Con's Revenge - VIII
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

At 42, Jess Randle was what everyone referred to as a ‘two-time loser’, facing a criminal trial for crimes he had recently committed.  His strong arm tactics to collect gambling debts for a bookie had led to this although Jess had thought he had planned in advance in creating a solid alibi.  Sticking to the story that he had created in advance and given to the police, even his attorney had assured him that with the solid alibi, the evidence against him was circumstantial and beating the rap appeared a certainty.

But that had been a week ago and now his attorney advised him that there was suddenly a fly in the ointment.  From what his attorney had learned, the police had come up with an eye witness that could put him at the scene of the crime, where he had beaten the guy to a pulp and was now in the hospital and in a coma.  Apparently some broad had pulled up near the scene just before he had made his hasty exit and she had given the police his description, the make of his car and the last three digits of his license plate number.

Now worried, realizing that he had been in too much of a hurry after seeing the guy unconscious on the floor with a pool of blood forming on the floor.  Jess had gotten carried away in administering the beating, having planned on only breaking the guy’s arm that night.  But the asshole fell and hit his head on the corner of the table when Jess gave him a push.  Thus, he now realized that he had not made certain no one was outside to witness him leaving the scene.

This was turning out to be a fucking disaster in his eyes, for his attorney relayed that the witness was a young woman and appeared quite credible.  Now Jess knew why he had been put into a line-up the night before.  He had merely thought the cops were putting him in the line-up just as a fill’er with them trying to solve another crime.  His stomach churned in learning there apparently was an eyewitness to him leaving the scene.  Now his so-called solid alibi was being shot to hell.

His attorney advised that the police and prosecutor felt the woman would be very credible and come across well versus the rather sleazy characters he was using for an alibi, including his bimbo of a girlfriend.  Thus, the only chance was to somehow discredit the eyewitness, but the attorney had a rush background check done and just couldn't pull up any dirt on her.  In fact, his attorney advised that she appeared to be the epitome of virtue.

Jess had used this criminal defense attorney before and so did his bookie as this fellow walked a fine line in the practice of law.  He charged a hell of a lot but the guy was worth it as he would stoop as low as needed, without committing a crime himself, in order to get his client off the hook.  But now his attorney was advising him as to just how severe the charges could get should the guy not come out of the coma or die.  Jess could be looking at a life sentence if that happened.

With the attorney opening up the file on the woman sent over by the private investigator, Jess listened as the attorney advising that he’d do his best to somehow discredit the witness.  However, he indicated that unless she disqualified herself, refused to testify, or just couldn’t remember things on the stand – things were now looking quite bleak.  Though the attorney didn’t come right out and tell Jess what was needed, he hinted that one way out would be ‘if someone got to her to lie on the witness stand’, otherwise she’d be a real tough nut to crack.  Hearing that hint and looking up at the sleazy smile on his attorney’s face, Jess knew exactly what he was hinting at.  Seeing the attorney then playing with the papers in the file along with a glossy photo, Jess then said “Gimme all the details that the PI came up on this fuck’n bitch!”

Jess listened intently as his attorney gave him details that had been obtained.  He learned that her name was Linda Hammond, age 26, a real-estate sales agent. That the gal was engaged and soon would be married to a Rick McCall.  Then the attorney put a glossy photo up against the glass barrier separating them, a photo taken with the use of a telephoto lens by the PI.  Immediately, Jess felt this cock twitch upon seeing the photo of the lovely Linda Hammond, so sexy looking with long silky light brown hair.  Dressed so nicely, long sexy ivory white legs with 3” heels, Jess had a hardon as the attorney read off “5’4”, 115 lbs, sales agent for Dunbar Realty, wedding set for mid-June!”

His devious mind was now churning as Jess immediately devised a plan, one that would not only be effective, but a hell of a lot of pleasurable fun.  Had the eyewitness been a man, or even a less attractive female, Jess would have resorted to intimidation or even arrange an 'accident' to ensure that the witness did not testify at all.  But in seeing the picture of this succulent beauty, Jess decided to try a totally different strategy, even with his life in the balance.

‘Hmmm, engaged to a guy and due to be married within a few months, huh?’ Jess thought as his attorney continued on.  The pretty bitch’s fiancé, Rick McCall, would be the key into getting the damned bitch to lie or conveniently forget the facts when she testified on the stand.  Yes, Jess decided that his first priority would be in setting up Rick McCall to influence the beautiful Linda Hammond into lying on the witness stand.  Before his attorney left the room, Jess instructed him to have the PI do a thorough investigation on the McCall fellow, to get all the nitty-gritty on the guy.

Thinking things out while staring at the ceiling in his cell, Jess decided that he would need the assistance of Connie Sloan, his bimbo of a girlfriend for whom he also served as her pimp.  Once the info from the PI was in, he’d have her go to the attorney’s office to check it out and get the low-down on the guy.  Then a plan would be needed to set up Rick McCall by staging an 'accidental' meeting between them.

A couple of weeks later, after Connie briefed him of what she read in McCall’s file at the attorney’s office, Jess began to contemplate the formulation of the plan that be put into effect.  Learning that Rick McCall worked the graveyard shift at being the night manager for a hotel, the plan would be to do it right when he was leaving work one night.  Connie was to strategically position herself nearby, standing by her car, hood up, playing the 'damsel in distress' to create the accidental meeting.

Once the plan was formulated, Jess briefed Connie on her next weekly visit.  Also, she had remembered to bring the department store catalog that he had instructed her to get.  With the catalog opened to the women’s dress section and facing him, Jess looked through the glass as Connie slowly turned the pages for him.  “There!  Keep it right there!  The gal in the pink dress has the same type of hairdo that the bitch has!  The model in the green dress is the same kind of style the bitch had on in the photo!  That’s the kind of 3” heels too!” he advised.

Jess then instructed Connie to study that section of the catalog as he wanted her to pick out a similar type of outfit.  He had to laugh when Connie turned the catalog around to study the outfits and hairdo, seeing the frown on her face and especially upon hearing her comment “Shit, that’s the kind of dresses women go to church in!”  “Yep, its obvious that’s the kind of woman that turns this McCall character on!  I know it’ll be hard fer ya but ya gotta pretend yer a prim and proper woman instead of the bitch ya really are!” he laughed.  “And ya gotta learn to cut out the fuck’n four letter words to git this pulled off!” he added.

Everything set up just as planned, the gentleman Rick McCall stopped to offer assistance as expected but was unable to get her car started.  Connie pretended to be near the point of tears as she coyly thanked him for his efforts and asked if it was possible for him to give her a ride back to her apartment as she was afraid to be alone and stranded at this time of the night.

Rick McCall was only too happy to help this beautiful damsel in distress.  Though engaged to his lovely fiancée, Rick merely told himself that he was just a normal red-blooded male for getting a hardon in being so close to such a beauty.  Besides, he was just helping her out and not coming on to her.  Upon reaching her apartment, Rick politely declined when she invited him in for a drink to thank him for his help.  Shy and sexually inexperienced, Rick could not refuse when Connie insisted, persuading him that she would feel that she had at least paid him back somehow for all the trouble he went through.

Once inside, Connie advised him that she had several types of liquor on hand along with some beer.  Of course, the brand of drink that Rick drank just happened to be on hand, thanks to the info provided by the PI.  Gin and tonic was Rick's choice of drink, to which Connie acted surprised and advised that it was also her favorite.  Actually for Connie, any type of booze would do.  Slices of limes were ready at hand as Connie told her guest to relax and have a seat as she would prepare their drinks.

Also at hand and out of sight was jigger that she would use to first pour the drink into. Normally Connie would merely pour the liquor right from the bottle into the glass but on this occasion it had to be different, especially as the bottom of the jigger contained the dissolved viagra pill that had been prepared ahead of time. A bit extra gin and the squeezing of a lime would disguise the bitter taste of the pill.

As they sipped at the drinks, Connie went on with her spiel as to her being a manufacturer’s rep for a jewelry company and had just gotten back from a showing held at a woman’s home.  She thanked him profusely for coming to her rescue, saving her from being stranded with her car broken down and holding onto to a briefcase of valuables.  As their drinks were nearly consumed, Connie took their glasses got up to refreshen them.  She could see that the inexperienced young man was getting hot and bothered as the viagra was certainly taking effect, far faster when consumed in such a fashion than swallowing the pill whole.

‘Damn, she’s beautiful!’ Rick told himself as she handed him the fresh drink, feeling the throb that his cock gave as he stared at her long sexy legs.  Then his eyes took in the black heel that she was now dangling from her toes, aware that she was now sitting even closer to him on the sofa than before.  His cock was now rockhard as never before and Rick was afraid that she would be able to see the boner that he was now sporting.  His cock was so obvious at this point that Rick leaned forward a bit, putting his wrist over the bulge to hide his arousal.

Connie wanted to laugh at the embarrassment of the young inexperienced Rick McCall but she continued to play the part of a prim and proper young woman.  ‘Oh, Rick McCall …………………if you only knew the truth!’ she chuckled to herself.  ‘Let’s see just how long you can keep it zipped up!  Jess don’t think I can be as prim and proper as the sweet little innocent honey your going to marry but I’ll show him!’  Connie told herself as she dropped the dangling heel and then ran her bare foot up against his ankle.  Slowly, teasingly, her toes began to creep up his sock and up into the leg of his pants.

Slowly, Connie moved in for the kill, easing her way closer on the sofa so that she now leaned her head onto his shoulder.  She wanted to laugh out loud in hearing him pant for breath as he obviously did not know what to do next.  Then she slid her hand into his, entwining her fingers into his as he stammered out “Connie …………….I …………I need to explain that ……………….I think you’re very beautiful but I just don’t want to lead you on because ………………….I …………….I’m engaged and getting married in a few months!”

To counter this and make him feel at ease, Connie lied and replied “You’re so handsome and such a gentleman for telling me that, Rick!  The gal you’re marrying is one lucky girl!  I have something to tell you too ………………..I’m getting married at the end of the year!”  Pulling out the chain dangling from her neck, she displayed a shiny diamond and told him “See!  I keep it on the chain whenever I have a jewelry showing at a woman’s home …………….don’t want to make all the women invited over to feel badly in seeing how big a diamond I have!  Don’t want to be too flashy on such an occasion!”

Leaning up for a slight kiss, Connie then drew his hand in hers over to place it upon her bare thigh.  From then on, it was like having an inexperienced schoolboy pawing and groping at her, kissing her like he’d never kissed a woman before.  Reaching over to grasp and rub his hardon, Connie figured that she had better take it easy or he might end up cumming in his pants, then the whole thing would be a flop.  ‘A flop, that’s for sure ……………in more ways than one!’ she chuckled to herself.

Afraid that the inexperienced fool would tear her dress, one that she wanted to save just in case she had a family wedding to go to and needed an ultra conservative dress to wear, Connie unhooked and unzipped the back of her dress.  Then Connie was helping the obviously inexperienced young stud to help him out of his clothes.  ‘Damn, if he’s like this on his wedding night, the poor little bride’s going to bed high and dry!’ she thought.

Sexually inexperienced, though quite devoted and faithful to his fiancée, the combination of alcohol and Connie's 'charms' were just too much for Rick as he fell headlong into the trap.  He never imagined the whole thing was actually a set up and that it was all being captured on film, that his facial expressions were so vividly being recorded at that instant as he was in seventh heaven to have a lovely blonde beauty about to go down on him.  Little did he suspect how it would appear to anyone looking at a snapshot or video of him at this moment, with pants down around his knees and this beautiful blonde now licking the length of his boner.

With Linda so innocent and ultra conservative, Rick could not get his lovely fiancée to touch him through his pants. For Rick, this was totally unbelievable to have this woman stroking his bare cock and apparently did not have any hangups on giving a guy head.  Though he had never experienced such pleasure before, his frat brothers always talked about how fantastic the experience was.  Afraid that she might change her mind, Rick grasped her long blonde hair with both hands and loudly pleaded “Oh, baby ……………blow me ……………..blow me!”

Connie smiled as she had managed to carefully position Rick McCall to ensure that he would be easily identifiable in the video, in which she intended on performing a gamut of lewd and lascivious sex acts.  ‘Oh, you poor little baby ………………….you’re going to have to convince little Miss Prim and Proper to forget having seen Jess at the crime scene …………………..or she’s going to be in for a rude awakening in seeing the man she’s about to marry in the arms of another woman!’ she thought.

Though a classic blonde bimbo in reality, not the type that someone like Rick would fall in love with, Connie knew that she certainly was not in the same league as his Linda Hammond.  It had been fun for Connie, getting herself cleaned herself up for the occasion by getting her hair done like the style Jess had pointed out in the catalog, along with acting like a prim and proper lady. She even had practiced for over a week’s time, which was the most grueling in not using the ‘F’ word or any cursing out any other obscenities.

Afraid that it would all end too soon for the inexperienced Rick McCall, Connie took her mouth off his throbbing cock, telling him “Please, Rick ……………….please fuck me …………………I promise …………….I’ll suck you off later ……………….I need to feel you in me ………………….please, lover ………………..fuck me!”  Pulling him by the cock as she lay her head back upon the armrest of the sofa, Connie knew that with him kneeing upon the sofa to fuck her, it would be an ideal photo shot as she spread her legs wide for him.

For Connie, this turned out the be the performance of a lifetime as she certainly had to put on a good act when she realized that Rick McCall had entered her and after a few strokes it was obvious that he would not be lasting very long.  Though the viagra gave Rick a rock solid hard cock and was to keep him upright for a longer period of time, his inexperience and excitement in getting was just too much for him.  Just six stokes into Connie’s slick twat had him grunting as well as cumming “Ughhhhhh ……………ah …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Connie just couldn’t believe it as she had to go into her acting “Ohhhhhhhh, Rick  ……………………ohhhhhhhhhhh, lover …………………….yesssssss ………… good ……………….so good!  Fuck me …………………………………ohhhhhh, keep on fucking me!  Oh, Rick …………………..yes …………………….yessssssssssss ……………………I’m cummingggggggggggggg!”  But in reality, Connie thought “Damn, what a little weenie!  Six strokes and the shithead cums!”

Moments later, Rick McCall lay snoring away on the sofa.  Connie moved up towards the hidden camera and mouthed out ‘The stud’s a dud!’  Then she took the mini camcorder out from its hiding place and carried it back to the sofa with her.  She would use it to shoot some close-up shots when she straddled his face and pretended she was being eaten out of her mind.  With Rick’s face buried in her smelly twat as she leaned over to grasp the edge of the sofa, he would not be aware of the small camcorder that she was holding steady on the armrest.

For the purposes of the cameras, it seemed that Rick was avidly going to town as his head and body squirmed about as the blonde beauty above him moaned and groaned as she rubbed herself upon his face.  However, Rick was not enjoying it at all and was actually trying to get his face away from the gamey smell, having not yet acquired the taste for pussy.  But with the lovely blonde going wild and crazy above him, making Rick think that he was the cause of her pleasure, he stuck his tongue out into her parted slit and actually got his first experience at eating out a woman.

Later, taking a gulp from the new drink that Connie handed him, Rick swallowed deeply as he tried to rinse away the ‘fishy’ taste in his mouth.  Pulled up from the sofa by this lovely blonde, Rick let himself be pulled into the beauty’s bedroom as she cooed “Oh, lover ……………you’re such a stud!  The best ever!  Spend the night with me!”  Not getting any from Linda, while being proclaimed a ‘stud’ by this bombshell and invited to spend the night in her bed, Rick was certainly no fool in passing up such an invitation.

Sunshine coming through the window and into his closed eyes, Rick threw an arm over his face to block out the sun as he tried to focus his eyes.  Then he glanced over to the blonde hair of the woman who was still asleep with her naked back to him.  Swallowing deeply, Rick’s conscience now registered as he realized that he had been unfaithful to Linda for the very first time since they began dating steadily.  ‘My God, we’re not even married yet and I made love to another woman!’ he realized.

Reaching out, Rick caressed the soft flesh of the lovely blonde, causing her to stir.  He looked over at the clock on the nightstand and saw that it was just past 10 a.m., then suddenly remembered that he was to pick Linda up at 11:30.  But Rick wanted one more go round before departing, thinking ‘I’ll bang this sexy babe one more time and still make it on time!’  Rick was now obviously thinking with the wrong head, the one throbbing between his legs.

For Connie, she had to hold back her chuckle as the eager groom-to-be obviously was anxious to score once again, wanting to make up for lost time since Miss Goody-Goody wouldn’t let him have any nookie till they tied the knot.  Turning over, opening her arms and legs to welcome her anxious lover, Connie couldn’t help but think ‘Enjoy it while you can, Mr. Rick McCall ………………………..till you get to see a copy of the tape of you sowing your wild oats!’

Making a beeline back to his apartment, Rick jumped into the hot shower, wanting to be certain that he took away any smell of perfume that had been transferred onto his body.  Looking down at his now shriveled cock, he grabbed the soapy washcloth to take off the evidence of red lipstick smeared on him, but then stopped before scrubbing it off.  Instead, he let the red markings remain as his cock gave a twitch, leaving the evidence of his first blowjob.  ‘Won’t have to worry about Linda finding any lipstick on me down there!  Heck, she's even reluctant to touch me with my pants on!’ he thought as he shook his head.

‘Man ………………..what a stud!’ Rick chuckled as he looked at the business card that Connie slipped into his shirt pocket before he departed.  After she had given him a passionate goodbye kiss, her parting words still stuck in his mind as he recalled her telling him “I know you’re already taken …………………..but if you ever decide you’d like some company on a lonely night, give me a call ………………anytime!”  “But, what about you ……………the fellow you’re getting married to?” he had asked.  “Oh, he’s been away for a month now and won’t be returning for several more months till his stint is up!” he was told.

The next Friday, following a dinner date with his lovely fiancée, Rick hoped to get more than just a kiss from the lovely woman he would be marrying.  But just one kiss and a close embrace were all that he could get.  Feigning a yawn, Rick shook his head as if trying to clear the cobwebs, telling Linda that working had been exhausting that week and taken a lot out of him.  Departing a bit early so he could get some sleep, Rick got on his cellphone and dialed the number that he had copied down from the business card put in his car’s glove compartment.  “Hello, Connie?  This is Rick …………….is it okay for me to pop on by?” he asked, cock twitching in anticipation.

A month later, on what was now his weekly visit after departing Linda’s apartment, he knocked on the door to Connie’s apartment.  A moment later, he was in a passionate embrace with the lovely blonde.  Drink in hand, he let himself be pulled towards the bedroom once again.  And then he set his drink down as the lovely blonde was about to please him in the most exciting way, getting down onto her knees before him as she unzipped him.  “Oh, God …………………..oh, God ………………………oh, yes …………………….so good ………………………….I love it …………………yes
………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Rick groaned as he shot off into her sucking mouth.

The next morning, awaking in the embrace of the lovely blonde once again, Rick then found himself in for the shock of his life.  He could only blink in total disbelief when Connie advised “Rick …………………I ………………….I’m pregnant ……………….with your baby!”  “Pregnant?” he swallowed, now unable to think as a shudder coursed through his entire body.  "Rick, what are we going to do?  I’m pregnant with your baby?” he was asked.

“Ahhh …………….ahhh ……………….an abortion!  I …………I’ll find out what it costs ……………..find a reputable doctor!  Of course, I’ll take care of all the expenses!” Rick advised, nervous but feeling proud of having thought up a quick solution to such a drastic problem.  Then Rick was thrown for a loop as Connie looked at him in disbelief as she exclaimed “Abortion …………….an abortion?  What …………….what kind of person do you think I am?  It's totally against my religion and I don’t believe in taking a little one’s life because two adults went at it and didn’t bother with precautions!”

“Well ……………..adoption?  Put the baby up for adoption?” Rick suggested.  “But how will I explain it all to my fiancé?  That I had an affair when he was away and that I’m carrying another man’s baby?” came the counter to his suggestion.  “Well ……….what is there to do?  There’s no other way!” Rick advised.  He swallowed in nervousness as Connie sobbed and hugged him, her head on his chest as she suggested “You’ll have to ……………………marry me …………… give the baby a legitimate name!”

A bit later, out of Connie’s apartment, Rick was certainly in a dilemma as he frantically tried to think things out and find a possible solution.  ‘Damn, she’s fucking crazy!  She wants me to leave Linda and marry her!  God, this is a nightmare!  What do I do?  She even offered to be the one to explain things to Linda if I wouldn’t or was afraid to!’ he shuddered.  ‘Marry Connie?  Man, she’s fantastic in bed but …………….marry her?’ he thought as he shook his head.

Unable to get any sleep nor concentrate at work that night, Rick was totally on edge at this point.  Just about to fall asleep, his eyes popped open as the sound of the doorbell and the announcement of “Special Delivery!”  Opening the door and signing for the package, Rick saw no return address nor did it identify who the sender was.  He opened up the small packet and pulled out the videotape, then swallowed in nervousness as the only note was on the label of the videotape itself, with the one word reading “Loverboy”.

With the obvious implication of the title written on the videotape, Rick could only hope that his suspicion was unfounded.  The only way of course was to play the tape which he inserted into the video recorder.  Television set turned on, he hit the ‘play’ button, Rick groaned in despair upon the first scene coming on the screen.  There was no doubt that it was him sitting on Connie’s sofa with his chest bare and pants around his ankles with Connie’s blonde head bobbing up on down, making it obvious was to how she was pleasuring him.

Turning it off, unable to watch any further at this point, Rick took a deep breath as he tried to think.  Picking up the phone, he dialed the now familiar number that he had memorized, then got a shock upon hearing a recording say “This number is no longer in service!”  Pulling out the business card Connie had given him as he now was in a panic, Rick looked at the company’s name and opened up the phone book.  To his dread, there was no listing for such a jewelry ompany.  Getting online, Rick’s heart sank as his search for such a company also drew a blank.

An hour later, Rick answered the phone and heard the very familiar feminine voice say “Hi, Loverboy!  Did you watch the video?  I wonder what Linda will say when she gets the one
I’m about to mail out to her?”  “How …………………how do you know her name?  I never told you her name!” Rick demanded to know.  A chill went down his spine in hearing her laughter, then a sudden change in her tone and language as she advised him “Listen carefully, you fuckhead!  Unless you want Miss Goody-Goody to see you banging me on film, telling me to get an abortion since you knocked me up, you’ll do exactly as I say!”  “What …………….what do you want?” Rick asked, knowing he was now in deep shit.

“Well, Loverboy ……………I’ll give a hint!  The guy I’m gonna marry ………….his name is Jess Randle!” Connie advised.  Hearing the gasp on the other end of the phone, she added “Yep, the same Jess Randle who that bitch yer gonna marry identified coming out of the crime scene!  Now, if ya don’t want a copy of that tape sent to her, ya’ll get that fuck’n bitch to change her story on the stand!”  As Rick McCall began to stammer out that he didn’t have that kind of influence over Linda’s determination to tell the truth, Connie merely hung up on him.

Rick knew that Linda wouldn’t go through with the wedding if she saw how wantonly he cheated on her, knowing that another woman was pregnant with her fiancé’s baby?  Then he began to wonder if Connie was really pregnant or not.  But upon viewing the tape, the damage was already done with it all caught on film with her announcing that he had gotten her pregnant as well as his proposal that she get an abortion.  ‘Oh, God!  Linda's so church going and firmly against abortion, that alone will end our relationship!’ he realized.

Afraid of losing Linda, Rick set out to convince Linda that it wouldn’t be good for them to begin their marriage with her testimony having sent Jess Randle’s to prison.  He’d point out to Linda that they’d always have to be worried about retribution by the strongarm man always hanging over their heads.  ‘Look what he did to the guy!’ was what he would keep saying in order to have Linda change her mind about testifying, telling her that they didn't want an ex-con or his buddies someday hunting them down and exacting revenge.

Rick was desperate, knowing that he wouldn't be able to convince Linda to lie under oath.  He knew that she was just too honest and not in her nature to lie, especially under oath.  ‘Well, she won’t lie out right, that’s for sure!  But perhaps I can convince her to merely say that she’s not sure about anything!  If she’s not sure of what she saw and Jess Randle has a solid alibi, then it won’t be Linda’s fault if he still got convicted!’ he surmised.

Though Linda loved seeing Rick much more often in the past ten days, she just wished that he wouldn’t keep bringing up her testifying against the evil Jess Randle.  The past weekend, at the pool, Rick had made it quite clear that he was against her testifying as it might affect their future together if Jess Randle was convicted on her testimony and then sought his revenge upon them.  Now she was really to worry herself, wondering “What if Rick’s right and Jess Randle comes after us?”

After two weeks of Rick pointing out all the negatives that could occur if she helped put Jess Randle in prison, Linda knew she couldn’t go through with it.  On the witness stand, she couldn’t blame the prosecutor for being upset with her when the testimony she gave was suddenly one of total uncertainty versus her previous steadfast version of what she had seen that night.

With her perjuring herself on the witness stand, as a result of Rick's insistence, Linda felt so guilty in not telling the actual truth.  She tried to use the rational that she had not lied directly, just that she wasn’t sure anymore.  Naturally, with her testimony down the tubes for the prosecution, it assured Jess Randle's acquittal.

Rick attended each day of the trial, breathing a sigh of relief upon hearing Linda testify on the stand.  He had also gotten to see Jess Randle in person, wondering if Connie had told him of their affair.  Rick swallowed and prayed that she had not as he certainly did not want that strong-arm man coming after him for bedding his girlfriend.  He was quite nervous and with good reason.  Rick recalled that glare he had gotten from Randle in the courtroom, as if telling him that he knew everything.

‘Connie’s his girl?  Damn, how does a sexy gal Connie ………a white gal get tied up with a black hood like Jess Randle?  Jezz, I sure hope she didn’t say anything about me!’ Rick prayed, swallowing in nervousness at the thought of what could happen to him if Connie spilled the beans.  ‘Damn, what about the baby?  Oh, fuckkkkkkk!’ he cussed.  ‘Maybe she’s not pregnant!  Maybe she said that just to make sure I cooperated!  God, I hope so!’ he hoped and wished with all of his might.

Two weeks went by after the trial was over and Jess Randle walked out as free as a bird.  The guy he had put in a coma regained consciousness but couldn’t or wouldn’t remember what had happened that night.  Not having heard from Connie since then, Rick began to think that the nightmare was over.  Little did he know that Jess Randle was enjoying hearing every bit of the details and was watching the videos of his episodes with Connie at that very moment.

Out drinking with the guys one Friday night, sowing the last of his wild oats before the upcoming wedding, Rick froze as chills went down his spine upon hearing the familiar voice from behind say “Hi, Loverboy, I’ve really missed you!”  With Connie wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning over to kiss him on the cheek, Rick could only swallow nervously as his buddies looked on in sheer amazement.  They all knew he was about to marry Linda, in fact they all had sent in their rsvps that they would be attending the wedding.  Each of them thought he was a straight shooter and now they were stunned with Connie hanging all over him.

Taken by surprise, Rick could only stammer out “Uh …………….uh ……………..this is Connie!  A …………an old friend …….who …………!”  Then Connie just laughed and chuckled, making light of things “Oh, Rick …………….you’re such a straight-shooter that I knew I’d get you all flustered by acting like an old flame in front of your friends!”  As all of the guys laughed at the supposed prank Connie had pulled on him, she went on to tell them “Shoot, Linda’s such a lucky gal to get a true blue guy like Rick!  I was majoring in TIM when I met Rick and even helped making it possible for my fiancé and I to get hitched later this year.  He’s quite an arranger!”

Rick breathed a sigh of relief with Connie’s spiel and of course was forced to introduce her to everyone.  When one of the guys invited Connie to sit and join them, Rick was afraid she’d accept and was relieved when she politely declined.  But his relief was short lived when Connie advised “My fiancé’s waiting for me in a booth back there!  I told him I just had to play a prank on Ricky here!”  A cold chill shot through him when Connie said “Oh, Rick ………….we’re planning on staying for a while.  Before you leave, could you stop by our booth?  Jess wants to thank you for helping me out while he was away!”

Hours later, when his friends were departing, Rick bid them goodbye and advised that he needed to pay his other ‘friends’ a visit before departing.  He tried to think as to what he should do, with his instinct telling him to go to his car and drive …………….keep driving till he was a few states away from here.  But he forced himself to slowly make his way back to the darkened booth.

Upon his arrival at the booth, Connie formally introduced him to the man that had been on trial, the man who had gotten off because of Linda’s suddenly vague memory, a condition that he had helped to create.  With the large black hand extended towards him, Rick was afraid to extend his, yet too afraid not to.  He cringed and nearly sank to the floor as the large hand gripped his and threatened to break every bone in his much smaller hand.

Sliding into the empty seat when motioned to by he big black brute, Rick now knew that the nightmare was far from over, that it was just now beginning.  The way the conversation was going, though Jess Randle thanked him for helping him out, it was the implications that were tossed out with it that had Rick quite worried and with good reason.
Veiled threats were hardly veiled at all, with it being alluded to that Rick was guilty of witness tampering for having convinced Linda to lie or be very vague on the witness stand.  That Linda herself could be charged with perjury.  Jess, on the other hand, had already been acquitted of the crime and thus totally free and clear of any future charges to the crime.

Rick pleaded with Jess, saying that he had done what had been asked of him, getting Linda to change her story and that got him off on the charges.  He pleaded for Jess to just leave them alone and let them get on with their lives.  Rick then realized how scared he was of this brutal man, knowing that he too might end up like the guy in the coma.  He was then scared shitless when Jess advised “We’d have been even if it was just that one night that ya banged my chick when ya took her home, since that was the set up!  Ya knew that she was engaged and yet ya went over every week to keep banging my chick!”

Speechless at that point, Rick just sat there in the booth, afraid that his life would end that night.  “Connie here tells me that ya really get yer thrills by having her on her fuck’n knees with ya looking down at her, making her suck ya off, huh!  Fucker, I oughta cut yer fuck’n balls off and shove’m down yer fuck’n throat fer making my girl do that!” Jess sneered.

For Jess, this was the most fun he’d had in months, since his incarceration in fact.  ‘Fuck’n little wimp of an asshole!’ he thought.  Hell, he didn’t give a shit who Connie blew, in fact he’d collected a hell of a lot from guys willing to pay for a blowjob from her.  But now, he was going to play this to the hilt, acting upset at this wimp banging Connie.  ‘Fuck, this guy’s a fuck’n little wossie!  Jezz , he looks like he’s about to fuck’n cry like a little baby!’ Jess chuckled to himself.

“Please …………….please ………………..I ………………I didn’t know she was engaged to you!” Rick stammered out, looking for some mercy.  But he had no good answer to the response Jess gave “So it’s okay fer ya to bang a guy’s girl, so long as the guy’s not able to put yer fuck’n lights out, huh?”  Twiddling with his fingers, not knowing what to say, Rick tried to blink back the tears as he pleaded “I’m sorry …………….I’m really sorry!  There …………….there must be a way I can make it up to you!”

Just the opening that Jess had been waiting for, smiling widely as he now spoke calmly to the scared bridegroom.  “Well, I guess every guy’s entitled to one mistake!  But ya know, I’s got a reputation to upkeep!  What would people say if they’s heard I’s was getting soft?  They’d all be walking all over me and giving me shit!  I’s gotta make it look good, ya know!  Gotta keep my reputation, let people know what’d happen to them if someone crossed me!” he advised.

Seeing the look of fear of Rick’s blood-drained face, Jess advised “Relax, Rick!  I ain’t gonna lay a hand on ya!  There’s other ways that can accomplish the same task and I don’t haf to go and snap yer neck in two!  Don’t ya think we can work this out with an agreement between the two of us, Rick?  Without the need for us getting into a brawl and someone getting laid out on the asphalt outside!”

Rick swallowed, knowing one punch from this muscular black brute and he’d be the one sprawled out on the asphalt outside.  “Yes …………………yes ………………..there’s got to be a way!  Money?  Is it money you want?  How much?” he eagerly asked, hoping that money could buy his way out of this mess.  Then Rick was totally puzzled when Jess advised “Naw, ya know ………………we gotta do it like the bible says ……………..ya know ………………an eye fer an eye ……………….and all that shit!”  “What do you mean ………….I don’t understand?” Rick asked.

“Well, Rick, my boy ……………………..ya got yer jollies off by making my girl get down on her knees to suck ya off!  Turnabout is only fair play!  That purty little thing yer gonna marry
……………..what’s her name ………………..Linda ………………it’s only fair fer me to git down on her fuck’n knees and blow me off in exchange fer what ya’s done to Connie!” Jess advised.  Seeing the horrified face on Rick’s face, it gave Jess a hardon in know that they were both picturing the lovely bride-to-be forced to her knees to give her first blowjob.

A bit later, given to go-ahead by Jess Randle that he could leave, Rick opened the door and headed towards his car.  Reaching his car, he felt sick to his stomach and rushed towards the bushes.  Then he belched “Blaggggggahhhhhh!” and tossed his cookies out into the brush.  He could not believe what he had just done, agreeing to provide Connie with Linda’s schedule each week, so that …………………………one day Connie was going to ask to set up a real estate showing ………………only to have his beautiful fiancée fall into the devious clutches of strong-arm Jess Randle.

Each time his new cellphone rang, one that Jess Randle had ordered him to upgrade to, Rick cringed and shuddered as he nervously answered it.  It was one with a tv like screen where one could see the other person on the other side of line.  He hated to think of the reason why he had to change to this upgraded phone and keeping his same phone number.  But deep down, he suspected the reason, knowing that the evil strong-arm man intended on full payback and wanted him to suffer the consequences of bedding his girlfriend time and time again.

Driving out to meet her clients at the plush upscale home, one that she had recently listed, Linda was a bit surprised at getting a call so soon about it.  She then figured that the caller must have seen the 'For Sale' sign placed in front of the home or heard about it from one of the neighbors as the design for the flyers had just been designed and were currently at the printers.  Thinking about the design work, she was so glad that Rick was a whiz with the computer program and had done all the layout for her, as he frequently did to help her out.

Having studied the email attachment that she had received from the reluctant groom, Connie had to laugh when he had pleaded with her to try and get Jess to accept money in exchange from him.  Jess had been right there with her, listening to the pleas coming from fucking wimp.  Connie
wanted to please her man and got into it as she advised "You know, Rick ………………..when Jess learned that you were seeing me every week when he was in jail, he told me that he was going to …………….cut off your ……….you know what ………………and it took all I had to talk him out of it!"

Both Connie and Jess looked at each other and struggled to hold back their laughter upon hearing the gasp that Rick had let out followed by just silence.  "Rick …………'ve got to get something to me real soon, otherwise Jess is going on the warpath and there won't be anything I can do to stop him!  Whatever listings she has, fax it to me at 595-2912!  All I can say is get a couple to me real quick!" Connie added.

Driving up to the house a few minutes before the scheduled appointment, Linda was surprised to see the prospective client already waiting for her.  She sized up the attractive blonde woman in her conservative dress and heels, a style that she herself liked, Linda figured that the woman waiting was a business woman also.  Somehow the woman did look familiar to her but Linda just could not place her, merely assuming it must have been at some women's luncheon or seminar where she had seen her.  Getting out of her car, Linda greeted the smiling woman with "Hi, I'm Linda

"Hi, I'm Connie Sloan!  I just got a call from my fiancé and he's running a bit late.  But he is on his way!  Men, I tell you ……………..if it’s a business appointment that'll bring in some money, their always on time!  But anything else where the woman is about to send their money
…………..they could take forever!" Connie quipped as Linda chuckled in response.  "He's basically saying whatever I decide it'll be okay with him!  If you don't mind showing me the house, I'm sure I can convince him if it’s the place for me!" Connie asked.

Making small talk as Linda walked up the front entrance, she asked "When's the wedding?"  Upon learning that it was at the end of the year and hearing that the gal was worried that everything would come down to a rush, Linda chuckled and advised "Believe me, I know the feeling and my wedding is coming up in a month's time!  I got started so long ago but its just one thing after another while trying to get everything coordinated at night on or my days off!"

Upon hearing her prospective client say "Gosh, Linda, I'm sure we haven't met but you sure do look familiar!"  "Yes, I was thinking exactly the very same thing when I drove up and saw you but just can't place where I've seen you before!" Linda replied.  Inquiring as to the woman's occupation, Linda was advised that she was an investigative news reporter.  "It must have been at a woman's luncheon or something like that where we ran into each other!" Linda replied.

"Say …………………I've covered several trails recently, you know sitting in the courtroom and taking notes!  Were you involved in any trials recently?" Connie asked.  She then saw the surprise and blushing on Linda's face as she replied "Yes ………….I …………..I was a witness
……………….testifying against …………………testifying as to what I saw one night when a crime was committed!"

"Randle ………………the Jess Randle case!  That's it!  Now I remember!  The prosecution was all flustered as your memory was vague and couldn't recall all the details on the night of the crime!  Gosh, seeing that big black hoodlum, its too bad he didn't get put away for a long, long time!  He sure looked like a real badass SOB!  I bet he's out there right now planning something hideous and evil ………………….like setting things up to deflower some young innocent bride-to-be!" Connie advised.

Not liking the way this conversation was going, the fact that she had not told the exact truth and letting the hoodlum off to do something evil like Connie was describing, Linda wanted to change the subject totally.  "Did your fiancé tell you how long he'd be when he called?"  Linda asked the woman as she dialed her cellphone.  "You're lost?  Wait, hold on, maybe the real estate agent knows where you're at and can give you the directions to get here!" she heard the woman say on the phone as it was being handed to her.

Taking the phone and holding it up to her ear Linda advised "Hi, I hear you're lost!  Tell me where you are and I'll try to direct you here!"  Then Linda was totally stunned at hearing the gruff voice reply "No, baby …………'ve lost!  This is Jess Randle and I can smell yer pussy from a mile away!"  Mouth dropping wide open and turning to face the woman, a shock coursed through her body as a stun gun zapped her on the ribs, causing her to collapse to the carpeted floor.

Having taken a lot of calls from a particular customer on this day, with the last call just moments earlier after just getting home, Rick thought it was another call coming in from him again.  A cold chill coursed throughout his body upon hearing Connie's voice saying "Hi, Loverboy!"  Looking at the screen of his cellphone, Rick observed the sexy blonde's face smiling widely at him as she then asked "You know why I'm calling, don't you, Loverboy?"  Rick panted in fear, asking "What ………..what have you done to Linda?"  "Please ………..please don't hurt her!" he pleaded.

"Don't you worry, Loverby …………….we won't hurt her …………much!  In fact, I'll bet she ends up enjoying it like hell …………………that is, once she gets over the initial pain and shock of having Jess shove his big black boner up into her cherry cunt and ass!" Connie laughed, enjoying the frantic look on Rick's face on the other end of the line.  "Want to see your little sweetie now, Rick?  She's taking a little nap right now, resting up for the big event!  Here, see for yourself!" she advised, then stepped to the side as the cellphone captured the scene of Linda Hammond lying sprawled out upon a carpeted floor.

Rick gasped upon seeing Linda sprawled out upon a white carpet as her head leaned to one side, with arms and legs spread out in disarray.  He swallowed in seeing his beautiful fiancee, dressed very nicely in a nice yellow skirt with her long-sleeved white blouse tucked in, wearing her 3" white heels.  Then there was a movement from the side, a moving shadow, then the grinning black face of Jess Randle was looking up towads the tilted phone and smiling.  Then Jess Randle brought his hand up to wave his fingers teasingly, running his long tongue along his upper lip as he said tauntingly "Hi, Ricki, my boy!  Yer little sweetie's gonna make a nice tasty meal!  And I'm real hungry tonght!"

Rick couldn't help but to lean close to the screen for a closer view as Jess Randle was now kneeling down on the carpeting and running his large callused hands.  He saw Jess turn to look back up towards the cellphone, smiling widely as his hands slowly disappeared up under Linda's yellow skirt till the hem was at the crook of his elbows.  Then the large black arms were withdrawing back down from under the yellow skirt, pulling along the wispy little pair of lacy yellow panties.

Watching the events upfolding on the screen, Rick sniffled and blinked back the tears as he watched Jess strip the pair of yellow panties off Linda's long sexy white legs and off her heels.  Again Rick saw Jess look up towards him, dangling Linda's lacy yellow panties between his finger.  Then that pair of panties was being held against Jess's face as his tormentor closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.  Like a hunting dog fetching its downed prey, so appeared Jess Randle as he clamped his mouth over the crotchband of the panties and letting the lacy garment dangle from his mouth.

Watching Jess turn toward Linda's sprawled body, Rick saw the pair of panties falling to the carpet between her widespread legs.  'Oh, God!' Rick shuddered as he watched the kinky hair on Jess's head slowly disappearing up under the front of Linda's yellow skirt.  Eyes nearly popping out of his head, the big round lump under the skirt clearly told Rick that the man's mouth was now right where the juncture of Linda's thighs would be.

Seconds later, Rick saw Linda's silky brown hair slowly whipping from side to side as the rabid stimulation between her thighs was bringing her out of her passed out state.  Then he observed her widespread legs move a bit, knees drawing back a bit, then the spikes of her white heels dug into the carpet.  'Oh, God!  Oh, God' Rick thought as he watched Linda pushing up with her heels, lifting her hips to allow Jess Randle better access to her obviously juicing slit.  Rick cringed as he observed Linda's body suddenly quiver and go into spasms as she mewed
"Mmmmmmmmmmm ……………..mmmmmmmmmm ………………mmmmmmmmmmmm!"

Just from observing Linda's reaction, Rick could only conclude that his lovely fiancee was having a mind-shattering orgasm with Jess Randle's mouth on her sex, eating out her pussy.  As Linda slumped back onto the carpet, the back of Jess Randle's head began to reappear from under the yellow skirt.  Then the black brute was unbuttoning his shirt as he walked closer to the cellphone, facing it direct so Rick could get a close-up of his face still glistening with Linda's slick juices.

When Jess Randle finally moved aside, Rick saw that Connie had bound Linda’s hands, with the rope secured to a metal portion of the window frame as Linda had been dragged up a bit to now be leaning against the bedroom wall.  Rick then observed Linda tossing her head to the side as Connie was apparently waving a vial of smelling salts under her nose.  As Linda apparently was now coming out of her stunned blackout, Rick saw the fear on her face as Jess Randle had moved in close to her while pulling down the zipper to his pants.  A chill went throughout Rick’s body, though his cock throbbed and expanded as Jess taunted “Ya almost did me in there by opening yer fuck’n mouth, bitch!”

With Jess Randle stepping out of his clothing, stroking his thick jutting cock before Linda’s horrified face, the taunting continued “If it was a guy squealing on me, he’d either get a shiv up his gut or his fuck’n tongue cut off!  Either way, he’d no longer be saying anything to the cops!  But you, ya purty little bitch, those purty little pink lips were only meant fer one thing …………..and one thing only ……………….and that’s sucking cock!”  With Linda’s eyes popping wide open as there was no hidden meaning in what this black hoodlum was telling her, Rick could not control the ever growing cock within his pants.

“Please ……………………oh, please …………………….I didn’t identify you in the trial ………………………I ……………………..I  …………………….you got off when I said that I couldn’t be sure!  Please ………………oh, please ………………….please don’t hurt me …………………please don’t make me ……………..don’t make me ……… know!  Oh, God ……………………pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee …………….I’ll die if you make me …………….…….make me do such a foul thing!” Linda pleaded as she began sobbing in fear.

“Whasa matter, sweettie?  Afraid to say it?  Can’t get to say ‘cock’, huh?  Never had one in yer purty lips, have ya?  Well, sweetie, Jess Randle’s gonna really enjoy teaching ya how to suck cock!  Gonna make ya an expert little cocksucka!  When’s ya get married to that little punk, ya can show him what I’s taught ya!  Yeah baby, ya’s gonna be deep throating Jess’s big bad dong ………………….all the way down yer gullet!  And then ya knows what I’m gonna do, dontcha, bitch?” he laughed.  Seeing the beauty’s face drain of all color, Jess added “That’s right, honey ………………..I’m gonna do it right in yer mouth …………………..and make ya eat all the hot slimy cum right outta my fuck’n balls!”

Trying to shrink away from the menacing hoodlum, Linda’s escape was blocked by Connie who grabbed her long brown hair and entwined her fingers in it, holding her firm as the sneering Jess Randle handled himself while slowly edging his way towards her.  Now, Linda was staring right at the bulb-like head of the nearly foot long fleshy stem that he was fisting in his hand.  She shuddered in horror upon seeing the man’s pisshole opening and closing as if it was breathing on its own.

Eyes and lips clenched tightly shut, Linda shuddered in shame and horror upon feeling the fleshy instrument brush up against her right cheek, then traced it over her eyes and to her other cheek.  Teeth clenched and lips sealed, she then felt the rubbery bulb push up into the center of her lips as it sought entrance into her mouth.  Suddenly, after an unseen sign given by Jess to his girlfriend, Linda yelped at the sharp tug upon her hair.  That yelp had caused Linda to open her mouth partially, just enough for half of the fleshy bulb to wedge itself between her teeth.

“Now honey, I’m going to tell you just how Jess likes his cock sucked!  You better listen to what I say if you don’t want all of your lovely hair torn out of your head!  Now you be a good little bride-to-be by sticking your tongue out and licking his cockhead all over!  Make it nice and wet, then wiggle your tongue up against his pisshole, flick your tongue up and down rapidly!” Connie instructed.  Then Jess gave a loud groan “Oh, yeahhhhhhhhh ………………..ohhh, that’s it ……………………..that’s the way I like it!  Damn, your tongue feels so fuck’n greatttttttttttt!  Damnnnnnnnnn!”

Though Linda knew that she should be totally appalled at performing such a disgusting act, the fact that she was being forced to do it seemed to justify her running her tongue rapidly over the bloated cockhead and using the tip of her tongue to tease the man’s sensitive pisshole.  But something deep in the recesses of her mind had her enthralled at the fact that just her lips and tongue could drive this muscular black man nearly out of his mind.  Faster and faster she licked at him, wondering how long it would take to literally blow this big man down, then she opened her mouth even wider to capture the entire crown of his cockhead into her mouth.

“Oh, baby ………………….oh, yeahhhhhh …………………..yer one fantastic cocksucker ……………………a natural!  Damn, yer a fuck’n natural born cocksucker!  Oh, yeah …………………oh, yeah ………………..oh, baby …………….gobble it all up ………………….damn, ain’t seen a bitch take to cock like ya do!  Ohhhh ……………oh …………………..damn, ya’s jist about swallowed it all ………………………all fuck’n twelve inches!  Shit, even those fuck’n experienced ho’s have trouble taking it all down!  Baby ………………ya’s a fuck’n natural!” Jess advised.

Mind in shambles as the now dwindling black sausage was slowly being withdrawn from her lips, Linda looked blankly ahead at the drooping cock that she had so expertly blown had shot off in her mouth and she had swallowed ………….everything.  In her college days, the gals at the sorority would always giggle and talk a bit dirty among themselves, with many commenting of how they ‘blew’ the so-called stud down.  Though she had come to learn all the terminology that the more experienced girls used, Linda had never thought that she would ever stoop to doing a
disgusting act such as putting a man’s penis in her mouth, even it belonged to the man she loved.

Running her tongue about her mouth, Linda then licked at her glistening lips to gather up any escaping juice to rub the slimy texture between her tongue and the roof of her mouth to savor its manly taste.  Linda knew that she should be ashamed and disgusted at what she had done but upon recalling the groans she had elicited from the black hoodlum, she wickedly felt proud of herself for being able to accomplish such a feat.  Perhaps because it had been forced upon her rather than performing it at her own free will made the all difference.

Now secured to the bedpost of the king-sized bed, stripped of all her clothing by the devious couple, Linda wondered as to what filthy act awaited for her.  Then she was surprised to see the lovely blonde woman slipping out of her dress, then undergarments as she kicked off her heels and smiled at her.  Linda swallowed as Connie approached the bed and reached out to caress her body.  Then Connie was upon the bed with her, caressing her body gently as she slid her soft body over hers.  Now the woman was off to her side, kissing her belly, then moving lower ………… where Jess Randle had his face earlier.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Linda moaned as Connie’s face buried itself into her muff.  “Mmmm ……………..mmmmpppfffffffffffff!” came Linda’s next moan as it was now muffled as her mouth and nose was mashed into Connie’s sex.  Linda withered about as Connie’s tongue snaked into her slit, nearly driving her out of her gourd.  Such a pleasurable sensation that coursed throughout her body that Linda returned the favor as she stuck her tongue out, flicking it along Connie’s slit, then delved into it.  With her so engrossed in this sex act with Connie, Linda did not realize that her bound wrists were untied by Jess and she was now grasping Connie’s asscheeks and avidly gamming her out.

Dozing a bit after climaxing in Connie’s mouth while the woman’s slick juices gushed into hers, Linda dozed in contentment.  While in her dazed stupor, her wrists were bound once again and secured above her head, tied securely to the headboard.  While she dozed, Linda was unaware that Connie and Jess had gone into another bedroom.  There both Jess and Connie conversed with Rick, taunting him as to what a little sexpot he had on his hands, with Jess saying what a fantastic blowjob she had given him and Connie relaying how Linda really loved their lesbian tryst.

Awakening to the cool damp cloth wiping her face, Linda looked up at the smiling Connie who she had just made love to and had to admit that she had thoroughly enjoyed it.  As Connie told her to lift her butt up, Linda complied as Connie slid a thick folded towel under her.  “What’s that for?” Linda asked.  Then she blinked back the tears as Connie advised “You’re cherry, aren’t you?  You’ll never be able to explain to the owners of the house how the bedspread got ruined if you bleed all over it!”

“Please, Connie ……………………please, don’t let him rape me!  Please don’t let him!  Does ……………..doesn’t it bother you to see the man you’re marrying with another woman?  Please ……………….I ……………….I want to give it to my husband ………………….on our wedding night!” Linda pleaded.  But to her dismay, the woman replied “I want to please my man by giving him anything he wants …………………and right now ……………’s ‘you’ that he wants!”

Through his cellphone screen, Rick was once again observing his beautiful fiancée as she withered about the bed, her face that of absolute fear as the muscular Jess Randle was beside the bed and fisting the weapon that he intended on raping her with.   Then Jess Randle was climbing up onto the bed, his strong hands prying Linda’s knees apart, then he was soon rubbing his blunt cockhead up her slit as Linda whimpered in fear and pleaded for mercy.  But there was to be no mercy, not with Jess Randle replying “Gonna pop that precious little cherry of yers, sweetie!  Gonna make a woman outta ya!  Gonna make ya my woman from now!”

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………nooooooooooooooooooo ………………..noooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Rick heard the high pitched shriek from his beautiful fiancée as her hymen was brutally ruptured by Jess Randle’s giant cock.  He watched as the top of the folded bath towel change in color, from pure white to a bright red, as it absorbed the gush of blood from Linda’s raped slit.  His heart sank but Rick knew that he was to blame for this, having succumbed to Connie’s charms and being unfaithful to Linda.

Seeing the thick black cock slicing in and out of Linda’s petite body, it then dawned on him “Oh, God ……………………..he’s not wearing a condom!”  But Rick had to be realistic as he thought ‘Did you expect him to wear one?  Would you if you had the opportunity that you gave him?  You sure didn’t wear one or think of using one with Connie!  Damn, that’s what got you into this fuck’n mess!’

On and on the fucking continued as Jess Randle began to pick up speed as his cock slid its way deep into Linda’s belly.  But what Rick was now witnessing displayed Linda in a totally different light, from that of withering about and legs flailing at her rapist, those trim sexy white legs were now wrapped tightly around the black ass of her muscular rapist.  He watched as Linda tried to stretch her legs further, then succeeded in locking her ankles together, allowing her to pull him in even deeper and for her to arch up into him.

Then Rick heard the moans and groans of pain and agony turn to that of mewling pleasure as Linda was fucking back into Jess’s thrusts.  Rick swallowed as he observed Linda’s body suddenly go taunt, then began to quiver uncontrollably as she screamed out “Oohhhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhhh, Goddddddd ………..yesssssssssssssssssss ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Seeing Linda’s petite body arching up high, even with the heavy weight lying upon her, Rick realized that she was in the throes of a mind-shattering climax.  With the black body of her rapist now shuddering too, it was obvious that Jess Randle was now seeding her with his thick sticky jizz.

With the cellphone evidently plugged in so the battery wouldn’t die, Rick looked at the dormant bedroom scene showing that both his fiancée and her rapist were fast asleep, still joined as only husband as wife should be.  It had now been twenty minutes since the rape had concluded as Rick stared into his cellphone screen when the irritating doorbell rang.  Deciding not to answer the door, the chimes sounded once again and Rick hesitantly looked at the screen then hurried off to answer the door with the thought of sending the caller quickly on his way.

Opening the door, Rick gasped in seeing that it was Connie standing at the doorway, as she announced “Hi, Loverboy!  I figured you could use some company since both of our little playmates are going to be fucking all night long!”  Sporting a raging hardon from watching Linda’s rape, Rick felt his cock twitch in his pants as he looked at the sexy blonde.  At this point, knowing that Linda’s cunt was still stuffed with a big black cock, Rick needed to get his rocks off.

With Connie down on her knees and looking up at him, her mouth filled with his cock, Rick didn’t last very long as his pent-up jizz was let loose into her avidly sucking mouth.  Then a bit later in bed, they both turned towards the cellphone placed near the bed upon hearing Linda’s voice.  Both Linda and Jess had awoken from their sleep and the fuck had once again commenced.  But what Linda had said caught both Rick and Connie by surprise.

Rick and Connie each thought they were hearing things, but then they clearly heard Linda again say “Please ……………………please untie my hands!  I promise ………………I promise not to scratch you!”  In total silence, they watched as Jess leaned up from Linda’s body, then began untying the rope binding her wrists.  Once the binding was undone, they watched in awe as Linda’s trim arms and manicured hands embraced Jess’s broad black shoulders as she wrapped her legs around him and pleaded “Oh, rape me ……………………rape me again ………………….. harder ……………..harder ……………………fuck me………………fuck my brains out!”

At the wedding reception, separated from his lovely wife for a bit as she went to talk to some friends and he with his buddies, Rick was surprised to see Linda headed his way with a nicely dressed Connie.  Introduced as a ‘good old friend’, Rick extended his hand to greet Connie.  Then one of Rick’s buddies came up to ask the bride for a dance and Linda asked Rick “Please dance with Connie, Rick!”

Dancing with Connie, Rick swallowed as the blonde whispered to him “Jess and I have planned a surprise for the newlyweds!  I gave Linda a vial, with what I told her was a potent drug and it’d put you out in ten minutes!  But it’s really just a sweetener.  When you two get up to the honeymoon suite, she’s going to insist on a nightcap and pour you a drink.  Let her do it and then pretend its getting to you.  Get partially undressed and make like you’ve passed out on the bed!  Then you’ll be in for a treat!  Imagine lying on the same bed next to your lovely bride while Jess humps her a couple feet away!”

Partially undressed and pretending to be passed out on the bed, through the slits of his eyes, Rick was indeed treated to quite a sight.  There was his lovely bride, still in her wedding gown and kneeling on the carpet just feet away from the bed, as she reached up to undo Jess Randle’s pants.  Bridal veil tossed back over her head, Rick watched his bride eagerly gobble up the big black cock that had made her a woman and evidently cock crazy.  He watched the foot long dong disappear between her pink lip and soon Jess Randle was clasping her head to his loins as he grunted out his lust.

It was quite difficult to pretend being asleep, especially with the naked body of his lovely wife and her black lover just feet away.  Then Rick heard Connie’s voice say “Linda, is it okay if I get myself off on the groom?”  He heard Linda’s giggle as she then replied “Oh, by all means!  After all, it’s his wedding night too and only fair from him to get some nookie!”  Rick couldn’t believe this was his once prim and proper little Linda.


Rick felt a bit relieved in hearing Connie tell Linda “That drug puts a guy to sleep but not the main part that counts!”  That comment certainly helped to cover up how or why he was getting an erection as Connie reached into his pants to fish out his boner.  Then he steeled himself to keep from cumming prematurely as Connie’s mouth enclosed over the head of his cock.  With Connie now straddling his waist and about to impale herself upon his cock, Rick saw Linda’s manicured hands stroking Jess’s boner as she arched up to rub her slit against the bloated cockhead.  Rick’s cock nearly wilted upon hearing his bride laugh and tell Linda “It sure looks like you’re the one getting the short end of the stick!”

End of Story.