Con’s Revenge – III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Hanging around the courthouse each day, the lusting Hobie kept his eye out for his next victim.  It was gonna be pay back time for the little bitch that defended him, or more accurately putting up that feeble attempt to defend him.  What pissed him off was that damned bitch was smart but after she reviewed the evidence, it was quite obvious that even she did not believe him and basically gave up on him.  So what there were items stolen in previous burglaries but he had no part in the one he had been arrested for.  The bitch tried to get him to plead guilty to a crime he hadn’t committed and when he refused, it was obvious to him that the bitch was merely going through the motions to defend him.  Well, he was ‘gonna make her pay real good, a pound of flesh would do or better the pounding of her flesh’ he chuckled.

Arriving at the courthouse for a motions hearing, the lovely Eileen Mills intently reviewed her notes as she walked to the courtroom.  She had joined the public defender’s office immediately after graduating from law school.  She had received several impressive offers from the prestigious law firms in the city but wanted to learn from the bottom up, having a soft heart for the poor people.  Thus, she wanted to give a few years to helping those who could not afford a legal defense and then consider other options in her law career.  But one thing she had no tolerance for was thieves, rapists, or murderers especially if it was obvious they were repeat offenders of such crimes.  She remembered that one thief named ‘Hobie Thompson’ and his refusal to plead guilty, how futile the case was as he had many stolen items in his home when arrested.  She remembered that case well, as that good-for-nothing thief couldn’t be prosecuted for the theft of those items recovered due to some technicalities.  She had merely assumed that the goods he had stolen in this burglary had already been fenced.

Eileen was happy with life, having married her high school sweetheart and having bore two lovely children from him.  She thought of her loving husband, Sam, how he had been the only man for her since she met him in high school.  Now at the age of 32, but looking under 30, Linda was doing very well in her profession and she would soon take charge of the Public Defenders office.  Life couldn’t be any better for her, married to the only man she’d ever loved and having two wonderful children.

Sitting off in a far corner of the courthouse, Hobie licked his thick lips when he observed the lovely public defender.  He watched her glancing as her notes as she walked right past him to the elevators, not seeing his peering eyes.  He looked at her lovely honey colored hair, perfectly in place, her sharply dressed navy blue outfit with matching 3” heels.  Standing at 5’3” and weighing a mere 115 lbs, this unsuspecting young beauty would be of no match for this stalking predator.  ‘Man, I’m gonna see what kind of wildcat this pretty little thing is once I strip off the nice looking outfit!’ Hobie pondered.  As his prey was the only one going up into the elevator, Hobie watched the outside indicator as to where the elevator stopped.  Taking the next elevator, he got off on the third floor to find the courtroom where the beauty would be.

Eileen was so engrossed in arguing the motion before the judge that she was unaware of Hobie’s presence in the back of the courtroom.  She was being observed carefully and being mentally stripped by her stalker’s eyes.  Once the motion had concluded, Eileen made her trek back to her nearby office, deep in thought of husband, wondering if she was just being a prude as to Sam’s sexual desires.  She and her girl friends had always joked and kidded around about the joys of sucking a man’s cock and letting a man go down on them.

But in her personal life, Eileen just couldn’t let herself go that far, feeling that only a common slut would go that far.  No man would respect her if he knew she was so depraved as to suck a man’s penis or to let a man put his face between her legs.   Thus, so preoccupied in her thoughts, she was unaware of the lusting black male that trailed behind her at a distance.  Reaching her office building, Eileen decided to leave some paperwork in her car rather than carrying it back again, giving her stalker the make and location of her vehicle.

Arriving home, the two children were in the front yard, kicking the soccer ball around with their father.  Fortunately, Sam got off early from the office and could handle picking up the children when they got done with their daily soccer practice on the school’s field.  Her two boys were 6 and 7 years of age and just getting into team sports, loving the outdoor activities.  She saw her handsome husband smile and wave to her.  Unknown to her was the old Ford that had followed her home and had pulled to the curbside when she began her turn into the driveway of her home.

That evening, the Mills had a nice family dinner at home.  Then the children were allowed to watch a bit of television before going off to bed.  Finally Eileen and Sam could lock their bedroom door, immediately kissing passionately as they fell onto the bed.  Eileen was always so pleased and happy with her lovemaking with Sam, only wishing he did not keep trying to get her be perform any sexual acts that only a ‘slut’ would do.  Still she wanted to please the man she loved but just couldn’t picture herself putting her mouth on his penis.  What would happen if she did it?  Would Sam keep her from lifting her head up, force her to keep sucking him, climax in her mouth?  Would he force her to swallow his goo?

Sam could not believe he had been so fortunate to have the most beautiful girl in high school fall in love with him.  Eileen had been the prettiest and most intelligent girl of the school, head cheerleader, and valedictorian of the senior class.  Then Eileen was the most beautiful girl in college, turning all the men’s heads in envy.  There was only one thing that Sam wished of his lovely young wife, that she would not be so prudish in her ways when in bed with him.  He knew she had come into the marriage completely inexperienced and with the conservative upbringing, refused to engage in anything but the missionary position.  He had tried repeatedly to put his aching cock between her lovely lips but was always rebuffed.  The same came when he tried to go down on her soft fuzzy mound.  Once he had tried to slip his cock into her tight little ass but that turned into the only fight they ever had.

This evening was no different, as Sam was only allowed lovemaking in the missionary position.  But what he hated most was the need to use the damned rubber condoms.  After two beautiful children and budding careers for both, the Mills had decided that they were satisfied with the size of the family and may consider another child later.  Eileen had gone on the pill but the allergic reactions forced her to discontinue it.  Thus, it was left up to the safety of condoms.

The next Friday, Eileen got off a bit early and picked the boys up from soccer practice.  She got them a snack and let them go off to play in the backyard, joined by a few of the neighborhood boys of their age.  Then she went upstairs to get out of her work clothing and take a soothing shower.

In the privacy of her bedroom, Eileen draped her jacket onto the arms of the chair,  undid the zipper at the side of her navy blue skirt and allowed it to fall to her feet.  Next the blouse was unbuttoned and removed, leaving her in a lacy black bra and matching panties.  Stepping out of her garments, she moved to the foot of the bed to remove her nylons.  Her trim sexy legs had always made men’s eyes bulge, turn to follow them as she passed on by, with, Sam loving to stroke amd caress her soft legs.  Unknown to Eileen, her long sexy legs were now the object of the glaring black eyes starring from the slits in the closet door, and the rolling down of her nylons giving her unseen admire a raging hardon..

Hobie panted and licked his dry lips as he watched the beautiful young wife and lawyer begin to remove her sheer nylons.  He began to shuck his leaking cock as the long trim milky-white legs were exposed to his lustful eyes.  ‘Oh God, I can’t wait to have the bitch’s long white legs wrapped around me!  In nine months, those lovely white legs will be spreading wide to push out a little black bastard!’ he groaned softly.  He continued watching as Eileen stood up and went into the bathroom to shower.

Hearing the shower, Hobie crept up to the doorway of the bathroom and peeked in on the unsuspecting young wife.  In the clear glass shower stall, he observed the beauty in all her magnificent glory.  ‘God’, he thought ‘how I’d like to go in there right now and shower her down with my hot cum!  But guess I’ll wait to bed right on the soft bed that she shares with her punk husband!’

Putting on a white robe, Eileen re-entered the bedroom.  She walked over to the corner of the window to peek outside to make sure the boys were okay.  She smiled to see her boys having fun with their friends. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………………!” Eileen gasped as her startled scream was cut off by a large hand being clamped over her mouth.  Panting in utter fear, unable to scream, she felt a large hand at her waist slowly moving to the part of the front of her white robe.  She couldn’t move as the sash of her robe was untied and the front of her robe pulled apart.

“Wanna scream bitch?  Gonna take my hand away from your mouth.  Go ahead and scream as loud as you want!  But when your boys run up hear to help, guess what I’m gonna do to them?” Hobie threatened the young wife, paralyzed with fear.  “Remember me, bitch?  Wanted me to plead guilty, bitch!  Well, you’re the one that gonna do all the pleading today, bitch!” he taunted.

“Ohhhhhhh ………………..pleaseeeeeeeee!” Eileen pleaded, as the roving black hands touched her soft white flesh.  She closed her eyes as the large hands moved up slowly.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, noooooooooo ……..Godddddd, nooooooooooo …………………ohhhhhhhhhh!  Please, have mercy!” she sobbed, as her pink nipples were now being flicked and rolled by thick black fingers.  The black hands fully encompassed her perfectly shaped breasts, softly roaming and teasing the pink nipples to further stiffness.

The white bathrobe soon lay in a puddle behind Eileen, who could not move at all, afraid to yell out and bring danger to her two young sons. Then she gasped and her legs nearly gave way as fingers of one black hand began to approach her womanhood.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh …………….Goddddddddddd!” she groaned when a thick finger parted her slick folds and teased her stiff clit.  “Noooooooooo ……………pleaseeeeeeeeeeee ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned, body shaking uncontrollably in a convulsive orgasm, an orgasm far more powerful than she ever experienced before.

Never having reached an orgasm in this manner, Eileen was in a dazed stupor as her limp body was being carried to her bed that she shared with Sam.  She saw the bedspread pulled down to reveal the clean sheets, her husband’s pillow being placed in the middle of the bed.  Then she was laid upon the bed, with the pillow under her hips, serving her womanhood up to the mercy of this black ex-convict.

“Ohhhhhhhhh ……………please …………..noooooooooo!” Eileen pleaded as she observed the large black head descend down towards her mound.  This intruder was about to put his mouth on her sex, something that Sam had wanted to do and she had refused.  Now this horrid man was about to do the unthinkable.  Oh, how she wished that she had not deprived her loving husband of this rather than having this depraved brute do what she should only allow Sam to do to her.  Suddenly, she arched her hips up sharply as the hot mouth clamped down on her muff, the withering tongue teasing her sensitive clit.  Planting her feet on the mattress, Eileen’s hands grasped the kinky black hair, arching up even more in response to the unwanted pleasure. “Ohhhhhhhhh …………….nooooooooo …………….………I’mmmm …… I’mmmm cummmminggggg!  Oh, Goddddddddd  …….I ……….I’m cumminggg!” she groaned, body shaking uncontrollably.

Laying upon her bed, Eileen was helpless as her assailant crawled up to lay his massive black body upon hers.  Still pinned to the bed, her attacker lifted up and instructed her to look down, look down to see the black cock that would soon ‘ruin’ her.  She gasped loudly at the sight of the largest cock she had ever seen or could even imagine.  This was truly a ‘cock’ as compared to Sam’s tiny penis.   Her eyes gazed down at the menacing black tool that was being shucked, seeing the glistening shine of fluid oozing from the cockhead.  Seeing the massive black tool would definitely ‘ruin’ her, kill her for that matter, as no woman could possibly accommodate such a monstrosity.  Then the realization that no condom would be protecting her, a time when she definitely was ovulating.  “Oh, please …… …….no ……you can’t ………you’ll get me pregnant!” she stuttered.

Eileen’s bofy was now shivering in panic and fear as the large black cockhead dipped down into her soft fleece and parted her moist slit, rubbing up and down with pressure being placed to split her wide open.  Realizing she would never be able to prevent this brutal rape, she gathered enough rational thoughts to try and prevent the dreadful consequences of such a prohibited mating.  “Oh, pleaseee ………pleaseee ………….my husband has condoms in the drawer!” she pleaded.  “Please ……please put one on ……………’ll get me pregnant!” she sobbed in fear.

“Ohhhhhhhh ……………owwwwwwww …………….it won’t fit!  Pleaseee, oh, nooooooo ……….stopppp ……..stopppp …………it’s too biggggg!” Eileen groaned loudly, her hands trying to push at the lunging black hips.  She was being stretched as never before, forced to accept something so horrid, so defiling. The only cock she had intimately touched before this day was Sam’s, but Sam’s six-incher was a mere toy compared to the monstrosity now being forced into her.


“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Eileen sobbed when the black rapist grasped her trim hips and brutally speared the full length of his black shaft into her without any mercy.   This was exactly what Hobie had dreamt of in prison, paying back this beautiful white bitch who didn’t believe his story, make her scream in pain as he fucked the hell out of her on her marital bed.  Then Hobie repeatedly withdrew his long black shaft, till only his cockhead remained, then he viciously plunged back down with all his weight.  He wanted to make this little bitch feel the pent up anger that he had for her.  Each groan and sob brought Hobie delight in knowing this bitch was getting her just pay back.

The Mills’ bed creaked as never before, swaying madly, headboard banging against the wall and threatening to collapse from the wild activity upon it.  The long deep thrusts and withdrawals began to have an effect on Eileen’s resisting body, her thigh muscles began to contract upon the mighty shaft within her whenever it plunged deep into her womb.  Eileen could no longer control her body reactions, her trim white thighs coming off the mattress to now clutch at the sides of her rapist, her legs wrapping around the pounding black ass.

“Ohhh …..ohhhh …..ohhhh …..ohhh …..ohhhh ………!” Eileen unconsciously chanted in time with each rapid thrust into her moist slit.  Then Hobie slowed his strokes deliberately, wanting to drive this beautiful bitch crazy, letting her feel every fucking inch of the black cock that ‘ruined’ her.  “Ohhhhhhhhh ………….Goddddddd!” Eileen responded, her long white legs squeezing down on the pumping black ass, locking her ankles to draw him closer to her, to fuck her even deeper.  Never had she felt so hot, never felt such a burning itch between her legs, never so in need of an orgasm to quench the burning itch.

 Hobie laughed as the beautiful little bitch arched up to keep his cock deep within her snatch, knowing he’d turned the switch on this prim and proper little wife.  Hobie smiled as he felt the soft white body tense then shudder in convulsions, hearing the lovely wife cry out “Oh, noooooo …….Godddddd …………….oh, Goddddd …………don’t let me …………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh………………I’m cumminnggggg!”  Holding her trembling ass clutched tightly to him, his long black cock buried to the hilt, Hobie loved seeing this beautiful white wife react in such a powerful orgasm.

It took quite a few minutes before the convulsions ceased and Hobie kept the convulsing young wife skewered to his foot long cock.  He laughed as the beautiful naïve bitch was obviously delirious from the sensations of the fuck he’d thrown to her.  He smiled as the bitch’s trim white arms and legs slowly fell to the mattress about him.  A quick withdrawal of his buried cock brought the bitch’s arms and legs up quickly to clutch at him, loved hearing the bitch beg “Ohhhhhhh ……….ohhhhh, Goddddd ………..don’t!”

Then Hobie lunged forward with all his might, brutally spearing the wailing little bitch.  Lucky that the windows had been closed or her boys would have heard their mother’s pleas and wonder just what was happening.  “Ohhhh ……….please …..please ……………..pleaseeee ………no more!” pleaded the sobbing young wife.  As the long deep thrusts began to speed up, Eileen realized that her black rapist was intent of spewing his filthy seed deep into her womb.  ‘Oh, God, he’s going to cum ………..he’s going to cum in me ………….he’ll make me pregnant!’ she thought in horror.

“Please, oh, please …………please have mercy!  Please don’t cum in me!  I’ll get pregnant, please!  Please, pull it out!” Eileen pleaded.  But her pleas only seemed to stir up her rapist’s lust, as the long black shaft began pumping faster and faster.  Eileen could only groan in total despair upon hearing the taunting response “Oh, baby!  Oh, baby!  You’re sweet and tight.  Gonna fill you full of my nigger seed!  Gonna fuck a black baby in you, Mrs. Mills!   Gonna knock up the faithful little wife with a black bastard!  Oh, baby, here it cums bitch …….. ………………Urgggggggghhhhhh1” Hobie groaned, as his black body convulsed and shook.  Holding the trim white hips tightly, Hobie buried his 12” cock deep into the fertile womb and exploded his slimy jism.

“Oh, noooooooooooooooooooooooo ……………………….!” Eileen groaned as she felt the throbbing cock explode deep in her womb, causing her to convulse in yet another mind-shattering orgasm.  Never had she experienced an exploding cock so deep within her, never felt anything so hot, so scalding hot.  Never had her own husband shot so much sperm, never had so much baby making juice deposited in her womb, even when she conceived her two children.  Her petite body responded on its own, hunching up to get the entire length of cock into her, her trim white legs crossed over the quivering black ass.

Ten minutes later, Hobie’s heavy body remained on the well fucked body of the lovely young wife, his cock slowly deflating but still throbbing out its baby making goo.  “Filled ya up to the brim, Mrs. Mills!  Shot enough nigger jism in ya for triplets, bitch!” Hobie taunted.  This brought tears and sobs from the beautiful white wife. Hobie laughed at the sobbing beauty, pulling his softening cock out with a loud pop, bringing a groan of shame from the lovely ‘ruined’ young wife.

 The aftermath of the fuck, coupled with the shame and humiliation, Eileen wept herself to an exhausted sleep. Then Hobie crawled forward slowly so as not to awaken the sleeping beauty, not yet anyway, wanting to awaken her with a big surprise.  He licked his way up the soft ivory thighs and then the stimulation awoke the frightened beauty.  Hobie had the startled beauty helpless beneath his heavy weight.  “Ahhh …..nooo ……..nooooooooo………..get off ….get off ….me ….please, get off me!” Eileen panted in fear.  The young wife was frightened out of her mind, pinned down by the man who had brutally raped her right on the bed that she shared with her husband.

 Eileen starred up in disbelief, her rapist knelling above her while handling his hefty manhood before her horrified face.  The realization hit her as to just what this demented rapist was intent on making her do.  Panting in distress, she inhaled deeply but her body cringed, her body reacting and threatening to vomit at the awful foul stench.

 “Wanna taste some juicy dark meat, Mrs. Mills!” Hobie grinned as he moved up pinning her arms with his legs.  Hobie smiled as he saw the horror on the young wife’s face, blue eyes bulging from their sockets as she eyed the menacing 12” of solid black meat.  Eileen began crying “Oh please, nooooo …………oh, God …… smells awful!” she cried out.  With that comment, Hobie began to rub his smelly cock all over the sobbing beauty’s face and loved the sight of her shuddering response.

 “Oh, please …….please, leave me alone …….please, I ……I……I’ve never done such a filthy thing ……please, I haven’t even allowed my husband to do that!” Eileen pleaded frantically, her long brown hair whipping from side to side in vain.  “My dear Mrs. Mills, I’m going to give you a sample of some dark meat today!  Would you like to taste some thick juicy piece of dark meat, Mrs. Mills?” Hobie taunted.  Eileen began sobbing and shaking her head violently from side to side in response.

 “Open those lovely pink lips for me, Mrs. Mills!  Get a taste of some nigger cock, baby!” Hobie taunted the distressed young wife, laughing at her plight.  Then to humiliate her, he rubbed his smelly slick cock about her lovely face.  “Open your eyes, bitch!  I wanna see your baby blues when ya suck nigger cock!  Open your eyes now or I’m gonna go downstairs and pay your two boys a visit!” he ordered.

As the body lifted from her, Eileen suddenly grasped the hips of her black rapist, not wanting him to go downstairs to harm her precious children.  She shivered, disgusted at the thought of what was expected of her, wanting to throw up at the stench emanating from his filthy crotch.  But she had to protect her young sons, no matter what she had to do.  Her delicate body began shaking uncontrollably as the rubbery head of the black cock made contact with her pink lips.

“Open that sweet little mouth of yours, Mrs. Mills!  Or do you want to see what I’ll do to your little boys?” he demanded.  Eileen sobbed in despair, tears rolling down her cheeks as she hesitantly opened her pink lips.  The drooping black cock was again oozing its slick juice in anticipation of what was to come, smearing its glossy fluid upon the cringing beauty’s soft pink lips.

With the thick black fingers now wound tightly in her long blond hair, the awful threat hanging over her, Eileen reluctantly opened her pink lips to admit the foul smelling cock.  Her body shook as she fought the urge to throw up on the filthy black prick.  Never could she believe anything could taste so awful nor smell so bad, her mouth watering to dilute the slime coating the thick cock.  Her jaws ached at being stretched so widely, her body shuddering at the thought of the filthy act she was performing, something that her own husband had begged her to do but she had refused to please him in such a manner.  And now she was sucking the cock of a filthy nigger.  The building fluid in her mouth made her want to gag and spit it out, but the nothing could escape around the protruding black cock.  Her husband would never kiss her again if he learned of the despicable act she was performing.

“Oh, God ………you’ve got such sweet lips, Mrs. Mills …………..ahhhh, if only your husband could see you now!  What would your husband say if he came in to see his lovely wife eating a nigger cock!” groaned a delighted Hobie, as he sought to further debase the naïve young wife.  He knew the innocent young wife wished she were dead  than suck a nigger’s cock, but the thought of his threat had her bobbing her lovely head up and down to please him.  Seeing a young beauty in this predicament easily put him over the top “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………that’s it ………….eat it, Mrs. Mills ……………eat my hot nigger cummmmm …………ahhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss!” Hobie groaned loudly, holding onto the lovely beauty tightly as his twitching cock exploded.  The thick black cock was buried deep down the clenching throat of the panicky young wife, now beginning to thrash about as she was unable to breathe.

Slowly, the black cock dwindled a bit and slowly slipped from the young wife’s horrified face.  Horrified at the thought that she had actually sucked off a nigger’s cock and ate all his filthy slime.  Hobie laughed as his cock began to shrink, pulling his cock out of the beauty’s pink lips, followed by a thick flow of his cum.  He watched the naïve young wife shiver in disgust at what she had done, gag as his slimy spend made its way back up her quivering throat.  He laughed as the precious little beauty grasped her stomach and ran to the bathroom, just making it to the basin as she gagged and the slimy cum began spewing up from her retching belly.  Getting up, he followed the beauty into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.  He knew that with the bathroom set within the master bedroom, any shrieks or screams would not get out beyond the walls.

 As Eileen leaned over the basin, coughing and gagging up the slimy filth, she felt large hands caressing her hips.  Gagging, she realized that this demented rapist intended on now raping her like an animal.  Trying to steel herself for the onslaught, she told herself that it couldn’t get any worst than her initial rape.  Then as the prodding fleshy bar began to nose up into her anus, she realized just what this savage rapist intended on doing.  She shivered and froze in fear, remembering how Sam had tried to make love to her back there and how that erupted into a nasty fight between them.  “Oh, please …, no ……no one’s ever done that to me ………….please, I beg you!” she sobbed, hoping for mercy.

Hobie couldn’t believe his good fortune, a sweet little white virgin ass all for him.  Grasping the trim white hips, nosing the blunt cockhead into place, he lunged forward with all of his might.  “Aeeiiiieeeeeeeee …………..nooooooooooo …………noooooooo …………argggggggggghhhhhhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddd ……….it hurtsssssss …………so baddddddd!” came Eileen’s high pitched shriek as her innocent virgin ass was torn to shreds, her hands tightly holding onto the basin.  With only four inches making its way in the initial plunge, Hobie reared back and slammed forward again and again.  “Arrrgggggghhhhhhhhh ……………ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Eileen screamed as the foot long cock tore through and buried itself deep into her bowels.

Eileen thought she would to die from the excruciating pain.  She groaned in shame and agony as the long black cock began to fuck her without mercy.  Never had she imagined anything could be so painful as this rapist sodomizing her.  She moaned as the black hands on her waist moved forward and began to finger her now moist slit.  “Oh …ohhh …..ohhh …….ohhhhh ………ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned from the unwanted stimulation.

Hobie couldn’t believe his luck in nailing this beauty’s cherry white ass, who’s dumb husband didn’t know what he was missing.  This lovely bitch would always remember who got to her sweet ass first and it was Hobie’s nigger cock.  “Oh, baby, gonna cum in your sweet white ass!  Gonna flood your white ass out with nigger cum!” he groaned.  Then, the thick black cock twitched in the clenching rectum, exploding with torrents of hot cum flooding the cherry white ass.   Eileen groaned, her body convulsing from the stimulation of her clit and the hot cum flooding her ass. Hobie withdrew his spent black cock and Eileen collapsed to the floor as the long black spear was removed from her.

An hour later, Eileen awoke to the knock on the bathroom door.  Laying on the cold tile floor, she heard Sam’s voice calling out to her, asking if she was okay.  Surveying the condition she was in, laying there on the bathroom floor, Eileen knew she just couldn’t tell her loving husband of the brutal rape and sodomization she had suffered.  She couldn’t take the chance of having Sam shun her, soiled and ‘ruined’ by a black cock.  She answered Sam, telling him she was fine, that she would be out shortly.

When the bathroom door opened, Sam was shocked to see his lovely wife barely able to walk.  He went to assist her and asked what happened.  He assisted her to the bed so she could rest from her ‘fall’.  He told her he’d order some pizza for dinner so she could remain in bed.  Little did Sam realize that his lovely wife couldn’t walk due to her ‘fall’ from grace, plundered by a nigger cock.

A week later, Eileen desperately wanted to please her loving and caring husband in any way he wished.  In the privacy of their bedroom, she surprised him by being aggressive for a change, stroking his hardening cock in her soft hand.  Then she bent over and swiped a wet teasing tongue on his pulsing cockhead.  Stroking his cock, Eileen was about to envelope the flaring cockhead, only to see it quiver and unleash two quick spurts into the air.  Then Sam was fast asleep in minutes, his cock laying shriveled in his wife’s warm soft hand.

The next evening, Eileen crawled on all fours, grasping her husband’s cock and positioning it right at the entrance to her ass.  Expecting a painful entry, she was shock at the ease that her husband entered her, causing her to feign the moans of pain.  She was totally stunned when Sam grunted after several strokes, feeling his spend spurt into her bowels, obviously due to being allowed to fuck her ‘cherry’ ass.  She was left high and dry as Sam began snoring in exhaustion.

On that next Saturday, Eileen and Sam opened the front door and out rushed the boys.  With a soccer game scheduled, followed by a team luncheon, it would be a long outing.  Eileen grabbed her stomach, telling her family that it must be something she ate.  As the game would be starting soon, she’d try to make it a bit later if she felt better, kissing each of them and sending them off to the game.  She walked back to the front door and went in, then looked out the window as the car drove off.

Turning her gaze to the car parked across the street, Eileen bit her bottom lip as the car door opened and a familiar black figure crossed the street and began approaching her house.  Hearing the footsteps at the door, ringing of the doorbell, Eileen slowly opened the door to allow the ex-convict to enter her home.

A half hour later after having left home, Sam and the other parents on the soccer field jumped up and cheered, yelling loudly as the older of the Mills’ boys lunged ahead to kick the ball, splitting the center of the goal.  At that very instant of her son scoring the goal, Eileen was also up in the air, screaming loudly as her she was lifted by her strong muscular visitor and nailed to the wall.  Her long white legs were spread widely to wrap around the waist of the big man.  Then she found herself being walked, jostling upon the impaling cock then body slammed to her marital bed by the heavy black body, driving the long black shaft to the core of her womanhood.


At the end of the game, the soccer coach awarded the younger of the Mills’s boy a coke for the best header of the game, which he gulped down to quench his thirst.  It was too bad his beautiful mother couldn’t make the game and cheer his achievement but at the moment she was busily gulping down a hot flow of cum to quench her thirst, a prize for giving Hobie the best header ever.

As Sam and his sons were headed home, a loud squeal of tires sounded behind them just prior to being rear-ended.  Sam and his sons groaned from the shock and pain of the impact.  Meanwhile, in the Mills bedroom, Mrs. Eileen Mills squealed as she was rear-ended by Hobie’s long black shaft, plowing into her with a brutal impact, causing her to groan from the sharp pain.  Shortly after being rear-ended, Sam called home to tell his wife that he would be delayed.  Sam was concerned of Eileen’s shortness of breath and feared for her well-being.  But Sam had no need for worry, his lovely wife would be able to catch her breath once the thick black cock backed out of her well stretched rear.

When Sam Mills reached home with his sons, he had them go out to play in the backyard.  He went upstairs to check on his lovely wife, hoping she was feeling better.  It was cold in the room, the windows wide open, but Eileen lay curled up in bed with her face flushed and head perspiring.  He put his hand on his wife’s forehead, seeing her panting for breath, asking if her body ached.

Eileen nodded to her husband, flinching as she tried to squeeze the muscles of her cunt and ass, both of which had been widely stretched to accommodate Hobie’s long black cock.  She was glad that the cold fresh air had quickly stifled the stench of raw sex in the bedroom.  Just when the garage door was opening for Sam’s car, the back door was opened to allow Hobie to make his exit with the lovely wife still on her knees trying to swallow a mouthful of hot cum.  Eileen was hot and flushed in her hasty run upstairs to open the windows and then hop into bed before her husband arrived.

End of Story.