a jumble of nerves as she thanked her loving husband for being so thoughtful, telling him that it was indeed a pleasant surprise to see the dozen red roses waiting he had gotten for her for their 5th Anniversary.  But she did not tell him who had read the card aloud to her, nor that the beautiful arrangement had been right at her eye level for a good fifteen minutes, all while she had been on her knees on the dining room floor while being forced once again to please her uninvited guest with her lips.  And when her husband embraced her for a kiss, Trish trembled as she want to pull away, recalling how the black bastard had given her a coating of lip gloss before departing, telling her how tasty it’d be for her husband when she greeted him with an anniversary kiss.

Unable to put off her amorous husband that night, Trish shivered in their intimate embrace while her mind reflected back to that afternoon.  There in the same bed that she was embraced with her husband, a wild frenzied mating had taken place, not once but twice in that short time span before she had pick their daughter up from preschool.  After the bastard had sated his lust between her lips on the dining room floor, he had poured himself a drink from the bar and had poured her a glass of orange juice that had been in the small bar refrigerator.  In gulping down that glass of orange juice to get rid of the horrid taste of semen, she had unwittingly consumed a potent dose of an aphrodisiac called ‘Liquid Spanish Fly’.

It was a mere twenty minutes later, when ordered to perform a seductive striptease in the master bedroom, Trish could not stop the urgent need to rub her thighs together.  It was then that she realized what had happened, that it was not just orange juice that she had consumed, frantically asking “What ………………….what was in that glass of orange juice?”  “Jist something to put ya in the mood, sweetie!  A little bit of this ‘Spanish Fly’ that I figured ya’d like!” she was advised.  When naked on her marital bed, she had squirmed and withered about with arms and legs outstretched, begging “Please, please ……………….help me …………..I …………….I’m burning up!”

Indeed, due to the very potent aphrodisiac that Trish had consumed, it was like a fire raging between her thighs.  Instead of being disgusted and repulsed at having this vile bastard touching her once again, Trish was desperately in need at this point in time, in needing for him to put his cock in her to snuff out that raging fire in her loins.  In fact, with her legs spread out wide in the air, she had reached down between their bodies to grasp his schlong with both hands to guide it to her pulsating twat.  That sawing in and out helped to put out the fire as she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and spurred at him with her heels.

Hosed down finally, the slick male seed serving as the needed balm to temporarily douse that fire between her quivering legs, and Trish realized how she must have looked like a wanton slut on her marital bed.  But in another half hour’s time, Trish was withering about the king-sized bed once again, desperately in need to douse the fire that had rekindled between her thighs.  And when her tormentor had told her he was too exhausted at the point, she frantically crawled over to him and took his cock into her mouth and expertly got his boner up straight so she could straddle him and get the much needed relief.

Trish reflected back to after riding him to a climax and waking up late that afternoon and realizing that she had just twenty-five minutes to pick her daughter up from preschool, but first she had to drop her rapist off at car.  With all the traffic at that time of day, Trish had gotten to the preschool just in time, but she then found that the effects of the potent drug had her in dire need once again.  Squirming about throughout the drive back home, she finally made it and told her daughter to go out and play in the sandbox out back.  Desperate, needing immediate relief, she grabbed the cucumber from the refrigerator and made a dash to her bedroom.  On the rumbled bed with legs bent and spread wide with feet planted on the mattress, the makeshift dildo did the trick.

Shivering as her loving husband kissed her passionately on the lips, although her well-scrubbed lips and cupful of mouthwash that removed any traces of another male, Trish felt so guilty in allowing her loving husband to place his lips on her soiled ones.  She nearly gasped aloud and jumped out of her skin when her husband playfully grabbed at her asscheeks, causing the slight tear in her rectum to reopen from the beginning of its healing stage.  Trish knew that she could never let this deep dark secret come out into the open, knowing that it would be quite devastating for her marriage if all the little tidbits were revealed.  Trish prayed that the felon she had sent to prison had his crazed lust satisfied, but deep down she knew otherwise, that was the beginning and not the end.

End of Story.