Con’s Revenge - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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     Hobie was bent on revenge.  Just getting out of the can, he was about to carry out his cunning plan that was in the making over the past 18 months.  He was pissed at the whole system.  Convicted of a crime he did not commit, being in the wrong place at the wrong time.   Arrested by a damned rookie cop, a rookie female cop at that.  Arrested because he had been passing by a home that had just been burglarized by someone else.  He had burglarized many homes, but not his damned place.  A search warrant of his home produced many stolen items of his past burglaries.  All this led to his wrongful conviction and he was going to make those responsible pay the price.

     In the can, he made some friends with other devious cons with connections on the outside.  He did some favors and in return got information on those he set out to get revenge upon.  The first was the young female cop that arrested him.  He remembered how she had prodded him forward with her damned nightstick.  Well, he was bent on prodding her on, and it was no nightstick he was going to prod her with.

     Hiding in the master bedroom closet, Hobie awaits for the beautiful young policewoman.  Arriving home from work, Amanda Stevens had her daughter change and allowed her to watch cartoons in the family room.  At the age of 24, Amanda was happily married to her husband Jon, who was the same age as her and whom she met in college. Jon had been her first love and the only man she’d been with.  Amanda was petite in size for being a policewoman but she had majored in criminology and this was the only related field she could start with before getting into the research and laboratory side of the field.  Being in the department was the main step and would allow her to transfer to the actual field of criminology she desired.

    Amanda entered the bedroom and began to slip out of her light blue uniform, she sat on the edge of the bed and slipped out of her panty hose, revealing her trim white legs and sexy feet.  She stood and walked to the closet to get her home clothing.  She grabbed her shorts and blouse on a hook and turned.  A large black hand suddenly clamped over her mouth.  Amanda shook in fear and was stunned.

    Hobie forced her to walk to her bed.  He grabbed Amanda's right hand and dragged it back.  Amanda trembled as her hand was wrapped around a huge pulsing fleshy iron bar.  Her slim fingers were two inches too short to encircle this pulsing monstrosity.  Her tiny hand was forced to pump up and down its length, which she can only guess to be an entire foot in length.  She shivered in fear of its length, not believing anyone could possess such a weapon.  Her own husband, the only man to make love to her, was puny compared to what was throbbing in her fist.  Her own husband possessed only a 6" cock, one her fingers could easily encircle.

     Amanda had dreamt at times of being taken by force and fucked by a cock other than her husband's.  But that was a fantasy, not a reality like now.  Her hand was getting slicker each time she reached the cockhead.  She could not contemplate being soiled by such a filthy black penis.  Amanda desperately began pumping this oversized black prick hoping she could get the black attacker to lose his load.  Hobie hand no longer covered her hand yet Amanda continued the pumping on her own.  The black hand crept to her jewel and began to finger her clit.  Amanda began to juice and the black's middle finger began to fuck in and out of her juicy pussy.

     Hobie suddenly spun her around and threw her down on the bed. He was immediately upon her with one hand over her mouth.  His head hooded by his ski mask,  "I'm going to take my hand off your mouth!  Scream if you want, bitch!  Then your daughter will come in here and she's going to see her mother fucking a black.nigger!"  Amanda shakes her head.  The black hand moved away from her mouth.  Amanda did want her child to witness her rape by this black monster.

     Her sexy white feet are lifted to his face and Hobie licks at the tiny toes and tender soles.  His huge black mushroom head rubs up and down Amanda's juicy pussy lips.  She's feeling the unwanted stimulation.  She reaches down with both hands to pump up and down the black snake, hoping she could get him to ejaculate prematurely.  She dreads this forbidden act with a black nigger.  She had heard of blacks possessing large cocks.  Her hands were in touch with the truth.  She wondered how she could take such a monster, one double the size and length of her own husband's.

     Then her mind drifted back to reality.  She was about to be raped by a huge black nigger.  Amanda' hands tightened on his cock to keep him from penetrating her. The black grinned knowing she was trying to keep from being raped.  However, her slippery hands slid down his foot long cock. One hand at the cock's base and her other hand above the first.  Yet, four inches stuck out between her pussy lips and closest hand.  The black laughed and lunged forward spearing the remaining four inches into her tight pussy. "Noooooo ....…………….nooooooooooooo ………..arggghhhhhhh!" she pleaded, but not yelling too loud as she did not want her young daughter to witness her debasement. This cock was far thicker than her husband's.  In and out the black plunged his thick shaft, slamming it in to the hilt.  Amanda began to hunch up to meet this fucking black.  Her clit was being rubbed as the cock moved about.  Slowly, one hand began to slip over the other, allowing more and more of the cock to plunge in her wet cavern.

     The unwanted stimulation had Amanda’s body betraying her.  She unconsciously released the black cock and hunched up to let it penetrate her even deeper than before.  Her arms then reached up to the black hips, pulling herself up onto him.  The black was well aware of this beauty's needs, as he continued to lap at her feet.  Holding his cock still, with only the tip in, he teased "What does the little lady want from this black nigger?"

    Amanda groaned at this humiliation.  She body had become hot and aroused but she did not want this, pleading for him to let her free "Please don't rape me ...…………, no .......……………….oh, please …………. ………..oh, please ………………..put a condom on! You…………'ll get me pregnant!"  Hobie reared back even more and slammed into the beauty.  "Ohhhhh ...………………ohhhhhhhhh …………….nooo …………..nnnnnnnnnooooooooo!"  "No ……………........please …………….please stop ..………………….arrugggghhhhhhh!" she moaned loudly, as the foot long cock sank all the way up her womb.  Her belly was swelling from the presence of this monster snake.  The black withdrew to his cockhead and then speared back deeply time after time.

     Amanda's marriage bed never creaked like this before.  The huge black had his feet at the bottom of the bedboard, using his feet to push on the board and spear harder and harder into her tight pussy.  Amanda' trim white legs edged up from the sides of the black and raised up slowly to have her feet locked around the black's waist.  The black slammed harder and harder into the little beauty.  Amanda suddenly arched her back up, with the full weight on her body, convulsing in an orgasm she never felt before.  “Oh, God ……………….….oh, Godddddddd ……………………nooooooooooo!” she groaned.  As she reached her peak, her body went limp and her legs fell to the sides of the black.  Suddenly her legs jerked back encircling the black again, as his huge cock twitched and exploded in her tight little pussy.

     The black rapist lay on the young wife’s petite white body, cock dwindling as the cum drooled out of the beauty's pussy lips.  He twitched his cock in her pussy, bringing a groan from her lips. "I just fucked a black baby into your tummy, Mrs. Stevens!"  Amanda could only groan in shame.  "Little faithful wifey fucked by a black nigger in her husband's bed and maybe knocked up at the same time!  This bed ain't never going to creak like this again!"  With that the black began to fuck Amanda again and brought them both to another mutual climax.  “Oh, please ……………..…oh, please …………….oh, nnnnnnnnoooooooooo!” Amanda groaned as her body shook in her uncontrolled climax, her feet drumming on the quivering black ass.

     An hour later, Amanda sobbed as she tried to cleanse herself of the scum shot into and on her by the black rapist.  Never had she seen so much cum.  Wads of thick grayish goo filled her soiled pussy to the brim.  She tried her best to cleanse her self of the baby making jism.  She wondered how much cum still clogged her womb if the potent sperm assault would leave her in the family way.  She remade the bed so her husband wouldn't see the soaked bedsheet.  She opened the windows to air out the room and get out the pungent smell of sex.  That night, her husband returned home horny and wanted some action.  Too much so, that he came quickly, leaving Amanda horny and frustrated.  In her frustration, she could not help but think of the black cock that made her climax earlier.

     What Amanda did not know, but would soon learn of, was the video recorder the black rapist had set up in the closet prior to the rape.  It was all captured on film.  The rapist had retrieved it immediately following the rape.  And she would soon be the star of the video that her rapist would charge the low-lifes across town, to view the defilement of a beautiful young white wife, for which Hobie charged an admission fee to his private showing.

     After the first showing, Hobie had over $200 his pocket and some of his ole buddies said they’d pay to see it again.  A couple guys asked how much he was asking for to set up a night with the beautiful little bitch, as it was obvious Hobie now had a hold over her, especially with the tape of her defilement.  This set the wheels in motion as Hobie countered with the question of how much they’d pay to get into Amanda’s sweet little panties.

     Hobie knew he could charge whatever he wanted.  After these low-life bums got a look of that sweet innocent wife, they each would have given their left nut for a crack at her white ass, especially knowing the fact that his young wife was a policewoman to boot.  Thus, he set a $500 price tag, for each guy who wanted to get a shot of fucking his filthy rod into that pure white body.  No one argued the price, knowing they just have to knock over another grocery store before the money was due.

     A month later, Amanda opened the envelope and wanted to die on the spot.  A blown-up photo clearly depicted her being fucked by her black rapist.  The accompanying note told her to show up at night at an address that was in the seedy part of town.  She was to wear a nice dress with 3” white heels.  Amanda swallowed hard, expecting the worst.  And the note indicated her occupation was known and not to be foolish by bringing her gun with her.  If she didn’t show, the note indicated that her husband and neighbors would all get a copy of the video.

     That evening, Amanda had to lie to her husband for the first time.  Telling him she was meeting a girlfriend to see a movie.  That evening was a terrible ordeal for the young wife.  Arriving at the seedy location, Amanda shivered as she entered the apartment.  Her savage black rapist greeted her and had her sit to watch the entire defilement on tape.  Then she was led into the bedroom, where she was greeted by four of the foulest low-lifes she had ever laid her eyes upon.

    Surrounded by the lusting men, Amanda was then forced to perform a seductive striptease, forced to endure the filthy touch of the lecherous men.  The anxious men were in no mood to wait their turn and she was pulled down on the darkest of them all, forced to straddle him, groaning as his thick cockhead stretched her tight cuntlips as never before.  Then she felt the bed sag behind her as another fitted himself into he tight ass and shoved with all of his might.  "Arggggggggghhhhhhhh ..................mmppppppphhhfffffffff!" her scream was cut off but another man jumping up upon the bed to fill her mouth with his thick manhood.

    The fourth man was a little black dwarf and he wanted in on the action too.  Amanda felt him pulling her hands forward as he also got onto the bed, getting her to handle is thick throbbing shaft.  With all the cocks she was servicing at once, she just couldn't believe the thick monstrosity that continued to grow in her squeezing hands.  'Oh, my God!  This little dwarf has the biggest cock of them all!' she realized.

    Finally arriving home, Amanda sobbed as she made her way through the darkened house, not wanting to turn the lights on.  She made it to the bathroom and quickly prepared a potent douche to flush the mushy slime from her vagina.  She thought of the horrible ordeal the four men had put her through.  The worst was the little black dwarf with the long thick cock, who had shoved the whole thing down her throat and erupted his filthy mucous in her mouth, making her eat all of his thick slime.  Her ass hurt so bad, having lost her cherry ass to a big black brute.

End of Story.