Con's Revenge - V
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Nate Jackson couldn't keep his eyes off the beautiful woman sitting across the desk from him.  Damned but she was so fucking beautiful.  He couldn't believe the State had assigned this beauty from the Public Defender's office to handle his case.  He was innocent of this crime that he was charged with, a lousy breaking and entering that an amateur should have been able to pull off.  He listened to the sweet voice of Ms. Lara Mason as she went over the case with him one final time before the time came to go to the courtroom to enter his plea.  He listened as she went over the details of the crime and the list of convictions that he had on his record for the crimes he had been busted for in the past.  But the argument she was making sounded like it would be best to plea bargain or he'd be in the can for double the length of time if he went to trial and was convicted.  He sure as hell hated to plea bargain and do time for something he didn't do but from what this lovely attorney was telling him, he wasn't going to win in trial.

Sitting in the courtroom, Nate gazed at the long ivory legs of the beautiful blonde attorney as she had her back to him while addressing the judge.  He licked his lips, wondering what it'd be like to get between her ivory white legs and just how sweet her honey nectar would be.   Even the judge couldn't keep his eyes off the beautiful body of Ms. Lara Mason, who stood at 5’5” and about 118 lbs.  With the judge obviously so taken with Ms. Mason, Nate had second thoughts about pleading guilty to a crime he didn't commit but decided that she knew the best on he law and going to trial.

Two hours later, having returned from the courtroom, Nate listened as the beautiful blonde told him to put his things in order by the sentencing date the next week.  At the request of Ms. Mason, the judge had granted him one week to get things in order before being sentenced.  Then he watched Ms. Mason reach for the intercom to have her secretary ask Mr. Wade to come into her office.  A moment later, he was introduced to Mr. Wade, an associate of Ms. Mason's who would be accompanying him to the sentencing as Ms. Mason would be out of town that day.

Nate followed Mr. Wade to his office, where he needed to finalize some details for the sentencing date.  A half-hour later, Nate exited the doors of the public defender's office.  He was pissed and his stomach turned at the fact that he was going to the 'joint' for a crime he had not committed.  He then went around the corner, near the elevators and turned down the hallway to use the restroom.

Exiting the restroom, Nate went over to the water fountain at the corner of the hallway.  As he sipped some cold water from the fountain, he heard the clicking of high heels coming around the corner and stopping where the elevators were located.  Then he heard the laughter of women and heard them chatting, hearing a woman comment "Well, are you all set for the big day, Lara?  Heard you were taking off a couple of days next week before the wedding!"  It was then that Nate realized that the beautiful blonde was standing just around the corner from where he was.

 "I'll work up until Wednesday, then use the next two days to do all the incidentals.  Now that I just got that 'loser' to plead guilty, I can concentrate on finishing up the wedding plans!" Lara commented, not knowing that the 'loser' she had referred to had just overheard her comment.  "I looked over his background and he had two rape charges filed against him in the past two years but managed to get off on technicalities.  You know how I detest murderers and rapists, especially when they manage to get off on a lousy technicality.  I think I uncovered a technicality that would have got the creep off the burglary charge but why let him go free to attack some innocent young girl in the next year!"

A moment later, the elevator opened and the women were gone, leaving Nate seething mad with hatred for the woman who had sold him down the river.  A cold shiver coursed down his body as he realized that he had taken the damned bitch's advice early that day and had already pled guilty as she had recommended.  Instead of getting him off on the technicality, the bitch was putting him in the 'can' because she didn't like the fact he had gotten away with the two rape charges earlier.  'Well, that fuck'n bitch is gonna pay!' he muttered to himself.

Quickly finding the stairway, Nate ran down the stairs, down the eight flights to the lobby.  From a discreet distance, he followed lovely Lara Mason and her friend as they walked across to the street to the parking structure.  Once the women got into the elevator, Nate quickly went to the elevator and watched the overhead indicator showing that the elevator had stopped at the third level.  Then he went to the exit and hid between two cars, waiting for the beautiful bitch to pass him by.

Moments later, he watched as his beautiful attorney slowed up to put her card key into exit.  Nate then managed to take down the license plate number of the white BMW as it exited the parking structure.  Now he had to plan how he was going to get to the beautiful little bitch, determined to even score before he got sentenced.  He decided to now head on back to his apartment and sit out in the sun, knowing it'd  probably be the only chance he have before being cooped up in the pen with hundreds of cons.  He would relax a bit and hatch a plan to get even with that little blonde bitch.

That night, Lara Mason went out to an elegant dinner with her fiancé, Neil Wilson.  This was their last weekend being single and next week they would become man and wife.  They had dated from college and while Lara attended law school, Neil had gotten his advance degree in architecture.  Now that both of them had been working and saving money, they had recently purchased a nice home in an upper middle class area.  Lara had moved in to begin furnishing the home but because of her conservative and religious upbringing for it would have upset Lara's parents if they had moved in together before being married.

After the nice dinner, Lara and Neil were engaged in a passionate embrace at the home they would soon be sharing together. After the first year of dating, Lara had surrendered her virginity to Neil although she had always been intent of preserving her virtue until marriage.  She had always enjoyed Neil's embrace and his petting but she had been expecting so much more in love-making.  Perhaps it was what her girl friends had talked about or articles that she had read of 'mind-shattering' climaxes that a woman could look forward to.  But to her, the petting and touching she received from Neil's touches were just as adequate.

Feeling Neil's stiff manhood, Lara knew he would need to be relieved of his tension one way or another.  Sure enough, Neil was trying to get his hands under her dress in an attempt to strip her of her panties and then to make love to her.  Squirming away, Lara unzipped Neil, telling him "No, Neil, you promised!  I want our wedding night to be extra special!"  Over the past two months, Lara had always put her fiance off with that very excuse but she did see to it that he got relief.  She would do the same tonight by bringing him off with her hand.

At that moment, miles away in a rundown tavern, Nate Jackson called Cybil Leonard over to the corner booth he was sitting at.  Cybil was a well-worn hooker whom he had known for many years and had often availed himself to her services when he couldn't get his hands on a female, willing or not.  After getting off on two rape charges due to technicalities, he knew the cops would be on him immediately with any reported rape.  He had loaned Cybil a couple hundred bucks the month earlier when her kid broke his arm and she didn't have the money to cover the hospital bill.

Nate knew that Cybil didn't have the funds to repay him as yet.  Thus, he knew that the proposition that he laid out before the dirty blonde prostitute would be quickly accepted in exchange for repaying her debt.  With her help, he would obtain the satisfaction of enacting his devious revenge plot against the beautiful Ms. Lara Mason.  Once Cybil had agreed and Nate laid out the plans, he smiled to himself and mused 'Bitch, now I'm gonna get my pound of flesh for selling me down the river!  You fuck'n bitch, actually I'm gonna give ya a pound of my flesh ……………..right up your uppity little cunt!  Gonna make ya scream real good!'

On Monday afternoon, Lara quickly packed up after a tiring day, anxious to head on home and work on some wedding preparations.  Her thoughts preoccupied, she was unaware of the car following behind her, occupied by her client and his slutty friend.  Unsuspectingly Lara led the way to her home, showing her devious stalker where she would be living with her soon to be husband.

Finally, Wednesday arrived, her last day of work before the wedding.  Lara had commented that she would be out late as she needed to go to the shopping center for some last minute decorations.  She told Neil to have fun as he was going out drinking with some old friends, celebrating his last few days as a bachelor. With her mind on the wedding, Lara was totally unaware of the car following her as she pulled into a stall at the mall.  As she got out of her car and locked it, the occupants of the trailing car pulled into a stall in the next row.  Then she set out to purchase the few items that she needed.

Once the beautiful prey disappeared into the mall, it was no problem for Nate to unlock the car door with the special lever he had under his jacket.  Opening the hood, he quickly disconnected a couple of wires that would prevent the car from starting. Closing the hood and locking the car door, he chuckled, thinking that now 'It's was just a matter of time before I get that fuck'n bitch!  I'm sure gonna enjoy ruining this fucking bitch!  Gonna give her a wedding present she ain't never gonna forget!'

Forty-five minutes later, Lara happily walked back to her car after having purchased the final items for her wedding reception. Unlocking her car door, she got in and turned the ignition.  The engine did not turn over and thus she tried again but with the same result.  A shiver coursed through her body, nervousness setting in as she desperately tried to start her car again.  Lara pulled the latch to open her hood, gritted her teeth at the realization that she really knew nothing about cars other than to put gas in and drive it.  All her car repairs were virtually done by the BMW mechanic where she had purchase her car.

Getting out of her car, Lara managed to find the latch on her car hood and lifted up the hood.  Her shoulders slumped in despair, being at a total loss as to where to begin to look.  Then she heard a familiar voice call out "Hi, Miss Mason!  Do you need some help?"  She looked up in relief that help had arrived, even in the form of the rugged black who she was currently representing in a case.  She felt a twinge of guilt as she had gotten him to plead guilty where there was a chance of getting him off and now he was kind enough to offer his help to her.

Stepping in under the car hood, Nate pretended to tinker about the engine in search for the problem but he was merely listening to the conversation behind him.  As planned, he heard Cybil tell the phony story of how they were going to get married this weekend before he went to his sentencing and how she would wait for him to serve his time in jail.  When Cybil asked if Lara was married, he smiled as he heard the expected response "No, I'm not but its such a coincidence that I'm getting married this weekend also."

For fifteen minutes, while Nate tinkered about, the two women talked about getting married with Cybil asking Lara for her advice on various topics.  Cybil made it sound so appreciative of any advice Lara could give her as the marriage was being done on the spur of the moment, needing to be done before the sentencing.  Then finally Nate indicated that he thought he found the problem, going over to the driver's seat and turning the ignition.  The car started up without any hesitation bringing a loud sigh of relief from Lara.

"Oh, gosh, thank you so much!  I don't know how I can make this up to you?" Lara exclaimed.  She was surprised to get the response that came from Nate Jackson, who advised "Well, you could really help us out by filling Cybil in as to marriage and what can be done for a quick reception as this is all being rushed.  I'll buy us all a drink at a pub a few blocks from here so you can settle Cybil's nerves.  Cybil will ride with you so you won't have a problem finding it.  That'd really be a big help to both of us!"  Put that way, there was no way that Lara could decline and thus agreed to follow them over to the pub.

Lara did not want to be observed in the social company of this two-time loser and his trashy girlfriend but what could she do. 'Well, it’s the least I can do since he did fix my car.  I sure hope no one sees me with the likes of this unkempt black and his slut.  Well, if anyone does, I can later tell them that I was investigating a case with this slut and had to question both she and her boyfriend!', Lara thought out in advance.

The 'few blocks' turned into a few miles and Lara fidgeted in nervousness as she listened to the idle chatter of the slut next to her.  Finally Nate's car turned into a dive of a place and Cybil instructed her where to park.  This bar was located in an area of town that she nor her friends dared frequent at night, in a sense giving her some sense of relief that none of her friends would see her in this dive.

Nate put on a good show of being gracious and polite to the beautiful little bitch who had sold him down the river.  As planned, Cybil peppered the bitch with a lot of questions, trying to pry out as much info as possible about the bitch's upcoming wedding, it was obvious that the bitch really didn't want to be in a place like this and in their company.  It infuriated Nate that the bitch seemed so aloof and disinterested in him.  After all, it was her preoccupation with her upcoming wedding that caused her to blow off his case and convince him to accept a plea bargain.

Nate quietly listened to the bitch talk about her upcoming wedding as she sipped her drink and prattled on about her expensive lace wedding gown, the wedding, her fiancé who was out partying with his buddies, and their planned lavish honeymoon in the Grand Caymans.  He could picture this beauty dressed in her pure white wedding gown, indicating her virtuous purity.  He smiled at the thought of the beautiful bride walking down the aisle to the groom who in turn would observe his precious prize approaching him.  He laughed within himself wondering just how the groom would really feel if he knew that his beautiful and precious bride had been 'ruined' by a big black dick just before the wedding.

Lara bought them the first round, insisting that it was to repay him for fixing her car.  As the drink was consumed over the conversation, Nate insisted on buying the second round to show his appreciation for her 'help' on working out his plea bargain and counseling Cybil on wedding plans.  Lara had tried to decline the second drink but Nate insisted and headed to the bar for another round.  Meanwhile, Cybil distracted her with more questions.  Nate had planned ahead, dumping the powdered sedatives into her drink before returning to their booth.

"This will have to be my last drink for the evening.  I've got to get going very shortly!" Lara advised, wanting to make her departure as soon as possible.  With that, she took a large gulp of the drink, wanting to finish it quickly and be gone from this pair of low-life characters.  Fifteen minutes later, having finished her drink, she adamantly told Nate she would not be having another when he signaled the bartender.  But with Cybil still asking questions, she was unable to make the quick getaway that she had hoped for.  Now feeling a bit tired, she blinked her eyes rapidly to try to shake off the drowsiness.

Cybil and Nate smiled at one another as it was now obvious that the drug was beginning to take effect.  Lara indicated that she now had to leave and began to stand but fell back into her chair as the room began to spin about her.  "Oh, gosh!  I …….I feel so dizzy!" Lara exclaimed.  Then Cybil was next to her and she felt Cybil's arm around her shoulders to assist her.  "You're in no condition to drive Lara!  I'll drive you home and Nate can follow me to take me back!  Here, let me get your keys!" Cybil advised as she took Lara's purse.

At this point, Lara could not comprehend what was taking place nor follow the conversation taking place, for she was on the verge of passing out.  She heard Cybil fumbling in her purse to find her car keys.  She heard Cybil give a laugh and comment "Honey, you won't be needing this anymore!"  Then she heard a laugher come from her companion.  What Lara did not realize was that the laughter came about when Cybil had found the diaphragm in her purse and had tossed it over to Nate.

As Nate held his lovely attorney firmly by waist as he guided her out the door, Cybil followed carrying Lara's purse with her and commented to Nate "This fucking bitch is something else!  She's so fucking innocent she makes me want to puke!  Bitch looked at me like I was trash on the ground!  Fucking bitch, you ain't gonna be so fucking high and mighty in a little bit!"

Cybil enjoyed the feel of driving the new BMW as she followed Nate's car.  She looked over at the dozing blonde woman who exuded class just by looking at her.  She smiled at the goody-goody bitch and laughed aloud "Fucking bitch!  Look at me like I'm white trash, huh!  In a few minutes, we'll see who's white trash!  Fuck, bitch, I feel sorry for you once Nate sticks it to you! He's going to 'ruin' you good!  You just better hope he doesn't knock you up with a little black bastard!"

With Nate pulling up into the driveway, Cybil pressed the remote to open the two car garage.  A moment later, both cars were hidden behind the closed garage door.  Cybil then opened the door leading through the kitchen, holding it open for Nate and the prize he held around one of his arms.  A moment later, Cybil was pulling down the bedspread of what would soon be the marital bed for the newlyweds.

Nate held up the drugged blonde in a sitting position on the bed as his cohort stripped her of he blazer and blouse.  With her clothing in disarray, the young beauty struggled to stand up, holding the clothing up to cover her nudity.  Taking another step, then the blonde beauty collapsed back onto the bed.  Nate smiled as the bra was loosened then removed to reveal the beautiful pink capped beauties.  He reached down to caress and handle the soft twin beauties as her heels, skirt and panties were being removed by Cybil.  Then he lay the beautiful bitch down so he could take in her beauty as she lay upon the bed she would soon be sharing with her husband.

As Cybil focused in on the video camera she had carried in with her, Nate gave a smile for the camera, then moved to the foot of the bed.  Spreading the trim white legs apart, he licked his lips as he gazed upon the golden jewel, the precious gem that was to belong only to some punk white boy.  Only now it was Nate who would have the honor of  possessing this prized gem before it officially became that white boy's personal property.  'Yeah, gonna take good care of the white boy's precious little prize!  Gonna polish his little gem for him!  Gonna spit shine it for his wedding day!' Nate laughed to himself as he stuck his wet tongue out into the soft golden mound.

Burying his face between the soft ivory thighs, Nate flicked his tongue to tease the sensitive cuntlips.  He took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet fragrance of her innocence, wishing her fiancé could see his bride-to-be now.  His thick lips clamped over the sweet cuntlips as his thick tongue delved into the sweet love channel.  His flicking tongue caused Lara to groan in her drugged stupor, her body reacting automatically to the stimulation as her hips arched up into the pleasure giving tongue.  He looked up and smiled into the camcorder, licking his lips and commenting  "Ahhhhh ……….so fucking sweet ……… eating stuff! Oh, you beautiful little bitch!  Gonna ‘ruin’ ya now,    bitch!  Gonna 'ruin' ya good!  God, I hope I knock ya up good!”

Crawling up between the beautiful ivory legs, he placed each limb over his shoulders then edged upward to bend the beauty in two.  His cock was now in place between her golden jewel.  Pushing forward, he parted Lara’s tender love slit to admit his swollen cockhead into her precious jewel. With both hands, he grasped her soft asscheeks firmly, then thrust forward with all of his might and groaned “Ohhhhhh, baby ………….yeah ………ohhhh   ………….so fucking tight!” He knew she would definite feel torn when she awoke and wanted her to know that she had been brutally raped.  He groaned in delight, reared back and thrust forward again, penetrating her fully.

"Yeah, Nate!  Give it to the fuck'n bitch!  Shag her good!" Cybil yelled in encouragement, wanting Nate to give it to the snooty bitch real good.  "That's the way!  Harder!  Harder!  Tear her open!" she hollered.  She was enjoying the show as her encouragement had Nate slamming into the bitch with all his might.  "Stretch her out good!  Ruin the fucking bitch!  C'mon, Nate, knock the bitch up with a little black bastard!"

“Ohhhh … sweet little bitch!  Yeah …….ohhhh, yeah …………fuck ………ohhhh …………ohhhh, baby!” Nate groaned as he began to fuck in and out, speeding up his thrusts.  “Ohhhhh …………yeah, baby …………….ahhhhhhhhhhh, baby ……….gonna knock ya up good!” he grunted, keeping his cock buried deeply as his muscles quivered    uncontrollably. The thought of knocking up this beautiful bitch brought him quickly to the point of eruption.  “Ahhhhhh, baby ………….here it cums …….. take my nigger cum, bitch!” he groaned loudly as his cock burst and began to hose out his hot juice.  Letting her legs drop back to the bed, he then collapsed upon the beautiful ivory body, cock still embedded deep within her as it continued to twitch out its hot jism.

Slowly, as Cybil adjusted the lens for a close-up, Nate let his thick black cock slide out of the raped slit.  Going to the foot of the bed, Cybil captured the drugged beauty with Nate's thick cum drooling from her love nest.  Then she told Nate "There's a nice little bar in the living room Nate.  Get yourself a drink and wait for me to call you.  Pour me a glass of scotch and bring it in when I call you.  Be patient and I promise you a thrill you'll never forget!"

Drained from the fantastic fuck he received in degrading the beautiful little bitch, Nate backed off the bed in total exhaustion. He was glad to get a drink, needing some time for his drained cock to revive a bit.  Staggering out of the bedroom, he went to the bar for a much needed drink.  Sipping his drink, Nate wandered about the nice decorated home that the bride-to-be had done to set up house, his cock twitched as he wondered just what Cybil had in store for the bitch.

Meanwhile, in the master bedroom, Cybil was quite busy and immensely enjoying her task.  Once Nate had departed, she walked to the open walk-in closet.  She smiled widely as she took the transparent garment bag that was hanging on the rack. Taking it into the bedroom, she unzipped the bag and removed the contents.  Then she set about her task of preparing the bitch for Nate's return.

Going to the bar, Nate got two glasses and a bottle of Crown Royal.  Then he went to the living room sofa and poured himself a drink.  Sipping his drink, Nate took in the nicely decorated surroundings of the home.  'Man, that chick sure was tight!  Tight as a fucking virgin ……….was, anyway!  God, I hope I knocked the fuck'n bitch up!' he thought to himself.  It had been such an unbelievable fuck that he was totally drained, his once solid cock was now limp and flaccid.  To pass the time, he used the remote to turn on the television, turning it to the sports channel.

As twenty minutes had gone by, Nate was wondering just what the hell Cybil was doing.  Then he heard his cohort call out to him from the bedroom.  Pouring a glass of scotch for Cybil and another for himself, he made his way back to the master bedroom, anxious to see just what Cybil had been up to.  Stepping into the bedroom, Nate froze in his tracks with his only comment being "Oh, shit!"

Meanwhile, Cybil had been taping Nate's entrance into the bedroom along with his shocked expression.  She got just the reaction she had hoped for, being sure to get all of Nate's muscular black body in the frame, keeping the camera on Nate as his erection quickly rose to full staff.  The scene had well been worth all her time and effort, the struggle it had been to get the limp bitch dressed up in her wedding gown.  She had dressed the snooty little bitch the way she would be for her wedding, less only her nylons and undergarments.  With Lara in her wedding gown, white gloves, heels and bridal veil, she was the image and essence of purity.  But now a muscular black rapist was crawling up upon the bed, intent on defiling and soiling that innocence.

Shucking at his throbbing cock, Nate gazed upon the beautiful bride in her wedding gown.   "Oh, you fuck'n bitch!  Gonna 'ruin' you good!  Gonna lay a little black baby in your sweet little belly!  If only your white boy could see his precious little bride right now!  I'm gonna do him a favor and stretch you out for him!" he gloated.

Pushing the front of her wedding gown up to bunch at her waist, he stood back to gaze at the beautiful bride.  This time, Nate pushed the drugged beauty's legs wide apart, letting her heels dig into the bed to keep her in that vulnerable position.  He lifted her gloved arms up over her head, holding them there for the videotape, knowing the viewer would enjoy watching it more with the bride being forced to submit.  He would edit the tape later and with him holding her arms over her head, the viewer would not know she was drugged to unconsciousness.

Moving into position, Nate gave a groan of pleasure as his thick long black cock again sliced between the slick pink folds. Then he began to ride her hard, slamming brutally into her raped body.  For ten minutes he rammed in and out of her, wanting to stretch her out good.  “Oh, yeah baby!  Ohhhh, you sweet little bitch ……..gonna dump my fucking load in ya bitch ……here's your fuck'n wedding present!  Gonna knock ya up good, bitch!  Ohhhhh, baby ………babyyyyy ……… it cumssssss!”  Nate grasped her tight little ass and buried his cock deep in her womb.  His body convulsed as his cock exploded, spurting out streams of his thick potent jism.

Getting up off the bed, Nate gazed upon the violated beauty, her long ivory legs widespread with her wedding gown bunched up at her waist.  He watched as Cybil panned a wide shot of the raped bride on the bed she would soon be sharing with her husband, the bed on which she was raped and could very well have been knocked up on.  Then Cybil moved to the foot of the bed to capture a close-up view of the vicious spunk drooling from her raped snatch to puddle onto the back of her wedding gown.  Nate chuckled upon seeing the violated cunt lips drooling with his nigger spunk, wishing her punk fiancé could just see his precious gem now.

Before departing, Nate managed to get his cock up again.  This time he lifted the bridal veil and straddled Lara's beautiful face, fucking his leaking cock over her lovely features.  Then, with his cockhead at her pink lips, he shucked his cock to let his leaking cream ooze between her open lips.  A moment later, his body quivered and his cock spurted its love cream, saturating the beautiful bride's face and bridal veil.

The next morning, as sunlight beamed through the window, Lara awoke with a splitting headache.  She blinked and squinted, eyes only capable of opening half way.  Closing her eyes she reached up to rub her eyes.  Touching her face, she then realized she had gloves on as she felt a dry crusty substance on her eyes and cheeks.  Opening her eyes, she realized it was her wedding gloves that she had fallen asleep with.  Holding her gloved hand before her eyes, she rubbed her covered fingers together and watched all the white crusty flakes fall.  Looking up, she saw what appeared to be the front of her bridal veil above her.  She looked about and knew she was in her own bed but was at a total loss as to why she had on her wedding garments.

Lara tried to move and get up into a sitting position.  "Ohhhhh ……….!" she groaned loudly in pain, feeling a very definite dull, aching sensation between her legs.  She sobbed in realization that she had been brutally raped, the pain emanating from between her legs obviously due to being stretched and violated time and again.  Her head fell back onto the bed as she tried desperately to recall the events of the night before.  She groaned as she recalled vaguely her stalled car, then the man she had gotten to plead guilty and his girlfriend.  She sobbed, realizing that she had been set up and brutally raped by the horrid black. She then began crying, her body shuddering at the horror of the potential consequences from such a horrid mating.

Reaching down with a gloved hand, Lara felt her normally soft golden curls hard and stiff in a thick layer of dried cum.  She grimaced in pain as her index finger touched the opening of her brutally raped slit.  As her finger pressed down between her slit, Lara groaned in pain.  Raising her gloved hand, she sighed deeply as her gloved finger was covered in a layer of thick gooey slime.

Sitting up upon the bed, Lara discovered that she had been raped as she wore her wedding gown, the dress that she was to walk down the aisle in that weekend.  Slowly she stripped off her soiled garments, letting them fall to the floor in a heap. Taking off her veil, she sobbed as she observed the streaks of filth that had been splattered about, letting her soiled veil fall to the carpet.

Lara cried as she slowly made her way to the bathroom, then gasped as she saw herself in the reflection in the mirror, her face and hair splattered with dried cum.  Having handled many criminal cases, she knew the worst thing that a rape victim could do was to wash off the evidence, most importantly she shouldn't douche out the evidence.  But she could not let anyone see her like this nor could she let Neil know that she had been raped.  Groaning, she knew that if she reported the rape, Neil would look upon her as being soiled goods.  She now knew what it meant to be 'ruined' and just why so many women washed of the filthy evidence or did not report the rape.  Turning on the shower, Lara was going against what she had always counseled rape victims, that of washing off the evidence and not reporting the rape.

Three days later, Neil Wilson stood alongside of his best man and ushers watching the bridesmaids approach.  Then the wedding hymn began and he observed his lovely bride on the arm of her father as they slowly began the long walk down the aisle.  At that moment Neil felt so proud of the fact that he was marrying a very beautiful girl, one that other men drooled over. Having taken her virginity years ago, he knew she was still so innocent when it came to sex and he felt so lucky that he would be the only man who would ever possess her.

Nervously, Lara took that first step down the aisle to her handsome man who would soon become her husband.  She felt so guilty, feeling so soiled that there was a good chance that she was walking down the aisle pregnant with a black baby.  She said a prayer that Neil would never find out and more so that she was not carrying her rapist's baby at that very moment.  As she gazed at her handsome groom waiting for her near the alter, Lara knew that all would be well once she married the man of her dreams.

Everyone in the church had their eyes on Lara, admiring the beautiful bride in her white satin wedding gown with the laced bridal veil covering her lovely face.  To all the invited guests and the wedding party, Lara was the perfect picture of innocence and purity, a lovely woman who was about to give her wedding vows of faithfulness to the man she so loved.

Little did anyone suspect that the bridal veil covering the bride's face was one that the bride had rushed out to purchase the day before, in need of replacing the original veil that had been soiled beyond repair.  Nor for that matter the wedding gown that signified her innocence and purity was in fact was stained with her rapist's cum, a black man's filthy cum.  Worst of all, the lovely bride was walking down the aisle saying a silent prayer that she had not been knocked up by her black rapist.

The faces of the guests seemed a blur as she looked at the man she loved.  As Lara neared the alter, a movement from the third pew on her right caught her attention.  Glancing to her right, she gasped as she recognized Cybil's face with a sneering grin. Then she shuddered as she saw a movement next to her, a dark smiling face that emerged from behind the video camera.  Her rapist and his cohort would be standing just feet behind her when she professed her love and gave her vow of faithfulness to Neil.  Her tears flowed down her cheeks, knowing that her wedding vows would be a mockery.

Once the vows were exchanged, the bridal couple was in the limousine headed to the exclusive country club where the reception would be held.  As they reached the security post at the entrance to the country club, Lara asked the driver to stop. Neil was puzzled as Lara put her window down, telling the security guard that it was noted on the bottom of the invitation that it was needed for admittance, thus those invited should have one.  When Neil questioned her, she merely told him that she wanted to be certain all the details were taken care of.

Greeting the guests as they entered the reception line, Lara was relieved that she had managed to get through the debacle at the church.  She was glad that she had made sure the guard would be checking for invitations before allowing anyone into the premises, knowing that her tormentors would not gain access.

Just as the line of guests was coming to a conclusion, a shiver went through Lara as Nate and Cybil came strolling up to the line with Nate giving her a big grin.  Nate made a gesture, waving an invitation in his hand, an invitation that he had taken from the box on her counter.  As the shock had her speechless, Cybil introduced herself as Lara's old friend and leaned over to kiss the groom.  At that time, Nate gave the bride a kiss and whispered "Hope my wedding present arrives in nine months, bitch!"

As the evening was coming to an end, the younger crowd continued dancing as the older set headed home after wishing the young couple well.  Just as the bride and groom ended a dance together, Neil's arm was grabbed by Lara's friend from work as she told Lara "I've just got to have a dance with your handsome hunk!"

Not wanting to be unfriendly, though he wanted to be with his bride, Neil followed the rather slutty blonde back onto the dance floor.  He turned back to see the girl's black boyfriend right behind with Lara in tow.  He thought he had met all of her close friends and was surprised that his lovely wife could associate with such a slutty woman like this.  Glancing back once again, he wondered just what Lara was thinking at that very moment as she was forced to dance with the rugged looking black.  Seeing how tiny Lara was as she stood next to Nate, Neil couldn't believe the thrill that coursed through his body at the wicked thought of his lovely bride being forced to service the likes of a black man.

With Lara and Nate dancing in the corner, not much could be observed below shoulder level with the groom and his dance partner blocking the view.  Lara's left arm was resting on Nate's broad shoulder as Nate forcibly pulled her tightly to him.  If Lara reached out, she could touch her husband as he danced with Cybil.  Tears welled in her eyes as Nate forced her gloved hand down and tormented her with his comments "Married just hours and here you are ……………feeling up another man's cock with your husband only a few feet away!  Feeling up the cock that might just have put you in the family way!  Yeah, baby …………that's the cock that stretched you open good!  Something for you to compare with hubby's little weenie!"

A bride's wedding day is always a memorable one.  This certainly would be a day in her life that Lara would never forget.  In the honeymoon suite of a plush hotel that night, Lara embraced her handsome husband and let her hand wander down to his crotch.  Indeed, she couldn't help but to compare it with the one she had fondled on the dance floor, one that was so much longer and thicker than what was now in her hand.  Indeed, she was doing exactly what Nate had told her she would be doing and it was really no comparison at all.

Sex with Neil had always brought Lara satisfaction but not so on her wedding night.  Feeling so guilty and so widely stretched, Lara could not gain any satisfaction at all, barely feeling her husband within her.  Fortunately, Neil had a lot to drink and was so horny that he had cum in no time, then fell into a deep slumber.  In the darkness of the honeymoon suite, Lara rubbed her sensitive clit and shuddered to a mild orgasm, all the while thinking of the long thick cock she had handled earlier and wondering what such a monstrosity would feel like.  The only consolation that she felt was the knowledge that the evil Nate would be behind bars from tomorrow for the next two years.

The feeling of guilt continued throughout the week-long honeymoon in the Grand Cayman Islands.  Though she did her best to please Neil, managing to satisfy his needs, leaving Lara in a desperate need to obtain sexual relief.  After each episode of lovemaking with her husband, Lara had to seek the privacy of the bathroom to finger herself.  Although her sexual needs were temporarily sated in this fashion, it saddled her with even more guilt, for while she fingered herself to orgasm it was the picture of being fucked by a big black cock that sent her over the edge.

Having a cabana gave the honeymooners a lot of privacy and it was just a few yards from the beach.  Each morning, their 'houseboy' brought them a large selection of fruits and the entrées that they had previously ordered.  Their 'houseboy' was about Nate's age and his similar black features certainly caught Lara's attention.  Lara could not take her eyes off the dark skinned man, wondering if the myth about black men was really true.

Back at work for a week, Lara felt relieved that she was getting back to normal.  Even lovemaking with Neil had brought her pleasure again, though she could not help but wonder just what Nate's big boner would have felt like, buried deep in her womb.  She chastised herself with such wicked thoughts, determined to get over the horrid rape and the humiliation that Nate had brought upon her.

The following Thursday, after seeming to have put the rape behind her, Lara returned home an hour after Neil.  As she was getting dinner started, she froze when Neil advised her "Oh, I didn't know you had plans to go out with Cybil tomorrow night! Your friend Cybil called just before you got home, wanting you to call her about meeting tomorrow.  Go ahead honey, it'll be perfect as the guys at work wanted to get together for drinks and a card game after work.  I put Cybil's number on the fridge for you!"

Nervously, when Neil was in the bedroom, Lara dialed the number and got Cybil on the phone.  Once she identified herself, a sharp response came over the phone "Just shut up and listen, bitch!  Nate needs some cigarettes, so meet me at the bar we took you to at 6 p.m. tomorrow.  Bring two cartons of Marboro's with you, bitch!"  Then the phone was slammed down and a dial tone followed.

At work the next day, Lara told herself that there was nothing Nate nor his slutty friend could do to her if she didn't show up. They had caught her by surprise at the wedding and she didn't want to make a scene in front of the guests, thus she had forced herself to dance with her rapist and had been forced to handle his manhood on the dance floor.  Now that she had time to think things out, she had no intentions of showing up that evening.  'That bastard rapes me and has the nerve to think I'm going to bring him cigarettes in prison!' she pondered.

The intercom buzzed at 4 p.m. and the receptionist advised that a courier had just delivered a package for her.  Going out to retrieve the package, Lara returned to her office and opened it.  Contained in the package was a videotape with no markings or description on it.  Puzzled that it came by courier, she could only surmise that it was an urgent piece of evidence for a case. Turning on the combined tv/video-recorder behind her desk, she inserted the tape and hit the play button.

Lara smiled as it apparently was one of her friends sending her a videotape of her wedding.  She watched as she walked down the aisle, followed by the exchanging of the vows, then scenes that took place at the reception.  Then she froze and gasped loudly as the taped continued.  She was dressed in her wedding gown, only now she was lying upon the bed in the master bedroom.  Then she recognized the man she had put into prison appear at the foot of the bed, naked and stroking his cock as he raised her wedding gown.  She had often wondered about that fateful night and now she was observing what actually happened.

Having seen the horrible tape, Lara rushed out of the office as she desperately sought to find a nearby store to buy two cartons on cigarettes.  Then she needed to fight all the rush hour traffic in order to get to the bar by 6 p.m.  She knew that she now had to meet that slutty whore at the bar to deliver the cigarettes and didn't want to take the chance of being late.  She just couldn't let that tape get into the wrong hands and thus knew she had to comply with the demands of her rapist and his slutty cohort.

Just making it to the bar on time, she quickly rushed into the bar and looked for Cybil.  Seeing her in the far booth, Lara made her way there and slipped into the bench across from her.  She wanted to just give Cybil the cigarettes and be on her way, but she observed a drink already on the table for her.  The way Cybil glared at her, she knew she could not offend her and took a sip of her drink.

When Lara slid the two cartons of cigarettes across the table to Cybil, she was puzzled when Cybil pushed it back to her, "Sorry, bitch, but I can't deliver them for you.  They don't allow prisoners to get any cigarettes!  They've got to be smuggled in!"  "I …….I can't smuggle them in!" Lara replied.  Cybil smiled, "Don't worry, bitch!  Only someone on the inside can get them in!"  Now, Lara was even more puzzled and took a large swallow of her drink.

Then she looked up at Cybil, who was waving to someone, signaling that person over to their booth.  Lara gasped softly as a towering black man appeared at the booth and slid into the booth next to her.  She slid over as far as she could till she was right up against the wall.  Then Cybil spoke up "Lara, meet Sgt. Tyrone Johnson!"  Seeing the large black hand extended to her, she did not want to be impolite and extended her hand to shake his.  She shivered on Cybil's next comment "Sgt. Johnson is a guard at the State Prison!"

After three more drinks, Lara was definitely feeling the effects.  Little did she know that Cybil had told the bartender before hand to have her drinks made extra potent.  Sgt. Johnson knew what was up, especially when the punk Nate had bribed him for cigarettes in exchange for some prime pussy.  When Nate showed him the picture of a beautiful woman in her wedding gown, he couldn't believe his luck and quickly agreed to the deal.  He just couldn't figure out why this beautiful woman would want to get cigarettes to Nate.  A slut like Cybil he could understand but this prim and proper bitch just didn't fit in with the likes of Nate.

Not wanting to be accused of extortion, Tyrone would first have to wait till one of them proposed the illegal deal.  Then Cybil set things into motion, advising "Lara here was wondering if you could sneak these two cartons of cigarettes in to Nate?  I'm sure Lara will make it worth your while!"  He smiled and placed his hand down onto the soft thigh next to him, enjoying the feel of the beautiful woman tremble in fear.

Lara could not believe what was happening to her, trying to move away from the groping hand on her thigh, feeling the thick fingers caressing her and beginning to edge up further.  Downing her drink, she squirmed about as an exploring finger began to trace the outline of her slit through her damp panties.  She wanted desperately to push his hand away but was afraid of the consequences if Nate did not get his cigarettes.  Then she gasped and shivered as a finger dipped under the elastic of a legband and slipped into her moist box, fingering her stiff clit.

Next, Lara heard Cybil announce "I took care of the bartender and the back bedroom is all yours!"  Before she knew what was happening, she was being pulled up from the booth and being pulled along into the back room.  Suddenly she found herself all alone with the muscular black sergeant, locked in a small room that only contained a king-sized bed.  "Baby, if you want to get the cigarettes to that con, start stripping!" came the gruff command from the man who was taking off his own clothing.

Tyrone had stripped off all his clothing quickly, anxious to get at the young beauty.  He had seen her large diamond ring and wedding band, knew she was married to some white punk.  Still he wondered just what kind of hold a con like Nate could have over such a prim and proper young wife.  Whatever it was, Tyrone knew that he could have his way with this naïve little bitch, knowing she was not about to report him on anything.  With only her blazer removed, Tyrone moved toward her and grasped the front of her crisp white blouse.  The buttons popped right off with the hard yank that he gave it, startling the scared young wife.  Then the metal hooks of her thin bra gave way easily, baring her perfectly shaped breasts.

“Oh, please …….. please, I can't …… please, I can't go through with this …….please!” Lara sobbed in fear.   “Go ahead and scream 'Rape'!  Everybody in the bar saw you come in here with me without a fight.  Everyone knows what this room is for.  I don't know what Nate's got on you but think of how pissed he's gonna be if he don't get no cigarettes!" Tyrone sneered.  Then Tyrone began to feast on this prize, tonguing the aroused the nipples and nipping it with his teeth.  “Ohhhhhhhh ……..please ………… please stop ……..ohhhhhh!” Lara moaned, unable to suppress the unwanted stimulation.

A moment later, the prim and proper beauty lay naked on the bed Tyrone's leering gaze.  He had ripped her skirt off and easily stripped off her panties.  Lara had put up a fight but she was no match for him.  He tossed her upon the bed and stripped off her heels, not wanting her to spike him.  He began to crawl up onto the bed and loved the fright on her face as she gazed down at his cock that he was shucking in his fist.

Staring down at the pulsing black cock, Lara was frightened for never had she seen anything so large and grotesque.  “Please, I can't ……………..I must be true to my husband ………..please, please …….. you’ll kill me with that.  Oh, please ……….nooooooooo!” she sobbed.  She tried to scramble away and pushed at his muscular bulk.  But she was easily subdued by her superior opponent, who now used one hand to pin both of hers above her head.  "Please …………stop ……..please ………please don’t rape me!" she pleaded.

“Baby, I'm gonna teach you what fucking is all about!  We're gonna make some sweet music together!" Tyrone taunted the struggling young beauty as he began to rub his thick cockhead up and down her now slick womanhood.  With some pressure, he managed to get his plum-sized cockhead between the slick folds.  Holding himself up so he could look down at the tossing blonde beauty, he enjoyed the frightened look on her face.  Then he gave a mighty thrust forward, bringing a piercing scream from the young wife.

“Awwwwwww ………..!  Oh God!  Please!  Please!  God, it hurtsssss ……………it hurts so baddddddddd ……………please, I can’t take anymore!” Lara screamed.  Only three inches had penetrated her but never had she encountered anything so thick, thicker than her wrist.  The pain was more than she could stand “Please!  Please pull it out!  It’s too big!  Oh, God, it hurtssssss! ”

Hearing the young beauty’s pleas and screams were almost too much for Tyrone, getting him so excited that he nearly popped his load.  Regaining his control, he released his hold of her hands, then quickly grasped her trim hips with both hands.  Rearing back, he then slammed forward with all his might, wanting to hear the frightened bitch scream her head off.  "Aieeeeeeee ..........aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………ohhhhhh …………Goddd……. nooooooooooo!” came a piercing shriek of pain.  Lara's trim white legs flailed about and she tried desperately to push the bulky body away.  She screamed again when the cock within her was withdrawn for a second, then the entire length was buried into the hilt with another thrust.

Tyrone lay upon the sobbing young wife, letting her body get accustomed to his long thick cock.  He nuzzled at her ear “That’s what a big black cock feels like!  Bet your little white boy can't come close to filling your horny twat like this, huh!  You're being fucked by a 'real' man for a change!" he taunted.  Withdrawing the length of his cock till it was only his cockhead remained, he slowly began to fuck in and out of the sobbing young wife.  Lara groaned in despair as the long slow strokes began to have undesired effects on her body.  Her mind was now in despair, for she did not want to feel any type of stimulation or pleasure from this savage encounter.  Her body was now betraying her from this long slow fucking.  As the long black cock was slicing through her, she arched her hips up in an attempt to get the entire length in her.

Tyrone began to speed up fuck, now fucking the lovely young wife in earnest.  He knew he had her when he felt her trim legs raise up and about to encircle his ass, but Tyrone then grasped her ankles and pushed her legs up to rest the pink soles of her sexy white feet onto his shoulders.  The trim white clutched at sides of the small bed and then the beautiful young wife arched up and down as she began to fuck back at him.  The fighting and pleas now turned into soft mewling sounds as the young beauty met him thrust for thrust.

“Oh, God ….. Oh, God ………. Oh, my God, I’m cuminggggggggggggggg ……… I’m cummmmiiiiingggggg!”  Lara screamed as she lost control of her body, which began to shudder.  Her body began to quiver and spasm causing her to arch up sharply, capturing the entire within her.  The orgasm was so powerful that it even caught Tyrone by surprise.  Surprised that this petite young woman could handle his body weight in such a manner, lifting his entire weight as she arched up in her climax, lifting all 250 lbs of him.

Tyrone kept still, letting the young wife's body relax and slowly come back down to earth.  Then, slowly he began to fuck her again with long slow strokes.  Once her trim arms and legs again embraced him, the fucking sped up and he began taunting her “Here it cums, sweetie!  Gonna fill ya with my nigger seed!  Gonna shoot my nigger jism in your precious little white cunt! Yeahhh, baby …………….here it cums!”  His quivering black ass was again gripped tightly by the trim white legs.  As his thick load exploded deep into the young wife's womb, he felt her body shudder in another climax.

When he slowly pulled out of the young wife, Tyrone laughed as the reality of what she had just done obviously set in as she began sobbing in shame.  He watched as she turned on her side and curled up in the fetal position, ashamed at having been unfaithful to her husband.  What a sight it was for him, knowing he was the first man to take her after she had taken her wedding vows.  He was going to give her another dose of his black cock before this night was over.  Patting her upturned ass "I sure hope Nate's a chain smoker!  Next time I'm gonna sample this tender white ass of yours!  Gonna have to meet ya elsewhere, cause I'm gonna make ya scream real good!"

The patrons in this rundown bar consisted of regulars who frequented the bar mainly due to the cheap price of beer being served.  Very few women frequented the bar, other than the prostitutes in the area, none such as the classy looking blonde that had come in and sat next to the slutty whore in the corner booth.  They were even more surprised to see the innocent looking blonde go into the back room with the muscular black.  They all knew what took place in that back room.

Those with money in their pockets rushed up to the bartender, eager to see if they could get a crack at some real first class pussy.  Each was pointed to a grinning Cybil, who was eager to sell that uppity little bitch for whatever she could get.  After all, the time she had lost in helping Nate achieve his goal cost her some bucks.  Taking in a hundred from the three guys who had rushed up to her, she sneered at the olf fart that came up to her with a measly ten bucks.

Cybil had serviced a lot of men over the years, not being picky if the guy had the bucks to pay for it.  'God, I wouldn't let that smelly old fart fuck me for 500 bucks!  He ranks so bad I doubt if he's had a fuck'n bath in over a month!' she muttered.  Then she chuckled and waved the old fart back to the booth thinking to herself 'This smelly old fart oughta bring down that uppity bitch a peg or two!'

Lara was so relieved to make it back home before Neil, knowing she wouldn't be able to explain away the condition both she and her clothing were in.  Once in the door, she kicked off her heels and grabbed a trash bag on her way to the master bathroom.  Quickly she stripped off the torn and soiled garments, tossing all the clothing into the trash bag.  She rushed under the hot shower, desperate to rid herself of the stench and cleanse the filth from her body.  Planning to douche immediately after washing the stench from her, she parted her loveslit and clenched her cunt muscles tightly, then groaned in shame as she watched the thick flow of cum slide down her inner thighs.

Sobbing under the shower, Lara's mind replayed the events of the evening.  She wondered how in the world she had managed to take in the monstrous black cock, remembering how she had screamed in pain when it was brutally thrust into her.  Twice that black brute had taken her without mercy, fucking her out of her mind.  But the worst part about it was the way in which she reacted each time, wrapping her arms and legs around the muscular black body, begging him to fucker harder and deeper. Never before had she ever experienced such mind-shattering climaxes.

After the rugged sergeant had departed, Lara recalled lying on the bed with her legs wide spread, feeling the thick cum ooze from her well-stretched slit.  She was totally exhausted and unable to move from the shagging she had just received.  For a second she had closed her eyes in relief then was startled at the sound of the door opening.  She opened her eyes and stared as a skinny old man grinned and began to take off his shirt.  She closed her eyes, thinking she couldn't go any lower after just submitting to a black.  Feeling the bed sink under the additional weight, she felt bony hands on her hips and then the man thrust his skinny pecker into her.  A moment later, she felt the man jerk and then his tiny cock began to spurt out its hot load.

Once that skinny man had departed, another bar patron with a heavier set appeared in the room and began to undress.  Lara merely closed her eyes and let him have his way with her.  She wanted to laugh as he too spurted his cum in less than a minute after penetrating her.  Then a third man followed and he too spurted quickly after entering her with less than a dozen strokes. The three men from the bar had quickly relieved themselves in her, starting a burning itch between her thighs and leaving her in frustration.

Then another man was in the room with her, a rather skinny guy this time.  Opening her eyes, Lara gasped at the sight of this old white man who looked like a bum off the streets, then gave a grimace as she inhaled his stench.  She closed her eyes and tried to hold her breath as the man climbed up on the bed.  But she had to breathe again and the stench was so overwhelming that her stomach churned in revulsion.  "Owwww ………ohhhh!" she cried out as his sharp crooked teeth nipped at her sensitive nipple, drawing some blood.  She cried out again when her other nipple was bitten in a similar manner.  Lara sobbed in pain but in a sense wanted the pain to punish her for having broken her wedding vows in less than a month.

Lara surely thought that his old man would cum quickly like the others.  But he was like a jackrabbit as he continuously pumped his pecker into her, bringing the need for her to seek another orgasm.  In need of satisfaction, she entwined her arms and legs around the old bastard in her desperate to stop the itch between her thighs.  Humping up and down, in unison with pumping cock, Lara was just about to reach that peak when the ultimate humiliation came.  Hearing a noise at the door, Lara opened her eyes and looked to see a laughing Cybil, who snickered "Some wholesome little wife you are, sugar!  Look at you, you're nothing but a fuck'n whore.  Shit, I wouldn't let that smelly old fart near me for 500 bucks!  Guess how much he paid for your sweet cunt, sugar!  Ten fuck'n bucks!  Better hope he doesn't give you the fuck'n clap!"  Just at that moment, her body betrayed her as she shuddered in a climax as the smelly old man unleashed his hot flow cum deep up in her fertile womb.

At midnight, Lara had struggled to get the torn clothing on and get home before Neil did.  As she searched for her underwear, Cybil laughed "Honey, don't bother looking!  When you passed out from fucking that smelly old fart, I told him he could have your bra and panties as a prize!"

Now Lara lay in bed with her husband beside her.  She was wide awake, recalling all the events of the evening, wondering howshe could have let strangers bed her and deposit their filth in her.  She felt so guilty in having betrayed Neil.  But she even felt more guilty in the fact that the orgasms she had reached were far more intense than what she had achieved with her husband, even the one with the smelly old man.  She wondered just how many cigarettes Nate smoked in a day, wondering just how long two cartons would last.

End of Story.