Con's Revenge - VI
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

As an ex-con, Hank Briggs did five years of time in prison for the rape of a young beauty he'd met in a bar one night.  The young blonde was drunk and had confessed to him that she was at the bar because she'd just had a fight with her boyfriend.  Hank was a cunning opportunist, acting concerned as he had offered her a shoulder to cry on.  He knew she was pretty wasted from the time he had sat next to her at the bar, otherwise the blonde beauty surely would not have been talking to a him, not a black stranger anyway.  Once he learned of her problem, he hoped to turn her tiff with her boyfriend into a windfall for himself.  A few drinks later, he coaxed her into leaving with him.  The next morning he was arrested for rape.

Hank didn't consider it rape at all.  Sure, he admitted to himself that he'd taken advantage of her in her depressed and drunken condition, but she wasn't screaming rape when he had his thick tongue buried between her legs, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm.  She didn't put up a fuss until he shifted into position to claim his reward, to satisfy his own wants and needs.  After all, he'd satisfied hers.  That's when she tried to push him away and deny him his due.  So, he took it by force.  And she filed charges against him and sent him to prison.  He tried to put it behind him, but he couldn't.  It was all he could think about as each day passed into the next in his dingy prison cell, his anger center not on just the bitch who cried rape but on any beautiful blonde bitch.

Finally, Hank made parole and was out on the streets again but jobs were hard to come by for a convicted rapist out on parole.  He did manage to find himself a job with a moving company, a small company that was struggling financially that didn't pay very well but the good part was that Hank did not need to be bonded as the reputable moving companies.  No way would he be hired if bonding was a requirement, not with his criminal background.  He hated the drudgery of the job, the back-breaking work and the lousy pay, but he didn't have much choice.

Then one day, he and his partner arrived at the designated address to help a young woman move from her cramped apartment to a more spacious, plush apartment uptown.  The customer was a real looker, a beautiful blonde in her early twenties, and Hank's mind was on one thing from the moment he laid eyes on her.  He was too cunning and smart to show his hand, so he played the role of the polite, hardworking moving man to the max.  He had thoughts of trying to charm her and seduce her, but it was obvious that she already had a boyfriend -- a fiancé, in fact.

He overheard her talking to him on her cell phone as he went into the kitchen to carry out some boxed items, fiddling a bit as the shifted the boxes to eavesdrop on her conversation.  Apparently he was attending college out of state and was insecure in their relationship, a rather jealous and possessive man.  Hank overheard her reassure her fiancé that her move to the more plush apartment uptown wasn't going to change her wholesome, down-home prim and proper personality.  And the fact that she was working as a model wasn't a threat to their relationship in any way, shape or form.

Evidently the fiancé needed more reassuring as Hank overheard her telling him that her agent was married and old enough to be her father.  He also overheard her tell him that any men she'd met during her modeling shoots were either gay or too much in love with themselves to pay her any mind.  She promised him she was being a 'good girl' and that she was just as horny for him as he was for her, and she'd prove it to him the next time they saw each other.

At the age of 23, Melissa Gilmer, had recently gotten a big boost in her standings in the modeling industry.  She had made the cover on two fashion magazines, the latest being on the very popular annual swimsuit edition, and now she was getting some decent money on photo shoots.  Still she had a long way to go but this was a promising break for her.  At least now she could move to a decent apartment and get out of the dumps.  She felt fortunate to have been born with good looks, just what was needed along with keeping her sexy body trim and in shape.  Standing at 5'6" 115 lbs with long golden hair, looking like the sweet innocent girl next door, Melissa was the wet dream of any red blooded male.

Melissa had men's heads turning from her early teens and she really enjoyed that attention, though her fiancé Jeff was jealous when she flirted her body to tease the lusting males.  She knew Jeff's jealousy grew even more with their being apart for such long period, only getting together on long weekends or his college vacations.  They had dated from high school and the only male she had ever been intimate with, though she did tease other men, she was determined to be true to her handsome fiancé.  She wished he would have complete trust in her but she knew that she couldn't blame he, especially being a model and her loving to see how men reacted to her sexiness.

Hank went about his job, pretending not to have overheard the conversation, but the wheels were turning.  The last good fuck he'd gotten was from the girl he'd raped and that was so many years ago.  The more he thought about it, the thrill of fucking a beauty against her will, the more exciting it was for him.  This naive, innocent beauty was just begging to be his next victim.  Of course, he was smart enough to know he'd have to be a bit more cunning about it this time around.  Somehow, he'd have to hedge his bet.

By the time Hank and his partner had the young beauty moved into her new apartment, having her sign off on the paperwork, the plan was formulated in his mind.  With her making several phone calls during the move, he'd overheard her agree to an early dinner and drinks that evening with her agent.  He gave it some thought and set it up in his mind to be there and waiting for her when she returned that evening.

Figuring the early dinner and drinks would keep her out till at least 9 p.m., Hank arrived before then and saw that her car was not in sight.  Going up to the door, he taped on a note to the door advising that the meter needed to be reset since she had now taken occupancy.  He ended the note by signing it as Artie Johnson, caretaker.

Hank then returned to his parked car and waited, finally seeing her car pull into her parking space shortly after nine.  She looked stunning, a bit wobbly on her high heels and carrying a bottle of wine as she ambled up the walk to her apartment.  He watched her take down the note he had left and look at it.  He waited until she'd disappeared into her apartment and then bolted for the door.  As a final precaution, he listened at the door and then knocked.  He knew she'd look through the peephole before answering, so he turned his head a bit to make himself less recognizable and waited for her to open the door.

She called out to him through the door, asking him who he was and what he wanted.  He told her he was Artie Johnson the caretaker and was hoping he could reset the meter in her apartment.  "Ms. Gilmer, I didn't get a chance to do it earlier.  I stopped by earlier but you were out and I left a note on your door.  I just happened to see your light on and hoped it'd be okay with you if I did it now.  It was a totally bogus ruse, of course, but she was just naive and tipsy enough to fall for it.  She should have realized that no maintenance worker would be calling at this late hour unless the tenant demanded immediate repairs.  'God, I sure hope this blonde bimbo is dumb enough to buy it!' his mind raced.

The note he had left helped his scheme work to perfection as the unsuspecting beauty opened the door for him.  Unbelievably, she didn't even recognize him, although she gave him one of those "you look familiar, but I can't quite place the face" glances.  Hank went about making small talk as he lured the young model into the kitchen, as though the meter he'd said needed resetting was there.  But before she knew what hit her, he had his hand over her mouth and a knife to her throat.  He warned her that if she made any attempt to scream or resist him, he'd use the knife and her modeling days would be over as no one would want to look at her again.  She sobbed, then nodded that she understood and would comply.

With an arm around her, Hank grabbed the bottle of wine from the counter with his free hand.  He instructed her to grab a couple glasses from the open crate that she had already opened but not unpacked as of yet.  Then he told her to move to the table, to sit down in a chair as he used his foot to pull another right up along side of it.  He laughed and thanked her for remembering the wine for this special occasion.  Melissa sobbed, saying that it was a house-warming gift from her agent.  Hank laughed telling her a toast was definitely in order for this special event as he poured them each a glass.

Melissa tried pleading with him, telling him that she didn't have much money, but what she had was in her purse and he could have it all -- and the wine, too, if he'd just leave now.  "Please …………..please ………I'm engaged to be married!  Please ……….please don't hurt me!" she sobbed.  She promised not to report the break-in if he'd leave immediately, telling him she'd just wanted to forget the whole thing.  She shuddered as his arm tighten around her, then felt his hand begin to caress and stroke her left arm.

She had been in love with Jeff for years, though she enjoyed turning men on with her sexy bod, she never thought of cheating on Jeff.  He was the only man she had been cozy and intimate with but now this black intruder was putting his filthy hands on her.  Melissa could not help but to see how much taller and more muscular this man was as compared to Jeff.  'God, I wonder if it's true what they say about black men?' she pondered.  'Oh, God ……….please!  Please don't let him rape me!  God ………….I think I'll die if he touches me!' she prayed to herself.

Hank was sure not going to let this naive little beauty talk him out of claiming his prize.  He took a drink of his wine, told her to drink her glass of wine, as he remembered and thought of the last girl he'd raped.  This sweet beauty was even prettier, with long sexy white legs to die for, more so to wrap around his black ass.  It was a cinch to see why she was a model, as Hank smiled to himself, imagining her modeling bikinis now and maternity clothes in a few short months.  'Yeah, sweetie!  I'm going to help you get into shape for your new modeling job!  Your sexy bod needs to fill out some to fit into those clothes and I know just how to do it!' he laughed to himself.

He had all night, and he intended to enjoy every minute of it.  First, he forced her to drink another couple of glasses of wine, lying to her "Just keep me company and drink your wine with me!  I won't touch you!  I just want some company!"  Hank wanted her all but incapacitated and unable to mount a viable resistance or to escape.  With the drinks she had over dinner and the wine she was consuming now, he could tell she was definitely getting wasted.  Finally, satisfied that she was good and drunk, Hank led still reluctant beauty into her bedroom.  He reminded her again what he'd do to her if she tried to scream for help.

She pleaded and begged for him not to rape her, but her pleas obviously fell on deaf ears. “Please ……….no, pleaseeeeee …………………..please don’t do this to me!  Please, please ……………I beg you!” she whimpered as a hand cupped her breast, squeezing it. "Please, oh, please ……………..please don't rape me ……………….please!" she sobbed.  Though intoxicated, Melissa could still form rational thoughts and realized just what the horrible consequences would be from such a horrible mating with this horrid rapist.

Melissa wanted to prevent such a horrible result, pleaded with him "Please …….I …………please ………at least ………you must at least wear a condom …………….I …….I keep one in my purse for my fiancé!"  She was relieved when he agreed to do so, but only if she'd agree to let him videotape the rape as a keepsake.  She reached for her purse to obtain the condom while her tormentor opened up the tool kit that he had brought in with him, retrieving the video camera from it.

She had nowhere to go, the bed on one side and the closet on the other, bedroom wall behind her and her menacing intruder blocking her avenue of escape.  Melissa sobbed when his gruff voice ordered "Okay, sweetie!  Show me how you pose as a model!  Start stripping off your clothing and pose for the camera!"  Tears flowing from her eyes and down her cheeks, Melissa undertook her toughest modeling assignment yet, first putting her hand behind her neck to unhook the top of her blue dress.  It was a dreadful experience as she closed her eyes, feeling so ashamed as she was forced to obey this intruder, listening to his demands "Unzip your dress …………….okay …………..okay, now peel it off …………..give me a sexy pose!  Yeah ……… take off your bra and let me see those beautiful titties your hiding!"

"Okay, sweetie ………………play with those beautiful pink nipples!  C'mon, no stalling unless you want me to come over there and bite them!" came the orders.  Sniffling, Melissa touched her breasts and teased her sensitive nipples, feeling them rise in stimulation.  She felt so ashamed of what she was doing, humiliated at being forced to strip before this animal, embarrassed that her nipples rose to the touch and her cunt muscles contracting from the stimulation.

Her long sexy white legs were flawless and a major asset to her modeling career.  She had not bothered with nylons, wanting to turn on the males was her flawless long legs as she passed them.  Now, she was clad only in the small wisp of lacy black panties and black heels.  A moment later, the lacy panties lay in a heap upon her heels.  Melissa sobbed as she obeyed her tormentor, stifling back a groan as her body shuddered in reaction to her finger making contact with her stiff clit.

Biting down on her lip, eyes tightly closed, her sawing finger began to rub her clit faster as he finger dipped deeper and deeper into her slick slit.  "Uh ………….uh …………..uh …………ohhhhhh!" she moaned softly as an orgasm shook her, the first orgasm she had achieved from her own fingers.  Her knees began to go weak when her black tormentor ordered her to come to him.  Afraid to do so, yet afraid of disobeying him, she forced herself to move forward.

Melissa sobbed, looking pleadingly at her tormentor, then her mouth dropped opened as she watched him unbuckle his belt and began to undo his pants.  "C'mon baby, grab a feel of a 'real' man!" she was told.  Obeying, she reached out to touch bulge growning under the jeans and now very visible.  She trembled in fear as it throbed and grew even more when she placed her hand upon the lump.  As the pants and jockeys were pushed down at the same time, Melissa gasped at the object bared before her.  Her heart was pounding madly, her breathing labored in fear as she watched the long black object throb and begin to rise to attention.  'Oh, my God!  It can't be real!  It …….it's so much bigger than Jeff's!' her mind raced as she shook with fear.

"Okay, bitch, now come on over here and get down on your knees!  I promised you I'd wear a fuck'n condom but you're gonna have to put the damned fuck'n rubber on!" he ordered.  "Oh, baby, come and make it hard!  I can't wait to feel your beautiful soft hands on me!" he panted in anticipation.  "Now's the time to put that fuck'n rubber on or you can forget all about it!  I'm giving you a minute to get it on, bitch!" he sneered.

“Please ……….pleaseeeeee ……………please don’t make me do this!  Please, please ……………I can't!” she sobbed. "Please, oh, please ……………..please, I beg you!" she pleaded.  Seeing that she really had no option at this point, she retrieved the packet that she had placed on the bed before starting her striptease.  Melissa then tore open the foil packet, looking down at the rolled up rubber, wondering just how it was to be unrolled.  True, she and Jeff had sex, but just in case Jeff had not brought his safety condom, she kept one in her purse.  But each time, she had merely given the foil packet to Jeff and let him put on the rubber sheath.

Faced with the ultimatum and the rapid loss of time, Melissa forced herself to do as she was ordered.  She nervously stepped forward, nearly tripping as her heel got caught on her fallen panties.  Slowly she knelt down in front of her tormentor, her eyes glued to his throbbing black shaft, watching it growing before her eyes.

Hank laughed as he continued to film the sobbing beauty, loving the way she had tried to cover her breasts and golden muff in embarrassment, even though she had already been captured on tape fingering herself to a climax.  She looked so damned sexy in only her heels, with fallen black panties being caught upon and dragged by her right heel.  'Fuck, this is the life, having a beautiful white bitch butt naked and on her fuck'n knees!' he told himself.

Watching the young beauty holding the rubber between her thumbs and forefingers, it was obvious that this was her first time in trying to put a condom on a cock.  At this point, his cock was only half way up and growing with each throb.  "You dumb fuck'n bitch!  You gotta get it hard first, you fuck'n bimbo!  You're losing precious time, sweetie!  Put your beautiful hands and pump it up, cunt!" he shouted at the frightened beauty.  "Oh, yeah!  That's it, sweetie!  Oh, yeah ……….pump it …………yeah, baby!" he groaned at the feel of her tiny soft hands pumping his cock to stiffness.

Hank looked down at the young blonde kneeling between his legs, her tiny white hand clasping the base of his ever-growing cock.  He smiled as he saw her eyes grow wide as her pumping had his cock swelling larger and larger.  He took a deep breath, enjoying the feel of her soft hands moving up on down his sensitive shaft, not wanting the sensations to get beyond his control.

Mesmerized by the throbbing shaft as it waved before her face, her mind clouded by all the alcohol, Melissa unconsciously parted her lips.  She had always enjoyed pleasing Jeff in this manner, loving the feeling of having power in her hands, the ability to make a man groan and lose all control at the squeeze of her fingers.  Licking her lips with the tip of her tongue, unaware of the hands on her hand pulling her closer and closer, her lips parted wider as it clamped upon the black rubbery head.  Her pointed tongue darted out, teasing the slit of his cockhead, her lips opening wider as she managed to get the bulb like cockhead into her widely stretched mouth as her hands kept pumping at the throbbing shaft.

Her mind began to clear a bit, Melissa couldn't believe what she was doing, her mouth now slick and slimy from the leaking cock.  'God, how could I do such a filthy thing!' she thought, pulling her head off the now wet cockhead.  Quickly, she picked the condom up from the floor and placed it upon the cockhead, slowly rolling it down the monstrous shaft.

"Okay, baby, get up on the bed and spread your fuck'n sexy white legs!" came the gruff command.  Afraid to disobey, Melissa stood and backed up till the back of her knees met the side of the bed.   Lying back upon her bed, she closed her eyes tightly and slowly spread her legs apart.  Then she felt the bed sink with as the heavy weight moved above her.  She grimaced as she felt the large hands grasp her trim hips, holding her tightly.  Feeling the thick cockhead being positioned at the entrance of her moist slit, she sobbed “Please ……………oh, nooo ………nooo……pleaseeeeee, nooooo!  Please ………….please don’t rape me ……………please!”

“Oh, yeah, baby!  Spread those sexy white legs!  Oh, baby, you’re so fucking tight!” Hank groaned loudly.  He moaned as his cockhead pushed through the tight opening, enveloped by the hot slick folds of the agonized beauty.  He put his hand at the back of her neck, lifted her head and ordered her to open her eyes to see just what he had for her.  He heard her stammer "Oh, God, it's too bigggg!  It'll tear me!  Please …….please, stop ……….please!"  Giving a twitch of his cock, bloating up his cockhead, he heard her groan "Ohhhhhhh, Godddddddd ………………ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

Afraid of being torn apart by the monstrous black cock, Melissa tried to take comfort that at least it was fully sheathed in the protective condom.  She had just observed the sheathed cock joined to her but she did not know what her rapist had done to it before climbing upon the bed.  She should never have closed her eyes when she had resigned herself to her fate.  Had she kept her eyes open, she would have seen that the devious man had every intention on getting her pregnant from this vile rape.  She would have seen him pick up his knife, putting it to use by cutting off the tip of the condom, then roll it back over the flange of his cockhead.  The portion of the condom that she had just observed on her rapist's cock would no longer serve its intended purpose.

“Argggggggghhhhhh …………ohhhh ……..oh, God, ohhhhh …………….ohhhh, it hurtsssss ……..ohhhh, stop, please ……………..ohhhh, you’re tearing me!” she whimpered in pain.  “Please …………please stop …………..please ……it’s …..its toooo biggggg!” she cried out in pain.  “Oh, God …………oh, God ………..please …….please ……….it hurting meeeeee!” she groaned.

Pumping his heavy black body up and down into the sobbing blonde beauty, Hank immensely enjoyed the way she struggled and tossed, as she tried desperately to throw him off her ravaged body.  Grasping her trim white hips with both hands, he slammed forward with all his might, skewering in the entire length of his cock into the withering beauty.  'Oh, baby ……….yeah, baby  ……gonna seed you soon!  Gonna cum, sweetie!  Gonna fuck a black bastard deep in your little white belly!  Gonna fill ya up with my nigger seed!' he laughed to himself.

“Ohhh, Godddd!  Noooooo …….uhhh …..uhhh …..uhhh ….uhhhh ………!” Melissa groaned with each painful thrust between her widespread legs.  Her body began to feel a funny tingle, a shivering experience never felt before, burning itch spread between her legs.  Her cunt muscles squeezed the thick shaft, a size so much thicker and longer than Jeff's, needing to put out the hot burning itch between her thighs.  “Oh, nooo …….oh, Goddddd …………don’t let me give in …………..ohhhhhhhh…………I …………I’m cumminnggggg!” she screamed.  Her body convulsed uncontrollably, legs wrapping around her rapist’s pumping ass to draw him closer, heels locking upon one another with her lacy panties waving in the air.  Her hands let go of the bed sheet, unconsciously wrapping her arms around the neck of her rapist.

Hank managed to keep a good grip on the convulsing beauty, keeping her firmly skewered onto his throbbing cock.  He laughed as the young beauty clutched at him, trim arms and sexy white legs wrapped tightly around him as she was obviously delirious from the fuck he’d thrown her.  Feeling her arms and legs finally beginning to relax upon him, he lunged forward with all his might, stabbing again into the screaming little bitch.  “Ohhhh ……….please …………..please ……uhhhhhh ……………..pleaseeee ………no more!” she wailed.  But her screams and wail only added to his sadist pleasure, taking him over the edge as he buried his cock deep into her womb, then unleashed his hot jism

Laughing to himself, Hank wondered just what would run through her mind when she woke up to discover she'd been so thoroughly duped by him.  He shucked off the slimy rubber and laughed as he placed it upon the belly of the sleeping beauty.  'God, that was some fuck!  Guess I'd better head on home!  Gotta get up early to report to work tomorrow.  Can't wait to go to work, just maybe I'll find myself another naive, young bitch like this dumb cunt!' he laughed.

The next morning, Melissa awoke from the sunlight shining through her bedroom window.  She sighed, then groaned as the horrid memories flooded back into her mind.  She recalled the flashing sensations that flooded throughout her body when her rapist had climaxed in her.  'Thank God for the condom!  God, it felt so hot, never like before!  If I hadn't seen the condom on I'd swear it was his hot cum burning up my insides!  She had passed out for a few moments as her orgasm racked her mind and body, awaking to find her rapist still on and in her.  Then he had satisfied himself again, fucking her wildly in a manner never before experienced with Jeff.  She felt so ashamed as she recalled the way her body betrayed her, the way she clutched at him again, arching up to fuck herself onto his thick pole.

She lay back upon the bed, feeling the ache stemming from between her thighs.  Then she remembered the incriminating videotape that would destroy her reputation if it ever got out, killing any chances of her ever making it further in the modeling industry.  She knew that if it got out, she would never grace the cover of a fashion magazine.  She'd only grace the movie screens showing a porno flick.  How could she report the rape?  What if Jeff found out about it?  Jeff was already jealous of her agent and other guys in the modeling industry, what would he think if he ever saw the video?

Hurting so badly, Melissa grimaced as she tried to move her legs.  She reached down, feeling a rubbery object on her belly.  Lifting it up, she gasped and groaned loudly "Oh, that damned bastard!  He ………he cut it!  He shot his filthy cum in me!"  She sobbed and began to cry, worried of the potential consequences from that wild mating.

Two weeks later, with open days before the next modeling assignment, Melissa made the four- hour drive to spend the weekend with Jeff.  It was her first visit to the university campus, located in a small college town.  His roommate lived in a town nearby and had gone home, giving she and Jeff the room to themselves.  After that horrid night, Melissa had wanted to again be in the arms of her loving Jeff, needing to feel his arms around her again.

As soon as she had arrived late that Friday, Melissa got to visit Jeff's dorm room.  With his roommate already gone, it was but minutes before they were in Jeff's bed making passionate love.  Forty-five minutes later, Melissa lay staring up at the dirty ceiling with Jeff lying upon her, snoring in a deep sleep.  She could not believe how fast he had reached his peak, his body shuddering as he filled the rubber condom, leaving her totally unfulfilled.  Then he immediately began snoring as his rubber encased cock shriveled and slipped from her desperately gripping cunt muscles.

That evening, Jeff gave her a tour of the campus and they stopped at the local hangout for burgers and beer.  Some of Jeff's friends happened to be there, either unable to leave for the weekend as spring practice had just begun or they lived too far to drive home.  They were invited over to join the group of guys and gals sitting in the corner.  Introductions were made and Melissa found them to be a fun group to be with.

One fellow had captured her attention, a fellow named Rex who was sitting right across the small table from her.  She couldn't get over how broad he was at the shoulders, so muscular, so tall when he stood to greet her.  His massive size had dwarfed her as he shook her hand with his large black mitt.  In the introductions, Jeff advised that Rex was the starting tackle for the football team and just loved slamming into the opposition.

As Rex was seated across from her, Melissa couldn't help but to wonder just how it'd feel to have his massive weight upon her body, slamming himself brutally into her over and over again.  She clenched her thighs together, feeling the love juices flow, seeping down into the crotch of her panties.

On Sunday afternoon, Melissa kissed Jeff goodbye, leaving him to do some studying for the exam he had the next day.  Just as she exited the campus, she saw the hangout where Jeff had taken her to on that Friday evening.  Just at that moment, a familiar face was exiting the place, the face she'd most definitely recognize on that large black frame of his.  Pulling off to the side, she lowered the passenger side window and yelled out "Hi, Rex!  How are doing!  Can I give you a lift?"

"Hi, Melissa!  Well, I was headed back to my apartment and could sure use a ride!" Rex smiled as he opened the passenger door.  He had seen that 'look' she gave him Friday night, knew she was wondering if his well-muscled body was as well endowed where it really counted.  He had gone home that night and jerked off to her image in his mind, never in his wildest dreams did he ever expect to get a chance of being alone with her.  He figured a beauty like that would never take on a black buck like him, plus the fact that she was Jeff's fiancé.  He and Jeff had the same major, thus having many classes together, becoming friends as a result.

Being a college student, his car had not been in the best running shape, Rex had caught a ride early that day.  It was close to a mile's walk and welcomed a ride, especially from a beauty like Melissa.  Even having seen that special 'look' on Friday, he had to be careful how he played his cards.  For one, she was Jeff's girl!  Secondly, any accusations such as a cry of 'rape', then there went his college scholarship no matter how good an athlete he was.

With the speed limit only at 15 mph for this hick college town, they slowly made their way, Rex learned that Melissa was on her way back to the big city.  He glanced down at her sexy white legs and felt his cock twitch in response.  As they were pulling up to his apartment building, he figured now would tell the tale as he asked "Thanks, Melissa!  How about coming up for a beer?"  With her parking the car and shutting off the engine, telling him 'she'd love to have a beer with him', Rex was primed and ready to go.

Rex knew he was in for a hell of a time as soon as he opened the door for Melissa.  When he opened the door of the refrigerator and leaned over, he felt her soft hand rubbing his back.  He knew it was not the beer that she was really after.  Opening the beer for her, he handed it to her and leaned over to kiss her.  Rex was not to be disappointed as Melissa tilted her head up to him and parted her soft pink lips. They exchanged a deep passionate kiss, tongues teasing each other in heated passion as they caressed each other.

A moment later, Rex was leading the beautiful model over to his sofa as they continued their passionate kiss.  He knew Melissa was hot and horny in the way she kicked off her tennis shoes and began to undo his belt as he began undressing her.  'God, Jeff must have left her high and dry!  Shit, she drives all that way to be with him for the weekend and then can't wait to drop her panties for me!  I knew she wanted some black meat on Friday, but who'd have thought!' he said to himself.

Melissa moaned as a sensitive pink bud was captured between Rex's hungry lips, her body arching up as a flicking tongue teased her hardened bud.  "Ohhh, yes …….ohhhh, yes ……………..ohhhhhhhhh, yesssss ………..bite me …………..bite me!" she moaned. Feeling her black lover moving his lips downward, she panted for breath, knowing what he intended on doing.  She arched up as he nuzzled his face into her soft curls, feeling his tongue moving about in search for her most private treasure.

"Oh, Rex ……I ……..I …….I've never………….Jeff's never ………….ohhhhhhhhhhh, my Godddddddddd!" she groaned as his hot mouth clamped over her aching slit.  "Ohhhh, God …….God, yes ……….ohhhhh, I'm cummingggggg ………ohhhh, Rex …..………..yesss ……eat me!" she moaned.  She arched up to his feasting mouth, feeding her black lover the sweet love honey from golden nest.

Rex was anxious, he'd been with some white whores before but none even came close to this white beauty.  He shuffled up between her widespread thighs, placed his throbbing black cock up against her moist slit.  Leaning forward, he pushed his bulb like cockhead between her tight folds, holding still as he enjoyed the feel of his cockhead being enveloped in her hot pit.  Pushing forward, managing to push his thick cock in a few inches, he felt the tight clenching muscles gripping him, squeezing him tightly as he tried to get more of his thick cock into her.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Rex ………….…you're so biggggg ………..ohhhh, Rex …….it's so bigggg!" she moaned.  Spreading her thighs as wide as possible, Melissa arched up to capture more of the thick throbbing shaft.  "Oh, God, Rex……… big ………..ohhhh!  Ohhhhh  …….it's soooo deep ………oh, yes   ………ohhh, lover, yesssss ……..fuck me …….fuck me …….fuck me hard!" she moaned.  "Ahhhhhhh ………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………oh, Godddd!" she groaned.  She then felt the long black cock push deep into her, throbbing in her womb, far deeper than Jeff had ever reached.

Rex began to speed up the fuck, bringing squeals and moans of pleasure from the beautiful white bitch, squeals of delight that were so familiar to those of all the girls who had sampled his big black boner.  He felt her long sexy white legs wrap themselves around him as she arched up to capture more of his cock. He then began pounding her harder and harder, slamming into her, giving her the brutal shagging that she was begging for.

Melissa felt her body convulse and shudder, spasm after spasm coursing through her body for the first time during this long weekend, causing her to cry out "Rex ……Rex ………oh, God, Rex …………yessssss ………fuck me …………fuck me ……….I'm cummingggggggg!"  She lost control of her body, arching up into the air, taking that long black shaft deep into her clasping hot pit.  Melissa felt her husky black lover thrust harder and faster into her, burying his thick cock deep into her womb.  She felt his body quiver upon her, then she clasped her legs tightly around him, just as spurt after spurt of his hot seed began filling her fertile womb.

Twenty minutes later, physically still joined together, the two lovers were embraced in another passionate kiss.  Tongues teasing each other, sexy white legs wrapped around her black lover, Melissa's hands caressed her lover's body as she pumped her hips up at him.  She could feel his cock pulsing in her tight slit, feeling it begin to expand and bloat up again in her clenching pussy.  She knew another wild fuck session was about to begin.

Just as Rex began to grind his throbbing cock into this beautiful bitch, he froze at the sudden ringing of the telephone.  He leaned over to look at the caller I.D., not intending to answer the answer a telephone, not when he was scoring with a chick.  But this time, he was going to make an exception.  With a slow stroke into the sexy beauty, he reached over and hit the button for the speakerphone, then spoke loudly "Yo, Jeffie dude, what's up?"
Melissa froze, wide-eyed as she could not believe what was taking place.  Here she was with her fiancé's black friend, getting her brains fucked out, while they chatted on the phone.  The situation was so wicked that she couldn't resist the urge to arch up to her black lover as he talked to her fiancé, squeezing him tighter to her with her entwined legs, fucking herself up and down on his black pole.

"Hey, Rex!  Want to grab a beer?  I've been trying to study ever since Melissa left, but man I think I'm too fucked out to do any reading!" Jeff bragged to his friend.  "I can't believe I got a fucking beautiful model for my fiancee!  Man, we fucked like rabbits this weekend!" he added.

"Gotta pass on the beer, bud!  Picked up this foxy white chick today and does she fuck like a little minx!  God, she's so beautiful, I swear she's a fuck'n model!  I can only talk for just a bit since she's in the shower.  Man, what a sexy bitch, think she belongs to some white boy as she's wearing a diamond.  Bet her white boy can't satisfy her with his little pecker cause she was climbing all over me once I got her in my apartment!" Rex advised his friend, all the while pumping his hardening cock faster and faster into his friend's precious little gem.

Listening to the conversation, Melissa clenched her teeth tightly to keep from making a noise as she wrapped her arms around the thick black neck of her lover, pulling herself up to him.  She giggled and whispered softly in his ear "Ask Jeff if he got to fuck me without a rubber!  C'mon stud, fuck me!  Fuck me!"  She bit into his shoulder as he gave her a stab of his throbbing cock.

"Oh, Jeffie my boy, I sure hope this little bitch is on the pill!  If she ain't, she's gonna be giving her white boy a little black bastard in nine months!  She must have been really horny for black meat cause she didn't put up no fuss when I stuck my raw meat in her!" Rex announced loudly into the speaker.  "Gotta tell ya, Jeffie, sure beats having to wear one of those fuck'n raincoats!" he added.

"No, shitting!  God, she must be some fucking whore not making you wear a rubber!  I pity that dumb jerk she's engaged to!  How the hell are you so damned lucky?  Shit, Melissa made me wear a fucking rubber every time we fucked!  Sure makes it hard to cum with that damned thing on!  Fuck, Rex, I sure hope you knock that dumb bitch up!  Sure would teach that dumb ass guy she's engaged to marry that he's got to satisfy her in bed!  I'll let you go buddy ………..fuck the hell out of the little whore ………..knock the bitch up good!" said Jeff, cheering his friend on.

With the click of the phone and dial tone buzzing, Rex reached over to turn off the phone, then looked down at the withering blonde beauty.  He thrust forward to bury his cock into her, then quickly withdrew back again, causing the blonde bitch to moan and fuck herself up to him.  "Did you hear what the man you're going to marry told me to do to you, sweetie?" he asked as he thrust forward again, only to withdraw quickly.  "Did you hear him, bitch?" he asked as he fucked her once again in the same manner.

"Yes!  Yes!  Fuck me ………….fuck me ………please!" Melissa responded, withering about, trying to arch up onto his cock.  "God, fuck me ………..fuck me!" she moaned.  "Don't stop ………….make me cum ……………..fuck me!  Fuck me, you bastard!" she pleaded.

"Uh-uh, first tell me what the man you're going to marry wants me to do to up!" Rex teased, as he shafted her once again.  "Tell me, you beautiful little bitch!" he growled as he thrust forward once more.

"Oh, fuck me ………….fuck your little white whore ………..fuck me!  Do what Jeff just told you!  Knock me up …………………knock me up!  Shoot your nigger jism in me!  Fuck your little black bastard in me!" she begged.  "Oh, yes ………yes ………that's it ……….fuck me …………give me your baby!" she moaned.  "Oh, God ……………I ………….I'm cumminnnnggggg!  Yessssss ………squirt it in me!  Yeesssssss ……….ohhhhhhh!" she groaned as her body convulsed around the spurting black cock.

End of Story.