Con’s Revenge - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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      Hobie thought back to the criminal trial.  He thought there’d be no way they could convict him, as he was actually innocent of this particular burglary.  The search warrant had only produced stolen items of prior burglaries and none from the one he was arrested for.  But the deputy prosecutor in this case was young and determined to make a name for herself.  She was also beautiful and the damned bitch knew it, using her beauty and charm to appeal to the men on the jury.

     The beautiful Sharon Hicks, at age 26, was recently out of law school and determined to win whatever case she was assigned to.  She was quite intelligent and learned quickly in her prior cases, backing up the more senior deputy prosecutors.  In her courtroom appearance, she appeared in a very expensive and tailor outfit with sheer nylons and 3" heels.  But on the last day of the trial, she dressed in an expensive tailored white blazer, bright yellow blouse, white skirt and white heels.  She skipped the use of nylons to show her beautiful ivory legs.  Even Hobie had a hard time concentrating on anything except her long white legs.

    Of the eleven person jury, there were nine men on the jury.  The way the male jurors eyes followed her every movement, Hobie knew it would take a miracle to win this baby.  Before the closing arguments, he had leaned back and looked over to the table where the young beauty sat reading her notes.  He saw her drop a white heel, baring a sexy white foot, toying with the heel with her tiny toes.  He looked up at the jury and saw all nine heads, of the male jurors, bobbing in time with the movement of her white heel.  At that point, Hobie knew his goose was cooked.  If he was on the jury, he’d go along with whatever she said and even convict himself.

    While in prison, he bargained away some of his meals in exchange for other inmates’ contact with the outside. With that contact, Hobie was able to learn that Ms. Sharon Hicks was a recent graduate of a prestigious law school and had gone to the most expensive prep school in the state.  Also, Ms. Hicks was recently married to another lawyer, a Mr. David Hicks.  They with no children to date and were living in a very exclusive residential area.  That private contact even managed to get several telephoto shots of the lovely beauty, as she exited the courthouse.  One was a close up of the beautiful bitch.

    In he dimness of the moonlight shining into his cell, Hobie admired the beauty in the photo while stroking his pulsing black cock.  He became obsessed with the beauty in the photo, jerking off often at the thought of socking it to the beautiful little bitch.  He dreamed of the day he would get even with the beautiful young bitch.  She was going to pay for putting him in jail.

    Hobie finally got paroled, not because of good behavior but due to the lack of prison space.  One thing on his mind was to make that beautiful bitch of a lawyer pay for putting him behind bars.  In the joint, Hobie learned that he was not the only one that got put in the slammer by that teasing bitch of a lawyer, having used that same technique to win all her cases.  ‘That bitch used her sexy bod to sway the jury against me!’ he fumed and mutter ‘And I’m gonna get even by fucking that beautiful little bod of hers.  Gonna teach that bitch a lesson she’ll never forget.  God, I hope I knock that bitch up!  See who’ll she attract when they know a nigger ‘ruined’ her and laid a baby in her little white tummy!  Only right she have something to remind her of me everyday!’

    Two months after he got settled in, Hobie was ready to settle the score with the bitch that convicted him.  Step one had already been accomplished, having shafted that bitch of a policewoman that had arrested him.  Hobie went to the courthouse and checked the court calendar.  He found what courtroom that bitch would be flaunting that sexy body of hers.  Going to the courtroom, he sat in the second row, behind the sexy bitch.  That seat afforded him just the right view over the low railing, where he could gaze at her milky white legs when she sat.

    The criminal case that was scheduled for the day was a joke.  The poor sap on trial didn’t stand a chance.  The guy he had hired, as his attorney, couldn’t keep his eyes off his opponent’s trim white legs.  Not that he could blame him, for all the male jurors and even the judge had their tongues wagging.  The lovely Sharon Hicks had them right where she wanted them.  All the rulings went in her favor.  There was no doubt she would win her case.

    When the trial was over and the poor sap was led away in chains, Hobie watched the beautiful lawyer receive her congratulations.  Even the judge went up to her and shook her hand, obviously wanting to get close to this young beauty, with the hope of eventually bedding her.  When the beauty gathered her briefs and was walking out, his presence caught her attention.  Hobie’s wide smile at her got her nervous and the way she clutched the top of her blouse, it was obvious she recognized him as a criminal she had put in the can.  Hobie laughed as his beautiful prey scurried out of the courtroom.

    Thinking as to how he made some bucks and got his revenge on the cute policewoman that had arrested him, Hobie really wanted to pay back this bitch of a lawyer.  The perfect idea came to him then.  What better than to get all those cons, that she had put away, get a crack at her sweet little ass.  Those cons inside had their contacts and would surely be willing to get him cash or dope in payment for his delivery of the beautiful little bitch.  He smiled at the thought of the bitch getting her due, knowing those inmates had a score to settle and they’d give it to her nice and ‘HARD’!  His cock twitched at the prospect of that lovely bitch getting knocked up by a black con.  What a way to get even!

    Hobie learned that the beautiful lawyer had tried to get the just convicted felon to spill the beans on his accomplices but he had refused.  The offer of a greatly reduced sentence had been rejected.  Hobie overheard the lovely Sharon Hicks tell the defense attorney to talk to his client.  That she’d keep the offer open if he’d spill his beans on the two accomplices.  Armed with this information, Hobie concocted his devious scheme.

    That week Hobie got word to one of his buddies still incarcerated in the state pen, the same location where the last poor sap got sent to.  His buddy was a former cellmate that had also been put there by that damned bitch.  Hobie laid out his plans to his excited buddy, who would handle things from the inside.

    A week later, the beautiful attorney sat smiling at her desk.  Her offer of getting that dumb con a lenient sentence had worked.  His attorney had just called her to tell her that his client would spill his guts in exchange for the lighter sentence.  Sharon, however, would have to make a trip to the prison to interview him.  According to the con’s attorney, he would meet with her only and no one else was to be present.  Sharon shivered at the disgusting thought of going to the prison and seeing all the low-life bums.  She was only too happy to put them in the can but she hated going there at all.  She relayed to the con’s attorney that she’d drive out to the prison and meet with him on that Friday but he’d have to give her all the information available and it had to be enough to convict the accomplices.

    That Friday, the lovely Sharon Hicks was wrapping up closing arguments in yet another case and had dressed very neatly in a tailored yellow skirt, a matching yellow blazer, white blouse and white heels.  All the male eyes were glued to her milk white legs and heads bobbed up and down to the timing of her dangling heel.  The jury deliberation was over quickly and another poor sap got the ax.  Lots of time now for Sharon to drive out to the prison.

    Arriving at the prison with an overcoat on, Sharon shuddered at the sight of the grubby cons, many of whom she had put here.  It was warm in the building and thus she took off her overcoat before checking in with the registration clerk.  Then a large burly white guard was called to escort her to the interview room in the next building.  She had always conducted her interviews in the main building and had never been to this other building.  She cringed as she had to go through several checkpoints and felt as if she was the one locked up in prison.  As she had to walk between buildings, through a chained off and secured pathway, she was visible to the cons wandering the prison yard.  Catcalls, whistles, and hollering erupted from the prison yard once the caged men caught a glimpse of her.  She wished she had kept her overcoat on but knew she was in the safety confines of this secured pathway.  Thus, she walked deliberately in a manner that her ass swayed tauntingly before the caged animals.  She laughed and gave a smirk to the excited cons before entering the building.

    Entering a small room, Sharon observed it to be more of a padded room with only a small table and two chairs.  The guard asked if she wanted him present while she interviewed the prisoner but she declined as the prisoner had insisted that the meeting be alone, telling the guard she would be okay.  He gave her a remote with a call button in case of an emergency, telling her he’d then be in the guard shack just outside of the building.  Taking a seat, she would await for the convict to be brought to the interview room.  Glancing about, she shuddered at the thought of ever being confined in a place such as this.

    Having waited over five minutes, Sharon was getting impatient.  Finally hearing the door being handled, she gave a shrug of her shoulders and a deep sigh.  Turning slowly to face the doorway, Sharon got prepared to take a hard approach with this convict if he expected her to recommend the lighter sentence.

    Sharon gasped in fright as the door opened, observing a convict other that the man she had been expecting.  She shivered in fright and quickly got up from her chair, with the chair falling behind her.  In her fright, she had knocked over the remote with the emergency button and it lay between her and the approaching intruder.  She backed up slowly till her back met the padded wall. Approaching her was a large black , towering high in his 6’8” coal black frame.  “Remember me, bitch?” quizzed the menacing intruder.  Shaking uncontrollably in fear, the question had her searching her mind, as he looked quite familiar.   “Did I scare you last week in the courtroom?”  Then she recalled seeing him staring at her in the courtroom from the audience area, but he was here dressed in a convict’s uniform.  Hobie actually managed to get smuggled into prison for this eventful day.

    Hobie looked at Sharon and sneered “Well, bitch, me and the boys all remember how you used your beautiful bod to tease the male jurors!  It’s only fair that we each get a piece of your sweet white as, huh guys!”   Sharon literally began shaking in fear as she observed six convicts grinning widely as they shuffled into the room.  Those black faces looked so familiar to her.  Then what had been said and the familiar faces hit her squarely, causing her to shudder in absolute fear, as these were the men that she had put into his prison.  The last man in was carrying a large mattress that he threw onto the middle of the floor.  Then the other men quickly unfold a colorful sheet to cover the bed.

    Seeing her eyes widen in fear, Hobie laughed "Nothing but the best for you, sweetie!  We know how high class you are so we even got ya a nice beautiful sheet to put your sweet white ass on!  Yeah, bitch, ya gonna be squirming on it soon!"  Sharon swallowed hard, realizing what the mattress was intended for – and it was not for sleeping.

    As the men began to move closer and closer, Sharon dropped her overcoat and backed up into a corner of the small room.  Tears forming in her eyes and now flowing down her cheeks, she pleaded with the devious men, obviously bent on revenge.  Her desperate pleas, now sounding like a little lost girl verses the tough deputy prosecutor, fell on deaf ears.  With her arms outstretched, Sharon sobbed “Oh, please, please ………please let me go …………please don’t hurt me ………………..pleaseeeeee!”

    Hobie laughed at Sharon’s desperate pleas, then gave his friends the go ahead “Have at the little bitch, guys!”  With that Sharon was swarmed upon by the lusting cons.  Two cons held her arms while the others took great pleasure in ripping her clothes to shreds.   In no time, her skirt and blouse were torn apart.  Then followed her thin bra and lacy panties.  She was then dragged onto the soiled mattress and her white heels peeled off her sexy feet.  Now all the men crowded around the mattress as she was held down by a big black con kneeling above her head.  Then she noticed that one convict remained in the background with a video camera recording all the events of her defilement.

    Looking up, Sharon observed Hobie step up to the foot of the mattress.  She gasped as he began to undress, pulling off his shirt to reveal his muscular black chest.  Then he unbuckled his jeans and then slowly began to ease his white jockeys down.  "Let me go!  Please ..............please let me go!  Oh, God ...............please .....................please ................please don't rape me!" she sobbed.

    Hobie made a big production of slowly drawing down his jockeys, seeing the beauty's eyes glued to his crotch as she panted in fear.  "Oh, sweetie, this is your lucky day!  You're gonna get to know what 'real men' are like instead of the white punk of yours!" he taunted.  The surrounding cons all grinned at her, enjoying her squirming white body and hearing her desperate pleas “Oh, please ………..please, please have mercy …………please, pleaseeee don’t rape me!”

    “C’mon, Hobie!  Give it to the little bitch!” yelled on convict.  Then a chant picked up among the group of cons “Fuck the bitch!  Fuck the bitch!  Fuck the bitch!”  Hobie grinned as he stepped forward, shucking his black pole to readiness.  Sharon desperately kicked out at the approaching Hobie, trying to keep him away.  Suddenly, cons on both sides of the mattress captured her ankles and pulled her trim white legs wide apart.

    As Hobie knelt before the sobbing beauty, he enjoyed the chant from the cons bent on getting just revenge for their fate in jail.  Hearing the anguished pleas brought even greater delight, as Sharon sobbed in fear “Please ………..please don’t ……..don’t rape me, please ……………please, I’ve never been with anyone but my husband …………please!”  Hobie stroked his cock till it drooled with pre-cum, that would serve as the only lubrication the lovely bitch would be allowed.  He was going to give it to her as hard as he could, wanting to hear the bitch scream in fear and pain.

    “No ……..noooooo ………no, pleaseeeee ………..!” Sharon sobbed in fear as she felt the thick cockhead nosing about the entrance to her womanhood.  “Nooooooo ……….owwwwwww …….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screeched as the thick black cock thrust into her without mercy.  Never had she been stretched in such a manner before.  She had only experienced her husband’s penis and it was just no comparison as to what was being shoved into her at this moment.  "Owwwwwwww ……………….ohhhhhhhh, Goddddddd …………..pleaseeeeeeeeee!” she screamed for mercy as Hobie slammed himself repeatedly into her helpless body, which brought the surrounding group to chant their encouragement even louder.

    The audience clapped and jeered as the lovely bitch that had put each of them in the slammer was now getting her due.  They whooped and hollered as they observed the trim white arms and legs encircle Hobie’s humping black body. Watched as the young beauty arched up and moaned “Ohhhhh ………….Godddddddddd ………….I’mmm cummingggggggg ……………ohhhhhhhhh!”  Then Hobie’s black body began quivering and spasms shook the giant body as his potent cum began to belch out of his erupting cock, shooting deeply into bitch’s fertile womb.

    The cons all clapped as Hobie withdrew his now dwindling black cock, drenched in a coat of the slick fuck juices.  They gazed upon the lovely white body of the beautiful bitch that had charmed all the male jurors into to convicting each of them.  But now that lovely body was wide spread before them, bruised with love bites on her lovely tits and cum drooling from her pussy lips.  One by one they took out their aggressions by brutally shagging the beautiful bitch in pay back.  When each man had a turn at her, then they gang fucked her with one feeding her his cock, another in her pussy, a cock placed in each hand, and a cock rubbing against each foot.  They all switched places over the next few hours till all were exhausted.

    Sharon groaned and wept in shame.  Shame and humiliation at being raped and ‘ruined’ by these black convicts that she had put away.  Ashamed at how her body had betrayed her and humped back at each of the brutal rapists and clasped each black to her as they dumped their filthy load in her.   ‘Oh God, what if one of these convicts impregnated me!’ she fearfully pondered.  She touched her body and groaned, feeling sick at the feel of slick cum soiling her entire body.  Trying desperately to get up from the mattress, she felt hands assisting her.

    Sharon shivered at the touch of the rough hands assisting her up but she was thankful the horrendous ordeal was finally over, or so she thought.   Just as she had been able to turn, getting up onto her knees, Sharon was being prevented from getting up further.  The rough hands on her shoulders were firmly keeping her down on the mattress.  She panicked, realizing what a precarious position she was now in.  She groaned as she pictured what was about to happen, she was going to be fucked from behind just like the way animals did it.

    Sure enough, her fears were confirmed as the mattress sagged behind her.  She sighed, resigning her fate to being raped again but told herself she would not let her body betray her again.  She tried to rationalize and steel her body, telling herself ‘What difference does it make being raped once again, as all of them had already taken advantage of her.  What more could they do to her?’

    Steeling herself for the rape from behind, Sharon thought of other things in an attempt to block her mind as to what was taking place.  Her body shivered as felt large hands grasp her hips and the movement on the mattress, as the unseen rapist shuffled up between her legs.  Then Sharon’s eyes open wide and she panted in horrified fear.  She now realized that the brute behind her was not intending to rape her as she had prepared herself for.  Instead, she felt the thick fleshy cockhead probing as the entrance to her now puckering ass.  She was about to be fucked in an inhuman manner, a way in which she never before experienced.  She was about to be sodomized by the unseen brute behind her.

    “Ohhhhhhhh …………….No!  No! No! ……………….don’t please ………….ohhh, please you can’t rape me there ……………please, you’ll hurt me …………please, no one has ever touch me there …………….pleaseeeeeeeee!” Sharon pleadingly whimpered.  Her pleas brought about a lot of chuckles around her.  Then the cheers of encouragement began.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………….oh, oh, oh ……awwwwwwwwwwww!” Sharon shrieked hysterically.  All to the delight of the applauding cons, who began chanting “Go!  Go!  Go!  Go! Go! …………….”  Tears flowed freely down Sharon’s face, which showed her pained agony.  Her once cherry ass was being brutally stuffed with ten long inches of solid muscle.  Fifteen minutes of being brutalized, Sharon then felt a hot soothing cream sudden fill her bowels.   Then the hands on her hips and shoulder were gone, letting her now limp body to collapse onto the soiled mattress.

    An hour later, Sharon lifted her head wearily off the mattress.  Her mind cleared and she groaned realizing that the nightmare had actually taken placed.  She had been gang raped by the filthy black convicts that she had put in jail.  She looked down at her cum drenched body, her pussy leaking a steady flow of slimy filth and her butt ached so badly.  ‘Oh God, where’s my clothes?’ Sharon questioned as she nervously looked about.  All she could see some colorful rags that had been left for her, scattered heels, and her folded overcoat.

    Wiping herself down her cum covered body as best as she could with the colorful silky rags, Sharon dressed in the only items left for her.  She put on her coat and tied the sash tightly about her.  Then she stepped into her white heels and groaned in despair.  While she was passed out, some of her tormentors wanted to humiliate her further by jacking off a final time, dumping their scummy loads into each of her white heels.  It was into this messy gunk that each foot had stepped into.

    Picking the remote up from the floor, she pressed the call button.  Two minutes later, the burly white guard appeared to escort her back to the main administration building.  As the clerical staff had left for the day, the guard told her he’d sign her out and escorted her out the entrance of the prison.  Sharon was anxious to get out the confines of the prison so badly.  She had not given it a thought that normally everyone had to sign out on their own and return the visitor’s badge that had disappeared along with her clothing.  Getting into her car, she quickly headed home to try and cleanse herself of the filth.  She looked at the time and felt some relief, knowing her husband would be out with the men he worked with till after midnight, consuming drinks at their normal hangout.

    Unknown to Sharon was the prison rules calling for the staff to be certain all visitors were accounted for, having signed out and gone, before the staff was allowed to depart.  When the woman checking the register, the blank after Sharon’s name had contained a forged signature that she had already departed. Her forged signature indicating her departure had been done when she had been waiting in the room, for the guard to bring the prisoner.  Her visitor’s badge returned after she had been brutally sodomized.  This had been done by the very same guard who had escorted her out.

    Sharon would have been in for a shock if she had known of the guard’s involvement in her ordeal. He had been in his guard shack located at the edge of the building, looking at the monitor on his desk the entire time.  That monitor televised all the happenings taking place in the interview room and he had witnessed quite and exciting gangbang.  The guard had also brought in a VCR on that day and attached it to the monitor, recording her defilement on the soiled mattress.  For his needed assistance in helping the cons pull off this caper, he was paid a tidy sum that he had collected in advance.   But it was the ‘bonus’ he was promised in pulling the scam off that really excited him.  That bonus turned out to be even more that he had anticipated, finding out that the lawyer’s beautiful ass was actually ‘cherry’, which he thoroughly enjoyed busting through.

    Two weeks had gone by and Sharon had managed to put off her husband’s advances with the excuses of being ‘too tired’ or ‘too busy’.  She felt so soiled and ‘ruined’ after being gangbanged by the lowly black convicts that she just couldn’t let her loving husband soil himself by putting his penis into where the niggers cum had been dumped.  But in bed each night, she lay there thinking of how her body had betrayed her and the numerous mind-shattering orgasms she had reached.  Orgasms of such magnitude that clearly surpassed any of those reached with her husband.  The other night she had resorted to going to the bathroom, using the antique coke bottle to ease the tension between her thighs.

    Seeing the man of the house holding a fishing pole and getting into his car, Hobie was in luck.  He left his pickup at the curb with the phony lawn service signs on the side.  He walked up to the luxurious home and rang the doorbell.  He enjoyed seeing the stunned expression on the lovely wife’s face, stunned at his appearance at her home.  Having stopped by the courtroom several times in the past two weeks, he had enjoyed seeing her blush each time she saw him.  “Good morning, Mrs. Hicks!” Hobie greeted the speechless beauty.

    Sharon had just been about to leave for the early service at the church, after having gotten up early and making breakfast for her husband.  She was speechless as this black tormentor stepped into the foyer.  She could do nothing but to obey his every command.  She closed her eyes in shame as she reached up under her light blue skirt, peeling down her baby blue panties, which slowly fluttered down her trim legs to puddle at her white heels.  Moments later, Sharon was clad only in her white heels.  Her trim white arms wrapped around the broad black shoulders, long white legs wrapped around the pumping black ass, white heels locked around each as she held on tightly.  The foyer wall being pounded upon repeatedly by Sharon’s tight butt, slammed into the wall as she was literally being nailed to it by the thrusting black intruder.

    An hour later, David Hicks was ecstatic to be on the lake casting out his fishing rod.  Even more so when the rod quivered and jerked as the fish fought to get away from the stabbing pain.  Had David been aware of what was taking place in the bed he shared with his beautiful wife, he would not have been so happy.  At that very moment, his lovely wife was in their bed but she was not alone.  There on their marital bed, his lovely young wife tried desperately to get away, not wanting to soil the sanctity of her marital bed.  But his lovely wife was impaled by the long black rod which quivered and jerked, determined to spew its gooey load.

    Three weeks later, having missed her period, Sharon was in a state of distress.  Having purchased a home pregnancy test, she nervously sat in her bathroom awaiting the results.  Moments later, weeping softly, Sharon looked back upon the calendar.  It had been a while since she and David had made love and David had always used a condom.  Sharon sobbed as she realized that her most fertile period was about the time of her visit to the prison.  She wondered which of the lowly convicts was the father of the baby growing within her womb.  Only one thing was for certain, she was carrying had been fathered by a big Black buck!

End of Story.