Costume Ball Confusion
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

At the age of 28, Jaclyn Lerner was enjoying the fruits of life with her recent employment with Herns Interior Decorators, the top interior design firm in the state.  Having majored in interior design and working for a competitive firm before taking a break due to her becoming pregnant and spending the last three years raising Britney, Jaclyn was surprised when Herns called her in for an interview.  Apparently several co-workers from the company she had been at had jumped ship and one of the gals had referred them to make contact with her.

Marrying Mike Lerner following their graduating from college, her husband was advancing well in the computer software firm that he was with and taking home good money.  They lived in a nice suburban home and it was a great neighborhood to bring Britney up in.  With her daughter at three and a half and able to go to pre-school, taking a job was now the ideal time for her to recommence her career.

During her interview, Jaclyn learned that Joy Turner had been the one recommending her for the job.  Following the interview and receiving the job offer, she stopped by Joy's desk to thank her for the referral and got to sit down for some coffee with her.  It was then that she learned that several others had made the move, including Thornton Riley the finance manager.  With the name of Thornton Riley mentioned, Jaclyn gave a grimace and shudder as did Joy, for the man's nickname was 'Thornie' for being a thorn in everyone's side.

"Eck!" Jaclyn cringed as Joy went on with the story that the finance manager had followed them over to the new firm when an ad appeared in the paper for a finance manager.  Joy advised her that the black finance manager still had not changed a bit, still a 'thorn' in everyone's side.  Asking why'd they had hired him, Joy went on that it was his experience with the industry and especially a chance for Herns to get more employees from its competitor.  "But him???" Jaclyn asked as Joy threw her arms up in the air.

On the job for just a month, Jaclyn was asked by Joy "You know that the firm's big event is coming up, don't you?"  To that, Jaclyn was puzzled as Joy explained that the owner liked to throw a fancy costume ball just before Valentine's Day, celebrating after the holiday rush on sales.  "A costume ball?  What'll I wear ……………….I've never been to one of those!?" she exclaimed.  Learning that all the spouses were invited, Jaclyn thought 'Oh, great!  I'm sure Mike will be just thrilled to hear this!'

Telling Mark of the upcoming event, Jaclyn saw his eyes roll as her husband obviously wasn't one for costume balls.  "Please, Mark ……………….pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!" she had pleaded, giving him that sad look in blinking her baby blue eyes.  It had always done the trick in swaying Mark and it worked perfectly again.  Plopping herself down onto his lap, she gave the man she so dearly loved quite a passionate kiss.

"Whew!  I got Mark to come with me to the costume ball!" Jaclyn exclaimed to Joy in the break room.  When joy asked what they'd be wearing, Jaclyn advised "Well, Mark mentioned that he had one costume party at his frat in college before we met!  And he had rented a Zorro outfit and it went pretty well!  So he's going down to the costume shop on Broadway and see if they have one available!  As for me, I haven't a clue!"

"Jaclyn, you know everyone says you look like that gal who acted in the big hit movie that came out a few months back ………………… know ………………the one with the rather prim and proper housewives, dressed immaculately in everything they do!" Joy advised.  "It'd be easy for you ………………….let your hair flow, wear a neat pastel dress with and apron …………….and of course 3" heels that perfectly match your dress!  It's a cinch for you!" she added.

With her husband dressed up as Zorro, Jaclyn Lerner decided to dress as the beautiful star in the recent hit movie.  Decked out in a dress, lace apron and 3" heels, everyone commented that she was a perfect look-alike for the beautiful movie star.  Jaclyn cruised the party, though a bit tipsy from the constantly flowing drinks, playing up the role of star to the hilt as everyone was enjoying her act.  A couple times, while chatting with friends, her Zorro husband had reached over to take her empty glass and was handing her a new drink.

But Mark, dressed in his Zorro costume had all but passed out on the sofa in the darkened corner.  Meanwhile, Jaclyn mingled in the crowd and was enjoying herself.  Looking about, she saw her Zorro outfitted husband across the room chatting with some fellows, or so she merely assumed it was Mark.  'Oh, good, Mark's enjoying himself and mingling with the people!' she told herself.

What Jaclyn did not know or realize that when she had told Joy about Mark going to rent a Zorro outfit, Thornton Riley had been sitting on the next table and his evil mind was quickly churning out the possibilities.  Jaclyn also did not know that the devious finance manager had been lusting for her since they had been coworkers as the prior firm.  Nor that the drinks she had been handed had not been from her Zorro husband, but Thornton Riley who had purposely rented an identical outfit from the shop on Broadway.

The devious man had learned what she was drinking after her 'real' Zorro husband had gotten her first drink.  Once her husband had obtained the drink, Thornton Riley made his way back to the same bartender to ask "Hey, sorry fella, what's the drink I got from you besides the beer?"  Thus, Jaclyn had no clue that the fresh vodka tonics had been given to her by the man she detested most of all.  The drinks were getting stronger and stronger as the vile man had a double shot of vodka in the last one.  Worst, the drinks were spiced up a bit more ………………with the potent drug of the liquid 'Spanish Fly'!

Feeling the effects of the potent drinks, Jaclyn was a bit woozy, telling herself that ‘You better get yourself together gal!  You're not wearing a costume that hides your identity!  Everyone knows who you are!’  Feeling flush and hot, thinking it was just due to the crowded room, but she could not account for the funny and nagging itch between her thighs.  With the lights dimmed, she looked about for the restroom in the large ballroom and began making her way to the hallway of the fabulous mansion that the CEO owned.

Seeing the lovely beauty headed off to the bathroom, Thornton Riley trailed her down the darkened hallway and first checked the closed door across the hall and found it to be a small office with a desk and several chairs in it.  He then took up a position outside the bathroom, waiting for his beautiful prey to reappear.  Cock hardening in his tight form-fitting outfit, the thought of finally getting into the tight little panties of the lovely Mrs. Lerner was just too good to be true.

When he had seen on her first day with Herns, after not seeing her for years, Thornton had thought 'Damn, she looking sexier than ever!'  And her image was what he jacked off to each night in bed.  'Motherhood did wonders, my sweet little beauty!  What would another stint of motherhood do for ya …………………………giving birth to the little black bastard that I's gonna fuck up into yer belly tonight?' he chuckled.

Unlocking the bathroom door, Jaclyn turned off the bathroom light as she opened the door.  Stepping out into the dimly lit hallway, Jaclyn was a bit startled to see a movement in the shadows of the doorway across from the bathroom, then relaxed and smiled as she recognized the outline of the black hat of the Zorro outfit.  Gloved hand grasping hers, guiding it to the bulge in his outfit, she giggled "Oooooo …………………….my, my …………………Zorro's got another weapon other than his sword!"

Squeezing at the bulge, Jaclyn then let her finger tips do the walking as she traced the length of his curled out animal.  'Oh, my ………………..Mark's really turned on!  God, I wish we were at home right now!' she thought.  'God, I reallyyyyyyyy want it badlyyyyyyyy!' Jaclyn wanted to scream out as she clenched her cunt muscles tightly.  Then, as she was being pulled into the darkened room, Jaclyn exclaimed "Mark ………are you crazy!  What if someone finds us in here!  Let's wait till we get home!"

Door closed and locked, it felt rather exciting to be making out with her husband in this mansion with the party going full blast outside.  "Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned the back of her neck was being kissed and nibbled, putting herself as the helpless damsel in the arms of the outlaw Zorro.  Jaclyn sucked in her breath as the hands on her waist began moving up to cup her breasts.  Gloved thumbs caressing her breasts, causing her aroused nipples to stiffened like bullets to spike up through her lacy bra and thin dress.

Quickly pulling off his gloves as the young beauty put her arms behind her to grasp his hardon, Thornton Riley smiled at the progress of his successful deception, he then unzipped the zipper on the back of her dress.  Unhooking the clasp of her thin bra strap, he then slipped his hands into her slackened dress.  Caressing her soft flawless skin, his hands then sneaked around once again and he was now cupping her bare breasts in his hands, his thumbs flicking at her stiff buds.

"Mark ………………..oh, Mark ………………I'm soooooo hot!  But …………but we've got to wait ……………………wait till we get homeeeeeeee!" Jaclyn moaned as it became obvious that he was just to excited and frisky to quit.  With hands leaving her breast to withdraw out of her opened dress, she heard the sound of a zipper being undone and then her fingers were grasping at his massive hardon.  'My God, I've never felt Mark like this before!  It must be the exciting thrill of doing it where we shouldn't ………………with so many people just outside!' she concluded as she stroked his hardon.

Too light headed from the drinks to think clearly, embarrassed that someone would discover them 'getting it on', Jaclyn decided to give in and to hurry things along.  Though she wanted to get it over quickly so they could rejoin the party, Jaclyn needed a good fucking to quell that nagging itch up between her legs.  Panting, stroking the lengthy cock behind her, Jaclyn felt thumbs inserted into the waistband of her white panties and pushing the lacy garment down over her trim hips.

"Ooooooooooooooooo ……………………………………oh, Goddddddddddddddd!" Jaclyn shuddered in pleasure as a thick finger was inserted up into her juicing slit.  "Ahhhhhhh ……………………..ahhhhhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she panted as the thick finger began sliding in and out.  The finger-fucking felt so good but what she really wanted and needed was what she was stroking behind her back.  Then as she was being guided forward, Jaclyn stepped out of the panties tangled around her heels.

After five short steps forward, her fingers were pulled off the lengthy cock.  Hands on her wrists were guiding her and she was being bent forward.  Then her hands felt the top of the desk that was in the room, causing Jaclyn to think 'Mark must have really scouted out this room while I was in the bathroom and planned on fucking here!  I must say ……………….its so exciting!'  Pushed forward a bit more onto the desk, Jaclyn braced herself with outstretched arms as the swollen cockhead traced the outline of her dripping slit.

"Mark ……………..Mark ……………… do have a condom, don't you!  We can't do it without a condom!" Jaclyn stammered.  As the cockhead pulled back from pulsating slit, she heard some clothing fall the floor behind her, assuming that Mark had dropped his pants.  Feeling some fumbling behind her, Jaclyn assumed that Mark was rolling a condom over his penis.  However, her thoughts were just what Thornton Riley wanted as he stroked his boner a bit before pushing it back up against her horny slit.

With the unsuspecting young wife thinking that he was her husband, Thornton chuckled quietly to himself 'Think I's don't know how ya detest me ……………………calling me 'Thornie' behind my back, huh, bitch?  A thorn in everyone's side, huh?  Well, yer gonna have the thorn I's got right up that hot little pussy of yers!  And this Zorro's gonna leave his mark upon ya ………………..on that'll git that purty little belly of yers swelling up in a few months!  Motherhood did wonders fer ya!  Imagine what another stint of motherhood will do fer ya!'

"Oh, Goddddddddddddddd …………………..ohhhhhh, Mark ………………..I've never felt you so hard and big like this before!" Jaclyn panted out as the bloated cockhead parted her juicy lips and pushed several inches up into her.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………ohhhh, Goddddddddd!" she squealed, shivering with pleasure as the thick cock pushed up into her.  "Oh, Mark ……………so gooddddddd ……………….so gooddddddddd ……………….ohhh, you're so long and biggggggg tonight!" she moaned.

Though her lover seemed so much thicker and longer than ever, Jaclyn simply dismissed it and thought it was the result of the exciting prospect of grabbing a quickie in this fabulous mansion.  That she wasn't as loose as she might be with a bit of foreplay really making it seem that Mark was so much larger than before.  Cunt muscles squeezing around the throbbing shaft, Jaclyn shivered with pleasure.

After the initial discomfort, it felt even more wonderful than she could remember lovemaking had been between them.  'God, it must be just as good for Mark!' she thought as he filled her much deeper in this fuck session, so much fuller too.  Although she felt self-conscious that someone may find them having sex at the party, Jaclyn started to feel an orgasm building and gave in to the moment as her hands pushed against the top of the desk so she could thrust back onto the pistoning shaft.

"Ohhhhhhh …………………ohhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………oh, Markkkkkkkk ………………………Markkkkkkkkkk ……………..I ………………………I ……………………..I'm cumminggggggggggggggggggggg!" she shrieked.  Lost in her own orgasm, it almost gets by Jaclyn that her lover was now grunting and pounding faster.  Faster and deeper into her as his own orgasm hit.

The thick cock slicing in and out of her, followed by that hot blast deep within her, had sent Jaclyn over the brink once again in another mind-blowing orgasm.  Collapsing onto the top of the desk, it took several moments before Jaclyn realized that the hot flood within her well-fuck slit just shouldn't have happened …………….not if Mark had used a condom.  She had assumed that condom had been put on and if so, it must have broken during the wild fuck session.

"Mark ………………………..Mark ……………….didn't you wear a condom?  Did it break ……………………..because I feel it in me …………………….it's burning …………… acid!  Mark …………………Mark ………………pull it out ………………pull it out …………………NOW!" Jaclyn demanded.  As the cock was being slowly withdrawn, she panted and added "Hurry Mark!  We had better get on home so I can douche!"

Reaching back, her fingers encircled the withdrawing cock for evidence of the condom to determine what happened to it.  Thumb and forefinger around the slick wet tube, there was no evidence of a condom being used.  "Damn you, Mark ………………………you didn't use a condom!  We aren't ready to expand our family yet!  I've just started my job and wanted to get my career going!  Damn, let's go home so I can douche!"

"Where are my panties?  Turn the light on, Mark!  Find the light switch!" Jaclyn advised as she reached back to clip her bra back on and zip up her dress.  She then heard the rustling of pants and it being zipped up. "You must be drunk, Mark!  Making love to me without a condom!  You better pray I don't get pregnant again!" she chided him.  "Now, find my panties!" she hissed.  Then to her surprise, the door was being opened and the outline of Zorro was making his exit.  Jaw dropping wide open, Jaclyn could not believe how Mark could ignore her request and leaving her flat like that.

Room totally dark, she now knew the direction of the door, along with the desk being right behind her.  Left alone to fend for herself, Jaclyn was fuming mad as the evidence of the fuck oozed out of her well-fucked slit and began oozing down her thighs.  Desperately, Jaclyn turned and felt about the desk, sighing with relief as she felt the outline of a desk lamp.  Flipping on the switch to the lamp, Jaclyn then spotted a box of tissues.  Grabbing several tissues, she wiped up the slimy drool on both thighs and her leaky snatch.

Looking about the floor for her panties, they were no where in sight.  Minutes of searching about, the panties were no where to be found.  Giving up the search for her panties, Jaclyn then grabbed more tissues to stuff up into her swollen quim, damming up the semen to prevent more leakage.  'Damn that Mark!  Damn him!' she cussed, upset that he had left her to fend for herself.  Turning off the desk lamp, she made her way in the dark to where the door was located.  Peering out to see a line of people now for the bathroom to free up, Jaclyn slipped out and made her way back to the party.

Back in the midst of the party-goers, Jaclyn got a drink from the bar and looked about for her husband.  Then she bumped into Joy and her husband.  Inquiring if she had seen Mark, Jaclyn was told by Joy "You did tell me that he was coming as Zorro, didn't you?"  Upon that being confirmed, Joy added "I saw him over at the sofa in the corner a bit ago!  Think he was feeling the drinks a bit though as it looked like he was dozing off!"

 Going over to the sofa where her husband was last seen by Joy, Jaclyn saw three people chatting among themselves while a snoozing Zorro was slumped off several feet away from them.  As she went to shake her husband awake, one of the people nearby commented "Oh, Zorro's been out of it for quite awhile now!  He's been asleep there for the past hour!"

'The past hour!  Then, who ………………….who was I with!" Jaclyn shuddered in fear.  'Oh, my God!  Oh, my God!  I ……………………..I just had sex with another man!' she realized.  'My God …………………….I thought it was Mark!  Oh, my God ………….no wonder his ………………..his penis felt so different tonight …………………so much thicker ………………..and longer!' she shivered.  Then her heart sank as she noticed another Zorro walking past and out the door, a familiar bit of white lace protruding from his back pants pocket.  'Who was that?  Who was also dressed up as Zorro?' she wanted to know.

Getting her wasted husband up and into the car, Jaclyn got behind the wheel and sped on home, wanting to douche out the seed that another man had shot up into her fertile womb.  'Oh, God …………………what if I get pregnant?' she worried.  Picturing herself like she was four years earlier, she shuddered at the thought of her belly swelling up with another man's baby in her.  'Yes, motherhood was fun and good for me!  But that was with a baby that Mark and I created out of love!' she swallowed in nervousness.

That next Wednesday, Valentine's Day, Jaclyn smiled excitedly as a beautiful bouquet of roses was being delivered to her desk.  'Oh, Mark ……………you're such a thoughtful and loving husband!' Jaclyn thought as she reached for the card in the bouquet.  Opening the card, she then felt a cold chill course throughout her entire body as she looked at the message reading 'To the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world!'  It'd have been a touching message if it had been from her husband, but instead it was signed by 'Your secret lover, Z'!

Peering out from his office when the flowers were being delivered, Thornton enjoyed seeing the lovely beauty blush as she read the card.  He knew that the 'Z', the mark of Zorro would get her attention, making it quite clear that it was not her husband sending her the flowers on Valentine's Day.  Opening his bottom drawer, he smiled upon viewing the framed lacy garment in it, panties stripped off the succulent beauty at the party.  Yes, it had been quite a coup that he had pulled off.  He had even purchased the Zorro outfit when he went back to return the rental costume.

Throughout the week, Jaclyn could not help but lay in bed at night and wondered just who the unknown lover could have been.  With Mark sleeping just a foot away from her, Jaclyn felt so guilty at the fact that her marital vows had been shattered now that she had sex with another man.  Though she tried to ease her guilt by rationalizing it away, there was no denying the fact that her unknown lover had given her the fuck of her life with orgasms blowing her mind away.  'But you thought it was Mark all the time you were doing it …………….it's not as if you went out and sought a lover!' she told herself.

Having surrendered her virginity to Mark on her wedding day, Jaclyn was overwhelmed with guilt as now she had been taken by another man and maybe even impregnated by him.  'Who was it?  Who did I have sex with?  Who could it be!' she wondered over and over again.  Under the covers, with Mark sound asleep, Jaclyn slipped her hands up under her nightie.  Recalling how her unknown lover had cupped her breasts and touched her, she shivered as she thumbed her aroused nipples.  A moment later, she was re-enacting the finger-fucking she had received at the party.

With parking for company employees up on the 5th floor of the old parking structure next door to the office building, lighting was rather poor and the women would be certain to go up to their cars in groups if they stayed late to work at night.  Since they were in the downtown area of the city, security guards made constant runs throughout the daytime.  However, security became much more lax after regular business hours as the parking structure emptied out.

One evening, following a retail display of their work product, it was to be a late closing with the showing ending at 9 p.m.  Going to her car with two other employees, Jaclyn went to her car as did her co-workers.  Taking the note from under her wiper, Jaclyn shivered upon reading 'Stay back and be with me again!'  Seeing the 'Z' beneath the note, she shivered and got into her car.  Locking her door, Jaclyn started up her engine and turned on her lights as did the other two women, a safety signal that they had arranged among themselves for anyone departed.

As the first of her friends pulled out of its stall, Jaclyn saw a movement in the shadows off to the left of her car.  Then she could make the outline of Zorro hiding out in the shadows, observed the confident gesture of his arm telling her to come to him.  Heart pounding in her chest as her other coworker pulled out, Jaclyn told herself 'Leave ………………leave immediately!  The last time you thought he was your husband!  You know better this time!'  Hand on the emergency brake to release it, Jaclyn bit her bottom lip as she removed her hand from the brake, then reached up to turn off the ignition.

Nervously, getting out of the safety of her car, Jaclyn began walking unsteadily towards the area where Zorro lay in wait.  With a dark clothed arm and black glove extended out from the shadows, she foolishly lifted her arm to place her hand in the gloved one.  Pulled into the dimly lit area into a pitched dark area, her heart thumped as she could barely make out the outline of the costumed figure.  Gloved hands on her shoulders, Jaclyn found herself being pushed to her knees.

Knowing it was totally wrong in what she was doing, Jaclyn couldn't help her actions, could not resist reaching up to caress the bulge and feeling its size.  And then she was pulling down the zipper, reaching in to feel the power of the raw meat that she was grasping.  Pulling on it with one hand, pulling the opening wider with the other, she managed to get it out.  One hand over the other, sizing up its length, Jaclyn asked herself 'How did you take it all in at the party?  My God ……………… must be a foot long!'

Feeling the gloved hands on the back of her head, Jaclyn felt him pulling her head forward, then realized what he was wanting of her.  Lovemaking with Mark was quite straight between them, always in bed and in the missionary style and sometimes doggie style.  She had never put her lips on her husband's penis.  But now, her lips were being pressed up against this unknown man's rubbery cockhead.  Though unprepared for such a vile act, the wickedness of it all was rather exciting as Jaclyn darted the tip of her tongue up against his pisshole.

Head bobbing, jaw nearly dislocated, Jaclyn managed to engulf the huge girth of the man in her mouth.  Choking a bit, she swallowed continuously as the cockhead entered her throat.  'My God ………………………it's all the way down your throat, you filthy slut!  It'd serve you right if you choked to death for doing something so filthy!' she chastised herself.  And then the length was slowly withdrawn from the back of her throat, allowing her to breathe once again.   Then the unknown man began face-fucking her, sliding his cock all the way down once again.

Mouth filled with the man's pulsating meat, head held firmly, Jaclyn knew that the man was about to do his thing right in her mouth.  Hands wrapped around the base of the cock, she could not resist reaching further to cup his ball sac in the palm of her hand.  'My God ………………his testicles are the size of walnuts!  No wonder I had so much of his semen to douche out of me that night!'  Feeling the balls contract, Jaclyn squeezed it with her grasping fingers.

Then it happened.  A hot blast of the man's jizz hit the back of her mouth, causing her to choke as a spurt of the stuff went right down her throat.  Mouth quickly filling up to the brim as the cock continued spurting out is slimy goo.  It was swallow or choke to death if she didn't.  Jaclyn could feel the heat of the man's jizz as it slowly oozed down her gullet to form a hot lake in her belly.

Moments later, still kneeling on the rough concrete, Jaclyn was in a stupor as she reached up to wipe the overflow of the man's semen that had fallen onto the front of her dress.  Once the blowjob was completed, Zorro had zipped up before her and then disappeared into the shadows.  Holding her stomach, licking at her scummy lips, guilt once again set in as Jaclyn could not believe what she had just done.
Turning on the interior light of her car, Jaclyn cringed upon seeing the darken discoloration of her light blue dress due the wet soaking of sticky jizz.  In the confines of her car, the aroma of the man's seed seemed overwhelming.  'Oh, my God!  Mark will be waiting with Britney for me to get home!' she realized.  Getting a rag from her compartment, Jaclyn tried her best to clean the front of her dress.  She then reached into the backseat for the sweater that she always kept in case of a cold day.

Arriving home, Jaclyn entered through the garage door that connected to the kitchen with her sweater button up to the top.   Greeted with a kiss on her lips, though she desperately wanted to turn her head a bit, Jaclyn was deathly afraid that her husband would detect the essence of another man glossing her pink lips.  When her husband asked about her sweater, as it was quite warm that night, she was forced to lie "I think I'm coming down with something!  Feeling the chills!"

Lying in bed that night, her shallow breathing indicated her nervousness.  'How could I stoop so low?  Doing such a vile filthy act?  Something that you refused to do for you own husband!' she wondered.  'You're nothing but a filthy little slut!  A hooker!  A whore!' Jaclyn chided herself.  'My God ………………I can't believe what I did!  Getting down on my knees …………….letting an unknown man put his filthy penis into my mouth!  Sucking him like a tramp!  And worst …………………….you let him do his thing …………….right in your mouth!  Like a little harlot!' she shuddered.

Two weeks later, following another late night at work, Jaclyn found another note on her car.  With her friends departing the lot, she then turned off her headlights and ignition.  Following the note's instructions, she walked over to the van parked in the darkened corner of the parking lot where the overhead lights were broken.  In opening the van's door, Jaclyn thought that she'd now get a better look of her unknown admirer.  But her clever admirer had turned off the interior lights of the van.  In the darkness and him obviously in his Zorro outfit, she could only see the hand extended out the door to assist her in.

In the darkness of the van, Jaclyn found herself crawling up over the prone figure.  Her hand came across the stiff cock rear up from the opening of his pants.  Jaclyn felt the gloved hands lifting her leg and then she was lying atop of him as he began caressing her backside.  Pumping at the lengthy shaft, she then bent her head to flick her tongue rapidly over the fleshy bulb.  She felt her panties pulled down over her hips and then the strong arms encircled her waist.

 Knees sliding back as the strong arms pulled her down, Jaclyn shivered as her most intimate part was suddenly upon the man's wide open mouth.  Quivering in an unexpectedly sudden orgasm as the man's thick tongue entered her slit, the wickedness of it all had her creaming as never before.  Exploring tongue searching about in her juicy slit, Jaclyn shuddered in ecstasy as another orgasm rocked her petite body, this time due to the tonguing of her ultra-sensitive clit.

Body weak like putty after her mind-shattering orgasms, Jaclyn found herself being positioned to straddle her unknown lover's waist, right atop of his jutting bone.  "Ahhhh ………….ohhhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhhhh!" Jaclyn moaned as she once again had to get accustomed to the size of the man.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she quivered as her cunt stretched and the lengthy bone slid up into her.  Bouncing up and down, riding her unknown lover, Jaclyn wanted the foot long dong fully up in her snatch.

"Ohhhhhhhhh ……………………..fuck me, stud ………………………..fuck me!" she panted out as she rode her stallion.  Though no protective condom was being used, Jaclyn panted "Fuck me …………………fuck me ……………………….cum in me ……………………cum in me ……………………fill me up like before!"  Then strong hands were holding her down, embedding the big cock fully up into her.  Another orgasm rocked her body as hot cum sprayed her insides, filling her womb to the brim.

Driving home, Jaclyn squirmed in the driver's seat as cum oozed out of her well-fucked slit, wetting the back of her dress.  Reaching over to the compartment, she obtained the rag in there to tuck it between her leaking cunt and the back of her dress.  Fortunately, upon her arrival home, Britney was fast asleep while Mark was in the hallway bath.  Knocking on the door, she called out "Hi, honey!  I'm home!  Going to change first and I'll be back down!"

Up in the master bath, Jaclyn stepped out of her dress and looked at the wet stains, then balled up the garment and buried it in the hamper.  Then she prepared a potent douche to cleanse out the slime from her well-fucked cunt.  If not already knocked up from the night of the party, she prayed the douche would keep her from being put in the family way once again.  Once the cleansing of her twat was accomplished, she looked down into the toilet bowl to view the pint of thick jizz resting on the bottom.  'You knowingly let him do it in you …………………….hell, you begged him to cum in you …………….to fill you up with his stuff!'

The next day, going up to the parking lot in the late afternoon to head on home to pick Britney up from after school care, a chill came over her as Jaclyn saw another note on her car.  Taking it from the windshield, she got into the car before opening it.  Having read the note, she sucked in her breath and thought 'My God, he can't be serious!  Does he really expect me to do that!  He's out of his mind!'

Preparing dinner, Jaclyn's mind was in a jumbled mess as she tried to get the meal together.  Her thoughts kept going back to when she had read the note in the car.  It had read 'Open your car door and place your housekey on the pavement!  I'll pay you a visit one night!'  Of course, the familiar 'Z' was the author of the note.  'Are you crazy or what, Jaclyn?  Doing what he wanted of you …………………….taking your housekey off the key ring and placing on the pavement!  You just invited him into your home ………….to fuck you in your house ………………….and no doubt he'll want to bed you right where you and Mark spend each night ………………….right on your marital bed!' she realized.

End of Story.