Con’s Revenge – IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Linda Darnell had received the honor of being the first woman to receive an appointment to the bench of the circuit court and was also the youngest to ever receive such an honor.  At the age of 34, she had put in the required ten years of private practice at a prestigious law firm.  Now, with two years on the bench, she was well respected for her fairness but known for her stern no-nonsense attitude.

Everyone admired the beautiful and intelligent judge, as not often one would find both beauty and brains in a judge.  Judge Linda Darnell was that rare exception.  At 5’5” in height, she was of slender build, weighing a mere 118 lbs.  But her measurements had all the right curves.  Long slender milk white legs to drive any man nuts.  Yet she was so damned prim and proper among everyone.  Yet, many of the male lawyers before her would have given their left nut to bed such a beauty of such intelligence, even if she ruled against them in court.  But with the class she exuded, no one dared make a pass for fear it was the end of their careers should she broadcast such behavior among the legal society.  Thus, it was merely look not don’t touch among the established men of the law profession, especially since it was well known that she was very happily married to a successful investment banker.

A long day at work, the normal hectic bumper to bumper traffic, Judge Darnell was mentally drained.  She slowly made her home in her BMW, totally unaware of the old Ford trailing behind her.  On the drive home, her thoughts went to her loving husband and grown children, beautiful twin girls who just left for college.  Though it was a natural curiosity among women as to how she would react if taken by force, her handling of the recent rape cases had her continuously pondering that very question.  She hated to have the hysterical women go over the exact details of their rape, the horror of being forced to perform horrid deed for the demented rapist and the horror of being sodomized.  She felt ashamed of herself when the women explained how they had to suck the rapist off, she somehow wished that Frank would find the nerve to force her to take his penis into her mouth, hold her by the hair and shoot his hot cum into her mouth.  Of course, she rationalized, she only wanted to perform this with her loving husband and no one else, that it was merely a fantasy she had involving her husband.

 Arriving home, she was warmly greeted by her loving husband.  As Frank kissed her, playfully trying to unbutton her dress, edging her to sofa for a bit of lovemaking.  Linda put her hands to his shoulders, telling Frank that they had to get ready if they planned to get to the restaurant on time.  With that, Frank stopped his love play and obediently did as she asked.  She chastised herself for the nasty thoughts she had earlier, feeling wicked for such thoughts, knowing that Frank thought the world of her and was only being considerate to her in their lovemaking.  ‘Perhaps’, she thought ‘I’m no good for Frank, wanting him to force me to be a slut and just fuck me whenever he wanted it!’  But deep down she wanted Frank to merely brush aside her request, tear the dress from her and take her anyway that please him.  She wanted him to just take her and show her who’s boss no matter how she fought.

The following week, Frank and Linda planned a nice evening out on that Friday.  However, as Friday's often involved Frank getting together with his colleagues after work, a rather loose arrangement had been made between Linda and Frank.  If both got home early, they’d go to a movie and dinner, followed by a nice dinner at an elegant restaurant.  She hoped Frank would be home early so they could take in the show, also wanting to spend the entire evening with him.  If Frank got tied up, it’d be only dinner at the restaurant.

Driving up to the driveway, Linda parked her car in front of the closed garage.  As she drove the newer of the two autos, whenever they went out on the town Frank would drive her car.  Going in through the front door, she called out to Frank but got no response.  She was a bit disappointed that he had not gotten home early so they could spend the entire evening together.  If Linda had opened the door to the garage, she’d have seen that Frank was not tied up with his colleagues.  Frank did in fact make it home early but he did get tied up, tied up securely on a chair in the closet of their bedroom, his mouth securely covered by duct tape.

Linda made her way to the master bedroom.  Having already taken off her heels and jacket, she sat on the bed to peel off the nylons she had worn that day.  Unbeknownst to her, two pairs of eyes were currently focused on her slender legs as she peeled off her nylons.  Nor did she hear the intruder whispering in her husband's ear, telling him "Damn, yer beautiful wife's got real sexy fuck'n legs ....................................yeah, jist made fer fuck'n!  Soon ya's gonna see me spreading those sexy white legs and give yer wife a fuck'n she ain't ever gonna fergit"  Standing, Linda unbuttoned her white blouse and black skirt.  In her matching pair of a lacy peach bra and panties, she made a tantalizing sight to the two pair of wide eyes in the darkened closet.  She then headed to the bathroom to take a hot shower and freshen up for that evening.

It was a breathtaking view from the slits of the closet door.  Although gagged and securely tied, wanting desperately to warn his lovely wife of the impending danger, Frank could not but admire his wife’s beautiful body.  Also going through Frank’s mind was wondering just what effect Linda’s lily white body had upon the black intruder behind him, a big black brute who held a razor sharp knife to his neck.  He was afraid to make a sound, though wanting to warn his wife, knowing the knife would surely slit his throat in a matter of seconds.

At the sound of the shower, Frank groaned in agony as the intruder behind him began taunting him as to what he planned to do with his beautiful wife.  Beads of perspiration formed on his forehead as he listened to this demented madman.  “Gonna bust your beautiful wife wide open for ya!  God, she’s a beauty all right!  Imagine those long white legs wrapped around my black ass!  Think she’s hungry for dinner now?  Got a thick black sausage to feed her, a nice fat juicy sausage!  Gonna make your pretty wife scream when I nail her with my black baby-maker!  Gonna knock her up real good for ya!  Time for you to raise a young’en again and I’m gonna plant that seed for ya!  Think your wife will fight me?”

Blinking back tears of despair, Frank watched in horror as the black giant exited the closet just before the shower ended.  He saw the black intruder position himself to one side of the bathroom door, laying in wait for his unsuspecting wife.  Unable to yell out to his wife, he watched as the bathroom door opened.  Watched in horror was his beautiful Linda was caught by total surprise, a sharp scream of shock followed by her shuddering in absolute fear.  Cornered by the hulking black giant, his lovely wife clutched the front of her robe to hide her lovely body.

Frank saw the look on his of fear and shock on wife’s face and her mouth drop open as she starred at the intruding black giant.  The black intruder, already without a shirt, unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped the cage to the hidden monster.  He saw his wife’s mouth drop wide open as the long black cock was unleashed into the open air.  It was more than twice the length of his, more than double the girth and it withered like a real live snake.  He watched as Linda’s body began to shake in absolute fear of the menacing threat before her.

Linda pleaded with her assailant to let her go.  Threatened him that he’d go to jail if he didn’t leave immediately.  She thought that if she kept her senses and wits together, she’d be able to get away from this fiend.  However, once the lengthy black cock was unleashed, all was lost for her.  Having her thoughts consumed about what a rape victim went through, wanting her husband to just ‘take’ her, her eyes were riveted to the throbbing black cock.  ‘Oh, my God, what the say about black men is really true!’ she thought.

Seeing the horror and fear turn to what appeared to be fascination on the judge’s beautiful face.  She was now starring in awe, head bobbing with each throb of his excited cock.  Knowing that her husband was intently watching the events unfold, Hobie decided to see just how fascinated this respected judge and faithful wife was.  What she’d do given the chance some raw black meat if her husband was not around.

“Bitch, you’ve already sent me to jail for something I didn’t do.  At least this time it’ll be for a crime I committed!  I’ll enjoy telling my old buddies in the can that ‘I nailed the judge’!  Bet the entire courtroom will be packed and I’m gonna love hearing you tell everyone how you got ruined!   Now how about some hot black con cock, Mrs. Darnell?  Wouldn’t you like a taste of an ex-con’s chocolate popsicle?  Come and feel it, feel how nice and hard it is!” Hobie teased, watching the naïve beauty shiver in fear.  “Take off your robe for me Judge!  Let me see that beautiful body that you’re hiding under the robe. Must say it’s a much nicer robe than the plain black one you wear in the courtroom.  Now, strip off that robe bitch!” he commanded.

Hobie enjoyed the sight of the lovely beauty sobbing, tears flowing down her cheeks, her eyes closing in shame as she began to obey his orders.  Then to his surprise, the lovely beauty moved her hands, tightly clenching the robe lapels, move them apart to bare to perfectly shaped milk white body.  ‘God, this little bitch could be a fucking model!’ Hobie thought as he gazed at her perfectly molded breasts with a soft pink nipple capping each breast.  He wondered just how her bound husband was enjoying the breathtaking sight.

With the lovely beauty obeying his commands without any physical force, Hobie decided to see just how far she’d go before physical force was needed.  He could see her breathing hard, totally mesmerized by his black cock.  It seemed that this little beauty wanted a male to dominate her, to order her to satisfy him.  Hobie knew he was just the right guy for the job.  Testing if he guessed right, he gave a gruff order “Get on you knees, bitch!  Feel what a real cock is like!”  To his amazement, the lovely wife slowly knelt before him.  He was stunned as he watched her reach up with her soft petite hand and groaned as the soft white fingers closed tightly onto his pulsing member.

In the darkness of the closet, Frank was also mesmerized.  Mesmerized at the sight of his lovely wife kneeling before this huge black intruder, putting her hand on this ex-con’s black cock, now pumping it in her fist without being order to do so.  He surely thought his lovely wife would put up more of a fight or some semblance of a fight to save her ‘honor’.  All this menacing intruder had to do was order her about with his gruff voice and his faithful wife meekly obeyed.

“Have your sucked cock before, Mrs. Darnell?” Hobie gruffly asked, watching the lovely young wife slowly shake her head in the negative.  “You wanna suck my long black cock, don’t ya, Mrs. Darnell? Wanna get a taste of some sweet black meat, huh bitch?” he crudely asked, watching the tears flow from the sobbing wife’s eyes as she nodded a ‘yes’.  “Tell me what you want to do, Mrs. Darnell!   Tell me why you haven’t sucked your hubby’s cock?  Tell me!” he ordered, wanting her punk husband to observe what his faithful wife would do, given the opportunity for some fresh black meat.

“I …….I …..I’ve always dreamt that my husband would …..make me …..suck his cock ………..force me to put my mouth on his cock!” Linda stammered out in shame, tears running down her face.  “But ….but …..he’s always been a gentleman and not forced me to do it!” she added, all the while pumping the pulsing black snake and starring at the flaring black head that was now emitting some of its vicious venom.   Then when Hobie ordered her to “Show me what your lame husband is missing, Mrs. Darnell!”

Both Hobie and Linda’s hidden husband were surprised as they watched the faithful wife lean forward to rub her pink lips onto the wet cockhead, glossing her pink lips with a thick film of the slimy liquid, rubbing her nose into the slimy muck.  Then Linda’s pointed pink tongue darted out from her lovely pink lips to flick madly to tease the pulsating cockhead, licking up the drooling venom, trying to insert the tip of her pointed tongue into the slit of the flanging cockhead.  This naïve little bitch was truly a whore for black cock.  Then Hobie groaned loudly as the beauty’s mouth opened wide and enveloped his large pulsing cockhead, Hobie shivering and trying desperately not to lose his load then and there.

In the closet, Frank was flabbergasted at what he was witnessing.  His beautiful wife was giving this black intruder the blowjob of a lifetime.  He couldn’t believe what he had heard, that all the while Linda had wanted to suck his cock.  All he had to do was insist on it, force her to suck him. His hardon was pulsing madly within his confining jockeys, excited as he watched his lovely wife pump her head up and down the long black cock as if she was trying to devour it all.  There were no hands on her head to force her to do this degrading suck-off, it had only been a gruff verbal order and his wife obediently obeyed, doing all the work to please this black stranger.

Neither Hobie nor Frank could believe that the petite wife could swallow the entire 12” monster-sized cock but it was slowly devoured in its entirety, the beauty finally letting go of her hold to let it slide all the way down her throat.  Then the beautiful white hands held onto to the intruder’s black hips as she fucked her lovely face back and forth onto the rigid pole.

“Gonna cum soon, Mrs. Darnell!  Gonna shoot my nigger cum in your sweet mouth!  Wanna taste some sweet nigger cum, Mrs. Darnell?” Hobie taunted the lovely beauty, but it was more for the pleasure of humiliating her punk husband in the closet.  “If you wanna taste my nigger cum bitch, squeeze my blacks balls ……roll’em in your soft white hands!” he ordered.  “Ohhhhhhh, Godddddd ………..yeahhhhh ………oh, yeah, baby …..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Hobie groaned loudly as the soft white hands immediately went to his black balls to comply with his orders, causing such great pleasure that he immediately lost his load.  His large black hands held onto the beauty’s long honey colored hair, not to keep her from taking her mouth away but allowing Hobie to keep his knees from buckling under him.

Moments later, Frank watched as the softening but still thick and long black cock was slowly being withdrawn from his wife’s still sucking lips.  Finally the entire length emerged, a thick strand of cum still connecting the drooling cockhead to the soft pink lips.  It appeared that his beautiful wife was in somewhat in a trance, her mouth partially open as she starred at the drooling black cock that she had so enthusiastically sucked off.  Suddenly that drooling black cock was used to slap his wife twice across her face.  Then realization of just what she had done registered, the horror clearly showed on her lovely face as she clutched her stomach in utter revulsion of this vile act.  He watched his horrified wife gag, trying to cough up the retched filth that she had swallowed, crawling to the trash can and regurgitated the slimy vile in her belly.

Hobie just laughed as the innocent little bitch tossed her cookies into the wastebasket.  The wanton little bitch was trying to regain her respectability, trying to show her contempt for having eaten his nigger cum like a two-bit whore.  But he knew he had her right where he wanted her, knew that she would not refuse any of his demands and he didn’t have to use any physical force on her.  He turned to face the closet door, smiling to the beauty’s husband and stroking his long black cock.  Then he shouted to next order “Okay, bitch, that’s enough of your puking!  Too much rich protein for you bitch?  Now get your ass up and turn down the bed for us!  Gonna breed ya right on the bed you share with your husband!”  He watched as the beautiful wife stood up and did just as he order, climbing onto the bed and laying in the middle.

Frank couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  His naïve wife was not putting up so much as a fight or even an argument.  In fact, she obeyed this large black man and now was drawing her knees up and spreading them wide in an invitation to this intruder.  ‘How can my bitch of a wife ever claim this was rape!  Hell, she’s spreading herself wide open and practically inviting his black cock into her!  Damned bitch!’ he muttered into the duct tape.  He watched as his wife’s hands reached up to clasp tightly onto the intruder's long black cock, pulling it down to nuzzle into her little nesting mound, rubbing the drooling cockhead up and down her moist slit.  His lovely wife had lifted her legs up into the air, forming a wide ‘V’, begging “Ohhhh, fuck me ……..rape me ……….rape me hard …………split me wide open …………fuck me like the true bitch I am!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh …………..Goddddddddddd …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………’s ………soooooooo biggggggggggg!” Linda screamed, gasping for air as the thick black prong popped into her tight little slit.  “Oh, yes, yesssssssssss ………..shag me ………..shag me ……………oh, yessssss ………..yesssssss!  Oh, Goddddd …………I’m cumingggggg ……..yessssssssssss!” she screamed, clasping her black rapist tightly with her trim white arms and legs.

In the closet, Linda’s husband was dismayed at his lovely wife’s actions.  He watched as his faithful wife began hunching back at her pumping black rapist, trying to achieve another mind-shattering orgasm.  After having two beautiful children, Linda had made him wear a condom to hold off expanding their family.  Linda was found to be allergic to the pill so it was left to the safety of condoms, something Frank hated as it desensitized the good feeling of lovemaking.  For many years, he had endured the use of the damned condoms.  Frank realized that never had his wife begged this black man to put on a safety condom, watching his lovely wife earlier grasp the cock and put it into her without any protection.  And when the black rapist announced that he would be cumming soon, Frank heard his faithful young wife plead “Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, noooooooooo ………….don’tttt pull it out ……ohhhhhhh ………let me have your cum ………….cum ……….cum in me ………..shoot your cum in me!  Ohhhhhhhh, knock me up …..yessss …………knock me up with your black baby!”

As Linda dozed from the aftermath of her mind-blowing climax, Hobie went into the closet and whispered “Gonna cut this rope half way.  You should be able to break it soon.  Enjoyed watching your faithful wife getting the fucking of her life, huh?  Bet you’re wondering how she’ll react when I leave and you supposedly just arriving home.  I’m gonna tell her to get you out of the house next Friday night, so let’s see what she tells you.  You can hide in the closet and watch your lovely wife let me fuck her tight little ass!  Bet it’s a cherry ass too!”

Frank struggled to get free, still looking ahead to see the black giant go back to the bed and give Linda a passionate kiss, watched as his wife awake and return the kiss.  He heard him tell her exactly what he had told him, followed by “Better take a shower so your hubby won’t smell my nigger cum on you.  But I don’t want you to douche nor rinse your mouth, I want you to give your loving husband a passionate kiss when he gets home and let him taste your cummy mouth!  Let your hubby take you to bed tonight and have him eat out your cream puff!  Give him a taste of my nigger cum!”

Watching his wife get up and head into the shower, the black rapist waved a goodbye to him and disappeared.  Frank got rid of the ropes that had tied him along with the duct tape and chair.  He quietly went downstairs to the bar, grabbed a bottle of scotch and went out into the garage.  After several quick shots of straight scotch, Frank heard the water running through the overhead pipes stop, indicating that Linda was getting out of the shower.  Waiting another ten minutes, downing a couple more scotches, he hit the button to open the garage door.  Another couple of minutes, he hit the button to close it, knowing his wife would hear the noise and realize he had arrived home.  He wondered if his lovely ‘faithful’ wife would be distraught at the horrible events of the day.

Entering his home, he saw his lovely wife beautifully dressed as she ran up to give him a most passionate kiss.  Never before, on his arrival home, had he been greeted like this by his lovely wife.  He was surprised as Linda’s pointed tongue darted between his lips, her tongue darting about in his mouth so he could get a good taste of her creamy mouth and its contents.

Over dinner that evening, Linda told Frank that she would be out with some of her old girl friends the next Friday night and suggested he have a night out with the boys.  Frank readily agreed with his wife but knew for sure exactly where he’d be that particular evening, wondering if his lovely wife would put up any resistance to having her virgin ass reamed out by a long black cock.

That night in bed, Frank kissed his wife passionately then moved down a bit to suck on her soft tender nipples, observing some hickey marks from being brutally sucked that afternoon.  Then he felt his wife’s hands pushing his head down as she scooted up on the bed, as he heard his wife plead  “Oh, Frank ………..kiss me down there ……..I’ve always dreamt of you kissing me there …………please, Frank!”  This was quite a change of pace for he had tried to down on his lovely wife many times but she had always pushed him away, saying “Oh, Frank ……it’s too dirty to do something like that!”  Now as he licked his faithful wife’s juicy quim, he felt her thighs open up to him, giving him full access to her precious cream puff.  Then his wife’s trim thighs locked around his head, capturing him in a vice grip as he ate his creamy dessert.  It sure seemed that his wife’s cream puff was filled to the brim with thick cream, feeling his wife’s cunt muscles clench to feed him more of the tasty filling.

Having eaten his fill of the tasty dessert, Frank scooted by up to mount his beautiful wife.  ‘Surely’, he thought ‘I won’t have to wear a condom tonight!’  But just as he was about to enter her, Linda’s hand clutched tightly around his cock, as she told him “You’ve got to put on a condom!  I’m ovulating and this is my fertile time of the month!  You’ll get me pregnant if you let it cum in me!”  Perhaps it was because he had eaten a lot of the nigger cum from her flooded twat that she wasn’t worried about getting pregnant with the black bastard!

The next Friday evening, having parked a block away from home, Frank awaited anxiously in the deep walk-in closet.  It was so much better than going out with the boys to some strip joint.  This was ‘real’ action time.  As he waited, he wondered if in fact the black rapist would in fact return as he had taunted.  Then Frank heard the garage door open and close, he knew that his lovely wife had returned home.  Then he heard his wife’s voice and that familiar gruff voice of a week ago.  Watching the coupling on master bed, Frank couldn’t believe how his lovely wife screamed in pain as the long black cock claimed her tight virgin ass.  Yet she did not plead or beg in anyway to prevent the black cock from reaming her a new asshole.  Then he watched his wife and her lover get into a ‘69’ position for the very first time.  Finally, he watched and heard his lovely wife beg her lover to fuck the hell out of her and knock her up good!  Seeing the long black cock finally withdrawing from her steamy cunt, the thick cream oozing out in a slow river, Frank knew he’d later be getting a tasty cream puff for a late night dessert.

 It didn’t occur to Frank that the man sharing the bed with his wife had come home with his lovely wife.  That the ex-convict had shown up in the courtroom, watching the beautiful judge in her firm authoritative demeanor.  As the case ended, Hobie asked the clerk if he could speak to judge about the length of his probation.  The lovely judge of course was nearby and overheard his phony reasoning for seeing her.   Hobie had smiled widely as he followed the lovely judge, leading the way in her black judicial robe.  Once in the locked chambers, Hobie was then the one in charge as he pulled the judicial black robe and dress up above her waist.  Pulling her panties down, Hobied lifted the lovely judge onto her wide desk.  The only length he wanted to discuss with the beautiful judge was the long length of his black cock that was slicing up her moist slit.  Once his cock exploded, sending a gush of hot cum in her quivering cunt, Hobie pulled out his slimy cock sent spurt after spurt of the onto the front of the judge’s robe.

End of Story.