Con's Revenge - VII
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Having just got out of the slammer after serving six months of a two-year sentence for burglary, Carl Morton figured he had better lay low a bit after having just had his first meeting with that prick of a parole officer.  'That fucking young white punk, what a fuck'n asshole!' he muttered to himself as he exited the building.  'Damned fucker's just trying to make a fuck'n name for himself!  Bet it's his first fuck'n job!  He's just looking for any way to put me back in the slammer just to prove himself!' he added.

At least his buddy kept a job open for him at the auto repair shop, thus he could keep from starving.  But it wasn't much money and he needed more to live decently.  However, he was happy that Bianca stuck by him, sending him some cigarettes and necessities while he was in the slammer.  She had even kept aside his portion of her earnings as if he was still pimping for her while in jail.  He did have a soft touch for her, laughing it off when she hinted on tying the knot whim him, even though he didn't want any part of that.  Of course, with him in the slammer, the other three girls working for him found other pimps to care for them and he really couldn't blame them.

Thinking about things, he realized that Bianca sure kept herself nice in view of her occupation as a 'lady of the night'.  Carl smiled and thought 'She sure is a good fuck and always game whenever I'm in the mood!  The nicest black chick this side of town!  Maybe I should, after all, she's agreeable to continuing hooking to keep up our lifestyle!  Plus she knows well enough to give me a free reign on whatever I want to do, even if I wanna fuck another chick in front of her!'

Two weeks later, Carl decided to go whole hog and tie the knot with Bianca, so long as she understood where he was coming from and she'd keep up with her well paying night life.  Of course, he's be calling the shots as usual, even with hooking her up with the well paying 'Johns'.  As he and Bianca were headed home from the bar, he greeted an old time friend whom he hadn't seen since being sent up to the joint for a robbery.  They exchanged handshakes, introducing him to Bianca and telling him they were going to tie the knot.

A week later, Carl got a call at work from the young punk at the parole office ordering him to come in the next day for an unscheduled meeting.  Carl was puzzled as the next scheduled meeting wasn't for another month and he'd been keeping his nose clean, even letting Bianca handle all the arrangements so he could keep clear of any surveillance catching him pimping and sending him right back into the slammer.

The next day, Carl showed up at the parole office and the arrogant young punk merely snickered at him and laughed, saying "Haven't learned, have you?  Just out of the joint and you've already fucked up big time!"  Carl was totally puzzled, especially how he'd made sure to be strait laced since he got out.  Then a photograph was tossed onto the table in front of him.  Picking it up, the photo depicted he and Bianca when they had met his old friend on the steet.

Tom Benton, the young parole officer, snickered as he enjoyed putting the screws to ex-cons.  He had been given a copy of the photograph by officers doing a surveillance on the fellow Carl Morton had met.  The officers had busted Carl's friend shortly after the photo was taken on a drug deal.  The other officers had advised that Carl Morton had nothing to do with the drugs and appeared to be just a casual greeting in passing between two old friends.  Even the guy busted was questioned and merely advised Carl was and old friend and the greeted each other, with Carl introducing him to the gal he was about to marry.

Still, there was that written rule where two felons could not consort together and Tom Benton wanted to flex his muscle a little, wanting to show that nigger con who really called the shots.  "You know the rules on consorting with another felon, don't you, Carl!' he yelled at the top of his voice, wanting to put a scare into the muscular con sitting before him.  "Well, buddy, looks like you're going back to prison to finish off your sentence!  Unless, of course, you can somehow convince me otherwise!" he added.

"But ………….but …………I only met Ben in passing!  I ………….I only introduced him to the gal I was with!" Carl stammered, fearing the horror of going back into the can.   He hated looking up to the white boy above him but what could he do in his position and current status.  He knew very well that the white boy had him by the balls and was squeezing hard to make him feel the pain.

This indeed was Tom Benton's first job and he was determined to get ahead.  He didn't care, especially if it meant stepping on the low-life cons the filtered through this building each day.  He laughed to himself, knowing that he got a kick on putting the screws to an ex-con, especially if he knew the charges were groundless.

When the officers had explained the situation and as a courtesy had advised him of the passing meeting between the two ex-cons, Tom was more than interested when they watched the surveillance tape together, especially when they pointed out the gal Carl Morton was tying the knot to.  'Man, she's a beautiful black gal!  Carl sure has good taste, even if she is a hooker!' he said to himself.

"Hear you're planning to get hitched to that gal in the photo, Carl!"  Tom said as a matter of fact.  "Hate to see a marriage start off in such a way, especially if the groom is in the slammer when the wedding is to take place!  Getting married myself, Carl!  Know how you must feel, especially to such a beautiful black gal!" Tom added.

Carl was no dummy, knowing the young prick was leading up to something and just keep quiet.  Listening, he heard "You know Carl, I'm getting married myself in two weeks.  My bachelor's party's a couple days from now all my college buddies will be there.  I'd sure like to entertain my old buddies in a way they'd never forget!  I might just forget about ever seeing that photo in front of you and the fact that you met with another con on the streets!"

Picking up the photo and starring at it, Tom spoke out "You know, Carl, my buddies and I have never sampled prime dark meat!  It'd be such a treat for all of the guys, to get such a taste of juicy dark meat like that, at my bachelor's party!  Don't you think so?  Hmmm, this is the nicest piece of dark meat I've ever seen!  You know how it is, Carl, gotta sow those wild oats before I tie the knot, especially since I'll be the first to introduce my bride to the joys of lovemaking!"   With Tom being called out for an important phone call, as he left the room, he told Carl "Think about it, my man!  You've got three minutes!"

Sitting behind the desk totally stunned, Carl couldn't believe the predicament he was in.  He knew that Bianca would do anything for him, even putting out for this fuck'n turd and his friends.  But that was not the point, knowing the fuck'n prick just wanted to be a tough guy and flaunt the powers that he wielded.  'Just be calm an cool, you'll work it out!' Carl told himself.

Taking in a deep breath, Carl's mind got back into gear, not thinking normally.  Rather than being in a panic, his mindset was now on how to get even with the fuck'n asshole!  Surveying the desk before him, he noticed a set of photographs naturally facing the other way.  Reaching forward to pick it up, Carl turned it towards him and his mouth dropped open at the sight of the lovely blond beauty in the photos.  'Fuck, the guy's got a drop-dead beauty and he wants to sow his oats with my woman!  Fuck'n asshole!' he muttered.

In the next few minutes before his parole officer returned to the office, Carl laughed to himself 'Okay, asshole!  I know my woman would do anything and everything to save my ass!  Two can play the same game, so let's see if that blonde beauty in those pictures would do the same for her man!'

When Tom Benton returned to his office, Carl played the part of the perfect subservient slave of yesteryear, telling his parole officer "Yessir, you's gonna getta some prime dark meat at yer bachelor's party!  You can count on that!  Jest give me the time and the place and leave it all to good 'ole Carl!"
Once out of the building, Carl got on his cell phone to Bianca, excitedly saying "Hey, Babe!  Need a big favor from ya!  I'll explain the details later but you and I are gonna get that stable going again!  Gonna have ya train our first white bitch the tricks of the trade and she's gonna make us a fuck'n fortune!"  Listening to Bianca, Carl responded to her inquiries "No, baby, she ain't game for it yet!  Hell, no, she's a fuck'n pure and innocent little white bitch!  She ain't gonna come to us willingly but it’s the fuck'n shithead head's she's about to marry who's gonna set it all up for us!"

Looking back at the building he had just come from, Carl smiled and laughed aloud "Yes sir, Mr. Bigshot!  It gonna be an eye for an eye!  You wanted a well-experienced babe and Bianca will certainly fill that bill!  Me, I like to bust'em in and show them what its all about, especially a pretty little white filly!  That sweet little cherry tart in the photo will certainly be a real treat!  Haven't ever had anything that sweet before!"

As he had expected, Bianca was more than willing to help him out in any way possible, especially with them coming out ahead on the deal.  She even told him that she would enjoy teaching an innocent little white bitch how the world turned, "You know I swing both ways honey!  I'd like nothing more to be the one to teach an innocent strait-laced little white bitch how to eat pussy!"  Carl smiled at her eagerness to hear how he planned to defile the young innocent beauty and how she wanted to help.

The night of the bachelor's party came and Bianca put on quite a show for the horny white punks celebrating the upcoming wedding of the parole officer.  Of course, the groom wanted first dibs, saying "I've never had any dark meat before fellas!  Gotta get my sampling in before I tie the knot!"  She knew the white punks were trying to degrade her and make her feel cheap but they didn't show her anything new.  In fact, none of the white boys came even close to having the kind of cock she'd become accustomed to in servicing the black johns.

Bianca had wore out all the guys and when she left the hotel room, none of the white boys could get it up any more.  She smiled as the had heard some of the guys kidding the groom-to-be that he better practice some so he could break in his cherry little bride.  Apparently his fiance was quite naïve and innocent from what Bianca gathered, hearing the groom admit to his buddies that "Cindy insists we wait till the wedding night!  Man, I've been whacking off for so long it ain't funny!  Shit, she wouldn't even put her hand in my pants to get me off!"

When Bianca met up with Carl, she teased him "Honey, that sweet little thing you're after is so fuck'n innocent from what I overheard!  All indications are that she's still fuck'n cherry!"  Anxiously, she watched as Carl opened up that special compartment at the bottom of her large purse.  Watching Carl hook up the mini camcorder to the video and turning on the television set, it was just amazing at the clarity and sound that it had picked up.

Carl turned on the computer that was connected to the video recorder and then had still shots prepared, capturing clear pics of Tom Benton '69ing with Bianca.  He laughed and asked Bianca "What do ya thing that little bride of his would say if she gets to see these shots of that punk of hers?  Don't think this wedding will get off the ground if she sees these babies!  Don't think Tom Benton wants his precious little bride to see what he did
at his bachelor's party!"

The week of the wedding, Tom Benton sat at his desk and opened up the large envelope marked 'Personal and Confidential'.  His mouth dropped wide open and a shudder of horror shook his entire body, causing a bead of perspiration to immediately form on the top of his forehead.  He read the sticker attached to the photos, saying "Imagine what the bride with think when she gets a copy of these photos!"  Tom thought his life was passing before his eyes, knowing Cindy would permanently call off the wedding if these ever got into her hands, especially with the photo of the black bitch on her knees taking his cock in her mouth.

Frantically, he pulled Carl Morton's file and picked up the phone.  "You fucker!  I'm going to ………!" was all that he could say before hearing the click of the phone hanging up, followed by the dialtone.  Hitting redial, before he could say anything, Tom heard Carl's laughing voice say "Call me names and I'll hang up again, punk!  Now you listen to me, unless you want me to mail a set out to the precious little bride of yours!  Think she'll really appreciate knowing what kind of prick you are, forcing me to have the woman I'm tying the knot to service you and your friend's at your fuck'n bachelor's party!"

Ten minutes later, sweat pouring down his forehead, Tom Benton sat and looked blankly at his desk.  He wanted to kill the fucking ex-con who was now making his life miserable.  But what could he do, especially with the damning photos in his possession.  'God, I can't let Cindy see those pictures!  She won't have anything to do with me if it ever got to her!  But how can I meet the demands for not having the photos sent to her?  There is just no way I can meet the demands!' he told himself.

Cindy's wedding day was just as perfect as she could ever imagine.  She was so surprised at how nervous her normally sure take-charge fiance was throughout the ceremony and reception.  Never had she seen Tom so jittery but she just chalked it up to nervousness in giving up his status as a single bachelor.  Though a bit nervous, Cindy looked forward to becoming a 'woman' that night, anxious to be alone in Tom's arms.

In the honeymoon suite, while Tom was taking a shower, Cindy got out of her wedding gown and slipped on a thin white negligee.  Dimming the lights, she slipped under the covers to await her loving husband.  She hoped that she would be able to please him as a woman and was so happy that she had been able to put off all of his advances during their courtship.  Giving her virginity to her husband on their wedding night just made the occasion that much more special.

In the bathroom, Tom broke out into a nervous sweat, not wanting to go out into the bedroom where Cindy awaited him.  Finally, in just a pair of undershorts, he opened the bathroom door, turning off the light behind him.  He looked at his lovely bride facing him as she lay under the sheets, giving him that loving smile.  Blinking, his eyes watering, Tom nervously approached the bed and switched off the bedside lamp to put the room into total darkness.

Kissing and cuddling with his lovely bride, Tom shivered as he felt Cindy's hand slip into his underpants and grasp his throbbing cock in her soft tiny fist.  He was ready to cum at that instant but stilled his body and fought off the urge.  He touched her over her thin negligee, then felt her hand on his, pulling his hand to the opening and leading him to her soft breast.  He heard her moan with pleasure as he caressed her body.  Surprised, he felt her hand on his again, now leading him to her womanhood.

"Ohhhhhhh ………………………ohhhhh, Tom ……………..touch me!  Oh, I've wanted you to touch me for so long!  Oh, honey ………………..make me a 'woman' tonight …….make me your woman!  I'm so glad we waited till this night …………….married and you'll be the only man to have ever touched me!" Cindy cooed.  Jerking at Tom's throbbing manhood in her fist, she hadn't realized that it would grow to such an extent.  Then she was taken by surprise as Tom peeled her fingers from him and indicated that he had to go the bathroom for a moment.

Moments later, Cindy saw the light from under the bathroom door go off and then heard the bathroom door open.  Feeling the bed sag as her husband got back into bed, she reached out in with her hand in search for his manhood.  "Oh, God …………….Tom ……….it ………………it's so ……….so much bigger now!  I ………..I'm scared ………….I didn't expect it to grow this big!  I'm so scared …………I'm afraid ………….it …………..its going to hurt!  It ………….it won't fit in me!" she panted as she continued to stroke his now monstrous manhood.

"Oh, honey ………………oh, yes ………….touch me!  "Oh ……….oh, yes …………..oh, Tom ……………..yesssssss, ohhhh …………suck me!" Cindy moaned, feeling her loving husband suckling at her pink nipple as his fingers traced an outline of her now wet and puffy slit.  "Oh, Tom ……………..please be gentle …………I'm so afraid!  Oh, Tom ………………it's too big ………………it won't fit ……………stop, please ………'ll ……….it'll hurt!" she now panted in fear.

Standing just inside of the bathroom, Tom Benton held in head down in shame, listening his lovely bride as she lay upon their honeymoon bed.  Only his lovely young wife did not know that she was now touching another man's cock, with that stranger caressing her innocent young body.  He had sunk to a new low in his life, giving in to the threats of blackmail from the ex-con.

Swallowing hard, Tom thought back to earlier in the day.  He had gone to the desk clerk and asked for an extra card key to the honeymoon suite.  Then he had put it into an envelope and wrote the name of Carl Morton on it.  Hesitantly, he had given the envelope to the desk clerk advising that someone would be picking it up.

Heart pounding in his chest, Tom had followed his blackmailer's threats and listened as the ex-con was about to claim the ultimate prize.  'It should be me on the bed with Cindy!  God, why did I get myself into this fucking mess!' he thought.  He felt so guilty, betraying Cindy in such a manner, more so with his own cock now harder than ever as he listened to what was taking place.  He heard what sounded like the drawer to the nightstand being opened and breathed a sigh of relief for it was where he had put that open box of condoms.  'I would never have agreed to this blackmail if the bastard wouldn't agree to use a condom!  At least Cindy will be spared getting pregnant!' he rationalized.

"Tom ………..Tom ………………stop ……………..oh, stop ………………..its too biggggg!  No, Tom ……………no, Tom ………………stop …………….pull it out ……………… hurtssssssssss!" came the panicky scream from the bedroom.  "No, aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh ………..ohh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhh!" Tom heard Cindy scream, knowing that she was now a 'woman'.  "Oh ………oh ……..ohh ………ohhhhh ………..ohhhhhh!" came the chants mixed in with the squeaking of the bed.

Carl gave out a loud laughter upon hearing the young bride's cries and pleas for him to stop.  He had then rammed himself into the tight virgin bride and enjoyed the loud shriek that she emitted as the tore through her well-guarded cherry.  He kept laughing as he fucked in and out of the tight opening, knowing that the white punk was cowering in the bathroom as he allowed his beautiful bride to be raped and 'ruined'.  'You mother-fucker, when I get through with your bitch, she ain't gonna even feel your little wiener!  You stupid fucker, ain't no way in hell I'm putting on a fuck'n raincoat!  No sir, your pretty little bride is getting fucked bareback!  Gonna knock the little bitch up good!' he muttered to himself.

For ten minutes, Tom listened to the 'Ohhhs and ahhhhs' coming from the bedroom along with the loud squeaking of the bed, making it quite obvious as to what was taking place upon it.  He wanted to run in an stop the vicious rape, cringing as he heard Cindy's cries "Stop ………stop ………..please stop!  It hurts ………….it hurtsssssss …………….oh, God ………'re tearing meeeeeee!"  Then to his dismay, he heard Cindy's voice groan loudly "Ohhhhh, Tom ………..I ……………..I'm cummminggggggg!"  The squeaking of the bed continued as his lovely bride was getting the fuck of her life.

Another five minutes of the couple fucking and Tom again heard his lovely bride cry out in her second orgasm.  Soon he heard Cindy say "Oh, Tom …………I can feel it pulsating in me!  Oh, Tom ……………..cum ………..cum in me ………….make us a little baby on our wedding night!  Oh, God …………Tom …………….yes ………yes ……………..oh, honey ……………….its so hottttttttt ………its burning meeeee!"

Two hours later, Cindy was in an exhausted fucked-out sleep as her fantastic lover slipped out of the bed and got his clothing from the closet.  Cindy was sound asleep and did not hear her lover whisper softly "Now that's what I call a fair exchange!  My woman for your precious little bride!  God, her cherry was so fuck'n tight!  Bet I made her bleed a lot when I busted it!  See ya soon, sucker!"

A demoralized Tom Benton then slipped into the honeymoon bed, moving up close to his lovely bride.  He caressed her soft body, ashamed that he had let the muscular black ex-con 'ruin' his precious bride for him.  Laying back on his pillow, he placed and arm around Cindy and closed his eyes to go to sleep.  He wondered just how much Cindy was stretched and torn, wondering if indeed she had bled a lot.

Feeling the sheets under her buttocks, Tom felt the still wet puddle of blood and love juices from the wicked mating of his lovely bride.  Tom felt a twitch in his loins but could not get his cock up to make love his bride.  After all, he had cum three times in the bathroom as he had listened to the wild lovemaking taking place.  He had pretended that it was he taking his lovely bride and when she had shrieked loudly as her virginity was ripped from her, Tom had let his cum splash against the bathroom wall.

Early the next morning, Tom awoke upon hearing Cindy's moans "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………ohhhhh!"  Seeing that she was having a hard time getting out of the bed, he quickly got up and went over to assist her.  He felt so guilty in seeing Cindy's hands cup her aching vagina as she unsteadily tried to walk to the bathroom.  Tom helped her to the bathroom as Cindy closed the door to cleanse herself.

Going back to the bed, Tom hesitantly peeled back the bedspread and top sheet.  He gasped at the sight of the puddle of the dried blood and cum mixture.  It was even more proof that Cindy had come to their honeymoon bed as a pure virgin.  He could not get over the guilt of letting another man take his lovely bride on their wedding night.  'Cum?  Why is there so much cum on the sheets?  He ………he wore a rubber each time ……..didn't he?' he questioned.

Looking about frantically, Tom found no evidence of a condom.  He looked over into the trashcan and found nothing.  Nervously, he pulled open the drawer that contained the box of condoms.  There on top of the box was a note reading "Saved these for you, sucker!"  'Oh, God ……..what ………..what if Cindy gets pregnant?  How ………how can I tell her she's carrying another man's child?  A black man's baby!' he wondered in panic.

The other night, knowing that he was going to make the ultimate sacrifice of his lovely bride, Tom Benton had tried to convince Cindy that they might wish to wait a bit before starting a family. But Cindy had just laughed his change of heart off as being nervous with the big day coming.  Knowing that condoms were faulty at times, Tom had hoped to take every precaution.  With him being unable to change Cindy's mind on starting a family, he had put his faith into the sturdiness of the thin layer of protection.  He realized now what a fool he had been to even believe the ex-con would keep his word.

In the shower, as the warm spray of the shower soothed her pain-racked body, Cindy smiled at the thought that she was now truly a 'woman'.  She was the wife of the handsome Tom Benton and said to herself 'Mrs. Tom Benton'!  Closing her eyes, she thought back to the events of the night, not believing just how many orgasms Tom had taken her to.

One hand caressing her breast as the other rubbed at her slick slit, her thoughts drifted to the caveman manner in which Tom had taken her during the night, slamming himself into her body over and over.  'Oh, it felt so good to clasp his muscular body to me and wrap my legs around his butt!' she thought.  Grimacing a bit as she dipped her fingers into her slit, she looked as the thick cum that she withdrew on her fingers.  Cindy smiled and thought 'Hmmm, with the amount of cum that Tom shot into me, it'll surely put me in the family way!  I'm so glad that the timing of my cycle was perfect, making this my most fertile period!'

Showered and refreshed, grimacing a bit as she walked, Cindy picked up her negligee and noticed the large blood stain on the back of it.  She smiled at the thought that Tom had plucked the precious 'cherry' that she had saved for her wedding night, happy that her husband had made her a 'woman'.  Donning on the robe she had left behind the door, she wanted to make love to her husband again, wanting to soar to the heights he had taken her to earlier.
Quietly opening the bathroom door, Cindy snuck up to the bed and embraced Tom as he lay upon the bed with his back to her.  Letting her hand wander down, she snuggled up to his body, wanking at his growing cock.  "Oh, honey ……………… sure made a 'woman' of me last night!  Make love to me again!  Bet you've already got me in the family way but let's have some fun and make sure, Tom, honey!" she cooed.

Tom groaned with pleasure, enjoying the feeling as Cindy's soft hand clutched at his cock and pumped furiously at him.  "Ah ………..ahh ……..Cindy!" he groaned, reaching down to keep her hand from pumping any further.  He was on the verge of losing his load and certainly didn't want to cum this way, wanting to be able to finally consummate their marriage together.

Cindy continued stroking the cock in her hand, wanting to get it back to the massive size he had gotten to during the night.  As her hand was getting quite slick, Cindy leaned over to look at her husband's throbbing cock.  She saw the shiny pink cockhead oozing out its juices onto her hand, feeling it throb madly as Tom groaned.  She wondered why he was trying to get her hand off as he loved her strokes during the night and he wasn't nearly up all the way yet.

Cindy's eyes widened and her mouth fell open, stunned as she suddenly witnessed the thick stream of cum jet out of cock that she had been handling.  "Ahhhhhh ……….ohhhh, Godddddddd!" she heard Tom groan loudly as she fisted his spurting cock.  Cindy gave a sigh, disappointed as she had wanted Tom to make love to her again, to fuck her like he did during the night.  But she was happy that she had given Tom pleasure by using her hand as she continued to stroke his shrinking cock with her cum- soaked fingers.

Ten minutes later, Tom awoke at the gentle shaking at his shoulder and hearing Cindy's voice "Honey, you've got to get up and get dressed so we can make it for the morning buffet!"  He felt his lovely wife cuddling up to him, hearing her apologize "I'm sorry, honey!  Did I do it wrong this time?  Did I jerk it too hard or too fast?  I was just trying to make it grow bigger and longer, just like it did last night?"

"No ……….no, you did just fine, honey!  I ……….I guess I was a bit overanxious this morning, hon!" he lied.  Now Tom was really embarrassed, having cum prematurely at the touch of wife's soft manicured hand and learning that he was not nearly endowed as the man who had deflowered his lovely bride.
Throughout breakfast, Tom Benton was worried, feeling so inadequate at not even having consummated their marriage as of yet.  A touch of Cindy's soft hand and he went off, now knowing that she was trying to shuck his cock till it got big and hard as what she had handled the night before.  Now Tom began to worry whether or not he could perform up to the standards that had already been established.  Inwardly he groaned, feeling his cock shrivel in fear at the thought of what lay ahead.

After brunch, Cindy wanted to go to poolside and get a bit of a tan.  First they returned to the honeymoon suite where Cindy changed into a skimpy blue bikini and Tom put on a pair of shorts.  At poolside, they each ordered a 'Catamaran' as they lay upon their lounge chairs.  Then every muscle in Tom's body froze upon hearing that familiar gruff voice call out "Tom?  Tom Benton …………… that you?"

Speechless, not expecting this meeting, Tom was frozen as Carl Morton went on with his spiel "Its me, Carl Morton, your old buddy from the fifth grade!  Is this your Missus?  Let me introduce you to my wife, Bianca!"  Tom could only stammer, introducing Cindy to Carl and Bianca.  Carl watched as Cindy extended her hand to Carl and Bianca, wondering if she would find Carl's touch familiar from just what she had experienced just hours earlier in the darkness of the honeymoon suite.

It surprised Tom to see the two women hitting it off so well, apparently comparing notes as being newlywed brides, a lie that Bianca carried on so well.  Then, when Carl announced to the women "Ladies, my old friend Tom and I are going to get a beer from the bar and catch up on old times!"

Reluctantly, Tom followed Carl towards the bar, nervously leaving Cindy with the hooker he had boffed at his bachelor's party.  Of course, Tom was expected to pay for all the beer as he and Carl sat at the bar, putting the tab on his room number.  "You …… didn't use the condoms I put in the drawer for you!" Tom stammered.  With the laughter that evolved in response, Tom hung his head down in ultimate defeat.

Hours ago, Tom had been forced to listen as his lovely bride was being deflowered by the man who sat before him.  Now he had to sit there and hear the ex-con gloat, taunting him "What a beauty you married, Tom!  God, she's so sweet and innocent!  Did you hear the way she screamed when I busted her fuck'n cherry?  God, she was so fuck'n tight that I thought she was ripping the skin of my cock!  Damn, I must have pumped a fuck'n quart of cum in her!  Hey, Tom, you know ………..there's quite a few twins in my family line!"

Cindy was glad to have another woman to chat with as they sat on lounge chairs.  Bianca seemed to be a quite sophisticated woman and wise when it came to men and relationships.  Little would Cindy have guessed that Bianca was a classy hooker, making her living by selling her body for pleasure.  She was surprised to learn that Bianca and her 'husband' lived in the same city and talked made plans to get together for some shopping when the honeymoon was over.

Later that night, after dining at the plush five-star restaurant at the resort, Cindy snuggled up to Tom as the strolled about the resort grounds.  She was looking forward to making love with her handsome husband again, wanting him to take her wildly as he had done the night before.  She dreamed of that fantastic feeling that overcame her mind and body as she shuddered in her mind-shattering orgasms.

Alone in the honeymoon suite, the newlyweds embraced and engaged in a passionate kiss.  Both were eager for what lay just ahead, Cindy wanting to experience the earlier pleasures again while Tom sought to finally consummate the marriage with his lovely wife.  They began undressing each other, then were soon lying upon the cool sheets caressing each other.

Fifteen minutes later, Cindy stared up at the high ceiling of the honeymoon suite as her husband lay snoring beside her.  She was in a bit of a shock as lovemaking on this night was so different, over so quickly that she had not experienced any pleasure whatsoever.  When Tom had entered her, she could barely feel him and wrapped her arms and legs around him, wanting to feel his manhood grow within her body.  But once she had done so and hunched up at his thrusting body, she had felt the hot spurting within her body as Tom's body shuddered in the embrace.

Cindy could not believe the change in Tom, the man who had taken her to so many climaxes the night before and tonight he merely sought to please himself.  Letting her hand drift down, Cindy felt the slushy mess in her soft curls as her fingers went in search for her sensitive clit.  Closing her eyes, she began moving her hips as her fingers dipped into her wet slit.

Night after night, for the remainder of their honeymoon, Cindy ended up looking at the ceiling of the honeymoon suite, wondering just what was wrong and why couldn't Tom last long as he did during their wedding night.  Thinking back to the night of their wedding, she remember that Tom had suddenly rushed off to the bathroom and when he returned, his manhood had grown enormously.  'Maybe that's it!  Tom may need to play with himself first to get it big and hard like that night!  I wonder what he fantasizes about to get it so big?  I …………I wonder if he's dreaming of another woman!' she thought in dismay.

On their way back from their honeymoon, Cindy was now rather disappointed in how the honeymoon had turned out.  After one night of absolute bliss, she could not get any further satisfaction in the act of lovemaking with Tom.  As they made the long drive back to the city, Cindy noticed how quiet and sullen Tom was as he drove, his thoughts seemingly so distant.  'Maybe I can cheer him up when we get to the home we'll be sharing from now and make it a special first night, one he'll never forget!' she thought.

The drive was long and they stopped for dinner before continuing on with the final leg of their journey.  Cindy had hoped to get home before dinner while it was still lighted but Tom seemed to be driving slower that he normally did, just cruising at the speed limit.  Then Tom said he was hungry and pulled off for dinner.  It was just after 9 p.m. before pulling into the driveway of the home they would now be sharing as husband and wife.  With the suitcases in hand, Tom asked "Cin ………….Cindy …………..would you mind using your key to open the door!"  Perspiring, he set the suitcases down.

Tom was surprised at Cindy's aggressiveness as she pulled him into the shower with her.  There they touched and caressed each other.  As Cindy handled his cock in her soft stroking hands, Tom shivered when she asked innocently "Would you like to put 'him' in my mouth tonight, honey!"  As they dried off, Cindy put her sexy negligee on and cooed as she squeezed his cock "I'll be waiting to give this guy a big bite!"  Cindy then went out to the bedroom as Tom slowly continued to dry himself.

In the bathroom, Tom stalled as long as possible, his body shaking in nervous apprehension.  He saw that Cindy had not switched the bedside lamp on, thus it would be pitch darkness once he switched off the bathroom light.  His heart pounding in his chest, Tom his hand shook as he reached up towards the light switch.  How familiar this scene was to that unforgettable wedding night.  Remembering just how Cindy had responded to the fucking from the ex-con, his cock gave a twitch in response.

Then another flashback went though his mind, recalling how he had been forced to pass over his housekey to the ex-con at the resort's bar.  The blackmail was continuing and Tom guiltily realized that he again would let his lovely wife pay the price for his arrogance.  When they had arrived home, he had purposely grabbed a lot of luggage in his hands before asking Cindy to open the door with her key.  His key was not in his possession but it had just been used for the ex-con to gain entrance.  Gritting his teeth and closing his eyes, Tom then reached up and flicked the switch to turn off the bathroom light.

Remaining in the bathroom, Tom heard Cindy's voice "Oh, honey!  Put …………..put 'him' in my mouth!  I ……….I want to suck 'him'!  Oh, Tom ……………you …………you're so bigggg tonight!  Just ………………..just like our wedding night!  Ohhhh ……..he's so big …………so tasty …………….mmmpffffhhhh!"  Tom shuddered as he heard a loud male groan "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!"  Tom's head sank to his chest in dismay, knowing that he should be the one experiencing his innocent wife's first venture into the art of cocksucking.

For the next ten minutes, all Tom could hear were the wet sucking sounds and male groans coming from the bedroom.  Then, after a moment of silence, he had Cindy's voice "Oh, honey!  You're so hot and tasty!  I must have swallowed a whole pint of you!  Ohhhh …………I've been dreaming of you getting this big again!  Just like our wedding night!  Oh, honey ………….fuck me ………….fuck me hard ………….hard like our wedding night!  Oh, yesssssssssssss ………………yessssssss …………fuck me like that ……………..fuck me hardddddddddddd!"

The next two hours were tormenting for Tom as he listened to the two lovers fucking and sucking on his marital bed.  It was just what the king-sized bed was meant for, but for husband and wife.  Again and again, Tom fisted his cock as he listened to screams of his lovely wife as she reached one orgasm after another.  His body quivered as shot his load against the bathroom wall, hearing Cindy "Oh, honey …………fuck me like that!  Oh, yessssss ……………I'm cummingggggggg!  Yes, Tom ……..yes …………shoot it in me!  Fill me up …………knock me up with your little baby!"

Early the next morning, Cindy awoke besides her sleeping husband.  She felt naughty and wanted to surprise him, thinking that he'd enjoy waking up with what she had in mind. Reaching under the blankets, she gently touched and caressed his cock.  Once it was adequately hard enough, she straddled his body and guided his manhood to her messy cunt.

Squeezing her thighs together, Cindy desperately sought to make it grow as it did just hours before.  She smiled as she saw Tom open his eyes and rode him for what was another ten seconds.  She saw Tom throw his head back and heard his loud groan of pleasure, then felt the hot splashes taking place between her moist slit.  Riding him more, trying desperately to make him grow within her, Cindy felt it begin to wilt inside her.  A moment later, Tom's shriveled penis slipped from her clasping lips, leaving her in total amazement.

Throughout the next two weeks, Cindy met with utter frustration, wondering just how could Tom perform so well one night and then peter out for the next week or two.  Trying to think, she remembered that on the night of their return, Tom had remained in the bathroom and when he came out he was big and hard as she liked him.  'I wonder if he's taking some kind of drug to make him grow like that?  Maybe he managed to get some Viagra that would simulate him so?' she wondered.

Cindy was happy to get the call from Bianca, who wanted to have lunch and do some shopping, along with some girl talk on being married.  Having met Bianca at the resort, knowing she was also a newlywed, Cindy wanted a chance to get to talk to another newlywed.  'I wonder if Bianca encountered the same problem?  Maybe it's me?  Maybe I'm expecting too much or just out of sync in lovemaking?' she pondered.

Glad to have someone to talk with, especially someone who seemed so worldly and wise when it came to relationships with men, Cindy was glad to have Bianca as a friend.  Being conservative, Cindy wished the topic would get around to 'sex' but she refrained from being the one to initiate the topic.  But once Bianca brought up the topic, Cindy had her heart on her sleeve, telling the woman of her problem and the frustration associated with it.

Bianca felt a soft touch for this young innocent gal, knowing there was no comparison to her Carl and any whiteboy.  'God, she had Carl break her in and got to love the size of his big cock!  There just ain't no way her puny husband's gonna be able to please her!' she concluded, remembering the size of Tom Benton's cock when she serviced him at his bachelor's party.

Instead of shopping, the women continued their luncheon and now they were on their third glass of wine.  Bianca was well experienced with alcohol but it was obvious that her young companion was definitely feeling its effects.  Then Bianca told her "I keep a condo in town if I don't want to make the long trip home!  Come with me and we can continue our girl talk!  Besides, you're in no condition to drive home!  We'll call your husband from my place and tell him you're spending the evening with me!"

Throughout the day, Tom watched as the time slowly went by, knowing that Cindy had gone to have lunch with Bianca.  He prayed that Cindy did not learn of his indiscretions from Bianca.  When the phone rang he quickly answered, then felt a chill go through his body upon recognizing Bianca's voice "Hiya, sugar!  Your pretty little peach is going to spend the night with me!  Shame on ya for not being able to please yer purty wife!  Maybe a woman's touch is what she needs?  On the other hand, maybe I'll take her out bar hopping later tonight!  I'm sure we can find some big black stud to make her cum!"  Before he could ask to talk to his wife, there was a sudden click followed by the dial tone.

Bianca felt sorry for Cindy, finding that she was such a pleasant and innocent young girl.  She could just imagine the trauma Cindy had gone through when Carl forced his monstrous cock into her.  But she was glad to learn that Cindy had eventually become accustomed to the size and actually enjoyed being plowed by a big cock.  Having listened to Cindy's plight, she wanted desperately to spill it all out and let her know what an asshole Tom Benton really was.

With Cindy near tears, Bianca hesitantly told her "Cindy, I know the real reason for your problems!  I didn't want to but I've really have come to like you as a friend!  But …….you really deserve to know the truth!  I …….I could get myself into a lot of trouble with Carl but …… need to know the truth!"

Cindy was puzzled as she listened to Bianca, inquiring "What ……..what do you mean?"  Then she watched as Bianca got up from her chair and went over to the desk and withdrew an envelope from a drawer.  As Bianca returned to the table, Cindy heard her friend tell her "What you see will be a quite a shock!  Remember that Tom had a bachelor's party a week or so before the wedding?  Well, I was there!"  "Huh ………you ……… were there?" Cindy asked.

Bianca nodded in the affirmative to her friend, advising "Let me start from the beginning.  First off, Carl is not an old friend of Tom's.  Carl got out of prison recently for your husband is his parole officer.  Your husband threatened to put Carl back in prison on a trumped up charge unless he agreed to me servicing him and all of his friends at his bachelor's party!  He told Carl that he and his friends that they wanted to sample some dark meat for a change!  These are photos taken from a hidden camera that was in the bottom of my purse!"

Seeing the photos, Cindy gasped in seeing her own Tom naked with Bianca.  Slowly looking at each photograph, Cindy listened as Bianca continued on with the saga, how she and Carl had planned on getting married along with their sordid backgrounds.  She heard Bianca tell her how pissed Carl had gotten and wanted revenge on Tom.  Cindy couldn't blame Carl, especially with Tom forcing Bianca to satisfy he and his friends at the bachelor's party.

"How ……….what is Carl planning on doing to Tom?  Is ……….is he planning on beating him up?" Cindy asked, looking up at her friend.  Seeing Bianca shake her head in the negative, a shudder went through her body when Bianca replied "Honey, Carl believes in that old saying: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!  With your husband forcing him to surrender me, Carl blackmailed Tom with the photos!  It was you who paid the price for your husband's arrogance!  Your husband gave Carl the key to the honeymoon suite and it was Carl who took your virginity!  When you got back from your honeymoon trip, Carl was hidden away in your home and was the first to make love to you on your marital bed!"

Cindy dropped the photos onto the table and buried her face into her hands, her body shaking as she began to weep and sob.  She could believe Tom could be so ruthless and arrogant, that he was willing to sacrifice her just to save himself from the mess he got himself into.  She could not hate Bianca and not even Carl, even if he had raped her not once but twice.  It was all Tom's fault!

Feeling Bianca embrace her with comforting hands, Cindy leaned back as the hands massaged her shoulders.  She shivered as Bianca again embraced her from the back, feeling her tender lips at her ear.  A moment later, she was embraced in a kiss with her friend, finding it pleasurable to be kissing another woman.  She sighed as she felt Bianca soft hands move up under her blouse, touching her, caressing her body.

An hour later, embraced in another kiss with her friend, Cindy could not believe that she  had just made love to another woman.  But she could deny the joys of pleasure that Bianca brought as she licked and sucked her pulsing cunt.  She had heard of such a thing before in girl talk but had always thought it was sinful and disgusting.  She had been proven wrong in her thoughts and even returned the favor to her friend as the got into the '69 position.

When Bianca suggested they go out to a bar for more drinks and some dancing, Cindy readily agreed.  Having dressed rather casually for the day, Cindy's eyes opened wide as she looked at the dress Bianca was holding up for her to wear.  As they wore the same size dress, it was a perfect fit.  Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Cindy commented "Oh, my!  I've never worn anything so revealing before!"

Bianca smiled at the friend and commented "Oh, sugar!  Ya gonna steal all my men away from me!  They all gonna wanna get into yer little panties!"  As Cindy was touching up her hair, Bianca told her she'd make a couple calls to some friends and have them meet at the bar.

As they entered the bar, Bianca returned the wave of the two men sitting in the booth.  Half way there, she felt Cindy's hand clutch at her right arm, stopping her.  Bianca thought that her friend was having cold feet in meeting her friends, two black men.  With the music loud, she leaned over to hear what her friend was saying.  Bianca didn't want to put the innocent beauty through any more trauma at this point and was willing to turn around and call it a night.  However, Bianca was in for a surprise when Cindy asked her with a giggle "I know its true about Carl!  But is it really true about all black men?"  She laughed and told Cindy "Only one way to find out, sugar!"

An hour later, in the hotel room, Bianca smiled as she heard Cindy's voice coming from the bedroom "Oh, Mike ……………..yes ………….yes ……………fuck me hard ………fuck me like a whore!  Oh, yes ……….ram your big black cock in me!  Oh, God ……………ahhhhhhhhhh ……………..I ……………I'm cummingggggg!  Oh, oh …………….yes …………….yes ……………cum in me ……………cum in me ……………plant your seed in this little white whore!"

Later, just after midnight, Bianca thought Cindy would've awakened all the hotel guests.  Bianca was fucking Mike on the sofa when the loud shriek came from the bedroom.  "Owwww ………………oh, God ……………..ohhhhh, it hurts ………….take it outtttt!  Oh, Godddddd ………………'re ripping my ass apart!" she heard Cindy scream in pain.

In the middle of the morning, having returned to Bianca's condo at 4 a.m., Cindy awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs being cooked.  Finding a robe that was left on the bed for her, Cindy put it on and went out to the kitchen.  A kiss and embrace with her friend, then Cindy said "Hmmm, smells good!  I'm starved!"  That got a laugh from Bianca who retorted "Hungry?  That's a surprise!  After you sucked all the goodies from those two black sausages, your little belly should be filled!"

Before leaving Bianca's condo, Cindy answered her friend's inquiry as to what her plans were about Tom.  Cindy advised "Well, I think revenge on my part is well in order after what he did to me!  It's pay back time!  Let's have lunch again next week and we'll get in a bit of shopping before bar hopping!  I'll fill you in on all the details then!"

Then Cindy was given an envelope by Bianca, who advised her "This is for you, honey!  A 50-50 split between you and me for last night!"  Puzzled, Cindy opened the envelope and gasped "Five hundred dollars!"  "Yep, those were well paying Johns!  They added a bonus saying they were happy to be your first paying clients!  Sweetie, those men out there are willing to pay a bundle to get into your panties!" her friend replied.  "Oh, my ………….they paid money to fuck me!  It was so good I'd do it for free!" Cindy laughed.

Arriving home, Cindy could see the nervousness in her husband as she smiled and greeted him with a kiss.  When asked about her luncheon and stay at Bianca, she merely replied "Oh, it was so much fun!  We had a great time shopping and chit-chatting about married life.  Funny how she and I like the same things!  In fact, we're planning on doing it again next Saturday!"

In bed the night, Cindy reached over to touch Tom's small pathetic cock, stroking it in her hand.  Wanking him in her fist, she seductively moaned "Oh, Tom, I can't wait to have it in me again!"  As Tom turned towards her, she stopped him, saying "No, not yet ……….let it get bigger ……….wait till it grows till its 'man' sized!"  Jerking him faster and faster, Cindy knew he was about to cum and sure enough, Tom gave a grunt and his seed was flying through the air.  "Oh, Tom!  Already?" she quizzed in despair.

The next night, she let Tom put his cock in her once he got hard.  Clutching him to her, Cindy could feel him in her but asked "Honey, are ………..are you sure its in?"  Wiggling her hips, encircling her legs around his butt, she added "Is …… it in me?  Oh, okay ………..I feel it now!"  The way she was hunching up to his thrusts, Cindy knew he wouldn't last long.  Seconds later, she felt him jerk and squirt in her, to which she commented "Tom ………..Tom ……….you ……… didn't finish already, did you?"

Wednesday night, Tom was nervous as he entered the bedroom.  He saw Cindy in her seductive negligee but now he could not get a rise out of his shriveled cock.  He was afraid to perform again, reluctant to have his manhood made fun of.  He knew that Carl had indeed 'ruined' her for him.  Now that she had experienced an obviously more endowed man, his cock just could not please her.  He was determined to make it last tonight, to make it slow and good for Cindy.  But again he failed and upon his failure he heard Cindy's frustrated voice "Tom ………Tom ………….make it bigger so I can feel it!  Oh, no ………….not again?"

As Saturday morning arrived, Cindy smiled as she saw the tension in her husband's actions.  When Tom told her "Why don't you stay over at Bianca's again, honey?  It'll give you more time to shop!"  She told him that it was a great idea but she knew that her husband was just too afraid to make love to her again, that he needed a night alone to recuperate and get over the teasing of his manhood.

Meeting Bianca at her condo, the two women set out for a nice lunch.  Then Cindy had Bianca take her to where she bought her sexy dresses.  Trying on several dresses, she couldn't decide and thus bought five of them and put it on the credit card Tom had just given her.  Then Cindy completed her wardrobe with some sexy heels, hose, and lacy undergarments.

Two months later, Tom Benton sat at his desk, staring blankly at his desk as he pondered over what lay ahead.  Cindy had packed her things and moved in with Bianca a month ago, saying she was going to have a 'real man' take charge of her life.  Obviously Cindy had learned of his way out of the blackmail, for her parting shot was "What kind of faggot are you?  Letting another man take your wife on your wedding night!"  That was the last time he had seen her.  He didn't dare cancel the charge card he had given her, even after seeing the $4,000 in purchases she had made recently.

A week later, Tom was wondering why everyone in the office was whispering and kind of looking his way.  Then when he was in the bathroom, with the door to the stall closed, he heard two men enter laughing aloud.  "Unbelievable!  Unfuck'n belivable!  Tom Benton's wife?  Hell, they were just married a few months ago!  Cindy Benton?  That sweet little beauty picked up on a prostitution charge?  Fuck!  The info in her file lists Tom Benton as her husband!  Must be our Tom as the file listed his occupation as Probation Officer!  Heard Carl Morton's her pimp but she wouldn't admit it to the officer and there's nothing we can get on him!  And get this, the undercover cop she propositioned was Bert Evers, the 6'5" black bruiser!" he overheard as he sat on the can.  Head slumped, Tom knew that his future in this job had just gone down the toilet!

End of Story.